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18 January 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

Political Video

January 18

Actor Danny Glover: Second Amendment Was Created To Protect Slavery
Krauthammer: "Incremental Debt Ceiling Hikes" Is The Way To Go Ahead
Reporter: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Physically Assaulted Me
Sen. Rand Paul Slams Christie For NRA Comments And "Tantrum" Over Sandy Aid
First Lady Michelle Obama Announces Launch Of Organizing For Action
Holder: Time For "Common Sense" Steps On Gun Violence
Jon Stewart Rips FOX News Coverage Of Obama's Gun Proposals
Holtz On Te'o: "There's No Way This Could Possibly Happen"
Joe Klein: The NRA "Has Just Gone Off The Deep End"
O'Reilly: "There Is Tremendous Evil At Your Fingertips" On The Internet
Hayes: Will Senate Republicans Vote For The ATF Director?

January 17

Sen. Cruz: Obama "High On His Own Power" Pushing Gun Control
NY Mayor Warns Of "Waco-Style Standoff" Over Gun Control Laws
Sen. Kaine On Rand Paul: "Nullification Is A Code Word"
Carney: Nothing Proposed That Will Result In A "Law-Abiding Citizen In America Losing A Gun"
Lance Armstrong Admits To Doping In Interview With Oprah
MSNBC's Ed Schultz Scolds Al Franken For Lack Of Support For Gun Control
Carney Won't Say How Much Obama Wants To Raise Debt Ceiling By
NRA President: Ad Against Obama Was Not About His Kids
Biden: "There Is A Second Amendment. The President And I Support The Second Amendment"
Richard Wolffe: Obama Wants To Be "The Ronald Reagan Of The Left"
O'Reilly: I Have "No Problem With Background Checks" But States Should Decide
Krauthammer On Te'o: "Dangerously Naive, Deeply Deceptive Or Delusional"
WH Posts Videos Of Children Reading The Letters They Sent To Obama About Guns
Limbaugh: Krauthammer, Some Conservatives Occasionally Lay Off Obama To Maintain Credibility
Brokaw: Silence On Gun Violence Akin To Failing To Oppose Segregation In 60s
Kudlow: GOP Has Become The Pessimistic Party And Not The Party Of Solutions
Maddow: None Of Obama's Executive Orders Have To Do With Banning Weapons
Chuck Todd: "Country Is Not Better Off Than It Was Four Years Ago"
"Special Report" Panel On Terrorism In Africa


Health Report: 5 Solutions to Preventing The Flu - YouTube
Dr. Blaylock Exposes Obama's Nazi Healthcare System - YouTube

Specialized TSA team makes presence known in Emeryville | abc7news.com
Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious
Prison Planet.com » Bis Sis Snitch Program To Help Enforce Gun Control
Prison Planet.com » Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists
Prison Planet.com » ‘No Guns, No Guns!’: WH Posts Vids Of Kids Begging For Gun Control
Prison Planet.com » Infowars Analyzes Obama’s Unconstitutional Overreach of Powers
Prison Planet.com » Hollywood Labels Founding Fathers Terrorists
Prison Planet.com » Citizens Against Senseless Violence: “Join Us! Tell Everyone Your House Is Completely Unprotected!”
Prison Planet.com » Do You Want To Scare A Baby Boomer?
POLITICO interview: Piers Morgan - Dylan Byers - POLITICO.com
[WATCH] Actor Danny Glover tells students 2nd Amendment was created to protect slavery
Prison Planet.com » Sheriff Mack: Constitutional Sheriffs Refusing to Infringe on Gun Rights IS the Solution
Prison Planet.com » DHS Says Gun Owners Are Terrorists
Prison Planet.com » Why The TSA Will Never Go Away
Prison Planet.com » Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Hollywood Films Secretly Dictated By The CIA
Prison Planet.com » Lew Rockwell: Obama Has Gone Too Far
Prison Planet.com » Red Alert: Nationwide Plan for Gun Confiscation Exposed
Prison Planet.com » UN Gun Grab on Pace for March
President Barack Obama's Jobs Council hits 1 year without official meeting - POLITICO.com
Prison Planet.com » Republicans Considering “Temporary” Debt-Ceiling Increase
Cruz: Obama 'High on His Own Power' | The Weekly Standard
VP: We 'don't have the time' to charge background check lies | The Daily Caller
Prison Planet.com » Health Report: 5 Solutions to Preventing The Flu
Prison Planet.com » Free healthcare – A warning from the UK
Prison Planet.com » Improper Use of Drugs Killed Whitney Houston
Prison Planet.com » Scientific explanation behind the brainwashing power of social conformity

