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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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23 January 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."


Celente: Trends Outlook for 2013 - YouTube
Toxic Gene Hidden in GMO Crops - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Prominent Gun-Control Advocate Compares Firearms Owners To Nazis
Paul accuses Clinton of 'failure of leadership' on Benghazi | The Daily Caller
Prison Planet.com » Clinton Shouts: ‘What Difference Would It Make?’
Prison Planet.com » Elementary School Girl Threatened With Arrest Over ‘Paper Gun’
Prison Planet.com » School Will Not Back Down Over Five-Year-Old Girl’s Bubble Gun “Terroristic Threat”
Prison Planet.com » The TSA Is Not Eliminating X-Ray Body Scanners
Prison Planet.com » Paul Ehrlich: ‘Nobody Has The Right to Have 12 Children–Or Even 3’
Former Special Forces Commander: Was U.S. Running Guns to Syrian Rebels Via Benghazi? CIA: No | CNS News
Prison Planet.com » At least 50 African children paralyzed after receiving Bill Gates-backed meningitis vaccine
Prison Planet.com » Attendees Groped at Obama Inaugural
Prison Planet.com » Alex Analyzes Shooting at Lone Star College
Prison Planet.com » Does China Plan To Establish “China Cities” And “Special Economic Zones” All Over America?
Syria: Russia lashes out at 'obsession' with toppling Bashar al-Assad - Telegraph
Said al-Shihri killed for the THIRD time: U.S air strike 'finally' gets terror boss in Yemen | Mail Online
Prison Planet.com » West Point Terrorism Study Targets “Far Right” Conservatives
Prison Planet.com » Globesity: How Globalists Are Feeding Off the Obesity Crisis
Obama's new French economic adviser has 'faith in redistribution' | The Daily Caller
Prison Planet.com » Max Keiser: Zombie Banks
Prison Planet.com » Assistant Attorney General Admits On TV That In The US Justice Does Not Apply To The Banks
Prison Planet.com » A Visual History Of Gold
Prison Planet.com » Special Report: Ohio Drill Demonizes Gun Owners as Terrorists
Prison Planet.com » Restoring American Again with Author David Zuniga
Prison Planet.com » Shock Claim: “The New Litmus Test Of Leadership In The Military Is If They Will Fire On US Citizens Or Not”
Prison Planet.com » Chinese Politicians Are Buying Billions In U.S. Real Estate
Prison Planet.com » Stricken dolphin who ‘asked’ Hawaii diver for help: Moment mammal stuck on fishing line pushed itself into scuba instructor and waited patiently to be freed
Prison Planet.com » Many ‘Green’ Products are Actually Deceptive and Toxic
Psychiatric Drugs warnings, studies, side effects, antidepressants, antipsychotics, ADHD drugs « CCHR International
CCHR Exposes Psychiatry’s Military Spending to Create Drugged-Out Super-Soldiers
The Fed’s Plan B: "We're Going to Kill the Dollar" - BlackListedNews.com
Does China Plan To Establish “China Cities” And “Special Economic Zones” All Over America? - BlackListedNews.com
Brave New World: Oxford Professor Says Genetically Altering Unborn Babies Personalities A Moral Obligation - BlackListedNews.com
Davos call for $14trn 'greening' of global economy - Business News - Business - The Independent
Testosterone Pit - Home - Is The “Self-Promotion-And-Envy Spiral” Taking Down Facebook?
Slave! - YouTube
War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us To Death (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The 3 Minute Case Against Obama |, Jr | XRepublic
Aspartame – Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
New Glasses Block Facial Recognition Cameras from Identifying You | _
The Lies Drug Companies Tell To Sell Unsafe Drugs (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Why Are Americans Less Healthy?
