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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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21 May 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-05-20

Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-05-13

Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-05-06

Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-04-29


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The Hidden Meaning of Obama's Attraction to "Structural Feminists" in College & Now | Before It's News

HAARP Magnetometer Spikes and Earthquakes | Before It's News

Uncensored Magazine | Epic Time-Lapse Map Of Europe

Mosque Infiltration: FBI informant on dirty spy tactics - YouTube

Mass Stockholm Syndrome Gripping The Planet! - YouTube

Serial Killers Killing Thousands of Children Every Year - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » NATO protests in Chicago: Police van drives into protesters, web video reporters detained, held at gunpoint (photos+video)

Raw Video - Chicago Police Van Plows Through NATO Protesters - Dogstar7 Exclusive - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » What we teach children about police


(Videos)Prison Planet.com » Teacher Yells At Student: Criminal Offense to Criticize Obama


32 min./The Manufactured War on Terror - YouTube

26 min./Obama: The Groomed from Birth Dictator - YouTube

24 min./Barack Obama: A Foundation Operative! - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » Barack Obama: A Foundation Operative!

Prison Planet.com » Jim Cramer Is Predicting Bank Runs In Spain And Italy And Financial Anarchy Throughout Europe

Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg Agenda Attracts National Exposure

Prison Planet.com » Recovery or Collapse? Bet on Collapse

Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban

Prison Planet.com » The Top 50 Excuses For Not Prepping

War and cheeseburgers By Pepe Escobar

Prison Planet.com » Why Mankind Is Screwed: The People Are Children, And Leaders Are Fathers

Prison Planet.com » America Will Attack Iran Because U.S. Leaders Want To Increase The Threat of Global Terrorism

Prison Planet.com » Provocateurs Entrap Patsies as NATO War Council Plans Mass Murder

Prison Planet.com » Barack Obama Is The First United Nations President

Prison Planet.com » Men Arrested In Chicago Terror Plot For Beer Making!

Men Arrested In Chicago Terror Plot For Beer Making! - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Obama Blackmailed by the Clintons?

Obama Blackmailed by the Clintons? - YouTube


CPS: A System of Pure Evil by Design - YouTube


+56 min./CPS: The Criminal Institution - YouTube


Tony Blair take two: Former PM could begin political comeback with Labour after advising Obama on election battle | Mail Online

AFP: Fourth NATO protester faces terror charges

GOP leaders join Issa in pressuring Holder on Fast and Furious - TheHill.com

Report: 'Fat Tax' Could Curb Nation's Obesity Problem - Staying Healthy News Story - WRTV Indianapolis

Prison Planet.com » Human genes engineered into experimental GMO rice being grown in Kansas

Prison Planet.com » NaturalSociety Exclusive: Letter Shows Monsanto Planted GMOs Before USDA Approval

How Monsanto Planted GMO Alfalfa Before Allowed by USDA - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Monsanto’s Roundup Continuously Shown to Cause Birth Defects

Prison Planet.com » Monsanto Buys Whole Foods: Fact or Rumor?

Prison Planet.com » Big Ag, Monsanto take over research universities and turn them into pro-industry propaganda machines

Prison Planet.com » Government tyranny: Illinois Department of Agriculture secretly destroys beekeeper’s bees and 15 years of research proving Monsanto’s Roundup kills bees

Activist Post: Facial Recognition Goes Trendy with SceneTap's Biometric Barhopping App

Facebook users file class action suit in US over web tracking | Technology | guardian.co.uk

FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now | Security & Privacy - CNET News

Prison Planet.com » Google’s New Search Tool to Use CIA and World Bank as Sources for ‘Facts’

Prison Planet.com » How to Overcome an Unhealthy Mentality

Prison Planet.com » Five foods you would never eat if you really knew what they were

Common household chemicals 'causing cancer and reduced fertility' - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Non-Stick Cookware Dangers – Why You Should Avoid this Cookware

Prison Planet.com » Sunscreen Causes Cancer? What You May Not Know About Sunscreen

Prison Planet.com » Smith-Amash Amendment Rejected: Indefinite Detention Still the Law

Chicago Police Beat NATO Protesters with Batons, Arrest Other Protesters Who Were in Possession of … Beer-Making Equipment

London to deploy security force of 40,000 during Olympics | The Raw Story

Obama and the War Criminals - YouTube

Iranian economic minister: Sanctions to send oil ‘considerably higher’ than $100 per barrel

Prison Planet.com » JPMorgan’s Potential Trading Loss Just Keeps Spiraling Higher

G8 leaders end summit with pledge to keep Greece in eurozone | World news | guardian.co.uk

