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to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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25 April 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


The Band - The Last Waltz (full Album): Music Video


Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick Full album


Gozie - Elvis In Concert: Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Fun In Acapulco, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Back In Memphis, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Roustabout, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Golden Records, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Loving You, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Viva Las Vegas, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: 1969 Year In Review, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: As Recorded At Madison Square Garden, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Easy Come Easy Go, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Kid Galahad, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Speedway, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Spinout, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: It Happened At The Worlds Fair, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Elvis Presley, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Elvis, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii, Full Album

Gozie - Elvis: 1968 NBC Television Special, Full Album


Infowars Nightly News Complete (Add Free) - Monday (4-23-12) Marc Morano! - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News 2012-04-24 Tuesday - YouTube


David Icke - From Prison To Paradise - (NWO - One World Fascist Government) 4:39:33

David Icke - From Prison To Paradise Part 2 2:07:43

David Icke - From Prison To Paradise Part 3 2:10:11


Romney Insults Women on Equal Pay | Charles Goyette's American Breaking Point Blog

Big Brother Goes Global | Charles Goyette's American Breaking Point Blog

Social Security to Run Dry in 2035 | Charles Goyette's American Breaking Point Blog

Obamacare and Unlimited Government | Charles Goyette's American Breaking Point Blog


24.4.2012 -1/4 - Bigfoot & the Beast of Boggy Creek - YouTube

24.4.2012 - 2/4 - Bigfoot & the Beast of Boggy Creek - YouTube

24.4.2012 - 3/4 - Bigfoot & the Beast of Boggy Creek - YouTube

24.4.2012 -4/4 - Bigfoot & the Beast of Boggy Creek - YouTube


BBC News - Cassini sees 'snowball fight' in Saturn ring

Bigfoot Evidence: Dr. Melba Ketchum Shares Photo Of Sticks, Says Sasquatches Are Playful

BBC News - Ancient virus DNA thrives in us


Last pages from 'magical' Egyptian 'Book of the Dead' found in museum in Queensland - after worldwide search by archaeologists | Mail Online


* The Egyptian Book of the Dead








25 min./Keiser Report: Corpse of Economy (E278) - YouTube


+Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – April 24th, 2012

+What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – April 23-24th, 2012


Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-18-2012) The OKC Bombing Revisited - YouTube

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-04-2012) Steve Stars on The HIV/AIDS Fraud - YouTube

Audio:Down the Rabbit Hole with Popeye 4/20/2012


The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? (Full 'Experience Hendrix' Album): Music Video

The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album) [Full Album]: Music Video

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - (1967) Full Album: Music Video

Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours [Full Album]: Music Video

Full Album/LP! Jazz Samba - Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd - Full LP On Vinyl, Verve 1962: Music Video

Full Album/LP! Bossa Nova/Latin Jazz - Antonio Carlos Jobim - Wave. 1967: Music Video


Thom Hartmann Show – April 24th, 2012 | Dprogram.net

Keiser Report: Beggars Without Borders (E279) - YouTube


4 Parts/Max Igan Discussing Trance-Formation on Truth Frequency | Dprogram.net


Obama’s Stolen Election | Dprogram.net

Big Brother Transport Bill Set to Advance This Week | Dprogram.net

The Trap Is Sprung … Obama as East-West Savior? | Dprogram.net

Trayvon vs Zimmerman: Mainstream Media Weapon of Mass Distraction - YouTube

Bank of America’s War on the Second Amendment | Dprogram.net


HAARP for Dummies | Dprogram.net

HAARP: The Military's Pandora's Box

HAARP and Earthquakes - YouTube


HAARP - http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/


**Population Reduction Agenda - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » Congressman Says He Was Targeted For Grope Down By TSA

REPORT: Newt Gingrich Will Drop Out Of The Race Next Week - Business Insider

A Black Box in Your Car? - Law Blog - WSJ

Prison Planet.com » Rubio Moves Closer to VP Slot After Bilderberg Speculation

Say Hello to Your New Master: Environmental Dictatorship - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Secretive Bilderberg Group Set To Meet In Virginia May 31st-June 3rd

Prison Planet.com » The UN Plan For Running The World: Global Carbon Taxes And A One World Green Economy

Bilderberg Invasion 2012: The Globalist Hubris Leads to Virginia! - YouTube

Bilderberg Group Set To Meet In Virginia - YouTube


20- MIN./Death Loving Sociopathic Professor Calls for Global 'Genocide' to Save Earth - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » CISPA Amendment Allows DHS to Intercept Tax Returns

Prison Planet.com » 22 Red Flags That Indicate That Very Serious Doom Is Coming For Global Financial Markets

Prison Planet.com » Professor Depicts Blood-Dripping Knife, Machine-Gun, While Talking Population Control

Dr. Guillebaud Promotes Depopulation at Cambridge University (2 of 2) - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » How Liberty Was Lost

The TSA's Star Studded Psyop Attack - YouTube

Ron Paul Winning: MSM Decides its Safe to Announce Delegate Wins - YouTube


40 MIN./Lew Rockwell: The Government is A Gang of Thieves at Large! - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » Security Experts: CISPA Not Needed, Would Do More Harm than Good

Prison Planet.com » Experts Agree: War On Terror Is A Racket, CIA And Wall Street Are Financed By Global Drug Trade

Prison Planet.com » In The Wake of Epic Financial Fraud, The American Ruling Class Choose Stability Over Justice And Law

Prison Planet.com » Is America Embracing the 10 Tenets of the Communist Manifesto?

Prison Planet.com » Neo-Imperialists Grind Away at Syrian Sovereignty


(VIDEOS)Prison Planet.com » Take Action Against Dow Chemical and Monsanto ‘Agent Orange’ GMO Crops


Prison Planet.com » Mad Cow Disease Newly Confirmed in California

Prison Planet.com » Water Fluoridation Persists Despite Being Unhealthy for Infants

Prison Planet.com » Introducing the S-Men, defenders of science and saviors of our modern world!

