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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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13 February 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

Cancer battle: Scientists engineer new tumor-killing virus — RT
Boy Scouts Of America vs Gay Scouts
Questioning America Without Constitutional-Law
PressTV - Obama is pushing gun control at home, but he's a killer abroad
U.S. Supreme Court: Brief Of Newly Discovered Evidence Filed In Obama Eligibility Case | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records
Monarch Mind Control: ‘Life in Plastic, it’s a Spiritual Thing’ | ZenHaven
How big is the universe … compared with a grain of sand? - video | Science | guardian.co.uk
Genetically Engineered Meat, Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You | Common Dreams
With Jewell, Obama Says Go Green or Go Home
The Dictator’s State of Tyranny Address | _
Liberal Media Member On Obama Drone Policy – IMPEACHMENT - The Ulsterman Report
Guns, immigration and climate change: Barack Obama is determined to deliver on the tricky issues this term - Americas - World - The Independent
Impeach Obama - A National Imperative
Fresh questions over Christopher Dorner's dismissal as LA manhunt contiunes | World news | guardian.co.uk
Vatican Changing Of The Guard
Obama to 'bypass Congress' on CISPA with cybersecurity executive order — RT
Video: Pope's resignation sparks conspiracy theories - Telegraph
Pope Benedict 'complicit in child sex abuse scandals', say victims' groups | World news | guardian.co.uk
Girl with IQ of 161: Essex teenager's IQ is higher than Albert Einstein's - UPI.com
Home Schooling Works, Pass It On | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Asking Questions at the Flight 93 Crash Site -- Part III
New Deal for Illuminati Banksters « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Why you’re not working on an asteroid shield - Ideas@Innovations - The Washington Post
The ruthless State of the Union: the current crime boss speaks « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Rense & Dr Edwin Viera Jr - The First Steps To Secession - YouTube
The 7 Most Prescribed Drugs In The World And Their Natural Counterparts - Waking Times : Waking Times
Hemp – It's Uses & Cures - Waking Times : Waking Times
Six ex-NoW journalists arrested in new phone hacking inquiry | UK news | The Guardian
Food prices rise three times faster than wages as the cost of living 'crisis' continues | Mail Online
Civil War 2: Why The Banking Elite Want Riots in America | Tea Party
Sars-like virus spreads person-to-person in the UK - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent
The Flag Is Still There But The Country Is GONE!
Obama's choice for CIA chief 'converted to Islam' says former FBI agent | Mail Online
Traitors in US Congress? | Opinion Maker
Monsanto, Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 | Farm Wars
The GMO Lie Threatens Life on Earth Yet Some Resist - Waking Times : Waking Times
Sandy Hoax No Indignant Parents - Morris - YouTube
First on CNN: NRA charges Obama’s efforts will lead to gun confiscation – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
itccs.org| The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State
Obama gives Congress climate ultimatum: back me, or I go it alone | Environment | guardian.co.uk
America's Deplorable State Of The Union
Activist Post: Obama Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order
Christopher Dorner Dragnet: Remains Not Yet IDed, But Sheriff Considers Manhunt Over - ABC News
My Way News - Carjacking victim says fugitive ex-cop was calm
The LAPD Got their Man How They Wanted Him: Dead | This Can't Be Happening!
NeuroDojo: Sasquatch DNA: new journal or vanity press?
