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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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28 November 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Marxist Now Taking UKIP Members Children! - YouTube
.22 Rifles Deemed Al-Qaeda's Weapon of Choice to Takeout Power Grid - YouTube
Ukip fostering row: 'mafia' council told us to keep quiet, say parents - Telegraph
Prison Planet.com » Inmate: James Holmes Told Me He Was ‘Programmed’ To Kill by “Evil” Therapist
* Explosive Interview! John McAfee Talks to Alex Jones - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » All Of This Whining About The Fiscal Cliff Is Pathetic
Prison Planet.com » TSA Claims It Is Above Congressional Oversight
Prison Planet.com » Federal Rulings Reaffirm Restrictive Gun Laws
Prison Planet.com » “Move and Die” Cop Labeled “Embarrassing” by Police Department
Prison Planet.com » Economic Totalitarianism and the Fiscal Cliff
UN Climate Conference: A Trojan Horse for Centralized Power - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » Global government now seeks total control over the internet
Prison Planet.com » Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile
Video: New clashes in Cairo as cops tear-gas anti-Morsi crowds - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » Iran’s Nuclear Bomb Diagram Stolen by Mossad Hack
Prison Planet.com » Syria: Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Destroy Ancient Statues in a Museum in Syria
Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate - Telegraph
Prison Planet.com » Is JPMorgan About To Take Over America, Again?
Prison Planet.com » Our Cashless Society Only Accepts Cash
Prison Planet.com » Obama Using “Endangered” Species to Kill Economy, Push Extreme Agenda
Prison Planet.com » The Giant Currency Superstorm That Is Coming To The Shores Of America When The Dollar Dies
Prison Planet.com » Corrections Corporation of America Used in Drug Sweeps of Public School Students
Jenny McCarthy talks to CNN on how she cured her sons Autism caused by VACCINATIONS - YouTube
Are We Close to A Skynet Takeover? - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » No charge, no jury, no trial: Feds seize 100+ websites they claim to be selling pirated goods
Many couches contain potentially toxic flame retardants | Nation/World | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
Prison Planet.com » Study: High-Fructose Corn Syrup Causing Diabetes, US Citizen Eats 55 Lbs Per Year
In U.S., Majority Now Against Gov't Healthcare Guarantee
Prison Planet.com » Massive Louisiana ‘Sinkhole’ Leaking Radiation, Catastrophe Concerns
Prison Planet.com » Take the Log Out of Your Own Eye, Leviathan
Prison Planet.com » Awakening From The Abyss: End of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Paul Volcker Escorted and Confronted by WeAreChange - YouTube
How To Confront Powerful Politicians - YouTube
Flu Shots and Hand Scanners: The NWO Future - YouTube
The Ron Paul of Europe Exposes Globalist Tyranny - YouTube
Obama 2nd Term = Bigger Gun Sales - YouTube
» Students Told to Disavow ‘American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
The Rutherford Institute :: Sidestepping State Court Hearing, School Officials File for Removal to Federal Court in Case of High Schooler Forced to Wear “Smart ID” Tracking Badge
» Rand Paul On Potential 2016 Presidential Bid: GOP In Danger Of ‘Becoming A Dinosaur’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Is Our Debt Burden Really $100 Trillion? - Derek Thompson - The Atlantic
Black Friday: Treasury Borrowed $211.69 Per U.S. Household on Day After Thanksgiving | CNS News
Outrage Over Morsi But Not Over Our Dictator The Future of Freedom Foundation
Discover testing fingerprint payments - chicagotribune.com
AP believes it found evidence of Iran's work on nuclear weapons | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Sangita Iyer: A Call for New Ethics in an Overpopulated Planet
» Congressman proposes 2-year ban on bills about Internet Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Pilotless passenger planes to take first test flights over UK - Yahoo! News UK
Law Journal: Pilfered Wi-Fi Is No Shield From Police - WSJ.com
Bradley Manning’s Confinement Conditions at Quantico to Be Argued in Military Court Today | The Dissenter
Saudi diplomat shot dead in Yemen, al Qaeda blamed - chicagotribune.com