January 22, 2013 Peace Officers of the USA formally meet the Congress…
Obama's use of wide-eyed children to promote his gun-control proposals shows just how infantile the anti-gun campaign has become – Telegraph Blogs
Hundreds rally for gun rights at Zebulon steakhouse :: WRAL.com
Articles: The Missouri 'Rat Your Kid Out or Rat Yourself Out' Act
NRA - Stand And Fight - YouTube
OpEdNews - Article: Biden and Obama Give Hollywood a Free Pass for Inciting Violence
Day One Of The New Congress
Advertisings Secret Social Engineering Messages - Morris - YouTube
TSA removing 'virtual strip search' body scanners - CNN.com
The Trillion Dollar Coin: Joke or Game-changer? « WEB OF DEBT BLOG
A new Gold Standard is being born – Telegraph Blogs
Big Banks Get Tax Break On Foreclosure Abuse Deal
The Germans don't trust Obama with their gold – and can you blame them? – Telegraph Blogs
The Federal Security Sham - YouTube
John A. Meaders, Retired California Highway Patrol - YouTube
Pro-Rick Scott Satanists Are Actually Part of a Mockumentary - Miami - News - Riptide 2.0
DARPA Considers Deploying Technology On Ocean Floor - Government -
Study Shows Impact of Keystone XL Pipeline More Disastrous Than Previously Thought | Common Dreams
Rivers on the red planet: Astonishing new pictures reveal a 1500km river that once ran across Mars | Mail Online
Does Bigelow Aerospace Have Alien Technology? | UFO NEWS | VIDEO
AP IMPACT: Deficient levees found across America | World news | The Guardian
Oath Keepers » Blog Archive » Video: Oath Keeper Officer Calls on Brother Cops to Refuse to Enforce Gun Bans or Registration
Specialized TSA team makes presence known in Emeryville | abc7news.com
2nd Amendment Preservation Act | Legislative Tracking
3+ Sheriffs Vow Not To Enforce Fed Gun Control Laws
Obama Did Not Sign 23 Executive Orders -- Daily Intelligencer
Bush attorney general disappoints Hannity: Obama’s executive orders are legal | The Raw Story
PressTV - US military empire, financial fascists ready to wage multiple wars
Iran - Power Play in Strait of Hormuz
Trans-humanity and post-Europe: Satanic agenda of US intelligence - English pravda.ru
PressTV - Mayor Emanuel 'threatened' reporter with ‘physical violence’
Activist Post: The 10 Commandments of Survival
'Global epidemic' of heart attack and stroke being missed - Telegraph
Rand Paul declares war on Obama's executive actions on gun control — RT
Please Visit Assemblyman McLughlin's Facebook page to see the list from the video - YouTube
Free Republic Not A Monarchy
Death knell for nerve agent pesticides in move to save bees - Nature - Environment - The Independent
Peak oil theories 'increasingly groundless', says BP chief | Environment | The Guardian
New Congress even wealthier after millionaire freshmen join its ranks — RT
An encounter on the dark side of the moon: 'UFO' spotted soaring above lunar surface in online video | Mail Online
UFOs On The Moon: Scientists, Astronauts And YouTube Users Report Strange Sightings | VIDEO
Truth or Denial in the Age of Information Overload « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Of Course Humans Are Not Overpopulating The Planet
Networking to Survive | Farm Wars
10 Things for Conscious People to Focus on in 2013 - Waking Times : Waking Times
Monarch Butterflies in Decline Due to Proliferation of GM Crops - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Health of Trees and The Natural World Is Closely Linked To Our Own State of Health - Waking Times : Waking Times
Beef contaminated with horse meat may have been sold in Britain for 'years' - Telegraph
More Creepily Realistic Body Art by Chooo-San | Bored Panda
Hairdressers, hospital workers and plumbers are amongst those most likely to suffer asthma | Mail Online
U.S. Launches 35-Year Quest For A New Yucca Mountain - Forbes
Media Myth On Pediatric Flu Deaths
New Study Verifies Mercury In Flu Shots Is Toxic | Consciousness TV
Obama gun plan calls for long-awaited rules on mental health - The Hill's Healthwatch
LocalOrg: 3D Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot
2nd Amendment ALERT!!! I just called Bank of America... you have to hear this! - YouTube

