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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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18 March 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

MI6 and CIA heard Iraq had no active WMD capability ahead of invasion | World news | guardian.co.uk
PressTV - Saudi war on Islam, Zionist war on humanity
An Orwellian America | Zero Hedge
Cargill, Kissinger & the Arming of Saddam Hussein | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Symantec discovers 2005 US computer virus attack on Iran nuclear plants | Technology | guardian.co.uk
OPPT Illuminati & Occult Ties Revealed « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Reversing Structures
Whole Foods and the GMO Blame Game | Farm Wars
Is the Federal Government Supreme? – Tenth Amendment Center
The NWO Is Shifting Into Ramming Speed « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Visible Origami | The Devils and Demons Among Us.
The CIA, James Holmes, MKULTRA, and truth-serum torture | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Why does the devil in 'The Bible' look exactly like President Obama? | Mail Online
News from The Associated Press
Obama’s Advisors: Disarm America Through Taxation : Freedom Outpost
American Way: why it's become clear that Obama's White House is open to the rich and closed to the poor - Telegraph
Activist Post: Creating a Surveillance and DNA Database for Every American . . . From the Cradle to the Grave
The Grand Masquerade « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Google Glass: Google's sinister glasses will turn the whole world into search giant's spies | Mail Online
This City Is the Canary In the Coal Mine for America’s Future | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
- Metro - The Boston Globe
the tap: Pepsi replaces sugar with mystery ingredient
Activist Post: Electricity As Currency? 10 Reasons It Could Work
Activist Post: EU Bee-Killing Pesticide Ban Crumbles Under Corporate Interests
Garden Time: Do You Know Where Your Seeds Come From? | Show Me Oz
65 tonnes of DEAD FISH wash up at Rio de Janeiro Olympic rowing venue after oxygen levels plummet in torrential rain | Mail Online
Are toxins in our air killing us? | Health | News | Daily Express
There WAS a recount on the Prop 37 vote, and it was stopped cold | Jon Rappoport's Blog
5 Corrupt Things About New Jersey Governor Chris Christie | Alternet
Cyprus Bailout Risks Europe Bank Runs - Business Insider
Barack Obama's Israeli Classmates Don't Remember Him From Columbia – Forward.com
Truther Girls; MK ULTRA, Survivor of Mind Control Speaks out!! (Ann Diamond) - YouTube
Reflections in a Petri Dish | Talking 'bout the Spawn of Satan that moves Among Us.
Is Your Credit Union Safe?

"All The Conditions For A Total Disaster Are In Place" | Zero Hedge
What Can Happen If the US Government Siezes Private Bank Accounts From an Armed Popuation? | The Lone Star Watchdog
Ron Paul: The Congressional Budget Debate Is Just A Sideshow | XRepublic
Big Brother Knows How You’re Feeling
Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza created meticulous 7ft long spreadsheet detailing massacres of the past he wanted to outdo | Mail Online
How Senomyx Creates Novel Flavor Enhancers
It's Good To Be King! - Obama Refuse To Eat Without Food Tester? - Wake Up America!!!! | XRepublic
Phone hacking lawyer: 100s of new cases | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
The 9/11 Commission: A Victim of Cheney’s Torture Program | The Big Picture
CPAC Neo-Con Con |
The American National’s Responsibility Under the Law |
Money as Debt 3 – Evolution Beyond Money (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The Light Bulb Conspiracy: Planned Obsolescence (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The Hidden Origins of Compulsory Government Education
Why Giving Away 'Free Government Money' Is So Expensive - Home - The Daily Bail
Resource Insights: Depletion: The one word oil optimists refuse to utter
Even Democratic Party Loyalists Starting to Wake Up to the Fact that Obama Is As Bad As Bush … Or Worse |
did james holmes have help? compelling evidence, eyewitness testimony linger as case nears trial | poorrichards blog
Creating a Surveillance and DNA Database for Every American . . . From the Cradle to the Grave | Intellihub.com
Suntech, Chinese solar panel company, defaults on $541M bond payment | GlobalPost
U.N. Think Tank Opening Office in Bahrain, with Bahraini Government Funding - BlackListedNews.com
"All The Conditions For A Total Disaster Are In Place" - BlackListedNews.com
MI6 and CIA heard Iraq had no active WMD capability ahead of invasion | World news | guardian.co.uk
Opinion: The Internet is a surveillance state - CNN.com
Even Democratic Party Loyalists Starting to Wake Up to the Fact that Obama Is As Bad As Bush … Or Worse - BlackListedNews.com
Nicole Sherzinger: “To make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil.”
