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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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04 April 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

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The Michael Savage Show 04/03/2012

The Michael Savage Show 04/02/2012


The Alex Jones Show 2012-04-03 Tuesday - YouTube

The Alex Jones Show 2012-04-02 Monday - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News 2012-04-02 Monday - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News 2012-04-03 Tuesday - YouTube


C2CAM - Mars, Ancient Life, & 'John Carter' - 04.02.2012 Coast To Coast AM) - YouTube

C2CAM - Cosmology & Creation - 04.01.2012 - (Coast To Coast AM) - YouTube


Ancient Voyages - YouTube

The Food Conspiracy - YouTube


+Brain Eating Vaccines: The History and Facts - YouTube



Collision Course: Iran And The West
UN Violating Own Sanctions On North Korea?
Hafiz Bounty Viewed As Pressure Tactic On Pakistan
How Will North Korea's New Satellite Test Impact U.S.?
Women's Boxing In Afghanistan
Spain Unemployment Rises For 8th Month
Devils Descend On El Salvador
Moscow Market Fire Kills 15 Migrant Workers
Support Grows For French Far Left Presidential Candidate
U.S. Puts $10 Million Bounty On Pakistani Militant
U.S. Puts $10 Million Bounty On Pakistani Militant
Francis Fukuyama: Three Institutions Constituting Social Order
Assad's Uncle: Bashar Is 'Fleeting'

Obama Campaign: President Is Protecting Consumers At The Pump
Lawrence O'Donnell: Mormonism Is An "Invented Religion"
Van Jones: "We Overestimated Our Achievement In 2008"
Obama: Easter Story Of Jesus' Triumph Gives Me Faith In Troubled Times
Biden: "Our Energy Policy Is The Best It's Ever Been"
Wasserman Schultz: Ryan Budget A "Path To Poverty"
Wasserman Schultz: "Nonsense" That Obama Will Attack Mormonism On Trail
CNN Anchor: What About The Muslim Vote?
Olbermann Explains Current Departure: I'm A $10 Million Chandelier
Robinson: Obama Is "Going To Be In Your Face" In This Campaign
Jon Stewart Mocks Sarah Palin Guest Hosting "Today" Show
Mark Levin: "Obama Cannot Be Trusted"
O'Reilly: Taxpayer Money Being Wasted At A Colossal Rate
Todd: Santorum's Core Support Groups Are Moving Toward Romney
"Special Report" Panel On Obama & GOP Differences On The Budget


O'Reilly: NBC News Doctors Audio Of Trayvon Martin 911 Call?
Santorum Says He's Ready For A "Strong Second Half"
Mitt Romney: I Will Rebuild The Foundation Of Our Opportunity Society
Obama: If Public Sector Hiring Was "On Par With Past Recoveries," Unemployment Would Be 1% Lower
Krauthammer: Obama Trying To Bully The Supreme Court While Liberals Are In Shock
Baier And Carney Spar Over Budget: WH Says GOP Up To "Gimmickry"
Paul Ryan: Obama's Attack On GOP Budget Is "Surreal"
Obama Instructs Journalists On How To Report His Positions
Sarah Palin: Allen West For Vice President
CNN Meteorologist: Today's Tornadoes Are "Climate Change We Are Seeing"
Wasserman Schultz: "Not True" Reid Won't Put Obama Budget To A Vote
Limbaugh: Obama Has A Bounty Out On The Supreme Court
Trump: Obama Will Start A War With Iran For Political Reasons
Palin: I Understand Why People Want Santorum Out Of The Race
Obama: Young People With Tumors Thank Me For Obamacare
Axelrod: Romney Is In A "Time Warp"
AP Chief Showers Obama With Praise At Economic Speech
Obama: GOP Wants To "Take Away" Care For Kids With Down Syndrome
Obama: GOP Budget Is "Laughable," A "Trojan Horse"
FOX News' John Gibson Bids Farewell To Keith Olbermann
Obama: GOP Budget Makes "Contract With America Look Like The New Deal"
Halperin: Obama Is "Totally Immersed In The Campaign"
Obama Warns GOP Budget Would Make Weather Prediction Less Accurate
Santorum: We'd Be "Anxious" To Join Forces With Newt To "Make Sure We Have A Conservative Nominee"
Maddow: Santorum Making It Up As He Fails Along
Biden Gives 11-Minute Meandering Answer To Question On Gas Prices
Hume: Santorum Running On Emotion, Fighting The Odds
Pelosi: "I Don't Approve Of The Congress"
Corn: Romney Is Not In Touch With Modern-Day Americans
O'Reilly: The Presidential Election Will Be Won Or Lost In The Debates
Sarah Palin: A "Shakeup" In GOP Race Is Still Possible

A Conversation With Zbigniew Brzezinski
Syria Analyst: 'We're In For A Long, Protracted Struggle'
Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton Weighs In
Beinart: Israeli Occupation Poses Risk
New Sanctions On Iranian Oil Exports
Clinton: Cracks Beginning To Form In Assad's Regime
ASEAN Summit Opens, As Myanmar Sheds Pariah Tag
Falklands Protest Turns Violent In Buenos Aires
Bin Laden's Relatives Get Short Sentences
British Rule Over Falklands 'Absurd': Argentine President
Raw Video: Syrian Clashes Mar Peace Efforts
Raw Video: Skyscraper Fire In Moscow
Nuno Monteiro Says U.S. Should Not Antagonize Iran
Peace Plan Backlash In Syria?


