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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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05 May 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


"Seven Days - Ronnie Wood - Grooveshark




'Obama, most pro-war US president' - YouTube

Obamas kick off campaigning with rallies in must-win states | Reuters

Hang On – All Is Being Revealed « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Jeff Rense Reads Orwell - The End Of Freedom - YouTube

Activist Post: Disinformation On Every Front

Local Elections 2012: Our Last Chance For A Political Solution

MK Ultra 2012 – Cops Caught Mass Drugging Teens And Dropping Them At Occupy Minnesota :

MK Occupy Minnesota: Drugs & the DRE Program at Peavey Plaza - YouTube

A New Presidential Proclamation Ironically Declares May 1 Loyalty Day :

Exposed: Military Internment/Resettlement Operations Manual - YouTube

Alleged US Army doc: re-education camps and psy-op missions aimed at activists — RT

Religious butchering now commonplace in Britain, leading vet claims - Telegraph

BRIEFING: For-Profit Prisons - WhoWhatWhy | WhoWhatWhy

ZERO PRIVACY For Any And All Prescriptions

It's Been 3 am For Over A Year Now

The Man With Messianic Tendencies - OpEd

Photo Analysis - Hillary In China

Ron Paul qualifies for RNC ballot and is going to Tampa - YouTube

Reality Check: Bound Delegates In The Republican Primary May Not Be Bound After All - YouTube

“We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant | Beacon Equity: Penny Stocks, Stock Alerts

Activist Post: American Representative to the UN Calls for Worldwide Depopulation

IRS Loophole Gives Billions to Illegal Immigrants - Political News Video


* 56 pg./Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals ; An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement


How Chemicals Change Us - NYTimes.com

Air Force pilots refuse to fly F-22 over safety fears | The Raw Story

Clinton leaves China as dissident Chen awaits departure | Reuters

Brewing Up a Conflict With China » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Exposing Israel’s Most Dangerous Secret | In Pursuit of Happiness

Why There Are No Jobs :

A Few Good Men, Too Many Chemicals « Zen Haven

U.S. proposes new rules for fracking on federal lands | Reuters

There Is a Plague Loose Upon the Land | Common Dreams

Why you should believe the 4-inch iPhone rumor - CNN.com

Charlie Munger: Gold Is For Holocaust-Era Jewish Families To Sew Into Their Garments; Civilized People Don't Buy Gold | ZeroHedge

Wave of black mobs brutalizing whites

Ancient volcanic blast provides more evidence of water on early Mars

Is Splenda Safe? Examining the Dangers of this 'Sugar Alternative'

HealthyStuff.org | Researching Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products

Home Remedies for Warts

Bad dads anonymous: More shocking pictures of the world's worst parents and their very unlucky children | Mail Online


**Orwell Rolls In His Grave - The One Thing The Media Doesn't Like To Talk About - YouTube

**Why Orwell Matters: Christopher Hitchens - YouTube


Sufis, 911 and False Flags, Sheik Imran Hosein 4 - YouTube

Trading Liberty for Safety

Hackers have breached top secret MoD systems, cyber-security chief admits | Technology | The Guardian

Millennials: The Greatest Generation or the Most Narcissistic? - Jean Twenge - National - The Atlantic

Nasa probe flies past Saturn's icy moon just 46 miles up - and captures mysterious 'jets' of ice which could harbour microbes | Mail Online

Les Panaches De La Lune | thunderbolts.info

Apple plans 'breakthrough product' made from Liquidmetal - Telegraph

The open source problem solvers creating government 2.0 | Technology | guardian.co.uk

Guantanamo firm's UK police bid for £1.5bn police privatisation scheme | Mail Online

How Hollywood Distorts Self Image

9 out of 10 Parents Fail at Reading Nutrition Labels

'Missing link' gene found that triggered leap in intelligence two million years ago - and separated man from the apes | Mail Online

The Pervasive Influence of a Poisoned Dream. Smoking Mirrors

Congressman Mike Rogers' opening statement on Health Care reform in Washington D.C. - YouTube

FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now | Security & Privacy - CNET News

Cointelpro Gothic: Docs prove Iowa FBI's Wild Rose Rebellion a pretend RNC "Terrorism Enterprise" for great "statistical accomplishment" | HongPong.com

