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to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
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31 August 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

**Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech at the Republican National Convention (C-SPAN) - Full Speech - YouTube


Fact checking Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech at the GOP convention - The Washington Post


*Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech Video&Slideshow


* Mitt Romney for President


**FULL UNEDITED Ron Paul Speech @ We Are the Future Rally – Tamp Sun Dome – Aug 26 2012 | _


+2012 Democratic National Convention - The official website of the Democratic National Convention

Barack Obama 2012 / http://www.barackobama.com


Congressman Connie Mack

Speaker Newt Gingrich and Callista Gingrich

Governor Jeb Bush

Bob White

Clint Eastwood

Senator Marco Rubio

Clint Eastwood , his convention speech and what it means for his image

Clint Eastwood , Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney: RNC final day in 90 seconds

Mitt Romney : The Great White Hope

Romney calls on Americans to 'turn the page' in acceptance speech, heads to ...

Mitt Romney Was Mediocre Last Night, But Obama Is Still Doomed

Romney says he'll do what Obama couldn't

Mitt Romney : President and CEO

Mitt Romney delivers in speech on the biggest night of his political life

Romney Promises to 'Restore' US

Religion at the Republican National Convention

Romney's speech: 'What America needs is jobs'

Paul Ryan stokes passion among GOP, fact-checkers

Paul Ryan Acceptance Speech at the Republican National Convention (C-SPAN) - YouTube

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Get Their Wings: Candidates To Fly On Official Campaign Planes Friday - ABC News


RNC Speech: Gov. Susana Martinez speaks to the RNC

Mia Love goes on CNN with Wolf Blitzer at the RNC

Ann Romney sits down with Shannon Bream after her big speech

Obama campaign creates attack video calling Paul Ryan a liar

Obama campaign refuses to talk about Obama’s record

Powerful new ad depicts Paul Ryan’s ‘fading Obama poster’ remarks from last night

Sarah Palin: I’m glad Paul Ryan’s speech was about big ideas

Touré: Paul Ryan’s comment that ‘our rights come from God and nature’ is offensive

Daniel Hannan is SHOCKED we are discussing social issues with our debt approaching 16 trillion

Paul Ryan defends debt commission, Janesville plant comments with Wolf blitzer

Mark Levin hammers Touré over his ‘our rights come from government’ comments

RNC Special Speaker: Clint Eastwood speaks to the RNC

RNC Speech: Marco Rubio’s epic speech introducing Mitt Romney

Allen West: I’m satisfied with the Romney/Ryan ticket


Unbelievable: Ed Schultz takes Romney out of context, claims he said Obama wasn’t ‘American’


+RNC Speech: Mitt Romney accepts Republican nomination


+Reflections and Warnings – An Interview With Aaron Russo (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo {Full Film} - YouTube

+Michael and Me (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**Best Gun Control Documentary - YouTube


+Psychiatric Detention Silencing Allegations Columbine Was Revenge For Police Rape

Columbine January Incident - YouTube


"Between 1987 & 2007 Nationwide Spending On Prisons Increased 127%" | XRepublic

A New B.S. Version Of The Death Of Osama Bin Laden | XRepublic

The Rise Of The American Gestapo - Kidnapping, Beating, Sexual Assualt, And Torture


+Fall of the Republic (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**Fall of the Republic HQ full length version - YouTube


Death Of Democracy: GOP Party Bosses Seize Complete Control Of Selecting Candidates


+Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America’s Middle Class (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**CORPORATE FASCISM: The Destruction of America's Middle Class - YouTube

+Sweet Remedy – The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**Sweet Remedy - The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply - YouTube


Maine Delegate Exposes RNC Corruption | XRepublic

MARC FABER: "Bernanke Is A Hawk! Europe in Recession, America Next." | XRepublic

Gerald Celente Predicts Rise of a Third Party in 2012 | XRepublic

Ron Paul - 3rd Party Can Win If We Wake Up | XRepublic

"We Don't Want To Put Someone In Jail For 20 Years For Marijuana Use" Rand Paul | XRepublic

"Republican Officials Clearly Snubbed Ron Paul" | XRepublic

Ron Paul Supporters Stage Protest At GOP Convention | XRepublic

Gary Johnson "It's A Rigged Game" Speech At Paulfest | XRepublic

DHS harasses photographers at RNC – TSA in the bus stations!! | _


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New blockbuster paper finds man-made CO2 is not the driver of global warming

Activist Post: What Is The Best Place To Live In America? Pros And Cons For All 50 States

Did RNC "Scripted" Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican Party? | XRepublic

RNC Sham 2012 - YouTube

Romney offers Reaganesque themes in defining speech - CNN.com

Five Misleading Claims In Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech | TPMDC

2016 - Obama's America


Kirwan...The Turning Point - Part 1

Kirwan...The Turning Point - Part 2


+A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever - Waking Times : Waking Times


OpEdNews - Quicklink: Bernie Sanders: The American People Are Angry (video)

PressTV - No swift end in sight to Assange standoff: Hague

he Murder Of Rachel Corrie And The Israeli Court Coverup

Experimental Vaccine Daily Blog: Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Armed With Auto Shotguns & Gas Canisters

