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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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08 January 2013

A King is Born!

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BREAKING: Alex Jones of InfoWars Makes American Gun Owners Look Really, Really Bad | The Truth About Guns
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US Officials: Syria 'Has Chemical Weapons That Could Be Used Within Two Hours' - Business Insider
Stanley McChrystal criticises reliance on drones as strikes hit Pakistan - Telegraph
Prison Planet.com » Amid Federal Land Grab in Brazil, Whole Towns Evicted at Gunpoint
U.S. may default on its debt a half-month earlier than expected, new analysis shows - The Washington Post
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2012 hottest year on record in contiguous US, NOAA says
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Venezuelan political forces differ on Chavez inauguration
Japan's tougher stance over disputed islands
US does not rule out leaving no troops in Afghanistan after 2014
Freed Tunisian still a Benghazi suspect
Winehouse inquest confirms alcohol death
Examining the Terms of AIG's Bailout
IRS will accept tax returns starting Jan. 30
Wanted: Mars Colonists to Explore Red Planet
15 potential planets in habitable zones found by citizen scientists
Is PETA right that it's cruel to decapitate pythons?
Cockroaches Could Lead to New Antibiotics
The Kilogram Has Gained Weight
Stephen Hawking Quotes In Spotlight As Famous Physicist Celebrates 71st Birthday (PHOTOS)
CDC: Binge drinking a serious problem for women, girls
Three approaches for managing pre-Obamacare healthcare costs
Health Buzz: US News Ranks Best Diets 2013
Beta blockers may stave off dementia, study suggests
Your medical chart could include exercise minutes
Taming the health-care monster?
Flu bug overwhelms local hospitals
NFL Brain Injuries Make Depression More Likely, Study Suggests
Microwave keeps bread mold at bay
DAVID BOWIE - Where We Are Now? New Single 01/08/13 - YouTube
David Bowie reveals new album details, new video for Where Are We Now? | Vancouver Sun
Fox's 'Following': Critics question violent show after Sandy Hook
Kennedy Center To Review Honors Process After Leaving Out Latinos
Al Roker -- I Sharted Myself at the White House
Elvis Presley’s birthday remembered in Memphis with ceremony, cake-cutting, exhibit opening - The Washington Post
The Magician’s Con: Renewing FISA and the NDAA Under Cover of the Fiscal Cliff Debates by John W. Whitehead
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It’s the Little Things That Matter: 100 Survival Items To Help Keep a Sense of Normality and Sanity After the Collapse
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Alex Jones blasts out with justified outrage at Piers Morgan and other traitors to human freedom
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Gawker Posts Full List of All 'A**hole' New York City Licensed Gun Owners
Biden, NRA to meet on guns - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Google to offer public Wi-Fi in NYC neighborhood - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Planned Parenthood reports record year for abortions | WashingtonExaminer.com
White House weighs broad gun-control agenda in wake of Newtown shootings - The Washington Post
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Rings Within Rings: How Secret Societies Direct World Politics - YouTube
Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist - YouTube
Graham Threatens Hold on Obama's CIA Pick Until Benghazi Questions Answered
Biden to Meet With NRA About Gun Control Proposals
Report: 100 Million Christians Persecuted around the World
LIGNET: Pentagon Reports Big Increase in Attempts to Steal US Defense Secrets
FBI: Holmes' Booby Trap Included Improvised Napalm
Trump Blasts GOP Negotiations on Fiscal Cliff
Venezuela Opposition Furious Over Likely Chavez Inauguration Delay
World Economic Forum: Wealth Gap, Debt Most Serious Risks
Doctor Shortage Becoming Crisis Under Obamacare
Lenovo to Release Giant 27-inch 'Coffee Table PC'
Web Readers Influenced by Comments as Much as Story
