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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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24 May 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


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The Michael Savage Show 05/23/2012


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Obama: I'm Cleaning Up After "Wild Debts" Caused By Republicans
Politico Says Obama's Primary Embarrassments Do Not Matter
Romney On Education: Obama Putting Campaign Cash Ahead Of Kids
Schultz: Voters Backing Scott Walker "Could Be Voting For A Criminal"
Krauthammer: Obama's "Narcissism" Won't Let Him Replace Biden With Hillary
MSNBC Panel: Outrage Would Ensue If Bush Leaked Bin Laden Raid Info
Letterman: "Why Doesn't The Current President Get More Credit?"
Penn Jillette: Voting For Lesser Of Two Evils Always Leads To More Evil
Rand Paul: Government A Failed Business That Romney Can Turn Around
Dem Congressional Candidate Refuses To Say If He's Voting For Obama
Romney Ad: Day One, Part Two
Maddow: Cheney, Like Nixon, Is Trying To Rehabilitate His Image
Walsh: GOP Argument About Obama's Spending Is The Biggest Lie Of The Campaign
O'Reilly: Pakistan Must Be Punished By The U.S.
"Special Report" Panel On Social Issues And 2012

Martin Feldstein on the Future of the Euro
'Thugs for Hire' in China?
Richard Grennell on Foreign Policy and 2012
Egypt Revolutionary Leader on Elections
Chen's Nephew Arrested With No Access to Lawyer
Lebanese Soldiers Arrest Two in Clashes
Doctor Who Turned in bin Laden Sentenced to Jail
Castro's Daughter Takes on U.S.-Cuban Relations
Farmers Clash With Chilean Police
Improving Relations With China
Ambassador Holbrooke: Diplomatic Relationships Key to Stem Crises
10 Questions for Colin Powell
Common Euro Bond? Not So Soon


China's Stance on Nuclear Non-Proliferation
North Korea Preparing Another Nuke Test?
Eurozone's Impact on the U.S. Economy
The Importance of NATO and its Relevance
White House Cautiously Optimistic on Iran
Australia FM Says Corby Deal is Not a Prisoner Swap
Syria Rebels Kidnap 13 Lebanese Shi'ites
Egyptians Vote in Historic Presidential Poll
Chavez Post Cancer Treatment
Violence Rages in Democratic Republic of Congo
Preventing Nuclear Terrorism
John McCain Talks on Afghanistan, NATO

Brit Hume: Media Double Standard On GOP Wealth & Dem Wealth
CNN's Erin Burnett Had Crush On Dan Rather
Romney: Unemployment Will Be Down To 6% By End Of First Term
Sen. Coburn: "No Doubt" U.S. Credit Rating Will Get Another Downgrade
Granholm: Voter Suppression Via Voter ID Is "Treasonous"
Paul Ryan: "We Face Not Just A Failed President, But A Failed Ideology"
Romney Ad: Stories From The Obama Economy
Trump: "Republicans Have To Fight Fire With Fire"
Maxine Waters: Tea Party Coming After Me For "Trying To Help People Of Color"
Rove: There Will Be "Increasing Strength For Romney"
Maddow: Republicans Are Making Huge Errors And Aren't Paying For Them
O'Reilly: "Occupy Is Designed To Cause As Much Trouble As Possible"
Schultz: Wisconsin Recall Is "Big Money Versus The People"
David Axelrod: The Truth Will Prevail In 2012 Election



43 min./The War on Nutrition with Dr. Joel Wallach - YouTube


SceneTap: The creepy app that scans bar-goers' faces - The Week

Prison Planet.com » Mark of the Beast: Bilderberg Pushes Mandatory Internet ID for Europe

Prison Planet.com » Global Warming Author Says “Bar-Code Everyone at Birth”

Prison Planet.com » PepsiCo Says It Will Halt Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Flavor Research

Prison Planet.com » Eco-Fascism Bares Its Teeth: Global Warming Alarmist Wants to Barcode Babies

