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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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20 November 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Prison Planet.com » TSA reportedly exposed breasts of Rep. Ralph Hall’s teen grandniece, called it ‘accidental’
Prison Planet.com » TSA Tacit Threat To Opt Out Journalist: ‘We know Who You Are’
Prison Planet.com » Cancer Victim Forced To Go Through TSA Body Scanner Despite Opting Out
Rand Paul single-handedly tries to stop NDAA - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » TSA Ordering Travelers To Go Through Body Scanners?
Israeli Soldiers Breaking The Silence on the Occupation of Palestine - YouTube
Russia accuses US of blocking UN ... JPost - Diplomacy & Politics
Prison Planet.com » Israel gives Hamas 36-hours ultimatum before starting major offensive
+Prison Planet.com » Hamas Shouldn’t Fire Rockets … But Israel Has Violated HUNDREDS of UN Resolutions
Profiteering on Gaza Conflict: Business as Usual for Military INC - YouTube
U.S. sends warships near Israel in case evacuation needed – CNN Security Clearance - CNN.com Blogs
Prison Planet.com » Government Website For Immigrants: Come To America And Take Advantage Of Our Free Stuff
Prison Planet.com » 55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products That Are Made In America This Holiday Season
Prosecutor: Explosion investigated as homicide
TSA agent sentenced to prison for child porn - baltimoresun.com
Obama Has An Epiphany On Killing People - YouTube
Obama's Unconstitutional Wars Must Stop - YouTube
The Elite's Plan for World-Wide Genocide Revealed - YouTube
Alex Reviews Ron Paul's Historic Farewell Speech - YouTube
Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants | Politics and Law - CNET News
Israel Is Dropping Leaflets Telling Gazans To Evacuate Their Homes And Gather In 'City Center' - Business Insider
Prison Planet.com » Student Expelled for Refusing Location Tracking RFID Badge
Prison Planet.com » Gaza rockets fired toward Jerusalem land in West Bank
Soros Buying Gold as Record Prices Seen on Stimulus - Bloomberg
Michael Moore to Obama: ‘Drive the Rich Right Off Their Fiscal Cliff' | CNS News
Prison Planet.com » Robert Welch Accurately Predicted Fall Off Fiscal Cliff in 1974
Human rights group: ‘Killer robots’ should be banned | The Raw Story
Prison Planet.com » When Law and Order Break Down: “People Are Afraid Right Now. You Can See It In Their Faces.”
Prison Planet.com » Karma? Rootworm Damaging Ineffective GMO Corn
Prison Planet.com » Five-hour energy drinks linked to death, convulsions and spontaneous abortion
Prison Planet.com » British doctor gives wrong vaccines to children for more than three years, hundreds of children now face health risk
Report: Obama Coverage Turned More Favorable In Final Week Of Election - Washington Whispers (usnews.com)
Prison Planet.com » Puppet State America
Prison Planet.com » Cowards of The Age Are Stomping Gaza To Death
The Secret War Between China and the US for Africa's Oil Riches
The World Wide Web Of Debt - BlackListedNews.com
U.S. army chief in Israel to discuss joint missile defense drill - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
Senate Bill Rewrite Lets Feds Read Your E-mail, Cloud Docs, Facebook Information and More Without Warrants - BlackListedNews.com
World Bank Study: To Avoid Climate Doomsday, Reduce CO2 and Increase Carbon Taxes and African Land Grabs - BlackListedNews.com
World Bank Report Predicts Climate-Changed 'Doomsday - YouTube
Sacrificing The Will Of The People On The Altar of The Euro - BlackListedNews.com
The Trans-Pacific Partnership:This is What Corporate Governance Looks Like - BlackListedNews.com
SEC Rocked By Lurid Sex-and-Corruption Lawsuit | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone
Noam Chomsky - US Israeli Crimes Against Palestine (FULL) - YouTube
iSecede - YouTube
Indianapolis Explosion: Did it come from the sky? - YouTube
The JFK Page: The Death Of John Kennedy The Media helped sell the lie of the lone assasin.
Gerald Ford forced to admit the Warren Report fictionalized
The JFK Page: The Death Of John Kennedy Why Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment.