Richard Gage 2009 "The Architecture of Destruction" - YouTube
SkyTruth: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Used in 34% of Reported Fracking Operations
The Assassination Manual | The National Interest Blog
[87] Rev. Jesse Jackson: "Change is Bottom-Up", The System is Rigged, "Obama is the Terrorist" - YouTube
Mafia War Brewing As Second Russian Mob Boss Falls In Drive-By Shooting | _
George Soros Think Tank Proposes 13 Pieces Of Emergency Gun Control Legislation :
DARPA’s Super Sniper Scope Is the World’s Deadliest Range-Finder | _
US Supreme Court: ‘law’ repugnant to the Constitution is void - National Nonpartisan | Examiner.com
The Money Institution Must Be Ended - Anonymous Voice Over - YouTube
Treason? Obama Lets Chinese Own U.S. Energy Resources :
Michael Bloomberg sees mood swing on gun control at annual U.S. Conference of Mayors | _
Activist Post: Passengers and Drivers Deserve Privacy Protections in GPS Vehicle Surveillance
Naomi Wolf ‘s Steps To Fascism: A Progress Report | Video Rebel's Blog
NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Responds To Obama's Inaugural Address - YouTube
It Could Be A War Crime To Use Biologically Enhanced Soldiers | StratRisks
Judge Napolitano on Obama’s Inaugural Address: ‘Nothing In There About Freedom’
Chinese Survivor of Tiananmen Square Cautions Against Gun Control in America
12 Year Old Girl Tells The SHEEPLE the Truth about ROTHSCHILD CORRUPT BANKERS and ECONOMY - YouTube
Economic Espionage - YouTube
Obama's Inaugural Speech of False Hope - YouTube

» Glenn Beck to Devote Whole Show To ‘Debunking Conspiracy Theories About Sandy Hook’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» 800 European Children Develop Narcolepsy After Receiving H1N1 Vaccine Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Lawlessness or Armed Citizens Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon says you don’t need to know how banking works Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
MIT website hacked again in tribute to cyber activist Aaron Swartz - Boston.com
» The American Revolution Started Over Disarmament Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Clinton delivers forceful defense on Benghazi in congressional testimony - The Washington Post
BOVARD » More Blood on Hillary Clinton’s Head - Algeria
Want To Tell The State To Stick It? Homeschool Your Kids - Forbes
Investors say U.S. fiscal woes pose biggest risk to global economy - latimes.com
BBC News - IMF: Global economic recovery 'weakening'
» Saudis, U.S. sign accord lifting post-9/11 travel restrictions Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Border Patrol on High Speed Boats Ask for Public Help in Stopping Smugglers | Fox News Latino
Obama Closing Air Defense System on U.S./Mexico Border: Texas & America Vulnerable to Attack from Low Altitude Missiles and Aircraft | Texas GOP Vote
EXCLUSIVE: Group Finds More Fake Ingredients in Popular Foods - ABC News
Former Special Forces Commander: Was U.S. Running Guns to Syrian Rebels Via Benghazi? CIA: No | CNS News
Anti Conspiracy Theorists
USA, the Disposable People - YouTube
Scientists Push to Resume Research On Virulent Man-Made Flu Virus | TIME.com
Universal "Declaration of Human Rights"
Activist Post: Anonymous Calls for Civil War to Overthrow the US Government
MILLER: National ‘assault weapon’ ban coming Thursday - Washington Times
Activist Post: NY Rep Wants to Criminalize 3D-Printed Weapons
WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony – “Complete Bullsh-t” - The Ulsterman Report
Stratospheric Phenomenon Is Bringing Frigid Cold to U.S | ZenHaven
Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring? - David Icke Website
Activist Post: Does China Plan To Establish 'China Cities' And 'Special Economic Zones' All Over America?
Assistant Attorney General Admits On TV That In The US Justice Does Not Apply To The Banks | Zero Hedge
The Money Institution Must Be Ended - Anonymous Voice Over - YouTube
Eurocrats 'want to run our Press': Brussels accused of 'flagrant attack' after report proposed giving EU powers to control media and sack journalists | Mail Online
No bullshit on Brasscheck - YouTube
Reflections in a Petri Dish | On the Plains of Armageddon, with the Battle already Won.
5 Million Dollar Underground Garage
New York City Unveils Micro-Apartments | World | RIA Novosti
U.S. scientists will retire most research chimps - Yahoo! News
Eating Our Way In and Out of Our Symptoms - Waking Times : Waking Times
ADL Owns Ratfacedjews.com | Veterans Today
Duping the Truthers | Veterans Today
OpEdNews - Article: A Proposed Standardized Scientific Approach to Assessing Conspiracy Theories and Questions
Is FEMA a Threat to the American Public?