Coming Solar Eclipse/Blood Moon/ Transit of Venus signicant to Mayans! (Add on video/May 2, 2012) - YouTube

Vitamin A Palmitate: Avoid Synthetic Isolates Whenever Possible! | The Health Coach

Krill & Fish Oil Marketing Schemes: What are they really selling? | The Health Coach

The Vitamin D Scam: Yes, “D” is vital to health but … | The Health Coach

Kissinger Promises China... 'Jeb Bush Will Be Next President'! A Must Read!!! | Before It's News

Activist Post: 5 Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse is the Prevailing Metaphor for Our Times

Activist Post: Apocalyptic Propaganda: Royal Society Think Tank Releases 'People and the Planet'


**LADY DIE - FULL Documentary - YouTube

**Princess Diana Evidence of Assassination: Jon King on Edge Media TV - YouTube

**Illuminati III - Murdered by The Monarchs - YouTube


Barney Frank and Bill Kristol woo Jewish voters at DC debate | The Times of Israel

Americans renounced their citizenship in record numbers in 2011 - YouTube

General Motors is becoming China Motors - YouTube

Hygiene drive leads to health miracle - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent

Activist Post: The Hypocrisy of U.S. Gov't Support for World Press Freedom Day

Mitt Romney Rallies Vs. Ron Paul Rallies - YouTube


++Christopher Hitchens on Barack Obama - YouTube

**Hitchens v Hitchens - Brothers Debate God & War - YouTube


World Trade Center Documentary - YouTube

The Painful Truth and lies behind 9/11 - A documentary you dont want to miss - YouTube


**Carl Munck - The Code - YouTube

**The Code by Carl Munck Part2 - YouTube


The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space? - YouTube

Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23 (Full video) - YouTube

Aquarius - The Age Of Evil (Full Movie) - YouTube

The True History and Purpose of NASA - YouTube

Who are the Olmec's and Mayans with Dr. Phil Valentine 5/20/11 - YouTube

Dark Mission / Ancient ET Moon Discovery - 3-Hours - YouTube

Ancient Aircraft & Spaceship Evidence - YouTube

Loose Change - Final Cut 2012 (Full Length) - YouTube

Moon Rising (Full Disclosure Version) - By Jose Escamilla - YouTube

What Happened on the Moon - YouTube

Planet Earth: Secret Reality Documentary (2012) - YouTube

Moon Landing Exposed - YouTube

Lost Secrets of the Illuminati - HD Feature - YouTube

Lost Secrets of the Illuminati - HD Feature - YouTube

Hollow Earth Revealed- Series - YouTube

The Illuminati The Missing Documentaries Links LUCIFER 2012 part 2 of 2 New World Order colonial ! - YouTube

The Rockefellers (Full) - YouTube

UFOs - The Greatest Story Ever Denied - YouTube

Illuminati 2012 End of the World Conspiracy Predictions - YouTube

The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla - YouTube

Ancient Aliens - The Cygnus Mystery - YouTube

JFK Jr: Why He Had To Be Eliminated - YouTube

The Assassination of JFK Jr - Full Version - YouTube

JFK-ASSASSINATED by the U.S. Government - YouTube

The Assassination of JFK - C.I.A Bush Connection - YouTube

The JFK Conspiracy (1992) - YouTube

The Design of Influence: How Images and Words Sway Minds - YouTube


Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove Full Length - YouTube


+ Poor America - P a n o r a m a [B B C] - Broadcast Date: 13th February 2012 - YouTube


American Kabuki: Edmund Leopold de Rothschild Dies at 84


+ Future Maps Of America: Will America Be Broken Apart In 2012? | Before It's News


Underground Infrastructure...The Missing Forty Trillion Dollars? | Before It's News


The illustrated history of you being screwed by people like Ben Bernanke - BlackListedNews.com

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul in 1999: Blasts Clinton on Iraq and Wars, Predicts Terrorist Attack

Former TeleTech Supervisor Speaks About Company's Heartless Work Practices - Kalispell Montana - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : The Deal: CISPA and Other Unintentional Tyrannies

George Carlin the illusion of freedom - YouTube

Obama Taps 5th RIAA Lawyer to Justice Dept. | Threat Level | Wired.com

NEW RON PAUL AD DESTROYS THE ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT and flushes the remaining pieces down the toilet! - YouTube

