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children will wake up homeless on the continent
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22 July 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


In the wake of another mass shooting, a question: Why Colorado? - The Denver Post

Medical Holocaust: The Batman Shooter James Holmes Criminal Defense

26 min./Peter R. Breggin, MD - Antidepressants & Suicide - Congressional Testimony - YouTube

Holmes’ apartment wired to kill - NYPOST.com

Interactive timeline: History of James Holmes - The Denver Post

Threat Sent To Aurora Police Says Let Holmes Go - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver

'Will you visit me in prison?' Asks James Holmes on Adult Sex Profile

Breaking through the Delusions of Government and Mysticism - YouTube

Twilight Language: Blood Red Movie Massacres

PressTV - [VIDEO] Cover-Up? FBI Theater attack warning removed

'Dark Knight Rises' shooting: Skip the blame game and take action - latimes.com

Morris Talkin About TPTB - YouTube

Transhumanism – Techno-Eugenics Usurping Humanity « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Baby Boy “Obama”: Will Dion Talk Truth? « Eye On Obama

Barack Obama Sings Live At The Apollo Theater! - YouTube

VIDEO | Outrageous Propaganda Film Shows Servicemen Being Exposed To Airborne Nuclear Blast

Where is Larry Page? Mystery surrounds whereabouts and health of Google CEO as he misses another meeting | Mail Online

£13tn: hoard hidden from taxman by global elite | Business | The Observer

Consciousness TV | Vaccinated Children Have up to 500% more Disease Than Unvaccinated Children

Activist Post: Cutting food stamps but $5 billion for botched camo is OK

Worst drought in decades in the American heartlands threatens to put farmers out of business - Telegraph

PressTV - Anti-Obama book tops Amazon bestseller list

The month that E.T. came to D.C. - The Washington Post

America Underwater

PressTV - Obama drone strikes as illegal as Bush torture practices: Analyst

From Welfare State To Imperial Police State

North Korea threats to 'reexamine' nuclear —Āapabilities — RT

Super-Silent Owl Drone Will Spy on You Without You Ever Noticing | Danger Room | Wired.com

Apple pulls privacy watchdog app Clueful from its store...but won't say why | Mail Online

PressTV - 10 cities where homes cost less than a car

Twilight Language: Joker Copycats: 2008-2112

Andrew Scott: Fury as police accidentally shoot dead pizza delivery driver after going to wrong apartment | Mail Online

PressTV - US slipping into dictatorship: Rights activist

Too Big To Fail - Fed Proposal Allows Banks To Seize Your Money

You Have Been Smugged by America’s Healthcare Syndicate | Sinclair News.Net

London Olympics: Behind The Curtain | Opinion Maker

Activist Post: Are Cosmetic Chemicals Contributing to Breast Cancer - Including Men?

+1947 Arctic Warming


Sens. Feinstein, Johnson Debate Stricter Gun Control
Bloomberg: Hold Obama, Romney Accountable On Gun Control
Bob Schieffer: U.S. Today Lacks Common Sense
Netanyahu On Dangerous Times In The Middle East
David Brooks On VP: "I Personally Think Portman Is The Right Pick"
Rep. Allen West: "This Is Going To Be A Dogfight For Your Country"
"This Week" Roundtable On Politics This Week & Debate On Gun Control
"Meet The Press" Roundtable On Shooting's Impact On Politics
"FOX News Sunday" Panel Discuss The Middle East


Krauthammer Calls PBS's "Inside Washington" An "Arm Of The DNC"
Boehner Gives Weekly Republican Address On Tragedy In Aurora, CO
Obama Weekly Address: Remembering The Victims Of The Aurora Shooting


Student-loan fix robs retirees—Nathan Harden - NYPOST.com

Mitt Romney: Lazy liar - Salon.com

Facts: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states - YouTube

The nexus between terror propaganda and terrorism: Bremer and Jenkins | 911Blogger.com

