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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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11 January 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Political Video

January 11, 2013

Former Obama WH Official Bill Burton On Diversity: "Barack Obama Is Black"
"Special Report" Panel On Obama's Binders Full Of "White Men"
Dickerson: Obama's Diversity Headache His Own Fault
NRA President: Assault Weapons Ban Will Not Pass
Matthews: "A Couple Of Bad Apples" Are Screwing Up The GOP
Scarborough: NRA Using "Tragedy To Gin Up Fears" That "They're Coming To Take Your Guns Away"
Dem Rep. Schakowsky: "The Tragedy Is Not Doing Anything" About Guns
Schultz: Reform The Filibuster To Close Tax Loopholes For The Rich
Jon Stewart On Sale Of Current TV: First FOX News Boner Alert Of 2013
Mark Levin: "I Can Barely Contain My Fury At What Is Going On"
Lawrence O'Donnell Dismisses Role Of Bible On Inauguration Day
O'Reilly: "There Will Be A Constitutional Crisis In America"

January 10, 2013

Bill Frezza: Big Banks Prop Trading With Fed Money
Krauthammer: Gun Bans Are Placebos, "It Doesn't Hurt Anybody And You Feel Better"
Breitbart's Ben Shapiro vs. Piers Morgan On Gun Control
Howard Fineman: Gun Control Is "Legacy Material" For Obama
Glenn Beck's Inside Story On Failed Current TV Bid
Reality Check: Fact-Checking Piers Morgan's Anti-Gun Claims
Barney Frank: "I Don't Want To Be The Indispensable Nation"
Limbaugh: Won't Be Long Before Moderate Republicans Say Guns Are Hurting The Party
Dickerson Analyzes Obama's Cabinet Nominations
Liberal Radio Host Calls For "Birthers" To Shoot Each Other With AR-15s
Biden Hints At Outlawing "Private" Unregulated Gun Sales
Melissa Harris Perry On Cabinet Diversity: Clarence Thomas Doesn't Represent Blacks
Fireworks: Scarborough vs. Brzezinski On Lack Of Diversity In Obama's Cabinet
Rangel: Obama's Record Of Nominating Women Or Minorities "Embarrassing As Hell"
Jon Stewart Slams AIG, Bankers; Says They Put The "A" In "A**hole"
Taco Bell Slashes Hours For Workers To Avoid Obamacare Mandate
Napolitano: Obama Doesn't Have Authority To Impose Gun Control Laws
Fmr. Labor Secretary Chao: Obama "Can Do Better" On Cabinet Diversity
Rove: Brennan Will Face Criticism From The Right & Left
Schultz: Drone Warfare "Unlike The Moral High Ground" Obama Promised
Maddow: GOP "Totally Unprecendented" In Opposing Obama's Nominees
Barney Frank Wants Senate Appointment To "Protect Things That I Care About"
O'Reilly: Most Americans Want Reasonable Restrictions On Powerful Weapons
Is This a Base on the Moon? - YouTube


Keith Ratliff: Popular online guns and explosives expert found shot to death on rural Georgia road | Mail Online
ObamaCare And The Marx-Men
Did Nancy Lanza Handle Her Guns Responsibly? ‘You’ll Be Surprised,’ Police Spokesman Says - The Daily Beast
Blame Nancy Lanza for killings | Springfield News-Leader | news-leader.com
Blame Nancy Lanza for killings | Springfield News-Leader | news-leader.com
This what I want to hear Obama say about guns « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Tim Flach More Than Human - Business Insider

How This Government Got Caught
How This Government Got Caught 2

PressTV - US drone use setting off new global rams race
PressTV - US assassination drone kills more in Pakistan
PressTV - Czar of the drones


