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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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than an idea whose time has come.”

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15 March 2013

Ides of March

Ides of March

Erdogan A Slave Of The Zio USA - Metin in Antakya - YouTube
The CIA Controls Al Qaeda - YouTube
C.I.A. no al-qaeda ever existed - BBC documentary the power of nightmares - YouTube
As Real Threat from Al-Qaeda Fades, Is FBI Stepping Up Set-Ups? - BlackListedNews.com
BBC News - Al-Qaeda lacks expertise for cyberwar, expert tells MPs

Sequestering the Poor, UFO Phenomena, Wall St. Extorts Washington - YouTube

DNA Research Confirms That Modern Khazarian "Jews" Are Not the Descendants of Ancient Isrealites or The Seed of Abraham (March 8, 2013)

Systemic Collapse: A Brief History of Market Manipulation | Global Research TV

AIPAC – The Israel Lobby Exposed « Underground Documentaries
When Truth Is Suppressed Countries Die |
Bill mandating background checks at gunshows heads to Senate floor as clock ticks |
Kim Jong-Un Survives Assassination Attempt |
Cutting Edge: Confessions of an Undercover Cop (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
» How the post-Sandy Hook gun control push spectacularly backfired in America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Mary Jo White and the Incestuous Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Regulators and Wall Street
03-05-13-Macro Analytics – The Global End Game – with Charles Hugh Smith | InvestmentWatch
obama admin gives cia,nsa,fbi & dhs complete access to your banking records + fbi already seizing accounts | poorrichards blog
The hidden world under the sea: Scientists find 'parallel universe' of life hidden INSIDE the basalt of the oceanic crust | Mail Online
We Should Punish Premarital Sex, Says Family Research Council - 12160
Judge: Feds Can't Make DOMINO'S PIZZA Founder Offer Birth Control - 12160
Some US hotels harbor a horrifying secret – child sex trafficking. - 12160
Corporate-Approved State Bills Kick Low-Wage Workers While They're Down
Refreshing News: Monkeys reject food from humans who behave selfishly, study finds
Once Upon a Time, Corporations Paid Taxes
Fars News Agency :: President Ahmadinejad: Iran Determined to End Exports of Crude Oil
Ron Paul: Foreign Aid Is Immoral and Impractical - Cavuto 3/14/2013 | XRepublic
Facebook Reveals Secrets You Haven’t Shared - 12160
Why Europe Is Still Ripe For A Dictator: Austrians Reflect On Hitler 75 Years Later - 12160
Israel: Assad Ready to Use Chemical Weapons - ABC News
Curiosity rover finds organic compounds, but are they from Mars? - Cosmic Log
Obama Says Iran A Year Away From Nuclear Weapon « CBS DC
Chris Whalen Torches JPM: "Ina Drew Is A Scapegoat, Jamie Dimon Instructed London Office To Dump Hedging' - Home - The Daily Bail
Watch Tricky Dick End The U.S. Gold Standard (1971) - Home - The Daily Bail
Study: 98% Of Individual Insurance Plans Right Now Violate Health Care Law - Obamacare | XRepublic
Miss Israel, Obama Having Dinner In Jerusalem (VIDEO)
‘Arab Spring’ winds blow on Algeria from desert | StratRisks
How Monsanto outfoxed the Obama administration - Salon.com
US Air Force Plans to Build Huge Network of Underground Tunnels |
North Korea Launches Missiles On East Coast |
Obama's Israeli Columbia classmates don't recall the young president - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government - BlackListedNews.com
Rand Paul: Tea Party is like the American Revolution – The Occupy movement more like the French Revolution | WashingtonExaminer.com
Researchers Study Organism’s Survival Secrets For Possible Life On Mars « CBS Baltimore
Former CEO reveals Blackwater worked as ‘virtual extension of the CIA’ | StratRisks
Pastor Accused Of Sex With Teen: ‘Exactly What Christ Desires’ « CBS Chicago
Fat Head » Cattle And The Planet
The Art of Resistance
The Federal Website That Protects Us From Malware Has Been Hacked - Business Insider
