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07 April 2013

Weekend News

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7 April
Dan Pfeiffer: Obama Won't Enact "Romney Economic Plan"
George Will: "No Growth Industry In This Country Like The Manufacturing Of Synthetic Indignation"
Klein: Gun Rights Advocates Feed People "Crap" That Is "Anti-American"
"Saturday Night Live" Mocks Abusive Rutgers Basketball Coach
Paul Krugman: "No Correlation" Between Regulation And Job Creation
Graham On Obama: "Nuggets Of His Budget That I Think Are Optimistic"
Fmr. Dem Gov. Bill Richardson On Obama's "Sexist" Comment: Political Correctness Is "Out Of Control"
Obama Advisor On Gun Control: "We Knew Not All Of It Was Going To Pass"
Pfeiffer On Economy: "We Shouldn't Focus On Any Individual Month"
McCain: I Don't Understand Why GOP Would Filibuster Senate Gun Bill
Walter: 2014 Dems Very Nervous About Implementation Of ObamaCare
"Meet The Press" Panel: March Jobs Numbers, Biden vs. Clinton?
"This Week" Roundtable: March Jobs Report, The Hillary Factor
"Fox News Sunday" Panel: Is Hillary Clinton Running?
"Face The Nation" Panel: North Korea Can't Derail Immigration Progress
6 April
The McLaughlin Group 4/5/13
Obama Gives Weekly Address On Budget: "The Truth Is, Our Deficits Are Already Shrinking"
KS Gov. Brownback Gives GOP Weekly Address On Reforming Government State By State
5 April
MSNBC Host Asks 5-Year-Old Daughter About Gay Marriage
Tapper Blasts Obama, Bloomberg For Telling Falsehoods About Guns
Obama: "I Am Constrained By A System That Our Founders Put In Place"
Michelle Obama Calls Herself A "Busy Single Mother"
Jim Cramer: "It's A Permanent Unemployed Level"
Goolsbee On Jobs Report: "This Is A Punch To The Gut"
Colorado Sheriff Responds To Obama Gun Control Push
Maddow: Conspiracy Theories Infiltrate Senate GOP
Brzezinski: POTUS Made A Mistake With "Best-Looking" Comment
O'Reilly: A Tale Of Two Intense Culture War Issues
"Special Report" Panel: How To Deal With North Korea, Syria
The Five Stages Of Collapse, By Dmitry Orlov, Reviewed By Carolyn Baker « Speaking Truth to Power
UIPTIressTV - 'US intends to bring about NKorea collapse'
North Korea's 'weird' diplomat warming
CIA and US Military Fight Under Al Qaeda Command in Syria | Veterans Today
Rense & David Duke - How The Tribe Controls The World - YouTube
Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie - Morris - YouTube
Rense & Cliff Mickelson - CDC Final Straw - 'No Such Thing As Morgellons' - YouTube
New deadly bird flu virus infects at least 20 in China | Fox News
Shanghai Avian H7N9 Distinct From Human
PressTV - Google, beyond the CIA: Insurgency and espionage factory
Activist Post: Feds Identify 300,000 Americans as Terrorists
America Has Become a Third World Nation | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Hammering Away at the Matrix | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Biden: The 'affirmative task' before us is to 'create a new world order' - YouTube
Activist Post: UN Arms Trade Treaty’s Deadly Loophole
An Outpouring of Love and Support for Bradley Manning to Receive the Nobel Peace Prize « Antiwar.com Blog
Charles Krauthammer ’s Obama Comment Shocks Fox Panel Into Silence
SOS at CPAC: "Where's Admiral Gaouette?" - News from America - News - Israel National News
Anonymous launches massive cyber assault on Israel — RT News
Seoul believes North Korea may test a missile this week - CNN.com
North Korea could start to 'believe its own paranoid rhetoric' says William Hague - Telegraph
US delays intercontinental ballistic missile test to calm North Korea - Telegraph
DHS Tells Border Patrol They Have Ammo Shortage : Freedom Outpost
Homeland Security expects high-skilled visa requests to exceed supply | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com
Obama Proposes Retirement Account Limit In First "Wealth Tax" Salvo | Zero Hedge