Prison Planet.com » Even Congress Wants To Know What The NSA Is Doing With This $2 Billion Utah Spy Center

Abortion Conditioning: The UN's Sick Social Engineering Agenda - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » US Internet Criminalization Now Pursued at State Level – Conn. Attacked

Prison Planet.com » Monsanto’s GMO Seeds Contributing to Farmer Suicides Every 30 Minutes

Prison Planet.com » Age 10 the ‘New Norm’ for Puberty in Girls Thanks to Chemicals Like BPA

Poland's Secret CIA Prisons Exposed - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Abortion Conditioning: The UN’s Sick Social Engineering Agenda

Prison Planet.com » TSA Screener Throws Hot Coffee In Face Of Pilot Who Asked Her To Stop Cursing

Russia, Iran set to counter US/Israeli strike against Iran. US-led naval drill

Top-secret American spy satellite blasts off in California - US blacks out web broadcast as observers puzzle over what's inside | Mail Online

McFaul Statement on Missile Defense ‘Arrogant’ - Lavrov | Defense | RIA Novosti

Prison Planet.com » Western Elites Encourage Dollar Death With Uruguayan/Iran Deal?

Prison Planet.com » Report: Netanyahu To Delay Iran Attack Until Next Year

Prison Planet.com » A Ponzi Civilization: Bernie Madoff Should Be The Only Face On The U.S. Dollar

Prison Planet.com » “The Broken Window Fallacy”: Why Government Stimulus Spending Will Keep The Unemployment Rate High

The Broken Window Fallacy - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Will the US dollar fall to the Chinese Yuan?

Will the US dollar fall to the Chinese Yuan? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Vaccine failure admitted: Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated

Prison Planet.com » Medical madness: Researchers develop genetically-engineered ‘pharm’ goats that produce vaccines in milk

How to hide emails from government snooping | Technology | guardian.co.uk


**Controlling Our Food - 1:48:57


Prison Planet.com » Genetics & Humanity’s Future

Prison Planet.com » When Did George Zimmerman Become ‘White’?

Prison Planet.com » Why Is The Heartland Of America Being Ripped To Shreds By Gigantic Tornadoes That Are Becoming More Frequent And More Powerful?

Prison Planet.com » Medical insanity: Babies now being treated with dangerous diabetes drugs before they’re even born

NYPD investigating image on Al Qaeda forums as possible threat to New York City - NY Daily News

Prison Planet.com » Committee To Protect Journalists: Israel Ranks Second Per Capita In Imprisoned Journalists

Government plans to sue Arizona sheriff for targeting Latinos | Reuters

Prison Planet.com » Report: There Really Is A Secret Alliance Between Ron Paul And Mitt Romney


Prison Planet.com » Lew Rockwell: “Ron Paul already won the election”

Lew Rockwell: "Ron Paul already won the election" - YouTube


37 min./Green Prof. Calls for Drugging of Climate Skeptics: Marc Morano Reports - YouTube


Supreme Court upholds jail strip searches, including for minor offenses - The Washington Post

Van Jones on “so-called Libertarians”: “They say they love America but they hate the people, the brown folk, the gays, the lesbians, the people with piercings” - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

» U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Consequences Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Corporate Taxes: Comparing Effective Rates - YouTube

Corporate Taxes: Advantages of a Territorial System - YouTube


+ IRS Insider Joe Banister Exposes Federal Reserve Coup and IRS Fraud Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


*1:00:27/Shining The Light of Truth on The IRS with Former CID Agent Joe Banister - YouTube


+ 45 Signs That America Will Soon Be A Nation With A Very Tiny Elite And The Rest Of Us Will Be Poor Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


'Massive Wealth Destruction' Is About to Hit Investors: Faber - US Business News - CNBC


» David Cameron invokes the Hegelian Dialectic to enforce snooping laws Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


What is the Hegelian Dialectic?

Hegelian Dialectics and Conspiracy


Neighbors Spying on You? New Program Spreading Across the US Takes Neighborhood Watch to Scary New Level | Civil Liberties | AlterNet

» ­Brits to Pay $3 Billion to Be Spied Upon on Web, Emails, Texts Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Russian Fem Spy Cynthia Murphy Spooked US, Not Anna Chapman - ABC News

» Did Russia’s sexy spy, Anna Chapman, seduce an Obama official? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Woodward and Bernstein: Could the Web generation uncover a Watergate-type scandal? - The Washington Post

Facebook files Yahoo countersuit - The Washington Post

» Plutonium to Pluto: Russian nuclear space travel breakthrough Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» United States of Mass Murder: Only Mao Killed More Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


** Real Or Fake? Pentagon Proposal to Lobotomize ‘Terrorists’ Using Virus Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!



» A Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway Globally Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


**Rise of the Petty Dictator Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


Obama Invoked NDAA ALERT! Issued Executive Order Declaring 'Threat' of Iran Nat'l Emergency! - YouTube

» FBI and NYPD Worried About Graphic Posted On al-Qaeda Forum Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» North American Union will Attempt to Disarm the People of the United States Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

- Understanding The Slave Mentality Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Obama attacks checks and balances in his Supreme Court comments Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Republic vs Democracy - YouTube

» Pentagon has no records of Osama bin Laden’s death Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Moscow Skyscraper Goes Up in Flames But Does Not Collapse Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Fire at Russia's Tallest Building - YouTube

Government plans to sue Arizona sheriff for targeting Latinos | Reuters

Obama administration proposes changes to legal status applications - Los Angeles Times

» The Moral Collapse of Western Medicine Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


WH Press Sec Gets Upset Because He Can't Answer Q About Dems Not Passing Budget - YouTube

**Obama: Supreme Court Should Uphold Obamacare - YouTube

What is Judicial Activism?

Obama’s Alinsky Style Supreme Court Attack

+Obama combative on health care challenge - YouTube

Is the Sun Setting on Our Liberties?


Jason Lewis: Classic Liberal Hypocrisy – Exposed!

