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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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than an idea whose time has come.”

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15 February 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

The 7 Most Prescribed Drugs In The World And Their Natural Counterparts - Waking Times : Waking Times

Sandy Hoax No Indignant Parents - Morris - YouTube
Sandy Hoax For Disarming Veterans - Morris - YouTube

Cannabis: A Powerful Therapy To Reduce Chronic Medications and Prevent Disease - Waking Times : Waking Times
Hemp – It's Uses & Cures - Waking Times : Waking Times
Natural Ways to Avoid and Recover From Antibiotics - Waking Times : Waking Times
Thousands using GPS jammers on UK roads pose risks, say experts | Technology | The Guardian
China's Smog Becoming an International Issue
A city designed to foil the drones: U.S. student creates a stir with his concept for a community built in response to UAVs | Mail Online
Food prices rise three times faster than wages as the cost of living 'crisis' continues | Mail Online
Civil War 2: Why The Banking Elite Want Riots in America | Tea Party
PressTV - Iran plans second nuclear plant with Russia cooperation
PressTV - Militants systematically destroying Syria’s infrastructure: Assad
Obama's choice for CIA chief 'converted to Islam' says former FBI agent | Mail Online
Traitors in US Congress? | Opinion Maker
Deconstructing the War on Terror « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Monsanto, Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 | Farm Wars
The GMO Lie Threatens Life on Earth Yet Some Resist - Waking Times : Waking Times
Obama gives Congress climate ultimatum: back me, or I go it alone | Environment | guardian.co.uk
itccs.org| The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State
Corporatizing Seeds of the Commons: Patents Enabling BigAg Control | Common Dreams
Obama's Failed State
Hugo Chávez having 'complex' alternative cancer treatment | World news | guardian.co.uk
Benedict says to be hidden from world after papacy | Reuters
New study: are we all living in the future now? « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Is It Time to Pack Your Bags America? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
The ruthless State of the Union: the current crime boss speaks « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Pouring granulated sugar on wounds 'can heal them faster than antibiotics' | Mail Online

Christopher Dorner Killed In Gunfight When Sheriff Deputies Set Cabin On Fire - YouTube
HD - Officers yell "Get the gas, burn it down" during Dorner, police shootout - LIVE - YouTube
LAPD High Crimes - Rupert 'I Believe Dorner 100%'
Christopher Dorner's body positively ID'd - CNN.com
Christopher Dorner: police deny intentionally burning down cabin - Telegraph
Lindorff Discusses Chris Dorner and the LAPD on RTTV | This Can't Be Happening!
The LAPD Got their Man How They Wanted Him: Dead | This Can't Be Happening!
Christopher Dorner Dragnet: Remains Not Yet IDed, But Sheriff Considers Manhunt Over - ABC News
Dorner manhunt: Charred human remains found in burned cabin - latimes.com
My Way News - Carjacking victim says fugitive ex-cop was calm
First on CNN: NRA charges Obama’s efforts will lead to gun confiscation – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
Activist Post: Obama Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order
US Military Invests in Smartphone Device That Scans, IDs Faces | Defense | RIA Novosti
NBCNews.com video: Rangel introducing legislation to reinstate the draft
US Drug Trafficking, Chris Dorner Cover-up, Waco Massacre, - YouTube

