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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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12 March 2013

"A Shot Heard Around thew World...."

History Channel - Mind Control - America's Secret War FULL - YouTube

Black smoke rises from Sistine Chapel; no decision on pope - World News

N. Korea slams U.N. resolution, vows nuclear buildup-The Korea Herald
The U.S. Says It Could Stop A North Korean Missile. How? | Popular Science
Protecting Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields - Earthing and Detoxifying - Waking Times : Waking Times
Automated analysis of digital records could expose intimate details, personality traits of millions, study finds
Top 5 Ways to Practice Non-Conformity in the Matrix - Waking Times : Waking Times
Heirloom Seeds : Waking Times
MAP: Which Kills More People in Your State—Cars or Guns? | Mother Jones
Ron Unz on the illusory American meritocracy | The Occidental Observer - White Identity, Interests, and Culture
The Myth of American Meritocracy | The American Conservative
The symbolism of Brennan being sworn in with hand on Constitution without Bill of Rights | End the Lie – Independent News
"The Failure To Communicate!"
DHS Buys Armored Vehicles, Bullets And Assault Weapons - Investors.com
Report Prepared for Obama’s DHS & DOJ targets Survivalists, Patriots & Conservatives as Terrorist Threats
Black smoke shows no pope on first vote - YouTube
Soldiers’ Engraved Lighters from the Vietnam War «TwistedSifter
The Spiritual Nature of Hair - Waking Times : Waking Times
Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness | Video on TED.com
From Rome to Africa: Meet the 20 men who could be pope - World News

New York City cannibal cop convicted of plot to kidnap women | Reuters
6-Month-Old Girl Shot Five Times Dies | NBC Chicago
Rahm: Jonylah Watkins' Murder a 'Senseless, Despicable Act of Violence' - DNAinfo.com Chicago
AP Exclusive: Applying for health care not easy - Yahoo! News
Senate Democrats’ budget includes nearly $1 trillion in new taxes - The Hill's On The Money
White House says Obama plan won't include balanced budget [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller
Dana Milbank: Charm has its limits - The Washington Post
Humility or Cynicism? Whatever is Driving Obama is Better Than Nothing - NationalJournal.com
Bloomberg vows to fight reversal of NYC soda ban - Washington Times
Piers Morgan: People Need The Nanny State "Occasionally" | RealClearPolitics
‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ad Campaign Rolled Out On SF Muni Buses « CBS San Francisco
Facebook reveals secrets you haven’t shared - FT.com
Cardinals open papal conclave at Sistine Chapel; no pope elected on first day
The Right-Wing Case Against Paul Ryan's Budget
Judge approves use of 'truth serum' on accused Aurora shooter James Holmes
George P. Bush running for Texas land commissioner
Hostess Picks Apollo-Led Group as New Owner of Twinkies
4 teens die when car plunges into creek: 'I was praying, begging, pleading'
What say you, lawyers?
Colorado latest US state to approve gay unions
Perez testimony questioned on Panther case
Intelligence chiefs warn that cyberattacks are nation's top security threat
Sarah Palin Takes on the Commercialization of Christmas in New Book
'Cannibal cop' found guilty of plot to kidnap, eat women
A puzzling photo from North Korea
Falkland islanders launch diplomatic offensive to counter Argentinians
Obama tells Arab-American leaders trip will show commitment to statehood
Does the Holy Spirit Choose the Pope?
FBI investigates website that targeted VIPs such as Michelle Obama
Prescription Version of Google Glass Expected This Year
SXSW: Google shoe can talk while you walk - YouTube
Google Pays $7M Fine to Settle Wi-Fi Privacy Case
Is Skype a Telephone Operator? France to Investigate
Is a Facebook 'like' too much information?
