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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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than an idea whose time has come.”

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31 March 2013

Easter Weekend

Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Shane Todd Death: Inquiry Into American Engineer Found Hanged In Singapore To Start May 13
An Aluminium Fuel Cell - Why Is Government Blocking It? | UK Column
20 Years Since Cosford UFO Mystery
How do mega-stars grow? With ample help from their elders - Technology & Science - CBC News
Do Grains Deserve a Spot in any Food Pyramid? | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Proof aspirin fights cancer | Health | News | Daily Express
This Is What It Feels Like To Have Your Life Savings Confiscated By The Global Elite
My Way News - Risk and reward at the dawn of civilian drone age
OpEdNews - Article: How Congress let Monsanto off the hook
'Monsanto Protection Act': 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision | GMO InsideGMO Inside
State lawmakers wary about police surveillance drones
Markham Nolan: How to separate fact and fiction online | Video on TED.com
Survey: Adults text more than teens while driving - CNN.com
Teachers' gestures boost math learning
Study finds fungi, not plant matter, responsible for most carbon sequestration in northern forests
Are Hemp Seeds Part of a Healthy Diet? - Waking Times : Waking Times
12 Steps to Raw Food. Victoria Boutenko Part 1 - YouTube
Homeland Security Demands “Obedience” in Message to Agents
PressTV - Obama proves more brutal than Bush, Cheney: Paul Street
Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward - The Hill
Drone industry worries about privacy backlash | World news | The Guardian
Activist Post: Obama and Biden Campaigning to Disarm Americans
The Three Stages of a Revolution | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
EPA: Expect More Radiation in Rainwater - Forbes
'Underwear bomber' was working for the CIA | World news | The Guardian
The Amityville horror: The boy who lived in the true-life haunted house breaks his 40-year silence | Mail Online
Rense & Jeffrey Smith - New Monsanto Attack - Total DNA Control 1/2 - YouTube
Rense & Jeffrey Smith - New Monsanto Attack - Total DNA Control 2/2 - YouTube
The Discovery of Schumann Resonance - Waking Times : Waking Times
X-RAY VANS - A Daily Video from StartPage Private Search Engine - YouTube
Electrical Scarring of Planets and Moons: Interview with Stephen Smith | Space News - YouTube
Gate to Hell Found in Turkey : Discovery News
BATHROOM SPIES - A Daily Video from StartPage Private Search Engine - YouTube
Electrosensitivity: is technology killing us? | Society | The Guardian
Bedroom tax is worthy of Stalin, says government's poverty tsar | Society | The Guardian
Sicily revokes permission for US military satellite station | World news | guardian.co.uk
The Real Climate Change – Fear, With A Strong Sense of Apathy « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
The Thieving of Our Societies is Racist - Morris - YouTube
How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns” | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Where Will You Be When The Music Stops? « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Is N Korea Provoked To Distract Us From Syria - Morris - YouTube
Activist Post: WARNING: "Final" Psy-Op Vs. Syria Begins
Monsanto Rider Worse Than GMOs
CityScan: the dystopian technology that could make breaking the law impossible | The Verge
PressTV - Companies cut hours to avoid health care
Augureye Express: Dancing with the Elephant in the Room
Unfit for Work: The startling rise of disability in America | Planet Money
BBC News - Mali conflict: Desert fighting on 'Mars'
Moving picture of life and death in Pompeii at London exhibition | Reuters
Pompeii exhibit brings Roman life to London | Video | Reuters.com
Life and Death on the Bounty - CNN.com
Infanticide: It’s What Planned Parenthood Is Now Promoting
Illinois judge refuses to overturn super-broad definition of terrorism — RT USA
Judge Dismisses Most Claims In Libor Lawsuits, Ruling In Favor Of Big Banks
MassPrivateI: FEMA's guide to reporting suspicious activity openly encourages Americans to spy on each other.