Rand Paul: 'Big Government's Not A Friend To Those Who Are Trying To Get Ahead' - NPR 2/14/2013 | XRepublic
Sandy Hook Tragedy: Corporate Media’s “Lone Gunman” Storyline Losing Ground | Global Research
Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail | Politics News | Rolling Stone
Meteor Shower Hits Russia - The Daily Beast
FBI 'Burn' of Chris Dorner & WACO Texas Seige of 1993 - 12160
‘Before Its News’ Founder Chris Kitze on the Question of the FRAMING of Chris Dorner, & the Police State - 12160
While Left And Right Fight, Power Wins -Paul Craig Roberts - 12160
Dorner’s Demise Links to ‘Corrupt’ Judge David Yaffe | _
Guns And Ammo Production Maxed Out: “This is a Society Preparing For War” | _
1421: The Year China Discovered America? (Full Version: Playlist) « Underground Documentaries
Rich Media, Poor Democracy – The Media / Democracy Paradox « Underground Documentaries
Minimum Wage Would Be $21.72 If It Kept Pace With Increases In Productivity: Study
Senator Barbara Boxer pushes carbon-tax bill despite tough odds for passage | The Desert Sun | mydesert.com
A Trail of Breadcrumbs: The Resignation of Pope Benedict and the Great Financial Collapse - BlackListedNews.com
Fulfilling Prophecy, Church Considers Peter the Roman as Next Pope :
Senate Gun Grab Bill Could Be More Disastrous Than Feinstein Bill :
FBI Celebrates Duping Another Mentally Ill Man Into Fake Terror Plot - BlackListedNews.com
Who Tells Us What To Think? Does The Mainstream Media = The Matrix? :
Military Coup In The Works; Enlisted Will Revolt Against Disloyal Generals | _
Activist Post: Who Tells Us What To Think? Is The Mainstream Media The Matrix?
Myriad Genetics Wins Australia Bid to Patent Human Genes - Bloomberg
Libyan-style "democracy": two years without Gaddafi: Voice of Russia
Top Stories - Obama Administration Asks Banks to Regulate Their Own Foreclosure Abuses - AllGov - News
Berlusconi: "Bribes Are Necessary - They Are Not Crimes" | Zero Hedge
Are Price Controls Coming To Venezuela, Where "Nymphomania" For Dollars Is The Next Big Thing | Zero Hedge
Pope has immunity in abuse trials: Vatican | Reuters
Intel's new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE • The Register
US government accused of spying on 9/11 attorneys — RT
Scram, serfs: Poor Londoners being booted from city — RT
Thirty-five Percent of Major Regulations Were Issued Without Public Notice
UN's Ban Ki-moon, Obama, Condemn Third Nuclear Test by North Korea
2/14/2013 Towards a Christian Zionist Foreign Policy
WikiLeaks is a Rare Truth-teller. Smearing Julian Assange is Shameful
'America Doesn't Torture'—It Kills
How Law Enforcement and Media Covered Up the Plan to Burn Christopher Dorner Alive
Hidden Microphone Revealed at Guantanamo Meeting Room
Asteroid Day Arrives: Massive Meteor Strike Confirmed in Russia (Amazing Videos)
Hackschooling: Turning Creative Kids Into Happy Adults
Refusing Smart Meters to Protect Your Health and Privacy
The War Is Over ... And We Won
Is It Time to Pack Your Bags America?
While Left And Right Fight, Power Wins
G. Edward Griffin Explains The Fed and Inflation
How To Build The Rain Tower Vertical Hydroponic System
Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/13)
Episode 258 - Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri
G7 Lies, South American Economy, Swiss Gold
Interview 603 - Annie Machon on the FISA/Echelon spy grid

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 14, 2013

The Corbett Report | Interview 595 – Sibel Edmonds on NATO, Terrorism, 9/11 and Drug Running
The Corbett Report | Interview 598 – Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B, Protected Terrorists and Stifled Investigations
The Corbett Report | Interview 604 – Sibel Edmonds on Turkey, the Hood Event, Israel and Gladio B