Jamie Dimon Email Directly Ties JPMorgan CEO To $6.2 Billion Fiasco
Air Force’s Air Defense Radar Systems along U.S./Mexico Border will SHUTDOWN Today |
CIA admits full monitoring of Facebook, Google, Youtube and other social networks | XRepublic
Pope Ratzinger’s War on Social Justice » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
How the America Invents Act Will Change Patenting Forever | Wired Design | Wired.com
Is the International Narcotics Control Board Ignoring Human Rights? | Intellihub.com
9-11 Attacks: The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11
Obama Will Use Nixon-Era Law to Fight Climate Change - Bloomberg
Whistleblower: VA Withheld Data Linking Gulf War Vets' Sicknesses to Toxic Exposures | Common Dreams
The Biggest Lie Ever Sold To The American Public | InvestmentWatch
Proof Gun Control is 100% BS | XRepublic
Hospital Sends Patient To Collections For Bill His Insurance Company Had Already Paid – Consumerist
Obama couldn’t eat at Hill meeting without food ‘taster’ |
PressTV - Ben Affleck could be hanged for war crimes: US intelligence expert
Interview 625 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Fukushima Anniversary, UN Narcotics, Lobbying For Labeling
Interview 626 - Sibel Edmonds Explains Who's At The Top Of The Pyramid
Sibel Edmonds Explains Who's At The Top of the Pyramid (Video)
Episode 262 - Solutions: Pirate Internet
Corbett Video Report Gladio Series: Who’s at the Top of the Pyramid?
President Hugo Chavez: A 21st Century Renaissance Man
The CIA has Attempted to Assassinate 50 Foreign Leaders Including Chavez
The Idea of Hugo Chavez and What it Means for the Future of Venezuela
Chavez Poisoned? Venezuela To Investigate Whether Late President Was Infected With Cancer By ‘Dark Forces’
Hugo Chavez: Friend of the American People, Enemy of US Hegemony and Washington’s Injustice
The Precious Art of Assassinating “Legally”: Hugo Chávez on the Hit List of “United States Inc.”
The Life and Death of Hugo Chávez in Perspective
50 Truths about Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution
Seeds of Destruction: The Diabolical World of Genetic Manipulation
The Pentagon’s “Ides of March”: Best Month to Go to War
Bradley Manning Full Leaked Testimony: His Motives for Revealing Secret US Government Documents
“Poison Dart”: Secret CIA Weapon of Assassination, Triggers Heart Attack
The Militarization of Law Enforcement in America: Use of Military Technology and Tactics by Local Level Police
Second Year Anniversary of Fukushima: The Accident Is NOT Contained. “Reactor 2 has a Large Crack in It”
Iraq and the Betrayal of a People – Impunity Forever?
American “Smoke and Mirrors”: The Politics of Imagined Opinion
The Unemployment Crisis in America: Staring “Economic Armageddon” In The Face While Hiding It With Official Lies
How Fake Intelligence on Iraqi WMD Contributed to Triggering the Invasion, The Insiduous Role of Israel
Anti-Iran Sanctions are Immoral, Illegal and Cowardly
Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Meets US-Backed Puppet “President” Hamid Karzai
Bipartisan Theatrics and the Obama Budget Crisis: “Deeper Cuts” to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security
The European Union Wants more Austerity
Technocracy Comes To America
CIA Media Disinformation and US Proxy Wars: Fallouts of Iran-Contra’s “Lost Chapter”
Controversy Concerning the Korean Armistice Agreement: “A State of War Still Remains in Effect”
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the War on Iraq: Who is John Kerry?
Jaw-Dropping Crimes of the Big Banks
Spinning Out Of Control: Governments, Banks and Energy Companies “Fuelling Climate Change”
The Geopolitics of the South Atlantic: The Falklanders Have the Right to be Stupid
A Financial Dictator for Detroit
Pope Francis I: Bergoglio Has Ties To A Dark Period For The Catholic Church
New Pope Tied to Argentina’s Dirty War
The “Dirty War” and Argentina’s Military Dictators: Women Killers and Baby Thieves
Obama’s Endgame: War with Iran?