Evidence mounts Obama admin. blocking oil and gas production | Washington Free Beacon
Behind the veil: A rare look at life in North Korea - CNN.com
White House Takes North Korea's Threats Seriously - ABC News
Eugene Jarecki and the campaign to end America's war on drugs | Society | The Observer
Russell Simmons: the war on drugs made victims of the black community | Society | The Observer
Brad Pitt: America's war on drugs is a charade, and a failure | World news | The Observer
Minesweeper – How Activism Works « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
The Power of Words - YouTube
Woman Claims She Was Raised by Monkeys For Five Years | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
This Weird Green Rock Is From Mercury | Popular Science
Exposing the Vaccination for Immunity Fraud | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
5 Digital Currencies You've Never Heard Of | Blogging Tips for How to Blog for Money
Reflections in a Petri Dish | Manly won't Mind but You... Had Better get a Clue.
Syria accuses rebels of setting fire to oil wells | World news | The Guardian
'Phoenix jihadist's' dad claims son worked in Syria for CIA — RT USA
PressTV - Desperate West runs out of options, sends influx of arms to Syria militants
Israel's anti-missile system 'likely to leave civilians exposed in event of war' | World news | guardian.co.uk
Roi Tov – Hollywood Goes Jewish
Bye Bye Banksters—Hello BRIC | Veterans Today
PressTV - Horror in Israel: 30,000 Mossad spies exposed
The EyeOpener - Exposing 'In-Q --Tel': The CIA's Own Venture Capital Firm - YouTube
Email Tax Is Being Floated : Freedom Outpost
Robertson: Government Is Preparing For Battle 'Against Us' | XRepublic
Obama eligibility appeal in Roy Moore’s court
Only A Fool Would Rationalize The Notion That The USA Is Immune To A Financial Crisis, As Has Occurred Throughout History To Many Successful Nations And Empires. | InvestmentWatch
Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs - 12160
North Korea Vows to Keep Nuclear Arms and Fix Economy - NYTimes.com
North Korea: Nuclear weapons are "the nation's life" - CBS News
North Korea: Nuclear weapons are a 'treasure'
Threats of annihilation normal for South Koreans - CNN.com
CNN Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com
U.S. deploys stealth fighter jets to South Korea - CNN.com
Messiah Came To Conquer Death | Real Jew News
Bloomberg’s PAC Buys Elections | Real Jew News
The Crescendo of Chemtrail Awareness – A Breakthrough Issue « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans — RT USA
PressTV - New poll shows 50% of US women fear poverty
Time Will Tell – But Why Wait For It? « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
New strain of avian flu kills at least 2 in China — RT News
Exxon cleans up Arkansas oil spill; Keystone plan assailed | Reuters
American shale gas project is a bubble about to burst – Gazprom CEO — RT Business
PressTV - 9/11: Illegitimacy of US government
Easter Sunday Interview on Press TV | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Tech titans raise millions to enter the political arena: but what is it they want? | World news | The Observer
Overwhelming Student Debt Has Parents Getting Life Insurance Policies on Their Kids | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
How Bitcoin could destroy the state (and perhaps make me a bit of money) » The Spectator
‘Challenging the dollar’: Bitcoin total value tops $1 billion — RT News
PressTV - US citizens increasingly facing austerity dictatorship
The 147 People Destroying the World | Alternet
Hubble Uncovers Hidden Mysteries in Messier 77
A quick and dirty guide to backyard astronomy | TechHive
Fluorescent Millipedes Discovered On Alcatraz Glow Under Black Lights | CRYPTOZOOLOGY NEWS | VIDEO
Biological Computer: Stanford Researchers Discover Genetic Transistors That Turn Cells Into Computers
Virginia Tech: Autonomous Robotic Jellyfish on Vimeo
Walmart to get CUSTOMERS to make deliveries in radical new 'crowd-sourcing' approach to shipping | Mail Online
Google’s Eclectic Tel Aviv Office Space [30 pics] «TwistedSifter
Joseph Mitchell: Alabama lawmaker emails racist rant to gun-rights constituent and entire state legislature | Mail Online
Climate of Fear: Global Warming Alarmists Intimidate Dissenting Scientists into Silence | Global Research
NASA Spacecraft Snaps New Photo of Potential 'Comet of the Century'
U.N. approves creation of special combat force for Congo - Yahoo! News
The Democratization of Banking: Why Is Socialism Doing So Darn Well in Deep-Red North Dakota? | Global Research
Alert: Bad And Good Bills - State Legislatures
New Genetic Study Reportedly Proves Khazar Ancestry For Ashkenazi Jews - FailedMessiah.com
OpEdNews - Article: The Dollar Economy is a Pyramid Scheme: Who Gets Screwed?
