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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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21 December 2012


Dec 21, 2012
Full Disclosure: Is There A Connection Between Libor Scandal and School Shootings? - YouTube
Programmed To Kill - Satanic Cover-Up Part 68 Adam Lanza - Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting - YouTube
Rense & Weidner - America Due Its 85 Yr Change Cycle - YouTube
Five questions you should ask about your destiny « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Adam Lanza Did Not Exist For The Last 3 Years No Record Non Existent - YouTube
MK-ULTRA Links To the Sandy Hook Assault
Reports: Lanza smashed computer hard drive
On the Contrary: Mayan Day of Doom and the Newtown Massacre
Meet the Weeds That Monsanto Can't Beat | Mother Jones
Health Freedom Alliance » Oil Dispersants Make Spills 52 Times More Toxic, Researchers Say
Robert Scheer: The Shameful Exploitation of Bradley Manning
Activist Post: 20 Signs That The U.S. Poverty Explosion Is Hitting Children And Young People The Hardest
PHOTOS: Destructive Canada Oil Sands - Business Insider
Homestead Survival: How To Make A Rainwater Collection System
Google starts watching what you do off the Internet too — RT
Boys get their sex education from pornography, MPs say - Telegraph
Pope;s child porn 'normal' claim sparks outrage among victims - World news, News - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk
Is This Toilet Smart or Just Creepy? | ZenHaven
Activist Post: House Passes NDAA 2013 with Indefinite Detention Intact
PressTV - NDAA fuels militarization, enriches defense corporations, expands empire .
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Speaks of 'Secret Files & Aliens' - Causes Media Uproar | VIDEO
Vladimir Putin goes on offensive against US - Telegraph
Putin 'not that preoccupied' with fate of Syria's Assad | World news | The Guardian
Lavrov to RT: ‘We are not in the business of regime change’ — RT
Syrian rebels attack base near military factories | World news | The Guardian
Krauthammer: I Think the President Invoking Massacre of Children in Fiscal Talks Is Sacrilege - YouTube
Obama, Boehner Two-Step
Gun Inconsistencies in Sandy Hook School Mass Shooting... - YouTube
The inside story of the CIA-ISI immunity deal | StratRisks
Instagram scam: how the media was sucked in | PC Pro blog
The Devil Came to the U.S. as a Man of Peace :
UN: Syria’s Rebels Come From 29 Countries -- News from Antiwar.com
Michael Rivero of WRH, wrote a the Best Explanation I have Seen As To Why the Banks are Getting away with FRAUD! | Beyond 2012 Zeitgeist
23 Mind-Blowing (True) Facts About Money Slideshow | Cracked.com
Meet Your New Secretary Of State - BlackListedNews.com
Graphic Novel Declared A Terrorist Operation By US Government, Advance Money Seized - BlackListedNews.com
The erosion of purchasing power via inflation – Federal Reserve and the permanent portfolio. - BlackListedNews.com
The Interconnective Web of Global Debt - BlackListedNews.com
Guest Post: Gun Grabbers Call For Re-Education Programs In Public Schools - BlackListedNews.com
New 'Counterterrorism' Database Rules Threaten Privacy of Every American - BlackListedNews.com
Hunger and homelessness rise dramatically in the U.S.: study | The Raw Story
“Scream and Shout”: A Video About Britney Spears Being Under Mind Control
John Kerry: Strengthening Israel’s security
Forecast: 13.1% Of US Workers To Be Jobless in 2013
TV Worth Watching by Paul Green
Preppernomics by Daisy Luther
The Astonishing Ron Paul by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Agenda 21 and the New World Economy: where happiness 'matters'
160,000 Flu Shots Recalled: Particles Seen Floating in Vials
Human Rights Watch says Israeli attacks on Palestinian media were unlawful
It's Time for the Aware to Take Action
75 Economic Numbers From 2012 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe
Prescription-Drug-Induced Violence Medicine's Best Kept Secret?