Göbekli Tepe - http://www.gobeklitepe.info/
Hagel And Brennan Nominations
Report on a Potentially Dangerous New Weedkiller: Organic Gardening
How to Make Super-Sturdy Tomato Cages: Organic Gardening
Drinking Diet Soda Linked to Depression | LiveScience
Almost half of the world's food thrown away, report finds | Environment | guardian.co.uk
F.D.A. Requires Cuts to Dosages of Ambien and Other Sleep Drugs - NYTimes.com
Drug-resistant gonorrhea has come to North America - Salon.com
Flu 'epidemic ... still on the uptick,' national health official says - CNN.com
The TV that watches YOU: Panasonic reveal new set that can recognise its owner | Mail Online
Eliminating useless information important to learning, making new memories
OpEdNews - Article: Media Silent on Fukushima Radiation Impact in US
Cancer warning: Doctors urge parents to cut down on children's TV time to cut risk of disease later in life | Mail Online
Pentagon develops UFO-like airship - Unexplained Mysteries
The groundbreaking 'Star Wars' laser than can shoot a drone out of the sky from TWO MILES away | Mail Online
Russia to Get 20 New Aerospace Defense Radars | Defense | RIA Novosti
Hand Held X-ray Devices on The Horizon As Engineers Develop Compact Sources of Radiation Emitting Scanners - Waking Times : Waking Times
Galactic Pile-Up May Point to Mysterious New Dark Force in the Universe | Wired Science | Wired.com
Two in three shoppers demand GM product labels in embarrassing consumer backlash for government against 'Frankenstein foods' | Mail Online
Chavez Inauguration Postponed
Could Obama be first 3-term president since FDR? — RT
PressTV - The Herzl Conspiracy
PressTV - US national security set for de-Israelization?

film-Beating The Bomb - FULL MOVIE - YouTube

Obama Death Squads Fan Out Across America As Rebellion Looms
Obama Death Squads Kill Top Gun Activists As New Massacre Fears Rise

US Government Hostage to Israel? | Interview with Mark Bruzonsky - YouTube
Are we being poisoned?
Secret U.S. Evidence For No-Fly List - Business Insider
Blowback from the Alex Jones Outburst
Activist Post: 18 Facts That Prove Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control
Jimmy Savile spent 'every waking minute' thinking about abusing boys and girls - Telegraph
Rothschild on Regulation :
State of Texas Legislature and Governor for the State of Texas.: Repeal all laws pertaining to firearms or ammunition. | _

Piers Morgan Doesn't Want To Ban Assault Rifles He Wants To Ban Semi-Automatic Weapons, Then All Weapons Like In UK | XRepublic
America Is Being Systematically Transformed Into A Totalitarian Society - BlackListedNews.com
Agenda 21 – What you need to know | _
CBC News - Neil Macdonald: Al Jazeera America, test case for an open society
Ben Shapiro Explains to Piers Morgan Why Americans Need AR-15 Assault Weapons - YouTube
Ron Paul: "Line in the sand" is the Obama / Feinstein Gun Grab. | XRepublic
National data on shootings by police not collected - 142 Dead, and Rising - Deadly Force - ReviewJournal.com
Are Israel and the U.S. Becoming Fascist States? by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com
Gun Control in Australia - Watch and Weep - YouTube
Russians Learned "Gun Control" Lesson - henrymakow.com

A Message to the Communist Insurgency on Gun Control – ‘Give it a Go’ | _
Ben Shapiro - "Piers, You Demonize People Who Don't Agree With You By Standing On The Graves Of Children!" | XRepublic
Video - NY Gov. Cuomo Goes Off: 'No One Needs 10 Bullets To Kill A Deer!' | XRepublic
Chuck Baldwin Live | Fighting for Constitutional Government in America
Guns and Freedom | _
Battles of Lexington and Concord - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Obama signs protection bill for former presidents | _
Fox Affiliate Thoroughly Debunks Piers Morgan’s Gun Homicide Statistics | NewsBusters.org
film-DEAD WRONG - How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child - YouTube
Audio-Are Faulty Prescription Drugs Behind Mass Shootings? | Talk Digital Network
Want A Chemical Lobotomy? Take Antidepressants! « THE INTERNET POST
Survey: Vaccinated children five times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children

