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"If the American people ever allow private banks
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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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17 August 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


The Michael Savage Show 08/16/2012


Alex Jones - 2012-Aug-16, Thursday


Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (8-16-20) Dave Mustaine - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (8-16-12) Richard Belzer & Gerald Celente - YouTube


President Obama: 9/11 Families Ask You to Watch “9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out” /www.911debunkers.blogspot.com

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out - Trailer - AE911Truth.org - YouTube

**EXCLUSIVE AE911Truth Colorado 911 Visibility & Richard Gage: Premier Explosive Evidence w Live Panel - YouTube

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 - AE911Truth.org - YouTube

33 min./MSM Attack Dave Mustaine, Pentagon Unveil Self Aware Machines - YouTube

Dave Mustaine Clarifies Obama Staged Shooting Statement - YouTube

22 min./Dishonorable Disclosures - YouTube

45 min./DHS Illegally Classifies New Ammo Order! - YouTube

Mutant Butterflies Found at Fukushima - YouTube

Pentagon Producing Terminator Like Machines - YouTube

38 min./Richard Belzer Speaks Out On America's Most Controversial Cover-Ups - YouTube

37 min./Gerald Celente: "All of Society is Rotting Out!" - YouTube

Pentagon: NO PROOF of Killing Osama Bin Laden! - YouTube

51 min./Vitamin Deficiency Causes Sickness and Death - YouTube

**Global Financial Collapse is Coming! Interview with Webster Tarpley - YouTube

» U.S. News Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Prison Planet.com » Soros Propaganda Front Slanders Rand Paul and Alex Jones

(Videos)Prison Planet.com » Pentagon Developing Autonomous Humanoid Robots To “Perform Evacuation Operations”

Prison Planet.com » U.S. Troops To Get New Headgear For “Homeland Security Operations”

Before Shooting: Southern Poverty Law Center Put Family Research Council on ‘Hate Map’ | CNSNews.com

Syria’s neighbors braced for chemical threat. Assad warns Turkey on Stingers

Prison Planet.com » Report: Soros Unloads All Investments in Major Financial Stocks; Invests Over $130 Million In Gold

Prison Planet.com » Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo

Prison Planet.com » Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG

Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor - Telegraph

57 min./What To Do When Confronted by Police - YouTube

How British jihadists are causing mayhem in Syria | Mail Online

Egypt a dictatorship again - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

Pentagon Denies Reports of Russian Sub near U.S. | Defense | RIA Novosti

Prison Planet.com » 40 Points That Prove That Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate

Prison Planet.com » Forget The Political Sideshow, Focus on The Bigger Battle

Megadeth Frontman Comes Under Fire for Obama Comments - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Battling False Flag Overload: The Demands of Vigilance

Prison Planet.com » Lowest Rating Ever: 90% of Americans Disapprove With How Congress Is Handling Its Job

Prison Planet.com » Ammo? What Ammo? DHS Takes Unprecedented Step of Redacting Mass Ammunition Purchase

Prison Planet.com » Huge portion of California could be wiped out by nuke plant, says nuclear expert

Prison Planet.com » Federal government hoarding meat stocks in response to drought – Food shortages for the rest of us?

No One Will Charged With a Crime for the MF Global Collapse - Yahoo! News

Prison Planet.com » Destroying children with the cloak of ADHD – Parents need to pay attention

Prison Planet.com » Fake Eco-Friendly Corporations Shell out Millions of $ to Stop GMO Labeling

Prison Planet.com » Top Transhumanism CEO Says AI Singularity Will Go ‘Very Badly For Humans’

Prison Planet.com » Do smart meters electric meters spy on your electricity usage? Get the facts

Prison Planet.com » The Fourth Amendment and the Drones: How Will it Apply?

Prison Planet.com » The Truth About How The Fed Has Destroyed The Housing Market

A Remarkable Quote From The 1970s That Perfectly Predicted Why The Euro Would Be A Disaster - Business Insider

(Links)Prison Planet.com » Proof Positive that Government’s “Homeowner Relief” Programs Are Disguised Bank Bailouts … Not Even AIMED at Helping Homeowners

» Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Low levels on the Mississippi threatening cargo business - WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

» Assange Or Corzine? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

November’s Choices by Andrew P. Napolitano

Chance of Fed Printing More Money Jumps to 60% | Fox Business

U.S. Government's Foreign Debt Hits Record $5.29 Trillion | CNSNews.com

U.S. Authorities Subpoena Seven Banks In LIBOR Probe - PartnerNet - IBTimes.com

Factory owners: Federal prisoners stealing our business - Aug. 14, 2012

Julian Assange: The threadbare room inside the Ecuadorian embassy where fugitive is hiding... as police wait outside to pounce | Mail Online

At America's Biggest Drone Show, the Focus Shifts Toward Domestic Skies | Popular Science

Privacy and Security Fanatic: Unblinking surveillance stare: Army's 7-story flying football field-sized blimp

» Top Transhumanism CEO Says AI Singularity Will Go ‘Very Badly For Humans’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Agenda 21 Propaganda Invades Hotels, Lectures Travelers Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Internet should not have gatekeepers or regulators – Steve Wozniak Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Warrantless cellphone tracking is legal, federal court rules - Technolog on NBCNews.com

The Roman Style Collapse of Western Civilization - YouTube

Press Photographer Turned Lawyer Details How 9/11 Led To A War On Taking Pictures In Public - Business Insider

Network sniffing algorithm could have fingered 9/11 suspects • The Register

Rep. Farenthold to Newsmax: Fast and Furious Documents ‘Incriminating,’ ‘Explosive’

'Joe the Plumber': U.S. should build a fence on the Mexican border and 'start shooting' | cleveland.com

» Natural brands betray consumers over GMO labeling Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor - Telegraph

» Real Reason for the Olympics Was to Showcase British Military? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Gunmen attack Pakistan air base: air force | Reuters

August 15, 2012 / Russia Issues Apocalyptic Warning For US Gulf Coast

August 8, 2012 / German Spy Reveals Secret US-Hollow Earth Pact For Global Rule

Syria: Is There Anything Terrorism Can't Do?