Dropbox brings easier file sharing and notification to updated desktop client
Leap Motion Video Demo - Business Insider
Colin Powell Facebook Hacked: 'Guccifer,' Suspect Who Targeted Bush Family, Reportedly Involved
NASA's Curiosity finds evidence of ancient habitable Mars
Space Algae Invasion? Probably Not
No mystery life found in Antarctic lake, Russian scientists admit
Surprisingly Close Star System Discovered
New Book Tackles China and its Environmental Exports
Papal Conclave Countdown: Discovering the Meaning of Miracles - YouTube
Mickey Mouse and Friends Return With 19 New Animated Shorts
DoD Plans to Use Preemptive Deadly Force on Hackers, Cyber Threats - BlackListedNews.com
Is HSBC Really ‘Too Big to Jail’? - BlackListedNews.com
Socialism Not All It's Cracked Up To Be Makes Hollande Most Unpopular President In 32 Years - BlackListedNews.com
Militarization of Local Law Enforcement Erodes Civil Liberties, Encourages Overly Aggressive Policing - BlackListedNews.com
New York Counties Work to Repeal State Gun Control Laws
Hugo Chávez’s Funeral: Jesse Jackson, Sean Penn, Iran’s Ahmadinejad
Chávez Dead, But Latin American Socialism Lives On
Feinstein: Veterans Could Have PTSD & Must Be Prohibited From Gun Ownership
MSM Warns Patriot Anti-Gov Groups Planning 2nd Oklahoma City Bombing
American “Smoke and Mirrors”: The Politics of Imagined Opinion
50 Truths about Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution
Large-Scale Russia-Belarus War Games in Response to Deployment of US Missile Shield in Europe
Wall Street Banks: Too Big to Fail, Too Big To Jail
Tensions Rise on Korean Peninsula: “The Armistice Agreement has been Nullified”
Iraq and the Betrayal of a People – Impunity Forever?
US Threatens Pakistan with Sanctions over Gas Pipeline Deal with Iran
The Militarization of Law Enforcement in America: Use of Military Technology and Tactics by Local Level Police
US Supports Terrorism under Guise of “War on Terror”
“Another Type of Warfare” in Syria: Washington’s Support to Insurgents, Subversives and Assassins
The Fall of the House of Europe
The Life and Death of Hugo Chávez in Perspective
Second Year Anniversary of Fukushima: The Accident Is NOT Contained. “Reactor 2 has a Large Crack in It”
The Precious Art of Assassinating “Legally”: Hugo Chávez on the Hit List of “United States Inc.”

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 12, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 11, 2013

The EyeOpener- Chile-Contra: The CIA’s Latest Latin American Scandal
Fifteen Benefits of the War on Drugs - informationliberation
The Will Of The People Doesn't Mean Jack To Drug Warriors - informationliberation
Remarkable New Puerto Rican Law Exempts U.S. Citizens From Multitude Of Taxes - informationliberation
Private Prisons: The More Americans They Put Behind Bars The More Money They Make - informationliberation
The War Against Bradley Manning -- A War Against All Who Speak Out Against Injustice - informationliberation
A Further Example Of The Cheapening Of Military Awards | Opinion - Conservative
Chile-Contra: The CIA's Latest Latin American Scandal
The Money System and How to Change It
Monster High: A Doll Line Introducing Children to the Illuminati Agenda
6 Ways Our Supreme Court Has Defiled Our Constitution
Will New Changes to Autism Diagnosis Leave Your Child in the Cold While Filling Big Pharma’s Pockets?