Twisting the Intel to Fit the Politics The New Generation of Hypocrisy on Iran
Obama to Israel: `We Got Your Back'
Video/Documentary Exposes US Role in Iraq Sectarian Conflict
Video/'Syria Rebels Committing War Crimes'
Federal Judge Finds National Security Letters Unconstitutional, Bans Them
Paid to Lose The Progressive Movement is a PR Front for Rich Democrats
Praising the Troops for Defending Our “Rights” and “Freedoms”
Gun Rights Face-off: The Constitution Vs. Dianne Feinstein
12 Tips to Use It Up, Wear It Out and Make It Do
Grape Seed Extract May Beat Chemo in Late-Stage Cancer
The Suburbs: Is America Accidentally Self-Organizing Into Labor Camps?
The Federal Reserve System Is A Massive Wealth Redistribution Scheme
When Truth Is Suppressed Countries Die
Obama Sets Record For Rejections Of Freedom Of Information Requests
First Electronic Tattoo Printed Directly Onto Skin
China's "Drone Swarms" Highlight Global Robotic Warfare Arms Race
Obama Says You Have No Right to Banking Privacy
Leading Candidate for Kerry's Empty Senate Seat is a Proud Gun Grabber
17 Signs That A Full-Blown Economic Depression Is Raging In Southern Europe – Is The U.S. Next?
WHO Lies Refuted: Physicians’ Group Predicts 100,000+ Fukushima Cancer Incidences/Deaths
32% Of Ministers Linked To Corrupt ‘Finance-Energy Complex’
Reversing the Mental Side Effects of the New World Order
Record Manatee Deaths, But 'Experts' Say No Harm To Humans
FinFisher surveillance software used to spy on people around the world according to report
GMO Foods Exposed
80% of NYC high school graduates lack basic skills like reading
Obama's Banks Nominee Will NOT Prosecute, Punish, or Regulate
Pentagon creates 13 offensive cyber teams for worldwide attacks
U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way)
25 Things That the SHTF Doesn’t Care About
Propaganda Gardening – The Evolution of Revolution
How One Man 'Cracked the Code' to Healing Water
Private Prisons: The More Americans They Put Behind Bars The More Money They Make
6 Ways Our Supreme Court Has Defiled Our Constitution
Will New Changes to Autism Diagnosis Leave Your Child in the Cold While Filling Big Pharma’s Pockets?
Top 5 Ways to Practice Non-Conformity in the Matrix
Fertility Destroying Chemical Added To Tap, Milk, Salt
How to be Independent of the Medical Industrial Complex
How Hemp Threatens the Corporatocracy
Study: Biodiversity from Polyculture Outperforms Industrial Farming Chemicals
3/15/2013 The Politics of Anti-Interventionism
3/14/2013 Same Old Stuff from AIPAC
3/13/2013 Rand Paul's Drone Crusade Needs a Slight Adjustment
Appeals Court Rejects CIA Secrecy on Drones « Antiwar.com Blog
Obama on Israeli TV: Would Take Iran ‘Over a Year Or So’ to Build a Nuclear Bomb -- News from Antiwar.com
Pak-Iran Pipeline Carries Energy and Defiance by Richard Javad Heydarian -- Antiwar.com
Cyberwar Expert: Al-Qaeda ‘Too Stupid’ to Launch Cyber Attacks -- News from Antiwar.com
The Threat of an Imperial Presidency | The Nation
Conspiracy Theories vs. the Religion of Democracy
Killing Us Softly by Kelleigh Nelson
Congress Declared War on Sept. 14, 2001 by Mainstream Media by Michael S. Rozeff
1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It's Time For A National Conversation - Forbes
5 Quick and Easy Southern Comfort Recipes | The Art of Manliness
25 Things That the SHTF Doesn’t Care About by Daisy Luther
Activist Post: The Ongoing Great Gulf Coast Holocaust
Activist Post: The Psychology of Gulf Coast Victims (Pt. 2)
Activist Post: Voices From the Gulf: “We Are Being Poisoned” (Pt. 3)
Activist Post: Voices From the Gulf: “Do Not Eat Our Food” (pt. 4)
Activist Post: Follow the Money: Transocean and the Gulf Oil Spill (pt. 5)
North Korea: 'Reptile media' is 'jabbering' - POLITICO.com
US to deploy more ground-based missile interceptors as North Korea steps up threats - U.S. News
FAA Grounds Local Aerial Photo Business « CBS Minnesota
Bergoglio challenged moral authority of Argentina’s elected leaders - The Washington Post
Romney: Learn from 'My Mistakes' | The Weekly Standard
Romney Gets Standing O: 'In The End We'll Win'
LIVE UPDATES: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump to Speak at Second Day of CPAC 2013 - ABC News
LaPierre: ‘Let Them Be Damned’ - By Eliana Johnson - The Corner - National Review Online
NRA Chief To Biden: 'You Keep Your Advice, We'll Keep Our Guns' | CNS News
Paul Ryan tells conservatives of the need to cut the budget, tackle poverty
Panda porn shown in attempt to get two to mate - Telegraph
Stress makes you susceptible to illness - Telegraph
Hacker Targets Clinton Confidant In New Attack | The Smoking Gun
News from The Associated Press
The Game Raises The Bar With Barack Obama Tattoo « Radio.com News
Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched In New York
Is Steve Harvey the Next Oprah?
