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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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22 March 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

Indicators of War, Not Peace, in Obama's Visit

Shoes On Display to protest Obama Visit

Map of Palestine Removed From Entrance of Jesus Place of Birth

Close shave: How the US almost gunned down Iran’s president — RT News
Guccifer releases second trove of Clinton emails — RT USA
Images & Reality
Obamacare Kills People 'Literally': Citizens' Reactions to Michele Bachmann's Congress Statement : US/World : Medical Daily
Activist Post: Alert: Monsanto Rider Slips Through Senate, Hour Glass Running...
Living in the Industrialized World Is Deadly | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Facebook users disgusted as 'child porn' video receives 16,000 shares and 4,000 likes - News - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent
Number of dead pigs found in Chinese rivers rises to 16,000 | World news | guardian.co.uk
Cyber-attack on South Korea may not have come from China after all: regulator - Topix
Roi Tov – "Obama, B'ona," says Israel
Analysis: Obama scores unexpected successes on Middle East trip | Reuters
Unbreakable US-Israeli Ties
Washington Supports Venezuelan Opposition
‘War embedded in US policy, economy’ — RT Op-Edge
CIA 'to lose control of drone programme to Pentagon' - Telegraph
Why the Rich Don’t Give to Charity | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Smoking Mirrors | Deaf Beethoven, Listening to Timeless Music
Jay Leno hits out at NBC 'snakes' amid plans to replace him with Jimmy Fallon - Telegraph
The hoax at the bottom of Autism and Alzheimer’s | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Activist Post: Fluoride Cocktail: The Elite's Elixir of Death
Pre-Viking Tunic Found In Thawing Glacier Shows How Climate Change Aids Archaeology (PHOTO)
Thing and a prayer: NASA chief says Earth defenseless in asteroid strike — RT News
Darpa Sets Out to Make Computers That Can Teach Themselves | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
How Ripe Are the Seeds of Revolution? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Major US supermarkets to boycott GM salmon | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic | Society | The Guardian
The rise of Dr Google: Half of Britons now get health advice online rather than seeing their GP | Mail Online
Obama honeymoon may be over - The Hill
Dark Knight killer James Holmes 'is now a Muslim who prays five times a day' | Mail Online
Smart grid market contains 400 companies, $66 billion in potential business - Electric Light & Power
Biden and Bloomberg Team Up to Again Pressure Congress on Guns | Politicker
John Kerry Announces U.S. Support For U.N. Arms Trade Treaty - Investors.com
Bernanke: "We Have No Idea How Much Money We're Giving The Banks" - Home - The Daily Bail
AP: Chavez Wasted His Money on Healthcare When He Could Have Built Gigantic Skyscrapers
5 Strange Things Banned by Governments ~ RiseEarth
New Scam - 'You Are Selected For A Lottery Winner Give Away'
Woman's tea addiction led to loss of teeth, bone problems - Health - MSN Healthy Living
Obama: If Syrian regime used chemical weapons, ‘red line’ crossed — RT News
PressTV - West delaying UN probe into Syria chemical attack: Russia
Russia Urges UN to Probe Syria Chemical Weapons Reports | Russia | RIA Novosti
PressTV - Pollard and Israel gave Soviets nuclear first strike Intel
US plan for Iran 'pinpoint strike' ready - report — RT News
PressTV - US, Israeli missile experts report Iron Dome's success rate as low as zero
PressTV - Travesty of Saudi dirty tricks against Iran
South Korea traces cyber-attacks to Chinese IP address | World news | guardian.co.uk
Pope Francis pushed civil unions for gays in 2010 as cardinal - Washington Times
Latin American Herald Tribune - Migrants Seek Refuge Underground in Mexican Border City
The Retirement Crisis Is Here For Millions-Income Inequality Now Set To Wreak Its Ugly Revenge - Forbes
In copyright case, Supreme Court rules that goods made overseas can be resold here - The Washington Post
DHS questioned over decision to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls | Fox News
Goebbels Would Be Drooling At The Modern Media - Activist Carlos - YouTube
Xaviant Haze: SKYNET is Real!