Prison Planet.com » G8 Confab Calls for Action Against Iran, North Korea

NATO chief says 'no intention' to intervene in Syria -

Afghanistan's Karzai thanks Obama for ‘your taxpayers' money' - ABC News

NATO decides to activate missile shield despite Russian threats | The Raw Story

'No cash for NATO adventures in Afghanistan, but Pentagon stays' - YouTube

US Troops Officially In Yemen - Business Insider

Prison Planet.com » ‘NATO war machine responsible for global violence’

'NATO war machine responsible for global violence' - YouTube

John Edwards Trial Highlights - ABC News


Prison Planet.com » Explosive Gun Battle: Brothers In Arms

Prison Planet.com » Video: See Alex Jones’ New Gun Show


Police, protesters clash outside NATO summit - CNN.com

Italy quake kills 7; survivors huddle in tents, cars - CNN.com

Big Brother Street Lights(Intellistreets) coming to spy on American cities! - YouTube

Yamal FOI Sheds New Light on Flawed Data « Climate Audit

Monsanto Presents: Big Ag 101 – Playing at a Campus Near You - Food Integrity Campaign

Marijuana Oil Helps 3-Year-Old Son Beat Cancer

“Pacific Ocean will continue to be contaminated, kind of for the rest of time” — Containment vessels continuously leaking into sea (VIDEO)

A.N.N: Anonymous has taken down NATO website

Over 1,000 join 2nd day of anti-NATO protests in Chicago (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT

City of Chicago under attack… by hackers — RT

Life In Occupied Chicago

Montreal Protests: Anti-Protest Bill 78 Passes 'worst law' since War Measures Act - YouTube

Guest Post: Judge Katherine Forrest Is A Modern American Hero | ZeroHedge

House OKs Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects -- News from Antiwar.com

Mindless Masses | Veterans Today


*PressTV - Bin Laden died of natural causes: Former CIA agent


Was Columbus secretly a Jew? - CNN.com

Mark Kastel Presentation About Organic Watergate - YouTube

About the euro, and global warming, it turns out the 'thought criminals' were right - Telegraph


Brookings - A Reliable Imperial Tool

Dispelling Confusion - Part B

Dispelling Confusion - Part C


The End Of White America | Real Jew News

The Taxpayers Win One | Goldwater Institute

Facebook's Overnight Millionaires Begin Lavish Spending Spree | Fox Business

US Pressures India to Dump Iran & Squeeze Obama | Before It's News

A Jerusalem you don't know about - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Lockerbie bomber Al-Megrahi dead after health rapidly deteriorates in Libya | Mail Online

PressTV - 'Western media hides NATO expansionism, imperialism'

Activist Post: UK Government Uses Digital Communications Data to Spy on Their Citizens

PressTV - The police, the iPhone and your right to record

Why defeat an evil empire ¿ and then embrace a stupid one? | Mail Online

U.S. Banking Laws Unable to Stop JPMorgan Loss « Zen Haven

Natural Balance Issues Voluntary Recall on Select Dry Dog Food Formulas (UPDATE 5/11) | petMD

FDA releases findings of investigation into Diamond pet food recall

Nestle Purina PetCare recalls one formula of cat food

PressTV - Fourth Mexican general arrested over links to drug cartels

Vatican denounces 'criminal' leaks - Europe - World - The Independent

Tripping Through the Cold War: Drug Warfare in the Retrofuture | Paleofuture

Photons Quantum Teleported 60 Miles Across Lake | Beyond Science | Science | Epoch Times

New Planet Found in Our Solar System?

Easter Island archaeology project digs up island's secrets | Fox News

HVAC Systems: Is Yours Contaminating Your Home? | The Health Coach

Fiberglass Insulation: Extremely Hazardous To Your Health! | The Health Coach

Robert Reich: The Commencement Address That Won't Be Given

Shipwreck found full of bottles, guns and plates - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience - msnbc.com

Warrantless Raid at G8 Summit Yields 3 Terror Arrests Based on YouTube Video and Molotov Cocktails Claim :

2012 Will Reveal Much About The Real Barack Obama

Ron Paul Has Co-sponsored A Bill Which Would Impeach Obama For Libya

Dazed Lemmings Can’t Bridge The Reality Gap « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

In 52 seconds why Obama MUST become the next president - YouTube

States Vote to Ban UN Agenda 21 Policies

Obama campaign working to counter new voter ID laws - The Washington Post

The Serpentine Stealth Of The Long Range Planners « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Rule by Compound Interest, The Looming Death of Globalism - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Lindsey Graham : Absolutely, Military can imprison Americans Indefinitely (May 17, 2012) (Vote This Sick Man Out Of Office)


* Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/21/12: On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues - YouTube


Activist Post: The 5 Most Blatantly Corrupt Industries in the World . . . And What YOU Can Do About It

