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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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11 May 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


The Michael Savage Show 05/10/2012


"Angel From Montgomery" by John Prine - Grooveshark

"Illegal Smile" by John Prine - Grooveshark

"Paradise" by John Prine - Grooveshark

"That's the Way the World Goes 'Round" by John Prine - Grooveshark

"Fish And Whistle" by John Prine - Grooveshark

"Please Don't Bury Me" by John Prine - Grooveshark

"Souvenirs" by John Prine - Grooveshark

"The Hobo Song" by John Prine - Grooveshark


'It will lead to war' - Ron Paul fights to end military aid for Israel — RT

Ron Paul Update - YouTube

Romney Apologizes For Bullying In Prep School, Says He Didn't Know Victim Was Gay

Medicare Fraud: $5.6 Billion Paid To 2,600 Drugstores With Questionable Billings, Report Shows

UFO NEWS | VIDEO: Five to Eight UFOs in Israel’s Sky Wednesday Night

VIDEO | Steve Pierce, Witness to the Travis Walton Alien Abduction Recounts His Trials and Tribulations Following the 1975 Event

CRYPTOZOOLOGY NEWS | VIDEO: Mysterious Creature Caught On Underwater Camera

CNN Caught Lying About Delegate Numbers! (True Updated Delegate Numbers Included) - YouTube

Democrats pounce on story of ‘vicious’ young Romney bullying student | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

Mitt Romney: 99 Facts


Ring of Power ~ Empire of the City - YouTube


Wagging the Electronic Dog | Kirwan's Art & Articles

Sharon Hughes -- The "Evolving" Gay Marriage Debate

Surprise! Gay President Supports Gay Marriage - henrymakow.com

A Chinese Group Plans To Construct A 200 Acre “China City” In Michigan

FDA Seeks Prescription Drug Vending Machine

J.P. Morgan’s losses reveal market chaos - David Weidner's Writing on the Wall - MarketWatch

BBC News - Audio slideshow: Human Planet


- Aaron Koblin - Flight Patterns


When We’re Forced To Buy Bonds | Real Jew News


The Talmud and Bible Believers


The Talmud


Judaism - Talmud - Parts 1 through 4


Judaism - Talmud - Parts 9 through 16

Judaism - Talmud - Parts 17 through 24

Judaism - Talmud - Parts 25 through 30

Judaism - Talmud - Parts 31 through 36

Judaism - Talmud - Parts 37 through 42 (The Last One)


Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of American Media

Henry Ford: Can a Freemason be an "Anti Semite"? - henrymakow.com

Henry Ford unmasked at last!!

Immunization Graphs - The Real Story on Vaccine Effectiveness | Farm Wars





Google Translate: "The human race has pushed the earth"

+The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

When will British Military and Security experts start talking logic? « Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You

U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use 'Hiroshima' Tactics for 'Total War' on Islam | Danger Room | Wired.com

Use of white noise to block sound at Guantanamo 9/11 hearing was an error, Pentagon says | McClatchy

Who really runs the world? | Cosmic Convergence 2012

Global Control Matrix Revealed | Cosmic Convergence 2012

An Effective Method to Restore Due Process – Tenth Amendment Center

Voter fraud facts and fiction (OneNewsNow.com)

Poll Shows Americans' Pessimism on Economy Growing

FBI chief urges US Congress to renew wide-ranging surveillance power in counterterror probes - Yahoo! News Canada

Queen’s speech unveils UK’s ‘Patriot Act’ Web monitoring plan | ZDNet

CNN: Entire Outfit of Al-Qaeda Terrorists Are Planning Attacks Against US :

Military Job Video: Internment Specialist, Concentration Camp Guards In the USA :

Meet Your Global Tax Collector :

The Excavator: Truthers, Rejoice! CIA Leaks After Hitting The Iceberg of Truth

Activist Post: The Origins and Evolution of the Student Debt Crisis

What Kind of Society Do Americans Want? | Opinion Maker

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio sued by US authorities as standoff escalates | World news | guardian.co.uk


* On May 10th Obama Signed another Executive Order | _


+Reality Check: All Republican Delegates Are "Free Agents" and Unbound? - YouTube

Should The Ron Paul Blimp Fly At The GOP Convention In Tampa?

Not Mitt - Oklahoma City Conservative | Examiner.com

Ron Paul News: Will Mitt Romney Be Invalidated? - Peace | Liberty | Prosperity

Paul Drockton: CIA Fraud and the Shadow Government

Apparently Apparel - A New Style of Coverage! - Apparently Apparel's Newsroom

Empire Of The City: D.C., London, Vatican City - YouTube

Romney Investigated for Two Felonies, Could End Presidential Run ~ Sentencing of First Convict June of 2012 | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Ron Paul 2012

Romney Will Increase Military Spending By $2.1 Trillion With No Plan To Pay For It | ThinkProgress

Romney to Ron Paul Get Out Of The Race OR ELSE!!! - YouTube

Activist Post: Shadow Government Would Thrive With Romney as President

BBC News - Undercover agent in al-Qaeda bomb plot 'was British'