Activist Post: The Ongoing Great Gulf Coast Holocaust
Activist Post: The Psychology of Gulf Coast Victims (Pt. 2)
Latin American Communities Fight to Protect Heirloom Seeds From Monsanto
Bill Gates Continues ‘God’s Work’, Third World Vaccine Workers Shot Dead
The Economic Zombie Apocalypse
Top 5 Ways to Practice Non-Conformity in the Matrix
Autistic Children Significantly More Social When Pets Are Around: Study
South Korea Decries North's 'Psychological Tactics'
Kim Jong Un Inspects Islet Defence Detachment
Iran detects, repels US U2 reconnaissance plane
Iran, Iraq navies sign cooperation agreement
Iran Army to test-fire new missiles
'Pope TV' Zeroes in on Papal Selection
Rob Lowe Narrates 1980s Documentary
Schakowsky Fundraises Off Breitbart News Gun Control Report
Jim Moran: People Worried About Possible Handgun Bans 'Paranoid'
Obama's Budget Abdication Breaks 92 Year Tradition
Jindal Teases Warren: 'From One Indian Politician to Another'
Growth Agenda: Ryan Budget Balances in 10 Years
Ryan Budget to 'Retool' Food Stamps, Welfare
Dems Recycle 2012 Campaign Rhetoric: Ryan Budget is 'Trickery,' Hurts 'Middle Class'
SEC Finding on Illinois Pension Cover-Up: a Warning to Other States
Electric Car Manufacturing's Massive Carbon Footprint
Young Republican Consultants Form New Organization to Combat Tech Deficit
Obamacare: Seven Feet of Job-Killing Regulations
Pastor Removes Pope's Picture for Fear of Offending LGBT Members
WaPo Goes Silent After Falsely Accusing Israel of Murdering Baby
Left Smear Campaign Against Greenberg Fails as Judge Certifies Class Action Suit Over AIG Bailout
Al Jazeera May Buy Former NYT Building as HQ for U.S. Channel
Media Protects Obama From Post-Sequester Poll Collapse
Howard Kurtz Spreads Andrew Sullivan's Anti-Catholic Smears
Mark Kelly to CNN: Plan Was to Hand Over AR-15 All Along
CIA Operating in Iraq to Stem Terrorist Groups Moving into Syria
Voting Begins at Vatican
Watching the Cardinals as the Conclave Begins
Ahmadinejad Under Fire for Hugging Chavez's Mother
China Commissions New Stealth Frigate
Battle Over Syria's Aleppo Airport Intensifies
World View: Stock Market Share Prices May Go Parabolic
US: Psychotic Superpower on a Hair-trigger
Britain's Role In Shaping Iraq
The Amazing Rise and Fall of Presumption Of Innocence
The Crucifixion of Tomas Young
Afghan War Falling Apart at the Seams -- News from Antiwar.com
AUDIO: Bradley Manning’s Court Statement « Antiwar.com Blog
Iraq Horror: 27 Killed, 166 Wounded -- Antiwar.com
How the US public was defrauded by the hidden cost of the Iraq war | Michael Boyle | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
US Secrecy, Classification Procedures Increase Under Obama -- News from Antiwar.com
North Korea declares 1953 armistice invalid - CNN.com
Ten years after the invasion, did we win the Iraq war? - The Washington Post
Who Speaks Now for the GOP? by Patrick J. Buchanan -- Antiwar.com
Revisiting Abu Ghraib
Less Dangerous Targets by Butler Shaffer
Who’ll Rule Us? The Crips or the Bloods?: A transcript of the Lew Rockwell Show episode 289 with Jesse Ventura
Intellectuals and Race by Thomas Sowell
Turmeric – The Wonder Herb! by Margaret Durst
Videos show how to turn an old television into a solar-powered death ray that will burn through anything in its path at 2,000F | Mail Online
Sheriff Maketa: "An Injustice Against Our Citizens"
Feds buying 100 years worth of ammo
Paul McGuire -- Luciferian Elite, Multi-Dimensional Weapons, Hyperborea, America and the End of Days
EMP Horror Stories - The Top 5 Most Dangerous Places to Be When An EMP Strikes
Herd Of Martian Animals, Mysterious Floating Rock, A Forest And A Factory On Mars: NASA Silent | Beyond Science
Top 10 Occult Secret Societies
Hall of Records - Crystalinks
Ruins Of Ancient City Found In Antarctica? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Alien Skull On Mars? Photo From Curiosity Rover | Beyond Science
