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27 May 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Dylan and the Dead

Grateful Dead Live at Club Front on 1987-06-01


Grateful Dead Live at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium on 1995-06-25


Grateful Dead Concert Setlist at RFK Stadium, Washington on June 25, 1995 | setlist.fm


Grateful Dead Live at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium on 1995-06-24


Grateful Dead Concert Setlist at RFK Stadium, Washington on June 24, 1995 | setlist.fm


Grammy-winning ‘Polka King’ Eddie Blazonczyk dies at age 70 - The Washington Post

"In Heaven There Is No Beer" by Frank Yankovic & Eddie Blazonczyk - Grooveshark

Eddie Bell - Hi Yo Silver - YouTube


Country Music, Rockabilly & Hillbilly(http://hillbillycountry.blogspot.com/)


Bilderberg 2012: Dark Cabal Meet to Plot Final End Game - YouTube

Bilderberg 2012


Occupy Bilderberg 2012 (http://bilderberg2012.org/)


Prison Planet.com » US veterans face financial ruin waiting for benefits from overburdened VA

Memorial Day: Among post-9/11 veterans, deepening antiwar sentiment - CSMonitor.com

How Google used tech to ‘pry into people’s lives’ - The Times of India

Prison Planet.com » Are The Europeans About To Start The Second Half Of Our Great Depression?

Drug Traffic Remains as U.S. Nears Afghanistan Exit - NYTimes.com

Prison Planet.com » Foreign Agents Creep into U.S. & Canada Under Integration Scheme

Chinese Chaos is the Immediate Threat to the Dollar « azizonomics

Prison Planet.com » House to Consider Handing Over Internet Regulation to United Nations

Prison Planet.com » Panetta Says U.S. Now Ready to Attack Iran

Prison Planet.com » As An Encore to Bailing Out the Big Banks, Government to Backstop Derivativees Clearinghouses … In the U.S. and Abroad

Asia Times Online :: Spend, spend, spend

Prison Planet.com » 10 Reasons Why Reality Is A Collective Dream

Prison Planet.com » Shedding Blood For A New Age: The Art of Sacrificing Slaves

Pentagon Armies of Paid Trolls - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Senators Grill Secret Service Director Over Prostitution Scandal

Prison Planet.com » EU Plans to Impose National Internet IDs

28min./Tyranny is A System of Losers - YouTube

Photo of 9/11 mastermind manipulated: Pentagon | The Raw Story

Iran official says unconvinced of need for IAEA to inspect Parchin nuclear site - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

» UN Creates New, More Powerful Global Environmental Agency Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

New Prosthetics Keep Amputee Soldiers on Active Duty - US News and World Report

Iranian talks fail after neocon ‘blitz’ — as Obama dispatches aide to reassure Tel Aviv

BBC News - Bin Laden, the doctor and $33m in aid

BBC News - US cuts Pakistan aid over jailing of 'Bin Laden doctor'

United States Continuing to Overspend on Police, Despite Decreasing Crime Rates — Justice Policy Institute

Rethinking the Blues: How we police in the U.S. and at what cost


Release: United States Continuing to Overspend on Police, Despite Decreasing Crime Rates — Justice Policy Institute

Joe Biden addresses ‘9/11 generation’ of West Point grads - BostonHerald.com

U.S., German Researchers Reveal Date of Christ's Death | Science | RIA Novosti

Ripped from Star Trek: Researchers say lasers could create tiny tractor beams | VentureBeat

Number of the Week: Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Vatican confirms Pope's butler arrested in leaks scandal | The Australian

U.S. steps up deportation efforts for criminal immigrants - latimes.com


World Crisis Radio 05-26-12 Hr 1

World Crisis Radio 05-26-12 Hr 2

The Katherine Albrecht Show 05-26-12 Hr 1

The Katherine Albrecht Show 05-26-12 Hr 2


Barb Adams: December 2012 and ‘Taxmageddon’

Lord Monckton Interview, Global Warming and Obama's Eligibility, Part 1 of 3 - YouTube