ObamaCare takes friendly fire - The Hill's Healthwatch
US Secretly Deploys B-1 Strategic Bombers, E-6 "Doomsday" Planes Near North Korea | Zero Hedge
North Korea's nuclear weapon capabilities questioned - World - CBC News
Embassies staying put in North Korea despite tension | Reuters
Life goes on as usual inside N. Korea
When North Korea roars, South Korea yawns - latimes.com
Field Experiment On H7N9 Human Adaptation
H7N9 Minghang Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns
CNN Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com
Building New Experiences with Glass - YouTube
Administration Confirms NASA Plan: Grab an Asteroid, then Focus on Mars | SPACE NEWS
MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry » All Your Kids Belong To Us - YouTube
It No Longer Pays To Go To Work | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
As cities lay off police, frustrated neighborhoods turn to private cops - CSMonitor.com
Busted! Obama touts American infrastructure in front of Chinese crane | Twitchy
OPPT-IN New Hampshire Legislature Reveals U S Federal Government is a Corporation Operating with a Fraudulent Constitution - OPPT-IN
Roi Tov – Israeli Anthrax Developer Resigns
Roi Tov – Israel Admits Nuclear Cancer Cases
Israel: Ultimatum needed for Iran nuclear program | World news | The Guardian
Iranian Nuclear Talks
Israel Hacked Is A Publicity Stunt - Morris - YouTube
Who's Telling The Truth About The Economy?
Defending IMF Financial Terrorism
The Assault On Gold -- Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org
Gold-Run: "There is Not One Single Ounce of Gold Available for Sale in Bangkok!" | SilverDoctors.com
Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News | Reuters.com
Bernd Lucke interview: 'Why Germany has had enough of the euro' - Telegraph
Exxon wins safety award as Mayflower sees no end to spill cleanup (VIDEO) — RT USA
Islamic View Of The NWO - Sheikh Imran Hosein - YouTube
Rich and mighty brought to book: Biggest-ever financial leak with global ripples — RT News
Girls of any age should get morning after pill, US judge rules - Telegraph
PressTV - Keeping the government's secrets
Permanent War: Longstanding US Policy
PressTV - Iran to unveil new 500 ton submarine by August
BOJ Increases QE
[Former Congressman] "...Getting Paid an Undisclosed Sum to Conduct a Mock Congressional Hearing on UFOs"
Newspaper blasted for listing schools that have no security - CNN.com
The ATF Wants 'Massive' Online Database to Find Out Who Your Friends Are | Danger Room | Wired.com
DEA Accused Of Leaking Misleading Info Falsely Implying That It Can't Read Apple iMessages | Techdirt
Internet Freedom – Get Free Access to Anonymous VPNs | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: Is Hemp a Miracle Plant That Can Save the World?
Activist Post: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Transmits from Livestock to Humans
Activist Post: Can Graphene Provide Free Energy?
Research sheds light on ancient Egyptian port and ship graveyard : Archaeology News from Past Horizons
Research Points to Abrupt and Widespread Climate Shift in the Sahara 5,000 Years Ago | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
North Korea moves second missile to east coast amid threats against US | The Sun |News
Kyodo: Radioactive leak is up to 120 tons from Fukushima Daiichi tank (VIDEO)
Cyprus Is Just A Trial Balloon - Sheikh Imran Hosein - YouTube
Bitcoin: Is the virtual currency the new gold standard? - Spend & Save - Money - The Independent
How We Gave the Russians the Bomb
Gun Shop That Sold Firearm to Newtown Shooter’s Mom Has Gun License Revoked — Feds Don’t Say Why | TheBlaze.com
More than 175,000 UK companies have offshore directors | UK news | The Guardian
Monsanto announces huge profits despite public backlash — RT USA
BBC News - Why evacuate for an earthquake no-one can feel?
