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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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24 July 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


Jim Brown: New Tax Gimmick – From Democrats and Republicans! «

Aurora Shooting Shows how We’ve Lost Touch with Reality

Bradlee Dean: The Crimes of the TSA


+Former Wells Fargo CEO Richard Kovacevich: 2008 Crash Manufactured – Made Insiders Tremendous Amounts of Money - BlackListedNews.com


57 min./Richard Kovacevich - Some Common Sense Answers to the Major Financial Questions of Today - YouTube


+James Holmes initial court appearance - 3 days after the shooting - YouTube


45 min./A Portrait of Stalin: Mind Control - YouTube


Dark Knight Shooter “Didn’t Get There On His Own”; Did Unemployment Checks Pay For His Guns?

DHS-FBI 17 May 2012 Memo: 'Terrorists' Interest in Attacking Theaters and Similar Mass Gatherings'

+Aurora, Colorado Shooting 'Oddities' | Citizens for Legitimate Government

The New York Times Admits That Virtually Every Major News Organization Allows The News To Be Censored By Government Officials - BlackListedNews.com

'Minority Report' software hits the real world - FRANCE 24

Batman Shooter James Holmes Was On Hardcore Pharmaceutical Drugs - BlackListedNews.com

Rothschild Anoints Alexandre Heir as Family Cements Reign - Bloomberg

Food price crisis feared as erratic weather wreaks havoc on crops | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Federal Government's Debt Jumps More Than $1T for 5th Straight Fiscal Year | CNSNews.com

More odd-colored lobsters turning up in the catch - but why? | Offbeat | KATU.com - Portland News, Sports, Traffic Weather and Breaking News - Portland, Oregon

Smart grid vulnerability could give hackers free electricity | The Raw Story

Report: Syia Could Use Chemical Weapons Against 'External Aggression'

Obama 'Didn't Build That': Hawaii Residents Were Forced to Build Their Own Road in 2009

Debunking Jason Alexander's Gun Myths

Surprise: Obama Campaign Running a Deficit

Obama’s Socialist Job Plans For His Second Term Exposed

Can Skype 'Wiretap' Your Calls?

DA: Death Penalty Decision For Alleged Aurora Shooter 'Months' Away

Paul McCartney, Global Warming Expert, Speaks

Dem Rep: Legislators 'Castrated' By The NRA

CurrentTV's Bill Press: NRA 'Murder Incorporated'

Wife Of Convicted Tax-Cheat Schakowsky Talks Romney 1040s on Bashir

Berkley Sides With Environmental Extremists, Votes Against Jobs in Nevada

Dead Endangered Humpback Whale Washes Ashore In Connecticut

Obama Returns to Defunct Cable Show for Latest Celeb Fundraiser

Czech Artist Builds 6 Ton Double Decker Bus Doing Push Ups for His Olympics Team

Wounded Victim Of Aurora Shooting Has 'Compassion' For Shooter

'Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines' Blu-ray Review: Comedy Recalls What the Wright Bros. Wrought

Victim Shot Three Times By Aurora Gunman: 'I Do Forgive Him'

Company Writing Computer Algorithm To End Human Journalism

Holmes' Family Lawyer Slaps Back At 'Media' For Taking 'Comments Out Of Context'

100% Gun Control Can't Stop Crazy

Forward! With Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett, and Frank Marshall Davis

Obama's Bain Attacks May be Helping Romney

Mandate for Palestine Still Matters 90 Years Later

The Michele Bachmann Witch Hunt

Schakowsky: NRA Politicized Aurora Shooting

Dockman Allegedly Sets Nuclear Sub on Fire to Get Out of Work

Egyptian Actors Pranked On Candid Camera Turn Violent When Told TV Channel Is Israeli

World View: Syria Threatens Saudis, Israelis with Chemical Weapons

Levin Slams Mayor Bloomberg: 'Why Don't You Go Around Without Armed Bodyguards?'

Gabrielle Giffords Visits French Alps

Will Syria Become Obama's Second Libya?

