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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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08 March 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on TED.com
BBC News - Moon mining race under way
Top Ten Afterlife Journeys of Notable People | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage

101 Reasons to Go Vegan - YouTube
The sinister reason you can never resist a crisp: Source of junk food is revealed in new book | Mail Online
Sleep Deprivation Effects: 8 Scary Side Effects Of Too Little Shut-Eye
Could junk food increase your risk of MS, asthma and eczema? Scientists link SALT to autoimmune diseases for first time | Mail Online
Processed meat blamed for one in 30 early deaths - Telegraph
Aspartame - Ants Are Smarter Than Humans

Chavez's pal or US-backed rich kid: Who will inherit Venezuela? — RT News
Media Scoundrels Pillory Chavez Before He's Buried

President Psycho

Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions All Come True - Incredible Video! - YouTube

Killed like Breitbart ? Obama Impersonator Steve Bridges Dies of Unknown Causes At Age 48 | CounterPsyOps
Administration debates stretching 9/11 law to go after new al-Qaeda offshoots - The Washington Post

Drone Warfare: What’s It Like To Be Under A CIA Drone? | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Google Glass: is it a threat to our privacy? | Technology | The Guardian
Almost half of Americans would 'destroy' an invasive drone - Washington Times
Why Wall Street Is Winning Right Now And Everyone Else Seems To Be Losing - Forbes
Ben Swann Reality Check Special: Talking Federal Reserve, Jekyll Island, Audit The Fed, QE3 | XRepublic
Chomsky Acknowledges the Neocons as the Dominant Force in Pushing for Iraq War
Revealed: Pentagon's link to Iraqi torture centres | World news | The Guardian
Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You - ProPublica
'Full fat' Sprite to be ditched and made using 'natural' sweetener to slash calories by 30% | Mail Online
Food And Stress: 8 Of The Worst Picks For When You're Feeling Anxious
U.S. says U.N. sanctions 'will bite' after North Korea threatens nuclear attack - CNN.com
My Way News - Obama downplays prospects for Mideast peace
US considering pre-emptive cyberattacks | World | DW.DE | 06.02.2013
Better Off With Gaddafi Than Obama? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Chavez - A Personal Tribute
Nothing Left To Lose
Cities continue to get ‘tanks’ they don’t need in nationwide police militarization trend | End the Lie – Independent News
New York’s “Sustainability” Plan: aka “Agenda 21”
Rivers Of Trash Running Throughout The United States
Insight: Beppe Grillo - Italian clown or political mastermind? | Reuters
Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to year in prison - Telegraph
Spokesman for Italian bank Monte Paschi di Siena found dead - Telegraph
Activist Post: 11 Important Skills and Qualities For Preppers
Selfish Self Consciousness vs Consciousness of the Self « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
21WIRE: Keshe's Free Energy Technology Will Make Today's Military 'Useless' - YouTube
Not just the stuff of legend: Famed Viking 'sunstone' did exist, believe scientists - Archaeology - Science - The Independent
Communism in Modern America | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
DARPA Scientists Want to Create Database of All Conversations | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
America Is Coming Back!
How Deregulation Resurrected American Economic Insecurity -- Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org
PROOF of mass arrests, resignations & retirements of elite
Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite
Could Earth Germs Colonize Mars? : Discovery News
Top Eight Reasons People Give Up On Public Transit - Forbes
10 Incredible Melanistic (All Black) Animals «TwistedSifter
Watch This Cat Play With An Optical Illusion [Video] | Popular Science
Electronics Recycling Photos - Business Insider
Lamborghini Unveils $3.9 Million Veneno - Business Insider
George Lucas Reveals He Signed Hamill, Ford, Fisher for Star Wars: Episode VII | Underwire | Wired.com
Canadian Government No Longer Investigating UFOs | UFO NEWS | VIDEO
Hubble finds birth certificate of oldest known star
Anti-GMO Grass-Roots Effort Gains Ground in U.S. | DiscoverMagazine.com
Bradley Manning: The Conscience of America | Common Dreams
Hanford nuclear waste: Proposed storage site prompts new criticism - CBS News
Feds look to ship Wash. radioactive waste to NM | World news | The Guardian
Sandy Hoox Turning Schools Into Prisons - Anonymous Voice Over - YouTube

America - On The Brink Of Civil War - YouTube
Economic Collapse-American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World - YouTube
Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior - YouTube