My Way News - Horsemeat scandal exposes complex food chain
State of the Union Address: None Dare Call It Treason | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
**State of the Union 2013: President Obama's Complete Speech, With Annotated Analysis - YouTube

The Money Masters ~ Full Movie - YouTube
Supermarket Secrets (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The War on Drugs: The Prison Industrial Complex « Underground Documentaries
Christopher Dorner shootout video released by CBS - 12160
Report: Dorner was 50yds from Big Bear command center for days - 12160
Jon Stewart Knows Why the Pope Quit- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 12160
Investigators say Dorner’s wallet found inside charred cabin - 12160
Report: Realistic Urban Training is DHS and DOD “Conducting Desensitizing Exercises” | InvestmentWatch
Activist Post: The GMO Lie Threatens Life on Earth Yet Some Resist
Robert Higgs: Corporations Have Only As Much Power As They Wield Through Government | XRepublic
Why America Should Default and You Should Live Abroad: Q&A with Doug Casey | XRepublic
Dorner manhunt: Ex-cop may have had help, court records show - latimes.com
Police Audio Reveals “Plan” to Burn Down Dorner’s Cabin | _
Esquire Portrait of bin Laden’s Death Fails to Convince :
LAPD Pulls ‘Waco’ on Christopher Dorner to Silence Him Forever :
Charred Body Removed From Cabin Where Police Stand-Off Took Place – Video Reports: Dorner? | _
Michael Moore: Gun Control Is Not Tyrannical | XRepublic
Michael Moore: Are SSRI Antidepressant drugs causing School Shootings? Prozac, Luvox Investigation - YouTube
What does a police state look like? - Salon.com
Ron Paul: The State Of The Union Was Very Depressing | XRepublic
The US Energy Policy – Planned Power Outages | _
The European Union and the US will begin formal talks on a free-trade agreement, paving the way for the biggest trade deal in history | News Forage
Scientists Discover Way to 'Turn Off' Sensation of Feeling Cold - US News and World Report
Disgraced LA Cardinal Mahony off to Rome to vote in Pope Benedict replacement | Irish News | IrishCentral
Brennan-led secret raids may have led to Benghazi retaliation, book claims | Fox News
Platinum and Palladium Rise On Supply Concerns – Zimbabwe Now | www.goldcore.com
itccs.org | Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter
Internet "kill switch" in use??
Obama’s Drone War Could Legally Kill Americans But Not Anywhere by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com
Police Audio From Dorner Siege: "Burn This Motherfucker" - YouTube
HD - Officers yell "Get the gas, burn it down" during Dorner, police shootout - LIVE - YouTube
Audio Proof Cops Burned Down House Chris Dorner Was In – Official Story Changes Again | _
Idiots Rule The Country | _
Obama Signs Cyber Security Order to Safeguard Critical Infrastructure | _
Another Theory about Obama’s Domestic Army | _
Feds Set to Mandate ‘Black Box’ Data Recorders in Every Car and Truck « THE INTERNET POST
5 Foods That Kill Cancer And Help The Body Destroy Tumours Without Any Drugs - Waking Times : Waking Times
Released FBI documents reveal plans to assassinate Occupy Wall Street Leaders With Snipers - 12160
DHS To America: We Own You - The Lone Star Watchdog | The Lone Star Watchdog
Shadow Government (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Obama calls for U.S. free trade pact with European Union | _
How many wallets with ID cards in them did Dorner own? - 12160
Why Giving Away 'Free Government Money' Is So Expensive - BlackListedNews.com
23% of America Is Illiterate - BlackListedNews.com
Guest Post: Quickest Way to Kill 3D Printing - Get the Government Involved - BlackListedNews.com
Pentagon unveils new ‘Distinguished Warfare Medal’ for drone operators | The Raw Story
Dorner manhunt: Incendiary tear gas reportedly used on cabin - latimes.com
Texas DMV Sells Personal Information To Hundreds Of Companies; Drivers Not Allowed To Opt-Out | Techdirt
“When You Have Fiat Currency, What Level Of Value Is Real”, Santelli Asks - BlackListedNews.com
Southern California Authorities Accused of Arresting Man with Camera who Witnessed Them Killing Suspect - BlackListedNews.com
The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics | Mother Jones
LAPD Audio From Dorner Siege: “Burn This Motherfucker” - BlackListedNews.com
