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16 June 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


Sarah Palin On The Media: "Rage Against The Machine"
Obama Weekly Address: Republicans Are To Blame For Stalemate
Gov. Walker Gives GOP Response: "Big Government Is Not The Answer"
Maher: Dan Quayle Was "Sarah Palin With Tits"


Reporter Heckles Obama During Immigration Speech
Rep. Cummings: Racism "Has Something To Do With" Obama Interruption
Bill Maher: "The Problem With Racism Is Matt Drudge"
MSNBC's Bashir Shows Bus Explosions While Discussing Romney Bus Tour
Limbaugh On Obama Amnesty Plan: "Catch, Release, Vote"
Krauthammer: Obama's Immigration Policy Is "Out-And-Out Lawlessness"
Rep. Allen West: "We're Starting To Live Under A Rule By Edict"
Toure: Obama Heckling Can't "Be Disconnected From" His Race
Obama: Young Illegals Are Americans In Every Way Except "On Paper"
Romney: Obama's Immigration Policy Will Hinder Long-Term Reform
Biden Says He's Not Blue Collar: "No One In My Family Worked In A Factory"
Gov. Brewer: Obama Immigration Decision "Blatant Political Pandering"
Rep. King To Sue Obama Admin Over New Immigration Policy
MSNBC Guest: Would A White President Get Heckled?
CNN: Obama Decision To Stop Deporting Young Illegals A "Victory"
Cantor & Goolsbee Face Off On How To Fix The Economy
Pelosi Defends ObamaCare: GOP Doesn't "Believe In A Government Role"
Jon Stewart Rips Senate For Flattering Treatment Of Jamie Dimon
RNC Ad: Obama's Speech Was A "Replay"
Arpaio: We Will Continue To Enforce Illegal Immigration Laws
Klein: Obama Has "Failed Profoundly" To Explain His Achievements
"Special Report" Panel On U.S. Relations With Russia
O'Reilly: Obama Has To Realize He's In Trouble
Alter: Economic News In Swing States Is A Big Problem For Romney


Cameron Testifies Over Murdoch Links
Richardson on Syria, Russia & Iran
Greeks Prefer Drachma Over Euro
McCain Slams Administration's 'In Your Face Attitude' Toward Pakistan
Amnesty International Releases Report on Violence in Syria
Obama Administration Split Over Russia
European Banking System on Brink of Collapse
Did Pakistan Know bin Laden's Location?
Raw Video: Peres Presented Medal of Freedom
Raw Video: Deadly Bus Crash in Mexico
Raw Video: Democracy Icon Returns to Europe
U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Charges Armstrong
'Coalition of the Willing' on Syria?



Ron Paul Message to Supporters - YouTube

Did Rand Paul Sell Out To The Jews? | Real Jew News

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order | Cosmic Convergence 2012

Obama administration to stop deporting some young illegal immigrants - CNN.com

Obama With One Statement Creates 1000's Of Jobs

The Daily Caller Reporter Shows Guts In Confronting Obama

AIPAC and the Zionist Hex on America « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Pentagon Report Lists 110 Potential Drone Bases in the United States :

I Just Saw The Most Feared Man In All Of Europe

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

EPA proposes tougher rules on soot - The Hill's E2-Wire

Police: Taser Used On Nude 80-Year-Old Woman Attempting Hit Officers With Cane « CBS Charlotte

BBC News - Hundreds of sheep 'rain' on Melbourne motorists

Sex & the New World Disorder | Stuart Wilde

Nearly 20 percent of teens admit to 'sexting' - Vitals

The Role of Water in the Electric Body / Gerald Pollack - YouTube

Hollow Earth Theory 3D HD Version - YouTube

NPIEE: The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition(www.npiee.org/)

Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement - YouTube

Activist Post: Romney's Foreign Policy Advisers Exposed as Globalists

Lawyers To Take Over Ron Paul’s Campaign TODAY?!

ALIPAC Issues Statement Opposing Obama's Amnesty Plans for Illegals - ALIPAC

Devvy Kidd -- 'Anchor Babies' 10-03-11

Killers of two Iranian nuclear scientist arrested as Tehran accuses Israel and U.S. of 'sabotaging nuclear program' | Mail Online

Obama Dirty, Secret Backdoor Deal With Corporate America?

Toxin from GM crops found in human blood: Study : North, News - India Today

Mexico Replaces China as U.S. Supplier With No Wage Gains: Jobs - Businessweek

Scenarios Of Sudden Disasters For Mankind

If we shadows have offended . . .

Activist Post: Neurogeneticists Use Personality Genes to Further Eugenics Agenda

Guns for buddies: US weapons sales surge overseas — RT

Investor State Tribunals and Treason in high places « The PPJ Gazette

Faux Capitalism and the Great Middle Class Debt Anchor :

Chavez reveals Venezuela has built first drone - Yahoo! News Canada

Syngenta' Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn

CAFR tax surplus trillions: L.A. County Sheriff’s first official response: denial - Washington's Blog

This aircraft carrier is the world’s most expensive parking lot - Yahoo! Autos

The USS Ronald Reagan Carrying An Odd Looking Cargo - Gallery

More Research Shows that Bacteria are Beneficial, Not Harmful

Obama suspends deportation for thousands of illegals, tells GOP to pass DREAM Act | Fox News

PressTV - Russia will respond to a possible US-led war on Syria: Analyst

U.S. military completes initial planning for Syria – CNN Security Clearance - CNN.com Blogs

US deploys its biggest aircraft carrier near Gawadar | Pakistan Today | Latest news | Breaking news | Pakistan News | World news | Business | Sport and Multimedia

Egypt's military accused of 'complete coup' after supreme court ruling - Telegraph

Roy Tov - Rigged Democracy: Egypt as Israel

Pakistan boasted of nuclear strike on India within eight seconds | World news | guardian.co.uk