Discovery Of Cockroaches Forces Greyhound Bus To Stop In NJ « CBS Philly
Why texting at the wheel is as dangerous as being well over drink-drive limit - Telegraph
Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public - US News and World Report
Court deals blow to CIA drone secrecy - Josh Gerstein - POLITICO.com
China poised to top U.S. as top oil buyer; increased car sales spur jump - Washington Times
A Kildee Comeuppance? Or More Obama Aloofness? | Heard on the Hill
Tom Hooper, Ang Lee, David Fincher And Steven Spielberg Eye Intriguing Movies - Deadline.com
EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Chelsea Clinton Buying $10 Million NYC Apartment
News from The Associated Press
Pope urges leaders of crisis-hit Church not to be discouraged | Reuters
Pope Francis told cardinals, “May God forgive you for what you’ve done.” - NYPOST.com
’Slum pope’ is sharp political operator - FT.com
Rush Limbaugh Mocks 'Brainiac' GOP Consultants over Pat Caddell's CPAC Rant
Matt Lauer May Replace Alex Trebek on 'Jeopardy!'
Paul Ryan BenSmithed for Not Commenting on Something He Hasn't Read
Reuters Suspends Social Media Editor Indicted For 'Anonymous' Hack
ABC Prints Misleading Gun Poll
Scarborough Blasts Ted Cruz as 'Ignorant' Four Times
CNN Contributor Compares Rand Paul to KKK
Reuters Social Media Editor Charged in Hacking Conspiracy
MSNBC Analyst: Vatican Like 'Communist Party'
Exclusive: Trump Smacks Back Against Media Attacks on CPAC Speech
Rob Portman Supports Same-Sex Marriage After Learning Son Is Gay
Conservative Activist Dustin Stockton Builds on 'Day of Resistance' Success
Citizens United Celebrates 25 Years of Influencing Politics Through Culture
Wayne LaPierre at CPAC: Freedom Is in Jeopardy
Exclusive: RNC to Emphasize Grass Roots Training
Christie Slammed for Referring to Dem Speaker as 'African-American Female'
Government Offering High-Paid Internships Despite Sequester
Tea Party Express Chair: Elections Lost When Republican Party Controls Message
CPAC 2013: Kelly Ayotte, Tea Party Hawk
Trump to Republicans: 'Play the Debt Ceiling Card'
'Hating Breitbart' Director to CPAC: Don't Make Conservative Films, Make Entertaining Films
Dave Chappelle Mulls Possible Tour
Verizon-Backed Redbox Launches Streaming Service
BH Interview: 'The World According to Cheney' Director Lets the Vice President Defend His Record
'The Call' Review ' Little More than a Wrong Number
Box Office Predictions: Newcomers No Match For Great And Powerful 'Oz'
'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone' Review: Too Few Laughs Pulled Out of This Hat
British Team Develop Machine to Keep Livers Viable Longer
Egypt's Brotherhood: Anti-Violence Against Women Text Threat to Society
Pope Francis Reaches Out to Jewish Community
N.Korea: South, US Behind Major Cyber Attack
Hungary Sends in Tanks as Cold Snap Grips Eastern Europe
British Reporter Detained in China Live on Air