Illuminati Manipulating Humanity With Predictive Programming: Conditioning Public With Planned Societal Changes To Accept Programming As Natural | Alternative
Spaceships And Their 20 Million Inhabitants Getting Ready To Uncloak? | Alternative
Mind Control Weapons: Artifical Telepathy, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum | Alternative
Ancient Pyramid In Alaska Is Real Says Linda Moulton Howe | Beyond Science
The Mantra: Practical Tips for Resisting the Police State | Survival
This Root Prevents Cancer, Lowers Blood Pressure, Boosts Your Brain And Sex Life | Health
Food is the Problem; Food is the Solution: Growing Your Own Food is Like Printing Your Own Money... That's Why SWAT Teams Come Down on Gardeners! | Health
Pill to live to 150 - Telegraph
Tinnitus Remedies | Health
3 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly and Naturally | Health
i-HLS The U.S is building secret underground site in Israel
How We Will Live Forever Explained | Religion
Peruvian Pyramid Older Than Egypt, Civilization Rivals Sumerians In Age, 1200 Years Without War | Science and Technology
The God of Christianity is the Anunnaki! | Religion
The Fight for Liberty Starts with YOU - YouTube
Bitcoin to kill The Fed - YouTube
Alex Jones: US Works With Terrorists and Ships In The Drugs - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Is a Secret Plan by Big Food Behind Whole Foods Decision to Label GMO?
Prison Planet.com » Why Doesn’t Obama Drone Strike This Terrorist?
Prison Planet.com » School Calls Cops Over Water Pistol; Vows To Track Down Owner Using Surveillance Cams
Senate panel passes two gun-control measures | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
Copy Clinton on guns, Feinstein tells Obama - The Hill
Prison Planet.com » 4th Amendment? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ 4th Amendment
Prison Planet.com » Most Americans See Government as “Threat to Rights” For First Time
Poll: Rand Paul the conservative pick for president in 2016 | The Daily Caller
Private Prisons: The More Americans They Put Behind Bars The More Money They Make
Prison Planet.com » Bloomberg’s control freak soda ban struck down by judge as ‘fraught with capricious consequences’
Prison Planet.com » DHS Arming for War with Americans
Prison Planet.com » Video: John Kerry Calls Bilderberg Protesters ‘Hoodlums’
Prison Planet.com » Obama Admin. Posthumously Tries Awlaki in the New York Times
Prison Planet.com » Venezuela to probe Chavez cancer “poisoning” accusation
Over 20 Tons of Heroin Seized in Afghanistan | World | RIA Novosti
Syrian Government Tank Video Footage - Business Insider
US condemns 'terrorist' attack on Assad's troops
And On Top of It All, Nanny's Aiming at the Wrong Culprit, Too « LewRockwell.com Blog
Prison Planet.com » Nanny Mike’s Soda Ban Struck Down by Judge
"Like All Sleight-of-Hand Games It Cannot Continue Forever"
Bernanke's False Recovery | Gold News
Who Spends The Most Dollars Lobbying Washington, DC? | Zero Hedge
The Maddening Financial Times: Inflation Is Our God and Bernanke is His Holy Prophet « LewRockwell.com Blog
US Companies Keeping Even More Money Offshore - Business Insider
California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms - Bloomberg
Bloomberg: Soda ban is good for New York, ‘confident’ city will win appeal | WashingtonExaminer.com
Cops patrolling Facebook for predictive policing — RT USA
Aurora Shootings: Holmes 'Not Ready' To Plead
Prison Planet.com » Jeb Bush Seeks Third Bush Presidency
Young girl scout petitions for GMO-free cookies, setting example for children
Astrobiologists Find Ancient Fossils in Fireball Fragments | MIT Technology Review
**» RARE: Alex Jones – 9/11 The Road To Tyranny Emergency Release (Dec. 7th 2001) Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Democrats, Republicans and NRA work together on gun confiscation Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» 11 Things That The Obama Administration Is Doing To Promote More Illegal Immigration Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Who Benefits From the Fed? - David Howden - Mises Daily
Could A Drone Take You Shopping In The Future? « CBS Detroit