HuffPo's Howard Fineman: Romney Supporters 'Xenophobic' and 'Nativist'

Big Investor Bailing from Newsweek/Daily Beast

Chicago Teachers Union President Blames Woes on Class, Race

Why Are Republicans Supporting the Farm Bill?

Salon.com to Team with Anti-Israel, 'Antisemitic' News Service

RNC Hammers Obama In New Web Ad: 'These Aren't Gaffes'

Feinstein: National Security Leaks Coming from White House 'Ranks'

Dersh On Gun Control: Ban 'Em All

Politico Concern-Trolls Romney to Talk More About Himself

Rep. Larry Bucshon on Repealing Obamacare - YouTube

'High Noon' Anniversary Casts Shadow Over 'Dark Knight,' Modern Movie Violence

LA Times Can’t Believe Dark Knight Rises Portrays Communism Negatively

'New York Times' Rips Nolte's 'Dark Knight' Review

Maine Man Brings Loaded Gun To Dark Knight Rises

In Fight Against Domestic Terror, DC Establishment Attacks the Real Enemy: Michele Bachmann

'Oh Yes We Did': 3 of 4 Americans Believe Small Business Owners Did It Themselves--Rasmussen

Air Force Buys $59/Gal Biofuel from Company Connected to Big Democratic Donor

Rapper Ice-T: 'I'll Give Up My Gun When Everybody Else Does'

Aide: Obama Won't Visit Israel Until He's Re-Elected

WaPo Fact-Checker: Obama Didn’t Mean To Say 'You Didn't Build That'

Mariah Carey Takes Over as New Judge at 'American Idol'

Midler Meltdown: Bette Blasts Koch Brothers

President Obama's Covert Zeal for Abortion

CBO: Income Inequality Not Getting Worse

Bill Moyers: Americans Are 'Violent' 'Bloodthirsty' 'Inept'

'You Didn’t Build It' Illustrates the Liberal Collective’s Dreams and Tactics


‘Boys for Sale’ Male Prostitution and the Elite Parts 1 and 2 | Planet Infowars


49 min./Male Prostitution and the Elite 1/2 - YouTube

58 min./Male Prostitution and the Elite 2/2 - YouTube


The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History


Infowars Nightly News: Monday (7-23-12) Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Monday (7-23-12) James Lane & Holland Van den Nieuwenhof - YouTube


Don't Let The Gun Grabbers Scare You Gun Control Dosen't Work - YouTube

Wash Your Brain – Hollywood Mind Control by Freemantv | Planet Infowars


**Wash Your Brain - Hollywood Mind Control - YouTube


Alex Jones Show: Sunday (7-22-12) Full Show - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News-PreShow- Monday (7-23-12) - YouTube


44 min./Dark Knight Shooting: Earmarks of a Sophisticated Black Ops - YouTube

40 min./A Noble Lie: Evidence of Gov't Staged Terrorism Used on Americans - YouTube


* A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 (FULL anniversary interview with writer/producer) - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » Time Magazine Slams Obama For Not Exploiting ‘Batman’ Massacre

Prison Planet.com » Suspected Shooter Holmes Obviously Drugged During Arraignment

Prison Planet.com » Eerie Coincidence: Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As ‘Batman’ Massacre

The Mysterious Booms Are Back! - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Eyewitness: Mysterious Booms Return To Wisconsin

Prison Planet.com » TSA Employees Overwhelmingly Back Obama For Second Term

G4S staff 'cheat' on tests to run x-ray scanners at Olympic Games | UK news | The Guardian

Prison Planet.com » Watch out, Africa, Melinda is coming!