Prison Planet.com » Feds And Utilities Face Off Over Electromagnetic Pulse Threat Coming In 2014

Obama Targets Tech in Human Rights Abuse - YouTube


57 MIN./Medical Tyranny and Murder In The Matrix - YouTube

25 MIN./The Injustice System in America with Stewart Rhodes - YouTube


World Governments Establish Biodiversity Panel: Scientific American

World Governments Establish Biodiversity Panel: Scientific American

Pentagon sets up new spy agency to eavesdrop on a changing world | World news | guardian.co.uk

Prison Planet.com » Utah’s Liljenquist Pledges to Work to Repeal NDAA and 17th Amendment

For first time since Depression, more Mexicans leave U.S. than enter - The Washington Post

BBC News - UK economy in double-dip recession


Prison Planet.com » New Modern Translation Bible Omits the Term “Christ”


Extreme Theology : www.extremetheology.com/


Prison Planet.com » Confirmed: Feds Coordinating Brutal Crackdown on Occupy Protests

TSA Tells Complainers: "Go To Hell" - YouTube

New York Cracks Down on Birdbaths to Fight West Nile Virus - NYTimes.com

Tea party peters out in South Carolina as election approaches

Rural kids, parents angry about Labor Dept. rule banning chores on the farm

GOP senators dish on VP prospects -- including their own

Report: Newt Gingrich will conclude presidential campaign on May 1

'Joe the Plumber' on Obama: 'He came to Christ and he is my brother'

Younger voters shift from Obama

An indictment of liberalism

Dick Morris predicts 'liberal' media will turn against Obama

President Obama 'Slow Jams the News' on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Romney seizes 5 GOP contests, promises 'better America'

Van Jones: Obama let the tea party 'set him up' by being 'so bipartisan'

Prison Planet.com » Taxes vs. Fed – What’s to Blame?

Prison Planet.com » TOP BANK ECONOMIST: ‘The Financial System Is Increasingly Being Rigged’

Prison Planet.com » The One Investment Strategy You Need to Know to Protect Yourself Against the Coming Inflation Monster


DAAAMMMMMMMMMMMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - YouTube


Is the Student Loan Bubble About to Burst?

Student loan interest set to skyrocket - YouTube

Obama Stresses Personal Struggle To Pay Back Student Loans

Mitt Romney Supports Low Student Loan Rates in Bid for Independent Voters - The Daily Beast

Obama, Romney oppose increasing student loan interest rate | Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and National Politics and Elections News - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News

Innovations for paraplegics: mind-controlled robots and wheelchairs, electric skin and more

The UN Plan for the World: Global Carbon Taxes, Global Safety Nets And A One World Green Economy

BP Gulf Oil Spill Revisited by Activist Groups

Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots?

Senate Bill Would Make Unconstitutional Anti-Stalking Law Even More Unconstitutional

Wal-Mart's List of Crimes Expands by Adding 'Bribery Campaign' in Mexico

Trayvon Martin and Gun Violence — Setting the Stage for Gun Control in Obama’s Second Term

Western Kentucky University Students Under the Watchful Eye of High-Tech Surveillance System

What's new in XProtect Corporate 4.0 - YouTube

Say Hello To Your Corporate Police

Reuniting the Spiritual and the Practical Through Activism

Radioactive Hell on Earth

Activist Post: Russell Brand Talks Drug Policy in Parliament

Russell Brand Tells MPs Of Drugs Battle | Orange UK

Bob Marley on Weed (Legalize) - YouTube

forgetomori » The FBI/KGB/SS Alien Photo: Found

Searching for a superbug's secret weapon : Nature News & Comment

Fish Glow Green After Genetic Engineering

Is there a drone in your neighbourhood? Rise of killer spy planes exposed after FAA is forced to reveal 63 launch sites across U.S. | Mail Online

Mysterious 'monster' discovered by amateur paleontologist

Greenies Launch Satellite to Track Cow Flatulence - YouTube


+Top 10: Most beautiful ‘most beautiful’ women [SLIDESHOW]

Top 10: Most hooterific Hooters girls [SLIDESHOW]


* Amazing! Man Lived For 256 Years | Before It's News


» Forget WiFi, Connect to the Internet Through Lightbulbs Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


TED: Ideas worth spreading / www.ted.com/


Department of Homeland Security buying up enough ammo to wage seven-year war against the American people

Near death, explained - Salon.com

The Psychedelic Transhumanists | Reality Sandwich


+Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago tell vivid story of gritty New York City | Mail Online


SBSS 23. The World Is Cornering The Elite - YouTube


41 MIN./UFOTV: David Adair at Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Technology - YouTube


Mysterious Ancient Signs In The City Of David Remain Unexplained - MessageToEagle.com

+ Prostitution Rings Provide Minors For Wealthy Elite ... UK Government Elite Peedo Cover Up 2012 | Before It's News

Why Did Russia Ban The Use of Microwave Ovens? - Apparently Apparel - A New Style of Coverage!


* 2,000-Year Old Chinese Herbal Remedy Could Be Used To Treat Autoimmune Disorders, Harvard Scientists Find | Before It's News


*Apple Cider Vinegar Cures | Before It's News


**Canning Homemade Dog Food – Recipe and Instructions! - American Preppers Network


+15 Self-Defense Tips Every College Female Needs | Before It's News

(VIDEO)The Royal Clones ... And ... Prince Will . I . Am (king Arthur) | Before It's News

+ 45+ Very Realistic 3D Portraits!!! | Before It's News

+ 8 Great Careers For Older Workers | Before It's News

- 10 Signs Your Online Social Status Is Climbing | Before It's News

Two Long-Term Investing Strategies That Work (and one that doesn’t) | Before It's News

The Secret For A Longer Life: Evolution In An Island | Before It's News

The Planet In Front Of The Sun, A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event! | Before It's News

The Alien "Chemical" Factory In Our Solar System, NASA Estimates How Long Its Been In Business | Before It's News

The Serpent Among The Stars Hides In A Cluster Within A Cluster | Before It's News

Zooming in on the star cluster NGC 6604 - YouTube

Real Evidence Of The Afterlife? | Before It's News

Chinese takeover of USA - YouTube

Americans Dangerously Close to Living in Dictatorship | Before It's News

American Scientist Admits Existence Of Reptilians ... Welcome To Our New Lizard Overlords | Before It's News

THE SHIT IS GOING DOWN: American scientist admits the existence of Reptilians. - YouTube

'Inhabitants Of Madrid' Ate Elephants Meat And Bone Marrow 80,000 Years Ago | Before It's News

Louis CK Donald Rumsfeld Lizard O and A - YouTube


**Cooking and Recipes

Easy Recipes – www.cookeatdelicious.com/

Cauliflower Potato Soup | Before It's News


* Make Your Own Light Bulbs *


**Free Energy Documents


BBC News - Shakespeare's 'co-author' named by Oxford scholars

Occupy Unmasked | Before It's News


+PRODUCT: Kinekt Design


Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Jim Rogers says 4 more years of Obama, SHTF in 2013-2014, and farmers will be rich.