Why Parents with Disabilities Are Losing Custody of their Kids | TIME.com
Gold-plated Motorcycle Perfect Symbol for 9/11 Memorial, Sandy Recovery Says Cuomo | Observer
Proposed 9/11 Memorial Recalls Images of World Trade Center - Park Ridge, IL Patch
Pentagon Rejects Request to Televise Gitmo Trial | Military.com
Angry words exchanged as 9/11 feature collapses: Sheen and Harrelson never signed contracts « Truth and Shadows
Why Louis Freeh Should Be Investigated For 9/11 | Foreign Policy Journal
Mexico border crossing to operate on honor system, Border Patrol stationed hundreds of miles away - Conservative News
» Medical Tyranny is Here, and we can’t say we weren’t warned Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
The Real Problem With a Secretary of State Susan Rice - World Report (usnews.com)
» Brzezinski: US must stop following Israel “like a stupid mule” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
ACLU sues over policy barring women from combat | Reuters
Obama 'drone-warfare rulebook' condemned by human rights groups | World news | guardian.co.uk
In Communist Cuba, the Tax Man Cometh - Business News - CNBC
Iran blasts Canada as ‘racist’ and ‘self-centred’ for moving UN resolution condemning Islamic Republic’s abuses | News | National Post
BP Banned From New US Government Contracts - Yahoo! News UK
The Hollywood Reporter Picks Sandra Fluke for Women in Entertainment Breakfast
Mike Tyson to Take One-Man Show Nationwide
Charlie Sheen Blasts 'Two and a Half Men' Co-Creator Chuck Lorre, Calls Sitcom Cursed
'Two and a Half Men' Star Begins Damage Control While Family Fears Religious Brainwashing
'Two and a Half Men' Actor Not Expected on Set Soon
How Will Hollywood React to 'Two and a Half Men' Star's Show Slam?
'Red Dawn' Then and Now: Critics Recoil at Pro-America, Anti-Communism Messages
'Red Dawn' Doles Out Tea Party Patriotism
Ken Burns Calls Tea Party, Secessionists Racist Without Proof
Friendship First: McCain Sparing Hillary Clinton from Harsh Libya Criticism
Obama White House Rips GOP 'Obsession' with Benghazi
GOP Cedes Tax Cut Mantle to Obama
Boehner Calls on Obama Debt Commission Former Co-Chair Bowles For Help
Sen. Corker: I'll 'Give a Full Hearing' To Rice For Secretary of State
Obama: I'll 'Do Whatever It Takes' to Fix Fiscal Cliff ... Except Negotiate
Boehner: No Tax Deal That Excludes High-Income Earners
Durbin: We're Not Really Serious About Cutting Spending
Obama Backs Reid Attempt to End Filibuster
90% of Top Obama Advisers White Males
Congressman: Obama's Tax Increases Fund Government for Eight Days
Black Chicago Leaders Fear White Democrat May Replace Jesse Jackson Jr.
Buzzfeed Reporter: Jackson Could Be Faking Bipolar To Dodge Feds
Jeb Bush Hammers Teachers Unions for Refusing Education Reforms
Obama Recovery: Median Household Wealth Down Dramatically, Top 1% Up 71%
Poor Households Earning $13K Per Year Spend Over $1K On Lottery Tickets
House Republican Women Press for Committee Chairmanships
7 of 10 Americans Prefer 'Merry Christmas' Over 'Happy Holidays'
Washington Post Shocked to Discover Obama's Approach Not Balanced
Newspaper Revenues Collapse Over 50% In Six Years
Associated Press Paints Murders in Benghazi as Mere 'PR Disaster'
CNN Considering Former NBCUniversal Head Jeff Zucker For Top Slot
Beauty Queen Killed in Cartel Shootout Evokes Mexican Oscar Contender
Obama Admin Study: China Not a Currency Manipulator
Egypt Condemns Coptic Christian YouTube Filmmakers to Death
Hamas-Supporting Nobel Peace Laureates Demand Israel Boycott
Bashar al-Assad's 21st Century Scorched Earth Policy
Palestinians Take Needed Arafat Samples Without Exhuming Corpse
Diagram Shows Iranian Scientists Measuring for 50 Kiloton Nuclear Weapon
Reid: Rice's Critics 'Unmoored From Facts and Reality'
GOP Senators: Obama Hasn't Answered 'Most Basic' Questions on Benghazi
Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Susan Rice
Senators 'Disturbed,' 'Troubled' After Susan Rice Meeting
Ten Reasons to be Wary of US Energy Independence Claims
Why the Time For A Carbon Tax Is Now | The Energy Collective
We Don’t Need Energy Revolutions. We Need Energy Evolution
Princeton University - Synthetic fuels could eliminate entire U.S. need for crude oil, create 'new economy'
Could the USA Find Inspiration In Sweden’s Energy Policy? | The Energy Collective
The Oil Drum | Peak, What Peak?