The Dangers of Wi-Fi (WiFi Side Effects Wifi WLAN Electromagnetic Radiation Wireless Internet EMF) - YouTube
Action Alert: We Have 1 Week Or Less to Stop Genetically Engineered Foods and Destruction of the Separation of Powers | Washington's Blog
‘Bombs over Seoul’: New N. Korea propaganda clip threatens to take US hostages in South assault — RT News
North Korea's sharp tongue: Five things - CNN.com
Police Dogs No Longer Sniffing For Pot |
DHS Ammunition Stockpile: Over A Dozen Congressmen Demanding Investigation |
Jon Stewart On Secret U.S. Drone Program - Home - The Daily Bail
Not 99% |
Iran laundering billions through Venezuela | Washington Free Beacon
Iraq War Vets Want To Know Why Bush & Cheney Are Allowed To Profiteer From Their War Based On Lies | XRepublic
Rick Santelli Slams Freddie & Fannie Price Controls, Housing Will Return If Left To Private Sector | XRepublic
Will People Trust Google's New 'Note' Keeping Service After Reader Shutdown? | Techdirt
New "Fast And Furious" Report Finds DHS Missed Warning Signs - They Knew It Was Wrong! | XRepublic
Chinese NASA Worker in US Court Over Computer Cache |
Pre-Viking tunic found on glacier as warming trend aids archaeology - Science
Today is the 33rd Anniversary of the Georgia Guide Stones Construction | Intellihub.com
Gun-Control Laws = 60% More Gun Murders |
How Gaddafi's Great Man-Made River Project became part of the Water Wars - World Mathaba
30 Days Of Above Normal Global Sea Ice | Real Science
Washington Supports Venezuelan Opposition
The Hidden Face of Austerity: American Corporate Executives Cash In | Global Research
Windows open: Microsoft reveals tens of thousands of users data disclosed
Texas Man Shot Dead In Wise County A Possible Suspect In Killing Colorado’s Prison Official |
Sarkozy 'abused the weakness of the world's richest woman': Former French president facing trial for allegedly taking millions from 90-year-old L'Oreal heiress | Mail Online
Biotech Firms Slip in Amendment Allowing USDA to Overrule Courts on Genetically Engineered Crops - BlackListedNews.com
Shall Russia pay for Germany's great plans? - English pravda.ru
The Seven States Running Out Of Water - Road Runner
Jack Blood and BBC Investigative Reporter / Best Selling Author - GREG PALAST - 12160
Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 - AE911Truth.org - YouTube
"There Really Is A Subjective Harm Living In A Society Where You Feel You're Under Surveillance" | XRepublic
The Iran Nuclear Threat and “The Second Hostage Crisis” | Global Research
Citizens need power to recall politicians, expert says - New Brunswick - CBC News
Deposit Taxes: Should We Prepare?
None Dare Call It Theft
Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers | InvestmentWatch
Judge Napolitano ~ Cyprus To Vote On Plan To Fund "Bailout" With Tax On Bank Accounts - YouTube

Celente – The Financial System Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes Cyprus May Become Europe’s Lehman, Billionaire Potanin Says | count down to zero-time
The Streets of America in the Very Near Future...
