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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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06 March 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Leaves Mixed Legacy - World - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 - CBN.com
Post Chavez Latin America – Beware The Imperialists « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Activist Post: Under Pressure, Holder Adds Tentative "No" to Killing Citizens on U.S. Soil
Why Birth Control and Artificially Manipulating Your Hormones Causes Cancer - Waking Times : Waking Times
US Oil Production Surpasses Saudi Arabia's For The First Time In A Decade | Energy | Minyanville's Wall Street
us plots conquest of venezuela in wake of chavez' death | poorrichards blog
Rand Paul EXPOSES: Obama Can Kill Americans w/ Drones
The Zionist Matrix of Power (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 3 The Cover-Up « Underground Documentaries
Survellience Buses Could Breach Privacy Laws
Vicar Admits Secretly Filming Children - And Walks Free
Refreshing News: Google Says the FBI Is Secretly Spying on Some of Its Customers
Activist Post: More Controversial Obama Appointments
PressTV - Chavez: Another CIA assassination victim?
New SPLC report: ‘conspiracy-minded antigovernment groups’ reached all-time high in 2012 - BlackListedNews.com
who killed hugo chavez – and why? | poorrichards blog
5 Famous Online Copyright Crusaders Who Are Total Hypocrites | Cracked.com
20 Ingredients To Memorize and Avoid In ANY Food You Consume
Nothing found for 2013 03 03 Terroristic-theats-from-the-white-house-have-gone-way-too-far-time-to-call-his-bluff
GMO Seed Freedom or Freedom from GMO Seeds – Which Will It Be? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Activist Post: New SPLC report: ‘conspiracy-minded antigovernment groups’ reached all-time high in 2012
This is your brain on NutraSweet - and it isn't pretty
Venezuela Announces the Death of Hugo Chavez
Remember the Alamo – March 6, 1836 |
Audio:Wigington - Chemtrails And GeoEngineering Insanity
Eric Holder Admits Killing Americans With Drones on U.S. Soil is Unconstitutional - YouTube
Congress, Lies and Statistics
Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite
From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man behind brutal police squads | World news | The Guardian
Genetically modified crops harm health - Northwest Missourian: Opinion
GMO and the Corporate Patenting of Living Organisms: Monsanto’s Patents on Life | Global Research
White House Arrests GMO Petitioner - Occupy Monsanto
Former UN Weapons Inspector: Don't Repeat in Iran the 'Tragic and Terrible' Mistakes of Iraq | Common Dreams
Russia carries out its 'biggest nuclear test' in two decades as Pentagon plays down concerns | Mail Online
The Power of Sound Frequencies To Change Your Brain Waves & Create Positive Results - Waking Times : Waking Times
Lose Your Lawn - Waking Times : Waking Times
Communism in Modern America | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website
America Is Coming Back!
How Deregulation Resurrected American Economic Insecurity -- Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org
How Leafy Greens Boost Activity of Vital Immune Cells To Prevent Disease - Waking Times : Waking Times
+HubbleSite - NewsCenter - NASA's Hubble Shows Milky Way is Destined for Head-on Collision with Andromeda Galaxy (05/31/2012) - Release Videos

AGENDAS What’s Really Going On?
Next Tuesday, The European Parliament Votes To Ban All Your Porn. Yes, Really. Take Immediate Action. - Falkvinge on Infopolicy
Green Technology and Environmental Science News: When the Milky Way was not Tame
This Just in: Higgs Boson Still Boring | Wired Science | Wired.com
Study: Popular Swine Flu Vaccine Linked To Narcolepsy « CBS DC
Horsemeat scandal sparks rise in sales of vegetarian alternatives | UK news | guardian.co.uk
Long Island man issued summons for laughing too loud in his own home - NYPOST.com
:: Authentic Happiness :: Using the new Positive Psychology
North Korea Threatens to Attack U.S. with ‘Lighter and Smaller Nukes’ - NYTimes.com
N. Korea imposes 'no-fly, no-sail zones off both coasts' — RT News
Activist Post: US Plots Conquest of Venezuela in Wake of Chavez' Death
Chavismo Lives!
