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children will wake up homeless on the continent
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17 December 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Collectivist Are Coming for The GUNS!! - YouTube
Repealing The 2nd Amendment Would Start Another Civil War - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » Discovery Channel Cancels Hit Gun Show After School Massacre
Prison Planet.com » Is the End of the World Coming This Friday?
Prison Planet.com » Ed Schultz: Confiscate Guns and Kill the Second Amendment
Prison Planet.com » Armed Citizen, Not Police, Prevented Massacre In Oregon
Prison Planet.com » NRA Running Scared After Sandy Hook Shooting
Sandy Hook: Man In The Woods Video - Business Insider
St. Louis County Police Chief Wants to Arm School Officials With Guns - Town and Country-Manchester, MO Patch
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Prison Planet.com » How to Spot a Hypocrite in the Gun Debate and Other Reflections on Newtown
Prison Planet.com » Repealing The 2nd Amendment Would Start Another Civil War
Prison Planet.com » Astonishing Hunger Games ‘coincidence,’ and killer’s mother now a Doomsday Prepper?
Prison Planet.com » Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, guns, psychiatric meds, and mass hypnosis: the TV script
Prison Planet.com » Gandhi advocated the right to bear arms; use of ‘violence’ to defend innocents against bullying, oppression
Prison Planet.com » Society Is Crumbling Right In Front Of Our Eyes And Banning Guns Won’t Help
Jihadis bankroll aid efforts in Syria to win followers - CSMonitor.com
Prison Planet.com » French movie star Depardieu to renounce citizenship, accused of tax evasion
US pulls war fleet from Syrian water. Ahmadinejad cancels Turkey visit
Prison Planet.com » Right to Work is Part of Economic Liberty
UBS faces $1.5 billion day of reckoning over rate rigging | Reuters
Prison Planet.com » 20 dead children? US reneged poverty promises kill 20,000 children daily
Prison Planet.com » Adam Lanza’s actions prove that gun control laws are useless at stopping criminals
Prison Planet.com » Privacy and the ‘I Have Nothing To Hide’ Argument
Some Unlikely Democrats Join in Push for New Gun Laws - NYTimes.com
Living in a simulated world: UW scientists explore the theory | Local News | The Seattle Times
Prison Planet.com » Monsanto’s Roundup Devastating Gut Health, Contributing to Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria
Prison Planet.com » Get Your Flu Shot or Get Fired: Media Hails New ‘Safety’ Policies Forcing Shots on Workers
Cedar Lake man identified as Von Meyer with 47 guns arrested after Jane Ball Elementary School threat | abc7chicago.com
Louie Gohmert says Sandy Hook Elementary School principal should have had a machine gun | Mail Online
Prison Planet.com » Report: Congress To Move Against Guns: “It Will Ban the Sale, the Transfer, the Importation and the Possession”
Obama pushes partisan anti-violence plan at Sandy Hook victims' memorial | The Daily Caller
Oklahoma Student Arrested For Alleged Shooting And Bombing Plot At His High School - Business Insider
Prison Planet.com » Gun-free Zones Called “Magnets for Mass Shooters”
Prison Planet.com » The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble
Prison Planet.com » Gun Control? No, Drone Control
Prison Planet.com » Obamacare fee of $63 per person to be implemented in the new year
Prison Planet.com » Mainstream Media Finally Awakens to the Fact that Big Banks Are Criminal Enterprises
Left Now Calling For The Killing Of Gun Owners! - YouTube
The Resident -- Has America forgotten the meaning of Christmas? - YouTube
Americans demand stricter gun laws after Newtown massacre - YouTube
Obama Offers Love, Prayers of Nation in Newtown - YouTube
*Connecticut School Shooting: President Barack Obama speaks at Sandy Hook Victims Vigil - YouTube
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Americans Turn In Guns After School Massacre «
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Genesis Communications Network GCN News Smart TVs can spy on their owners «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Monolithic Intelligence Agency Collecting Info On Every American To Predict Crimes «
Riddle me this: Adam Lanza, 'computer genius,' left no online footprint - BlackListedNews.com
Bill of Rights: The Founders’ Vision is Dead and Gone – Tenth Amendment Center
As Gold Is Spirited Out of Afghanistan, Officials Wonder Why - NYTimes.com
Social Media Pranksters Will Be Prosecuted, Officials Warn In Newtown : The Two-Way : NPR
Internet remains unregulated after UN treaty blocked | Technology | guardian.co.uk
Obama Has Ready-Made Options to Act in Wake of Shooting - Bloomberg
“Scream and Shout”: A Video About Britney Spears Being Under Mind Control
Tech Companies are Developing TV’s that Watch You
MIND CONTROL IN AMERIKA Five Easy Steps To Create A Manchurian Candidate
Young cannibal kills and eats 11 people to impress his girlfriend - English pravda.ru
Gaza is no Longer Occupied. Really?