From St. Francis to Pope Francis
World View: Pope Francis May Side with Argentina in Falklands Dispute
'Black Death' Skeletons Found Under London Rail Site
Trump: Anthony Weiner 'Whack-Job Pervert'
Romney Turned Down Meeting Kardashians During Campaign
Obama Job Approval Collapses to 44%
Rick Perry's Full CPAC Speech
Senator Tim Scott's Full Speech At CPAC 2013
Greenberg: Obama Administration Threatened AIG Over Bailout Lawsuit
Oprah Winfrey Tops Our List Of The Most Influential Celebrities
Titanic Violin Determined to Be Genuine
Video: Justin Timberlake Revisits His Teen Years with Jimmy Fallon
Cardinal George says gift of popefrancis.com 'delightful'
Chicago schools order book on Iran out of some classes
Obama announces $2B alternative fuel research proposal
Small plane crashes at S. Fla. parking lot; 3 die
Santorum gets emotional about nephew - YouTube
North Dakota Senate approves "heartbeat" abortion ban
Obama Seeks to Use Oil and Gas Money to Develop Alternative Fuel Cars
Analysis Sees Hurdles in Ryan Budget Plan
Court Orders The CIA To Disclose Drone Data
House and Senate groups working on immigration
US lawmakers push bills to approve Keystone pipeline
Kerry voices conditional US support for UN arms treaty
New judge named for former Mass. mobster's trial
Wife Says Blagojevich Teaching History in Prison
Lifetime Prepping Jodi Arias TV Movie
US to Add More Missile Interceptors to Counter North Korean Steps
NY lawmaker pushes for lethal aid to Syrian rebels
Syria threatens to target rebels in Lebanon
US drone strikes in Pakistan 'carried out without government's consent'
Diplomatic ties with Italy downgraded
Could Hungary Be Thrown Out of the EU?
Elected Pak govt fails to boost ties with India
Pakistani Advocate For The Poor Slain By Gunmen
Former 'London Whale' boss at JP Morgan admits mistakes
BP cries foul at "fictitious" spill claims
Arctic-Specific Rules Required After Shell's 2012 Mishaps
Rep. Watt Floated to Head Regulator of Fannie, Freddie
Louisiana pipeline blaze could burn until Thursday, Coast Guard says
Delta tunnels will not protect California's water supply from earthquakes
The Man Who Coined 'The God Particle' Explains: It Was A Joke!
Journalist's Lawyer: Prank Doesn't Merit Prison
Google Reader alternatives: The good, the "meh' and the great?
CERN Physicists See Higgs Boson in New Particle
Giant Alien Planet in Supersized Solar System May Solve Mystery
Reviving the Woolly Mammoth: Will De-Extinction Become Reality?
Some Primitive Birds Flew With 4 Wings, Study Says
A Point of View: Crowd-sourcing comets
Angel in the sky: South Florida photographer talks about 'angel photo' she took
'Functional cure' for HIV linked to early drug treatment
A glance at an organ donation from a man with rabies to 4 people
Tainted kidney causes rabies, death - YouTube
'Sugar-free' baked goods, with sugar? What is a dieter to do?