Legality questioned as secretive ‘Stingray’ cell phone surveillance tool used more frequently - BlackListedNews.com
Don't Enlist in the Military | Weapons of Mass Distraction - YouTube
Chris Dorner Torched Waco Style? - YouTube
Police Audio Reveals "Plan" to Burn Down Dorner's Cabin - YouTube
Did Police Order Media Blackout to Cover Up Plan to Kill Dorner? | Dprogram.net
How many wallets with ID cards in them did Dorner own? | Dprogram.net
Obama’s SOTU: Government Needs to Indoctrinate Children at an Earlier Age | Dprogram.net
Ron Paul Reacts to State of the Union Address | Dprogram.net
Tea Party Response to State of the Union 2013: Rand Paul | Dprogram.net
Clashes Erupt as Egyptians Commemorate Mubarak’s Ousting | Dprogram.net
Gerald Celente – RT News with Liz Wahl | Dprogram.net
Down The Rabbit Hole with Popeye – The LAPD Are Now The Hunted, Future Generations & More | Dprogram.net
Adam Vs The Man 192 with Adam Kokesh | Dprogram.net
Naperville anti-smart meter activists fight back at council meeting, accuse city of breaking its own laws | Dprogram.net

Shock Study Suggests We're Living in the Matrix - YouTube

+Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? ~ Jim Elvidge - YouTube

LAPD Audio From Dorner Siege: “Burn This Motherfucker” | Dprogram.net
LAPD pulls ‘Waco’ on Christopher Dorner to silence him forever | Dprogram.net
Report: Realistic Urban Training is DHS and DOD “Conducting Desensitizing Exercises” | Dprogram.net
» Why The Banking Elite Want Riots in America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Obama Reaffirms 2nd Term Dictatorship in State of Union Speech - YouTube
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Police Ludicrously Claim Dorner Cabin Fire Was Not Intentional «
Sheriff: Cabin Not Purposely Burned in Firefight - YouTube

Genesis Communications Network GCN News Two African Cardinals in the Running to Be Pope «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News FBI Mouthpiece Suggests Police Were Not Yelling “Burn It Down” In Dorner Raid «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News New Surveillance System Tracks Every Moving Object In An Entire City «
Canadian Citizenship of Terrorists Should be Revoked
Feminism is Hateful & Hated—Let’s Kill it!
Crime & Incompetence: Guide to America’s Immigration Crisis
Uncle Sugar and the Rise of Obamunism
Scuttling the Ship of State to appease climate activists
Sound Familiar?
Obama Continues Radical Social Engineering of the Military
Wolf Blitzer: That water sip just might end Marco Rubio’s career
Obama’s SOTU Address: How to Make the Immigration Crisis Worse
Our vast energy reserves can restore prosperity, but we must remove federal barriers
The Living, Breathing—DEAD Constitution
Empty rhetoric and meaningless lines: the Obama non-presidency
Explaining to the left (as if they’ll listen) why raising the minimum wage does not pay for itself
Rand Paul tears into Obama’s $2 Trillion State of the Union fiction
Interior Prioritizes Renewable Energy Permits, Delays Oil and Gas
IER President Thomas Pyle Responds to State of the Union
Mark Levin on Sean Hannity
Taking Terrorism and the Arab Spring Seriously
Court Dismisses 6-Year-Old Challenge to Ten Commandments Monument; ACLU to Pay Costs
Obama’s minimum wage increase - why stop at $9.00? Let’s make it $20.00!
‘Obama thinks free enterprise is cause of problems’
J. FARAH: The consequences of real hate speech
C. MONCKTON: The next pope must be a conservative
W. WILLIAMS: Cultural deviancy's the culprit, not guns
P. GELLER: Hero's Islamic killer gets off scot-free
The simultaneous-counter principle
J. ROCKER: Amnesty: Turning U.S. into California
M. MASSIE: Media make sport of police-bashing
D.J. DOLCE: Something good about public schools
D. LIMBAUGH: Dr. Carson's refreshing jolt of good societal medicine
N. HENTOFF: America, we've lost who we were
J. STOSSEL: A real State of the Union
Undercover Investigation Reveals Little Oversight At California Horse Auctions « CBS San Francisco
ICE agent rep: Feds making officers ‘enemy’
Wayne LaPierre responds to Obama’s State of the Union address
Belafonte blasts ‘white America’ for black gun crimes
Physicists discover what a multiverse might really be like
Now, the Pope Benedict Conspiracy Theories - Sex scandal? Nazi history? Prophecy?
