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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

Ron Paul :2012

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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04 September 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

RNC/GOP Corruption 2012 - YouTube

Rense & Marti Oakley - Earth's Drinking Water Being Stolen - YouTube

AGAIN We Are ATLANTIS, | Kirwan's Art & Articles

Blog: Declining MSM's last gasp

Activist Post: 40 Signs That We Have Seriously Messed Up The Next Generation Of Americans

Russian missile chief claims shield-penetrating ICBM ready by 2018 — RT

US rattles saber against Iran in attempt to stall Israeli strike — RT

19 Signs That Israel And Iran Are On The Verge Of War

'30 per cent complete': Iran's 'better' substitute for S-300 may be ready in 2013 — RT

'US to Iran: In case of Israeli strike, don't fire on our bases' | The Times of Israel

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Is Amnesty International abandoning human rights?

FEMA requests even more emergency food | Sinclair News.Net

NASA shells out award for 'ninja star' supersonic plane design — RT

For Many Hopeful Retirees, 70 May Not Be the New 65 After All - DailyFinance

Baby boomers: Target demographic for human trafficking « The PPJ Gazette

Activist Post: False Data Justifies Spraying Sulfuric Aerosols to Save the Arctic Ice-Sheets

Activist Post: New Pepsi Sweetener is Mixture of Dangerous Carcinogenic Chemicals

Think hard to fly: Chinese scientists unveil mind-controlled drone — RT

Beware of the Cat: Britain’s Hidden Toxoplasma Problem | ZenHaven

Google Sky Blank / Blocked Out Spot EXPLAINED. « we must know

Our Reality Redefined – But Don’t Accept It « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Republicans try to counter Democrats' convention | Reuters

Romney Obama the Same? - YouTube

Obama Overthrow Plot Widens As US Martial Law Fears Grow

Did Socorro UFO Also Land in Montana? | UFO CHRONICLE

OpEdNews - Article: Campaign 2012: Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing.

Group says it found 30,000 dead North Carolinians registered to vote | CharlotteObserver.com

OpEdNews - Article: A Republican Dance of Treason?

Proven voting fraud! Gov't programmer testifies voting machines are rigging elections - YouTube

The Republican Convention and the Ron Paul Revolution

Why You’re a Lot Poorer Than You Thought You Were » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism - YouTube

USDA - APHIS - Newsroom

PressTV - Why America’s death squad militia is no surprise

PressTV - US, UK drones: A move toward Fascism

Activist Post: DRONE: Rise of the Autonomous Super Soldier

UFO 'Secrets' To Be Revealed In September, Says National Atomic Testing Museum

Ditch the minty toothpaste and try coconut oil instead: Fruit can kill bug behind tooth decay | Mail Online

Courthouse News Service:More Ammonia Now Allowed in Processed Food

The Power You Wield To Change History

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Weather holds the key to the world's food price volatility - Telegraph

Child-raising costs 'increased by 12 per cent' - Telegraph

ECB should only supervise big banks - Schaeuble | Reuters

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, his final interview, and a damning critique that has rocked the Catholic Church - Europe - World - The Independent

PressTV - Francois Hollande’s national popularity drops to 44 percent

Leading article: End this secrecy over royal powers - Leading Articles - Opinion - The Independent

American teenagers resort to plastic surgery to beat bullies - Telegraph

Teacher caught 'bullying 13-year-old student' in horrifying video allowed to return to the classroom after just 10 DAYS | Mail Online

Honors teacher from Montclair charged with sexual assault of student - NorthJersey.com

Eureka! ‘Light Bulb’ Solar Storm Erupts from Active Sun | ZenHaven

West Nile's symptoms can plague its victims for life | McClatchy

Main Street in the 40s: Rare colour photographs capture the cafes, general stores and corner shops that were the heartbeat of small town America | Mail Online

World's Greatest Physicists, Geniuses Meet In 1927 - Photo

Ancient Paintings of UFO's from 200 to 15.000 years ago.... - YouTube

Russias GeoStrategic Ways - Orthodox Warrior - YouTube

PressTV - Yemenis furious about US assassination drone strikes

Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu | Politics | The Observer

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Did America Say NO to Israel?

