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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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than an idea whose time has come.”

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31 January 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."


Prison Planet.com » Petition: We Demand Surveillance Technology in Congress and White House
Prison Planet.com » CHARLIE DANIELS: Nanny State Policies of this President Will Result in ‘Chaos and Bloodshed’
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Brazen Military Drills to Tour America in 2013 - YouTube
Sandy Hook Chorus to Sing at Super Bowl | NBC Connecticut
Hidden Agenda behind America’s War on Africa: Containing China by “Fighting Al-Qaeda” | Global Research
Egypt President Morsi aide claims Holocaust was US hoax and 6m 'dead' Jews simply moved to America | Mail Online
The “Six Million” Myth |
Michelle Obama’s Cabbage-Gate? - The Ulsterman Report
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Going vegetarian CAN reduce your risk of heart disease | Mail Online
Staying alive: the women who are immune to Aids | Life and style | The Observer
Living in a Virtual Reality | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website
World’s Bizarre Catacombs: Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy ~ The World`s Biggests
PressTV - Muslims to march on White House next September 11th
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Generation Of Vipers
The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook | Veterans Today
Sandy Hook: Mainstream Article Posted Day of Shooting Reveals Details of Second Suspect and Motive :
Physicists create world’s first multiverse of universes in the lab | StratRisks
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Is the IAEA Undermining Nuclear Talks with Iran? « Going to Tehran
George Galloway Exclusive, Immigration Hypocrisy, US Law: Watergate Gone Wild - YouTube
"The Proposed Assault Rifle Ban Is An Ineffective Piece Of Legislation" - Senator Ted Cruz Sweeps the Floor at Gun Control Hearings | XRepublic
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A Well Regulated Militia | _
Judge Napolitano: Stricter Gun Control Is Part of the Progressive Ideology to 'Tell Us How to Live' | XRepublic
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The curious case of David Ward’s scalp | Veterans News Now
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Explosion rocks headquarters of Mexican state oil monopoly Pemex - 12160 Social Network
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Judge Napolitano: Stricter Gun Control Is Part of the Progressive Ideology to 'Tell Us How to Live' | XRepublic
The National Debt: A Short History Of Presidential Lies - Home - The Daily Bail
Sandy Hook: Mainstream Article Posted Day of Shooting Reveals Details of Second Suspect and Motive :
Rick Santelli Slams Ben Bernanke 'Whatever You're Doing, Bloodletting & Leeches, It Isn't Working!' | XRepublic
Obamacare ‘Glitch’ Allows Some Families To Be Priced Out Of Health Insurance | _
Communist Party USA backs Obama gun grab, calls Second Amendment obsolete | _
A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom
The Hidden Connection Behind Viruses, Vaccines and Cancer - Waking Times : Waking Times
A Well Regulated Militia | _
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Hidden Agenda behind America’s War on Africa: Containing China by “Fighting Al-Qaeda” | Global Research
Activist Post: No Obama, Americans Aren't Committed to Aiding Terrorists in Syria
Ben Swann's 'Release the Sandy Hook Surveillance Tapes' Video Goes Viral, Swann Smeared for Asking Questions | Peace . Gold . Liberty
The Vulnerability Of The Elites - BlackListedNews.com
Surveillance programs in Latin America are fueling the growth of unregulated security contractors - BlackListedNews.com
Syria Warns Israel of 'Surprise' Retaliation
Israeli Attack: Desperate Bid to Save Failed Syrian Campaign
Chuck Hagel to Ensure Israel's Qualitative Military Edge
‘US Has Militarily Coerced Middle Eastern Political Outcomes Since the Cold War’
The Ominous U.S. Presence in Northwest Africa
The American Empire, RIP
‘America's Nazi Scientists Fulfilling Dream Of Ruling The World’ - Bruce Gagnon
Noam Chomsky: US, A Top Terrorist State
‘There Is A Drone With Assange’s Name On It’ - William Blum