Language 'time machine' a Rosetta stone for lost tongues | Crave - CNET
Papal Primer: History's 10 Most Intriguing Popes | Pope Benedict XVI to Step Down | LiveScience
BBC News - Dogs understand human perspective, say researchers
Software that tracks people on social media created by defence firm | World news | The Guardian
Nugent: GOP 'Has Lost Their Scrotum,' Democrats 'Ruthless'
New 'Die Hard' Director Keeps His Politics Off the Screen
Jim Carrey: U.S. Gun Violence Is 'Karma Played Out'
'A Good Day to Die Hard' Review: Franchise on Autopilot
NRA Ad Breaks Down Obama's Gun Control Platitudes
Obama SOTU Draws Lowest Ratings Since 2000
Cost Of Obama's SOTU Wish List? More Than a Dime
Bill Gates' Education Reform Sparks Conservative Opposition
'ILU': Congressman Tweets to Bikini Model from SOTU
Dem Halvorson: Bloomberg's Attack Ads Backfiring in IL-02 Special Election
Left Freaks Out About Pro-Gun Democrat in IL Special Election
House Counters FEMA, Approves Sandy Aid to Houses of Worship
War! Trump, Levin Pummel Rove As Conservative Battle Escalates
Twice as Many Murders with Hands and Feet as 'Assault Rifles'
Menendez Friend: 'We Spend Every Easter Together' in Dominican Republic
Palin on 'True' State of the Union: 'Venal Politicians' Bankrupting Nation
Biden: World Leaders Asking About Proliferation of Guns in America
SOTU: Barack Obama's Favorite Word
Boehner Skeptical on Obama Budget Proposals
Sessions on Immigration Enforcement: Ask the ICE Officers What It's Like
Chicago Police Superintendent: City Gun Laws Aren't Strict
Rasmussen: Only 32% of Americans Think More Gun Laws Needed
Permanent Campaign: Obama Speech Launches 'Organizing for Action' Nationwide
California Redefines 'Doctors' to Compensate for Obamacare Shortages
Fact Check: Obama Claims Police 'Outgunned' in SOTU Gun Control Push
SOTU Fact Check: Obama's Minimum Wage Hike Won't Reduce Poverty
For Paul, Offense Is the Preferred Defense
For Rubio, Defense Is the Preferred Offense
Fact Check: State of the Union 2013
Sen. Paul Gives Historic Grass Roots Response to SOTU
When It No Longer Matters, Media Finally Does ObamaCare Math
Esquire Mag Lies About Navy Seal Being Ineligible for Health Benefits
Media Cover Up True State of Our Union
Post-SOTU: Media More Focused On Rubio's Water Than Economy
Aussie Paper: Pope Quit Over Sex Abuse Scandals?
NYT Misses Point: The Church's 'Crossroads' Is Whether It Will Defend Its Professed Values
WSJ: Sen. Levin's Dual Standards For Confirming Cabinet Nominees
NBC News Dogwhistles Hispanic Rubio as 'Primitive,' 'Juvenile'
Washington Post Hires Lobbyist Hilary Rosen
CNN: Was Rubio's Water-Sipping a 'Career-Ender'?