Activist Post: Nuclear Experimentation Killed Free Power

Activist Post: 8 Ways to Improve Society Without the Political Process

National Atomic Testing Museum: Area 51 UFO 'secrets' to be revealed by Smithsonian Institute speakers | Mail Online

Further Evidence That There are Many Habitable Planets for Humans to Colonize

UFO FOIA Flash! CIA Opts for Compliance over Resistance

BBC News - Nanofibres 'may pose health risk'

The laser-powered bionic eye that gives 576-pixel grayscale vision to the blind | ExtremeTech

BBC Nature - Birds hold 'funerals' for dead

Scientists Develop Robot that Scans Information Directly from Neurons | ZenHaven

Exclusive - Michael Steele Extended Interview Pt. 2 - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 08/30/12 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

Political conventions: A collection of guppies and suckers « The PPJ Gazette

My Way News - Obama to try to make case for sticking with him

Exclusive interview with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy - YouTube

Activist Post: Introducing GMO Cotton Seeds is Murder

Ventura talks 9/11, makes Fox idiot leave stage « we must know

The Socorro UFO Incident: Historical Wind Data Quashes Debunker Theories of a Balloon Hoax

VIDCAST: Dr Kevin Randle & Host Frank Warren Deconstruct a Recent Hoax Theory for The Socorro UFO Incident

Thousands exposed to deadly mouse-borne virus in US | World news | guardian.co.uk

Chocolate may decrease stroke risk - Chicago Tribune

Toxic dyes. Lethal logos. Cotton drenched in formaldehyde... How your clothes could poison you | Mail Online

Al Capone -- Chicago Tribune(Photos)

Tracker School documentary - YouTube

New high-tech airships are rising in Southern California - latimes.com

Radio: Mysterious disease killing seals along US East Coast — Fukushima radiation testing underway by gov’t scientists — “Never seen anything like this before” (AUDIO)

Romney-Ryanism In Tampa

First since '52: No talk of war in GOP speech | World news | The Guardian

Republicans Hate Their Own - One More Reason To Become A Party Pooper

U.N.-backed 'Agenda 21' development rules anger many in Texas | kens5.com San Antonio

It's Not Just the LAPD: The Big Lie About Police Brutality is Claiming it's Not Rampant | This Can't Be Happening

US 'will return to gold standard', says Euro Pacific Capital chief Peter Schiff - Telegraph

OpEdNews - Article: Poverty: The New Growth Industry in America

Price of essentials rises by 10 per cent - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent

Barclays makes £500m betting on food crisis - Business News - Business - The Independent

Average U.S. Household Has Lost 5% in Annual Income Since Economic “Recovery” Began - AllGov - News - Top Stories

NBC Finds Corporate Giants Winning Small Business Contracts, According to the American Small Business League | EON: Enhanced Online News

FCC Ponders Taxing Internet Providers

VIDCAST | UFO Crash Retrieval Team Streams 'Live' Update From Location

Military UFO Files Secrets To Be Revealed at The National Atomic Testing Museum (Video) | UFO NEWS

San Antonio News Covers RFID Tracking Card Resistance on School Campuses - YouTube

Activist Post: Smartworld - Identity Ecosystem

Flying High: Researchers Decipher Manic Gene | ZenHaven

IPS – Study Links Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka’s Farm Belt to Agrochemicals | Inter Press Service

New device created in Houston improving odds against surgical infection | abc13.com

Has Skin Whitening in India Gone Too Far? | ZenHaven

Tweedle-Dee-Dumb politics: Are Romney and Obama the same?

A Voice Only You Can Hear: DARPA's Sonic Projector

WABC Audio Spotlight - YouTube

Approval of New Chemical-Resistant GMOs Likely to Prompt Pesticide Escalation | PR Watch

Haitham al-Haddad - Islamic supremacy (1) - YouTube

Let Consciousness Be Your Guide « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Representative Ryan, One Helluva Social Engineer | Sinclair News.Net

Never Mind Super PACs: How Big Business Is Buying the Election | The Nation

Romney World’s: Freedom from Fact | Common Dreams

Mitt Romney's Mexican Roots - Yahoo! News

Ron Paul washes his hands of Keynesian, fiscally irresponsible Republican party - National Finance Examiner | Examiner.com

RSA Animate - Smile or Die - YouTube

THE REPUBLICANS CROSS THE RUBICON ~ Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org

The future of the internet? | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World