Everything Is Spying On You

Americans Embrace Smart Gadgets Used to Spy on Them - Alex Jones (Mar 16, 2012) - YouTube

Asian Videos Lancaster, Tx Tornado "Buddhist Bless America!?" - YouTube


14 March/H.R. 347 Makes You a Criminal for Protesting Around Protected Politicians


AGW Alarmist Compares Reality to Racism, Wants it Categorized as a Mental Illness: Where Have we Heard That Before? | SENTRY JOURNAL


Howard Zinn on A People's History of the United States - Part 1 (1995) - YouTube

Howard Zinn on A People's History of the United States - Part 2 (1995) - YouTube

Howard Zinn on A People's History of the United States - Part 3 (1995) - YouTube


*Reading- Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto


*Reading:A People's History of the United States


Blacklisted Radio - Tuesday, April, 03, 2012

Blacklisted Radio - Monday, April, 02, 2012

Live Free Or Die Radio - Tuesday, April, 03, 2012

Live Free Or Die Radio - Monday, April, 02, 2012


A New Constitution Amendment « The Constitution Club

How Does Biden’s Brain Work, Anyway? « The Constitution Club

Government’s Continuing Fight to Control the Internet Never Stops… « The Constitution Club

Stealth Amnesty Through ‘Unlawful Presence Waivers’? « The Constitution Club

Interesting thoughts on the SCOTUS and Obama’s attack(s) since Saturday « The Constitution Club


Big Pharma Gets 77,500% Return On Lobbying Investment - BlackListedNews.com



- American Kabuki: 450 BANKER RESIGNATIONS


Obama eases rhetoric about Supreme Court on health care - CNN.com

Lew Rockwell ~ Obama Is Just GWB With A Different 'Haircut' - YouTube


+Multiple tornadoes cause massive damage | Crack Two


The Islamophobia Excuse « The Ugly Truth

'Nodding Disease' Kills African Children - Vaccine Induced Narcolepsy? - YouTube

Spying on the Spies by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com


Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : SOPA changes name to CISPA

Stop Online Piracy Act

CISPA Cyber Bill | Bangstyle :: A Global Network Promoting Independent Artists

SOPA changes name to CISPA - YouTube


Ron Paul Draws 6,200+ in Chico, California Rally - Media Lies and Says Only 100'S - YouTube

Chris King's First Amendment Page: KingCast: As in China as in the U.S. -- Ai Weiwei's new "installation" exposes government hypocrisy on the same cameras it uses to monitor its citizens.

9-11 and Alvin Krongard - Israel's Agent at the CIA

RAW live video Tornado Dallas-Fort Worth area truck trailer trailers flying April 3rd 2012 4 3 12. - YouTube


**1:19:08/The Cancer Report (Full Version) - YouTube


Great Britain getting its own Patriot Act? - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : If Government Ordered Your Lunch, Would You Get What You Want?

Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA :

Intellectual Center: Millions of Pounds of Toxic Poison to Flood US Farmland

Organic Food Industry Bought by Corporations Like Coca-Cola | Natural Society

A Ponzi Civilization: Bernie Madoff Should Be The Only Face On The U.S. Dollar

Refreshing News: China overtakes US as world's largest grocery market

Driving Inside the Soviets’ Secret Submarine Lair :

U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Consequences :

Activist Post: Local Cops Following Big Brother's Lead, Getting Cell Phone Location Data Without a Warrant

Lemon Global: An Inconvenient Truth For The GOP

Ron Paul Projected to be in 2nd Place with 380 Delegates! - YouTube

Lemon Global: Ron Paul Has 380 Delegates!!!

DEA & IRS Raid Oakland Medical Marijuana Clinic, ABC Lackey 4/2/12 -- Media Roots Exclusive - YouTube

The Transition(R): Driven to Fly - YouTube

Will Whole Foods Destroy Brooklyn? - YouTube


FileServe and Wupload Exit The File-Sharing Business | TorrentFreak


+Free Online Storage & File Upload/ FileServe



Market Failure? The Case of Copyright - informationliberation


Americans Must Work Until April 17 This Year Just to Pay for Government | CNSNews.com

+ chart


No Escape: Bill in Congress could suspend your passport if you owe taxes to the IRS - informationliberation

Are We Oppressed by Technology? - informationliberation

What Our Media Don’t Tell Us About The Middle East

How the Intelligence Community Is Creating a New American World

When Bankers Rule the World

Someday, U.S. May Catch Up To Mexico on Health Care


* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 3, 2012


The EyeOpener- Life & Death: Bioethics as crypto-eugenics

Life and Death: Bioethics as crypto-eugenics - YouTube

Class War & the College Crisis

TOWARDS GLOBAL DISORDER: How the Corporate Rights System Straddles the World

HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Testosterone Levels Fall Worldwide


The Wonderful World of Capitalism


VIDEO: NATO's Time has Come and Gone


An Islamic Antichrist? | Prophecy In The News

Islamization of America accelerates

Paul McGuire -- Cosmic Warfare

DHS won't explain its order of 450 million hollow point bullets — RT

Exactly Why This Time IS Different And the Fed Will Be Powerless to Stop What's Coming

Texas Tornado Outbreak Illustrates HAARP Signatures

4/3/2012 -- HAARP ring Scalar Square Sawtooth outbreak = watch TX, LA, OK, KS, MO - YouTube

The 'Legal Issue' of Operation Cast Lead: ICC Rules That Palestinians Cannot Investigate Israeli War Crimes

OK for Government Witnesses to Lie to Grand Jury: Supreme Court

Supreme Court upholds jail strip searches with no suspicion regardless of alleged crime

Oklahoma Man-made Quake Likely; U.S. Army Depot Surrounded by Fracking Wells

4/3/2012 -- Oklahoma 4.0M earthquake = US Army Ammo depot SURROUNDED by frack wells - YouTube