Jeffrey Dahmer, Multiple Killer, Is Bludgeoned to Death in Prison - New York Times
Jeffrey Dahmer — A Victim Almost Escapes — Crime Library on truTV.com
The Early History of Faking War on Film | Past Imperfect
Dan White's Motive More About Betrayal Than Homophobia - Page 1 - News - San Francisco - SF Weekly
Baby Face Nelson: Childlike Mug, Psychopathic Soul — Chicago Gutters — Crime Library on truTV.com
How Facebook's Top Engineer Is Trying to Read Your Mind | Wired Business | Wired.com
Jeff Hawkins Develops a Brainy Big Data Company - NYTimes.com
General Electric’s San Ramon Software Center Takes Shape | MIT Technology Review
Butter churn technology: How it advanced over time (and why it didn’t advance very fast). - Slate Magazine
How to set up a safe and secure Web server | Ars Technica
Google’s Driver-less Car and Morality : The New Yorker
RealClearTechnology - How Obama Could Crush Google and Hurt Us
Special Report: Silicon Valley's dirty secret - age bias | Reuters
How to Make Your Data Last Forever - Popular Mechanics
Christmas Guide to Buying a Bible | First Things
Jewish Ideas Daily » Daily Features » Inheriting Abraham
How 'Two and a Half Men' Star Became a 'Paid Hypocrite' | Christianity Today
The return of pharaoh? The ‘power grab’ by Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi - Guest Voices - The Washington Post
On the "Art of Jesuitism
How many hours were in a dinosaur's day? › Ask an Expert (ABC Science)
Can You See Stars During the Daytime? | LifesLittleMysteries.com
Atom Smasher Creates New Kind of Matter | LHC's Color-Glass Condensate | LiveScience
Yasser Arafat's exhumation: a short history of digging up bodies | Science | The Guardian
Armageddon 2.0 | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Gargantuan Black Hole Occupies Modest Galaxy - ScienceNOW
How NASA might build its very first warp drive
Dark Matter Running Out of Places to Hide | Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments | Space.com
Cartilage made easy with novel hybrid printer
'Bigfoot' Is Part Human, Dubious DNA Study Claims | LiveScience
What Should We Do With Our Visions of Heaven—and Hell? | Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network
Cartilage made easy with novel hybrid printer
UCSB Press Release: "To Get the Best Look at a Person's Face, Look Just Below the Eyes, According to UCSB Researchers "
UMass Amherst Researchers Use Biomarkers from Prehistoric Human Feces to Track Settlement and Agriculture | Office of News & Media Relations | UMass Amherst
Serenity as Secular Myth: The Future of Religion in Science Fiction « Acculturated
Gun Control, RIP | The American Conservative
Fiscal Cliff: Why Congress Might Have to Mess with the 401(k) | TIME.com
Why America Is Better and Europe Is Worse -
Republicans Still Dodge Reality on Taxes - NYTimes.com
American Housing Casino Revives After Big Drop: Mortgages - Bloomberg
Obama must do more than raise taxes - FT.com
Harvey Pitt: Shaping Up a Divided SEC - WSJ.com
Why Global Fuel Prices Will Spark the Next Revolutions | TIME.com
The U.S. and Africa: The Next Four Years | Focal Points, the Blog of FPIF
Obama Abandons Arab Moderates - Elliott Abrams - National Review Online
Aging Asia's Demographic Dilemma | World Affairs Journal
Indebted Dragon | Foreign Affairs
RealClearWorld - Last Hurrah for Japan's Aging China-Basher
Offensive Maneuver - By Micah Zenko | Foreign Policy
TaxVox » Blog Archive » How Can 98 Percent of Us be Middle-Class?