Lord Monckton Interview, Obama's Eligibility and Global Warming, Part 2 of 3 - YouTube

Lord Monckton Interview, Obama's Eligibility and Global Warming, Part 3 of 3 - YouTube

**Dr. Corsi: Full Obama Eligibility Presentation; Surprise Tea Party Patriots - YouTube


Ryan Dawson on RBN for WRH May 24 Thursday Show - YouTube

WRH show May 25 with Ryan Dawson Three Liberty party Congressional hopefuls call in - YouTube

World Of Technology: Sandy Dahl, the widow of the pilot of 9/11 Flight 93, dies unexpectedly.

52 min./The Lightbulb Conspiracy (Planned Obsolescence)(NWO ECONOMICS series) - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Joe Rogan - The American War Machine

World Of Technology: American Way: Why Barack Obama now has a battle on his hands for the 2012 election

Turn Out The Lights – The Largest U.S. Cities Are Becoming Cesspools Of Filth, Decay And Wretchedness

Military to Avoid Embarrassing Pictures by Banning Photography -- News from Antiwar.com

Recovery? Half of American Households Living on Government Benefits - Kate Hicks

health effects high fructose corn syrup | The Common Food Ingredient That's Making You Stupid | Rodale News

911 "MISSING" Posters of Disembodied Souls

MISSING! • Cluesforum.info

The 911 Media Hoax

911 - Urban Renewal With A Twist?

Television's Illusions Enthrall America's Cavemen

The 911 Television Narrative Remains Broad and Repetitious

The Hoax - A Fable For Our Times

Examining The 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate

Media Mayhem Creates National Disaster

The 911 Media Show And Its Victims

How Dare They Lie To The American People

Media Insiders Created 911 Terror in USA

Were Real Persons Murdered On 9/11?


Google Snoop View: Search engine giant 'knew' its software could steal emails, pictures and text messages from millions of people with its Street View cars | Mail Online

+Videos / Top U.S. Government Officials Admit that Our Government Has Repeatedly Protected Drug Smugglers - Washington's Blog

NHS remove word 'Dad' from pregnancy handbook in case it offends same sex couples | Mail Online

Activist Post: Scientists Recommend Dangerous Antipsychotic Drugs to Treat Cancer

OpEdNews - Article: The Vatican's Fake Occupy Implodes: Documents Evoke A History Of Money Laundering, Sexual Terrorism, And Even ... Murder

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : War and Inflation: Financing the Empire | Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Americans don\'t share global domination policies of their leaders

Activist Post: McDonald’s Rejects Anti-Obesity Campaign, ‘Proud’ of ‘Responsible’ Menu

The Power Principle – I: Empire Video - Films | Openfilm

The Power Principle – II: Propaganda Video - Films | Openfilm

The Power Principle – III: Apocalypse Video - Films | Openfilm

The Banking Cartels think they are going to take our Social Security | _

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul: Lawyers Confirm All Delegates Are Unbound!

Target on Your Cyber Back: DHS Has a List of Words Deemed ‘Suspicious’ :


Comprehensive Search Center@ http://bigeye.com/search.htm


+Money As Debt

How and Why International Bankers Make Wars

The Creature from Jekyll Island, The Federal Reserve, talk by Edward Griffin

"War is a Racket" -- Major General Smedley D. Butler. The Reality of War. The Truth About War. - YouTube

War Cover-up

14 pg./War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler


Internet For Diplomats/reference(http://internetfordiplomats.com/reference.htm)

Research Tools(http://famguardian.org/)


War Pigs - The Fall of a Global Empire - BlackListedNews.com

US-NATO Military Encirclement: Missile-Defense: Is it Working? - BlackListedNews.com

Foreign Agents Creep into U.S. & Canada Under Integration Scheme - BlackListedNews.com

26 min./The Secret Canyon - YouTube

Unbelievable video shows how strong winds can lift a parked jumbo jet into the air | Mail Online

Popular Hair Growth Drug Chemically Castrates Users :