Anastasiades requests investigation into allegations against family members | Economy | Home
Bill Wyman: Police 'not interested' in former Rolling Stone's affair with 13-year-old Mandy Smith, who claims she slept with him when she was 14 | Mail Online

Obama unveils plans to pump billions into US infrastructure in Miami speech | Business | guardian.co.uk
The Rauzabal Shrine of Srinagar- The Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir - YouTube
When violent revolution is just - YouTube

Activist Post: Big Government: An Unnecessary Evil That Should Be Abolished
Marbury v. Madison
Did Steve Cohen Buy Off the U.S. Government? : The New Yorker
Jay Rockefeller Wants The FCC to Regulate The Internet "For The Children" - | Intellihub.com
The Pattern of Government Abuse Will Cause a Confrontation We Must Avoid. | The Lone Star Watchdog
Member of SEAL Team 6 killed, another SEAL injured in parachute accident |
Afghan Heroin: The Lost War (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Warning! Iran HAS the Bomb!!! - YouTube
Bread and Circuses: The Last Days of the American Empire |
Montana Governor Lies About the Constitution, Vetoes 2nd Amendment Protection Bill |
The Total Iraq and Afghanistan Pricetag: Over $4 Trillion | THE INTERNET POST
Parasite Turning Us All Into Zombies |
China and Brazil won’t speak ‘American’ anymore
Stunning Facts About How the Banking System Really Works … And How It Is Destroying America - BlackListedNews.com
Bitcoin Mythology: Red-herrings and Bullshit | Don't Tread On Me
Mark Zuckerberg Owes 1.1 BILLION Dollars In Taxes | XRepublic
Anything You Say on Facebook Can & Will Be Used Against You in a Court Of Law | Legal News | Lawyers.com
How a team of students HIJACKED a drone in midair - all for a $1,000 bet with U.S. government | Mail Online
The EyeOpener – Exposing ‘In-Q –Tel’: The CIA’s Own Venture Capital Firm |
Genetic Roulette (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
FOX News Thinks Rand Paul and the Constitution are More To The Left Than Obama. | XRepublic
Stalled Obama Campaign Machine Restarted for New Agenda |
How The British Banking Industry Became An Organised Crime Enterprise
VIDEO: On April 1st, ObamaCare Breaks First Promises To American Seniors | InvestmentWatch
Half of Christians Think Jesus Will Return Within 40 Years ~ News Forage
Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans |
Anti-Neocons • View topic - Dr Thomas Sowell schooling a liberal
Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth arrest warrants; USA Bishop breaks with Vatican |
Walmart’s Death Grip on Groceries Is Making Life Worse for Millions of People (Hard Times USA) |
An 80% Wealth Confiscation Scheme? |
Activist Post: 5 Crypto-Currencies You've Never Heard Of
Refreshing News: 28,000 Rivers Disappear From China’s Maps - Over 1/2 the rivers are missing, according to 800,000 surveyors, leaving Beijing fumbling to explain why
How Long Before Kim Jong Un Disappears? – Threats, Bluster, Inexperience and the Deaths of Numerous Middle East Leaders Spells – NOT LONG |
Is Your Car Spying On You?