Immigration Dilemma for Generation Y
Giffords and Kelly Launch Their Own Anti-Gun Lobby | CNS News
What REALLY Offends Liberals Is Conservatism - Not Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Greed, Big Oil, Etc. | CNS News
Sec. of State? Kerry’s Criticism of U.S. Foreign Policy Goes Back 42 Years | CNS News
Chuck Hagel - or Barney Frank - for Secretary of Defense? | CNS News
Climate News: Only ‘Hobbit-Sized Humans’ Capable of Surviving Global Warming | CNS News
White House: ‘Nobody Forced Congress to Rack Up the Bills That it Incurred’ | CNS News
Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Middle Class Is Not Defined By Income Level | CNS News
Maher: 'The Bible Only Makes Sense if You’re Really High' | CNS News
Defying U.S., Abbas Orders ‘State of Palestine’ Terminology | CNS News
Leno: Al-Jazeera Pays 500 Million for Current TV - 'Almost 10 Million Dollars Per Viewer' | CNS News
Laurence Fishburne Granted Restraining Order | CNS News
Rapper Snoop Lion: ‘I Would Love to Show’ My Kids the ‘Right Way’ to Smoke Weed | CNS News
Brennan Held Leadership Role at CIA During Pre-9/11 and Iraq War Intel Failures | CNS News
Graham calls for delay on Brennan nomination | CNS News
Newt On GOP And Debt Ceiling Debate: ‘They’ll Cave’ | CNS News
Pelosi, Van Hollen, Durbin: Americans Still Not Taxed Enough | CNS News
Gun Laws in Chicago 'Don't Even Exist,' Sputters Clueless Ed Schultz | NewsBusters.org
Panetta Will Return to His Walnut Farm 'Dealing With a Different Set of Nuts' | CNS News
Brandon Turbeville on A Fireside Chat - Time For The Aware To Take Action - December 29th, 2012 - YouTube
Activist Post: Libertarians on Social Issues
Activist Post: The Economics of Extinction
Activist Post: Oxycontin Junkie Fights Marijuana Legalization
Activist Post: Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War Zones
Activist Post: Americans Are Targeted for Planned Obsolescence
Activist Post: Top 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Government Agencies
Activist Post: Wheat Gluten Newly Confirmed To Promote Weight Gain
Police & Military - Time to Choose - YouTube
BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 7, 2013
Judge: Landlords can't stop pot sales - SFGate
Dormant liberties agency awakens to tasks - Washington Times
Immigration enforcement funding tops FBI's, ATF's - Washington Times
Clinton to testify about Benghazi before resigning - Washington Times
Health Spending Growth Stays Low for 3rd Straight Year - NYTimes.com
Inside the Beltway: Gun Appreciation Day - Washington Times
Dallas razing apartments where Kennedy assassin Oswald lived - latimes.com
White House responds to 'Deport Piers Morgan' petition - POLITICO.com
The National Intelligence Council Predicts a Very Transhuman Future by 2030
Droid DNA “Hyper Intelligence” Commercial and its Transhumanist Message
RUSH: Multicultural Curriculum Teaches ‘True Greatness Of Humanity’ Stolen From Africa
Rushbo Quickie: Al Jazeera Bought Al Gore Not The Network. He’s Now “Al Jazeera Gore”
‘My Jihad’: CAIR Ad Campaign Tries to Rebrand ‘Jihad’ as a Positive Word
NBC Chief Warns Trump Over Political Statements: If He Crosses a Line or Becomes ‘Somehow Hurtful,’ We May Take Action
Sen. Rand Paul’s Teen Son Arrested at NC Airport
Are Atheists & Non-Believers on the Rise in Congress? These Results May Surprise You
You’ll Never Believe What Staffers Gave Hillary Clinton as a Gag Gift on Monday
It Shows Their ‘Curves’: Indonesian City Implements Sharia Law, Bans Women From ‘Straddling’ Motorcycles
This ‘Smartfork’ Will Tell You When to, Well, Put the Fork Down
Ten Reasons Stricter Gun Regulation Will Be Difficult to Achieve in America
Muslim Woman Beats Her Son to Death for Failing to Memorize the Koran, Gets 17+ Years Behind Bars
Radio Host Alex Jones Gets in Spat With TSA at Texas Airport — See the Photos
Confirmed: Social Security Is Even Worse Off Than We Thought
Has Rapper Eminem Really Become a Born-Again Christian?
Crowd Cheers After Chicago Teachers Union Pres. Jokes About Killing the Rich
‘I Want Him to Be Free’: Guess Which Convicted Terrorist Egypt’s Morsi Is Talking About
Democrats: How About $1 Trillion in New Taxes?