Rules of Acquisition - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
Obama's Gun Control Push While Fraudster Bankers Go Unprosecuted | XRepublic
Chipmaker Races to Save Stephen Hawking’s Speech as His Condition Deteriorates: Scientific American
Commentary on the Bill of Rights. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
FBI Colluded With Big Banks to Spy on, Undermine Anti-Wall Street Movement - BlackListedNews.com
Natalie Wood death: Robert Wagner REFUSES to answer detectives' questions | Mail Online
Tyranny by Executive Order | _
The world government exposed | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World
Protocols of Zion (Full Movie) « Underground Documentaries
Charlotte Iserbyt: Societies Secrets (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Andy Rooney Explains The National Debt - Home - The Daily Bail
Dr. Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Ron Paul Rails Against ‘King Of The World’ Foreign Policy, Asks ‘What If We Didn’t Hate Muslims?’ | _
Eleven States To Jail Feds Who Violate The 2nd Amendment | _
Ron Paul: We Should Follow The Founders' Advice, Mind Our Business And Save A Dollar - 18/1/2013 | XRepublic
New Proposal Will Force Gun Owners to Store Assault Weapons At Government Authorized Storage Depots | Market Daily News
What if the federal government threw a ‘gun control’ party, and nobody came? | _
“The Concealable Handguns Is Really The Problem” New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly | _
Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists :
Gun Ban Zealots Forget To Exempt Police From New Gun Control Law in NY State | XRepublic
VIDEO: Alan Greenspan On Social Security And Inflation - Home - The Daily Bail
Obama’s Foreign Policy: The Way Forward With Iran | Veterans News Now
Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted
DOD and Homeland Security Is Unauditable - BlackListedNews.com
West Point center cites dangers of 'far right' in U.S. - Washington Times
Hatem Farsakh & Sharif Rizk: Palestinian Muslim Hate Crime Tire Iron Beating Against Christian Tourist to NYC
Government Solutions
President Obama and the Debt Ceiling
Imagine a conservative President with Executive Order power!
Archaeological discovery supports Biblical account of Shiloh's destruction - National Western Religions | Examiner.com
The New Apostacy, Pre-Apostacy Signs Vs Post Apostacy Signs | Prophecy
The Darkest Design of Barack Obama
Debt Ceiling Fear Mongering
No one Protecting American masses against ‘The Revenge of Obama’
God and Guns
Watergate A Non-Starter Compared To Benghazi
Obama Could Not Pass a Background Check
Yorktown: Did they Fight for Freedom or for Nothing
Understanding the Obama conspiracy & U.S. takeover
Obama the Children Savior Champion of Partial Birth Abortion
Obama’s executive disarmament confirms tea party can not go away
The Obama Military – Evolution and Legacy
Obama Playing Chicken with American Men
Obama's Goal Is to Break the Republican Party
Hijacking Rights
Farm Bureau Turns Against Small Farmers on Boneta Bill
Confusion, secrecy, anger define Algerian hostage crisis
Weird Rahm's weird joke
Obama Defiles Reagan Stagecraft
Obama red lines crossed: World yawns
Spot the Greedy Ones
Small Sacrifices
Rubio: The president doesn't believe in the Second Amendment
Mohamed Morsi's 'I Didn't Say What I Said' Defense
A few reminders for Republicans for the debt limit fight
Let's Ask Obama About His Made-Up Girlfriends
Criminal control, not gun control
The Real Problem with Healthcare
1 American killed, 2 escape in Algeria hostage crisis, US officials say; militants seek to trade 2 others for blind sheik - World News
Hagel funded group pushing talks with al-Qaida
Obama re-election team to form group to support second-term agenda, source says | Fox News
Early Jewish writings reveal history of Jerusalem
Early Jewish Writings Reveal History of Jerusalem – Biblical Archaeology Society
Are guns really the problem?
Goodbye, immigration – hello, global citizenship
Could Dr. King have given inaugural benediction?
Obama is sinking America
Remove the tyrant now!
Do all Hawaiians make up girlfriends?
BHO: Woodrow Wilson reborn
J. FARAH: Gun grab: It's about freedom's end
B. DEAN: School shooters and pharmaceuticals
D. LIMBAUGH: Sandy Hook: Obama's latest exploitation
B. PRESS: Obama's firearms plan doesn't go far enough
E. RUSH: Obama: Selling out America – literally
J. CASHILL: What happened to Lanza's 4 handguns?
Despite persecution, revival in Iran continues!
A. KEYES: The 'natural born' need not apply
NASA Beams Mona Lisa to Moon with Laser | Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter | Space.com
UFOs On The Moon: Scientists, Astronauts And YouTube Users Report Strange Sightings (VIDEO)
Still No Police Report, or Toxicology Results, on Sandy Hook Killer | CNS News
Obama’s ATF Nominee Criticized for Seeming to Discourage Whistleblowers | CNS News
Rand Paul: Obama Doesn't Understand 2nd Amendment Is for Defense Against Tyranny | CNS News
‘Anger Management's’ Charlie Sheen on His Indoor Shooting Range: ‘It Was Very Zen For Me’ | CNS News
Connecticut Dem Proposes Federal Tax Credit for Surrendering 'Assault Weapons' | CNS News
Student Kicked Out Of School For Refusing To Wear RFID Tracking Badge Following Failed Appeal | CNS News
Illegal Alien: Thanks to ‘Obama’s Law' 'We're Safe' from Deportation | CNS News
11 States Getting $1.5B to Set Up Obamacare Exchanges, But Half of the 50 States Won’t Do It | CNS News
Two Prisoners Responsible for $1.1 Billion in Fraudulent Tax Refunds, Report Finds | CNS News
Biden Blames Violence on 'Coarsing of Our Culture’ | CNS News
Sen. Rand Paul Introducing Bill to 'Nullify' Obama's Executive Action on Guns | CNS News
Scott Rasmussen Column: Searching for Answers After Newtown | NewsBusters
Planned Parenthood Campaign Eliminates ‘Pro-Life,’ ‘Pro-Choice’ Language | NewsBusters
Sen. Rand Paul on Executive Orders: 'Obama May Have This King Complex Developing' | CNS News
Gallup: 75% Would Vote 'For' Term Limits on Congress | CNS News
Limbaugh: Obama Taking Revenge on 'Bitter Clingers' | CNS News
Prices of TVs and PCs Plummet as Prices of Newspapers and Textbooks Climb | CNS News
State Dept: ‘The U.S. Does Not Negotiate with Terrorists' | CNS News
Majority of Youths Will Buy, or Consider Buying, a Gun, Survey Shows
Guns, violence, and Dodd get Hollywood a Pass from Obama
Rasmussen: 65% See Gun Rights as Protection Against Tyranny
New Apple Stock Could Add $30M to Al Gore's $100M Current TV profit
Ramd Paul Attacks Christie Over NRA, Sandy
Gun-owner Map Removed from Paper's Website
Neal Boortz Hands Mike to Herman Cain
Both Bushes to Skip Obama Inauguration
Comedian Colbert Sister Eyes South Carolina House Seat
Obama Campaign Turns Into Agenda-pushing Group
Gilder to Moneynews: Obama's Anti-American Policies Have Trapped US in 'Fiscal Swamp'
Facebook Unveils Social-Search Tool in Challenge to Google

