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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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28 December 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Prison Planet.com » Feinstein’s Gun Control Bill Will Trigger The Next American Revolution
Sheriff Joe Sends Armed Guards To School - Business Insider
Prison Planet.com » China Passes Law Legalizing Deletion Of Internet Posts Or Pages Containing “Illegal” Information
Prison Planet.com » Agenda Prevails Over Truth
Prison Planet.com » Video: Syrian Rebels Try to Shoot Down Commercial Airliner
Prison Planet.com » Military & Police React to Obama’s Total Gun Confiscation Plan
Prison Planet.com » Facebook bans Gandhi quote as part of revisionist history purge
Prison Planet.com » ‘Guns are bad!’ CounterThink cartoon reveals hypocrisy of government gun confiscation schemes
Guns are Bad - CounterThink.com
Prison Planet.com » 16 Things About 2013 That Are Really Going To Stink
Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg-picked EU Leader Van Rompuy Calls for Global Governance With Russia
Jimmy Savile's private letters to Margaret Thatcher: Files edited 2 months ago | Mail Online
Prison Planet.com » Yule be sorry: Saudi police foil attempt to celebrate Christmas
IRNA: Iran starts navy drills in... JPost - Iranian Threat - News
Will 'Fiscal Cliff' Accelerate Millionaire Deaths?
Prison Planet.com » The Real Crisis: “People Have Lost Trust In The Government And The Market”
Prison Planet.com » The Fiscal Cliff Diversion
Prison Planet.com » Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are an elaborate CIA spying scheme
Prison Planet.com » FISA Renewal Vote Coming This Week; Rand Paul Defends 4th Amendment
Prison Planet.com » On the Cusp of Ending Big Pharma
Chinese Hackers Suspected in Cyber Attack on Council on Foreign Relations | Washington Free Beacon
Prison Planet.com » What’s in Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, and More
Prison Planet.com » Fear & Loading: Record gun sales as ban demand backfires
DNA of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza to be examined for 'evil' gene in first study of its kind ever conducted on a mass murderer | Mail Online
Prison Planet.com » Gun Classes for Teachers Taking Off Following NRA’s Suggestion
Prison Planet.com » DHS Insider Report: Coming This Spring: “Life for the Average American is Going to Change Significantly”
Prison Planet.com » Truth About Gun Control
Prison Planet.com » UN Syria “Peace Plan” a Fraud
Gallop: Record number of Americans oppose handgun ban :: :: Hyscience
Say Goodbye To Glocks, Sig Sauers & Shotguns Under Feinstein “Assault Weapons Ban” :: Minute Men News
Journal News Prints Map Of Gun Owners As David Gregory Waves Gun Clip - Investors.com
Sandy Hook: Aleister Crowley, interview freak-show, police audio « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax - Morris - YouTube
Sandy Hook: Huge Hoax and Anti-Gun “Psy Op” | Veterans Today
The Rock & the Hard Place
AP Exclusive: Photos show NKorea nuclear readiness - Yahoo! News
Putin Signs US Adoption Ban | Russia | RIA Novosti
PressTV - A militaristic culture
New York City subway murder: Man pushed to his death under train by woman who then fled platform | Mail Online
Ancient Origins of Doomsday Anxiety (Apocalypse, End of the World, 2012) - YouTube
Activist Post: 9 Mistakes Typically Made by Preppers
Indian tea workers burn boss and his wife to death in Assam - Telegraph
Indian gang-rape victim commits suicide — RT
India to name and shame sex offenders as rape protests grow | World news | guardian.co.uk
China rejects claims of producing fake medicine for Africa | World news | guardian.co.uk
Video -- Spectacular Time Lapse Dam "Removal" Video -- National Geographic
Unlabeled Genetically Modified Salmon Could Soon Be In Stores - Waking Times : Waking Times
Non-GMO Foods Taking the Storable Food Market by Storm – Offgrid Outpost, LLC
FBI Ignored Deadly Threat to Occupiers: US Intelligence Machine Instead Plotted with Bankers to Attack Protest Movement | This Can't Be Happening
New taxes for Americans coming in 2013 — RT
Homeless, at-risk veterans double
DARPA's Robot, LS3 Can Follow Troops into Battle; Responds To Voice Command | TECH NEWS | VIDEO
All Food Ingredients Linked To Cancer, But Researchers Say Don't Worry Evidence is Weak - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Solar Killshot - The Facts - YouTube
Earth’s twin will be discovered in 2013, astronomers predict | The Raw Story
Possibly Habitable Super-Earths - Catalog To Date - YouTube
Activist Post: Are Some Members of Congress Waking Up?
