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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
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30 November 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World" - pm

Will The Mayan 2012 Prediction Come True?
Pharaoh Morsi, African Blackwater, Droning On - New World Next Week
Julian Assange on CNN's OutFront (28 Nov 2012)
Casino deal maybe not as close as Quinn, Emanuel say
Staged plane crash makes the morning news
The Who as two for 'Quadrophenia'
Quinn signs bill giving CPS more time to release school shake-up list
Peña Nieto places allies in Mexican cabinet
In Egypt, anger grows among liberals over Islamist-backed constitution
Syria Bolsters Troops in Capital as Internet Stays Dark
Envoy Warns That Syria Could Become a Failed State
New Chinese Law Allows for Search, Expulsion of Foreign Ships
North Korea preparing for missile test
Tunisia president says govt not meeting people's needs
Strauss-Kahn Said to Reach Deal to Settle With Hotel Housekeeper
Russia's Putin to Visit Turkey Amid Health Rumors
Pakistan Agrees to Free More Taliban Prisoners
Spain Raids Company Suspected of Smuggling Nuclear Supplies to Iran
Responding to UN recognition of Palestinian state, Israel to build 3,000 new settlement homes | Fox News
The Partisan Bickering Over Susan Rice's Future
Attacker at Wyoming college kills two, commits suicide
Hazardous Fumes Leak After Derailment in New Jersey
Wikileaks Suspect Bradley Manning Chokes Up at Hearing
House to Consider Limited GOP Immigration Bill
Source: Man held after blast outside Social Security building in Arizona
Meet the Powerball millionaires - Video on NBCNews.com
Facebook, Zynga open their marriage
Energy Department Launches 'Battery Hub,' For Battery Manhattan Project
Judge Gives Final Approval to Hostess's Wind-Down Plan
VeriSign Limited in Raising Domain Prices
Microsoft's Surface 8 Pro Tablet Arrives in January for $899
The 7 Best New Features in Apple's iTunes 11
Unboxing the New 27-Inch Apple iMac
Facebook Now Auto-Uploads Mobile Photos To Web
Ford Recalling 73000 Escapes and 15800 Fusions
LA Auto Show 2012
FIAT Reveal From the 2012 LA Auto Show - YouTube
Anti-roll-over device said to have saved thousands of lives over three year period
Staples to offer 3D printing abroad
World Debut: BMW i3 Electric Car
How makers of phones and tablets are faring
Google goes public over German copyright law
Lindsay Lohan Accuser -- IT'S GLORIA ALLRED TIME!!
Dispersant makes oil from spills 52 times more toxic
Scientists build largest ever computerized brain
Higgs Boson 'God Particle' nominated as TIME Person of the Year
NASA Takes on 2012 Doomsday Hokum
Star-forming galaxy is astronomical puzzle
MIT Researchers Create The Swiss Army Knife Of The Robotics World
Former HMC Employee Indicted for Spreading Hepatitis
Gay rights groups rip 'Dr. Oz Show' over episode on reparative therapy
Dr. Phil Dishes On Bizarre Dina Lohan Interview; Weighs In On Lindsay Lohan’s Most Recent Arrest
Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' celebrates 30th anniversary - Zap2it
The World's 25 Highest-Paid Musicians - Zack O'Malley Greenburg The Beat Report - Forbes
Mercury Has Enough Ice To Bury Washington Under Two Miles - YouTube
Mercury's north pole is probably chock full of ice | Crave - CNET
Polar Ice Sheets Melt at Faster Pace - WSJ.com
60-Million-Year Debate on Grand Canyon’s Age - NYTimes.com
Scientists build tiny structures using Lego-like DNA 'bricks' - latimes.com
Arab Youths Take 'Arabs More Than Oil' Message to Climate Talks - Bloomberg
Lobster Age Shown By Counting Its Rings Like A Tree, Study Reveals
Report: U.S. planned to bomb moon with nuclear warhead | Science Recorder