Japanese Nuclear Propaganda Cartoon: MUST SEE - YouTube


**New Site Forces Vote Riggers to Update Past Results Using Affidavits for Ron Paul, while Keeping Honest the Upcoming Primaries | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Ron Paul 2012


+ RonPaulVoteCount.Org


Ron Paul U.S.A.: NY GOP Chairman Lies to Voters, Says Ron Paul is Out of the Race

Rockland County Republican Chairman Provides Misleading Primary Information - YouTube

Lone Star Watchdog: To Ron Paul Supporters: Thwarting and Defeating the Establishment By Becoming Wise to The Poltical Party Hack's Dirty Tricks and Tactics.

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul - New Law Encourages Most Successful Internet Companies To Act As Internet Spies

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : We Believe Blowing The Whistle On War Crimes in NOT A Crime!- Bradley Manning Rally Portland

John Wayne on liberals - YouTube

Obama administration announces 'War on Terror' is over; so can we fire the TSA and repeal the Patriot Act now?

Activist Post: The UN Plan for the World: Global Carbon Taxes, Global Safety Nets And A One World Green Economy

"The Underwear Bomber": Crushing Freedom With Phony Arab Terrorism

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : IRS Seizing Your Passport

Activist Post: Is the Student Loan Bubble About to Burst?

Exposed: the hundreds of City millionaires in film tax loophole - Business News - Business - The Independent

Wells Fargo, Terrified to Face Victims of Its Foreclosure Fraud and Predatory Lending, Locks Shareholders Out of Annual Meeting | Occupy Wall Street | AlterNet

BP Engineer Arrested for Destroying Evidence on Oil Spill

Activist Post: Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots?

Will Obama Move for Amnesty for Illegals before 2012 Election? | _

Did Rothschilds Buy Mormon Church

World Of Technology: Barack Obama on Mick Jagger, Mitt Romney and Osama bin Laden

TARP Profit A Myth, Claims TARP Inspector General Christy Romero

World Of Technology: Napolitano grilled on US Secret Service sex scandal

Insurer Caps WTC-Demolition Asbestos Payout at 10 Million | Veterans Today

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Are All U.S. Politicians Drug WAR PROFITEERS?


A Matter of Time for a VAT Tax :

Obama’s Incompetence May Fuel Racial Violence : Personal Liberty Alerts


7 Things From Pop Culture That Apparently Piss Jesus Off | Cracked.com


**The Constitution Card - www.theconstitutioncard.com/


How Can Primitive Living Skills Help Me Survive? - YouTube

Ron Paul’s Minnesota delegate blowout prompts Romney ‘panic,’ says Paul adviser

57 MIN./Innocents Betrayed The True Story of Gun Control - YouTube

Russian Defense ministry tests electromagnetic weapon, might use it to suppress mass protests | StratRisks

Activist Post: Wal-Mart's List of Crimes Expands by Adding 'Bribery Campaign' in Mexico

Why we must be allowed to spy on Facebook and Twitter, by former Whitehall intelligence chief | Mail Online

American's Journey: Was the "Greatest Generation" wrong for killing the NAZIs?

Activist Post: Reuniting the Spiritual and the Practical Through Activism

Destroying the Retirement Dreams of a Generation :

Obama: I only paid off my student loans eight years ago - ABC News

TV as thin as a sheet of paper? Printable flexible electronics just became easier with stable electrodes

The Duty Of The Military In A Militarized Empire

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : 7.1 Million Americans are in the Prisons system so Corporations can Profit from your Tax money !

World Of Technology: Bradley Manning trial: US government ordered to release WikiLeaks damage assessments

World Of Technology: Obama calls disgraced Secret Service agents 'knuckleheads' amid further resignations


imgur: http://imgur.com/


The Michael Savage Show 04/24/2012

The Michael Savage Show 04/23/2012


+Activist Post: 800+ major corporations and U.S. Chamber of Commerce support internet freedom-crushing CISPA

What Facebook Wants in Cybersecurity Doesn’t Require Trampling On Our Privacy Rights | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Obama administration announces 'War on Terror' is over; so can we fire the TSA and repeal the Patriot Act now?

Ex-spy: Destroying CIA tapes purged 'ugly visuals' - KansasCity.com

Security Experts: CISPA Not Needed, Would Do More Harm than Good - BlackListedNews.com

World Governments Establish Biodiversity Panel: Scientific American

Pentagon sets up new spy agency to eavesdrop on a changing world | World news | guardian.co.uk

Swiss scientists demonstrate mind-controlled robot - KansasCity.com

The Hidden Role of Gold at the IMF - BlackListedNews.com

Pentagon establishes Defense Clandestine Service, new espionage unit - The Washington Post

Is there a drone in your neighbourhood? Rise of killer spy planes exposed after FAA is forced to reveal 63 launch sites across U.S. | Mail Online

U.S. Suspends Controversial Outsourcing Training Program - Services - Outsourcing - Informationweek


36 MIN./The War on Whitey & The TSA's Hollywood Grope Fest - YouTube


» Obama Opposes CISPA, But Will Sign It Anyway Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

IRS To Confiscate Guns At Will! - YouTube

» Bill Allows IRS To Revoke Second Amendment Rights By Stealth Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Bank of America’s War on the Second Amendment Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

**Flashback: Escaped, Mutated GM Maize on the Loose Maybe Carrying AIDS Virus Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» South America Trembles Before Argentine Devaluation Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

New Orleans Saints Wiretapping Secrets! - YouTube

Executive Orders Unleashed: Obama "Can't Wait" to Bypass Congress - YouTube

» The UN Plan For Running The World: Global Carbon Taxes, Global Safety Nets Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Security Experts Send Congress Letter on Fourth Amendment Busting CISPA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Ron Paul - Internet Under Attack - Oppose CISPA - Texas Straight Talk - April 23, 2012 - YouTube