Obama ignores the press - YouTube
Private Gun Sellers Concerned With New Checks - YouTube
Obama 2nd-term Agenda: Debt, Immigration, Guns - YouTube
Pro-gun Activists Plan Rallies

Children, Gun Control highlight Obama's Infantile Spectacle
Immigration Can Be Reformed by Republicans
Iraq: A Twenty Two Year Genocide
Burn, Burn - Africa's Afghanistan
Algeria and Mali: An Obscene Remake of Earlier Western Interventions
Law Professor Tries & Fails to Legalize an Israeli Attack on Iran
Inequality of Exceptionalism Pervades Our Culture.
The Military-Industrial Complex
The Lies Of Democracy and the Language Of Deceit
The Death of Dr. Kelly: An Open Case
Syria: Proxy War By U.S. And Gulf Monarchies
Worldwide Political and Financial Tensions, Spiralling Debt Crisis in America
2013 and the New Scramble for Africa
Illegal Siege: Why We Must Never Forget Palestine
The CIA and Other Government Agencies Dominate Movies and Television
Government Pushes Propaganda Through Video Games
US-Russia Confrontation: Breakdown of International Diplomacy, “More Abrassive and Dismissive than During Cold War”
“Attack on Sovereignty”: The “Obama Regime” and America’s Unipolar World

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 18, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 17, 2013

Glaring Paradoxes: Let Us Be United in Unconstitutional Federal Government Laws & Operations!
Do American's Think We Face Tyranny? - informationliberation
Statist Media Courtesan: All Rights are "Infringe"-able - informationliberation
On Obama’s New National Security Team, Keep Your Eye on the Policy by Ron Paul
The Loss of Trust in Political Leaders by Gary North
8 Government Conspiracy Theories (And How They Could Be Right) | Mental Floss
What the FBI Doesn't Want You To Know About Its 'Secret' Surveillance Techniques
Coast to Coast AM - Jan 17 2013 - Satanic Ritual Abuse C2CAM - YouTube


Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks Re-team for HBO Air Force Series
Tina Fey Hates People Reminding Her of Sarah Palin Impression
'Parenthood' Star Defends Scientology: We're Not a Hollywood Religion
'Barney' Inspiration Arrested on Suspicion of Attempted Murder
Public Gloomy Ahead of Obama Inaugural
SCOTUS Takes Major Constitutional Case on Treaty Powers
Speaker Boehner: 'No Budget, No Pay'
Obama Campaign Transforms Into Lobbying Group
Government Scientist Fired for Telling the Truth
Backfire: Obama Approval Plummets During Gun Push
Black Americans March for MLK and a Shotgun
Inaugural Sponsors Spent $160 Million Lobbying Government
Flashback—Obama, Circa 1990s: 'I Don't Believe People Should Be Able to Own Guns'
DHS IG Agent Admits Guilt in Falsifying Records
House GOP Floats Short-term Debt Hike to Force Budget
Assault Weapons Tied to Less than .012 Percent of Deaths in 2011
Missouri Politician Proposes Measure Reaffirming Right to Bear Arms
Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama 'High on His Own Power'
Obama Second Term Overview: The Beginning, not the End, of the Campaign
NRA Email: Obama Wants Your Freedom Reduced To Ashes
NRA President: Death Threats Against Org Reflect Obama's Tactics
GOP Heads to 'Retreat' to Talk Strategy
GOP Grassroots Wants Choice of Government Shutdown
Boehner Tepid in Response to White House Gun Control Push
Sen. Sessions: Jack Lew Produced 'Worst Budget Maybe in History'
Washington Post Slams Gun Owner-Outing Paper for 'Cowardice'
Gun-Outing Newspaper Removes Names, Addresses from Map
Thanking The Government for Stealing Our Money
NPR Fails to Air Support for Whole Foods CEO Over Facism Controversy
Piers Morgan: Another Liberal Who Has Been Mugged
Bensmithing GOP Minority Outreach
WaPo: Gun Control Debate 'May' Be Driving Higher Sales
Christie Should Enjoy the Media Love Affair While It Lasts
Rahm Emanuel Accused of Assaulting Reporter
Media Ignore 'The War Against Black Men'
Christian Writer C.S. Lewis Inspires New Generation
NY Times: Obama's Gun Ban Wouldn't Have Prevented Newtown
One American Confirmed Dead in Algeria
Algerian Terrorists Demand Swap of American Hostages for Blind Sheikh
S.Korea to Deploy Guided Missiles at Sea Border
Mali Army Claims 'Total Control' of Konna
Palestinians Brace for New Rightwing Israeli Government
Panetta Urges NATO to Keep Pressure on Al-Qaeda
World View: Did France Kick Hornet's Nest with Mali Intervention?
Netanyahu: Obama and I Have Our Differences
Hugo Chavez Successor Could Be Venezuela's First Jewish President
Malaysian Officials: V-Neck Sweaters Indicative of Homosexuality
In His Own Words: Chuck Hagel's False History of Israel
Fox Uses 2004 GOP Talking Points To Attack Obama On Guns
There Was a Time When Conservatives Advocated Gun Control
'Firearms Instructor' Hired as School Guard Leaves Handgun in Student Bathroom
'Breaking The Law Should Not Be A Business Expense'
House Republicans Caving On Debt Ceiling?
Jon Stewart Takes Wingnuts Apart for Cries of Tyranny Over Gun Control
N.J. Gov. Christie calls NRA Commercial 'Reprehensible'
Malkin: ACA Has Deputized Gun-Grabbing Doctors to Pursue 'Nanny State' Agenda
The Second Amendment Was Really Ratified to Preserve Slavery
Recreational Assault Weapons Fire Riddles Ohio Home, Narrowly Misses Officer
