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19 April 2013

19 April, 2013 : the pm news



Bombing Suspects' Uncle: They Do Not Deserve To Live On This Earth
Dem Rep. DeLauro: Senate Has Told Newtown Families "You're On Your Own"
Maddow: NY Post Shamelessly Sloppy On Boston Story
O'Reilly: Can Government Protect Us From Violence?
Dramatic Scenes Of Violence Unfold In Watertown, Mass.
"Special Report" Panel Analyzes FBI Manhunt For Boston Suspects

Jon Stewart Rips CNN For Getting It "Completely F*cking Wrong" About Bomber's Arrest
Krauthammer On Boston Bomber: 50-50 "Likelihood That It Is Islamic Terrorism"
Current TV Hosts "Hope" Boston Marathon Bombers Are White
President Obama To Boston: "You Will Run Again"
Pat Buchanan: Illegal Immigrants "Ought To Be In The Shadows"
Pelosi: Tougher Gun Control Laws "Inconceivable" To NRA, But "Inevitable" To Us
Mark Levin Interviews Sen. Marco Rubio About Immigration Plan
Rush Limbaugh Grills Marco Rubio Over "Legalization" Of Illegal Aliens
Rubio: Republicans "Primarily" To Blame For Big Government, Crony Capitalism
Boston Bruins Fans Sing National Anthem in Emotional Pregame Ceremony
Watch: FBI Releases Photos And Video Of Boston Bombing Suspects
Fineman On Obama's Outrage Over Gun Bill: "Righteous Indignation"
O'Reilly: Politics And Terrorism
Chris Hayes: Why Do We Care About Terrorism More Than Gun Deaths?
Kerry On Benghazi: "We Got A Lot More Important Things To Move On To"
Scarborough Blasts GOP Over Guns: "Party Is Moving Toward Extinction"
Raw: Explosion At West, Texas Fertilizer Plant; Multiple Injuries Reported
"Special Report" Online Panel: Ricin & Boston Bombing Coincidence


Manhunt in Boston after bombing suspect is killed
Details emerge about suspected Boston bombers - The Washington Post
Boston Shootout Footage - Watertown, MA - April 18 2013 - YouTube
Live blog: Bombing suspect became citizen last Sept. 11 – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs
Live blog: Bombings at the Boston Marathon
Watertown | Page 14 | Liveblog live blogging | Reuters.com
Boston Marathon - Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston
MIT police officer killed; reports of gunfight, explosions | WCVB
Chechen President Says American Upbringing to Blame | The Weekly Standard
Bombing Suspects’ Uncle: They Do Not Deserve To Live On This Earth « CBS Boston
Boston locked down for massive manhunt; one bombing suspect killed by police, the other at-large - The Washington Post
Djohar Tsarnaev | VK
Boston Bomber Posted Video on 'The Black Flags From Khorasan' | The Weekly Standard
One Boston Marathon suspect killed; second suspect, his brother, on loose after firefight - U.S. News
Suspect in Boston Marathon bombing died of gunshot and possible blast wounds, doctor says | Reuters
Watertown, Mass., Shut Down in Manhunt for Second Boston Marathon Suspect - ABC News
Marathon Bombing Suspect: ‘I Don’t Have A Single American Friend’ « CBS Boston
Manhunt For Boston Marathon Bombings Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev « CBS Boston
Dead bombing suspect was 'very religious' Muslim boxer | The Daily Caller
Boston locked down for massive manhunt; one bombing suspect killed by police, the other at-large - The Washington Post
Boston Bomb Suspect's Dad Tells Son to Surrender, Says 'All Hell Will Break Loose' if Son Dies - ABC News
Boston Bomb Suspect's Dad Tells Son to Surrender, Says 'All Hell Will Break Loose' if Son Dies - ABC News
2nd Uncle Of Bombing Suspects: ‘Yesterday He Called Me’ « CBS Boston
