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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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17 May 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

The Doors

The Doors - Morrison Hotel (1970) (Full Album) - YouTube

The Doors - The Doors (1967) (Full Album) - YouTube

The Doors - L.A. Woman (1971) (Full Album) - - YouTube


Money Center Banks and Stricter Financial Oversight :

How Did Mitt Romney Get So Obscenely Rich? Robert Reich Explains - YouTube

Wagging the Electronic Dog | Kirwan's Art & Articles

Sources: Medical report says Zimmerman had broken nose, other injuries after fight - CNN.com

The Jews Behind Newsweek’s Gay Obama Cover | Real Jew News

Obama’s Alleged ‘Same-Sex’ Past | Real Jew News

The New World Order Exposed – Part I

Global Control Matrix Revealed

Who really runs the world?

Robin Koerner: It's Romney's to Lose: Here's How He Does It

David Icke - When The Knock Comes On YOUR Door!! - YouTube

Paul A Drockton M.A. Romney and Predatory Capitalism

Financial Markets Panic While US Obsesses Over Gay Marriage

Mystery object nearly causes mid-air collision | 9news.com

UFO NEWS | Ex-Army Colonel John Alexander Seeks Amnesty For Military Who Witness UFOs

Twilight Language: What Purpose Are The Reptilians?

The Odd Reptilian Theory and The People That Believe It | Top Secret Writers

The Elite Believe That You Are Ruining Their Planet And They Want You To Stop Reproducing

Activist Post: World's Prison Capital is Also #1 in For-Profit Prisons

Media Myth on H5N1 Transmission Cookbook Recipe


[1204.6206] Did the ancient egyptians record the period of the eclipsing binary Algol - the Raging one?


36 pg./Did the ancient egyptians record the period of the eclipsing binary Algol – the Raging one?


Low-Dose Radiation NEW A-Bomb Study - YouTube

Educated fools

School head threatens to expel under-13s with Facebook accounts - Telegraph

Doctors 'rewire' hands of paralysed man | Science | The Guardian

Chinese official: it's us or America

NPN Email Alert: Zionist Evangelicals are World-Class Censors

Market Day - Poll shows most users distrust Facebook

Market Day - GM to drop all advertising on Facebook - report

Facebook Co-Founder: America is OK. It’s the Rules That Are a Pain - Yahoo! Finance

Activist Post: DNA Goes Digital with New Biometric Tracking App

NDAA 2013 Headed to Full House; Smith/Amash Amendment Offered

Man builds Tesla gun that can shoot 20,000 Volts of electricity | Technology News Blog - Yahoo! News

Police Taking Cash from People, just because….

Charles Krauthammer Opposes Drones? - YouTube

Is Fox's Andrew Napolitano Encouraging Americans To Shoot Down Surveillance Drones? | Media Matters for America

Controversial US military course cancelled | Opinion Maker

FAA To Ease Rules For Police Agencies To Fly Unmanned Drones « CBS Los Angeles

Monsanto's Roundup Continuously Shown to Cause Birth Defects

When Does One's Free Speech Turn To Criminal Threats?

A Censored Race War - Thomas Sowell - National Review Online

Israeli Company Has FAA Permission to Fly Drones in U.S. Airspace! | Veterans Today

A New Count of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids - NASA Science

US election: 'When your name is Barack Hussein Obama, getting elected is difficult' - Telegraph

Money Center Banks and Stricter Financial Oversight

Debt Crisis was Created by Politicians and Central Bankers - Godfrey Bloom MEP - YouTube

Prince Philip about Hannah Jackson, blonde in red dress: 'I'd be arrested if I unzipped that' | Mail Online


Putting A Conspiracy Theory To Rest


Brookings - A Reliable Imperial Tool

Dispelling Confusion - Part B


Doctor J. Chiappalone - http://www.jchiappalone.com/


Terra Forming Terra: Acupuncture Effective for Addictions


Study finds java drinkers live longer - Worcester Telegram & Gazette - telegram.com


+Resveratrol and Curcumin Can Help Treat Cancer


Heather Pilatic: Bee Kills in the Corn Belt: What's GE Got to Do With It?