College Board bars AP Government from teaching US Constitution, US wars

DHS imports wartime surveillance technology to U.S. border

Getting Prepared Month 7: Gear, Tools and Skills to Save Lives

Local Cops Following Big Brother's Lead, Getting Cell Phone Location Data Without a Warrant | Electronic Frontier Foundation


22 min./Dystopic Singularity II: Rise of The Robots - YouTube


The ‘living’ micro-robot that could detect diseases in humans | KurzweilAI

+What’s the truth about modern medicine? | Old-Thinker News

David Rockefeller speaks about population control. - YouTube


* 481 pgs./THE SECRET TEAM ; The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World

* Behavior Control: Architecture of Modern Propaganda | Old-Thinker News

*A Project Humanbeingsfirst Document: Manufacturing Dissent: Weapons of Mass Deception – The Master Social Science


L.A. Rain Radiation Over Five Times Normal - YouTube

Man or Machine? | Old-Thinker News

The Genetic Social Network: Facebook has your Personal Information; Now Google wants your DNA | Old-Thinker News

God Wars and the World Religion | Old-Thinker News

NGOs: The Missionaries of Empire

Globalist Campaign Calls for Abolishment of Constitution | Old-Thinker News

A Cashless Society May Be Closer Than Most People Would Ever Dare To Imagine

God Wars and the World Religion | Old-Thinker News

NGOs: The Missionaries of Empire

Globalist Campaign Calls for Abolishment of Constitution | Old-Thinker News

A Cashless Society May Be Closer Than Most People Would Ever Dare To Imagine

Obama Accuses GOP-Majority House of ‘Attempt to Impose a Radical Vision on Our Country’

Pelosi: 'Congress Has Always Been A Mockery'

‘Newsbusted’: Obamacare And The Supremes, Earth Hour, And Mega Millions

'Amazing...What a Bully President Obama Has Suddenly Become,' Says SC Gov.

Rubio Working on GOP Version of DREAM Act to Let Younger Illegal Aliens Stay Legally In U.S.

Obama: Press Has Been Too Balanced in Covering Budget Debate

GAO: Fuel Economy Standards, Green Vehicles Jeopardizing Transportation Funding

U.N. Business-Class Travel Is Safe for Now, As Developing Nations Reject U.S.-Backed Spending Curbs

Obama Calls for More Redistribution of Wealth, Declaring: ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’

Obama: Buffett Rule ‘Maybe Not’ the Solution to Deficit – But ‘Step’ in ‘Right Direction’

DNC Chair: 'Simply Not True' That Sen. Reid Has Refused to Take Up a Budget

Education Secretary Admits He Was ‘Least Successful’ at Reducing Youth Violence in Chicago

Trump wishes transgender luck in Canada pageant

Olbermann compares himself to an expensive chandelier on Letterman's show

Rubio Working on GOP Version of DREAM Act to Let Younger Illegal Aliens Stay Legally In U.S.

Obama Accuses GOP-Majority House of ‘Attempt to Impose a Radical Vision on Our Country’

Paul Ryan: 'Three Certainties in My Life - Death, Taxes and Bitter Partisan Attacks From Obama' | NewsBusters.org

CBS's Rose Tosses Axelrod Softballs, Lets Him Defend ObamaCare, Attack GOP | NewsBusters.org

AP President Dean Singleton Slobbers Over Obama in Gushing Speech | NewsBusters.org

US Physicians Group Offers Evidence of Darfur Atrocities

North Korean Defector Sees Signs of Chinese Policy Shift

Obama: Republicans Want 'Radical Vision' for America

Salmonella Research in Space Yields Breakthroughs on Earth

Let The Vetting Begin: Attention Turning To Romney’s Potential VP Candidate « CBS DC

Doctor Panels Urge Fewer Routine Tests - NYTimes.com

Doctors call for end to five cancer tests, treatments - Yahoo! News

Obama Instructs Journalists On How To Report His Positions | RealClearPolitics

Associated Press Chief Offers Lavish Praise for Obama | The Weekly Standard

Hoodie Appears in the White House | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

Michael Savage: It’s ‘do or die’ for America

Romney attacks ‘Barack Obama’s Government-Centered Society’ in Wisconsin speech - Election 2012 - The Washington Post

Baier And Carney Spar Over Budget: WH Says GOP Up To "Gimmickry & Stunts" | RealClearPolitics

DHS To Grant Illegal Aliens “Unlawful Presence Waivers” | Judicial Watch

My Way News - Vietnam craves rhino horn; costs more than cocaine

Intelligent people take less sick leave, researchers find - Telegraph

Local Company Touts Mobile Brain Scanner - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego

Obama eases rhetoric about Supreme Court on health care – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Pelosi predicts 6-3 victory for health law - Washington Times

Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case - Crossroads - CBS News

Obama Puts Out Figurative Bounty on Supreme Court - The Rush Limbaugh Show

Romney pads delegate lead with 3-contest sweep - Yahoo! News

Romney sweeps Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C., CNN projects - CNN.com

Obama Warns GOP Budget Would Make Weather Prediction Less Accurate | RealClearPolitics

Sheriff Joe expands Obama probe to Hillary supporters


The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center

Romney Wins Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C.