West New York woman, identifying bomb suspects as her 'brothers,' can't understand what happened | NJ.com
Boston bombings: Mother of Boston bombing suspects arrested last year for 'stealing $1,600 worth of clothes from Lord & Taylor' | Mail Online
Boy Scouts propose lifting ban on gays, but only for youth | Reuters
SEE IT: Wild Brooklyn melee erupts as NYPD arrests Muslim teen for allegedly taunting Jewish subway rider - NY Daily News
Health Actuaries: Obamacare Rates Will Soar - Healthy Living - Everyday Health
Napolitano: Drudge Report is not credible | WashingtonExaminer.com
Gosnell Trial Witness: Baby Abortion Survivor Was 'Swimming' in Toilet 'Trying to Get Out' | CNS News
Health Actuaries: Obamacare Rates Will Soar - Healthy Living - Everyday Health
FBI Evidence Photo Shows Boston Bomb Suspect Standing Near Child Later Killed In Marathon Blast | The Smoking Gun
Boston chaos wrecks first immigration hearing | The Daily Caller
Rubio spokesman: Don't use tragedy to 'make political points' | The Daily Caller
Immigration bill contains 400 waivers, exceptions and exemptions | The Daily Caller
Chechen President Says American Upbringing to Blame | The Weekly Standard
Who Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Man at the Center of the Boston Manhunt? - Alexander Abad-Santos - The Atlantic Wire
This image provided by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center shows Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. Authorities say Tsarnaev is still at large after he and another suspect — both identified to The Associated Press as coming from the Russian region near Chechnya — killed an MIT police officer, injured a transit officer in a firefight and threw explosive devices at police during their getaway attempt in a long night of violence into the early hours of Friday, April 19, 2013. The second suspect, who has not yet been identified, was killed in a shootout with police. (AP Photo/Boston Regional Intelligence Center) | View photo - Yahoo! News
UPDATE 1-Boston bombing suspects showed few radical signs | Reuters
Chechen President blames AMERICA for Boston bomb suspects' acts of evil because of 'immoral upbringing' | Mail Online
BBC News - Serbia and Kosovo reach EU-brokered landmark accord
Google's Gap, IBM's Trap: Tech Winners & Losers - TheStreet
Google Asks Utilities To Make It Easier For Companies To Buy Renewable Energy, Starting With Its Own NC Data Center | TechCrunch
Google is Buying Provo's Existing Fiber Network for a Dollar
Pink Floyd album art designer dies at 69 - Arts & Entertainment - CBC News
Fox Anchors Can't Stop Laughing at Ryan Lochte and Neither Will You (Video) | TheWrap TV
Casino, Obama library floated as possibilities for Michael Reese site
Some Forms Of Food Poisoning On The Rise In The US
Tattoos In The Office Are Still A Big, Weird Taboo
Rock You Like a Hurricane: Watch Sandy Shake the US
Superstorm Sandy Shook the Earth
Russian becomes world's oldest spacewalker at 59
Fish's DNA May Explain How Fins Turned to Feet
Make A Difference & Save Money This Earth Day
Earth Day festival this weekend
LulzSec hacker receives year in prison for Sony breach
Chechen President blames AMERICA for Boston bomb suspects' acts of evil because of 'immoral upbringing' | Mail Online
Boston Marathon blasts get Russia's Caucasus link - Indian Express
Russia's Caucasus Have Seen Decades of War, Terror - ABC News
7.0 quake hits ocean off Japan, Russia; no damage
Mosque blasts, clashes before Iraq local vote | Reuters