» Would Rand Paul Endorse Jeb Bush for President in 2016? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Legal Loophole: White House Reserves Right to Homeland Drone Strikes, Indefinite Detention Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
JURIST - Paper Chase: Pentagon prosecutor says review panel should hear 9/11 transparency challenge
» City Billboard Urges Hispanics to Revolt Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Backlash grows over release of detained immigrants; GOP wants to know who gave final approval - Washington Times
» How medicine is killing us all: Antibiotics, superbugs and the next global pandemic Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
The Leader of the Coming Revolution
Mayor Bloomberg Supersized DoucheBag | Dprogram.net
Next News Network: Police Brotherhoods – Enemy of the People – Gary Franchi | Dprogram.net
Next News Network: Is Obama Administration “Colluding” with the Taliban? | Dprogram.net
Next News Netwrok: Obama to Expand “War on Terrorism” | Dprogram.net
Personal Liberty Laws: A Nullification History Lesson | Dprogram.net
Obama bamboozled on nucular energy Karl Grossman | Dprogram.net
Obama Poised to Carry Out Hostile Military Takeover of US | Dprogram.net
The police will protect you, so turn in your guns | Dprogram.net
A National Debt Of $14 Trillion? Try $211 Trillion | Dprogram.net
Basic History: When People Are Disarmed, They Become Slaves | Dprogram.net
Homeland Security seeking to purchase 7,000 ‘assault rifles’ | Dprogram.net
Welcome to Forbes
DHS To Purchase MORE Firearms As Arms Build-Up Intensifies | Dprogram.net
Where has all the Ammo gone? | Dprogram.net
Astronomer Locates Previously Unseen Neighbor to the Sun | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
The wonder spot of Wisconsin: A 1950s tourist attraction where no-one could stand up straight, the river flowed backwards and chairs could stand on two legs¿ but it was all a man-made trick | Mail Online
BBC News - Japan quake 'heard at edge of space'
New drug being developed using compound found in red wine 'could help humans live until they are 150' | Mail Online
How to Resurrect Lost Species
NASA warns 'something unexpected is happening to the Sun' in year that is supposed to be the peak the sunspot cycle | Mail Online
Tooth replacement in prospect after scientists grow teeth from mouse cells | Science | guardian.co.uk
Transplanting human brain cells into rats makes them cleverer, scientists believe | Mail Online
13 Ways to Hunt Intelligent Aliens : Discovery News
Paralyzed Patient Thinks 'Walk,' and Then Walks : Discovery News
BBC News - Antarctic Lake Vostok yields 'new bacterial life'
First evidence of Viking-like 'sunstone' pulled from shipwreck - Science
Ph.D. Nutritionists Stephen Sinatra and Jonny Bowden Talk about Myths of Medicine and Cholesterol - YouTube
Amnesty? Immigration Q&A: Should we tell people it’s cheaper, and faster to bribe your way in?
Surviving the coming collapse
Immigration Reform: Who is going to play the race card now?
White House Use Tax—Answer to the Tour Dilemma?
A Cup of Soda in Hell
Hagel’s Afghanistan Visit and Obama’s Disastrous “Good War”
Havana tries to block UN testimony of Oswaldo Paya’s daughter
The Next Energy Revolution Has Started Today
Pornography Leads to Sexual Assault Amongst Children
Rand Paul’s filibuster is forcing the middle to take sides
March 11, 2013 World Trembles As US Becomes Greatest Energy Nation In History
The Obama Credo
Obama to Nominate Sharia Supporter, Illegal Immigrant Advocate as Labor Secretary
Eugenics and the Closing of the Popular Mind
Gaining Hispanic Voters
Beppe Grillo, Just the Wacko We Don't Know
The World's most Dangerous Gas
Deepwater Horizon -- Another Holder Coverup?