FEMA Camps for Fools, Locking Away the Morons | _

White House Disavows Obama’s Pledge for 2014 Afghan Withdrawal -- News from Antiwar.com

Prison Planet.com » Liquid Bomb “Terror Plot” Collapses In Court

"RNC Is A Criminal Organization" - Ron Paul Delegates speak out against RNC Corruption | XRepublic

The 8 Creepiest Cases of Identity Theft of All Time | Cracked.com

Secret Service recovers truck with Biden supplies - Houston Chronicle

Weighing The Options. Everything Else Is Worse Than A US Military Coup | Video Rebel's Blog

SPOiLER: How a Third Political Party Could Win (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Ron Paul: The First Principle is Liberty | XRepublic

The Politics of Power: Burying Truth through Resolutions | My Catbird Seat

Intermittent Fasting Benefits and the Results of Various Studies Revealed - Health News - redOrbit

Amazing Health Benefits Of Peaches | Nutrition - Oneindia Boldsky

World's last great quiet places - Yahoo! Travel

“Would Romney Pursue a Neocon War Agenda?” Revisited | My Catbird Seat

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know on Vimeo

The modern US army: unfit for service? | World news | The Guardian

WH: US, Israel in agreement on Iran - Israel News, Ynetnews

Venezuela's Oil Refinery Blaze - Seven Good Reasons To Suspect Sabotage

Charleston Voice: How the GOP Stole the Nomination

Twilight Language: Your Guide to Watching the Illuminati In Charlotte

Iowans’ Message to Obama: ‘We Did Build This’ - ABC News

PressTV - The US presidential campaigns of lies

PressTV - Mitt Romney, the first Mormon president of the united states?

Retired USDA Biologist on Chemtrails and Geoengineering « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Activist Post: Coconut Oil Hailed as ‘Miracle’ Dental Breakthrough, Deadly Bacteria Killer

+9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**9/11 Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out -- Full Film.mp4 - YouTube

Native American Survival Skills : Federal Jack

Chart Of The Day: 803 Years Of Global Inflation « THE INTERNET POST

911 Truth ~ Scripted News Casts - YouTube

24 Signs That You Just Might Be a Closet Prepper | _

+How to Defeat the System (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

"HOW TO Defeat The System" Documentary Film - YouTube

Columbus Ohio Airport Video Shows TSA’s Bizarre New Security Policy - 12160

TSA liquid testing inside terminal at Columbus OH Airport - YouTube

Will The Feds Worst Nightmare Come True?

Declare Your Indepence From The Two Corporate Two Parties

New Police Policy - Report People Taking Pictures As Possible Terrorists

Group says it found 30,000 dead North Carolinians registered to vote | _

International undercover work still secret | Rob Evans | UK news | guardian.co.uk

Romney Rule Change Backlash at RNC | XRepublic

The Illusion Of Choice OBAMA VS ROMNEY | XRepublic

Biden Insists America Is Better Off Today - ABC News

Sherrie Questioning All: Michael Steele on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart "RNC treatment of Ron Paul - Height of Rudeness and Stupidity"

911 Q&A - YouTube

**911 and the Cover up by Ryan Dawson updated 2012 - YouTube

911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out - YouTube

911 Truth ~ 9/11 In a Nutshell - YouTube

DHS Inside Source Claims Obama White House Set to Stage Major False Flag, “It’s Going Hot”

Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

China Launching Gold Backed Worldwide Currency - Now the Americans will have to find a reason to go to war against China !! IndiaVision Latest Breaking News

Mitt Romney's Federal Bailout; Bain Investigated for Tax Evasion | Occupy America

TPP Copyright Provisions Threaten Internet Freedom, U.S. Sovereignty

7 Reasons Washington’s Grand Counter-Terrorism Myths Persist In The Face of Evidence - 12160

Activist Post: Debauchery and Hypocrisy to Take Center Stage at DNC

The West Nile virus is only Fear mongering by the CDC - 12160

West Nile outbreak largest ever in U.S. - CNN.com

Internet Tax on Broadband: TechNow with Gina Smith

The FBI Lurking Behind Every Corner - BlackListedNews.com

Activist Post: Obama Executive Order Will Nationalize the Demonization of US Veterans as Mentally Ill

Romney and Ombama Supporters, Your Vote is Worthless | XRepublic

DNC Dog and Pony Show - Fusion Center and Police State Ready - posted by james at Occupy America Social Network