Undercover GMOs Slip through Labeling Crack | Farm Wars

Major Campaign Finance Loophole Closed...For Now | Care2 Causes

5 Most Profitable Blogging Subjects | Blog Tips for How To Blog For Money

How To Blog For Money: 10 Blog Tips for Beginners | Blog Tips for How To Blog For Money

Why 'Duplicate' Content is NOT Bad for Your Blog Ranking | Blog Tips for How To Blog For Money

Are Angels real? Are They Our Personal Protectors? What is Their Association with UFOs? | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Timeshift: Did Reality Reset After 911? | Before It's News

Stunning Timelapse of Planet Earth from Elektro-L

What does it feel like to orbit planet Earth? - YouTube

Panetta: Obama Has Authority to Override Congress to Declare War - YouTube

+The Elite Are Digging Their Own Grave - YouTube

Eclipse This Weekend - May 20, 2012

Obama Impeachment Bill Goes Viral! - YouTube

The Associated Press: RFK Jr.'s estranged wife, Mary, found dead in NY

Sex and Murder in The Land of Obama? - The Ulsterman Report

The Canadian National Newspaper: Astronomers report five UFOs on Moon, suggest intelligent alien life

Astronomers report five UFOs on Moon, suggest intelligent alien life - Ottawa ufo | Examiner.com



**SECRET ACCESS: UFOs on the record - YouTube


200+ Executives Flee JP Morgan! - YouTube

5 Secrets to Scare Away Identity Thieves | Before It's News

Most People Brush Their Teeth In The Wrong Way | Before It's News

How Blind Can 'Read' Shown In Hebrew University Research | Before It's News

Jeremiah Wright: ”I Made It Comfortable For Obama To Accept Christianity Without Having To Renounce Islam” | Before It's News

Ed Klein Wright on Obamas Christianity - YouTube

Rev. Wright: Barack Obama Has Done Nothing For Black Community - YouTube

Rev. Wright bribed to stay quiet in 2008? | Video | Fox News

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Speaks Out About Obama, Politics & More | Ed Klein | TheBlaze.com

Jeremiah Wright: Hillary Paid Black Preachers to Attack Me - YouTube

Ed Klein Talks New Book On Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Oprah

Meet Ed Klein, Author Of A New Book Smearing Obama

In 'The Amateur,' Ed Klein Talks to Jeremiah Wright, Unloads on Obama - Felsenthal Files - May 2012

Obama Trying To Rewrite History Of Presidential Bios | Before It's News

Ben Stein To O’Reilly: Obama Not A Smart Man | Before It's News

False Messiah | Before It's News

Why Are Christians Really Leaving Bethlehem? | Before It's News


The New World Order Prophecy - YouTube

The Seven Hermetic Principles -Awakening Intuition 854hz- - YouTube

Sacred Heart Activation 518hz - YouTube

Sacred Geometry DNA Activation 518hz - YouTube

The Aquarian Age Alignment - YouTube

NEW Reptilian Interview: The Reptilian Matrix - YouTube

Reptilian Interview: Reptilian Agenda & the Anunnaki Pt.1 - YouTube

Reptilian Interview: Reptilian Agenda & the Anunnaki Pt.2 - YouTube

Anunnaki Chakras Activation - YouTube

Archangel Chakras Activation - YouTube

Blue Flame Ascension Process - YouTube

The Matrix Removal Program - YouTube

The Divine Matrix Activation - YouTube

The Book of Adam and Eve - YouTube

The Serpent Holder - YouTube

The King of the Universe - YouTube

The Gospel of Jesus - YouTube

The Guides of Inanna - YouTube

Human Origins - YouTube

The Gospel of the Solar King - YouTube

Esophoria Mystery School - YouTube


**The Aquarius Initiation (2002 Edition) - YouTube


Medical Daily: Cycling May Diminish Sexual Pleasure in Women, Lead to Numbness of the Genitalia

What's Up With the Denver Airport? | Before It's News

Obama's Father Exposed As Anti-White Terrorist By British, U.S. Intel

Gaia Hypothesis Research May Answer Question: Is Earth A Giant Living Sentient Organism | Before It's News

What You Should Know & Should Not Do If You Find An Abandoned Young Wild Animal

Incredible Crystal Star City Hovering In The Air - It Looks Just Like An Alien Invasion - MessageToEagle.com

Assaulting Austerity - YouTube

Global Plans to Replace the Dollar | Project Censored

Prison Industrial Complex - BlackListedNews.com

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : 40% Delegates are Ron Paul!

OnStar Files Patents for Minority Report-Style Billboards :

BitTorrent Piracy Boosts Music Sales, Study Finds | TorrentFreak

israels illegal Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D - YouTube

Veterans for Ron Paul getting on the road to the RNC!!! - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Fox News: Ron Paul only candidate who speaks 'American'

Activist Post: 19 Things That All High School Students Should Be Told Before They Go To College

Activist Post: How The U.S. Dollar Will Be Replaced

Activist Post: Leading Antibiotic Linked to Sudden Death

SBSS 27. How Money Dies - YouTube

Sen. John McCain On Syria "US Must Act" CNN Interview by Anderson Cooper 5-14-12 AC360 - YouTube

The ‘Subsidized’ Loan Charade: The US Government is Profiteering on Struggling Students | This Can't Be Happening

White House Under Ire for Adding Obama Policy Plugs to Past Presidents’ Bios :

American's Journey: Sibel Edmonds Video: Think of This Every Time Your Congressperson Screws You (Again)