The Brain Could Become the Ultimate Weapon | ZenHaven
PressTV - Saudi Arabia, the big oil & US foreign policy (I)
PressTV - Saudi Arabia, the big oil & US foreign policy (II)

Missouri Lawmakers: Parents will have to notify school of gun ownership in 30 days or face fine | CAV NEWS
Currency War Between The US, China, Japan In Process, Euro Could Be Next To Join The War. WGC Confirms The Chinese Are Going To Back The Yuan With Gold!! | InvestmentWatch
America: This Is You – An Infographic
Jimmy Savile Was Part of Satanic Ring; Other BBC Star Stuart Hall Charged with Sexual Abuse on Children
Court Decision: U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King’s Assassination
“Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb: Who’s Who? Who is Behind the Terrorists?
The Obama Spectacle: Nobody Likes a Liar
New Scramble for Africa: Imperialism Plans “Decades of War”
New Sectarianism in US Politics: Obama Inauguration, America’s Version of a “Royal Coronation”
Progressives Who Voted For Obama
GMO Scandal: The Long Term Effects of Genetically Modified Food on Humans
The Hundred Richest People in 2012 Earned Enough to End World Poverty Four Times Over
Iran and Russia sign agreement to coordinate security
Rising China-US Tensions: Heading Towards Military Confrontation?
Building a Pretext to Wage War on Iran? Washington Cooks Up a “Nuclear Fairy Tale”

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 23, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 22, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 21, 2013
Fantasy Politics: On Reforming the Banking System
Martin King’s family: share civil trial case that US govt assassinated Martin - Washington's Blog
EDITORIAL: With Ammunition Scarce Can Reloading Supplies Be Next? - Guns.com
The Squeegee Man | Eric Peters Autos
How to Increase Testosterone Naturally | The Art of Manliness
Elderberry Extract: Nature's 'Tamiflu' by Daisy Luther
Salon Article Says Unborn Baby is "A Life Worth Sacrificing" | LifeNews.com
Is FEMA a Threat to the American Public? :
'The Matrix' Meets Medicine: Surveillance Swoops Into Health Care - Kaiser Health News
DARPA's Super Sniper Scope Is the World's Deadliest Range-Finder
WTF: Facebook wants a Photo ID now? | InvestmentWatch
The EyeOpener- Foreign Agents: The Zionist Organization of America
Big Media Discovers US Special Ops are Targeting Mexican Crime Organizations
Interview 584 - James Corbett on Dangerous Conversation
Interview 583 - Radio Liberty: Back to Fundamentals
The Last Word on Privacy (video)
FISA, Facebook, and the End of Privacy
An EMP False Flag? (video)
Hagel Apologizes, Reassures Jewish Leaders on Iran Position
The New Law is Lawlessness Is This Endless War on Terror The New Normal?
Obama's Overlooked War and Lethal Presidency
Fake Skeptics & The "Conspiracy Theorist" Slur
Public School Teacher Preaches Preemptive War With Iran
West Point Defines "Domestic Enemies" to Prepare Troops to Take On Americans
Does Ingesting GM Foods Create Disease, Such as Morgellons?
Why Did the US Mint Run Out of Silver Coins?
West Point Terrorism Study Targets “Far Right” Conservatives
"I Infilitrated Al-Qaeda": Danish Man Claims He’s CIA-backed Double Agent
DOJ Refuses to Disclose How it Tracks Citizens Using GPS
SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!!! News: 20 ways to become more self-sufficient before ‘the crunch’ arrives
Civilian Drones in US Could Possibly Be Hijacked for Use in Attacks
CIA FOIA Request Denied before Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony
Private Cities & Public Morality: Are Non-State Founded Communities Wrong?
No Enemies to the Left
Making Little Murderers
The U.S. Tells the World ‘You’re On Your Own’
Human health risks from Electromagnetic Fields and Radio Frequency Radiation Real
An Independent Truth on Assault Weapons
If the American Republic cannot survive, world government cannot be
Republicans fail, will people start a new national party?