Ron Paul: Freedom or Death - Damn Right, That Serious - YouTube

Syrian General Denies Report Rebels Assassinated Him -- News from Antiwar.com

Mitt " Goldman Sachs " Romney is a Mormon - YouTube


* Ron Paul Speech Minnesota GOP Convention 5-18-12 - YouTube


Ron Paul Breaks (and Saves) the Republican Party

Ron Paul Decisively Wins Minnesota and Carries Delegates in Multiple Other States | _

Under Asset Forfeiture Law, Wisconsin Cops Confiscate Families' Bail Money

Many Lawmakers Personally Invested in JPMorgan Chase - OpenSecrets Blog | OpenSecrets


BBC News - Strauss-Kahn faces 'gang rape' inquiry

CNBC Analyst: Bain Capital 'Fired A Lot Of People' To Get 'Prosperity For The Rich' | ThinkProgress

Why It Doesn’t Pay To Cooperate With Police : Personal Liberty Alerts

Chicago Police Accused of Planting Evidence on "NATO 3" Protesters | | AlterNet

Chicago Police arrest more Anti-NATO protesters - YouTube

Activist Post: UN to Control World’s Information and Communications From Internet Hub in Africa

U.S. News - 'Life over war': US veterans return medals at NATO summit

NATO Summit Descends: Hello Police State, Goodbye America - 12160

NATO Summit Chicago ,CPD Heavy Beating Of Protester On the Ground, Policeman injured - YouTube

China Is Drowning On Excess Commodities And Canceling Orders left And Right - Business Insider

No More Gefilte Gangster Dirty Work - - YouTube

Gordon Duff : Time For You To Finally Listen | My Catbird Seat

Chinese company buys Kansas City-based AMC - KansasCity.com

Michael Deutsch Takes Questions from the Press - YouTube

"Terrorism Plot" or Entrapment? The Case of the NATO 3

Chicago police accused of planting evidence in 'Molotov cocktail' plot | World news | guardian.co.uk


Classified Woman Unplugged in a New Session with Alex Jones


**The Government Is Raping You: Sibel Edmonds - YouTube


THE FRAMEWORK FOR SUPPRESSING INFORMATION: Public Opinion in America's 21st Century Police State

GLOBAL NATO: A Geostrategic Instrument of Worldwide Military Conquest

Legitimizing Global Tyranny: Moving Towards World Government

NATO. "1984" Revisited. When "War is Peace"

Islamophobia: Washington’s "New Colonialism"

"NEW TECHNIQUES TO FIGHT AL QAEDA": The Use of Propaganda on American Audiences

» Homeland Security in the Land of the Free Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!




» Saad Hariri Aides Western Syria Destabilization from Lebanon Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» As The Elite Fences Itself In, Kissinger Announces Order Out Of Chaos Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

A New World Order | Obama - Kissinger | Charlie Rose - YouTube

» Why Mankind Is Screwed: The People Are Children, And Leaders Are Fathers Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

All-White Jury Acquits Houston Ex-Police Officer in Videotaped Beating of Black Teen Chad Holley

History of the Chad Holley beating case | Video | abc13.com

» Government collecting DNA from kids, whether or not they are involved in criminal activity Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Asking the Government for Permission to Live | Capitalism Magazine

Marco Rubio as vice president: the Bilderberg conspiracy - Kenneth P. Vogel - POLITICO.com

Guantanamo tribunal weighs separate 9/11 trials - NY Daily News

Seven people face terrorism charges in Northern Ireland | UK news | guardian.co.uk

More Details On Alleged Terror Plot, Two More Suspects In Custody: Chicagoist

Major CISPA opponent steps down, jeopardizing White House's veto promise — RT

Pentagon preparing for CISPA-like program? - YouTube

» The Ultimate Conspiracy: Eugenics and population control Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

First Read - Marco Rubio calls Obama most 'divisive figure' in US politics

SpaceX To Attempt A Second Launch On Tuesday, May 22 | TechCrunch

» Bayer CropScience and Bee Deaths Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Turn my brown eyes blue: New surgery can change eye color? | kens5.com San Antonio

BBC News - Light-powered bionic eye invented to help restore sight

» The Elite Believe That You Are Ruining Their Planet And They Want You To Stop Reproducing Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Report Shows How Radiation Can Destroy DNA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Why Voting “Not Romney” Is Rational for Conservatives (Part 1)

Why Voting “Not Romney” Is Rational for Conservatives (Conclusion)

Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony - YouTube


I’m so hungry, I could eat a human baby!!!! | THE JUGGALO NATION www.TheJuggaloNation.com