Planned-opolis (No Subs) - YouTube

+Prison Planet.com » Fukushima: If Number 4 Collapses, Japan Will Be Evacuated

Mayor Bloomberg says the feds should force struggling cities to take new immigrants - NYPOST.com

Prison Planet.com » Police Set To Use Armed Drones Against Americans

Closer look at the police drones coming soon to a city near you - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » 45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America

Prison Planet.com » Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize

Prison Planet.com » EU Demands ID Chip for all European Citizens

EU Demands ID Chip for all European Citizens - YouTube

Zuckered: Facebook IPO Scandal Heats Up! - YouTube

Bilderberg Plays King Maker - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » “5 Day Bank Holiday” To Prepare For Collapse of Euro

Prison Planet.com » Leaked 1955 Bilderberg Docs Outline Plan For Single European Currency

Prison Planet.com » Revolt Against Vaccines Leads to Mass Exodus From Texas Colleges


51 min./Agenda 21's Globalist Death Plan for Humanity - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » Feature Report: Bilderberg Chieftain in 1970: Further European Integration in Gradual, “Successive Stages” Through Informal Meetings

12 pg./BILDERBERG GROUP/ September 1955

Sen. Rubio Discusses Possible UN Regulation of Internet Governance - YouTube

Deadline approaches for Russia and China-led U.N. Internet takeover

Prison Planet.com » Irrational Exuberance: Congress Promises to “Review” Facebook Bankster Scam

Did Facebook Mislead Investors?: WSJ Opinion - YouTube

Real federal deficit dwarfs official tally – USATODAY.com

Prison Planet.com » Eurobonds: The Issue That Could Shatter Europe

Former J.P. Morgan Lobbyist Manages The Banking Committee Expected To Investigate J.P. Morgan's Trading Loss


38 min./Jamie Dimon's Little Shop of Horrors! Max Keiser Reports - YouTube


Exclusive - The Vetting - Barack Obama, the First Tea Partier

Prison Planet.com » The Real Crash

U.N. Summit Will Push for a More Powerful Global Environmental Agency | CNSNews.com

Prison Planet.com » Let the Munich 11 Rest in Peace

Prison Planet.com » Black Op Down: Hollywood Jazzes Up Fake Osama Raid For The Children

- Prison Planet.com » Low-Tech Solutions To High-Tech Tyranny

Prison Planet.com » IQ Foods: Processed Food Lowers IQ in Children, Nutritious Food Raises It

Prison Planet.com » ‘Scientists’ Say Eating Organic Food Makes You a Jerk

Prison Planet.com » Red alert for humanity: Chemical damage can be inherited by offspring through unlimited generations

Prison Planet.com » Unmanned spy planes are being launched from 63 locations in 20 states – Is there one near you?

Bus Raided, Everyone Detained, ID'd And Searched (Montreal Quebec) - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Bus Raided, Everyone Detained, ID’d And Searched (Montreal Quebec)

Prison Planet.com » Quebec government makes it illegal to protest against the government

Godfrey Bloom exposes the scam behind the Financial Transaction Tax - YouTube

Kucinich: US 'sanction warfare' makes real Iran war inevitable - YouTube

Iran Navy Helps U.S. Ship Attacked by Pirates in Middle East - Bloomberg

Female foetuses in Beed fed to dogs to hide evidence | Mail Online

Prison Planet.com » And Meanwhile, In The Arabian Sea…

Count Cameron Bans Crucifixes! Lord Monckton's In-Studio Report - YouTube

Russia tests new missile, in warning over U.S. shield | Reuters

Debunked: Three New Democrat Lies - Guy Benson


**Dr. Corsi: Full Obama Eligibility Presentation; Surprise Tea Party Patriots - YouTube


Lord Monckton Interview, Global Warming and Obama's Eligibility, Part 1 of 3 - YouTube

Lord Monckton Interview, Obama's Eligibility and Global Warming, Part 2 of 3 - YouTube

Lord Monckton Interview, Obama's Eligibility and Global Warming, Part 3 of 3 - YouTube