Latest Wikileaks dump shows Dems effort to throw 2008 election - National Conservative | Examiner.com

Ending Uncertainty is Prescription for Housing Recovery

Yoshikami: The Housing Rebound Illusion - CNBC

Chris Martenson: "We Are About To Have Another 2008-Style Crisis"


**Top 25 Censored 2012: Stories of 2010-2011


Resident who killed intruder in St. Louis won't face charges

Surveillance Drone Spotted Near Chicago - For NATO Summit? - YouTube

Austin Texas May Be Test Site For Drone Training! First It’s Crime Scenes, Then… - BlackListedNews.com

Quiet Eye: Magic 8 Ball System in Prometheus Advertising Video - BlackListedNews.com

George Soros Hosts Secret Elite Donor (Puppet – Master) Summit in Miami – Will ensure Obama re-selection - BlackListedNews.com

DEA wants to scan all license plates on Utah’s ‘drug corridor’ | The Salt Lake Tribune

Senators to Unveil the ‘Ex-Patriot Act’ to Respond to Facebook’s Saverin’s Tax ‘Scheme’ - ABC News

Marc Faber - NDTV interview 16 May 2012 - YouTube

Federal court enjoins NDAA - Salon.com

Economist: Copyright Is An Antiquated Relic That Has No Place In The Digital Age - informationliberation

Poll: 74 Percent of Americans, Including 67 Percent of Republicans, Want Obama to End Medical Marijuana Crackdown - Hit & Run : Reason.com

TB patient charged in Calif for not taking meds - Yahoo! News

Bring back butter... and cheese, red meat and whole milk! How our low-fat obsession may harm our health, says nutritionist | Mail Online

Sugar can make you dumb, US scientists warn - Yahoo! News

Multi-lateral War Crimes Are Still War Crimes, No Matter Who Commits Them

US Resource War Against China Further U.S. Militarization of The African Continent

Obama’s New Free Speech Threat

Video/Farewell Israel?

Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling'

Ten Points Everyone Should Know About the Quebec Student Movement

+Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 19


DRONES: From "Military Use" to "Civilian Use". Towards the Remote UAV Policing of Civil Society?

VIDEO: Pilots For 9/11 Truth: Intercepted

The Obama campaign and “vampire” capitalists

The Hidden Symbolic Meaning of the Movie “2012″

Census: Minorities Now Surpass Whites in US Births

Postal Service to Begin Closing Plants This Summer

Two Cabinet Members Named in Green Loan Probe

Rep. Camp: Obama Must Revamp Tax Code

Rove: Obama Campaign Looking Desperate

Rove: Wis. Recall Win Could Portend National GOP Victories

House GOP Challenges Obama With Defense Bill

Disco Queen Donna Summer Has Died at 63

Florida Student to Plead Guilty to Obama Threat

Ohio Republicans Move to Strip Money from Planned Parenthood

Romney: Clinton Was Better President Than Obama

GOP Exploring Options on Healthcare

Romney: I Don't Support Super PAC's Wright-Obama Ads

Brookings Study: Romney's Faith May Help With Conservatives

Syria's Assad: Nations That 'Sow Chaos' on Damascus Will Suffer

'Life of Julia' Ad Pushes Nanny State

Obama Camp Focuses on Likability

Biden: 'How about some ice cream?' - POLITICO.com

Facebook IPO: analysts warn investors away as more shares hit the market | Technology | guardian.co.uk

Cannes 2012: Jane Fonda the world's sexiest septuagenarian outshines stars half her age at Cannes Film Festival | Mail Online

'Vulture funds' circle as Greece fears grow - Business News - Business - The Independent

Tom Cruise says his phone may have been hacked - Telegraph

Drug Addicts Targeting Real Estate Showings - NewsRadio 1200 WOAI, San Antionio

Rocks Found At Trestles Beach Ignite In Woman's Pocket - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego

Study: 96% of restaurant entrees exceed USDA limits – USATODAY.com

Paul McGuire -- Rainbow Circus, Global Economic Collapse and Thermonuclear War

Police State -- Cops Are Out-of-Control - henrymakow.com

Scientists document volcanic history of turbulent Sumatra region | News & Research Communications | Oregon State University

The corruption and hypocrisy of China's Communist Party | The Japan Times Online

Mental disorder hospitalizations up 19% in 2011 - Marine Corps News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Marine Corps Times

Asia Times Online :: Arab autocrats aiding terrorism

Men like meat 'because it is strong and powerful, not wimpy like soy' (say study authors, who do not mince their words) | Mail Online

Chinese Physicists Smash Quantum Teleportation Record | Wired Science | Wired.com

We'll All be Living in a Science Fiction Movie | Before It's News

Markets Signal Coming Depression - henrymakow.com

Marriage License is a Trap - henrymakow.com

Arizona official to Hawaii: Show birth verification


‘Dean of Christian talk radio’ succumbs to cancer

Rich Buhler's last radio interview - YouTube


Judge: Slice 10 Commandments to just 6

Evolution, geology based on ‘vivid imagination’

Darwin's Creepiest Experiment Brought Back to Life | Wired Science | Wired.com

Rush: Obama planning late-year surprise?