End of times or new era? Mayan ceremony at 'Star Wars' temple in Guatemala
US and European Orwellian Surveillance Deepens
The Newtown School Tragedy: More than One Gunman?
America’s Hype over WMD: Five Invasion Plots, Three Continents, Identical Lies
The Religious and Social Crisis in America. Political Consequences
H.A.A.R.P. at Full Power :
Eric Holder, Obama Propose To Use Executive Orders To Impose New Gun Control Laws Video | Obama
'Doctors must learn care and compassion': Prince Charles claims modern medicine is putting the 'human touch' at risk | Mail Online
Pope says future of mankind at stake over gay marriage - Telegraph
Quentin Tarantino Isn't Fazed By 'Django Unchained' N-Word Controversy - Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV.com
American Dream Fades for Generation Y Professionals - Bloomberg
House Republicans Circulate Plan to Oust Boehner from Speakership
US Lost More Troops to Suicide Than Combat in 2012 -- News from Antiwar.com
True Believer: Petraeus and the Mythology of Afghanistan
Scratch A "Liberal," Find A Fascist: The Case Of Barbara Boxer - informationliberation
Assange: WikiLeaks to release over a million new docs in 2013 — RT
Firearms Supplier Sells More Than Three Years Worth Of Magazines In Just Three Days | CNS News
I Fear the Government and the Obedient Sheeple, More Than I Fear Guns - informationliberatio
Venezuela Court Could Decide on Chavez Swearing-in
Johns Hopkins Study: US Surgeons Make Shocking Errors
Cornyn: Hagel 'Unacceptable' As Secretary of Defense
American Children and Foreign Children - informationliberation
Penn Jillette discusses gun control on "The Wendy Williams Show" - informationliberation
Gingrich to Newsmax: GOP Gave Obama Upper Hand
Margaret Thatcher in Hospital After Operation
Dream Yacht of Late Steve Jobs’ Impounded for Money Due
Malala Asks Pakistan: Don't Rename College After Me .
Don’t Blame Boehner, Plan B Was the Least-Bad Option
Foods With A Long Shelf Life - Business Insider
Treat the Disease, Not the Symptoms
Hillary’s Benghazi Report (ARB) Blames Amb. Christopher Stevens
The Salvation Army’s Red Bucket
Justin Trudeau’s Islamist Revival
The Myth of Wind and Solar Energy: They Are Not Free
The wretched absurdity of the Benghazi report
Progressives using Sandy Hook Tragedy to Rewrite the Narrative
Democrats Never Stray Far From Their Roots
Muhammad at the Movies: The Sequel
How to downsize the federal government
Useful Idiots and the Newtown Massacre
The Chinese Want Gun Control -- in America
Islamists vs. secularists in Egypt ahead of vote on constitution
State Department takes partial responsibility for Benghazi attack
Boehner's Plan B failure may cost him his speakership
Boehner and Cantor Must Go
Gun confiscation raised by rising star Democrat
Video: Kids With Guns - Sunni Children Soldiers in North Lebanon
Video: Jesse Ventura Crushes Piers Morgan on 2nd Amendment
Video: Discussing Gun Control with a Liberal
Video: Putin Backs Ban on US Adoptions of Russian Children
Video: Greg Gutfeld Rips Black NYT Columnist For Calling Tim Scott A "Token"
Video: Western Wall Wealth? Man Finds Half A Billion Dollars in Checks Hidden at Judaism's Holiest Site
Video: Hypocrite: Anti-Gun Sen. Feinstein Confesses Concealed Weapon for Her Own Self-Defense
Video: Boehner Puts Ball in Obama's Court: Support 'Plan B' or Be Responsible for the Largest Tax Increase in American History
Video: Robert Bork on 'Coercing Virtue' and Activist Judges
Video: Michelle Malkin: Evil Exists, Yet Human Conceit Pretends We Can Prevent the Sometimes Unpreventable
Video: Should Majorities Decide Everything?