Beneath Melting Antarctica, Powerful Greenhouse Gas Lurks | Common Dreams

In The Works: New Radiation Monitoring For US Ports - Forbes

Monsanto: How Cheap Food Makes Us All Poor - Waking Times : Waking Times

Romney camp: Russia top geopolitical foe, 'reset' failed — RT

Romney tells voters to move on from Obama disappointment | Reuters

MSNBC cuts every speech made by a minority from RNC speech coverage

Five things we learned at the Republican National Convention - CNN.com

OpEdNews - Article: The Low-wage, No-raise Economy

GMO: The Secret the Food Industry Is Spending Millions to Keep - DailyFinance


+9/11: The Sensible Doubt – A Danish View of 9/11 (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**9/11: THE SENSIBLE DOUBT - Danish documentary about 9/11 - YouTube


We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant - YouTube


+Attack of the Drones (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**Attack of the Drones - USA - YouTube


Reality Check: One on One With Romney, Did Romney Really Not Know About RNC & Maine’s Delegates | _

Peter Schiff - "It's not about what Government should do, but what it needs to undo!" | XRepublic

The Drugging of Our Children (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Reality Check slams Mitt Romney- The Biggest GOP Power Grab in the Party | XRepublic

"The NSA Is Lying": U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails Says NSA Whistleblower | XRepublic

BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Ron Paul on the Gold Standardand - "The Fed Will Super Stimulate" | XRepublic

Today’s Modern Food: It’s Not What You Think (Full Version: 2 Parts) « Underground Documentaries

Surferjoe's Oasis In The Desert: What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World


+Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Season 1 Episode 3 – Global Warming « Underground Documentaries

**Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" - Global Warming (FULL) - YouTube

+Dr. Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

**Dr. Burzynski (Full Film): Cancer Is Serious Business - Official 2011 Release - YouTube

+Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Season 1 Episode 4 – Big Brother « Underground Documentaries

**Big Brother Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura - YouTube


Organic Gardening: http://www.organicgardening.com/


IRAN LIE same as IRAQ LIE - YouTube

The Mainstreaming of The Fringe: Why Psychologizing 9/11 Dissent Is Not Working « THE INTERNET POST

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World

21 MIN./Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul with PR A-Bomb - YouTube

Banks Finally Allowed To Count Gold As 100% Money - Off The Grid News

Secret Federal Bailout Saved Romney After He Ran Bain Bankrupt

Corzine Complains To Judge That MF Global Trustee Actions Are Hurting His Defense, Louis Freeh Nods In Agreement - Home - The Daily Bail

Update: James Koutoulas On State Prison For Jon Corzine - Home - The Daily Bail

The Daily Bell - Federal Reserve Emphasizes Transparency, as If It Matters ...

Can Banks Raiding Safety Deposit Boxes Be Legal Next After they Loot their Costumers Personal Accounts? | The Lone Star Watchdog

Super PACs Spending: Tech Tools That Help You To See Who's Funding Whom

Awash In Secret Donations, Republicans Reverse Support For Campaign Finance Disclosure

The Biggest Threat to Free Speech and Intellectual Property That You’ve Never Heard Of

Fox News' Sally Kohn: Paul Ryan's RNC Speech 'Was Attempt To Set World Record For Blatant Lies'

10 Ways to Keep Your Power and Computers Operational When TSHTF | _

Liars: How Much Unmitigated Hogwash Can the American Political System Contain? | Common Dreams

Disrupting body clock makes you obese | Mail Online

Dirty tricks: Bill Gates to target anti-vaccine advocates with smear campaign

Goodbye, Liberty! 10 Ways Americans Are No Longer Free « THE INTERNET POST

Why Americans Must End America’s Self-Generating Wars « THE INTERNET POST

US Air Force wants to be able to hack everything « THE INTERNET POST

Half of Americans die with almost no money - Andrea Coombes' Ways and Means - MarketWatch

Ayatollah Khamenei : Counsel for the Non-Aligned Movement Nations and the Wayward West | Veterans News Now

Justice Department Sued For Hiding Secret NSA Surveillance Program

Pentagon to consider legal action against ex-SEAL author of bin Laden raid book | World news | The Guardian

Activist Post: It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics

Ron Paul Renounces GOP As Keynesians, 'NOT HIS PARTY'- Independent Run Imminent? | SilverDoctors.com

Chris Matthews: Chicago - YouTube


**4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master - YouTube


The Sun – Where’s the Convection? | thunderbolts.info

MARS Curiosity Rover first Color 360 Panorama - Round the world with panoramas.dk

‘The US is becoming increasingly isolated’ — RT

Was Yasser Arafat murdered? - Middle East - World - The Independent

Apple Rejects App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes | Danger Room | Wired.com

RORATE CÆLI: A Vatican II Moment: The Masonic Memorial Mass

Oil reserves could be tapped if prices stay above $100 a barrel - Telegraph

GM: Chevy Volt output break due to Impala retooling

Spanish magazine puts Michelle Obama's head on a portrait of topless slave | Mail Online

Obamacare Mandate: 15-Year-Old Girls Receive Free Sterilizations Without Parental Consent | Pakalert Press

Activist Post: Public Schools Use RFID Chips to Track and Punish Students For Pre-Crime

George Zimmerman granted new judge on grounds of bias at bail hearing | World news | guardian.co.uk

NASA launches twin satellites to radiation belts | World news | The Guardian

Immigration - Using Social Media To Bring Change

Yosemite visitors warned of rodent-borne illness - Health - CBC News

TB continued: Drug-resistant strain of deadly disease alarms doctors worldwide — RT

New 'Heartland' Virus Discovered in Sick Missouri Farmers - Yahoo! News

Activist Post: Exposing the FDA's Vaccine Injury Cover-up: An Interview With Walter Kyle, Esq.