Roi Tov – Israel Celebrates the Death of Hugo Chavez
Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents - YouTube
NWO Shock Troops Are The Brainwashed - Anonymous Voice Over - YouTube
Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize Nomination 2013 | Global Research
A short Ode To Hugo Chavez - Morris - YouTube
Damn the regulations! Drones plying US skies without waiting for FAA rules - Open Channel
Drones to be used to find lost dogs, cats?
Obama’s Department of Fracking and Nukes » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
US-EU Free Trade: Free Trade Is Not Trade & It Is Not Free - YouTube
Pressure On Obama To Override The Legalization Of Marijuana In Washington State - YouTube
Former DEA chiefs call on Obama to crack down on cannabis legalisation | World news | guardian.co.uk
Obama gun control agenda helps fuel 'explosive' rise in extremist groups | World news | guardian.co.uk
Economics of Gun Control
Two words that don’t go together: “medical” and “journalism” | Jon Rappoport's Blog
PressTV - Hagel reassures Israel on military aid
Show me the bunny: Playboy launches HEBREW edition for Israeli readers in Holy Land | Mail Online
US misspent billions on fruitless Iraq 'reconstruction' — RT USA
Chinese general who threatened US with nuclear strike is Pentagon's guest of honor — RT USA
Pratt & Whitney Uncovers Fraudulent Engine-testing Scheme - Courant.com
Using Smart Gadgets As Tools Of Social Control | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Are Smart Gadgets Making Us Dumb? - WSJ.com
Ring Of Power « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
'By the grace of God': How workers survive on $7.25 per hour - In Plain Sight
I'm worth more than a measly $20bn, Saudi prince tells Forbes - Americas - World - The Independent
PressTV - 5 million Britons live in food poverty, study shows
Activist Post: Dear Facebook: Raw Milk Farmer Needs Jury Nullification Again
BBC Nature - Chemicals linked to problems with otters' penis bones
The Private Lives of Cryptozoologists
Activist Post: Court rules Dallas must allow conspiracy vendors at JFK assassination memorial
Lost Technology of the Ancients: The Crystal Sun | New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine
Fragments of Truth: Monkeys Reject Food From People Who Are Mean To Fellow Humans
Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Twin Towers for Purim
PressTV - Venezuela accuses US of having infected Chavez with cancer virus
PressTV - Venezuela expels 2 US diplomats
Chavez Death Could Be US Plot – Russian Communist Leader | Russia | RIA Novosti
Did the CIA Poison Hugo Chavez? | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
What's next? Chavez's death leaves many questions - CNN.com
$253.5B—Obama Borrowed Nearly 6x as Much in February as Sequester Cuts All Year | CNS News
Sequester cuts boost corporate assault on American workers - World Socialist Web Site
Google Says the FBI Is Secretly Spying on Some of Its Customers | Threat Level | Wired.com
Eric Holder: Drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil are legal | WashingtonExaminer.com
Pilot reports mysterious drone over JFK airport | End the Lie – Independent News
DJI Phantom RC Quadrotor UAS Review: A Powerful Personal Drone That Knows Its Place | Popular Science
Is This The World's Dumbest Drone? | Popular Science
Northcom formally adds new maritime and special ops components | Government Security News
Wall Street pierces sequester gloom - The Hill's On The Money
Italian priest burns photo of Benedict during Mass | Reuters
Political Secret Societies: The Hidden Paths of Power - Waking Times : Waking Times
Space Invader: Hubble sees a galaxy shaped like video game character.