Key Obama Officials Differ on Syria in Testimony - NYTimes.com
Vatican plays politics with American sisters and nuns - The Washington Post
Perfect planets for life? Telescope sees distant worlds not too hot, not too cold, not too big | Fox News
Report: Israel, UAE, Saudis in huge US arms deal | JPost | Israel News
Biden: 'The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions' for Guns - BlackListedNews.com
FBI names Chechnyan Russian Dzhokhar Tsarnaev As Latest At-Large Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect - BlackListedNews.com
FBI Was Searching for Boston Marathon Suspect BEFORE Attack - BlackListedNews.com
REPORT: Suspects are brothers with international ties, military experience, in US a year... - BlackListedNews.com
"Contractors" at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation - BlackListedNews.com
Boston locked down for massive manhunt; one bombing suspect killed by police, the other at-large - The Washington Post
Bipartisan Study Concludes Bush Administration “Indisputably” Sanctioned U.S. Use of Torture - BlackListedNews.com
Watertown: Police Engaged In Prolonged Gunbattle with Multiple Suspects - BlackListedNews.com
Boston Marathon Bombings Point To Government Run Terror Operation - BlackListedNews.com
Janet Napolitano Confronted in Security Committee on Deportation of Boston Bombing Suspect or Witness - BlackListedNews.com
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 18, 2013

The Terrorists Have Been Identified - YouTube
Interview 653 - Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood
Episode 266 - The Terrorists Have Been Identified
Interview 652 – James Corbett on Collectivism, Terrorism and Education
Interview 651 - Jeremy Rys on 9/11, the Energy Cartel, and the Future of Humanity
Interview 650 - James Corbett on The Government Question
The End of April: A Time of Human Sacrifice
Video Shows Heavily Armed Police In Military Gear Conducting Door to Door Searches - informationliberation
Boston Bomb Suspect's Father Says His Sons Being Set Up - informationliberation
REPORT: Suspects Are Brothers, Chechen Descent, From Kyrgyzstan, Moved to US in Early 2000's, Appear To Be Islamic... [Updated] - informationliberation
Resident Describes Police Going Door To Door Treating Citizens Like Potential Terrorists - informationliberation
'No Vehicle Traffic Will Be Allowed To Travel In Or Out Of Watertown' Police Press Conference - informationliberation
Watertown: Armed Police Situation After Boston Police Officer Killed - informationliberation
Watertown Resident Describes Bullet Coming Through His Wall & Into His Bedroom & Hearing Explosions - informationliberation
Hospital Press Conference Dead Marathon Bombing Suspect Had Injuries Other Than From Bullets - informationliberation
POLICE AUDIO: Watertown Shootout 04/19, Boston Police Shootout - informationliberation
Boston Bomb Victim in Photo Helped Identify Suspects - Bloomberg
Bill O'Reilly Attacks Alex Jones For 'False Flag' Boston Conspiracy Theories - informationliberation
FBI Blurs Agent's Face? - informationliberation
Infowars Reporter Crashes FBI Press Conference - informationliberation
And in Other News the September 11th Hearings Delayed due to Mysterious DoD Computer Crash | Shenandoah
+House Passes CISPA Online Spying Law -- News from Antiwar.com
* Final Vote Results for Roll Call 117

Video/Uncle Of Marathon Bombing Suspects Speaks
Woman Attacked by Man Accusing Muslims of Marathon Bombings
The Rebels so Beloved of Nato Nations are Losing Their Hold of Damascus.