Bill Moyers Essay: Take Action on Filibuster Reform
Matalin: President Needs to be Less 'Self-Reverential' to Make Progress With Republicans
Maddow on NRA: Trolls Don't Deserve A Seat At The Table
OPINION: Gun control efforts now central to President Obama’s legacy - The Hill
Noonan: His Terms Are Always Hostile Ones - WSJ.com
Political Animal - What Government Actually Does
Speaking for My Tribe | TPM Editors Blog
White House Gun Policy: Like Ignorant Emotional Appeals From 8-Year-olds - Hit & Run : Reason.com
Farewell, Obama's "Green Dream Team" | Mother Jones
A Nostalgic Age | RedState
Charles Krauthammer: A new strategy for the GOP - The Washington Post
No Impossible Dream | RealClearPolitics
Obama and the End of Liberalism? - Interview - National Review Online
Opinion: An infantile spectacle - Rich Lowry - POLITICO.com
How the Media Missed the Hoax of Manti Te’o and His Fictional Girlfriend - The Daily Beast
EDITORIAL: The hidden burden of regulation - Washington Times
Obama's Second-Term BFD Agenda
Rubio Outlines Elements of His New Immigration Plan - NYTimes.com
Why Obama's gun control orders miss the target | Ana Marie Cox | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Against Casino Finance > Publications > National Affairs
The Gun Debate Is Just Another Part of the Culture War | Mother Jones
John Lott: The Facts About Assault Weapons and Crime - WSJ.com
Wanted: Obamacare Death Panelists - Businessweek
Improve Mental Care for Its Own Sake, Not for Gun Safety - Room for Debate - NYTimes.com
Farewell, Tim Geithner: Lessons learnt | The Economist
Algeria’s Hostage Crisis: What Was Behind a Shadowy Militant Leader’s Plot? | TIME.com
The Death of Fatah and the Future of Palestine - Dalia Hatuqa - The Atlantic
What’s behind Cuba’s new travel policy? - Cuba - MiamiHerald.com
When Countries Can’t Pay Their Debts - NYTimes.com
Al-Qaida Resurgent As Terror Spreads In North Africa Despite Denial - Investors.com
The Cynicism of Dick Morris - Reason.com
Book World: ‘Reset,’ by Peter Bagge - The Washington Post
Steven Poole: My problem with George Orwell | Books | The Guardian
Welcome to the global currency war- MSN Money
Reality not politics dictates cash hoarding - FT.com
Pen colour affects teacher-student relations › News in Science (ABC Science)
Double X Science: How chili powder can kill
BeerSci: Why You Should Never Drink Beer From A Clear Glass Bottle | Popular Science
Bristol University | News from the University | School of Social and Community Medicine
RealClearReligion - The Law of Asymmetrical Accusations
Hussein Rashid: A Gay Mosque?
Is Scientology Self-Destructing?
Why I’m calling Jesus names - Guest Voices - The Washington Post
The dirty and dangerous side of tech | TechHive
The Hoax of Digital Life - NYTimes.com
Let the NeuroGames Begin | VentureBeat
Aaron Swartz’s illusion over research - FT.com
A Brief History of Air Warfare
First World War.com - The War in the Air - Bombers: Germany, Zeppelins
BBC - History - World Wars: The League of Nations and the United Nations
The State of the World: Germany's Strategy | Stratfor
Ten Reasons Why High Oil Prices are a Problem | The Energy Collective
Einstein's "biggest blunder" beats dark energy in explaining expansion of the Universe
Oil Exports, Politics and Propaganda
Lew Rockwell: Obama Has Gone Too Far - YouTube

