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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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01 January 2013


Articles: The Socialist Mind Game: A Brief Manual
The Real Losers of 2012 | Shenandoah
Hillary Clinton in hospital amid speculation of plane accident in Iran
Military Must Prep Now for 'Mutant' Future, Researchers Warn | Danger Room | Wired.com
Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith | CNS News
2013: What's in Store? (Op-Ed) — RT
Monumental deceit: How our politicians have lied and lied about the true purpose of the European behemoth | Mail Online
Activist Post: A Massive Electromagnetic Pulse Could Collapse The Economy In A Single Moment
“Wiping Countries Off the Map”: Who’s Failing the “Failed States” | Global Research
UK urged to spend Afghan withdrawal savings on defence | UK news | The Guardian
PressTV - Pentagon looks to fix ‘pervasive vulnerability’ in drones
Venezuela fearing the worst amid reports Hugo Chavez is close to death - Telegraph
Venezuelan Leadership Up For Grabs?
PressTV - Iran arms all surface, sub-surface units with electronic warfare systems: Cmdr.
NPN Article: Did Pam Geller Influence NYC Subway Murder?
The ideal television anchor and his role in the Matrix « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Expose Our ICLEI Inspired Corruption & We Will Steal Your Child! | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Activist Post: Americans Ring in New Year Drinking Doomsday Kool-Aid At Alarming Rate!
The plant skyscrapers: Giant greenhouses in city centres to herald a new age of farming | Mail Online
BBC reporter claims to have found Scientologists’ ‘alien space cathedral’ | The Raw Story
What was MI6 team doing in Paris the night Princess Diana died? | UK | Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express
Radio Host Bill William Cooper Predicted 9 11 June 2001 and Killed November 2001 - YouTube
Genetic Engineering and the GMO Industry: Corporate Hijacking of Food and Agriculture | Global Research
Parents fed up with mindless 'la la television filling children's heads with rubbish' launch their own channel | Mail Online
The REAL reason you eat too much: New theory could revolutionise the way we lose weight | Mail Online
A quarter of us have liver damage - and a dry January isn't enough to undo the damage, warn experts | Mail Online
Irregular Sleep Tied to Increased Visceral Fat Around Organs | Conscious Life News
Why Does This NBC Reporter Think ‘There May Be More’ to Hillary Clinton’s Hospitalization? | Video | TheBlaze.com
My Way News - Obama wants gun violence measures passed in 2013
The latest from “DHS Insider”
Richard Gage New 10-minute Showcase Video - YouTube
5-Year Period Of Abundant Oil Supply - Business Insider
The American Red Double Cross - YouTube
The Higgs Boson 'God Particle' Discovery Explained in the Context of Conscious Cosmology - Waking Times : Waking Times
Louis XVI blood mystery 'solved' - Telegraph
Black 9/11: Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability - YouTube
PressTV - US using FISA program to suppress civil liberties: Activist
Preppers, Patriots and Pirates
AOL On - The Merging of Computers and Humans
Army embeds PSYOPS soldiers at local TV stations (Everywhere) - YouTube


**True History


Awaken slaves! - How The Private Central Bank Ponzi Scheme Trapped And Destroyed America | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
Al Sharpton: KNIFE CONTROL Comes Next After Guns (Video) - 12160 Social Network
Fraud, Money Laundering and Narcotics. Impunity of the Banking Giants. No Prosecution of HSBC « THE INTERNET POST
Jesse Ventura Reveals TSA National Security Secret Censored From His Television Show | XRepublic
Two new state laws affecting immigrants go into effect in 2013 - 12160 Social Network
Facebook Password Ban Among New State Laws Going Into Effect In 2013 - 12160 Social Network
What the mainstream media and the politicians are NOT telling you about military spending | _
Rand Paul "No One Should Be Taxed More, People Up Here Waste Your Money" | XRepublic
Chuck Hagel's big problem: being a realist about American power and Iran | Stephen Kinzer | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