A Hundred Deir Yassin and Counting Beit Daras and the Buried History of Massacres
NRA chief: Obama 'bit off more than he could chew' | WashingtonExaminer.com
Behind the Curtain: Obama, boxed in - POLITICO.com
'I don’t understand them,' bombing suspect said of Americans | Fox News
Boston bombers radicalized on U.S. soil? - CBS News
Boston faces lockdown as police hunt for marathon bombing suspect | World news | guardian.co.uk
A Look at the Brothers - WSJ.com
Russia's Chechnya has long terrorist connections
Making Stuff Up by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
Drones and Death Lists: The New Face of Warfare | Antiwar.com Original
US Selling $10 Billion in Arms to Israel and Arab Allies -- News from Antiwar.com
Tom Woods Is Right « LewRockwell.com Blog
Flexible Fascism « LewRockwell.com Blog
Talk About Your TSA-Centric World! « LewRockwell.com Blog
SWAT Army Occupies Boston « LewRockwell.com Blog
Victim of Their Own Success « LewRockwell.com Blog
'Unwelcome Home, Musharraf!' by Eric Margolis
Can You Beat Facebook-NSA? by David Fisher
Obama Camp Regrouping After Defeat in Congress Over Gun Control | Susanne Posel
Transition Towns: Agenda 21 Comes to Life | Susanne Posel
DHS Spends $4.5 Million on Gun Parts From Manufacturer | Susanne Posel
Google Says Governments Are Using Their Services to Censor the Internet | Susanne Posel
Suspect Manhunt Puts Boston on Lockdown
Chechen Brothers Suspected in Boston Bombings Grew up as Refugees
Rescuers Continue Search at Texas Explosion Site
WHO: No Evidence of Human to Human Bird Flu Infection
Friends: Chechen Suspects in Boston Bombing Smart, Athletic
The Boston Bombings in Context: How the FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists | Global Research
Global Governance and the “New World Order Religion” | Global Research
FBI’s Main Boston Terrorist Suspects Turn Themselves In … Appear Innocent | Global Research
Silencing the British People: The Legacy of Thatcherism and the Iraq War | Global Research
How Obama Sold the Presidency to Wall Street | Global Research
US Sponsored Dictators: Tales of Reagan’s Guatemala Genocide | Global Research
Child Poverty in America among the Highest in the Developed World | Global Research
Huge Explosion In Waco, Texas, Multiple Casualties (Live Feed) (Video) | Alternative
Mass Casualty Drill On Same Day As Waco Explosion | Conspiracy Theories
FBI Releases Fake Boston Bombing Surveillance Video | Scandals
After Rubio's Amnesty Illegal Aliens Get Hiring Preference As Employers Save $3,000 Per Hire | Politics
Echoes of 9/11 in week of dark anniversaries
Ayatollah: America on brink of fall
Dedicated to Jihad: Life Details Of Marathon Bombers | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Is Obama Covering For Boston Suspect? Terror In Boston - Saudi Being Deported For 'National Security Reasons' | Obama
Micro Fuel Cell Runs On Water, Recharges Mobile Phones | Energy
MONSANTO Now Owns BLACKWATER (or Academi) (think MERCINARIES) Black Ops | Science and Technology
15 Injured, 65 Quarantined After Handling Suspicious Envelope With Powder In Wisconsin | Health
Dr. Oz: Garcinia Cambogia The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Weight Loss | Health
Abolition Of The Family, Society's Children, Free Love & Your Enslavement | Opinion
The Boston Murders: A Cult Of Lies Called Government | Alternative
Illuminati Card Game: Another Look At The "Combined Disasters" Card | Alternative
Satanist And Followers Of Lucifer Prepare For April 19th | Alternative
Sandy Hook Reference In Batman: Dark Knight Rises Movie | Conspiracy Theories
Why The Boston Bombers Are Jihadists (Video) | Alternative
Boston Bombing, "The Craft" Private Mercenaries (ex-SEALS) on Site, Black Op Cover Up, Gold Dump Tied to Possible US Coup? | Conspiracy Theories
Total media blackout now under way on most likely suspects in Boston marathon bombing