+Psychiatry: The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane? - YouTube

New York City to Restrict Powerful Prescription Drugs in Public Hospitals’ Emergency Rooms - NYTimes.com
2016 Presidential Election Poll: Hillary Clinton Would Lead Potential Democratic, GOP Candidates

**In The Wake Of Sandy Hook (Pro Gun & Pro Truth Documentary) « Underground Documentaries
*America’s Second Revolutionary War (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Gun Control propagandist Piers Morgan feels right "at home, like one of the clan" among Jews
*Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Season 1 Episode 4 – Big Brother « Underground Documentaries
*Shadow Government (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

The Sandy Hook Made for TV Drama Hoax | _

Piers Morgan stands on Shooting Victims' Graves says Breitbarts' Ben Shapiro 1/10/13 - 12160 Social Network
Comedian Bill Burr On Obama, Guns And The NDAA - Home - The Daily Bail
John Stossel Links Gun Control to Higher Crime Rates - YouTube
Max Keiser On HSBC: Bankers On Cocaine Too Big To Jail - Home - The Daily Bail
Solar Firms Under Investigation For Stimulus Swindle - Home - The Daily Bail
X-37b and the 5 Scariest Super Weapons the Military is Developing in 2013 | StratRisks
To "The Precious Metal Purchasing Act" From Executive Order 6102 - Santelli's Take - BlackListedNews.com
There Is No End In Sight For The Self-Perpetuating 'War On Terror' - BlackListedNews.com
USA, the Disposable People - YouTube
Basel Banksters: Secretive elite group pulls strings of finance - YouTube
Witchcraft trial echoed grisly murder case which 'has never been closed' | This is Devon
Saint John councillor faces 8 child exploitation charges - New Brunswick - CBC News
SSRI Stories - http://ssristories.com/


5 Facts About Guns, Schools, & Violence | XRepublic
Gun control will increase crime in the US | XRepublic
Only YOU Can Give Up Your Rights | _
Control freak and revenue generation hungry Illinois government wants to audit all gold sales. - 12160 Social Network
Red Alert: Obama Plans Executive Actions to Eventually Fully Disarm the American People :
Prominent Rifle Manufacturer Killed in Mysterious Car Crash Days After Posting Psych Drug Link to School Shooters :
Joe Biden School Shooting Press Conference Collides With News Of Another School Shooting | _
Taft High School Armed Guard Was ‘Snowed In,’ Not Present During Shooting | _
Real Gun Threat: Illegal-Alien Street Gangs | _
Sherrie Questioning All: NRA - Wayne LaPierre Statement after White House Meeting. Also his statement on12/21/12 - Corrupting Shadow Industry commits violence against own people for agenda.
Executive Orders & Lampposts | _
Wyoming Threatens Arrest for Federal Gun Grabbers | _
Ben Swann Reality Check: Does President Obama have the authority to sidestep Congress on the debt ceiling? | XRepublic
Peter Schiff: Inflation Propaganda Exposed | XRepublic
The #1 Reason That Jon Corzine Is Not In Prison - Home - The Daily Bail
Activist Post: Flu (Scare) Season Goes Into Overdrive
Move Over GPS, Big Brother Has A New Way of Tracking Everyone
German company demonstrates laser weapon capable of shooting down drones from over a mile away
The Taboo of Confronting Soldiers - YouTube
Breakin' Away
Al-Qaeda Linked to New York Phone Hacking Scams
Rendition Kidnappings Thrive Under Obama - YouTube
Rings Within Rings - How Secret Societies Direct World Politics
Psychiatric Drugs, School Violence, and the Big Pharma Cover-up