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman & The Decline of Racism & Violence in America - YouTube

» Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman & The Decline of Racism & Violence in America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


+ Is America Embracing the 10 Tenets of the Communist Manifesto? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


**The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx


AIDS and Occupy protesters arrested after blocking traffic in lower Manhattan - NYPOST.com

BBC - Homepage

The Death of All Banking Freedom? by Wendy McElroy

ABCNews.com - Breaking News, Latest News & Top Video News - ABC News

New York News | Gossip | Sports | Entertainment | Photos - New York Post

Supreme Court casts doubt on Obama's immigration law claim - Washington Times

TSA: All Americans Must Be Irradiated! - YouTube


CISPA, the New Enemy of the Internet

Medicare Faces Unfunded Liability of $38.6T, or $328,404 for Each U.S. Household | CNSNews.com

Guest Post: What Happens When All The Money Vanishes Into Thin Air? | ZeroHedge

Twelve countries increase their gold reserves in March - some significantly - GOLD NEWS - Mineweb.com | The world's premier mining and mining investment website Mineweb

Russia, U.S. to Hold Joint Anti-Terror Drills | World | RIA Novosti

Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony - YouTube

Rubio Security Upped After ‘Credible Threat’

Aide: Gingrich to Quit Race

Rubio: World a Better Place Because of US Involvement

Carter: I Wouldn't Mind Romney in White House

Obama: There is an 'Understandable Skepticism' About Me

Napolitano Faces Questions in Secret Service Probe

Nevada Republican Seeks Nuclear Waste Site Compromise

Cuba Says Guns Arriving From US In Luggage

High Court Seems Supportive of Ariz. Immigration Law

Issa: Obama Government ‘Most Corrupt In History’

Secret Service Shenanigans Not Unprecedented

Al Gore Gets Place In New Internet Hall of Fame

Mourdock Slams Lugar for Confirming Sotomayor, Kagan

Poll: Obama & Romney’s Wives More Popular Than the Candidates

President's Alma Mater Harvard Shying Away From Obama

Netanyahu: I Back 'Contiguous' Palestinian State

Zuckerman: Obama's Economic Tactics 'Have Failed'

Radiation From Needless Medical Tests Can Give You Cancer

How to Tell If You're a Workaholic

Smokey Bear Becomes Next Space Crew's Mascot

Google Launches Storage Service for Personal Files

Trayvon Case Recalls Rodney King Chaos

Trayvon Case Reveals a Racist Media

Romney Should Make Early VP Pick

Iowa Man Detained & Forced To Show ID For Filming Police During Traffic Stop - informationliberation

Public Schools in Action: Father With Autistic Son Sends His Kid To School With A Wire, Exposes Bullying And Abuse By Teachers - informationliberation

The Great Lawn Mower Hack - informationliberation

Big Brother Transport Bill Set to Advance This Week - informationliberation

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 16

The EyeOpener- Spotlight Baluchistan: Minerals, Pipelines & Terrorists in the Imperial Great Game

+Joel Salatin talks to Lew about Big Agra;The Food Police State


**Sleeper Assassins - Jesse Ventura - Full Documentary - YouTube


Who Should Run the Global Economy? by Michael S. Rozeff

Traumatizing Tykes at the TSA by Becky Akers

Devious Taxation by Walter E. Williams

CRIME, GUNS, AND VIDEOTAPE: Lessons Learned From the Trayvon Martin Shooting

Another Way To Kill US Farmers: Seize Their Bank Accounts on Phony Charges

Beat the Creep: Gradual Weight Gain Stopped and Reversed | Mark's Daily Apple

Bradley Manning: A Show Trial of State Secrecy

Noam Chomsky on America's Declining Empire

The Crisis of Zionism

+ Video Interview:Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow Featuring. Slavoj Zizek and David Horowitz

Iraq's Road Back From Oblivion

A New Record is Set for Military Spending The Shame of Nations

The Globalization of Hollow Politics

Abroad, as at Home, Obama Coasts on a Wave of Disappointment

Liberals and Their Situational Ethics

The Relationship Between Christianity and Capitalism

*CBS/News Video and Transcript: The Cost of a Nation of Incarceration

The pivot: Mitt Romney throws Bill Clinton's 'economy stupid' dictum back in Barack Obama's face - Mail Online - Toby Harnden's blog

Transcript and Video of Mitt Romney’s Speech: “A Better America Begins Tonight” | Fox News Insider

Brown camp scolds Warren over interest-free loan - BostonHerald.com

Sen. Marco Rubio calls Putin 'weak' and says U.S. must deal with 'China of today' - HUMAN EVENTS

Senator: No 'Girls Gone Wild' intern this summer | NewsOK.com

Confidants: Secret Service agents contend misbehavior on trips not unprecedented - The Washington Post

Rodney King On Trayvon Martin: ‘Luckily I Got My Attack Seen On Tape’ « CBS Tampa

Controversial Site AshleyMadison.com Offers $1M For Proof Of Sex With New York Jets' Tim Tebow « CBS New York

Facebook Comments Reportedly Trigger Large Fema - Flash Player Installation

Supreme Court casts doubt on Obama's immigration law claim - Washington Times

Worker Killed By Exploding Beer Keg In NH « CBS - Flash Player Installation

"If I wanted America to fail" - YouTube

First algae, now spinach to be green energy source | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Mitt Romney, with nod to Ronald Reagan, asking voters how life has improved under Obama - Political Intelligence - A national political and campaign blog from The Boston Globe - Boston.com



VIDEO: From Scarcity to Abundance: Re-imagining Money



WEAPONIZATION OF THE FOOD SYSTEM: Genetically Engineered Maize Threatens Nepal and the Himalayan Region

TOP OF THE WORLD: NATO Rehearses For War In The Arctic

William Shakespeare and the New World Order: "Hell is Empty and all the Devils are Here”

VIDEO: Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent

VIDEO: Egypt Protests: 'Muslim Brotherhood Tool of CIA'

Suspicious Death of Dr David Kelly: Doctors Seek New Death Inquest

Socialist Party candidate Hollande, Sarkozy advance in French presidential elections

REMOTE WARFARE: CIA seeks expansion of drone strikes against suspected Al Qaeda targets

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 24, 2012

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 23, 2012

Not kidding: Obama has new ‘atrocities czar’

‘Coed showers’ plan could hit even churches

How did dinosaurs get miles under the earth?