Scott Brown Joining Fox News
Two 'Pink Panthers' to Face Trial over Swiss Heists
Chris Stevens Was Not Even Remembered
Egyptian Activist: Obama Provides Political Cover for Morsi's Brutality
Vatican Considers Worldwide Candidates to Replace Pope Benedict XVI
World View: U.N. Security Council Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test
US War in Afghanistan over by 2014: Obama
Russia Supplying Syria, Mali with Arms
British Police Make Six More Arrests over News of World Phone Hacking
Iran Dissidents Say Khamenei Ordered Attack on Iraq Camp
Islamic Clerics Seek Dialogue with New Pope
North Korea Nuclear Test in Conjunction with Iran?
Israel Preparing for War with Lebanon to Prevent Weapons to Hezbollah
Former Israeli Deputy FM: Obama, Netanyahu, Abbas Will Talk
GAO: Defense Dept. Lowered Standards for Afghan Forces to Justify Withdrawal
Collins Surprise: Says 'No' to Hagel; Cloture Vote Friday
Pregnant Teen Sues Parents, Claiming Pressure to Abort Baby

Gen. Allen ‘pushed out’ for top NATO post by White House, source says | Fox News
Scalia: State of the Union "has turned into a childish spectacle" - CBS News
First on CNN: NRA charges Obama’s efforts will lead to gun confiscation – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
HURT: Obama's agenda is simple — take more of your money - Washington Times
Pope celebrates last public Mass as pontiff - SFGate
On the road, Obama told to go home - Washington Times
12-year-old among 12 accused in beating of pregnant woman - FOX 35 News Orlando
Savage: CNN anchor embodies ‘devil in media’
American Official: 'Very Possible that the North Koreans Are Testing' for Iran | The Weekly Standard
Really? Flu Is Spread Primarily Through Close Contact - NYTimes.com
Levin Tears Apart Obama’s SOTU: ‘Keep Your Grubby Hands Off Our Society!’
Levin Interviews Trump on Obama’s SOTU Address: Rips Rove, Mocks McCain
Limbaugh: Obama Is Shirking All Responsibility By Refusing To Govern
Limbaugh: Dorner Is A Great Hero Because He’s A Cop Killer
RUSH: For Five Years Obama Has Never Once Allowed Himself To Be Seen As Governing
RUSH: Honest Condensed Version Of Obama’s SOTU Address – Parody
Conservative Videos
RUSH: Dr. Carson In The Crosshairs, Obama Campaign Will Smear Him Like They Did Romney
RUSH: I Wonder If Obama Will Quote From Dorner’s Manifesto At SOTU
RUSH: Singular Reason News, Journalists In The Tank For Obama Is ‘Race’
The Power Elite and American Politics
Freedom, like virginity, is not something you can get back.
Dubai Did What? The Double Standard on Arab Muslim & Israeli Jewish Soccer Players
Marco Rubio Did What? (Nope, Not the Drink of Water)
Photo of the Day: The Illegal Aliens Obama & Rubio Want to Give Amnesty to
HILARIOUS: Janet Jackson African Queen Rage
Rumor Check: Ex-FBI Agent Claims Obama’s CIA Nominee Is Really a Secret Muslim Recruited by Saudis
Iranian News Outlet Appears to Have Been Caught Photoshopping an Iranian Military Achievement — Check Out the Evidence
Krauthammer: President’s State of the Union Address ‘About Spending Your Way to Prosperity’
Read Obama’s Latest Executive Order and Directive Regarding ‘Infrastructure Security’
Statisticians Claim There Are 11 Million Illegal Immigrants in the U.S. — But How Did They Get That Figure?