Chicago Police Investigate $1 Million Lotto Winner’s Mysterious Cyanide Death: ‘Pretty Unusual’
Asteroid Named After Evil God of Darkness to Pass by Earth This Week
‘The Media Isn’t Being Honest About This’: Oddly Enough, the Data in This Viral Vid Has Been Left Out of the Gun Control Debate
Boehner: I Was Stunned When Obama Told Me ‘We Don’t Have a Spending Problem’
Megyn Kelly Challenges Professor Who Wants America to ‘Give Up’ U.S. Constitution (Plus: Judge Napolitano Reacts!)
Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly Launch Gun Control Initiative in Effort to Combat ‘Gun Lobby’
Suspect in Benghazi Consulate Attack Freed Due to Lack of Evidence
Study: Americans’ Support for School Prayer Has Declined Since the 1970s
‘Brought to You By the NRA’: Artist Unveils Provocative Sandy Hook Painting
Sen. Rand Paul Calls for Reduction in Aid to Israel…While in Israel
Catholic Dorms Being Built on 2 Secular College Campuses in an Effort to Reach Youths
Gen. Who Resigned Amid Critical Comments of Obama Offers Thoughts on Gun Control: ‘Serious Action Is Necessary’
Politico Wonders: Is TX Sen. Ted Cruz a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Eligible to Run for the U.S. Presidency?
Wife of Hamas Politician Says Woman’s Role Is to Instill Love of Jihad and Martyrdom in Her Children
Horrific Details Revealed at Hearing for Colo. Theater Shooter: ‘I Didn’t Want Anyone Else to Die’
New Disney Bracelet Eliminates Need for Keys, Money & I.D. — But Is Privacy an Issue?
Blaze Magazine Exclusive Interview: Brad Meltzer on His New Thriller and Secrets in U.S. History
‘Al Gore Is Nothing but a Bulls***ter’: Current TV Staffers Reportedly Irate Over Network’s Sale to ‘Big Oil’
Flight Attendant Secrets Revealed: What Kind of Coffee You’re Actually Getting, Plus Why Some Flights Are Really Delayed
Here’s What Google’s Executive Chairman Is Doing in N. Korea Against the State Department’s Wishes
Is Yoga Actually Dangerous for Men?
Bank of America Allegedly Freezes Gun Manufacturer’s Account: ‘You Should Not Be Selling Guns and Parts on the Internet’
Try Not to Laugh While Watching These Two Seemingly Drunk Texas A&M Coeds Crash Live News Report
Did You See Alex Jones’ Wild, Conspiracy-Laced YouTube Rant After Last Night’s Piers Morgan Debacle?
Is the Republican Study Committee Taking Orders From Lobbyists?
Poll Reveals Hilarious Things People Like More Than Congress: Root Canals, Cockroaches, Genghis Khan…
*Graphic* The Conditions at This MI Abortion Clinic Were So ‘Dangerous’ & ‘Disgusting’ It Was Shut Down
Alex Jones Goes Ballistic Debating Gun Control With Piers Morgan: ’1776 Will Commence Again If You Try to Take Our Firearms!’
Poll: Where Do You Stand On Guns, Gun Rights, And The Second Amendment?
Surprise! The Payroll Tax Hike Obliterated an Entire Year’s Worth of Wage Gains
Gawker Publishes Complete 446-Page List of ‘All the A**holes Who Own Guns in New York City’
Obama’s Inaugural Invocation Pick Breaks With 200+ Years of American Tradition
Michael Savage: Time for a ‘nationalist’ party
Top Conservative Radio Figure Calls For "Nationalist" Third Party
Former university president fights charges he ran 'virtual' brothel | Fox News
Elizabeth Warren Wikipedia page ethnically cleansed (Update — partial restoration)
Is America under God’s judgment? – $4.95 today only!
Democrat plan lets Obama run for 3rd term
James Taylor for Massachusetts Senate seat? Albany public radio's Alan Chartok urges run | masslive.com
Florida Atlantic University professor: Newtown massacre may not have happened - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
Massive Open Online Courses Prove Popular, if Not Lucrative Yet - NYTimes.com
Iran’s nuclear bomb program complete
C2CAM Money Laundering & Natural Remedies JAN 07 2013 - YouTube

BBC News - Kepler telescope: Earth-sized planets 'number 17bn'
Scientology's Secret Bunker | Church of Scientology | LiveScience
BBC News - Can genetically modified mosquitoes prevent disease in the US?