Liver Preserver Holds Promise for Transplants
Allergic Teen Dies After Eating Cookie
The Recipe for Preventing A Stroke: 1 Coffee, 4 Green Teas a Day
Parents Who Welcomed Baby During Traffic Stop: We Had To Stop
Robot Surgery Isn't Most Cost-Efficient Hysterectomy
US flu markers show further signs of decline
Michael Moss on 'Salt Sugar Fat'
Rob Portman’s support of gay marriage puts him at odds with two-thirds of GOP voters - The Washington Post
Ann Coulter Slams Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Says Liberal Women Shouldn't Be In Office (VIDEO)
Mitch McConnell CPAC: Senator Speaks At Conservative Political Action Conference
Carnival of errors: second cruise this week hits mechanical snafu - CSMonitor.com
Bus Crash Kills 24 In South Africa | Vibe
Crown Casino Scam: Gambler Hacked Surveillance System To Win $33.2 Million In Australia
Body of sister who tried to rescue 6-year-old found
'Hot Spots' Ride a Merry-Go-Round on Jupiter - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Stunning Photos Of Mars From The Curiosity Rover - Forbes
Scientists Discover Life in Ocean's Crust | Geekosystem
After Sinkhole Death, Experts Say Frenzy Is Unwarranted - NYTimes.com
Mexico monarch butterfly population smallest in years, study says - Los Angeles Times
Ancient Chinese coin found on Kenyan island of Manda by Field Museum expedition
Hundreds of Starving Baby Sea Lions Wash Ashore in Mysterious Mass Stranding | Wired Science | Wired.com
Solar particle mass heading to Earth at 900 miles per second - UPI.com
Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman reconciling five months after calling it quits on 30-year marriage - NY Daily News
Pope Francis; Prophecy of the Popes; Jorge Mario Bergoglio Biography | Spirit
The New And Final Pope, Petrus Romanus, Pope Francis l, 'The Black Pope'? | Alternative
Pope Francis Is 'Petrus Romanus', Here's Why. | Religion
Pope Francis Coat Of Arms Explained | Alternative
New Pope Francis I Legit or NWO Engineered: Here Is How We Will Know In Just Two Weeks | Alternative
POPE Francis 1: The Black Pope | Conspiracy Theories
Jesuit Pope Agenda – Meet The Templars, Knights of Malta And Blackwater/Xe Exterminators | Alternative
Aliens And The Vatican; UFO At Pope Francis' First Appearance | Beyond Science
Pope Francis history’s ‘final’ pontiff?
Satan's New Pope, By One Who Knows Whereof He Speaks! | Alternative
Pope Francis I Can't Escape: International Warrant Issued For His Arrest On Crimes Against Humanity And Child Trafficking | Alternative
G. Edward Griffin - Pope Francis: The Dawn of Political Consciousness To The Marxist Left | Alternative
Scripted Armageddon Looming Large? New Pope in Jesuit Order - A Secret Society Older than the Illuminati or Templar Knights | Politics
Hoax: Pope Benedict XVI Converted to Islam | Religion
Is Petrus Romanus - the Last Pope - now in Office? | Prophecy
Who Will Be The Next Pope Illuminati Leader | Prophecy
Petrus Romanus Author TOM HORNS RESPONSE TO THE NEW POPE–HE FULFILLS THE PROPHECY | count down to zero-time
Holy smoke! Is this final pope before Jesus?
The Stars and Fate of Pope Francis | Spirit
Pope's Jesuit Oath To Murder Heretics! | Alternative
Pope Francis I - The Worlds first 'Black Pope'? | Opinion - Conservative


Lazarus Project Revives The Dead, Extinct Species Returns To Life, First De-Extinction Event | Science and Technology
Lindsey Williams Exposes US Healthcare | Health
David Icke: Freaking Out The Planet On 'This Morning' TV Show | Alternative
9/11 Commission Deceived: An Unintentional Work of Fiction Based on Cheney’s (Communist) Torture Program | Economy
The Secret History Of The Reptilians  | Books
What Antarctica Looks Like Without Ice Revealed In New Map | Science and Technology
Are Americans Practicing Communism? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Video: The Military Doesn't Want You to See this Video | Blogging/Citizen Journalism

64 SHTF Medical Tips That Work | Alternative
6 Foods for Natural Heavy Metal Chelation | Health
4 Foods to Naturally Prevent Colds, Cough, and Respiratory Infections | Health
Seaweed extract outperforms chemo drug in shrinking breast tumors - but without the toxic side effects

The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever «TwistedSifter
12 Tips to Use It Up, Wear It Out and Make It Do | Self-Sufficiency
Karl Marx and the American Dream
Rubio a big hit at CPAC
The Poor, the Pope, and the Liberals
Suspect in Benghazi attack detained in Libya
Magical Thinking and Iran
Obama's green energy mania trumps his attacks on Wall Street
Deepwater Horizon: Criminalizing an Accident
Time to Abandon the Two-state Solution
Cruz and Feinstein in blow up over the Second Amendment
Let the Deprogramming Begin
Ten Key Points on Islamic Blasphemy Law
A Tragic Divide
Muchas gracias for a 'triple first' of a Pope
Gun Control Mirroring Health Care Reform
Education Gone Berserk
Donors to Obama ‘Non-profit’ Pay $50,000 for Night of Access
Deceit. The Lies That Enslave A Nation
The truth, not conspiracy, shall set us free
What the Greatest Catholic Thinker Says about the Latest Catholic Pope
The Beat Generation Then and Now
McCain and Graham, Irrelevant or Dangerous
Warning: Obama’s Green Money Scheme Exposed
Allen West discusses the liberal fear of black conservatives
Higher Power
ObamaCare Costs Set to Implode in 2014!