The Capitalist Conspiracy (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Conversations With History: The Politics of Food with Michael Pollan « Underground Documentaries
We Demand Obama Issue Executive Order Making White House, Federal Buildings and Events Gun Free Zones | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
VA Tech Review Panel: High Cap Magazine Ban Would Not Have Stopped 2007 Shooting
MRIs Reveal Cannabis’ Pain Killing Components | Medical News and Health Information
“Club 64,” Americas First Legal Recreational Cannabis Club Opening Today at 4:20 p.m. - Times Union
How Many Pills Until Pharmageddon? | _
Gun Banners Aren’t Just After Some Guns, They Now Want All Guns | _
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary) - YouTube
Ahmadinejad slams push for Islamic life | _
The very politically incorrect truth about the Second Amendment | XRepublic
The Case against the 16th Amendment | Liberty.com
Dianne Feinstein Confesses Her Goal is to Disarm ALL Americans
The Law That Never Was: The Fraud of Income & Social Security Tax — Home
Don't be tricked by legal words
Chap.5 - The TRUTH About the 16th Amendment
Red Beckman: The 16th Amendment was Never Ratified! - Alex Jones Tv 1/4 - YouTube
Gun myths busted: Automatic weapons, buying guns online, background checks, assault rifles and other fictions of the liberal media
*Revolutionary War; Battle of Lexington and Concord
Lexington and Concord [ushistory.org]


+ Come And Take It - http://www.comeandtakeit.com


Genesis Communications Network GCN News Top 10 Events that Prove Obama Planned Gun Control Long Before Newtown Tragedy «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Under Eugenics, You are a ‘Human Resource’ Slave to the New World Order «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Democrats Crank Up Death Panel Talk Following Obama Win «
Robocops to patrol LA by 2025 - YouTube
Japan plans 'nationalisation' of factories to save industry - Telegraph
US-trained Iraqi Special Forces aid al-Maliki’s repression as ‘private army’ | StratRisks
Jesse's Café Américain: Empires of Illusion and the Credibility Trap - First They Come For the Weak
2012 in Review: State Surveillance Around the Globe - BlackListedNews.com
Biologically Modified Soldiers Are the Future of Warfare - BlackListedNews.com
Health care spending by age: America spends money on oldsters.
Expose Our ICLEI Inspired Corruption and We Will Steal Your Child!
As Fiat Fails, Technocrats and BRICs Nations Posture For World Government
Serfdom and the Feudal System: What’s Old is New Again
Preppers, Patriots and Pirates
6 Cleaning Necessities for Your Stockpile
Monopolies Can Only Occur with Government Coercion
MUST SEE: Media Distorting Crime States For An Agenda
The Elite Want You to Keep Calm and Slave On
Whistleblowers Gather for Conference on Being Targeted by the Surveillance State
Oregon Army National Guard and others plan to launch drones from public airport
Tri-Command Merges U.S.-Canada Military Policy
Jerrold Nadler, Gun-Grabbing Leninist - informationliberation
Sandy Victims Still Stranded As ‘Red Tape’ Hinders Help From FEMA | CNS News
Sandy Hook and Pre-emptive Civilian Disarmament - informationliberation
Have US Police Forces Become Too Militarised? - informationliberation
Fiscal Cliff Deal: $1 in Spending Cuts for Every $41 in Tax Increases
Fiscal Cliff Deal: Hollywood Gets Tax Incentive Extension
Cliff deal hits a new snag with House Republicans - The Washington Post
More Than 400 New Laws Take Effect Tuesday
Report: 532 Murdered in Chicago in 2012 | The Weekly Standard
Dem Representative Moves to Block Obama's Congressional Pay Increase | The Weekly Standard
The Journal News is Armed and Dangerous | The Rockland County Times
Kathy Griffin Kisses Anderson Cooper's Crotch On National Television | NewsBusters.org
Sperm donor ordered to pay child support to lesbian couple despite him giving up rights to the child | Mail Online
‘Fiscal Cliff’ Still Leaves Pentagon Sitting Pretty -- News from Antiwar.com
2012 Was Deadliest Year for Afghan Military -- News from Antiwar.com
Afghan Govt Announces New Security Transfer in Two Months -- News from Antiwar.com
What Killed Arafat? - What Killed Arafat? - Al Jazeera English
Will 2013 be the year American Jews secede from Israel?