Dem Party official makes students ‘stomp on Jesus’
Laurie Roth - America, Stop Cowering and Stand up For Your Country
Constance Cumbey -- Little Sisters of the New World Religion
FAU Student Claims He Was Suspended For Refusing To Step On Jesus « CBS Miami
Secret IMF Cyprus Agenda Blown by LaGarde-Threats, Gas Politics and Russia | Economics and Politics
Time To Plan For The Worst Rather Than Hope For The Best
Orwellian Secret Courts in the UK: Britain on the Brink of Tyranny
Best Billy Corgan Interview Ever | Dprogram.net
Remembering Splitting The Sky – James Corbett | Dprogram.net
Chocolate really does lower your blood pressure
Fluoride Fight: The forced drugging of society | Dprogram.net
Obamacare official: “Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience” | WashingtonExaminer.com
Web Money Gets Laundering Rule - Jeffrey Sparshott - News - AllThingsD
Beekeepers sue EPA over failing to stop harmful pesticides | The Raw Story
cryptogon.com » Dylan Ratigan Quits MSNBC, Help Vets Create Network of Organic Hydroponic Farms
For Anyone That Ever Wondered if Our News is Scripted… - BlackListedNews.com
MI6 tests soil smuggled from Syria for nerve gas - BlackListedNews.com
Muslim Brotherhood Sets Up ‘Brown Shirts’ to Enforce Rule | StratRisks
So It Begins: Darpa Sets Out to Make Computers That Can Teach Themselves | Danger Room | Wired.com
Fake Intelligence: “US Manipulated Public Opinion before Iraq war”: Former Intel. Officer | Global Research
Top Stories - Biotech Firms Slip in Amendment Allowing USDA to Overrule Courts on Genetically Engineered Crops - AllGov - News
US plan calls for more scanning of private Web traffic, email - Technology on NBCNews.com
Military Cyber Strike Teams Will Soon Guard Private Networks - BlackListedNews.com
Where did they go? More than 30 dogs vanish from Magic Valley | State | Idahostatesman.com
Google Glass could one day let you control objects around you | Internet & Media - CNET News
FYI: Why Are Celebrities Injecting Their Faces With Blood? | Popular Science
The Bizarre History of Insect Head Transplants
Comcast Cable Bans All Firearm, Ammunition Advertisers
New York Prepping Tax Breaks for Jimmy Fallon-led 'Tonight Show'
Jay Leno Still Sniping at NBC Brass
Fact Check: Lawsuit on AZ Denying Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens
DHS IG Report Fails to Detail Post-Fast & Furious Communications
Gun Community Bursting with Diversity
After Three Years, We're Now Finding Out What's in ObamaCare
Department of Education Features Mao Quote on Website
Paul, Cruz, Lee Vote Against Ryan Budget
Punxsutawney Phil Is Fall Guy for Global Warming Folklore
Red State Dems Risk Careers on Senate Budget Vote
Colorado Accepts Same-Sex Civil Unions
Bill To Provide Sandy Relief To Houses of Worship Stalled in Senate
Congress Set to Force Postal Service to Keep Saturday Delivery
Harvard Study: 180,000 Deaths Yearly Worldwide from Sugary Drinks
Real Food Killer in U.S. Is Salt
3 Dead, Including Suspect, in Marine Base Shooting
Rahm Emanuel to Close 54 Chicago Schools in Poor Neighborhoods
Group Seeking Sheriff Joe Recall Out of Money, Momentum
Media Obsessed over 'N-Word' Lie, Failed to Report Facts About Obamacare
Top Ten ObamaCare Horror Stories the Media Are Covering Up
Media Reports on ObamaCare Problems… Three Years Late
Embedded Reporter: Iraqi People Greeted U.S. Military Like Heroes
Rand Paul Takes on AP for Labeling Immigration Plan 'Path to Citizenship'
Ted Turner's Son: CNN So Far Left, 'I Have a Hard Time Watching'
Ex-Central Bank Chief: EU Blackmailing Cyprus in Bailout Deal
In Lavish Reception, Putin Greets China President
China's One-Child Policy Responsible for 336M Abortions, 196M Sterilizations
Obama Forces Netanyahu to Apologize to Turkey for Flotilla Incident
Spanish Government Charges Imran Firasat with Hate Crimes
The Uninvited : Gaffney on Obama Admin's 'Wrecking Operation' of U.S. Military
Is It 'Fair' that Palestinians Don't Have a State?
Pope Francis Calls To Cancel Newspaper Delivery in Argentina
Death Toll Rises to 20 in Myanmar Religious Riots
China Set to Overtake U.S. as Biggest Economy by 2016
Pope Francis Washes Prisoners' Feet on Holy Thursday
U.S. Still Making Payments to Relatives of Civil War Vets
Questions Arise Regarding Effectiveness Of Israel's Iron Dome
Source: Obama Tried to Undo Damage of Cairo Speech in Israel
Barack Obama and Mahmud Abbas meet in Ramallah
Obama Can't Help Himself: Lectures Israelis on Empathy
Politico Delights in Supposed Obama Victory in Israel
78 Senators Ask President Obama to Support Israel
Islamic Law Takes Hold in Syrian Opposition
Former Hamas Senior Adviser: 'I Do Like Chuck Hagel'
U.S. Carries Out Simulated Nuclear Bombing Raids on North Korea
World View: Cyprus Begs Russia for a Bailout
Monsanto More Powerful Than The U.S. Government - YouTube

The Open MKULTRA Drugging of James Holmes - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » DHS Denies Massive Ammunition Purchase
Prison Planet.com » Rand Paul to Filibuster Over Big Sis Arms Build-Up?