Ron Paul going full force to Republican National Convention - YouTube

The Jason Lewis Show - Caller Father of NC Student - 5-22-12 - YouTube


Middle Class at a Crossroads | American Free Press

Middle Class at a Crossroads (Part 2 of 3)


**G. Edward Griffin: The Collectivist Conspiracy - YouTube

**Beyond Treason - YouTube

**The American Dream (Animated) - YouTube

**The Obama Deception HQ Full length version - YouTube

**Fall of the Republic HQ full length version - YouTube

**The Secret of Oz (by Mr Bill Still) - YouTube

**EndGame HQ full length version - YouTube

**Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at Infowars.com) - YouTube

**Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic - Full Movie - YouTube

**What in the world are they spraying? - Geo Engineering - FULL MOVIE - YouTube

**Camp FEMA: American Lockdown - FULL MOVIE - 86 min - YouTube

**Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA 2 - FULL MOVIE - YouTube

**Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Full Length - YouTube

**America: From the Road of Freedom to the Streets of Fascism HQ Full Length - YouTube

**UNGRIP (Full Length Movie) - YouTube


Obama, Clinton Selling Out U.S. Sovereignty in Secret | American Free Press

FBI Demands Even More Surveillance Powers; Cites New Bomb Technology | American Free Press


Andrew Breitbart TRIBUTE - YouTube

Obama Planned for Revolution, BREITBART Murdered - YouTube

Andrew Breitbart TRIBUTE: Murdered By Your Government! - YouTube


Evil in the music industry Part 1-2 - YouTube

Evil in the music industry Part 2-2 - YouTube


The Rockefeller Foundation Funded 'Womens Lib' For The Same Reason The CIA Funded 'MS Magazine' | Before It's News


Hidden History 1 - Foundations and Education - YouTube

Hidden History 2 - The News Definers and the CFR - YouTube

Hidden History 3 - Feminism - YouTube

Hidden History 4 - How the Rothchilds became Wealthy - YouTube

Hidden History 5 - The War on Terror - YouTube

Hidden History 6 - Ideological Subversion - YouTube

Hidden History 7 - The Death of Communism? - YouTube

Hidden History 8 - The Attack on USS Liberty - YouTube

Hidden History 9 - Government Sponsored Terrorism [20th Century] - YouTube

Hidden History 10 - Propaganda - YouTube

Hidden History 11 - Sedition and Treason - YouTube

Hidden History 12 - The Bolsheviks - YouTube


[1 of 3] Individualism vs Collectivism - The True Debate of Our Time - YouTube

[2 of 3] Individualism vs Collectivism - The True Debate of Our Time - YouTube

[3 of 3] Individualism vs Collectivism - The True Debate of Our Time - YouTube


William Cooper - Population Control - YouTube

William Cooper Explains the Real Reason Behind Open Borders - YouTube

Bio-Engineering of Humanity and Barcode Babies - Alan Watt - YouTube

Alan Watt - The Prison Society - YouTube

2001: A Space Odyssey - The Meaning behind the Movie - YouTube

DAVID ICKE - THIS WORLD IS UTTERLY INSANE!!! (Viewer Discretion Advised) - YouTube


Aaron Russo, exposes the Rockefeller's. - YouTube


**Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo {Full Film} - YouTube


Aaron Russo, Exposes The Rockefeller's, Video - Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population, Here's How | Before It's News


The Law of the Sea treaty will sink America's economy | Fox News


**America Before Columbus - YouTube


Obama Caught Off Mic Audio And Videos, You Can Learn A Lot About A Man By His Own Words. | Before It's News

Obama Caught Admitting Election Fraud in Maine on Hot Mic? 3/6/12 - YouTube

Obama's mic left on while speaking to Russian President - YouTube

Breitbart: Unedited Obama Race Video Unveiled 2012 - YouTube

Obama Spiritual Mentor: God Damn America - YouTube

Obama's mic left on Americans are just stupid Says they should shut up and obey him YouTube - YouTube

65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama - YouTube

Who will drones target? Who in the US will decide? - Boston.com

FBI Director Can't Answer Basic Question About Due Process - YouTube

Did the government just name the first Death Czar?