Now Mitt Romney's former firm Bain Capital faces investigation from attorney general over dodging MILLIONS in taxes | Mail Online

Ron Paul: The Doomed Dollar and the Case For a Stable Currency | _

Imperial Conditioning and the American State by Bill Buppert | Zero Gov

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know — Revisited | Veterans News Now

Anti-Neocons • View topic - Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain

Activist Post: The Exponential Power of Internet Information (Infographic)

Activist Post: 10 Signs That You're Fully Awake

There Was A Secret Ruling Against The NSA For Spying On Americans - Business Insider

Activist Post: Central Banks are the Real Target for West's Imperial Wars

The Lies Drug Companies Tell To Sell Unsafe Drugs (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Bolton to Israel: Attack, It's Your Right - Middle East - News - Israel National News

Activist Post: How to Break the Back of Corporate "Intellectual" Domination

Activist Post: FEMA requests even more emergency food

poorrichard's blog: The modern US army: unfit for service?

1812 Napolean’s Defeat in Russia. A History Warning to the AMERICAN Empire | The Lone Star Watchdog


Activist Post: 13 Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil

+First Audit Results In The Federal Reserve’s Nearly 100 Year History Were Posted Today, They Are Startling! - 12160

+266-page GAO audit of the Federal Reserve (July 21st, 2011)

+Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Season 1 Episode 5 – Secret Societies « Underground Documentaries

**Jesse Ventura - The Bilderberg Group (Conspiracy Theory, S1 Ep 5) - YouTube

Charleston Voice: The Party of Lincoln Shows its True Colors

((The Crisis of Civilization : Full Movie - YouTube

TSA Caught In Huge Power Grab! - YouTube

Gov't Gearing Up to Takeover The States - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » West Nile Virus “Outbreak” Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals onto Citizens

Prison Planet.com » DHS Just Can’t Get it Together: Suzanne Barr Resigns

Prison Planet.com » Republican Platform Calls for Value-added Tax Scheme

Prison Planet.com » Economic Failure: 58 Percent Of The Jobs Being Created Are Low Paying Jobs

Prison Planet.com » EPA changes rules to allow more toxic cleaning chemicals in mainstream food

Prison Planet.com » Government Threatens Jail Time for Growing Produce in Front-Yard Garden

Prison Planet.com » TSA To Conduct Grope Downs at DNC

Prison Planet.com » Fusion Center and Police State Ready for DNC Dog and Pony Show

Prison Planet.com » Bill Clinton on Obama: ‘A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Carrying Our Bags’

Prison Planet.com » Apple Granted Patent To Disable Cameras According To Location

Prison Planet.com » Video Shows TSA’s Bizarre New Security Policy

TSA liquid testing inside terminal at Columbus OH Airport - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » 18 Indications That Europe Has Become An Economic Black Hole

Political Illusion Exposes Rand Paul Paul Ryan Richard Mack bad politics - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » The Republicans Cross The Rubicon

Prison Planet.com » Debunked: Ridiculous Study Claims Organic Same as Conventional (Video)

Is There Really a Difference Between Organic and Conventional Food? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Eyewitnesses Reveal Daraya Massacre Carried Out By U.S.-Backed Rebels

Serious Situation: The Big Lie & Dirty War on Syria: How the FSA Massacred Citizens of Daraya - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Activist Put On Terror Watchlist To Prevent Him Protesting DNC

Prison Planet.com » U.S. Reveals Plan to Bomb Iran’s Civilian Power Grid

Prison Planet.com » Evidence: FBI Tracking And Monitoring Americans Via Smart Phones

iPhone Tracking Discussion - YouTube

Obama: Military option remains on table - Israel News, Ynetnews

Prison Planet.com » Supranational ASEAN is Super Folly for Southeast Asia

Prison Planet.com » 2012 Arctic Ice Melt Claims Distorted And Inaccurate. It’s the Wind Stupid

Prison Planet.com » Former Asian First Minister: Global UN Police Force To Enforce World Government Dictates

Prison Planet.com » Break the Back of Corporate “Intellectual” Domination

Prison Planet.com » Penn Jillette on Government Social Welfare

Prison Planet.com » DRONE: Rise of the Autonomous Super Soldier

Prison Planet.com » A Nation At War With The World: Israel Isolates Itself By Trying To Isolate Iran

Prison Planet.com » The Cashless Grid Is Here: Google Wallet Aims to Make Leather Wallet Obsolete

Prison Planet.com » Hill Poll: Voters say second term undeserved, country is worse off

Peter Schiff is Endorsing Romney? - YouTube

Chuck Norris' dire warning for America - 2012 - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » True, or psyop? U.S. won’t ratify UN treaty that could have outlawed civilian firearms ownership

Prison Planet.com » GOP Convention Recap; What Will Ron Paul Say on Leno Show?