10 Ways to Protect Children From Pesticides - Waking Times : Waking Times
World War 3 : North Korea loads missiles onto launchers ( 5th April 2013) - YouTube
My Way News - Pyongyang rumblings have little effect on SKoreans
Strong 6.2 quake rocks Russia near N. Korea border | News.com.au
Playing The North Korea Card
North Korea - Blowing Hot Air
PressTV - US amasses nukes in Asia-Pacific to target China, Russia: Mike Billington
Scientists charged with smuggling contagious germs - Times LIVE
CDC: Following New Bird Flu Closely, Preparing Vaccine
Obama: 'I Am Constrained By A System That Our Founders Put In Place' - YouTube
Europeans slammed by austerity measures now enraged by political corruption | The Raw Story
Illegals now flooding U.S. border
Was Robert Maxwell a Soviet spy? FBI files reveal US fears reveal media mogul was working for Russia | Mail Online
Mogul mailman: Did Abramovich give Berezovsky letter to Putin? — RT News
PressTV - Corporate evil creeps up unobserved
Immigration Reform Is Backwards & Gang Of Eight ’s Proposal Will Cost Taxpayers Trillions : Freedom Outpost
PressTV - Governments, Western corporations grab lands across Africa: Justine Mutale
What Really Happens When You Take Antibiotics? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Supermarket Secrets (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Ten Thousand Patriots « Underground Documentaries
Map: This is how far those North Korean missiles can actually reach
Fluoride Action Network | Toothpastes
North Korea Missile Test Seen Likely -- News from Antiwar.com
DHS Are You Willing to Die for Your King? I Am Willing to Die for Mine. |
FDR’s Gold Confiscation, 80 Years On | InvestmentWatch
24 Hard Facts About 9/11 That Cannot Be Debunked |
Dirty Harry to World Savers “You’ve got to ask yourself – Do you Feel Lucky?” |
The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited—This Time in Korea | Intifada Palestine
Hackers steal SSL certificates for CIA, MI6, Mossad - Computerworld
Full Interview of President Assad with the Turkish Ulusal TV (5 April 2013) |
Is THIS the Real Reason Obama’s Confronting North Korea? |
Reflections in a Petri Dish | Anonymous, are They Real? We Shall See.
The Dick Act of 1902 |
The ATF Wants ‘Massive’ Online Database to Find Out Who Your Friends Are |
Activist Post: North Korea: Beyond the cold war theatrics, is there really a nuclear threat to US?
How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy - Chris Hedges. - YouTube
Follow up on Modern Terrorism by request
9-11: An Israeli operation from start to finish... - YouTube
NYPD website lists police killed by 9/11 environmental toxins
'Orwellian' Bill That Would Allow Police To Search Homes Of Assault Rifles Owners | XRepublic
The Pros and Cons of Bartering |
Kosovo: Another Case of Mass Deception?
Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Microsoft's Windows 8 Has Failed, Now What? - AMD, MSFT, NOK - Foolish Blogging Network
Joe Biden Pushed For “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Plan, IFPI Says | TorrentFreak
Activist Post: Because The Other Massive Databases Are Not Enough
Rense & David Duke - How The Tribe Controls The World | XRepublic
How the Pentagon's Military Industrial Complex Corrupted Afghanistan
Land Destroyer: Naming Names: Your Real Government
SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD - YouTube
Cheney’s Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War |
911 and War by Deception (April 2013) - YouTube
50 Ways to Starve the Beast - BlackListedNews.com
Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
CIA’s Clandestine War in Afghanistan (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
WHERE HAVE ALL THE TOWERS GONE? by Dr Kevin Barrett | Darkmoon
If You Liked Dr Wayne Carver, You're going to LOVE....... - YouTube
Living The Green Dream In The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea | Real Science
Why gun control is bad for America |
New White House Push To Offer Home Loans To People With Weaker Credit -RPT | XRepublic
Modern terrorism how the CIA NATO use rent-a-terrorist - YouTube
New Photos From Keystone XL Debate: ‘Imagine Arkansas Spill Times Ten’ - BlackListedNews.com
Empire's Double Edged Sword: Global Military + NGOs - BlackListedNews.com
Blacklisted Radio Podcast 4.6.2013
The great recycling con trick: How your carefully sorted waste is being dumped abroad | Mail Online
Origins of C.I.A.’s Not-So-Secret Drone War in Pakistan - NYTimes.com
Addiction To Junk Food: More Than Meets The Eye - BlackListedNews.com
New US Bill Would Create a Hollywood Ambassador to the World
How To Keep Your Home Garden Monsanto-Free - BlackListedNews.com
New WikiLeaks cable reveals US embassy strategy to destabilize Chavez government — RT News
Crimes against Humanity in Guatemala: How the CIA and the Pentagon Supported the Military Dictatorship - BlackListedNews.com
DEA Accused Of Leaking Misleading Info Falsely Implying That It Can't Read Apple iMessages - BlackListedNews.com
Obama: Government Tyranny Impossible Because 'Government Is Us'
James Holmes: Psychiatrist DID warn police about Colorado killer | Mail Online
Non-Invasive Mind Control Lets Humans Wag a Rat's Tail | Motherboard
+Sirius Film Feat. Dr. Steven Greer By Emmy Winning Amardeep Kaleka Opens April 22

Sirius Disclosure |

Early morning 3.5 magnitude quake rattles parts of W. Wash. | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News
New Bitcoin Skype malware spreading at 2,000 clicks per hour - StoryficStoryfic
US Navy deployed the HAARP platform SBX-1 to North Korea | AirCrap.org
"Livid" Top Chinese Economists Call BOJ Decision "Monetary Blackmail", Demand "Currency War" Retaliation | Zero Hedge
Cardinal recounts details of Pope’s visit to St. Peter’s tomb : News Headlines - Catholic Culture
The ‘it can’t happen here’ syndrome
U.S. seismic expert urges Jamaica to prepare for major earthquake | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond
Civil War And The Litmus Test – “Will you shoot Americans?” Obama’s America Becoming a Police State and the headcam that turns every policeman into a Robocop | count down to zero-time
4 part/Be Active or Abdicate – The Future is in Your Hands – Max Igan
Mass Arrest and Gun Confiscation Has Begun: Video | Dprogram.net
How much did B-2 flight cost? To send to South Korea? | Dprogram.net
Breaking The Set: Rohingya Genocide, Wikileaks Investigation, & Cellphone Surveillance | Dprogram.net
The Myth of Journalistic Objectivity – James Corbett | Dprogram.net
History is Repeating Itself: Infowars Special Report | Dprogram.net
Military warned ‘evangelicals’ No. 1 threat | Dprogram.net
Gluten Confirmed to Cause Serious Weight Gain, or ‘Wheat Belly’ – Scientific Research ~ Why Don't You Try This?