Is Obama The AntiChrist - Videos | Alternative
Video.Birthers Crack:"Obama's Antichrist" | Alternative
Video - 'Meteorite Hits Earth-15 Feb 2013, Injures Over 300 in Russia's Urals - Part of Larger Rock that "Could Affect Geosynchronous Satellites" | Space
Video: Did Russia Shoot Down Meteor? | Alternative
Invasion Of LA: Massive Amounts of Military Vehicles Moving Into CA - Video | Military
New Chinese Aircraft Carriers: "Quantum Leaps" Ahead of US & We Can Thank WalMart and Outsourcing American Labor for Financing it | China
Five Tools To Protect Your Privacy Online | Alternative
Top-Pope-Candidate Peter Turkson has NWO Written All Over Him | Alternative
The Vatican And Illuminati | Spirit
Ayers, Obama & Gulag Amerika | Prophecy
Is John Brennan Blackmailing Obama?
Seismic Activity, Mummies, & Oddities | Alternative
The Serpent, False Prophet, Carnival & Cruise & Meteors - Signs of the coming times | Alternative
Did Obama Hint At Healthcare Rationing During SOTU? Foundations quietly laid for massive government intervention « Klein Online
Students Taught Oral-Sex Tricks (And More) | Education
7 Natural Brain Foods for Cognition and Concentration | Health
'Time Machine' Reconstructs Ancient Languages | Science and Technology
Is John Brennan Blackmailing Obama?
Seismic Activity, Mummies, & Oddities | Alternative
The Serpent, False Prophet, Carnival & Cruise & Meteors - Signs of the coming times | Alternative
Did Obama Hint At Healthcare Rationing During SOTU? Foundations quietly laid for massive government intervention « Klein Online
Students Taught Oral-Sex Tricks (And More) | Education
7 Natural Brain Foods for Cognition and Concentration | Health
'Time Machine' Reconstructs Ancient Languages | Science and Technology
Spy suicide scandal focuses attention on Israel's foreign Jews
Italian ex-spy chief Pollari jailed over CIA renditions | News | DW.DE | 12.02.2013
The Absurdity Of War On Terror Is Clear - Business Insider
Land Destroyer: Hypocrisy: US Arms Al Qaeda in Syria, Mass-Slaughters Civilians in Afghanistan
Commander says he wasn't aware of listening devices at prison camp - UPI.com
Police Dishonesty in the Courtroom - NYTimes.com
The hawks were wrong: Iraq is worse off now
Executioner in Chief: How a Nobel Peace Prize Winner Became the Head of a Worldwide Assassination Program - informationliberation
Christopher Dorner and the Chaos Inherent to Government - informationliberation
Can the Internet Save Us? - informationliberation
Peter Schiff: The Real State of the Union - informationliberation
The Misplaced Fear of “Monopoly” The Future of Freedom Foundation
Big Bear cabin owner watched as vacation home burned during LAPD manhunt - U.S. News
Welcome to the Malware-Industrial Complex | MIT Technology Review
Why Are We Still on the DMZ? by Patrick J. Buchanan -- Antiwar.com
The Omnipotent Power to Assassinate Any of Us The Future of Freedom Foundation
Gene Healy: Obama's executive death warrants | WashingtonExaminer.com
Rand Paul: Drone program ‘very scary’ - Kevin Cirilli - POLITICO.com