Post 9/11: The Black Sites | THE JUGGALO NATION www.TheJuggaloNation.com


Nasrallah: Episode One — Julian Assange

Horowitz-Zizek: Episode Two — Julian Assange

Marzouki: Episode Three — Julian Assange

Begg-Qureshi: Episode Five — Julian Assange


Demon King-Power, Magic Moloch


**The American Matrix - Age Of Deception (2009) Video by U.A.F.F. FILMS - Myspace Video

Sex, Drugs & Religion - (2010) Video by U.A.F.F. FILMS - Myspace Video

Global Eugenics - Using Medicine To Kill (2009) Video by U.A.F.F. FILMS - Myspace Video


A danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust ( english subtitles ) - YouTube

**9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length, Pre-Release-v1.3; Low-Res. - YouTube


Book of the Nephilim: http://bookofthenephilim.blogspot.com/


Obama or Anarchy? by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

The Terrible Truth About the TSA - Reason.com

Lockerbie bomber: Hero for some, murderer for many - Yahoo! News

Hidden Fingerprint of Weapons-Grade Plutonium Finally Found - Yahoo! News

BREAKING: Cardinal Dolan of NY, Cardinal Wuerl of D.C., Notre Dame--And 40 Other Catholic Dioceses and Organizations--Sue Obama Administration

Obama Administration Announces Colombian Free-Trade Permits: Let Them Import Arugula

Archbishop Questions Pelosi’s Logic

Missile Defense Umbrella Is Operational, But ‘Limited,’ NATO Says

States Exploit Loophole to Meet Spending Requirements to Get Federal Welfare Money

Notre Dame Sues over Obama Birth Control Mandate

Babe Ruth Jersey Sells for Record $4.4 Million

Megrahi’s Death Leaves Lockerbie Questions Unanswered

Bee Gees' Robin Gibb dies after long cancer battle

Obama: Confident Afghans can take security lead

Eclipse crosses Asia, US: Millions look skyward

Golden Gate Bridge Celebrates 75 Years With Help of Engineers

More than 60 Percent of Males Arrested in 2011 Used Drugs, Federal Survey Shows

Clarence Page: 'Right-Wing Wouldn't Have' Rev. Wright Story 'If it Wasn't for the Mainstream Media' | NewsBusters.org

Laura Ingraham Schools George Stephanopoulos: 'Did Obama Give That Money Back to Bill Maher?' | NewsBusters.org

NATO on Europe-based Missile Defense: It Cannot be Blocked by Russia | CNSNews.com

Scores of Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Bomb Attack

Does Sugar in Processed Foods Make You Dumber? New Study Says Yes.

Chicago Under Siege

Whole Foods Adds Creepy Warning Stickers To Their Raw Juices

Life in Occupied Chicago

10 Ways to Harness Boomerang Kids

CDC Targeting Baby Boomers for Mass Vaccination Agenda

The Idea Of Resistance Against The State

Facebook IPO in Trouble

Facebook Shares Earn ‘Neutral’ Rating as Advertising Woes Heat Up

Court: In Vitro Babies Not Entitled to SS 'Survivor' Benefits

Former Goldman Sachs Director Rajat Gupta Faces Insider Trading Trial

Graham: Jeb Bush Would Be Perfect Romney VP Pick

Violent NATO Protesters Take on Police in Chicago

U.S. High Court to Consider Suit Challenging Wiretapping Law

US Top Court Rules for Govt. on Immigrants' Residence

Liberal Lobbyists Frequent Visitors to Obama White House

Pro-Obama Super PAC Sputters

Facebook Shares Plunge More Than 10% in Second Day of Trading

Only 4 mg of This May Help You Maintain Youthfulness by Joseph Mercola

Train Your Brain for Monk-Like Focus

Robin Koerner on Blue Republicans and Why Ron Paul Remains the Hope for the US's Future by Anthony Wile

The Fed: Mend It or End It? by Ron Paul

Speaking Truth to Congress About the Fed by Peter G. Klein

We Need Private Money by Jeffrey M. Herbener

Is This What Freedom Look Like? by Jeff Berwick

The Rat Bike | Eric Peters Autos

House once owned by Frank Sinatra where JFK would rendezvous with Marilyn Monroe can be yours.... for $12million | Mail Online


Totalitarian Collectivism Part 1 – INTRODUCTION

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 2 – STATE

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 3 – CHURCH

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 4 – FAMILY

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 5 – ECONOMY

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 6 – SCHOOL

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 7 – MEDIA

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 8 – CORPORATIONS and LAW

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 9 – CORPORATE STATE

Totalitarian Collectivism Part 10 – GLOBAL CONTROLLERS


Lou Dobbs mystified by Obama-birth ‘taboo’

U.S. soldiers forced to wear U.N. logo?