*Avoid the Pharmacy: Fight the Flu with Remedies from the Kitchen
112th Congress Finished Its Term By Taking Away More of Your Privacy, In The Worst Possible Way | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Is American Justice Dead? - Casey Research
Activist Post: Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe
Indiana Bill Would Make the Implementation of “Obamacare” a Felony - BlackListedNews.com
Wyoming Lawmakers Propose ‘Gun Protection’ Legislation
Eric Holder: Gun Owners Should 'Cower' in Shame Like Smokers | NewsBusters.org
Is Gold and Silver Registration Coming to Illinois? | A Lightning War for Liberty
“One of the Biggest and Most Elaborate Falsehoods Ever Sold to the American Public” (The Bank Bailouts) - BlackListedNews.com
Maryland and Pennsylvania using Minority Report style computers to predict crimes; Washington D.C. next | Mail Online
We Have Created a World of 'Civilised Savages'
U.S. Spy Law Authorizes Mass Surveillance of European Citizens: Report
Thought of the Month (01/13): Mass Shootings and Mass Media
The National Intelligence Council Predicts a Very Transhuman Future by 2030
Droid DNA “Hyper Intelligence” Commercial and its Transhumanist Message
The Age of the Siege: Nazi Military Tactics Revisited
Democracy, Terrorism and the Secret State
The CIA’s Hollywood Release: “Zero Dark Thirty”, or How People Lose Their Humanity
Prosecutors to Present “Evidence” that Al Qaeda including Osama bin Laden “Benefited” from Bradley Manning Leaking
“So Many People Died”. The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014
2013: What is the United Nations Organization For?
“Untold History of the United States”: Oliver Stone, Obama, and the War in Vietnam
The History of the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (Libor): Financial Fraud and Market Manipulation
Billionaires Gain as Living Standards Fall
Staff Appointments in Obama’s Second Term. Jack Lew for Treasury
The State and Roads - informationliberation
The Great Robbery of Wage-Earners - informationliberation
The Tale of Two States - informationliberation
Obama Executive Orders on Guns Would Spark Mass Resistance

"Piers, You Demonize People Who Don't Agree With You By Standing On The Graves Of Children!" - YouTube
In Defense of Alex Jones (Piers Morgan Debate) - YouTube
Why are Bob Woodward's WH sources - or Woodward himself - not on trial next to Bradley Manning? | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Howard Stern on Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan Debate - informationliberation
Howard Stern on Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan Debate - YouTube

Split Decision on Obama’s National Security Nominees by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com
Hagel Nomination: The Revenge of the Realists by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
Where Does The Hatred Of Constitutionalism Come From?
Chicago police chief: We’ll shoot licensed civilians with guns | GunsSaveLife.com
Air Force eyes return of mobile nuclear missiles - Nextgov.com
Simple Truths About Psychiatry:
The Death of Privacy: Mass Surveillance in the Technetronic Era by Faisal Moghul
The Price of Infringement by Benedict D. LaRosa
I Promise I Will Rob You a Little Less Than the Others by Jeff Berwick
Doug Casey on Orwell's Nightmare – the Darker Side of Modern Technology
Married People Live Longer
Bioengineer Developing Needle-Free Vaccines
CDC: Flu Accounted for 7.3 Percent of US Deaths Last Week
CDC: Flu Epidemic Killing More Children
Flu Likely to Be Multi-Billion Dollar Road Block for Businesses
Rep. Gingrey: Akin, Mourdock 'Partially Right' on Rape Comments
Obama, Karzai Agree to Speed Military Transition
Democrat Sen. Rockefeller to Announce Retirement
Trump: 'Republicans Worst Negotiators in History'
Cuban Travel Reform Deadline Nears
President Obama Criticized for White Male Cabinet
West: Obama Gun Grab ‘Won’t Fly’
Navy SEAL Team Six Thinks Arming Schools 'Ridiculous,' Mark Kelly Says
NJ Mayor Booker Files to Run for US Senate in 2014
Republican Heavyweights Meet to Improve Hispanic Outreach
LIGNET: New Sub a Sign of Russia's Ambitions
Flu Outbreak Facts: What You Need to Know
Wilko Johnson diagnosed with terminal cancer | Music | guardian.co.uk
[VIDEO] Quentin Tarantino's Heated UK Interview -- "I'm Not Your Slave"
Northampton police may use student statements in high school threat investigation | masslive.com
Farrakhan on 'Django Unchained': 'It's Preparation for Race War' | Louis Farrakhan | Fox Nation
» Obama Signs Bill Giving Him Armed Protection For Life Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Louisiana Governor Jindal proposes ending state income tax | Reuters
Sandy Hook Hoax Completely Revealed - Media Lies - Actors - Satanism - Government Coverup - False Flag | Politics
Sandy Hook Hoax Completely Revealed - Media Lies - Actors - Satanism - Govt. Coverup - False Flag - YouTube