**Congress Voting to Audit the Fed TODAY: July 24, 2012 - Washington's Blog


Tony Blair: hanging bankers won't help - Telegraph

MP: Paying Tradesmen In Cash Is Morally Wrong - Yahoo! News UK

Stop the Euro: 'Single currency tearing Europe apart' - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Tom Hanks’ ‘Electric City’ Glorifies Green Fascism

Prison Planet.com » The Cost of the Left-wing’s Ongoing Vendetta Against Reagan

We Can't Make Americans Safer By Making Them Defenseless | CNSNews.com

Prison Planet.com » Largest mass shooting in US history? Try three massacres on Native Americans

Prison Planet.com » Banks, Global Elite Confirmed to Hold $32 Trillion in Offshore Accounts

Down with the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and gun control | Washington Times Communities

Prison Planet.com » Ice-T Defends Gun Rights: “The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny”

Ice-T Defends Gun Rights: "The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny" - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » “It’s Spreading”: US Census Reports Nearly 100 Million Poor in America; Worst Conditions in Fifty Years

Prison Planet.com » Fukushima Decontamination Company Made Workers Fake Radiation Readings

Prison Planet.com » Dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation headed for West Coast, say scientists

Prison Planet.com » The Aurora Massacre: Government Could Have Done Worse

George Orwell - A Final Warning - YouTube

4 Part/Close of Season – July 2012 – Max Igan

Moyers and Company Show 128: Capitalism’s ‘Sacrifice Zones’ | Dprogram.net

People And Power – Attack Of The Drones | Dprogram.net


**Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (07-22-2012) Mike Murphy on Geoengineering & A Colo. Shooting Update - YouTube


Super rich hiding up to $32 trillion offshore | Dprogram.net

Sally Ride Dead At 61

20 min./David Wilcock: Occupy Your Self! Personal Spiritual Development - YouTube


Threshold AlbumIntroduction Video @http://thresholdintro.weebly.com/

Ancient Secrets-Mysterious Music Album Teaser-"THRESHOLD" - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » “Mr Libor” Leaves The British Bankers’ Association, Goes To Reuters

Prison Planet.com » Marine Corps Law Enforcement Battalions To “Control Civil Disturbances”


1st Law Enforcement Battalion Trains With Crew Served Weapons - YouTube

1st Law Enforcement Battalion Trains With Crew Served Weapons (2) - YouTube


U.S Marines Train During Javelin Thrust 2012 - YouTube


DARPA Neuroscience Research And The Batman Massacre: James Holmes Father Linked To DARPA! | Before It's News

cryptogon.com » Colorado Movie Theater Massacre


* Paul McGuire -- All Americans Will Receive a Microchip Implant in 1013 Per ObamaCare


Ancient Aliens: Binary Code Message Provides Ultimate Proof of Alien Life | Scienceray

Aurora carnage and Bulgaria suicide bomb attack: Desensitizing psy-ops for the Olympics false flag? - YouTube

Yep, YouTube deleted my video about the Olympic nuke flag on Disney's cartoon "TRON UPRISING"... - YouTube

Disney's Cartoon Shows 'Nuclear Attack' At Olympics | Before It's News

Shooter Hypnotized? | Before It's News

Sherrie Questioning All

PYRAMID Floodlights for Olympics - London Stadium 2012 Slideshow - YouTube


NSA whistle blowers warn that the US government can use surveillance to 'see into your life' - Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer // Current TV


(copy)NSA whistle blowers warn that the US government can use surveillance to 'see into your life' - YouTube


Military Cue + Militias + We The People…and ‘They’ Lose | ANMilitia

Royalty, Like Some Rodents, Have Teeth That Never Stop Growing | Before It's News

Obama Hasn't Received His Daily Economic Briefing Since April 2011 | Before It's News

Jay Carney Says Obama "Has Got a Lot On His Plate" on Why He Hasn't Met With the Jobs Council - YouTube

Sorry, Your Money Is Now Frozen. Bank Runs Have Become Illegal. | Before It's News

The Evidence Is In! America Is Under Foreign Control! Evidence, Analysis and a Challenge! - YouTube

The Evidence Is In: America Is Under Foreign Control!