Australians implant 'world first' bionic eye - Yahoo! News

Half man, half machine: Scientists engineer first 'cyborg' tissue - which uses living human cells and organic polymers | Mail Online

Can you get dementia by eating junk food? Alzheimer's may be a form of diabetes, say scientists | Mail Online

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital | Politics News | Rolling Stone

Media Scoundrels Promote Permanent Wars

GMO Sweet Corn—Anything but Sweet | The Non-GMO Project

Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Chicago thug politics | Sinclair News.Net

Too often, death is the only way out of guardianship gulag « The PPJ Gazette

10 Unbelievable Facts About Human Brain That Everyone Should Know. - Unbelievable Facts

Ancient Builders Created Monumental Structures that Altered Sound and Mind | ZenHaven

Internet Freedom enters the final draft of the GOP platform | Conservative News, Views & Books

Child Porn, Coke Smuggling: Hundreds of DHS Employees Arrested Last Year | Danger Room | Wired.com

McDonald's S&M Club and the Chuck E. Cheese Bind and Ride. Reflections in a Petri Dish

Multiple Smart Meter Updates

Drought and SuperBugs Devastate U.S. Corn Crop - BlackListedNews.com

EFF Sues to Get Secret Court Rulings Showing Feds Violated Spy Law | Threat Level | Wired.com

Carlyle Is Busiest Buyout Firm as Castoffs Find a Home - Bloomberg

‘Americans Shot in Mexico Were CIA Operatives Aiding in Drug War’ - BlackListedNews.com

cryptogon.com » High Level Member of Sinaloa Cartel Claims Multi-Ton Cocaine Trafficking Activities Were Sanctioned by DOJ, DEA and DHS/ICE

Mexican Narco-Trafficker’s Revelation Exposes Drug War’s Duplicity | the narcosphere

Law Enforcement Agencies Obtaining Record Amount of Surplus Military Equipment - BlackListedNews.com

Erich Von Daniken's Mistake | Science and Technology

Giants Build the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt, Evidence Found | Paranormal

The pyramids were built by giants 100% - YouTube

Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old - South Africa - YouTube

AIDS-Like Disease Mysteriously Appears Where Merck Conducted Vaccine Trials | Health

How long before robots can think like us? | ET. Updates

Obama Responds To Clint Eastwood's Bizarre Attack | Obama

Clint Eastwood RNC Full Speech 2012, Talks To Invisible Obama - YouTube

New Mars Footage Reveal Alien Presence | Space

New Mars Images Reveal ALIEN Presence - YouTube

REAL PROOF of psychic energy (Amazing footage)!!! - BBC documentary TV - YouTube

30-31 aug 2012 huge object over midlothian scotland.night vision - YouTube

2012 Maya Documentary to Show Evidence of UFO and Alien Contact (Amazing Photo's attached) - Paradigm Revolutions

Stanton Friedman says there's 'overwhelming evidence' for ET visitation - National Coast to Coast Radio | Examiner.com

Ron Paul: I'll Be Back! - YouTube

PROOF: Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as 'insecticide' and 'adhesive preservative' in addition to water treatment chemical

Senator McCain To Be Detained By FBI For Mental Instability & Terrorist Threats? | Alternative

Prince Harry’s Naked Las Vegas Romp Caught On Video! | Radar Online

The Polish Bin-Laden Revelation: Uninformed, Naïve, or Just Plain Calculated?

Barbarians at the Gate: Terrorism, the US, and the Subversion of Russia

Mitt Romney heads to storm-hit Louisiana as President Obama hits the campaign trail | Mail Online

Media Strikes Back After Dirty Harry Dares Mock Obama

Roger Ebert: Eastwood speech was 'sad' - POLITICO.com

BBC News - Clint Eastwood speech bemuses fellow stars

Mitt Romney Takes It to Mr. Hope and Change - Ron Fournier - NationalJournal.com

Three dead in shooting at New Jersey grocery store | Reuters

3 dead, including gunman, in New Jersey Pathmark shooting | 7online.com

Man arrested after 2-county chase in central NY - WSJ.com

Man carrying AK-47 arrested in downtown Dallas - Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

Report Details Iran’s Progress at Fordow Nuclear Site - NYTimes.com

Review: “The Master” is a Masterpiece of Filmmaking | Showbiz411

Rubio: Obama Trying Ideas People Came To America To Get Away From | RealClearPolitics

Ann Romney 'urged Mitt' to consider Condoleezza Rice as vice-presidential running mate | Mail Online

Romney to turn to Reagan playbook for stretch run - Washington Times

Obama: I Didn’t Do Good Enough Job Selling Americans On Stimulus Plan « CBS Tampa

Ancient supervolcano discovered near Hong Kong | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

Laurie Roth - Obama and Islam is taking over America

Top US soldier: “I don’t want to be complicit” if Israel attacks Iran

Bin Laden Raid Became Re-Election Mission, SEAL Book Says | Danger Room | Wired.com

Why Americans Must End America’s Self-Generating Wars

Orwell's 1984 Solution to Criminalize War: “If There was Hope, it must Lie in the Proles”

Famine, Global Poverty and The Destruction of the Family Farm

NAM Summit: Ban Ki-Moon in disgraceful show of US puppetry

The Western Onslaught Against International Law

GRTV: How Many Golf Courses Does the Pentagon Need?