Appeals Court Calls President's Bluff on Obamacare

WSJ: Obama's Anti-Ryan Speech 'Political Fable'

Sheriff Joe: I Will Not Be Monitored by Feds

Shrinking American Paychecks May Doom Obama’s Re-election Effort

Exit Poll: Wisconsin Republicans Support Walker

McCain Jokes That Romney Should Choose Palin for VP

Reich: Obama's 'JOBS' Act is a Scam

High Sugar Levels — America's No. 1 Health Threat

Foods that Keep Your Skin Looking Great

College Education Leads to Better Health

Google Search Ads Ruled 'Deceptive'

English Professor Creates World’s First Humanlike Robot

New Facebook App Allows Users to Add 'Enemies'

Progressives See Constitution as Impediment

Next Congress Should Overturn Obamacare

US Needs To Learn Truth about Shariah


*4 parts/Mind Control and Our Descent into Fascism – Max Igan


* Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (03-28-2012) Deconstructing Racism & The King Alfred Plan - YouTube

* Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (03-30-2012) The Lincoln Assassination Revisted - YouTube


* What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – April 2-3rd, 2012

Gerald Celente RT America - 03 April 2012 - YouTube

MR Radio Transcript: Anthrax Attacks, from the Memory Hole | Dprogram.net

FOMC minutes, Bernanke's road show, Obama's speech - YouTube

+The Thom Hartmann Program – April 3, 2012 | Dprogram.net

Trayvon Tragedy, Supreme Court v. Obamacare, World Banksters - New World Next Week - YouTube

30 min./April 3 WRH show with Ryan Dawson - YouTube


* 40 min./Ron Paul: The People Should Spend the Money, Not the Government - YouTube


* No Country for Con Men: Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse Put Obama To Shame | Dprogram.net

*1:24:40/Sheriff Arpaio: Obama's Records Are Missing + Mike Zullo, Jerome Corsi Full Interviews. - YouTube


Health Ranger commentary on Flinstones commercial - Big Tobacco and GMO brainwashing Mar 2012 - YouTube


+Former White House Speechwriter Suggests Military Coup Could Oust Obama


Putin targets foes with 'zombie' gun which attack victims' central nervous system | Mail Online

Activist Post: DHS imports wartime surveillance technology to U.S. border

Greg Evensen -- Civil War Has Begun: America is Fatally Deceived


Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 1

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 2

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 3

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 4

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 5

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 6

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 7

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 8

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 9

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 10

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 11

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 12

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 13


*50 min./Children Full of Life - Documentary - YouTube


Parts/Documentary: Children Full of Life | Old-Thinker News


+Activist Post: Genetics and Humanity's Future

- Craig Venter unveils "synthetic life" - YouTube

Gene Therapy - Cortical Studios - YouTube


Nation of 65 Million Gets Lesson on Globalist Agenda | Old-Thinker News

NBC issues apology on Zimmerman tape screw-up

Gay teen sues Ohio school for banning 'Jesus Is Not a Homophobe' shirt

Judge upset by Obama's comments on health care law

Military Investigating Gay Pride Flag in Afghanistan

Hatch: Obama camp will 'throw Mormon church' at Romney

Trump: Obama will go to war with Iran

Mexican plan for Gulf deepwater wells sparks new worries

Obama: Cap-and-trade was a Republican idea

House Dems push Obama to fight harder for gay workers' rights

Priest who admitted to abusing boys in Philly was told to stay 'low key'

NYC shows off its new cabs: Sliding doors, USB chargers and odor neutralizing seats

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz under fire for calling L.A. mayor a visionary

'Joke' photo of baby with plastic bag over her head leads to mother's arrest

Not Good Enough - YouTube


* Complete Book: "THE TAKING OF AMERICA, 1-2-3", 1985

* The Myth of the Rule of Law, by Catherine Austin Fitts, Nov 2001

*The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11, by Peter Dale Scott, 07-29-11


"Top Secret: How To Kill--The CIA's Secret Weapons Systems", by Andrew Stark

"When They Kill A President", by Roger Craig

Who Killed JFK? The Media Whitewash, by Carl Oglesby

"An Introduction to the Assassination Business," by L. Fletcher Prouty

"The Umbrella System: Prelude to an Assassination", by Richard E. Sprague and Robert Cutler

"The Last Words Of Lee Harvey Oswald", Compiled by Mae Brussell


+Martin Luther King Assassination Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis by Jim Douglass

- William F. Pepper on the MLK Conspiracy Trial

- The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Was An Act of State, 1/03


- The Crimes of Mena, by Sally Denton & Roger Morris, 7/95


**1:43:14/Bill Clinton's (Alleged) Criminal History: The Clinton Chronicles - YouTube


Million-year-old ash hints at origins of cooking : Nature News & Comment

Book Obama tried to kill – back from dead


Corsi 30 HD (Corsi's Truth).mov - YouTube


Sheriff Joe expands Obama probe to Hillary supporters


Author Revives 'Birther' Theory in Morristown - Morristown, NJ Patch

Pelosi: Health care is Obama's 'crown jewel' - POLITICO.com

Obama ‘confident’ Supreme Court will uphold his healthcare reform law - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

More hidden Obama administration spending

Stop the race vampires

Beer summit, anyone?

The child-killer of Toulouse and his enablers

Obama's NSA: Close to knowing all about us

Jimmy Carter – a truly evil man

Dupes for the State

Let's give the Fed some competition

Obama's lying, again

The meddler in a nursing home

The Vetting - Obama's War on Catholic Church Began at His First Job

Sharpton In The White House

It's On: 5th Circuit Dares Obama to Deny Power of Judicial Review

Professor Who? Federal Appeals Court Schools Obama on Constitutional Law

Former Obama Student: Obama's Ignorance of Constitution Embarrassing

Palin To Oprah: Save OWN, Hire Conservatives

Occupy Hollywood! Stars Turn Out For Van Jones Occupy

The Imperial President: Obama Wages War on SCOTUS, Congress

Obama: No Plan B if SCOTUS Overturns

Obama Lectures Journalists on How to Cover GOP

Palin: GOP Ticket Will Be 'Clobbered' by 'Lamestream Media'