Want peace? Arrests of US War Criminals legal, ethical best move - National Nonpartisan | Examiner.com

Feds Seized Hip-Hop Site for a Year, Waiting for Proof of Infringement | Threat Level | Wired.com

60 Minutes Report: Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: Will Impact All Of Humanity - YouTube

Hollywood voters to mainstream media: Ron Paul is still in the race - Los Angeles City Buzz | Examiner.com

Open Source Fact and Fiction: CISPA Infographic

Ron Paul victories upsetting the Republican establishment? - YouTube

» Yes, The Re-Education Camp Manual Does Apply Domestically to U.S. Citizens Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Militant BLACK Obama Youth Group: Let's SCARE the SHIT out of WHITE Grandma? - YouTube

Exclusive: Romney Family Investment Group Partnered With Alleged Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme | ThinkProgress

World Of Technology: Ancient map gives clue to fate of 'Lost Colony'

Iran has More Integrity than Any Other Islamic Nation Sheikh Imran Hosein - YouTube

9/11 "mastermind," others back before Guantanamo judge

You can hear the Beastie Boys' influence all over the place in the music landscape

Warren Buffett 'Very Comfortable' With Berkshire Stock Buybacks

Illustration of how Hubble will use the moon to capture Venus's image.

On Saturday, full moon to be absolutely 'super,' NASA says

Will Mitt Romney give Rick Santorum a top speaking spot at convention? You bet

Calm Returns to Cairo Following Deadly Clashes

Ahmadinejad rivals rout president in Iran runoff

South Sudanese refugees to be airlifted out of Sudan

Pakistan protests after US drone strike

Scores remain hospitalized after Armenian rally explosion

23 slain in Mexican cartel war

Israeli Defense Minister Keeps All Options Open on Iran

Strauss-Kahn in gang rape claim

Saudi ambassador to return to Egypt

Putin inauguration means six more years - The Washington Post

Romney's economic message seems at odds with some GOP governors'

New Arizona law cuts all Planned Parenthood funding

Civil War Shipwreck in the Way of Ga. Port Project

Warren: I used minority listing to make friends

Judge Judy Could Handle Edwards Case

Courtroom Soap Opera continues in John Edwards Trial - YouTube

World War II scoop reporter receives AP apology

5 Pa. priests deemed unsuitable after sex abuse inquiry

Rubio's Hispanic draw for Romney would be mixed, analysts and pollsters say

'The Passage of Power,' Robert Caro's New LBJ Book

GOP Maintains Budget Pressure On Democrats In Weekly Address

Indiana Sen. Lugar’s reputation as statesman could cost him in Tuesday’s tight GOP primary - The Washington Post

Gov. Christie says he hopes leadership in N.J. inspires the rest of the U.S. in Cato speech | NJ.com

Pressure mounts on Yahoo over CEO background

Yahoo, Alibaba Working on New, Taxable Deal

Give the Gift of Nothing to Mom for Mother's Day

Poll put Mourdock leading over Lugar - YouTube

Should Mitt Romney worry about Ron Paul?

'Super PAC' supporting Romney rethinks donations from federal contractors

Obama says he will continue to fight for Dream Act

Libertarians gather to choose presidential nominee

Democrats getting top candidates in GOP-leaning House races may help Obama

Social Security benefits available online

How Did Mormons Grow So Fast? They Changed How They Counted

Tomblin says he's uncertain whether he'll vote for Obama

Haley, Jindal in Romney's VP guessing game

Google case judge calls for more deliberation

Facebook Messenger Gets More Transparent

MCA Dead: Beastie Boy Adam Yauch Gone at 47 - YouTube

Cinco de Mayo a Mexican import? No, it's as American as July 4, prof says

Lindsay Lohan cleared in hit-and-run investigation

Rob Lowe to Star in Lifetime's Casey Anthony Telepic

Yves "Jetman" Rossy flies over Rio de Janeiro using a jetpack

Blond hair evolved separately in Europe and the South Pacific

New Space Mission Will Look For Life On Jupiter's Moons

'Zombie-ant' fungus is under attack, research reveals

Clue found to location of Lost Colony

Plant study sounds alarm on dangers of global warming

America's tallest man gets a new pair of shoes thanks to Reebok - YouTube

Study ties fertility treatment, birth defect risk

Arizona woman faked cancer to raise money for breast implants: police

Reebok to craft custom-built shoes for nation's tallest man

More Teen Girls Postponing Sex

Stress, not syphilis, killed Lenin

You knew this: Work emails are bad for your health, study finds

Study: Omega-3s may help lower risk of Alzheimer's disease


We Are Preparing For Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant | Before It's News