Video: Biden in 2008: If Obama 'tries to fool with my Beretta, he's got a problem'
Muslim Gun Control Advocate Who Responded to Sandy Shooting By Calling Blacks “N-ggers” Removed From Twitter
DISGUSTING Sandy Hook Trutherism: CT Shooting “Perpetrated” By Israel, the Jews’ Fault
Kagan on the Second - The New York Sun
Parents struggle to find gender-neutral toys - SFGate
Column: Meet Obama’s richest green energy crony | Washington Free Beacon
The Jewish roots and Middle East views of Obama's pick for top diplomat | The Times of Israel
Vladimir Putin offers Gerard Depardieu a Russian passport in actor's efforts to escape French taxes - NY Daily News
The judicial grinch who stole due process
The lesson of Sandy Hook
Arab cash behind Matt Damon's political screed
Firearms: Will reason trump emotion?
J. FARAH: Who busted the HSBC banksters?
J. CASHILL: Can Ron Brown's ghost stop Hillary?
Iran is producing explosive mini-submarines
Does Benghazi probe drop unintentional bombshell?
Facebook tests $1 fee for stranger to message your inbox - Technology on NBCNews.com
New Strange Details Emerge About Newtown Shooter
‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Loses on This Technicality — Outrageous or Fair?
Bill Ayers: The Left Must Utilize Its ‘Absolute Access’ to America’s Classrooms
Fascinating North Korea Photos Take You on Rare Tour of the ‘Hermit Kingdom’
Researchers Say These U.S. States May Be at Risk of a Deadly Viral Outbreak — Did Yours Make the List?
These Are the Things That Could Be More Expensive in 2013
Miss Venezuela’s Painfully Awkward Answer to Miss Universe Question Is Cringe-Inducing
Chris Christie Disagrees With Armed Guards in Schools: ‘You Don’t Want to Make This an Armed Camp for Kids’
What Did ‘Doomsday’ Look Like Around the World?
Obama Attempts to Unite Congress: You Can’t Always Get What you Want
NRA Calls for Armed Police in Every School, Blames Media as ‘Silent Enablers, if Not Complicit Co-Conspirators’ in Gun Violence
‘A Godless Congregation’: British Comedians Launch Atheist Church to Provide Secular Weddings, Funerals & ‘Worship’ Services
Farrakhan Claims CT Shooting Massacre Could Be a Lesson From God: ‘Chickens Coming Home to Roost’
Shock: U.S. Olympian Admits to Living Double-Life as $600-an-Hour Las Vegas Escort
Limbaugh on ‘Exit Tax’: The People Exist For The Government
RUSH: ‘Mentally Disturbed’ Mass Shooters ‘Are All Liberals’
Boehner: Obama 'won't Deal Honestly' on Issues - YouTube
CIA censors whistleblowers but bows down to Hollywood for Zero Dark Thirty - YouTube
The Top Five Lesser-Known Failed Apocalypses | The Hairpin
Home at the End of Time: Robert Vicino Built an Underground City Where You Can Ride out the Apocalypse | Motherboard
Dec. 21: The Winter Solstice Explained | Beginning of Winter | Space.com
Secret Dowsers and Government | Mysterious Universe
Prison Planet.com » The Second Amendment Was Never About Personal Protection
Prison Planet.com » Obama Agrees with China, Disarm America Now
Prison Planet.com » We Must NOT Give Up Our Guns to Obama
Prison Planet.com » UN Defends NATO’s Premeditated Genocide in Syria
Prison Planet.com » NRA’s Wrongheaded Response to Sandy Hook Violence
Prison Planet.com » More Guns in Schools will Stop School Shootings, NRA Says at Press Conference
Prison Planet.com » Obama Executive Order On CyberSecurity Coming In January
Prison Planet.com » Some Thought Massive Power Outage In Annapolis Marked End Of The World
The Hindu reveals US-led conspiracy to conceal Al-Qaeda in Syria - SyriaNews
Prison Planet.com » Boehner pulls the plug on ‘Plan B’
Prison Planet.com » Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters
MIT discovers a new state of matter, a new kind of magnetism | ExtremeTech
Prison Planet.com » The insane parade: Obama, guns, psychiatric drugs, Adam Lanza, Asperger’s