Clinton Says It Was Not ‘Appropriate’ For Her to Talk With State’s Benghazi Survivors Until After They Were Questioned by FBI | CNS News
Inhofe: ‘Unacceptable’ That DoD Leaked ‘Women in Combat’ Plans Before Briefing Congress | CNS News
Obama 'Cements His Legacy' | CNS News
Rep. Duncan: ‘What Does the Word Responsibility Mean to You, Madam Secretary?’ | CNS News
Lawsuits To Get Info From State Dept. Jump 111% Compared To Last Two Years Under Bush | CNS News
Sen. Rand Paul Blasts Clinton's 'Failure of Leadership' | CNS News
Hillary on Not Doing Sunday Shows After 9/11/12: ‘There Are Other Things I Prefer to Do on Sunday Mornings’ | CNS News
Obama Ranked Greatest Ever By Inaugural Attendees: 'Everything He Said He Was Going To Do, He Did It' | CNS News
White House Defends Clinton as ‘One of the Great Secretaries of State’ in History | CNS News
Hillary Riled: 'What Difference at This Point Does It Make?' | CNS News
Democrat Wishes Hillary Success in 2016 -- During Benghazi Terrorism Hearing | CNS News
Ted Nugent on Bloomberg: ‘What Kind of Idiot Thinks That Our Founding Fathers Were Protecting Deer Hunting?’ | CNS News
Brit Hume: Obama's Speech Should Kill Notion Held By His Admirers in the Press That He's a Centrist | NewsBusters
Congresswoman Reintroduces Bill To Ban Federal Funds From Abortion Providers, Including Planned Parenthood | CNS News
Former Special Forces Commander: Was U.S. Running Guns to Syrian Rebels Via Benghazi? CIA: No | CNS News
Nielsen: 20.6 million watched inauguration | CNS News
Leno: Crowds Bigger For Obama’s First Inauguration Because More People Could Afford Hotels Then | CNS News

The Pentagon Targets the "Far Right" - informationliberation
Obama Supporters Don't Know Obama - informationliberation
People who don't support Obama should be shot [Video] - informationliberation
The Names Behind the Collateral Damage - informationliberation
"Conspiracy Theory": Foundations of a Weaponized Term - informationliberation
CNN Caught Red Handed! Why Was CNN Using Fake Sandy Hook Footage? (Updated - New Video) | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Sandy Hook Hoax Is Falling Apart. Prohibited Video | Conspiracy Theories
'Beast' Found In Sandy Hook Woods Prior To School Shooting - What Is The Mysterious Creature In This Video? | Paranormal
Did Red Crucifix In The Sky Herald A Cosmic Death And Birth? | Space
Google Spying On You 88% of the Time! | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Videos: Obama's Sodom And Gomorrah. Both Antichrist and Abomination Of The Bible. | Obama Birthplace Controversy
Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System | Global Research
Lindsey Williams : The Elite Do Not Want A Revolution In America (Video) | Alternative
See The Sun As Never Seen Before In New Super High Def | Space
Body Armor for Dummies………. | Survival
How to Have Emergency Power Now | Survival
Dr. Oz - Green Coffee Bean Extract | Health
How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever
Richard C. Hoagland Shocks The World On George Noory's Coast-To-Coast | Alternative
How To Join Anonymous - A Beginner's Guide (Video) | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
The Great War Of The 21st Century Is On - Gerald Celente - Roy Green Show - January 20, 2013 | XRepublic
Jeremy Scahill tells the ugly truth: President Obama Murdered 21 Woman And 14 Children | XRepublic
Antibiotic-resistant diseases pose 'apocalyptic' threat, top expert says | Society | The Guardian
Boehner: Obama’s goal is to 'annihilate' the Republican Party - The Hill
Obamaism Will Fail Because Socialism Always Does - The Rush Limbaugh Show
Is Facebook envy making you miserable? - Business - US business - Media biz | NBC News
Venezuela's vice president says he's target of assassination plot | Reuters
Ryan blames Republican election loss on poor communication, turnout | Reuters
Clinton Says She Never Saw Security Requests for Benghazi
Sen. Johnson: Administration Caught in a Lie on Benghazi
Scope of U.S. Air Force Sexual Assault Case 'stunning' - General
After Narrow Election Victory, Netanyahu Turns Focus to Iran
Only Democrats are positive about state of the nation.
Obama's choice for SecDef is the Cornhusker from Prada
The Ignorance of Anti-human David Attenborough
Filibuster Fever
Obama hits the wrong note in inaugural address
Thin Skin, Strong Stomach
The Tea Party: Still Coming into Its Own
When can we Kill our Neighbor?
The Antigun Movement's Bridge Too Far
Articles: The Collectivist Mind Game, Part 1: Demonizing the Non-Compliant
Articles: The Collectivist Mind Game, Part 2: Demonizing the Opposition
Articles: The Collectivist Mind Game, Part 3: Demonizing Human Nature

Video: Tiger Woods Admits He Left California Because Of High Taxes
Video: Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton: 'I would have relieved you of your post' if I were President
Video: Hillary Clinton Shouts 'What Difference Does It Make?'