Who Is Barack Hussein Obama, Really? « Northeast Intelligence Network

The coming chaos from the Obama-Soertoro playbook « Northeast Intelligence Network

Monday on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report: Author James Pera « Northeast Intelligence Network

Full Interview with author James Pera « Northeast Intelligence Network


UPDATED: Larry Grathwohl on the Weather Underground, Ayers, Dohrn & Obama « Northeast Intelligence Network


+M3U: Private investigator Doug Hagmann


Complete Interview with Steve Quayle « Northeast Intelligence Network


* CIA Admits Bin Laden Videos are Fake!


Gerald Celente America Is A Full Blown Police State!. - YouTube

AUDIO/ABC Brisbane: Celente-3.5.12.


The CISPA And Facebook Love Affair


Conspiracy | Andrew Breitbat - What a coincidence, dead from arsenic poisoning | Jamey Curt

Andrew Breitbart Just Another Weird Death - YouTube

Why Breitbart was Assassinated - YouTube


**David Icke The Cosmic Firewall And The Moon Matrix Red Ice Radio - YouTube


Black Nobility | Before It's News

When We Lost an Unexploded Nuclear Bomb Off the Coast of Georgia

Take your Money out of the Bank NOW! | Before It's News

* Deliberately Engineered Economic Collapse in USA...Leading to Martial Law | Before It's News

How the Ancient Egyptians understood binary stars 3,200 years ago - and their calculations have helped solve a modern dilemma | Mail Online

The Star in the East and Three Kings | Wise Men | Magi

The First Secret On Earth / Origin Of Hidden Human Knowledge | Before It's News

Orion Technology And Other Secret Projects | Before It's News


+Ancient Remedy: Beehive Extract Shows Potential As Prostate Cancer Treatment | Before It's News


* Natural Homemade Pesticides: Recipes; Tips | Before It's News


Intelligence report on Hitler found - The Irish Times - Fri, May 04, 2012

The Bible: Proofs of its Supernatural Origins | Before It's News

"EndGame" This Summer???? | Before It's News

Military Commanders Warned To Get Troops In Line | Before It's News

What Is Your Dog Thinking? Brain Scans Unleash Canine Secrets | Before It's News

What is your dog thinking? Brain scans give glimpse - YouTube

Ancient Crocodile Could Swallow Humans, Lived In East Africa | Before It's News

Will a Militarized Police Force Facing Occupy Wall Street Lead to Another Kent State Massacre? | Civil Liberties | AlterNet

Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring International Law for the United States | _

UFO ARRIVAL THROUGH STARGATE ON VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - YouTube

Sinkhole Horror: Family's Florida House About to Be Swallowed - ABC News

Large Sinkhole ALMOST Swallows Up Florida Home - May 4, 2012 - YouTube

5/4/2012 -- Circle Sweep / 'HAARP ring' causes storm = 'smoking gun proof' - YouTube

Will a Militarized Police Force Facing Occupy Wall Street Lead to Another Kent State Massacre? | Civil Liberties | AlterNet

FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now | Security & Privacy - CNET News

Summit Could Mean Airport-Style Security On Met - Flash Player Installation

Special Report: Documents allege money-laundering lapses at HSBC | Reuters

EPA’s Plans for Implementing UN’s Agenda 21 - BlackListedNews.com

Big Sis Rolls Out Surveillance Drones - BlackListedNews.com

Drones patrolling Washington state border - Spokesman.com - April 30, 2012

The Case of the Missing Low-Mileage Car - informationliberation

"Tough on Crime" No Longer the American Mantra? - informationliberation

Pelosi Condemns Medical Marijuana Crackdown - informationliberation

Judge Lets Feds Censor Blog For Over A Year So The RIAA Could Take Its Sweet Time | Techdirt