rison Planet.com » Chinese Pharma Companies Accused of Selling Pills Made from ‘Dead Babies’
» RFID Tracking Chips At The Vatican: Fulfilling The Prophecy Of The Popes? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Britain issues new guidelines on prosecuting offensive online comments - latimes.com
» Severe, acute kidney injuries in humans double due to GMO foods? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» More Eerie “Dark Knight Rises” Coincidences and David Icke’s Perspective Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» VIDEO: Innocents Betrayed – Governments Disarm Populations and Genocide Follows Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
State Troopers Now Going TSA on Roadside Searches - YouTube
We're Going Into Bondage! - YouTube
» Michigan Governor Rejects Bill That Would Allow Conceal-Carry In Schools, Churches, Stadiums Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
At News Conference, Reporters Skip Past Gun Control and Face Instant Criticism - NYTimes.com
2012 Doomsday Secrets Revealed - YouTube
State Department responds to claims that Clinton faked illness | The Lookout - Yahoo! News
Poll: Do you believe post-9/11 debris causes cancer? | NJ.com
Cancer Study Casts Doubt Over Illnesses Linked To 9-11 - Health News - redOrbit
Scarborough Smacks Down Tea Party Rep.: How Dare You Accuse Me of Politicizing Guns?
ATF Raid Gun Store After Owner Doesn't Notice Man Stealing AR-15
NRO's Charlotte Allen: Sandy Hook Tragedy Could Have Been Averted If Men Taught There
4 People Dead; 3 Troopers Injured In PA Shooting Spree During NRA Press Conference
What the Gun Worship Lobby Managed To Sneak Into Obamacare
Cory Booker Eyes 2014 Senate Run
Fox Guest: Gun-Free Schools Are Just Asking For It
End of Bush Tax Cuts Will Affect All Demographics, Income Earners | CNS News
Boehner: I’m Not Afraid of Losing My Speakership | CNS News
NRA: ‘Only Thing That Stops a Bad Guy With a Gun Is a Good Guy With a Gun’ | CNS News
The Pious Fraud That is Rev. C. Welton Gaddy | NewsBusters.org
USDA Inflated the Number of Jobs Created by Stimulus, IG Says | CNS News
Why Obama Sent No Rescue: Benghazi Lasted ‘8 Hours’ But Was ‘Over in ... 30 Minutes’ | CNS News
$25 computer could help create the techies of tomorrow
Facebook Testing $1 Fee to Send Messages to Non-Contacts
Kelly Osbourne Spills the Secret to Her 60 Lb. Weight Loss!
The Media's Ben Affleck Fantasy
Obama Presses Stripped-Down Plan to Limit Tax Increase
2013 Is Bernanke's Year: Unlimited QE And Total Control Of The Fed
Study: Hawaiian island slowly dissolving
Obama names 23 scientists and innovators as medal winners
Here they are: The most exciting alien planets of 2012
DARPA Robot Trudges Over The Tough Terrain Where Soldiers Tread
CDC Provides New Update on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak of 2012
Russia Moves a Step Closer to Banning Adoptions by US Citizens
Obama's Secretary of State nomination raises environmentalists' hopes
UN announces $1.5 billion aid effort for Syrian refugees
NRA Envisions 'a Good Guy With a Gun' in Every School
Hagel, under fire as possible nominee, says remarks on gays “do not reflect my views” - The Washington Post
Rahm Emanuel NRA Slam: Mayor Warns Gun Group, 'Get On Board Or Get Out Of The Way'

How Do You Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas? - Sussex, WI Patch
Historically significant 132-year-old church in Chicago faces wrecking ball
McHenry County judge to preside over manslaughter case involving Daley's nephew - chicagotribune.com
Burglar stole gifts, rewrapped them as his own, police say - chicagotribune.com
Real Clear World - Video - Raw: Syrian Tanks Attacked Near Capital
Real Clear Markets - Video - Bartiromo: 'Are You Guys Just Incompetent, Or What?'