Is The Fed Done? | Before It's News


Monty Pelerin's World - http://www.economicnoise.com/


Where Did All The Precious Metals Go? | Before It's News

Planet X And Our Binary Solar System: 7-22-2012 | Before It's News

Planet X 7/22/2012 - YouTube

Staged Batman Psy-Op Justifies Obama And The UN Confiscating Our Guns - Video | Before It's News

James Holmes Possible Second Shooter in tragic Batman Denver Shooting Eyewitness Account - YouTube

The Hegelian Dialectic. False Flag Terrorism. - YouTube

BREAKING! Washington Times Columnist - Jeff Kuhner: Ballistic Over Arpaio Investigation! - YouTube

ABC News Stands By Report Quoting Batman Shooter’s Mother | Before It's News

Synthetic Stimulants Called 'Bath Salts' Act In The Brain Like Cocaine | Before It's News

Absolute Proof That James Holmes Was A Trained Assassin | Before It's News

Obama's Kenyan Birth Records Discover In British National Archives | Before It's News

Transhumanism – Techno-Eugenics Usurping Humanity | Before It's News

Michio Kaku - New World Order Facilitator | Before It's News

Scientists Prove Ancient Alien Cauldrons In Siberia Are Real | Before It's News

Flashback: 1978 NASA Film Shows Viking Discoveries

Viking Mars Lander & Viking Mars Orbiter: "19 Minutes to Earth" 1978 NASA 15min - YouTube

More Ancient Alien Evidence Found in Ecuador | Before It's News

Legendary Metal Library Found in Tayos Cave in Ecuador | Socyberty

The Air Force Exploration of Pulse-Train Plasmoid Guns | Top Secret Writers

Follow The Trend: Batman Shooter James Holmes Was On Hardcore Pharmaceutical Drugs | Before It's News

Off-Grid Refrigeration

The Green Deserts of Western Civilization | Common Dreams

Infants Can Use Language To Learn About People’s Intentions, NYU, McGill Researchers Find | Before It's News

Do Online Students Cheat More Often? | Before It's News

Why Does Vivid Memory 'Feel So Real?' | Before It's News

This Nightly Activity Can Have a Profound Influence on How Much You Weigh by Joseph Mercola

Autism 'could be triggered by very low doses of anti-depressants and chemicals found in water supply' | Mail Online

Safe Drinking Water, by Lloyd T. - SurvivalBlog.com

London’s Militarised Olympic Games Conjures Up Orwell’s 1984 by Finian Cunningham

Top 10 DIY Miracles You Can Accomplish with a $1 Binder Clip

The Aurora Massacre and the 'Propaganda of the Deed' by William Norman Grigg

Stubborn Ignorance by Walter E. Williams

Obama's America – and Ours by Patrick J. Buchanan

Security and Self-Governance by Ron Paul

Tactical Life Thoughts On Pocket Pistol Carry

Is Psyllium Husk Primal or Paleo? | Mark's Daily Apple


Baking Soda Cancer Cure? - YouTube

How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions - YouTube

Cure Cancer with Baking Soda

Dr. Simoncini Baking Soda Treatment - Alternative Cancer Treatments


How Papaya Can Naturally Prevent Chronic And Degenerative Diseases | Before It's News

The End To Morgellons Suffering - YouTube

5 Books Homeschool Parents Must Read

25 Reasons Why We Need to Preserve Our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Cybersecurity 'Compromise' Distracts From Destruction of Internet Freedoms

Richard Rothschild Battles Local Agenda 21

Richard Rothschild on Agenda 21 - YouTube

The Next Scam - YouTube

West Spreads Lies of Syrian WMDs to Justify Another War of Aggression

The Government Flu - YouTube

Growing Change - documentary trailer on Vimeo

Evidence Contradicts Whooping Cough Pro-Vaccine Propaganda

Follow the Trend: Batman Shooter James Holmes Was On Hardcore Pharmaceutical Drugs

New Killing and Suspicious Actions by Anaheim Police Follow Previous Day Chaos

Is Galactic Perspective Missing in Climate Change Debate?

Police try to buy videos from witnesses after releasing attack dog on families and firing rubber bullets

Ocean Fertilization: Will Polluting our Waters Cause Another Ice Age?