RealClearMarkets - Our Handling of Keystone Is a Smack In Canada's Face
Guest Workers Can Help End Illegal Immigration
Opposing Obamacare is No Longer Enough: Toward A New Conservative Health Care Agenda - Forbes
What kind of entitlement changes would Democrats accept?
Should Social Security be Part of Fiscal Talks?
No, Republican obstruction isn't because Harry Reid is mean to them - PostPartisan - The Washington Post
Harry Reid Called Filibuster Reform He Now Supports 'Illegal' and 'Un-American' | The Weekly Standard
Works and Days » Learning from the Election
Hillary Clinton's 2016 run is not inevitable - The Week
Liberty University lawyer predicts Obamacare back at SCOTUS next fall | WashingtonExaminer.com
Mr. Obama’s time to lead on entitlements - The Washington Post
Review & Outlook: Hope and Exchange - WSJ.com
Gridlock reform - FT.com
Examiner Editorial: Warren Buffett's case for Paul Ryan's budget | WashingtonExaminer.com
Gen-X Taxpayers, Forced to Sit at the Kids' Table | RealClearPolitics
‘Poverty’ like we’ve never seen it - NYPOST.com
Don't Eliminate the Filibuster, Restore It | The Nation
Sore Winners | RealClearPolitics
Hillary Clinton’s Latest Farewell Tour - Bloomberg
2014 Senate Picture Promising For GOP, With Right Candidates - NationalJournal.com
What does it all mean? | WashingtonExaminer.com
Obamacare's Rationers Employ The "It's Good For You" Defense - Forbes
Medicaid And Medicare Cuts Aren't Key To Deficit Reduction—Yet | The New Republic
The Coming Liberal Wave
Goodwin: Obama taking US down path of Greece - NYPOST.com
How to make a better president - Salon.com
For Senate Dems, Entitlements Cloud Fiscal Talks | RealClearPolitics
Make Up Turned Break Up - NYTimes.com
Yet More Shameless Attacks on Susan Rice | Mother Jones
Investigating Benghazi: Why We Need a Select Committee | RealClearPolitics


Real Clear Markets - Video - Holland: Imagine If Simpson-Bowles Were Enacted
Real Clear Markets - Video - Warren Buffett Hams It Up on 'Daily Show'
Real Clear Markets - Video - Block: Giving Up On China - Gov't Protects Frauds
Video-The Future of Financing the Arts: An Interview with Adam Huttler | RealClearPolicy
Video: Jamie Foxx Calls Obama 'Our Lord and Savior' at Soul Train Awards on BET
Video: Empty Embrace: Hurricane Sandy Victim Upset After Being Played By Obama
Video: Flashback: Milton Friedman Crushes Three Questions on Free Enterprise, Taxes and Government
Video: 49 Seconds: Fox News Abruptly Ends Interview After Guest Criticizes Network for Hype

Political Video: November 28, 2012

Obama Urges Americans To Push Congress To Make A Deal On Fiscal Cliff | RealClearPolitics
Rep. Peter King: My Wife Would Knock Grover Norquist's Head Off | RealClearPolitics
Krauthammer: Obama Will Have A Failed Second Term If We Go Over Fiscal Cliff | RealClearPolitics
Carney: "Obsession" Over Susan Rice's Sunday Show Comments Seems To Be "Misplaced" | RealClearPolitics
Forbes Releases List Of 11 "Death Spiral" States | RealClearPolitics
Michael Reagan Warns Republicans Against Accepting A Deal On Taxes | RealClearPolitics
Ezra Klein: Tax Hikes Would Not Change Incentive To Invest | RealClearPolitics
Pelosi: There Has To Be A Fiscal Cliff Deal, So "Let's Just Do It" | RealClearPolitics
Carney: Obama "Not Particularly Concerned" If Susan Rice Was Misleading | RealClearPolitics
Carney On Fiscal Cliff: "If I Told You How Much Flexibility The President Had, It Would Eliminate His Flexibility" | RealClearPolitics
Schultz: LBJ Saw 1 Filibuster, Reid Has Seen 386 | RealClearPolitics
Obama Praises "Extraordinary" Susan Rice: "Couldn't Be Prouder" | RealClearPolitics