Paradigm shift: Why Iran now NEEDS the bomb « The Greenroom

» Meet The New Terrorists: Conservative Americans Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Your Cell Phone Makes You A Prisoner Of A Digital World Where Virtually Anyone Can Hack You Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

That’s Not My Phone, It’s My Tracker - NYTimes.com

New Zealand study challenges babies' moral compass findings - People's Daily Online

Ancient skeleton army discovered in a bog | The Petri Dish

Wikileaks reveals "TrapWire," a government spy network that uses ordinary surveillance cameras

Mysterious artefacts from Neolithic age could be match sticks

Another Anti-Iranian Hate Group

Nature-inspired systems give 'soft robots' ability to camouflage themselves (w/ Video)

DARPA's Soft Robot: Now You See It, Now You Don't - YouTube

LexisNexis Named Official Online Research Provider for 2012 GOP Convention | Sinclair News.Net

Bases 2 Take 2 Nicky The CIA Mind Control Victim - YouTube


**Bases One Disclosure 2010 - YouTube


“Complete Information Control”: Japan newspapers receive much frightening info that’s covered up — Some evacuees died from acute symptoms yet not reported — Journalists scared

Are We Steering – Or Being Steered? « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Is Washington Deaf As Well as Criminal? - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Easter Island: The Secret Story Tour November 2012 - YouTube


+RNC Announces Six Republican Convention Headliners, No Paul | Sinclair News.Net

- What Did Rand Paul Gain? | _


Romney Says He Has Paid at Least 13 Percent in Taxes in Last 10 Years - NYTimes.com

Notes from the Field: Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus Infections in Employees of a Rodent Breeding Facility — Indiana, May–June 2012

Washoe County issues hand-foot-mouth alert | Reno Gazette-Journal | rgj.com

Dangerous foods Processed meats and cancer

CDC: Boomers must get tested for hepatitis C - Video on NBCNews.com

Americans Can't Get Enough Of Russia's AK-47s - Business Insider

Alaska Native News-News for the People of the Last Frontier - Summer Storm Spins Over Arctic

Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Britain Blows A Fuse Over Assange Ecuador Asylum

China Launching Gold Backed Global Currency! | Alternative

Libya August Update - Libyans Return From Syria in Boxes - YouTube

THE ROSWELL UFO INCIDENT | UPDATE: Other CIA Retirees Claim To Have Seen Roswell Evidence

Don’t Mess with Texas’ Tar Sands Blockade | Common Dreams

Cost Of College Degree In U.S. Has Increased 1,120 Percent In 30 Years, Report Says

Column: The student loan crisis that can't be gotten rid of | Reuters

How Gay Community Leaders Promote Hate and Encourage Violence Against Christians | Sinclair News.Net

Meteor Smoke Makes Strange Clouds

Meteor Smoke Makes Strange Noctilucent Clouds | NASA Science HD Video - YouTube


+ RNC: Ron Paul delegates not welcome in Tampa « Doug Wead The Blog


The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Activist Post: Why The Gov’t Purchase Of Ammunition Should Scare The Hell Out Of You

Americans buy as many AK47s as the Russian military as assault rifle surges in popularity | Mail Online

Anonymous calls for shut-down of TrapWire to start this Saturday — RT

Walmart money laundering exposed [26672] | Home

Check-In with Your Face on Vimeo

Check-in with your face - Get personalized deals | redpepper Lab | Atlanta & Nashville Integrated Marketing Communications and Advertising Agency specializing in remarkable creative with measurable results

WBFF: Free Phone Frenzy - abuse of the federal Lifeline program - YouTube

Anti-ogle goggles for the modest set | The Times of Israel

The REAL story of World War II

The American Way...Soul-Less Gangsterism, Death

Mexico to buy 1.5 mln tons of corn [26298] | Mexico

US loses its 3,600mph hypersonic X-51A Waverider jet - Science - News - The Independent

Mesmer-Bots in the Department of the Depraved. Smoking Mirrors

Federal Employees Asked To Refuse Obama's UnConstitutional Directives on Immigration - ALIPAC

My Way News - Study off Mass. coast finds noise harming whales

Activist Post: Chemtrail Whistleblower Allan Buckmann: Some Thoughts on Weather Modification

Feds crack down on police brutality nationwide - CBS News

Proteomics study shows 500-year-old Incan mummy had lung infection, probably TB. - latimes.com

Gender-bending chemical found in tin cans and shop receipts 'can cause fatal clogging of arteries' | Mail Online

Alcohol mixed with energy drinks can raise risk of heart problems and other conditions | Mail Online

TV: Officials say Louisiana sinkhole has grown — Now 476 feet by 640 feet (VIDEO)

Activist Post: 40 Points That Prove That Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate

Hundreds of New Stars are Born Annually By Recently Discovered Gigantic 'Phoenix Cluster Galaxy' (Video)

TrapWire tied to White House, Scotland Yard, MI5 and others, claims hacked Stratfor email — RT

My Way News - Romney seeks to undercut Obama's likability lead

Rense & Celente - Society is Now a Rotten Fish - YouTube

EMF Killing Fields « Jennifer Lake's Blog

BBC News - A Point of View: The revolution of capitalism


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan/ http://romneyryan.com


+Presidential Candidate Comparison: Top Contributors, 2012 Cycle | OpenSecrets


Release of the ‘Dancing Israelis’, Coincidence or Blackmail? « Aletho News

9/11/01: Truck Full Of Explosives & Two Suspects In Custody Caught on George Washington Bridge - YouTube

poorrichards blog: 14 defining characteristics of fascism: The U.S. in 2012

UN Security Council orders end to UNSMIS - YouTube

Schmidt: Why Obama should dump Biden for Hillary Clinton | A Better Iowa

Activist Post: Government Awards Ammunition But Hides How Much It Spent And The Quantity Requested

Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG | _

A-level students must be told the whole truth about the value of a degree - Telegraph

The sham “terrorism expert” industry - Salon.com

NBPP – We need to create a military to mass murder white people

Invisible Russian submarine: Voice of Russia

US Treasury Admits It Conducted A Circular Ponzi Scheme For Years « THE INTERNET POST

Prehistoric Human Brain Found Pickled in Bog : Discovery News

Natural brands betray consumers over GMO labeling: NaturalNews issues boycott of Kashi, Silk, Larabar and more

Lawyers For Ron Paul Have Tentatively Won The Lawsuit Against The RNC - YouTube


**Start a Bank - Offshore Bank Ownership - Banking4Bankers


NBC Cancels Series, Entire Cast Of ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ Killed In Afghanistan | The Duffel Blog

Google warns of using Adobe Reader - particularly on Linux - The H Open: News and Features

poorrichards blog: The Fascist Origins of 'Corporate Personhood'