The Human Cost of Fiscal Mismanagement of Government | Armstrong Economics
Barry & “People” | Eric Peters Autos
Earth's Updated Warming Record 11,300 Years - Business Insider
North Korea Threatens to End Armistice | KTLA 5
Osama bin Laden's Son-in-Law Captured, Flown to NYC - ABC News
Eric Holder, Chris Matthews, Diane Feinstein, and John McCain – US Communists United in a Lie |
Cities continue to get ‘tanks’ they don’t need in nationwide police militarization trend - 12160
Why Obama Should be Impeached » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
» The True Meaning Behind Holder’s Response to Rand Paul Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Activist Post: Hugo Chavez, World Leaders and Cancer Deaths—Indications that the Cure Exists (For a Chosen Few)
How Many Billions Of Drug-Laundered Money Does It Take To Shut Down A Bank? - BlackListedNews.com
Investigating Hugo Chávez's death
Who killed Hugo Chavez – and why? | Veterans Today
Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Marxist, Atheist, Jewish, Zionist and Prime Minister (wannabe)
The Surveillance State Boys and their toys
Armored Tank Spotted on Streets In America :
It’s Official: Too Big to Fail Banks Are Too Big to Jail |
The Revolving Door Waste Management Monsanto and the EPA :
North Korea or the United States: Who is a Threat to Global Security? | THE INTERNET POST
Russia, Korea And Central Banks Accumulate Gold On Dip Below $1,600/oz | THE INTERNET POST
Feds: Gary Man ‘Bought’ Child To Make Porn « CBS Chicago
Feds: Ind. mom, Natisha Hillard sold baby to Christopher Bour for child pornography | wtsp.com
Why the Government is Your Enemy |
COMSEC and Privacy |
1421: The Year China Discovered America? (Full Version: Playlist) « Underground Documentaries
Media Portrays Department of Homeland Security’s Ammo Purchases As Conspiracy Theory | Market Daily News
What Holder Really Said |
Should You Move To Another Country To Escape The Collapse Of America? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself First | InvestmentWatch
Chomsky Acknowledges the Neocons as the Dominant Force in Pushing for Iraq War | My Catbird Seat
Judge Napolitano Applauds Rand Paul's Filibuster, Slams Obama: 'Brave New World Is Not Too Far Off' | XRepublic
Russian Leader Demands Investigation of Chavez’ Death - 12160
The Fox (Monsanto) Buys the Chicken Coop (Beeologics) - BlackListedNews.com
Manchester police officer shot by fellow officer during college - WFSB 3 Connecticut
Government Wants to Expand Assassination Program to Cover “ASSOCIATES of ASSOCIATES” of Al Qaeda - BlackListedNews.com
Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11 - BlackListedNews.com
Pentagon Deploying More Marines, Green Berets To Africa - BlackListedNews.com
Connecting the Dots: Afghan Heroin, NATO, Azerbaijan Hub & Cargo Business - BlackListedNews.com
Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease - BlackListedNews.com

Systemic Economic Collapse: A Brief History of Market Manipulation
Poison in the Food Chain: The Health Impacts of Aspartame
Upholding the Imperial Order: The Mass Media’s Defamation of Hugo Chavez
How Deregulation Has Resurrected American Economic Insecurity
National Disgrace: The Lack of Opposition to Obama’s Kill List Policy
NATO’s War on Libya and Africa
The Assassination of Yasser Arafat had been Ordered by the Israeli Cabinet
Are Attorney General Holder’s Statements on Banks and Drones Connected? How Far Will the Government Go to Defend the Too Big to Fail Banks?
Shadow Lives: How the War on Terror in England Became a War on Women and Children
US Plots Conquest of Venezuela in Wake of Chavez’ Death
Wireless Smart Meters and Civil Rights
Democrats and Labor: A Tale of Abuse
Democracy, Disillusion and The Political Process
Gun “Background Check” on Pentagon
The Legacy of Hugo Chavez: The Revolution Within the Revolution Will Continue
Wall Street Banks, Money Laundering and the Drug Trade
Obama Administration Claims Right to “Lawfully” Assassinate Citizens within the US
Episode 261 - International Law?
Exit Chávez, Torture Crimes, Silent Cardinals - New World Next Week
Interview 618 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 7, 2013