Assassination studies: Why the CIA cooperated in the killing of JFK
The Road to World War 3 - YouTube
Stunning Revelation from WALL ST Insider - YouTube
Time Runs Back - YouTube
Strategic Maneuvers - The Revolving Door from the Pentagon to the Private Sector - YouTube
Freshman Congressman Ted Yoho Comes Out Against NDAA and Considers a New 9/11 Investigation | 9/11 and Ground Zero
Congressman Ted Yoho Comes Out Against NDAA and Considers a New 9/11 Investigation - YouTube
China condemns Israeli attack on Gaza - YouTube
The Keynesian Architects of the U.S. Warfare State | Joseph T. Salerno | XRepublic
How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor | Robert Higgs | XRepublic
John Bolton: Iran Has Israel 'Encircled'
9/11 Eyewitness: Sensationalism and Pseudo-Science
Rick Santelli 'Reform Avoidance: Forget 80 Billion Euro Greece Bailout, Lets Talk About Trillions' | XRepublic
6 Obama Aides Owe $833,970 In Back Taxes – Media Silent « ACGR's "News with Attitude"
John Stossel - Free Speech, Free Minds, & Free People | XRepublic
Rand Paul on Fiscal Cliff, Pot, Immigration, Ron Paul and 2016 - ABC News 11/19/12 | XRepublic
.:Middle East Online::The Fall of the American Empire: History, Farce, and David Petraeus :.
Activist Post: Homeland Security Wants to More Than Double Its Predator Drone Fleet Inside the US, Despite Safety and Privacy Concerns
The 'creepy' mannequin that stares back at you: Fashion retailers adapt airport security technology to profile customers | Mail Online
Identifying Different Psychopaths - YouTube
Classic Ron Paul - "These intelligence agents serve no diplomatic function whatsoever" (1983) | XRepublic
Income Tax a Class Warfare Tool Politicians Use to Divide and Conquer. | The Lone Star Watchdog
Jordan Maxwell "You are property of the Rothschild family" - YouTube
Did Anonymous Block Karl Rove's Attempt To Steal Election? | Liberals Unite
Dec 23rd 2012 Fed Reserve 99 Year Lease is up - YouTube
The Elevator Metaphor to the Cassandra Syndrome of Overpopulation in America and Around the World
Michael Greger, M.D.: Prozac in Poultry Is Better Than Penicillin
Science’s Looming ‘Tipping Point’ | thunderbolts.info
Hundreds of paedophiles reoffend while being monitored - Telegraph
Nanoparticle shows promise in treatment of multiple sclerosis
New push for most in US to get at least 1 HIV test | World news | The Guardian
GMOs plus Obamacare: your ticket to slavery
Rise in Afghan poppy farming fuelled by high opium prices | World news | guardian.co.uk
More than 1,000 new coal plants planned worldwide, figures show | Environment | The Guardian
Hunters Shoot Drone Out Of Sky: “Octocopter” Was Owned By Animal Rights Group | _
CNN’s Zionist Bullshit on HAMAS | Mantiq al-Tayr
Where in the World is Barack Obama? | _
Can Lord McAlpine the 'technophobe treasurer' really beat the Twitterati? - Home News - UK - The Independent
Power-saw wielding thieves steal ancient rock carvings in 'worst vandalism ever' - Telegraph
Yasmin Alibhai Brown: Don't forget how Britain betrayed the Palestinians - hei-fi-views - hei-fi - The Independent
Pres Obama "WE Are Fully Supportive Of Israel's Right To Defend Itself From MISSILES Raining Down" - YouTube
BBC News - Syria Islamist fighters in Aleppo reject new opposition
PressTV - Coup and counter-coup in Washington
Big Brother: HDTVS Easily Hacked And Spying On Viewers - :
How to Detox Pesticides: 7 Tips for Pesticide Detoxification
The Best Kept Open Secret of Our Time: Individuals Have Power | Old-Thinker News
Scientists: “The very lowest levels of radiation are harmful to life” — We have to rethink exposure levels from nuclear plants
Change Ain’t What It Used To Be « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
UFOs & Aliens In the Media | VIDEO
Does anyone seriously think it’s about rockets? | My Catbird Seat
Holocaust Denier Joachim Martillo: Jews Behind Collapse of US and World Financial System.mp4 - YouTube
The Zionist Matrix of Power - Full Movie - YouTube
Conspiracy Theory S03E02 Death Ray - YouTube
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: This is What Corporate Governance Looks Like
Mexico facing a diabetes ‘disaster’ as obesity levels soar | McClatchy
Report: French officials accuse US of hacking Sarkozy's computers - The Hill's Global Affairs