Beijing caught in oil-field war

10 reasons why some don't care about eligibility

IRS gives billions in tax refunds to illegals

'Political correctness' is totalitarian mind control

The naked economy

Big Brother in your backyard, Part 1

Egypt's prophesied suffering, glory, redemption

The black paradox

PATRICE LEWIS: The 7 sins of socialism

J. FARAH: Breakthrough on eligibility story

TOM TANCREDO: Joe Wilson was right

J. CASHILL: Why Barack Obama got married

J. FARAH: The Southern Poverty Law Scam

Reform doesn't cut it!


**Cooking and Recipes


Illuminati Operatives On Sgt. Pepper Album Cover | Before It's News

*Sgt Pepper


Mars has been Reborn! (Going Green) - YouTube

NATO Protests and the Chicago Slime Job | Before It's News

US Citizens Under Massive Mind Control By NATO, Politicians, and US Military | Before It's News


54 MIN./Episode #123 - US Citizens Under Massive Mind Control By NATO, Politicians, and US Military - YouTube


Obama Has Signed 3 New Executive Orders, Understand This Is Not For Our Benifit - Video | Before It's News


WORLD WAR III: Obama's Executive Order - A Preparation For War With Iran?! - YouTube


**Alert! Obama Declares/Updates MARTIAL LAW Implementation - Executive Order Explained - YouTube


Executive Order -- Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation | The White House

Executive Order -- Identifying and Reducing Regulatory Burdens | The White House

Executive Order -- Establishing a White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities | The White House



Articles: Who is Barack Obama?

IMAGE:Who is Barack Obama?


» Dinosaurs in the Amazon? (Video) - Quasi Mundo

NATO Summit : Chicago Police Clash with Protesters (May 20, 2012) - YouTube

Eclipse Images from Around the World

Obama: The Groomed From Birth Dictator - Blackmailed By Foreign Nations? | Before It's News

BBC News - Arctic melt releasing ancient methane

Articles: Why Kenyan Birth Claim Was No 'Fact Checking Error'


*AFP PODCAST: End the Wars, Tax the Rich – Part 1 | American Free Press

*AFP PODCAST: End the Wars, Tax the Rich – Part 2 | American Free Press


FBI Demands Even More Surveillance Powers; Cites New Bomb Technology | American Free Press

OWS Latest Victim of Phony Terror Plot | American Free Press

NWO: Keeping Russia & the West Mortal Enemies | American Free Press

America Last: Will Zionist Pressure Force Rand to Rewrite Ron’s America-First Foreign Policy? | American Free Press

Obama, Clinton Selling Out U.S. Sovereignty in Secret | American Free Press

Boulder, Col., may impose mandatory energy efficiency for commercial and industrial sector

Doctor recants claim that reparative therapy can "cure" homosexuality

Iraq buys U.S. drones to protect its oil platforms

Goolsbee tries to defend Obama’s failure to get deficit under control

Christie, in speech to Ky. GOP, slams Obama as 'preening'

CURL: Hillary Clinton will be the 2012 veep candidate

White House visitor logs show frequent visits by lobbyists

US-Pakistan rift complicates NATO summit in Chicago

Popular House-passed line-item veto bill hits brick wall in Senate

Virginia's new voter-ID law makes it ‘easy to vote, tough to cheat’

Lung cancer screening guidelines updated

Priebus: GOP having 'great success' with Hispanics

House Republicans, Romney take aim at Obama’s stance on coal industry

Tyler Clementi's parents say his death bears similarities to that of Matthew Shepard

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards: Romney Puts Women’s Lives at Risk

RFK Jr. not invited to Mary's Manhattan memorial


54 MIN./Episode #122 NATO Summit; Obama Birth Certificate; Ron Paul; NDAA and Congress - YouTube

54 MIN./Episode #121 - This New Info Will Convert 99 Percent Of Obama Supporters To Birthers - YouTube


*Image:Tomas vs FEMA


*Promo/Lansky The Knife @ www.trueswords.com




Proof the FBI Changed Documents, and Vincent Bugliosi Was Wrong



Obamacide Of American Nation Warned to Accelerate


**Paul Harvey: If I Were The Devil: Infowars Version - YouTube


QE3 Puts A Floor Beneath The Market


**Crisis By Design The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup .wmv - YouTube


America in Prophecy: A Transhuman Replicant Future | Paul McGuire | Radio Talk Show Host | Author of The Day the Dollar the Died | Feature Film Producer | Television Commentator


*C2CAM/9-11 : Truth & Enigmas - 05-20-2012 - YouTube


Could a 21st Century USS Enterprise Really Fly? | Wired Science | Wired.com

At home with the denizens of Slab City - video reveals the lives of weirdos, hippies and drug addicts inhabiting the lawless patch of California desert | Mail Online

Weekend Feature: The Case of the Vanishing Alien Planet --A Kepler Mission Discovery

Buried microbes exist at limit between life and death - life - 17 May 2012 - New Scientist

Particles Walk Through Walls While Physicists Watch | Quantum Tunneling | LiveScience

Mass Dems are stuck with Elizabeth Warren

After 16 Months of Letters, Reports and Subpoenas, Will We Ever Get Truth on Fast and Furious?