The Visible Government How the U.S. Intelligence Community Came Out of the Shadows
How the GOP Promoted Gun Madness
Banking on Criminality: Drug Money and the Above-the-Law Global Banking Cartel
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Don't Confuse the Right to Bear Arms for a Right to Commit Violence
U.S. Gov't Asks Federal Judge to Dismiss Cases of Americans Killed by Drones
Announcing Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine
Shadow Forces Behind Government
Big Brother Google’s Privacy Policy – What They Didn’t Tell You
Lonely Farewell for Warmonger Joe Lieberman
CT police threaten to arrest anyone who questions their version of the story
How Water Is Being Used to Enslave People
Guns Kill? Pistol, shotgun, assault rifle put to the test
Military Escalation, Dangerous Crossroads: Russia-US Confrontation in Syria?
9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth Regarding the Anthrax Attacks
Rash of gun violence, arrests follows Connecticut massacre
How to Criticize the Israeli Government
Homophobia and Misogyny in America: The Origins of Second Wave Feminism
Crying in America, Dismissing the "Collateral Casualties" of Drone Warfare.
Growing Social and Wealth Inequality in America
Horror in Newtown: Horrific Massacre at a School in a Small Town, Connecticut
The Big Banks Are Criminal Enterprises
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- December 17, 2012
The Bill of Rights: 221 Years and Counting?
New Evidence Shows Mandela Was Senior Communist Party Member
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Index to SSRI Stories: School Shootings
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Prevailing Against the Anti Gun Propaganda with the Facts. - The Lone Star Watchdog | The Lone Star Watchdog
Two movies, two mass murders « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Shocking Connection ~ CT Shooting & Govern by Crisis - YouTube
Schools around US increase security after massacre | World news | The Guardian
4th Shooter Discovered, Two Not One in Woods Behind Sandy Hook Elementary School - YouTube
Adam Lanza: A head full of video games and a house full of guns - Americas - World - The Independent
Shadow Forces Behind Government
SANDY HOOK And AURORA AreBOTH In The Dark Knight Rising
Obama: 'We can't tolerate this anymore, these tragedies must end' | World news | guardian.co.uk
In the wake of Newtown shootings, gun incidents continue across the US | World news | guardian.co.uk
PressTV - Two wounded in US theater shooting
The Pretense the Zionists Need?
NPN Article: Did Jews Sell Blacks into Slavery? Do They Still Exploit Them?
UNSOLVED MYSTERIES | Pilot Goes Missing During UFO Encounter | VIDEO
Could Guns Really Be Effectively Banned in America? by Robert Wenzel
Are the New Generation of Anti-Depressant Medications Contributing to School Shootings?