Sheriff Joe releasing more on Obama

Colombian prostitutes really Russian spies?

Libel case against Obama’s ‘gay’ accuser tossed

Mitt Romney, with nod to Ronald Reagan, asking voters how life has improved under Obama - Political Intelligence - A national political and campaign blog from The Boston Globe - Boston.com

Matthews: Romney camp ‘grand wizard crowd’

Christianity without Christmas? Or Easter?

Meet the men who dreamed of Israel

Anti-tobacco TV ads help adults stop smoking, study finds

Democrat comic: Obama’s a [bleeping bleep]

Samuel L. Jackson backs gun ownership | Celebrity Buzz | a Chron.com blog

Wash. sells liquor stores for nearly $31 million | Local News | The Seattle Times

Surefire way to stop Obama in 2012

Fighting the fascists at Temple University

When taking a handout was shameful

Citizens resist King Obama

Conservatives and their stupidity pills

For self-defense: .22 beats .45

Eco-tyrants' threats of calamity

Dictators: Evil on parade

D.J. DOLCE: Gruel packets: Obama's 2nd term

L. KINSOLVING: Panetta: Government-elite commuter

P. BUCHANAN: Dems' perks, privilege and patrimony

Tax-fairness demagoguery

The assault on food

VIDEO | John Ventre of MUFON Talks Government UFO Conspiracy with CNN's Anderson Cooper

VIDEO | Anderson Cooper Looks into Claims of Alien Abduction on New Show

Paul Drockton: Romney Imposes Gay Agenda on Foreign Relations

Libel case against Obama’s ‘gay’ accuser tossed

Obama Claims His Father Served in WWII :

Republicans Push For Department of Homeland Security Takeover of National Parks :

Pentagon Announces Another New Military Spy Unit -- News from Antiwar.com

TSA Warrantless Random Bag Checks at Bus Stops Near You :

Sierra Club: Putting Coal Plants Out of Business Job Number One :

Apple: why doesn't it employ more US workers? | Technology | The Guardian

Missing $1.6 Billion MF Global Funds: Traced! -- Daily Intel

Dow Chemical and Monsanto 'Agent Orange' GMO Crops

USC Title 8……who is charged with defending our borders? « The PPJ Gazette

Arizona: HB 1070 vs Goliath « The PPJ Gazette

25 Signs That America Is A Seething Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption

The Shameful Crime Of Modern-Day Slavery « Kawther Salam

Is the New World Order dismantling British Industry? « Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You

FDA “Concerned” About Safe Supplements with Zero Death Rate

The journalist: Homeland Security's top terrorist? — RT

Risks of the 'biggest technological experiment in the history of our species': Calls for more research into links between using mobile phones and brain cancer | Mail Online

Cancer chemical alert over crisps and coffee | Mail Online

Paul Drockton. FDIC in Serious Trouble

56 U.S. troops investigated for drug use in Afghanistan | CTV Edmonton

WH Press Sec. Carney Takes Shot At Sinclair News

The World’s Largest Open-Air Gulag » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

U.S. Militias & The Coming American Spring

Activist Post: 5 Outdated Concepts to Remove From Public Schools

U.S. business investment boom funnels billions into China - Jan. 20, 2011

Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone! - The Washington Post

Circumcision: Male Genital Mutilation

Circumcision: Male Genital Mutilation – Part II

Teenager Declared Brain-Dead by 4 Doctors Makes Miracle Recovery « Zen Haven

Steven Thorpe: Teenager declared brain-dead by FOUR doctors makes miracle recovery | Mail Online

Fantastic Biological Street Lighting Using Glowing Plants And Trees As An Energy Source

Mexico drug cartel leader turns FBI informant - latimes.com

Iran 'disconnects oil terminal after hacking attack' - Telegraph

Exclusive - Half Iran tanker fleet storing oil at sea | Reuters

Swiss scientists demonstrate mind controlled robot | World news | The Guardian

Body in bag spy Gareth Williams 'hated London and wanted to leave MI6’ - Telegraph

Anecdotal vs Scientific Evidence: Which is stronger? | The Health Coach

Wheat: To eat or not to eat? | The Health Coach

Romney Obama the Same? - YouTube

Justice Sotomayor: tax evasion, perjury - what did Obama know and when?

Mitt Romney Rewrites American History, Claims Progressive Taxation Increases Poverty

Rep. Tim 'The Fracker' Holden Goes Down in Pennsylvania Primary. Thanks, Progressives!

Newest Evidence Shows Murdochs Tried To Exploit Their Influence To Win Government Favors

Walmart Shrimp Supplied By Workers In Slave-Like Conditions

Robert Reich Responds to O'Reilly and Dobbs Calling Him a Communist

Michelle Rhee and George W. Bush Speaking at Posh For-Profit Education Conference

RNC Spokesperson: Same Economic Platform For 2012 As Bush Era. Whee!

Billo's Bizarre Entitlement Rant: Poor People are Bankrupting the ENTIRE Nation!

Common Cause Requests IRS Investigation into ALEC's Tax-Exempt Status

Wait! Ron Paul Won Iowa and Minnesota Primaries?

The 'Personal Responsibility' Party Is Being Evicted In Minnesota

Party Like It's 1799: Debtor's Prisons are Back

Now That Mexican Border is Secure, Will Republicans Stop Blocking Immigration Reform?

