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to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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09 December 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Syria Islamist rebels seize part of Aleppo base | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR
Prison Planet.com » Woman Sentenced to Year in Prison for Having al-Qaeda Magazine
Bashar al-Assad, Syria, and the truth about chemical weapons - Comment - Voices - The Independent
Prison Planet.com » Video: What’s REALLY Going On In Syria?
Syrian Rebels Tied to Al Qaeda Play Key Role in War - NYTimes.com
Sunday Times: Israel has waged 'secret war' to track Syria WMD - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
Former US president slams drone attacks - thenews.com.pk
Prison Planet.com » The great California tax hoax: $577 billion in hidden assets never revealed to voters
Prison Planet.com » How to brainwash the sheeple into doing anything you want
Prison Planet.com » Processed cows milk linked to diabetes
Prison Planet.com » Vaccine Injuries and Its Links to The Autism Epidemic
Deal or no deal, ObamaCare taxes poised to hit next month | Fox News
The Secrets Terrorists Don't Want You To Know - YouTube
UPDATE 3-Dozens of same-sex couples wed in Washington state for first time - chicagotribune.com
» Feds to Mandate Black Box on all New Cars Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Mandatory ‘Big Brother’ Black Boxes In All New Cars From 2015 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Feds Want 'Black Boxes' in New Cars, But Who Will Be Tracking You? - ABC News
The smart 'tattoo' that can measure how tired you are: Smiley-face transfer like your children might wear hides medical sensors | Mail Online
» New Light on the Nazca Lines Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
New light on the Nazca Lines
» Kidnapped American rescued from Taliban, coalition says Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Kidnapped American rescued from Taliban, coalition says - World News
» Morsi to Relinquish Expanded Powers, Hold Referendum as Planned Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer’s Remedy Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns US of worldwide effects of fiscal cliff | World news | guardian.co.uk
Electrical device plugs directly into trees for power | MNN - Mother Nature Network
The Year 2012 In Perspective - BlackListedNews.com
Strategic Communications: How NATO Shapes and Manipulates Public Opinion - BlackListedNews.com
Obama Gives OK For Black Box Data Recorders to Be Installed in All Cars
Prison labor booms in US as low-cost inmates bring billions
At Least 5 More States Expected To Vote On Marijuana Legalization Soon
FDA Expands Irradiation of Food Supply; Harmonizing with Codex Alimentarius
Celestial Object Rapidly Approaching Earth: NASA Radar
What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? Full Movie
Strange News Clip About Aliens Visiting Earth
We Are Complicit There’s No Country That Would Tolerate Missiles
The American Worship of Empire
End of the World: Hear the 2012 Prophecy … Direct from the Mouths of the Mayan Priests
“Military Voyeurism” or Invasion of Syria? French Special Forces Team Up with Foreign Backed Terrorists
Navy SEAL Killed in U.S. Hostage Rescue
Chavez, Battling Cancer, Names Successor
Hillary Clinton's Wide Open Future
Romney's '47 Percent' Chosen as Year's Best Quote
Ground Zero Mosque Site Has No Community Activities
Gene-Altered Mosquitoes Could Fight Dengue Fever
PressTV - 3,000 US troops secretly return to Iraq via Kuwait
High Ranking US Major General Exposes September 11 | Dprogram.net