Big ‘green’ comes clean

This Democrat may actually beat Obama in primary

Democrat argues now is time to resolve eligibility

Perverted principal reassigned - NYPOST.com

Here’s What Could Kill Facebook | TechCrunch

More private colleges offering tuition discounts | McClatchy

After FCAT scores plunge, state quickly lowers the passing grade - Schools - MiamiHerald.com

Hillary’s Terrorists by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

House Passes Stealth Legislation by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com

Court Rejects Obama Arguments, Enjoins NDAA Detentions -- News from Antiwar.com

Dueling Arms Shipments: Is Syria Becoming a Proxy War? -- News from Antiwar.com

The Surveillance State: Knowing Every Bit About You

Is There a Drone in Your Backyard? by Andrew P. Napolitano -- Antiwar.com

America the Serial Killer by John Feffer -- Antiwar.com

Is There a Drone in Your Backyard? by Andrew P. Napolitano

The Truth About New Technology X | Eric Peters Autos

Ron Paul vs. The Real 'Tinfoil Hat' Crowd by Scott Lazarowitz

Charles Hugh Smith: What Happens When All the Money Vanishes Into Thin Air?

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Can Make You Both Fat And Stupid | The Daily Feed | Minyanville.com

Prelude to a War | Young Americans for Liberty

The Health Benefits Of Serrapeptase | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog

Is Google Turning Us Into Cyborgs Altucher Confidential

G8 Summit to Focus on Africa Food Security

N. Korea Reportedly Resumes Work on Reactor

Private Spacecraft Ready for Launch to ISS

US Surgeon General Stages 'Walk to Wellness'

White House 'Strongly Objects' to Legislation Protecting Military Chaplains from Doing Same-Sex Weddings or Being Forced to Act Against Conscience

Is There Any Benefit Left To U.S. Citizenship?

A Gold Nugget As Big As the White House

Obama Uses Bush Endorsement Of Romney As Fundraising Pitch

Chris Matthews Compares Romney to Denny's

Univision Gloats About Beating NBC In Prime Time

GAO: Americans Over 55 Who Are Long-Term Unemployed Increases 6-Fold in 4 Years

House Panel Issues Final Warning for HUD Documents Concerning Affordable Housing Scandal

Biden attacks Romney tenure as venture capitalist

EPA Launches 'Stormwater Management' Competition for College Students

A Second Catholic School May Nix Student Health Insurance Because of Obamacare

Obama requesting help to pay for Afghan army

More People in Europe, Fewer in Russia and Latin America See U.S. as Positive Influence

Detroit Pastor Marvin Winans Assaulted, Carjacked

Hillary: ‘Government Cannot and Should Not Control Any Individual's Life’ | CNSNews.com

Pelosi Against Provision Protecting Chaplains From Being Ordered to Act Against Faith--Calls it a 'Fraud' | CNSNews.com

Boehner: 'Where's The President's Plan to Tackle Our Looming Debt Crisis?' | CNSNews.com

House Passes VAWA Renewal Bill, Maloney Links it to ‘Republican War Against Women’ | CNSNews.com

Overwhelming Rejection of Obama Budget a ‘Gimmick,’ White House Says | CNSNews.com

It's All About Him at AP: 'Lower Oil Prices Ease Load on Consumers and Obama' | NewsBusters.org

U.N. Human Rights Advocates Urge G8 to Take Up ‘Robin Hood Tax’ on Wealthy Nations | CNSNews.com

Romney Says It's OK to ‘Destroy’ Human Embryos Created Through In Vitro Fertilization | CNSNews.com

Rand Paul and Senate GOP: ‘How Do You Find Middle Ground With a Party That Has No Plan?’ | CNSNews.com

GAO: Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming 'About Equal to Entire World’s Proven Oil Reserves' | CNSNews.com

Newspaper Roundup for Thursday, May 17, 2012 | CNSNews.com

Is Greece the First Domino Toward Widespread Banking Panic and Currency Controls?