Inside Boston Marathon Bombing Press Conferences - YouTube
Judge Napolitano Reveals Boston Marathon Fake Government Plot | Alternative
Atlantis is Anarctica, Giants of the Nephilim Carved Monuments around the world | Beyond Science
The Secrets of Atlantis and the Nephilim | Wix.com
Just the Facts?: Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories -- ETs Petitioned to Disclose Presence -- Korean Unification Impending? | Paranormal
5 Creepy Coincidences You Won't Believe Actually Happened ~ RiseEarth
Time Travelers Caught On Video | Beyond Science
Kerry Dodges Linking Chechnya With Boston Bombing | War on Terror
Nestlé CEO Denies That Water is an Essential Human Right
How to Empower Yourself and Re-Discover Freedom
10 Signs The Takedown Of Paper Gold Has Unleashed An Unprecedented Global Run On Physical Gold And Silver
ALERT: Victim of Family Court, Katerina Jeleva, Seeks to Uncover Utah Gov't Child Kidnapping
"Contractors" at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation
More Photos Surface of Mercenaries in Boston
The Truth Rises - Coordinated Strikes Work Both Ways - May 1st 2013
Health Care Worker Alert: ABC News Misquoted Vaccine Rights Attorney
House "wouldn’t even allow debate" on CISPA amendment requiring warrant before database search
U.S. House of Rep. Shamefully Passes CISPA; Internet Freedom Advocates Prepare for a Battle in the Senate
History Regurgitates
1 Chechen Terrorist Killed, the Other Sought: Wild Night of Bombs, Gunfire As a Major U.S. City Now 'Shelters in Place' | CNS News
TSA Chief: Chechen Women With Explosive Bras Inspired U.S. Airport Pat Downs | CNS News
Bombing Suspect’s Uncle: ‘Turn Yourself In and Ask for Forgiveness’ | CNS News
Boston Bombing Suspects: Timeline of Thursday-Friday Pursuit | CNS News
Bombing Probe Highlights Concerns Over Expanded Surveillance | CNS News
Sheriff on Secure Borders: ‘I Am a Border Sheriff Also – From North Carolina’ | CNS News
Obama Advised to Acknowledge Iran’s Nuclear ‘Fatwa’ | CNS News
'Train Wreck Coming': Sebelius Can't Give Sen. Baucus Details on Obamacare Launch | CNS News
Obama taking action on gun background check system | CNS News
Senators dispute Boston tie to immigration bill | CNS News
Labor nominee Perez pledges open mind | CNS News
Obama in the Cathedral: 'We Come Together to Celebrate Life' | CNS News
Crews seek survivors, bodies after Texas blast | CNS News
Sessions on Gang of 8 Immigration Bill: Illegals Won’t Be Stopped ‘And Pretty Soon We’ll Give You Amnesty’ | CNS News
Gallup: 52% Support Heavy Taxes on the Wealthy to Redistribute Wealth | CNS News
Dr. Carson on America: ‘Opportunities That Exist Here Are More Abundant Than Anywhere Else in the World’ | CNS News
UN compares Iraq death penalty use to slaughter | CNS News
Assad Warns West About Terror Blowback As U.S. Sends More Troops to Jordan | CNS News
Ifill Doesn't Ask Democrat If Gun Control Bill Would've Stopped Newtown, Asks Why The Legislation Failed | NewsBusters
NYU Adjunct Professor: 'Does Mitch McConnell Have to Get Shot to Support Gun Control?' | NewsBusters
George W. Bush: The World Is Safer Today Than When 9/11 Hit | NewsBusters
Will Piers Morgan Keep His Word and Deport Himself? | CNS News
Immigrant-Rights Groups 'Dictate Law Enforcement Policies' at ICE and DHS, ICE Council President Says | CNS News
Will the GOP Embrace Amnesty? | CNS News
The Media Lobbyists Lose on Guns | CNS News
1 Chechan Terrorist Killed, the Other Sought: Wild Night of Bombs, Gunfire As a Major U.S. City Now 'Shelters in Place' | CNS News
TSA Chief: Chechen Women With Explosive Bras Inspired U.S. Airport Pat Downs | CNS News
Obama in Cathedral: ‘In Face of Those Who Would Visit Death Upon Innocents We Choose to Save' | CNS News
+Recipe of the Day: Garden Vegetable Crustless Quiche | Lombardi Publishing Corporation

One Suspect in Boston Marathon Bombings Dead; Second at Large