New evidence that comets could have seeded life on Earth
HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Gravitational Lens Creates Cartoon of Space Invader (03/05/2013) - Introduction
Wait a Minute: Is That Patient Really Unconscious? | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Going Vegan: Betty Crocker gets a plant-based makeover | OregonLive.com
Remains of extinct giant camel discovered in High Arctic
Hugo Chavez: Venezuela hits out at 'historic enemies' as leader's condition worsens - Telegraph
Hugo Chávez fights for life as Venezuela plans to expel US diplomat | World news | The Guardian
Hugo Chávez, Venezuelan President, Dies - NYTimes.com
Barack Obama a 'dithering, controlling, risk-averse' US president - Telegraph
DHS Has Declared War On the USA | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
DHS drones equipped to eavesdrop on Americans — RT USA
PressTV - Pentagon’s mad scientists want to launch killer drones from small warships
Nuclear weapons must be eradicated for all our sakes | Desmond Tutu | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
BBC News - Mars Curiosity rover put into 'safe mode' after glitch
Particle Physicists in U.S. Worry About Being Left Behind - NYTimes.com
Chemtrails Manual Used in Science Course at Air Force Academy » Chemtrails Manual Used in Science Course at Air Force Academy | GeoengineeringWatch.org
Censored: Dane Wigington Geoengineering Interview Pulled from YouTube « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Has Feminism Created The Gay Upsurge - Morris - YouTube
The Planned Obsolescence of Humanity | Farm Wars
PressTV - Zionism heading toward collapse: Ahmadinejad
PressTV - Vatican accused of sex scandal cover-up
What Causes Sinkholes? | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Activist Post: 5 Best Countries to Move to Before Collapse of the West
Activist Post: 30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet
Attorney General Holder: Prez Can Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil - BlackListedNews.com
Chavez & Thaksin: A Tale of Two Socialists and Western Hypocrisy - BlackListedNews.com
cryptogon.com » Afghanistan: U.S.-NATO to Stop Reporting Number of Taliban Attacks
Venezuela's Real Division Over Who Benefits from Oil Wealth - BlackListedNews.com
New York's Homelessness Worst Since The Great Depression - BlackListedNews.com
Chavez Wasn't Just a Zany Buffoon, He Was an Oppressive Autocrat - Atlantic Mobile
Hugo Chávez, Venezuelan President, Dies - NYTimes.com
U.N.'s Drone Inquisitor: CIA Torture Was an 'International Conspiracy of Crime' | Danger Room | Wired.com
Fear of Nuremberg Trials For Corrupt Italian Politicians - BlackListedNews.com
Eric Holder: Some Banks Are So Large That It Is Difficult For Us To Prosecute Them - BlackListedNews.com
Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite - BlackListedNews.com
Are Attorney General Holder’s Statements on Banks and Drones Connected? - BlackListedNews.com
Spokesman for Italian bank Monte Paschi di Siena found dead - BlackListedNews.com
Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease - BlackListedNews.com
Jimi Hendrix at 70: New Album Offers Different Look at '60s Icon
'Cosby Show' Actor Says School Harassed His Son for Photo of Teen Holding BB Gun
Michael Moore Leads Celebrity Hugo Chavez Apologists in Mourning Leader's Death
Sean Penn Bemoans Death of His 'Friend' Hugo Chavez
CDC Worried About Outbreak of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Rand Paul Filibusters Brennan Nomination
Absurd: Obama Cancels Self-Guided White House Tours
Counter-point: Believe It or Not, Holder is Right, and Rand Paul is Wrong, on Drone Strikes
Extreme Anti-Government U.S. Groups at Record High, Could Grow: Report
Rand Paul, in Drone Filibuster, Tells Obama to Revisit Lochner Case
No White House Tour? How About a Gov't Wine Tasting?
Credit Raters: U.S. Needs $1.6 Trillion More Cuts Beyond Sequester
Senate Rejects Obama Nominee Halligan for Top Federal Appeals Court
Free Cell Phones Coming to California, Minus Federal Fraud Protection
Rand Paul's 'Rick Santelli' Moment
Rand Paul is Both Wrong and Right
Where Are the Democrats Defending Civil Liberties?
Apple, Facebook, Nike Sign Brief in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage
Where Are the Republicans Defending Civil Liberties?