Lies, Damned Lies, and Newspaper Reporting
Kill the Fed or the Fed will kill us. Only One Solution To The FED Debt Trap
Why America’s Middle East Policy is Doomed
Hasbara and the Control of Narrative as an Element of Strategy
The Real Invasion of Africa is Not News and a \Licence to Lie is Hollywood's Gift
American Military Power Interview with William Blum
Against Philanthropy As Hurricane Victims Freeze, Billionaire Mayor Gives Away $1 Billion to Wealthy Med School
Poverty and Progress: Comparing the US and Venezuela
Good Terrorist, Bad Terrorist
Pepe Escobar: Shadow Wars & No Interventions - US Plan for MidEast & Asia
National Nervous Breakdown
DHS Tips for Surviving Mass Shootings: Run, Hide, or Arm Yourself with Scissors
Public Schools Torturing Students with Behavior Problems
The West Attacked Libya to Stop Gold-Backed Currency
Government By Crisis - James Corbett on Wide Awake News
Calling Out The Hypocritical, War-Loving Left
Interview 595 - Sibel Edmonds on NATO, Terrorism, 9/11 and Drug Running
The EyeOpener- Power Behind The Throne: The Canadian Council of Chief Executives
Mali and AFRICOM’s Africa Agenda: Target China
The Financialization of Food & the Profitability of Poverty
The Rising Tide of Neo-Nazism
The Sandy Hook Tragedy: An Inquisitive Visit to Newtown, Connecticut
The 9/11 Plan: Cheney, Rumsfeld and the “Continuity of Government”
The Art of War: The Reconquest of Africa
The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?
Illegal Invasions, “Rogue States”, Forgotten Victims and a Shaming Plea
9/11 Military Trial Judge Frustrated by Government Censorship … Like the 9/11 Commissioners
Militarization of the Arctic: “We have to Rethink how War is Fought”
US Imperialism, International Law and the United Nations
Pentagon Coverup: U.S. Yokosuka Naval Base Evacuated Following Fukushima Disaster
Manipulating Wikipedia Content: Israeli Program to Train Editors to Ensure that “What is Written” is “Zionist in Nature”
NATO: Proudly Delivering Death Since 1949
Guns Over Butter: The Military-Industrial Complex and the Destruction of the U.S. Economy
Who Owns The Federal Reserve?
Kerry Confronted: “When are enough people going to be killed?”
The Benghazi Affair: Uncovering the Mystery of the Benghazi CIA Annex
The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions
Which Way Do We Go? “Obama Recession” or Full Employment?
Verbal Tics and Political Routines: Distorting Concepts, Turning Realities Up Side Down
Obama’s Annoyance with Media
Israel Attacks Lebanon
The Politics of Debt in America: From Debtor’s Prison to Debtor Nation
“Israeli Airstrike intended to Stop Syrian Scientific Military Research”
The American Empire, RIP
Downward Spiral of the US Economy
Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: “Break Syria into Pieces”
America’s War of Aggression on Syria. The Role of Israel
Obama’s War on Whistleblowers
Prelude to a Coming Interview- Operation Gladio

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James Rickards testifies about Currency Wars
Sen. Rand Paul to Promote "Founders' Vision of Foreign Policy"
Advice from the DHS: See an Active Shooter? Run and Hide
Obama and Global Establishment Warn U.K. not to Ditch EU
Obama’s Trillion-Dollar Coin Exposes Federal Reserve Scam
Military Plans to Hide Drones Underwater to Prevent Detection
DOJ Refuses to Disclose How it Tracks Citizens Using GPS
Leaked IPCC Climate Report Shows UN Overestimated Global Warming
As she leaves, Clinton sounds warning over Syria
NY's Bloomberg: I didn't make risqué bottom remark
Biden to use Obama’s postelection ‘flexibility’ on weapons with Russia - Washington Times
Biden and Donilon preparing for new nuclear discussions with Russia | The Cable
Hagel: Iran Has ‘Elected, Legitimate’ Government | Washington Free Beacon
Senator to DefSec Nominee: Why Have the Iranians Endorsed You? | The Weekly Standard
CNN: Senators ‘Shocked’ at How Ill-Prepared Hagel Is | Washington Free Beacon
Rubio says he opposes Hagel - POLITICO.com
Mikulski’s ‘Paycheck Fairness Act’ Would Allow Employees to Discuss Salaries « CBS DC
Wyoming House Approves Bills Exempting State From Federal Gun Control Measures « CBS DC
MSNBC Airs Sandy Hook Father's Unedited Testimony After Critics Complain (Video) - The Hollywood Reporter
Owner Sends Dog To Kill Shelter For Being ‘Gay’ « CBS Charlotte
Twitter / DRUDGE: ZUCKER UNTUCKED: @RuPaul scored ...