US drops biggest-ever human trafficking case amid evidence doubts — RT

US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s | _

The Looming Student Loan Bubble – Almost 50% of Borrowers Not Making Payments « America First

2012: Will Americans vote for America or for Israel? | jeff-goodall

Global Banks are the Financial Services Wing of the Drug Cartels

"Locked & Loaded" - Vietnam Veteran Calls for More Guns - henrymakow.com

Part-time USA

Islamic Fighters Swarm into Syria -- News from Antiwar.com

Articles: IPCC Admits Its Past Reports Were Junk

Almost entire Congress refuses to release tax returns — RT

‘Jihad’ Group Responsible for Burgas Terror - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News

NIH, Companies Team Up to Give Researchers Access to Abandoned Drugs - ScienceInsider

Activist Post: NATO Death Squads Attempt to Ethnically Divide Syria

Ron Paul: The Fed encourages never-ending war | Death and Taxes

Activist Post: Scientists Propose Dumping Hundreds of Tons of Iron into Ocean to ‘Stop Global Warming’

Activist Post: Survival Basics: Water Storage, Sourcing, and Purification

Murdoch quits as director of British papers - Press - Media - The Independent

How Many Brainwashed Americans Does It Take to Plug in a Gun Ban? | _

Conspiracy Theorists Deserve An Apology

These Banks Are Involved in Every Imaginable CRIME, Once They Lose Control We’ll Live in a Very Different World « SGTreport – The Corporate Propaganda Antidote – Silver, Gold, Truth, Liberty, & Freedom

These Banks Are Involved in Every Imaginable CRIME : Andy Hoffman & Bill Holter - YouTube

Once the Banksters Lose CONTROL, We'll Live in a Different World: Andy Hoffman & Bill Holter - YouTube

Countrywide whistleblower reveals rampant mortgage fraud part of ‘everyday business’ | The Raw Story


Russia Joins WTO – Putin Kowtows to the Globalists « America First

Batman shooter James Holmes mental health record Psychiatric drugs defence - Topix

Death by Democide: The Reason We Have the 2nd Amendment - 12160

Washington admits surveillance violated Fourth Amendment | _

The Crushing Cost of College – 25 Million Adults Live With Their Parents « America First

Assassination Nation: The Fifty Year U.S. Killing Spree


The Globalist Infiltration: Obama, Israel and the Muslim - BlackListedNews.com

Stanford scientists design first virtual organism | The Raw Story

Device Jams Drivers’ Phone Signals, Alerts Police, Public and Passengers - BlackListedNews.com

VIDEO: California Police Open Fire & Unleash Dogs On Protesters Including Young Children - informationliberation

Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

FAA Has Authorized 106 Government ‘Entities’ to Fly Domestic Drones | CNSNews.com

Reporters oppose Pentagon monitoring - POLITICO.com

China to Deploy Military Garrison in S China Sea

Rockefeller’s Depopulation Dreams Published by Foundation Linked to Mass Graves :

Israel Plays WMD Card Barak: Israel may Invade Syria, Seize Advanced Weapons

The Insanity of Anti-Iran Propaganda

Journalism v. Propaganda

The Terrifying Background of the Man Who Ran a CIA Assassination Unit

From an Unlikely Source, a Serious Challenge to Wall Street

The Crisis of Civilization

Obama Pay Your &*%$#% Bills

Learned Helplessness: The War On You - YouTube

DAVID ICKE TV CHANNEL 9 ... Mind Games,Mass Hypnosis & Program...ing of Humanity! - YouTube

Proof Gov Stages Mass Shootings: Batman Massacre Decoded - YouTube

The role of U.S. airports in disease epidemics | MIT Video


MIT Video(http://video.mit.edu/)


9 Tips to Dream Like An Expert | Before It's News

The Alien Fusion Reactor On The Moon | Before It's News

Impossible Energy Beam Detected at Bosnia Pyramids | Quazen

Natural Compound Eliminates HIV In Infected Cells Says Scripps Researcher | Before It's News

Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi And Parasites All Around Us! Why We Don’t Fall Prey | Before It's News

End Of Human Aging Can Be Achieved In 20 Years, Experts Say | Before It's News

The End of Canada’s Sovereignty as a Nation State? Towards a U.S.-Canada Economic and Security Perimeter | Before It's News

Archaeologists Uncover Stunning Mosaic in Large Ancient Galilean Synagogue | Before It's News

Obama's Kenyan Birth Records Discover In British National Archives | Before It's News

Hollywood Producer: Obama Campaign Threatened To Murder Clintons | Before It's News

Afghanistan's Extensive Minerals Resources: Hidden Agenda of US led War?

U.S. Lawmakers Cut Pentagon Ties with Russian Arms Exporter

Turnover of Global Organized Crime: $870 Billion… a Year

Venezuela: A Threat to Washington?

The Libor Scandal In Full Perspective


* http://www.swagbucks.com


4 Parts/Close of Season – July 2012 – Max Igan

Former MSNBC Anchor Says MSM News Is Controlled By Advertisers | Dprogram.net

A Deeper Look At “The Dark Knight Rises” Shooting: A CIA Black Op? | Dprogram.net

Coming Next – TSA At The Movie Theater? | Dprogram.net

7/21/2012 -- FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012 - YouTube

‘Batman Massacre’ News Boil Down | Dprogram.net

Government Increases Classification for 'Transparency'? - YouTube

Gun Control: A Fatal Mistake | Dprogram.net

Christian Movie Critic: Massacre Is Simply 'Evil' at Work

Rifle Jammed in Colo. Attack, Possibly Preventing More Death

McCain: Stricter Gun Control Laws Not Answer to Colo. Massacre

Pope Shocked by 'Senseless Violence' in Colorado

Police: Shooting Suspect Had Planned Attack 'for Months'

Poverty Under Obama Rising to Highest Level Since 1960s

Slideshow: How the Batman Shooting Unfolded

NCAA to Punish Penn State Over Abuse Scandal

'Dark Knight Rises' Reportedly Earns $160 Million

Feinstein: Election Year Not Ideal for Gun Debate

Kaine: I Had to Give Up Job, Healthcare to Run for Senate

Allen: Kaine 'Hand-picked by Obama' for Virginia Senate Seat

Al-Qaida Leader: We're Back in Iraq

Colo. school investigating suspect's deliveries

Statue of famed Penn St. coach Paterno taken down

Obama to comfort families of movie theater victims

Drew Peterson heads to trial in third wife's death

Calls for gun control stir little support

Romney: Obama Has Not Met with Jobs Council in Last 6 Months, But Held 106 Fundraisers

Mark Levin Calls for ABC to Fire Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos

127 House Republicans Call On Boehner To Defund Obamacare

Catholics And Evangelicals Come Together To Fight For Religious Freedom

AFL-CIO Demands ‘Second Bill of Rights’--Including 'Rights' to 'Full Employment,' 'Living Wage,' 'Healthy Future' | CNSNews.com

Colorado Governor Schools Candy Crowley: Stricter Gun Laws Wouldn't Have Prevented Massacre | NewsBusters.org

George Will and Jennifer Rubin Demolish Time's Joe Klein on Gun Control Laws | NewsBusters.org

Are Hidden Pesticides Putting Your Health at Risk?