Activist Post: The Price of Milk To Double Without a Farm Bill
Origins of Israel Palestinian Conflict - YouTube
OpEdNews - Article: Wage History and The Case for A Living Wage
Capitalism and Mental Illness: Back to the Future? | This Can't Be Happening
So WAS Whitney Houston murdered? Private investigator claims he has video proving singer was killed by drug dealers | Mail Online
Congress Disgracefully Approves the FISA Warrantless Spying Bill for Five More Years, Rejects All Privacy Amendments | _
Ron Paul Joins CNBC’s Money in Motion to discuss the impending fiscal cliff | _
Gerald Celente: Whats Going On Is "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS 2.0" | XRepublic
Gun Control Tramples On The Certain Virtues Of A Heavily Armed Citizenry | _
Sen Mike Lee: We can't abandon constitutional rights for temporary security | XRepublic
Murder in the Medical Matrix: the FDA :
Ron Paul explains why 2nd amendment is important! - YouTube
Pornography just another form of Mind Control Dr. E. Michael Jones! - YouTube
The Secret History of Western Education (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The Next American Civil War | _
Try Senator Dianne Feinstein in a Federal Court For Treason To The Constitution | _
Official Reports Reveal Staggering Suicide Numbers For American and Israeli Military :
Anti-Neocons • View topic - Modern Terrorism and Privateers
Obama's gift to al-Qaida, support for tyranny, and FBI monitoring of dissent | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Priest says women bring sexual and physical violence on themselves
Pre-Crime: ‘The Evil Gene’ :
Obama Orders Pay Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, Federal Workers | The Weekly Standard
GOP Governors Deny The Poor Health Care In Opposing Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion
Google Translate
Pentagon prepares to contain China by 2017 | StratRisks
10 Fascinating Economic Collapses Through History - Listverse
Track me if you can: Ever wonder how you can disappear and start over? - 12160 Social Network
Rand Paul ~ The People In The Government Not To Be Trusted With Money, If They Agree To A Balanced Budget Amendment I'll Agree To Raise The Debt Ceiling | XRepublic
Do You Use Facebook? - 12160 Social Network
Satellite Wars: China unveils ‘cheaper’ answer to GPS | _
Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense: Israel Proponents Launch Outrageous Smear Attack On Presumptive Nominee
Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation : Federal Jack
Facebook Censors Prominent Political Critics | ZeroHedge
Grandfather Clauses in Firearm, Magazine and Ammunition Laws | _
Newsalert: Flashback: How Diane Feinstein's Husband Cashed in On Her Connections
American Patriots – A Fringe Element? | _
The Secret of Oz: The Money Masters Sequel (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The Secret Drone War (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Anti-Neocons • View topic - Questioning Snady Hook without the kookness
Hillary for Empress, Judeamerica New World Order 2016 | Veterans News Now
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!
Own a Gun? You’re a Racist - 12160 Social Network
The most educated and indebted generation ever - BlackListedNews.com
Repeal of the 2nd Amendment would not Abolish any Right – Tenth Amendment Center
Advanced humanoid Roboy to be ‘born’ in nine months | KurzweilAI
The FBI Will Apply The Term “Terrorism” To Any Group It Dislikes - BlackListedNews.com
A Politician's Promise - informationliberation
Obama's Killer Sense of "Humor" - informationliberation
Gun-Control, Mental-Health Laws Won't Make Us Safer - informationliberation
GOP and Feinstein Fulfill Obama's Demand for Renewed Warrantless Eavesdropping
How an Astounding New Right-Wing Lie About the Economy Was Born
+ BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- December 27, 2012
The Destabilization of Pakistan
The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information
Sandy Hook Massacre: Learning from Endless War
9/11 Revisited: History, Consequences and Media Disinformation
9/11 Revisited: Exposing the Pentagon’s Actions and Inactions
Hunger and Homelessness Rising across America
Latest Reports and Analysis on September 11, 2001 Attacks
9/11 Revisited: The Unjustifiable Launch of Endless War
HAARP: Secret Island Discovered With Massive Tesla Tech Arrays, May Have Caused 2 Undersea Earthquakes! | Earthquakes
Gordon Duff ; Jesse Ventura Has Exposed Some of Biggest Secrets of Our Age | Alternative
Ex-Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan | Strange
The CIA's Nazi Origins: "A Global Version Of Nazi Germany" | Power Elite
The New World Order- Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy | 2012
Is That Satan On The Pope's Robe? | Spirit
Tools of Tyranny: Andrew P. Napolitano
Order Out Of Chaos. The Hegelian Dialectic. Conquering America - Video | Politics
The FBI – Drowning In Counter-Terrorism Money, Power and Other Resources – Will Apply The Term “Terrorism” To Any Group It Dislikes And Wants To Control And Suppress - Washington's Blog
Added Avocado Fat Cancels Harm From Damaging Fats
James Corbett presents to the '9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth' Conference
Are You Prepared for a Major Port Strike – Like the One That Might Happen In a Few Days?