Afghan combat mission ends for French troops | euronews, world news
Post-Election: Expect More Drone And Space War « Stop NATO
OpEdNews - Article: U.S. Intensifies Military Encirclement of China
Wikileaks releases more Global Intelligence Files; some highlights | Privacy SOS
'We are ready to build more carriers' |Top News |chinadaily.com.cn
India steps up cruise missile production
Deterring China’s Fighter Buildup | Defense News | defensenews.com
As Predicted: Post-Reelection Firearms and Accessories Sales Up 235% | The Truth About Guns
Arms race explodes as neighbours try to counter China
China advertises weapons with simulated attack on Taiwan - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
Ron Paul: You're Not Free If You Can't Secede From An Oppressive Government - informationliberation
Don't Let Retraction Distract From The Simple Fact: GOP Copyright Policy Brief Was Brilliant | Techdirt
NewsDaily: "Higgs" boson may not open door to exotic realms
Ex-'Price is Right' model wins suit against show
Israel police: Armed man attacks US Embassy guard
Federal Workers to Congress: Leave Us Out of Deficit Deal - NationalJournal.com
Gaza conflict: Egyptian president says peace in Gaza is 'imminent' and predicts lasting ceasefire will begin from tomorrow | Mail Online
Organic farmers condemn U.S. report, claim it favors GMO - Yahoo! News Canada
Power-saw wielding thieves steal ancient rock carvings in 'worst vandalism ever' - Telegraph
Illinois works on driver's licenses for illegals - Washington Times
Obama’s ‘Constituency Groups’ Checklist Offers No Options for Whites or Men | CNS News
Federal government releases long-awaited health reform rules - Vitals
Wolffe: GOP Going On Witch Hunt Against "People Of Color" In Obama Cabinet | RealClearPolitics
Wayne County VIP jail cell was Web porn executive's office | Wayne County | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
Fox Developing Pot Legalization Movement Comedy From 'Entourage' Producers - Deadline.com
The Real Problem With The iPhone “Sexting” App
Athens man arrested after pretending Taser is penis | Online Athens
More Americans Will Use Food Stamps For Thanksgiving This Year Than Ever Before - Washington Whispers (usnews.com)
ConsumerWatch: Stores Requiring ID, Tracking To Prevent Repeated Returns « CBS San Francisco
Sesame Workshop: Elmo Actor Kevin Clash Resigns Amid Sex Allegation « CBS New York
Penn State Takes Down A Photo Of Elmo Being Given A PSU T-Shirt
Most marriages break down over mundane household chores - Telegraph
Japan Warns of Damage to ‘Peace and Stability’ in China Territorial Dispute -- News from Antiwar.com
Putting a price tag on war with Iran - CNN.com
Islamist Factions Spurn Syrian Opposition Bloc -- News from Antiwar.com
Karzai Orders Afghan Takeover of Bagram Prison -- News from Antiwar.com
As Israel and Hamas open the 'gates of hell' in Gaza, all the journalistic cliches of war are here again - Comment - Voices - The Independent
Mexico focus on police commanders in CIA shooting - Yahoo! News
Israel Defense Forces Usher in War 2.0
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- November 20, 2012
National Security State - YouTube
What The Hell Is China Building Here? | Gizmodo Australia
Nervous-System Damage From the Sky | Environment & Health | Health | Epoch Times
Answer to world's future problems lies in synthetic biology: Dr Venter - Hindustan Times
**Almost 7 Hours David Icke Non Stop - Human Race Get Off Your Knees "The Lion Sleeps No More" - YouTube
Hemp Can Repair DNA! | Dprogram.net
God is not a Real Estate Agent, Zionist scumbags - YouTube
Republicans Wimp Out, Fail to Oppose Democrat Plan to Tax Wealth Producers | Dprogram.net
The Corbett Report | Interview 556 – James Corbett on the Petraeus Affair on Ground Zero Radio
The Corbett Report | Interview 557 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
The Corbett Report | Interview 558 – David Smith on the Global Banking Cartel
Gay-Marriage receives strong support by Chicago Mayor Emanuel - Chicago Political Buzz | Examiner.com
Pictures - Photos: Former child stars then and now - National Pop Culture | Examiner.com
Why Do Journalists Pretend the Battle Between Israel and Hamas is an Even One?