Maddow: Republicans Are Threatening To Lower America's Credit Rating | RealClearPolitics
Bowles: One-Third Chance That Congress Will Make Fiscal Cliff Deal | RealClearPolitics
MSNBC's John Heilemann Jokes That Lindsey Graham Is A Woman | RealClearPolitics
Jon Stewart Mocks Media Coverage Of Walmart And Hostess | RealClearPolitics
O'Reilly: Christmas Chaos In Rhode Island | RealClearPolitics

Political Video: November 27, 2012

Durbin: Not "Responsible" For Entitlements To Be Off The Table In Negotiations | RealClearPolitics
Teamsters President James Hoffa: Go Off Fiscal Cliff If Necessary | RealClearPolitics
Krauthammer: Obama "Not Trying To Fix Our Fiscal Issues And Problems; He's Trying To Destroy The Republicans" | RealClearPolitics
Krauthammer: Benghazi Threatened Obama Narrative That Al Qaeda Is Dead | RealClearPolitics
Sen. Rand Paul: Republican Party "In Danger Of Becoming A Dinosaur" | RealClearPolitics
Jay Carney vs. FOX News' James Rosen Over Benghazi | RealClearPolitics
Alan Simpson: I Hope Grover Norquist Drowns In A Bathtub Too | RealClearPolitics
Dem Congressman: "We Earn" Our $174,000 Salary | RealClearPolitics
Liberal Radio Host Mike Malloy: "Wipe Out All The Tea Baggers" | RealClearPolitics
Glenn Beck Dips Obama Bobblehead In "Urine" | RealClearPolitics
Schumer: Republicans Are Saying They Want A Divorce From Norquist | RealClearPolitics
Sen. McConnell: Obama "Back Out On The Campaign Trail" | RealClearPolitics
Rep. Kevin McCarthy On The Fiscal Cliff | RealClearPolitics
Ingraham: GOP Looking At 2014 "Wipeout" If They Don't Secure Real Cuts | RealClearPolitics
Graham On Susan Rice Meeting: "I'm More Disturbed Than I Was Before" | RealClearPolitics
Carville: "Entitlement Cuts" Coming In Fiscal Cliff | RealClearPolitics
Norquist On Peter King: "Hope His Wife Understands Commitments" Last Longer Than Two Years | RealClearPolitics
Mark Levin: "Republicans Really Want To Raise Taxes" | RealClearPolitics
Boortz: We Live In A Culture Where It's Greedy To Want To Keep Money And Not Greedy To Want To Take It Away | RealClearPolitics
Bernie Sanders "Nervous" Obama's Talk Of "Entitlement Reform" Means "Cuts" | RealClearPolitics
Buffett: Tax Hikes On Rich Would "Raise Morale Of The Middle Class" | RealClearPolitics
Carney Pressed On Democratic Divisions Over Fiscal Cliff | RealClearPolitics
Naked Activists Storm Boehner's Office To Protest For AIDS Funding | RealClearPolitics
"Special Report" Panel On The Situation In Egypt | RealClearPolitics
Maddow: Harry Reid Is Winning The Fight Over Filibusters | RealClearPolitics
Schultz: Liberals Should Be Worried About Getting "A Raw Deal" On The Fiscal Cliff | RealClearPolitics
O'Reilly: California & Texas Are "A Tale Of Two Americas" | RealClearPolitics
Killer robots to replace soldiers by 2035 - YouTube
Neocons in Congress behind Wikileaks financial blockade - YouTube
Genesis Communications Network GCN News TSA Claims It Is Above Congressional Oversight «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News THE NEED FOR A THIRD VOICE: Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura, and the Federal Reserve Act «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Explosive Interview! John McAfee Talks to Alex Jones «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Inmate: James Holmes Told Me He Was ‘Programmed’ To Kill by “Evil” Therapist «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Federal Court Rulings Reaffirm Restrictive Gun Laws «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Experts to Study Whether Robots Will Exterminate Humanity «
Top Globalist: NWO is In Deep Trouble - YouTube
Did Tampa socialite mislead Petraeus, Pentagon?