Study: Energy-Saving Light Bulbs Can Cause Skin Cancer

Marketplace Fairness Act: Some Republicans Support Sales Tax for Online Purchases

'Dark Knight Rises' Review: Nolan Masterpiece Slaps Obama

'The Dark Knight Rises' Review: Muddled Politics, Storytelling

Dana Milbank Hurls McCarthyism to Shield Obama from Criticism

Gohmert Hammers Napolitano In Heated Exchange At Committee Meeting

Morris Romney Will Win Battleground States

Political Correctness Hurts American Society

Stephanopoulos Before Sliming Tea Party: 'We're Learning A Lot More About The Shooter Now'

The 2nd Amendment Transcends the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Rep. Schakowsky (D-IL) Politicizes Aurora Theatre Shooting

Dennis Rodman's Meets Estranged Father, Discovers He Owns Restaurant Called Rodman's Rainbow Obamaburger

Bomb Squad Detonates Explosives in Holmes' Apt

Box Office: Studios Silent Until Monday; 'Dark Knight' Brings Large Haul

Justice Scalia: 'The Constitution Says Nothing About Abortion'

Rep. Bachmann Doubles Down, Alleges Rep. Ellison Has Ties to Muslim Brotherhood As Well

House Passes Bill Giving Obama 30 Days To Provide Sequestration Details

Taxpayer Identity Fraud More Than Doubled In 2011


Authorities Release Names of Aurora Shooting Victims

MSNBC: America Close To Being A Failed State Because Of Vigilantes

Witness: Someone Let Gunman Inside Colorado Movie Theater

World View: Damascus Bombing Marks a Significant Change in Syria

Actors Who Served: Humphrey Bogart

Self-Immolation: New Protest Tactic in Israel

Trailer Talk: Moody 'Man of Steel' Reboots Superman, Image

CO Gov Fights Off CNN's Bullying Over Gun Laws

Paterno Fans Line Up To Take Picture With Coach's Statue

Paterno Statue Taken Down

Michael Jackson's Mom Missing

First Home Video Of Alleged 'Dark Knight' Shooter Surfaces

Aurora Police Chief: Holmes Acted Alone

Military Veterans Pick Romney Over Obama, 59-35

McCain: Strict Gun Laws In Norway Didn't Deter Shooter

Bloomberg Demands Obama Stop Avoiding Gun Control Issue

'You Didn’t Build It' Illustrates the Liberal Collective’s Dreams and Tactics

'Face The Nation' Roundtable: Aurora Shooting

Nathan Lane Latest Celeb to Host Obama Fundraiser

'Never Let a Good Crisis': Dems Push Gun Control

Republican Lawmakers: Obama Projecting Absence of Leadership

CBO: Income Inequality Not Getting Worse

Ten Things We Learn and Should Have Learned from Maraniss's Obama Book

The horrifying extent of judicial immunity

Are You a Socialist?

The Recent American Pop Capitalism

Are Business Schools Actually Schools of Crime?

'You Didn't Build That.' Boston Globing for Obama

Using the Brian Ross Method of Investigative Reporting

US now looks to bring down Assad regime

Lying about Romney's taxes

Police now looking for 'person of interest' in Colorado massacre

Time for gun control advocates to put their money where their mouths are

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies from the White House

MoveOn and Obama Exhibit Detachment Syndrome on Aurora Murders

Latest embarrassing Obama fundraising gimmick is downright creepy

American Individualism in Business

How Obama Has Failed the Black Community

Here Come the Closet Black Conservatives

EPA: Thou Shalt Purchase Fuel That Doesn't Exist

The Vagabond at the Intersection: The Consequences of Pooled Burden

Israeli Police Mimic Stupidity of TSA

Vietnam's Two-Front War on Religion

How Immigrants Viewed American Citizenship circa 1939

Inevitably Controversial: Melinda Gates and Contraception for the Poor

The Intellectual and Moral Poverty of Egalitarianism

The Lamps Are Going Out All Over the Islamic World.