EXCLUSIVE: ACLU Backs Paul's Filibuster
CA Gives Free Cellphones, Service to Homeless
LAX, O'Hare Airports: No Slowdowns After Sequester
REPORT: Youth Healthcare Premiums to Skyrocket 145%-203%
Obama Admin Argues for Same-Sex Parenthood at SCOTUS
Congressman Warns About Cyberattacks
Only 2,687 Jobs Outsourced in 2012
Rand's Stand Against Drones Ends After 12+ Hours
Rand Paul's Filibuster, the Constitution, and National Security
Both Sides of Drone Debate Learned Something During Paul's Historic Stand
RebRANDing: New GOP Guard Stands Up for Constitution
OPINION: Gun Rights and the Rebirth of Conservatism
Mayor Bloomberg to Sound Off on Earphone Safety

Transcript: First Hour of Rand Paul's Filibuster

**The Rand Paul Filibuster: Raw & Uncut

UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Hour 1 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan Nomination
UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Hour 2 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan Nomination
UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Hour 3 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan Nomination
UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Hour 4 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan Nomination
UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Hour 5 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan Nomination
UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Hour 6 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan Nomination
UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Hour 7 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan Nomination


CBS News Hits Obama on Sequester Overreach
Narrative Fail: 61% Support Sequester Cuts (Except the Military)
Huffington Post Is Just a Hugo Chávez Fanpage Now
Media Mourn Brutal Dictator Chavez
AP Mourns Chávez the 'Fighter'
Tom Brokaw: Obama Spends Too Much Time Campaigning
Democrat-Media Complex's Menendez Defense Based on False Premise
Report: 66% of Sequestration Stories from Networks Pushed WH Agenda
New Version of Washington Post Story on Menendez Reveals Biased Source
Washington Post Stealth Corrects Menendez Defense Piece
Obama Sequester Blame Game Backfires
Daily Caller: WaPo Cites Wrong Escort for Menendez Defense Piece
How I Spent My Time in Hugo Chávez's Venezuela
In Memoriam: Hugo Chavez and His Friends
Nigerian Terror Cell Gives Insight Into Inner-Workings of Iranian Intelligence
Joseph Kennedy, Son Praise Chavez
U.N. Human Rights Council Observes Moment of Silence for Hugo Chavez
State Department, Michelle O Honor 9/11 Supporter, Anti-Semite
Hugo Chávez's Love Affair with Occupy Wall Street
Rep. Serrano (D-NY): Chavez Cared About 'Dignity and Common Humanity'
World View: Chávez Challenger Capriles Expected to Run in Venezuela Special Election
US Senator Filibusters CIA Pick, Drone Use Questioned
Vatican Spokesman: Profile of Future Pope Emerging
Report: Libyan Officials Warned of Imminent Benghazi Attack
Ex-U.S. Guard Sentenced for Trying to Pass Secrets to China
House Adds $2 Billion in Security Funds to Prevent Another Benghazi
Report: 'Press Shop' Removed Al-Qaeda from Benghazi Talking Points
Czech Senate Accuses President Vaclav Klaus of High Treason
Egypt Women Wage War Against 'Sexual Terrorism'
Saboteurs Blow up Yemen Oil Pipeline
Vietnam to Ban Short, Fat Traffic Police in Hanoi
Sarkozy Hints at Return to French Politics
Jimmy Carter: Hugo Chávez Helped Poor, Vulnerable Venezuelans
Sec. of State Kerry Confirms Benghazi Survivor at Walter Reed
Venezuela Expels US Embassy Staff, Accused of Causing Chavez Cancer
Hugo Chavez Frias, Rest in Power Eres de los muertos que nunca mueren!
Death Of A Dictator: Venezuela Free of the Clutches of Chavez
Obama’s Atrocious Statement on Chavez’s Death
The Revolution Within the Revolution Will Continue
President Jose Mujica Should be an Inspiration for other World Leaders
We Have Prepared a Military Option for Iran, US General Says
Blix Warns on Repeating Iraq Scenario
Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?
Video-The Corporation
Washington Steps Up Africa Intervention
The US is the Don Corleone of International Politics
American Atheist President Blasts Bigoted Newt Gingrich
VideoFrozen To Death
We Were All Sheeple Once
Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite
Rand Paul's Brilliant Defense of Civil Liberties Against Drones
Ex-DEA Chief Lobbying Holder to Nullify Marijuana Legalization Owns a Drug Testing Company
First Record Dow, Then Record Gas And Grocery Prices
Google Report Details Secret FBI Surveillance Requests
3D Miracle: Print Your Own Medicine?
Nanny State: Chicago Considers Banning Energy Drinks

+ War: Revisionism, Fascism, and the CIA;John Denson
Download:War: Revisionism, Fascism, and the CIA;John Denson

US, International Drug Warriors Attack State Marijuana Legalization - informationliberation
Economic Fascism and the Power Elite - informationliberation
Chicago police face questions over arrests using investigative alerts, not warrants - Chicago Tribune
Silicon Valley Reportedly Full of Stoners | Alternet
Only Places Have Rights? - Daily Anarchist
PayPal's Private Governance : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
Financially Prepped: The Importance of an Emergency Fund by Daisy Luther
The Coming Hunger Games: Young People Forced To Serve, Kill and Die by Jeff Berwick
DARPA scientists want to create database of all conversations — RT USA
Seven spices, food medicines and home remedies that could save your life | Dprogram.net
More Controversial Obama Appointments

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 6, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 5, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 4, 2013

The EyeOpener- Can South America Avoid the Globalist Trap?