Minions of Darkness – Danish Underground Documentary (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Domestic Drones and Their Unique Dangers |
Do not use Safety Deposit Boxes |
did george h.w. bush coordinate a jfk hit team? | poorrichards blog
War by Deception 2013 - YouTube

+Current Membership of the Committee of 300 |

BRICS dumping euro amid simmering EU banking crisis — RT Business
BP's Extinction Level Event! Experts: "We Have Been Advised NOT To Discuss Our Findings"; Meanwhile, Gulf Region Politicians Also Are Dying In Droves | Mass Animal Death
Could the Banksters Grab Your Bank Deposits? |
St. Louis Gun Control Activists Call For Turning US Rights & Sovereignty Over to United Nations |
New Monsanto Attack - Total DNA Control | XRepublic
Meet The Press Roundtable: "Why Didn't Congress Move Gun Control 'Quickly After Newtown?'" | XRepublic
The First Honest Cable Company - YouTube
April Fools. Your Government Is A Joke | Video Rebel's Blog
private prisons and the enslavement society | poorrichards blog
Why does DHS consider activists criminals and are they spying on our safe deposit boxes? |
Apricot seed cyanide controversy foolishly obscures an effective alternative cancer cure
Guest Post: Private Prisons and the Enslavement Society - BlackListedNews.com
Sorry, Mates, Strictly Business: Australia Wants To Cut Out US Dollar In Trade With China |
Truth behind 9/11 will annihilate Israel: PRESS TV - 12160
Refreshing News: Easter Special: 10 Health Benefits of Chocolate
Big Government: An Unnecessary Evil That Should Be Abolished |
1% US War Criminals, Banksters: ‘They’ll be trouble when the kids come out’ - National Nonpartisan | Examiner.com
Communists Stand in Defiance of Bill of Rights |
How 'Kill the Pigs' Became 'Only the Police Should Have Guns' by Jon Rappoport
Education Department Joins EPA In Touting Communist Killers
David Icke & John Harris - Peaceful Lawful Rebellion & Mass Non Compliance - YouTube
Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Marxists – All the Same |
Are They Nuts!? IMF Proposes $1.40 a Gallon Gas Tax on US Drivers - 12160
GoldSeek Radio - March 29, 2013 [ft Dr Paul Craig Roberts & Monty Guild] - 12160
DEA Targets FedEx, UPS in Online Pharmacy Battle - | Intellihub.com
Bitter Scalia Leaves U.S. |
Bitter Scalia Leaves U.S. : The New Yorker
How to survive a coup: Lessons from David Petraeus - WhoWhatWhy
Stunning Facts About How the Banking System Really Works … And How It Is Destroying America - BlackListedNews.com
Dead Pigs, Ducks And Now Black Swans: China's Animal Apocalypse Crosses Into The Twilight Zone - BlackListedNews.com
VIDEO: ‘Skynet’ Drones Work Together for “Homeland Security” - BlackListedNews.com
John Stossel: A Green Car’s Dirty Secret?
Single magic mushroom 'can change personality' - Science - News - The Independent
Guest Post: Private Prisons and the Enslavement Society - BlackListedNews.com
1% US War Criminals, Banksters: ‘They’ll be trouble when the kids come out’ - BlackListedNews.com
Video: Robot swarms trained to fetch and carry - Telegraph
4 Part/Social and Religious Rant – Max Igan

Alan Watt - the Great Work, the Noble Lie and the Brain Chip - YouTube

* Sen. Roy Blunt: Monsanto’s Congressional Judas | Dprogram.net
+Obama’s signing of Monsanto Protection Act proves he will betray progressives, too | Dprogram.net
Obama betrays America yet again by signing the 'Monsanto Protection Act' into law

Why America Has the Cheapest, Most Addictive and Most Nutritionally Inferior Food in the World | Dprogram.net

4 Part/Illuminati Mind Control, Spells and Illusions – Max Igan
Mike Adams Breaks Down The Monsanto Worshipping Act | Dprogram.net
Down The Rabbit Hole with Popeye – Iraq – 10 Years of War and Bloodshed | Dprogram.net
Alex Jones Calls for Gun Control on Oathbreakers to the Constitutional Republic! | Dprogram.net
G-Mail Spying is FBI’s “Top Priority” – Next News Network | Dprogram.net