Anarchy in the USA
House Committee Investigates EPA’s Secret E-mail Accounts
Geithner as Buzz Lightyear on National Debt: To Infinity, and Beyond
Obama Administration Gets Sued Over Carbon Tax E-mails
FFRF Sues IRS for Failure to Prosecute Churches, Christian Groups
Documentary: Serial killer , not OJ, killed Simpson and Brown
Mystery man ruled out in Brooklyn serial killer investigation
Illinois may grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants
'Boss' Canceled: Kelsey Grammer Series Will Not Return For Season 3, But There May Be A Movie
Elmo puppeteer resigns, hit by $5 million lawsuit
Hollywood Reporter apologizes for 'black list'
Review: 'Red Dawn' remake won't win hearts and minds
UN Security Council condemns Congo rebel seizure of Goma
Clinton to join Gaza ceasefire effort
Drunk Jerk Arrested For Telling Kids There Is No Santa Claus, Being A Drunk Jerk
John McAfee: people of Belize should rise up against 'dictatorship'
San Francisco orders nudists to put their pants on
Terror plot suspect: From homecoming court member to alleged jihadist
Warner says no to governor run
Former Sen. Warren Rudman dies at 82
Watchdog Wants EPA Chief's Use of Alias E-Mail Probed
State Considers Giving Illegal Immigrants Driver's Licenses
Rep. Matheson's election victory confirmed
How The Press Helped Obama Over The Finish Line
GOP candidate asks for recount in North Carolina
Mitt Romney 'gifts' comment, Newt Gingrich reaction: Gingrich calls Romney's Obama statement 'nuts'
NYC payphones get revived as touch-screen tablets
U.S. Said to Waver on Antitrust Case Against Google
Firefox's New Social API Brings Facebook Chat Right To Your Browser
Digg's New Business: Finding Apps You'll Love
Bionic Mannequins Spy on Shoppers to Boost Luxury Sales
Microsoft's OWN tests on Kin 'social phone' foretold its doom
Facebook Testing Mobile Photo Sync Feature
Scientists Discover 'Super-Jupiter' Orbiting Massive Star Using Rare Direct Image
Sun Belches Plasma, Directs It Away from Mother Earth
Does the moon have levitating lunar dust?
New HIV Cases Falling in Some Poor Nations, but Treatment Still Lags
What do Americans drink more of: soda or alcohol?
E-mail bill raises privacy concerns - YouTube
Have fun with Thanksgiving leftovers | The Suffolk News-Herald
+What Does Ron Paul Read?
Democracy and Majority Rule by Walter E. Williams
Dr. David Brownstein - Holistic Family Medicine: Should You Get An Ineffective, Toxic, Flu Vaccine?
Revealed: The former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald who claims in new book that president's killer is innocent - and a hero | Mail Online
Debbie Schlussel/ Pat Campbell Radio Show;HAMAS v. Israel – Listen to the Podcast
Debbie Schlussel-Charlie Daniels Said What About HAMAS v. Israel? Response Needed
Debbie Schlussel-The Chicago Way – That’s How You Get HAMAS; Before You Get Too Excited About the War w/ HAMAS
Say No to Big Government and Fairness
The Right to a Job Doesn't Exist
Make Thanksgiving 2012 an ‘Agenda 21 Knowing Thanksgiving’
Thanksgiving, Colonists & Early American Law
The Three Evil Pillars Of The Palestinian Jihadist War Strategy
A Hurricane of Global Warming Lies
Maine’s Mysterious Black Voters
Brace For Impact!
‘The Spy Who Came Into (the Obama regime) Fold’
DOE Spends Taxpayers’ Money While A123 Goes Bankrupt
The U.N. Tilt to Terrorists
Republican Regrets and Revisions
Chicago Nativity Scene Returns to Daley Plaza
Britain’s Green Agenda Disintegrating
Invasion of the Liberal Body Snatchers
Media admitting voter fraud in Allen West race
It’s Time to Overhaul the Transportation Security Administration
Education 'Change Agent' Michelle Rhee: The Left Connection
Conspire, Divide & Smear
GOP Establishment Seeks Its Inner Neville Chamberlain
Social Security and the Politics of Deceit
Ending the Tax Debate
The Color of Truth
Is Thirty the new Fifty?
Why the Secession Petitions?