Prison Planet.com » Study that sought to disparage health of eggs was authored by scientists with financial ties to Big Pharma

Prison Planet.com » Think hard to fly: Chinese scientists unveil mind-controlled drone

Prison Planet.com » Mainstream media begins questioning safety of fluoride

Prison Planet.com » Mandatory Chemotherapy for Children with Cancer?

Rob Schneider Speaks Out Against Vaccines. - YouTube

Chinese Suppliers Admit Fluoride is Poison - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Health Basics – The top foods that cause depression

Prison Planet.com » PROOF: Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as ‘insecticide’

Prison Planet.com » 3 Simple, Natural Ways for Detoxing Your Body

Prison Planet.com » Drug companies run out of weapons against the very same superbugs they helped create

Merging the biological, electronic | Harvard Gazette

Prison Planet.com » Electromagnetic field intolerance – An epidemic in the making

**Global Warming Debunked with Marc Morano - YouTube

The Great Global Warming Myth - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Congress Demands Answers for Homeland Security’s Unjust Domain Name Seizures

Tucker Carlson Doesn't Know Anything About The NDAA? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Smartworld: Identity Profiling With Radio Frequency

Prison Planet.com » Obama Executive Order Will Nationalize the Demonization of US Veterans as Mentally Ill

Prison Planet.com » America’s leading psychiatrist convicts himself of crimes against humanity

Prison Planet.com » TPP Copyright Provisions Threaten Internet Freedom, U.S. Sovereignty

Prison Planet.com » TPP Copyright Provisions Threaten Internet Freedom, U.S. Sovereignty

Food-Stamp Use Climbs to Record, Reviving Campaign Issue - Bloomberg

U.S. Prepares Economic Aid to Bolster Democracy in Egypt - NYTimes.com

Prison Planet.com » World Food Prices Spike 10 Percent in July

Prison Planet.com » Happy Labor Day: Obama and Romney Both Scorn You, the American Worker

Prison Planet.com » State-Owned Central Banks are the Real Target for West’s Imperial Wars

You are 8x more likely to be killed by a cop..

Australia moves to buy $3b spy drone fleet | ABC Radio Australia

Roaming airport screeners look for people with something to hide | McClatchy

Foodstamp Recipients Hit All Time High As Three Times As Many Americans Enter Poverty As Find Jobs - BlackListedNews.com

America’s Secret Deal with Mexican Drug Cartels - BlackListedNews.com

Foreigners Avoid Restrictions on U.S. Campaign Donations by Donating Through Trade Associations - BlackListedNews.com

EU funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour" - Telegraph

NASA approves $100,000 for testing of double-sided plane that looks like a Ninja throwing star | Mail Online

Fed Moves Toward Open-Ended Bond Purchases to Satisfy Bernanke - Bloomberg

Apple Moves One Step Closer Toward Location-Based Camera Disabling - BlackListedNews.com

Media Cartels and the “Intellectual Property” Racket - BlackListedNews.com

DNC Paranoia: Feds, CMPD give peek inside secret command center - BlackListedNews.com

China denies kids are GM rice guinea pigs despite published research paper - BlackListedNews.com

Value-Added Tax Added to 2012 Republican Platform - BlackListedNews.com

DNC security rules trigger free speech worries - CBS News

Black Hawk Lands in woman's back yard, searching for drugs

Revealed: US flew spy drone missions from Australia - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Insight: China's steel traders expose banks' bad debts | Reuters

Fears About Shariah Law Take Hold In Tennessee : NPR

Child-raising costs 'increased by 12 per cent' - Telegraph

California, Tennessee: More Cities Terminate Traffic Cameras

Secession: Who WILL Be First? « DumpDC

Bitter Jerusalem slams US for 'lack of determination' in face of Iran's nuclear drive | The Times of Israel