The hunt for Planet X is back on: Noted astronomer calculates planet four times size of Earth must exist on fringe of solar system | Mail Online

The Zen of the Sun

Death Is Just An Illusion: We Continue To Live In A Parallel Universe - MessageToEagle.com

Blue light has a dark side - Harvard Health Publications

The Cancer Fighting Mineral | Before It's News

Seven foods that will naturally cleanse your liver

Cooking Without Electricity | Before It's News

The 30,000-Year-Old Cave That Descends Into Hell

Physicist: HAARP Manipulates Time | Before It's News

Obama, Clinton Selling Out U.S. Sovereignty in Secret | American Free Press

The Ancient Masters Four Longevity Rituals | Before It's News

Russians Build FEMA Camps For Americans On Alaska Islands | Before It's News


+Hurricane Tracker - weather.com

Live Tracker Map : Storm Chasers@http://dsc.discovery.com


Reinald Werrenrath Battle Hymn Of The Republic 1917 U.S. Civil War Pics Patriotic - YouTube

Politics - Conor Friedersdorf - The Questionable Past of the Man Who Decides Who U.S. Drones Will Kill - The Atlantic

U.N. Summit Will Push for a More Powerful Global Environmental Agency | CNSNews.com

Black Op Down: Hollywood Jazzes Up Fake Osama Raid For The Children - BlackListedNews.com

cryptogon.com » H.R. 4133: The United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012

Combat Exoskeleton Marches Toward Afghanistan Deployment | Danger Room | Wired.com

Lockheed Martin - Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) [480p] - YouTube

Eric Schmidt: government censorship and cybercrime pose biggest threat to the web (Wired UK)

Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones « CBS DC

Propaganda or Wag The Dog?: Pentagon, CIA, White House opened up to Hollywood on bin Laden raid - BlackListedNews.com

Disasters | Homeland Security News Wire

The New War in Iraq: US Occupation Shifts to Proxy Subversion. - BlackListedNews.com

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit | Security & Privacy - CNET News

How Big Oil Benefits From Global Warming Alarmism - Forbes

EUobserver.com / Economic Affairs / Van Rompuy to draft plan for deeper economic union

Combat 'Burn Pits' Ruin Immune Systems, Study Shows | Danger Room | Wired.com

Former J.P. Morgan Lobbyist Manages The Banking Committee Expected To Investigate J.P. Morgan's Trading Loss

Judge Napolitano At His Best - YouTube

Obama or Romney, the Lesser of Two Evils? | _

Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Wall Street & Ron Paul - YouTube

Defense Contractor Northrop Grumman Hiring For Offensive Cyber Ops | threatpost

Facebook IPO: Morgan Stanley to reimburse investors ripped off by trades | Mail Online

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : WRITE IN RON PAUL IF HE GETS SCREWED OUT OF THE NOMINATION

The US House of Representatives on Banking, 1911 « unicornpoo

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Chuck Todd: Undecided voters dislike Romney and Obama but love Ron Paul

Data Shows Many In Congress Are No Smarter Than A 10th Grader

Are the police tracking your calls? - CNN.com

Patriot Act documents to remain government secrets, rules federal judge

FDA accused of mass homicide of one million Americans each decade

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Catholic Clergyman Testified He Was Following Orders When He Covered Up Child Sex Abuse

Afghan Heroin Myths and Facts Recapped & Simplified for Mainstream Followers

No criminal 1% mass arrests, but more war, looting, lying; so what’s next? - National Nonpartisan | Examiner.com

Confirmed: Fox News makes people dumb(er) | _

The 'Demon'-Haunted Mind of a Law Enforcer - informationliberation

The End in Afghanistan is Totally Predictable

This Is What Tyranny Looks Like

14 Signposts to Slavery

+Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 20

Legitimizing Global Tyranny: Moving Towards World Government

THE FRAMEWORK FOR SUPPRESSING INFORMATION: Public Opinion in America's 21st Century Police State