The Truth About How The Fed Has Destroyed The Housing Market

Test All Baby Boomers For Hepatitis C: CDC | _

US Will Not Prosecute Corzine's $1 Billion+ Theft Of Client Funds

Hiroshima Radiation Cover-up: How War Dept's NY Times Plant Won A Pulitzer

Poll: Romney cares more than Obama about... JPost - International

The Greatest Medical Fraud in History – The Pain, Profit and Politics of AIDS (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Ammo? What Ammo? : DHS Takes Unprecedented Step of Redacting Mass Ammunition Purchase

Bush Admits Government Plants Fake News Stories For Political Agendas

Activist Post: Bombshell Interview Reveals DNA Fragments Discovered 6 Months After Vaccination

Barofsky: 'Geithner Admitted To Us Privately That Obama's Housing Policy Was DESIGNED To Sacrifice Homeowners In Order To "FOAM THE RUNWAY" For The Banks' - Home - The Daily Bail

Chris Hedges: Criminalizing Dissent - Chris Hedges' Columns - Truthdig


Giuliani Slams Biden On 'Chains' Remark, If Republicans Said That, It Would Make NYT Front Page - YouTube

+CIA Agents Reveal Secrets of the CIA (Full Version) | Dprogram.net

The Democratic Party Sleeps on FDR’s Legacy – Ralph Nader | Dprogram.net

A $50 Fine For A $50,000 Bank Heist | Dprogram.net

Rocky, Rambo Star Stallone Rails Against Banks, Corruption, Foreign Enemies Destroying Our Country | Dprogram.net

Mainstream Doctors Say Supporting The 2nd Amendment Is A Mental Disorder | Dprogram.net

Social Networks Develop Deep Packet Inspection Backdoors For Govt Spying | Dprogram.net

ACLU Debunked On Trapwire: Inside Big Brother's Pre-Crime Surveillance Software

Hacked Email Ties TrapWire To White House, Global Spy Agencies | Dprogram.net

Prescription drugs cause nutrient depletion | Dprogram.net

+Grow Your Own Black or Green Tea | Self-Sufficiency

5 Amazing Healing Honey Facts | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural

Do-It-Yourself Rocket Stoves, by E.B. | Survival

Turmeric Fights Devastating Viruses In Humans And Animals | Self-Sufficiency

Ancient Aquatic Tomb Discovered in Peru - YouTube

Marilyn Monroe And The General | Celebrities

6 Common Exercises That Are Actually Bad for You | Blogging/Citizen Journalism

Alert: Severe Earthquake & Pole Shift Warnings | Earthquakes

Robert Lanza, M.D. – BIOCENTRISM » Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End

The truth about what happened on september 11 WTC - YouTube

Nancy Hamilton, wife of congressman, dies in crash - Local News - Indianapolis, IN - NBCNews.com

Time to revisit “Animal Farm” | Tea Party

Frank Marshall Davis Exposed | Opinion - Conservative

New DHS Informant Leaks a Shocker | Beacon Equity: Penny Stocks, Stock Alerts

Articles: Obama's Impact on Race Relations in America

Filmmaker Paul Davids on Jesus in India, Roswell, and his UFO sighting - Panama City Paranormal | Examiner.com

Blog: Is Obama a Ventriloquist Dummy?

Disney Developing 'Physical Face Cloning' -- Science & Technology -- Sott.net

Physical Face Cloning - YouTube

8 Deadly Myths About Survival | Survival

Basic Survival Gear - The Survival Fishing Kit | Self-Sufficiency

Obama Is Giving China Our Oil Fields | China

"Endless Knot" Crop Circle Appears Overnight - "Having No Beginning Nor End" | Spirit

The Bible in 300 Words: The Foundational Story of the Gospel Project | Christian News

Sharia Law In America! | Christian News

Sharia Law In America! - YouTube

Ningen: Legendary Leviathan | Strange

Don't turn out the light! Terrifying photos of ghosts that will keep you up at night | Mail Online

If True, This Would Be The Most Heartless Case Of Corporate Cruelty We’ve Heard Of All Week | MoveOn.Org


Frosty Wooldridge -- Trashing our world: More laws won’t change human behavior

Frosty Wooldridge -- Trashing our world: Trashing America: there is no "away" in throwaways

Frosty Wooldridge -- Trashing America: actions you can take to make change


Russia's Pussy Riot protesters sentenced to two years | Reuters

Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG - BlackListedNews.com

America’s ‘shadow wars’ in Africa


+The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary) - informationliberation


**The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary) - YouTube


+Court: If Violating Your Privacy Helps The Police, It's Not Violating Your Privacy - informationliberation

Hornberger's Blog - Immigrants, the Scapegoats

Why the Doctor Can't See You - informationliberation

Libertarians Sue to Have Romney Kicked Off Washington Ballot | Slog

Facebook should be nationalized to protect user rights. - Slate Magazine

Israeli DM Declares Public Opposition to War on Iran Doesn’t Matter -- News from Antiwar.com

Israeli Opposition Leader Slams Netanyahu for “Creating a Panic” for War on Iran -- News from Antiwar.com

‘The Most Dangerous Man in the World’? by Patrick J. Buchanan -- Antiwar.com

Playing the Terror Card against Iran Enriching Uranium « LobeLog.com

The Reinvention of David Frum by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

U.S. Reliance on Saudi Oil Is Growing Again - NYTimes.com

Neo-Nazis, gangs and criminals in the US military - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

The Occult Symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Wonder Girl’s “Like Money”: Promoting Transhumanisn Through K-Pop

The American Way

Understanding Economics A Perfect Grasp, and for Free

20 min./Humanity's Greatest Secret: Dreams of the Universe - YouTube

Information Control in the Digital Age: The Journey From Internet Piracy to Full Spectrum Tyranny

Oh No! What Now? Tips for Taking Charge After a Disaster

CDC Pushes Flu Vaccine for Children in New Fear-Mongering Campaign

22 Stats That Show How The Emerging One World Economy Is Absolutely Killing American Workers

Another Jury Revolts Against Marijuana Laws, "They felt marijuana should be legalized." | StoptheDrugWar.org

Hunt Is On for Gravity Waves in Space-Time | LIGO | LiveScience

The Staggering Illuminati Hit list Just keeps Growing And Growing | Pakalert Press

Man Dies After Contracting Rare Rodent Virus At Yosemite « CBS Sacramento

'The Most Dangerous Man in the World'? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Obama Will Win, Thanks to the Clueless Banana Republicans by Scott Lazarowitz

How to Pick Real Olive Oil | Mark's Daily Apple

The Mississippi River Is Drying Up

3 Survival novels you should read & a Video Review | The Survival Mom™

Suffering from headaches? Leave the painkillers and just drink water | Mail Online