U.S. birth rates hit hard by recession - latimes.com
BBC News - Stem cells being made from blood
Nothing fishy about milk fortified with omega-3 Latest News - Current Stories, Commentary, Markets
World AIDS Day highlights challenges of facing the disease
World AIDS Day 2012 More Hopeful Than in Past - YouTube
Sheriff Protects First Amendment & Becomes Internet Star - YouTube
BBC inquiry into Jimmy Savile scandal 'to stay secret' - Telegraph
POWER CORRUPTS. | INCUBUS: Incendiary rants of an apostate anarchist
China: Sex Slave Dungeon Master Forced Women to Kill One Another
Susan Rice Invested in Tar Sands and Keystone Pipeline - BlackListedNews.com
Minnesota developing GPS-based vehicle tracking system intended to introduce a vehicle tax | WTF RLY REPORT
Narco-State Run Kabul Bank Is One Major Ponzi Scheme, Surprised?! - BlackListedNews.com
Down Our Throats – How Corporate Influence and Public Policy Conspire to Keep Us Unhealthy - BlackListedNews.com
NDAA Says Americans Can Be Detained Indefinitely - Business Insider
Why Is The US Building A Secret $100 Million Underground Facility Outside Tel Aviv? - BlackListedNews.com
President Jimmy Carter Breaks the Set, America's Deadliest Export: "Democracy" - YouTube
Batman Shooter: Manchurian Candidate Programmed by Evil Therapist - YouTube
Discovery Channel Documentary Proves Mind Control Assassin ‘Conspiracy’ | Dprogram.net
"Cablegate": the WikiLeaks release that changed the world - YouTube
New Law Criminalizing Online Student Speech Takes Effect Dec. 1 | Dprogram.net
U-Turn: Senate Moves to Eliminate Indefinite Detention Provision of NDAA | Dprogram.net
Illinois Senate Defeats Governor’s Sneaky Attempt to Ban Assault Weapons | Dprogram.net
Thom Hartmann on the News - November 29, 2012 - YouTube
Obama helps Rupert Murdoch rule America - YouTube
The Wake Up Call w/ Guest Host Popeye (11-20-2012) The Guilty Men & False Flag Hack Attacks - YouTube
Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich take on White House over legality of drone strikes | Dprogram.net
Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- November 29, 2012
Episode 249 – How to Manufacture (or Suppress) Outrage
The Corbett Report | Fall 2001: The Message, The Terrorists – Graeme MacQueen presents at the 9/11 Revisited conference
34 Signs That America Is In Decline | Dprogram.net
Murder Under Hypnosis: The James Holmes Story Takes A Familiar Turn | Dprogram.net
The Geopolitical Chess Game behind the Israeli Attack on Gaza
American and French Warmongers openly Plot the Destruction of Syria
Broad Email Spying in America
Netanyahu: Palestine Vote at UN ‘Meaningless’
Are the Venezuelan People’s Gains `Solely Because of Oil’?
Prof. Michel Chossudovsky Presents “9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth”
Israel’s Genocidal War on Palestine
The Legal Creation of Race in America
How the Israeli Lobby Works in the United States
Washington Wants Puppet Government in Syria
US Considers Directly Arming Syrian Rebels
The Cashless Society is Almost Here – And With Some Very Sinister Implications
Ayn Rand Was NOT a Libertarian
William Pawley, the Kennedy Assassination, and Watergate
9/11 and How to Proceed
Sinister Sites: IRS Headquarters, Maryland
Odd Danske Bank Commercial “A New Normal” Tells You What is Normal in the NWO
Reining in Obama and His Drones
The Personification of Self-righteousness
Treated Like ‘a Caged Animal’ Manning Breaks Silence in WikiLeaks Hearing
CNN Losing Bradley Manning Story: Manning Was Reporting a War Crime
Julian Assange : The Mass Surveillance State
We Used to Make the Rich Poorer and the Poor Richer
What We Are Told About Ancient America Is Wrong!