GLOBAL NATO: A Geostrategic Instrument of Worldwide Military Conquest

NEW ECONOMIC VISIONS, SUSTAINABLE BANKING: Cooperative Banking in the Aquarian Age

The Politics of Language and the Language of Political Regression

DRUG-FINANCED SALAFI JIHADISM: The Afghan Drug Trade, A Threat to Russia and U.S.-Russian Relations

WAR & POLICE STATE GOOD FOR BUSINESS: Defense Contractors Look for Return on Investment With National Defense Authorization Act

HUMAN RIGHTS: North American "Game Plans" and the Convention on Genocide

DEFAMATORY POLITICS IN AMERICA; Not Letting The Facts Get In The Way of A Vicious Attack Against Candidates and Whistle Blowers

VIDEO: The Power Principle: Corporate Empire and the Rise of the National Security State

The Criminalization of the US Banking System.

America's "War on Terrorism": The Truth will Prevail

Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda

Cern: Higgs boson answer to come by end of 2012 | Emerging Tech | ZDNet UK

EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Rand Paul Offers an Amendment that Would End Raids on Natural Food Stores and Amish Farmers

Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing - Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling' | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone

Antibacterial Coating Could Replace Antibiotics « Zen Haven

Paul McGuire -- Are Universal Barcodes, Implantable Chips on People the Mark of the Beast?

Researchers Reveal that RNA Modification Influences Thousands of Genes

Rewritable memory encoded into DNA : Nature News & Comment

Darpa, Venter Launch Assembly Line for Genetic Engineering | Danger Room | Wired.com

Interventionism and the Elites by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Terrorizing Through Lawfare by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com

The US Should Leave NATO, Not Shore It Up by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com

Western Leaders Reject Iranian Proposal for Wider Access for UN Inspectors -- News from Antiwar.com

US General Predicts ‘Significant Firepower’ in Afghanistan for 2013-14 -- News from Antiwar.com

What If We Have Only Memories of Freedom? by Andrew P. Napolitano -- Antiwar.com

The Failure of Wage and Price Control in the Massachusetts Theocracy by Murray N. Rothbard

Facebook Saves Face, But Did America? by Bill Sardi

The Slave Card Stampede by Jeff Berwick

The Rape of Delaware County, Oklahoma by William Norman Grigg

May 23, 2012 Gold: The World’s Friend for 5,000 Years Frank Holmes 321gold ...s

Worse Than a Disease Diagnosis – This Mistake Can Land You in the E.R. by Joseph Mercola

10 Ways to Stop Being a Slave and Bring Down the Pyramids of Control

The Days of Decline -- Images from an Economic Collapse in Progress

Obama Gives Hollywood Director Access to Classified Documents to Make Propaganda Film

Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize

UN Says Radiation Levels are Safe, Despite Empirical Data on Fukushima

Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Rein in FDA Abuse - 05/23/12 - YouTube

Obama administration pushes to renew FISA - YouTube

Warning to activists: Agents provocateur want to make you a terrorist

Georgia’s poultry CAFOs extreme case in cruelty, eco-hazards; but alternatives abound

Bush War Crime Conviction Exposes Failure of 'International Law'

DARPA developing 'on-demand production' of genetically engineered bio-products

After Swine Flu Failure, New Study Inspires Scientists to Develop Universal Vaccine

‘Scientists’ Say Eating Organic Food Makes You a Jerk

How To Buy A Politician - YouTube

59% of Americans: Prohibit Abortion in Most or All Circumstances

Senator: Obama 'Obligated' To Hollywood Elites, Soros, Far-Left For Getting Him Elected

OMB: 4 Yrs of Spending 24%+ of GDP; WH: “Demonstrated Significant Fiscal Restraint’

Dishonesty Of Pro-Choice Movement More Obvious To Young People Than To Old Media

The Heavens Will Not Fall If Obamacare Does

PBS's Tavis Smiley Thinks the Tea Party Is Republican Before It Is American

Poll: Only 15% Say It’s More Honorable to Work for Gov’t Than for Private Company