Open Channel - Spy who uncovered underwear bomb plot is British national, sources say

+What Really Happened with Mike Rivero 9th May 2012

Activist Post: British Intel MI5 And MI6 Behind Underwear Bomb Plot

More Emergency Evacuation Shelters Being Setup

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : FOX: Ron Paul Maintains GOP LEAD

Big questions remain unanswered over the government's 'snooper's charter' | Technology | guardian.co.uk

'Snooper's charter' delayed after last-minute coalition talks | Politics | guardian.co.uk

FBI pleads Congress for more surveillance power - YouTube

Final Nail in Euro: 'It's a programmed crisis' - YouTube

Ron Paul Is Our "August Surprise" - YouTube

The Jones Plantation - YouTube

Frottage Fever and a Date with the Reaver - YouTube

CNN: Entire Outfit of Al-Qaeda Terrorists Are Planning Attacks Against US

What kind of society do Americans want? > Americas > Redress Information & Analysis

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Rick Santelli: \"Wake Up Young People\" - Your generation, and the generations to follow you that aren’t born yet, are paying for a meal that previous generations like mine have eaten.

Activist Post: Fresh Food Moms Threatened With Criminal Charges Scheduled to Disobey

Cop Boots Pregnant Woman In Stomach; Dept. Says It's Fine

Does The West Have A Future? |

JP Morgan Reveals Large Trading Loss; Shares Hammered - Stocks To Watch Today - Barrons.com

The "World's Largest Prop Trading Desk" Just Went Bust | ZeroHedge

Dangerous glass fibers in cigarettes worsen lung damage for smokers

More Recessionary Market Signs | The Daily Capitalist


THE EMPIRE OF "THE CITY" (World Superstate) part 1.avi

THE EMPIRE OF "THE CITY" (World Superstate) part 2.avi


Activist Post: UN Global Governance Funded by Climate Change Policies

Queen’s speech unveils UK’s ‘Patriot Act’ Web monitoring plan | ZDNet

Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage for 1% of the Vote | _

Americans Disenfranchised through Illegal Votes | _

Truthers, Rejoice! CIA Leaks After Hitting The Iceberg of Truth

Does The West Have A Future?- by Paul Craig Roberts

Sibel Edmonds: US government needs to keep the fear factor alive - YouTube

Meet Your Global Tax Collector: 'Tax Inspectors Without Borders' - BlackListedNews.com

Sold My Soul: Life in Coal Company Towns (IUP Special Collection) - YouTube

US military course taught officers 'Islam is the enemy' | World news | guardian.co.uk

BSO offers Deerfield Beach employees $100 to report crimes - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

Big Oil Is Gaming the System to Keep Domestic U.S. Prices High - BlackListedNews.com

Americans consume 80 percent of world's pain pills as prescription drug abuse epidemic explodes | Mail Online

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Oil Wars on the Horizon | TomDispatch

Colin Powell: U.S. was set for war with Iraq before his U.N. speech

JP Morgan Suffers ‘Massive’ Losses: $4.2 Billion Probable; May Spread to Entire Sector - BlackListedNews.com

FDA denies a petition that sought to ban BPA from food packaging - BlackListedNews.com

2007 New Yorker Article Exposed US-Israeli-Saudi Conspiracy to Overthrow Assad - BlackListedNews.com

Colombia passes 1st draft of drug crop legalization bill - Colombia news | Colombia Reports

Navy Moving Ahead With Effort to Put Lasers on Ships | Defense Tech

Cameron Says Euro Needs Single Government « Zen Haven

Microsoft bans Firefox on ARM-based Windows, Mozilla says | Business Tech - CNET News

The History of Government Sponsored Terror - YouTube

Man sues city over seizure of house with underground shelter

Ron Paul on 'Bankster Power' - informationliberation

Underwear Bomb Seizure Being 'Exploited' By FBI Urges Restoration of Searches Without Warrants

'Vomiting and Screaming' in Destroyed Waterboarding Tapes

60 Minutes Producer: "The Nazis Did A Lot Of This"

Is The United States An Accidental Empire?


*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 10, 2012


Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 18

Cocktail-Sipping Government Lap-Dogs Downplay the Real Attacks on Government Whistleblowers

Obama Deeds vs. Obama Words

Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans

The New World Order

A Tipping Point for Israel by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com

Hornberger's Blog - It's Again Time to Dismantle the Cold War Military Machine

What Constitutes a Fair Trial? by Andrew P. Napolitano -- Antiwar.com

The spectacle of terror and its vested interests | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Three Generations and Forever Out by Fred Reed

Naked Man at the Airport by Dale Sinner

Rationally Defending Ron Paul: Detractors and Supporters Beware by Adam Sparks

When in Doubt, Ban It by Gary Biller

Do You Have a Gun in Your Car?