11/30/2012 Jeffrey Goldberg: Prison Guard of American Journalism
Down Our Throats – How Corporate Influence and Public Policy Conspire to Keep Us Unhealthy
A World In Denial: Underestimating Japan’s Nuclear Disaster
High-fructose Corn Syrup & the Pervasiveness of Type 2 Diabetes
Decoded Neurofeedback: Matrix-like Learning With No Conscious Effort
Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville: Katerina Jeleva and her Ordeal with the Family Court System
Amendment to Protect Americans from Indefinite Detention Passes
Hard Times: Bitter Reality
There's No Stopping Drones Now
Free the Weed: Marijuana Legalization Favored in US, Canada
Girls Gone North: Nuts for Soapnuts!
Real-Time Genetics Could Squash “Superbug” Outbreaks before They Spread | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
Medical Tyranny is Here, and we can’t say we weren’t warned | Old-Thinker News
Top 10 U.S. States Infested by Third World Diseases | Independent Living News
Govt. Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology | Pakalert Press
Massive Sinkhole Still Growing - Ohio: 4 Football Fields Long, 30' Deep Shuts Down 8 Mile Stretch Of Road | Earthquakes
Doug Casey: The US Is Now the United (Police) State of America - Casey Research
End the Pretense that Government Schools and Prisons Are Different - informationliberation
Spielberg’s Upside-Down History: The Myth of Lincoln and the Thirteenth Amendment by Thomas DiLorenzo
Constructing and Finding Hiding Places, By Eli in The Southwest - SurvivalBlog.com
Some Residents Worry About Chloramine’s Usage and Safety by Joseph Mercola
Copyright Law: Standing in the Way of Progress
What Foods to Buy Organic | Mark's Daily Apple
Jensen and Flynn by Thomas Sowell
Yes – You ARE What You Eat by Dan and Sheila
Learning Disorders – A Natural Approach by Margaret Durst
Masons Buddhists Mayans Hebrews Together in a New Paradigm - YouTube
100+ Graves Robbed For Voodoo Rituals | Alternative
Penny and Nickel Coins to be Phased Out in 2013 | SilverDoctors.com
10 supplements you can take today to enhance your intelligence
SurvivalBlog.com: Page Not Found
What's Going On At Yellowstone? | Earthquakes
Snake Vomits Entire Cow, Video | Animals-Pets
20 Feet Anaconda Vomits a Cow - YouTube
Satanism Is The Reason We Are Collapsing - Epic Interview With Stew Webb | Alternative
Episode #282 - Satanism Is The Reason We Are Collapsing - Stew Webb - YouTube
Obama Cranks up 'Fiscal Cliff' Pressure
Obama’s Budget Plan gives McConnell ‘Burst of Laughter’
Sessions: Geithner Hasn't Offered a Budget Plan
Some U.S. House Republicans Bending on Anti-tax Stance
Republicans Who Compromise on Taxes Making Grave Mistake: Rand Paul
Gingrich to Boehner: 'Break the Cliff Down Into Foothills'
Median Household Income Plummets to 43-Year Low
Supreme Court Mulls Gay Marriage
WSJ's Noonan: Crisis Is the Obama Way
Report: Sick Babies Starved to Death Under Socialized Medicine in England
Mistress Broadwell now Blamed by Former CIA Director Petraeus
Report: Romney's Skewed Internal Polls Had Him Winning Big
Bolton: Blame Obama for Palestinian State Status
Ariz.'s Brewer: 'Obamacare too Expensive, too Risky'
Judge Rules Louisiana School Voucher Program Unconstitutional
Frezza: Bush Tax Rates Best Way to Raise Government Revenue
Republicans in Congress Split Over How to Handle Immigration
Ill.'s Quinn Is 'Most Unpopular' Governor
Egypt Islamists Pass Constitution; Protests Erupt
Vatican Hails UN Palestine Vote, Wants Guarantees for Jerusalem
One Simple Trick to Enjoying a Holiday Buffet Without Wrecking Your Diet
Morsi Fuels Muslim Brotherhood Delusion
Obama Will be Defined by Obamacare Outcome
President Morsi faces wrath of Egyptians
Club of Rome - Global Warming Quotation - YouTube