13 Banned Foods Still Allowed In The U.S. | Dprogram.net
Sheriff Killed For 2nd Amendment Support? Has ‘War’ Been Declared On Law-Abiding Sheriffs & Politicians In America? | Dprogram.net
50 Ways to Starve the Beast | Dprogram.net
Turning Children into Medicated Zombies | Dprogram.net
Sequester Day 1: U.S. Spent $70,717 to Send 20 'to Discuss' Manufacturing in Korea | CNS News
Judge’s ‘Morning-After’ Pill Ruling Puts Girls At Risk, Say Pro-Life Advocates | CNS News
ATF Seeks 'Massive' Database of Personal Info: 'Assets, Relatives, Associates and More' | CNS News
TSA Calls it 'Voluntarily Abandoned Property' | CNS News
CAIR Claims Victory Over AP Stylebook’s Restrictions on Word 'Islamist' | CNS News
Kerry in ‘86: Missile Defense System is a ‘Cancer on Our Nation’s Defense’ | CNS News
Biden in 2001: ‘I Worry That a Narrow-Minded Pursuit of Missile Defense’ Could Damage ‘Negotiations with North Korea’ | CNS News
Family-Owned Chicago Cubs Plan to Renovate Their Own Stadium | CNS News
NY Judge Rules ‘Morning-After’ Pill Available To Girls Any Age, Over the Counter | CNS News
Amid N. Korean Threats, CIA No Longer Reports to Congress on Missile Proliferation | CNS News
Biden: ‘Essence of Administration … Look Out for the Least Among Us’ | CNS News
McCain, Schumer: Immigration Bill with 'Path to Citizenship' Expected This Week
China Warns against "troublemaking" on Korean Peninsula
Sen. McCain: War With NKorea Would Be ‘Catastrophe of Enormous Proportions’
Sen. Graham: ‘Major War’ with NKorea Is Possible
Kerry Mourns First U.S. Diplomat Murdered Since Benghazi
McCain: 'I Don't Understand' Paul, Cruz Filibuster on Gun Bill
Louisiana Governor Jindal's Popularity Slumps after Bold Tax Plan
Ben Carson Still in Line to Speak at Johns Hopkins Graduation
Pope Invites Romans to Join Him at City Basilica
Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood lead Egypt into Chaos
Church Prays for Rick Warren after Son's Suicide
Nearly 1 in 3 Americans Would Make Christianity Official Religion of US
Rand Paul First to Visit All 3 Early Primary States
SKorea Says NKorea May be Preparing to Test Missile
Morici: Obama Major Part of the Problem in Weak Economy
Roger Ebert’s Cancer Rare and Difficult to Treat
Senator: NASA to Lasso Asteroid, Bring it Closer
Scientists Find Possible Hint of Dark Matter
Still ‘One Nation Under God’ — Or Not?
Obama needs jobs from the Keystone Pipeline
Pedagogy as School Propaganda
Capone Era Evoked by today’s Chicago Killings
Newtown and Obama's Great Gun-Control Fizzle
Mexican Assassins Kill US Prosecutors, Police Warned Are Next
What Is Bitcoin? Tom Woods Talks to Erik Voorhees - YouTube
Fox News Tells Striking Workers to Get Two Jobs and 'Expect to Get Paid the Minimum Wage'
Insurers Pitching Fits, Manipulating Dates for ACA Implementation
Poll: Most Americans Want Pot Legalized
Moyers: The Hypocrisy of 'Justice For All'
Third Major Oil Spill In A Week Is No Big Deal, Right?
Sophie's Choice: Sequester or Grand Bargain?
Rep. Louise Slaughter Wants Livestock Antibiotics Replaced
Bryan Fischer Finally Gets One Right, Denounces Bill O'Reilly As 'Pompous, Arrogant Windbag'
Watch: Robert Reich Explains Chained CPI
Watch: A Boom With No Boundaries
Bill Maher Slams Current Crop of Ayn Rand Worshiping Libertarians
MT GOP Legislator Tells Tenants They Should Die ASAP
Melissa Harris-Perry Takes on Tenn. Lawmakers for Tying Welfare Benefits to Grades
Bribery Scandals Rock New York
Lindsey Graham: Obama Is 'Showing a Little Bit of Leg' with Social Security Cuts
Connecticut Governor: LaPierre and NRA are 'Clowns at the Circus'
Fox Guest Wants To ‘Help The Poor’ By ‘Scrapping’ Unemployment Insurance
McCain Challenges Gun Bill Blockers To Allow Debate
NRA's Hutchinson Bucks LaPierre: Background Checks at Gun Shows 'Would Seem Appropriate'
Judge Slams Obama Administration for 'Bad Faith' on Emergency Contraception Ruling
Jim Cramer Knows How to Fix the Economy: KXL Pipeline!