The Microscopic Zoo Within Us by Joseph Mercola

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride About Immunity and Gut Flora - YouTube

Dr. Mercola Interviews Caroline Barringer - YouTube


Be Your Own Boss: 37 Side Hustle Ideas | The Art of Manliness


How to Start a Fire Without Matches | The Art of Manliness

An Illustrated Guide to Detailing Your Car

How to Use a [BUSTED] Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs

Before Shooting: Southern Poverty Law Center Put Family Research Council on ‘Hate Map’ | CNSNews.com

Former Obama Campaign Co-Chair: Every African-American ‘Knew What Buttons’ Biden ‘Was Trying to Push’ | CNSNews.com

Skipping Over the Shooting at FRC | CNSNews.com

Afghan Policeman Kills Two U.S. Troops Minutes After They Hand Him A Gun | CNSNews.com

White House Dodges Question of Whether FRC Shooting Was Hate Crime | CNSNews.com

FBI: Alleged FRC Shooter Carried 50 Rounds, Said ‘I Don’t Like Your Politics’ | CNSNews.com

Social Security Administration Explains Plan to Buy 174,000 Hollow-Point Bullets | CNSNews.com

Bozell: NBC, CBS Ignore LGBT Link To Family Research Council Shooter | CNSNews.com

U.N. Chief’s Presence at Tehran Summit Sends Wrong Message, Says State Dep't | CNSNews.com

Romney nixes Obama bid for 5-year tax disclosure | CNSNews.com

Health Care Reform Begins With Health Savings Accounts, Economist Says | CNSNews.com

More Americans Hunting and Fishing, Survey Shows | CNSNews.com

Muslim Brotherhood Denies Trying to ‘Islamize’ Egypt’s Media | CNSNews.com

Gene Simmons' A&E Reality Show Gets Kiss-Off | CNSNews.com

State Dept. Trained 450 Imams on the ‘Compatibility of Women’s Rights and Islam’ | CNSNews.com

As Islamic Bloc Suspends Syria, Iran Tries to Shift the Focus Back to ‘Palestine’ | CNSNews.com

Clinton Omits Religious Tolerance in Her Message to Pakistan on Its Independence Day | CNSNews.com

Presidential Candidates Urged to Suspend Campaign Advertising On September 11 | CNSNews.com

Success for Some, on Website That Seeks Financing for Pet Projects | CNSNews.com

Democrats in 3 States Push Gun Bills After Aurora Theater Shooting | CNSNews.com

Carney: First Black Governor ‘Doesn’t Have a Point’ in Condemning Biden’s ‘Chains’ Remarks | CNSNews.com

Chris Matthews: Romney 'Created a Real Frankenstein’s Monster Putting Ryan on the Ticket' | NewsBusters.org

After Mocking Ryan 'Slinging Cheap Margaritas,' Politico Reporter Marvels at Biden's Campaigning Talent | NewsBusters.org

White House: Ticket Will Remain ‘Obama/Biden’ | CNSNews.com

Biden: Who Says U.S. Can't 'Lead the World in the 20th Century'? | CNSNews.com

FRC President Calls For an End to 'Reckless Rhetoric' | CNSNews.com

FAIR President: Obama Immigration Policy ‘Hallmark of Graft’

Rove: Early Israeli Attack on Iran Could Benefit Obama

Allen West: Democrats Are 'Afraid of Black Conservatives'

Obama Shunned by Iowa Voters During 3-day Tour

Obama Mulls Oil Reserve Release Ahead of Election

Norquist: Paul Ryan’s Budget Helps Romney Win

Krauthammer: Ryan May Have Strongly Positive Effect on Election

RNC Raised July Record of $37 Million

Israel's Peres Against Unilateral Iran Attack

Iran: Israel's Existence 'Insult to All Humanity'

CNNMoney: Your Bank Might Be Tracking You

Baldness Drugs and Impotence: What Men Need to Know

Floating Robot Helps Track Great White Sharks

Paul Ryan Should Become Obama’s Shadow

Obama's 'Mediscare' Strategy Will Fail

Why a Former Soviet Citizen Supports Romney

Understanding the risks of different types of Mobile Banking transactions...

Iran war talk sends jitters through Israel economy - Yahoo! News

The Drums of August - By David Rothkopf | Foreign Policy

States Ranked by Obesity Rates

Cost of College Degree in U.S. Soars 12 Fold: Chart of the Day - Bloomberg

5 Iraqis arrested in connection with Springs sexual assault | police, assault, five - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

Nine Wars That Were Fought Over Commodities - Business Insider

A Kalashnikov Factory in Russia Survives on Sales to U.S. Gun Owners - NYTimes.com

Sipsey Street Irregulars: Under the radar no longer. Not that we had any doubts all along, but it is nice of Obama to make it official (again). "The first War Between the States was precipitated by the election of Lincoln and the second one will be kicked off by the re-election of Obama"

Army reports grim milestone in troop suicides - Stephanie Gaskell - POLITICO.com

China tests first ICBM to carry multiple warheads | Times 247

Colombian police ‘steal personal data’ of 31 million citizens « intelNews.org

Natural vs. Caesarean Delivery: Which Method Results in Higher IQ For Newborns?

US Military Pilot Training Emphasizes Drone Warfare

Afghanistan Like You've Never Seen It Before by Peretz Partensky - Business Insider

Importance of Indian Ocean not appreciated: Australian defence minister | DefenceWeb

Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - VIEW : The Western Spring’s collision with Central Asia — Farooq Yousaf

Diabetes prescriptions up by 50% in six years | Society | The Guardian

Saudi king sits next to Iran's Ahmadinejad in goodwill gesture | Reuters

Asia Times Online :: China's winning strategy in Africa

Curing the American Disease – Tenth Amendment Center

Netanyahu's Secret War Plan: Leaked Document Outlines Israel's "Shock and Awe" Plan to Attack Iran

9/11 Attacks: Criminal Foreknowledge and Insider Trading lead directly to the CIA's Highest Ranks

False Flag Terror and Conspiracies of Silence

How President Obama Created Paul Ryan

Saudi Shame on the Islamic World: "The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation with United States Imperialism "

"Freedom Fighters": The Foot Soldiers of the American Empire

9/11: The Attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001

Hiroshima and The Glorification of American Militarism

Syria: Proxy War Powder Keg

GRTV: The Economic Collapse and the Neoliberal Onslaught

Russia in the Middle East: Return of a superpower?