Can South America Avoid the Globalist Trap?
Interview 617 - Radio Liberty: The Boy Who Cried Sequestration
Systemic Economic Collapse: A Brief History of Market Manipulation
North Korea or the United States: Who is a Threat to Global Security?
Democrats and Labor: A Tale of Abuse
American Austerity: Generously Providing Poverty to the Masses
The Death of Hugo Chavez. Executive Orders to “Assassinate Foreign Leaders” Emanate Directly from the US President
“Chavez Death Could Be A US Plot”
America’s Fiscal Crisis: “Sequester Facts” on US Policy Manipulations You Should Know
Her Majesty’s “Throwaway Ministry”: Defense, Austerity and the Wasting of Money “Military Style”
The Global Polio Eradication Initiative: “New Technology” used to Locate Children for Polio Vaccinations
CIA and FBI Had Planned to Assassinate Hugo Chávez
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies: “We are all Chavez”. National Army deployed to ensure Venezuelan People’s Sovereignty
The Death of Hugo Chávez: Was it a Political Assassination?
The Stock Market Bonanza
Chavez vs. Thaksin: How the Media Demonizes a Progressive Leader while Praising a Corrupt Autocrat
Wireless Smart Meters and Civil Rights
Systemic Economic Collapse: A Brief History of Market Manipulation - YouTube

Breaking The Set: Top 5 Absurd War on Terror Tactics, Censoring Animal Cruelty, 1% vs 99% Class Warfare | Dprogram.net
Breaking The Set: Bitcoin Currency, Hugo Chavez Myths, Latin American Socialism | Dprogram.net
Gerald Celente – Adam Vs. The Man – March 4, 2013 | Dprogram.net
Orly Taitz serves subpoenas to Congress on Obama’s eligibility | Dprogram.net
Adam Vs The Man Episode #207 – The Silly Sequester | Dprogram.net
Intellectual Property From First Principals: A Freedomain Radio Listener Conversation | Dprogram.net
Media Portrays DHS Ammo Purchases as Conspiracy Theory | Dprogram.net
Big Sis Ignores Question On Domestic Arms Build-Up | Dprogram.net
Miracle drug for multiple sclerosis pirated from molecules in cordyceps mushrooms | Dprogram.net
Adam Vs The Man Episode #206 | Dprogram.net
The Glorified YES People – Michael Rivero | Dprogram.net
SLHS: The Point of No Return: A Discussion with Professor Emeritus Dr. Guy McPherson | Dprogram.net
Haiti Nine Years Post-Coup and Canada’s Black Gold | Global Research
Challenging the Draconian Politics of Economic Austerity. Is Europe Ripe for Revolution? | Global Research
Why Are Walmart Billionaires Bankrolling Phony School ‘Reform’ In California? | Global Research
The Last Word on Hugo Chavez (MTWDHQ)
EXCLUSIVE: Palestinian Muslim Top Homeland Security Official Under Investigation for Bank Fraud; Hubby was ILLEGAL ALIEN, Brother is Drug Dealer
HILARIOUS VIDEO: Obama Hollywood Dumbasses on Sequestrations
MUST WATCH: O’Reilly And Colmes In Epic Fiscal Face-Off: ‘This Is Just Bull-Blank!’
Levin Hammers ‘So-Called’ Conservative Media For Not Going After Boehner, GOP
Occupy Wall Street Has Raised Enough Money To Abolish $11,236,570 Of Personal Debt
Rolling Jubilee: http://rollingjubilee.org/
Strike Debt! - http://strikedebt.org/


Old White Guys, Preaching To The Rest of Us
The NINJA Returns! Buy Insurance, Get A No-Doc Mortgage For Free
Roger Ailes on Obama: "He's Lazy...Never Worked A Day In His Life"
No, I Don't Want To Take Away Your Damn Guns
Petraeus Linked to Iraq Torture Centers
Chicago Anchor Loses It Over Report Woman Had Gun Hidden in Vagina
Sheldon Adelson’s Casino Company Stirs Fresh Questions With Admission It ‘Likely’ Broke Federal Law
Occupy Philly Protesters Acquitted in Bank Sit-In
Gingrich: GOP Lost in 2012 Because They Are 'Isolated Into Their Own Little World'
Fox Has Amnesia As Jeb Flip-Flops On Pathway To Citizenship
GOP Congress Hacks De-funding ACORN -- As If It Still Exists
Israeli Soccer Fans Walk Out After Their Own Muslim Player Scores
O'Reilly Attacks Alan Colmes For Telling the Truth About Spending Cuts
Prison Planet.com » Special Report: Did US Cancer Weapon Kill Hugo Chavez?