Media coverage of Obama turned positive the last week of the race
More Obama gaffes on trip to far east
Secretary Clinton travels to Middle East in last ditch attempt for cease fire
What Israel Must Do
Tweets Reveal the Soul of Assault on Pro-Life AG
The End of Twinkies' Union Label
Economic Disintegration is Almost Here
We Don't Know Why We Lost Because We Don't Know Who We Are
The West/SmileyTraveling Poverty Tour
A Violent Russia
Removing a Tumor


Video: Leno Zings Obama: 'Good News For The Economy, President Obama Is Out Of Town'
Video: Rand Paul: 'Not Going to Deny That I'm Interested' in 2016
Video: Gaza: Israeli 'Spies' Executed by Mob, Dragged through Streets by Motorbike Gang (**Warning: Graphic**)
Video: AP Reporter Clashes with State Dept Spokeswoman Who Refuses to Condemn Turkey Calling Israel a Terrorist State
Video: Hillary Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama's Speech in Burma
Video: Flashback: Obama Wants 'Civilian National Security Force' That's As Powerful and Well-Funded as the Military
Video: Texas Students Treated Like Cattle with Mandatory RFID Tracking Tags
Video: Objective Journalist Tribute for Chicago Tribune's Christi Parsons
Video: CNN Miffed by 'Anti-Obama' County in Texas; Excuses Inner City Districts with Zero Romney Votes
Video: Evidence: Dead Boy Used for Propaganda Killed by Hamas, Not Israel, as CNN Claims (**Warning: Disturbing Image**)
Video: Flashback: Charlton Heston 'From My Cold Dead Hands' - Speech on Patriotism, Freedom and Liberty
Students Rise Up Against Forced Chipping | American Free Press
We Just Want to Grow Our Own Food | American Free Press
50 States File Secession Petitions With D.C. | American Free Press
Petraeus Set Up By Israel | American Free Press
Israel Sabotaging Obama’s Solution to Iran Issue | American Free Press
Benghazi Embassy Used for CIA Spying, Weapons Transfers | American Free Press
They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside | Danger Room | Wired.com
Randomness, probability and uncertainty: Stress best | The Economist
Gene that predicts what time of day we'll DIE discovered | Mail Online
Chimps and orangutans may experience midlife crises, say scientists | Science | The Guardian
The Deep-Space Suit | Popular Science
Local Teenager Suffering From “Sleeping Beauty” Syndrome « CBS Pittsburgh
Einstein’s Brain: New Insights into the Roots of Genius | Talking back, Scientific American Blog Network
Ashlyn Blocker, the Girl Who Feels No Pain - NYTimes.com
Listen to the sounds of the human mind: Remixed brain scans reveal our inner music | Mail Online
RUSH: Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz Moved Heaven And Earth To Defeat Allen West And Mia Love And Replace Them With White Men.
Wait, What? Did Rush Just Say “Capitalism Doesn’t Work For Everyone”?
Limbaugh: Govt. Website Guiding Immigrants To Welfare Benefits Is “Blatantly Illegal”
Limbaugh Offended That American People Being Blamed For Not Paying Enough Taxes. It’s A Spending Problem.
RUSH: Baracka Claus Sings “Obama Phones Ringing” – Song Parody
Limbaugh: Republicans Don’t Want To Be Seen As Disagreeing With The Welfare State
Rush Rips Koppel For Accusing Limbaugh Of ‘Scaring Republicans To Not Crossing The Aisle’
Robertson: Atheists 'Miserable' and Trying to 'Steal' Christmas Like the Grinch
Did Anonymous Stop Rove From Stealing The Election Again?
Kurtz Rips Murdoch for 'Atrocious' Tweet Suggesting 'Jewish' Press Have Hidden Agenda
Jindal: The Way to Win Over Women Voters is to Show We Can Tolerate Them.
Big Banks Line Up To Block Elizabeth Warren's Appointment to Senate Banking Committee
Boehner Taps Ryan as 'Point Man' in Fiscal Negotiations
The Other Loser in 2012
Woodward: Benghazi 'Does Not Rate Very High' on the Watergate Scale
Chris Hayes to Democrats: Don't Count on Cuomo
Walmart Whines To NLRB About Worker Actions. Boo Hoo!
Allen West Finally Concedes to Patrick Murphy
Now Rush Limbaugh Downplays His Role In GOP
Forbes Explains Why There Is No Debt Crisis And Never Can Be
Laura Ingraham Misses Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak
Wingnuts: Romney Lost the Election Because He Was Too Moderate
Fox Airs Pro-Walmart Segment Attacking Black Friday Strike 'Brought to You by Walmart'
FBI Arrests Four Men Who Plotted To Join Al Qaeda
c2cam/Mermaids & Dolphins - 11-19-2012 - YouTube
Feds Bust Four Clueless al-Qaeda Wannabes for Talking About Jihad «
Bradlee Dean: 56 Million Dead in the name of Government Gun Control
Court Order Preserves Hostess for Now - YouTube
+Blueprint to Nutritional Victory with Dr. Joel Wallach - YouTube
Secretary of State Clinton Going to Mideast - YouTube
Clinton Arrives in Israel for Cease-fire Talk
Republicans Start to Abandon Norquist's Tax Pledge
Koppel: Rush, Jon Stewart to Blame for Political Gridlock
Franklin Graham: Pray for America and Obama
Ron Paul: Secession Talks 'Raise a lot of Worthwhile Questions'
Labor Board Promises Quick Action on Wal-Mart Case
Watchdog Wants EPA Chief’s Use of Alias E-Mail Investigated
PETA Asks Obama to End White House ‘Turkey Pardon’
Walker Signals He'll End Same-day Voter Registration
Allen West Concedes to Democrat Patrick Murphy
Colombian Rebels Call for Truce
Budget Fight Threatens U.S. Recession, Bernanke Says
Feldstein: Fixing Fiscal Cliff May Not Avoid Recession
Petraeus Affair: Can Cheating Wreck Your Health?