Is Speaker Boehner Deliberately Throwing the House to Pelosi in 2014?
Rick Perry At CPAC
Slaying the Green Energy Dragon
Ted Cruz brings the Consitutional fight to Dianne Feinstein over gun control
Why We Don’t Need Universal Preschool
New Report: Global Temperature Standstill Is Real
MSNBC Serious About Clean Air: Jettison Olbermann and Schultz!
Socialist Work Ethic
Liberalism: A Basic Primer—Or, Why Leftism is Failure Incarnate
Liberalism: A Basic Primer—Or, Why Leftism is Failure Incarnate
Obama’s ICE releases Illegal aliens from jail, awards $220.5 million contract to answer USCIS phones
White House Use Tax—Answer to the Tour Dilemma?
March 11, 2013 World Trembles As US Becomes Greatest Energy Nation In History
March 15, 2013 New York In Terror As NRA Boycott Nears

Video: Rick Perry at CPAC: 'GOP Didn't Run True Conservative Candidate Against Obama in 2008 and 2012'
Video: Rand Paul at CPAC: 'The GOP Of Old Has Grown Stale And Moss-Covered'
Video: Marco Rubio at CPAC: 'The Idea Is Called America and It Still Works'
Video: Allen West at CPAC: 'Nothing Liberals Fear More Than A Black Conservative'
Video: Heated Feinstein Lashes Out at Ted Cruz: 'I'm Not a 6th Grader... I've Been Here For a Long Time!'
Video: #Fail: Liberal Radio Hosts Imitate Laura Ingraham Enjoying 'Her Hair Pulled During Sex'
Video: Carney Contradicts Obama: 'We Had To Cancel The Tours'
» Savage: We have to stop these food fascists while there’s still time
WATCH: Human statue takes down heckler - NYPOST.com
Man sentenced 10 years for NYC synagogue bomb plot | Fox News
Obama to unveil alternative energy proposal - CBS News
Senate Democrats block effort to end USDA/Mexico food stamp promotion partnership | The Daily Caller
Insurers warn of sticker shock due to health care law’s new taxes, requirements as it expands - The Washington Post
Egypt's Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society | Reuters
State Department ducks hearing on American pastor imprisoned in Iran | Fox News
'God Particle': Six big consequences of the Higgs boson discovery - CSMonitor.com
Germany defies calls for stimulus - CNN.com
Americans and religion increasingly parting ways, new survey shows
Obama tells wealthy donors his campaign club can beat voter opposition | The Daily Caller
World poll: Image of U.S. declines - Kevin Cirilli - POLITICO.com
CDC: Man died of rabies from kidney transplant - CNN.com
ICE chief acknowledges more than 2,000 illegal immigrants released, including drunken drivers | Fox News
CPAC: Black Man Tossed Out After Breitbart Hack Screams at Him 'Race Doesn't Matter'
United Steelworkers Union Has Hired Videographer Scott Prouty
Jay Carney Says Entitlement Cuts Are Good For American People
Fox’s 'Disappointed' WH Tourist Is Really A Republican Activist
Rep. Alan Grayson Insists 'There Is No Fiscal Crisis'
Ted Cruz Toasts Breitbart as a 'Great and Fearless Leader' at CPAC
Rand Paul Proposes Eliminating the Dept. of Education, Crowd Goes Wild
Jamie Dimon Lied To Regulators. Will He Be Indicted? Ha, Ha!