Stoking Fear Ahead of London Olympics

55 Percent Of Americans Believe That The Government Will Take Care Of Them If Disaster Strikes

How to Stop a Massacre (hint - it's not removing guns from citizens)

Chaos Erupts After Anaheim Police Open Fire on Unarmed Crowd Including Women and Children

Report: at least $20.3 trillion hidden in offshore banks by global elite


**Supernatural Savannah & Hag Attacks - Monday 23, 2012 - YouTube


Cutter: Romney "Not Telling The Truth," Taking Obama Out Of Context
American Crossroads Ad: Build
Warren: GOP Plan Is "I Got Mine, The Rest Of You Are On Your Own"
Halperin: "Most Major News Organizations" Want More Gun Control Laws
Bloomberg: Police Should Go On Strike To Push For Gun Control
Obama Ad Attempts To Clear Up "You Didn't Build That" Comment
Buchanan: Obama Will "Re-Raise The Racial Divide" For Black Turnout
Granholm Urges Voters To Use Ballot Initiatives To Make Gun Laws
Jon Stewart Slams ABC's Brian Ross For Tea Party/Shooter Error
Feinstein: Obama White House Behind National Security Leaks
Fineman: GOP Full Of Xenophobes And Nativists
O'Reilly: "Far-Left Ideologues Are Demagoguing" Aurora Shooting
Klein: "America Is An Unusually Violent Country"

Man Rescued from Floodwaters in China
China Is Still a Global Economic Leader
Romney Heads to London for the Olympics
Could Syria's Chemical Weapons Fall into the Wrong Hands?
Pavlik: Greece Should Exit Eurozone
Mitt Romney Heading to Israel
Peres: Iran in 'Open War' with Israel
Sex Abuse Allegations Rock Chile Schools
Protests Greet Osprey Aircraft Arriving in Japan
Sun Shining on London Ahead of Olympics
Syria's Civilians Flee as Rebels Take New Cities
New Studies Show al-Kaaba as the Center of the World


Obama: Under Me "People Have A New Attitude Toward America" And "More Confidence"
Krauthammer: The Problem For Democrats Is The Gun Lobby Is The Majority Of Americans
Sen. McConnell: Harry Reid Acting Like A "Dictator"
Victim's Brother To MSNBC: Families Not Here To Talk About Gun Control
Romney On Aurora Shooting: New Gun Laws Won't Make A Difference
Cavuto: Gun Violence Isn't Unique To The US
Obama To Republicans: "Stop Playing Politics With Our Military"
Limbaugh: Media Trying To Tie Batman Shooting To Conservatives
Ice-T Defends Gun Rights: "The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny"
Media Matters Uses CO Shootings To Attack Conservatives
Obama Ad: Election A "Choice" Between His Plan And "Top-Down Approach"
Scott Brown Ad: "Let America Be America Again"
Bill Press: NRA Should Be Called "Murder Incorporated"
Major Garrett: Obama Has Expanded, Not Reduced Gun Rights
NBC Attempts To Make Romney Comment A "You Didn't Build That" Moment

Carl Bildt: The Security Issues Paradigm is Changing
Should the U.S. Use Air Power to Intervene in Syria?
McCain: U.S. Failure to Lead in Syria
Exclusive Footage Shows Taliban Attack in Afghanistan
Netanyahu on Dangerous Times in the Middle East
Fears Syrian Conflict May Evolve into Sectarian Fighting
Raging Fire in the Algarve Region of Portugal.
Many Dead in China Floods
Dozens Killed After String of Iraqi Attacks
Syrians Flee Across Lebanese Border
Israel May Be Boosting Security for it's Olympic Teams
Prosecuting Pirates: Enforcing the Rule of Law at Sea
Conflict Breaks Out in Syria's Largest Cities



The man living alone in the woods to escape Wi-Fi and mobile phones | Life and style | guardian.co.uk

10 Military Aircraft that Never Made it Past the Test Phase | Pictures | Space.com

Nixon's Contingency Plan for a Failed Apollo 11 : Discovery News

How Mitt Romney Will Put Walmart in the White House

What's Different About President Obama?

GOP Rep Blasts Bachmann's Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt

NCAA Fines Penn State $60M, Cuts Scholarships, Voids Record

Anaheim Police Kill Unarmed Man, Wound Protesting Residents

Know Thy Enemies: Corporate Overlords March On Washington

John McCain Continues Beating the War Drums on Syria

Where Do Mitt's New Twitter Followers Come From?