The Visible Government by Tom Engelhardt
10 Famous Shipwrecks in the World | Marine Insight
Sen. Reid Says Congress to Debate Reforms after School Shooting
Gun Control Debate Begins to Simmer after Massacre
Boehner Plan Would Bring Top US Income Tax Rate to 39.6 Pct-source
Club for Growth, Heritage Action Blast Boehner Concessions
AP Sources: New Obama Offer Moves toward Boehner
Report: Chicago Mayor Emanuel Calls for National Ban on Assault Weapons
Huckabee: I'm Grateful Obama Quoted Bible in Newtown Shooting Speech
Club For Growth, Heritage: Sandy Bill Packed With Pork
SC Gov. Haley to Announce Sen. DeMint's Successor
Hagel Nomination Could Upset Israel Backers
Syrian Vice President: Al-Assad's Military Can't Win
Forbes: Fed Stimulus Policies Guarantee Slower Recovery
'Primal Diet': Eat Like Our Ancestors to Lose Weight, Be Healthier
Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm Acts Like Human Limb
Video: 2 Mass Shootings Connected To Libor Scandal? | Economics and Politics
Sandy Hook Reference In Batman: Dark Knight Rises Movie | Conspiracy Theories
Operation Sandy - Mass Trauma-Based Mind Manipulation (Videos) | Alternative
Stunner! Sandy Hook In Dark Knight Rises Batman Movie!!!! - (another Reference To A Mass Shooting!!!) | Alternative
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Our Fantastic Future: Cognitive Technologies | Gadgets
‘Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here’ by Thomas Horn & Cris D. Putnam - Seattle christian book review | Examiner.com
Reverse Speech On Bloomberg Yesterday's Meet The Press ,Why, Cause We're Using This Guy To F%@# You | Alternative
CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975) | Conspiracy Theories
Insider Information - The Time Has Come To Tell... Doomsday 2012? What Nobody Ever Told You... | Beyond Science
Amazing Tips to Quit Drinking Alcohol for Good | Health
Cannabinoids, Similar in Marijuana, Naturally Occur in Breast Milk | Health
"Rise Of The Guardians Film": Hero Sandy! A Stunning Metaphor For Connecticut Shooting & The New World Order (Video) | Movies
Steven Strauss: Is Our Republic Ending?
U.S. Secret Service Bans Certain Gold and Silver Coins On eBay - Forbes
US to intercept Russian ICBMs in Europe – Karakayev : Voice of Russia
Counter-Terrorism Tools Used to Spot Staff Fraud
The New United States of America Adopted the Bill of Rights
In '95, Holder called for anti-gun info campaign: 'Brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way' | WashingtonExaminer.com
Mayan Doomsday: Bomb-proof £50,000 bunkers with leather sofas and plasma TVs | Mail Online
Skeleton lover guilty: Swedish court - The Local
Bay Area Woman’s Sex Act Reveals Workers’ Comp Fraud « CBS Sacramento
Sources Say DOD Inspector General Report Criticizes Vickers in Discussions with Filmmakers - ABC News
Why 2012 was the best year ever » The Spectator
IBM reveals its vision for the future of technology | Mail Online
Radio Host on Tim Scott: 'Black Only in Skin Color'
McDonald’s Wants Its Restaurants Opened On Christmas Day « CBS Chicago
Government Allowed 9/11, America's Failure in Afghanistan - YouTube
Are The Police Threatening "Conspiracy Theorists" Over The Sandy Hook Shooting? | XRepublic
MIKE BLOOMBERG: The Power Of The NRA ‘Is Vastly Overrated’ | _
Thimerosal, organic mercury, swine flu and you. - Phoenix Signs of the Times | Examiner.com
Was Nancy Lanza the LIBOR Whistleblower? SEE UPDATE - YouTube
25 Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your IQ - Waking Times : Waking Times
Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Al Qaeda Does Not Exist – BBC Special Documentary (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Iranian computers targeted by new malicious data wiper program | Ars Technica
Judge Napolitano: "LIBOR Scandal One of the Largest Bank Orchestrated Frauds in History" | XRepublic
5 Government Powers That are Undermining Your Freedom Right Now | _
Ron: Propaganda is the art of telling people what to think without them realising that’s what you are doing...
Adam Lanza's father Peter 'struggling to make sense' of how shy 20-year-old turned into child killer | Mail Online
Gun Control Facts
LiveLeak.com - (Americans): How Will They Confiscate Your Guns?