Blood on Bradley Manning’s Hands? – Next News Network | Dprogram.net
Politics VS Mutual Armament & Militia-Building – Adam Kokesh | Dprogram.net
Autism Now 1 in 50, Vaccine Link Confirmed, GAPS Diet Heals – The Truther Girls | Dprogram.net
Michael Moore: Americans Wouldn’t Need Guns if We Had More Welfare – Peter Schiff | Dprogram.net
The Federal Reserve System Is A Massive Wealth Redistribution Scheme | Dprogram.net
4 Star General Warns Marines To Prepare For New Battleground | Dprogram.net
Jeff Rense with Texe Marrs on AIPAC and The Khazarian Hypothesis | Dprogram.net
Terence McKenna: Culture is not your friend | Dprogram.net
Obama Accused of Trying to ‘Nationalize’ Elections | Dprogram.net
Barack Obama, Bilderberg Puppet - Mark Dice - YouTube
Episode 264 - The Government Illusion
Cancer Pandemic: Reaping the Seeds of Nuke Tests
Canada’s Secretive Role in Iraq
Poverty in the U.S.A: Nearly 50 Million Americans on Food Stamps
Bank Depositor “Haircuts”: Grand “Financial Theft” is the Money Market’s “New Normal”
The Two Sides of America’s “Economic Recovery”: Stock Markets and Food Stamps at Record Highs
Washington Promotes Islamism and Political Destabilization in Xinjiang Uygur, China’s Oil and Gas Rich Region
Israel Assassination of Rachel Corrie: BBC Admits Failings in Reporting
The World Must Unite Against the US-Saudi-Israeli Proxy War in Syria
South China Sea Dispute: U.S. Proxy Conflict With China
The Confiscation of Savings in Canada? Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Proposed by Ottawa Government
The Economic and Social Crisis in Britain: Defeating Austerity and the People’s Assembly
How Obama Chose War Over Peace in Syria
Obama’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Protects Bank Fraud and Insider Trading
“Partnership for War”: NATO Military Training and War Games in Kazahkstan on the Borders with Russia and China
Targeted Killings of Civilians: Media and Public Perceptions on the Use of Armed Drones
The Scaffolding of a Police State in America: Plans to Vastly Expand Drones in US
The Arab League’s Historic Mistake.
“Conspiracy Theories” and Media Coverage of the Sandy Hook School Massacre: In Search of the Last Liberal Intellectual
Privatization and Land Grabbing in Spain
Pentagon Gears Up For Global Cyber Warfare. China Accused of Cyber Espionage
Genetic Engineering, Eugenics and the Ideology of the Rich
Ten Potentially Devastating Public Health Threats
Obama, Republicans Plot Sweeping Attack on Medicare
Was the Iraq War to Grab Oil … Or to Raise Oil Prices?
War on Iran Would Mean World War III
NATO Triggers Destruction, Insecurity and Poverty. It Must be Abolished!
Rising Risk of War: US sends Fighter-bombers to Korea
Financial Warfare and the Power of Money: “Attack is the Best Form of Defence”
The Dangers of War: What is Behind the US-North Korea Conflict?
Who is Behind the Military Coup in Bangui? Pro French Central African Republic Coup Leaders Scrap Chinese Oil Deals
An Outpouring of Love and Support for Bradley Manning to Receive the Nobel Peace Prize
Seleka Rebels Form New Government in the Central African Republic
Black Mass Incarceration, the Prison-Industrial Complex and the Prison State
Splitting The Sky Remembered - The Corbett Report Podcast - YouTube
Roseanne Barr: “MK ULTRA Mind Control Rules in Hollywood”
New Hidden Law Allows Monsanto to Plant and Sell GMO Seeds Even if They Are Later Found to be Toxic
“World War Z” Will Fit Right in the Illuminati’s Agenda (Trailer Video)
Former Atlanta School Head One of 35 Indicted in Cheating Scandal
Is the Fear of Domestic Deployment of Drones Hysterical?
North Korean Dictator Ratchets Up War Threat
The Two Views of Jesus’s Murder
Video-Crises of Capitalism
The Dilemma of Electoral Politics
Video-The House I Live In
War Scare in Korea – A Manufactured Crisis
North Korea Plan to Attack US Mainland Revealed in Photographs
North Korea Reportedly Entering 'State Of War' Against South Korea
Who's "Provocative Action"?