John Bolton Shockingly Denies Being a ‘Terrorist Supporter’ « Antiwar.com Blog

NSA Whistleblower: Bush Admin. ‘Conspired to Subvert the Constitution’ « Antiwar.com Blog

Obama Admin. Blatantly Lied About SEAL Team Killing Bin Laden in Self-Defense « Antiwar.com Blog

Foreign Policy Night in Tampa by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Dempsey Backs Away from Obama’s Threat to Intervene in Syria -- News from Antiwar.com

Dempsey: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Complicit’ in Israeli Strike on Iran -- News from Antiwar.com

Obama DOJ Closes Probe into Detainee Homicides -- News from Antiwar.com

Arms Sales: Obama’s Only Growth Industry? » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Asia Times Online :: The remapping of the Middle East

How long before US global military madness provokes another 9/11?

Inside Daraya How a Failed Prisoner Swap Turned Into a Massacre

Obama's America: Waiting for Blowback

By the Numbers U.S. is the Worst Police State in the World

The Movie “Videodrome” and The Horror of Mass Media

Obama Calls for Amendment Limiting Free-Speech Rights | cnsnews.com

Father Benedict Groeschel, American Friar, Claims Teens Seduce Priests In Some Sex Abuse Cases

US Targets Mexican Oil Company Linked to Drug Cartel

‘How ‘gays” promiscuity can make you sick

The Triumph of the Reich-Publican Party by William Norman Grigg

Republican On Hot Mic Cheers Censorship Of Ron Paul Delegates "Great Job!" - YouTube

1976 Redux? by Christopher Manion

Putin Is Demonized While Democracy Fails in Amerika by Paul Craig Roberts

The Rich Don't Pay Enough? by Walter E. Williams

AUDIO:Blacklisted Radio – Thursday, August 30, 2012

You are 8x more likely to be killed by a cop..

Penn Jillette - Voting For Lesser Of 2 Evils Leads To More Evil - YouTube

LA city council calls DEA to enforce repealed ban on marijuana dispensaries

Gary Johnson on Humanitarian Warfare, Audit the Fed & The Meaning of Life - YouTube

Have You Found Your Treasure Yet?

16 Facts That Show How Members Of Congress And Federal Workers Are Living The High Life At Your Expense

Morgan Stanley is Insolvent – Only a Matter of Time Before Total Financial Collapse

Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast: Episode 15 - James Corbett of the Corbett Report on the TSA, GM foods, Symbology and more

Episode 15 - James Corbett of the Corbett Report on the TSA, GM foods, Symbology and more - YouTube

Debbie Schlussel-Praise allah! GOP Platform Pimps Obama-Bush “Arab Spring”

Debbie Schlussel-Paul Ryan’s Speech Terrific, But Amnesty Babble From Condi Clueless Rules GOP

Romney-Ryan: Can they really cut the budget?

What's whiter than the GOP? The media!

Seeing no choice, what will I do in November?

Hate group steps up vicious attacks

The Ryan vision: Let's get this done

The Muslims' Trojan Horse

Mindless response to mine massacre

Paul Ryan: Prevaricator in chief

Obama's women: Clueless government gals

Don't blame social media – blame yourself

Why Obama's going down in November

'Ex-communist' – a term still in Obama's future

J. FARAH: What is U.S. doing in Syria?

P. GELLER: Romney's vow to end funding of jihadist nations

No firearm owner is safe

B. FARBER: Obama's mainstreaming of Marxism

C. MONCKTON: A sad farewell to the U.S. Constitution

W. WILLIAMS: The rich don't pay enough?

Limbaugh Loves How Paul Ryan Characterizes Obama As “In The Past”

Limbaugh: Democrat Fact Checkers Were Wrong Ryan Was Right On GM Claim

RUSH: Listen To The Moment When Ryan Turned Women And Undecideds To Romney/Ryan

RUSH: Clint Eastwood Has Always Been Republican

Limbaugh: Condoleezza Rice RNC Speech Epitomizes Class And Dignity

Limbaugh Scorches ‘Sick And Depraved’ MSNBC: Their Singular Focus Is Racism

What Bain Capital Owns

Tea Party ... looks like secular conservatism, God's out!

Secessionist Movements Grow Across U.S.