In Timbuktu, al-Qaida left behind a manifesto - Yahoo! News
Photos of Hugo Chavez shown after 2-month absence
» Al Gore Talks About Chemtrails on Ellen Show Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Kerry warns of serious sequestration cuts for State and USAID | The Cable
Jesse Jackson Jr. Plea Deal Could Be Filed As Soon As Friday « CBS Chicago
Benedict Says He’ll Be ‘Hidden to the World’ - NYTimes.com
Nearly half of Americans are one emergency from financial ruin - latimes.com
Rare media articles expose how the mass media manipulate public opinion - National US Intelligence | Examiner.com
FAA to create 6 drone test sites in US | Washington Guardian
10 Facts about Calcium | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
The 10 worst cheesy chat-up lines in film - Telegraph
Executioner in Chief: How a Nobel Peace Prize Winner Became the Head of a Worldwide Assassination Program by John W. Whitehead
'Coronation Street' Actor on Child Sex Charges | CNS News
Stevie Wonder Not Happy with Lil Wayne's Lyrics | CNS News
'Underdog' Cartoon Co-Creator Dies at 85 | CNS News
Gallup: Mississippi Is the 'Most Religious' State in the Union | CNS News
Poll Finds Highest-Ever Pakistani Disapproval of U.S. | CNS News
Brown-and-white whistling owl ID'd as new species | CNS News
Postmaster General: Online Bill Pay Eroding Postal Revenues | CNS News
Obama’s SOTU TV Audience Numbers Continue to Drop, Now Lower Than Bush’s Lowest | CNS News
Hagel stalled, but confirmation still expected | CNS News
Boehner: Sequester Will Happen Unless Congress Balances Budget | CNS News
Administration Will Spend $1.8B to Build 20-Mile Railroad on 30-Mile-Wide Island | CNS News
CNN Incredulous Over GOP 'Fixation' on Benghazi, Opposition to Hagel | NewsBusters
Bozell, Hannity Examine 'Media Onslaught' Against Marco Rubio's Response to State of the Union | NewsBusters
Alan Grayson: ‘President’s Hallmark Is Not Being on the Left … President’s Hallmark Is Being Practical’ | CNS News
Graham: Obama Didn't Call Anyone in Libya on Night of Terror Attack | CNS News
Panetta Says Hillary Clinton Inspired His Women-in-Combat Decision | CNS News
Harkin: ‘Is It a Spending Problem? No ... It's a Misallocation of Wealth' | CNS News
Panetta Praises Hillary Clinton As Someone Who ‘Understood the Importance of Intelligence Operations’ | CNS News
Democrats Heart Medicare Fraudsters | CNS News
More Than 30 States Rebuke Obamacare Exchanges
Herman Cain Joins Fox News Channel as Contributor
John Fund: Rubio Water Moment Shows 'Trivia-obsessed' Media
Women Make More Than Men in Only Four U.S Cities
Immigration Issue Creates Trouble Within GOP
Venezuela Shows Photos of Smiling Chavez
US Workers Would Still Trail Counterparts Under Obama’s Proposed Minimum Wage Increase
Anti-Wrinkle Skin Peels: Are They Safe? Do They Hurt?
Study: Walking Better Than Hitting Gym to Keep Healthy
Wisconsin Scientists Help Search for Alien Life
Media Ignore Marco Rubio's Message
Time to Confirm Hagel for secretary of Defense