Hornberger's Blog - The Military's Exalted Position in American Life

Secret Hidden In US-Afghan Deal Pact Won't End War – Or SOF Night Raids

Not Explaining the Why of Terrorism

Finding Bin Laden: The Truth Behind the Official Story

Russia 'Retains Right' to Pre-emptive Strike on U.S. "Missile Shield"

Extractive Capitalism The Divisions in the Latin American Progressive Camp

Premature Birth Death Rate Higher in US US Ranks Lower Than Iraq, Afghanistan On This List

U.S. Spends Far More for Health Care Than 12 Industrialized Nations

Obama Deeds vs. Obama Words

Podcast Show #85: US-Israel War on Iran & the Myth of Limited Warfare; Boiling Frogs Presents Dr James Petras

Is Shale Gas a Real Energy Solution?

BFP Exclusive: Can There Be A Military Response to the Occupy Movement?


THREATENING CHINA: South China Sea: U.S.-Japan Military Deployments Put Region At Risk

Systemic Jobs Crisis in the US

Bracing for Demographic Winter: The "Overpopulation Crisis"

Institutional Corruption Is Killing the Economy


"The Great Learning": Daxue and University: China versus The West

Anders Behring Breivik, Islam and Israel

Celebrating our “Warrior President”

The "Obama Syndrome": "If you Can Fake Sincerity You've Got it Made"

One Year On, Still No Evidence For Osama Bin Laden's Killing

OBAMA: Not Explaining The "Why of Terrorism"

A World of "Thieving Financiers": Vendor Arithmetic, Underhanded Capitalism

The Crisis of Student Debt in America

NATO Chief: Russian Threat of Preemptive Strike ‘Unjustified’ -- News from Antiwar.com

W.H. drone policy misreading law - POLITICO.com Print View

The President’s Private War by Andrew P. Napolitano -- Antiwar.com

Promises to Keep by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Tyranny of Good Intentions by Nebojsa Malic -- Antiwar.com

ACLU seeks broad public access to secret testimony in 9/11 trial at Guantanamo | McClatchy

Sept. 11 trial of 5 returns to Guantanamo - Yahoo! News


The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration 1

The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration 2

The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration 3


» Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Dictator Obama Issues New Threat to Supreme Court over ObamaCare

Obama's ex-girlfriend: what her diaries reveal - CSMonitor.com

Wave of black mobs brutalizing whites

Secret files missing at National Archives - Washington Times

Muslim, Mormon growth spurts found - Washington Times

SBSS 25. The Silver Door Is Closing - YouTube

The obsession with controlling speech is soaring to unbelievable heights

Energy and Sports Drinks are ‘Bathing’ Teeth with Acid, Say Scientists

Warning: Corporate Lobbyists at Work to Control Debate

FISA Approves EVERY Secret Surveillance Warrant in 2011: Report

Activist Post: Is an Economic Deluge Nigh?

Activist Post: Copyright Claims Shut Down Websites With No Proof or Due Process

Activist Post: Assistant Principal Brags About Spying On Students Through School Laptops

Students To Be Spied On, Censored With School Issued Laptops. - YouTube

NEW RON PAUL AD DESTROYS THE ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT and flushes the remaining pieces down the toilet! - YouTube

Bimbo’s Initiation: An Old Cartoon About Masonic Initiation (video)

Clinton Arrives in Bangladesh

Obama: Focus on Nation Building at Home

Affidavit: Coach Challenged Boys To 'Masturbation Races' - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver

Here’s the next assault on the Boy Scouts …

ACLU: Christianity has no place on school board

Now persecuted pastor’s lawyer facing jail

Occupy the Southern Poverty Law Center - By Charles C. W. Cooke - The Corner - National Review Online

Sen. Lugar ‘disconnected’ from Hoosiers

Ted Nugent explodes at notion he's not a moderate - CBS News

Search Results 2012 05 obama faces buy american revolt restriction 20that 20opponents 20emphasize 20would 20crimp 20U S 20jobs

Russian influence hits European economy

Chuck Norris takes bite out of ‘energy bars’

'I'm Sexy And I Know It' Earns Suspension For 1st Grader - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver

Drugmakers’ Deal With Obama Said to Be Probed by House - Bloomberg

Do vaccines really cause autism?