Hacking your BRAIN: Scientists reveal they can find out your PIN number using a cheap scanner | Mail Online

The RNC and DNC big difference: They Got Clinton, We Got Clint

We’ve Had It With Obama’s Socialism

The Braying of the Donkeys

Mexico and the Fundamental Transformation of the United States

China’s New Shadow Government, Cash for Organs, and the Threat to America

The Sky is Falling!—Religious Roots of the Prophesied Green Apocalypse

Agenda 21 and Global Warming

Ronald Reagan Tells Democratic Platform Joke

Defending America Takes More Than “Hope”

Obama versus Jesus: Black Christians must decide

Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell Try to Put Condoleezza Rice On the Spot

Romney Proposes 'Five-Step' Plan

DOJ Goes After Public Library for Lending E-Books That Are 'Inaccessible' to the Blind

Poll: More Officers Think Army Is Headed in Wrong Direction Than Right Direction

Rubio: Obama's Not a Bad Person: 'Our Problem Is, He's a Bad President'

Eastwood: 'When Somebody Does Not Do the Job, We Gotta Let 'Em Go'

Cain: Opponents of Voter ID Laws ‘Just Looking for Easier Ways to Cheat’

Labor Department Announces $75 Million in Education Grants for ‘Out of School’ ‘Youth’ Ages 16-24

Sen. Johnson: Obama, Democrats ‘Don’t Believe in Free Speech’

Sen. Toomey: ‘Disappointed’ Obama Wants Constitutional Amendment on Citizens United

Rep. West On Bias: ‘Media is in the Tank’

Romney’s Stance on Russia Raises Hackles in Moscow

Romney: US Leadership in the World Has Diminished Under Obama

Santorum: Romney Goes From 'Rabid Pro-Choice' Gov. to Pro-Life Pres. Candidate

GOP Rules Change 'Spits in the Face of Grassroots Conservatives,' Opponents Say

Gallup: Americans Rate Public Schools the Worst Place to Educate Children

WH: Nothing New in Obama’s Call for Constitutional Amendment Curbing Political Speech

Scott Walker Schools Piers Morgan Trying to Fact-Check Ryan Speech

Stewart, Colbert Have the Favorite Shows of 'Super Democrats'

The Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words

The ‘Large Purpose' of Romney-Ryan

Democrats' Attempts to Restrict Political Spending a Waste of Time, Citizens United President Says

Bank worker gets fired for using fake dime decades ago | Fox News

Eastwood spars with chair as Obama stand-in, calls Romney 'stellar' businessman | Fox News

Rubio: Obama Trying Ideas People Came To America To Get Away From | RealClearPolitics

Romney accepts nomination, says 'now is the time to restore the promise of America' | Fox News

That’s Odd?… Three-Fifths of Milwaukee’s Black Voters Have Vanished Without a Trace | The Gateway Pundit

Japanese girls get 'Yaeba,' crooked teeth, to enhance looks - New York Daily News


**C2CAM - Earth & Animal Mysteries - 08-30-2012- Coast To Coast AM - YouTube


Maya Prince's Tomb Found With Rare Drinking Vessel

'Mysterious' Baltic Sea Object Is a Glacial Deposit | LiveScience

BBC News - Small dinosaur 'hunted like cat'

Surreal Photo Shows 'Belt of Venus' Pink Sky | Space.com

Prototype Bionic Eye Goes Live In World First

Two 'Tatooine' Alien Planets With Twin Suns Found | Space.com

Low-Calorie Diet Doesn’t Prolong Life, Study of Monkeys Finds - NYTimes.com

Sugar Found In Space: A Sign of Life?

Romney Leads Two Polls After Convention Ends

Obama Visits Army Base on Iraq Anniversary

Romney: Time to 'Restore Promise of America'

Dershowitz: President Obama Can Stop Iran

News & Current Events, Breaking News, Analysis, Political Commentary – Newsmax.com

Palin to Romney: Time to 'Quit Preaching to the Choir'

Strauss-Kahn Splits From Long-Suffering Wife

Rubio: Romney Knows What Makes America Great

NMX: Hannity Says Obama's Campaign 'Beneath Dignity of Office'

Ann Romney: Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech Was 'Unique'

Hollywood Praises GOP Over Internet Platform

Obama Campaign Launches Attack Ad Based on ‘Etch A Sketch’ Remark

Ancient Human Kin’s DNA Code Illuminates Rise of Modern Brains

Breaking news and opinion on The Blaze

Crooks and Liars

Did Condoleezza Rice Hint That She’s Leaving the Door Open for a White House Bid?

Watch Paul Ryan: ‘College Graduates Should Not Have to Live Out Their 20s in Their Childhood Bedrooms, Staring Up at Fading Obama Posters’

Matthews and Guest on GOP Racism: They‘ve Been Saying ’Chicago’ a Lot — And ‘There’s a Lot of Black People’ There

MSNBC Host Actually Says Talking About Obama Golfing Is Racist Attempt to Link Him to Tiger Woods & Sex

Romney Campaign Launches New Website Embracing His Work at Bain Capital

Conservative Billionaire Sheldon Adelson‘s Daughter Allegedly Snatches Journalist’s Camera at GOP Convention

UPDATED with Video! The 10 Best Obama Zingers From Paul Ryan’s Snappy Convention Speech

RNC Scrapped Hologram Ronald Reagan Over Concerns It Would ‘Overshadow’ Romney’s Speech

Rubio Rips Obama: ‘Our Problem Is Not That He’s a Bad Person, Our Problem Is That He‘s a Bad President’

‘Japanese Jesus’ Legend: Christ Escaped to Japan, Was Never Crucified, Had 3 Kids & Died at 106 (Plus: See the Alleged ‘Tomb’!)

Associated Press Calls Clint Eastwood‘s Speech ’A Bizarre, Rambling Endorsement’ of Mitt

‘Off His Medications’: Rep. West Takes Chris Matthews to Task for Wild Chicago Theory

Mitt Romney at RNC: ‘President Obama Promised to Slow the Rise of the Oceans…My Promise Is to Help You and Your Family’

TX Mayor Killed in Freak Donkey-Trampling Accident

Watch MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Did You Hear the Birther Reference in Romney’s Speech?