Video: Land of the Freebies, Home of the Enslaved
Video: 'CINOs' and Fake Feminists Bashed by Ann McElhinney at the Right Online Conference
Video: Rhetoric vs Reality: Obama Inaugural Rewind
Video: Rangel: We Must 'Overcome' Southern Culture and Model Progressive New York
Video: First Lady Rolls Her Eyes At John Boehner As He Jokes With President Obama
Hoped for Change in Washington not coming from Obama
Obama Can't See Spending Problem
Schoen: Obama's Rhetoric Doesn't Match Actions
President Obama's 2nd Inaugural Exposes Radicalism of Modern GOP
What President Obama Said Matters; Just Ask Krauthammer
Frontlines' 'Untouchables' Asks: Why Aren't Any Wall St. Execs in Jail?
Former Foreign Service Member: 'Asses' McCain and Paul Belong on Ag Committee Where They Can 'Dish Dirt'
Maybe The Future of Abortion Lies With Nurses, Midwives
Paul Ryan Throws A Hissy Fit, Rewrites His Recent History
Panetta Removes Ban on Women in Combat
Chris Matthews Backs Anti-Abortion Shill Into A Corner
Fed Prez Accused Geithner Of Leaking Inside Info To Wall Street. Media Yawns!
Rand Paul Calls Benghazi "Worst Tragedy Since 9/11"
Hillary Clinton Erupts at Ron Johnson Over Benghazi Attack
Pundit: Planned Parenthood Like Hitler
Nugent: 'If You Want Another Concord Bridge, I've Got Some Buddies'
Reid Threatens To Use Constitutional Option. Will He?
Homeschooled Teen Who Killed Family With AR-15 Also Plotted Walmart Mass Shooting
Fox: Obama’s ‘Hard-Left’ Inaugural ‘Sets Up’ GOP Comeback
Birther Republican Official Hangs Flag Upside Down for Obama's Inauguration
Colin Powell Calls Out GOP On Systemic Voter Suppression
O'Reilly Attacks Obama for Promoting Social Justice in Inaugural Address
NYPD Allegedly Commit Hate Crime at Gay Pride Party

It’s on! Feinstein unveiling gun-grab plan
Limbaugh: We’re in midst of designed ‘race wars’
Dr. Cornel West Takes Issue With President Barack Obama Taking Oath With Martin Luther King Jr.'s Bible - ICTMN.com
White House value up since last inauguration day | News - Home
Russia Says The West Created Terrorist Problem In Mali - Business Insider
Americans more downbeat than at any time since Carter, poll says | Fox News
Abbas Claims 'Zionists' Collaborated with Nazis
Security concerns grow over sale of US battery maker to Chinese company | Fox News
Voice of 'Charlie Brown' arrested in San Diego | UTSanDiego.com
Obama declares war on reality – Telegraph Blogs
neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Louis Michael Seidman: the con law professor v. the Constitution
Let’s Give Up on the Constitution - NYTimes.com
Caesar Obama's priorities
The exciting times of Commie Obammie
Obama's up-is-down Marxist rhetoric
Who has killed more kids – Lanza or Obama?
'What difference does it make,' Hillary?
Is U.S. Navy coming clean on TWA 800?
Obama and the Chinese infiltration
America arms its enemy
Ending gun violence requires commitment (of crazies)
Ebony magazine hurts black families
When experts are clueless
J. FARAH: There is an answer to U.S. debt
T. SOWELL: Do gun control laws control guns?
P. BUCHANAN: Clouds over Obama's 2nd term
K. WRIGHT: 4 decades later, the truth is on our side
Weapons of mass distraction
Why America won't have a dictatorship
Will America revolt over gun confiscation?
Obama's 'inauguration' marks end of the left
Nader: Violent Video Game Makers 'Electronic Child Molesters'
James Taylor: We Need to 'Sacrifice' Guns for the Children
Priebus Makes Last Minute Nevada Trip 2 Days Before RNC Winter Meeting
House Republicans Try to Stop International Control of Internet
Dems Introduce Bill Banning High Capacity Magazines
Cancer Death Rates Drop 20% Since 1991
Lawsuits Launched Against NYC Soda Limits
Private Sector Union Numbers Plummet
After 'No Budget, No Pay,' Will GOP Cut Spending?
With Debt Vote, Congress Enters Final Acts of Budget Fight
House Votes to Defuse Debt Limit Crisis for Four Months
National School Choice Week Takes Message Across Country
Hilllary on Libya: 'What Difference Does It Make?'