David Brooks Compares Romney's Vulture Capitalism to Being a Personal Trainer

Guardian: U.S. LIBOR Arrests 'Imminent'

Muppets Dump Chick-Fil-A Over Anti-LGBT Policies

Governor of Colorado Doesn't Think Gun Laws Prevent Mass Shootings

Conservative Blogger's Attempt to Sandbag Sherrod Brown's Wife Backfires

Philly Top Cop: Why Not Have Gun Registration?

Mayor Bloomberg: Hold Obama, Romney Accountable on Gun Control

Radical Evangelicals Blame Shooting On Liberal Media

Up With Chris: Syrian General's Body Language Tells All

FLASHBACK: Conservatives Hyped Islamic Extremist Takeover Of Libya | ThinkProgress

Now Bachmann says CONGRESSMAN could have links to Muslim Brotherhood | Mail Online

Newt defends Bachmann on Huma Abedin allegations - POLITICO.com

Center responds to Senator McCain on Muslim Brotherhood - Atlanta Paulding County Republican | Examiner.com

The Huma Abedin Muslim Brotherhood flap

The Muslim Brotherhood calls Bachmann's accusation that Huma Abedin is helping it ridiculous

Tea Party Leader Slams McCain For Defending Clinton Aide: Any Muslim 'Is A Threat' | ThinkProgress

Muslim Brotherhood Leader: We 'Can’t Even Penetrate The Egyptian Government' | ThinkProgress

Michele Bachmann Sticks To Accusations About Muslim Brotherhood - US News and World Report

Wes Harris, Arizona Tea Party Leader, Seeks To Recall John McCain Over Huma Abedin Defense

How Michele Bachmann finally jumped the shark - The Washington Post

John McCain Calls Michele Bachmann's Insane Criticism of Anthony Weiner's Wife “Sinister” and “Ugly”

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) defends Huma Abedin - YouTube

Earhart search ends with sonar, video to sift through

Hudson expected in court today for brother-in-law's sentencing

Message Behind Syria's Chemical Weapons Claim? - YouTube

EYES ON LONDON: Tickled Pink, Eyefull Tower, UFOs

Outgoing US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Fears Violent Elections

Russia investigates discarded fetuses found in a mountain forest

Families of theater shooting victims plan goodbyes

Mother of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes says her words were twisted - YouTube

Philadelphia Church Official Sentenced to at Least 3 Years in Prison

Late Night: Mayor Bloomberg urges police strike over gun control

Mich. lottery winner on welfare gets probation

Romney to blast Obama for security leaks

Woman accused of murder in buttocks injection death

New Orleans Police and Justice Department to Announce Reform Plan

Justice Department investigates new Pa. voter ID law

Texas man accidentally fires gun in Walmart, police say

Who will Romney name as VP? And when? Your predictions in our VP pick 'em contest.

Gay Marriage Produced $259 Million for New York City Economy

Cuomo purging archive as attorney general

McConnell calls Democrats' tax plan political 'messaging'

Recommended: Gunman on UConn campus commits suicide

Grandmother, 34, boyfriend on run after 17-month-old ingests cocaine at their home

Gunman in Hudson family slayings returns to court

Man admits he set fires on the USS Miami to leave work early and over anxiety about his ex-girlfriend - NY Daily News

Home Price Bottom or Bubble?

DeVry shares fall on profit warning, low enrollments

On Twitter, A Curious Spike for Romney

Brown: Gun laws are states' rights

Biden focuses on Colorado shooting in Manalapan speech

Minn. Republicans criticize new health care taxes

Romney: Obama should have put focus on turning economy

First Lady makes campaign swing through Ohio with a stop in Dayton

John Nichols: Tommy Thompson, Ted Nugent and Col. Heg

Will third parties make a difference in November?