Lloyd Blankfein is the Face of Class Warfare - YouTube
Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq war - YouTube
Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they all become sterile. - YouTube
What Is Agenda 21
Archived-Articles: UN Agenda 21 - Coming to a Neighborhood near You
Jon Lovitz On Barack Obama - Home - The Daily Bail
Are Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Does America Still Matter? Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ‘Strategic Vision’ | My Catbird Seat
Democratic Rep: Amend Constitution To Allow Control Of Speech « CBS Atlanta
Chinese Kung Fu Expert Beats Up Men Who Came To Evict Him From Home - Business Insider
Can Hemp Save The US Economy? » A Political Rennie
The 7 foods experts won't eat | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine
Understanding Inflation: Changes in Purchasing Power | XRepublic
Santelli Storms Off Set: 'Don't Give Me The Tax Switcheroo!' - Home - The Daily Bail
Gulf Of Mexico 52x More Toxic From Corexit Clean Up Than The Original Oil Spill Itself | _
CNBC: Susan Rice Has Stock In Companies Doing Business With Iran "Which Is Illegal!" | XRepublic
Is a Carbon Tax a Done Deal for the US? Ask Exxon - 12160 Social Network
Panetta: US Will Battle Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan for Years to Come -- News from Antiwar.com
High-fructose Corn Syrup and the Pervasiveness of Type 2 Diabetes - Waking Times : Waking Times
Is the Constitution fit for Americans? - 12160 Social Network
Why Louis Freeh Should Be Investigated For 9/11 | 911Blogger.com
Amerikan Expose | Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development
Obama: 'I Plan To Get The Long-Term Deficit Under Control' - Home - The Daily Bail
Senate Votes To Tighten Sanctions On Iran - Rand Paul Votes Yes - 12160 Social Network
Rand Paul on The Folly of Raising Taxes: "People Up Here Are Not to Be Trusted With Money" | XRepublic
Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928)
Chelsea Clinton Collecting Thank-You Notes for ‘My Dad’—And Email Addresses for Mom? | CNS News
Chris Matthews Has On Air Gas Attack: 'Excuse Me - I'm Burping Here' | NewsBusters.org
2012 Mayan apocalypse rumors pose a threat to frightened children and suicidal teenagers, says NASA | Mail Online
Supreme Court to decide if human genes patentable | Reuters
Drone crashes mount at civilian airports overseas - The Washington Post
Police: Wyo. murder-suicide happened during class - SFGate
The Associated Press: Egypt draft constitution sparks mass protest
Egypt assembly adopts draft constitution - Middle East - Al Jazeera English
Disputed Articles in Egypt's Draft Constitution - ABC News
How does your nation rank in the world map of life expectancy? | Mail Online
Trooper Accused of Stealing from Victim of Fatal Crash | NBC Connecticut
SIBLING RIVALRY: Video shows twins fighting in the womb | WTVR.com – Richmond News & Weather from WTVR Television CBS 6
Activist Post: Morgellons Syndrome And What You Can Do About It
Earth seen from the International Space Station – timelapse video | Science | guardian.co.uk
The Wilde Weekly: The Kali Yuga—Age of Destruction | ZenHaven
USPS Chief Lays Out Plan for the Agency’s Survival - US Business News - CNBC
Anthony Westbury: Aggressive traffic stop - which caused accident - needs greater scrutiny » TCPalm.com
Shut Er’ Down! « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
2012 and the Pyramids At Giza — World Mysteries Blog
Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012 - YouTube
Extraterrestrials and Their Flickering Stars | TIME.com
'Hi, deliver me from evil': Catholic Church sets up an exorcist hotline to deal with demand - Europe - World - The Independent
Why Are Cows Tails Dropping Off?