FCC May Allow 'Brief' Nudity, More Cursing on Broadcast TV
D-List Doyenne Kathy Griffin Loses Bravo Talk Show
Jon Stewart Swats Muslim Brotherhood at Long Last
Liberal Critics Miss Point of David Mamet's 'Phil Spector' Allegory
'SNL' Opens with North Korean Leader Approving Same-Sex Marriage
Aurora Shooter's Doctor Warned Campus Police
Robin Kelly: Conceal and Carry Failed in Aurora Shooting's Gun-Free Theater
Barefoot Bum Given Boots by Cop Isn't Quite So Homeless
Michelle Obama Calls Herself "Busy Single Mother"
Rubio Pushes Back on Immigration Reform's Impact on Entitlements
FBI Stranded as Mexican Cartels Increase Networks in USA
Grassley, Senate Judiciary Conservatives to Gang of 8 GOP: 'Time for Transparency Has Come'
Carney: Obama's Budget Would Be Different 'If He Were King'
Corporate Cronyism and the Food Stamp Army
Carney: Obama's Budget 'Will Blow Your Mind'
Facebook Founder's Immigration Advocacy Group Fumbles First Move
Rubio: Gang of Eight Proposal Only 'Starting Point'
Obama Losing Hope on Passing Gun Control
Trayvon Martin's Parents Settle Wrongful Death Suit
Standing Strong for the Second Amendment
Obama Budget Dismissed by Right, Left
Gay Students Want To Oust Catholic Priest for Following Church Teachings
Palin Keynotes Terri Schiavo Gala: All Life Has 'Worth That's Immeasurable'
Obama Apologizes for Complimenting Female CA Attorney General
Democrats Starting to Worry about ObamaCare
Local Grassroots Leaders to RNC: 'Join Us or Get the Hell out of the Way'
Report: Anthony Weiner Has over $4 Million for NYC Mayoral Run
Smells Like Sulfur: EPA Mulls Extra Gas Regulations
Fracking Could Be Key to Renewable Energy's Future
Privately Funded Neighborhood Security on the Rise
Obama's Political Action Group Loses Lawsuit Against Website Address Owner
William Ginsburg, Lawyer for Monica Lewinsky, Dies at 70
Schumer: Immigration Deal This Week
WH: GOP Must Stop 'My Way or the Highway' Budget Negotiations
NRA Is Winning Debate on 2nd Amendment
Imus: Jesus May Have Been Gay
Activist Demands Other Publications Drop 'Illegal Immigrant' After AP
Report Exposes PETA's 'Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies'
NBC Promotes Faulty 'Anti-Government' Tale About Kidnapping Suspects
VICE Review: 'The Absurdty of the Modern Condition'
Pope Seeks Decisive Action Against Sex Abuse
Safe Crackers Steal Nearly $3 Million in South Africa Rhino Horn
Bangladesh Islamists Rally Against Atheist Bloggers
Nelson Mandela Leaves Hospital
Pentagon Official: US 'Rhetoric' May Be Driving North Korea Toward War
World View: Egyptian Protesters Demand End to Ties with Iran, 'Shia Islam'
Pope Francis Combines Pastoral Style with Adherence to Church Teachings
Five Americans Killed in Afghanistan, Fears Rise over Taliban Strength
Offshore Accounts Used to Conceal Law-Breaking
N. Korea Shows No Sign of Repositioning Forces: Britain
Israel: Iran Must Face Nuclear Ultimatum
No Progress: Six Nation Talks with Iran End
U.S. Army Instructor: Beware Religious Extremism of Evangelicals, Roman Catholics
Report: Anti-Semitic Incidents Surged in 2012
Israel Begins Annual Holocaust Memorial Day
Christian Origins of Essential American Doctrines
Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ just another name for One World Gov’t
Talking About Terrorism
Gun Control is DOA in Congress
Whatever Happened To Faith?
Communist Party of Canada moving Socialism onto the Agenda
EPA’s Tier 3 Will Increase Gasoline Prices and Reduce Fuel Economy
“The Bible”: Hollywood’s come to Jesus Moment?