Romney: Obama Has Been ‘Unwilling to Stand Up For Our Kids’ Education | CNSNews.com

Granted a Visa to Visit U.S., Castro's Daughter Plugs Communism, 'Gay Rights' | CNSNews.com

U.N. Summit Will Push for a More Powerful Global Environmental Agency | CNSNews.com

As Egypt Votes, Muslim Brotherhood Vows It Won't Bow to U.S. | CNSNews.com

White House Says Obamacare Stops Insurance Companies from ‘Discriminating’ Against Women | CNSNews.com

Soldier Says His Muslim Faith Was Motive for Ft. Hood Bomb Plot | CNSNews.com

Barney Frank: Obama's Not Invited to My Wedding | CNSNews.com

Hillary Clinton: Opposition to Sea Treaty Based on 'Mythology' | CNSNews.com

Barbara Walters to Dan Rather: You're a 'Great Journalist... No Matter What CBS Says' | NewsBusters.org

Administration's Message to Graduates: Hey, Kids, Don’t Worry About Getting Your Own Health Insurance | CNSNews.com

Romney promotes education agenda, defends Bain | CNSNews.com

Rep. King: CIA, Pentagon Jeopardized Nat'l Security by Cooperating With Filmmakers | CNSNews.com

Chicago's (Union) Trash Collectors Doing Better at Showing Up for Work | CNSNews.com

Unabomber updates Harvard University alumni book | CNSNews.com

Obama Administration 'Leveraging USDA's Lending Programs for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers' | CNSNews.com

Trio of Top U.S. Diplomats, Including Ambassadors to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Leaving Their Jobs | CNSNews.com

Aspiring Members Still Knocking on NATO’s ‘Open Door’ | CNSNews.com

Non-NATO Member Australia Makes Long Term Commitment to Afghanistan | CNSNews.com

Lady Gaga angers Thai fans with fake Rolex comment | CNSNews.com

Arabic mandatory at NYC public school

Has recall made Gov. Scott Walker a GOP hero?

GOP Rep. King says Obama officials disclosed identity of jailed Pakistani doctor

US hacked Yemeni Al Qaeda sites to reverse propaganda, Clinton says

Angry teachers rally in Chicago despite Mayor Emanuel saying they deserve raise

Obama addresses Air Force Academy grads, attends Denver fundraiser

Pelosi asks Boehner for immediate vote on middle-class tax cuts

Mass. voters shrugging off Warren’s claims of Cherokee heritage

Senate approves bill striking word 'lunatic' from federal law

McCain Institute for International Leadership will be launched in D.C. in Dec.

Millions still uncovered with health law expansion

High-level officials partied with GSA in Vegas

Swing states show dim view of Biden

Zimmerman accused a Florida police of corruption year before shooting

Colin Powell criticizes Romney on foreign policy

With his eye on 2013 majority, McConnell lets Boehner lead opposition to Dems

U.S. protests as Pakistan convicts doctor who helped CIA hunt bin Laden

Long Island student suspended for fictional video about bullying

Dems push 'paycheck fairness' bill in election year

Sarah Palin 'has an open invitation to come talk to me,' Katie Couric says

The Daily Bell - Super Rompuy to the Rescue?

The Daily Bell - The Big Issue Facing the US Is Bain Capital

The Daily Bell - Business Versus Business

New Bill Legalizes Government Propaganda and Disinformation on American Citizens

FBI asking Internet Companies for Wiretap-Friendly Back Door

Clinton: 2011 a 'Tumultuous' Year for Human Rights

Iran: Discovery will collapse Christianity


28 min./The Coming is Upon Us - Translation: Reza Kahlili (Author of "A Time To Betray") - Atimetobetray.com - YouTube


+1996 ad: Obama event sponsored by socialist group


The Obama media attack messengers again

Barack Obama's Jesus gambit

Why Jeremiah Wright matters – still

Rehash Obama's past? You bet we should!

What if we have only memories of freedom?

Why Americans intuitively trust government

Figures don't lie – Democrats do

MOLOTOV: Barack Obama's a 'birther'!