Nuclear War to Be Conducted on Korean Peninsula DPRK Servicepersons on Highest Alert
Video-What Religious Leaders Want to Tell Obama on Easter
The Message Sent by America's Invisible Victims
Obama's New SEC 'Sheriff.' Shielding Wall Street's Pin Striped Mafia
Financial Wars: Attack is the Best Form of Defence
Dividing Up The Pie U.S., U.K. Chiefs To Hold Historic Strategy Meeting
Prosecutable US Crimes Against Humanity In Korea
The Treason of Intellectuals
Why Are Cops Acting Like Soldiers? - informationliberation
The Robot Reality: Service Jobs Are Next to Go
Eight nutritional supplements you should be taking
SURVEILLANCE STATE 'Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest' - YouTube
+Will Grigg talks to Lew Rockwell; The US Is a Soft Totalitarian State
*Download:Will Grigg talks to Lew Rockwell; The US Is a Soft Totalitarian State
Nothing New Under the Sun, Especially With Leviathan by Becky Akers
Assassinations by induced heart attack and cancer -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net
Seven books every sovereign man should read
How to Remove Common Clothing Stains | The Art of Manliness
* Best Survival Blogs On The Web | Survival
Human "Tissue" Found In Burger Meat | Alternative
Lost Teachings Of Jesus About Hell | Alternative
Obama Martial Law Agenda Is Being Leaked To Civilians By Enlisted Military Members | Alternative
Video Proof:Time Traveler In 1938 Film | Beyond Science
Popes Devised Torture On Thousands Of Women Burned Alive ~ Malleus Maleficarum | Religion
Who Killed The Alien Jigsaw and Why?
Secret Caves of the Lizard People | Alternative
Archangel Gabriel Tells Of The Crucifixion | Alternative
Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate A JFK Hit Team? | Conspiracy Theories
New World Order Opponents Have Short Life Expectancy | EU
The RAND Corporation And UFOs Your Need To Know | Paranormal
Physicist Stephen Hawking Warns that Trying to Contact With Aliens Could Get Us All Killed | Space
GOSPEL OF THOMAS: Being Spiritually Reborn | Religion
A Map of the World Graphic Design - The World... | Fine Art
Why Sex Is Good For You | Health
16 Signs You’re Magnesium Deficient – Symptoms of Low Magnesium Levels | Health
The Turmeric Drink that Can Revolutionize Your Health | Health
3 Ways You Can Help Change the Food System for the Better | Health
Ancient Face Discovered At Stonehenge Prehistoric Site | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Orly Taitz Claims Linda Adams Liar | Obama
8 shocking things we learned from Stephen Hawking's book | MNN - Mother Nature Network
How To Survive A Nuclear Attack (Video series) | Survival
How To Keep Warm When Power Is Out | Survival
DHS Has Reportedly Told Banks That It Has Authority To Seize The Contents Of Safety Deposit Boxes Without A Warrant When It's A Matter Of "National Security", Which A Major Bank Crisis No Doubt Will Be. | Economy
Double Rainbows All Over The World Last 24 Hours (Video) | Beyond Science
'New Normal' Tackles Boy Scouts' Policies, Pushes for Gay Inclusion
Sen. Paul Calls Out Anti-Gun Celebrities Who Surround Themselves with Armed Guards
Jon Stewart Mocks Conservative Justices, Calls Antonin Scalia 'Grinch'
Martin Scorsese Developing 'Gangs of New York' TV Series
Van Halen's David Lee Roth Once Insured His Private Parts
Billy Joel, Elton John React to Death of Music Producer Phil Ramone
Obama Using Executive Orders to Bypass Congress on Gun Control
Eyewitness: First Daughters' Security 'Shut Down' Idaho Store
GOP urges Obama to OK pipeline permits