More misleading polling on same sex marriage
Obama uninterested in balancing the budget
Why Is America Facing Economic and Societal Turmoil?
The Chicago Roots of President Obama's Leadership Style
The Most Open Administration in History
Video: Piers Morgan says We 'Need the Nanny State' to Save Us from Soda
Video: Bill Whittle Tackles Voter Fraud in Virtual State of the Union
Video: Obama Can't Walk the Walk
Video: Obama 'The Great Pretender' Cover Song
Video: Caught on Tape: New Gun Laws 'Just the Beginning'
Video: Exclusive: 'Intifada' Chants at So-Called Peace Protest in Washington D.C. (2013)
CreditCardJudo.com - YouTube

Lost Generation - YouTube

You Say You’re a Homeowner and Not a Renter? Think Again
John Brennan’s Heavy Baggage | My Catbird Seat
Truth Serum For James Holmes? Judge Rules On ‘Batman Shooter’ |
“Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin – OAK |
The Savings and Loan Banking Crisis: George Bush, the CIA, and Organized Crime « Underground Documentaries
End Of the Road – How Money Became Worthless « Underground Documentaries
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Season 1 Episode 4 – Big Brother « Underground Documentaries
Neocons and Obamaites Unite Against Rand Paul | Veterans News Now
Beware new 'ratters' plague: Men are spying on women through their OWN webcams by injecting virus into computer | Mail Online
Mind Control: America’s Secret War (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Donated blood older than three weeks could be 'as harmful as fatty food or smoking' | Mail Online
War on Labor: Thomas Perez, Obama’s Labor Secretary Choice | Global Research
Vatican in a sweat as it emerges priests share £21m apartment block with Europe's biggest GAY SAUNA | Mail Online
The Militarization of Law Enforcement in America: Use of Military Technology and Tactics by Local Level Police | Global Research
Robert Scheer: If Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, Why Should You? - Robert Scheer's Columns - Truthdig
Hugo Chavez Depicted As Tyrant for Challenging Western Oil Domination | Common Dreams
How Americans were swindled by the hidden cost of the Iraq war | The Raw Story
Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy |
5 Myths About Celebrity Deaths Everyone Believes | Cracked.com
Over $8B of the Money You Spent Rebuilding Iraq Was Wasted Outright | Danger Room | Wired.com
Daniel Hannan: 'Bank Bailouts Were A Generational Crime!' - Home - The Daily Bail
Rick Santelli Gazes Into The Federal Reserve's Crystal Ball | XRepublic
15 Benefits of the War on Drugs » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
The Clinton Saga |
US Homicide Rate A.D. 1885-2012 |
DHS Purchased Enough Ammo to Sustain a Hot War in America For Years | Intellihub.com
Americans Can Be Executed Without Charges – But Criminal Banks Can’t Be Prosecuted!! | InvestmentWatch
“Six Strikes” Boosts Demand For BitTorrent VPNs and Proxies | Intellihub.com
The Rothschilds and The International Banking Cartel | XRepublic
Judge Napolitano - What If We Are Already Living Under A Dictatorship | XRepublic
North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack – on Turkmenistan, Iceland and New Zealand! | InvestmentWatch
DEFCAD.com: OpenSource No-TakeDown 3D Printing Search Engine. | XRepublic
Reduced Federal Spending Creates Jobs
Oliver North: Obama Has Abandoned War on Terror
Iran Plans to Sue Hollywood Over 'Argo'
5 Surprising Things That Cause Cancer
Study: Omega-3 Reduces Premature Births