Prison Planet.com » Government Cover-up of Ammo Buys Implodes
Prison Planet.com » The Streets of America in the Very Near Future…
US plan calls for more scanning of private Web traffic, email - Technology on NBCNews.com
Obama's Middle East policy in tatters: Column
Prison Planet.com » FEMA Federalizing Police for Domestic War
Prison Planet.com » DHS Does NOT Have The Right To Remain Silent
Prison Planet.com » Gun Owners Sue New York Government to Restore 2nd Amendment
Prison Planet.com » Public Reaction To Crazy Conspiracy Theories
Prison Planet.com » The fatal flaw in the human-machine interface
Obama on Syria: Chem Weapons a 'Game-Changer' - YouTube
The Economic Implosion is Going According to Plan - YouTube
Iraq 10 Years Later with Darrin McBreen & Aaron Dykes - YouTube
Disarm Subjects and Make them Spy on Each Other: New York State's Totalitarian Formula - informationliberation
Is Government Inherently Immoral? Stefan Molyneux debates Tom Willcutts - informationliberation
How to buy drugs on the Silk Road - informationliberation
Rep. Bachmann Says ObamaCare "Literally Kills"
Cheap Abundant Natural Gas is a Game Changer, Says the IMF
Baby Boomers to Suffer From Dollar's Decline
Fake Intelligence: “US Manipulated Public Opinion before Iraq war”: Former Intel. Officer
Meltdown of Russia’s Offshore Banking Haven in Cyprus
Kremlin Closes Door on Cyprus, Russia’s Offshore Banking Haven
Middle East Wars and the Unbreakable US-Israeli Ties
U.S. Congress Approves $380 Million For NATO Missile System
Obama Talks “Peace” in Israel while Preparing War
Afghanistan: The Legacy of the British Empire. A Brief History
Civilians in An Occupied Land: The Iraqi Resistance Movement
Making Connections: From “Shock and Awe” in Iraq to the Plague of Wall Street Banking
US Imperial Sanctions, The Siege and Terrorism
Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/13)
Friction Behind The Smiles Obama's New Strategy in the Middle East
Video-The Spies Who Fooled the World
The Tyranny Of The Majority The Patriot Act’s Mandated Silence
Video-None Of Us Are Free - If One Of Us Is Chained
CIA Plans to Keep Your Information 'Forever'
"Viruses of the Mind"
3/22/2013 Illusion of Triumph
Instead of Closing, Gitmo to Receive Major Upgrades -- News from Antiwar.com
Experts Tell Senate: Privacy Laws Not Ready for Domestic Drones -- News from Antiwar.com
Gene Healy: The Iraq War's unhappy anniversary | WashingtonExaminer.com
Preparing For The Worst Can Be Exhausting: 20 Ways to Combat Prepper Fatigue
'The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety - It Guaranteed Liberty'
Calls for use of drones for news-gathering gain strength despite Big Brother concerns
Top 8 Excuses for Not Prepping
Fluoridation of Water is Forced Medicine
Is Government Immoral? A Philosophical Debate
The Spies Who Fooled the World
Does Uptick in Mysterious "Booms" Foretell Mega-Quake?