Down The Rabbit Hole with Popeye – December 21st 2012, Humanity and Random Acts of Kindness | Dprogram.net
Syria Propaganda Looking a Lot Like Iraq Propaganda - YouTube
Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Nuclear Winter - Listverse
Moon Landing Hoax Proof!! Stanley Kubrick who Filmed Fake Moon Footag | Space
Moon landing Hoax Proof!! Stanley Kubrick who Filmed Fake Moon Footage. [Mirror] - YouTube
Mars Caves - Small Alien Figure | Space
75,000 Year Old Engravings Found: Africa's Homo Sapiens Were The First Techies | Watercooler Topics
See The 'Tiny Home' Man Lives In A 89-Square-Foot House | Self-Sufficiency
The ‘real John Lennon,’ revealed at last
Genius The Movie Trailer - YouTube

Inside Weather Modification Planes - YouTube
Complacency Everywhere You Look - Panzner Insights
Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not
$315,000,000,000 Of Gold In A Vault
Homeless or emergency shelter - YouTube
The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER... - YouTube
Text Messages Direct To Your Contact Lens | ZenHaven
Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears - Telegraph
How the Civil War Helped Shape Modern Media | ZenHaven
Big Brother: HDTVS Easily Hacked And Spying On Viewers - :
James Holmes: three ways to get set up for murder « Jon Rappoport's Blog
From Good Jobs To Bad Jobs To No Jobs; The Tragic Downfall Of The American Worker (NYSEARCA:TNA, NYSEARCA:TZA, NYSEARCA:FAS, NYSEARCA:FAZ, NSYEARCA:XLF) | ETF DAILY NEWS
Roswell Officer Speaks from the Grave: Taped Confession of ET Recovery Revealed
Russia arms Syria with powerful ballistic missiles
Secret Service launches investigation into 'immense' security breach as computer files left on metro - Telegraph
Google, Amazon, Vodafone and Starbucks might not be breaking laws. But they deserve to be punished - Comment - Voices - The Independent
Hamas leader vows not to yield 'an inch of Palestine' to Israel | World news | The Observer
Why Is Pesticide Used As An Ingredient In Infant Formula? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Nano-Tech Gone Wild: Bill Gates Funds Development of Cloth That Delivers Contraceptive and HIV Drugs - Waking Times : Waking Times
Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich team up to oppose drones | Texas on the Potomac | a Chron.com blog
OpEdNews - Article: Tea Party Now a Huge GOP Liability
Electrical device plugs directly into trees for power | MNN - Mother Nature Network
You Are What You Eat - Waking Times : Waking Times
Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution « P U L S E
Nelson Mandela 'proven' to be a member of the Communist Party after decades of denial - Telegraph
PressTV - 66 German priests charged with sexually abusing minors: Report
Jimmy Savile police: Detectives investigate sex offence claims against 25 celebrities and expect to arrest six over next few weeks | Mail Online
Zbigniew Brzezinski: It Is Infinitely Easier to Kill a Million People than it is to Control Them - YouTube
The Essential Posture of Liberty. Visible Origami
YouTube Caught Reducing Burien Video View Count
Homeless Emergency Shelter | ElkinsDIY
Israel grows jittery of new Palestinian uprising
AIG sale of ILFC to be submitted for national security review | Reuters
Chinese Investors Buy 80% of AIG Plane Unit for $4.2 Billion - Bloomberg
Duchess of Cambridge suffers setback in recovery from severe pregnancy sickness - Telegraph
Illness forces Clinton to briefly delay trip to meeting on Syria - Yahoo! News Canada
Brain 'pacemaker' to treat Alzheimer's
IMF's Lagarde warns against US fudge on fiscal cliff - FRANCE 24