Stuff That’s Gone Away | Eric Peters Autos

In Case You Really Have To Flee The Authorities... - Business Insider

(Videos)FEMA Camps And Gun Grabbing Troops, The Storm Is Coming | Before It's News

2012 Secret Revealed: Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic By December 21, 2012 | Before It's News

Elite Is Planning Genocide Of Two-Thirds Of The World Population - Kevin Trudeau Personally Spoke With Bilderberg... | Before It's News

U.S Army Official Responds to Re-Education Camp Manual | Before It's News

THE COVER UP IS GOING DOWN!!! Hi-Res image of an alien spaceship leaked on NASA server. - YouTube

Secretive Knights Templar Make Astounding Bid to Save World | Before It's News

NSA Document Admits ET Contact | Before It's News

Ancient Book of Psalms unearthed - 2006.mpg - YouTube

Messages from an Ancient Advanced Alien Intelligence | Before It's News

Is This Why Bankers Caused The Crash? People 'Freeze Up' And Fail More And More As The Money On Offer Increases | Before It's News

Mind-Bending: Controlling Your Windows PC With Your Brain Is Possible (And The Hardware Is Already On The Shelves) | Before It's News

IBM Next 5 in 5 2011: Mind Reading - YouTube

* Earliest Known Mayan Calendar Goes Beyond 2012 | Beyond Science | Science | Epoch Times

ObamaCare’s Muslim Exemption

IBM Research: Diagnosing psychosis with word analysis

IBM Research: Is the Internet reaching its limit?

$100 Million NATO Mission to Invade Chicago

U.S. military training ironically advocates attacking civilian populations to fight terrorism

Activism for Justice

ICE ignores MA governor’s objections, implements Secure Communities program

Medical Marijuana Irrelevant To Romney - YouTube

Why I choose nonviolence - YouTube

Syrian War - The Prequel: 2007 New Yorker Article Exposed US-Israeli-Saudi Conspiracy to Overthrow Assad

The Greek Solution: How to Sell Freedom to the World

Study Predicts Fracking Fluids Will Reach Water Supplies 'In Just a Few Years'

Soros Tides Foundation Under Investigation for Funding Foreign Radicals

CISPA vs. The Pirate Bay: who will win the future of information sharing?

Are Corporations People? - YouTube

How Young Libertarians Are Saving Conservatism - YouTube

Andy Garcia on the Movie About Freedom Hollywood Would Not Make

Obama: George Clooney and Me Are ‘Dope and Hope’

Biden to Students: ‘You All Realize You're Spreading Socialism, Don't You?'

Biden to Students: You'll See 'Solar Energy as Cheap as Gas--Uh, Coal, Excuse Me, as Coal'

House Armed Services Committee: Chaplains Cannot be Forced to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Using Funds to Defend Challenges to Obamacare

'I Am Not Going to Surrender My Office to the Federal Government,' Sheriff Arpaio Says

Federal Reserve Board ‘Trying to Do Too Much,’ Congressman Says

Obama jokes with Clooney at star's gala fundraiser

Advocates: HIV prevention pill could save lives

China Threatens the Philippines After U.S. Reaffirms Commitment to Mutual Defense Treaty with Manila

Rep. Ron Paul Votes Against ‘One-Sided' Bill to Boost US-Israel Ties

House Panel Cuts Obama’s Foreign Aid Budget, Targets United Nations Funding

Time Magazine Cover Shows Mother Breastfeeding her 3-year-old

Poll shows Americans' pessimism on economy growing

Reid: ‘We Don’t Pick and Choose Winners and Losers’ with Ex-Im Bank Subsidies

The Real Dan Savage: The Bully Against Bullying

White House Lied, Jobs Died

Inhofe Introduces Bill To Require EPA Appointees Be Confirmed By Senate: 'They Want To Put People Out Of Business'

The Antietam of the Culture War

Golf Carts and Paper Plates: Will Military Cuts Force Us to Use Carter Era Military Training Techniques?

California Considers Legislation Making it a Crime to Counsel Children Not to Be Homosexual | CNSNews.com

DeMint Urges Opposition to Sea Treaty, Citing ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ and ‘Freedom of Navigation’ | CNSNews.com

Huffington Post Headline: 'How Cheating Can Save Your Marriage' | NewsBusters.org

Cable 'News' Network: Barney Frank Proudly Shows CNN His Engagement Ring | NewsBusters.org

Did The WashPost Report a 5,000-Word Expose on Obama's Cocaine Use In the Last Cycle? Of Course Not | NewsBusters.org

CNN Legal Analyst: Obama's Grandparents 'Would Have Looked a Lot Like George Zimmerman's Grandparents' | NewsBusters.org

Ancient Mayan Artwork, Calculations Discovered

FBI asking Internet Companies for Wiretap-Friendly Back Door

Rasmussen Poll: Momentous Breakthrough for Romney

Poll: Americans’ View on Economy Growing More Negative

Biden Apologizes to Obama for Gay Marriage Debacle

Rove: Romney Needs Clear Economic Vision to Win

US Postal Service Will Have No Money by October

Pro-Life Groups Irked By Romney Fundraiser With Birth Control Maker

Sen. Kyl: Obama Views Free Enterprise as 'Gordon Gekko-Style Greed'