Defense Department Seeks Legal Authority to Deploy Reservists onto American Streets

Sheriff Joe’s Posse: Hawaii Duped Arizona | Vision to America

A User's Guide To Smoking Pot With Barack Obama

**Best Estimate Of World HAARP And HAARP-Like Facilities

New telescope to be in South Africa, Australia - Yahoo! News

Gold Standard Evidence that Bacterial Overgrowth is at the Heart of IBS

1 in 3 is obese - Even the Homeless

Scientists observe 'tragic experiment' of tsunami debris - latimes.com

Reality Check: Is Georgia GOP Against NDAA Indefinite Detention or Not? - YouTube

The Broken Bloodtrail Of 911 | Kirwan's Art & Articles

Female Juror Flirts With John Edwards - ABC News

U.S. declines to label China a currency manipulator - latimes.com

Roy Tov – Everything is Quiet along the Iranian-Israeli Border

The Daily Bell - As Commandos Raid Tampa, US State Dept Demands Power to Declare War?

Unending Wars against Mankind | Opinion Maker

Jewish Hollywood`s Power In Action « Zen Haven

Top 10 Reasons We Should Fear The Singularity

Activist Post: Vatican Bank President Fired After String of Scandals

What the Pope's butler saw – aide arrested over Vatican leaks - Europe - World - The Independent

Shepard Ambellas: Bilderberg Here We Come :

Comedy Central Subliminal Messages and Mind Control on the Populace :

REVEALED: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you | Mail Online

Monsanto to purchase Precision Planting, Inc. | Delta Farm Press press release archives

Shouryya Ray solves puzzles posed by Sir Isaac Newton that have baffled mathematicians for 350 years | Mail Online

Black magic revealed in two ancient curses | Fox News

Matt Ridley on the Question: Has Human Evolution Stopped? | Mind & Matter - WSJ.com

Clinton Hits ‘Black Helicopters’ Crowd to Push Sea Treaty - Bloomberg

Scientists capture rainbow using 25,000 miniscule 'invisibility cloaks | Mail Online


Wasting Time: The Hidden Public School Crisis « Zen Haven

Health On the Net(http://www.hon.ch/HONsearch/Patients/medhunt.html)

MedicineNet - http://www.medicinenet.com

MedlinePlus - http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/

Medical Search Engine - http://www.omnimedicalsearch.com/

WebMD - http://www.webmd.com/


LA’s original subway | Gelatobaby

Hidden treat: The Easter Island heads also have BODIES | Mail Online

The Moderate Double Standard

Arlington National Cemetery—A Memorial Day Tribute

The Thomas More Law Center salutes our American heroes this Memorial Day

“I would vote for Obama!”—Squeals Castro’s daughter

Obama Stimulus Money for Video Games and Racial Studies

Obama forced into back seat by God Bless America

Continuing to unravel the Soetoro-Obama legend

Only God and Americans can save the U.S. from Obama

Obama Campaign Again Urging Supporters to Report on Non-Believers

Candidate who won 42 percent in Arkansas Democratic primary sues for his delegates | Fox News

Obama Twice Mistakenly Mentions ‘My Sons,' While Defending Contraception Mandate | CNSNews.com

Obama’s Truth Teams: ‘Fight Back, Report an Attack’ | Jake Tapper: ‘Conflates Smears With Criticisms’ | TheBlaze.com

Van Jones Slams the Tea Party Again: ‘The So-Called Patriots…Smashing Down Every American Institution’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Joe ‘Pags’ Pagliarulo Interviews Roseanne Barr Following Controversial S.E. Cupp Tweets | Video | TheBlaze.com

Mother in Mexico Gouges Her Son’s Eyes Out To Save The World | Video | TheBlaze.com

House of Regulations Due to Examine Bill That Would Give United Nations More Control Over the Internet | TheBlaze.com

Eyewitness Describes Tinley Park ‘Anti-Racist’ Restaurant Attack on Presumed White Supremacists | TheBlaze.com