The future of the Arts in Chicago? Come be a part of moving Chicago Forward!
Data brokers: The people who sell companies more than you know about yourself
Undercover agent sneaks past TSA at Newark Airport with ‘bomb’ in pants
Jon Stewart calls for Bill O’Reilly to be the next Pope
O’Keefe agrees to pay $100,000 to unjustly fired former ACORN employee
Bill Clinton calls for Supreme Court to overturn same sex marriage ban he signed
Feinstein chides Rand Paul for ‘stupid’ Jane Fonda example during filibuster
Chavez: Farewell to Neoliberalism's Nemesis
AP: Chavez Wasted His Money on Healthcare When He Could Have Built Gigantic Skyscrapers
Democracy, Disillusion and The Political Process
We are Being Pulled Into the Matrix Like Never Before | Old-Thinker News
Scientists: “Exclusive Club” To Assume Command Of Global Geoengineering | Old-Thinker News
Doctor Offers Solutions for Healthcare — Without ObamaCare
Chávez Dead, But Latin American Socialism Lives On
Fifty-seven Good Things About the Sequester
AlterNet Comics: Tom Tomorrow on Republican Rebranding
With Millions in Assets And Hundreds of Attorneys, Christian Right Is Waging War on the Church-State Wall
Corporate Food Giants Have Reason to Worry -- Some Very Brave Supermarkets Are Sharing Nutritional Score Numbers with Customers
Bin Laden's Son-in-Law to Appear in New York Court
Vatican: Cardinals to Begin Conclave on Tuesday
20 Places to Find Local Food and Family Farms Near You
CDC's 'Nightmare Bacteria' Reveals Need for Natural Medicine
West's Legitimacy Collapses as it Props up Hostage-Taking Terrorists
Cities continue to get ‘tanks’ they don’t need in nationwide police militarization trend
Should You Move To Another Country To Escape The Collapse Of America? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself First
Rand Paul's Filibuster Angers Establishment
Bloom Where You’re Planted: Prepping No Matter What the Setting
5 Mandatory Steps For Protecting Data From Eavesdroppers

Brennan Confirmed After Rand Paul’s Anti-Drone Filibuster -- News from Antiwar.com
Paul fires back: Sens. McCain, Graham think the 'whole world is a battlefield' - The Hill's Video
White House Dismisses North Korea Nuclear Threat -- News from Antiwar.com
Khamenei Downplays Progress in Nuclear Talks -- News from Antiwar.com
The Iraq Disaster by Tom Engelhardt -- Antiwar.com
Does Eric Holder know the law? - Salon.com
Rand Paul’s Message to Obama: Don’t Drone Me Bro by Medea Benjamin -- Antiwar.com
Commentary: We Won't Always Drone Alone | The National Interest
#StandwithRand by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
Talking Turkey About Zionism by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com
Rodmania in North Korea by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com
A Million Locust swarm hits Israel, Passover plague Fuels apocalyptic fears are the ten Biblical plagues being imposed on Egyptians by God | count down to zero-time
Lurch toward transgenderism pushed by Obama
New Type of Bacteria Reportedly Found in Buried Antarctic Lake - Yahoo! News
7 Obscure, Remote and Super-Geeky Military Bases | Danger Room | Wired.com
Americans for Tax Reform : Obamacare Taxes: IRS "determining who to audit and who not to."
» Feinstein: All vets are mentally ill and government should prevent them from owning firearms Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
NORAD evacuated for 4.5 hours after packages arouse suspicions - CSMonitor.com
Connecting the Dots: Afghan Heroin, NATO, Azerbaijan Hub & Cargo Business
Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B - Part 1 - YouTube
Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B - Part 2 - YouTube
Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B - Part 3 - YouTube
Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B - Part 4 - YouTube
Sibel Edmonds Answers Your Questions on Gladio B - YouTube