JPMorgan Chase On Capitol Hill

The Rabbi, the President and the diamond dealers - Home News - UK - The Independent

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Hypocrisy

Court says Scouts 'perversion files' public record: Nation | Alaska news at adn.com

Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Drink Tap Water? | Live in the Now | Natural Health News | Natural Health Resources

How to Turn on “Do Not Track” in Your Browser | ZenHaven

Spiritual Evolution of Dogs Stuart Wilde - YouTube

**12/31/11 Stuart Wilde: Fascism, 2012, Year of Retreat, Being Balanced, Matrix - Good Vibration Show - YouTube

**Ancient Mysteries & Parallel Dimensions - Coast to Coast AM - Graham Hancock - 10-18-10 - YouTube

**Gnosis Secret Gate to Garden of Eden - YouTube

**11/26/11 Joseph P Farrell: Ancient Cosmic Wars, Babylon Banksters, Nazi International - Frater X - YouTube

Sex & the New World Disorder | ZenHaven

My Way News - Wallenda exuberant after wire walk across Falls

Rio+20 Earth summit: scientists call for action on population | Environment | The Guardian

Today’s EPA: A virtual River of Waste « The PPJ Gazette

Where do milk, eggs and bacon come from? One in three youths don't know - Telegraph

Google Moves to Control Large Sections of the Internet Through New Web Domain Suffixes :

June 15, 2012 US Troops Throw Babies From Incubators, Gun Down Women And Children

June 11, 2012 380 American Rebels Reported Killed In Michigan Battle

» Obama to Legalize Illegal Immigration by Decree; Will Add 800,000 Voters In November Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

White House Finally Admits Drone Strikes Against Yemen, Somalia -- News from Antiwar.com

CIA Refuses to Confirm or Deny Drone Attacks Obama Brags About | Threat Level | Wired.com

Cave art suggests that Neanderthals weren't such Neanderthals, after all (+video) - CSMonitor.com

Huge algae blooms discovered beneath Arctic ice - Times Of India

‘Human barcode’ could make society more organized, but invades privacy, civil liberties - NY Daily News

Baltic Sea UFO Hunters Look To Identify Mystery Object

Castro and Kennedy’s death: Connecting the dots? - Other Views - MiamiHerald.com

» These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Nayef dies, leaving no apparent successor to the throne | The Raw Story

Fire Jesse Benton - YouTube

Ron Pauls Message to Supporters - YouTube

Ron Paul - He Was Never Running To Win - YouTube

Ron Paul Interview On CNBC 06/15/12, No Campaign Talk Or Rand Endorsement Talk - YouTube

Ron Paul Breaking News 6-15-12 More Delegates Join. Paul is still in the game. - YouTube

Ron Paul-Rand Paul update 6-15-2012 WAKE UP! - YouTube

“Righteous Mutiny” Orchestrated by Paul Supporters to Secure the Win | _

Jesse Ventura Explains Why Governments Are Like Gangs and Owned by the Corporations

Activist Post: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Fission, Central Banking, War

Activist Post: Japan Proposes Next Phase of Centralized Surveillance

Obama Administration Working with U.N. on a Global Gun Ban | _

Activist Post: DHS claims terrorists want to attack theaters and similar venues based on 'no specific or credible information'

New World Order Failing on Every Front | _

Monsanto to be slain by Brazilian farmers? - YouTube

World Of Technology: US Secret Service accused of multiple prostitution incidents

World Of Technology: American Way: Barack Obama's economy gaffe may prove the game changer for the US election

Romney's Profit from Bain's Buyouts: Up to $20,000 Per Laid-off Worker - DailyFinance

BP Announces that Venezuela Now Have the Largest Oil Reserves in the World

Secret Obama trade agreement would allow foreign corporations to avoid US laws | _

Global Warming Swindle article on Fox, SCIENTIST LOSES JOB - YouTube

Why Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment.@The JFK Page

Habeas Corpus – A New Understanding | _

Keiser Report: Con Games Go Global (E301) - YouTube

GOP delegates sue to be free from Romney

Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ - YouTube

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America - Business Insider

Facebook CTO to leave in first senior-level exit - Bottom Line

Drachmageddon? Middle-class poverty. Feral gangs. Neo-Nazis. In Athens they wait for the volcano to explode | Mail Online

It’s Official: Presidency Now a Dictatorship - 12160

Possible Deal Between Turkey and Qatar on Military Operation Against Syria

IMF to resume talks with Egypt after election | Egypt Independent

JURIST - Forum: The States are Unavoidably Bound by International Law

Domestic Deployment: U.S. Army Chief Says Military Will Be Used To Provide "Rapid Response Options" and Address "Challenges in the United States Itself"

Mission Rio+20 Day 1: The Future We Dread - YouTube

Socialism, taxes & Castro: Mission Rio+20 Day 2 - YouTube

At Earth Summit Royal Society and WWF: Humanity is an Unsustainable Danger to Earth’s Eco-System - BlackListedNews.com

Rio+20: The Future We Want - YouTube

Saudi, Japan deals drive record US arms sales - Yahoo! News

Banks' Fire Drill for Greece Election - Europe Business News - CNBC

ITAR-TASS : Black Sea Fleet ships ready to go to Syrian coast – General Staff

US holds high-level talks with Syrian rebels seeking weapons in Washington - Telegraph

Ottawa airport wired with microphones as Border Services prepares to record travellers’ conversations

Rio+20: Wealth Confiscation, Enforced Socialism, and Castro as “Environmental Genius” - BlackListedNews.com

Russia Sending Air and Sea Defenses to Syria - NYTimes.com

Four Bullet Points Explaining How JPMorgan Doubled Its Money From MF Global’s Corpse In Seven Months - BlackListedNews.com

Obama administration makes election-year change in deportation policy - TheHill.com