TWISTED MINDS OF EVIL - Mirror for deleted video on Vimeo

Shocking Video Shows Adam Lanza Picture In Twisted Minds Of Evil ,Mirror For Deleted Video | Alternative
Cops unleash armored ‘beast’ for patrols
Socialism Destroys Slowly | Economy
Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court John Roberts Schedules A Case By Attorney Taitz Regarding Obamas Forged IDs to be Heard in Conference Before the Full Supreme Court | Obama Birthplace Controversy
There is no "The Antichrist"; The Beast Revealed | Christian News
Top Secret Annunaki / Illuminati Info Leaked! | Alternative
Three ingredients to stop feeding your kids | A Morefield Life
Ron Paul Warns of 2nd American Revolution if Obama Bans Guns with EO - YouTube ]
Analyzing the Newtown Narrative: Sandy Hook’s Disappearing Shooter Suspects | Memory Hole
The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information | Memory Hole
Sandy Hook School Massacre Part II: Continued Ambiguity and Augmented Realities | Memory Hole
Sandy Hook School Massacre Timeline | Memory Hole
Prof. Claims Sandy Hook Massacre MSM Misinformation - YouTube
James Tracy on The Kevin Barrett Show | Memory Hole
Nationwide ammo shortage so severe that even cops can’t buy bullets; ammo rationing imminent | Dprogram.net
DHS Source Confirms Alex Was Being Stalked | Dprogram.net
What Are Mass Murder Pills? | Dprogram.net
Sandy Hook "Donation Sites UP Before Shooting!" BUSTED - YouTube