Miami Police Shoot and Kill Naked Man ‘Eating’ Face of Another Man | Video | TheBlaze.com

Throwing Cold Water on Obama‘s ’Twoosh Master’ Claims | Video | TheBlaze.com

George Will: What Is Mitt Romney Doing With ‘Bloviating Ignoramus’ Donald Trump? | Video | TheBlaze.com

Bill Maher Starts Fake Mitt Romney Wifer Movement to Counter Birtherism | Wiferism | Video | TheBlaze.com

Immuno-Care To Fight Seasonal Allergies


**Open Film


Laying the Foundations for Preemptive Nuclear War Against Iran

THE IRAQ WAR READER: A History of War Crimes and Genocide. The Unleashing of America’s New Global Militarism

Lies and Consequences in Our Past 15 Wars

US-NATO MILITARY ENCIRCLEMENT: Missile-Defense: Is it Working?

IS AMERICA GOING TO WAR? Anti-Iranian Propaganda in High Gear

AN ONGOING DISASTER: Libya, Africa and Africom

A Secret War in 120 Countries: The Pentagon’s New Power Elite

Can Obama Stop Casino Capitalism?

CIA Remembers Those Lost in Covert war on Terror

Justices' Summer Plans Point to Late June Finish

Obama on the Defensive on Spending, Debt

Warning Signs for Obama on Path to Electoral Votes

Half of US Gets Government Handouts

New Obama Biography Chronicles His Marijuana Smoking

Tiny Planet May Be Doomed

U.S. Bishops Prepare Catholics for Civil Disobedience: ‘We May Need to Witness to the Truth by Resisting the Law’

Howard Stern Hasn't Been 'King of Prime Time'

White House Says Obamacare Stops Insurance Companies from ‘Discriminating’ Against Women

Lady Gaga cancels Indonesian show after threats

Afghan parliament approves partnership with US

Bill Maher: Obama Didn't Support Simpson-Bowles Because Republicans Didn't | NewsBusters.org

David Letterman Bemoans Treatment of 'Poor Bill Clinton' During Lewinsky Scandal | NewsBusters.org

Krugman: Scientists Should Falsely Predict Alien Invasion So Government Will Spend More Money | NewsBusters.org

America's 23-Year War

Video /The Power Principle Documentary About U.S. Foreign Policy

Warrantless Spying Fight

Browbeating Cyclops vs. Rambos

U.S. Army General: The Whole Northern Hemisphere is at Risk of Becoming Largely Uninhabitable | Before It's News

Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Rein in FDA Abuse - 05/23/12 - YouTube

Kansas Governor Signs Law Blocking Shariah | Front Porch Politics

Forget Bain — Obama’s public-equity record is the real scandal | Front Porch Politics

CIA Asset Exposes Mass Roundup Of Americans & The Dungeon Masters Plans | Before It's News

+Susan Lindauer interviewed by ClandestineTImelord GLPVC The Raw Feed 5-23-12 - YouTube

Why You Shouldn't Cooperate With Police | Before It's News

The Masked Morphing of the Chemtrail Cover-up | Before It's News

Collecting Names Of Dissenters | Before It's News

Opting for This "Cheaper Food" Could Make You Age Faster

'The Demise Of Guys': How Video Games And Smut Are Ruining A Generation | Before It's News

Growing Your Own Food


Beaucoup Search Engine(http://www.beaucoup.com/)

Meta Search Engine - Mamma.com


SurfWax -- http://lookahead.surfwax.com/index-2011.html









LightSwitch Search - http://www.thrall.org/lightswitch/general.html

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1-Page MultiSearch Engines/ http://www.bjorgul.com/

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Former Harvard Admin Throws Warren Under the Bus

Warren on Run from Press

Obama Uses Justice Sotomayor To Promote 'Latinos For Obama'

Liberal Cannibalism: SEC Targets Progressive-Friendly Chipotle

Is Youtube Stifling Conservative Speech?

Report: Warren 'Opted In' On Harvard 'Women Of Color' Journal

Elizabeth Warren Won't Answer: 'Why Did You Claim You Were A Minority And Then Stop?'