Study: Even Ancient Mummies Had Clogged Arteries
Obama Tells Democrats They Must Be Open to Entitlement Changes
Rubio: Obama Admin.'s Sweeping Regulations 'Devastating'
Obamacare Health Application Long and Complex
Catholic Assoc.'s McGuire: New Pope Will Face Issue of Religious Freedom
After Passing CR That Funds Obamacare, GOP Presents Budget Symbolically Repealing It
Biden: ‘I’d Rather Have an Ex-Felon Have Access to a Weapon’ Than a ‘Fugitive’
Woman Buried Mother in Backyard--Then Collected Her Social Security for 14 Yrs
Feds Spend $1.5 Million to Study Why Lesbians Are Fat
Is U.S. Training Syrian Rebels in Jordan? State Dept. Won’t Say
Agriculture Secretary: Immigrant Workers Are Needed To Keep Down Food Prices
Cruz Will Use 'Any Procedural Means Necessary’ to Force Vote on Defunding Obamacare
D.C. Got $1.8 Million to Promote Bicycling, Breastfeeding, and Recess
Former Man Says She Has No 'Automatic Advantage' Over Female Fighters
Libya's Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa Against U.N. Report on Women's Rights
Sammy Hagar Won't Redo Beach Bar Damaged by Sandy
Ahmadinejad under fire for hugging Chavez's mother
Ed Begley Jr.: Obama ‘Should Die With His Boots’ on’ Fighting Climate Change
Post-Chavez Venezuela Gears Up for Bitter Election Campaign
Al Gore: Al Jazeera Is ‘Honest-to-Goodness News’
Jeb Bush Changes Position--Again--on 'Pathway to Citizenship' for Illegals
State Department Will Issue 'Female' Passports to Anatomical Males
Del. Holmes Norton: A Shrinking Federal Government is Why There’s Little Private Sector Growth | CNS News
Feinstein: 'It's Legal to Hunt Humans With 15-Round, 30-Round, Even 150-Round Magazines' | CNS News
Politico's Roger Simon Blames Republicans for Obama's Nixing White House Tours | NewsBusters
Obama Tries Flattery, Humor to Win Back 'Mainstream Media' at Elite Dinner | NewsBusters How to Eliminate Fossil Fuel Subsidies
2 Afghan Sisters, Swept Up in a Suicide Wave - NYTimes.com
Backlash grows over release of detained immigrants; GOP wants to know who gave final approval - Washington Times
Donald Trump willing to fund White House tours - Kevin Cirilli - POLITICO.com
ABC News lands Obama interview - POLITICO.com
Joe Lieberman to join conservative think tank - POLITICO.com
Sen. Ron Johnson pounds Obamacare - Kevin Robillard - POLITICO.com
Spending bill gives GOP opening to kill health law - Washington Times
Ten Companies Profiting Most from War - 24/7 Wall St.
Same-sex marriage and child sacrifice
How to stop immigration and save billions
Adam and Eve – just an allegory?
Print your own guns – it's legal!
Knee-jerk jerks
Is this America, or the Losers' Lounge?
Paul filibuster: Constitution reborn
Frack to the future
When teachers are this dumb ...
The right: Marching to oblivion
J. FARAH: Who's afraid of evangelicals, anyway?
T. SOWELL: Progressives wrong about race, again
NJ Mother Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns, Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly
CNN Anchor’s Stunning Question to Laura Bush: To Effect Change Do We Just Need to Accept Some Anti-Semitism & Anti-Americanism?
Don’t ‘Belittle’ My Statements!: Have Fun Watching This Uncomfortable Budget Standoff Between Fox Anchor & Dem. Rep.
The Disturbing Technique Used to Control Computers and Spy Through Webcams That You Should Know About
‘Endgame’: How Did the Global Economy Get Here & Where Is It Headed?
Prominent University Boots Chick-fil-A Off Campus — Is It Because of the Company’s Stance on Gays?