RPT-Russia, China alliance wants greater govt voice in Internet oversight | Reuters
News from The Associated Press
Students strike against new federal school lunch rules
Software guru McAfee wants to return to United States - Yahoo! News Canada
’60 Minutes’ Report: Feds Probing Chicago Police Interrogation Tactics « CBS Chicago
Jurassic rockers the Rolling Stones deliver satisfaction with Barclays Center concert - NYPOST.com
Man throws paint at Polish 'miracle' Virgin Mary icon - FRANCE 24
Fox News busted reporting fake news; drivers on Cannabis - YouTube
David Icke - It's a Scam,a Myth...It's Rigged. - YouTube
Slavery By Consent ( Full Version) - YouTube
This is the Root Cause of Illness - YouTube
How to brainwash the sheeple into doing anything you want | _
Are the Insurgents in the US Government Growing Bold or Desperate? | _
Hitler’s War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Newly Released Drone Records Reveal Extensive Military Flights in US | _
New evidence suggests BP knowingly downplayed huge scale of oil leak in 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster | Mail Online
Nazi Youth Brigade in Effect in America | XRepublic
Winston Churchill's Secret Poison Gas Memo
How to Create 20 Million Jobs in the US | Economy
Gerald Celente: The Coming US Dollar Devaluation, Goldman Sachs Pulling The Strings, They Are Taking Us To War | XRepublic
The Pirate Bay is the World's Most Efficient Public Library. - 12160 Social Network
109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250
Proof that Morgellons is MAN MADE! Government stonewalls investigation | _
Government Explained | _
Prison labor booms in US as low-cost inmates bring billions - The Lone Star Watchdog | The Lone Star Watchdog
Corporate Giant Comes Out Against GMOs | Willamette Live
Krugman: DeMint 'Took the Think Out of the Think Tank'
O'Donnell Asks Gingrich to Apologize for Being Wrong About Clinton Tax Increases
Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Republicans 'Are the Party of Big Ideas'
Grijalva: You Can't Blame Deficit on SS, Medicare, Medicaid
Coburn: Medicare and Social Security 'Are Things We Don't Absolutely Need'
Sen. Corker: Debt Ceiling Is Republican 'Leverage' to Cut 'Entitlements'
Sen. Stabenow: Middle Class Always Asked to Bear The Brunt
Inhofe Holds Climate Change Press Conference with Wack Jobs
GOP Rep. Won't 'Give Control of the Floor to Democrats'
Slouching Toward Damascus
Education's Great Divide: My Time in the Trenches
Fatal Attraction: US Flirts with International Speech Codes
Answering Liberals' 'Gotcha' Questions
Truth, Human Nature, and the American Way
Globalist in Education Reform Censoring Literary Classics
Are you prepared for the Mayan Apocalypse?
Morsi Annuls Decree, Advances Constitutional Referendum
Rubio: 'Tax increases' won't solve our debt problem
Syrian government divided on use of chemical weapons against rebels
Egypt arrests suspect in Amb. Stevens murder
Socialist Senator says GOP Senate 'undemocratic' for resisting Obama
Monckton mocks UN Climate Conference
Video: Matt Damon Anti-Fracking Film 'Promised Land' Funded by Middle Eastern Oil Producing Government
Video: A Critique of 'Tax the Rich'
2nd bite to challenge Obama’s eligibility?
Half of America: I’d kill to protect my own
Obama’s money plans backed by Communists
Nelson Mandela 'proven' to be a member of the Communist Party after decades of denial - Telegraph
Tax row turns to Microsoft over £1.7bn of online revenues - Telegraph
Viral Vid: Toddler Becomes Star of the Show After Launching Impromptu Duet With Street Performer
Jamie Foxx Jokes About Killing ‘All the White People’ in New Movie: ‘How Great Is That?’