Assange to RT: Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule — RT
GMO giant hires retired cops to hunt down farmers — RT
Putin Health Confusion Sparks Investor Concern - Businessweek
PressTV - Japan PM visit to Russia cancelled over Putin's “bad health condition”
Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized
Which States Are Opting Out of Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges and Why? Judge Napolitano Explains | Fox News Insider
China posa un caza en su primer portaaviones - YouTube
ECPA: Leahy, Senate committee finally update email privacy law, require warrant.
Rand Paul "There's Not A Lot Of Sympathy Among The Public For Rich People" - YouTube
Fight Against Tar Sands in Texas Continues: Activists Arrested, Hunger Strike Started | Common Dreams
Grand Canyon Carved Out in Dinosaur Days? | Inspiring Discoveries | Science | Epoch Times
NASA - MESSENGER Finds New Evidence for Water Ice at Mercury's Poles
Super-Giant Black Hole Baffles Scientists - Yahoo! News
U.N. Gives Palestinians 'State' Status - WSJ.com
Is Palestine now a state? - CBS News
Building tensions: Israel authorizes construction of 3,000 new settlements — RT
PressTV - US defense chief pledges more support for Israel’s Iron Dome
Not black-and-white: The chess game behind the recent Gaza-Israel war (Op-Ed) — RT
Roi Tov – Israel Discloses: Rabin Approved Saddam Hussein's Assassination
Activist Post: Corporate Media Uses False Graph to Sell Iran Nuke Threat
Activist Post: How The Globalists Write The Script, And What Can Be Done to Change the Story
Kim Jong Gak, North Korea Defense Minister, Reportedly Replaced With Hardline Military Commander Kim Kyok Sik
Louisiana Sinkhole and Too Many Natural Disasters - Sarah - YouTube
Robocod: Homeland Security adds underwater drones to their arsenal with robots based on fish | Mail Online
The BORG | Kirwan's Art & Articles
2012 Mayan Apocalypse Rumors Have Dark Side, NASA Warns | LiveScience
Killer Cave May Have Inspired Myth of Hades | Alepotrypa Cave | LiveScience
Antarctic Lake Untouched For 2,800 Years May Aid Search For Alien Life
Guess What Kills One Person Every 19 Minutes? | Live in the Now | Natural Health News | Natural Health Resources
FBI May Impound 'Pro-Obama' Voting Machines - YouTube
Activist Post: Food Stamp Biometric I.D. Program Introduced Under Guise of Fraud Reduction
Tea Party Phonies « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Ozarks aired early monday!!!!!Also Mark Dice,Alex Jones! - YouTube
Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Ozarks part 2 Mark Dice Alex Jones...Illuminati part 2 - YouTube
Not a Google error? 'Phantom' Pacific island Sandy found on 136-year-old maps - Telegraph
Stem Cell Clinical Trial for Heart Failure: Eduardo Marban - CIRM Spotlight on Disease - YouTube
Ron Paul’s exit interview - The Washington Post
Cyber Corps program trains spies for the digital age - latimes.com
Henry Kissinger - Architect Of The New World Order
Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Contacted Me In 2005, I Told Him To 'Leave Me Alone' (VIDEO)
Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games | Video on TED.com
Discoveries In Nano-Technology Give Biocompatible Dental Fillings Greater Longevity - Waking Times : Waking Times
Extraterrestrial Mummy Found In Egypt ~ RiseEarth
Sex For Tuition Fees Anyone? Students Being Offered Up To £15,000 | ZenHaven
Doctor’s Haunting Testimony Reveals How Children Are Put on End-of-Life Plan | ZenHaven
Pentagon stirs up semiconductor industry with its requirement to mark parts with unique DNA - Military & Aerospace Electronics
Culture War destroying American exceptionalism, patriotism.
Debbie Schlussel-Sweden Did WHAT to It’s Boys? No Wonder Muslims Are Taking Over Malmo, Etc. – Thx, Toys “R” Us!