Jobless Claims Go Higher; Income Surges, Spending Up
Dem leader Reid: 'We are in a recovery' - The Hill's Floor Action
Dominican prostitute details sex parties with Sen. Menendez | The Daily Caller
Menendez Donor Melgen Financed Clintons, Wasserman Schultz, GOP Pols
FOUR DOMINICAN HOOKERS Confirm They Attended Sex Parties With Sen. Bob Menendez | The Gateway Pundit
If Guilty, Menendez Could Face 30 Years in Prison | The Weekly Standard
Chris Christie Would Choose Menendez’s Replacement | The Weekly Standard
Geraldo Rivera 'truly contemplating' run for Senate. Could he win? - CSMonitor.com
EXCLUSIVE: Tawana Brawley served with court order to pay man she accused of rape - NYPOST.com
Inside the Ring: New al Qaeda threat - Washington Times
Arab-American groups call Coke Super Bowl ad ''racist'' | Reuters
Calling Out The Hypocritical, War-Loving Left - YouTube
Proof That Will Send Him to Prison: Bush's Lie Exposed - YouTube
Max Igan On The Innervibe Show - A Call For Action [01/27/2013] - YouTube
Obama Sets Fundraising Record While Eroding Watergate Limits
Panetta to Testify on Benghazi
To Address Global Chaos, better Intelligence Needed
Former New York Mayor Ed Koch Moved to Hospital Intensive Care
Explosion at Mexican Oil Giant Pemex Offices Kills at Least 25
Americans Working Longer, Putting Off Retirement
Rand Paul to Try and Scale Back TSA
Gingrich Debt Hits $4.7 Million With $650,000 Owed to Candidate
Deadly Combination: Thin With Belly Fat
Video: Federal Court Indicts President Obama - Will not see the end of his second term! | Politics
Secret Hidden For Thousands Of Years Revealed! Golgatha - The Place Of The Skulls By The Rev Michelle Hopkins | Paranormal
Alien Base On The Moon In Detail, Clear UFO Photos Released By NASA Taken By Astronauts, Pilot Films UFO From Air | Beyond Science
Sandy Hook!!! The Plot Just Got A Whole Lot Thicker!!! Must See Video! | Alternative
23 Ancient Mind Blowing Locations | Science and Technology
"Startling Revelation: Will the Court End Obama's Presidency Like this?" PDF Indictment Attached, Video | Obama
30 Eye Popping, Mind Boggling, Spine Tingling Discoveries From The Lands Time Forgot | Science and Technology
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Video: Why Obama is the Anti-Christ | Obama Birthplace Controversy
Greatest Feat Of Ancient Construction In America | Science and Technology
5 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System | Health
Garlic Proven 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics, Working In A Fraction of The Time | Health
Video: Save Your Souls From Antichrist Obama | Alternative
David Icke, Ley Lines, Energy Vortices, Megaliths And Advanced Ancient Knowledge | Beyond Science
Sandy Hook Actors, DHS Conducted Training in the Area - False Flag Attack - Video | Alternative
Sandy Hook Zombie Defense The Living Dead Defending Children House Bill - Video | Alternative
Sandy Hook Grieving Parent, New Info! | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Sandy Hooked - A Real Look At Who and Why | Alternative
Joe Ametrano Sandy Hook Murder Suspect! | Alternative
Largest Biblical Discovery To Date: The Parable Blueprint | Press Releases
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This Is How They Plan to Kill Us - Elite Insider George Green Video | Alternative
Lindsey Williams : America Is In Big Trouble | Alternative