Unbeetable: The humble root which fights cancer, boosts endurance and lowers blood pressure | Mail Online
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: A Major Health Problem « Dr. Brownstein
Swiss acupuncturist convicted of spreading HIV
With US-Russia relationship toxic, Moscow looks to strengthen ties with China - CSMonitor.com
China 'to overtake America by 2016' - Telegraph
Vladimir Putin rolls out the red carpet (and guards on horseback) for visit of President Xi Jinping - Asia - World - The Independent
Jesse Jackson calls for mass protest against Detroit's emergency financial manager | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
Sprawling and Struggling: Poverty Hits America's Suburbs
Brotherhood supporters, opponents clash in Egypt, 40 hurt | Reuters
Nightmare of 150,000 US prisoners in new North Korean propaganda video | The Sun |News
Lawyer behind Menendez allegations recants, blames media | The Daily Caller
Biden's One-Night Paris Hotel Tab: $585,000.50 | The Weekly Standard
Fox may want Jay Leno to host new late-night show - NYPOST.com
Priebus: Huckabee a ‘Model’ for GOP - By Andrew Stiles - The Corner - National Review Online
Obamacare official: “Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience” | WashingtonExaminer.com
More Docs Plan to Retire Early - Senior Health - Everyday Health
School Closing Opponents Call Mayor A Racist Liar « CBS Chicago
Amy Pascal Asks Hollywood To Eliminate Gay Slurs And Stereotypes From Movies - Deadline.com
Highly illogical: IRS training video that parodies ‘Star Trek’ apparently lacks training value - The Washington Post
Boom shakes windows in several counties,including Alachua County | Gainesville.com
The sheepshead fish has human teeth, but it’s okay because it won’t give you a psychedelic crisis | Running Ponies, Scientific American Blog Network
Alex Jones Show: Thursday (3-21-13) Greg Palast & Jon Rappoport | Politics

Obamacare Micro Chip Implant Coming March 23, 2013 | Alternative
Jesus [Christ], Dorner and Bin Laden: Patsy, Terrorist, or Savior | Alternative
Freedom's Lighthouse » Rudy Giuliani Blasts Obama for Speaking under a Giant Banner of Yasser Arafat: “So, Jesus was an Embarrassment and Arafat Isn’t?” – Video 3/21/13
Top Ten Natural Remedies That Burn Fat | Health
Tina Fey Revives Her Sarah Palin Character on Inside the Actor’s Studio
Wing-Nut-A-Thon! Already In Progress: Absurdity Today
Texas Takes Step Toward Secession With Rick Perry's Plan to Hoard $1 Billion in Gold
The Alternate Reality of Fox News
Coulter Argues With Hannity Over GOP Decision Not to Shut Down the Government
We Need To Support Sen. Warren, The People's Lobbyist
Did Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller Pay Dominican Hookers?
Hey, Apologists: Maybe Iraq War Was Just Immoral And Unjust?
Support Gun Makers Who Support You - Buy More guns!
UN Launches Investigation Into Syrian Chemical Weapons Allegations
Canada Obama’s personal Palestine?
Obama: The American Chávez
Is America a Republic or an Empire?
Obama, Hillary, Portman and Morris – Evolved Thinking?
Latest Obama gun control rationale: John Lennon’s bloody glasses
The War For Oil Myth
Obama a “fellow Christian” who champions partial birth abortion
That Obama energy trust is an even bigger fraud than it first appeared to be
Media Expose Their Own Standards While Targeting Bachmann
When is the President the Commander in Chief?
Please Do Not Adjust Your Child
Universal Background Checks: the Liberal Holy Grail
The Abolition of Sex
China and U.S. Debt
San Francisco's Jewish Leadership Embraces Their Personal Jihad
Obama, Uncovered
Chicago school system closes schools, expands sex education
Expanded background checks in Senate gun control bill
Obama Finds Right Words -- Four Years Late
Sheriff Defends Obama Assassination Joke
Bachmann: It's My Christian 'Duty' to Repeal Obamacare Before It 'Literally Kills' Kids
Birth Defect Rates In Fallujah 'Surpass Hiroshima And Nagasaki'
Phil Donahue On Being Fired by MSNBC for His Antiwar Voice
Sequester Stories: It's Not About White House Tours
Netflix CEO's Education Reform Views Sneak Into House of Cards
Truth vs. Reality: Nicole Sandler Tries to Interview Michelle Shocked
McDonald’s Plans To ‘Bust’ Subway With This New Item
*EXTREMELY GRAPHIC* NM Slaughterhouse Worker Films Himself Shooting Horse: ‘All You Animal Activists, Fu** You’
A Terrifying Look Inside the Nightmarish World Of North Korea’s Prison Camps
Stunning Audio: Colorado Dem Senator Tells Colleague to ‘Flip a Coin’ to Decide Vote on Unread Amendment to $1 Billion Education Bill
Michael Bloomberg: ‘We’re Going to Have More Visibility and Less Privacy…Get Used to It’
So Who Really Was That Obama Heckler in Jerusalem? (Hint: He’s Not Who the Media Said He Was)
Report: Syrian National With Suspected Ties to 9/11 Living Freely in NJ, ‘Virtually Immune From Deportation’
The Predictable Outcome of Ted Cruz’s Attempt to Repeal ‘Obamacare’: Here’s How It Went Down
‘Let Me Finish!’: CNBC Segment Devolves Into Heated Argument Between Analysts
What Issues Are College Students Most Concerned About?