U.S. Cities Relying on Precog Software to Predict Murder | Threat Level | Wired.com
Ancient Maya Predicted 1991 Solar Eclipse | Mayan Astronomers | LiveScience
Too Cold for Crop Circles, “Snow Circles” Appear in Connecticut | Who Forted? Magazine
Beheadings in Chicago, Class Warfare, and the Rights of Property
Our New World Order
Exposing the NRA's Proposal: Fascism in Disguise
RUSH: In A Sane World Pelosi Would Be Institutionalized, Wearing A White Straight Jacket
RUSH: Holy Cow!! Cuomo Sounds Like Hillary Clinton
Is Christianity in America Really Going Extinct? Gallup Editor’s Claims May Shock You
What Words and Phrases in Your Emails Might the FBI’s New Software Be Searching For?
A Growing Trend: More Restaurants Cutting Employees’ Hours in Preparation for ‘Obamacare’
More Mysterious Structures in China Found Using Google Earth — Even Ex-CIA Analyst Can’t Explain
Quentin Tarantino Scolds Reporter for Asking About Movie Violence in Tense Interview: ‘I’m Shutting Your Butt Down!’
Gov’t Probe: DEA Agent Arranged to Hire Prostitute for Secret Service Agent in Colombia Scandal
Here’s the Last Video From the GRAIL Spacecraft Before They Crashed Into the Moon
Is Gay Behavior a Sin? This Is Where the American People Stand on the Morality of Homosexuality
‘Paranoid, Sick, Twisted’: MSNBC’s Scarborough Unleashes on NRA, Gun Makers & Survivalists in Fiery Diatribe
Gun Advocate Shocks CNN Co-Panelist: Slavery Potentially Wouldn’t Have Happened if Blacks Had Guns
The Early Details on the Hours-Long Standoff at an L.A. Nordstrom: 1 Hostage Sexually Assaulted, 1 Stabbed, Robbers Escape
The True Story of the Time the Government Printed a $100,000 Bill
‘How Dare You’: Conservative Author Confronts Piers Morgan on Exploiting Newtown, Hands Him a Constitution in Tense Interview
Egypt's Intractable Dilemma
Venezuela offers the Obama administration a chance to support the rule of law
Self Governance is Under Attack, not just the Second Amendment
Why Should Only Governments Be Allowed Canine Protection?
Obama's Minions and the 2014 Game Plan
Did We Vote for American Retreat?
Who might be domestic enemies of our Constitution?
Obama Provoking a Constitutional Crisis
The Second Amendment Is Not About Hunting
The Connecticut Bill to 'Out' Gun Owners Shows Us a Nationalized Issue
President Obama and the Prisoner's Dilemma
Tearing Down Public Education
How to Destroy Science: Cast Self-Interest as Public Interest
Pravda , Guns, and America
Shed No Tears for the Rhode Island Professor
“Fundamental Transformation” to Chill the Blood
Who are they and under whose authority?
It’s about more than guns
Sheriffs CAN Block Federal Gun Control
Michael Kinsley: Hillary looks like crap because she’s always traveling for show
Congress Must hold Hearings into the Al Jazeera Deal
Dick Armey Confused Media Matters With Brent Bozell's MRC
Two Portland Gun Nuts Brandish Assault Guns in Shopping Area to Prove a Point
Just Who The Hell Does Hillary Clinton Think She Is?
Eric Bolling: Schools 'Pushing the Liberal Agenda' by Teaching Algebra
Ed Schultz Interviews Utah Teacher Who Wants To Carry A Gun
Another Edition of Pat Robertson's 'Blame the Woman' Game
American Action Network Exists To Buy GOP Representatives
Ron Johnson: Walmart 'Trying to Grow the Economy' and Doesn't Have Time for Gun Control
Jon Stewart Lays Into 'Disgraced Financial Institutions' HSBC and AIG
Obama Chooses Anti-Gay Pastor to Give Inaugural Benediction. Again.
Video: Tarantino Unchained: 'I'm Not Your Slave!' Heated Exchange With UK Journalist
Video: Rush Limbaugh Prediction on 'Racists' Redskins, Guns and the Ultra-Wealthy
Video: More Affordable? ObamaCare Forcing Health Insurance Premiums Up, Up, Up...
Video: Judge Napolitano: Trillion Dollar Coin 'Would Be Lawful'...But 'Catastrophic'
Articles: Snapping Dogs and Liberal Logic
Articles: The American People React to Zero Dark Thirty
Hollywood Babylon: The Entertainment Industry’s Dark Side | American Free Press
Mainstream Media, Government Ensure Agenda Trumps the Truth | American Free Press
The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information | Memory Hole