Is Mitt Romney the Next Gipper?

Eastwood Comes Out Shooting: ‘Biden Is the Intellect of the Democratic Party’

Code Pink Tries…and Fails…to Disrupt Romney Speech

Chris Matthews Sees More Racism: Gets Emotional While Describing How It ‘Won’t Go Away’

Daily Mail Uncovers Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend

Scathing New Ad Capitalizes on Rep. Ryan‘s ’Fading Obama Posters’ Remark

Have You Heard of Instagram‘s Growing ’Instasex’ Problem?

Call in the Fact Checkers as GOP Convention Resembles A&E's Lifetime Series

Billionaire Adelson's Daughter Pushes Journalist, Seizes Camera at RNC

Joan Walsh: Ryan's Brazen Lies Should be Called Out for What They Are

The Star of The Big Night Was... Clint Eastwood?

Mitt Romney's Race Strategy Confirmed

Jan Brewer's Brain Fart

Erin Burnett Pretends Paul Ryan Would Raise Taxes on the Rich

Sean Duffy Yells Over Krystal Ball While Lying About Medicare Cuts

Mike Huckabee Tries To Make A Joke, Bless His Heart

Mitt Romney's Sister Says He Won't Ban Abortion

O'Donnell: Fact Checking on Ryan Meaningless for Swing Voters

CleanEnergy Footprints » Archive » Where Gov. Romney Stands on Energy

Former Sen. Trent Lott, Ex-Rep. Jim Davis Bemoan Partisanship on Energy Issues - Elahe Izadi - NationalJournal.com

Obama's Energy Policy: 'All of the Above' Means 'All of the Above' - Forbes

John Barrasso Energy Plan - At RNC, Energy Crowd Plays the Long Unemployment Con - Esquire

Two White Dwarf Stars Emit Gravitational Waves - Space News - redOrbit

Debunking wind energy myths – At a glance - 30 Aug 2012 - Analysis from BusinessGreen

Grand Old Marxists by Timothy Snyder | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books

Obama's Trash-Talk and Other Delights | Slog

Walking the Clouds – Grace L. Dillon | Full Stop

The Gleiwitz incident: the ‘first man to die’ in the War

The Man Who Started the War • Damn Interesting

New Georgia Encyclopedia: Atlanta Campaign

Birmingham author claims Jack the Ripper was a WOMAN - Top Stories - News - Birmingham Mail

Lewis and Clark . Inside the Corps . Circa 1803 | PBS

Christopher Wilson: August is The Cruellest Month - The Lasting Legacy of Princess Diana

*Turning Cell Phones Into Survival Tools

Buzz Blog: The Tasty Physics of Eating Candy

Have Three Little Photons Broken Theoretical Physics? | Quantum Spacetime | LifesLittleMysteries.com

BBC News - How the Paralympics checks intellectual disability

The Maturing Science of Getting Old | Inside Science

Soil Bacteria Give Pathogens Antibiotic Resistance? - Blog

The Hidden Truths about Calories | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network

FYI: How Long Can a Brain Live in a Dish? | Popular Science

Religion News Service | Politics | Government & Politics | COMMENTARY: Of Protestants, politicians and power

Atheists Ignore Islamophobia at their Peril | (A)theologies | Religion Dispatches

WORLDmag.com | Atheists’ Camp Quest … for God? | La Shawn Barber

Jesus Christ, political genius | Black Mountain News | blackmountainnews.com

Is Obama a self-professed evangelical?

Islam: the Untold Story, review - Telegraph

From conventions to Colbert, Cardinal Dolan plays on top stages - The Washington Post

Are there Muslim evangelists?

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Financial crisis: the printing press has reached its limits - Telegraph

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Sage Stallone died from heart attack

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Clint Eastwood's RNC speech: Bold backing or career misstep?


Clint Eastwood's entire RNC speech - YouTube


Romney makes jobs pitch; both sides to visit Gulf

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Romney to address his faith

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Paying for Obamacare

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U-M denied admission to Colorado shooting suspect

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Five Reasons Why the Assad Regime Survives

Paralympic athlete and 7/7 survivor: 'I've just got to keep going'

Mexican leftist leader rejects Pena Nieto win, calls for rally

Woman's torso found in Niagara River; police say she was a homicide victim

Google Should Speed up Apps' Enterprise Social Networking Development

iPad Mini's 'Guts' May Combine Old, New Technologies

Grooveshark is Back on Android After 16 Month Hiatus

Wolfram Alpha Facebook Tool Reveals How Many Of Your Friends Are Single (And More News You Can Use)

Emanuel gives Brizard a vote of confidence

Ira Glass and WBEZ Chicago venture into the movie biz

Jazz Fest launches with a warm – not hot – tribute to Ella Fitzgerald

Campers Question Yosemite Response to Hantavirus

Severe Diet Doesn't Prolong Life, at Least in Monkeys

Low-card diet gets more support from new analysis

Sheriff: Man stole doctor's ID, saw 500 patients

Most fatal child battery swallowing accidents due to tiny batteries

New Virus Found In Missouri; Ticks Suspected

Whooping cough, toxic chemicals in lunchboxes, and other back-to-school hazards

Study: We Benefit From Seeing Strong Women on TV

Healer Charged in 16 HIV Infections

Unification Church plans to move founder Moon to its own hospital after his condition worsens - The Washington Post