Left Threat Terrifies Bankers: Out of the Eurozone, Into Bankruptcy? » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Joe Biden Praises ‘Democratic’ Arab Spring Same Day Egypt Dissolves Parliament - BlackListedNews.com

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Among Friends at the Senate Banking Committee - BlackListedNews.com

Busted: Biotech Leader ‘Syngenta’ Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn - BlackListedNews.com

Contractors run U.S. spying missions in Africa - The Washington Post

U.S. expands secret intelligence operations in Africa - The Washington Post

U.S. Military Wants More Drones In Latin America

Federal Reserve Board Members Gave Their Own Banks $4 Trillion in Bailouts - BlackListedNews.com

'Rock of Ages' Review: Cruise Commandeers Ode to '80s Hair Bands

Quick Stop at Ground Zero Means Taxpayers Pay Obama's Fundraising Tab

'Safety Not Guaranteed' Review: Perfectly Cast and Surprisingly Fresh

'Lola Versus,' 'Your Sister's Sister': 'Mumblecore' Features Hardly Worth Talking About

Obama to Celebs: 'You're the Ultimate Arbiter of Which Direction This Country Goes'

World View: Russia Deploying Troops for Foreign Combat

Obama's Recycled Speech

Obama To Stop Deporting Illegal Immigrants

Pelosi Can't Answer What Dems Will Do If Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional

Obama Brags About Unemployment Being Above 8%

Former RNC Chair Slams MSNBC's Matthews: You're 'A Good Sycophant' For Obama

COPS: Men Break Into House, Steal Marijuana Plants

Rubio: Dems 'Pit Americans Against Each Other' To Win Elections

Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs

Chaos Across The Border: Mexican Police Accused Of Kidnapping

Biden Mocks LA Mayor Villaraigosa's Name; 'Can You Pronounce It?'

Both Parties Burden Future Generations in Deficit Talks

Romney Launches Blue State Bus Tour

Sheriff Joe: 'Illegals Will Still Be Arrested'

Report: Regulation Could Boost CBS Profit by $1B per Year

American Immigration Council: ‘Dream Come True’

Caught on Video: Mexican Police Kidnap Men Later Found Murdered

Clinton in 2010: If It Doesn't Work In Two Years, 'Vote Us All Out Then'

Ken Vogel: Politico's Ex-Soros Employee Attacks GOP Super PACs

Napolitano: U.S. immigration program wasn't meant for 'relief beneficiaries'

Trailer: Hating Breitbart

Angry Obama Argues With Reporter

Andrew Breitbart, Right Online, and the (Biblical) Spies of Israel

MSNBC: Would A White President Be Heckled?

Bashir Continues MSNBC's Mormon-Bashing Fetish

MSNBC Fantasizes About Romney's Bus Exploding While On Tour

NBC's WH Reporter Laughs On-Air Over Romney Immigration Statement

Exclusive -- Palin at RightOnline: The Revolution Starts with You

Glenn Beck creating product to compete with "Glee"

Newt: Obama trying to 'destroy faith'

'That's My Boy' Review: Sandler Sinks to New Lows in Rude, Crude Comedy

Trailer Talk: Will 'Sinister' Bring Real Scares to Floundering Horror Genre?

'Teacher of the Year' Fired for Lack of Union Seniority

Kevin Costner Exonerated of Cheating Stephen Baldwin

ABC News Calls Obama Elitist

US Will Leave Afghan Police ‘Hot Pink’ Burqas

Ashanti Paid $20,000 to Appear at NJ High School

Is Panetta Covering Up Bin Laden Movie Leaks?

Palin Toasts Breitbart, Says Conservatives 'Need to Have Each Other's Back'

Top Ten Quotes from Sarah Palin's RightOnline Address

Box Office: New Titles Flop, 'Madagascar 3' Holds #1

Beheaded Bush: HBO Pulls 'Game of Thrones' Episode

'Maverick: Season One' Review: Classic Western Series Finally Arrives on DVD

Obama to Celebs: 'You're the Ultimate Arbiter of Which Direction This Country Goes'

EXCLUSIVE -- McConnell: 'Radical, Dangerous' Obama Admin Seeks to 'Shut Up' Opponents

23% of Small Business Owners Went A Year Without Pay

Obama's Recycled Speech

China Probes Forced Abortion on Woman Seven Months Pregnant

Obama Literally Dines and Dashes Day After Accusing Bush of Fiscal Dine and Dash

DNC Spokesman: 'Bush Tax Cuts Did Good Things For Middle Class'

Clinton in 2010: If It Doesn't Work In Two Years, 'Vote Us All Out Then'

Steven Spielberg Behind Obama's Failed Bain Capital Attack

Court strikes down bar on Kadhafi 'glorification'

Prison Planet.com » Obama Seeks US Congressional Ratification of UN Global Gun Control Treaty

Finland's Supreme Court Nixes Free Speech About Islam | #1 News Site on the Threat of Radical Islam

Syngenta Charged for Covering up Livestock Deaths from GM Corn | QW Magazine

Manhunt This is Racism, pure and simple

Do Americans Approve Mass Murder?

Obama's Kill List: Silence Is Not an Option

Blowback, or Impossible Dilemmas of Declining Powers

Revolution 2.0 The True Face of Egypt’s Military

Romney’s Campaign of Inanity

THE COUP OF 2012: Encroachment upon Basic Freedoms, Militarized Police State in America

The History of Knowledge: Darkness in the Academy

Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: "Break Syria into Pieces"

The Assassination of RFK: A Time for Justice!