Poll: Evangelicals Flock to Support Romney

Romney Takes Page From Obama Campaign, Raffles off Dinner

Bill Clinton Denies Claims in New Book

Syrian Opposition Chief: Al-Qaida Linked to Suicide Bombings

Banking Expert Whalen: Obama Ignores All ‘Fraud on Wall Street’

MIT Economist Johnson: JPMorgan CEO Dimon Should Resign

Six Painless Ways to Cut Fat From Your Favorite Foods

Digital 'Wallets' Unveiled at New Orleans Trade Show

Ancient Mayan Workshop for Astronomers Discovered

Convention Scenarios Favor Obama


Beach Boys Singer Bruce Johnston -- 'Obama's a Socialist A-Hole' | TMZ.com


WH won't push gay marriage into party platform | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Don’t cry for Auntie Zeituni - BostonHerald.com

Chris Rock drops "funny" F-bomb on Cameron Diaz - CBS News Video

Washington Post Romney 'Bullying' Profile Contradicted By... Automobile Magazine

Sister of Alleged Romney Target Has ‘No Knowledge’ of Any Bullying Incident - ABC News

Washington Post Changes Story, Doesn't Admit Error

Cuba Proposes U.S. Release Cuban 5 In Exchange - Flash Player Installation

More spies in U.S. than ever, says ex-CIA officer - CBS News

Sheriff Joe demands Obama draft registration

Justice Dept. accuses Ariz. Sheriff Arpaio of racial profiling - Washington Times

Sheriff Joe to Holder: ‘Clean your own house first!’

Israel Not Invited to NATO's Chicago Summit - ABC News

Facebook Co-Founder Saverin Gives Up U.S. Citizenship Before IPO - Bloomberg

Bill Clinton calls Obama ‘amateur’ president: book - NYPOST.com

President Obama's former doctor claims that the president lacks passion, feeling and humanity - HUMAN EVENTS

Obama: 'Sometimes I Forget' Magnitude of the Recession | The Weekly Standard

New Black Panthers Giggle Planning Newspaper Cover With Zimmerman In A Noose

Geraldo Details TSA 'Rape' Pat Down: ‘My Junk Was Junked'

April Kauffman, found slain in her Linwood bedroom, was community activist and former radio talk show host - pressofAtlanticCity.com: Northfield | Linwood | Somers Point: with video and photo gallery,

Chinese-Made Inflatable Slides Recalled Over Death | National News | United States | Epoch Times

Modern psychiatry. More harm than good? | Environment & Health | Health | Epoch Times

The Antietam of the culture war

Who says Obama never tells the truth?

This seat is unoccupied

God: Just too embarrassing to keep around

Uncle Sam turns tricks (and stiffs sex workers)

ACLU: Shameful hypocrites

Obama's gutsy move on same-sex marriage

A. COULTER: Elizabeth Warren dances with lies

Please, Republicans, take the offensive!

J. FARAH: How red states turned blue and vice versa

R. RINGER: Bill Ayers is right about America's decline

Stuck with a RINO? Try the 90% solution

L. ELDER: Obama media's pretzel-twisting

B. FARBER: O's foreign-policy grade: Less than an 'F'

MOLOTOV: Where's PETA on Obama's dog-chowing?

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™

Breitbart witness: He dropped like sack of bricks

Witness describes the strange and sudden death of Andrew Breibart - YouTube

Kuwait: Dissing Muhammad could cost life

Education blogger fired for calling black studies 'claptrap' | Mail Online

Blair Moses Goes on Hunger Strike to Demand Gender-Neutral Campus Bathrooms The University of Minnesota-Dulut | TheBlaze.com

False sex-assault convictions easier under Obama

Cosmic Log - 3,000-year-old artifacts reveal history behind biblical David and Goliath

FBI Fears Bitcoin's Popularity with Criminals | Threat Level | Wired.com

Contamination found in Kotel prayer books - Israel Culture, Ynetnews

‘Marxism led Madalyn Murray O’Hair to atheism’

Effort under way to root out non-citizen voters in Florida

Reid: Democratic party platform will include pro-gay-marriage plank

Poll: Iowa Democrats want Hillary Clinton in 2016

MTV launches young voters strategy

Romney’s team starts to look like Bush’s

Hybrid car owners cite price, technology in refusing to buy again

Sources: Robin Roberts Feared Obama Interview Would Out Her as a Lesbian

House GOP votes to kill major part of the Census and to rein in lawsuits against states

Same-sex marriage debate may carry risks for Tim Kaine, Obama in Virginia

Obama touts gay marriage stance at Hollywood fundraiser

Exclusive: NARAL President Nancy Keenan to step down

U.S. sues Arpaio's office over treatment of Latinos

University of Pennsylvania also listed Elizabeth Warren as a minority

Sunburns, tanning-bed use up among adults under 30, CDC study shows

Documents withheld in GSA scandal

House shifts pending budget cuts from defense to entitlements

Former Chronicle reporter claims gender discrimination

CDC mulls hepatitis C testing for boomers

Male cheerleader's suicide stuns Florida high school

FDA advisers back first drug to prevent HIV

John Edwards wanted to be Supreme Court justice, former adviser testifies

Romney apologizes for high school 'pranks,' says doesn't recall hair-cutting incident