Full Moon Doesn't Cause Madness: Study
Defense Expert: Cyber Attacks Biggest Threat to Civilization
Violent Dolphin Deaths a Mystery for Scientists
Half of Drivers Under 30 Use Web Behind Wheel, Survey Shows
$135B in FY12 Disability Payments Exceeded $125B in Pentagon Procurement Payments | CNS News
U.S. Dept. of Labor Observes 'Transgender Day of Remembrance' | CNS News
DNC Chair on GOP: ‘They Got Whiter and More Male’ | CNS News
Levin: Judge Was Saying 'Constitution Doesn't Apply To You' By Ruling Against Freedom Of Religion | CNS News
Obama’s ‘Constituency Groups’ Checklist Offers No Options for Whites or Men | CNS News
White House Announces $6 Billion to Promote Clean Energy – in Asia | CNS News
Mitt Wasn't All Wrong About 'Gifts' | CNS News
FCC Chair: US Has ‘More 4G Subscribers Than the Rest of the World Combined’ | CNS News
Sesame Street’s ‘Elmo’ Puppeeter Resigns -- 2nd Accuser Files Sex Lawsuit | CNS News
18 California Cities, Counties Ban Smoking in Apartments, Condos | CNS News
Obama Proclamation Mirrors United Nation’s Universal Child’s Day | CNS News
All Kidding Aside: The Onion Only Empathizes With Plight of Palestinians | NewsBusters.org
Michael Moore to Obama: ‘Drive the Rich Right Off Their Fiscal Cliff' | CNS News
97 House Republicans Warn Obama Against Nominating Susan Rice to Secretary of State | CNS News
Clyburn: Calling Susan Rice ‘Incompetent’ Is a Racial Code Word | CNS News
DHS Promotes Govt. Benefits to Immigrants Despite Legal Prohibition of Visas for Likely Welfare Recipients | CNS News
PETA: Handle Hunting Magazines Like Porn--Keep Away from Kids | CNS News
Hollywood's 1954 Thanksgiving Prayer: 'We Thank Thee for the Privilege of Living as Free Men' | CNS News
Oliver Stone Tells Islamic Media: Petraeus Scandal Is 'American Puritanism' | CNS News
Obama: U.S. and China Should ‘Establish Clear Rules of the Road’ for Global Trade | CNS News
Obama Administration Again Caught Between Its Allies Israel and Turkey | CNS News
FCC Chair: ‘We Can Finally Focus on Real Issues Facing America Like Catching Abu Nazir’ | CNS News
Rep. Allen West Concedes | CNS News
Obama's Politics of Distortion
Don't Let Terrorists Dictate Narrative
'Obamawar' Stems From Reckless Policies
Panel pushes for Americans ages 15 to 64 to get tested for HIV
Attorney General Holder to stay into second term 'about a year,' source says
Sharon the Truth Teller | Veterans Today
Take “Terrorism” out of Hamas. Arm it. | Veterans Today
Global Alien Terror Threat A Reality ! | Veterans Today
The Four Horsemen Behind the Oil Wars | Veterans Today
Demonization: The Lobby’s Resourceful Weapon of War | Veterans Today
Intel chief's office removed al-Qaida from talking points | The Daily Caller
Left-wing ‘watchdog’ group turns on Obama admin, demands investigation into EPA chief Lisa Jackson's secret emails | The Daily Caller
Homeland Security promotes welfare to new immigrants in government 'welcome' materials | The Daily Caller
'Real killer' found in OJ Simpson case? | The Daily Caller
Rand Paul 'interested' in 2016 presidential run | The Daily Caller
Internet Radio Fairness Act would end the music monopoly | The Daily Caller
Mark Levin rips Bill Kristol for saying GOP should consider tax hike | The Daily Caller
Amnesty won't magically make Hispanics more Republican | The Daily Caller
Church of England says no to female bishops | The Daily Caller
MSNBC's Richard Wolffe: Racism motivating GOP against Susan Rice, Eric Holder | The Daily Caller
Obama campaign manager saw threat in Huntsman candidacy | The Daily Caller
Turkeys that look like Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley [SLIDESHOW] | The Daily Caller
Opposition continues to mount Internet Radio Fairness Act | The Daily Caller
The 13 Best American Media Reporters | Mediaite
O’Reilly Tears Into His And Romney’s Critics: ‘Gifts’ Remark ‘Is A Stone-Cold Fact’ | Mediaite
Ron Paul: Secession Petitions ‘Raise A Lot Of Worthwhile Questions’ | Mediaite
Most Americans Support David Petraeus’ Resignation, Gallup Poll Shows | Mediaite
Fox Panel Gets Heated Over Whether Criticism Of Ambassador Susan Rice Is Racially Motivated | Mediaite
Glenn Beck Offers Post-Election Prognosis On O’Reilly: Everything Will Work Out But ‘A Lot Of Pain’ Coming | Mediaite
Fox’s Bob Beckel On San Francisco Nudists: ‘Most Of Them Were Gang Banged Probably’ As Children | Mediaite