The End of Free Elections
Immigration is not a political issue. It is one of sovereignty and the rule of Constitutional law
Hmmm . . . Coincidence That Anonymous Picks Holocaust Memorial Day to Hack Israeli Sites, Holocaust Museum?
Here’s a Tip: If You’re Offended by the Color “Manatee Grey,” Lose Some Weight – Fat Chicks Need to Lighten Up Alert
When Pigs Don’t Fly: Australia’s Qanta Airlines Bans Pork to Appease Muslims; Ditto for (72) Virgin Airlines
RastaPhony Snoop Dogg And Uncle Ruckus Attack Sarah Palin In Sexist And Racist Skit [NSFW]
RUSH: Maya Angelou’s New Poem “Da River, Da Glock, And Da Tree”
RUSH: Nobody Ever Gets Fired For ‘The Abuse Of Conservative Students In The Academy’
RUSH: Moochelle And Barack Obama Have Both Stepped In It
Graphic: Dad Brutally Whips Daughters as Punishment for ‘Twerking’ Video
Family Says Flight Was Diverted After They Complained About a Violent Inflight Movie Shown to Their Children
‘Shocked and Disgusted’: Man Whose Father Was Killed by Weather Underground Speaks Out in Must-See Interview
Obama Proposes 2014 Budget — But ‘It’s Not What He Would Do If He Were King’
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Issues Surprise NRA Defense — and Goes After Obama, Hollywood and the Left
Army Training Material on ‘Religious Extremism’ Lists Evangelical Christians, Catholics and Some Jews Alongside KKK, Al-Qaeda and Hamas
15-Year-Old Girl Who Gave Viral Pro-Gun Testimony Speaks Out: ‘Takes Away Our Own Sense of Security and Defense’
Cringe-Inducing: MSNBC Host Uses Young Daughter to Push Gay Marriage, Asks Her If She’d ‘Marry a Girl’
You Want to See This Barista Make Wildly Detailed Portraits in Lattes
Nuclear Talks With Iran Have Failed, EU Says
‘God Is Great, Hang the Atheist Bloggers!’: Hundreds of Thousands Rally in Bangladesh for Anti-Blasphemy Laws
Bill Maher Bashes Rand Paul & Paul Ryan for ‘Ruining Libertarianism’
Report: Defense Sec. Hagel Delays Missile Test to Avoid Escalating Tension With North Korea
Over 100,000 Gather in Salt Lake City for Semiannual Mormon Conference — and How Did It Make History?
‘Will Computers Replace Teachers?’ — Editor of Reason Magazine Says ‘Dear God I Hope So’
Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Savages the Left for Embracing Violent Radicals While Mocking Gun Owners: ‘What Dirtbags’
The Slam Dunk So Impressive You’ll Probably Have to Hit Replay at Least Once
What Did Charles Krauthammer Say About Obama That Shocked a Fox Panel Into Silence?
Angry Woman Stomping on Pro-Life Signs Asks: ‘You Want to Keep Paying Taxes for Babies [Born] to Crackheads?’
Shock Report: Anti-Semitic Attacks Surged in 2012
Israel Supporters Strike Back Against Anti-Israel Hackers by…Hijacking the Hackers’ Website
Al-Qaeda Leader Releases New Message Urging Muslims in ‘Arab Spring’ Nations to Form a Caliphate
Did You See This Fan’s Amazing Bare-Handed Home Run Catch — While Holding His Baby?