You Are Playing In a Game With No Rules
Tracking Students and Citizens With Globally Connected Biometric Databases
16 Dismal Trends Likely to Continue for 2013
Occupy Movement Labeled Terrorists, Infiltrated by Spies
Insiders Warn of More False Flags to Confiscate Guns
How the CIA Creates Secret Assassins Through Hypnosis
Sen. Paul Introduces Fourth Amendment Protection Act
The Truth Behind Indefinite Detention in the 2013 NDAA
Senate Leaders Aim to Craft 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill by Sunday
Obama Has No New Offer to Avoid Fiscal Cliff
Bolton Says Obama Should Shun Unwise Nuclear Weapons Reductions
Krauthammer: Obama Using Cliff to Start GOP 'Civil War'
Chicago Reaches 500 Homicides
Massacre of the Innocents Then and Now
Kerry’s Senate seat could go to Vicki Kennedy
Russia Urges Syrian Govt to Pursue Dialogue with Opponents
Mexico Urges Stricter US Gun Laws to Fight Cartels
Buffett on Fiscal Cliff: We’ll Get it ‘Solved’
7 Healthy Habits Proven to Help You Live Longer
Raccoon Virus Offers Clues to Human Cancer
Mysterious Mummified Dog Found in School Museum
Gun Control Zealots should answer Questions after Newtown
U.S. Taxpayers Will Continue to Pay More Than One-Fifth of U.N. Budget | CNS News
NRA Has Higher Favorability Rating than Both Obama and the Media | CNS News
Rubio Challenges Clinton To ‘Explain Why Her Department Failed’ | CNS News
Booze for New Year’s? Liquor Tax High In States Where Gov’t Controls Sales | CNS News
The Obama Culture Arrives | CNS News
Iran's Ahmadinejad to Christians: ‘Merry Christmas!’ | CNS News
Top 10 Highest Gas Taxes in Blue States | CNS News
Rep. Van Hollen: Boehner Has Given 'Veto Power' to 'Extreme' Tea Party | CNS News
California High Speed Rail Project to Cost U.S. Taxpayers $42 Billion, GAO Says | CNS News
FBI removes many redactions in Marilyn Monroe file | CNS News
Early Mothers of Invention member Ray Collins dies | CNS News
Arne Duncan: 'We Have Common Values That Go Far Beyond the Constitutional Right to Bear Arms' | CNS News
"To Have and Have Another" chronicles Hemingway's love of good cocktails
Tale of two cities: Chicago murder rate spikes, New York falls
Deirdre Capone softens a notorious icon
Body of missing girl found in empty Las Vegas lot
Woman Sought After 2nd Fatal Shove Onto Subway Tracks This Month
Kerry throws support behind Markey
Senate votes to extend foreign surveillance law
Headmistress, Jilted Lover, Killer, Then a Force for Good in Jail
After Jackson, EPA faces big decisions on US fracking boom
Family spokesman: George HW Bush improving
Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf's Military Legacy
Woman Helped Firefighters' Killer Get Gun He Used in Ambush, Police Say
Murder rate in New York City hits a record low with 414 homicides in 2012
Helicopter parents: When do they cross the line into stalking?