2012: The Year We Did Our Best To Abandon The Natural World
Compare the 1912 Elections with the 2012 Elections
Wet Sidewalks Cause Rain by Butler Shaffer
Sandy Hook and Pre-emptive Civilian Disarmament by William Norman Grigg
Catholic Theologians: Prostitution Should Be Legal by Ryan McMaken
Progressives and the Phony Gun Debate by William L. Anderson
Front Yard to Fork by Brad Jordan
Two 'Forbidden Foods' That Can Give You Instant Energy by Joseph Mercola
GOP Leader Cantor Opposes Senate Cliff Bill
Senate-Passed Deal Means Higher Taxes on 77% of U.S. Households
Korea's Kim Pleads for End to Confrontation with South
Chief Justice Stresses Need for Judges, Funds
News & Current Events, Breaking News, Analysis, Political Commentary – Newsmax.com
Obama Touts Hagel, Says No Decision on Defense Secretary Job
Top Doctor: Hillary’s Health Crisis Won’t Prevent Presidential Run
Study: Being Slightly Heavy Aids Longevity
Researchers: Fish Oil Doesn't Stop Faulty Heart Rhythm
Facebook Patches Webcam Vulnerability After Receiving Hacker Tip
Activist Post: New report highlights ethics and policy dangers of 'military human enhancements'
Activist Post: Pretty Damning Statistics: Hospitalizations and Mortality Rates Regarding Vaccines
Activist Post: Biologically Modified Soldiers Are the Future of Warfare
Activist Post: Celebrity Gun Control PSA Coupled With Their Own Hollywood Gun Violence
Activist Post: Is There An Alternative to Toxic-Jab Vaccinations?
Global Research
Video: Sandy Hook As State Terror Against USA Population | Conspiracy Theories
Absolute Proof Sandy Hook Was Staged | Alternative
Where are the Sandy Hook Bodies? | Alternative
+101 Basic Homesteading Skills | Self-Sufficiency
Man? - Or a Predator Race Amongst Us.. | Alternative
What Did Gene Roddenberry Know? After the Cabal’s End – Part 2 | Alternative
TTAG: “Illinois Bill to Ban All Modern Firearms” | Opinion - Conservative
Alien Space Cathedral Being Built By Scientologists? What Are They Really Trying To Tell Us? | Paranormal
The Kailasa Temple And Ancient Aliens, Cave 16 | Beyond Science
The Matrix Movie Was A Warning | EU
"The Other Shooters Are All Dead" | Conspiracy Theories
Anonymous Announces Jihad On The Illuminati | Politics
The Men Who Killed Kennedy "The Truth Will Make You Free" | Alternative
Celebrate Laughter: Reconnect with Your Joyful Inner Child | Spirit
How to Attract Positive People in Your Life | Spirit
How Patience Can Empower Your Life | Spirit
Martians Built These Concrete Pavements By the River: | Space
How Not to Run a Nation
Gun Owners Mad As Hell And Will Not Take It!
Piers Morgan Takes Aim at the Bible
The 2013 Anxiety Meter
The Year 2012… Farce, fiasco, fascism, and faith
Every Scientific Fact is Open to Reevaluation—Except Evolution, by Conservatives
Do Not Underestimate the Value of Culture as a Power of Change
Senate Benghazi report blames FBI, CIA but exonerates Obama
Tax Hikes to Start the New Year
Obama to David Gregory’s Rescue
Civil Rights Attorneys for Roman Catholic Owners of Healthcare Management Business
Are We Helping Poor Americans?
Churches and Health Care Debate: Government Has Unlimited Power but Not Unlimited Authority!
Some thoughts on Feinstein’s abolition of the 2nd amendment
Obama vows to push new gun-control legislation in 2013
‘Obama right on gun ban; There WILL be resistance,’ Says CCRKBA
Straw Boss
2013, could it be the year conservatives start party?
Technology Servitude
Lessons from 2012: Conservatives, Think for Yourselves!