Wayback Feature Unravels the Obama Bio Lie

The One Television Show that Obama Will Avoid

A Bush-Cheney Green Energy Project That May Increase America's Proven Natural Gas Reserves by a Factor of 100

Panetta Uses Military Budget to Prop Up Green Energy Firms

Obama the Inchoate Kenyan

Bayes' Theorem and Mr. Obama's Literary Agency

California Dreamin': A Nightmare of Collapse

Militant Nurses March for Something

Time for a Reset between the U.S. and Mexico

How to Write Democrat Autobiographies (or Naked Came the Kenyan Cherokee)

Jews, Jewish Leftists, and the Anti-Semitic Left

Why Wright Matters: Obama's on a Mission from God

Tax Reform That Is Simple, Transparent, Fair

A Glimpse of What Privatized Roads Could Look Like

Obama's Moral Compass

How Romney Can Win the Election

Are RINO's & Democrats planning a surprise attack in Tx GOP primary

Summer of 2012 kicks off as ‘Summer of Anarchy’ in Chicago

Is There Still a Principled Defense of Traditional Marriage?

Conservatopia: Rumination on Reality

Dwindling American Standards

Can We Avoid “Taxmageddon” in 2013?

Put Obama on a five-year green, do-nothing energy plan

The real reason Obama won’t get re-elected

Hawaiian Attorney General Responds to Ken Bennett’s Obama Birth Certificate Threat | Video | TheBlaze.com

House Passes Defense Bill That Includes an Act That Would Overturn Anti-Propoganda Law | TheBlaze.com

Advertorial | TheBlaze.com

Albert Mohler Explains Why Christians Oppose Homosexuality | CNN Belief Blog | TheBlaze.com

Gregory B. Jaczko Resigns from Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) After Allegations of ‘Personality Conflicts’ | TheBlaze.com

Officials: Violent Restaurant Melee Appears to Have Been Protester Attack Against White Supremacists | Video | TheBlaze.com

5-Year-Old Girl Is Now Living as a Boy: ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ Diagnosis | Video | TheBlaze.com

Mother Posts Photo of Son Born with Anencephaly - Flash Player Installation

Planned Parenthood Tweets About Masturbation Month | TheBlaze.com

Richard Dawkins Supports Handing Out Bibles in UK Schools | TheBlaze.com

Karl Rove Condemns Discussion of Jeremiah Wright: ‘Don’t Be Doing Stupid Things Like This’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

ABC: Is Obama America’s First Amish President? | TheBlaze.com

U.K. Won‘t Read Emails But ’There Is Quite a Lot You Can Learn’ Through Its Proposed Surveillance Program | TheBlaze.com

SNL Al Sharpton Routine | Keenan Thompson | Mick Jagger | Video | TheBlaze.com

Mom and 8 sons busted for running heroin ring

NC teacher captured on video suggesting student could be arrested for Obama criticism | Fox News

Diverse appointments to superior, appeals courts

Savage: Romney following McCain’s losing strategy

U.S. marks 150th anniversary of Homestead Act offering free land | Reuters

More than 60 Percent of Males Arrested in 2011 Used Drugs, Federal Survey Shows | CNSNews.com

TN Man “Fathers” 30 Kids But Can’t Support Any | WREG.com — Memphis News & Weather from WREG Television, News Channel 3

Disappearing Cars—The Automotive Threatened, Endangered and Extinct List | Fox News

Rutgers Spying Defendant Sentenced to 30-Day Jail Term

Robin Gibb Dead At 62: A Big-Screen Tribute

Is this the next Facebook? Microsoft unveils so.cl social network

"Pre-diabetes,"' diabetes rising among US teens

Chicago braces for final day of anti-NATO protests as demonstrators march on Boeing HQ - CBS News

Illinois governor meets several heads of state during NATO summit

Nuclear Regulatory Commission chief Jaczko resigns

In Joplin, a senior year to remember after tornado

Study: 2000 convicted then exonerated in 23 years

Twins conceived after dad died won't get benefits

$3.6M worth of marijuana found floating off coast of Orange County, Calif.

Florida Family Massacre: Tonya Thomas shot her kids 18 times before killing herself, reports say - Crimesider - CBS News

Al-Qaeda kills nearly 100 soldiers in Yemen attack

NATO Summit : Chicago Police Clash with Protesters (May 20, 2012) - YouTube

Russia's New Government Leaves Little Hope For Reform, Experts Say

Convicted Lockerbie bomber buried in Libya

Three climbers killed on Mount Everest

Twitter Blocked in Pakistan over Blasphemous Material - Prophet Cartoons

'Is that a record to be proud of?'