What's wrong with this picture?

Why the elites have switched to Romney

L. KINSOLVING: Legislator warns of black mobs, gets smeared

Spying devices in your home

Analysts on election: Christians will lose

Voters pick Creation Museum as top destination

3 in 4 say religious rights trump law

Stunning photo: Obama 1st tea-party president

DNC recognizes question of Obama-resume fraud

Holder orders women’s restrooms open to male

EXCLUSIVE: Obama's DOJ Forces University to Allow 38 Year Old Male To Access Women's Restrooms | University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

Kevorkian’s frightening fascination with blood

Jury in John Edwards trial deliberates for 5th day

Bill Clinton -- SURROUNDED By Porn Stars in Monaco | TMZ.com

Australian Becomes World’s Richest Woman, Mag Says - U.S. Business News - CNBC

Clinton: State Department Hacking Into Al-Qaeda Websites In Yemen « CBS Tampa

Son: Flesh-Eating Bacteria Struck Milledgeville Man | News | Milledgeville News

New Trump project: Anti-Obama Super PAC | Washington Examiner

Obama a 'Little Flat' in Denver | The Weekly Standard

Judicial Watch Obtains DOD and CIA Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Raid Filmmakers | Judicial Watch

Drug Suspect Quizzed On Jean, Diddy, Sharpton | The Smoking Gun

'We face a fight for the future of the web,' says Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt - News - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent

SHOCK VIDEO: Man Passed Out On Port Chester Sid - Flash Player Installation

Trump to Newsmax: I'm Mulling Own Super PAC to Defeat Obama

The Public Trial of Justice Roberts

White House Website Distorts History

'Tax Cuts for the Rich' Is Nonsense

Obama Threw Blacks Under the Bus

Trump: Euro Collapse Could Be Good for US

Trump on Obamacare: SCOTUS Should Throw It Out

Real Budget Deficit $5 Trillion, USA Today Study Finds

LIGNET: China Building up Military to Take on US

Reagan Blood Vial Auction Canceled

Pelosi Breaks Rank, Advocates Bush Era Tax Cuts

Obama Puts Capitalism on Trial

Egyptians Vote for President as Islam's Role Hangs in Balance

Man Held in Decades-Old 'Milk Carton Boy' Case

Gallup Poll: Biden's Popularity Plummets

Rove: Romney Can Win Election With '3-2-1' Plan

Egyptians Back at the Polls to Pick President

Study: Calcium Pills Raise Heart Attack Risk by 86 Percent

A Technological 'Leap' Aims to Retire Your Mouse


* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 23, 2012


Documents Show That Scott Walker Lied to Congress

Colin Powell Takes Hannity to Task for His Obsession with Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright

Steve Rattner Says Romney Was Not A Job Creator

Guilty as Charged: How the GOP Killed Washington DC

Mitt Romney Meekly Promises to Lower Unemployment Rate to 6%...by 2016

When it Comes to Social Security - Re-evolve already!

The Bain of Our Existence

You Didn't Really Think Anything Would Happen To JPMorgan Chase, Did You?

Oo, Scary! The Media Sounds The Drumbeat For Taxmageddon

San Diego Courting Financial Disaster in Proposed PLA Ban

Iowa's Republicans Have Lost Their Collective Minds

Gov. O'Malley Shows What A Blue Budget Looks Like

Stealth Republican Vies For Gallegly's Seat

Alan Grayson Endorsing Norman Solomon: 'The FBI Had a File on Him When He Was 14'

Biden Rips Romney's Social Policy: 'We Will Not Go Back to the 50s!'

O'Reilly: Occupy Movement Now Being Run Out of Washington by 'Professional Agitators'

Henry Lamb: Death of a Patriot

The Election Over Capitalism

Green Energy Transition: Germany Fears De-Industrialisation

Obama Neuters War on Islamic Terrorists

Has Al Gore Gone Over the Edge or Can’t He Handle the Truth?