Alex’s Special Report on Our Simulated Reality | Dprogram.net
Was Chris Dorner ANOTHER Victim of a Death Squad? | Dprogram.net
Let's outline a new national second political party called Dixiecrat!
US House Republicans propose a rise in the debt ceiling for 3 months
The Power Elite and American Politics
Limbaugh Takes ‘Lincoln’ Screenwriter Tony Kushner To The Woodshed
Limbaugh Shocked That Democrats Never Linked To The Effect Their Policies Have On People
Limbaugh: Entire Obama Presidency Not Seen As Obama In Charge Of Anything
RUSH: Media Wants To Associate Crippled Cruise To Katrina, George Bush
The Peculiar American Left
Empty Rhetoric and Meaningless Lines: The Obama Non-Presidency
The Jack Lew Appointment: Classic Obama Hypocrisy
Blue America does not Back the Blue
Rubio's 'Watergate' triumph?
Be Afraid of Obama's Climate Change
EPA Corruption and Scandal
President Unleashes a Nationwide 'Community Organizing' Campaign
Why Not a $100 Per Hour Minimum Wage?
Russian Meteor Strike Caught on Tape (Compilation Video of the Event)
The Sky is Falling in Russia!
Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels
Suzanna Hupp's Powerful Testimony on the Importance of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Mark Levin on Obama SOTU: 'A Castro-Like Speech in English'
True American Hero Tribute: Chris Kyle's 200 Mile Funeral Procession Home
Dr. Ben Carson Calmly Counters Obama's State of the Union Speech
'GOP Will Let Sequester Happen' says Club For Growth's Chris Chocola
The 'Free Lunch' Myth Exposed by Milton Friedman
The Insidious Globalist Control
Starving Students?
Uncle Sugar and the Rise of Obamunism
Why Should I Care About the U.S. Debt?
Alex's Special Report on Our Simulated Reality - YouTube .
Oscar Pistorius: Valentine's Day Murder? - YouTube
Pentagon spending millions on a face-scanner smartphone app - YouTube
Government Schools Want Your Children - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Russian Cleric Calls Meteor Strike ‘Message From God’
Prison Planet.com » “Russia Shot Down The Meteor” Theory Spreads Online
Prison Planet.com » Meteor Explosion Had As Much Power as a Nuclear Blast
Prison Planet.com » Drone Games: The Broadcast of Christopher Dorner’s Death
Central Banks Buy the Most Gold Since 1964 - 24/7 Wall St.
Prison Planet.com » Carnival Cruise Lines president urges Triumph passengers to ‘stop being so negative’ about their ‘unforgettable’ cruise experience
Prison Planet.com » Media Complicit in Cover Up of Dorner Execution
Prison Planet.com » Media Approves Waco Style Execution of Chris Dorner
Prison Planet.com » American Legion Calls Obama’s Amnesty Plan a “Bad Sequel” to 1986 Law
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Russian Meteor: Explosive Sonic Booms Caught On Camera «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Did Russia Shoot Down Meteor? «
Adam Carolla Blasts Obama's Minimum Wage Rhetoric
Victim's Family Outraged as 'Melrose' Actress Gets 3 years for Deadly Crash
$1000/Hr: Obama Flies in World's Top Golf Pro
Obama's Social Innovation Fund Politicizes Charity, Finds Little Support
Sex Ed Bill Would Ban 'Gender Stereotypes' in Grant Programs
Obama Recycles Failed Ideas, Rhetoric
Bikini Model Who Received Congressman's SOTU 'ilu' Tweet Is Long-Lost Daughter
New Data Prove Obama Defying Immigration Laws
Medical Expert on Alleged Practices of Melgen: 'It Doesn't Seem Possible You Could Get 4 Doses Out of a Single Vial'
Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ten Commandments Display
Boxer: Climate Change Bill Coming to Floor by Summer
Pelosi: Congressional Pay Cut Undermines Our 'Dignity'
University of Chicago 'Sex Week' Offers Sex Workers Panel, Bondage Tutorial
Harry Reid: I Am Going to Call Chuck Hagel And Apologize
Obama Hubris on Cabinet Gives Rocky Start to 2nd Term
Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Flees Illinois
Illinois Senate Votes to Legalize Gay Marriage
Obama: We Shouldn't Ban Handguns
No Cents: Obama Wants Penny Gone
FAA Moves Toward Creating 6 Drone Test Sites in US
US Regulators Approve Bionic Eye
Cruz Fires Back at Napolitano on Border Security
Obama on Books to Read: 'Other Than My Own, I Assume?'
Dems Face Uphill Task to Take Back House
Feminist, HuffPo Blogger Naomi Wolf in Talks to Join Al Jazeera
Holder Flack, DOJ Spokeswoman Resigns from DOJ
MSNBC: NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre 'Afraid of Dark People'
Chris Matthews: Wayne LaPierre's Speeches Have 'Racial Tinge'
World View: South Korea Announces Missile Capable of Targeting Anywhere in North
Reid: 'Outlandish' to Claim Obama Hasn't Been Forthcoming Over Benghazi
Left Targets Cruz, Conservatives--but Case Against Hagel Stronger than Ever
Key U.S. General Backs Keeping Afghan Forces at Peak Strength
US Sanctions Al-Qaeda Chief in North Africa
Pentagon Creates New Medal for Drone Wars
Israeli Schools Train Children in 'Rocket Preparedness'