Gun Show Bans Products Targeted by Left
House Set to 'Suspend' Debt Ceiling Until May
Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Default Protection Act
Obamanomics Explained
Obama's Strongest Opposition May Come from Within--over Spoils, not Principle
NE Gov. Approves Keystone Pipeline Route; State Dept. Delays Decision Date
Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban Comes Tomorrow
Wayne LaPierre to Obama: 2nd Amendment Protects God-Given Rights
Biden Readies for 2016 Run
Gay Activists Laud Obama Speech, Now Want Action
Gun lobby Targets Obama's 'Absolutism'
Foes of NYC Soda Size Limit Doubt Racial Fairness
Erotic Novel Featuring Obamas
Cuomo Planning to Push Abortion on Demand
DNC Re-Elects Wasserman-Schultz as Chair
Sandy Hook Victim's Uncle Offers Proposal to Prevent Mass Shootings
DOJ Hopes to Stall Lawsuit Seeking Access to Fast and Furious Records
McConnell: Obama Inaugural Means 'Era of Liberalism Is Back'
Obama Rips 'Name-Calling,' Inaugural Full of Name-Calling
Obama Bullies Supreme Court For the Third Time
FRIDAY: 'Hannity' to Take on Washington Cronyism with Special 'BOOMTOWN'
Exclusive - Trump Counsel 'Cannot Confirm or Deny' Interest in Buying New York Times
Donald Trump Looking to Buy The New York Times?
Salon Doesn't Believe Fire Melts Steel
Fewer Folks at Home Watched Obama Inauguration II, Too
Sharyl Attkisson Asks Libya Questions The Media Won't
Nightline's Terry Moran Mocks Rand Paul After Clinton Hearing
Inauguration Ratings Plummet 55% Compared to 2009
Veteran BBC Presenter Stuart Hall Charged with Rape
Fox News Announces 1-Hour “Sean Hannity Special—‘Boomtown: Washington, the Imperial City’” with GAI's Peter Schweizer and Breitbart's Stephen K. Bannon
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with 'Silent No More' Author Michael Milton
EXCLUSIVE: 'Bullies' Excerpt: Inside Obama's Media Matters Machine
With Narrative Broken, Media May Need New Pro-Obama Narrative on Israel
NPR Tries to Rewrite Roe v. Wade History
Report: Democracy Declines Across Globe for 7th Straight Year
Japanese Finance Minister: Elderly Should 'Hurry Up and Die'
John McCain: Bring Benghazi Survivors to Capitol Hill
Sen. Paul to Sec. Clinton: I Would Have Relieved You of Your Post
Clinton, Dems Blame Congress for Benghazi
Exclusive: Christian Group to Lobby Every Senator to Vote No on Hagel for Defense
Hillary on Benghazi Misinformation: 'I Was Not Focused on Talking Points'
The Emirates Strike Back
How a Jewish Joke Explains Israel's Election Results
Malian Army Ill-Equipped to Fight Islamists
British PM Promises Referendum on Staying in EU by 2017
Estonian President's Twitter Fight with Paul Krugman Becomes 'Opera'
World View: China Warns Australia Not to Side with America in War
Limbaugh: We’re In The Midst Of Designed Class And Race Wars
Limbaugh: Consensus Of Benghazi Hearing ‘We Need More Money’
RUSH: Hillary Clinton Sings ‘Try To Remember’ – Song Parody #HILARIOUS
RUSH: Ruling Class Circle The Wagons Around Hillary
Guess Who’s Playing Ronald Reagan in an Upcoming Big-Budget Film
Facebook Apologizes for Threatening to Shut Down Conservative Fan Page Over Post Critical of Obama Admin.
Clinton Finally Explains Why the Four State Dept. Employees Blasted for Leadership Failures in Benghazi Report Have Not Been Fired
Incredible Photos Show Water Freezing As Firefighters Fight Chicago’s Largest Fire in 7 Years
Can You Spot the Possible UFO in This Time-Lapse Video of a Meteor Shower?
Rand Paul Grills Clinton at Benghazi Hearing: ‘Had I Been President…I Would Have Relieved You of Your Post’
Unthinkable Amounts of Digital Information Can Be Stored in…Your DNA?