Quantum Gas Temperature Drops Below Absolute Zero | Wired Science | Wired.com
My prophecy about Algorezeera fulfilled
New Hampshire's leftist psychopath
Teaching Americans to hate their country
America's coming gun war
Obama channeling Pol Pot
Time for a special prosecutor!
Who is really for election reform?
On revenues, Obama has just begun to fight
P. GELLER: CAIR vs. the truth
J. FARAH: You gotta serve somebody
Why some decent folks are not conservatives
Standing on the precipice
P. LEWIS: It's not a bill of needs, it's a bill of rights
TANCREDO: Sen. Tim Scott: 'Not black enough'
Steven Spielberg Earns 11th Directors Guild Nomination
Brad Pitt May Play Pontius Pilate in Biblical Epic
CES Unveils Big TVs with 'Ultrahigh Definition'
Panasonic Unveils Bone-Conduction TV Headphones
'Snakes on a Plane' Director David R. Ellis Dies in South Africa
Brad Pitt to Visit China Despite Decade-Old Ban
Quentin Tarantino's Rant Against Director John Ford Unfounded
David Letterman Says He Sees Psychiatrist Weekly
Janeane Garofalo Accuses '24' Creator of Using Show to Trash Liberals
Danny Glover Teams with Moveon.org to Nominate Paul Krugman for Treasury Post
David Letterman Admits Giving Phony Apology for Palin Joke
Planned Parenthood Touts over 333,000 Babies Aborted in 2011
Bullies: Obama Administration Summons NRA to White House
Ken Cuccinelli Appeals to Young Virginians in Gubernatorial Bid
Republican Pushes Bill to Kill Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin
Five Republicans, 17 Democrats File Candidacy for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Seat
Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases March 26th and 27th
GOP Voters Hate Senate 'Cliff' Deal
White House Ramping Up Gun Violence Discussions
Former Lawmaker Giffords Launches Gun Control Initiative
Gabby Giffords Launches Gun Control Lobbying Effort
New York's Move Against Greenberg Tossed Out; AIG Mulls Joining Greenberg Against Feds
Will ADL, AIPAC Find the Courage to Stand up to Obama on Hagel?
Jewish Democrats Choose Obama over Israel
Insight: In 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill, White House Key to Corporate Tax Breaks
Meet the 'Bullies': Breitbart Editor Exposes Obama's Army of Thugs in New Book
Man in Calif. School Shooting Not Fit for Trial
Aurora Shooting Victims' Families Listen to Police Testimony
Multiple Rounds Help With Self-Defense
In One Ear and Out the Other
The Gun Control Loophole
Analysis: Social Security Broke in 18 Years
New York: Welfare Money Used at Strip Clubs, Liquor Stores
'Inside the Cave' Documents Obama Campaign Tech Superiority over GOP
Woman Hit by DC Metro After Placing Herself in Front of Train
The Life and Times of an Overtaxed Nation: From the Eyes of a Twentysomething
Obama Defends Morgan's Free Speech, Assailed Limbaugh's
BuzzFeed Joins MSM in Abandoning Israel for Hagel
Politico Celebrates Obama's 'Bipartisan Spirit' With Hagel Nomination
'Gun Map' Newspaper in Circulation Free Fall
Al Jazeera Dumps Eliot Spitzer
New Homeland Security Chair to Obama: Don't Release the 'Blind Sheikh'
Obama's CIA Pick John Brennan's Horrific Record
World View: China Quadruples Rice Imports for No Apparent Reason
McDonald's to Become 'Macca's' in Australia
Palestinian Authority Chief Judge: 'Jerusalem Will Be the Capital of the Caliphate'
Sleeping Through the Revolution: Hagel Nom Shows Obama's Soft Stance on Antisemitism
Venezuela Gov't: Ailing Hugo Chavez 'Stable'
Hagel: Jimmy Carter 'Exactly Right' on Fidel Castro, Cuba Policy
Obama CIA Pick John Brennan in 2010: Jihad a 'Legitimate Tenet of Islam'
Obama's Pick to Head CIA Called 'War on Terrorism' Over in 2009
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