US Cities Are Death Traps: Get Out Now! (Video) | Survival
How Obama Is Buying Homes With Your Dollars! Scamming Off The Government! | Economics and Politics
Google Glass: Augmenting Minds or Helping Us Sleepwalk? | Science and Technology
Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag? | Strange
Giant Tobacco Plants That Stays 'Young Forever' | Strange
The Sugar Swing – Blood Sugar & Fat Loss | Health
The Sugar Swing – Blood Sugar & Fat Loss - Diabetes | Diabetes
Wireless Medicine - A Way Dangerous Two Edged Sword | Health
State Dept. Publicized Names, Photos of Stevens' Benghazi Security Detail Before 9/11/12; Suppressed Their Identities Afterward | CNS News
Federal Revenue Erupts a Ginormous 267,869% In The 100 Years of Income Tax | CNS News
Rep. Moore: ‘Notion’ of Right to Bear Arms Shouldn’t Lead to Submarine Ownership | CNS News
Last 2 Presidential Terms Were Worst for Economic Growth Since WWII | CNS News
US Senate Shoots Down Bid to Halt Sales of F-16s, Tanks to Egypt | CNS News
White House to Illegals: No Obamacare with Legal Status | CNS News
IRS: Parents Must Pay Federal Fine for Uninsured Kids | CNS News
HHS Made $64.2 Billion in ‘Improper Payments’ in Fiscal 2012 | CNS News
Paul Krugman Answers Paul Ryan on Debt Crisis: We Can Print Money | CNS News
Graham to Hagel: ‘Give Me One Example of the Dumb Things’ the ‘Jewish Lobby’ Makes Us Do | CNS News
CNN Cancels Soledad O’Brien Show, Says It Wasn’t Due to ‘Ethnic’ Viewership | NewsBusters
Gallup: 61% of Small Business ‘Worried’ Over Healthcare Costs -- 30% Not Hiring, Fear Going Out of Business | CNS News
'Fast and Furious' Figure Accused of Misleading Congress Is Departing Justice Dept. | CNS News
Genesis Communications Network GCN News DHS Boss Praises Trampling of Posse Comitatus at National Police Confab «
Senate Hearing Shows Divide on Gun Measures - YouTube
Sex to Burn Calories? Obesity Myths Exposed - YouTube
The Path to Saving the Republic: Just Say 'No'
Trusting Your Own Government (or Not)
The Fall of Journalism
Obama's 'Evil Empire' Speech
The End of Neo-colonialism
Benghazi Footnote
Video: Al 'Jazeera' Gore Falls Back to Earth as Media Elite Taunt Global Warming Hypocrisy
Video: Iran's Man: Hagel Confronted Over Endorsement
Video: McCain: Hagel on the "Wrong Side" of History
Video: Ted Cruz Schools the Senate on Gun Control Facts, Rather Than Emotions and Scary Pictures
Video: What Can We Cut to Balance the Budget?
Video: U.S. Split? Debate Rages as Obama Goes After Guns and Other Liberties
Video: Rubio and Rush Debate Immigration in America
Paving over History
Regulatory costs to business explode under Obama
Obama: Contracting economy GOP's fault
USPS Sticker Shock
Is the Obama administration deliberately feeding the flames in Egypt?
No Margin of Error for Military Chaplains Dealing with Same-Sex Couples
Chicago NPR station issues bizarre plea: 'Go make babies today'
New Report Calls for More Grants to Low-Income Students, End to Federal Parent Loan Program
Fox News Gang Clings To That 'Torture A-Go-Go' Dream
80 Percent of Senate Republicans Opposed Sandy Relief
Fox Suggests Welfare Queens Responsible For Obama's High Popularity
Sandy Hook Parent David Wheeler: My Son Had Right To His Life
School Drill Includes Familiarizing Students With the Sound of Gunfire
Why Won't The Media Interview Economists Who Aren't Deficit Scolds?