Obama's Very Tough Road to Reelection

Meet the Press panel on campaign 2012

Panetta: Memorial Day Remembrance

CBS Panel: Ranking President Obama in history

Romney adviser: Obama policies "hostile to job creators"

MSNBC Host 'Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Troops 'Heroes'

Slow News Day? BuzzFeed Revisits 1994 Romney Milk Gaffe

Gibbs: Romney "very good at making money," not jobs

Bain Vs. Solyndra: Will Schools Granholm

Breitbart News Proudly Hosts Gay Marriage Video Banned by YouTube

Teen's Gay Marriage Video Banned By YouTube

Lady Gaga Concert Canceled in Indonesia After Islamist Death Threats

AP Purposely Confuses Readers About Warren's False Cherokee Heritage

Warren Fundraises from Out-of-State Special Interests

Running: Warren Slams Door On Reporter's Inquiry

Dishonest Dave: Letterman Claims Non-Partisan Joker Teller

Bloggers Briefing Preview: Grover Norquist Talks Taxes, Defends ‘The Pledge’

Obama's Refusal to Leave Wright's Church Meant Exposing Children to Hate

Obama Camp Silent on Media's Mormonism Smears

World View: IMF to Greece: 'Drop Dead!'

Happy Anniversary: Obama Praises Solyndra As 'True Engine Of Economic Growth'

Former Harvard Admin Throws Warren Under the Bus

NBC's David Gregory: VP Biden, Cory Booker Said Exactly What They Wanted To Say

Dozens Of Children Killed In Syria Attack

Pre-Teen Raises Money To Build Normandy Memorial For World War II Veterans

Levin To Obama Admin Over Jailed Pakistan Doc: Do You 'Have A Conscience?'

RUSH: Left Panicking Over Bain Backfire

Sharpton: Republicans Want To 'Wipe Out Innocent People' Like 'Hitler's Germany'

Libtalker: 'Limbaugh Is A Child Molester'

Is Youtube Stifling Conservative Speech?

Liberal Cannibalism: SEC Targets Progressive-Friendly Chipotle

Obamacare and Appeasement: An Unholy Alliance

Daily Beast: Warren Story a 'Foolish Witch Hunt'

Left Mobilizing Massive Vote Effort in Wisconsin

Healthy Broadcast Stats Raise Questions on Need for Regulation

Census: 49% of US Lives in Households Receiving Gov't Benefits

Will GOP Support Free-Market Reforms or Re-Legislate ObamaCare?

Obama Holds Off on Pool-Destroying Regulations til After Election

Student Loan Bill Designed to Hit GOP; Funded by Counter-Terrorism Budget

Unions Threaten Jobs with Push Against American Airlines

Democrats, Schumer Supported Religious Freedom on Peyote; Opposed It on Obamacare

Airlines To Charge New Fees For Water, Carry-Ons

Grandma, 80, Has Nightmare Skydiving Jump

Pope's Personal Butler Under Arrest

Astronauts Enter World's 1st Private Supply Ship

Greece and the Future of the Euro: Humpty Dumpty Sat on a...

Media hastily erase articles about Malia Obama’s appearance at One Direction concert | The Daily Caller

Brett Kimberlin: Meet the Soros-Funded Domestic Who Is Terrorizing Bloggers Into Silence | Video | TheBlaze.com

Geraldo to Monckton: You’re smoking crack

Will Trump attaboy turn into cash for Arpaio probe?

State sued over ‘taxes-as-fees’ gimmick

Engine troubles stall stealth jet program

Mayor Bloomberg buys two more New York properties, giving him 11 homes, not counting Gracie Mansion, which he's shunned - NYPOST.com

Comcast's 'intelligent home' offers high-tech peace of mind - Technology - The Sacramento Bee

Slaughterhouse owner defends plan to butcher horses - CBS News

Beer wholesalers in Pennsylvania take a stand against privatization of state-run liquor system | PennLive.com

‘New normal’: Americans resigned to bad economy?