Report: Congress To Move Against Guns: “It Will Ban the Sale, the Transfer, the Importation and the Possession” :
Top Ten Legal Drugs Linked to Violence | TIME.com
*Obama Speech at Newtown, CT Memorial Service (ABC News) 12-16-2012 - YouTube
+4 Parts/Analyzing The Now – Max Igan | Dprogram.net
The Dirt on Rice…Literally | Dprogram.net
Sandy Hook Elem: 3 Shooters (A Close Look) | Dprogram.net
Responding to CT Shooting, Dearbornistan Muslima Gun Control Activist Tweets, “N-ggers Shouldn’t Have License [sic]“
**Coast to Coast AM - Dec 16 2012 - Hidden History & Cruise Ships - YouTube
Airbag for smartphones invented - Telegraph
Zebrafish made to grow pre-hands instead of fins - life - 15 December 2012 - New Scientist
10 great places to walk in the shadow of Bigfoot
Cellphones Are Changing School Emergency Plans : Discovery News
‘I Don’t Care if a Bunch of White Kids Got Killed’ — Find Out Who Said This About Sandy Hook Massacre
Former Navy SEAL Reveals 3 Ways to Protect Your Children
After School Shooting, Anti-Gun Advocates Want NRA President, Members to Be Shot
Ex-Babysitter Says Conn. School Shooter’s Mother Cautioned: Don’t Turn Your Back on Him
‘Quit Being Ashamed That We Believe in God’: Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Moved to Tears During Huckabee Interview About Shooting
‘Friday Changed Everything’: MSNBC’s Scarborough Goes on Epic Rant, Says He’s Changing His ‘Libertarian’ Stance on Gun Control
Report: Under Secretary of Defense Disclosed Name of SEAL Team Six Member to ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Filmmakers
School Nurse Reveals the Chilling Details From CT Shooting: The Moment She Saw the Killer and How Long She Hid in a Closet
Why Is Obama Silent Over Massive State-Sponsored Referendum Fraud in Egypt?
The Touching Story of How ‘Comfort Dogs’ Were Sent to Newtown, Conn. to Console the Hurting
‘Bait Cars’: This Is How St. Louis Police Are Keeping Car Thieves Off the Streets for the Holidays
Paralyzed Woman Feeds Herself for the First Time in 13 Years…Using Mind Control!
UPDATED: Here Are the Latest Key Facts Surrounding the Horrific CT School Shooting
Want to Be Prepared? We Have the Details on the Futuristic-Looking Breathing Mask That Could Save Your Life
Associated Press Story: Believe It or Not Mass Killings Are Not on the Rise, They Are on the Decline
‘We Will Render You Obsolete’: Anonymous Attacks Westboro Baptist Over Plans to Picket Sandy Hook Funerals
‘He Has a Huge Body, He Eats Like a Pig’: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Explains the Average American During Amusing Interview
Afraid She Was ‘Losing’ Him: Slain Mother of CT Shooter Reportedly Said Son Was ‘Getting Worse’ Last Week
Could the Media Be at Fault for Creating Mass Shooters? Popular Figure Says Yes
Barney Frank Coming Soon to Television
Wash. Post Editor Compares Obama’s Newtown Shooting Speech to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
‘Generous’: Remember John Kerry’s Praise of Syrian Dictator Assad?
Jamie Foxx: Hollywood Deserves Some Blame for Violence (After Joking About Killing ‘All the White People’ Last Week)
‘Everybody Was Hit More Than Once’: Medical Examiner Gives Chilling Account of CT School Deaths
EXCLUSIVE: Michael Douglas' son Cameron Douglas seriously injured in prison, possibly due to bounty put on him by NYC mobster, while serving sentence for drug charges - NYPOST.com
Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza, 20, 'deeply disturbed kid' - NY Daily News
Connecticut school shooting: Adam Lanza's mother was preparing for disaster - Telegraph
‘Tea party’ group fights for Islamic causes
'Give me a break' - Tarantino tires of defending ultra-violent films after Sandy Hook massacre - News - Films - The Independent
Document vindicates Army officer’s teaching on Islam
RUSH: No Such Thing As An “Assault Weapon”… “It’s A Political Invention.”