Paul, Lee, Rubio Vote No on 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal that Hikes Taxes, Puts Off Spending Cuts | CNS News
Obama Linked Benghazi to Video 3 Days After CIA Eyewitnesses Confirmed No Protest There | CNS News
Final resting place of Newtown gunman a mystery | CNS News
Obama's Urging Illinois to Recognize 'Gay Marriage' | NewsBusters.org
The Obama Culture Arrives | CNS News
Video: Rep. Darrell Issa Has Confidence In Boehner, But Not The Bill
War on Kwanzaa! Wisc. Sen. Blasts ‘Racist’ ‘Hardcore Left-Winger’ Holiday
Pastor’s Wife Buys Gun From TX Shop — And Shoots Herself Dead in the Parking Lot
Meet the Oldest, Living Identical Twins Who Turned 103 Christmas Eve (Learn Their Secret to Longevity)
Muslim Brotherhood Official Says Israel Will Be Wiped Out Within 10 Years
‘Vulgar’: Kathy Griffin Kisses Anderson Cooper’s Crotch During Live NYE Show
Egyptian Islamists & Prosecutors Investigate Popular Comedian for Insulting Muslim Brotherhood President
Apocalyptic Words Likely to Top 2013 List, Continuing 2012 Trend of ‘Impending Doom’
Get Ready to Ring in the Year of the Snake With These 15 Freaky-Deaky Pictures
Report: Soldiers With ‘Mutant Powers’ Coming…But Is Anyone Considering the Implications?
Want to See How New Year’s Was Celebrated Around the World? Check Out These Incredible Photos
Russian News Outlet Pravda Prints Surprising Opinion Column Warning USA: ‘Never Give Up Your Guns’
Will Kim Jong Un Soften His Stance on South Korea in 2013?
Here’s Why This Constitutional Law Professor Thinks America Should ‘Give Up the Constitution’
Despite National Tragedy, Truth Is, Guns Save Lives | American Free Press
Global Elite Break Pattern? Bilderberg Could Meet in U.S. | American Free Press
Upper crust ‘bomb-making’ suspect Morgan Gliedman gives birth as boyfriend Aaron Greene cools off on Rikers Island - NYPOST.com
Cliff frustration mounts among House GOP - POLITICO.com
White House Claims Victory In Fiscal Deal
Rubio Slams Deal: ‘I Just Couldn’t Vote for It’ - By Robert Costa - The Corner - National Review Online
» Rand Paul: ‘You may not get any more revenue, but you can say I stuck it to the rich people’
Senate releases scathing report on Benghazi - Washington Times
New regulations pull the plug on the 75-watt incandescent light - KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports
Old New York airport turned into massive parking lot for thousands of cars damaged in Superstorm Sandy | Mail Online
We’ll ‘pry guns from cold, dead fingers’
Who subverted tea-party movement?
Demand-a-Plan's gun-control absurdity
America: Face reality or die
Obama: No tears for kids he has drone-killed
Tipping our fez to Egypt
The end of America: Why Romney lost
The coming celebration of America's decline
L. KLAYMAN: Obama: Eligible only to defraud
J. FARAH: Obama's 'trillion-dollar coin option'
L. KINSOLVING: Was Thomas Jefferson ever a slave-seducer?
D. J. DOLCE: Why ask liberals about guns?
2nd Amendment no longer needed?
No regulation? No problem
D. LIMBAUGH: David Gregory's slobbering Obama interview
To Ring in the New Year, - WSJ.com
13 Must-See Stargazing Eventsof 2013 | Skywatching Guide | Space.com
Was there a church in Mecca? Chiselled stonework with 'Christian figure' discovered at holy site in Yemen | Mail Online
From UFOs to ‘tsunami bomb’: NZ archive secrets revealed - Khaleej Times
How to Live to a Ripe Old Age
Interview: What does the future hold for energy and lighting?