Debbie Schlussel-Edible Arrangements: Muslim Owners of Fruit Basket Company Fund HAMAS, Jihadist Extremism – What Not to Buy For Christmas
Climate Change, NDEs, & Alaskan Pyramid - 11-29-2012 - YouTube

MEMRI: Mohamed Morsi during Elections Campaign: Jihad Is Our Path, Death for the Sake of Allah Is Our Most Lofty Aspiration, the Shari'a Is Our Constitution
Asia Times Online :: Post-US world born in Phnom Penh
Defense.gov News Article: DOD, Lockheed Martin Agree to More F-35s
Egypt assembly adopts draft constitution - Middle East - Al Jazeera English
Obama demands $1.6 trillion tax boost, and an unlimited credit card | The Daily Caller
Domino's: Obamacare requires 34 million pizza nutrition signs in stores | WashingtonExaminer.com
Gallup: Americans turn on government-guaranteed health care | The Daily Caller
Pentagon report defends ouster of military instructor - Washington Times
College students learn of Obama's secret Pell Grant cuts - National Republican | Examiner.com
TaxProf Blog: Gov. Nikki Haley Blames IRS for Massive Data Breach Affecting 6.4 Million South Carolina Taxpayers
GOP activists target Priebus - Washington Times
A sordid tale of Chicago politics that reveals how Obama got his start by Andrew Malcolm - Investors.com
Roll over Freud: Rise of animal therapy - CNN.com
Mideast men go under knife for manly mustaches - CNN.com
Obama’s Now Borrowed More Than All Presidents from Washington to W | CNS News
Rep. Jordan: Obamacare Tax Hikes To Hit 'Pacemakers, Prosthetics, Other Vital Medical Equipment' | CNS News
Feminist Illogic: Suing To Compel Violence Against Women in War | CNS News
McCain Roasts Lieberman: 'Why In Every F--king Kosher Meal Do We Have To Have Salmon?' | NewsBusters.org
State Department that Ignored Benghazi Warnings Learns Lessons of Past, Clinton Says | CNS News
Congress looks at doing away with the $1 bill | CNS News
FRC's Perkins: 'We are Losing a Moral Standard in the Military' | CNS News
Tampon Nativity Scene Craft Website: Have a ‘Bloody Good’ Christmas | CNS News
Egypt draft constitution sparks mass protest | CNS News
Islamic Nations Try Again to Take Helm of U.N. Culture Agency | CNS News
Have You Heard About the Quietly-Released Obama Memo on ‘Insider Threat Policy’?
See the New ‘Intelligent’ Rifle That Claims to Give You a Perfect Shot Every Time
Talk Show Host Purposely Lights Magician Guest’s Head on Fire — And It Wasn’t a Magic Trick
‘I Can’t Even Talk About it Anymore!’: CNBC Anchor Santelli Gets So Upset Over Fiscal Cliff He Storms Off Set
S.E. Cupp Advises GOP to Back Gay Marriage: ‘Conservatism and Gay Rights Should Be…Natural Allies’
‘Jews Need Not Apply,’ ‘Coloreds OK’ Invites Reportedly Distributed to Harvard Students
Once-Secret Watergate Files Unsealed by U.S. Government
UK Doctor’s Horrifying Admission Reveals How Sick & Disabled Babies Are Put on ‘Death Pathways’, Deprived of Food & Fluid for 10 Days
NASA Lowers Expectations for its ‘Earth-Shaking’ Mars Announcement But Another Planet Has News
Okla. Woman Tased Point Blank in the Chest Sues City for $2 Million (See the Stunning Surveillance Vid.)
