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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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10 August 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


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So, Do You Want Google To Use Your Personal Email In Search Results? | WebProNews

Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses, Government Documents Show | Mother Jones

Humans on Mars: The Craziest, Weirdest, and Most Plausible Plans in History | Wired Science | Wired.com

Is the Mars rover vain?

A Flight Through the Universe, by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey - YouTube

NASA's Curiosity Beams Back a Color 360 of Gale Crater - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Obama’s Gold – 94.6% Pure, Bomb Grade Plutonium | Veterans Today

Obama Administration Pays Illegals To Reside In The US - :

We Have No Involvement With Priorities USA: Really? | Sinclair News.Net

May 14, 2012: Joe Soptic Tells Story About Wife On OFA Call - YouTube

Putting Kids to Sleep With Cough Meds: Is It Child Abuse? - ABC News

Food Inc's Carole Morison is Free as a Bird - YouTube

*Asahi* Japan Physicist: Several millions will need to be evacuated from around Fukushima plant if gov’t used same scale as after Chernobyl — Japan’s handling of disaster “far worse” than Soviet Union

Over 100 Million Americans Living on Welfare says New Report | Gerald Celente Trends Blog


NPN Email Alert: Straight Thinking about the Sikh Massacre


39 min./Soy: In the Name of progress (Full Version) - YouTube


The Battle over Genetically Modified Organisms | Farm Wars

Monsanto Loses to Beekepers of Yucatan Peninsula - The Yucatan Times

China and the U.S. in Africa - Who's "Ahead?"

Away from the famines, Africa confronts a new killer: obesity - Africa - World - The Independent

Activist Post: Smoking Gun: The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection

Fossil discovery rewrites the story of human evolution - Science - News - The Independent

World over-using underground water reserves for agriculture | Reuters

The Empowering Truths of Mahatma Gandhi « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Why Mitt Romney is losing - CNN.com

Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads

HAARP EMF Weather Mod Clouds Above Brisbane On 8-8-12

The Curiosity Rover Preps for Big Plans After its Daring Descent | Science and Space | TIME.com

More people are taking notice of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 | Tulsa Beacon

Privacy as a Positive Good by Paul Rosenberg

Geopolitics 'Robot Wars' - Full Film

Another Mossad False Flag?

Murky Plots and Attacks Tied to Shadow War of Iran and Israel - NYTimes.com

NYPD and Microsoft launch advanced citywide surveillance system | World news | guardian.co.uk

PressTV - US ruling elites remain captive clients of big corporate donors

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability News: U.S. Auto Industry Jobs Up Nearly A Quarter Million Since 2009 - Fuel Efficiency a Key Driver

PressTV - 'Corporations reap profits from Olympics: Analyst

Government media sugar coats recent high explosive solicitation and then DHS hides the request | Sinclair News.Net

Google's self-driving car logs 300,000 miles without an accident | Tecca

Stuxnet, Flame...Gauss: New spy virus found in Middle East — RT

My Way News - Romney now assails Obama on more than just economy

The Dollar will Collapse shortly after the Elections

Exclusive: U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse | Reuters

Rand Paul: Government spied on Americans 'gazillions' of times — RT

11 Things That Can Happen When You Allow Your Country To Become Enslaved To The Bankers

African Grey Parrots Have the Reasoning Skills of 3-year-olds | Surprising Science

Activist Post: How Corn Syrup Made America FAT (w/Infographic)

socalskywatch: Local News Reports, “It Came From The Ocean” – Others Look To The Sky

The Titanic x 10!

20 m in./TEDxOKC - Matthew Kenney - "Are You Feeding Your Body or Feeding Dis-ease?" - YouTube

Monsanto Capitalizes on Drought and Enslaves Farmers | Farm Wars

Life, Interrupted: Medical Bills, Insurance and Uncertainty - NYTimes.com

Animals Not Just Property, Also Crime Victims: OR Court | Reuters

Cops Strip Search Mom, "Forcibly" Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign - Broward/Palm Beach News - The Daily Pulp

Louisiana school ordered to stop pregnancy tests on 'suspect' students | World news | guardian.co.uk

Oh, my stars and hexagons! DNA code shapes gold nanoparticles

Astronomers crack mystery of the “monster stars"

Hyenas that think outside the box solve problems faster

70 sect members found living underground in Russia - Telegraph

The Dispossessed Majority - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Scientists: Martian crater where Curiosity rover touched down looks ‘Earth-like’ - The Washington Post

Department of Homeland Security orders over a half ton of high explosives | Prepper Podcast Radio Network News

The Truth About Imperial Russia

The Truth Reversal and Omission Scheme « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Did Zapruder film “the Zapruder film”? | Veterans Today

New study says 64% of Americans have less than $1,000 in the bank | KETK

Global Health and Wellness News: Grapefruit Juice and Cancer

Inflammation, Degeneration Caused By Cell Phone Radiation

Flat-Faced Early Humans Confirmed—Lived Among Other Human Species

What Does the CIA Know and When Did It Know It about Roswell?