Texas man says penis pill caused bloody fracture; Claims male-enhancement supplement suffered ‘significant pain,’ lawsuit claims - NY Daily News


Astronauts among dignitaries at Armstrong service

Blue Moon and Neil Armstrong Memorial Converge Friday - YouTube


Q&A: A Once in a Blue Moon Chat with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Genome Brings Ancient Girl to Life

NASA Launches Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission

Stunning Close-Up Picture of Saturn and Its Massive Moon Titan

Geoengineering 'feasible and affordable'

LIRGs and hot DOGS: survey spots black holes, superluminal galaxies

Antarctic Methane Could Escape, Worsen Warming

Stone Age Figurines Found Near Jerusalem

Two alien planets found with twin suns

UPDATE: 'It Was My Worst Nightmare:' Horseshoe Crab Sculpture Destroyed

'Nano machine shop' research shapes nanowires

NASA testing spacecraft's water impact in Va

Virgin to give freqent flier a free trip to space

Bernanke Won't Rule Out Further Asset Purchases

American, US Airways one step closer to merger

Fannie, Freddie to raise mortgage fees

Twitter to start using targeted advertising


Drew Peterson trial: Testimony ends in Drew Peterson case - Chicago Tribune

Drew Peterson trial updates: Rebuttal witnesses to be called - Chicago Tribune


Alex Jones Show: Thursday (8-30-12) Larry Grathwohl & Derrick Broze - YouTube


50 MIN./Alex Covers TSA Molestation of Paul Family and The Rise in Police Brutality - YouTube

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Prison Planet.com » PROOF: Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as ‘insecticide’ and ‘adhesive preservative’ in addition to water treatment chemical

Infowars Hidden Camera - Fluoride Treatment Facility: Nightly News Report - YouTube

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» Michael Moore Insists There is a Difference Between Obama and Romney Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» The GOP Candidate for Dictator Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Gates Foundation Funds ‘Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System’ and ‘On-Demand Vaccine Delivery via Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Gates Foundation awards 1.7 million to inspire supply chain innovation | Issue 166

» Dirty tricks: Bill Gates to target anti-vaccine advocates with smear campaign Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» TB continued: Drug-resistant strain of deadly disease alarms doctors worldwide Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Drug companies run out of weapons against the very same superbugs they helped create Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Dempsey: I don't want to be comp... JPost - Iranian Threat - News

Prison Planet.com » The $3,200,000,000,000 Question: Why Housing Has Much More To Drop Before It Bottoms

Prison Planet.com » Chart Of The Day: With All Of QE3 Priced In, The Only Way Is Down Should Bernanke Disappoint

Prison Planet.com » Obama punishes Americans with another trillion-dollar deficit (four in a row)

Prison Planet.com » New Fuel Economy Standards Imposed: Separating Hype From Reality

Prison Planet.com » AG Holder Decides Not to Charge CIA Agents in Detainees’ Deaths

Prison Planet.com » Yet another agency gets authority to seize cash that might have something to do with drugs

Prison Planet.com » Health Basics – The top foods that cause depression

Prison Planet.com » 3 Simple, Natural Ways for Detoxing Your Body

3 Dead In Shooting At New Jersey Supermarket - Business Insider

Smart Pills: The Edible Tracking Grid - YouTube

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Prison Planet.com » Public Schools Use RFID Chips to Track and Punish Students For Pre-Crime

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Prison Planet.com » A Fallen Nation: 9/11, Occult Symbolism, And The Sacrifice of Prometheus

Chris Matthews Praises Jeb Bush! What's Going On?

The Greatest Piece of Performance Art in American Political History

'The most extraordinary moment of the convention'

That Chair Was Racist

Condi Rice Apeaks Again. And Again

An Islamic Festival to Jump Start the DNC

The Open-Minded Left

Liberals and the Politicization of Rape

Romney/Ryan Must Target Catholics and Evangelicals

The Last Line of Defense: Property

Race, the Race, and Racism

How 'The Shy Republican' Could Be Masking a Landslide

Being Successful is Romney's Greatest Appeal

ACLU Begs Colorado Springs to Rethink Panhandling Proposal

The Women of the RNC

Louisiana Teachers' Union Calls Black School Choice Group 'Pro-KKK'

The Problem with Barack

Is Mitt Becoming More Conservative?

Evil Right-Wingers Turn to Family, Not Government

Mitt's Night

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Mitt Romney's Acceptance Speech At The GOP Convention
Krauthammer: Romney Will "Not Be Known as the Great Connecter"
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Matthews Claims To Live In "Black Majority" DC, But Lives In MD Suburb
Palin: GOP Ticket Should Offer A "Mea Culpa" With Mistakes Of The Past
Rep. Connie Mack IV Addresses The GOP Convention
Wasserman Schultz: "I'm The President's Most Prominent Surrogate"
Jeb Bush To Obama: Stop Blaming My Brother
Sen. Dick Durbin: Obama Has Achieved Remarkable Things
Limbaugh Rips MSNBC's Coverage Of RNC, Use Of Race Card
Newt And Callista Gingrich Address The GOP Convention
Michael Moore: "People Should Start To Practice The Words President Romney"
Craig Romney: My Father's Success A "Story Of Two Immigrants"
Sen. Scott Brown: GOP Has "Big Tent"
Chris Matthews: Saying "Chicago" Is Racist
Daniel Hannan Shocked Social Issues Are A Focus With $16 Trillion Debt
Wasserman Schultz: We'll Carry Obama Back To The WH "On The Shoulders Of The People"
Richard Miniter: Romney Has To Give People Reasons To "Hope"
Gov. Susana Martinez Explains How She Knew She Was Republican
Stephanie Cutter: Paul Ryan "Lied" Last Night
Jon Stewart Mocks Night One Of RNC