Dept. of Education Kids’ Website Quotes…Mao Zedong
Watch Toddler’s Unbelievable Ability to Rattle off Presidential Quotes (And Guess Which Clinton One He Used)
Video Shows Bus Driver Physically Kicking Special-Needs Student Off Bus, Threatening to ‘Buy a Belt’
Texas Mom Outraged After Finding Stunning Question About 9/11, Terrorism on Her Son’s 5th Grade Test
Real History: Muhammad Ahmad and the First Modern Jihad
Did Pope Francis Secretly Endorse Civil Unions for Gays?
Okla. Police Chief: Ammo Shortage So Bad Some Departments Are Cutting Amount of Bullets in Guns, Even Bartering
‘Filth’: Here’s How Snubbed Members of Knesset Are Responding to Obama’s Jerusalem Speech
Pakistan: Checks to Christian Victims of Islamic Terror Attack Bounce
Learning the Right Lessons From Iraq
Does the Supreme Court claim the authority of God?
President Obama quoting an author who dedicated his book to Satan!
FAA to Close 149 U.S. Airport Towers After Budget Cuts - Bloomberg
Rush: PC police sapping ‘manliness’ from America
Bill Ayers awarded ‘visiting scholar’ status at Minnesota State University
Study: Obamacare threatens 3.2 million small business jobs | WashingtonExaminer.com
Sandstorm grounds Obama's helicopter - NYPOST.com
ObamaCare Turns Three: 10 Disturbing Facts Americans Have Learned - Investors.com
Battle Brews Over Labor Demands As Immigration Talks Enter Home Stretch
In Mideast, President Barack Obama returns to U.S. race metaphors - POLITICO.com
Damascus mosque blast kills 42 including senior Syrian imam | Reuters
GOP Leaders Again Break Pledge to Post Bills 72 Hrs Before Vote: Pass 574-Page Senate CR | CNS News
Despite sequester, Obama to designate five national monuments - Washington Times
Syria's refugee brides:'My daughter is willing to sacrifice herself for her family' | Toronto Star
Judge won't let Fort Hood suspect plead guilty | Fox News
North Korea is running a drug ring, and Kim Jong-un is its Bond-style Mr Big – Telegraph Blogs
'Marriage equality' spells 'marriage extinction'
Mideast caliphate storm clouds darken
The suicide of the Republican Party
Without chaos, government has no future
Urban problem bigger than Detroit
Obama brings his fraud to Israel
Is 'Y2K' still looming?
D. LIMBAUGH: Expose and oppose Obama's radical appointees
P. BUCHANAN: Goading gullible America into battle
J. FARAH: 'We do not have an immediate debt crisis'
Progressives' 6th Amendment
D. WEST: My encounter with a mainstream VIMP
I. MERCER: The Other Brother bedevils Obama
B. PRESS: Can anybody save the GOP?
Column: How Obamacare will benefit Michigan | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com
Ben Carson: Latest GOP savior! - Salon.com
How Franklin Roosevelt Secretly Ended the Gold Standard - Bloomberg
Abdullah to Obama, Watch Out for Brother Mursi - Bloomberg
Both Right and Left May Be Wrong About Obama’s Speech « Commentary Magazine
For Many in China, the One Child Policy is Already Irrelevant | ChinaFile
Kass: My Basic Investing Tenets - TheStreet
RealClearMarkets - Is Bernanke Getting the Story Right? Monetarists Say Yes
Why Voyager 1's Solar System Exit Is So Tough to Predict | Space.com
Marijuana potency: Returning smokers want mellower pot strains. - Slate Magazine
The Unintended (and Deadly) Consequences of Living in the Industrialized World | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine
The science of breast milk: Latest research on nursing and milk vs. formula.