Obama's War On Humanity

Obama’s 2nd-term scheme to disarm border agents

'Domestic Terrorism' Label for Temple Shooting Questioned - YouTube

Religious Imperial Wars For a Luciferian Cabal - YouTube

Cyber-warfare: New Arms Race | Opinion Maker

For Unpaid College Loans, Feds Dock Social Security - SmartMoney.com

741 Tax Returns Filed From Single Florida Address, IRS Sent Back Over $1 Million In Refunds

Video: Army's Giant Spy Blimp Soars Over Jersey Shore in First Flight | Danger Room | Wired.com

Activist Post: DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law

Founding Fathers’ original tax plan | Sinclair News.Net

Beware the Alterverse of Willful Ignorance « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Now That We Know Who Killed the Honey Bees, Will They Replace Them? - Waking Times : Waking Times

FBI’s Facial Recognition is Coming to a State Near You | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Iran to Replace “Untrustworthy” Internet with a Domestic Intranet | ZenHaven

Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath? Some employers and psychologists say it's 'suspicious' | Mail Online

The Murder Cult of Globoctopus Industries. Smoking Mirrors

Artificial Intelligence – Can We Keep it in the Box? | ZenHaven

New study finds link between kids’ BMI and food prices

New Research Continues to Show Alzheimer’s is a Type 3 Diabetes | Health Impact News

Victory Over Cyber Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Cybersecurity Bills Threaten Freedom

White House considers executive order, leaves Internet takeover a possibility - Yahoo! News

On the Contrary: Of Human Alchemy and the Gay Science

Israel did 9/11 - All the Proof in the World - YouTube


H.R. 6249: The scheme to tax water « The PPJ Gazette

Liquid protein challenges importance of water - life - 09 August 2012 - New Scientist

Monsanto Awarded ONE BILLION Dollars Due To Patent Infringement For A Product That Was Never On The Market | Techdirt

Reality Check: The U.S. Government Created Al Qaeda? - YouTube

Britain faces legal challenge over secret US 'kill list' in Afghanistan | World news | The Guardian

Mitt Romney: pioneering new frontier in US electoral prostitution > Americas > Redress Information & Analysis


+Scientific Review: “There Is Now Clear Evidence That Cannabinoids Are Useful For The Treatment Of Various Medical Conditions” | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

The Power of Hemp and its countless uses - YouTube

+The Power of Hemp and Its Countless Uses - Waking Times : Waking Times

The Hemp Conspiracy: Why U.S. Hemp Farming Was Banned - Waking Times : Waking Times

The History of Hemp - Waking Times : Waking Times

My Life, My Medicine - Luke's Story of the Healing Effects of Medical Cannabis - Waking Times : Waking Times

Hemp – A Cash Crop For Medicine, Food, And Shelter - Waking Times : Waking Times


- Google wants to put your Gmail content into search results, but maybe it’s a good thing.


DOJ Will Not Prosecute Goldman Sachs in Financial Crisis Probe - Yahoo! News




Walsh: Romney's The Problem, Not His Staff
Carney Dodges On Cancer Ad: "We Don't Control Third Party Ads"
Obama TV Ad: Romney Welfare Attack "Blatantly False"
Scarborough: If Romney Wants To Win, He Needs To Pick Christie
American Crossroads Ad Rips Obama Connection To Super PAC
Star Of Obama Super PAC's Cancer Ad Says Bain Offered Him A Buyout
Romney Ad: "America Deserves Better"
O'Reilly: Americans Think They Are Entitled To "Free Stuff"
Harry Reid Aide Says Source For Romney Tax Claim A Republican, Then Walks It Back
Carney Hasn't Had Discussion With Obama About Controversial Cancer Ad
Hayes: "The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Slowly Cooking The Planet"
Mark Levin Explains Romney's Real Tax Plan
Chuck Todd: Obama Said He Would Hold Himself To A Higher Standard
Allen West On Attack Ad: "Where's The Outrage From Jesse Jackson?"
Jon Stewart On Conservative Outrage In Reaction To Cancer Super PAC Ad
Krauthammer: ObamaCare Requires Religious People To Act Against Their Conscience

U.S. Policy Towards Yemen
Libya Celebrates Democratic Transition
Will Assad's Inner Circle Soon Crack?
Wife of Chinese Politico Didn't Contest Murder Charges
Leland Vittert on Syria
Guilty Verdict Expected in Chinese High-profile Murder Case
Syria's Assad Appoints New PM
Fatal Helicopter Crash in Turkey
Philippines Flood Clean-up
Three U.S. Troops Shot Dead in Afghanistan
Lalitesh Katragadda: The Importance of the Internet
The Global Resource Nexus
Amb. Rice: Situation in Syria is 'Evolving'