+What is the Average American Diet? – Infographic

Pathway To Legalization - YouTube

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 - YouTube

U.S. Law Professors Cast Further Doubt on ACTA's Constitutionality - State Department Confirms No ACTA Pre-Review | Electronic Frontier Foundation


Activist Post: Merging Man and Machine: Singularity vs. Humanity


Activist Post: Welcome to Life After The Singularity ... Ruined by Legislation (Satire)


Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers - YouTube


Approaching Cataclysm? A Conclusion of the Underground Bases :

'Ring of fire' solar eclipse to occur Sunday, May 20 - CBS News

Fake pig ears latest China food scandal: report | Yahoo! Health

Vitals - 6 cups a day? Coffee lovers less likely to die, study finds

Who Is Buying American Firearms Companies? Why? | Pakalert Press

» Bilderberg Technocrats Hacking U.S. Elections Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Election 2012 Prediction: Bilderberg Gets In :

theTrumpet.com by the Philadelphia Church of God

Congressman Darrell Issa: Second Amendment Hero - Gun Owners Of America

5 Reasons America Is In Decline - John Hawkins - Townhall Conservative Columnists

Devvy Kidd -- Obama most morally bankrupt impostor president in US history

President’s illegal alien uncle gets his license back - BostonHerald.com

Yay: Illegal Immigrant Uses Dead Man's I.D. For Years to Work as Top Airport Security Official - Katie Pavlich

The ambitious plan to build Star Trek's USS Enterprise - Yahoo! News

Why Barack Obama got married

Rev. Wright: Memoirs from under the Obama bus

Is there a drone in your backyard?

The king, the lords and the serfs

A slam-dunk issue for Romney

Expose the banksters!

The right slowly losing 'gay' marriage debate

Leftists support child molesters

B. PRELUTSKY: Pinocchio-nosed Obama flacks

MOLOTOV: Santorum: 2-faced

Sacrificial scams

L. KINSOLVING: Out of the closet came Obama

P. SCHLAFLY: Defeat Law of the Sea Treaty – again

Black churches: Betrayed again by Dems

President Obama Highlights The "Flaws" With The Founding Fathers & Their Consititution - YouTube

FLASHBACK: Obama Campaigning In '04: Deficit Is "An Enormous Problem" - YouTube


Infowars Nightly News 2012-05-16 Wednesday - YouTube

Alex Jones Show Complete (Commercial Free) Wednesday May 16th 2012 - Paul Craig Roberts - YouTube


**C2CAM - Lost Civilizations & Races Discussed !!- 05-16-2012 - YouTube





Are Mysterious Illnesses Linked to Fukushima? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Schumer Introduces Ex-PATRIOT Act: Will Banish Those Who Renounce US Citizenship

Ex Marine Reveals Hidden 'Perp' Program Behind FBI's No Fly List - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » U.S. Special Forces Being Deployed to Protect “Security” of Yemen

Prison Planet.com » Welcome to the Renewable Energy Future: A Lesson From Germany

Prison Planet.com » High-Fructose Corn Syrup Damages Learning Abilities, Memory

NWO: Web of Social Control - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul: The Legacy Factor

Why We're Entering the Age of Ron Paul - YouTube

Occupy Bilderberg: Operation Info-Jam the Air Waves! - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » MSM Condemns Heartland’s Experimental Billboard, Ignores What Climate Alarmists Do Everyday

Prison Planet.com » Action Alert: California legislature passes AB 2109, making it more difficult for parents to opt out of vaccines for their children

Infringing national sovereignty could lead to nuclear apocalypse - Medvedev — RT

Iranian Calls for 'Islamic Awakening' - Middle East - News - Israel National News

'Pentagon talks peace, arms Syria rebels via Gulf allies' - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Economists Sense The Fear Factor In Markets

Prison Planet.com » We Are Watching The Greek Banking System Die Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Is Earth Alive? Scientists Seek Sulfur For An Answer

10 Science Concepts that Could Spawn Awesome Supervillains

Hypothesis on alien life gains heft | The Columbia Daily Tribune - Columbia, Missouri

Police: More than 100 tips in case of bride's slaying

IRS: Daley pal owes more than $2.5 million in back taxes

Vice President Biden Campaigns in Eastern Ohio

Joe Biden - YouTube

Chicago NATO Summit This Weekend: A Suburbanite's Survival Guide

Hanging caused death of wife of Robert Kennedy Jr.: autopsy

Romney Raises $40.1 Million, Rejects Super-PAC Obama Attack Plan

Romney, 'super PAC' reject proposed Rev. Wright ad campaign

Romney Registers Personal Best 50% Favorable Rating

US Senate Votes To Confirm Two Nominees To Fed Board

Most US children under 1 are minorities, Census says

Teen finds finger food in Arby's sandwich

Top Republican boosts pressure for US tax rewrite

House passes GOP version of Violence Against Women Act renewal

Horse rescued after swimming 2 miles into ocean

Humane Society releases video of Tennessee Walking Horse soring

Zuckerberg Gets Religion for Facebook Revenue

Facebook IPO With ~10 Billion War Chest Could Just Buy Apple And Grow

Ratko Mladic genocide trial suspended indefinitely (+video)

Srebrenica mothers remember 1995 massacre - YouTube

German stance on Greek crisis softens as eurozone fears mount

The Queen's amphibious car

US ready to attack Iran, says envoy to Israel

Yemeni troops push into al Qaeda strongholds

Top secret model of Osama's Abbottabad hideout unveiled

Spain's queen snubs distant cousin Queen Elizabeth II

Autopsy of Trayvon Martin reportedly shows fatal bullet fired from 'intermediate range' | Fox News

How to survive without an unlimited data plan

Schumer Proposes Tax on People Like Facebook's Severin

Google Knowledge Graph: The Birth of a Siri Rival?