Forbes Deletes Popular Pro Gun Story,Linking Psychiatric Drugs To Murders - :
» Judge Napolitano: “Either We Have a 2nd Amendment or We Don’t” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» New AMC Sitcom “We Hate Paul Revere” to Demonize Patriot Hero Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Exclusive: Leon Panetta on Algeria 'Terrorism' and Syrian Chemical Weapons - ABC News
Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious
Real Clear Markets - Video - Gorman: Stock Rally Still Has Legs
Chicago seeks investors for potential Midway Airport deal
Crafting gun laws without the likes of …
Lottery winner's body exhumed
Honoring King with volunteerism
House GOP agrees to debt ceiling deal
Former Mayor of New Orleans Is Charged in Sweeping Corruption Case
Jury hears Ore. terror suspect's dramatic takedown
Acadiana plans MLK Day events
Dallas woman found guilty in stepson's death by water deprivation
12 hostages dead, 30 still held at Algerian gas facility
Bernanke missed signs of crisis
New rules cut link between mortgage terms, brokers' fees
Search Option From Facebook Is Privacy Test
Stealth Wear hoodie is an invisibility cloak to drones
Google's password proposal: One ring to rule them all
NASA's 'Mohawk Guy' to March in Obama's Inaugural Parade
Stink Bug's Resurfacing May Squash Farmers' Hopes For A Strong 2013
Mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers—like flu shot—misses mark
Adult Stem Cells: A Piece of My Heart, From Cells in My Arm
Geneticist on DNA privacy: Make it so people don't care
Is driving OK with certain age-related blind spots?
Cancer death rates drop 20 percent in 2 decades
Yelp Adding Health Inspection Scores to Restaurants
Children 'may grow out of autism'
Sources: Cross-dressing meth priest liked sex in rectory - Connecticut Post
Green energy stimulus funds given to foreign corporations | The Daily Caller
FOIA lawsuits increase in Obama administration | Washington Free Beacon
The PJ Tatler » City That Judges Soda Drinkers Won’t Evaluate Job Performance Of Teachers
Hilda Solis, Next CA Gov? All Options Open for Outgoing Labor Secretary | Fox News Latino

Four years later, feminists split by Michelle Obama’s ‘work’ as first lady - The Washington Post
Authorities unearth body of homicide victim and then perform autopsy - chicagotribune.com
Behind-the-scenes security for the presidential inauguration - CBS News
Putting Finishing Touches on Preparations for Inauguration - YouTube
Many hostages remain in Algeria crisis - YouTube
Explosion rocks government-held area of Syria's Aleppo | Reuters
Pakistan - Taliban Prisoners to Be Freed - NYTimes.com
Iran's IAEA representative declares progress in nuclear talks - Xinhua | English.news.cn
Venezuela's vice president active in Chavez's absence, inaugurating public housing, schools | Fox News
The Savage Nation - January 17 2013 FULL SHOW - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Friday (1-18-13) James Tracy & Andrew Wakefield - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Friday (1-18-13) Sheriff Richard Mack - YouTube

The Alex Jones Show - Thursday, January 17, 2013 (Full Show) - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News for Thursday, January 17, 2013 (Full Show) - YouTube


Jan. 18, 2013 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN
Jan. 17, 2013 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN
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18 January

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