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Rand Paul On Filibuster
Rand Paul’s Phony Grandstanding Echoes HAMAS CAIR/Iran on Drones; Hands Off Nidal Malik Hasan, Jose Padilla & Adam Gadahn?
President Obama the Big Spending and Regulating President
The GOP's Swiss Cheese Principles are the reason for factions.
Rand Paul... is he sincere?
Rand Paul Stands Up To Speak For Justice
Rand Paul Shifts Political Orbit
Nielsen and the Wasteland
The Virtues of Compromise
Senator Levin will not seek re-election
Huey P. Long Was Correct
An Exhaustion of Pessimism
Old guard GOP in lock-step with Obama regime
Chavez to be embalmed, displayed in museum
Our Father, Who art in the White House
Video: Pro-Life Abortion Law Survives in Arkansas Despite Governor's Veto
Video: Rand Forces Backtrack on Drones in US by Obama Administration
Video: Spencer: 'Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House' and CPAC
Video: Highlights of Rand Paul's 13 Hour Filibuster
Video: Newt Questions What CPAC is Today
Video: Can Government Be Trusted?
+Coast To Coast AM - Mar 7 2013 Brain & Imagination/ UFO Updates - C2CAM - YouTube

+Coast to Coast AM - March 06 2013 - Our Ancient Alien Ancestry C2CAM - YouTube

Patient has 75 per cent of his SKULL replaced with 3D-printed implant in groundbreaking operation | Mail Online
Study of 11,300 years of weather suggests record warming ahead - latimes.com
Grotesque Mummy Head Reveals Advanced Medieval Science - Yahoo! News
Jesse Jackson Sr. to attend Hugo Chavez funeral in Caracas - Fox News
Hugo Chavez's body put in glass casket for permanent display - Washington Times
President Obama’s Brother Loses Election in Kenya | Politicker
Bin Laden son-in-law pleads not guilty, lawmakers blast move to use civilian courts | Fox News
How typical of the Left to idolise a despot who gloried in attacking America and Britain | Mail Online
Al Gore Sued Over Current TV Sale to Al Jazeera (Exclusive)
New Sugary Drink Rules Complicate Coffee Orders - NYTimes.com
Jodi Arias claims her diary has no entries about being beaten by 'murdered' boyfriend or instances of him using gay child pornography because she 'didn't WANT to remember those times' | Mail Online
Code Pink to visit Rand Paul's office to thank him | The Daily Caller
Rand Paul Slammed By WSJ Editorial Page Over Epic Filibuster On Drones
Justice Anthony Kennedy notes power shift - SFGate
Obama mentor praises Chavez’s ‘generosity’
Furlough plans vary widely at gov't agencies | www.ajc.com
How a Harlem church nearly killed Hitler
So who was St. Patrick, anyway?
Getting Rich by Fighting for the Poor
“Bringing Christ to the Internet”
Rand Paul Fights for Conservative Principles—And Wins
The slow slide into dictatorship
Racing for the exits
King Coal Reigns As Global Powerhouse
The Dogs of War are Barking
The mathematically challenged Democrats
The filibuster heard 'round the world?
Are there no limits on use of drones?
Let's build on the Paul filibuster
The survivalist's guide to Obammunism & beyond
Obama's 'King George' abuses
Sell your dad a pistol – now you're a criminal
No bailout for Motown
J. NEWCOMBE: The canard of Jesus' nonexistence
B. FARBER: Civil war within 8 years?
P. GELLER: Jihad-accommodating CPAC
J. FARAH: Proof Obama is lying about guns
R. RINGER: Ben Carson's 'debate' with Obama
J. CASHILL: Prosecution unraveling in Zimmerman case
A. NAPOLITANO: What big-gov't crowd fears the most
E. RUSH: The rise of America's Gestapo
Politically and Legislatively Waterboarding the U. S. Citizen/Taxpayer!
Reign of Evil: A Look Back at the Vicious Rule of Hugo Chavez
ObamaCare’s many flaws can only be fixed by free-market reforms that give consumers an array of opti
Welfare Reform Is Back
The Real Winners Of The Global Economy
Federal Reserve Constitutional or Merely Legal?
What if Kim Jong Un actually does try to nuke us?
North Korea Threatens to Nuke US: Where Are Barack Obama and/or John Kerry?
The Supreme Court to Decide the Future Direction of Marriage in America
Graphic: Did Chicago Morgue Go Too Far Posting Unredacted Photos of Unclaimed Bodies?