Alter On ObamaCare: "If We Elect Romney, A Lot Of People Will Die"
Palin: Obama Should Fire Cutter, Carney, Gibbs And Others
Ed Henry On Obama Campaign's History With Man From Cancer Ad
Obama TV Ad Suggests Romney Paid No Taxes
Sununu On Obama: "He Wants To Lead From Behind, He's A Wuss"
Romney: VP Will Be Someone With "A Vision For The Country"
Obama Supporters Can't Explain Why Gov't Should Pay For Birth Control
Ingraham: "Saul Just Gave The Obama Campaign A Big Fat Wet Kiss"
DNC: Romney Campaign Is "Hitting Below The Belt"
Malkin On Cancer Ad: "Real Murderers" Are The Job Killers In The WH
CNN: Attack Ad By Pro-Obama Group "Inaccurate"
Obama Slams Super PACs Backing Romney: "They Say The Economy Is Bad And It's Obama's Fault"
"Geek" Business Owner On Why He Put Anti-Obama Sign In His Window
Dem Super PAC Ad Shows Allen West Hitting White Women
Mark Levin: Why Is Obama Fixated On Contraception And Not Cancer?
Chris Matthews To Host MSNBC Documentary On Obama
Obama: Let's Repeat Auto Bailout With Every Industry
Coulter: Romney Needs To Fire Andrea Saul
Sununu: Deceitful Obama Campaign Is Stupid
Romney Ad: Obama Declared "War On Religion" With Health Care Plan
O'Reilly: Obama Is Using Political Assassins To Put Out Ads
Matthews: Ryan's Medicare Plan Is A Political "Killer" For Retirees
"Special Report" Panel On The Economy
Dionne: The Romney Campaign Has Taken Lying To A "New Level"

Decision 2012 and National Security
What's Behind Iran Showing Solidarity with Syria?
Egyptian Government Cracks Down on Militants in Sinai
Syria: What's Behind the Conflict
White House Offers Deal to Taliban for U.S. Soldier
Mortar Fire at a Funeral in Syria
London Zoo Showcases Animals' Athletic Feats
Japan Remembers Nagasaki Victims
Animals Beat the Heat in Kiev
Unraveling the Syria Mess
U.S.-China Policy with Andrew Nathan
Madeline Albright: Investing in Technology to Improve Economies
Political Change Underway in China



Massive meteorite crater found - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience - NBCNews.com

Gonorrhea Evades Antibiotics, Leaving Only One Drug To Treat Disease : Shots - Health Blog : NPR

20 min./Wake Up... (DollarDVDProjectLiberty.com) - YouTube

Financial Crisis: 25 People At The Heart Of The Meltdown Where Are They Now? | Economy

Romney Ties to Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme as Partners | Politicol Commentary News

Allen Stanford Sentenced To 110 Years In Prison For $7 Billion Ponzi Scheme


No mainscream over one-sided Arab Spring coverage - YouTube

The Daily Bell - Cracking of the Euro-Elite ... The Triumph of Hope?

“Heating-Up” the World for a New Tax « Keys To Liberty

Court: Feds Can Spy On Americans Without Warrants With No Legal Repurcussions | Techdirt

poorrichards blog: Out In The Open. Al Qaeda Are 'Our Boys'

Hottest July Since 1930s Dust Bowl -- or Maybe Just Fodder for Obama's Re-election - Godfather Politics

Obama- More Solyndra boondoggles are coming: The White House just announced plans for seven new taxpayer-funded "green energy" projects

Opium cultivation and heroin production in Pakistan’s northern tribal belt and neighbouring Afghanistan was a vital offshoot of the ISI-CIA co-operation - 12160

Privacy- Rand Paul's secret government briefing reveals a "terrifying" fact

Census data: High immigrant participation on welfare rolls | The Daily Caller

Black Helicopters, Special Forces Train for Tampa RNC Police State - 12160

Letters of Note: Why Explore Space?

» Surveillance Cameras Turned Off During Sikh Temple Shooting Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Chemo and Radiation Actually Make Cancer More Malignant - Waking Times : Waking Times

War on Health - The FDA's Cult of Tyranny - Waking Times : Waking Times

Libor could be scrapped after being branded 'not fit for purpose' - Business News - Business - The Independent

Supercomputer will watch ALL residents ALL the time – Patriot Update

The 2012 Presidential Campaign – A Public Farce | _

49 min./Auschwitz - Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth (full) - YouTube

Confused Why Goldman Will Face No Criminal Charges? Here's Why | ZeroHedge

Federal officials mandating minimum four-gallon gasoline purchase from ethanol-blend pumps «

NASA upgrades Mars Curiosity software ... from 350M miles away - Computerworld

GM food banned in Monsanto canteen - Environment - The Independent

Activist Post: 10 Facts about Saudi Arabia; and an Introduction to the Gulf Despots Supported by the West

Activist Post: US Army Tactical Manuals Describe How to Control Domestic Insurrection

Government report links thimerosal laden vaccines to neurological disorders

Robert Kennedy on the Vaccine Autism Coverup - YouTube

Refreshing News: Open-air quantum teleportation performed across a 97km lake

Activist Post: Microsoft and Bloomberg Collaborate on Sophisticated Pre-Crime Technology

poorrichards blog: The Truth Reversal and Omission Scheme


Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (8-9-12) Larry Pinkney - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (8-9-12) David Knight & Holland Vandennieuwenhof - YouTube


The Great Wall of China collapses after heavy rains - BlackListedNews.com

11 Things That Can Happen When You Allow Your Country To Become Enslaved To The Bankers - BlackListedNews.com

Seeing Through Walls With a Wireless Router | Popular Science

Obama’s Master Plan: Bailout Everyone - BlackListedNews.com

Aurora Shooting, Psychiatrist contacted police about James Holmes weeks before shooting rampage.