Prison Planet.com » Making Venezuela safe for the Banksters
Prison Planet.com » Government Emergency Alert Test Interrupts Rand Paul Filibuster
Prison Planet.com » Big Sis Ignores Question On Domestic Arms Build-Up
Prison Planet.com » Media Portrays DHS Ammo Purchases as Conspiracy Theory
Homeland Security Drones Designed to Identify Civilians Carrying Guns
Author Quotes Then-Professor Obama Saying, 'I Don't Believe People Should Be Able To Own Guns' | CNS News
Prison Planet.com » Russian Leader Demands Investigation of Chavez’ Death
Prison Planet.com » The Lies That Gun Grabbers Tell
Prison Planet.com » The Dow Hits An All-Time High! Translation: A Bubble Is Always Biggest Right Before It Bursts
Prison Planet.com » Government Watch Everything You Say & Insurers Watch Everything You Eat
Prison Planet.com » Did Preppers Survive Hurricane Sandy?
Prison Planet.com » TED Conference Exposed As Scientology-Style Cult
Oliver Stone, Sean Penn hail 'hero' Chavez - FRANCE 24
ISAF: No More Data On Taliban Attacks
Washington: Hizballah has got hold of chemical weapons
Sen. Rand Paul: Is Obama Administration Hiding Arms Trade to Jihadists?
Prison Planet.com » Shocking pics of Iraqis allegedly tortured by UK troops spark outrage
North Korea Says the Korean War Is Back On - Dashiell Bennett - The Atlantic Wire
Janet Napolitano Dazed And Confused About What Sequester Really Means | Zero Hedge
Fifty-seven Good Things About the Sequester
Prison Planet.com » Why Hugo Chavez Was Bad News: Special Report
Prison Planet.com » Kids Conditioned in Public Schools to Become Loyal Subjects
Prison Planet.com » Gun Grabbers Panic While Neocons Become Irrelevant
Prison Planet.com » The Manufacture of ”Surveillance by Consent”
City looks to make gun ownership mandatory | www.wsbtv.com
Internal doc reveals ICE plan to release thousands of illegal immigrants | The Daily Caller
Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul In 1989: On The 2nd Amendment [Rare]
Gun talks hit a snag in Senate over universal background checks - The Hill
Mystery ‘drone’ plane spotted near JFK - NYPOST.com
Prison Planet.com » DARPA Building Terminator Robots
Brown University creates first wireless, implanted brain-computer interface | ExtremeTech
Bill Gates Helps Open UT's New Computer Science Building | KUT News
What Went Wrong in Afghanistan? | Foreign Policy
RealClearWorld - Hugo Chavez Was a Political Tsunami
Hugo Chavez wasn’t a dictator, but he crushed democracy - The Globe and Mail
Postscript: Hugo Chavez, 1954-2013 : The New Yorker
China's biggest problem? Too many men - CNN.com
Africa’s genital-stealing crime wave hits the countryside
Commentary: Was Afghanistan Worth It? | The National Interest
Chavez failed Venezuela: Column
Hugo Chávez kept his promise to the people of Venezuela | Oscar Guardiola-Rivera | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Hugo Chavez Leaves The Soft-Dictator's Oil Curse As His Legacy | RealClearPolitics
The Taliban Peacemakers - The Daily Beast
Ahmadinejad’s Budget Is About Iran’s Elections - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
China’s Communists find Marxism - The Globe and Mail
China caught between North Korea, U.S. - latimes.com
Gallup: Part-Time Workforce Surges Ahead Of ObamaCare Mandate - Investors.com
In Job Hunt, B-Schools Play Matchmaker - WSJ.com
MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2013: The Moneyball Question | New Republic
The father of all men is 340,000 years old - life - 06 March 2013 - New Scientist
Space Puzzle: Earth's Mysterious New Radiation Belt | TIME.com
The Hidden Costs of Cognitive Enhancement | Wired Science | Wired.com
How Football Hits Could Lead To An Immune Attack On The Brain | Popular Science