Japan on Track to Overtake China as Top Foreign Owner of U.S. Debt

Ouch: Michael Moore Does Dylan On ‘Occupy This Album’

Senator: Panetta Wasting His Time Promoting 'Obama's Global Warming Fantasies;' 'He Has A Real War To Win'

Obama Touts Upcoming Jobs Proposals Amid Disappointing Economic Numbers

White House Denies U.S. Officials Knew About Threat to Chen's Family

After Russia Threatens Pre-emptive Strike on NATO Missiles, U.S. Stresses ‘Cooperation,’ ‘Common Ground’

Romney on Chen Case: ‘Day of Shame for the Obama Administration’

War on Women Is ‘Very Real’– In China, Lawmaker Says

Ted Nugent Explodes at CBS After Suggestion That He Is Extreme

MSNBC's Finney: Romney-Ryan Plan Would Kill Women By Their Mid-30s

Presidential Election May Boil Down to Virginia

71 Percent of Top Companies Could Drop Insurance Under Obamacare

USDA Presses Oil Industry to Support 15-Percent Ethanol Blend

Women Outnumber Men in Professional Field But Earn Half the Pay

Princeton, UPenn, Chicago Now Offer ‘Gender-Neutral Housing' for Undergrads

British Pig Farmer: Animal Rights Activists, Regs Hurt Small Farms, Help Large Operations

France's Sarkozy Makes Impassioned Appeal as Hollande's Lead Narrows

Liz Cheney Eyes Wyoming Politics

Zogby: Young Favors Turn on Obama for Libertarian Way

Voter Registration Down Among Hispanics, Blacks

Castro: Obama Judge, Executioner in bin Laden's Death

Author Geert Wilders: No Difference Between Islam, Radical Islam

Video Shows Aggressive TSA Pat-Down of GOP Rep. Canseco

House Reaches Agreement on Export-Import Bank

Romney on New Political Balancing Act

Dem Rep. McIntyre Won’t Reveal If He Supports Obama

Obama Campaign Hurt by Job Numbers

Sarah Ferguson on Trial in Turkey

No Friending Warren: Buffett Says He Won't Invest in Facebook

Does the Gluten-free Diet Really Work?

Omega-3 Foods Lower Alzheimer's Risk

Chin Implants Surge in Popularity

Military Looks to Arctic for Key Resources

We Can’t Always Wait for the Cavalry

Interview Reveals Morgan's Liberal Bias

Lending Cap Is Unfair to Small Business

U.S. Shouldn't Trade Freedom for Profit


27min./Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance (Full Version) - YouTube


Exposing the building of a 'Terrorist' - YouTube


++Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-27-2012) Carolyn Rose Goyda on The Fourth Reich - YouTube

++Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (12-07-2011) Judyth Vary Baker: Cancer As A Bio-Weapon - YouTube


Amish farm kids remarkably immune to allergies: study - Yahoo! News Canada

US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says United Nations | World news | guardian.co.uk

Paul Ryan: Obama's 'Julia' website 'creepy' and 'demeaning' - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Boston Police Warn Of Hypnosis Robbery In China - Flash Player Installation

Reporter Covering Obama Offers Relatives to Press for Interviews | The Weekly Standard

Wife saw husband, a Beaumont Army Medical Center nurse in Afghanistan, die while on Skype chat - El Paso Times

People Not In Labor Force Soar By 522,000, Labor Force Participation Rate Lowest Since 1981 | ZeroHedge

Occupy this


Entitlement-culture materialism

D. WEST: Invasion of the body snatchers

B. PRESS: Drones coming to a town near you

Money in politics? Framers had solution

J. CASHILL: Why does 'Composite Girl' surprise anyone?

Are we still capable of self-government?