Trump Allows Transgender Hopeful to Enter Pageant

US Offers $10 Million for Pakistani Militant Chief

ABC News Correspondent: Trayvon Shot 'Because He Was Black'

Biden: Pregnancy a ‘Pre-Existing Condition’

James Cameron: 'We All Feel a Sense Of Disappointment In Obama'

Jarrett Touts Obama 'Action' on Chicago Youth Violence Despite Spate of Shootings

Private Investigator: O.J. Innocent, Son Did It

Michelle Stumps to Kids: Tell Grandma to Vote Obama

Dreyfuss Rips Into Conservatives with OpEd

New Black Panthers Leader: God Told Us to Put Bounty on Zimmerman

Van Jones: Occupy 'Saved Country From Destruction'

Ayers: Every Morning I 'Think Today I'm Going To End Capitalism'

The Streaming Revolution Has Begun

Predictable: Stewart Trashes Palin, Mocks Everyday Citizens

Dumb And Dumber Sequel?

Report: Studio Cash Flow From Film Plummets 40%

Beach Boys to Play Dodgers' Home Opener Before Reunion Tour Begins

Romney looks for primary knockout in Pennsylvania

Obama Health Remarks Draw Order for US View on Court

Romney goes after Obama in ASNE speech


Where's Ron Paul ? Campaign slows, though candidate shows no sign of quitting

Rick Santorum, Ron Paul desperately seek Texas delegates

Report: Ron Paul believes in transparency down to the last cent

Ron Paul Plans Town Halls At 3 Calif. Campuses

Ron Paul Town Hall Draws Thousands

Ron Paul on Self-Government or Tip-Toeing Into Panarchism

Ron Paul supporters claim victories in Nevada

It's official: Newt Gingrich has finally fallen below the Ron Paul line - and he can't get up | NJ.com


Expert: Primary Season Appears to Be 'Over' - YouTube

Analysis: Obama's incumbency vs. Romney's hurdles

Geithner: Can't let deficit fears stop investments

McCain: Romney will win, Santorum campaign 'basically irrelevant'

Palin: GOP presidential race 'getting closer to the end'

At least 4900 expected to attend Ron Paul visit at UCLA

Marion Barry's wins primary, celebrates all over Twitter

Romney Supported Cap And Trade, Bragged About Emissions Controls

DNC Chair: Obama won't make Romney's religion an issue

Gene Simmons Endorses Mitt Romney for President

Rick Santorum rolls a gutter ball in Wisconsin GOP primary

Romney veepstakes: Will personal connection be key?

What Does Romney Do Now?

This just in: Obama clinches Democratic nomination

Recommended: 'Very unusual' start to tornado season

How tornadoes form - YouTube

Ex-Colo. sheriff Patrick Sullivan pleads guilty in meth-for-sex case

Justice Department cuts off civil rights talks with Sheriff Joe, vows lawsuit

Fatal crane collapse in NYC under investigation

Maryland Mega Millions 'winner' to hold press conference with attorney

Pakistani extremist mocks US arrest bounty

Analysis: Mali's north feared new "rogue state" in Sahara

Serb president makes re-election bid

'9/11 planners' to face US trials

Google shows off prototype augmented reality glasses

Well-Preserved Mammoth Likely Butchered By Humans

Make customized 3-D bots at a 'Robot Kinko's'

Why space exploration is a job for humans

Human ancestors used fire earlier than thought, study says

Robo-squirrel flags snakes with infrared tail

One Millionth Photo from Space Station

Inside Amazon's Idea Machine: How Bezos Decodes The Customer

IBM to study universe with massive telescope

Scientists find Earth surrounded by mini-moons

Utah astrophysicist helps determine how black holes grow

Air & Space: NASA Aircraft to Take Flight for Shuttle Delivery

MIT's 'Smart Sand' Can Duplicate Any Object, Creep Out Any Blogger

First 'Alien Earth' May Be Found by 2014

Map of distant galaxies may reveal dark energy's history

Neutrino mass, dark energy measurements refined

Whooping Cough Cases Reaching Record Levels In Washington

Overuse of common medical tests called a 'serious crisis'

Study identifies genes linked to post-traumatic stress disorder

Bird flu studies OK to publish - US biosecurity expert

How girls and boys differ when it comes to autism

One in 30 children born in the U.S. now is a twin... nearly doubling the odds in just 20 years | Mail Online

iBrain, a Device That Can Read Thoughts - NYTimes.com

Why "Uncanny Valley" Human Look-Alikes Put Us on Edge: Scientific American

New App Brings Alien Planets Down to Earth | iPhone and iPad Apps | Space.com

What if...?

Are Paul's principles going to sink him

+Exposing the Obama-Soetoro deception

Inherited Family fortunes of FDR, JFK, Gore and Kerry Compared to Romney

Letter from a BPI Wife, Nurse, and Mother of Two Healthy Kids—On BPI Lean Textured Beef

The Democratic Party and Jewish Anti-Semitism

The Presidential Election: Let’s Party Like It’s 1856?

Employment and Franchise Opportunities – Immediate Openings for Prostitutes and Pimps

The President’s Curious Speech Lacks Solutions

Musings Regarding DictatorCare Following the Oral Arguments to the SCOTUS

“Unlawful Presence Waivers” for Illegal Aliens: Who Elected Janet Napolitano?

The Liberal Jewish Eunuch

Obama Demands SCOTUS become Rubber Stamp for his Policies

Obama Slams Supreme Court over Obamacare

Pandering to the Ignorant

Mark Levin: Hillary Clinton Badmouths Rush. The Woman Married To The Guy Accused Of Rape.

Rush On Zimmerman Video: What Other Video Has ABC Shown Us Over The Years That Has Not Been Enhanced?