Pastor Rebukes Christians for Gun Worship, Encourages Less Time With ‘Hannity and O’Reilly’ (and More With the Bible)
AP Fact Check: Obama Overreaches in State of the Union Speech
Sen. Rubio Pokes Fun at Himself After Awkward Water Break During State of the Union Rebuttal
Gun Control, Climate Change and Tax Increases: Here’s Your Recap of Obama’s State of the Union Address
There’s a Medical Explanation for the Scary-Looking Pictures of Joe Biden’s Eye from Tuesday’s Big Speech
‘What Can I Say?’: Rubio Explains Now-Infamous Water Break During SOTU Response (Plus Interrupts Fox Interview for Second Drink)
Rand Paul Declares America Needs a ‘Spiritual Cleansing’ and ‘Revival’: ‘Something Really Depraved Is Rising in the Country’
Robert Kennedy, Jr., Arrested With Other Keystone Pipeline Protesters Tying Themselves to the White House Gate
Ted Nugent Responds to ‘Nonsense’ Gun Control Proposals in Obama’s Speech
Former Special Ops Members Unveil New Details in Benghazi Book, Including Secret Missions by Brennan That Might Have Prompted the Attack
Here’s a Side-By-Side Comparison of How Obama, Rubio, & Paul View the State of the Union
What Are Those Green Ribbons People Were Wearing During the State of the Union Speech?
CNN Asks If Rubio’s Infamous Water Break Is a ‘Career-Ender’
Pentagon Wants to Turn Ordinary Smartphones Into Eye-Scanning, Thumbprint-Taking Super Machines
Scalia Comes Clean on Obamacare Outcome: ‘I Was Disappointed’ With John Roberts
Famed Investor Trashes State of the Union Address: Makes You Wonder Whether Obama Is ‘Delusional’ Or ‘Lying’
Rand Paul Rips Obama’s ‘Santa Claus Platform’ and Big Government Proposals on TheBlaze TV
Fascinating Graphic Rates Reading Level of All State of the Union Addresses, Ranks Obama’s Among the Lowest
Must Watch: ICE Union Leader Reveals Shocking Details About Immigration Enforcement in Testimony Before Congress
‘It Goes Back to the Bin Laden Attack’: Expert Who Said New Benghazi Info Will Leave You ‘Amazed and Shocked’ Gives More Details to TheBlaze
GOP Senator Grills Obama’s Former Chief of Staff About Who Actually Briefed the President on Night of Benghazi Attack
Sheriff Says Cabin Not Purposely Burned Down in Dorner Standoff…But Police Scanner Chatter Sparks Debate
The Potentially ‘Massive’ Google Play Privacy Issue You Need to Know About
Video: 'GOP Will Let Sequester Happen' says Club For Growth's Chris Chocola
Video: The 'Free Lunch' Myth Exposed by Milton Friedman
Video: Empty-Headed Anchorman Better Outlaw His Guest Because He Just Got Assault-Weaponed With Facts and Logic
Video: Rand Paul's Strong Rebuttal to President Obama's State of the Union
Video: Marco Rubio Explains His 'Water-Gate' Moment
Video: Rubio Delivers Republican Address to the Nation
Video: Dramatic New Video: Fort Hood Shooting - Terrorist Attack or 'Workplace Violence'?
Video: Milton Friedman - The Great Depression Myth
Stephan Kinsella: Ron Paul is using gov't to steal from supporters - informationliberation
Why America Should Default and You Should Live Abroad: Q&A with Doug Casey - informationliberation
Trying To Sell Silver Dollars For .99 Cents Outside a Coin Dealer - informationliberation
Jaywalking "Follow the Leader" Experiment - informationliberation
Footage Of The Shootout Between Cops & Christopher Dorner In Big Bear - informationliberation
Should You Renounce Your Citizenship? - Yahoo! Finance
The National-Security State and the Dark Side The Future of Freedom Foundation
One Hundred Years of Intrusions - informationliberation
Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse of Children Is a Crime Against Humanity!