NYT: Walmart Covers Up Mexican Bribery Scandal

Gov. Rick Scott Celebrates Sexual Assault Awareness Month By Cutting Aid For Rape Crisis Centers

Hannity Lets Marco Rubio Explain His Slip Referring to Himself as VP

Romney: Young People 'Have to Vote for Me'

Rick Perry Pushing Grover-Style Tax Pledge In Texas

Dem Rep Smears 'Threatening' Tea Party As 'Racist,' 'Crazy,' And 'Ugly'

US Urges North Korea Not To Engage In Provocations

Breitbart TV

'Beginning Of The End Of Disappointments Of Obama Administration'

It Begins: RNC Releases First Ad Featuring Romney

NBC: Recent Obama Trips Look Like 'Campaign' Events In 'Election Year Politics'

Dalai Lama: 'I Love President Bush'

Company Financed By Google Execs, James Cameron Aims To Mine Asteroids For Water, Metals, Minerals

RT Stung by Guardian Calling Assange 'Useful Idiot'

Obama Walks Back Armenian Genocide Pledge

Iran's Drone Announcement Pure Mockery of Obama

African Union: Sudan must stop bombing South Sudan

US judge weighs charges against WikiLeaks suspect

Religious parties banned under new Libya law

Hugo's Back! Venezuelan Leader Goes Lawn Bowling in Cuba

Obama Praises Trig-Truther Andrew Sullivan

Fox News Mole Charged With Grand Larceny

CNN's Lemon Twitter-Trashed For Criticizing Obama

Matthews: GOP 'Grand Wizard Crowd'

Media Matters Antisemitism Didn't End with Rosenberg

Got Bigotry?: CNN's Soledad O'Brien Stars In Skit Ripping 'Rednecks'

Media Selectively Sees 'Trayvon' in Violence Victims

Romney Trumps Obama's Clooney With Wife Ann

'Grand Wizard': More NBC Race-Baiting Under Steve Capus's Watch

NY Times Pledges ‘Unbiased Political Reporting’

Exclusive: Kagan's Handwritten Notes to Bell on Critical Race Theory

Secret Service Agents: We Were Too Drunk To Have Sex

More Romney Swipes: Michelle And I 'Didn't Come From Wealthy Families'

Malkin: Time For Conservatives To Fight Left-Wing Mob Targeting ALEC

Obama EPA Rushes to Impose New Ethanol Mandate

Gingrich: Romney Is 'Ultimately Going to Be the Nominee'

Arson at Tiny, Abandoned Illinois Occupy Camp That Was Too Cold

Fallon Sucks Up To Power In Undignified POTUS Appearance

Obama's Fallon Appearance Violated Campaign Law

Does Comedy Coward Kimmel Know Obama Ate a Dog?

Comedy Cowards: 'Funny or Die' Ignores Obama, Slams GOP

Klum Bares All In Body Paint

Jack White to compose 'The Lone Ranger' score

When Low-Rateds Attack: 'Daily Show,' Soledad Rip 'Rednecks'

Beyonce Named People's 'Most Beautiful Woman'

Wednesday Call Sheet: Stewart & Colbert's Humiliating Ratings, 'Hobbit' Flop, Bane Now Understood

Industry Kingpins Predict Stunning Growth in Online Video

Bad 'Sex' - How HBO's 'Girls' Corrects 'City' of Lies

Beach Boys Return to Their Roots for First New Single in 20 years

Fallon Sucks Up To Power In Undignified POTUS Appearance

Ted Nugent Pleads Guilty in Illegal AK Bear Kill

Exclusive - Indoctrination 101: Teaching Chicago Students to Protest


25th/Labor News and Notes Round-Up | Crooks and Liars


Alec MacGillis: Whom Will The Unions Take Out Next? | The New Republic

Team Obama to unions: Bail out our convention, will ya? « Hot Air

Americans hate super PACs. But will they vote against them? - The Washington Post

Chairman Bernanke Should Listen to Professor Bernanke - NYTimes.com

The American Spectator : Barackward

Rethinking the Hispanic Vote - 2012 Decoded

Why Did So Many French Vote for ‘Far-Right’ Marine Le Pen and Her National Front? - By Mario Loyola - The Corner - National Review Online

How Obama Banks on Warren Buffett—for Campaign Cash | Mother Jones

Bo Xilai and China’s Communist Party : The New Yorker

Marine Le Pen: Are 18% of French people racist? | The Economist

Subsidize Students, Not Tax Cuts - NYTimes.com

Examiner editorial: Conservatives must press GOP to tackle entitlement reform | Washington Examiner

Brutality of Servility - NYTimes.com

RealClearPolitics - Corzine: Obama's Tainted Bundler

Mitt Romney says that executive experience is the quality that matters most. - Slate Magazine

RealClearPolitics - Congress Plays Increasing Role in Presidential Campaign

RealClearPolitics - ObamaCare's Newest Fraud

Surviving ’Taxmageddon’ Without Maiming Economy - Bloomberg

Obama, Losing His Coalition - Josh Kraushaar - NationalJournal.com

O’s ‘Ax’ to grind - NYPOST.com

Don't blame the 1% for America's pay gap - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

All the President's Central Bankers | Foreign Affairs

Inside Harvard B-school's startup boot camp - Fortune Management

RealClearMarkets - What If We Had Overhauled Our Tax Code?

Subsidize Students, Not Tax Cuts - NYTimes.com

The Demise of Western Wealth Creation is Overblown - Penta - Barrons.com

Shaky economic prospects threaten both parties - The Washington Post

America's Secret Growth Weapon: Why Immigration Really, Really Matters - Derek Thompson - Business - The Atlantic

American Activists Foolishly Take A Page From 'Communist Manifesto' - Forbes

The Choice: Dynamic Capitalism vs. the Welfare State

Is the yuan the new dollar? - 1 - currency strategy - MSN Money

Can the Clean Tech Industry Survive Without Subsidies?

Opinion: A comprehensive energy plan is crucial - Sen. John Barrasso and Rep. Steve Pearce - POLITICO.com

Salazar: GOP living in energy 'fairy tale' - The Hill's E2-Wire

The Hard Truth: Even Liberals are Big Fans of Oil Subsidies | The Energy Collective

The Convenient Truth about Green Jobs - CleanTechnica

The American Spectator : Solyndra Nation

The Breakthrough Institute: How We Made Clean Energy Cheaper

Opening Door to Latin America's Renewable Energy Riches No Easy Task

Opinion: The rise of ‘resource nationalism’ - Hal Weitzman - POLITICO.com

A disruption for China, and the rise of small nations | The Oil and the Glory

Are Hybrid Vehicles Worth It? - IEEE Spectrum

How Much Are You Worth to Facebook? - Forbes


A Quick Guide To Current Online Privacy Threats - iVPN.net Blog

Think GPS is cool? IPS will blow your mind | ExtremeTech

"The hidden side of your soul": How the FBI uses the Web as a child porn honeypot

As users flock to iTunes, Hulu and Netflix, TV stations struggle to survive - The Washington Post

If my mother-in-law can use Ubuntu Linux, anyone can | ZDNet

Google's Drive Could Complicate the Cloud - Technology Review

Netflix Earnings Report: Bad News : The New Yorker

World's Most Dangerous Hackers Want to Steal How You Make Money CIO.com

Spies, Hackers and Energy - Preventing a Digital Pearl Harbor

Prince Charles and the Book of Mormon | Deseret News

Melinda Gates Attacks Catholic Teaching | Catholic Exchange

RELEVANT Magazine - What Is “Sexual Holiness” Anyway?