Conservatives may recommend that states withdraw from Obama's education program

Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents

Liberal Al Franken presses Justice Department to explain phone-tracking practices


Activist Post: What is Astaxanthin? A Powerful Antioxidant Able to Slow the Aging Process

Astaxanthin Supplement and Its Health Benefits - Mercola.com

Importance and Benefits of Astaxanthin - YouTube

The top three supplements used by the Health Ranger: Vitamin D, astaxanthin and fish oil

ASTAXANTHIN: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings - WebMD


**The History of Modern Healthcare with Dr. Peter Glidden - YouTube


*c2cam/Power of Crystals - 05-10-2012 - YouTube


UFOFAX - http://ufofax.blogspot.com/

UFOFAX: http://ufofax.com/


Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 "Doomsday" Myth

‘Sylvester Stallone’ spotted in 16th century painting | Movie Talk - Yahoo! Movies

Digital 'wallets' proliferate at cellphone show

Swarm of Tiny Satellites Would Serve as Soldiers' Eyes | DARPA SeeMe | Space.com

Follow The Magic Thread: Flying Saucers - The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Media Spins Wild Conspiracy Theories To Sell NATO Attack on Syria - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » 3.6 Million Taxpayer Dollars Being Used To Support The Lavish Lifestyles Of Former Presidents

Prison Planet.com » Open Borders Special Report: Operation ‘Fast & Furious’


Ghost City Goes High Tech - YouTube

We Are Doomed! Says the Club of Rome - YouTube

Obama threatens to veto DOJ budget because it blocks Fast and Furious gun control law

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™

Prison Planet.com » Congressman calls for immediate resignation of TSA head, calls agency ‘bloated, broken bureaucracy’

Prison Planet.com » Americans stashing cash at home as mistrust of banks spreads


+Prison Planet.com » High Level Insider: DHS Preparing to Start A Civil War


**High Level Insider: DHS Preparing to Start A Civil War!! - YouTube


Pedophilia Groups Invade Facebook - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Non-Stick Cookware Dangers – Why You Should Avoid this Cookware

Scientific Ghost City To Test Future Technology - Yahoo! News UK

Common household chemicals 'causing cancer and reduced fertility' - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Another victim of conventional cancer treatments: Beastie Boys co-founder Adam Yauch dead at 47

Prison Planet.com » Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Are Using A Massive Scam To Get Bigger Tax Refunds Than You Are

Banks prepare for the return of the drachma - Yahoo! Finance

ILLEGAL Immigrants Receive $Billions Yearly via IRS Loophole INCOME TAX FRAUD - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » China Launches Campaign to Eradicate House Churches

US Defense Secretary: Intelligence Reports Indicate Al-Qaeda Presence In Syria

Radioactive man? Milford resident pulled over by state police - Connecticut Post

Prison Planet.com » The Surveillance State: Knowing Every Bit About You

U.S. Army Responds To Prison Camp Document - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Truthers, Rejoice! CIA Leaks After Hitting The Iceberg of Truth

Prison Planet.com » Is The Food We Eat Killing Us?

How to Wake People Up The Right Way - YouTube


Playboy's Party Jokes(http://f-g-h.com/stuff/playboypartyjokes.php)

100 Funniest Jokes of All Time(www.bluedonut.com/jokes.htm)


Jackie's Joke Hunt June 7th 2011 - YouTube

Jackies Joke Hunt April 24th 2012 - YouTube

Jackies.Joke.Hunt.2-28-2012 - YouTube

Jackie Joke Hunt 1-24-2012.m4v - YouTube

Jackie Joke Hunt January 30th 2012 - YouTube

Jackie Joke Hunt March27th 2012 - YouTube

Jackie Joke Hunt 3-06-2012.m4v - YouTube

Jackies Joke Hunt 4-17-2012 - YouTube


» Air Force Document: Drones Can Be Used To Spy On Americans Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Al Qaeda Mole Recruited By British Intelligence: Officials - ABC News

Missing words from 9-11 tribunal: CIA and "big-boy pants" - chicagotribune.com

Pentagon disputes claim that memo gave Obama cover in case of bin Laden raid failure | Fox News

» Al Qaeda Bombmaker Designs Bombs to Hide in Cameras, Hard Drives and Pets Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Human Hormones Are Being Eclipsed By Synthetic Chemicals Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

World News - Egypt's first televised presidential debate thrills viewers

Japan Nears Takeover of Troubled Tokyo Electric Power - NYTimes.com

» Rick Santelli: Shill for the Banksters Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Rick Santelli to Generation Y: Wake Up! - YouTube

» Ron Paul Hearings on Ending Bankster Power Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Ron Paul Chairs Hearing On The Future Of The Federal Reserve - YouTube

Romney Takes Swipe at Ron Paul’s Budget Blueprint

» Meet Your Global Tax Collector Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» The Real Reason for O-Bomb-Ya’s Flipflop on Gay Marriage Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05-06-2012) False Flag Hack Attacks & The 2012 Election - YouTube


+Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – May 10th, 2012

+What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – May 8-10th, 2012


Gerald Celente on The Keiser Report- 03 May 2012 - YouTube

Gerald Celente - Fox and Friends - May 6, 2012 - YouTube

55 years with Ron Paul. Exclusive interview with his better half, Carol Paul, on SchiffRadio.com - YouTube

Taxes, Busybodies, and Soul-Sucking Bureaucracy: The Real Story of Julia - YouTube

Ungagged: Telling the Sibel Edmonds Story - YouTube

Farmageddon - an interview with Kristin Canty - YouTube

The Underwear Bomber And Re-education Camps (pressfortruth.tv) - YouTube

Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Nabeel Rajab & Alaa Abd El-Fattah (E4) - YouTube

(Audio)FBI Staged Terror Plots, Bin Laden Death Victory Lap – Abby and Robbie Martin | Dprogram.net

What Will They Say To Say To Shadrach, Meshach, And Abednego? – Chuck Baldwin | Dprogram.net

SEC Opens Investigation Into JPMorgan's $2 Billion Loss

Romney apologizes for high school bully pranks - YouTube

Obama's embrace of gay marriage makes for a spiritual Mother's Day

Might Mitt Romney not remember if he bullied someone in high school?

Judge won't dismiss John Edwards charges

Paul Babeu, gay Arizona sheriff, drops congressional bid

Ex-LAPD detective sentenced in murder cold case

Bristol Palin ridiculing Obama on gay marriage? Cue the backlash

Obama jokes with Clooney at star's gala fundraiser

Mother's Day video for Trayvon

Jury in Hudson family slayings case requests video

Girls taken by most-wanted US fugitive leave hospital

Obama makes new push to help homeowners

Ann Romney: Michelle O. is 'lovely,' details what she would do if she's FLOTUS

Shoe Thrown at Defendant in Norway Murder Trial

Chen Guangcheng claims nephew is facing 'international murder' charge

Illicit access to foreign media is changing North Koreans' worldview, study says

Lithuania leader visits Tymoshenko in Ukraine hospital

JPMorgan's big loss: Explain it to me

Romney hair-cutting prank: School leaders say similar incidents today would ...

Obama's gay marriage stance sets off money rush

Religion and politics at Liberty University

Book: Clinton urged wife Hillary to again challenge Obama, an 'amateur'

GOP: Don't let Obama shift the blame on the economy

Bing takes Twitter and Facebook but leaves the G+

Sizing Up Facebook

Facebook Permeates Everything; App Center Will Be Its Mobile Extension

Facebook's Instagram buy to face regulatory questions

Facebook Privacy Policy Change Paves Way For Off-Facebook Advertising

Movie Scores: How the critics rated the new movies

Mick Jagger Will Perform with Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire on 'SNL'

ABC televising tightrope walk over Niagara Falls

End of the World Predictions "Postponed" New Mayan Calendar Found

Dawn's Virtual Flight over Vesta & Touring Vesta's Craters WWW.GOODNEWS.WS - YouTube

Hidden alien planet revealed by its own gravity

Sun Is Moving Slower Than Thought

Sand dunes on Mars can be surprisingly swift

Stone-Throwing Chimp Is Back -- And This Time It's Personal

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Poses New Threat to Marine Life

Science Reveals How Not to Spill Your Coffee When Walking

What's the Deal with 'Super-Earth' Exoplanets?

Dinosaur farts could have warmed the earth 150 million years ago

Student With Flesh-Eating Disease Likely to Lose More Limbs

Google's Brin Makes Strides in Hunt for Parkinson's Cure: Health

'God Bless America' Review: Shoots Desperate Blanks at Tea Party, Fox News, Conservatives

Biden's 'Cringe-Worthy' Jeopardy Appearance

Cognitive Dissonance: Stewart Applauds Obama's States' Rights, Same-Sex Marriage Stance

Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Announcement Timed For Tinseltown

RNC Hammers Obama Forgetting Recession

Obama's National Security Team Calls 'Anti-Islam' Military Course 'Academically Irresponsible'

US Downs Test Missile With New Interceptor

Officials: TSA Useless in Latest Underwear Bomber Plot

World View: China Drills for Oil as 'Strategic Weapon' in South China Sea

Van Jones: Fox News 'Checkmated' Democrats' Supermajority

Romney Bullying Witness ABC News Presents as Apolitical Told Mag He's a Democrat

ABC News Finds Washington Post Romney Falsehood, Buries It

Does WaPo Know Obama Shoved a Little Girl?

American Beat -- Global Skunk Hunt: Embrace the Blowback

Solyndra Greenlighter Resigns on Day of Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Announcement

After Hollywood Glitz, Obama Campaigns in Struggling Nevada

Was Romney Enforcing Cranbrook's Dress Code?