The Real State Of The Union Is Bleak
Video"Financial Crime"
Dimming Nation
China Will Not Help To "Punish" North Korea
Country’s Largest Raw Milk Supplier Sues FDA for Ban on Interstate Sales
Hypocrisy: US Arms Al Qaeda in Syria, Mass-Slaughters Civilians in Afghanistan
Homeschooling Works, Pass It On
+U.S. of Totalitarianism;Doug Casey talks to Lew Rockwell
Download:U.S. of Totalitarianism;Doug Casey talks to Lew Rockwell
‘Storage Wars’ star Mark Balelo found dead of apparent suicide after drug arrest -- reports | Fox News
Police Scanners Reveal "Plan" To Burn Dorner House Down - informationliberation
Officer Safety Uber Alles: Christopher Dorner and the 'Rickoverian Paradox' - informationliberation
Rahm Emanuel Toying With 2016 Presidential Run, Sources Say - The Daily Beast
Berlusconi defends need for bribery - FT.com
NRA chief: ‘Charade’ on guns was revealed in State of the Union - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Dorner manhunt: 'Hot gas' that burned cabin was last resort - latimes.com
Google 'flaw' puts users' details on display | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews | News.com.au
Students, parents concerned by seemingly slanted college syllabus | www.wtov9.com
Obama Quotes Movie: 'I've Got a Rose Garden' | The Weekly Standard
Senate Republicans block vote on Hagel nomination - The Washington Post
Obama favors sacking the expensive penny - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Sobran Column --- The Honor of Ron Paul
The Core of American Liberty by Bill Bonner
Obama’s Expanding Kill List by Paul Craig Roberts
The New Panacea by Brian Wilson
US Retirement Accounts at Risk by Michael Ross
Obama’s Extrajudicial Killings by Death Squad: Murder by Fiat! by Gary D. Barnett
Flashback: Hunter S. Thompson and Conan O’Brien Get Drunk at a Shooting Range by Chris Callahan
Prepper Home Protection: Security Basics | The Survival Mom™
The Prepper Filter – 11 Questions That Will Help You Be a Better Prepper
Vision – See Better! by Margaret Durst
Interview 603 - Annie Machon on the FISA/Echelon spy grid
Interview 602 - David L. Smith on Currency Devaluations, South America, Gold

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 13, 2013

Tunisia’s Unfinished Revolution: From Dictatorship to Democracy?
The EyeOpener- Solutions: Defeating the Secret Societies
War Crimes and the Global War on Terrorism: US Arms Al Qaeda in Syria, Mass-Slaughters Civilians in Afghanistan
Obama and the Illusory State of the Empire
Russia: The World’s Top Gold Buyer
Rick Santelli New Rant, What Level Of Value Is Real? All Fiat Currencies Are Being Devalued (Video) | Economy
Dorner's Demise Links to 'Corrupt' Judge David Yaffe | Conspiracy Theories
Is Christopher Dorner Alive? | _
CNN: Body Found In Cabin NOT Dorner? | Alternative
Chris Dorner Speaks on BIN | Alternative
More Chris Dorner Facebook Posts... HOT! | Alternative
Is Dorner Dead? Or Is This Another LAPD Fakeout? | Alternative
7 Natural Brain Foods for Cognition and Concentration
Homos Break Coz Of Stinking. Govnt Study Says Sick And Die | Obama
Ancient Magical Illusion Even More Effective Than Magicians May Realize | Strange
Money Scandal Behind Papal Coup d'Etat | Religion
Pope Prophecy Coming True: Cris Putnam Alarming Interview (The Next Pope... | Religion
Prophecy & The Popes~ Coast To Coast AM | Prophecy
Last Night's Coast To Coast AM - Feb 13 2013 - Relationships, Hormones & Supplements | Politics
The Return Of The Antichrist! - Nimrod! - Videos 1-2 | Prophecy
How a New Pope and the Rapture Fit End-Times | Religion
6 Tips for Keeping Your Lungs Clean | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
Alien Star Map Engraved In Rock, Similar To Plaque On Pioneer 10 | Space
Proof Of Time Travel? | Paranormal
Aliens Are Here, The Military Knows It: 50 Year Cover Up Explained By Astronaut Who Walked On The Moon | Beyond Science
He Took ‘The Art Of Deception To A Whole New Level’: NRA’s LaPierre Delivers Response To Obama’s SOTU, Trashes Him | Opinion - Conservative
Why Has Alex Jones Lied About the Very Real, Lee Wanta? | Alternative
Supreme Court Justice: Obama Birth Issue (2 Videos) "The Case Of The Birth Issue Is Not Frivolous" | Obama Birthplace Controversy
Sandy Hook Shooting Or Gov't False Flag Operation? | Alternative
KGB Map of Alien Bases on Earth | Alternative
Alex's Special Report on Our Simulated Reality - YouTube

Government Schools Want Your Children - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » How many wallets with ID cards in them did Dorner own?