Holder, Sebelius, Shinseki to stay on for second Obama term - The Hill
Are Republicans Scared of Al Franken? - NationalJournal.com
Sen. Warren not listed among Native Americans
What about debts after death?
Planned Parenthood Drops Failing “Choice” Rhetoric on Abortion | LifeNews.com
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says jail may be effective protest to contraception mandate | Fox News
RealClearWorld - Is Venezuela Harboring Hezbollah?
Islam ‘Helped to Shape’ CIA Nominee John Brennan’s World View | CNS News
CAIR Rep Blames Conservative Media for Rise in "Islamophobia" :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism
Biden hints at 'executive action' on gun control - Washington Times
Radio host Michael Savage rallies for ‘nationalist’ party to battle Republicans - Los Angeles Political Buzz | Examiner.com
Michael Savage: Time for a ‘nationalist’ party
Top Conservative Radio Figure Calls For "Nationalist" Third Party
Radio host Michael Savage calls for 'Nationalist' third party to challenge GOP | syracuse.com
Good News For Those With Peanut Allergies — There Could Be a Way to Build Tolerance | TheBlaze.com
‘Power! Power!’: West Africans Celebrate Annual Voodoo Festival (Complete With Snakes & Animal Slaughters) | TheBlaze.com
Dutch Politician Has a Plan to Save the Planet: Pee in The Shower | TheBlaze.com
Obama: U.S. Shifting to Supporting Role in Afghanistan This Spring | Video | TheBlaze.com
Evangelicals Fume Over Pastor’s Withdrawal From Obama Inauguration (Plus: Tell Us Who Should Replace Him!) | TheBlaze.com
Thinking about Armageddon
Our 2nd Amendment right: The militia is the key
Is Saudi prince steering News Corp. coverage?
Your tax money pays to expand Shariah economies
Rubbing our noses in his victory and radicalism
Enemy of God = enemy of America
Smear a bagel, not Chuck Hagel
Is Hagel out of the mainstream?
R. RINGER: How Dems get away with evil
A. NAPOLITANO: Individuals are sovereign – not the government
J. FARAH: 4 quotes that explain everything
The Feinstein-Obama ban-wagon
MOLOTOV: Sandy Hook media myths
J. FLETCHER: Hal Lindsey wows 'Future Congress' event
Dreamliner investigation: US orders review of Boeing 787s
Emanuel to push new city gun regulations
Cyanide: 'A poison we fear'
Prosecutor: Delay Gives Holmes Options - YouTube
Court drama over US cinema massacre trial
Senate Democrats to Obama: Bypass Congress on debt limit 'if necessary'
Chicago lottery winner's body to be exhumed next week
Nordstrom Rack hostage 'scared,' 'terrified' at ordeal, brother says
Could janitors be one school's line of defense?
Report: Hillary Clinton on economic mission
Missing Indiana Boy Found Alive Well, and Married 19 Years Later
France confirms Mali military intervention
Obama, Karzai agree to speed up Afghan military transition
Pakistani Shiites protest after attack kills 86
Jimmy Savile victims: case studies
How to Disable Java
You Can Do Better Than Walmart's Great New iPhone Deal
Looking to boost public Wi-Fi, FCC will reclaim more spectrum
Sorry, Doomsday Theorists
Violent Collision Led Largest Spiral Galaxy Ever Seen to Beget Tiny New Galaxy
Largest structure in universe discovered
Amateur Astronomers Discover 42 Alien Planets
Single Atom Tells Time
Flu reaches epidemic proportions in US
Trust: Is It All In The Eyes?
The War On Smart Sex
David Dewhurst, Texas Lieutenant Governor, Calls For State-Funded Weapons Training For Teachers
ICE says activist's role didn't spur mom's arrest - seattlepi.com
House Republican Open To Gun Restrictions | TIME.com
Biden seeks video game industry input on gun violence after NRA rejects gun control proposals - The Washington Post
Autopsies Show Execution-Style Killing of Kurdish Women - WSJ.com
BBC News - Saudi Arabia's king appoints women to Shura Council
EU Urges Google To Change Search Result Presentation - KLIV
BBC News - UN: Rising mercury emissions increase risk to humans
NASA to launch new Landsat earth observation satellite - latimes.com
California Mega-Quake Could Shake Entire State, Study Finds
Florida Burmese Python Hunt Cash Reward - Business Insider
Clothing line makes you 'invisible' to drones - YouTube