OPINION: Romney's Worst Nightmare: Palin and Paul

Political panel: Time for compromise

Big brother Microsoft listens in to your Skype IMs

YouTube Asks Users to Post Real Names in Bid to Clean Up Comments

Mariah Carey just what 'American Idol' needed: A real singer

Michael Jackson Estate -- Executors Support Temporary Guardian for MJ's Kids

Demi Moore is 'heartbroken' over ex Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis' blooming romance

Hollywood skirts blame in 'Dark Knight' shooting

'Man Of Steel' Teaser: Zack Snyder's Super Inspirations

Jennifer Aniston Plays a Prostitute in We're the Millers

On TV, Britney Spears is 'sweet as a lemon'

Lady Gaga Previews New Music for NYC Fans From Her Car

Katie Holmes Gives Interview One Day Before Tom Cruise Split Did She Drop Any Hints| E! Online

Loud sex can be deadly for flies

Earth as Art: 5 Most Popular Landsat Satellite Images

What we know about climate change and drought

Watch: An Awesome Time-lapse Video Of Space Station Images

What Space Smells Like

The Dawn of Virtual Cell Biology? Researchers Create First Computer Model of an Organism

Timothy Ray Brown to Sanjay Gupta: HIV completely gone

Catholics say AIDS cure won't solve all problems caused by the disease

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee: If We Don't End Discrimination, We Will not End AIDS - YouTube

Teens, especially blacks, reduce risks for HIV

Study raises hope for new drugs for resistant tuberculosis

YouTube videos valuable in teaching vertigo treatment

More Than a Third of Births 'Unintended': CDC

We have a whooping cough vaccine. So why is there a whooping cough outbreak?

Research finds NYC soda ban would cut 63 calories per fast food trip: Would that have any impact? - HealthPop - CBS News

Why Does No One Care The Government Financed The Dark Knight Shooter's Attacks? - informationliberation

Bill Kristol wants ammo limits - YouTube

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk: Lesson From Aurora: Gov’t Cannot Protect Us From All Harm « America First

PressTV - Syrian scientist survives assassination attempt

Monsanto Sued By Migrant Workers Over Labor, Housing Conditions

Chemistry Lessons: Living With Rachel Carson's Legacy

TaxProf Blog: 33% of Colleges Are on 'Unsustainable Financial Path'

The biggest human trafficking case, operated by Israel, dismissed in USA

Sigtarp: “Americans Should Lose Faith In Their Government ... Only With This Appropriate and Justified Rage Can We Hope | ZeroHedge

Activist Post: Cybersecurity 'Compromise' Distracts From Destruction of Internet Freedoms

Nanoparticle technology turns personal care products toxic

‘Fall of EU could help a new Hitler come to power’ | _

Dirty Deeds: Iranian nuclear program hit by 'AC/DC virus'? — RT

Los Angeles: capital of glitz and homelessness | _

8,753,935: Workers on Disability Set Another Record in July; Exceed Population of 39 States | CNSNews.com

EconomicPolicyJournal.com: LAPD to Ration Fingerprint Analysis

30 Global News Events The Batman Massacre Allows The American Media To Ignore ':' WTF RLY REPORT

This Is The Government: Your Legal Right To Redeem Your Money Market Account Has Been Denied - The Sequel | ZeroHedge

» First China, Then The World: UN Uses China As Launchpad For Global One-Child Policy Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Nearly 5 Million People Have Government Security Clearances | Threat Level | Wired.com

Monsanto Dramatically Increasing Pressure on Mexico – Wins Permits to Plant GMO Corn

It’s legal: cops seize cell phone, impersonate owner | Ars Technica

» The Crimes of the TSA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Shoe ID Lab Developing Biometric Shoe To Identify Individuals Based On How They Walk

Gold Bullion is a Safe Haven Amidst a Weak U.S. Dollar | Sovereign Investor

US Empire of Bases Grows by Tom Engelhardt -- Antiwar.com

'Downing Street Memo' Redux Is the Intelligence Fix on Iran Already Underway?