Dorner manhunt: Incendiary tear gas reportedly used on cabin - latimes.com
Prison Planet.com » Lobbyists Jump On Dorner Standoff To Promote Drones
Prison Planet.com » Did Police Order Media Blackout to Cover Up Plan to Kill Dorner?
Prison Planet.com » Police Audio From Dorner Siege: “Burn This Motherfucker”
Prison Planet.com » Obama Placed Embargo on Press Over Secret Cyber Security Executive Order
Another Black Ex-LAPD Cop Writes Manifesto, Says He Understands Dorner - COLORLINES
Prison Planet.com » Dorner’s Mom Spotted Drinking Wine, Eating Chips While Watching Standoff
Prison Planet.com » Rand Paul State Of the Union 2013 Response: Full Video
Prison Planet.com » Obama’s SOTU: Government Needs to Indoctrinate Children at an Earlier Age
Prison Planet.com » TSA Breaks World Renowned Cellist’s $20,000 Bow
Prison Planet.com » Report: Realistic Urban Training is DHS and DOD “Conducting Desensitizing Exercises”
Prison Planet.com » LAPD pulls ‘Waco’ on Christopher Dorner to silence him forever
Sarkozy may ‘run for presidency in 2017’ - FRANCE - FRANCE 24
Asteroid due to zoom past Earth could be worth £125 billion, space miners say - Telegraph
Japan, S. Korea Agree to Push for Tougher Sanctions on N. Korea
Chernobyl Plant Roof Collapse Not Dangerous - Officials | World | RIA Novosti
Pope resigns: Peter Turkson reveals vision for the Church and 'alternative lifestyles' - Telegraph
Prison Planet.com » ‘RonPaul’.com
Prison Planet.com » David Icke: Reality 2.0
Prison Planet.com » The Function of the State of the Union Address
Prison Planet.com » Obama plans to use military drones against American journalists, freedom activists and critics of government
Obama Seeks 29 New Programs: ‘Nothing I’m Proposing Should Increase Deficit by Single Dime’ | CNS News
Prison Planet.com » Southern California Authorities Accused of Arresting Man with Camera who Witnessed Them Killing Suspect
Prison Planet.com » Owners of now-defunct Morningland Dairy speak out against rogue police state that illegally destroyed their family farm
Prison Planet.com » Will Obama Take Control of the Internet This Week?
Obama on gun control: 'This time is different' - The Hill
Obama: 57 Vacation Days Since Vowing He 'Will Not Rest Until Anyone' Can Find A GOOD Job | CNS News
Prison Planet.com » Neonicotinoid pesticides continue to cause the decline of bee population in the U.S
Prison Planet.com » Report Confirms Food Corps Using Junk, Misleading Science to Protect Profits
Nasa cannot monitor most potentially devastating asteroids - Telegraph
Art Cashin Previews The February 15 Close Encounter Of A Meteor Kind | Zero Hedge
Prison Planet.com » Beat chronic depression and stress with Co-Q10
President Obama Gets It: Fracking Is Awesome - Forbes
Obama stresses energy efficiency
Fuel Fix » Obama talks tough on climate & proposes ‘drilling for clean energy’ program
The US is getting more like Saudi Arabia, and Obama wants it to act that way – Quartz
Fuel Fix » Two perspectives on Saudi Arabia: Friday Bookshelf
US Is on Fast-Track to Energy Independence: Study
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