Limbaugh: I Can See Obama Visiting Supreme Court Before Healthcare Final Vote

Limbaugh: Obama Has Put A Bounty Out On The Supreme Court

Rush: Two Arrested In Brutal Hammer Beating In Seminole. “I Don’t Wanna Get Into Who Might Look Like Somebody.”

Limbaugh: Liberalism Is An Assault On The Natural Existence Of The Human Spirit

Limbaugh Slams Obama’s Speech On Economy As “Blatant Appeal To The Dumbest Americans”

Rush: Do Obama People Really Want To Tell The Rest Of Us That He’s This Stupid On Judicial Review?

FDR Redux: Obama Challenges SCOTUS

Musings of a College Instructor

Obama's Endless Energy

Imperial Presidency Redux

Can Liberals Handle Adversity?

Obama campaign's big blunder

Does Romney have a prayer in November?

The Obamacare decision will play into the class warfare campaign

'Outsider' Van Jones Threatens 'Backlashers'

Barack Obama, Stand-Up Comedian

'The Worst Economic Recovery in History'

Appeals court fires back at Obama over his SCOTUS remarks

The Obama Administration's Dispensable People

Barack Obama and the End of the Progressive Era

The many faces of AARP

Debt the New Equity - Major Economic Dislocation

Debbie Schlussel: Few US Blacks Have American Indian Blood, Contrary to Claims of Many

Debbie Schlussel:Emma Thompson’s Jihad: “Harry Potter” Witch Boycotts Israel

Debbie Schlussel: Marco Rubio’s (& Romney’s) “Mini-”DREAM Act Gives Amnesty To Illegal Alien Muslim Extremists

Why Are We Running Out of the Drugs That Put Us Under and Prevent Pain?

President Assails GOP Rivals, Accuses Rep. Paul Ryan of ‘Social Darwinism’

Report: Russian Spy Anna Chapman Came Close to Ensnaring Obama Cabinet Official

Baby Born Without Blood and Given Two Hours to Live, Now 6 Months Old

iPhone Used to Help Rescue Toddler Stuck in a Well

Federal Government Targets Joe Arpaio for ‘Bad Faith’

Police Break Window to Save Dog in Warm Car … Turns Out It’s a Toy

Creepy ‘Girls Around Me’ App Pulled — But Privacy Discussion Continues

Obama Stumbles Through Answer When Confronted on Health Care Law’s Future

Listen ‘Borderline Offensive’: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Left Nearly Speechless After Tough Interview

Dallas Fed President: Break up the Banks, End ‘Too Big to Fail’

Olbermann on Letterman: I’m Too Unique and Talented for Current TV

Atheist Students Encourage Christians to Exchange Their Bibles for…Pornography

Military Investigating Gay Pride Flag That Was Allegedly Raised on U.S. Military Base In Afghanistan

National Reconnaissance Office Launches Rocket… But It Won‘t Let Us Know What’s On It

Extreme Tornado-Producing Storm Pelts Dallas With Giant, Palm-Size Hail

ObamaCare Could Bankrupt America, AARP Makes Billions

Paul Ryan Rebuts Obama: ‘He’s Distorting the Truth – I‘ll Leave It at That’

Wild Video: Tornadoes in Dallas Send Semis Flying Through the Air

Study Finds Vast Majority of American Jews Still Plan to Vote for Obama In November

Solis Decorates Labor Department With Activist Images Featuring Her Marching With Sharpton, Jackson & More!

Jon Stewart Unleashes on Sarah Palin for ‘Today’ Appearance: ‘Homespun Nonsense Unchallenged!’

Pelosi: ‘I’m Predicting Six-to-Three in Favor’ for Health Care Ruling

Fed Appeals Court to DOJ: You Have Until Thursday to Explain What the President Meant by ‘Unprecedented’ & ‘Unelected Group’

‘I Bet You Wish I Was Joking About This’: Emails About Olbermann‘s ’Diva’ Car Needs Revealed

Actual Bill Ayers Rant: Why Do ‘Uniformed Military’ Get to Board Planes First?


Inside the Beltway: Savage unleashes more fury - Washington Times

Trickle Down Tyranny Is The Blueprint For Defeating Obama

Michael Savage: Still Banned (Unlike Roman Polanski) - HUMAN EVENTS


+Article Links: Banned in Britain HQ: The outrage continues


Feds move to deport President Obama’s uncle - BostonHerald.com

Holder Says 'courts Have Final Say' In Response To Furor Over Obama's Health Law Comments | Fox News

Visiting French scholar found dead in Midtown hotel - NYPOST.com

NBC apologizes for editing 911 tape

Silent Scream: The Sudan Ethnically Cleanses Its Christians

*2nd/Transcripts: Press Conf. w/Pres. Obama, PM Calerdon & PM Harper

How many people could a mandate-less health reform cover? - The Washington Post

Dubious Donations Illustrated (Illegal Contributor Edition) | Power Line

Democrats Search for Solution to Avoid Doubling of Student Loan Interest Rates | FDL News Desk

Patterico's Pontifications » Should I be outraged at Obama’s preemptive strike on the Supreme Court?

Obama’s ‘Unprecedented’ Remarks: Is the President Running Against the Supreme Court? | Swampland | TIME.com

An Observation about SCOTUS, PPACA and Politics

Barack Obama: Desperate and Demagogic « Commentary Magazine

Political Animal - Did Obama Diss the Supremes?