Twitter joins “Do Not Track”

Research firm finds 3997 "distinct" Android devices

WikiLeaks recovers from massive DDoS attack

According to iTunes, "jailbreak" is a four-letter word

Review: The Weather Channel's Slick New (and Free) iPhone App

Facebook IPO: Who's resisting Facebook and why

Cannes Film Festival 2012: A star is born

Travolta's second accuser withdraws lawsuit

Jennifer Lopez May Say Bye-Bye to 'American Idol'

Ellen DeGeneres Estate: Ryan Seacrest Officially Proud Owner

Taylor Swift Donates $4 Million For Music Education

Bobby Brown Debuted Whitney Houston Song on 'Leno'

Russell Brand says he was ‘very happy to be married’ to Katy Perry, adding: ‘I still love her’ - NY Daily News

Paralyzed, Moving a Robot With Their Minds

75-million-year-old Dino Skeleton Up for Auction - YouTube

Phineas Gage's Missing Brain Mapped

"Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse Coming Sunday

NASA estimates 4700 'potentially hazardous' asteroids

For sale: Tyrannosaurus skeleton at NYC auction

Some butterflies get unique wing patterns by crossbreeding

California Science Museum Gets $200M Gift To Build Shuttle Exhibit

Skulls in Florida Backyard Belong to Peru, Date Back to 1200

Eclipse 2012: Where to See It in the Bay Area

Is this greatest photo ever taken of earth?

What animals will win the climate change race

Examining Volcanic Lightning During Explosive Eruptions

Divers mark 10th anniversary of retired Navy ship as artificial reef in Florida Keys 1110 - The Washington Post

Very Sugary Diet Makes You Stupid

"Black Madam" will stand trial for injuries caused by illegal butt injection ring - YouTube

Study unpicks gene changes behind breast cancer

No Tears as Ga. Woman Sees Bacteria-Ravaged Hands

Brain Ailments in Veterans Likened to Those in Athletes

U.S. lowers threshold for lead poisoning in children

Home saliva test for HIV unlikely to be approved

Healthy eating can cost less, USDA study finds

New Drug Trial Aims To Prevent Alzheimer's Before It Starts

Black Madam to stand trial for illegal butt injections

More Doctors Using Electronic Prescriptions: Study

Man with Paralyzed Hands Writes, Feeds Himself Again After Nerve Rewiring Surgery

Making History: WH Ridiculed on Twitter for Altering Presidential Biography Pages

New Film Suggests Obama‘s ’Real’ Father Was His Commie Journalist Mentor… and the Birthers are Angry

This Tiny Apartment Saves Space With a Walk-Thru Shower and Fridge in a Drawer

Biden Delivers Another Screaming Speech: ‘We Inherited a God-Awful Situation!’

D.C. Police to Allow Sikh Officers to Wear Full Beards and Turbans on the Job

Prof. Calls Climate Change Denial ‘Self-Inflicted Genocide,’ Compares to Denying Holocaust

Biden Comes Unhinged in Angry Ohio Speech: ‘They Dont Get Us!’

Alligator Nearly Bites Off Scientist’s Arm as He Struggles to Fight Back

Watch 50+ Professors & Staff Resign From Christian University After Refusing to Sign Homosexuality Pledge

This Amazing Time-Lapse Video of the ‘Midnight Sun’ Will Make You Want to Visit Iceland

Limbaugh Scorches Biden: “The Last Thing You Do In The Democrat Party Is Inspire People”

Rush Slams Obama’s “It’s Always Tight” Comment On ‘The View’: He’s Ripping The People Of This Country

Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Seems To Differ On just About Every Obama Policy

Obama sidelined as player in summits - Washington Times

Senate rejects Obama budget in 99-0 vote - The Hill's Floor Action

G.O.P. ‘Super PAC’ Weighs Hard-Line Attack on Obama - NYTimes.com

NPR sees sharp downturn in advertising revenue, leading to talk of cuts - The Washington Post

Bush policies he reviled are crux of Obama's arsenal - Washington Times

Debbie Schlussel:“The Dictator” Mocks Slain Israeli Olympic Athletes, Avoids Insulting (or Mentioning) Islam; Anti-US Occupy Monologue

Debbie Schlussel:MORON: Bush Praises Arab Spring; George W. – Father of Islamic “Democracy’

May 16, 2012 FBI Agent Fleeing Massive Manhunt Warns “They’re All Insane”

The Rules Are Changing for Talking about Race

Insults Help Democrats Defeat Rich, Religious Nut, Racist, Redneck Republicans

Racism and the PC Inquisition

Senator Tom Coburn versus Everyone Else in Washington

Could Europe decide our election?