UN Agenda 21 and the Military

Obama’s Blockbuster Secrets

The DNA of the CIA

Obama’s Relentless Wars on Faith, US Sovereignty, Private Enterprise, and Profits!

VIDEO: Violent Union Thugs Using Ball Bat on Effigy of SC Gov. Nikki Haley!

“Fearless:” Adam Brown and SEAL Team SIX

RAMBOMA—(How the President Killed Bin Laden)

With Democrats, You’re Either All In—Or All Out

The Last Days of the Media

Romney's Veep Pick

Media Matters Unhappy with AT Report on Situation Room Photo

Gallup: 'Pro-Choice Americans at Record Low 41%'

CIA Makes Analysis Less Useful

Obama: 'I am not an overspender'

Even with Nutting's Math, Obama 1st Term Spending up 24% vs. Bush's Last Term

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N.J. Mom Seeks Money and Jail Time for Those Who Put Her Toddler in Laundromat Machine | Video | TheBlaze.com

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Phoenix Dog Refuses to Leave Dead Dog’s Side | - Flash Player Installation

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Twitter Won‘t Tweet Phrases That Start with ’Get’ | TheBlaze.com

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Limbaugh: “FACEDOWN” Regime Looking For A Wall Street Bank To Blame For Facebook IPO.

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Ohio teen to be tried as adult in school shooting

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Man Claims He Strangled Patz and Put Body in Box, Police Say

Jury in John Edwards trial asks for 20 exhibits

Female soldiers sue to lift combat ban

Justices Allow Retrial if Jury Rejects Some Charges

Legal experts discuss FAMU band member interviews

Despite national skeptics, Walker $$$ no victory guarantee

Senate committee to investigate charity it suspects may be exploiting veterans

Mother of boy locked inside running washing machine wants to press charges

Barber: I Will Support Obama

Silicon Valley Executive Busted in Lego Scam Retail 'Ticket Switch' - ABC News

Before Trayvon Martin shooting, George Zimmerman blasted cops over beating of black man - NY Daily News

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Egypt's open presidential race polarizes nation

Was 'Bin Laden doctor' Shakil Afridi an unsuspecting pawn?

Netanyahu condemns violence against African migrants, promises to solve problem

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South Africa's Thorny National Debate Over Nude Painting of President Zuma

US deports former Bosnian-Serb commander

Norway gunman won't appeal case if found sane

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McKenna wants residency proof for driver's license; Inslee less sure

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Japan utility ups estimate of radiation released in Fukushima disaster

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Autism Often Not Diagnosed Until Age 5 or Older: US Report

C-sections Double Childhood Obesity Risk, US Scientists Say

Georgia flesh-eating bacteria victim able to sit in chair

World's smallest artificial heart saves life of 16-month-old boy

Heart Failure Stem Cells Induced to Cardiomyocytes

Prostate-Cancer Test Not Worth Risk, Advisory Panel Says

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Zimmerman Complained About Sanford Police in Defense of Homeless Black Man

Vanderbilt University Must Absolutely Stop these Polling Practices

Dem Running To Replace Giffords Refuses to Say He's Voting for Obama

Obama Campaign Focuses on Walker Recall

Obama Campaign Ad Controversy, 2000: 'This Guy Says One Thing About You in Your Presence, and Then...'

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Female Egyptian Writer Speaks Out On 'What's Really Happening' In Middle East To Women

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Forty Percent Now Say Trayvon Martin Shot in Self-Defense

Sen. Reid Blocks Ban on $4 Billion Illegal Immigrant Tax Credit Loophole

Obama Doubles Down On Bain Attacks

Cameron Calls For 'Decisive Plans' At EU Summit

Doctor Who Turned In Bin Laden Sentenced To Jail

Inquiry Hears Wider Secret Service Misbehavior

Anderson Cooper Kicks Guest Off Show

Will.i.am Arrives at Climate Change Conference in Hel.i.copter

Wiig Not in Same League as Belushi, Chase and Ferrell

SC Union Boss Blames Her Friends For Nikki Haley Piñata

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In Defense Of Criticism (And Skepticism)

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