Condi Rice: "When A Nation Loses Control Of Its Finances, It Loses Control Of Its Destiny"
Paul Ryan Addresses GOP Convention: "We Don't Have Much Time"
Andrea Mitchell Asks Condi Rice Why Shouldn't Obama Be Reelected, About Birtherism
John McCain Pushes For Military Intervention In Syria In Address To RNC
MSNBC Hosts vs. Scott Walker On Auto Bailouts
Krauthammer: Paul Ryan's Speech Was "Bold, Very Strong And Very Large"
Rand Paul At RNC: The Individual Is "The Engine Of America's Greatness"
Mike Huckabee Addresses The GOP Convention
Senator Rob Portman Addresses The GOP Convention
George Will "Skeptical" Paul Ryan Can Attract Youth Vote
Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno Addresses GOP Convention
Pawlenty Address RNC: "Welcome To Barack Obama's Retirement Party"
Sen. McConnell Addresses GOP Convention: Obama Wants To Join PGA
Al Gore: Bush Can't Be Blamed For Everything
Sen. John Thune Addresses The GOP Convention On Business
Matthews: Obama Has Done Everything Anybody Ever Asked Blacks To Do
Bush 41 And 43 Send Video Message To GOP Convention
Jon Voight Talks To Cavuto About Romney/Ryan And Obama "2016" Film
Dick Morris: Chris Christie Did "Terribly"
MSNBC: McConnell Saying Obama Wants To Be In PGA Is Racist
Obama: "Romney Doesn't Care"
Steve Forbes On Gold Standard, Federal Reserve & The Dollar
Juan Williams: Ann Romney "Looked Like A Corporate Wife"
Reporter: Romneys "Happy To Have A Party With Black People Drowning"
Obama Web Ad: Romney & Ryan Would Take Us Back
Krauthammer: The Keynote Speech Is A "Springboard"


Scott Walker: "On June 5, The Hardworking Taxpayers Won"
Ann Romney: "This Man Will Lift Up America"
Kasich: "We Need A New Partner In Washington - This Relationship Is Just Not Working"
Christie: "Mitt Romney Will Tell Us The Hard Truths We Need To Hear"
Hume On Ann Romney: "Single Most Effective Political Speech I've Ever Heard Given By A Political Wife"
Former Dem Artur Davis Addresses GOP Convention: "Let's Take This Country Back"
Mia Love To Obama: "We're Not Buying What You're Selling"
Christie: "Real Leaders Don't Follow Polls, Real Leaders Change Polls"
Chris Matthews Ties Reagan To George Wallace And David Duke
Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's RNC Remarks
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin's Remarks At The RNC
Gov. Scott Walker Addresses The GOP Convention
Speaker John Boehner Addresses 2012 GOP Convention
Ayotte At The RNC: Obamacare Is A "Success Tax"
Priebus: "Barack Obama Has A Problem With The American Dream"
Krauthammer: Romney Should Bring Out Seamus, Say Roof Ride Was "Ride Of His Life"
Rush: Hurricane Isaac Hitting New Orleans "Democrats' Wet Dream"
Ohio Gov. Kasich: "President Is Doing Nothing" About National Debt
Gibbs: If You Think Unemployment Is Bad For Grads, Look At Unemployment Rate For Non-College Grads
LA Mayor Villaraigosa: GOP "Can't Just Trot Out A Brown Face"
Todd: GOP Putting Minorities In Front At Convention To Appear Diverse
Dennis Miller Slams Joe Biden On "Tonight Show"
Gov. Jan Brewer: Obama Is Race-Baiting
Dennis Miller Discusses The RNC And Same Sex Marriage On "The Tonight Show"
Republicans Formally Nominate Romney For President
Dennis Miller Discusses Todd Akin On "The Tonight Show"
O'Reilly: The Democratic Convention Is Full Of Zealots
Priorities USA Action: "Olive"
Move On Ad: Stepping On The Middle Class
Gregory: RNC Is Focused On Big 4: Romneys, Ryan & Christie
Schultz: "Republican Medicare Lies Could Be Working"
Krauthammer: Romney Can Be "Earnest And Sincere"




Can the U.S. Become Energy Independent?
Interview with Syrian Defector, News Personality
SEAL Book Raises Questions on bin Laden Death
Al-Assad Says Situation is Improving
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Rice Says U.S. Standing in the World is at Risk
Families Demand Release of South African Mineworkers
Queen Elizabeth Goes for a Spin in Hoodie
Raw Video: 550-lb. WWII Bomb Detonated
Lance Armstrong Defiant in Face of Doping Allegations
Vacuum of Uprising Gives Syria Kurds Rare Freedom
Inside Iran's Nuclear Program
Pakistani Police Endorse a Different Kind of 'Regime'