EDITORIAL: The Civil War of 2016 - Washington Times

Morgan Stanley Is Replacing Some Of Its High Paid Traders With Computers - Business Insider

Goldman Sachs Programmer Back in Court on New Charges | Threat Level | Wired.com

Taxpayers Billed $100 Billion For Corporate Welfare in 2012 : Freedom Outpost

How The Army Is Adapting To Its Post-Afghanistan Mission - Business Insider

Avatar Officer Installed at Arizona-Mexico Border Station: Scientific American

TSA readying new behavior detection plan for airport checkpoints - Josh Gerstein - POLITICO.com

Saudis Threaten to Shoot Down Iran-Bound Planes - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News

More Abandoned Children as Europe Austerity Wears On - Business News - CNBC

Unemployment and Generation Y: Change Will Come Sooner or Later | Benzinga

B92 - Info - Troubled bank's former chief arrested at border crossing

Hacker succeeds, forces Apple, Amazon to change security policies - Feature - Mobile Phones - CNET Asia

Is Corn Syrup Bad for You? Infographic: Corn Syrup Made America FAT

How The Army Is Adapting To Its Post-Afghanistan Mission - Business Insider

Avatar Officer Installed at Arizona-Mexico Border Station: Scientific American

TSA readying new behavior detection plan for airport checkpoints - Josh Gerstein - POLITICO.com

Saudis Threaten to Shoot Down Iran-Bound Planes - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News

More Abandoned Children as Europe Austerity Wears On - Business News - CNBC

Unemployment and Generation Y: Change Will Come Sooner or Later | Benzinga

B92 - Info - Troubled bank's former chief arrested at border crossing

Hacker succeeds, forces Apple, Amazon to change security policies - Feature - Mobile Phones - CNET Asia

Is Corn Syrup Bad for You? Infographic: Corn Syrup Made America FAT

Amnesty International: An Instrument of War Propaganda?

The Ascendancy of a Criminal Financial Elite

Soldiers Who Refuse to Kill

GRTV: From Hiroshima to Fukushima: Fighting the Dangers of Radiation

America's 2012 Great Drought

The Death of Swiss Neutrality? Foreign Policy in the Service of Imperialism

GRTV: Which CEO Made $5 Million Stealing Your Kid's Lunch Money?

Gallup: D.C. Only Place in U.S. Where Majority Believes Economy Getting Better

Levin: Auto Bailout 'Successes' Are 'Setting Us Up For Another $16 Billion In Losses - Just In Stock'

The Colbert Communist Bandstand

Revisiting the DHS Smear of the Tea Party Movement

Illegal Aliens Get Reduced-Rate Activism Courses at UCLA

Obama Cites Auto Bailout as Model for Reviving American Manufacturing

Pelosi: Spirit of Susan B. Anthony Spoke To Me at White House

Gingrich: Sebelius 'Waging War on the Catholic Church'

Romney Says Boy Scouts Should Admit Homosexuals

Obama: Deregulation Would ‘Set Our Sights Lower’ as a Country

64 U.S. Troops Killed by Afghan Soldiers and Police Since 2007

Holder: Sikh Temple Shooting ‘An Act of Terrorism’

Obama Requests $542 Million In Housing Aid for Drug Addicts

Slap: Iraq Prepares to Release Terrorist Accused of Killing U.S. Soldiers

Postal Service Losing $42,335,766 Per Day

First Lady: ‘Bring ... That Little Lazy Friend’ to Campaign for Obama

Welfare State Grows by Nearly 19% Under Obama – to Almost $1 Trillion a Year

Obama Cites Auto Bailout as Model for Reviving American Manufacturing

Farmers Markets 'Evolving' Into 'Community Hubs,' Says USDA Architect

U.N. Refuses Comment on Iran’s Claim That Ban Ki-moon Will Attend 120-Nation Summit in Tehran

Oral Arguments Set for Sept. 26 in Case Challenging HHS Contraception Mandate

Star Parker on Gutting Welfare Reform: ‘What Are They Not Going to Destroy?’

1873 dime sells for a pretty penny: $1.6 million

Obama: Deregulation Would ‘Set Our Sights Lower’ as a Country

House Wants Info on Obama’s Involvement in Green Energy Subsidies

Pelosi 'Swears' Spirit of Susan B. Anthony Spoke to Her in White House


08-09-12 Animals & Health / Corn & Fuel Discussed !! [ coast to coast am ] - YouTube


NASA's 'green' planetary test lander crashes

The cost of winning ugly

Newspaper apologizes for adding LOL to dead man’s photo caption | Poynter.

Woman's Hair Turns to Black Fingernails, Baffling Her Doctors - Yahoo!

Goldman Sachs Leads Split With Obama, as GE Jilts Him Too - Bloomberg

Study: Oral Sex Cures Morning Sickness « CBS DC

Unreal… Now the Far Left Is Trying to Tie Mitt Romney to El Salvador Death Squads | The Gateway Pundit

New Obama Ad Questions Whether Romney Paid Taxes « CBS DC

Homeland Security official claims in suit Secretary Napolitano favored women pals - NYPOST.com

Janet Napolitano-run Homeland Security treated male staffers like lapdogs, federal discrimination lawsuit charges - NY Daily News

Russian official targets Madonna with crude tweet | Reuters

Talk About Concealed Carry: Fareed Zakaria Plagiarized Paragraph on History of Gun Control | NewsBusters.org


*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- August 9, 2012


Fjögur Píanó, a Viral Video About Monarch Mind Control?