Argentina Makes Grab for Pensions Amid Crisis |
A New Muslim Vision: Rebuilding Solomon’s Temple Together | The Jewish Press
The Rape Of Cyprus By The European Union & The IMF | Zero Hedge
Russia Sending Permanent Warship Fleet To Mediterranean: Is A Russian Naval Base In Cyprus Coming Next? | Zero Hedge
Haiti “Open for Business”: Sourcing Slave Labor for U.S.-Based Companies
Pope Francis, CIA and ‘Death Squads’
The New Propaganda is Liberal. The New Slavery is Digital.
Who Was Hugo Chavez?
Workers Rights and the Trade Union Movement in the U.S. and Canada
American Military Field Operations. US Occupation Forces in Afghanistan
New Phase in the Global Financial Crisis: EU Summit Sparks Run on Cyprus Banks
U.S. Drone Strikes In Syria: Dangerous Escalation
Week in Review: “Washington’s Pope” and the Truth About Hugo Chavez
Global Research News Hour: The Legacy of Hugo Chavez
GULF WAR DOCUMENTS: Meeting between Saddam Hussein and Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie
Ten Years Ago and Today: A Warfare State of Mind
Too Big Banks Are Just Crony Capitalists
The Mysterious Case of the Sulu Sultan
Interview 629 - Tim Ball on Climategate 3.0
Interview 628 - Michel Chossudovsky on Pope Francis I
The Secret Agent - FLNWO #03
Interview 627 - Anthony Gucciardi on Why We Fluoridate
Episode 262 - Solutions: Pirate Internet
Gen X And Gen Y Wealth Stagnates - Forbes
Pentagon spends nearly $1B a year on unemployment - FederalNewsRadio.com
Homeless veteran cited after searching trash bin for food | khou.com Houston
Biotechnology Report: 1000 hectares of genetically modified maize grows in Egypt | Egypt Independent
Animal activists to use drones in fight against illegal hunting | The Times

A Month of Mournful Anniversaries « Antiwar.com Blog
9/11 and Iraq: The War’s Greatest Lie « Antiwar.com Blog
Ten Years Later: When is the Reckoning? by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
The New Generation of Hypocrisy on Iran » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Arundhati Roy on Iraq War’s 10th: Bush May Be Gone, But "Psychosis" of U.S. Foreign Policy Prevails
10th Anniversary Of Iraq War U.S. Still Hasn't Learned Its Lessons

Video-Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre:
Video-The Israel Lobby
Video-Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons
Video-"With Liberty and Justice for Some" : Glenn Greenwald "The Rule Of Law Is Dead In America"

Don’t Download That Bro, You’re Going to Get Busted! | TorrentFreak

Praising the Troops for Defending Our "Rights" and "Freedoms" - informationliberation
Gun Control: It Backfires - informationliberation
Checkpoint Tyranny Along the Border The Future of Freedom Foundation
The Presumption of Truth | Popehat
You Are An Anarchist. The Question Is: How Often? : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
Paulson Says He Has No Plans to Relocate to Puerto Rico - Bloomberg
Puerto Rico Beyond IRS Reach Woos Paulson-Sized Fortunes - Bloomberg
How Intermittent Fasting Stacks Up Among Obesity-Related Myths, Assumptions, and Evidence-Backed Facts by Joseph Mercola
Driver’s Taxes and Other Money-Grabbing Schemes Throughout History by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers
Jesse Ventura – A One of a Kind All-American
The Congressional Budget Debate Is Just a Sideshow by Ron Paul
Solar Storms: Their Impact and How to Prepare, By Tamara W. - SurvivalBlog.com
13 Healthy Ways to Begin the Day | Mark's Daily Apple
UN Human Rights Council: America's Imperial Tool
Baby Girl Dies Hours After Getting 5 Vaccinations
Ignoring Whistleblowers
Exposing Chemtrail Spraying in Los Angeles for 30 Days
After The Banksters Steal Money From Bank Accounts In Cyprus They Will Start Doing It EVERYWHERE
EU Raids Private Savings Accounts to Pay for Cyprus Bailout
Sounds Like Obama Is Going To Israel To Discuss War With Iran
Cyprus Americana: Humanity VS the Banksters