Obama pitches public works spending to create jobs
Two Washington Boys to Stand Trial for Murder Conspiracy
Obama Asks Congress for $21B for Infrastructure in Front of Chinese Cranes
Highlights from Supreme Court DOMA arguments
Man Accused of Using Fake Penis for Drug Test
Study: Waste Could Fund up to 45,000 Years of White House Tours
Republicans Condemn Congressman's Hispanic Slur
Obama Accused of Trying to 'Nationalize' Elections
EPA Unveils Regulations That Will Increase Gas Prices
Judge Throws Out Atheist Lawsuit over World Trade Center Cross
Business, Labor Cut Deal for Immigrant Prevailing Wage
Happy Easter: Google Celebrates Cesar Chavez's Birth
Rubio Dissents from Gang of Eight on Pace of Immigration Reform Passage
Backfire: Mark Kelly Filmed Himself to Show 'Background Checks Are Easy'
The Easter Story of the Resurrection
McCain's 'Gang of Eight' Secures Agreement On Special Guest Worker Visas
Aurora Shooter Pleads Guilty To Avoid Death, Prosecutors Reject Plea
CA Politicians Refusing to Award Dorner Reward Money
Gun Control Group Falsely Claims Ronald Reagan Supported Universal Background Checks
U.S. Army Says No Purple Hearts for Ft. Hood Victims
HHS Pulls Double-Switch on Transgender Surgery
Obama's Easter Service: Pastor Attacks 'Captains of the Religious Right'
28 Arrested in Violent Chicago Teen Mob
Two 11-Year-Olds Receive Threats for Testifying Against Same-Sex Marriage
Self-Identified Muslim Caller To NY Talk Show: Gays Should Be Beheaded
California Now Has Negative Net Worth of $127.2 Billion
Mayor: Deaths of Texas DA, wife 'not a random act'
Breitbart News Interview with Assassinated Texas DA Before His Death
Christians and Religious Liberty in America on Easter Sunday, 2013
Christians Slaughtered, Media Yawns
Pope Francis Washes, Kisses Feet of Muslim and Women Prisoners
Primetime: Piers Morgan Falls to Near-Last on Last Place CNN
Media Ignore Poll Showing Path to Citizenship Lacks Popular Support
NBC News Bashes Pro-Marriage Ben Carson, Employs Truther Touré
NBC News on Dr. Ben Carson: 'Blinded by the White'
Roland Martin Lashes Out at CNN: 'White Male Execs' Don't Like 'Strong Minorities'
Anderson Cooper: 'I'm Not Piers Morgan, I'm Not Trying to Push an Agenda'
Politico Pens Oddly-Timed Hit Piece on Rick Perry
No Media Outrage After Sotomayor 'Compares' Homosexuality to Incest
Dr. Ben Carson Bows to Pressure, Apologizes for Gay Marriage Remark
Chris Wallace Fails to Ask Mark Kelly About Declined AR-15 Purchase
NBC News Analyst: 'Sharecropper' WalMart 'Enslaving' Workers
Fewer Israelis See Obama as Pro-Palestinian: Poll
67 Million Chinese Christians and Growing
Obama Admin Opposes Asylum for German Homeschooling Family
Schumer: Inadequate Technology to Guard U.S-Mexico Border
Pope's Foot-Washing Final Blow for Traditionalists
US Takes Latest North Korean Threat 'Seriously'
China: Landslide Buries 83 in Tibet Gold Mine Area
Pope to Celebrate First Easter Vigil
Pope Refers to 'Muslim Brothers' on Good Friday
Some Obvious Questions About the Lack of a Benghazi Probe
Egypt Issues Arrest Warrant for TV Satirist
US Commandos Hand Over Troubled Area to Afghans
Rhino Poachers Target British Wildlife Parks
Iraq to Increase Searches of Iran Overflights to Syria
Russian Police Detains Dozen Activists Near Red Square
Pope Leads Thousands in Youths' Way of the Cross in Rome
China-Russia Coalition Creates Alternative to IMF, World Bank
Muslim Brotherhood Seeks to Arrest 'Egyptian Jon Stewart' for Criticizing Islam
GOP Lawmakers Question Program Fast Tracking Saudi Travelers into U.S.