Real Clear Markets - Video - Ackman on Herbalife: Highest Conviction I've Ever Had
Real Clear Markets - Video - The Death Tax Cometh
Through the Looking Glass: U.S. Energy Exports to the Middle East? | Brookings Institution
Replacing Fossil Fuels with Renewables - Part 1
Wind industry OK with giving up tax credit - Dec. 20, 2012
Mayan apocalypse: it's not just the religious who try to be prophets | Stephen Tomkins | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
With four in five members female, churches want to again reach men
Why Some Kids Have An Inflated Sense Of Their Science Skills : NPR
Can quantum measurements beat classical computers? | Ars Technica
The Science of the Real End of The World – Starts With A Bang
Restless Genes - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine
Top Science Scandals of 2012 | The Scientist Magazine®
Your Cellphone Is Spying on You - Reason.com
Who owns the content you upload online? | Money | guardian.co.uk
Our 2012 Tech Company Report Cards: Who Flunked?
The 5 biggest tech failures of 2012 | ExtremeTech
Is The Web Getting Worse? | Hazlitt
7 Codes You'll Never Ever Break | Danger Room | Wired.com
Assad’s Cash Problem: Will Syria’s Dwindling Reserves Bring Down the Regime? | TIME.com
America's Next Top Diplomat - By J. Dana Stuster | Foreign Policy
Social media cracks open the black box of Saudi society - The National
Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic
Uwe E. Reinhardt: Medicare Spending Isn't Out of Control - NYTimes.com
RealClearPolicy - Immigration Is an Economic Issue
William O'Keefe: Will the Carbon Tax Make a Comeback? - WSJ.com
Pimco's El-Erian: Ugh, Recession Is Now More Likely
Financial crime: The king of con-men | The Economist
The best polling on how Americans want to fix the budget and avert the fiscal cliff. - Slate Magazine
Strassel: Big Business Sells Out Small Business - WSJ.com
20 Dec. - Transcripts :Interview with Senator John McCain
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Inquirer Editorial: Don't end jobless benefits
NRA's LaPierre slips into performance art - The Maddow Blog
Obamacare, And The Government's Cruel War On Innovation - Forbes
What 2012 Population Estimates Could Mean in 2020 | RealClearPolitics
Charles Krauthammer: The roots of mass murder - The Washington Post
The NRA’s insulting response to Newtown
Byron York: Obama uses Clinton's playbook to exploit shooting | WashingtonExaminer.com
DeMint: "I'm Not Leaving To Be An Advocate For The Republican Party" | RealClearPolitics
On te Fiscal Cliff, Republican Rebels are Right: No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal - Forbes
Robert Griffin III, Rob Parker and the sad truth about our racial politics | Fox News
The NRA Shoots Itself in the Foot
Politics Video/Obama: "We're Going To Have To Find Some Common Ground"
Obama Responds To White House Petition On Gun Control: "We Hear You"
Krauthammer: Obama Has Succeeded In Fracturing Republicans And Creating A Civil War
Pelosi To GOP: "Go Back To The Negotiation Table"
Dean: Belief That Taxing Incomes Over $250,000 More Will Solve Deficit Problem "Just Not So"
NRA's LaPierre Calls For "Armed Police Officers" In Every School In The Nation
Rush Limbaugh: "Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up"
Maddow: Why Hasn't Obama Named Any Cabinet Appointees Yet?
Boehner Addresses Failed Vote On Fiscal Cliff, Calls On Obama To Take Action
Spitzer: Democrats Do Best When They Stand Up To The GOP
Obama Formally Nominates Senator John Kerry For Secretary Of State
Scarborough: Extremists Leading GOP To "Absolute Catastrophe"
"Special Report" Panel On The Libya Hearings
Klein: If We Go Over The Cliff, Obama Gets To Cut Taxes
O'Reilly: Federal Control Of Health Care Makes You Weaker
The Savage Nation - December 20 2012 FULL SHOW - YouTube
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21 Dec.
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