McCain Grills Hagel Over His Criticism of Troop Surge in Iraq
Soledad Smacks Down Grassley for Excusing Assault Weapons for 'Black-on-Black Violence'
Fox News Uses The Death Of Hadiya Pendleton, 15, To Attack Gun Control
Emails Link Jeb Bush Education Group To Officials And ALEC
Lawrence O'Donnell Eviscercates Gayle Trotter Over Gun Testimony
Graham: Americans Will Need Guns Due to Budget Cuts Leading to Fewer Cops
Stephen Colbert Rips CNN's Erick Erickson on Climate Change
Dominican Flights Cost Menendez Up to 18 Percent of Net Worth
Menendez Prostitution Scandal: Donor Melgen's Political Contributions Exploded After IRS Filed Tax Lien
Facebook Refuses to Shut Down Vile Anti-Palin Page
IRS Begins Implementation of Obamacare
Report: Geraldo Rivera Exploring a New Jersey Senate Bid?
Gun-Free Zone: Shooting Reported at Atlanta Middle School
Hagel Nomination Puts Pressure on Red State Dems
David Kopel: Take Dangerous People, Not Guns, Off the Streets
California GOP Proposes Training School Personnel in Use of Firearms
WH Tries to Blame Sequester Cuts Devised by Administration on GOP
Biggest Hurdle of 'Bipartisan' Immigration Plan May Be Obamacare
Poll: Cuomo Job Approval Tanks After Gun Laws
Menendez Repays Donor for Flights After 'Exhaustive Review' of Travel
Chicago Mayor Pressuring Mutual Funds to End Investments in Gun Companies
Jobless Claims Jump to 368k
Hillary: No Politics; Just Writing, Speeches After State Department
Rep. Lamar Smith: McCain's Immigration Plan Rewards Lawbreakers
Obama: 'I Am Not a King'
Claim: Obama 'Uncomfortable' at Touted Skeet Shoot
Non-Profit Organizing for Action Displays Obama Campaign Logo in Immigration Email
Unnamed Pollster Asking New Yorkers: Weiner for Mayor?
Walmart to Limit Ammo Purchases, Citing Shortages
Piers Morgan Slapped by RuPaul in Ratings
MSNBC Will Not Apologize for Deceptive Editing of Sandy Hook Parent 'Heckling'
Erik Wemple's Lonely Pursuit of 'Heckle' Fraudsters
Journal News Gun Owner Map Out of Date, Defenseless Housholds at Risk
The NRA's Media Strategy: Is It Working?
Media Fawns over Giffords' 'Handwritten' Notes...Written by Therapist
CAIR Member Seeks Seat on NYC City Council
Dominican Republic Rife with Underage Sex Trafficking
Hagel's Disastrous Hearing Ought to Make 'No' Vote a No-Brainer
Sen. Rand Paul Amendment: No F-16s to Egypt
Rights Group Condemns Russia's 'Worst Post-Soviet Crackdown'
Advice and Consent: Hagel's Confirmation Hearing a Test of Senate Independence
Briton Finds 'Rare Whale Vomit' Worth 50,000 Euros
Syria Opposition Meets in Cairo
Egypt General Warns Morsi: Nation May 'Collapse'
World View: Israel Warplanes Strike Target in Syria
Man Shoots, Kills School Bus Driver and Flees With 6-Year-Old Child — Hours-Long Police Standoff Continues
Masked Gunman Flees Home Invasion After Women Begin Chanting Jesus’ Name: ‘Get Out of My House in the Name of Jesus!’