Tsarnaev Brothers' Sister Questioned By FBI, Media at NJ Home
Giuliani: US Can Learn From London Surveillance
Officer Killed in MIT Standoff ID'd As Sean Collier, 26
Suspect’s Dad Tells Him to Surrender, Warns ‘Hell Will Break Loose’ If Son Dies
Bombing Suspect: I 'Don’t Have Single American Friend'
Boston Suspect's Web Page Venerates Islam, Chechen Independence
Suspects Uncle: 'They Don't Deserve to Live on This Earth'
Boston Marathon Bombers Identified As Chechen Brothers, Living Legally in US
Clerk Recounts Man's Escape From Boston Bombers
FBI Photo Shows Suspect Near Child Killed in Boston Bombing
Obama, Top Federal Officials Discuss Boston Bombing in Situation Room
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Boston Bombing Suspect, 'Looked Nervous,'Says Mechanic
Man Witnesses Waco, Boston Explosions; Thankful He Escaped Both Unhurt
Gov't Sources: Boston Bomb Suspect Went to Russia
Obama Taking Action on Gun Background Check System
Boy Scouts Propose Lifting Ban on Gays, but Only for Youth
NRA's Keene: Obama's 'Public Tantrum' on Guns Was Beneath the Office
Postal Service Bailout Would Cost U.S. $58 Billion, Donahoe Says
Immigration Bill Riddled With Exemptions, Complex Terminology
Suspicions Increase About Use of Chemical Weapons In Syria
McCain Defends Obama’s Anger at Senate Over Gun Measure
Republican: Boston Raises Immigration Questions
Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Could Harm Immigration Bill
Official: 12 Bodies Recovered after Texas Blast
News & Current Events, Breaking News, Analysis, Political Commentary – Newsmax.com
IRS to Close Offices for 5 Days Due to Sequester
Massachusetts Republicans Leaning to Sullivan for Senate Choice
Diaz-Balart: House Immigration Plan Will Be ‘Stricter’ Than Senate’s
Taliban in Qatar: No Early Peace Talks with US
Saddam's Former Deputy Hunted by Iraqi Forces
Greenspan Says Economic Growth Stalled Without Budget Deal
Testosterone Supplements: Fountain of Youth for Men?
Study: Diet, Exercise Stop Sleep Apnea
New Cystic Fibrosis Drug Eases Breathing
New Help for Anemia Sufferers
MIT Researchers: Go Easy on Knees to Avoid Arthritis
Scientists Decode DNA of `Living Fossil' Fish
Facebook Pushes H-1B Visa Changes in Immigration Bill
The US Must Protect Its Wireless Network Infrastructure.
Gang of Eight get Immigration Bill Off to Shaky Start
Why the Black Silence on Unemployment?
Boston Marathon: Never Concede Fear to Terrorists
Gang of Eight immigration performance is Schumer Triumph
Cyprus lesson: Your Retirement Fund in Obama’s sight
Boston Police Prove System Works in Terrorist-Stalked America
Tangling With the Death Cult

Obama’s Futile Tantrum over Gun Bill
Broadcasters worried about people abandoning TV? It’s their own fault!
The Rubio Shuffle – Is He a Man Who Can be Trusted?
Culture and the Barbarians at the Gate
Giants in the Land?
'Pro-Choice' Only Goes so Far
Is Economic Implosion Inevitable?
The Left's Spin on Boston Marathon's Chechen Terrorists
All Terrorism is Connected
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's 'hood
Second suit against Washington state florist who refused to cater gay wedding
Obama's moving red line on Syrian chemical weapons
Oh no! Marathon bombers not 'white Americans'
Are we now going to learn why GITMO matters?
Jordanian journalist blames 'Jews' and the 'American right' for Boston attack
Marathon bombing suspects identified as Chechens
Shut That Window of Opportunity, Please
A Criminologist Questions Sandy Hook
Snubbing Thatcher's Funeral? No, Obama Is Consistent!
The Origination Clause II: Die Harder with a Vengeance, ObamaCare!
Big Government Mind-Readers
John Kerry and the Great Peace Blocker
Why Government Bureaucrats Abuse Taxpayers
The U.N.'s Latest Attempt to Shackle the USA
The Epic Failure of the Intel Agencies on the Boston Bombing
Video: Raw Cell Videos of Cop Shootout in Massachusetts; Connected to MIT, Watertown, Boston, Terrorism?