George Will Says Opposition to Gay Marriage Is ‘Dying’ — Find Out Why
Republican Sen. Coburn: ‘Yes’ I Will Accept Tax Increases in Fiscal Cliff Deal
So What Do We Know About Hugo Chavez’s Appointed Successor? Here’s an Overview…
Newt Gingrich: Republicans Today Would Be ‘Incapable of Competing’ Against Hillary Clinton in 2016
‘Leave This Poor Orange Man Alone’: Obama Comforts a Bullied John Boehner on SNL
The Amazing Sleight-of-Hand Video That Will Have You Rewinding and Watching Again
‘Hello Manny. I Ran for President. I Lost’: Romney Greets Boxer Pacquiao Before Fight
Cory Booker Says He’ll Decide Within 2 Weeks Whether to Run Against Chris Christie
Radio Station That Pranked Kate Middleton’s Hospital Says Backlash Is ‘Unfair’ After Nurse’s Death
Egypt’s Opposition Vows More Protests Despite Morsi’s Concessions: ‘We Are Against This…From Start to Finish’
Hugo Chavez Says His Cancer Is Back & He’s Going to Cuba for More Surgery — and Names His Desired Successor Just in Case
Anderson Cooper and GOP Senator Clash During Interview on U.N. Disability Treaty
The West is signing its own death sentence - Telegraph
Deal or no deal, ObamaCare taxes poised to hit next month | Fox News
The Democratic Agenda Emerges - By Stanley Kurtz - The Corner - National Review Online
Tunisia: Muslim cleric calls Jews prophet slayers and apes, prays for Allah to annihilate them - Jihad Watch
Tax row turns to Microsoft over £1.7bn of online revenues - Telegraph
Obama, Biden Cozy Up to Anti-American Rapper Psy
Plane Believed to Be Carrying Jenni Rivera Found in Mexico
Fidel Castro's Communist Shadow Inspires First-Time Novelist
Obamas Attend Annual Holiday Concert Featuring 'Gangnam Style' Singer
Bill Maher Calls Late Crooner Andy Williams 'Teabag Idiot'
Comedian Katt Williams Arrested Near Sacramento
Jamie Foxx on 'SNL' - 'Great' to Kill White People in New Movie
Rocky road ahead for implementation of Obamacare
Rep. Amash: 'Hypocritical' for Boehner to Keep Conservative Purge Criteria Secret
Deal or No Deal? Obama, Boehner Meet at White House
Obama's Economy: Tiny Homes for You
Veteran Lawmaker Beats Freshman Rep. in Runoff
White House Considers Delaying Tax Withholdings to Bully Republicans
Sen. Corker: GOP could accept higher taxes rates on wealthy
Obama Silent as Mexico Jails Former Marine on Trumped-Up Gun Charge
Study: Obama Won Swing States Thanks to Irreligious Voters
Pediatrics Organization Urges Emergency Contraception Counseling for Teens
One-Third of RNC's Final Five Weeks of Spending Went to One Telemarketing Firm
Sen Coburn: DHS Security Grants not Funding Security Measures
Obama's Fiscal Cliff and the Chicago Way
Occupier Lisa Fithian Training Union Activists for Michigan Protests
Obama, Romney, Palin Top List Of Most Searched Politicians In 2012
Chris Matthews: Hillary v. Chris Christie in 2016 'a Joyful Occasion for Us All'
RFK Jr. Rips Conservative Media
NYT: Conservatives May Have a Point About Welfare Dependency
Obama Could Mint $1 Trillion Platinum Coins to Avoid Debt Ceiling
Washington Post: Obama Wrong to Embrace Muslim Brotherhood
No U.S. Locations in TIME's 'Best Places to Live'
U.S. Military Politicized: Troops, Command Suffer
Bankrupt Obama-Backed Green Energy Company Sold to Chinese
Libyan Sequel: Obama Hesitates as al-Qaeda Fills Ranks in Syrian Opposition
Chinese Company Wins Auction for Failed Obama-Backed Electric Battery Maker
Pakistan: US Drone Kills Senior al-Qaeda Leader
More Egypt Protests Called after Morsi Concession Falls Short
World View: Morsi Cancels Decree, not Sharia Referendum
Guyana seizes cocaine in fish food bound for China
Race With the Devil—Is America Converting to Marxism?
Addressing Our Debt Is a National Security Imperative
Unconstitutional Proposition 30 Ready to Make California the Highest Taxed State
The Engineered Collapse
Arab Spring II: Down With Morsi
Is America Headed Into An Intentional Recession?