Social Security in America: Writing Off The Elderly

American Narcos: The Real 'Masters of Paradise'

Medicare for All Now: The US Supreme Court Should Rule with the People

The New Obama Doctrine, A Six-Point Plan for Global War

The Technocratization of Public Education

VIDEO: PNAC: The Dawn of a New Fascism

Spying on Americans: 64 Drone Bases on US Soil

Why You Absolutely Must Have Food Supplies, Hard Assets and Reserve Cash

Why aliens might look like you: DNA could be a 'universal constant' - making humans and ET closer to 'cousins' | Mail Online

US Military Planning ‘Completed’ for Syria Attack -- News from Antiwar.com

On Eve of Election, Is Egypt Going Full Circle on Revolution? -- News from Antiwar.com

Republican Lawmakers Push Drone Limitation Laws -- News from Antiwar.com

Rand Paul's baffling support for Mitt Romney's cowboy foreign policy - The Week

Asia Times Online :: Drone me down on the killing floor

The imperial agenda of the US's 'Africa Command' marches on | Dan Glazebrook | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

About That ‘Foreign Money’ by Thomas Knapp -- Antiwar.com

Watchdog Blog Blog Archive » Stop Criminalizing Investigative Reporting

National Archives: No new JFK docs - Salon.com

Feds have interviewed more than 100 people in two leak investigations - The Washington Post

Source: WH declassifying some counter-terrorism info | POLITICO 44 - POLITICO.com

+Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Mitt Romney

42 min./Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul will NOT Endorse Mitt Romney! - YouTube

Watergate Plus Forty by Charles A. Burris

20 Reasons Why America's Next Bank Holiday Will Be a Nightmare - SurvivalBlog.com

When the State Pushes, Will You Push Back? by Sean Covell

How To Conduct a Personal Experiment: Biphasic Sleeping by Mark Sisson

+How to Use a [BUSTED] Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs | The Art of Manliness

+6 Ways To Shrink Your Belly (and 5 Don't Include Exercise!) by Joseph Mercola

On Becoming a Political Player by Gary North

Judicially Authorized Rape: The Newest Weapon in the Prohibitionist Arsenal by William Norman Grigg

The Military Occupation of Tampa Goes Live

Foreign Troops Training In Tampa for GOP Convention Take Over? - YouTube

The European Atrocity You Never Heard About - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education

**Real Suspects of 9/11 - (MUST SEE) - YouTube


Syrian Rebels Coordinate “Libya Lite” with Obama’s NSC | CounterPsyOps

“Pentagram”: 2,000 US Dead In Afghan War (How About 10,000 !) | CounterPsyOps

Syria: Christians fleeing to government areas from Sunni Islamic terrorist networks | CounterPsyOps

CNN Floats Idea Of US Assassinating Assad | CounterPsyOps

Obama War Machine Announces Invasion of Syria | CounterPsyOps

UN Observers Suspend Syrian Mission; Opposition Says Mission 'Has Failed'

China Launches First Woman into Space

Suu Kyi: One Political Prisoner Is Too Many

US Commander Says Shift to Pacific Steady, Deliberate

Egyptians Stage March Protesting ‘Soft Military Coup’

Oil Companies Pay More Than 'Fair Share'

Independent Voters Giving Up on Obama

+Lawmakers Prepare for Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare

Vitamin D With Calcium Increases Lifespan

Food Containers: New Chemical Danger

Study: Meditation Improves Brain Health

Gingrich: Obama Pulled ‘Election-Year Gimmick’ on Immigration

Rep. Steve King Threatens to Sue Obama Over Immigration Order

Brewer Blasts Obama's Surprise 'Backdoor Amnesty' Move

Romney's Bus Tour Overshadowed by Immigration Bombshell

Trump Says The Way President Obama Is Running The Country Is "Stupid"

Reporter Heckles Obama in Rare Rose Garden Disruption

Ralph Reed: 17 Million Evangelical Votes Can Lead to Obama's Defeat

Sheriff Joe: I Won't Let Obama's Immigration Change Affect My County

Obama Again Tries to Shift Jobs Blame to Congress

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef, Next in Line to Throne, Dies

Catholic Hospitals Reject Obama's Birth Control Compromise

IRS to Use $881 M in Taxpayer Dollars to Implement Obamacare

GOP: New Keystone Review Could Lead to More Pipeline Delays

Emergency Law to Keep Booze Flowing for Dem Convention

Jimmy Carter: Pariah President, but He Still Has His Uses

Obama Tells Gays 'You've Got a Friend'

Priebus: Obama Just Loves Sound of Own Voice

Ron Paul's Backers Seek State Path to National Impact

Geithner Once Wanted Hillary Clinton for Treasury Secretary

World on Red Alert for Greek Vote

UN Observers in Syria Call it Quits

Skousen: Much of U.S. Recovery Has Been ‘Artificial’

Republicans, Democrats Strategize Ahead of Obamacare Court Ruling

Obama Celebrates Anti-Police Riot Started at Mafia-Owned Bar for Transvestites

BLS: Unemployment Higher Among Native Born Than Immigrants | CNSNews.com

David Limbaugh on NYT Bestseller: Obama Will ‘Do Anything Administratively He Can Get Away With’ | CNSNews.com

Obama Heckled: 'What About American Workers?' | CNSNews.com

Take This Obamanomics Quiz, If You Dare | CNSNews.com

What A Fluke: Even CNN Agrees Young People Lack Opportunity | CNSNews.com

Ending Marriage In U.S. Would Begin Push For Polygamy | CNSNews.com

Obama’s Bedfellows: Aligns Himself With Bush, McCain, Corporate CEOs on ‘Immigration Reform’ | CNSNews.com

Lindsey Graham: Obama Immigration Move ‘Possibly Illegal’ | CNSNews.com

‘Not Amnesty,’ Napolitano Says: ‘It Is An Exercise of Discretion’ | CNSNews.com

Amnesty? Immunity? Administration Calls It a 'Deferred Action Process' | CNSNews.com

FLASHBACK: Obama on Deporting Illegals ‘America Is a Nation of Laws,’ Presidential Action Not ‘Appropriate’ | CNSNews.com

NBC's Harry Smith Dredges Up Dan Quayle's 'Attack' on 'Murphy Brown' and 'Single Motherhood' | NewsBusters.org