Limbaugh: We’re Living The Implosion Of Our Culture And Our Society
Limbaugh: Left Attempting To Advance Their Political Agenda
Bush Signed 2005 Law Protecting Gun Makers From Being Sued
Tennessee Pastor: Mass Shootings Because Schools Teach Evolution and 'How to Be a Homo'
Tapper: In 2009, Rahm Told Holder To 'STFU On Guns'
In 2011, NRA Shot Down CT Law To Limit 30-Shot Magazines
Gun Nut WV Sen. Manchin Puts High-Round Ammo Clips on the Table
Remember, the Gun Nuts Spew Hatred of Schools and Teachers Too
Scarborough Questions His Own Beliefs on Gun Control
Pres. Obama's Speech Pre-Empting Football Enrages the Racists
Nancy Lanza: Survivalist Preparing For Economic Collapse
President Obama Promises to Launch Effort to Reduce Gun Violence at CT Memorial Service
Indiana Man Arrested For Threatening Rampage at Elementary School
Joe Lieberman Blames 'Cause and Effect' of Video Games for Shooting
Hickenlooper Points to Guns in 'Video Games' but Dodges on Assault Weapons Ban
Sen. Feinstein to Introduce Assault Weapons Ban on First Day of New Congress
CT Officials Try To Find A Way Forward On Gun Violence
Parting Shot: Gerard Depardieu Slams France, Says Govt. Punishing Success
Stars Speak Out in Unison for More Gun Control
Michael Moore: Conn. School Shooting 'What We Are' As a Nation
Will Obama Ask Presidential Bundler Harvey Weinstein to Tone Down Screen Violence?
President Clinton Offers 'Full Cooperation' for HBO Documentary on His Political Life
Tim Scott: We Will Take the Conservative Message to 'New Territories'
Obama's New Fiscal Cliff Offer: Tax Hikes on $400K, 2-Year Debt Ceiling Extension
Unisex Easy-Bake Oven on the Way
Tim Scott: Most Americans Identity with the Tea Party
Team Rice Wants Obama to Nix Kerry
Alabama Police Officer Kills Gunman Who Shot Three People at Hospital
LAPD Chief: Police Will Randomly Stop at Schools
Six-Year Old Sandy Hook Survivor Played Dead Among Bodies of Classmates
Mark Cuban Acquires 'FrackNation' Doc Challenging 'Hollywood-HBO' Anti-Fracking Onslaught
'Friend Didn't Finish the Job': Church Attended by Sandy Hook Victims Evacuated
Judge Rules Election Fraud Lawsuit Can Continue
Dukakis May Replace Kerry in Senate
San Antonio Security Guard Shoots Would-Be Massacre Suspect Four Times
Worst School Massacre Was Bombing in 1927
In Wake Of Tragedy, Grassroots Liberals Obsessed With Gun Control
Report: Boehner Has Another Secret Meeting with Obama
Report: Public Shootings Not On Increase (But Dems Still Want Your Guns)
John Kerry's Rise to Secretary of State: Lies, Bullying, Betrayal
Women to Control $22 Trillion in U.S. Assets by 2020
Nike Lands Democrat Deal to Avoid Paying 'Fair Share' of Taxes
Chilling, Gruesome Timeline Emerges of Sandy Hook Massacre
Adam Lanza Would Not Have Received Death Penalty in Connecticut
The Federalist Fix: How an Old Idea Can Cure the Republican Party
NBC's Chuck Todd Calls More Gun Restrictions 'Middle Ground'
Infographic: Media Morphing Union Mob Violence Into Pack of Lies
Chris Cuomo Stuns 'View': 'You Should Have Armed Security in Schools'
Report: NBC Reporter Richard Engel Missing In Syria
NBC News to Obama: How to Beat 2nd Amendment Advocates
Challenge to Gun Control Narrative Results In Soledad O'Brien Meltdown
Media Dismisses Fact that Show of Force Stopped CT School Shooter
Schieffer: If CT Murderer 'Had Arab Name People Would Be Going Nuts'
Govt Offering $378,000 to Teach Chinese Firms U.S. Shale Gas 'Technologies'
World View: Japan's Leadership Shifts Sharply Right in a Return to Nationalism
The Fix is in: Hillary’s Benghazi cover-up—like Vince Foster death investigation
Progressives using Sandy Hook Tragedy to Rewrite the Narrative
Is America Becoming a Pagan Kingdom?
The Government Cannot Take Away Our Guns
Why Obama Should Not Be Allowed to Take the Oath of Office Again
Video: PJTV: A Debt that Will Live In Infamy: America's Ticking Debt Bomb
Video: Soledad O'Brien Clashes With Gun Advocate John Lott: 'Your Position Completely Boggles Me'
Video: Joe Scarborough: Newtown Shooting Made 'Ideologies Of My Past' On Guns Irrelevant
Video: Flashback: Eric Holder: 'We Must Brainwash People Against Guns'
Video: Dan Rather: GOP Has 'Scalp of Susan Rice Now Hanging on Their Door'
Congrats, Barry. US falls out of top 10 most prosperous nations
And Major Nidal Hassan still draws breath
Hagel appointment to defense shows the game has changed
Newtown, Connecticut: The Need For An Alternative Definition of Hero
Keeping the Proper Perspective on Guns and Massacres
Dems fail to endorse candidate to succeed Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Syria's Vice President admits neither side can win conflict
More Students Thinking Outside the College Box
U.S. Ambassador Tells Georgia to Vote for a 'Palestinian' State
Can the Republican Party Remain Relevant?