Money race tightens for general election

Obama assailed for hitting Romney's business record

Cory Booker backs off criticism of Obama campaign Bain attacks

05.20.12: Cory Booker Defends Bain Capital on Meet the Press - YouTube

Mitt Romney's Mormon faith tangles with a quirk of Arkansas history

Ron Paul wins Minnesota delegates

Ron Paul exit spared son from awkward Ky. primary

Gov. Christie: Obama is 'posing and preening,' not resolving issues as president




'The Avengers' crushes 'Battleship' and 'The Dictator' with $55.1 mil

Whitney Houston's last song, 'Celebrate,' a duet with Jordin Sparks, is released

Hulu to Launch Three New Series

Anchorman 2 Teaser Trailer: In This Movie, They Play Witches


Crowded House drummer Pete Jones passes away at 45


"Our House" by Crowded House - Grooveshark


Nick Stahl Found: "Terminator 3" actor checks into rehab, wife says - Crimesider - CBS News

Campbell to hike list prices for condensed soup 5%

Former Yahoo CEO Resigns From Splunk's Board

Where are Facebook's friends? Stock down after IPO

Facebook Falls Below its IPO Price

Cable Giants Partner to Offer 50K Free Wi-Fi Hotspots for Subscribers

Why Facebook's Falling Share Price Really Doesn't Matter

Gas prices dropping


YouTube: 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute


Annular Solar Eclipse Casts A Shadow On Earth - YouTube

Solar Eclipse May 20 2012 - Annular "Ring Of Fire" Eclipse - YouTube


Newly Discovered Planet Appears To Be a “Short Timer”

Why does Clothbot want to climb up your pants?

Study: 90 Percent Of Endangered Species Recovering On Time

G-8 to Eliminate Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Curb Climate Pollutants

Solar Eclipse: What is a Total Solar Eclipse & When is the Next One?

Aimee Copeland breathing on her own

Psychiatrist who championed 'gay cure' admits he was wrong

People with severe sleep apnea five times more likely to die from cancer, study shows - HealthPop - CBS News


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Politico Continues Attacks on Private Citizens Supporting Romney

Arnold: Relationship With Maria 'Terrific'

Their Rules, Not Ours: Time to Vet Private Lives of Journalists?

Flashback: Jeremiah Wright Praised CNN's Roland Martin As 'Long-Term Friend'

Immigration Lawyer Challenging Fauxcohontas in Primary

Trayvon's Mother Introduced As 'Mother Of New Civil Rights Movement'

SCOTUS takes US spy agency case

NOW Holds Anti-Rush Protest And Nobody Shows Up

Boxer Plays Gender Card On Rubio

The Left’s One-Percenter Problem

Mark Steyn on Obama's 'Born in Kenya' Bio: 'Composite Chicks Dig It'

Morning Joe Slams Obama Campaign Forcing Cory Booker to Make ‘Hostage Video’

Sebelius to Catholic Students: ‘Follow Your Own Moral Compass’

Media Already Manipulating Polling Data for Obama

New Media Victory: MTV Blinks; Unplugs Virgin Reality Show

'Crazy Dangerous' Review: Andrew Klavan's Latest Young Adult Thriller

The Lockerbie Bombing Hall of Shame

Was Jill Biden's Charity Run Out of Joe Biden's Senate Office?

Maher Slams 'The Vetting,' Proves Breitbart's Point

World View: Syria's Violence Spills Into Lebanon

NATO Shows Unity Over Afghan War

Rare Solar Eclipse Crosses Asia, US

Laura Ingraham Smacks Down Donna Brazile On Obama Job Numbers

Earthquake Kills Seven In Italy

Romney Honors Democracy Activists On Cuban Independence Day

Obama Pushes For Post-2014 Vision For Afghanistan

Daily Show Producer Disappointed He Couldn't 'Confirm The Stereotype' He Had About Republicans

MSNBC Praises Obama For Not Invoking 'White Privilage' He Has Because Of 'Interracial Heritage'

Bill Maher: Breitbart Posted 'Birther Bullsh*t'

Like Warren, Obama Claims Cherokee Ancestry--But Offers No Proof

Report: NATO Protesters Douse Cops With Urine

GM's Pathetic Stock Price Means a $30 Billion Taxpayer Tab

#OccupyNATO Protesters: 'Obama Come Out, We've Got Some Sh*t To Talk About'