OTJ: David Limbaugh | CNSNews.com

Gov. Deval Patrick on Philosophy of the Right: ‘Shrink Govt, Cut Taxes, Crush Unions and Wait’ | CNSNews.com

Gov. Scott Walker: ‘Reign In’ EPA and NLRB That Have ‘Run Amok’ | CNSNews.com

Biden: 'Barack Makes Me Sound Like I Just Climbed Out of a Mine' | CNSNews.com

Mass. Gov. Knocks ‘Hard Right’ for Wanting to ‘Shrink Government, Cut Taxes, Crush Unions’ | CNSNews.com

Obama to Celebrities: 'You're the Ultimate Arbiter of Which Direction This Country Goes' | CNSNews.com

Obama: More Federal R&D Funding Needed to Ensure 'The Next Thomas Edison' | CNSNews.com

Gov. Scott Walker: ‘Reign In’ EPA and NLRB That Have ‘Run Amok’ | CNSNews.com

Palestinian Attempt to Secure Emergency ‘World Heritage’ Status for Bethlehem Church May Fail | CNSNews.com

Congressmen Send Letter to Sebelius Backing Move to Let 'Low-Risk' Homosexuals Donate Blood | CNSNews.com

Govt. Web Site Gives Dads Tips on Teaching Kids Hygiene, How to Eat | CNSNews.com

Hillary Clinton Rates Higher at Home Than Abroad in Global Opinion Survey | CNSNews.com

Despite ‘Engagement’, the World Views U.S. Less Favorably on Obama’s Watch | CNSNews.com

Attorney general above the law?

How government perpetuates poverty

Don't get married – get even

Warriors and wimps in the GOP

Here's to the men

B. PRESS: What would Washington do without leaks?

Obama's poststructuralist buddies

Syria a dress rehearsal for larger war?

The Constitution: From reverence to contempt

J. CASHILL: Beltway conservatives catching on to BHO?

A. NAPOLITANO: It's about the kill list – not the leaks

Rubio may not introduce his immigration legislation after Obama announcement - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

‘Obama violating Constitution and oath of office’

Shotguns, Obama’s mentor, socialism and more…

GOP Sen. Rubio says deportation leniency is 'welcome news' - TheHill.com

Campaign solicits foreigners to register to vote

Homeland Security playing Big Brother role

Michigan Woman Lawmakers Silenced By GOP After Abortion Debate 'Temper Tantrum'

Baltic countries pushed toward Moscow

Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicts 'sharp disagreement' among justices - POLITICO.com

Chuck Norris fights off ‘muscle’ men

Debt crisis: Banks prepare for worldwide chaos after weekend election - Telegraph

SEC had concerns about Facebook’s advertising, mobile revenue prior to IPO | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

Jerry Sandusky's small group of loyal supporters includes Joyce Porter, who says he's a 'saint' - Yahoo! Sports

1950s locker room prank behind Madison slaying

A Deadly Secret Plot Has Been Uncovered - theTrumpet.com by the Philadelphia Church of God

Big Bang theory a bust: Scientist claims there's something out there | Space, Military and Medicine | News.com.au

Researchers: Drones To Unleash Bio-War on Americans | Before It's News

Lunar Nano Soil - More Evidence of Alien Engineering? | Before It's News

The Painful Truth And Lies Behind 9/11 - New Pictures And Research Never Seen Before - Damning Video | Before It's News

** The Painful Truth and lies behind 9/11 - A documentary you dont want to miss - YouTube

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 - AE911Truth.org - YouTube

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Picture - More Charged ORBS Observing Another Thunderstorm

No Traces of “Knots” in Space… Yet | Before It's News

Distant Starburst Galaxy Pinpointed… and it has Companions | Before It's News

Baltic Sea Mystery: Treasure Hunters Confirm Something Abnormal In The Seabed, UFO Unlikely | Before It's News

UFO - New First pictures from the Baltic Sea Mystery, June 15, 2012.mp4 - YouTube

OPPOSING THE NEW WORLD ORDER? Russia/America WAR? 2012 Endtime Signs? - YouTube

Ancient Alien Theories Supported By Photographic Evidence | Before It's News

UFO and Cessna Nearly Collide in Peru UFO Sightings January 1, 2011 - YouTube

Ancient Astronaut Theory - YouTube

6/15/2012 — Saint Louis Missouri Shakes — Charts show it — USGS doesn’t report it |

6/15/2012 -- Saint Louis Missouri Shakes -- Charts show it -- USGS doesn't report it - YouTube

flashback:The Left - Watch What They Do, Not What They Say!: Search results for law license

More Research Shows that Bacteria are Beneficial, Not Harmful

American Narcos: The Real 'Masters of Paradise' | Before It's News

American People: Foreigners In Our Own Land | Before It's News

Cattle Mutilations And The Government | Before It's News

Neutrons Escaping To A Parallel World? Evidence For An Invisible Mirror Twin To Our Universe, Neutrons Oscillating Between Worlds | Before It's News

Cholesterol: Foods To Lower Your Numbers | Before It's News

Cancer's Next Magic Bullet May Be Magic Shotgun | Before It's News

Natural Antioxidant Can Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease Say Researchers | Before It's News

Stay Cool Without Going Broke: Top Ten Summer Energy Saving Tips | Before It's News

The Gov't is Moving into our Churches Now. If You Go to Church, Heed This Warning | Before It's News

Return of the Plague (It’s Happening) | Before It's News

Return of the Plague (It's Happening)

Another 'Bath Salts' Attack; Woman Assaults Her Child, Dies After Police Taser Her | Before It's News

The Moon Is Your Worst Nightmare! | Before It's News

At Earth Summit Royal Society and WWF: Humanity is an Unsustainable Danger to Earth’s Eco-System