Obama vs. God on Work and Welfare

Washington's Message to Americans: 'We Own You'

The Dream Is Dying

Tea Party Targeted by 'All the Bolsheviks' Children' (ABC)


07.21.12 - Colorado Shooting & Gun Laws Discussed !! [ coast to coast am ] - YouTube


Brilliant Scientists Are Open-Minded about Paranormal Stuff, So Why Not You? | Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network

A cave new world: the amazing underground rock formations photographed for the first time | Mail Online

Kissing device lets you send a long-distance smooch - tech - 19 July 2012 - New Scientist

Jaw-dropping moments really do make time appear to stand still - Telegraph

'Invisible UFOs' fill the skies | Fox News

The Dark Knight Rises Tragedy and the Box-Office Weekend That Wasn't

JAMoviesIE Presents: The Dark Knight Rises - Man of Steel Tribute - YouTube

'Man Of Steel' Teaser Debuts With Two Different Versions

Katherine Jackson Reported Missing by Family Member

ABC News Exclusive: First Video of Colorado Shooting Suspect James Holmes Emerges

Rihanna Shows Off Bikini Body In Saint Tropez (PHOTOS)

Sage Stallone -- Law Enforcement Probing Possible Drug Dealing

Colorado mourns dead in cinema massacre as Obama heads to scene

Remembering the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shooting. - YouTube

Prayer Vigil Planned After Mass Shooting in Colo

Few signs Colorado shooting will make gun control a campaign issue

Man charged in deaths, dismemberment of couple

Drew Peterson Jury Selection Begins Monday

Air Force Instructor Handed 20-Year Sentence For Abuse

Police Getting Ready for RNC Convention in Tampa - ABC News

J'lem begins campaign to out Iran, Hezbollah as terrorists

Norway memorials honour 77 massacre victims

China Approves City Council, Military Base in Disputed Islands

Pope’s Olympic message of peace highlights increasing Vatican focus on sport _ but no team yet - The Washington Post

Big Obama Donor, Google's Marissa Mayer to Rake in Millions as New Yahoo! Chief

Russian held over botnet attack on Amazon.com

Facebook planning to take Instagram to the web?

Orbit of Near-Earth Asteroid 2002 AM31 - NASA JPL - YouTube

1969 lunar walk: Celebrating with a time warp (+video)

AIDS charity honors Gates on eve of global conference

Tony Robbins Coal-Walking Stunt Goes Wrong: Motivational Speaker's Event Results in 21 With Burns - YouTube

CDC: Whooping cough rising at alarming rate in US

Survivors from the 'Dark Knight' Colorado Theater Shooting Tell Their Stories

Inactivity 'killing as many as smoking'

Former President George W. Bush skipping Republican National Convention in Tampa despite his support for Mitt Romney - NY Daily News

Rand Paul Asks Father's Supporters Not to Give Up on GOP

Ind. GOP used Obama punching bag before

NASA's Hi-C Telescope, Five Times Stronger than AIA, Captures Images of Sun's Corona - Latinospost :: Science :: Latinos Post

What does space smell like?

Search for dark matter particles turns up zilch - Technology & science - Space - Space.com - NBCNews.com

The Unknown Why in the Aurora Killings - NYTimes.com

Colorado movie-theater massacre opens new chapter in presidential race - NYPOST.com

The American election is really a battle for the future of capitalism | Will Hutton | Comment is free | The Observer

Dana Milbank Hurls McCarthyism to Shield Obama from Criticism

Cenk Uygur: Politicizing Guns: If Not Now, When?

The tea party: Convenient scapegoats - Katie Glueck - POLITICO.com

Gary Hart: The Search for Humanity Continues

Kyle Smith: We can't make sense of senseless Aurora massacre and shootings will happen again - NYPOST.com

Putting down one person to lift up another - Opinion - ReviewJournal.com

Kathleen Parker: Obama campaign shows its desperation in Romney attack - The Washington Post

Pandering to His Base | The Weekly Standard

Neil Barofsky’s Journey Into a Bailout Buzz Saw — Fair Game - NYTimes.com

Paul Sperry: By pushing bad loans in the name of 'diversity,' Obama's creating the mortgage crisis all over again - NYPOST.com

The Massacre in Aurora: Can You Blame the Movies? : The New Yorker

Paterno Sacked Off His Pedestal - NYTimes.com

Review & Outlook: A Victim's Final Tweets - WSJ.com

More Bad Out of the Obama-Duncan No Child Waiver Gambit | Dropout Nation: Coverage of the Reform of American Public Education Edited by RiShawn Biddle