Breaking: NATO Protesters Surround Riot Police

Bee Gees Singer Robin Gibb Dead

Caught On Video: NYC Cop Launches Tirade Over Illegally Parked Car

#OccupyNATO Clashes With Police Turn Bloody

Protesters Call For Medics As They Clash With Chicago Police

Mainstream Media Still Ignoring Fast and Furious

Protesters Violently Clash With Chicago Police

'Echo's Revenge' Review: Young Gamers Get a Fun New Fiction Franchise

Gawker Shifts Narrative Again: Trayvon 'Beaten' By Zimmerman

Breitbart Awards Honor Andrew's Legacy In Journalism, Blogging & Citizen Activism

Diplomatic War Breaks Out Between Israel and South Africa

Borat Burnout: Baron Cohen's Shtick Already Stale

Polling 101: Navigating the Polls in an Election Year

FBI Probe Of JP Morgan Chase Won't Matter; Firm Donated $808,799 To Barack Obama

Will Harvard Law School Condemn Elizabeth Warren for Pow Wow Chow Plagiarism?

McConnell Obama Needs To 'Become The Adult'

Cory Booker on Meet the Press: Obama Has a Surrogate Problem | Swampland | TIME.com

Two Reasons To Think The Affordable Care Act Will Work And Become Popular, Unless The Supreme Court Or Republicans Repeal It First | The New Republic

Lobbyists “a steady stream” at White House despite Obama pledge « Hot Air

Earmarks playing Congressional whack a mole

Daily Kos: Obama campaign maintains cash edge, but Romney and his Super PACs loom


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Microsoft's New Social Network, So.cl: It's Like Google+ For Wonks

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The Atlanta Declaration on Sustaining U.S. Leadership in Global Health & Water
Closure for Lockerbie Bombing Victims?
Graham: U.S. Should Stay in Afghanistan Beyond 2014
What's Next for NATO in Afghanistan?
Hollande Faces NATO Wrath Over Afghan Troop Pullout
Chen Guancheng Arrives in U.S.
Clashes as NATO Protesters Demand End to War
Cellphone Video From Italian Bomb Blast
Afghan Exit Strategy Doable?
Eclipse 'Ring of Fire' Wows Japanese Sky-gazers
Raw Video: Deadly Bombing at Yemen Parade Preps
In NATO, Defense Budgets Must Be More Transparent
Obama Pushes for Post-2014 Vision for Afghanistan

"60 Minutes" On Pink Floyd, Roger Waters "The Wall" Tour
Harold Ford Jr. On Booker: "I Would Not Have Backed Off The Comments"
NYT Reporter Goes To Romney's Church, Seeks Dirt From Worshipers
Harris-Perry: "Interracial Heritage" Gives Obama "Access To White Privilege"
Jesse Jackson: "Source Of Pain" Seeing Wright As "Object Of Degradation"
Scarborough: Booker Clarification Looks Like A "Hostage Video"
Rubio: Obama Most "Divisive Figure In Modern American History"
Obama Web Ad: Romney Economics: Job Loss And Bankruptcy At Ampad


Booker Backtracks, Now Supports Obama Attacking Romney Over Bain
Teacher Warns Student About Speaking Badly About Obama
Paul Ryan, Austan Goolsbee Debate Obama, Romney Economic Records
Karl Rove: Dredging Up Jeremiah Wright Now Is "Stupid"
"FOX News Sunday" Panel On This Week In 2012 Politics
George Will Slams New York Times Over Joe Ricketts Story
"This Week" Roundtable On Debt Limit, Romney, 2012
Pelosi On Debt Ceiling Fight: Boehner "Wants To Go Over The Edge"
McConnell: Obama Needs To Act Like An Adult
"Meet The Press" Roundtable On Wright, Ohio, Hot-Button Issues
Booker: Obama Attacking Romney Over Bain Is "Nauseating"
SNL Makes Fun Of Al Sharpton & MSNBC Show Again
Boehner: Keep Focus On The Economy, Not Jeremiah Wright
Axelrod: Mormonism Is Not "Fair Game"


* Transcripts:20th/Guests: Speaker of the House Boehner, Minority Leader Pelosi

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Guest: Representative Paul Ryan

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Interview with Senator Marco Rubio

Panel on America's Changing Demographics

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Reporters Discuss the John Edwards Trial

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Reps. McMorris Rodgers & Edwards Discuss Mitt Romney

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Interview with Representative James Clyburn

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Guests: Representatives Marsha Blackburn & Barney Franks

Guests: Rep. Mike Rogers and Gov. Deval Patrick

Guests: Gov. Martin O'Malley & RNC Chair Reince Priebus

11th/Obama's Remarks on Home Ownership

Interview with Representative Barney Frank

Shields & Brooks on Obama & Gay Marriage

10th/Reporters on President Obama and Gay Marriage

Panel on the DOJ Suit Against Sheriff Joe

Chairman Bernanke's Speech on the State of Banking

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