C. MCMILLAN: Did POWs rot in hellholes for nothing?

A. NAPOLITANO: The president's private war

The color of communism

J. FARAH: Why accept 'politically incorrect' ads?

Obama: No gutsy terrorist-killer

P. ELMORE: How liberals successfully silence dissent

J. CASHILL: The anti-bullying guru from Bizarro World


Aaron interviews Pastor Terry Jones on latest Quran burning « Klein Online

Aaron unmasks Obama’s new ‘atrocities czar’ « Klein Online

U.S. oceans to be ceded to United Nations? « Klein Online


*Transcripts/3rd:Secretary Clinton Remarks in China

Roundtable on Anti-Obama Advertisement


What You Need to Know About April’s Jobs Numbers | Business | TIME.com

More mush from wimpy Romney - PostPartisan - The Washington Post

Biden Left Out of Top Campaign Meetings | The Weekly Standard

Our future is gas | FP Comment | Financial Post

Green jobs: How China and Solyndra left America’s solar power companies fighting each other for scraps. - Slate Magazine

Top Undervalued Natural Gas Focused Energy Exploration Picks By Guru Fund Managers - Seeking Alpha

Karl Marx: 10 great quotes on his birthday - On 'the 99 percent' - CSMonitor.com

What the F@%& Is Up With Stephen King?

Flavorwire » A Look at the Titles in Famous Authors’ Libraries

15 Spectacular Libraries in Europe - Mental Floss

Hindenburg disaster 75 years ago abruptly ended zeppelin era | Tech Culture - CNET News

Kublai Khan Biography - life, history, son, information, born, house, achievements

Book Review: The Little Red Guard - WSJ.com

RealClearPolitics - Pro-Obama Mormons Unswayed by Shared Faith With Romney

Jedi religion belongs in the star systems of George Lucas's mind | Matthew Cresswell | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Grading coverage of religious liberty » GetReligion

Evangelicals and Politics: The Religious Right (Born 1979, Died 2000) « Public Discourse

The American Spectator : Paul Ryan Outclasses My Profs

Proponents Of Euthanasia, Nazi Genocide Use Same Arguments According To L'Osservatore Romano

Evangelical voters: Lift every voice | The Economist


+Is GoMail the Future of Email? I Hope So | PandoDaily


* GoMail Standard Edition [Group Mailer] - executeit.net


+How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet - NYTimes.com






8 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online | Techland | TIME.com


How to inject some DIY into your outdated digital camera


The Other Facebook Founder - WSJ.com

What Part of Our Brain Makes Us Human? | Popular Science

Hey Microsoft, Google, Apple: Where Are Our Smarthomes? | Fast Company

Million Short: A Search Engine for the Very Long Tail | Webmonkey | Wired.com

Does Faster Internet Access Lure Piracy? | PCWorld

Location-based services: Are they there yet? - yelp, Web 2.0 and Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Services, Mobile and Wireless, GPS, Google, Facebook, consumer electronics, ComScore - Computerworld

Must-See YouTube - Businessweek

A Modest Proposal for Media Studies | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

What's It Like to Be Mike Dew, the Most Followed Dude on Pinterest?

Is Assisted Reproduction Too Risky for Kids? - Reason.com

Jews Are a 'Race,' Genes Reveal – Forward.com

Sensory Superheros Walk Among Us - Blog

Brain Scans Give Glimpse of How Your Dog Thinks | Wired Science | Wired.com

Did a Copying Mistake Build Man's Brain? | LiveScience

The age of the urban ape - Telegraph

Mice That Eat Yogurt Have Larger Testicles: Scientific American

What Is “Real Scientific Understanding”? | Stay Attuned | Big Think

Made in space coming soon to a product near you | Reuters

The Violent, Scandalous Origins of JPMorgan Chase - Bloomberg

If you Own These Stocks, Then Get Out NOW | StreetAuthority

How to Raise a Financial Guru - NYTimes.com

Upside: Is College the 'Best Investment'? Here's the Math - WSJ.com

If Obama wins, what would he do in a second term? - The Washington Post

US textbooks will be the new digital battlefield - Telegraph

Wall Street’s Legal Magic Ends an American Right - Bloomberg

How to beat the street - Fortune Features

"The Corporate-Tax Conundrum" by Laura Tyson | Project Syndicate

The American Entrepreneur: A Dying Breed?