India gang rape victim dies in Singapore hospital
Delhi braveheart who was gangraped dies in Singapore - YouTube
Russia Calls for Meeting With Syrian Opposition
Putin Signs Adoption Ban, Putting Pending Cases in Limbo
Italy's Berlusconi to pay $4 million a month alimony
Iran begins naval war games in Strait of Hormuz
'Fatah reinstates plans for Gaza anniversary event'
'Bilawal to strengthen relations with people'
President to address Egyptian parliament
Taliban say yes to talks, no to arms surrender
Abbas vows to disband PA if Israel won't talk
Papers Show Rare Friction for Thatcher and Reagan
New Sign of Strong Housing Demand
Tokyo Reconsiders Nuclear Phaseout
Wheat Futures Jump Most in Four Weeks as US Export Sales Surge
China Toughens Its Restrictions on Use of the Internet
New law strengthens patents on product designs
Evidence shows starvation did not cause saber-tooth cat extinction
British Team Abandons Antarctic Drilling Mission
Science Names Higgs Boson Discovery 'Breakthrough of the Year'
Bird watchers prepare to document different species tomorrow
Tigers Making a Comeback in Parts of Asia
NASA: Goldilocks Planets Are In Reach
Earth microbes can survive on Mars, study finds
Oldest Earth-observing satellite to retire
3000-year-old temple and sacred vessels unearthed near Jerusalem
Next Year, We May Be Investing in a Mission to Mars
Asteroid No Threat to Earth in 2040: Study
New Calif. law eases sperm donor testing rules
Simple eye scan can reveal extent of Multiple Sclerosis
Graphic anti-smoking ad launched
Health care law may help Baby Boomers
Asparagus: Effective hangover helper?
Nick Stahl arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct in Hollywood
FBI releases files on Marilyn Monroe
Flashback Friday: Tom Cruise Sings in His Underwear for 'Risky Business' (VIDEO)
Military & Police React to Obama's Total Gun Confiscation Plan - YouTube
How to lower your blood pressure without prescription drugs | Dprogram.net
Crypto-Eugenic Media Group: Population Control Brainwashing A “Smash Hit” | Dprogram.net
The Fiscal Cliff is a Diversion from the Real Problem
The Communist in the Room
December 27, 2012: The Day Freedom Died in America
America and the World in 2030
Is Every Single Animal and Reptile Endangered?
Revealing Gun-owners Names Reveals Truth
Blasphemy as a National Security Threat
Report: Smaller Crowds for Obama’s Second Inauguration
The 10 Worst Regulations of 2012
Is it time to consider civil disobedience?
A politically incorrect guide to 'sexual orientation'
A rifle behind every blade of grass
Blacks should embrace NRA's proposal
The Nazi roots of U.S. gun-control laws
Robert Bork: An American lion in winter
What should be the scandal of 2013
P. BUCHANAN: Why the war party fears Chuck Hagel
J. FARAH: Democrats' war on women continues
The goods on grain and the Big Agra-gov't alliance
J.L. PETERSON: Black racism unchained
J. CASHILL: Abortion, eugenics and Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Mexico urges US court to block part of Arizona law - DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG
Rev. Jesse Jackson Repeatedly Challenged To Defend Chicago Gun Ban After 500th Homicide This Year | Mediaite
Suha Arafat: 2000 War of Terror was Premeditated - Middle East - News - Israel National News
What was Kim Jong-Il so angry about before his death?
Buried Christian Empire in Yemen Casts New Light on Early Islam - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Manatee riding? 911 phone sex? That's weird Florida | TBO.com
Archaeologist Believes Jesus Was Born in a Different Bethlehem
Stormin’ Norman’s Mixed Record on the Middle East, Israel – Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., RIP
College student wins stalking order against helicopter parents | The Mommy Files | an SFGate.com blog
Connecticut shooter's family had kept a watchful eye on him - latimes.com
Unions dream big for Obama’s 2nd term - Washington Times
The year's 10 strangest science stories | Fox News
Video: Boy Uses 'Assault Rifle' To Save Sister From Criminal Home Invaders
Video: Honoring Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
Video: Penn & Teller: 'BullSh*t!' Gun Laws (Part 1)
Video: Penn & Teller: 'BullSh*t!' Gun Laws (Part 2)
Video: Penn & Teller: 'BullSh*t!' Gun Laws (Part 3)
Video: The Buck Stops Nowhere: State Department 'Discipline' for Benghazi was Bogus
Video: 'Flip-Flopping' John Kerry Tries to Plug His Own Leak
Best Dog Whistles of 2012
The End of 'Reset': Russian Orphans Get the Shaft
Sensible Arms Policy
John Kerry at State: A Disaster for Israel
The Sharia Threat to America
Chinese prison factories revealed
Worrisome trends in American support for Israel
No punishment for Palestinian honor killings
The Cost of Obama Sized Government
The similarity of Obama to Evita Peron
Was Liberal Idiocy Legal Insanity?