Congo Genocide: Will Obama's America collaborate or refuse?

9/11 TIMELINE: Stand Down. Minute-by-minute chronology from 7:59 a.m. till 10:06:05 a.m

Imperialist Adventurism: Payback for America’s Unholy Military Alliance

Goldman Sachs Above the Law

Obama: Angel of Death?

The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class

Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad: How Both Parties Made Illegality the American Way of Life

"Nothing Urgent" on 9/11: The Curious Lack of Military Action on the Morning of September 11, 2001

The Groundwater Footprint: The Privatization of the World's Water Resources

Obama's Bipartisan Transition to "Right America"

Hate Crimes and Mass Murders in America: Eroding the Fabric of American Society

Confronting Wall Street: Establishing a Democratic Public Postal Banking System in America

September 11, 2001: "Who Attacked our Country"? ... said George W Bush

The Role of Private Military and Security Companies in Modern Warfare

Marine Corps Creates Law Enforcement Battalions

DARPA's Blue Angel - Pentagon Prepares Millions of Vaccines Against Future Global Flu

Should We Arrest D.C. Politicians for Supporting Al Qaeda?

MSNBC’s Touré: Romney Engaging In The ‘Niggerization’ Of Obama | Mediaite

Obama Talks Colors, Food, Super-Powers, and Music in Interview with New Mexico Radio Station | The Weekly Standard

Democrats' nerves start to show as Ryan fires up conservative voters | World news | The Guardian

Hillary rejected VP slot to ready her own 2016 run | WashingtonExaminer.com

Pussy riot trial: 'We are representatives of our generation' | World news | guardian.co.uk

Senior Citizens Greet Paul Ryan: ‘Good Luck! Kick Ass!’ | The Weekly Standard

Unions protest Democrats at Illinois State Fair - Chicago Tribune

Marker placed at Hyde Park shopping plaza where Barack and Michelle Obama had their first kiss - chicagotribune.com

Romney's Bain saved site of Obamas' first kiss | The Daily Caller

FBI: Court Clerk Sold Secret Info To L.A. Hoodlums | The Smoking Gun

City Worker Accused Of Swiping Copper Wire From Midway Airport « CBS Chicago

CU to segregate dorms for students with concealed carry permits - The Denver Post

Independent R.I. Gov. Chafee to attend Democratic Convention | Politics | providencejournal.com | The Providence Journal

First pictures of Jesse Jackson Jr. released since leave - Chicago Sun-Times

EPA is pressured to drop ethanol mandate while drought drives corn prices up | Fox News

'The Amateur' author Ed Klein: Hillary dismissed VP possibility two weeks ago | The Daily Caller

Time, CNN reinstate Fareed Zakaria after find 'journalistic lapse' was isolated | Fox News

New student code to address transgender concerns

Police chiefs adopt drone code of conduct - Washington Times

100s of motorcycles crossing western Md. en route to Sept. 11 remembrances at Pentagon, NYC - The Washington Post

Stepped-up computer monitoring of federal workers worries privacy advocates - The Washington Post

New poll finds Medicare more important to voters than healthcare reform law - The Hill's Healthwatch

Former Obama supporter Artur Davis to speak at Republican convention - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Wildwood T-shirts: Rude, crude and perfectly legal

Migrant lawyers say Brewer edict contradicts law

Colorado Symphony fires violinist who pleaded guilty in child sex case - The Denver Post

Woman in HPD jail found dead with telephone cord around neck - Houston Chronicle

Racy Photo May Get Michael Phelps in Hot Water — Business News - CNBC

Spraying Continues In Effort To Contain West Nile Virus « CBS Chicago

Joe Biden's unscripted moments keep campaign on its toes - latimes.com

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Family Research Council, Southern Poverty Law Center have war of words over shooting - Washington Times

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Biden's 'good friend,' donor receives $20M federal loan | The Daily Caller

Al-Odeh also perpetuates ‘blood libel’ against Jews | Washington Free Beacon

Only ABC Offers Full Story on Shooting at FRC; CBS, NBC Blow It Off With Tiny Reports | NewsBusters.org

Progressive insurance on defense after court case - SFGate

Former NFL head coach Dennis Green sues husband of House minority leader for breach of contract | Washington Free Beacon

Obama: I Don't Think Anyone Would Suggest I've Tried To Divide The Country | RealClearPolitics

Rep. Gauthier, 56, claims rest-stop oral sex with Craigslist boy, 17, was consensual - Minneapolis - News - The Blotter

Rover reveals more of Martian peak - PhotoBlog

Oklahoma police captain sues department over mosque assignment | Fox News

American election process is broken, no discussion of the real issues

The Most Boring Election Season EVER!


Paul Ryan

The Affordable Heath Care Act's "Papa John's Loophole"

Romney's V.P. non starter for social conservatives.

Rural America is always the last to get the message.

The Republican Cards are Down: Romney & Ryan For a Free America

Overtly Expressing A Slave Morality

A New Economic Orientation

Video: Fight the 'New Normal' in America

Video: Hannity shouts down Dem guest over Voter ID racism claims

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Video: "Dishonorable Disclosures" Documentary

Is Hillary Clueless or Cavalier? Neither Helps

IRS plagued by ID Theft

What Would Jesus Tax?

Who really unchained Wall Street?

Do Subpoenaed Documents Contain Information on U.S./Drug Cartel Deal?

Former VA Governor Implies Biden Not Allowed to Use Race Card

Spot the haters

Brewer denies public benefits to illegals given work permits under modified DREAM act

A History Lesson for Joe. An example of selective outrage for others.

AL Congressman who supported Obama in 2008 to speak at GOP convention

Doddering Biden in Virginia

Our Transformational President

Obama Ain't No Ralph Waldo Emerson

Making Too Much Money?

The Mega Rich and the Rest of Us

The Gold Standard of Racism

GM headed for bankruptcy - again?