Soledad O’Brien To Jeb Bush, Jr: Is GOP Losing Hispanic Support Because They Have The ‘Wrong Message’? | Mediaite
Mark Levin Slams Bill Kristol For Supporting Tax Hikes: ‘Stop Talking Like The Lib You Used To Be’ | Mediaite
Creator Of ‘Unskewed Polls’ Has New Website ‘Barack O’Fraudo’ Claiming Obama Stole The Election | Mediaite
Newspaper Disciplines Copy Editor For Changing AP Report To Say Obama ‘Allegedly’ Born In Hawaii | Mediaite
This Happened: Jill Kelley’s Twin Sister Holds Press Conference… With Gloria Allred | Mediaite
Picture Of Mitt Romney Pumping His Own Gas Makes A Splash On Reddit | Mediaite
AP reporter slams Obama administration for ‘silent diplomacy’ while people are dying » The Right Scoop -
BREAKING: IDF drops leaflets warning Gaza residents to IMMEDIATELY evacuate homes, head for Gaza City » The Right Scoop -
Mark Levin blasts James Clyburn and Marcia Fudge for race baiting over Susan Rice opposition » The Right Scoop -
Juan Williams accuses Israel of stunning overkill; Krauthammer says world media on Palestinian side » The Right Scoop -
Afraid of Accidently Dating a Liberal? Well, Worry No More | MRCTV
MSNBC Scolds US for Not Negotiating with Terrorists | MRCTV
Vicious Attack During Anti-Israeli Demonstration in San Francisco | MRCTV
Thirty-story building built in 15 days; time lapse | MRCTV
MSNBC Loves Alinsky | MRCTV
George Will to Romney: 'Quit Despising the American People' | MRCTV
Liberal Comedian John Fugelsang: Yeah, Hamas Is Terrorist Organization, But At Least They Were Elected | MRCTV
CNN Gives Two PLO Mouthpieces Time to Bash Israel | MRCTV
Admin. fails to condemn Turkey calling Israel 'a Terrorist State' | MRCTV
Benjamin Fulford Latest Interview ~ Nov 14, 2012 | Alternative
Do Einstein's Laws Prove Ghosts Exist? | Alternative
The Lion People : Feline Humanoid ET Race - Psychedelic Adventure
Atlantis- The Lost Continent - YouTube
100 Years Of Income Taxes (A Simple Infographic) | Politics
Welcome To My World!: 6 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Magnesium Levels
Obamas Gun Ban List Is Out: "Here It Is, Folks, And It Is Bad News" | Survival
If You Throw Away Your Abilty to Defend Yourself, Then You Throw Away Your Freedom - YouTube
6 Little-Known Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life | Cracked.com
Jill Kelley Helped Muslim Nations, Hezbollah Infiltrate Central Command, MacDill Base; “Go To Girl” For Muslim Parties w/ Generals
Italian Supreme Court President Calls for New 9/11 Investigation at ICC | _
It's All Over: Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Worlds | Mayan Apocalypse 2012 | LiveScience
The Suspension Of Habeas Corpus In America: Obama: A President Who Places Himself Above The Law. | Obama
Green Planet Sighted Next to the Moon Shocking Photos Reveal Earths Secret Neighbor | Space
Unknow Planet sighting 4-29-11 - YouTube
Pineal Activation, Solar Gazing and DNA Recoding | Wake Up World
When Is Ejaculation 'Premature,' And When Should A Penis Be Made Numb? | Health
Electro Magnetic Pulse Effects & Preparedness | Survival
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Archaeologists unearth Scotland's oldest, 10,000 year-old, home | Mail Online
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3D printed biorobot will enter your gut to track and destroy toxins | ExtremeTech
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Charlie Brown Embroiled in Christmas Controversy | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes
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BH Interview: Author Barbara Rose Brooker on Sex, Ageism and Why Hollywood Mistreats Betty White
Fiona Apple Leaves Tour to Be with Ailing Dog
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New Fox Comedy Tracks Marijuana Legalization Trend
'The Expendables 2' Blu-Ray Review: Time Capsule Action Film Deserves Fresh Burial
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Kim Kardashian Still Smarting Over Death Threats, Vows to Study Middle East Conflict
BH Interview: 'Battle Hymn' Playwright Battles Religious Intimidation, Theatrical Bias
Elmo Actor Kevin Clash Resigns Amid Sex Allegation
Redford Calls Climate Change Deniers 'Narrow ... Ideologically Driven'
Two-State Party: Nearly 30% of House Democrats from CA, NY