Surrendering Ground on our Second Amendment Rights is Naïve
Muskie and Kerry
Give Self-Defense a Chance
Michael Moore Rushes to CNN's Piers Morgan's Defense on Gun Control
Disney Channel Ad Campaign Features 'Two Moms'
FBI Removes Redactions in Marilyn Monroe File
Marvel Comics to Kill Spider-Man
If Boehner Goes, Who's on Deck?
Obama Blames Congress for 'Dysfunction' in Cliff Talks
EPA's Jackson Leaves Agency Amid Investigations
Feinstein Drops Gun Bill Before Police Give Report on Newtown Shooting
Arpaio's Posse: Sheriff Wants to Arm Volunteers at Phoenix Schools
CA Court: Special Protection for Labor to Picket on Private Property
Clinton Back at Desk Monday
Five Days Left to Avoid Fiscal Cliff Estate Tax-Hike
Cornel West: 'No Tears' for 'Vanilla' Sandy Hook
Ring in the New Year with your New Healthcare Taxes
Feinstein: All Gun Owners Should Be Registered, Fingerprinted
Autopsy: NY Gunman Shot Self, Not Hit by Police
Obama to the Rescue: POTUS to Join David Gregory on 'Meet the Press'
Gallup: NRA More Popular Than Media
NPR's Words of the Year Target Republicans, of Course
Matt Lauer 'Freaked Out' Over Ann Curry Fans' Hostility
Map Shows Employees of Paper that Published Map of Gun Owners
Who Is Gabriel Sherman? How the New System of Tax-Deductible Lefty Journalism Threatens All of Us -- Part I
Who Is Gabriel Sherman? How the New System of Tax-Deductible Lefty Journalism Threatens All of Us -- Part II
FLASHBACK: Kerry Voted Against Gulf War, Proposed Multilateral 'New World Order'
Majority in UK Want Out of EU
Spain Sees 'Very Tough' Economy in 2013
Syrian Rebels Step Up Siege of Northern Airbase
Putin Signs Anti-US Adoptions Bill
Iraqi Sunnis Demonstrate Against Shia Government
Muslim Clerics in Kyrgyzstan Ban New Years Celebrations
World View: Pakistan Commemorates 5th Anniversary of Benazir Bhutto's Murder
A Cold War of Shame: Russia Targets U.S. Adoptions
New Boss, Old Boss: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Prosecutes Opposition
Egypt's opposition leaders under investigation
Scattered Shower of Journalism? CNN Confronts Jesse Jackson Over Chicago’s High Gun Violence Despite Draconian Gun Laws
Can You Spot What’s Wrong With This White House Statement on the Passing of Gen. Schwarzkopf?
Fox News Host: White People Aren’t Afraid of Blacks, They’re ‘Afraid of Moron, Idiot Liberals Like Michael Moore’
No Time Wasted: Dems Plan to Introduce High-Capacity Magazine Ban on First Day of Congressional Session
College Student Granted Restraining Order Against Own Parents for Being Overbearing — But Wait Until You Hear the Details
FBI Files Reveal Marilyn Monroe’s Communist Ties
Surprised? Current U.S. Congress Will Likely Go Down in History as Most Unproductive Since 1940s
Man Suspected of Stalking Ex Shot Dead After Overpowering Officer, Stealing Gun and Shooting 3 Cops
The Most Pirated TV Shows of 2012 Are…
Who Was 2012′s ‘Nanny of the Year’ in Honor of Gov’t Overreach? Hint: @!%$
Chicago Suburb Demands Family Tear Down Their ‘Nuisance’ Ice Rink
A Popular Subsidy for Banks Was Killed in The Senate: Here’s Why
Did You Notice These Company Logo Changes in 2012?