Nothing's cooking on Chicago food trucks
Cardinal George asks Catholics to oppose gay marriage bill
Chicago, Cook and state fees to rise in 2013
U.S. Attorney Successor In Chicago Expected To Be More Of An Insider Than Fitzgerald
Investors Face Imminent Obstacles, With or Without a Fiscal Deal
Pennsylvania governor to sue NCAA over Penn State sanctions
Minimum wage gap grows wider between states
End of the road is a beginning for US gay newlyweds
Developer who wants to build world's biggest Ferris wheel not slowed by Sandy
Body Found Encased in Cement at California Plumber's Shop
Violent start to 2013 for Chicago
Survivors of Ore. bus crash collect passports, prepare to finish journey that ended tragically - The Washington Post
Rev. Joan R. Harrell: Watch Night Service in the Black Church in America: 150 Years After the Emancipation Proclamation
61 killed in New Year's stampede in Ivory Coast
In New Year's Speech, North Korean Leader Pushes for Unity, Peace
Four dead, 45 injured in Karachi blast
Iran testing components of missile system more advanced than S-300
State bars Westerners living in West Bank from entering Israel, East Jerusalem
Venezuelan VP says he has visited Chavez twice
The West Bank's 2012: The Year of the Israeli Settlement
Nuclear Talks With Iran: Time to Make an Offer
Nuclear list swap by India and Pakistan
Popular Egypt satirist accused of mocking president
Xi Jinping calls for more wisdom, courage to deepen reform
Pope Benedict tweets wishes of peace in 2013
Hollande vows to revive French supertax
House Republicans Drop Bid to Add Spending Cuts to Budget
House Republicans prepare for final passage of 'fiscal cliff' bill
Rig Runs Aground in Alaska, Reviving Fears About Arctic Drilling
Bottle ban goes into effect in Concord
U.S. on Pace for Slowest Decade of Population Growth Since 1930s
Russia's drink problems acknowledged - The Irish Times - Wed, Jan 02, 2013
Are Smartphones Getting Dumber?
Google Glass development charges ahead
Ancient hominids may have left the trees, but we never abandoned them
Physicist Steve Myers lauds speed of Higgs boson progress
Did Neil Armstrong lie about the origins of his 'one small step' speech?
DailyTech - Study: Prolonged Exposure to Galactic Radiation Speeds Up Alzheimer's Development
The character assassination of Hillary Clinton
Being moderately overweight might not pose health risk
Recession babies may be more likely to be teen delinquents
Health reform: What's coming in 2013
Five Ways To Avoid a New Year's Day Hangover
Smoking doesn't relieve stress... quitting does! Study proves benefits of nicotine are a myth | Mail Online
'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' on ABC Wins Ratings Race On New Year's Eve
Kathy Griffin simulates oral sex on Anderson Cooper on CNN’s New Year’s Eve live coverage - NY Daily News
Concern over Oscar voting extends deadline | The Jamestown Sun | Jamestown, North Dakota
The Williamson Daily News - National Geographic to feature Hatfield McCoy artifacts
Banking Regulators Near $10B Settlement on Past Home Loan Abuses
The Political Farce of the Year: Who Destroyed Their Agenda?
Rep. Steve Israel: Republicans Questioning Clinton Concussion Think Moon Landing Was Staged Too
CNN's Velshi Calls Out GOP Rep for Misleading Stats on Taxes and Small Businesses
2012 Billionaires of the Year
Who's The Rising Political Star of 2012?
The Biggest Political Loser of 2012
Thanks for the Memories, Rep. Barney Frank!
'Rings' Trilogy Sound Editor Mike Hopkins Dies in Rafting Accident
Creepy Pervert Hefner, 86, Marries 26-Year-Old Floozy
Sheen Shrugs Off Gay Slur: 'I Have a Lisp'
'Death of the Tea Party' Claim by Mainstream Media Premature...Again
The Atlantic Frets About Obama Assassination
Disarmed Russian Columnist Warns Americans: 'Never Give Up Your Guns'
Illinois State Senate Trying to Ram New Gun Ban Through Lame Duck Session
'Fiscal Cliff' Face-off: Boehner, Cantor Showdown Over Vote Tonight
Eric Cantor Makes First Move to Unseat Boehner in 'Fiscal Cliff' Kabuki Theater
In 2013, Years Of Obama Reparations Planning Pay Off In Pigford
Cliff Deal: Half of Tax Hikes Go to Boost Spending
Federal Appeals Court Sides with Religious Liberty on HHS Mandate
GOP New Year's Resolution: Political Suicide
Ann Coulter: Wayne LaPierre Wrong Spokesman for NRA
Boehner Promised a Deal Supported by 'Majority of Majority'
Will Boehner Violate 'Hastert Rule' with 'Fiscal Cliff' Vote?