Obama's Stealth Redistribution Strategy
Hillary in Hiding
Emanuel calls for assault weapons bans in Illinois, nationwide
Mexican president announces new security force - latimes.com
Egypt's new prosecutor resigns amid judicial feud with president
Berlusconi sex witness Ruby to testify | thetelegraph.com.au
White House Revises Offer on Tax Rates in Deficit Talks
Scarlett Johansson Photo Hacker Gets 10 Years In Jail
Tom Cruise remains a man on a mission
Martin Scorsese directing Clinton doc for HBO
Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary show in New Jersey notes Newtown
NASA crashes two orbiters into moon mountain
World's Largest Atom Smasher Gets Faster
Is December 21, 2012, the End of the World?
Primate species: new slow loris found in Borneo
Link between autism and planned violence discounted by experts
Study: What Burns More Fat, Aerobic or Strength Training?
Some foods risk genetic colon cancer
King Ramesses III's throat was slit, analysis reveals
» Discovery Channel Cancels Hit Gun Show After School Massacre Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Texas School District Will Let Teachers Carry Guns | Fox News
» How to Spot a Hypocrite in the Gun Debate and Other Reflections on Newtown Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» How convenient for our political overseers: there has been another mass-shooting Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» It Depends Upon Whose Children Are Murdered Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Deal near on Google antitrust probe? - Elizabeth Wasserman - POLITICO.com
» VIDEO: The Illegitimacy of The Income Tax System Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Loud Car Stereos - Hit & Run : Reason.com
South Carolina Lawmakers Propose 5-Year Jail Sentence for 'Obamacare' Implementation - US News and World Report
» Obama Loses Fight to Limit Lawyers’ Visits with Guantanamo Detainees Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Scene Eerily Shows “Sandy Hook” Written on Map Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
'Did We Just Kill A Kid?' — The Six Words That Ended A US Drone Pilot's Career - Business Insider
Mobile man facing terrorism charge was prepared to kill Americans, FBI agent testifies | al.com
» Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, guns, psychiatric meds, and mass hypnosis: the TV script Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Gandhi advocated the right to bear arms; use of ‘violence’ to defend innocents against bullying, oppression Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Russia to vote on banning US adoptions: lawmakers
Female bishop row deepens as priest refuses promotion in protest | World news | guardian.co.uk
» War on Preppers: New Scapegoat For School Massacre Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Jailed without conviction: Behind bars for lack of money - CSMonitor.com
» An American Stasi Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Bill Gates Awards Researchers For Development of Electrically Spun Cloth Whose Fibers Deliver Contraceptive and HIV Drugs
Brian Terry family sues ATF officials in Fast and Furious - CBS News
Border Patrol will no longer offer controversial interpreting services : Multicultural Beat
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Food shortage threatens to kill thousands of Yemeni children
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Quantum Imaging Technique Heralds Unjammable Aircraft Detection | MIT Technology Review
ULA engineers develop new energy-efficient computer memory using magnetic materials / UCLA Newsroom
NCRegister | More Wise Insights From the Pope
U.S. understanding of Mormons changed little in 2012, Pew poll shows | Deseret News
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Research On Religion | Jon M. Sweeney on “It’s A Wonderful Life”
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University of Pittsburgh Researchers Report That a Paralyzed Woman Can Execute More Complex Movements By Using Her Thoughts to Control Robot Prosthetic | MIT Technology Review
Hitler's Greatest Blunders
Alfred F. Young: The People and the Patriots (Boston Tea Party, American Revolution)
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Institute for Energy Research | Fossil Fuels Still King in EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2013
Solar and Big Oil Join Forces in Middle East
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All Roads Lead to Natural Gas-Fueled Cars and Trucks - Forbes
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17 Dec.
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