Surprise! Drone Industry Report Says Drones are Great for the U.S. Economy
Hillary Clinton Placed Under House Arrest - Unconfirmed Report | Spies and Intelligence
Dulce Underground Base: Smuggled Footage | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Shocking Find In Mariana Trench | Beyond Science
Sandy Hook: Shots Fired After Adam Lanza Pronounced Dead - Video | Alternative
The Mother of All Conspiracies | Alternative
Alien Machinery & Base On Mars Discovered Along With New Faces Claim Researchers | Beyond Science
Thy Mystery Of The Blood And Water | Prophecy
Marxism And Fascism Being Implemented In Your Neighborhood | Politics
Video: How To Create Fire Using Pine Sap | Survival
The Fast Diet: Get Thin Quick By Starving Yourself Two Days A Week | Health
How to Starve Cancer Cells | Health
Mark Of The Beast : Right Hand Scanners Being Implemented In Bossier Parish | Prophecy
Satanism Inside The Vatican - Full Documentary (Video) | Religion
Vatican City: Not What or Where You Think It Is | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Obama Boycotts Israel’s Elected Parliament for Hand-Picked Liberal Americans; EXCLUSIVE Account From an Israeli Friend
That’s Your Prez Candidate? Rand Paul to Unveil Immigration Amnesty Program Tomorrow @ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Does the Supreme Court claim the authority of God?
Macroeconomics 204
Sarah Palin is still the best person to lead the United States
Identifying Behavior Associated With Faith-Based Belief Systems
The President's War on Fossil Fuels is a War on the Middle Class
CPAC - Rubio, Paul and some advice
The Other Drone Question: Is Obama Building A Federal Police Force?
Feminist Leaders Compared to Religious Right Leaders
Boehner to Keep Funding ObamaCare
Is Pope Francis Liberal or Conservative?
Is It Time To Starve The Beast?
That Dirty, Rotten Racist...Abraham Lincoln
Writing Our Own Moral Code
History Channel's The Bible has Satan that looks like Obama
RNC admits voters see GOP as 'scary' and 'out of touch'
Venezuela's Maduro pleads with Obama not to kill rival
What the government seizure of deposits in Cyprus really means for the US and Europe
53% see Iraq War as a mistake
Biden Press Office Apologizes for Forcing Reporter to Delete Photo
The US mandates using a lot of fuel to produce a little bit of fuel
Flip: Hillary Clinton Now Endorses Same-Sex Marriage
Sarah Palin at CPAC with Ted Cruz Impromptu Intro
Mitt Romney at CPAC with Intro by Nikki Haley
Dr. Ben Carson's Stirring Speech at CPAC 2013
Bonhoeffer Author's Must-See Message at CPAC
What the Hell? Satanic-looking Obama has many questioning eerie resemblance in History Channel broadcast - NY Daily News
Bloomberg announces anti-tobacco legislation - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Poop police now have DNA test to find dog owners - Houston Chronicle
The Great Pension Divide
DHS Insider update: It has begun
EU theft of private bank accounts a “sacrifice” to mainstream media
Where Are the Benghazi Survivors?
History of America’s Right of the People to Keep And Bear Arms
Government Money
Palestine - The One Question President Obama Must Answer
Attorney General Eric Holder: If the President Does It, It’s Legal
Tell Vladimir the capitulation is complete
Government vs. People: Who can keep us safe?
Bill Maher: Liberals ‘could lose me’ over high taxes
David Gregory serves Dem talking points by obsessing over ‘ratios’
Anderson Cooper Kisses “Boy Scout” to Offend Traditional America
What Major Change to Cable TV Could Be on the Horizon?
‘Start a War. Get a Gun. Shoot Me First’: Oregon Law Prof. Arrested, Fired After Intense Run-In With Student Immigration Protest
Will Obama Cut Back on ‘Lavish Vacations’ Due to Sequester Cuts, Furloughs? Hear Jay Carney’s Evasive Answer
Do You Know What This Odd Vessel Allegedly Spotted Floating in the Florida Keys Is?
Elizabeth Warren Wonders: Why Aren’t Employers Paying $22-an-Hour Minimum Wage Rates?