The Internet-demanded, partially scientific testing of Ultra-Ever Dry (in HD!) | Ars Technica
Energy drinks may increase blood pressure, disturb heart rhythm | American Heart Association
What Do The Jesuits REALLY Think About Pope Francis?
Utilities: Google's Google problem | The Economist
Consider Myspace: What a comeback could look like
Startup Navisens believes its indoor location-tracking tech will aid everyone from firefighters to mall shoppers | MIT Technology Review
Why Bitcoins Are Just Like Gold | Motherboard
7 Things That Could Have Killed Twitter, But Didn’t
The Best Places To Find Oil Are The Oldest Places - Forbes
Virtual Jamestown
Graphene supercapacitors: Small, cheap, energy-dense replacements for batteries. - Slate Magazine
Renewable energy losing its shine in Europe
Green jobs haven’t lived up to Obama’s promise - Diana Furchtgott-Roth - MarketWatch
Where the money is in cleantech: oil and gas — Tech News and Analysis
Obama's Energy Pick Has Deep Ties to Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy | Mother Jones
The Vatican has some thoughts on Batman, for some reason | Books | Newswire | The A.V. Club
Afghans Compromise Over Ban on Elite U.S. Troops - NYTimes.com
RealClearDefense - Renewed Nuke Sale Fear After NKorean Test
North Korea Threatens U.S. Bases in the Pacific - NYTimes.com
The Future of Missile Defense in Asia? | Flashpoints
Defense.gov News Transcript: Remarks by Secretary Hagel in Jalalabad, Afghanistan
The Times They Are A-Changing: A Few Thoughts on American Military Discipline and Organization | Small Wars Journal
'The China Dream' a Nightmare? | The Weekly Standard
RealClearDefense - U.S., Japan Hold Senior Defense Talks in Hawaii
Obama’s Nixonian Precedent - NYTimes.com
Five myths about Chinese hackers - The Washington Post
Will Mandatory Prison Time for Gun Possession Charges Make Chicago Safer?
Chicago Parents Worry About Dangers Of School Closings
CDC: No Vaccinations in 90 Percent of Pediatric Flu Deaths
Flash reported in East Coast sky consistent with meteor shower, NASA says
NASA's Apollo Engines Recovered from the Ocean - YouTube
Another 3D-Printed Moon Base Concept Uses Sintered Regolith Bricks
Powerful New Earth-Observation Satellite Snaps 1st Photos
IRS Employees' Star Trek Parody Is As Wonderfully Awful As It Sounds
Pepsi rolls out new shape for 20-ounce bottle in April, first redesign since 1996
Microsoft Cleared of Infringing Google Patents With Xbox
Obama, King Abdullah II warn of dangers from widening Syrian conflict
NKorea condemns UN call for human rights probe
Obama to Name New National Monuments
Chef who said he cooked wife gets 15-years-to-life sentence
Arias trial provides a spectacle for onlookers
Stop-and-Frisk Trial Turns to Claim of Arrest Quotas
Newtown Parents Join Biden, Bloomberg Calling for Wider Gun Laws
NBC's Today show to air prison interview with Jerry Sandusky
Jay Leno's Friday jokes: Knifed in the back by NBC
Lindsay Lohan Will Not Be Charged in New York Bar Fight
French man charged with impersonating pilot at US airport
Emma Watson poses in the nude for Global Green's 'Natural Beauty'
Seems like everybody is hopping on the smart watch bandwagon, but where is it going? | PhoneDog
Lawyers: Firing of tech developer who outed inappropriate comments on Twitter hard to defend in court - San Jose Mercury News
The Emptiness of a Politicized Life | Washington Free Beacon
Where Higher Education Went Wrong - Reason.com
How I Used Math to Beat a Speed Camera Ticket - Blog
Happy Birthday ObamaCare! Column
ObamaCare at Three: Headed Toward Failure? | RealClearPolitics
Obama in Israel: A President at Large : The New Yorker
Denying Victims a Vote | RealClearPolitics
Michael McConnell: The Constitution and Same-Sex Marriage - WSJ.com
Nutter's war on words - Philly.com
The euro-zone crisis: Just when you thought it was safe… | The Economist
Obamacare a detriment to hiring, recovery | Las Vegas Review-Journal
Editorial: Put health above politics | Tampa Bay Times
Fusion Power on the Right | RealClearPolitics
The Future of Nation Building « Commentary Magazine
Growing Pains - TIME
Tim Carney: The mistake of Iraq and the education of the Right | WashingtonExaminer.com
The end of the Obama honeymoon?