Exposing the Ultimate Control System - YouTube

Forex Trader to Halt Services Due to "Uncertainty in Europe"

Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Port Authority Wrong To Halt PATH Train Service During President Obama Visit « CBS New York

Biden Says the 'Great' Cities Are in China, Not America | The Weekly Standard

Pervy Perp Again Busted For Sex With Teddy Bear | The Smoking Gun

Reporter Heckles Obama During Immigration Speech | RealClearPolitics

Reporter Heckles Obama at White House Immigration Announcement | The Weekly Standard

Joy and anger as Obama relaxes deportation rules | Reuters

Gov. Jan Brewer: immigration announcement "outrageous"

Obama Amnesty Plan: Catch, Release, Vote - The Rush Limbaugh Show

Lady Gaga criticized by Thai ministry over inappropriate use of country's flag during concert - NY Daily News

Madonna's Crazy Tour Demands - In Touch Weekly

Rahm Emanuel Backs Pot Tickets Over Arrests | NBC Chicago

House: Obama's FDA causing drug shortages | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

100 to 200 cops to cover wedding of Obama adviser’s daughter | Washington Free Beacon

Chicago hedge fund manager switches from 2008 Obama fan to Romney backer - Chicago Sun-Times

Mystery Mini Space Shuttle X-37B Lands in California - Yahoo! News

Steps against homeless called 'cruel' by some | News | Clearwater News

Global Warming Psychological Babble

‘Bite Me’ Biden Going Rabid

Everything’s Coming Up Jihad

The 50th Anniversary of “Silent Spring”: A Lethal Legacy

Obama’s Financial Mis-handling is Adding to Jobless Woes

Obama’s Sinister “Religion”—Racist Marxism Under a Faux Biblical Veneer

What Bill Clinton Knows

Jimmy Carter and World Chaos

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The West does Away with Itself - Islam

KGB Propaganda now in on presidential race

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Stephanopoulos' Wife Jokes Her Gay Assistant Would Like China's High Number of Males

Secret Air Force plane lands in California after year long mission in space

Rio conference on 'sustainability' plans massive intrusion by UN in business

Steyn on Obama's economics speech

Bizarre violent anti-Romney fantasy broadcast by MSNBC

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Catholic Health Association Fighting for Religious Liberty

IRS Conflict with Tea Party and GOP House Members Continues

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Perpetual Peace: Accepting the Yoke Without a Struggle

Secrets Revealed

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It's Possible

Excluding Israel from Counterterrorism Conference

This Just In: Brainless Boson Outwits Scientists

Military to recognize gay troops this month - Military News | News From Afghanistan, Iraq And Around The World - Military Times

Beef prices: Average price for a pound of beef soars - Mar. 31, 2011

+Film: Inside Job 2011 – Matt Damon

Revealed – Yahoo And Microsoft Sell Personal User Data To Political Campaigns | Dprogram.net

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RON PAUL 2012 should listen to RON PAUL 2008 - YouTube

Document Reveals Draconian Details of Obama’s Secret Globalist Trade Pact | Dprogram.net

Trans-Pacific Partnership: No Transparency - YouTube

Rush: Sarah Jessica Parker’s House Is An Absolute Pigsty

Limbaugh: “Catch, Release, Vote.” Obama To Grant Immunity To Young Illegals

Obama's in the Corner; Romney must Pound his Socialist Energy Policy

Politicians and Industralists

Libertarians are not the heart of conservatism!

Debbie Schlussel:Obama’s Nightmare “DREAM Act” Amnesty for “Kids”: Will Mitt Romney Repeal It? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Debbie Schlussel/VIDEO: WTF?! Far-Left, Islamo-Pandering Dem Talks About Her Vagina on House Floor; Cites Jewish Law (STFU!)

Michigan House Democrats fight for Women's rights - YouTube

Sarah Palin Headlines Right Online in Las Vegas | Lambasts Media, Obama, Permanent Political Class | Encourages Conservatives to Live Up to Breitbart’s Legacy | Video | TheBlaze.com

Report: Bain Considering Takeover of Huntsman Corp. | TheBlaze.com

GivingKIOSK Creates New Tech-Savvy Way to Tithe at Church | Video | TheBlaze.com

Sources: Obama Admin to Bypass Congress to Stop Immigrant Deportations | TheBlaze.com

Eric Holder Agrees to Provide Internal Emails on Fast and Furious | TheBlaze.com

How to Play WikiWars: A Game of Competitive Wikipedia Searches | Video | TheBlaze.com

Obama Caught Recycling Old Economic Speech | Video | TheBlaze.com

Barack Obama Praises Celebrities at Manhattan Fundraiser with Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour | TheBlaze.com

President Obama Meets with Servicemen and Barbers for Father’s Day Lunch, and Forgets to Pay the Bill | TheBlaze.com

100-200 Police Officers to Secure Wedding of Valerie Jarrett’s Daughter, Laura in Chicago | Obamas Likely to Attend | TheBlaze.com

Allen West Wonders if Obama Immigration Rule Will Lead to Immigrant Voting | Video | TheBlaze.com

New Zealand Scientists Study Kermadec Ridge and Return With Photos and Video of Deep-Sea Organisms | Video | TheBlaze.com

Chris Wallace Pulled Over During Radio Interview, But Not Arrested as He Joked | TheBlaze.com

Chris Wallace Explains Ticket During Awkward Fox Interview | Video | TheBlaze.com

Danielle Harkins Arrested for Alleged Demonic T - Flash Player Installation

Secret Service Agents Accused of Publishing Pornography, Involvement with Prostitutes in Government Documents | TheBlaze.com

Rush Limbaugh Breaks Down Into Mad Laughter Over President Obama’s Economic Speech in Ohio | Video | TheBlaze.com

President Obama Makes Case for His New Immigration Policy in White House Speech | Video | TheBlaze.com