Video: Chaos: Suspect Surrender Caught on Tape Following MIT Cop Killing, Gunfire and Explosions in Watertown
Video: One Thing Tyrants Forget...
Video: Pride: Moving National Anthem for Boston Bruins
Video: MSNBC: NRA 'In the Business of Helping Bombers Get Away With Their Crimes'
Video: Texas Shock: Amateur Video Captures Huge Explosion in West, Texas
Video: Rand Paul: 'Saddens Me' that Newtown Families Used as 'Props' in Gun Debate
Video: Obama Lashes Out Following Gun Bill Defeat
Rubio is wrong on Immigration Reform!
What's Wrong With Progressives Like President Obama
Photo of the Day: Israel Understands Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & Bro; Do We?
Tsarnaev Bros ISLAMIC Terrorists, NOT Russian; FLASHBACK: Oprah Refused to Call Chechen Terrorists “Muslims,” Called ‘Em “Russian”
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Chechen Muslim Terrorists & U.S. Immigrants – DREAM Act “Kids”; Amnesty Candidate
President ‘I, Me, My’ Makes Boston Memorial Service All About Obama [Vid Mix]
RUSH: GOP Scared, ‘Want To Do Things On Monday That The Media Won’t Hate Them For On Tuesday’
» Terror girlfriend converted to Islam
Djohar Tsarnaev | VK
Niagara Falls Car Searched, Nothing Suspicious Found | wgrz.com
Did Boston Bombing Suspect Post Al Qaeda Prophecy on YouTube? | Mother Jones
Massive Boston manhunt drags on; anxiety grips city - U.S. News
Boston suspect's father says he's a 'true angel'
My Way News - Russia's Caucasus: breeding ground for terror
Bombing suspects were local, ‘normal’ US immigrants - Metro - The Boston Globe
Confirmed: Ricin Terrorist Paul Kenneth Curtis Is a Democrat Activist | The Gateway Pundit
Top Dem Sen. Baucus warns of 'train wreck' for Obama health law | Fox News
'Repugnant' talent scouts target anorexic girls at Swedish eating disorder clinics | Mail Online
Immigration Bill Gives New Legals $3,000 Hiring Edge Over Citizens - Investors.com
ICE union claims immigration bill 'does nothing' to resolve enforcement concerns | Fox News
College fires professor who forced students to sign pledge to vote for Obama
Oppose Cispa if you value any privacy in our digital world | Dan Gillmor | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Wife of former official arrested in murder of Texas DA - CNN.com
‘I’m Furious’: Gabrielle Giffords Lambastes Senators Who Voted Against New Gun Control Laws in Fiery Op-Ed
Fired-Up GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy Takes Apart Argument That Voter ID Laws Are Racist During House Hearing
‘New York Daily News’ Criticized for Doctoring Photo of Bombing Victim’s Gruesome Leg Wound — Should They Be?
Fascinating Account of Two Families Living Off the Grid for Two Decades
Allen West Warns Left-Wing Students to Stop Harassing His Wife: ‘This Is Not a Threat, It Is a Promise’
Obama Invokes Christian Scripture and God During Interfaith Service — and Pledges Boston Terrorists ‘Will Face Justice’
Is Rejecting a Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants Un-Christian?
MSNBC Publicly Shames Senators Who ‘Voted Against Common Sense,’ Warns Of Retribution In 2014
Looking for Gov’t-Issued Terror Alerts? DHS Has Never Used the ‘Terrorism Advisory System’ (Here’s the Evidence)
Mind-Boggling Details Emerge About Ricin Letter Suspect: ‘I’m on the Hidden Front Lines of a Secret War’
The Saudi Saga: Key Information Still Being Revealed in Case of former ‘Person of Interest’ Gov’t Considered Deporting
Shock Allegations in Gosnell Trial Include Bloodied Patient Files, Dirty Tools Spreading STDs and Babies ‘Screeching’ (WARNING: Graphic)
Janet Napolitano Responds to Report of Deportation for Former ‘Person of Interest’: ‘Not Worthy of an Answer’
Obama’s Plan to Destroy America Hatched at Columbia Says Classmate
German Homeschooling Family Facing Deportation Speaks Out on TheBlaze TV: ‘This Is Home for Me Now’
Man Witnesses Boston Marathon Bombings — Then Watches Deadly Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion After Returning Home
What’s Going on Behind the Scenes of Bombing Investigation? Forensic Scientist, Former DHS Official Shed Light on Tech and Tactics
Saudi National and Former ‘Person of Interest’ Allegedly Speaks: Officials ‘Apologized’ to Me and Promised Me ‘Special Health Care’
New Video Shows Incredible Footage of Deadly Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion: ‘God Almighty, Damn!’