8/09/2012 Otto Does Foreign Policy

8/10/2012 New York Declares War on Iran

Afghan Police Commander Kills Three US Special Ops -- News from Antiwar.com

Amnesty International: An Instrument of War Propaganda?

A Temple And A Mosque: Worship In America

Corporate Lobbyists Threaten Democracy

Obama Widens Lead Over Romney as Smear Tactics Take Hold

Reid Aide Backtracks from Romney Tax Allegations

Sununu: Obama Camp 'Caught With Pants Down' on Cancer Ad

Gingrich to Newsmax: Obama Cancer Victim Ad 'A Vicious Lie'

Palin: Obama Speeches on Civility Are 'Nauseating to Me'

David Limbaugh: Imagining a Second Obama Term

Washington Post Shoots Down Obama Healthcare Premiums Claim

Gingrich to Newsmax: Obama Welfare Move 'Clearly Illegal'

Giuliani: 'My Instinct Tells Me" Romney Will Pick Rubio for VP

Cheney Says ‘Amateur’ Book Exposes Obama White House

West Slams Ad That Depicts Him Punching Women

Not Enough Water in Mississippi to Float Steamboat

Newt: Ryan or Portman Best for VP Choice

Medvedev Issues Veiled Warning on China Influence on Russia's Far East

Heart Doctor: Lose the Wheat, Gain Your Health

Mars Rover Flight Engineer with the Mohawk Becomes Internet Hit

Bad Business Is No Business

Govt Shouldn't Dabble in Business


+Barack Obama Campaign Event in Denver, Colorado – August 8 2012

+Mitt Romney Campaign Rally in Des Moines, Iowa – August 8 2012

+Barack Obama Campaign Event in Pueblo, Colorado – August 9 2012


Mitt Romney Ad: America Deserves Better | ElectAd

American Crossroads Ad: Cancer | ElectAd

Move On Ad: Pickpocket | ElectAd

Barack Obama Ad: Blatant | ElectAd

Barack Obama Ad: Son of Boss | ElectAd

RNC Ad: What Else? | ElectAd

Mitt Romney Ad: Be Not Afraid | ElectAd

DNC Ad: Women Are Worried: Mitt Romney’s attacks on Women’s Health | ElectAd

Barack Obama Ad: Dubious | ElectAd

Mitt Romney Ad: The Rise And Fall Of Welfare Reform | ElectAd

Barack Obama Ad: OFA Ohio: Join Your Neighborhood Team | ElectAd

Let Freedom Ring Ad: Top Priority | ElectAd

Americans For Prosperity Ad: President Obama: A One Term Proposition | ElectAd

Gary Johnson Ad: You ARE Libertarian | ElectAd


Jay Carney refuses to condemn Priorities USA ad, calls Ed Henry a hack

Romney campaign strikes back alleging collusion, using Super PAC ad against Obama

Obama campaign admits the truth that they knew about Soptic’s story

AWESOME: American Crossroads does MSM job for them, exposes collusion between OFA & Burton’s Super PAC

Small business owner says Obama had nothing to do with building his business, calls him a lousy excuse for a president

ABC News equates Burton Super PAC ad with Romney welfare ad, calling Romney ad a lie because OBAMA SAID SO

+ Full Sarah Palin interview on Hannity

Small business owner to Obama: Get my business out of your campaign ad

Mark Levin: Obama sounds just like Hugo Chavez

Mark Levin calls Obama out for lying about his mother’s death again

Obama: I want to bailout every industry like I did the auto industry

RNC slams Obama campaign for lying about disgusting Super PAC ad

Obama campaign sends out emails asking for dirt on possible Romney VP selections

The Associated Press: Obama hosting Ramadan dinner at White House

Soptic on Bain: 'They actually offered to buy our jobs out from underneath us' | MRCTV

Dennis Miller Goes Ballistic on Caller for Accusing Him of Hating Democrats | MRCTV

Shock Video: Liberal Ad Depicts Allen West Punching Out White Women | MRCTV

Limbaugh, Coulter Trash Romney Aide Response To Soptic Wife Death Ad | MRCTV

Joe Soptic Tells Story About Wife on OFA Call | MRCTV

CNN Busts ObamaPac Ad Lie | MRCTV

Mark Levin: Now is the Time to 'Reinstate the American Revolution' | MRCTV

Video: Obama wants Govt Bailout for All Industries

38 min./Clouded Titles: The Foreclosure Crisis Exposed with Author Dave Krieger - YouTube

The Church Report

Obama’s massive 2nd-term industry takeover plans

Labor chief Trumka vows stronger ground game for elections - Washington Times

U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse - chicagotribune.com

Grads Lament ‘Obama That I Used to Know’ - ABC News

Amish enjoy unexpected boom in numbers - Washington Times

Chicago won’t show public records in abortion death

Tracking the NYPD's Full Spectrum "Ring of Steel"

The New Slavery: Pigs are Tigers and Farmers are Felons

Neo-Humanity: Transhumanism Will Merge Man With Machine

11 Things That Can Happen When You Allow Your Country To Become Enslaved By Bankers

Is DHS Preparing an Oklahoma City Style False Flag Before November Elections?