Bizarre Vid: ‘Pastafarian’ Reads Atheist Scriptures, Begs Politicians to Have Pasta-Decorated Pine Tree Included in PA Christmas Display
‘DIY Kid-Tracking Drone’: Dad Builds Quadrotor to ‘Walk’ His Kid to Bus Stop
‘War on Jesus’? U.S. Colleges Have ‘Outright Disregard & Disdain for Jesus Christ,’ Report Claims
3 People Dead in Wyoming Community College Attack
Former Treasury Sec.: Get Ready for Taxes & Regulations on Junk Food
NYPD Cop Who Gave a Homeless Man Boots Reveals New Details: All Started After People Were ‘Making Fun’ of the Man
Be Glad You Don’t Live in These 10 U.S. Cities With the Highest Unemployment
French Socialist on Business Move: What’s the Big Deal? We’re Just Doing What Obama Does
Is Gay Marriage Heading to the Supreme Court? Justices to Weigh Major Cases Today
53% of Democrats Have a Positive View of Socialism, Gallup Poll Claims
Conservative Islamic Politicians Try to Stop Kim Kardashian, Elton John Visits Due to ‘Bad Reputation’ and ‘Immorality”
Train Derailment Causes Hazardous Material Spill in N.J.
Militant Egyptian Islamist Warns Morsi Opponents They Could Be Assassinated
Don't make your kids share
GOP: Reject identity politics
Jerry Sandusky Laws: Sick and twisted
The Republican Hispanic challenge
Why I am a defiant Zionist
Under Obamacare, we're all abortionists now!
GOP: Please expose Obama's agenda
Gun control, dictator-style
Now's the time to fight pallbearers of liberty
A. NAPOLITANO: Trading principle for power
R. RINGER: The invisible establishment Republicans
State to Eliminate “Bride” & “Groom” on Marriage Certificates | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes
Obama's opening fiscal cliff bid seeks debt limit hike, stimulus | Reuters
Egyptians reject fatwa calling for destruction of pyramids and Sphinx | Mawtani
Christians, liberals left out as Islamists back Egypt's draft constitution - World News
Student-Loan Delinquencies Now Surpass Credit Cards - US  Business News - CNBC
Occupy Sandy: A Human Response to the New Realities of Climate Change
Tourist Snapshot Makes NYPD Cop An Overnight Hero
Scarborough to Republicans: Quit Budget Talks if Obama Can't Get Along Like Clinton and Gingrich Did
Sandy Destroys Infrastructure, And Obama Offers Budget Cuts?
Poland Narrowly Averts Its Own Right-Wing Terrorist Bloodbath
Santelli Throws a Tantrum and Storms Off Air Because Pro-Obama CEO Paying Dividends Before Tax Hikes
Krauthammer Compares Fiscal Cliff Negotiations to Confederate Army Surrender Terms
Obama Is Done Negotiating With Himself. Is That Good or Bad?
McCain Won't Let Actual Security Threats Distract Him From His Susan Rice Jihad, By Gum
Is The Obama Administration Really Going To Raise The Medicare Retirement Age?
Gov. Chafee Tells Bill O'Reilly: Fox 'Is An Angry Network'
CNN's Erin Burnett Tries to Play 'Gotcha' With Julian Assange
Rachel Maddow Deconstructs the Susan Rice Conspiracy
Andrea Tantaros Attacks Sandra Fluke And Time For 'Person of the Year' Nomination
Stevie Wonder Cancels Israeli Concert, Cites U.N. Objection as Reason
Ex-Nat'l Lampoon CEO to be Sentenced in Fraud Case
Nearly 80, Yoko Ono Tries Something New: Fashion
Convicted Sex Offender to Enter Race for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Seat
Bloomberg: NRA Dying, Americans Want More Gun Control
Thought of the Day: Who Is Grover Norquist?
Thought of the Day: Who Is Grover Norquist? Part II
Study: Top Growth Cities All in Asia, Bottom in Europe
AAA: Obama EPA Must Not Approve E15
Poll: Americans Increasingly Support Pot Legalization
Leftist Groups, Unions Call For End of Filibuster
Can the Republican Party Avoid the Fate of the Whigs?