What Do You Get When You Mix Angry Cows, a New Video Camera, and a Few Guys Goofing Around? This Viral Video
New Allegations About ‘Murder-Obsessed’ Sandy Hook Killer Shows Scary Depth of Sinister Plans
Meet Obama’s Pick for Labor Secretary: ‘A Radical’s Radical’, Says Former DOJ Attorney
Exclusive Look: See the First Episode from New NRA Contributor Colion Noir! (And It Goes After Obama)
White House Now Warns It Might Cancel the 135th Easter Egg Roll — But Why?
Another Report Claims Alleged Menendez ‘Prostitutes’ Were Paid to Lie
Sympathizing With Rapists? See What CNN Said About the Steubenville Rapists That Has It Taking Major Heat
NSA Whistleblower Warns National Press Club: U.S. Government Engaged in a ‘Direct Assault’ on Free Speech
Your Phone Can Now Tell You When You’re Drunk
5 Secrets About Scientology Alleged in Tell-All Book by Church Leader’s Niece
U.S. Military’s Drone Helicopters Will Remain in Afghanistan Until ‘Otherwise Directed’
If It Weren’t So ‘Sad’ It Would Be ‘Hilarious’: Educators Continue to Reveal and Blast ‘Common Core Standards’
Farrakhan’s Issues Bizarre Legal Threat Against a Bahamian Newspaper — But Do You Get It?
Study Finds Fox News Spends Far More Time on ‘Factual Reporting’ Than…MSNBC
Chinese Gov’t to Ease Control Over Economy?
Hillary Clinton Endorses Gay Marriage: ‘Personally and as a Matter of Policy and Law’
‘Kill Them!’: Egyptian Vigilantes Strip & Hang 2 Alleged Thieves in Crowded Bus Station (*Graphic Photos*)
Planned Parenthood, Pro-Choice Groups Celebrate ‘National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day’
Why Is Texas the ‘Number One Place in the Nation to Do Business’? Gov. Rick Perry Tells Us
What Did the Republican National Committee’s Own Report Reveal About Why Republicans Lost in 2012?
What Obama Quote Did John Boehner and Paul Ryan Agree With Today?
Lindsey Graham’s Gun-Related Bill Wants to Track the Mentally Ill — but Who Counts?
Man Dressed as Giant Vagina Interrupts Pro-Life Event: ‘We Are the Defenders of the C**t’
Fatalities Reported After Jet Crashes into Homes in Indiana Neighborhood
Obama Will Be on This Special ‘Diet’ While in Jerusalem
Madonna Chastises Boy Scouts Over Stance on Gays During GLAAD Awards…While Wearing This Bizarre Outfit
Did You Know Hollywood Made a Movie About Ben Carson? Watch the Highlights Here
‘What Would the World Look Like if America Never Existed?’: ‘2016′ Creator Dinesh D’Souza Is Back With a New Movie
13 Questions (and Answers) About Obama’s Secretive Drone Program
George Will Hails ‘Rise of the Libertarian Strand’ of the GOP
CNN Features Ben Carson Interview…But Why Did They Avoid Talking Politics?
‘Down-to-Earth’ Pope Wades Into Italian Crowd: ‘He Is a People Person and it Is Amazing’
Judge upholds firing of Drew Peterson's son
The Rosemont Cubs? That's what suburb's mayor is pushing for
Police: Fla. college drop-out found dead had planned campus attack
Justices appear divided on Arizona voting law
Prosecutors: No charges in adopted Russian boy's death
Acting Commerce Secretary To Leave Obama Administration
$9 Minimum Wage Would Fall Far Short Of Living Wage In New York: Analysis
Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Streaming TV, Music Piracy Cases
Exclusive: Fake Rockefeller attorneys plan to pin murder on missing wife
The Pope and Argentina's President: Friends at Last?
Congolese Warlord Turns Himself In
Fears of nuclear Iran frame Obama's trip: Your Say
Google 'Keep' App Outed: Beware Evernote?
Google Drive goes titsup for MILLIONS of users
Pinterest Redesign: Benefits For Your Business
Why Facebook Doesn't Have A Problem With A Lack Of Teens
FCC Goes After Cell Phone Robocallers
Fannie Sees a Way to Repay Billions
How Worried Should We Be About Solar Flares? - YouTube
New clues emerge on origin of Kepler's famous supernova
Psych Effects Linger After False Positive Mammograms
How to fight allergies now that it's the season again
Ovarian cancer patients getting substandard care?