Obama thinking of tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

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Two Things Every Voter Needs to Know about Paul Ryan

New accounting rules to expose pension funding gaps

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Royal Waivers from Passed Law

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From the Giving Pledge to Totalitarianism

The GOP Now Owns the Medicare Issue

What Washington Does Not See

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Obama 'Intellectually Exhausted, Out of Ideas, and Out of Energy'

A Brave Challenge to Sharia in Egypt

Newt on the Recent and Distant Past

Obama Campaign's Toxic Fundraising Letter

Obama and the Other Side of Imperialism

Obama's Impact on Race Relations in America

Political Fog Finally Lifts

Debbie Schlussel-EXCLUSIVE: Customs & Border Protection Agents Pressured to Attend Islamic Brainwash Fest by Anti-Israel Museum; Muslim Supervisor @ Airport

Debbie Schlussel-Michelle Malkin Plagiarizes Schlussel Homeland Security/ICE Story Details, Still Gets It Wrong – UPDATES to Come


Debbie Schlussel-Yes, Elvis Was Jewish: On the 35th Anniversary of “The King’s” Death

Jewish Elvis. Elvis Presley Jewish Family Tree. Elvis Jewish Ancestry


Mark Levin: Obama “The Greatest Political Child Abuser In Modern American History”

KHammer: Democrats Have Stepped On A Land Mine With Medicare

Watters’ World: Foreigners Thoughts On Presidential Election Are “More Than A Feeling”

File This Under ‘Obama Are You Effing Kidding Me’ #OAYFKM

Scott Rasmussen Joins ‘Real News’ to Discuss the Youth Vote and Paul Ryan

Biden Responds to Romney Campaign: GOP Policies 'Outrageous'

Ann Romney: 'No More Tax Releases' -- But 'There's Nothing We're Hiding'

Pawlenty Suggests That Soledad O'Brien Doesn't Understand English

A Timeline of the GOP's Love-Hate Relationship with Paul Ryan

Fox Fawns Over Paul Ryan, Compares Him to Saint Reagan

Chuck Todd Calls Out Republican Governor For Lying

Judge Upholds Pennsylvania VoterID Law

Boehner labels opponents of TARP "knuckle-draggers"

Stewart Slams Republican Hypocrisy for Freak Out Over Biden 'Chains' Remark

Romney Campaign Calls Police On Sensata Worker Delivering Letter

Fox News Host Eric Bolling: 'Obamacare Literally May Kill You'

A Hate Group By Any Other Name: Assessing the FRC Shootings

Swiftboat 2012: OpSec Attacks President Obama on Bin Laden

Rudy Giuliani Feigns Outrage Over Biden Remarks

True Confessions: I was an Ayn Rand Fangirl

Romney Scolds 'Small Minded' People Asking for His Tax Returns

Won't Back Down: Latest Right Wing Assault on Public Education

Romney Pulls the 'Panic Switch', Literally

Tony Perkins Points Blame at SPLC for Shooting

Kentucky Distressed That Their God-Fearing Students Are Dumb

Limbaugh Attacks Debate Moderators as 'Far Left-Wing' Liberals


**C2CAM/Mind Programming/ UFOs/ Sci-Fi Shows - Thursday 16, 2012 - YouTube


Alken Enge: Danish Bog Excavation Reveals Remains Of Hundreds Of Ancient Soldiers

World of Drones: A Look At The Next Generation Of Global Drones | Danger Room | Wired.com

Does your name influence the jobs you choose?

Why Do We Sneeze?

Disney Developing ‘Physical Face Cloning’ « CBS Tampa

Unidentified Fluid Object baffles Scots boffins | The Sun |Features

‘Could We Have Actual Facts?’: Ann Coulter Slams Democrats in Segment With Megyn Kelly

See the Viral Video of a Man Reclaiming His Stolen Bike

Another Day, Another Man Claiming This Picture Shows a Sea Serpent

If The Bush Tax Cuts Expire, How Much More Would You Have To Pay?

More Incredible Post-Katrina Pics: Photographer Brings You Inside Abandoned Hospital and Movie Theater

MSNBC Host: Mitt Is a Tax ‘Criminal,‘ Made ’Stupid,‘ ’Amateur,’ Mistake & His Wife Is Angry

Obama Asked Tough Questions During Radio Interview: ‘Red or Green?’

Is Jesus Christ a Republican — or a Democrat?

Team Obama Offers Romney a Deal: Release 5 Years of Tax Returns and We’ll (Kind of) Drop It

Here Are 3 Notable People You Won’t Hear From at the GOP Convention

An Exclusive, Behind the Scenes Look at Comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s Bible-Based Game Show

MSNBC Co-Host Touré: Romney Is Taking Part in the ‘Ni**erization’ of Obama

If One Man Gets His Way, You Could Soon Tour the Inventor Tesla’s Old Lab

The Video of an NYPD Officer Shooting an Aggressive Pit Bull on the Street Will Shock You (GRAPHIC)

‘I Have No One Else to Ask’: Dinesh D‘Souza Says He Paid Hospital Bill for Obama’s Half-Brother

Disabled British Man ‘Devastated and Heartbroken’ Over Court Denying Him the ‘Right to Die’

‘Better Late Than Never’: Facebook Will Finally Delete Embarrassing Photos Completely

Climate Optimism? CO2 Hits 20 Year Low Without Direct Government Intervention

Zing! Paul Ryan Just Took a Snarky Shot at Biden During OH Speech

Paul Ryan Explains Why He Didn’t Recall Requesting Stimulus Funds

Graphic Photos Show Gruesome Scene After South African Police Open Fire on Striking Miners

eBay Bans Sale of Magic Items…and Psychics Unite in Protest

‘Stompy’: A Six-Legged, Ridable Robot Could Be Coming to a Terrain Near You

MF Global CEO & Top Obama Bundler Will Most Likely Avoid Criminal Charges, Bipartisan Shock Ensues

CNN Anchor Grills Black Caucus Chair on ‘Chains’ Remark: Don‘t Tell Me That if it Were Romney ’People Would Not Be Going Crazy’

Want 5% Off Your Restaurant Bill? This Place Will Give It to You If You Leave Your Phone

A Literal Bird’s-Eye View: Head-Mounted Camera Captures Falcon as He Flies and Hunts

Controversial ‘Jihad Ads’ Appearing on San Francisco Buses — And They Aren’t Coming Down

Stunning Photo Series: Peek Inside an Abandoned Six Flags Theme Park Ravaged by Hurricane Katrina

Blaze Original Video Kill ‘All White’ Men, Women, Babies, Blind, Cripple, Fa**ots, Lesbians & Old Crackers, Says New Black Panthers Vile Radio Opening; Then ‘Dig ’Em Up’ & ‘Kill ’Em Again’

FRC President Tony Perkins Says Southern Poverty Law Center Gave ‘License’ for Shooting

The ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Paternity Testing Truck Is Now Driving Through NYC: ‘A Lot of Drama’

Carney Takes Swipe at Sarah Palin After McCain Says Biden Should be Dropped: Wouldn’t Go to McCain for VP Advice

This Is Where Catholics, Protestants & the Religious Stand on Gun Control (You Might Be Surprised!)