King Obama the Irrelevant
Six-Year Old Suspended from School for Saying 'Pow'
'Border Has Never Been More Secure': Hezbollah, Cartels Working Together
Report: Iran Re-thinking Support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Adviser to Egyptian President Morsi: Israel Will Cease to Exist by 2020
Hamas PM: Israel 'Cancerous Tumor'
India Rapists Face Death Penalty
Egypt Investigates Satirist over Morsi 'Insult'
Only Half of Students' Free iPads Survive Year at British School
Islamic Militants Kill 5 Female Teachers in Pakistan
Syria Ushers in New Year with More Violence
State Department Made 'Grievous Mistake' over Benghazi: Senate Report
World View: 2013 Forecast- Financial Crisis and China Threat
Senate Passes Tax Increases on Wealthy Americans - NYTimes.com
Democrats' Cliff Compromise Is Bad; But The Strategic Consequences Are Disastrous | The New Republic
The Year the Arab Spring Went Bad - By F. Gregory Gause, III | Foreign Policy
U.S., Venezuela may be exploring post-Chávez thaw - Andres Oppenheimer - MiamiHerald.com
A New Agenda for U.S.-Russia Cooperation - NYTimes.com
Commentary: The Frivolous U.S.-Russian Relationship | The National Interest
The Magna Carta: an old piece of parchment that made England a nation – let's celebrate it - Telegraph
Ten Ways for Obama to Remake the World - Bloomberg
Books: The Republican Brain, Science Left Behind
Not-new books of the year | Books | guardian.co.uk
Start-up Communist Nation | Online Library of Law and Liberty
BOOK REVIEW: ‘Petropoly’ - Washington Times
Senate Passes Tax Increases on Wealthy Americans - NYTimes.com
Tuesday’s tax increase is the biggest in decades
Obama wins 'fiscal cliff' victory, but at high cost - latimes.com
John Crudele: How many politicians does it take to screw up an economy? - NYPOST.com
Krauthammer: Obama Showed "Incredible Arrogance" Ridiculing Congress At Press Conference | RealClearPolitics

Political Video

Dem Rep: House GOP "Will Own" Going Over Cliff If Agreement Killed | RealClearPolitics
Senate Passes Legislation To Stop Fiscal Cliff, 89-8; House Votes Next | RealClearPolitics
Jeb Bush On GOP's Future, Why He Didn't Run In 2012 | RealClearPolitics
Krauthammer On Fiscal Cliff Deal: "Complete Surrender On Everything" | RealClearPolitics
CBS "Evening News" Report: Is ObamaCare Bad For Business? | RealClearPolitics
GOP Congressman Supports Senate Fiscal Cliff Bill: "No Question About It" | RealClearPolitics
CNN: What Republicans Hate In The Fiscal Deal | RealClearPolitics
Rep. Issa Opposes Senate Fiscal Cliff Bill Due To Lack Of Spending Cuts | RealClearPolitics
Krauthammer: Obama Showed "Incredible Arrogance" Ridiculing Congress At Press Conference | RealClearPolitics
Ed Schultz: Obama Took "Republicans To The Cleaners" In Fiscal Cliff Deal | RealClearPolitics
Ret. Gen. Jack Keane: There Was A "Clear And Present Danger" In Benghazi | RealClearPolitics
"Special Report": Obama Irks Republicans With Campaign-Style Event | RealClearPolitics
Hoyer: Obama Trying "To Make Offers That Will Get To An Agreement" | RealClearPolitics
GOP Sen. Corker "Disappointed" That Obama "Has Fun Heckling Congress" | RealClearPolitics
Obama On Fiscal Cliff: "An Agreement Is Within Sight" | RealClearPolitics
Rand Paul: Democrats Want To Raises Taxes To "Stick It To Rich People" | RealClearPolitics
Scarborough: Whatever Deal Struck Will Be "Woefully Insufficient" | RealClearPolitics
Ann Coulter: "The NRA Needs A Better Spokesman" | RealClearPolitics

Craig Whitney on Living With Guns: A Liberal's Case for the Second Amendment | RealClearPolicy
Real Clear Markets - Video - Home-Price Rise Sets Up Positive 2013?
Real Clear Markets - Video - Apple to Release Something Never Thought Up?
Real Clear Markets - Video - Did Tim Cook Really Get a 99% Pay Cut?
Real Clear Markets - Video - Vertical Farms Solve Land Problem?
Real Clear Markets - Video - Gross: 'Glum' Predictions for New Year


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