WH Calls on Egyptian Gov to Crack Down on Sexual Assaults Against Protesters
World View -- Report: U.S. Military Action in Syria May Be Imminent
Pope Calls for World Peace on Easter Sunday
In Wake of Obama Middle East Visit, Hamas Hooks Up With Egypt
More Jews Live in Israel Than U.S. for First Time
Amid Pilgrims from Around the World, Pope Francis Celebrates First Easter
- 15 Ways to Prep with Holiday Leftovers
5 of 10 Top Economies in the World Drop the Dollar
New Study Suggests Disturbing Link Between Fracking and Large Earthquakes
Lunar Resort: Russia plans to build observatory, lab on Moon
BBC covers Bitcoin to see if "virtual cash can replace money"
SWAT Raids Home Over Hydroponic Equipment Purchase, Finds Tomatoes and Squash
The Burning of Judas and the Problem of Evil
Federal agents may have deceived judges in using secretive ‘Stingray’ cell phone tracking technology
Our Food Supply: What You and Your Family Need to Know
What If The Persistent Contrails Myth Was Real?
Cyro: the creepy autonomous robot jellyfish that could eventually patrol the oceans of the world
LAPD Refuses To Pay Dorner Reward Because They Murdered Him Instead Of Captured
Obama Signs Executive Order to Bolster Gun Registry
The Chess Game of Capital Controls
Cop at CPAC Says Legalize Pot
NASA Measures Comet ISON, Cosmic Radiation Hammers Earth
Obama Promised to Label GMOs in 2007
Common Core and CSCOPE Education
Travesty: David Petraeus apologizes for Sex, should apologize for COIN and Benghazi
Feeding the fire that threatens to burn down our economy
Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar”
The Farming Bubble
Rahm Shuts Down the Schools
Three Reasons the U.N.’s Arms Treaty Is Useless
The Fabric of Our Faith
Pope Francis: Too Humble?
Obama congratulates Kenya’s new president in midst of riots, killings
The Bilderberger, U. N., IMF Assault Upon Faith, Marriage and Sovereignty!
Inequality for All
The pros and cons of commissions
More Dishonest Coverage From Pro-Homosexual Media
Ancient History and Modern Constitutional Powers of American Sheriffs (Part 1/2)
Ancient History and Modern Constitutional Powers of American Sheriffs (Part 2/2)
Peacemaker or Trojan Horse?
Justice and the Islamist Terrorist: The Burlesque in Britain
Who Should Decide Who Our Heroes Are?
Ted Olson's Faulty Polygamy Argument
Michael Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns Caught Lying to the Public
Liberal Certainties and Uncertainties about God, Man, and Marriage
The Left's End-of-the-World Obsession
The Fourth Devil
When Men Forsake God, Tyranny Always Follows
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Today in History: March 31
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31 March
Sen. Jeff Flake: GOP Presidential Candidate Supporting Gay Marriage Is "Inevitable"
Archbishop Dolan: Pope Francis "A Shot In The Arm" For The Catholic Church
Noonan: Congress Missed Window To Act On Guns After Newtown
Chuck Todd: Is Focus On Gay Marriage, Abortion "A Sign The Economy Is Coming Back?"
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Sen. Graham: "Gang Of Eight" Bill On Immigration Will Pass
30 March
Avlon: Sarah PAC "Somewhere Between A Business And A Racket"
The McLaughlin Group 3/29/13
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Mark Steyn: Interracial Marriage Laws Irrelevant To Gay Marriage Debate
"FOX News Watch" Panel On Media "Cheerleading" Gay Marriage;
Limbaugh On "Inevitable" Gay Marriage Comment: It Was "Political Analysis," Not "Desire"
Cavuto: If You Want Safe Roads, You Probably Want Safe Elections
"Special Report" Panel On Image Of U.S. Leadership Abroad
Chris Matthews: "The Republican Platform Has Outlawed Evolution"
Rachel Maddow: A Historic Week In The Fight For Gay Rights
President Obama Offers Easter And Passover Greetings In Weekly Address
Rep. Lee Terry Gives GOP Weekly Address On Keystone Pipeline: "Congress Is Prepared To Act"