U.N. Human Rights Council to Add Genocidal Warlord | Judicial Watch

Internal Army Poll: Only 26% of Officers Say Army Headed in Right Direction--'Political Correctness' Cited | cnsnews.com

Πρώτο ΘΕΜΑ online : Unemployment “hits red” - News in English

Antipsychotics in Treating Child Behavior Problems

Couples unable to afford family homes : Finance Markets

Students required to wear IDs or face fines - WTVA.com

Inflation, Unemployment: A Double Whammy for the EU - DailyFinance

How Companies Share Your Online Information with Law Enforcement | Cop Block

THE 9/11 READER. The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks | Global Research

Why Americans Must End America’s Self-Generating Wars | Global Research

Secret Warfare: Operation Gladio and NATO’s Stay-Behind Armies | Global Research

The Truth of 9/11 will set US Free! | Global Research

Towards an “Alternative New World Order” | Global Research

How Many Golf Courses Does the Pentagon Need? | Global Research TV

Hillary Reinforces US-China Mistrust

Blog: Narcissist in Chief Selfishly Shortens Soldiers' Holiday

U.S. Grain Users Test for Corn Toxin as Drought Spurs Mold

FBI computer virus sweeping across nation

The White House said what?

Actor: Obama ‘another Ivy League A–hole?’

Obama lawyer warned against certifying eligibility

CA Dem chair compares Ryan to Goebbels — then exits Dem convention for a “pre-scheduled root canal” « Hot Air

Hill Poll: Voters say second term undeserved, country is worse off - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com

Are some Bible verses just too controversial?

‘Harbinger,’ ‘Isaiah 9:10′ go to Congress

WWII vet kills would-be burglar with single shot | National & World News | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

IRS offers tax benefit tips for college students | The Salt Lake Tribune

Paul Harvey’s famed soliloquy on America

If I Were the Devil - (BEST VERSION) by PAUL HARVEY audio restored - YouTube

Homeschooling has become a viable option for parents; here's why that's not a bad thing | NJ.com

MSNBC Host: "Get Your Abortions Now In Case Republicans Win" | LifeNews.com

Women Who Seek Abortions ‘Seven Times’ More Likely To Be Abused - International Science Times

Organic food is costlier, but more nutritious? No. - CSMonitor.com

The Polish Bin-Laden Revelation: Uninformed, Naïve, or Just Plain Calculated?

Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/12)

Obama Denies Deal With Iran: Won’t Back Israeli Strike if Iran Steers Clear of US Assets in Persian Gulf -- News from Antiwar.com

The GOP’s Insipid American Exceptionalism | Cato @ Liberty

The modern US army: unfit for service? | World news | The Guardian

With military at ‘turning point,’ defense chief Leon Panetta avoids bold moves - The Washington Post

Where Is the Domestic Jihad? by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com

Al Gore's holocaust-denying 'anchorman'

Obama's 'black-and-white TV' jab

The day the 'gay' fascists began to fear

The GOP's changing of the guard

Barack Obama's confident ignorance

Broadcast Obama ... from Mars

The Post's Ben Bradlee exposed

Last recourse of failed presidents

A movie and PSA every American must watch

Reagan had it right on 'free trade'

M. ACKLEY: Vote buying, Golden State style

H. CAIN: What really killed the economy

VOX DAY: Romney's fair warning


E. RATNER: Time for party conventions to go virtual

P. BOONE: Parables and analogies for the campaign

L. KLAYMAN: Scalia flummoxed about natural born citizenship

TANCREDO: Romney's mystery plans on immigration

WASHINGTON: Dreams from Obama's real father

Education After the Collapse – A Journey Back: Free eBook

What to Do When – Not If – Inflation Gets Out of Hand

Shoot to Kill: Autonomous Robots Developed By DARPA Will Not Question Orders

To Revive Economy, Place a Better Bet on Smalls versus “Too-Big-to-Fail” Companies

Apple awarded patent for location-based remote disabling of mobile devices

How Long Will the Dollar Remain the World's Reserve Currency?

Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast: Episode 13 - Michael Parenti on The Corporate Plutocracy

+Episode 13 - Michael Parenti on The Corporate Plutocracy - YouTube

US-Funded Activsts Exposed as Genocidal Bigots

Healing 'Leaf' - Film About Raw Cannabis Juice - YouTube

Government criminalizes rainwater collection from your own property - outrageous assault on freedom - YouTube

Activist Post: Smartworld - Identity Ecosystem - Part 2: Identity Profiling

'See Something, Say Something' Used to Round Up Truthers?

Liftoff! Lunar 'space elevator' may soon become sci-fact - YouTube

I met the Walrus full version - YouTube

Bullets Planted in Luggage of Ron Paul Delegate at 2012 RNC - YouTube

Overpopulation is a Myth - YouTube

Propaganda ... in the Grocery Store? Food rating systems discourage consumer empowerment

President Announces Open Season On Combat Veterans

The Truth About Vitamins and Supplements - YouTube

U.S. Government Wages War on Leaks

Pentagon Sources: Mass Arrests Of Bankers, Politicians To Begin Soon For Treason Against America; US Military, Sheriffs, Militia On Side Of 'The People'; From The Daily Paul | Economics and Politics

Illuminati Clock Counting Down to Sept 9th, 2012 | Conspiracy Theories

Illuminati Clock Counting Down Sept 9th, 2012 - YouTube

The Mysterious Death of John Denver | Alternative


42 min./Who is the REAL Barack Obama?.wmv - YouTube


Filmmaker Reveals 'Deeply Disturbing' Obama Background | Politics

Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception - YouTube

How To Block Facebook And Other Social Networks From Tracking You Online | Here and Now

The Phoenix Program and Homeland Security - YouTube

America - A Nation Of Willing Slaves! | Prophecy

The Thought Police Are Coming | Science and Technology

Vitamin B3 may be the cure for drug-resistant superbug infections

A virus that kills cancer: the cure that's waiting in the coldc - Telegraph

The Surprising Cause Of Addiction | Health

How Turmeric Has An Anti-Diabetic Effect On The Body

Getting to know and use edible weeds, Self Sufficiency, Survival Foods

The I Ching – A Spiritual Guide | Alternative

Election Will Test Voters' Ideology

Republicans Blast Democratic Platform for Dismissing Israel

Ryan Says Jimmy Carter Era Was Better Than Obama's

Gingrich: Democrats Extreme on Abortion

Why Mitt Romney Will Win Decisively

Pentagon Says Ex-SEAL Book Contains Secrets

Bill Clinton Becomes Obama's Campaigner in Chief

Chuck Norris Video: America at 'Tipping Point' Under Obama

Native Americans Want to Grill Elizabeth Warren on Cherokee Claims

Judge Orders Sex Change for Mass. Murder Convict

Fluke Takes on O'Reilly over Condom Quip

DNC Guests to Party with Donors, Special Interests

Obama In Uphill Fight to Win North Carolina as Convention Nears

Democrats See Latino-based Future as Union Clout Wanes

Democrat Delegates Dubious About Obama on Economy

Enthusiasm of 2008 is Missing From Democrats Desperate to Fill Convention Seats

Obama Ad: Romney Plan Would 'Hit Middle Class Harder'

Romney Opens HQ in Charlotte, Asks, 'Are You Better Off?'

Fluoride Can Kill: Beware of Hidden Sources

High-Normal Blood Sugar Shrinks Brain

Study: Heavy Drinking Rewires the Brain

Ancient Human Kin’s DNA Code Illuminates Rise of Modern Brains

Mrs. Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda: ‘Impact Nature of Food in Grocery Stores’ | cnsnews.com

'Where Everything Is Free But Us' | cnsnews.com

Last Recourse of Failed Presidents | cnsnews.com

Upward Mobility Barriers | cnsnews.com

Less Than Half of U.S. Army Officers in Afghanistan Report High Morale | cnsnews.com

With U.S. Army Troops As a Backdrop, Obama Makes Congress the Enemy | cnsnews.com

DNC Delegate: Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Are ‘Cafeteria Christians’ | cnsnews.com

DNC Delegate: Murderers, Dead Beats, Mentally Insane Can Get Married – Why Can’t Gays? | cnsnews.com

Dems Platform Backs Gay Marriage, Abortion Rights | cnsnews.com

USDA’s $18 Million to Help ‘Beginning Farmers’ Also Benefits a Group That Promotes Collectivism and Off-Grid Living | cnsnews.com

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dcorps.convention.points.090312.memo.final.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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