Apartment Hires DNA Lab To Tackle Dog Poop Problem « CBS Minnesota

Kayaker Paddles Down 189-Foot-Tall Washington Waterfall | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo!

Weight-loss surgery reduces desire for alcohol - health - 24 May 2012 - New Scientist

More kids eating detergent packs | The Tennessean | tennessean.com

Bishop Refutes Claims Against Bodily Resurrection of Christ | The Christian Post Singapore

Schoolgirl Marcella Marino Banned From School Photo For Her 'Lady Gaga' Hairdo - International Business Times

Exclusive interview with Occupy resident raided in terror probe « Klein Online

Obama had a composite birth? Kenya madness continues « Klein Online

Video: Nasa releases 'beautiful' images of the sun - Telegraph

Widen the goal in the search for alien life - opinion - 24 May 2012 - New Scientist

Quake Reveals Day of Jesus' Crucifixion : Discovery News

'I know someone will fly back and pick up the camera I left there': Neil Armstrong gives rare interview to silence concpiracy theorists who claim he didn't walk on moon | Mail Online

BBC News - 'Cloaking' idea traps a rainbow

How to make a material that shrinks when stretched - physicsworld.com

Animal Planet TV crew capture audio they believe proves existence of yowies | Space, Military and Medicine | Herald Sun

Human remains found at camp linked to missing Chicago man

UN Security Council meets on Syria massacre

Blame traded over massacre in Syria's Houla - YouTube

Vatican in chaos after butler arrested for leaks

Police: 2 Americans arrested after death of Irish woman in Tokyo hotel room

Briefly World: Afridi term wont help US-Pak ties-Panetta

Pakistani doctor caught between counterterrorism and treason

McCain blasts Obama for 'feckless foreign policy'

US slammed from both sides of Bahrain's divide

Gay Activists Detained While Demanding Right to Hold Parade

Miami Police Shoot, Kill Man Eating Another Man's Face - Urban Beach Weekend - YouTube

Intoxicated graduate wanders into home, is shot, faces charges

Vice President Biden Delivers Heartfelt Speech To Families Of Deceased Veterans

George Will labels Donald Trump a 'bloviating ignoramus'

Report: Miami cop shoots, kills naked man eating victim's face

Sen. Lugar not planning "active" campaign for Mourdock

Final voyage: USS Iowa on way to S. Calif. home

Memorial Day: Time to Honor Our War Dead

Romney's past opponents change their tunes

US defence secretary Leon Panetta criticises Pakistan for doctor's sentence

Fiancee of Man in Standoff Says He'd Been Betrayed

Some states asking the tax man to get tougher

From war injuries to PTSD to backlogged claims, new veterans battle new foes after coming home - The Washington Post

Work just beginning in case against shop clerk accused of killing NYC boy who vanished in 1979 - The Washington Post

PayPal Now Marketing In-Store Payments to Consumers

IMF boss is in no position to preach

Groupon tests new service, enters mobile payment battlefield - latimes.com

Debbie Wasserman Schultz grilled on CNN

Gaffes make Mitt Romney want to kick some butt - his own

Obama, Romney try to play it safe in 2012 gamble

GOP says Obama "demonizes" domestic energy

Stars Lining Up For 'Barack On Broadway' Fundraiser

Oklahoma Republican Convention results should be disallowed

Opera is Facebook's best browser play

New Details Surface About Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding Day [PICS]

Google Project Glass First Video Hits the Web

Eric Clapton gets in tune with a new custom Ferrari

Facebook Camera app for iPhone: First impressions

'Men In Black 3' Tops North American Box Office

Beyoncé performs 'End of Time' - Live Concert Footage from Ovation Hall at Revel - YouTube

Richard Leakey: Evolution Debate Soon Will Be History

Biofuel steam locomotive tomorrow's cleaner mass transit?