Jake Tapper: Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ Remarks Will Come Back to Haunt Her in 2016
11-Year-Old Transgender Girl: This Is the Speech Obama Should Have Given at the Inauguration
Expert Panel Analyzes the Origins of ‘Sandy Hook Trutherism’
Islamic Group Accuses LEGO of Peddling Racist & Discriminatory Star Wars Playset
‘Umm. Ooops.’: The Top 5 Answers to Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Question of ‘What Difference…Does It Make?’
Angry Clinton Explodes at Questioning on Libya Protest: ‘We Have Four Dead Americans…What Difference at This Point Does It Make?’
‘What Would You Do?’: Manti Te’o Tells Katie Couric He Kept Quiet After Learning of Hoax
This Is TheBlaze’s Point-by-Point Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Debunk
Lip Reader Reveals What He Thinks Prompted the Michelle Obama Eye-Roll (Hint: We Already Suggested It)
Clinton: ‘There Was No Monitor, There Was No Real Time’ Video of Benghazi Attacks
What Did We Learn From Hillary Clinton’s Testimony on Benghazi?
Egyptian Authors Speak Out: Muslim Brotherhood Means ‘No Hope…No Democracy’
Sculptor Lays Out Blueprints for DIY 3D-Printed, Voice-Controlled Humanoid Robot
Sen. Ron Johnson: Hillary Clinton Planned to Get Emotional During Benghazi Testimony to ‘Get Out of Questions’
This Is a ‘Beast’ of a Chicken Egg — And You Won’t Believe What Was Found Inside
NAACP Joins Conservatives to Fight…Bloomberg’s Soda Ban?
Listen to This Veteran’s Epic Defense of the Second Amendment at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum: ‘I Went to War for My Country’
Can Obama’s Overreach Tip the Scales of Public Opinion to the GOP’s Favor?
27 of the Best Hillary Clinton Faces (and Hand Gestures) From Her Benghazi Hearing
Two Men Now Suing Subway Over ‘Footlong’ Sandwiches That Measure a Bit Less Than 12 Inches
Is Obama Already the Greatest President of All-Time? Watch His Supporters Give Some Surprising Answers
Viral Vid. Shows Terrifyingly Close Encounter Between Plane and Person on the Runway
Sen. Ron Johnson Responds After Clash With Hillary Clinton During Benghazi Questioning
Here Are the Rejected, ‘Unpatriotic’ Amendments From the NY Gun Law That One Dem Preferred Not Be Seen
Read McDonald’s Response When We Asked Them About Their Sharia-Compliant Food Lawsuit
‘Flat Wrong’: CIA Denies Lt. Gen. Boykin’s Claim About Alleged U.S. Gun-Running to Syrian Rebels Through Benghazi
Hillary Clinton Chokes Up During Opening Benghazi Statement
New York Is Pushing Under-400-SqFt ‘Micro’ Apartments — See the Winning Design!
We Reveal How Some in the Media Are Misinterpreting the Israeli Election Results (And Check Out These Interesting Voting Factoids)
Levin Blasts Disgusting Pathetic Media: ‘Obama Is Not A Popular Man’ – Daily Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Media Post
Mark Levin Interviews Rand Paul On Benghazi Hearing – Daily Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Media Post
Flat Out Bullsh**! Limbaugh Goes Ballistic On Hillary’s “What Difference Does It Make” – Daily Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Media Post
Snoop Dogg a/k/a “Snoop Lion” Wants to Teach 8-Year-Old Kids to Smoke Pot; Thank NFL for Elevating This Creep
Classy: Michelle Obama “Throws Shade,” Rolls Eyes @ John Boehner @ Inaugural Lunch
Newly Discovered Nebula Looks Like a Manatee
Toothy Tumor Found in 1,600-Year-Old Roman Corpse | Medical Oddity | LiveScience
What's Going On At Fort Campbell, KY? - The Gralien Report
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Gun Bill Suicide for Dems Seeking Re-election «
*Jan 22 2013 - Egypt, Terrorism, & the Blind Sheikh - YouTube


U. of I. to unveil plan for tech research center in Chicago
Teen spent much of day family slain at church
LA teacher accused of sex abuse of up to 19 kids
On debt ceiling, will Republicans fall in line?
2nd person possibly involved in college shooting
Air Force Leaders Testify on Culture That Led to Sexual Assaults of Recruits
Court: Sex offender Facebook ban unconstitutional
Steve Jobs Threatened Palm With Patent Suit Over Employee Poaching
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