The US Budget Explained in Simple English

Police: "When the President Follows the Constitution, I will" (Illegal Stop Over Open Carry) - YouTube

Libertarian VP Hopeful Slams Obama Over Medical Marijuana Raids

Disinformation: How It Works

Content Industry War on Sharing Claims Another Victim

House passes bill stripping their own powers - YouTube

’10 Document



**Pyramids of Waste AKA The Lightbulb Conspiracy - Planned obsolescence documentary - YouTube


+High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Food Storage Basics and Answers to your Questions (WEBINAR) | The Survival Mom™

Social Security Checks Raided To Pay for Student Loans by Gary North

Online Insignificance: Buried on Google Search Page 23 by Bill Sardi

Observations on the Aurora, Colorado, Shooting by Laurence M. Vance

Your 'Duty' To Protect and Serve the Police by William Norman Grigg

Ter·ror·ism (Noun): When OTHER People Do What We Do - Washington's Blog

Giants Build the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt, Evidence Found | Paranormal

Evil Reptilian Alien Uses Hologram Of The Deceased To Rape | Church of Mabus

Doug Hagmann: Obama Re-election Insurrection Imminent – Updated – A Must Read | askmarion

HAARP is being used to make you think global climate change is happening | EU

The Fall of Dictators & the Antichrist | Prophecy

The Power To Heal At The Tips Of Your Fingers | Health

Barry Soetoro, The Invisible Man - Wayne Allyn Root, Obama, Columbia | Obama

Obama's Obsession With Destroying Our Country Has No Bounds - Obama Tries to Disenfranchise Our Troops | Obama

The Real Danger of the Obama Campaign Strategy

Obama's 'Amnesty' - Arrested illegals who were released charged with 16,226 subsequent crimes. | Opinion - Conservative

Laurie Roth - Obama - Illusionist n' chief

5 Facts We Know About Obama's College Years | Obama

Jerome Corsi: Evidence Obama Was Married To Pakistani Man | Obama

Is Obama a Psychopath? - Who is Obama Really? | Obama

Scientists Solve Mystery Of The Deep And Learn Of Climate And Ice Cycles | Environment

The "Black Drink" Of Cahokia Revealed, Used Ritually A Thousand Years Ago | Science and Technology

REM-enhancing eye mask creates video game like dreams that you control | Science and Technology

REM-enhancing eye mask creates video game like dreams that you control | Techi.com

Two New Species Of Humans: Recent Fossils From The Turkana Basin Shed Light On Early Human Evolution | Science and Technology

Big Secret Revealed! Apple Cider Vinegar Eases Most Arthritic Pain. No video. No "Stay on This Page!", No Subscription, no Fees, Nothing to Buy... Except Some Real Medicine. Cheap. | Health

Rainbow Hacking - HAARP, Chemtrails, Terraforming, Cloud Seeding...

MIND CONTROL IN AMERIKA Five Easy Steps To Create A Manchurian Candidate;OPERATION OPEN EYES

55 min./DHS Document: Occupy Towns, Take Out Citizens! Author William Grigg Reports - YouTube

Is America the World's Largest Sponsor of Terrorism? - informationliberation

David Carlson's Disgusting Attack - YouTube

Should we blame Police & Military? - Ben Lowrey - WAKE UP CALL - Ep.31 - 7th Aug 212 - YouTube

Court: Feds Can Spy On Americans Without Warrants With No Legal Repurcussions - informationliberation

Reality Check: Fast and Furious Operation Was Really About U.S. Supporting A Drug Cartel? - YouTube

World over-using underground water reserves for agriculture | Reuters

'End of the world as we know it': Kaspersky warns of cyber-terror apocalypse — RT

Pelosi: Spirits of Women Suffragists Visited Me - 'At last we have a seat at the table,' they told her at the White House


BBC News - Archaeologists claim objects are earliest 'matches'

U.N. urged to probe China's 1-child policy - Washington Times

Romney reaches halfway point toward $800 million fundraising goal - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com

US defense firms could push forward with sending layoff notices - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

Gay Couples Face Pressure to Have Children - NYTimes.com

Romney accepts, Obama declines MSNBC - POLITICO.com

Union chief: Teachers should prepare for strike - Chicago Sun-Times

Obama backers won't pull 'disgusting' TV ad - Washington Times

‘Not enough’ trainers in NATO to help Afghans eradicate IEDs - Washington Times

Naked man snacking, relaxing on couch at school building told cops he thought he was at motel - Florida - MiamiHerald.com

Jackson Jr. staff laying groundwork for reelection campaign - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Pelosi and Hoyer sweeping country in fight for Dems to take the House - The Hill's Ballot Box

AFL-CIO chief: Democrats will pick up seats in the House this November - The Hill's Ballot Box

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Mexican drug cartel leaders take on more violent nicknames - The Denver Post

Illegal-gun operation had drive-up service

Feds seize family's guns, money

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Obamacare pitfalls and media's Homeric 'D'ohs!'