Popular CPAC Conference Still Lacks Female Speakers: What’s Going On?
Here Are the Republicans Who Voted for John Brennan — They May Surprise You
CSCOPE: Exposing the Nation’s Most Controversial Public School Curriculum System
Believe It or Not, One Man’s Family Found $30 Million Fortune Hidden in This Messy Pile of Stuff He Left Behind
Illinois Might Fire Its Republican Party Chair on Saturday Because He Supports Gay Marriage
One of the Most Awkward Moments We Can Imagine Actually Happened Yesterday — and Here’s the Photo to Prove It
You Know Those Viral Trick Shot Videos? We Talked to the Guys Behind Many of Them and They’re Fascinating | TheBlaze.com
High School Kicker’s Phenomenal Field Goal That You Have to See to Believe | Video | TheBlaze.com
The Ultimate Compilation of People Pranking Their Friends With Cruel Wake-Up Calls Is Painfully Funny | Video | TheBlaze.com
Man Falls Off Cabin Roof While Shoveling Snow — and It Ends in the Best Way Possible | Video | TheBlaze.com
Another Tax-the-Rich Plan Introduced in Congress
Are Rep. King's Comments On Immigration Controversial?
Boehner Won't Say if GOP Has Any Plans to Curtail Any Part of Obamacare in Must-Pass Legislation
Graham: Obama Treating Bin Laden's Son-in-Law Like a Common Criminal
ABC's Porn Pinup for Teenage Girls
Rotten to the Core: The Feds' Invasive Student Tracking Database
Transgender Fighter Outs Herself After 39-Second Win, Prompting License Review
Pelosi: 'This President Has Been So Respectful ... to Republicans'
Catholic Bishops: New Violence Against Women Act Undermines Religious Liberty
Holder Defiant on Fast and Furious, Says White House Had No Role in Scandal
Brennan at CIA Fills 3rd Key National Security Job
Unemployment for Women, Minorities Largely Unchanged
Sebelius Touts Obamacare’s Contraceptive Mandate at Global Women's Health Event
Long-Term Unemployed Rises, Real Unemployment Basically Unchanged
Yale Hosts ‘Sex Week’ to Explore ‘Sexual Culture,’ Including Incest and Prostitution
Vatican Chief Justice: Pro-Abortion Politicians Must Not Receive Holy Communion
CDC: Pet Hedgehogs May Endanger Your Health
Mental Health Experts: Violent Entertainment is 'Poison' that is 'Polluting the Culture'
U.N. Human Rights Council Honors Hugo Chavez, But Is Silent on His Rights Record
After Kerry Expresses Support, Qatar Prods Arab League to Approve Arming Syrian Rebels
Kerry Stresses That It’s ‘President Obama’s Foreign Policy’
N. Korea’s Threat to Tear Up Armistice Comes As S. Korea Supports U.N. Human Rights Probe
North Korea hit by new UN sanctions after test
Arrest of Bin Laden’s Son-in-Law Could Shed More Light on Iran’s Collaboration With Terrorists
Paul's Filibuster Wakes Up Democrats
Obamacare's Biggest Test: US Consumers
Getting Wise to Government Lies
Let's Slash the TSA's Knife Policy
Obama's Politics Trump Public Safety
Rand Paul: 'Seriously Considering' 2016 Run for White House
Republicans Call for Military Trial of Bin Laden Son-in-Law
Coburn: Obama Needs to Implement Smart Savings Cuts
Rubio Won't Support Spending Bill Without Repeal of Obamacare
Men Earn Less Now Than In 1979
Giffords to Receive JFK Profile in Courage Award
Sen. Carl Levin's Decision Opens Seat in 2014
Illinois AG Madigan Prepping for 2014 Governor Run
Young Republicans Hope to Change Party Image
Obama Seeks Common Ground With Big Business
NKorea Can't Hit America, but South Korea and Japan in Range
Jack Welch: Stock Market Strength Stems from Fed Easing
New Guidelines May Miss Advanced Cancer in Women
Health Officials Warn of Deadly Virus Risk in US
Researchers: We May Have Found a Fabled Sunstone
Google Not Liable for Vanity Search Results-US Court
'Oz the Great and Powerful' skids over the rainbow, reviews say
Still no Wrigley deal after Emanuel, Ricketts, aldermen meet
Gun trafficking bill carrying Hadiya Pendleton's name clears Senate panel
Bin Laden relative pleads not guilty
James O'Keefe 'regrets any pain' to ACORN worker
Does the Republican Party need more Rand Pauls?
James Holmes case: Judge rules Colo. insanity plea constitutional