Update: FRC Assailant Told Security Guard ‘I Don’t Like Your Politics’ Before Shooting Him (Plus: He’s Being Charged in Fed Court)

Social Security Administration Explains Why They Need 174,000 Hollow Point Bullets | TheBlaze.com

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White House Should Condemn Media Matters' 'Gutless' SEALs Remark

ICE Under Congressional Investigation

My Brother's Keeper? '2016' Star Picks Up Obama's Brother's Medical Tab

NY Voters Prefer Muslims to Mormons and Born-Again Christians

Obama's Iowa Photo Ops Backfire Repeatedly

Bain Capital Saved Spot Where President First Kissed Michelle

NBC's Chuck Todd Rips White House Press Censorship

Democrat Senator Proposed Ryan-esque Medicare Reform in 1999

Romney Camp 'Discussing' Racial Slam with MSNBC Execs

New York Times Rips Bush Grammar, Ignores Obama's

Touré Invokes Nazi Term 'Niggardize' To Demonize Romney

Court Prevents Forcible Shaving of Alleged Ft. Hood Shooter

Media Will Defend Biden's Racial Gaffe By Calling Romney Racist

Anti-Speech Brigade Targets Another Conservative

Protesters Occupy Obama Campaign Headquarters, Issue Demands

Conflict with Former VA Gov. Wilder Could Cost Obama Support Among Independents

Video Shows Crowd at Biden 'Chains' Event Was Half African-American

Team Obama Coordinates Attacks on Palin to Deflect Biden Criticism

Obama Admin All-In for Affirmative Action in Univ. of Texas Supreme Court Case

Split Decision for Tea Party in Florida Primaries

NBC, CBS, ABC Lead Evening Broadcasts with Romney Tax Returns, Again

Zak Is Back: TIME & CNN Reinstate Fareed Zakaria

Rolling Stone Editor: Come On, Everybody 'Gets' Biden

CNN's O'Brien Scoffs at Democrat Spin of Biden's 'Chains' Comment

World View: Angela Merkel Praises Canada for Not 'Living on Borrowed Money'

Assad Family Losing in Syria, Maher Assad Loses Legs in Bombing

Four Star General Under Investigation for Excessive Spending, Travel

Forward... To The Politics of Personal Destruction

Romney/Ryan Camp Reports Impressive Fundraising, Support Since Ryan VP Pick

Police claim self-defense in South Africa massacre

Walker: Voters Don't Care About Romney's Tax Returns

Afghan Police Turn On US Troops

Al Qaeda Recruiting Suicide Bombers With Web Ads

Romney Uses White Board On Medicare Issue

Social Security Admin to Purchase 174,000 Hollow Point Bullets

Rasmussen: Florida Fears Obama's Medicare Plan More Than Ryan's

CNN Takes 2 Hrs 45 Min To Report Shooting At Christian Group's Building 1.1 Miles From Their Location

Author: Hillary Turned Down VP Offer Two Weeks Ago

Holocaust-Denying Saudi Cleric: Jews Use Human Blood for Passover Matzos

Youth Vote Slipping from Obama

Geraldo Asks if Napolitano Has Let A 'Lesbian Cabal' Take Over DHS

Radical Left 'Catholics for Obama' Push Alinsky 'Social Justice' Ideology

Axelrod Playbook Flashback: Obama Demands Clinton Release Tax Returns

Box Office Predictions: 'Expendables' to Exterminate 'Legacy,' 'Campaign'

Miss the 80s? Hug It Out with These Tough Guys

'ParaNorman' Review: Creepy, Kooky and Altogether Entertaining

Intelligence and Special Ops Accuse Obama Admin Of 'Dishonorable Disclosures'

Assange Asylum Decision Leaves Britain in Uncharted Waters

Brock Manipulates Law To Launch New Anti-Conservative Initiative

Obama Skips Chicago Education Parade Held in His Name

Media Refuse to Connect the Dots on Violent Leftists

The Myth that Ryan's Pro-Life Views Will Hurt Romney

Media Matters Senior Fellow Attacks Former Navy SEALs

Obama-Approved Media Matters: Navy SEALs 'Gutless'

Obama Stiff Arms White House Press, Fields Questions from Entertainment Tonight, People

Politico Praises Joe Biden's "Spontaneity"

Race to the White House: The American Media's Lack of Moral Discernment

MMfA Slams SEALs as 'Gutless' Same Day As Two Die In Afghanistan

White House Should Condemn Media Matters' 'Gutless' SEALs Remark

Romney Camp 'Discussing' Racial Slam with MSNBC Execs

Romney to Obama: Take Your Divisive, Angry Campaign 'Back To Chicago'

Dem Chair Excluded House members' VIP loans from subpoena

Obama's War on Middle Class: The Hidden Inflation 'Tax'

McCain: Hillary Has 2016 'Ambitions'

Obama: Romney-Ryan Tax Plan Is 'Trickle-Down Snake Oil'

A Literal War On Religion?

Gallup: 60% of Adults Disapprove of Obama's Handling of Economy

Black Pastor Defends Biden 'Chains' Remarks

Attorney For Goldman Sachs CEO Is Eric Holder's 'Best Friend'

Judicial Watch Sues Obama Admin For Amnesty Documents

NY Voters Prefer Muslims to Mormons and Born-Again Christians

Democrat Senator Proposed Ryan-esque Medicare Reform in 1999

Conflict with Former VA Gov. Wilder Could Cost Obama Support Among Independents

Trailer Talk: 'The Last Stand' Returns Schwarzenegger to Leading Man Status

Author: Hillary Turned Down VP Offer Two Weeks Ago

Democrats' Plan A: Ryan Too Conservative; Plan B: Not Conservative Enough!