Top Fed Official: 'It's Going To Take Several Years' Before Jobs Return

Underwater Drilling Camera Catches Giant Sea Creature

Flashback: Obama’s Sordid High School Past

Devastating Graph Reveals Obama's Unemployment Economy


*Transcripts:10th/Interview with Pres. Candidate Mitt Romney

Reporters on President Obama and Gay Marriage

Chairman Bernanke's Speech on the State of Banking

Panel on the DOJ Suit Against Sheriff Joe

Media Availability with Secretary Panetta

9th/Interview with Representative Barney Frank

Analysts Discuss Lugar's Loss in Indiana Primary

Panel on the Democratic Base and 2012

Media Availability with Secretary Panetta

8th/Obama's Remarks on Higher Education

Interview with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Interview with Senator John McCain

Interview with Senator Tom Coburn

Interview with Seantor Rand Paul

Interview with Representative Mike Rogers (MI)

Interview with Texas Governor Rick Perry

7th/David Axelrod & Ed Gillespie on the Campaign

Reps. Diaz-Balart and Gonzalez on Immigration

Analysts on Biden's Gay Marriage Remarks

Roundtable on European Elections

Media Availability with Secretary Panetta

6th/Guests: Vice President Biden and Senator Ayotte

Guests: Senator Feinstein and Representative Rogers

Guests: Sen. Schumer and Rep. Bachmann

Guests: Senator McCain and David Axelrod

Interview with Senator Marco Rubio

5th/Obama's Campaign Speech in Columbus, Ohio

4th/Obama's Remarks on College Affordability


Video /Big Black Eye for J.P. Morgan

Video /Roubini: Perfect Storm Could Hit U.S.

Obama Versus Romney Offers a Clash of Capitalisms - Bloomberg

Our Composite President | Washington Free Beacon

RealClearPolitics - A Whiff of 'Hope and Change'

Strassel: Trolling for Dirt on the President's List - WSJ.com

Meghan Daum: Is Barack Obama too smart for our own good? - latimes.com

RealClearPolitics - What Has Made Congress More Polarized?

Obama's gay-marriage evolution mirrors nation's – USATODAY.com

Washington Post vs. Mitt Romney, teen— Editorial - NYPOST.com

Hamburger Hill | Battle Of Hamburger Hill (a.k.a. Hill 937) During Vietnam War

The Capture of Adolf Eichmann

The coming arms race for Arctic oil - Fortune Features

Race For The Arctic: Who's Next? - Forbes

How the Oil Industry has Deceived the US with the Promise of Energy Independence

Replacing nuclear with wind power: Could it be done? | The Energy Collective

Sen. DeMint knocks Obama as 'hypocritical' on energy tax breaks - The Hill's E2-Wire

Ken Blackwell: Obama's Soros-Controlled Energy Council

New Statesman - The world that America built

Libricide - The Barnes & Noble Review

Don't Eat That! | Books and Culture

Religion News Service | Culture | Gender & Sexuality | Obama and gay marriage: In U.S. religion, the Golden Rule rules

Why You'll Never Escape From A Black Hole : Starts With A Bang

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Nanotube 'sponge' has potential in oil spill cleanup

Physics is hard. No Duh?

Epiphenom: Non-religious more likely to donate their bodies to science and organs to other people

Creating a Risk-Free World - Reason.com

Google, Alert: Bing Wants "To Model Every Object On The Planet," Reinvent Search | Fast Company

Cars of the future will be computers on wheels – USATODAY.com

Why Google's self-driving car may save lives - May. 10, 2012

Want to reinvent TV? Don’t forget the TV — Online Video News

BBC News - Real-world beaming: The risk of avatar and robot crime

FBI Fears Bitcoin's Popularity with Criminals | Threat Level | Wired.com

Wallet, Wallet Everywhere: Making Sense of the Mobile Payment Wars | Techland | TIME.com

Mind-bending: Controlling your Windows PC with your brain is possible (and the hardware is already on the shelves) | Mail Online

Apple's secure facial recognition system would rely on 3D rendering

In war for talent, 'brogrammers' will be losers - CNN.com

When Children See Internet Pornography - NYTimes.com

Editorial: Facebook's my digital scrapbook first, social network second -- Engadget

Silicon Nanospheres Could Be Building Blocks of Optical Invisibility Cloaks - Technology Review

RealClearMarkets - The 1930s and the 2000s: Government Barriers to Growth

How the Rich Make Us All Better Off

Returning to a Gold Standard System: Why and How? - Forbes

Easy Useless Economics - NYTimes.com

Government Job Cuts Threaten Black Middle Class : NPR

The Lifesaving(?) Technology of Facebook | NewAmerica.net

Today’s Student Loan Recipients are Tomorrow’s Economic Elite | e21 - Economic Policies for the 21st Century

The draconian hidden penalty on student loans - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

For the Rich, Income Inequality and Volatility Is a Good Bet - The 312 - May 2012 - Chicago

Off the Charts Blog | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities | Don’t Blame the Safety Net