Clintons dined at White House on sequester day
Jury Questions to Jodi Arias Illustrate Their Frustration With Her Story
Obama to address energy issues in trip to Illinois lab March 15
Why Bill Clinton Signed The Defense Of Marriage Act
Eye-Opening Women: Caroline Kennedy
Juan Williams plagiarism case and the plight of the researcher
China urges calm as North and South Korea trade barbs
What is International Women's Day? (+video)
UN Seeks Cease-Fire to Free Peacekeepers Captured by Syrian Rebels
South Africa is an angry nation on the brink, warns Nelson Mandela's wife
'Attempt to ban porn' discovered in EU report
Independents take senior roles in Tunisia's new Islamist-led government
Sen. Warren slams regulators' failure to prosecute crooked banks
Wholesale Inventories in U.S. Jump by Most in More Than a Year
Managing Your Privacy with Facebook's New News Feed
Million dollar appeal on Kickstarter for Ultima sequel
Cablevision: Viacom Threatened Billion-Dollar Fine for Dropping Channels
Study Of Past 11300 Years Shows That Global Warming Is All Too Real
New Venture Seeks Printable Space Rockets
Sniff, Sniff: Study Finds New Form of Rat Communication
Ancient Mega-Flood on Mars Revealed in 3D
Brain map seeks to unlock mysteries of the mind
Beware Of Deadly New Virus, CDC Warns Officials
Nearly 500 Living With HIV
CDC says 'nightmare bacteria' a growing threat
USS MONITOR: Two Civil War sailors to be laid to rest Friday in Arlington National Cemetery - wdbj7.com
Pistorius challenges bail conditions | Herald Sun
Papal Conclave 'Will Not Be Short' Says Cardinal Donald Wuerl - YouTube
Google Field Trip, a location-based discovery app, comes to iPhone - latimes.com
Those spam text messages that you get are a scam - YouTube
'Methuselah' Star' Not Older Than Universe After All, New Hubble Telescope Data Show
BBC News - Key galaxy distance re-measured
El funeral de Hugo Chávez en la Academia Militar - YouTube
Strange Business: Medical Marijuana Vending Machines Make A Comeback In San Diego | Biotech/pharma | Minyanville's Wall Street
State funeral for Venezuela’s Chavez to be followed by swearing in of interim successor - The Washington Post
McCain calls Paul, Cruz, Amash ‘wacko birds’
School buses scrapped - chicagotribune.com
Source: Ashley Judd moving forward with run for Senate - DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG
White House Taking No Actions Yet to Cut Back Its Budget - Bloomberg
My Way News - Police chief's polygraph targets racist applicants
Prisoner Left in Solitary 2 Years Receives $15.5M Settlement - ABC News
News from The Associated Press
Whole Foods: Products will carry GMO labeling - DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG
Westwood: Michelle Obama clothes 'dreadful' - POLITICO.com
Student Charged After Camera Found in Boys' Locker Room | NBC Chicago
ACLU Has Concerns Over Military Weapons Used By Local Police « CBS St. Louis
City May Expand 'Gun Offender' Registry - DNAinfo.com Chicago
North Korea cancels peace pact with South in revenge for tough UN sanctions as it threatens 'thermonuclear war with US' | Mail Online
Trailer Talk: 'The Hangover Part III' Promises More Human, Animal Cruelty
John McCain: New GOP Guard 'Wacko Birds'
Gun Control Dem: If 10 Rounds Isn't Enough, 'You're Probably Not Good Enough to Use 30 Rounds'
IL Sen Dems Move Bill Limiting Drone Strikes
Sequester Fail: Economy Adds 236k Jobs in February
U.S. Household Wealth Climbs to Highest Level Since Recession Began
Green Fuel Company Awarded $23 Million in 2010, Shutting Doors in 2013
Michigan Teachers Try to Sneak Around Right-to-Work
Nancy Pelosi: 'Tax Cuts Are Spending'
Pelosi: Raise Minimum Wage to $10
Gun Background-check Bill Stumbles, Senators Press On
Anti-Israel Harvard Students Send Dorm Demolition Notices to Jews
80% of NYC HS Grads Entering City College Don't Have Basic Skills
Lindsey Graham Boasts About Dinner with Obama
Rasmussen: Americans Feel Most Connected to Religious Groups
Former Bush Adviser Continues Crusade Against Palin, Conservatives
John Lott: Obama Said 'I Don't Believe People Should Be Able to Own Guns'