Can You Guess What This Is? Some Are Laughing, Others Are Saying ‘Ewwww’
Surprised? Taxpayer-Subsidized Automaker to Pay Back Loans 5 Years Ahead of Schedule
Ted Nugent Says He Killed 455 Hogs With a Machine Gun From a Helicopter for Bill Maher
MSNBC Host Flips Out Over Soda Ban Being Overturned — Accuses Soft Drink Makers Of ‘Poisoning Children’
What If George W. Bush Were President?
Jay Carney Snaps at NPR Reporter Over Budget Question
The History and Evolution of Guns as Told Through Pictures
‘Nightmare Scenario’: The Papal Conclave Lasts Two Years — It’s Happened Before
Can Islam Be Reformed?
Find Out Which Former Republican President Wanted a Total Handgun Ban
Celibacy, Infallibility, Must Work Sundays: Can You Guess Who This Fake LinkedIn Job Posting Is For?
Wonder Gel Instantly Closes and Stops Profusely Bleeding Wounds
Study: Religion May Help Hardcore Criminals Justify Their Crimes
What Do Rand Paul’s Filibuster and Charles Sumner’s Historic Anti-Slavery Speech Have in Common?
10 of the Most Shocking & Revealing Secrets from an Alleged Former TSA Agent: ‘It’s All for Show’
Why Has NBC Scrubbed Saturday Night Live’s Hit Anti-Hugo Chavez Skit?
Health Officials Warn: Superbugs Are a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ for the World
Rumor Check: Was Ft. Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Promoted, Given a Medal in Jail?
Susan Rice Is Back in the News as Reported Obama Pick for National Security Advisor
Colin Powell’s Facebook Hacked: Had Message for Bush and Illuminati
Has Gun Ownership in American Homes Really Decreased This Dramatically?
Conservative Editor Bill Kristol Rips ‘Fearmongering’ Rand Paul’s ‘Kookiness’: ‘Spokesman for the Code Pink Faction’ of the GOP
Why Did Obama Reschedule an In-Depth Tour of Israel’s Iron Dome to Instead Visit a Palestinian-Controlled Area?
AP Exclusive: Applying for health care not easy - Yahoo! News
Obamacare ‘savings’ are an expensive joke
US-born former Army vet known as 'The American' fights alongside Al Qaeda | Fox News
7 Saudis sentenced to death by crucifixion, firing squad appeal for help to stop executions | Fox News
General Electric Avoids Taxes By Keeping $108 Billion Overseas
Colmes Returns To The Factor , Jokes About Couples Counseling, Fights O’Reilly Over Wasteful Spending
TSA Now Allowing Small Knives On Planes, But American, US Airways, Delta, and Congress Are Against It
Family Research Council: We Should ‘Punish’ Premarital Sex, We Never Gave Young People The Right To Do It
‘Have A Doughnut And Shut Up’: Do You Think Mark Levin Despises ‘Krispy Kreme’ Chris Christie?
Limbaugh: Catholic Church ‘On Its Way To Irrelevancy If It Doesn’t Start Distancing’ From Democratic Party
‘Concerned Father’ Explains: Gay Marriage Can Lead To Anal Sex, ‘Ejaculation Inside Of A Colon’
Is Ashley Judd The Democrats’ Todd Akin? The Progressive Base Wants Her, But The Party Is Terrified
Not Just ‘Right-Wing Nuts’: 8 House Democrats(!) Blast Obama For Secretive Drone Policy
Matthews: ‘If You Waterboard Cheney,’ We would Learn Real Reasons For Iraq War
Fox Analyst To Megyn Kelly: ‘Scare Olympics’ Around Sequester Reason Why Obama Tanking In The Polls
Howard Fineman Admits To S.E. Cupp: Obama’s ‘Passive Aggressive’ Negotiating Style On Budget Not Leadership
White House Official Blows Off Trump’s Offer To Pay For Tours: Can’t Have Individuals Pay Secret Service
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