Scarborough Goes on Another Anti-NRA Rant — This Time Says the Group Could Ruin 2016 Election
‘It’s Dead, Dead, Dead’: Justice Scalia Blasts Schoolchildren Who Don’t Understand the Constitution
FBI Raids Office of Sen. Menendez Campaign Donor — Accused of Facilitating ‘Sex Parties’ for Sen. With Underage Dominican Prostitutes
The Surprising Details About Sonia Sotomayor’s College Past That You Won’t Find in Her New Book
Senate Judiciary Committee Begins Hearings on Gun Control, Universal Background Checks Considered
Is This Racist? Volkswagen Pressured to Pull Super Bowl Ad Over…Jamaican Accent
Russian Family So Isolated for 40 Years They Hadn’t Even Heard of WWII
Top Muslim Brotherhood Official in 2010: Holocaust Was Fabricated by U.S. and Six Million Jews Weren’t Killed but Rather Moved to America
‘Be Bold, Be Courageous’: Former Rep. Gabby Giffords Delivers Surprise Opening Statement at Senate Guns Hearing
Horrifying Video Captures Man Chasing and Beating His Ex-Girlfriend in Ohio Courtroom — Who Was There to File a Protective Order!
Lou Barletta Discusses Illegal Immigration and Small Cities on ‘Wilkow!’
This Chart Shows Which Country Consumes the Most Coal
Conservative Teen Maligned on MTV’s ‘I Hate the Government’ Special: They Completely Misrepresented Me
‘Unpatriotic’? Arabic Pledge of Allegiance Recitation at Colo. High School Sparks Controversy
MSNBC Caught Selectively Editing Another Clip — This Time of Sandy Hook Victim’s Father
Conservative’s Anti-Muhammad Ad Rejected by Detroit Transit System — But Can You Guess Which Ad Was Accepted?
So Much for the Savings? Energy-Cutting Measures Working So Well That Utility Customers Now Facing New Fees
You Could Soon Legally Carry Your Gun in Arkansas Churches (Bonus: What Other States Allow It?)
MSNBC Reportedly ‘Reviewing’ Selectively-Edited Sandy Hook Father Clip After Yanking It From Online Story
‘We Have a Shooter’: 1 Dead, 2 Wounded in Ariz. Shooting, Police Hunting Gunman
Newspaper Admits: Gun Map Was Filled With ‘Outdated’ and ‘Inaccurate’ Data
High School Teacher Suspended After Allegedly Posting Semi-Naked Pics, Joking About Drugs & ‘Jailbait’ Students on Twitter
Wayne LaPierre Hits Back During Hearing: ‘Background Checks Will Never Be Universal Because Criminals Will Never Submit to Them’
Colin Powell Reveals Why He Voted for Obama Twice in Contentious Interview With Bill O’Reilly
Here’s Why Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Might Not Be So ‘Hygienic’
The Manti Te’o Story Just Got Weirder: Dr. Phil Interviewed the Hoaxster and He Says He Fell ‘Deeply, Romantically in Love’ With the Linebacker
Wis. Sheriff Who Encouraged Residents to Arm Themselves Takes On Anti-Gun Piers Morgan
Mystery: Decades-Old Bible Belonging to Legend Who Brought Jackie Robinson Into the Major Leagues Found in Calif. Library
Jimmy Kimmel Is at It Again: Watch These People Lie Shamelessly About Watching the Super Bowl That Hasn’t Been Played Yet
Pro-Gun Woman Scolds Dem Senator: ‘You Are Not a Woman Stuck in Her House, Having to Defend Her Children’
Senate Armed Services Committee Will Hold Another Benghazi Hearing Next Week
Atheist Mom Who Penned Viral Essay About Raising Kids ‘Without God’ Speaks Out
Devastating Photos from the Georgia Tornado That Ripped Through a Small Town
‘Doomsday Prepper’?: Gunman Who Killed Bus Driver and Took a Boy Hostage In Underground Bunker Is Alleged ‘Survivalist’
MSNBC Finally Addresses Deceptively Edited Video of Sandy Hook Dad
Here’s the Latest on Israel’s Reported Airstrike in Syria and What the U.S. Knew Beforehand
Mesmerizing Time-Lapse of the Day: Six Hours of Airplane Takeoffs (Plus One Parachuter) Condensed Into 32 Seconds
Fox News Source: Obama ‘Couldn’t Have Been More Uncomfortable’ Skeet Shooting at Camp David
New Homeland Security Video Urges Americans to Resist Shooters…With Scissors
Al Qaeda Issues Chilling New Threat on Jihadi Web Site: Pledges ‘Earth-Shattering’ Attacks on U.S., Western Targets
Google Earth Satellite Image Reveals Outdoor Water Park Set for ‘Hunger Games’ Sequel
Do You Know the History of Executive Orders? Plus, Find Out Which President Has Issued the Most (Hint: Not Obama)
Yikes: Giant Sinkhole in China Takes Out Buildings, Knocks Out Power
NYPD Accused of Cuffing 7-Year-Old & Interrogating Him for Hours Over $5
Will This New Illinois Democrat Break the Chicago Political Machine?