D.C. Suburb Spending $100K on ‘Application Assistance’ for Illegals Seeking Obama's 'Deferred Action' | CNS News
John Heilemann Makes Lindsey Graham Joke on ‘Morning Joe;’ Edited Out of 8am Reair - TVNewser
Cairo courts halt work to protest Morsi decrees
In suicide epidemic, military wrestles with prosecuting troops who attempt it | McClatchy
The Least Influential People of 2012 - GQ December: Celebrities: GQ
The stigma of the hidden schizophrenia epidemic - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent
Tea's health benefits are proving to be even more promising - The Denver Post
Study Finds Most Pork Contaminated With Yersinia Bacteria - ABC News
Norquist: Obama Placing ‘Left-Wing Fantasies’ Above American Families « CBS DC
Rand Paul: I Won't Break the No-Tax-Increase Pledge I Made to the People | CNS News
Democrat operatives launch class-warfare website
Obama vs. House on guns: Who will prevail?
Motivational maestro Zig Ziglar dies at 86 - Washington Times
Pat Robertson: Dinosaurs from before time of Bible
Is a Good, Old-Fashioned Purge in Order for the GOP?

Give Obama what he wants
Those Fleeing Obama’s America: Prepare to be taxed
Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider”
President-for-Life, King of the World paving the way for Messiahship
With Democracy For All and Freedom for None
The Mayan Myth of 2012
Scientists sniff out the substances behind the aroma in the “king of fruits”
Buffett, the Puppet and the Puppeteer!
Disabilities Treaty Just Another U.N. Power Grab
The Manchurian Electorate
Democrats Stole the Election
If Obama is the messiah, is the GOP Satan?
John McCain Urges GOP to Drop Abortion Issue; Instead, GOP Needs to Drop John McCain
You know you’re in trouble when …
Fools, failures and the fiscal cliff
The invisible establishment Republicans
Trading principle for power
Porn stars: The latest pseudo-science
In stupidity we trust
My post-election anti-punditry
Secession: It’s constitutional
Secession: American as apple pie
Buffettitis – is there a cure?
Make the Dems own the Obama economy
Farewell and thanks to Ron Paul
Cuban-American vote explains everything
When media make up ‘gay’ science
The devolution of American culture
A divorce from the GOP
Social conservatives: GOP can’t live without them
Former treasurer sentenced to 8 years in prison - SFGate
Exclusive: Feinstein commissioned report on housing Gitmo detainees in US | Fox News
Journey with Michael Savage to another day
Students Told to Disavow ‘American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality’
The Endless Campaign Rolls On… Obama Asks Supporters to Make Videos on How They Want to Bilk the Rich | The Gateway Pundit
Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate - Telegraph
Top 0.1 Percent Pays More Income Tax than Bottom 80 Percent | The Weekly Standard
Russian mafia whistleblower, 44, found dead in UK - Yahoo! News
State Senator Proposes Dissolving City Of Detroit « CBS Detroit
Egypt assembly seeks to wrap up constitution - Yahoo! News
Egyptian court orders death sentences over anti-Islam film - CNN.com
In suicide epidemic, military wrestles with prosecuting troops who attempt it | McClatchy
Extra Early Voting Opportunity in Heavily Democratic Area Raises Eyebrows [Michigan Capitol Confidential]
AP: Diagram suggests Iran working on nuclear bomb - CBS News
D.C. Suburb Spending $100K on ‘Application Assistance’ for Illegals Seeking Obama's 'Deferred Action' | CNS News
Norwegian youth leader seen encouraging anti-Semitic speech | The Times of Israel
Dad Uses Half-Naked Pictures of His Own Daughter to Sell His 1977 Datsun on eBay — And Isn’t Sorry
Glenn Beck Clashes With Creator of Crucified Obama Painting Over First Amendment Hypocrisy: ‘This Is So Dishonest’
Find Out What What Happens When You Use Brass Knuckles to Kill a Giant Spider
‘Welfare Nation’: The Sad Truth
Pastor Rick Warren Laments Deification of Obama: ‘Blasphemy’ & ‘Sent Shivers Up My Spine’
Graphic Footage: The Moment a Woman Snaps Her Limb in an Arm-Wrestling Match
Do You Think Free Speech Extends To Art? (Yes, We’re Referring To ‘Obama In Pee Pee’)
MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Atheist Ricky Gervais Is Actually More Christ-like Than…Pat Robertson’
Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People With Starbucks Taste Test — With Hilarious Results
Here Are the Obama Admin’s Five Different Reasons Why Susan Rice’s Talking Points Were Edited
Which Liberal Radio Host Wishes an ‘Angel of the Lord’ Would Come Down and ‘Lob’ the Heads Off All the ‘Tea Bag Bastards’?