Media Will Defend Biden's Racial Gaffe By Calling Romney Racist

Finding the Sweet Spot: Bipartisan Energy and Environment Policies - Energy and Environment Experts

Video-The Equality Song


*15th:Transcripts/Obama's Campaign Speech in Davenport, Iowa

Guest: Representative Chris Van Hollen

Guest: Representative Chaka Fattah

Panel on Obama's Immigration Policy

Analysts on the Presidential Race in Virginia


Drew Peterson trial updates: No gasps from gallery, judge says

Pathologist: Drew Peterson's 3rd wife was murdered

Drew Peterson trial updates: Defense presses doctor on lack of DNA

Peterson judge: Keep emotions in check - AP State Wire News - The Sacramento Bee

Doctor: Peterson 3rd wife not susceptible to falls


Lawmaker could be expelled today, but remains on ballot

Illinois Republicans rip Democrats ahead of pension special session

Global Pussy Riot protests to hit Chicago

Rep. Joe Walsh acknowledges need to balance straight talk and responsible talk

Pussy Riot members sentenced to 2 years in prison

S. African Police Claim Self-Defense in Mine Shootings

South Africa mine killings: Jacob Zuma announces inquiry

Iran President Calls Israel 'Insult to Humankind'

Iraq officials: More than 90 dead in Thursday's attacks

Norway names new police chief following critical Anders Breivik report

Jewish youth accused of attacking Arabs in Jerusalem

Uncle of North Korean Leader in Beijing

Charges for man accused of Family Research Council attack

Ryan's spending votes get a second look

Bomb threats reported at metro theaters

Ryan says he did seek economic stimulus money

Crash Leads to Clues in Murder of Michigan Family

Woman who rescued animals killed by dog

New 'Swift Boat' tactics against Obama?

Romney campaign not happy with Touré

Dallas begins aerial assault on West Nile virus

Former butler sentenced to 20 years in prison in fake-virus extortion of Conn. philanthropist - The Washington Post

Facebook shares drop 4 percent, hit another low

Google, Apple to team up and buy Kodak patents, report says

Real estate website Trulia files for $75 million IPO

Yahoo on the hunt for COO with business skills, report says

David Simon: Paying 13 percent in income taxes isn't anything to brag about

In Wisconsin, Ryan Found Use For 'Crony Capitalism'

Top Democrat To play Paul Ryan In Biden Debate Prep

Romney Tax Math Improves With More Breaks on Table

Steve Jobs stolen iPad returned by repentant clown

Microsoft cures 'hiccup' that stopped Windows Phone apps installing

Penelope Cruz dons mustache to play Super Mario in ad

Apple helps tap recently discovered ancient underground stream

The Creepy Aspect of Instagram's New Mapping Feature

IBM Plans to Make More Storage Purchases After Texas Memory

Google Play Smart Updates Save Data Costs and Time

Color-Changing Rubber Robot Could Aid Animal Study

Mystery continues: Why is the sun 'too round'?

Text Book Encoded In DNA

'Shark Foursquare' app tracks all your shark friends in real time

Sun Dominates Space Weather Concerns for Next Decade: Report

Forget Comp Sci 101: Learn To Code With A Click Of Your Mouse

Tibetan Plateau may be older than previously thought

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spectrometer Detects Helium In Moon's Atmosphere

Scientists Stunned by Phoenix Galaxy Cluster That Births 700 Stars a Year - YouTube

Global smoking pattern is 'alarming', says study

Walnuts 'improve sperm health'

Oral sex not outstripping intercourse among U.S. youth: study

Egg yolks almost as bad for your heart as smoking cigarettes, says study

Scientists Identify Senior 'Super' Brains

Delayed Gratification at Age 4 Predictive of BMI in Adulthood

Dark chocolate 'may lower blood pressure'

Bill Gates: Reinvent the toilet, save the world

Experimental cancer drug makes mice infertile without side effects, scientists claim male birth control discovery - HealthPop - CBS News

*17 Aug

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August 17 Events in History

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Matthews: Ryan Has Deep Convictions And Romney Is "Wishy Washy"
Cutter: Romney Will Leave Medicare Bankrupt In 4 Years
Krauthammer: Obama Should Have Said Biden Made A Mistake
Maddow: Romney Uses "Shady Tactics" To Avoid Taxes

Mogadishu 2012: Photo Essay
UN Plans Transformed Presence in Damascus
U.S.-Turkey Divergence on Syria
Al Jazeera Speaks to FSA Deputy Commander
War Drums for Israel and Iran?
Relations Grow Between China, Brazil
Ryan: Obama a 'Doormat' to China
Russian Patriarch in Poland for Historic Visit
Paralyzed Man in Tears After Losing Right-to-die Ruling
Raw Video: S. African Police Open Fire on Miners
War Crimes Found on Both Sides of Syria's Civil War
Julian Assange Supporters Thank Ecuadorian Consul
Assessing Russian, Iranian involvement in Syria


Ryan Praises GOP Congressman Who Says Obama "Tearing" U.S. Down
Krauthammer vs. Juan Williams On Medicare, $700 Billion
Dan Rather: "One Of The Nastiest Campaigns In My Lifetime"
DNC Hispanic Chair: The $700 Billion Isn't "Necessary Or Essential" In Medicare Budget
Romney Says He's Paid At Least 13 Percent Tax Rate Each Year
Axelrod: Romney "Has A Sense Of Entitlement"
Carney: "One Place I Would Not Go For Advice On VPs" Is McCain
MSNBC's Toure: Mitt Romney Engaged In "Niggerization" Of Obama
Carney: Biden's Chain Comment "Distraction" From Real Issues; Obama's Dog Comment Was A "Joke"
Romney: What The President Is Doing To Medicare Is Unacceptable
Joan Walsh On GOP Ticket: "White And Whiter"
Carney On Black Fmr. Dem Gov: "He Doesn't Have A Point" On Biden
John Sununu vs. Juan Williams On Dirty Campaigning
Axelrod On Obama Super PAC's Cancer Ad: "Whatever"
MSNBC, Politico, WaPo Reporters Complain About Biden Campaign Control Of Press
"Special Report" Panel On Obama's Immigration Policy
Maddow: Romney Raised Fees On Sick People
McCain: "Might Be Wise" For Obama To Drop Biden
RNC Web Ad: "Anger & Division"
Jon Stewart Mocks Conservatives For Calling Liberals Divisive
O'Reilly: I'm Not "Outraged" By Biden's Remarks
Levin: Obama "Greatest Political Child Abuser" In American History

Managing Markets Under Stress
Is Syria Going from Bad to Worse?
Lebanese Shiites Getting Unhappy About Hezbollah
Lawyer: Iran Must Release American
Special Ops Group Attacks Obama for bin Laden Raid, Leaks
Activists Rally for Jailed Russian Rockers
Australian Court Upholds Ban on Tobacco Logos
Bicycle Bomb Detonated in Western Afghanistan
Afghan Hospitals Continue Care for Blast Victims
Capture of Syrian Officer Appears to Have Been Caught on Camera
U.S.-Japan Alliance: Anchoring Stability in Asia
The Politics of HIV
International Cooperation in the Arctic
Monitoring Syrian Human Rights Abuses Via Satellite