Our forefathers got it right -- no religious test for elected office – USATODAY.com

Why Creepy People Give Us the Chills - ScienceNOW

12 Ways To Spot A Liar At Work - Forbes

Second Language Translates Into Clearer Thinking

Computers Can Grade Essays As Well As People Can | 80beats | Discover Magazine

Archaeoacoustics reconstructs the sound of Stonehenge

Human Health- IN SPACE - Blog

Elusive G-spot does exist - anatomically even | Science Codex

A World in Transformation | The National Interest

WPR Article | The Tentative Rise of China's Reformists

Latest Record Results Show Apple a Bigger Global Power Than Most Nations - The Daily Beast

Robert Fisk: The Children of Fallujah - Sayef's story - Robert Fisk - Commentators - The Independent

So, Is Mexican Immigration Over? - Mark Krikorian - National Review Online

Arab Christians must fight for recognition in new regimes | Samer Libdeh | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Unplug Companies That Help Iran and Syria Spy on Citizens - Bloomberg

US must focus on Afghanistan heroin trade - CSMonitor.com

Beating “Voldemort Syndrome” | The Diplomat

Zakaria: Is Mexico winning the drug war? – Global Public Square - CNN.com Blogs

Analysis: The multiple sins of the Brothers | Egypt Independent

How the Cybersecurity Bill Would Lead to Privacy Abuse

164 Anti-Immigration Laws Passed Since 2010? A MoJo Analysis. | Mother Jones

Energy, Security, and Climate » Is Oil Shale the Next Big Energy Battle?

Watch out! Is the Fed pushing us into another bubble? - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST: Net Immigration from Mexico Stops -- or Turns Negative?

Reticence – Jean-Philippe Toussaint | Full Stop

Mad Enough to Lead - Reason Magazine

Eric A. Posner Reviews Jim Manzi's "Uncontrolled" | The New Republic

The Invention of Jaywalking - Commute - The Atlantic Cities

The Desert One Debacle - Magazine - The Atlantic

Ivan the Recumbent, or Demjanjuk in Munich: Enduring the “last great Nazi war-crimes trial”—By Lawrence Douglas (Harper's Magazine)

BOOK REVIEW: 'Alger Hiss' - Washington Times


*Ready for the Fight: Rolling Stone Interview with Barack Obama | Politics News | Rolling Stone


*Transcript of President Obama's speech in Chapel Hill | NBC17.com

*Transcript/23rd:Obama's Speech at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum


Video/Lamborghini SUV Unveiled in Beijing

Video/Big-Bank Exec Pay Heads Sky-High Once Again

Beyonce shocker! She's named the world's most beautiful woman

Johnny Depp 'Created' His Tonto For 'Lone Ranger'

Lindsay Lohan: Rosie's remarks were 'so intrusive'

John Cusack explores his dark side as Edgar Allan Poe in The Raven

Gorbachev's early hero: JFK

Hiding John Edwards' Mistress Was 'Most Important Job' of Campaign

Obama on Jimmy Fallon show: How did it go?

Barack Obama slow jams on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - YouTube

Obama makes student loan appeal in Iowa

White House gate crasher to run for Va governor

Tucson police scale back search for missing girl

George Zimmerman fundraising website is shut down

Judge refuses to dismiss GI's WikiLeaks case

Dem Sen. hopeful Warren: Stop student rate hike

Jennifer Hudson not in courtroom for grisly details of nephew's murder

Philadelphia Muslims offer $20000 reward to find criminals wearing Islamic garb

Pentagon suspends class teaching 'inflammatory' material on Islam to officers

Madeleine McCann: Why British police want to reopen missing child case (+video)

Anders Behring Breivik says insanity report is lies

No pattern of partying, skirt-chasing in Secret Service, Napolitano says

Spy 'had tied himself to his bed'

Tymoshenko's rise and misfortune

Donald Trump's appearance sparks near-riot outside Scottish parliament

Fed, seeing moderate growth ahead, sticks with low-rate policy

Goldman's Blankfein Says He's More Optimistic


*Google Drive - YouTube


Google Drive review: Adding cloud storage to the mix

Facebook pays Microsoft $550 million for AOL patents

Is Facebook working on its own smartphone?

Google Introduces Google+ Share Button

Food: Organic growth?

NASA postpones shuttle Enterprise flight to New York

Paraplegic moves distant robot by thinking

Do the Milky Way's companions spell trouble for dark matter?

NASA: Meteor was size of minivan

Natural Antacid Helped Early Land Creatures Breathe

Whale Found Dead in Wash. Had Swallowed Golf Ball

Robots: The gateway to 'mind-blowing sex'?

Asteroid Mining - YouTube

S. Korea curbs US beef sales after confirmation of mad cow disease

'Surveillance Systems Work' in Mad Cow Case - YouTube

Doctor claims to have found G spot

Food FYI: Pizza Hut's cheeseburger-ringed pizza in Middle East

Another customer collapses at Vegas' Heart Attack Grill

Cracking Into Addiction: Cocaine Abuse Accelerates Aging Of Brain, Says Study

America's Lost Generation: U.S. teens worst in western world for binge-drinking, drugs and violent deaths | Mail Online

HIV/AIDS activists hoping anxiously that health care law survives Supreme Court review - The Washington Post

Obama on Jimmy Fallon: 'Late Night' host gets President to slow-jam the news during show - NY Daily News

The Progress News: Delegates and alternates elected to national conventions

Ron Paul Vows to Continue Campaign Against Status Quo - US Business News - CNBC

Michelangelo Signorile: What Romney's Choice of a Gay Spokesman Means

Barack Obama slow jams on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - YouTube


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Endorsement of Jefferson Davis of Mississippi for President

Its Time to Cut Our Losses in Afghanistan

Not an empire, but as expensive.

Is Government Running Away From Us or Is It Just The Politicians Running?