Apollo 17 Commander reveals camera he abandoned on the Moon (but admits he had hoped someone would have returned it by now) | Mail Online
North Star Closer to Earth Than Thought
A 3D printer that manufactures new cancer drugs with drag-and-drop DNA
Bizarre creature found in 200-million-year-old cocoon - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience | NBC News
Heart Cells Can Be Coaxed to Regenerate at Low Rates: Scientific American
*Transhumanism - 12-08-2012 - YouTube
Alex Jones Show: Sunday (12-9-12) Ben Fuchs - YouTube
Alex Jones - 2012-Dec-09, Sunday

*Political Video:December 9, 2012

Corker: Tax Hike On Wealthy Could Give GOP Edge On Spending Cuts | RealClearPolitics
Woodward On Going Over Fiscal Cliff: "Presidents Own Recessions" | RealClearPolitics
NYT's Cooper: Obama Will "Have To Own" Recession If We Go Over Cliff | RealClearPolitics
FNC's Political Insiders On Divided GOP, Fiscal Cliff, Entitlements & President Hillary | RealClearPolitics
Durbin, McCarthy Discuss Fiscal Cliff, Syria, Same-Sex Marriage | RealClearPolitics
Carville On Hillary: Every Democrat I Know Says "God, I Hope She Runs" | RealClearPolitics
Lawrence O'Donnell vs. Newt Gingrich Over 1993 Comment About Tax Increases | RealClearPolitics
Sen. Coburn: "Will I Accept Tax Increases As Part Of A Deal? Yes." | RealClearPolitics
Reps. Blackburn & Cole: What Republicans Need To Do To Make A Fiscal Cliff Deal | RealClearPolitics
Mary Matalin To Paul Krugman: "Are You An Economist Or A Polemicist?" | RealClearPolitics
Kristol: "Get Tax Issue Off The Table" And "Let The President Own It" | RealClearPolitics
Booker: I'm "Absolutely" Considering Run Against Christie | RealClearPolitics
George Will: "Quite Literally, Opposition To Gay Marriage Is Dying" | RealClearPolitics
"Reliable Sources" Panel: Bob Costas Triggers A Furor | RealClearPolitics
"This Week" Roundtable On Fiscal Cliff Stalemate, NFL Under Fire | RealClearPolitics
Bob Schieffer: How Washington Has Changed | RealClearPolitics
"Meet The Press" | RealClearPolitics
"Saturday Night Live" Mocks Obama, Boehner With A Fiscal Cliff Presser | RealClearPolitics
"Face The Nation" Panel: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Tense | RealClearPolitics
A Lost Generation? | RealClearPolitics
Robots and Robber Barons - NYTimes.com
RealClearMarkets - Under Obama, Economic Stagnation Is the New Normal
Paul Begala on Washington’s Euphemistic Deceptions - Newsweek and The Daily Beast
New Taxes to Take Effect to Fund Health Care Law - NYTimes.com
Will Jim DeMint Bring a Libertarian Flavor to Heritage Foundation? Plus, This is Exactly Why You Should Donate to Reason! - Hit & Run : Reason.com
The Evolution of Jim DeMint : The New Yorker
Mohammed Morsi Fans the Flames of Hatred in Egypt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
NYT: Obama admin approved secret weapons deals that ended up arming Islamists in Libya « Hot Air
Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling Could Give Rise To Data Mining | The New Republic
The Coming: Part Two | Via Meadia
Profiting From a Child’s Illiteracy - NYTimes.com
Our Man in Cairo | RealClearPolitics
A Lost Civilization - NYTimes.com
Romney: The Man Who Wasn't There | RealClearPolitics
The American Debate: Obama will struggle to avoid the second-term curse
Noonan: Beneath the Presidential Platitudes - WSJ.com
Hillary Clinton’s Countless Choices Could Hinge on 2016 Election - NYTimes.com
WASHINGTON - The man who could be South Carolina’s next U.S. senator - SC Politics - TheState.com
Oklahoma Versus Obamacare - Jillian Kay Melchior - National Review Online
Same-sex marriage meets the high court - latimes.com
George Will: Drones have a place in modern warfare - The Washington Post
DeMint: Farewell, Filibusteringest Senator | The New Republic
The American Spectator : Planting the Seeds of His Own Demise
Editorial: GOP is moving, Obama should, too | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com
Why Obama Will Ignore Israel - Newsweek and The Daily Beast
Jackson Diehl: Watching Syria descend - The Washington Post
Egypt's hopes betrayed by Morsi | Ahdaf Soueif | Comment is free | The Guardian
Move Over, Michigan, China Is The World's Next Rust Belt - Forbes
Britain and Europe: Making the break | The Economist
Iranian Election Reform Could Favor Establishment Candidates
How the United Nations could ruin the Internet | MediaFile | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters.com
It's Official: Austerity Economics Doesn't Work : The New Yorker
Risky Business | 4 Percent
RealClearMarkets - Is the Economy Creating a Lost Generation?