French Socialists’ joy of election victory will be shortlived - Telegraph

In Sudan, Give War a Chance - NYTimes.com

Obama’s Way of War | The Weekly Standard

Friends Like These - By Dan Blumenthal and Lara Crouch | Foreign Policy

Why Pick a Fight With China? | The Diplomat

European elections: the false promises of populism | Jan-Werner Mueller | Comment is free | The Guardian

RealClearWorld - The Erosion of China's Soft Power

Russia knows what would happen if it bombed Europe. Right? | Full Comment | National Post

The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Behind self-immolations, a mosaic of despair

RealClearPolicy- Our Immigration Problem's Not Going Away

What Immigration Means For U.S. Employment and Wages - Up Front Blog - Brookings Institution

Controlling the Uncontrollable | Mother Jones

The Campus Tsunami - NYTimes.com

Is Uncle Sam ever truly an investor? | Christopher Papagianis

Ask Me about Your Volt - Daniel Foster - National Review Online

Placing the American Gas Boom in Perspective — The American Magazine

Job Numbers Become Instant Campaign Fodder - NYTimes.com

RealClearPolitics - Obama's Vision for Julia: Statism

What does Mitt Romney have to offer? - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

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Obama ‘Forward’ campaign slogan inspires Wikipedia editing war

Prison Planet.com » Unsealed Court Records Confirm that RIAA Delays Were Behind Year-Long Seizure of Hip Hop Music Blog

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Unfair Share: 'Megaupload case content industry's dirty work' - YouTube

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Biggest Loser: Oprah's OWN Out Nearly $330M

Planned Parenthood: The Real War on Women

NBC's Gregory Treats Low-rated Clown Colbert Like Political Kingmaker

Two Egyptian Presidential Candidates Endorsed Jihad Against US

Carolla Attacks '60 Minutes': 'Show Me the Huge Pile of Bodies from Waterboarding'

Five Ways to Increase Movie Theatre Attendance

Jason Statham: The Last Action Hero

'The Lucky One' - Proving Women Want Strong, Respectful Men, Not Metrosexuals

When Ingrid Bergman Rebelled Against Hollywood

Kasdan on Lucas' 'Star Wars' Tinkering: Most Fans 'Don't Give a Damn About Any of This'

Fox Comedy Changes Name After Trayvon Martin Killing

'The Evil Dead' Remake Starts Shooting

Mexico: At least 23 dead, dismembered in border city massacre

Colombian Prostitute: Life Ruined By Secret Service Scandal

Japan To Go Nuclear-Free

Obama Sacrifices Chen to Pacify China

Coming Soon: Obama Will Blame Bush for US Treatment of Chen

Student suspended over Jesus T-shirt

Balloon blasts injure 140 at Armenia rally

UN officer calls for US return of native lands

Not If, but When: Israeli Strike on Iran in May, October, or December?

Obama DOJ Wants Greater Power to Access Cellphone Records

Biden Recreates 911 Domestic Abuse Call: 'Oh My God, He's Coming'

Barney Frank: 'Something's The Matter' With 'Frightening' Undecided Voters

Occupier Harrison Schultz Lies About Occupy Rapes

Obama stumps on college campuses

Obama 'Ready to Go' with Campaign Rallies Despite Weak Economy

Race, religion collide in presidential campaign

Number of Americans Paid Not to Work Growing Faster than Number of Taxpayers

The Movement: Occupy Unmasked -- Again

Obama administration urges freer access to cellphone records

Obama's 'Job Growth Streak' Falls Short of Bush, Clinton, HW, Reagan

Obama Energy Policies Have Cost Economy $358 Billion

MSNBC's Karen Finney: Under Romney 'Julia' Would Be Dead In Her 30s

Food Elite Proclaim Only Lab-Grown Meat Ethical to Eat

Turner: I Wanted CNN To Be NYTimes , Even If It Cost Ratings

Hannity Takes On Snarky, Childish Occupy Organizer

CNN's Blitzer On Obama's 'Official' Trips: 'I'm Sure They're Going By The Rules'

Self-Censorship of Mob Crime--Hate Crime?--Against Reporters

Liberal Media Bias Against Catholics Again

RT Claims FBI Entrapped Accused Cleveland Bridge Bombers

Fox News Mole Hits Paydirt With Book Deal

Obamanation: More Young Adults Moving Back In With Parents

Panetta Lectures Troops: Scandals Hurt US Afghan Mission

Elvis Next Hologram Performer?

Thieves Steal Thousands Of Dollars By Hypnotizing Woman On Street

Woman Who Tossed $1 Million Lotto Ticket Sues Person Who Found It

Charlie Sheen Regrets Being 'Verbally Immature'

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