I Was a Victim of Violent Crime: Immigrant Behind Viral Testimony Explains Why He’s Pro-Gun
‘Will You Please Answer the Question’: McCain’s Fiery Exchange With Chuck Hagel Over the Iraq Troop Surge
What Obama ‘Joke’ Was Greeted With Overwhelming Boos at a Local Chamber of Commerce Dinner?
Senator Geraldo Rivera? Personality Announces He Is ‘Truly Contemplating’ a Run for U.S. Senate in NJ
Study: EPA-Approved Ethanol Gasoline Blend Found to Gunk Up Engines
Laws and Crime in Chicago Challenge Idea That More Gun Control Equals Less Violence
Five Myths About School Choice
Unreal: Family Pet Survives 30 YEARS Living in a Record Player Box Inside Filthy Storage Room
Legal Immigrant’s Must-Watch Testimony Against Gun Control: ‘Few Saw the Third Reich Coming Until It Was Too Late’
7 Common Weight-Related Myths Debunked (e.g. the Importance of Eating Breakfast)
GOP Senator on Rubio Immigration Reform Plan: ‘He’s Dead Wrong on This’
Jay Carney Had Absolutely No Idea How to Answer This Question
Alleged Yale Law Student Goes Absolutely Ballistic on His Colleagues in Obscenity-Laced Goodbye Letter: ‘Clarence Thomas Ain’t Got Sh** on Me’
Bipartisan Consensus: Hagel Blew His Confirmation Hearing
Sen. Cruz Confronts Chuck Hagel With Old Audio on Israel in Heated Confirmation Hearing Exchange
Union Leaders’ Epiphany Leaves Them Scrambling: Wait, Obamacare Is Going to Drive up Our Costs?
Armed Guard Stops School Shooter After He Opened Fire at Atlanta Middle School
American Idol Hopeful Gives Agonizing Rendition of National Anthem, Forgets Words, Praises Obama — Gets Through to Next Round
Conservatives Launch New Social Network to Escape Facebook ‘Censorship’ — Will You Join?
‘Racist Witch!’: The Left Goes Nuts After Falling for Parody Site’s Fake Story About Ann Coulter
UPDATED: ‘I Give God 10%’ Tip Story Takes Interesting Twist: Pastor Revealed & the Waitress Has Allegedly Been Fired
Immigration Reform - Why Immigrate to the U.S.
Was Jesus a Libertarian?
Environmentalists remain silent on oil-rich climate change gurus
Reincarnation, God, and Government
Top UN Official In Libya Questions The Fact Of Libyan Arms Transfers To Terrorists
Human health risks from Electromagnetic Fields and Radio Frequency Radiation Real
Fundamental Transformation of America Equals turning legal civil society into illegal one
U.S. State Dept. recruits workers during Jihadist conference
ABSURD: HAMAS/Hezbo Arabs Upset Over Coke Ad; “Why Can’t We Vote for Arab on Camel?”
Rubio: My Role’s to Pimp the Right, Limbaugh, Levin on Amnesty; Open Borders Lobby Cheers Rubio
Limbaugh On Carney’s Response To Question On Jobs Council: This Is PukeVille!
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