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Dem Convention Shuts Down Local Small Businesses

Report: Iran Closer To Nuclear Capability Than Expected

Former NY Senator: Obama 'Breaking The Law' By Coordinating With SuperPAC

Obama's Gutting Of Welfare Demonstrate Inherent Radicalism

Obama Admin Not Criticizing GM's Predatory Lending

Obama's War on Coal Costs Him The Miners' Union

Judge Rejects Alleged CIA Leaker's Legal Challenge

This Generation's Jack Kemp? Paul Ryan For VP: Pros and Cons

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Dershowitz: David Harris Must Step Down from National Jewish Democratic Council

Chairman of Jewish Democratic Council Asks Adelson to Drop 'Silly' Lawsuit

Democratic Infighting Ensues over SuperPAC Ad

Big Three Networks Ignore Lie-Filled Obama Ad Portraying Romney as Murderer

When Politico Is Critical of Obama Media, Something's Up

World View: Countries Panic-Buying Food as World Food Prices Surge

Nasa's Morpheus spacecraft explodes on test flight

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Little Girl With Asperger's Denied Entry To Obama Event

Media Happily Accepts Team Obama Lying To Them

Sununu Calls Obama a Wuss 4 Times

Obama Ad Questions Whether Romney Paid Taxes

ABC Ignores Collusion Between Obama Campaign and SuperPAC

Michelle: Undecideds 'Confused,' 'Knuckleheads'

Obama Spokeswoman Contradicts Deputy Campaign Manager On Soptic Ad

Nancy Pelosi Sees Feminist Ghosts

Romney Strategy: Claim Moral 'High Ground' in Ad Wars

Obama Tries to Walk Back 'You Didn't Build That'--and Fails

Romney Tops List of Non-Jews for Jewish Future

Romney Ad Comes Out Swinging Against Obama's Dirty Campaign

Obama: I Want to Bail Out 'Every Industry'

WATCH: Carney Gets Ruffled With Reporters Questioning Ad

Planned Parenthood Triumphs, Komen Founder Steps Aside As CEO

'The Campaign' Review: Ferrell and Galifianakis Vote Down Koch Brothers, Citizens United

Author McMillan Calls Romney a 'Sociopath,' Spews Hate on the Rich

Actress Alonso: Obama's Second Term a 'Step Toward' Venezuela

Gallup: CancerGate Ad Flap Hurting Obama

Obamanomics: Bailing Out 'Every Industry' GM-Style Would Cost $17 Trillion

Steve King: Repeal Every Bill Obama Has Signed

Former Ohio-based Islamist Calls for the Murder of Every Jew in Egypt

Kaspersky: We've found new virus linked to Stuxnet

Multiple Islamist Groups Possible Perpetrators of Israel Attack: All Muslim Brotherhood

Israel Planning October Surprise for Iran?

In Egypt, Anti-Semitism Back in Fashion

CNN Is Just Making Up Poll Numbers Now

Book: Blagojevich Said He Believed Rezko Channeled $25,000 to Obama

Media Happily Accepts Team Obama Lying To Them

Embattled Stephanie Cutter Drops ABC 'This Week' Appearance

'They Are Not Telling The Truth' MSNBC Dismantles Team Obama for Sick Ad

Most Transparent Administration Hasn't Fielded Question from WH Press in Seven Weeks

Buzzfeed: Romney Doesn't Live His Religion

Current TV So Boring, It's Called 'Al Gore'

Media Matters to Launch Radio Endeavor

Voter Fraud and Mad-Elite Disease Spreads to Michigan

Conservatism an Overt Expression of a Regressive Defense Mechanism

The American Working Class Can't Afford "Green Energy"

Debbie Schlussel-NY Daily News, NY Post Credit Schlussel for Breaking Napolitano Lawsuit Story

Debbie Schlussel-VIDEO: After Years of Pimping Us on Mitt Romney, Ann Coulter Now Wakes Up, Pissed @ Romney

Debbie Schlussel-EXCLUSIVE: Top NY Homeland Security Cop Sues Napolitano; Alleges Obama DHS Officials’ Anti-Straight Discrimination, Demands for Oral Sex – “J-No Appointed Lesbian Girlfriend, ICE Chief of Staff Harassed Male Agents”

Terror Witness Evan Kohlmann Could Testify in Ft. Hood Trial | TheBlaze.com

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Compilation of People Running Into Things by Worldwideinterweb.com | Video | TheBlaze.com

George Zimmerman May Get Case Against Him Thrown Out in ‘Stand Your Ground’ Hearing | TheBlaze.com

Mitt Romney Releases Ad Claiming Obama Launched ‘War on Religion’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Blue to Red: Goldman Sachs Practically ‘Showering’ Republicans With Donations | TheBlaze.com

Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s Family Owns a Famously Haunted Hotel | TheBlaze.com

Prosecution Accidentally Releases Secret College Transcripts and Death Photo of Trayvon Martin | TheBlaze.com

Log Cabin Republicans to Be Involved With Drafting GOP 2012 Platform | TheBlaze.com

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Says 400,000 Union Volunteers Will Campaign Door to Door for Obama | Video | TheBlaze.com

7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Personal Information on Parking Tickets Violates the Law | TheBlaze.com

It has Been 1,200 Days & $5 Trillion in New debt Since the Senate Passed its Last Budget | TheBlaze.com

Here‘s Farrakhan’s College Yearbook Photo Showing Him Playing the Violin (Plus: Did You Know He Was a Country/Calypso Singer Dubbed ‘The Charmer’?) | TheBlaze.com

Obama Supporters Inteviewed About Government-Funded Contraception Outside Sandra Fluke Campaign Event | Video | TheBlaze.com

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Scathing New Romney Ad Hits Obama‘s ’Character’ Over Super PAC Spot: ‘The Tragedy of a Woman’s Death for Political Gain’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

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Facquier County Virginia Farmers Hold ‘Pitchfork Protest’ After Martha Boneta Threatened With Fines for Hosting a Child’s Birthday | Video | TheBlaze.com

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Outrage in US as black man is shot in head while handcuffed in police car - Telegraph

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NYC 9/11 memorial surpasses 4 million visitors - Wire National News - The Sacramento Bee

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Conservatives Push Arranged Marriage Between Mittens, Ryan

Citing 'Lost Confidence,' Barton’s Publisher Pulls 'The Jefferson Lies'

Utah Road Sign Flashes 'God Hates Gays' Near Brigham Young Univ.