Confirmed: Alex Jones was Under Sureillance in NY! - YouTube
Miss DC: Breast Surgery Will Save My Life - YouTube
Where is Your Line in The Sand? - YouTube
This is A Mafia Takeover! - YouTube
Fed Insider: Confirmed, Jones Stalked in NY - YouTube
Larry Pratt: British Gun Crime Stats are a “Sham” - The End Run
FDA Cuts Ambien Dosages in Half Amid Concerns of Sleepy Driving - US News and World Report
Bill Clinton’s over-the-top ‘fact’ on mass shootings - The Washington Post
Bill Clinton on Gun Control: 'This Is Nuts' - YouTube
» Petition to Try Feinstein For Treason Reaches Threshold For White House Response Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Gun Control Group Urges Expanded Background Checks - NYTimes.com
Milky Way Galaxy Mass Only Half As Large As Previously Thought, Astronomers Say
» Google causing children to be ‘brain dead’ warns successful inventor Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Blue, not red: did ancient Mars look like this? | Fox News
White House insists Obama will push for assault weapons ban - The Washington Post
» The Death of Privacy: Mass Surveillance in the Technetronic Era Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Nationwide ammo shortage so severe that even cops can’t buy bullets; ammo rationing imminent Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
DOJ: 95% Drop in Youth Victimized by Guns; 6x More Likely to be Victimized by Knife; Children of Unmarried 3.8x More Likely To Be Victims | CNS News
Prison Planet.com » Video: Secrets of World War Z Leaked
New threat of Iranian-backed kidnappings | Washington Free Beacon
Panetta, Dempsey clear Pentagon desk of US military option for Syria
Prison Planet.com » Law Professor Calls Out Dershowitz for Advocating Murder and Torture
Japan may allow jets to fire warning shots at Chinese aircraft | South China Morning Post
Prison Planet.com » Report: Rogue Nation Could “Hijack” Globalist-Patented Geo-Engineering Schemes
Prison Planet.com » Sandy Hook fundraising relief page created 3 days before shooting, Google search results confirm
Americans for Tax Reform : Braces for the Kids Just Got More Expensive: Obamacare Tax Hike Case Study
Prison Planet.com » Survey: Vaccinated children five times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children
Prison Planet.com » Public Gives Their Take on The 2nd Amendment
Hollywood Has Little to Fear from Biden's Gun Violence Task Force
'Zero Dark Thirty' Review: Bin Laden Hunt Captured with Care, Without Ideology
Economy, Not Diversity, Is Obama's Greatest Failure
2005 SCOTUS Ruling: Police Not Constitutionally Bound to Protect Citizens
Scott Walker to Introduce Income Tax Cuts in Wisconsin
Shapiro's Performance on CNN Marks Turning Point in Gun Debate
Gun-Carrying Grandma Stops Knife-Wielding Robber
Pharmacist Saves Mother, Store in Deadly Shootout
Cory Booker's '92 College Essay: I Once 'Hated Gays'
White House Declines to Rule Out Trillion-Dollar Coin Gimmick
Gun Debate Puts Pressure on Red State Dems
Kentucky Sheriff to Obama: No Gun Control in My County
Steele's Competitive Bidding Resolution Was Ignored at RNC in 2011-2012 Election Cycle
NOW: 'President Obama, Where Are The Women?'
Biden seeks video game industry input on guns
Biden: Gun Control Like Air Bags, Saves Lives
Senate Liberals, Conservatives Oppose Jack Lew
Connecticut Gov on Guns: Biden Understands What We Need to Do
Obama Golfed with Former Rezko Crony on Hawaii Vacation
Strange Bedfellows? Not on K Street, as Khosla Hires Condi
Jack Lew, 2011: Obama's Budget Will Pay Down National Debt
Jindal to Propose Eliminating Louisiana State Income, Corporate Taxes
Rahm Emanuel Attempts to Revive Gun Control After Failure in Illinois Assembly
Obama Endorsers at The Economist Lament America 'Turning European'
Report: BBC Star Abused Hundreds of Children While Under NYT CEO's Watch
Sore Losers: Piers Team Mock Shapiro on Twitter After Debate
Wapo: Piers Morgan Schooled By Breitbart's Shapiro
Ben Shapiro Shows the Right How to Beat the Media
Huffington Post: 2nd Amendment Does Not Protect An Absolute Right
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