Disgraced Ex-GOP Rep. Slams Boehner for Being 'Lazy,' Prioritizing Golf, Drinking
After Holder Caves, Senate Moves Forward with Brennan Nomination
GOP's McKinley Gaining Support in Chicago Democrat Strongholds
Poll: Americans Trust GOP Congress Over Obama On Guns
WaPo: Another Day, Another False White House Sequester Claim
Media's ObamaCurve: Today's Job Creation Pathetic Compared to Reagan-Era
National Shooting Sports Foundation Warns of Media Plan to Divide, Conquer Gun Rights Groups
Narrative Fail: Connecticut Residents Agree with NRA On Armed Guards
ABC News CEO: We've Presented the News 'In a Slightly Inaccurate Way'
CNN Selectively Edits Fox News President Quote to Make It Look Racist
2004 Democratic Underground Poll: Hugo Chavez More Popular than Kerry
Missile Defense Now More Important Than Ever
Brennan Breaks Record: Most 'No' Votes Ever for CIA Director
North Korea Voids Non-Aggression Pacts with South
Proposal: No More Drinking for U.N. Delegates
GOP Senator: 'Appalling' Waste of U.S. Reconstruction Funding in Iraq
World View: N. Korea Threatens Death to America for U.N. Security Council Vote
Kangaroo Court: Obama Defies Congress, Endangers U.S. by Bringing bin Laden Son-in-Law to New York
'Raising Taxes Won't Be Enough': Sweden Raises Retirement Age Again
Citgo Flies American Flag at Half-Staff to Honor Hugo Chavez
U.N. Passes New Sanctions Against North Korea
Judicial Watch Sues State Department for Benghazi Security Details
DailyKos Excuses Hugo Chavez's Human Rights Violations
GOP Lawmakers Demand to See Benghazi Survivors
Paul fires first shot in battle against crotchety establishment types - chicagotribune.com
The new GOP generation stands up - NYPOST.com
Will the Left Finally Get the Tea Party Now?
Barack Obama’s invites Republicans to the White House: The president’s effort to reach out to the GOP is not as new or novel as it seems. - Slate Magazine
The Anti-Confidence Man - WSJ.com
Household Incomes Remain Depressed Post-Recession | TIME.com
The drums of war beat louder for Syria - The Globe and Mail
The Myth of Bob Woodward: Why Is This Man an American Icon? - Newsweek and The Daily Beast
George Will: Robert Bork recalls the dark days of Watergate - The Washington Post
The American Spectator : Reagan’s 'Evil Empire' Turns 30
Terrorism and the war at home - latimes.com
Editorial: Kentucky senator's filibuster puts focus on constitutional issue | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com
Latin America: Hugo Chávez’s rotten legacy | The Economist
How long will voters let Republicans put the rich before everyone else? | Sadhbh Walshe | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Some Taxes Up, and the Sky's Still There | RealClearPolitics
What Undocumented Workers Really Want - NationalJournal.com
Are Minority Students Harmed by Affirmative Action? | Brookings Institution
Compassionate Economics: Can Health Care Transparency Make a Difference?
Lead Poisoning: The Ignored Scandal by Helen Epstein | The New York Review of Books
ObamaCare Insurance Exchanges Will Shrink After 2018, CBO Projects - Investors.com
Another U.S. Dupe Falls for a Dictator | RealClearPolitics
The U.S. can’t afford a Chinese economic collapse | The Edgy Optimist
Hugo's Banker - By Henry Sanderson and Michael Forsythe | Foreign Policy
Chavez’s Death A Huge Opportunity -- If Venezuelans Can Seize It
The Correlation Between Guns and Homicide Rate - Blog
U.S. Gun Rights Truly Are American Exceptionalism - Bloomberg
What Went Wrong in Afghanistan? | Foreign Policy
At Vatican, leaks, media blackout cast spotlight on press corps - The Washington Post
Bolshoi Ballet Acid Attack: TIME's Interview with the Wife of the Alleged Culprit | TIME.com
Want the Fed to Tighten? Don't Hold Your Breath
The Strange Surge in U.S. Oil Imports - Businessweek
The Cruel Things President Obama Is Doing To The Labor Market - Forbes
Elizabeth Kolbert: The Science of Sleeplessness : The New Yorker
Consciousness explained (sort of), using a cocktail party – Telegraph Blogs
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