Strip club, Obama campaign are recipients of Chicago vendor payouts

Look who's headed to Chicago for the NATO summit

Romney fundraising keeping pace with Obama

Is Julian Assange responsible for the execution of an Iranian Mossad agent?

President's budget fails to get a single vote in congress

Welcome to the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity

Unions may have brought on disaster for themselves in Wisconsin

Civil Service Through the Looking Glass

Obama Invictus

Obama and the Marxist/Communist View of Marriage and Abortion

Liberals Ruin Everything

Globally Warmed Over: Hatred Unmasked at Last


Glenn Beck Offers Entire Obama Expose Free of Charge on GBTV | Video | TheBlaze.com


Part One — The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama | Glenn Beck | Video | TheBlaze.com

Glenn Beck Reviews Barack Obama’s Contradictions | Video | TheBlaze.com


Fight The New Anti-Semitism!: Dhimmitude: The Weed that choked the West!

The Ambivalent Theocrat - Charles C. W. Cooke - National Review Online

WORLDmag.com | Byte-sized Bibles | Daniel James Devine | May 19, 12

Russia Launches Military Satellite | Defense | RIA Novosti

Bilderberg 2012: Meet The Next Generation Technocrats - YouTube

» Common ingredient in soft drinks causes damage to brain function Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Medvedev: Infringing national sovereignty could lead to ‘nuclear apocalypse’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

How Big Pharma and the Psychiatric Establishment Drugged Up Our Kids | Personal Health | AlterNet

» Large hospitals spread MRSA superbug Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Fluoride is Not Safe, Despite CDC Claims Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Myth Busted: Vaccinations Are Not Immunizations Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Schett: Syrian Opposition Studies Terror Tactics in Kosovo - YouTube

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THR: Child Rapist Polanski 'Widely Considered To Have Paid His Debt'

Lovitz Not Backing Off Obama Criticism

MTV Juggles VMA Telecast to Appease Obama's Fading Youth Vote

Maher Goes Full Hack: Romney Bullying Worse Than Molestation

Obama In Danger of Losing Arkansas Primary

Alleged Rev. Wright Briber Eric Whitaker Reaped Big Benefits from Obama

Catholic University Commencement Speaker Hates Christianity

Book: Michelle Almost Divorced Barack After He Lost 2000 Congressional Race

Biden: 'If I Want To Be President Of The United States I Could Be'

Van Jones: Progressives 'Including Myself' 'Didn't Stand On Principle'

The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'

Obama Made Mexican Maids Cry in College

Exclusive -- Breitbart Lives in Chicago: Advance Screening of 'Occupy Unmasked' Will Kick Off CPAC Chicago

Anti-NATO Protest Rampages Through Chicago Neighborhood, Taunts Police

8-Year-Old Chastised For Wearing Black Make-Up To Dress As MLK Jr.

The Obama Administration's Radical Environmental Justice Blueprint

Fast and Furious: Why Eric Holder Will Lose the Legal Fight

Cherokee Genealogist Writes Blistering Criticism of Elizabeth Warren

Van Jones: Left Stayed Quiet During BP Spill Because Obama was a Democrat

Media Teams With Obama Campaign to Intimidate Super PAC

Klein Book Soft-Pedals Obama Abortion Record

Noam Chomsky: Sarah Palin Was Right About Obama's 'Hopey Changey Stuff'

Juan Williams Runs Interference for Eric Holder, Fast & Furious

Hillary Clinton and Democrats Still 'Evolving' on Gay Marriage

Why Conservatives Must Join the Battle for America On Twitter

Illegal Immigrant Working As A Newark Airport Security Supervisor Arrested For Identity Theft

Uniformed Military Banned from Downtown Chicago During NATO

Judicial Watch at KSM Trial: Defendants Show No Remorse, Respect for Proceedings

Protesters Terrorize Neighborhoods In Pre-NATO 'F*ck The Police' March

Wright: Hillary 'Paid Black Preachers' To Come After Me

Head Of Solar Company Selling Own Stock While Receiving Taxpayer Money

WH Slammed On Bain Ad: Didn't Obama Defend Solyndra Investments With 'Risk'?

Taxpayer Funded Solar Company Created More Jobs Overseas Than In US

Kucinich: '[Iran] Not Threatening Us! We're Threatening Them!'