Earth to Peggy Noonan – We have a Problem

The United Nation’s Useless Genocide Trials

Limbaugh: Democrat Party Looking At As Many Illegals As Possible Turning into Voters

Limbaugh: Mexican Illegals Leaving Because Mexican Economy Doing Better Than Ours

Rush Limbaugh Clarifies Denise Ilitch Obama Fundraiser Comments

Limbaugh: Romney & Obama Slow Jam The News

Mark Levin: When I Listen To Obama He Sounds Like A Weirdo. ‘Can I Get An Amen?’

Rush: Obama With Jimmy Fallon, Dave Matthews, Stephen Colbert Draws Half The Crowd As ’08

Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke Coordinating With Obama WH In Scaring Students On Rising Interest On Student Loans

President Singles Out GOP Congresswoman — Tells Students to ‘Google’ Her

Oops! Rubio Loses Last Page of Foreign Policy Speech

Ties to Terrorists? Trial Begins In Suit Against Proposed TN Mosque

Pastor Joel Osteen: Romney & Obama Are Christians & I See Mormons as ‘Brothers In Christ’

Guess Where Obama Says He Gets His News: ‘I Think Jon Stewart’s Brilliant’

Extreme Anti-Animal Testing Stunt: Woman Treated Like Test Subject in Store Window

President Obama Does ‘Slow Jam’ on Student Loans, Says He‘s ’Not Friends’ With Romney in Fallon Previews

Former DC Mayor: Let’s Grow Our Own Nurses ‘So That We Don’t Have to Be Scrounging Around’ & Hiring Foreigners

‘Psychological Torture’: CAIR Sues U.S. Gov’t to Prevent Religious Questioning of Muslims at the Border

Occupy Web Site Features Bloody Graphic of Decapitated Cop Being Attacked By a Unicorn

Debbie Schlussel: HUH? GOP & Dem Feminists Blame Secret Service Hooker Scandal on “Too Few” Chick Agents; ICE’s HookerGate

Michelle Obama asks supporters to volunteer for every state by Andrew Malcolm - Investors.com

You Are Left or You Are Left Behind: Lessons in Multicultural Cruelty

Government to tell farm parents what chores their kids can perform

ObamaCare and Freedom

Meet The Tarnished Bureaucrat Who Is Running Our Negotiations With Iran

Obama Wins Close or Loses Big

Remind Me Again, Which Party is Skeptical of the President's Religion?

**News Videos:

Obama On The White House: "It's A Rental"
Pro-Obama Super PAC Ad: Romney "In The Tank For Big Oil"
House Dem: Unemployed Will Vote For Obama To Keep "Their Benefits"
Dick Morris: Liberal Media Will Turn Against Obama
Sen. Johnson: When You Attack Business & Vilify Success, You Get Less Of Both
CNN's Morgan Pushes A Reluctant Santorum Into Endorsing Romney
Obama "Slow Jams" The News, Bashes Republicans
Dionne: Obama Could Pull Off Running As The "Cool Candidate" Again
Krauthammer: Democrats Are Threatening The Court Over Immigration
Todd: Santorum Is Mishandling His Romney Endorsement
O'Reilly: We Live In An Age Where Truth Doesn't Matter Anymore

The Bo Xilai Effect
Kofi Annan Calls Syria Violence 'Unacceptable'
McCain: No Hope For UN Mission In Syria
Chinese Scandal Becomes Movement?
Austerity Anger Boosts European Extreme Parties
Online Videos Assert Israel's Right To Attack Iran
U.S.-Russia BMD Negotiations Stall
Sarkozy Fights To Save Presidency
Demonstrations On The Korean Peninsula
Popocatepetl Spews Gas And Ash
Philippines, U.S. Hold Controversial War Games
Pakistan Test-fires Nuclear Missile
The Economic Roots Of The Arab Spring
A New Vision For Russia


One Year Later: The Impact Of Bin Laden's Death On Al-Qaeda
Sarkozy: No Such Things As 'Good Or Bad Votes'
Refugee Envoy Jolie In Ecuador
Raw Video: Dozens Killed In Syria After UN Visit
Maori Haka Kicks Off London Shakespeare Festival
Pakistan: Pushed To Safety
Obama Administration's Handling Of Syria And Iran
Panetta Suspends Clearances Of Military Involved In Scandal
Pavement Plunge Drama
Korean Peninsula's Effigy War
The Roles Of Women In Terrorism And Counterterrorism
Tom Donnelly: How Does America Interpret China's Behavior?
James Murdoch Grilled By UK Inquiry

Sen. Reid: Don't Let Student Loan Interest Rates Double

Romney: "It's Still About The Economy And We're Not Stupid"
Wasserman Schultz On Senate Budget: American People Not Interested In "Focusing On Process"
Washington Post's Cillizza: "Mitt Romney Isn't Cool, Barack Obama Is"
Lib Talker Finds Romney And Rubio "Homoerotic"
Andrea Mitchell: I Had The "Disadvantage" Of Watching Romney And Gingrich At The Same Time
Rep. Issa: Obama Admin Proving To Be "Most Corrupt In History"
Obama Tells Fallon That He And Romney Are "Not Friends"
Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of Republicans Passing On VP Slot
Will Cain Spars With Wasserman Schultz Over Dems And Taxes
MSNBC: Obama Blurring Line Between Campaigning On Taxpayer-Dime
Obama: "Now Is The Time To Double Down"
RCP's Tom Bevan On Effect Of Home Prices On 2012 Election
Toure: I Believe Obama Likes Hip Hop, I Don't Believe That Eric Cantor Does
Obama: Michelle And I "Didn't Come From Wealthy Families" ... "We Got Poor Together"
Obama Asks Students For An "Amen" After Talking About Loans
Sen. Grassley Suggests Colombian Prostitutes Could Be Russian Spies
Scarborough: Romney Not Listening To His Advisers
"Morning Joe" Makes Fun Of Romney Remembering France While They Remember France
Van Jones: Obama Let The Tea Party "Set Him Up" By Being "So Bipartisan"
Wasserman Schultz: "Entirely Reasonable" For Boehner To Say GOP Could Lose House
"Special Report" Panel On The Situation In Syria
Dionne: Rubio Is "Perfect" On Paper
O'Reilly: The U.S. Is An Entitlement Country
Fineman: Obama Is Not Going To Run On His Record, But Against Romney


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