SNL: Melissa McCarthy Lampoons Fired Rutgers Basketball Coach
Rumor Check: Biden Endorses ‘New World Order’
Gabrielle Giffords Slams ‘Scare Tactics’ and ‘Misinformation’ in Call for Universal Background Checks
Connecticut Gov. Savages Wayne LaPierre: ‘This Guy Is So Out of Whack, It’s Unbelievable’
SNL: Kim Jong Un Lifts North Korea’s Gay Marriage Ban
The Stunning Message Rick Warren Had Planned for Saddleback Church Today
EDITORIAL: Shoot, look, shoot - Washington Times
WASHINGTON: Weak March jobs report sparks new debate over economy’s recovery - Business Breaking News - MiamiHerald.com
Billionaire abused by his own son till death - NY Daily News
Attorney General Eric Holder: Jail time for blacks is too long - Washington Times
Free press fight: How Fox News reporter wound up facing jail for doing job | Fox News
Ex-CIA Analyst Expects North Korea to Attack South Korea Before Tensions End | Danger Room | Wired.com
Democratic Party lying about racist roots
Brooklyn judge slams birther lawsuit as 'fanciful, delusional and irrational' and orders theorist to pay $177G - NY Daily News
Most U.S. troops ‘would die’ in N. Korean onslaught
The growing militarization of U.S. police
Ron Paul Launches Home Schooling Site
Hollywood getting something right
IRS now 'robo-audits' your spending
Is it really just a matter of opinion?
What's your American dream?
Is South Korea our problem?
War on free speech comes to Long Island
Morning-after pill for young girls
Illegal? What's that?
3 reasons to remember the Holocaust
Fighting for the soul of America
D. LIMBAUGH: Government of, by and for the crisis
D. WEST: The deafening silence that signals our demise
A 5th Amendment 'right' to same-sex marriage?
J. FARAH: So what do we call 'illegal aliens'?
A. KEYES: It's AP that's actually dehumanizing immigrants
EMP – the unimaginable reality
Islamic and North Korean genocidal aims
Reject 'Gang of 8' immigration deal

Coast To Coast AM April 4 2013 Lost Knowledge & Aliens C2CAM - YouTube

Coast To Coast AM - April 03 2013 Occult Traditions C2CAM - YouTube

ObamaCare’s Costly GPS: Tens of Thousands of "Navigators"
NRA’s National School Shield Program Needs Remediation
Does Obama’s Election Commission Signal Federal Takeover of Elections?
Obama-backed War Making Syria a Jihad Haven; Europe Threatened
Will Russia Establish Bases in Afghanistan?
North Korea Postures With Nuclear Warning, Movement of Missiles
Reality Gap Between Wall Street and Main Street Widens
President Obama Wants to Get Inside Your BRAIN
Proposed EPA Sulfur Standard to Boost Gas Prices
Behind the North Korean Crisis
What A Third Korean War Would Look Like
Video:Noam Chomsky: Can Civilisation Survive Really Existing Capitalism?
Putting the Squeeze on North Korea
The Duty to Avoid a War in Korea
Washington’s “Playbook” on Provoking North Korea
True Costs of Iraq War Whitewashed by Fuzzy Maths
Visions: America after Hegemony A New Foreign Policy For The 99 Percent
Critical Thinking Gone Missing Ignorance As a Default Position
Corporate Evil Creeps Up Unobserved TransPacific Partnership Will Undermine Democracy
The Future of 4D Printing
America Has Become a Third World Nation
Oil from Petroleum Used as Vaccine Adjuvant
Defending IMF Financial Terrorism
Ron Paul Launches Liberty-based Homeschool Curriculum
Is Hemp a Miracle Plant That Can Save the World?
Conference Highlights Fukushima Consequences
MSNBC Host: We Have to Break the Idea That Kids Belong to Their Parents
When Did Peaceful Protests Become 'Anti-Government Rallies'?
Flawed Government Report Used to Block State Raw Milk Freedom
The Ultimate Infographic to Show Gun Control Advocates
It was nice knowing you, America
The Genocidal Intentions Behind the UN Small Arms Treaty
Massive aerial surveillance program in Ohio moves forward, doesn’t have to wait for FAA drone rules
Wisdom of Youth - Alan Watts
DHS Bought 2b Rounds of Ammo for Bulk Discount ... Yeah, Right!
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