Grant Asylum to Assange

The Obama GITMO myth

Stop Imperialism Podcast – African discourse in the Western world


* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- July 23, 2012


Corbett Report: How to Foil Your Own Terror Plot

“Extremism”, Islam and 9/11

GRTV: Winds of Change: Kim Jong-Un Wants More for North Korea

Climate Change: Is the Carbon Tax the Death of Democracy?

GRTV: The Technocratization of Education

The Arab Spring story in a nutshell: Fake springs, post-modern coup d'etat

Chris King's First Amendment Page: KingCast watching Sandy Chadee v. Judge Debra Silber: A lesbian activist judge takes custody from a fit heterosexual mother in favor of a lesbian activist paternal grandmother.... The father is "intrinsically violent" and was ordered to pay child support.

Dems watch as Lesbian activist judge Debra Silber steals child from heterosexual mother. - YouTube

@Govt follows you: Twitter feeds info to US police state - YouTube


**Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary) - YouTube


| Colorado Gunman Three Weeks Prior to Shooting was Denied Membership to Gun Range Due to Bizarre Behavier |

Google facing force of aggressive E.U. regulators - 12160

Mom & Dad: There is a BIG Problem With America’s Justice System | letterstoconservativeparents

Is 'Al Qaeda' the modern incarnation of 'Emmanuel Goldstein'?

Chris Hedges: The Careerists - Chris Hedges' Columns - Truthdig

Anaheim PD July 2012 - YouTube

Activist Post: Evidence Contradicts Whooping Cough Pro-Vaccine Propaganda

| The Despots Blame the Tea Party and Gun Ownership After Theater Shooting. Does it Sound Familiar? |

Anaheim Police Face Evidence-Buying Claims To Cover Up Two Fatal Shootings

Cops Kill Another Man In Anaheim Amid Protests, Attempted Evidence Cover Up

ANAHEIM KIDS vs. Anaheim Police department . - YouTube

Top 12 trends for 2012 | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World


Rense & Joseph Skipper - Proof Of Life On Mars Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls And Forests - YouTube


Colorado theater shooting victims vigil angel? Woman says photo shows angel over vigil

Articles: Obama's Passport Breach: Unanswered Questions, and an Unsolved Murder

Sally Ride, America's first woman in space, dies at 61 | Mail Online

Sinclair's Speeches At Freedompalooza 2012

Legendary Metal Library Found in Tayos Cave in Ecuador | ZenHaven

Mystery of the Tayos Cave - YouTube

Einstein's theory is proved - and it is bad news if you own a penthouse - Science - News - The Independent

Obama & UN Coming For Your Guns! | Real Jew News

Romney: New gun laws won’t make a difference ‘in this type of tragedy’ – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

America's corn farmers high and dry as hope withers with their harvest | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Women Have Higher IQ Scores Than Men Now, James Flynn, Researcher, Claims

James Holmes: Mug shot of Aurora, Colorado shooting suspect released

London 2012: The Olympic super-yachts arrive on the Thames | Mail Online

Batman Colorado shooting: James Holmes fixated by altered states of mind - Telegraph

James Holmes' Gun Club Membership Rejected Due To 'Bizarre' Behavior

Real life shooting imitates training exercise at Parker medical school - The Denver Post

Mexico urges U.S. to review gun laws after Colorado shooting | Reuters

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Oy-Limpics (very funny)

Stoking Fear Ahead Of London Olympics

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Here are 6 Moments Where the Media has Wrongly Blamed Conservatives (and the Tea Party) for Violence

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Socializing Private Sector Profits: Limbaugh Breaks Down Obama’s Econ Philosophy

‘I Was Referring to Myself’: James Holmes’ Mother Alleges Another ABC Reporting Mistake

Award-Winning Actress Goes on Late-Night Twitter Rampage Against Conservatives, Jon Lovitz

Blue, Purple, and Bright Orange Lobsters Turning Up? See the Pics!

New Book’s Ironic Claim: Catholic Church Paid to Send Obama to an Alinsky-Founded Group’s Community Organizing Training (See the Documents)


*Transcripts : 22nd/Guests: PM Netanyahu, Sens. Feinstein & Johnson

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16th/Interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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Interview with Representative Paul Ryan

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