The Touch-Screen Generation - Hanna Rosin - The Atlantic
Lessons From Iraq We Haven't All Heard Before | RealClearPolitics
Change at a snail's pace in Italy's parliament - The Commentator
What to Make of Chemical Weapons Claims in Syria | Flashpoints
How Foreign Governments Make Sure You Don't Know They're Lobbying You
Trouble in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea | Foreign Affairs
Real Clear Markets - Video - Can Japan's Central Bank Governor Beat Deflation?
Real Clear World - Video - Barack Obama Addresses Israeli People

Video: Fake: Obama Imitates Reverence During 'Star-Spangled Banner'
Video: Andrew Wilkow: With Welfare State So Big, 'How Do You Take It Away?'
Video: Sessions: Dem Budget Would Trap Millions In Poverty
Video: Obama Quotes Saul Alinsky to Young Israelis
Video: Defending Free Speech From Sharia and Its Abettors
Alex Jones - 2013-Mar-22, Friday
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Red Eye Radio 3/22/13 Part 1
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22 March

William J Federer's American Minute for March 22nd
March 22 Events in History
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March 22nd in History
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Today in History: March 22
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Toure: Dr. Ben Carson Is The GOP's "Black Friend"
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Coulter vs. Hannity: "Passion And Principle Is Great, But You Need To Win Elections"
Matthews: Who's Leading The Republican Party?
Ben Carson: I Would "Seriously Consider" Running For Office
Wasserman Schultz: Cuts Would Further Lower "Quality Of Life" On Capital Hill
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Obama Holds Presser With Jordan's King Abdullah To Discuss Syria
Paul Ryan: It's The People's Money, Not The Government's Money
Bob Beckel Furious With CBS' "Amazing Race" Over Downed B-52 In Hanoi
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O'Reilly: Judeo-Christian Tradition Is Under Attack
Krauthammer: ObamaCare Will Be A Major Issue In 2014 And Will "Hurt The Democrats"
Biden On Gun Control Reforms: Time For Congress To Show "Courage"
Rand Paul: News Flash, What We Have Right Now Is De Facto Amnesty
Obama To Israelis: Put Yourselves In Palestinians' Shoes
Obama Heckled In Jerusalem During Speech To Israeli Students
Rangel: "Millions Of Kids" Being Gunned Down By Assault Weapons
Obama Likens Israeli-Palestinian Relationship To That Of U.S. And Canada
Veteran Helps Other Veterans With Sustainable Hydroponic Farm
Adam Carolla: Why I Can Never Run For President
Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Time To End Funding For "Missile To Nowhere"
Peter Schiff: Fed Never Learns From It's Mistakes, Trying To Re-inflate Housing With Monetary Heroin
Wolf Blitzer On Obama: "One Of The Most Important Speeches An American President Has Ever Delivered" On Israel
Bachmann: Repeal Obamacare "Before It Literally Kills Women, Kills Children, Kills Senior Citizens"
President Obama Addresses Israeli Students At Jerusalem Convention Center
Limbaugh: "Dr. Ben Carson Is Everything Obama Pretended to Be From 2004 To 2008"
Obama: Israel Has "True Partners" In Peace In Abbas, Fayyad
Malkin On Obama's Trip To Israel: "He Shouldn't Have Gone"
Warnings Of The Drone That Could Sneak In Your Home
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