Ted Cruz Trolls Dianne Feinstein, Gets Smacked Down
Gohmert: 'Vietnam Was Winnable,' But 'People in Washington Decided' to Lose
'47 Percent' Filmmaker: Romney Has No Clue What Regular Americans Go Through on Daily Basis
Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: The Only Reason for Ethnic Studies Is 'to Meet Girls'
Fox News Guest to MSNBC: Hannity Is 'So Upset That the Economy Is Rebounding'
Obama: 'Differences Are Just Too Wide' For Grand Bargain
Stupid CPAC Panels: John Sununu To Opine On Social Media
Papantonio: Time To Talk About Jeb Bush's Disgusting Past
The Best WI Supreme Court Justice Wingnut Dollars Can Buy
Franklin Center Exec Upset Over Revelation of Koch Funding
Marco Rubio: Opposing Marriage Equality 'Does Not Make Me a Bigot'. No, It Makes You A Republican Politician.
Televangelist Jeffress: Homosexuality Like Plugging a TV into the Wrong Outlet
Robert Reich On Why Raising The Minimum Wage Is One Of The Smartest Things We Can Do
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Brain Scans Show Who You’re Thinking About «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News “Bush Baggage” Not An Issue, Says Jeb, Seeking Third Bush Presidency «
Son Shot by NY Police, Mother Wants 'Justice' - YouTube
NYPD Policy Will Deter Reports from Domestic Violence Victims | Crooks and Liars
Sen. Rob Portman Now Openly Supports Gay Marriage. Guess Why! | Crooks and Liars
Lee Camp: How Corporatist Monkeys Fill Our Food With Sawdust | Occupy America
Robert Reich On Why Raising The Minimum Wage Is One Of The Smartest Things We Can Do | Video Cafe
16-Year-Old Killed By NYPD Was Shot Three Times in the Back, Four in Front | Occupy America
Walmart: Always Low Wages | Occupy America
+30.5B: Federal Spending Up, Not Down, in First 5 Months of FY13
Obama: We Need To 'Shift Our Cars Entirely' Off Oil
Rep. Blackburn: Administration Using Sequester to ‘Inflict Pain’… ‘It’s Ridiculous’
Rep. Jackson Lee: Sequester is Like 'Tsunami’—‘It May Come ... When We're Away on Work Recess'
Ryan on U.S. Economy: 'The President Says We're in Recovery - I'd Say We're in Critical Care'
Huelskamp: Defunding Obamacare 'Worthy' of Gov't Shutdown
U.S. Spending $227,437 to Study How National Geographic Depicted Animals
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ICE Admits It Released More Than 2,000 Illegal Aliens, Including Serious Offenders
Santorum: ‘We Have to Fight for the Principles That Made This Country Great’
Tenn. university proposes fracking on its own land
Deadline Approaches for Obama Administration to Name Russian Human Rights Abusers
MSNBC Removing Schultz from Prime Time
5 Convicted of Inventing Movie to Hide Tax Fraud
World Views of U.S. Leadership Under Obama Continue to Decline
Pelosi to Reporters: ‘Get Excited’ About New Pope
U.S. Spends $450,000 to Study ‘Evolution of Venom Proteins in Sea Anemones’
Huelskamp: Defunding Obamacare 'Worthy' of Gov't Shutdown
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Air Force Chaplain Clarifies Details About Muslim Military Training Doc, Bronze Star Medal: ‘I Don’t View This as Accommodating Islam’
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Senate Judiciary Committee OK’s Ban On So-Called ‘Assault Weapons’
Jay Carney Did Not Like ABC Reporter’s Question About Cost of Obama’s Golf Outings: ‘You’re Trivializing an Impact Here’
Obama Admin. Admits Releasing Thousands of Illegal Immigrants, Including Drunken Drivers
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Federal Grants to States 11 Times Larger than in 1960
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Gingrich, Echoing Paul, Says GOP ‘a Little too Crusty’
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