Oops: Radio Station Falsely Reports George H.W. Bush’s Death
Racist? Kentucky Man Under Fire for Effigy of Obama Eating Watermelon
Commentary: Obama Fiddles, Globalization Burns | The National Interest
I'm With Tagg: Mitt Didn't Want to Be President | The Nation
The American Debate: All reason leaves the GOP
John Roberts is the person of the year | WashingtonExaminer.com
Beyond Benghazi: questions for Clinton - NYPOST.com
P.J. O'Rourke: Dear Mr. President, Zero-Sum Doesn't Add Up - WSJ.com
Health Reform: The Political Storms are Far From Over | Brookings Institution
Do Unmarried Poor Have Bad Values or Bad Jobs? - Bloomberg
Is America's Future Progressive? | Newgeography.com
ObamaCare: Pain 2.0 - NYPOST.com
George Will: The Homestead Act, opening the door to America - The Washington Post
Egypt's economic problems will make Morsi think twice - The National
Billionaire Princelings Ruin a Chinese Vision - Bloomberg
God's Surgeons in Africa - Brian Till - The Atlantic
The Global March Toward Peace by Gareth Evans - Project Syndicate
Africa and the new white man's burden | Chibundu Onuzo | Comment is free | The Guardian
10 Conflicts to Watch in 2013 - By Louise Arbour | Foreign Policy
The guessing-game of Russian intentions
Egyptian secularists will need to be pragmatic to save country from hardline Islamists | Full Comment | National Post
The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Still comrades after all these years
Real Clear Markets - Video - A Tour of Warren Buffett's Office
Real Clear Markets - Video - Where Is the Price of Oil Headed?
Why Closing Tax Loopholes Isn’t Enough - NYTimes.com
US must see other countries have laws too - FT.com
Real Estate: The Game Changers - WSJ.com
Something's wrong at the FHA - latimes.com
No, squeezing breasts does not cure cancer | The Blobologist
How to Live to a Ripe Old Age
An Evolutionary Whodunit: How Did Humans Develop Lactose Tolerance? : The Salt : NPR
Full Moon: Today is the 13th full Moon of 2012
Robert Lustig and the War on Obesity
Exercise and the Ever-Smarter Human Brain - NYTimes.com
University of Michigan News Service | Super-fine sound beam could one day be an invisible scalpel
Planting Churches in America's 'Celebrity Pastor' Culture
BBC News - Star of Bethlehem: The astronomical explanations
Westboro: Condemn or ignore them?
Are tablets now disposable computing devices? | ZDNet
Analysis: For tech investors, it's hard to know when to bolt | Reuters
Why Stalking Apps Have To Go
One small hotel's long nightmare with Expedia | The Verge
How Crunching Data Can Help Police Stop Spree Killers | Wired Opinion | Wired.com
Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, and the rest of 2012 in tech personalities | Digital Trends
This is the Modem World: Things we'll be returning
How to Control a Computer Remotely - Popular Mechanics
How Anybody Can Secretly Save Your Snapchat Videos Forever
The Pledge of Allegiance
Why we're not one nation "under God." - Slate Magazine
GRAY: Natural gas and our Winston Churchill moment - Washington Times
Wind and Solar Power Faces Challenges in the New Year | TIME.com
California Fracking Disclosure Rules Leave Some Environmentalists Unsatisfied
Correcting Misperceptions About Shale Natural Gas - Forbes
Are 'green' vehicles more than a niche? | The Columbus Dispatch
Why 'Mere Christianity' Should Have Bombed | Christianity Today
Unfinished Empire: The Global Expansion of Britain by John Darwin - review | Books | The Guardian
'I Do My Thing and You Do Your Thing' - Reason.com

Video:December 28, 2012

Ezra Klein: ObamaCare Taxes Rich To Give Healthcare To The Poor | RealClearPolitics
Grover Norquist: Raising Taxes Isn't Compromise | RealClearPolitics
"Special Report" Panel On Officials Getting Off Easy From Benghazi | RealClearPolitics
Rand Paul: Will Raise Debt Limit Only In Turn For A Balanced Budget Amendment | RealClearPolitics
E.J. Dionne: GOP Has Acknowledged It's Time To Raise Taxes | RealClearPolitics
Donald Trump: Republicans Hold All The Cards In Fiscal Cliff Talks | RealClearPolitics
Obama "Modestly Optimistic" About A Fiscal Cliff Deal | RealClearPolitics

28 Dec.

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