Obamacare Hurts Seniors - James C. Capretta - National Review Online

How Not to Cure Chronic Diseases | Hoover Institution

How Pakistan Lets Terrorism Fester - NYTimes.com

Echoes of ‘67: Israel unites - The Washington Post

The Boy on the Bicycle: Behind the Iconic Image of the Moscow Protests : The New Yorker

Shanghaied - By Geoff Dyer | Foreign Policy

China’s Big Banks Look More Like Paper Tigers - Bloomberg

In Sickness, Chávez Keeps Venezuela and the World Guessing | Global Spin | TIME.com


"Box of Rain" by Grateful Dead - Grooveshark

"Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by Credence Clearwater Revival - Grooveshark

"Who' ll Stop The Rain?" by CCR - Grooveshark

"Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin - Grooveshark

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"Dirty Boulevard" by Lou Reed - Grooveshark

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"Mister Your A Better Man Than I" by The Yardbirds - Grooveshark


FBI pleads Congress for more surveillance power - YouTube

Spitting Bull: Elizabeth Warren's Disingenuous Claim of Native American Ancestry - YouTube

DeyStarr All Access - President Obama Supports Gay Marriage - YouTube

Obama Out Of The Closet On Homosexual Marriage

Vice President Joe Biden Blames Bush for Problems with Iran


The Charmed Life of Julia, Government Serf


Sen. Jon Kyl On Defending Defense
Spotlight On Al-Qaeda's Master Bomb-Maker
Al-Qaeda Bomber Was Actually British Spy
U.S. And China: A Aew Cyber Partnership?
King Calls Bomb Plot Leak 'Matter Of Life And Death'
Egypt Holds First Ever Presidential Candidate Debate
'Afghan Civilians Deaths Down': UN
Where Are All The French President's Women?
Surfer Recognized For Riding Biggest Wave Ever
Families Mourn Plane Crash Victims
Syrian Opposition Says Regime Trying To 'Kill' Annan Peace Plan
UN Condemns Syria Blasts
China: Uptick In Foreigner Detainment Over Business Contracts

Dionne: Conservatism Has Been Degraded And Narrowed
Krauthammer: The Administration Is "Ginning" Up The Immigration Issue
Hayes: Republicans Losing Gay Marriage Argument
O'Reilly: Nobody Gets Hurt When Gays Marry


Next Steps For NATO
Analyzing Bin Laden's Secret Letters
How Unusual Was Infiltration Effort That Stopped Bomb Plot?
Al-Qaeda's Operations In Yemen
America The Vulnerable
Probability Of Greece Exiting The Euro Zone Mounting
Merkel: EU Countries Must Stick To Fiscal Pact
Video Purports To Show Anti-Assad Fighters In Action
Fear In East DR Congo After Rebels Battle
Blast Hits Near UN Convoy In Syria
In Yemen's South, Lawlessness And Militancy Rule
Greece Olympic Flame Lighting
Brazil's Perspective On The Global Economy
Ex-Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini Discusses 'Syria Fatigue'

Rep. McClintock Rails Against the Export-Import Bank
What Is the Role of the Federal Government in Education?

Romney: "National Standard" For Marriage; States To Decide Gay Rights
Obama: "If You're Willing To Work Hard You Should Be Able To Find A Good Job"
Tapper On WH Reaction To Biden: "They Are Irritated, Don't Let Anyone Fool You"
Obama: "Sometimes I Forget" About The Magnitude Of The Recession
Barney Frank vs. Tony Perkins On Gay Marriage
Rubio: Obama Distracting And Dividing America With Gay Marriage
NBC's Guthrie: "Many People" In Media "Uniformly Support Same-Sex Marriage"
Romney "Not Too Concerned" With WaPo Piece On High School Pranks
Coulter: Obama Gay Marriage Revelation A "Sign Of Desperation"
Black Pastor: Obama Better Get To Black Churches Soon To Prevent Voter Apathy
Will & Grace Creator Not Buying Biden's "Choreographed" Remarks
Jeffress: Romney Being Mormon Caused Evangelicals Not To Be Enthusiastic
Eric Bolling: Was Obama Buying And Selling Drugs?
Obama Says Election Is Going To Be Close, Blames Washington
ABC's Robin Roberts On Interviewing Obama: "I'm Getting Chills Again"
"Daily Show" On Obama's Position On Same-Sex Marriage, NC's Ban
Obama Ad Seizes On Gay Marriage: Romney Is "Backwards"
Obama On Romney's "Etch-A-Sketch Moment"
Biden Makes Sign Of The Cross In Front Of Rabbis
Obama In 2006: I Can Raise More Money Because I'm A Celebrity
Obama TV Ad Touts Auto Bailout
Maddow On Electoral Impact Of Obama's Sex-Sex Marriage Position
Malkin: Obama's Gay Marriage Support A "Campaign Finance Decision"
Matthews: Tea Party Can't Get Anything Done In Congress
Obama: Biden "Got Out A Little Bit Over His Skis" On Gay Marriage
"Special Report" Panel On The Democratic Base And 2012
Cavuto: Greece Should "Commercialize" Ancient Ruins To Solve Debt Problem
Schultz: Wisconsin Recall Will Come Down To Turnout


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