Prominent Dallas Cop Revealed as Having Double Life as Rapper ‘Lucille Baller’ — Now Under Investigation
Back in Bed With an Egyptian Dictator?
State Department: Egyptian President a ‘Far Cry From an Autocrat’
College Allegedly Tells Student Club it Can’t Sell ‘Christmas’ Trees Because They’re Associated With a ‘Christian Event’ (Updated)
Republicans Lead the Best-Run States in America, Democrats Dominate the Worst
CNN’s Piers Morgan Confronts Rick Warren Over Whether People Are Born Gay or ‘Become Gay’: ‘I Think the Jury’s Still Out on That’
Secession Clock Committee convening
Erick Erickson Contemplates Primary Challenge to Saxby Chambliss
Guess Who Tom Friedman Thinks Should Be The New Secretary of State?
Pat Robertson Admits Dinosaurs, Earth Older Than 6,000 Years
Robertson: Liberals 'Passionate' About Trying to 'Kill Off Old People'
Rick Warren Compares Being Gay to 'Punching a Guy in the Nose' and Arsenic
Sen. Dick Durbin Says Social Security Should Not Be Part of Any Fiscal Deal
Ken Cuccinelli Suggests Obama Stole the Election
Donald Trump's Kids Reportedly Stage an Intervention
Mr. President, Use The Recess Appointment For Susan Rice
Joe Scarborough Calls GOP's Attacks on Susan Rice a "Clown Show"
David Plouffe's False Equivalency: Entitlement Cuts Are Quid Pro Quo for Breaking Norquist's Tax Pledge
Two Billionaires Are Pulling Grover Norquist's Strings
The Power of the President
Fox Host: It's a 'Stretch' to Try to Pin Bangladesh Tragedy on Wal-Mart
Fiscal Cliff Follies May Screw Unemployed, Give Us Recession
Paper: The Asset Price Meltdown and the Wealth of the Middle Class (2012 APPAM Fall Research Conference (November 8 - 10, 2012))
Romney Accepts Obama’s Invitation To Dine at White House Thursday | CNS News
Voluntary Contributions To Pay National Debt Hit Record: 0.00005% of Total | CNS News
GOP Senators Offer 'Calm and Reasonable' Pathway to Citizenship for Illegal Aliens | CNS News
Clinton Celebrating State Department’s 'Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies' | CNS News
FLASHBACK: Reid Says Effort to Curtail Filibuster ‘Is About the Arrogance of Power’ | CNS News
McConnell: Limiting Filibuster Would Shut Millions of Americans Out of Leglislative Process | CNS News
Pelosi: ‘The People Have Spoken,’ Raise Taxes on ‘People at the High End’ | CNS News
U.S. Encourages Americans to Do Business in Africa, Where China Is Rising | CNS News
Poll: Americans Who Believe Economy Will Worsen Jumps 27 Points Since Obama Reelected | CNS News
Piers Morgan Lectures Reince Priebus and 'Intransigent' GOP on Taxes | NewsBusters.org
Michelle Malkin Column: Obama the Job-Killing Owl Killer | NewsBusters.org
More Out-of-Control Identity Politics: Blacks, Latinos Concerned That a 'Non-Person of Color' Might Win NYC Council Seat | NewsBusters.org
Senator: Rice 'Willfully Misled The American Public Five Different Times' | CNS News
Will John Boehner Fund Obama's Attack on Catholics? | CNS News
Leno: Skyscraper Construction is Like WH on Benghazi -5 Stories a Day | CNS News
Debbie Schlussel-He’s BAAACK!: Dem Child Molester Melvin Reynolds Running for Congress; The Clinton Commutation That Keeps on Givin’
Debbie Schlussel-HUH? Marco Rubio Said What???