"It's the Romney-Ryan Plan"

Maddow: AP Should Retract Despicable Article on Dr. Tiller

Unwanted Company Alongside Romney's Bus Tour

U.S. Told Banks To Make Contingency Plans For Collapse - 'And This Time, We Really Mean It'

Bo's Wife Confessed to Murder During Trial, Xinhua Says

Swine Influenza: New Cases Spread From Pigs to People

Texas man latest victim of flesh-eating bacteria, loses leg

Rover offers Mars weather forecast: Pink skies, dust storms

Here Come The Robot Worms

O THE HUMANITY: New fossil finds show a new human species roamed the Paleolithic

Way beyond Mars: Scientists release biggest 3-D map of the sky

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NASA satellites to probe Earth's harsh radiation belts

Higgs Boson, a History

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Tiny snail, thought extinct, rediscovered in Alabama

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Jessica Simpson's dad, Joe Simpson, arrested on suspicion of DUI

'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' Mom Loses 250 Pounds

Amy Winehouse's ex-husband in coma after drinking binge

Google to Demote Sites With 'High Number' of Copyright Complaints

Google to Penalize Websites Flagged by Copyright Holders

Facebook settles with the FTC over privacy violations

RIM Said to Draw Interest From IBM Over Enterprise-Services Unit

Google Translate Android app now interprets text from photos

Romney adviser slams Obama campaign's 'unbelievable exagerrations'

Romney, Obama Fight for Women's Vote - YouTube

What 'You Didn't Build That' Really Means—and Why Romney Can't Explain It

Aide: Trump's role will be 'unique and interesting' at convention

Romney's short list: Is Ryan ready to run?

Democratic Presidents Beat Republicans on 11 of 12 Economic Indicators

Romney Bus Tour Charts Course for Battlegrounds Obama Won

THE RACE: Some past veep choices turned out rocky

Newt Gingrich offers only faint praise for former rival Mitt Romney

Michelle Obama picks up the campaign pace

Axelrod thinks Romney should choose Pawlenty

Romney launches character offensive against Obama

Will Erskine Bowles be our next Treasury Secretary?

Claire McCaskill goes on offensive in new ad

Opinion: Julian Castro as first Latino President?

US Sees Corn Yields Hitting 17-Year Low, Raising Prices

Goldman Sachs won't face US charges for mortgage securities

Real-time econ stats for data junkies

Yahoo shares fall as Alibaba payout is reviewed

Hundreds Gather for Sikh Temple Shooting Memorial

Chimp Attack Victim: Let Me Sue State for $150M

Brown, Warren brawl over voter forms

VP tea leaves: Bad sign for Pawlenty?

George Zimmerman will stand his ground

AWOL soldier sentenced to life in prison for planning bomb attack on Fort Hood troops - The Washington Post

Son of Sam Killer Calls Recent Massacres Senseless - ABC News

Police: Body of college student who had been missing since May found in Louisiana - The Washington Post

The Associated Press: Air Force relieves commander over sex scandal

Lakeview teacher charged with punching his dog to death

Walsh faults 'politically correct' U.S. government in 2009 Fort Hood massacre

34 New Food Trucks Apply for Chicago Licenses

Drew Peterson trial updates: Trial enters 8th day after friend's testimony - chicagotribune.com

Savio's Boyfriend Testifies At Peterson's Trial : NPR

Peterson to ex-wife: 'Why don't you just die?' | Nation & World | The Seattle Times

Libyan assembly votes Gaddafi opponent as president | Reuters

North Korea’s First Lady Sports Dior Bag Despite Food Shortages | NewsFeed | TIME.com

9 on trial in China over teenager's sale of kidney for iPad and iPhone - CNN.com

Indian escapes from al Qaeda-linked captors - Hindustan Times

BBC News - Russian film on Georgia war fuels talk of Kremlin rift

Former Lebanese minister arrested for planning attacks for Syria's Assad - CSMonitor.com

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Video/The pay inequality myth: Women are more equal than you think

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A123 Deal Ignites Debate Over China, Energy | The Energy Collective

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Yes, More Solyndras | Business | TIME.com

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1.5 million years of climate history revealed after scientists solve mystery of the deep - Research - University of Cambridge

Red = Don't Eat: Simple Food Labels and the Effective Illusion of Control - Brian Fung - The Atlantic

The church that cried persecution

Publisher Pulls Controversial Thomas Jefferson Book, Citing Loss Of Confidence : The Two-Way : NPR

Attorney makes defending religious liberty his mission | Deseret News

How Will We Teach About Sikhism After the Tragedy? | (A)theologies | Religion Dispatches

Visiting bishops awed by Crystal Cathedral | cathedral, catholic, campus - News - The Orange County Register

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