RealClearPolicy - Welfare Reform Is Too Old and Big to Be Gutted

THE DAILY STAR :: Opinion :: Columnist :: Syria embodies the end of colonialism

Does Obama Have a Foreign Policy Edge? « Commentary Magazine

Can a real central bank save Europe? | Anatole Kaletsky

U.S. Expands Drug Fight in Africa - NYTimes.com

RealClearMarkets - King Barack I vs. the American Gospel of Success

What If the Rich Really Gave Back as Obama Wants? - Forbes

Wall Street 2 Years Later: How Much Has Changed?

Two-thirds of Dodd-Frank still not in place - Jul. 21, 2012

David Ignatius: Central banks face a giant bill coming due - The Washington Post

How to Write a Bestselling Business Book - Businessweek

It's time to bring science to the fore of political discourse by having candidates discuss it publicly

The Facebook Fallacy - Technology Review

MIT Economist: Here's How Copyright Laws Impoverish Wikipedia - Robinson Meyer - The Atlantic

Privacy and Security Fanatic: HOPE 9: Whistleblower Binney says the NSA has dossiers on nearly every US citizen

The 'chemputer' that could print out any drug | Science | The Observer

Why You Won’t See Hard AR Anytime Soon | Valve

Sci-fi tale Ladyland offers a lesson in gender utopia - The National

Prison Planet.com » CFR: Don’t Worry About Hillary’s Small Arms Treaty

Is Batman Massacre Staged Terror? - YouTube


30 MIN./Dark Knight Massacre Special Report - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » Witness: Someone let gunman inside Colorado movie theater

New Suspect in Batman Colorado Massacre - YouTube

James Holmes Possible Second Shooter in tragic Batman Denver Shooting Eyewitness Account - YouTube

James Holmes NIH Grant - Business Insider

James Holmes Had A Sex Website Profile - Business Insider

Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes jailed in solitary: ‘All the inmates were talking about killing him’ - NY Daily News

ATF Boss Threatens Whistleblowers - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » First China, Then The World: UN Uses China As Launchpad For Global One-Child Policy

Prison Planet.com » Toxic Consumption: Big Pharma Putting Pharmaceuticals in Water

Factories dumping drugs into sewage - Health - Health care - More health news - NBCNews.com

Prison Planet.com » Reminder: BPA Chemical Stays in Body for “Unknown” Length of Time

'Dark Knight Rises' shooting: Three heroes died in Aurora taking bullets for their girlfriends - NY Daily News

Obama for America TV Ad: "Drone Warrior" - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Why did no one fight back? Questions linger over James Holmes Batman movie theater shooting

Why did no one fight back against James Holmes Batman movie massacre shooter? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Two Aurora Shootings: One Widely Known; the Other Ignored

Prison Planet.com » The Long Night of Deep State Terror And The Rise of The Total Security State

Prison Planet.com » Batman movie massacre a reflection of violent video games, TSA violence against citizens and psychiatric drugging of young white men

Prison Planet.com » A Deeper Look At “The Dark Knight Rises” Shooting: A CIA Black Op?

» The Post-Aurora “Rampage” Few Have Heard About Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Anaheim Police Go On A Rampage Against Citizens - YouTube

BBC News - Tax havens: Super-rich 'hiding' at least $21tn

Transhumanist religion 2.0 | KurzweilAI

Salman Rushdie Sparks Furor With Colorado Theater Shooting Tweets - Speakeasy - WSJ

» Another Angle On The Batman Shooting Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

AllGov - News - Obama Administration Declares All Statements by 9/11 Accused “Presumptively Classified”

James Holmes Colorado shooting: Gunman used same drugs that killed Heath Ledger | Mail Online

AFP: Sex workers denied US visa hold their own AIDS conference

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