Debbie Schlussel-Top Norwegian Youth Politician, Bro of Breivik Victim Wishes for More Jewish Holocaust Deaths; “F-ing Jew Whores”
Debbie Schlussel-Major Hungarian Politico (& Obama Fan) Demands “List of Jews,” Jews Are “Natl Security Risk” – Holocaust 2.0
Debbie Schlussel-Superstorm Sandy – “Illegal Aliens Hardest Hit”
Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China now more free than America in notable ways | Dprogram.net
Shock study: Mammograms a medical hoax, over one million American women maimed by unnecessary ‘treatment’ for cancer they never had | Dprogram.net
A human will always decide when a robot kills you: Pentagon’s ‘reassurance’ over fears of machine apocalypse | Dprogram.net
The Boston Tea Party was an 'act of terrorism': Fury at mock news report being taught in schools | Mail Online
The U.S. is Blocking Energy Wealth and Jobs | Dprogram.net
Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers
Black Eyed Children - 11-27-2012 - YouTube
Solar & Earth Changes/Regressions - 11-26-2012 - YouTube
Hallucinogens & T. McKenna - 11-25-2012 - YouTube
Get a 3-D Model Of Your Unborn Child : Discovery News
BBC News - Risk of robot uprising wiping out human race to be studied
Universe Grows Like A Brain | Social Networks | Space.com
Hatch: Obama Must Take on Entitlement Reform
Hatch: Middle Class Faces 'Stealth Tax' without AMT Reform
WRAPUP 3-Cracks Surface in Republican Unity on Tax Rates
Unaffordable Cost Seen for Some Under Obama Affordable Care Act
Shooting Death of Black Teen Puts Florida Law Back under Spotlight
Jesse Jackson Jr. May Have Gotten Tip About Probe Into His Finances
Cracks Surface in Republican Unity on Tax Rates
Heartburn or Heart Attack? Knowing the Difference Could Save Your Life
Men With Beer Bellies Have Weaker Bones
NASA Ponders New Missions for Spare Spy Telescopes
Let's Learn from Ronald Reagan's Mistake
5 More Obamacare Taxes Hitting on Jan. 1
Insider Trading Laws Force Traders to Walk Fine Line
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9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! - YouTube
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Couple accused of child abuse arrested in Florida
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First Lady Unveils White House Holiday Decorations
Rep. Issa hopes freshman class includes redditors
Another Shooting May Test Florida Law
State moves to seize polygamists' ranch
Assange has lung trouble: Ecuador
Nanny, Still in Hospital, Pleads Not Guilty in 2 Fatal Stabbings
Texas artist Stanley Marsh 3 accused of child molestation
With GOP House chairmen, the lack of diversity is only one of the issues
US Senate strikes restriction on military biofuel development
Cairo Impasse Raises Economic Alarms
US and Israel Look to Limit Impact of UN Vote on Palestinian Authority
Bangladesh fire protests rage, supervisors arrested
As Opposition Coalition Meets in Cairo, More Violence Kills Dozens in Syria
North Korea Joke Slips Over China's Great Firewall
Can Obama and Peña Nieto Clear the Marijuana Smoke?
Dodd-Frank's Fate Unclear with Changes at Top of SEC
Bing takes on Google in fight for holiday shoppers
Google Fires a Rare Public Salvo Over Aggregators
Facebook Wants Your Credit Card Information
Gargantuan black hole baffles scientists
Curiosity's 'Historic' Mars Discovery Just a Big Misunderstanding
Undisclosed Finding by Mars Rover Fuels Intrigue
No, the US Did Not Have a Plan to 'Blow Up' the Moon
Bigfoot DNA? Not so fast, many say
3-D printer and moon rocks join up to make repairs in space
Large Hadron Collider: Atom-smasher recreated in Cardiff
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Nuclear Power Could Blast Humans Into Deep Space
How Should NASA Use Former Spy Satellite Telescopes?
Simple Formula Predicts Obesity Risk at Birth
Grapefruit-Drug Interaction Seen With More Drugs
Tobacco Companies Are Told to Correct Lies About Smoking
Deaths from AIDS in China rise 8.6 percent
Beer bellies can cause broken bones
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Mike Tyson set to take his stage show on the road
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