New Ad: Justice For Sale

Obama Campaign Press Secretary Scorched In CNN Interview

Rangel: Obama Didn't 'Hug And Kiss Me Like I Wish He Would'

Current TV's Miller Compares Romney to Hitler

E-mails Show President Obama Had Direct Influence Over 'Green Energy' Loan Program

Pelosi: I Hope Obama Attack In NYT Is As Successful As Cubs On The Baseball Field

Noam Chomsky: 'When Obama Administration Decides They Don’t Like Somebody, They Murder Them'

Military's Aging Aviation Force

Biden Dismisses Workers Who Lost Benefits, Pensions In Auto Bailout: 'Most Did Fine'

Sharpton Slams African-American Pastors As 'Hypocrites' For Dumping Obama

Obama Raised $43 Million In April For Community Organized Campaign

Rev Wright 'Throws Barack Obama Down The Stairs' In Explosive New Audio

Obama Campign Plays Defense Against 'Karl Rove', 'Secret Donors' New Devastating Ad

DRAMA QUEENS: Obama Campaign Says 'Dreams Of All Our Daughters At Stake' If Romney Elected

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Rush on Nebraska: Conservatives split their vote, still enough to beat GOP establishment candidate » The Right Scoop -

DOE hearing: Damning emails show direct White House links to influence over loan program » The Right Scoop -

Van Jones admits environmental movement intentionally didn’t protest over oil spill because Obama was president » The Right Scoop -

Mark Levin calls out Boehner over plan to keep ‘popular’ parts of ObamaCare » The Right Scoop -

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Bernie Sanders goes nuts at reporter, attacks reporter’s supposed billionaire friends as vultures » The Right Scoop -

UPDATE: MORE REV. WRIGHT AUDIO – Townhall: Romney ‘repudiates’ conservative group’s planned Rev. Wright attacks » The Right Scoop -

Biden: Romney job to make money for investors even if it cost every single job in process » The Right Scoop -

“Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” » The Right Scoop -

Audio:‘Lost tribe’ of Israel returning home « Klein Online

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NATO summit to be ‘tactical turning point’ for Occupy: Soros-funded mag calls on movement to step up its game. « Klein Online

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America's Future Under 'Drill, Baby, Drill'

Updating World Deepwater Oil & Gas Discovery

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*Transcript:15th/ Obama's Remarks at Police Officers' Memorial Service


National Mood a Drag on Obama's Re-Election Prospects

How the Democratic Party lost its way | Fox News

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Today in History: May 17

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Arthur Brooks: The Statist Quo
Reid: Spending Cuts Must Not Gut Programs For Middle Class

Obama Campaign's Stephanie Cutter Again Calls Out Rove's "B.S."
"Morning Joe": WH Not Engaged
Schultz: The Filibuster Rules Must Be Changed
Miller: Romney Should Make Commercial With Debt Clock
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Egypt's Presidential Election
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Dozens Injured in Brazil Train Crash
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South Korea-U.S. in Joint Exercises
Camera Captures Bogota Blast
The Euro Crisis Summit?
Chicago Summit Will Clarify NATO's Role in Afghanistan
U.S. Effort to Reset Relations with Russia Have Stalled


Governor Christie and Mayor Booker: Don't Worry, We've Got This

Biden: Republicans "Don't Get Us, They Don't Get Who We Are"
Lovitz: "A Lot Of People Have Thanked Me"
Cherokee Genealogist To Elizabeth Warren: "Tell The Truth"
Ed Klein Talks New Book On Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Oprah
Reid: Republican Obstructionism Has Reached New Heights In The Senate
Krauthammer: Obama Will Run On Promising Again What He Promised In 2008
Will Smith Stunned At Proposed French Tax Rate After Praising Taxes
Van Jones: Environmentalists Don't Protest Democrat Presidents
Santelli: Why Should We Compromise On A Failed Spending Strategy?
Van Hollen: Boehner "Creating A Self-Inflicted Wound On The Economy"
Letterman On Obama: "What More Do We Want This Man To Do For Us, Honest To God?"
Bill Maher On Obama As "Gay" President, Romney The Bully
Howard Dean Has Car Accident While On The Radio
Gov. Christie and Mayor Booker: Don't Worry, We've Got This
Gov. Mitch Daniels: Addressing Debt Problem Would Spur Job Growth
Schultz: Romney's Policies Are "Bush On Steroids"
Herman Cain: Obama "Taking Black People For Granted"
O'Reilly: The Politics Of Gay Marriage Aren't Helping Obama
Charles Krauthammer: Eric Holder Is A "Political Hack"
Fineman: Obama Campaign Believes They Must Destroy Romney's Business Credentials

Hunting in the Shadows
Eurozone: What Would a Greek Exit Mean?
Spies Among Nuclear Scientists in Iran?
Capture vs. Drone Strike up for Debate
Video Captures Explosion Near U.N. Car in Syria
Lawyer: Strauss-Kahn Countersuit Desperate Ploy
Attack on U.N. Convoy in Syria
In Yemen, Dire Humanitarian Crisis Threatens Transition
U.S. Attack Sub Visits Philippines
Charles Taylor in Hague Court for Sentencing
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