Street lights 'changing ecology on the ground'

PSA test part of trend: Fewer screenings for well people

'Diabetes Deaths Drop Substantially, US'

'Irritable Bowel Linked To Gut Bacteria, Definitively'

Sunscreen labels maybe lying

Smog Season Safety Matters

Is that smile real or fake?

Gibbs: Supreme Court 'Likely To Uphold' Health Care Law

MIT Develops Jet-Injection Device to Replace Needles

Arizona may add more uses for medical marijuana

When a Boy Found a Familiar Feel in a Pat of the Head of State

Foreign students enjoy new summer job protections — but what about Americans?

Do the Jews Own Anxiety?

'Men In Black' Inspired By Scary Stories Of People Who've Seen UFOs

Obama may have been a pot head in high school, so why is president against legalizing weed? | Alaska Dispatch


The Manning Report – 25 May 2012

Mark Levin

Jesse Peterson Radio

Alex Jones - 2012-May-25, Friday

Through The Mirror With Larry Sinclair

David Duke Show

Paul Drockton Show 1

Paul Drockton Show 2

Redding News Review 05-25-12 Hr 1

Redding News Review 05-25-12 Hr 2

Redding News Review 05-25-12 Hr 3

Live Free Or Die Radio - Friday, May, 25, 2012

Blacklisted Radio

May 25, 2012 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN


Voting rights: Take a deep breath | Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Party Animals at the Secret Circus - NYTimes.com

The Choom Gang: President Obama’s pot-smoking high school days detailed in Maraniss book - The Washington Post

RealClearPolitics - Warning Signs for Obama on Path to Electoral Votes

Obama Has a Mean Streak and He Turned It on Romney This Week - The Daily Beast

Blood for Sale? Ronald Reagan’s Pagan Cult - The Daily Beast

Obama Whacks Republicans on Deficits Ahead of Stimulus Pitch | Fox News

Cory Booker’s truth — and its consequences - The Washington Post

President Obama Should Seize the High Ground - NYTimes.com

Politics - Joseph Lawler - The New Welfare State: Faster, Cheaper ... and Out of Control? - The Atlantic

RealClearPolitics - Are We Headed for a Fight with China?

Al Qaeda’s ‘Final Trap’ in Yemen: Costly Demise Planned for U.S. - The Daily Beast

Obama’s Land of the LOST - Michelle Malkin - National Review Online

White Whale - David Weigel | Foreign Policy

The Facebook Illusion - NYTimes.com

Steve Blank: Why Facebook Is Killing Silicon Valley

Facebook IPO: Has social networking supplanted real innovation in Silicon Valley? - Slate Magazine

A Rare Video From Inside an iPhone Factory

Robert Scoble - Google+ - What is the new social media ghost town? OK, let me get…

10 cool iPad apps you'll wish you found sooner | ZDNet

Fastest Mobile Networks 2012: Where We Tested | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

Editorial: Living through an energy revolution - Houston Chronicle


**VIDEOS:26th/Obama Weekly Address: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes This Memorial Day

Rep. Jenkins Gives Weekly GOP Message: Obama Favors Foreign Energy Over Domestic

Ed Schultz Urges Obama To Help In Wisconsin

Maher Starts "Wifer" Theory About Romney, Asks If He Is A Polygamist

Frank Luntz Focus Group On 2012 Issues

Krauthammer: "Obama's Attack On The Court" Will Result In Overturn Of Obamacare

Bill Maher: Sarah Palin Calls Styrofoam "The Other White Trash"

"Millennial Generation" Expert Expects Them To Come Out For Obama

Dem Congresswoman: GOP Congresswomen Are "Battered Women"

*27 /28 May

Today in History: May 27 - YouTube

American Minute for May 27th

May 27 Events in History

This Day in History for 27th May | HistoryOrb.com

Today in History: May 27

May 27th This Day in History

Today in History: May 27

May 27th in History

May 28th in History

Today in History: May 28

May 28 Events in History

This Day in History for 28th May | HistoryOrb.com

Today in History for May 28th - YouTube

What Happened on May 28th This Day in History

Historical Events on 28th May | HistoryOrb.com

Today in History: May 28