Report: Investigators Knew of ‘Suspect #2′ Tuesday and Have Pic of Him Putting Backpack Down Next to 8-Year-Old Bombing Victim
Boston Police Commissioner: All Boston Residents Must Stay in Their Homes During Terror Suspect Manhunt
Caught on Video: Intense Police Shootout With Boston Bomber Suspects
Did a Bullet from the Boston Shootout Come Flying Through This Man’s Wall? See His Pictures
Exclusive: Congressional Source Contradicts ICE Account, Says Lawmakers in Possession of File on Saudi National That Called for Visa Revocation
Tense Photos Show the Boston Bomber Manhunt and Town on Lockdown
Saudi News Site: Michelle Obama Visited Saudi National in Hospital on Thursday
NBC: Boston Terror Suspects Have International Ties and Have Been in U.S. Legally for About 1 Year
Do These Social Media Profiles, YouTube Videos Belong to the Boston Bombers?
Texas Fertilizer Plant Update: Death Toll, Injuries and More Photos of the Blast Aftermath
Suspect’s Uncle Gives Scathing Interview: ‘They Do Not Deserve to Live on This Earth’
U.K. Downgraded, Stripped of AAA Rating
Fox’s Bill Hemmer Goes Off on Law Enforcement Officials Who Leaked Wrong Suspect Photos to Press, Including Him: ‘My Jaw Dropped’
Dad of Alleged Bombing Brothers Warns U.S.: If Second Son Is Killed, ‘All Hell Will Break Loose’ (Plus: He Alleges Conspiracy?)
Does the Mom of Alleged Boston Bombing Brothers Have a Criminal Past?
GOP Lawmaker Reacts to Manhunt: ‘I Wonder How Many Boston Liberals Spent the Night Cowering…Wishing They Had an AR-15′
Alleged Boston Bomber Brothers: Here’s What We Know So Far About Them and Their Family
MANHUNT: One Terror Suspect Dead, the Other on the Loose (Live Updates)
‘Looked Right At Me’: Victim With Both Legs Amputated Wakes Up From Surgery and Confirms Seeing Bomber
New Hi-Res Photo Appears to Show Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Fleeing the Scene
Did Suspect’s Aunt Confirm That At Least One of the Alleged Bombers Was Muslim?
Texas School Counselor ‘Relieved of All Duties’ Over Shockingly Racist Post After Fertilizer Explosion: ‘Whites…Soon Will Be Wiped from the Earth’
‘Losers’: Another Outraged Uncle Delivers Fiery Interview — But Gives Possible Reason for Boston Attack

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, dead bombing suspect: "I don't have a single American friend."
Suspect’s uncle speaks out in ‘anger for the people they murdered’ | Boston Herald
My Way News - Russia's Caucasus: breeding ground for terror
Massive Boston manhunt drags on; anxiety grips city - U.S. News
Senators eye Boston bombers in amnesty debate
Obama plenty familiar with domestic terrorists
Over half their income in car loans
See, I told you so …
Another terrorist attack, another U.S.-Saudi cover-up?
The Philly Angel of Death
'Dr.' Gosnell and Obama's heart of stone
Terror: The writing is on the wall
Why is GOP embracing amnesty?
A shameful day for a petulant president
Senate sides with law-abiding Americans
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