MSNBC Panel Asks Would a White President be Heckled After Neil Munro Tussles with Obama | Video | TheBlaze.com

Van Jones-Linked Solar Company Lands $2M DOE Grant | TheBlaze.com

Limbaugh Christens Obama Immigration Plan ‘Catch, Release, Vote’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Biden Says ‘Great’ Cities ‘Not’ in China | Video | TheBlaze.com

Tired of Hearing People Talk Like They Don‘t Owe Gov’t Anything: Contentious Panel Debates Obama‘s ’Big Government’ Solutions | Video | TheBlaze.com

5 Congressmen Send Letters to Inspectors General for Answers on Muslim Brotherhood | Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Tom Rooney, Lynn Westmoreland, Trent Franks | TheBlaze.com

Neil Munro Speaks Out About Obama Scolding at the Rose Garden | Video | TheBlaze.com

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Share Their Concerns Over President Obama’s Immigration Policy on Mike Broomhead Show | Video | TheBlaze.com

Double Gulp No More: 7-Eleven Reduced Drink Size Even Before NYC Crackdown | TheBlaze.com

‘NeverSeconds’Blogger Won’t Be Censored From Posting Photos of School Lunches | TheBlaze.com

In Univision Clip from 2011, President Obama Admits That Selective Enforcement of Immigration Laws Is Illegal | Video | TheBlaze.com

Glenn Beck Gives Forceful Speech Advocating Religious Unity, Trashing ‘Glee’ at Faith and Freedom Conference | Video | TheBlaze.com

Hey, kids! Send your stuff into orbit - Cosmic Log

Grave concern: Widow moves into hubbie's tomb - Yahoo! News UK

Why are there spaceships in Medieval art?

Seeing dead people: 'Remote viewers' in Nevada help solve California murder - Saturday, May 5, 2012 | 2 a.m. - Las Vegas Sun

News from the Edge | Baltic Object Could be Oldest Structure on Planet | unknowncountry

Famous Cave Paintings Might Not Be From Humans : NPR

22 MIN./Barack Tse-Tung: The Dictator Has Arrived! - YouTube

**Alex Jones Show Complete (Commercial Free) Friday June 15th 2012 - Lord Christopher Monckton - YouTube

**Infowars Nightly News Complete (Commercial Free) Friday June 15 2012 - James Wesley Rawles - YouTube

Rand Paul Ignores Romney Question: Luke Rudkowski Reports - YouTube

Libertarian Gary Johnson: Abolish The IRS!! - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Is Rand Paul’s Romney Endorsement “Trivial” and “Meaningless”?

Whistleblower Confirms Nuclear Reactor Under UT's LBJ Library! - YouTube

53 MIN./The Elite's Eugenics Agenda with Lord Monckton - YouTube

Killer Drones Coming to A Sky Near You: Rosalind Peterson Reports - YouTube

Game of Drones: Who's on America's hit list? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Four Bullet Points Explaining How JPMorgan Doubled Its Money From MF Global’s Corpse In Seven Months

Obama to Alter 1st Amendment, Attack Legal Marijuana Dispensaries - YouTube

The Death of Our Species - YouTube

The Sanford Herald - TSA will allow Sanford airport to use private security screeners

France bans Syngenta pesticide linked to bee decline - 6/8/2012 - Farmers Weekly

Mercury found in China baby formula - Yahoo! News

Prison Planet.com » Why we must oppose Obamney for President in 2012

Prison Planet.com » Bringing Down Assad Is Part of A Larger Elite Effort To Launch World War III

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Activist Post: Is Rand Paul Endorsement of Romney the End of the Tea Party?

Obama signs World Trade Center beam | The Raw Story

Messina Consults Jobs to Spielberg in Crafting Obama's Campaign - Bloomberg

David Ormsby: Wrongful Arrest, Brutality Lawsuit Deluge Tarnishes Chicago Police NATO Glow

» Domestic Deployment: U.S. Army Chief Says Military Will Be Used To Provide “Rapid Response Options” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» CDC says fluoride has no evidence of benefit for infants Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

VIDEO: Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks to ABC15 about illegal immigration change

Obama administration makes election-year change in deportation policy - TheHill.com

Brewer updates SB 1070 guidelines

Globalist Social Engineers Subliminally Prepared The Public for 9/11 - YouTube

Obama at WTC: President visits World Trade Center to review rebuilding, sign steel - NY Daily News

Compiled Footage of Building 7's Collapse - YouTube

Jesse 'The Mind' Ventura On Politics, Porsches And Paddleboards - Forbes

Jesse Ventura: Make Politicians Wear NASCAR Suits - YouTube

» U.S. and Multinational Military Forces Train in South Dakota’s Black Hills Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

FBI Terror Plot: How the Government Is Destroying the Lives of Innocent People | | AlterNet

Why Leaking Is a Lesser Crime Than Waging Unconstitutional Wars - Reason.com

Will Julian Assange be handed over to U.S. after Sweden?

» Rio+20: Wealth Confiscation, Enforced Socialism, and Castro as “Environmental Genius” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Socialism, taxes & Castro: Mission Rio+20 Day 2 - YouTube

» Obama Seeks US Congressional Ratification of UN Global Gun Control Treaty Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

United Nations Small Arms (Gun Confiscation) Treaty to be Ratified by the US Senate in 2012 - YouTube

NRA News: UN Doomsday Treaty With Ginny Simone - YouTube

Obama Celebrates Anti-Police Riot Started at Mafia-Owned Bar for Transvestites | CNSNews.com

» Flip Flopper Rand Paul Denounced Bilderberg, Goldman Before Backing Their Boys Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Public Service Announcement: Conspiracy Theorist - YouTube

Secret military mini-shuttle lands in California | Reuters

Gates and Monsanto Go After Milk - Salem-News.Com

Smart ammunition: Left, right, on target | The Economist

» U.S. Government Blocks Sales of Fuel-efficient Cars Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Can America Overcome Its Split Personality On Energy? | ThinkProgress

8 Stocks Benefiting From North America's Energy Boom - Forbes

Energy, Security, and Climate » Could Expensive Oil Rescue Carbon Capture?