2 girls charged with social media threats against accuser in Ohio football players’ rape case - The Washington Post
'Different Instead of Somebody Being Wrong,' Gay Marriage Gains Support in ABC/Wash-Post Poll - ABC News
Nicole Scherzinger: You Have to Sell Your Soul to the Devil - YouTube
EU Steals Nations Private Bank Accounts: Starts EU Wide Bank Runs - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Cyprus Banking Crisis for Dummies
Prison Planet.com » Pop Star: You Have to Sell Your Soul to the Devil
Prison Planet.com » Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Italians’ Savings
Prison Planet.com » IMF & EU Take Their Mafia Cut from Cyprus Banks
Prison Planet.com » North Dakota Set to Ban Abortions at Six Weeks of Pregnancy
Prison Planet.com » Anti-Depressants Don’t Work for Mild or Moderate Depression
Obama Picks New Labor Secretary - YouTube
Blackwater's secret relationship with the CIA - YouTube

Genesis Communications Network GCN News Staring Armageddon In The Face But Hiding It With Official Lies «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Another OK City Bombing: Establishment Media Ramps Up Fear of Patriots «
IMF & EU Take Their Mafia Cut from Cyprus Banks - YouTube
Globalist Plan to Raid Cypriot Banks - YouTube

» The CIA, James Holmes, MKULTRA, and truth-serum torture Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
A Guide to California's Proposed Ban on Smoking in Apartments | KQED News Fix
Suntech, Chinese solar panel company, defaults on $541M bond payment | GlobalPost
Bill Maher: Liberals Could 'Actually Lose Me' with Their Tax the Rich Mantra
'SNL' Alum Norm Macdonald Bullied into Silence for Being Religious
Lindsay Lohan Accepts Plea Deal with 90 Days in Rehab
Sarah Silverman in Talks to Play a Christian Prostitute in Seth MacFarlane's Western Comedy
'Bible' Producers Deny Devil Represents Obama, Say Critics Seeking to 'Distract' from 'Beauty' of Story
Madonna: Boy Scouts Are 'F--ked Up'
Democrats Having Second Thoughts About Ashley Judd's Senate Run
Report: Minorities in US Will Outnumber Whites in 30 Years
Ted Cruz Rocks CPAC: Constitutional Expert with Conservative Passion
Tea Party Favorites Headline NRA's Houston Event in May
Background: Melgen-Menendez Dominican Port Security Deal
Colorado Sheriffs Will Not Enforce State Gun Control Laws if Enacted
Vitter to Block Perez Nomination to Labor
Dominican Police Say Women Paid to Accuse Senator
Slim Chance for Feinstein's Assault Weapon Ban to Survive Senate Vote
House GOP Plans Vote on Obama's 2014 Blank Page Budget
Exclusive Video: Menendez Hustles Away From Questions About Easter 2012 Donor Flight
Boehner: U.S. debt crisis not immediate
Poll: Voters Support GOP Positions, Not the GOP
Boehner says he 'absolutely' trusts Obama
RNC Elders Determine Conservative 'Purity' Costs GOP Elections
GWB Strategist Dowd: CPAC Attendees 'Dinosaurs'
RNC 'Autopsy' Ground Game: The Walking Dead
Discredited, Hagel-Supporting Jewish Democrats Attack CPAC For Choosing Rand Paul
Biden, Pelosi Lead White House Delegation To Pope Francis' Inaugural Mass
'Autopsy' Is the Right Word: RNC Releases Report on Party's Future
House Majority Whip McCarthy: Dems Playing 'Fiscal Jenga'
Boehner: I 'Absolutely' Trust Obama
GOP Elders Call for Celebrity 'Task Force', Embrace of Mainstream Media
Pew Study Proves Fox News' Critics Horribly, Terribly, Completely Wrong
On 'Morning Joe,' Ben Smith Doesn't Condemn Andrew Sullivan's Anti-Catholic Smears
'60 Minutes' Uses Left's 'War on Women' Playbook Against Vatican
Tucker: 'I'm Not Clear What Sarah Palin Does'
DiGenova: Obama Labor Pick Perez 'Single Most Radical' Choice
Predictable: Media Play Up Conservative 'Divide' Over Defense Issues at CPAC
Guilty Verdict in Steubenville Rape Case that Saw Anonymous Terrorize a Town
Two Inmates Escape from Quebec Prison in Helicopter