Baucus: Fiscal Cliff Deal Will Include over $1 Trillion in New Revenues
Fast & Furious Guns Found in New Mexico
Obama 'Couldn't Be Prouder' of Rice
Bradley Manning Takes Stand in Wikileaks Pre-Trial Hearing
White House Appointees Have Portraits Painted at Taxpayer Expense
Student Loan Debt Continues to Rise
No Major Challenger to Priebus Bid for Second RNC Term
Study: Social Media Users Skew Liberal
Abbas Called Israel Racist Three Times Before U.N. Statehood Vote
The GOP's New Foreign Policy: 'The Same, Unless'
Feinstein: Transfer of Gitmo Detainees to U.S. 'Viable Option'
Obama Opposes New Iran Sanctions from Senate
Arab Spring to Hit Kuwait?
North Korea: Kim Jong Un Finds Unicorn Lair!
Hackers Claim to Have 'Confidential' IAEA Information
John Bolton: Obama Dropped Ball on U.N. Palestine Vote
Rice’s Failure in Rwanda Precludes Her from Becoming Secretary of State
Palestinians Euphoric over UN Recognition
Desmond Tutu Rejects Nobel Peace Prize for EU
China Sentences Blind Activist's Nephew to Three Years in Jail
UN Climate Boss: No Support for Tough Environmental Regulations
Iran on Uranium Enrichment: We Will Do What We Want
Attorneys for WikiLeaks Bradley Manning Claim Marine Captors Mistreated Him
World View: United Nations Creates the Nation 'Palestine'
Anonymous Vows to Remove Syria's 'Evil Government' from the Internet
Egypt Islamists Shut Out Christians, Moderates from Constitution Vote
Report: Nearly Two Thirds of UK Millionaires Fled Country After Tax Hike
Benghazi 'Narrative' Reads Like TWA 800's
Facing Up to the Enormity of Our Problem
How Obama Won (and Lost) The Youth Vote
How the U.N. Will Destroy Leftists' Dreams of a 'Two-State Solution'
Digital Devil's Dictionary
Brookings: Only 3 major cities seeing economic recovery
UN votes to grant observer status to 'Palestinian state'
Obama fiscal cliff plan DOA with GOP on the Hill
A Possible Republican Strategy for the Fiscal Cliff
A Firm Voice and a Strong Argument
Bobbling Obama
To Jail a Mockingbird
Americans Spend as Much on Lotteries as on Afghan War
Lethal Shiite Iranian Jew-Hatred, Despite Abject Dhimmitude
Message to the GOP: Believe it or Not
Why Treat Sudan Like a Normal Country?
The Governing Class and the Decline of America
Militant Socialism in America
Video: Bill Whittle: What It Would Be Like to Have a Candidate Who Really Believes in Conservatism...
Video: Detroit Mayor: 'Entitlement' Mentality with City Workers
Video: A 'Tribute' to Communism (**Warning: Graphic Images**)
Video: MSNBC Laughs that Lindsey Graham is a Woman, Joke Edited Out of Segment Re-Air
Video: Proof of Voter Fraud Near Capital of New York
Limbaugh: Obama Is A ‘Kept Man’ – Daily Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Media Post
US Denounces UN Vote on Palestine - YouTube
NYPD Officer Gives Boots to Homeless Man - YouTube
Obama Is Going Dictator! - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » Obama Wants Dictatorial Power to Increase Debt
Prison Planet.com » Reps Slam “Arrogant” TSA For “Stonewalling” Congress
'CIA favors Brotherhood as Egypt dictatorship benefits US' - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » Convergence: Globalists Push Russia-EU Merger
Assange: Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule (RT Interview) - YouTube
Inside the Ring: North Korean missile launch set - Washington Times
The Globalist, Socialist Storm is Coming - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » McCain, Lévy Openly Conspire Against World Peace
The Consequences of Inaction in Syria - YouTube
Prison Planet.com » Obama “Compromise”: More Spending, Higher Taxes, Unlimited Debt
White House: Obama 'Will Not Sign' a Deal Unless It Increases Taxes | CNS News
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Thursday, November 29

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