The Claremont Institute - State of the Union

Simpson Held After Wild Chase | He's Charged With Murder of Ex-Wife, Friend - latimes.com

Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought - The Washington Post

Stanley Kutler: Remembering Watergate

The Slow Web – Jack Cheng

There's a Map for That—Several, Actually - Technology Review

Nothing Can Be Fixed Anymore | PCMag.com

How 3D printing is revolutionising guitar-making | Technology | guardian.co.uk

Is the Internet the End of Religion? | Religion Dispatches

Rev. Michael Dowd: New Theists: Knowers, Not Believers

Egypt's supreme court dissolves parliament and outrages Islamists | World news | The Guardian

Fuel Cell Runs on Brain Power - ScienceNOW

Has a New 10-Legged Species Evolved beneath Rome? | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network

Real Clear Markets - Video - U.S. Recovery Slows as Global Risks Rise

The Weekend Interview With Sebastian Thrun: What's Next for Silicon Valley? - WSJ.com

America will soon need to take advice it offers Europe - Telegraph

Calling Iran’s Bluff: It's Time To Offer Tehran A Civilian Nuclear Program | The New Republic

The Five Stages of Egypt's Revolution - By Charles Holmes | Foreign Policy

Pope Benedict Focuses on Legacy While Ignoring Vatican Power Struggle - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Barack Obama’s kill list for deciding when to launch drone attacks against terrorists is alarming to some people. - Slate Magazine

Kevin Drum for Democracy Journal: The Coming Resource Wars

Steve Greenhut: Now, the Union Pushback - WSJ.com

So You Think You Can Be a Hair Braider? - NYTimes.com

Obama is on the wrong side of the union debate - The Week

The Democrats' Demographic Dreams

Barack Obama’s immigration gambit—Editorial - NYPOST.com

Obama’s immigration order corrects an egregious flaw - Editorials - The Boston Globe

In Cleveland Speech, Obama Warns Of Dramatic Cuts To Safety Net And Tax Breaks For Wealthy If Romney Wins. The Facts Back Up Obama. | The New Republic

Rep. Patrick Kennedy: Health Care Reform: The Right Thing to Do

Has Barack Obama's presidency failed? – USATODAY.com

Obama's DREAM Act Game-Changer | Mother Jones

Political Animal - Speech and Message

Just Like the Gipper - Ronald Brownstein - NationalJournal.com

Obama Weekly Address: Republicans Are To Blame For Stalemate | RealClearPolitics

Mark Steyn: Earthly woes mount as Obama's rhetoric soars | obama, moon, together - Opinion - The Orange County Register

Parties Strategize for Dealing With Supreme Court Decision on Health Care - NYTimes.com

Who Benefits From the 'Avalanche of Leaks'? - WSJ.com

Morning Jay: The Myth of GOP Intransigence | The Weekly Standard

Obama's immigration policy change spurs excitement, apprehension

Analysis: For Rahm, little political downside to decriminalizing pot

With Revolution's Fate at Stake, Egypt Votes on President

Photos: Aung San Suu Kyi tours Europe

King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia's cautious reformer

UN observers suspend Syria work

MUNRO: Obama ignores questions about controversial de-facto amnesty decision

Assisted-suicide activist Gloria Taylor says she fears death that 'negates' life

Heckler Munro Interrupts President Obama Immigration Speech - YouTube

Is Texas dad who killed man to protect his 5-year-old daughter a criminal?

Mitt Romney Responds to President Obama's Immigration Policy Change - YouTube

Tantalizing what if's 40 years after Watergate

Police: Breakup Led NY Doctor to Kill Lover, Self

Foreign Money is influencing elections says McCain

Obamas in Chicago for wedding

New Documents Show More Problems for Secret Service

Ron Paul backers seek influence at GOP convention

Analysis: While Romney plays it safe, Obama uses powers to stir pot on immigration, gay rights - The Washington Post

Cuba Turns to Advertising Amid Free-Market Reform

Burger King Unveils New Joint Venture in China

Facebook blames Nasdaq glitches for IPO decline

Romney borrows a page from Santorum

First lady expands her 'Pinterest' to tap latest online trend

King May File Suit to Block Immigration Policy Change

Obama takes action on deportations as Romney closes gap in swing states

Reading the special election in Arizona to fill Gabrielle Giffords' seat

Romney and Boehner's cautious embrace

Democrats launch bus tour to mimic Romney

Olympia Snowe connections run deep for GOP candidates Charlie Summers, Kevin Raye

Microsoft may be set to make its own tablet

Macbook Pro 15 with Retina Display Unboxing [HD] - YouTube

Is this the start of the Facebook brain drain?

Steve Wozniak: Visits Horse, Disses Siri

Going to Ethiopia? If you use Skype, you could be there 15 years

Forget .com, here come .pizza and .lol

FCC to Review Cell Phone Radiation Standards

Ten-year-old girl gets vein grown from her stem cells

Nik Wallenda Walks Over Niagara Falls On Tightrope - Complete RAW Video - YouTube

Bloomsday 2012: Ways to celebrate

Lift Off: China Launches Its First Female Astronaut Into Space

China Launches Shenzhou 9 Space Rocket - YouTube

With Science, New Portrait of the Cave Artist

Robot 'baby' learns language like a real infant

Original 1972 space shuttle mock-up to emerge

NASA: Increase in CO2 could indirectly lessen effects of global warming

Alien Earths may be plentiful in our Milky Way galaxy

NASA's Black-Hole Hunter Begins Mission

Is it time to return to the Moon?

Woman with flesh-eating disease refusing pain medications

In Good Health? Thank Your 100 Trillion Bacteria


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