McCarthy: Obama, Pelosi Could Split Over Fiscal Cliff
Illinois Town Ends Christmas Tradition to Appease Atheists
Republicans Must Learn to Speak 'Jack Kemp' Again
Frivolous Lawsuits Shut Down Largest Gas Can Co. as Sandy Spurs Demand
Sources: Director of National Intelligence Edited Benghazi Talking Points
McCain 'Frustrated' by Reports DNI Altered Benghazi Talking Points
U.S. Sentences Mexican Drug Cartel Manager
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State Dept Tries to Hide Presence at Defamation of Islam Conference
Petraeus Scandal Highlights Dangerous Weakness in U.S. Counterintelligence
Winning the New Culture War: Liberty Versus Autonomy
CNN Poll: Minority of Democrats Support Israel in Gaza
Two in Five Believe U.S. Will Be Worse Off in Obama Second Term
Exclusive: Fox News' 'Hannity' to Air One-Hour 'District of Corruption' Special on Thanksgiving
'District of Corruption' Indicts, Traces Roots of Permanent Political Class
Forward: Business Leaders Signal U.S. Headed Over 'Investment Cliff'
Another Obama Administration Scandal Explodes into the News
Hartford Courant: One-Party Rule 'Unhealthy', Only Endorsed Democrats
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The Hill Selectively Reports Polls to Push Tax-Hike Narrative
Levin Smacks Kristol on Tax Liberalism
News Corp Plans ESPN Rival
NYT Rips Israel for Bombing Gaza Media Offices, Ignores Terror Leaders Inside
New York Times Celebrates End of 'Rush Limbaugh's Country'
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BBC Journo Spreads Photo of Syrian Child Depicted as Gaza Victim
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Downgraded France says it needs more time
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Germany To Provide Patriot Missiles and Troops To Turkey?
Hamas Says Ceasefire In Place, Israel Denies
Iran Shipping More Weapons to Gaza
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TRANSCRIPT:Sunday, November 18

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**November 20, 2012:Political Video

Allen West Concedes Race, Won't Contest Latest Recount | RealClearPolitics
Juan Williams: Israel Has To Be Careful Of "Overkill" | RealClearPolitics
Union Chief Warns Democrats Not To Oppose Obama: "Remember What Happened To Blanche Lincoln" | RealClearPolitics
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Krauthammer: Hamas "Very Adept At The Pornography Of Grief" | RealClearPolitics
Mark Levin Rips Bill Kristol: "Stop Talking Like The Lib You Used To Be" | RealClearPolitics
NBC News Reporter Complains U.S. Doesn't Acknowledge Hamas, Won't "Rein In" Israel | RealClearPolitics
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Scarborough: Mistake For GOP To Go After "Woman Of Color" Susan Rice | RealClearPolitics
Rand Paul On 2016: "I'm Not Going To Deny That I'm Interested" | RealClearPolitics
Schultz: Republicans Make Ryan Their Chief Negotiator Because They Aren't Listening To Americans | RealClearPolitics
O'Reilly Skewers "Far-Left" Media For Ripping His "Traditional America" Comment | RealClearPolitics
Maddow: Why Is Reince Priebus Running For Another RNC Term? | RealClearPolitics
Krauthammer: Benghazi Is "Three Scandals" | RealClearPolitics

November 19, 2012:Political Video

Adam Carolla On Atheism Stopping Christmas Nativity Scenes | RealClearPolitics
Dennis Miller On General Petraeus, Banning Food & Benghazi | RealClearPolitics
Wolffe: GOP Going On Witch Hunt Against "People Of Color" In Obama Cabinet | RealClearPolitics
Frank Rich: Nobody Home For GOP On Foreign Policy | RealClearPolitics
Toure: "Redistribution" Is A Dog Whistle For "White Racial Anxiety" | RealClearPolitics
Greg Gutfeld: Obama Admin Suffering From "Wordaphobia" | RealClearPolitics
AP Reporter vs. State Department Spokeswoman On Silence Over Israel | RealClearPolitics
Anderson Cooper Ducks For Cover In Gaza After Explosion Rocks Live Report | RealClearPolitics
Wasserman Schultz: Republican Party "Got Whiter And More Male" | RealClearPolitics
Obama: "I Cannot Just Impose My Will On Congress" Though "Sometimes I Wish I Could" | RealClearPolitics
MSNBC Host To Israeli Ambassador: Hamas Rockets "Rarely Do Damage" | RealClearPolitics
20 NOV.
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Today in History: November 20
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