RealClearScience - Intersex: Born with Ambiguous Genitalia
Humanity is not a plague on earth: Column
How Emperor Penguins Survive Antarctica's Subzero Cold | Surprising Science
Does Spelling Count? - Jessica Lahey - The Atlantic
Hugo Chávez: A Career in Quotes | TIME.com
Self Esteem | Dennis Prager | Jewish Journal
The Target Value For Bitcoin Is Not Some $50 Or $100. It Is $100,000 To $1,000,000. - Falkvinge on Infopolicy
Google's Android, YouTube Music Subscription Services Explainer - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD
Seven technologies that will thin out in 2013
IT’S ALIVE! How Technology Evolves and What it Means - Transhumanity.net
BBC - Future - Science & Environment - Sending postcards for aliens
Meet 60GHz Wi-Fi, the insanely fast future of wireless networking | PCWorld
Beyond Facebook: 7 Social Networks You Should Work For
Keen On… Rhapsody: How Streaming Is Radically Reinventing The Music Industry | TechCrunch
The 11 Greatest Computer Supervillains in Film
Street Lights, Security Systems And Sewers? They're Hackable, Too : All Tech Considered : NPR
YouTube to launch music streaming service, take on Spotify - Fortune Tech
Larissa MacFarquhar: The Tragedy of Aaron Swartz : The New Yorker
Inside TED: the smartest bubble in the world | The Verge
Augustus and the Empire
Hindenburg mystery solved after 76 years - Science - News - The Independent
The Shocking Savagery of America’s Early History | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine
Dred Scott
Rosenbergs Trial: An Account of the Trial with links.
Roger’s Rules » Walter Cronkite, World’s Most Overrated Reader of the News
Walter Cronkite remains gold standard for journalists - NY Daily News
The Story of the Fall of the Alamo
The Energy Debate We Aren't Having
Does Keystone XL report let Obama off the hook on climate pledge? - CSMonitor.com
Why Environmentalists are Wrong on Keystone XL
Oil Industry Mulls Next Steps for Venezuela
Why carbon capture and storage will never pay off | SmartPlanet
How Conservatives Manipulate Renewable Energy Standards
The Future of U.S. Oil: Wolfcamp and the Gulf of Mexico - Forbes
Nanotechnology: Expanding Clean Energy and Easing Fuel Shortages - Forbes
Real Clear Markets - Video - Where in the World to Invest?
Real Clear Markets - Video - Is the Party Over for Bonds?
Real Clear Markets - Video - Cramer: A Rational Exuberance for Stocks
Real Clear Markets - Video - What Caused Rally? Failure of Dip to Be a Dip
Real Clear Markets - Video - Has the Fed Been Vindicated?
Garry McCarthy: Chicago's murder rate plummeted in February, but it won't last.
RealClearPolicy - Immigration Expert Peter Skerry: What Jeb Bush Gets Wrong (and Right)
Student Debt Investment Fund (SDIF): A Preliminary Proposal for Addressing the Student Debt Crisis
Economic Downturn and Legacy of Bush Policies Continue to Drive Large Deficits — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Robert Samuelson: The expensive Amtrak fantasy - The Washington Post
Want To Reduce Income Inequality? Lower The Barriers To Talented Immigrants - Forbes
RealClearPolicy - Why Liberals' $10.10 Minimum Wage Would Be a Much Bigger Risk Than Obama's $9
RealClearMarkets - Healthcare For the Poor, Or Poor Healthcare?
It’s Time to Rethink America’s Corn System: Scientific American
School Breakfasts and Ending Child Hunger | The Nation
The Powerless Presidency : The New Yorker
Mr. Paul Goes To Washington To Protect Your Constitutional Rights - Investors.com
Examiner Editorial: Obamacare requirements will drive up premiums | WashingtonExaminer.com
Chavez’s Legacy of Ruin - Bloomberg
God and Jeb at CPAC - Craig Shirley - [page]
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