Japan Seizes Nuclear-Related Materials from North Korea Cargo
Lebanon Tensions After Sunnis Attacked in Shiite Areas
Indian Police Set Up Lab to Monitor Social Media
Greek Radical Anarchists Claim Attacks on Political Offices
UN: Massive Funding Boost Needed to Beat Tuberculosis
Jimmy Carter's Libel Israel Week
Cypriot Bank Tax Not Unlike Federal Reserve Policies
Palestinians Unenthusiastic About Obama Visit
Pope Francis Calls on Journalists to Give ‘Special Attention to Truth, Goodness and Beauty’
Pope's First Tweet: 'Pray for Me'
Cyprus deposit grab sets bad precedent | Hugo Dixon
The Making of the "Other" Chicago
Three Cheers for Governor Bobby Jindal's Plan to Abolish the Income Tax | RealClearPolitics
The Way of Pope Francis | First Things
Google Glass: Google's sinister glasses will turn the whole world into search giant's spies | Mail Online
10 Years On, Paul Wolfowitz Admits U.S. Bungled in Iraq | RealClearPolitics
A Latin American pope and the future of Christianity - latimes.com
Government as Old-Age Home | RealClearPolitics
At CPAC, Conservatives Downplaying the Culture Wars - NationalJournal.com
Opinion: The Internet is a surveillance state - CNN.com
How Obamacare Changed Your Taxes
How Beer Gave Us Civilization - NYTimes.com
American Way: why it's become clear that Obama's White House is open to the rich and closed to the poor - Telegraph
Under Obama's Rule, Only the Peasants Tighten Their Belts | RealClearPolitics
Doing the Math: The Cost of Publicly Funded ‘Universal’ Pre-K | NewAmerica.net
Notes and coins: Kill bill | The Economist
Saddam Would Have Survived the Arab Spring - TIME
BBC News - The dark side of silence
The Next Arab Challenge - NationalJournal.com
Pope Francis – global centrist – Global Public Square - CNN.com Blogs
A decade later and the Iraq debate is still contaminated with myths | Shadow Government
Power Shift: Energy Boom Dawning in America
Looking for canaries in the correction coal mine - MarketWatch
GPA: For Would-Be Business Majors, It Still Matters - Businessweek
High-speed trains in the United States: Is Alfred Twu’s fantasy map too fantastical? - Slate Magazine
Table-top astrophysics: How to build a multiverse | The Economist
WORLD | In defense of Richard Dawkins | Marvin Olasky | March 16, 2013
Pope Francis I Speaks on Holocaust, Israel and Jews in Only Book – Forward.com
Atheism is a religion, too | Fox News
Earth Hour is all wrong. We need more electricity, not less. - Slate Magazine
How Writing Is Losing to Metrics in the Online Content Wars | Motherboard
Why it’s still hard to discover new music online (and how we can fix it) | Digital Trends
Flashlight apps, location and why consumers still don’t understand privacy - The Next Web
RealClearTechnology - VPNs Explained: What Is a Virtual Private Network?
Witness: Reporting on the Dalai Lama's escape to India | Reuters
Secrets behind the largest art theft in history - Boston.com
6 of History's Greatest Art Heists and Scams | Mental Floss
BBC News - The Lyndon Johnson tapes: Richard Nixon's 'treason'
George Gershwin Set A Marvelous Standard For Jazzy Popular Music - Investors.com
Real Clear World - Video - Sky Reporter Detained in China
Real Clear Markets - Video - Whitney: 'You Have to Be Bullish'
Real Clear Markets - Video - Gasparino: Feds Still Have Sights on SAC's Cohen
Real Clear Markets - Video - El-Erian: Cyprus Bank Tax 'Two Sticks of Dynamite':

18 March

William J Federer's American Minute for March 18th
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Boehner Agrees With Obama: "We Do Not Have An Immediate Debt Crisis"
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George Will: "What I Did See At CPAC Was The Rise Of The Libertarian Strand Of Republicanism"
Kristol: Rand Paul Running "To The Left Of The Obama Administration"
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