Why The Supreme Court's Five Conservative Justices Would Be The Real Radicals If They Struck Down The Affordable Care Act's Mandate | The New Republic

GAO Confirms Skepticism About ObamaCare’s Health Care Cost Controls - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Americans Want More Control Over Their Own Health Care - Reason Magazine

Presidential Chutzpah « Commentary Magazine

Pass the smelling salts! Obama `attacked’ SCOTUS! - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

Michelle Malkin » Ann Coulter’s “novelty candidate” swipe at Sarah Palin

Donald Verrilli’s case for A.C.A. and the Supreme Court : The New Yorker

The war on terror and Obamacare: Mirror images of the same issue - The Washington Post

Calling Radicalism by Its Name - NYTimes.com

High court crisis? - NYPOST.com

The Unhappy Warrior: President Obama Cries Havoc On GOP, Lets Slip The Dogs Of Reelection

Obama’s America - By Yuval Levin - The Corner - National Review Online

The three political objectives of Obama’s speech - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

HURT: Newshounds in heat over Obama - Washington Times

Men in Black - NYTimes.com

The Man Who Knew Too Little - WSJ.com

Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case - Crossroads - CBS News

The American Spectator : Predictably Predictable

RealClearPolitics - Obama's Enthusiasm Gap

Where's Romney's Alternative?

Fisher and Rosenblum: How Huge Banks Threaten the Economy - WSJ.com

Video: President Obama Predicts Court Will Uphold Law

Video: Resilient Healthcare: Lessons from the Direst of Scenarios

Video: Rep. Chris Van Hollen: GOP Plan Holds Wealthy Harmless

Video: Eddie Lampert: Risk 'Coming Back' to Markets

Video: Sperandeo: Time to Be Conservative

Video: Goldman's Cohen: Stocks Likely to Gain Further

When Will Jesse Jackson Show Up for School Reform? | Dropout Nation: Coverage of the Reform of American Public Education Edited by RiShawn Biddle

Nothing screams fiscal charlatan like a $4.6 trillion tax cut financed by gimmicks | Economic Policy Institute

End-of-Month Hunger Hurts Students on Food Stamps - Bloomberg

Why Health Care Isn’t Broccoli—Some Basic Economics - Brookings Institution

A New Green Agenda for Commuters | The Nation

What’s the Easiest Way to Cheat on Your Taxes? - NYTimes.com

Silent Spring, BPA and toxic health scares: Let science drive regulation, not fear - Politics and Public Opinion - AEI

Conservatives Don’t Care About Science. (Neither Do Liberals.) - Reason Magazine

Is It Worth Paying People to Be Healthy? - Miller-McCune

The joys of modern childbirth: It's still painful and, now, longer than ever - The Globe and Mail

How Do You Fall Asleep? | The Neuroscience of Falling Asleep | LifesLittleMysteries.com

Clothes and Self-Perception - NYTimes.com

Dark Energy Confirmed: How ancient sound waves shaped the entire universe

Scale made with a carbon nanotube sensitive enough to register a proton's mass

7 Animals That Harnessed Nanotechnology Long Before Humans | Nanotechnology | DISCOVER Magazine

Trials show promise of human virus to treat head and neck cancer patients

Penn State Live - Being ignored online or in person, it's still exclusion

Everything You Wanted to Know About Data Mining but Were Afraid to Ask - Alexander Furnas - Technology - The Atlantic

Analysis: Girls Around Me shows a dark side of social networks | Macworld

Why Corporations Covet 'Kill Switches' - Businessweek

Documents show cops making up the rules on mobile surveillance

Instapaper, Readability and monetizing other people’s content — Tech News and Analysis

Four and Half Years On « The New Adventures of Stephen Fry

Arizona Looks to Outlaw Internet Trolling | Techland | TIME.com

10 secrets to being a millionaire and enjoying it - Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch

Why the Fed has taken QE3 off the agenda | Gavyn Davies | Insight into macroeconomics and the financial markets from the Financial Times – FT.com

RealClearMarkets - Missing the Slow Pitch On Free Trade

Will rally fall to the fear factor? - 1 - investment strategy - MSN Money

Double-Dip Recession in U.S.? A New Look at the Numbers | Business | TIME.com

U.S. Standard of Living Has Fallen More Than 50%: Opinion - TheStreet

"Are US Multinationals Abandoning America?" by Laura Tyson | Project Syndicate

Commentary: Unmasking the Democracy Promoters | The National Interest

From Pakistan, answers needed about Osama bin Laden - The Washington Post

Signs of a New Tiananmen in China | The Diplomat

Commentary: Mirage of the Putin Protests | The National Interest

A Guide to the Proper Use of Economic Sanctions - Bloomberg

Energy Tribune- Obama’s Fake “Fossil Fuel Infatuation Tour”

How A Dumb Law Blocks A Great Way To Fuel America - Forbes

Why Obama shouldn't tap U.S. oil reserves - Apr. 4, 2012

Fuel efficiency drives car sales - Apr. 2, 2012

Articles: Obama's Endless Energy

Everything that is good for the environment is a job | Grist

Part 2: Political Reality and the Way Forward for Renewable Energy | Renewable Energy News Article

Once Upon a Time in Kuwait - An FP Slide Show | Foreign Policy

Solyndra restructuring report - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

WORLDmag.com | TBN again | Warren Cole Smith | Apr 07, 12

Religion News Service | Faith | Doctrine & Practice | What did Jesus do on Holy Saturday?

There Are More Toulouse-Like Attacks to Come in Europe - Institute on Religion and Democracy - Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD)


The Worst Week of 1968 - The Daily Beast

Dealth of MLK Still a Mystery - Professor Wilkes - University of Georgia School of Law

James Earl Ray Dead At 70 - CBS News

The FBI and Martin Luther King - Magazine - The Atlantic


The Height of Ambition - New York Times

Eagle Nests And Sheeple Stalls | Via Meadia

Isaac: A Modern Fable | New York Journal of Books

The Return of the Dragons | Books and Culture


The Americans Who Witnessed the Rise of the Nazis - The Daily Beast


- "Springtime For Hitler" by Mel Brooks - Grooveshark


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