Hey, DC, check the balance - NYPOST.com
Google's Lost Social Network
Obama at National Christmas Tree lighting: ‘A chance to remember what Christ taught us’ - Under God - The Washington Post
Hanukkah, Unabridged - NYTimes.com
Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite: Baby Jesus Was Poor: How to #OccupytheBible at Christmas
Yes It Is—No Piracy's apparent prank had movie studios sending Google crazy DMCA takedown notices.
Company Envisions ‘Vaults’ for Personal Data - NYTimes.com
FOSS Patents: U.S. patent office declares 'the Steve Jobs patent' entirely invalid on non-final basis
They Know What You're Shopping For - WSJ.com
Trial of Adolf Eichmann – The Station Master at Treblinka www.HolocaustResearchProject.org
'Adolf Eichmann is a historical figure to me.' Ricardo Eichmann speaks to Suzanne Glass about growing up the fatherless son of the Nazi war criminal hanged in Israel - Life & Style - The Independent
« Goldwater, the John Birch Society, and Me Commentary Magazine
Princess Diana, Princess of Wales: Diana`s Separation
The future of Chicago's schools
Man is charged in 23-year-old killing
Protests in Egypt
Ghana president re-elected, a result opposition claims was 'manipulated'
Nelson Mandela bailed out debt-mired Jacob Zuma, audit reveals
Modi selects his side, rejects Muslim candidates
US, Afghan forces rescue American doctor from Taliban
US 'concerned' over Tibet violence
Mother of Nigerian finance minister kidnapped
Karzai Plot Allegations Raise Tensions with Pakistan
Obama, Boehner work to hash out a budget deal
Colorado students accused of sickening class with pot-laced brownies
5 dead, 2 kids injured in Calif. reservation shooting
Tea Party May Be Losing Steam, But Issues Still Boil
Senators Propose Tax Breaks for Storm Cleanup
'Famous' Wolf Is Killed Outside Yellowstone
Both Romney and Obama ran $1 billion campaigns
Top 10 Christmas destinations
US Supreme Court to Consider Same-Sex Marriage - YouTube
Homeless Rates Steady Despite Recession, HUD Says - NYTimes.com
Wells Fargo attempted robber arrested
Ringling Bros. circus leaving Tampa for Manatee County
Instagram pulls photo images from Tweets
IBM pushes silicon photonics with on-chip optics
Tech guru McAfee's legal appeals win him respite in Guatemala
Google Now Coming to Chrome Browser?
US-Mexican singer Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash
Singer Feared Dead in Mexican Plane Crash - YouTube
The Rolling Stones Rock New York With 50th Anniversary Tour
Behind the scenes of 'The Hobbit' movie magic
Family of nurse Jacintha Saldanha who killed herself blame prank deejays for death - NY Daily News
Boulder company's moon visit plan raising tough questions
Moon Plays Celestial Hopscotch
Gypsies arrived in Europe 1500 years ago, genetic study says
Mighty Old Trees Are Perishing Fast, Study Warns
Pizza Hut perfume: 'notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough'
Poisoned dog's vomit sends four to Colorado hospital with breathing problems


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