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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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27 March 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


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**News Videos:

The Iran Conundrum
Can U.S., Russia Reduce Their Nuclear Arsenals?
Can Syria Conflict Be Stopped?
Brzezinski: U.S. Should Not Take The Lead In Syria
Nuclear Energy After Fukushima
Security Of Afghani People Is Paramount
Strauss-Kahn Faces Charges In French Prostitution Probe
Obama Praises U.S.-Turkish Relationship
Obama Concedes Strains Between U.S., Pakistan
How Should U.S. Deal With Chinese?
Flights Canceled By German Strike
Tens Of Thousands Cheer Pope During Cuba Visit
Pakistan Bus Crash Kills 20
Tens Of Thousands Flee Sudanese Bombing Campaign

Health Scholar Tom Miller on the Mandate Question
Health Expert Michael Cannon Criticizes Case for Obamacare

Toobin: "This Was A Train Wreck For The Obama Administration"
Reich: Paul Ryan Tries To Hide His Budget's Giveaways To The Rich
O'Reilly: Martin Case Takes An Intense Turn
Cillizza: Public Opinion On Health Care Reform Hasn't Changed
Hume: Santorum Reacted Poorly To Reporter's Question


Rep. Paul Ryan Defends Plan on Face the Nation
Dean Baker on Own-to-Rent Housing Proposal

Santorum: Romney Machine "Feeding Lines To The National Press"
Krauthammer: Obama Admitted To Medvedev That Second Term Will Be Hard Left
Palin: Santorum Cursing At Reporter Showed His "Good, Strong" Character
American Crossroads: "Individual Mandate: Obama v. Obama"
Romney: Russia Our Number One Geopolitical Foe
Romney 2007: "I Believe We Are Seeing Global Warming"
Santorum: "Increasingly Likely" GOP Nomination Will Go To Convention
Gingrich: "This Is Not Over Until It's Over"
Ron Paul: "The Race Is Not Over"
Zimmerman Friend: Trayvon's Death Was Not Racially Motivated
Obama Lawyer Gets Laughed At By Supreme Court Justices
Listen To Day One Arguments In Supreme Court Battle Over Obamacare
RCP's Tom Bevan, Sean Trende And The Weekly Standard's Jay Cost On 2012
Santorum: Cursing At NYT Reporter Makes You Real Republican
NBC News: Did Dick Cheney Really Deserve That Heart Transplant?
Herman Cain Ad Shoots Bunny
Santorum To NYT Reporter: "Bullshit"
Obama To Russian Pres: "After My Election I Have More Flexibility"
Howard Dean: Individual Mandate Will Be Declared "Unconstitutional"

After The Revolutions
We Have No Good Sense Of Iranian Leadership's Thinking
Obama: 'After My Election, I Have More Flexibility'
Obama Taps Jim Yong Kim For World Bank
Annan Meets With Medvedev To Discuss Syria
Syrian Rebel Stronghold 'Under Fire'
Obama Warns Pyongyang
Pope Wins Over Mexico, Cuba Is Next
Powerful Quake Hits Chile; No Major Damage So Far
Pope In Mexico Calls For Faith To Overcome Violence
Raw Video: Obama, Hu Meet In Seoul
Rasmussen: NATO Has No Intention To Intervene In Syria
Catherine Ashton: Syria Is The Picture
Obama: North Korea Rocket Test Would Isolate Regime



President Obama Asks Medvedev for 'Space' on Missile Defense - 'After My Election I Have More Flexibility' - Yahoo! News

Obama to Russia: More flexibility after elections | World news | The Guardian

US healthcare reforms battle moves to supreme court | World news | The Guardian


Participating In Your Own Salvation - 1/4 - YouTube

Participating In Your Own Salvation - 2/4 - YouTube

Participating In Your Own Salvation - 3/4 - YouTube

Participating In Your Own Salvation - 4/4 - YouTube


Finally Getting it Right? Here’s Hoping the Supreme Court Tosses Out ‘Obamacare’ | This Can't Be Happening

The New Health Paradigm Book by Anthony Gucciardi | Natural Society

'Master growers' Cultivating a Higher Grade of Marijuana

9/11 9/11 Suspects: Explosive Connections

Moon Rock Analysis Casts Doubt on Lunar Origins | Wired Science | Wired.com

Smart meter fire risks? | Farm Wars

Scottish paper publishes secret Lockerbie bombing report | Media | guardian.co.uk

James Cameron Now at Ocean's Deepest Point

Hygiene Hypothesis And Why Amish Kids Have Less Asthma

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: More Maritime Mysteries: The Haunted Seas

Activist Post: Green Climate Fund Wants Immunity from Any Kind of Prosecution

Obama tells Iran time running out to end standoff | Reuters

How nine Supreme Court justices hold health care and Barack Obama's future in their hands - Telegraph

Veterans To Get Shafted By Illegitimate President

Paul Drockton M.A. Mormon Mafia Attacks Paul Drockton

The Zionist Olympics

MI5 puts all 3,800 agents on Olympic watch - Home News - UK - The Independent

Why do we continue to ignore China's rise? Arrogance | World news | The Observer

Insight: Antidepressants give drugmakers the blues | Reuters

Scientists find gene that can make flu a killer | Reuters

Microwave Ovens: Remove Them From Your Kitchens | The Health Coach

Is there life on Mars? Well it certainly looks like it has CLOUDS | Mail Online

Sick Of Internet Hoaxes And Half Truths

Is your TV watching you? Latest models raise concerns - Technolog on msnbc.com


ATLAH preacher urges Christians to cover Sheriff Joe Arpaio in prayer over birther investigation | God Discussion

9/11: Bombs at Base of WTC and Rows of Scorched Cars :

Quantum Levitation - YouTube

High court throws out human gene patents - Yahoo! News

WHO RAISED THE PRICE OF GASOLINE? (fantastic facts, part 2)

City of Sanford Florida Publishes George Zimmerman Info

Unwanted pregnancies: Immaculate conceptions revisited « The PPJ Gazette

Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Risks Public Health | Natural Society


+Paul Drockton. How to Get a Job


Rense & Celente - What Was and What Is - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul - \"I Worry When Government Tries to Do Something For My Own Good!\"


Ken O'Keefe & Michael Rivero: Part 01 - YouTube

Ken O'Keefe & Michael Rivero: Part 02 - YouTube

Ken O'Keefe & Michael Rivero: Part 03 - YouTube


The Oklahoma City Bombing - Were there additional explosive charges and additional bombers? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

FBI explanation of missing Oklahoma City bombing tapes not credible, judge says | Deseret News

Securing Nomination 4 Mitt by Tricking Santorum and Newt supporters in Tacoma WA 3-24-2012 - YouTube

Refreshing News: Mitt Romney: Russia is America's 'number one geopolitical foe'

Lone Star Watchdog: Watch Training Videos from DHS Demonizing Normal Mundane Activity as Suspicious

MOX News Page Taken Down For Violation Of Community Guidelines On Tsunami Ghost Ship Video - YouTube

Ron Paul in new Southpark episode - with his voice-over! (Clip) - 12160

DHS advising suspicion of people who don't use credit cards - 12160info - YouTube


+ 27 min./Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance


Americans Elect disqualifying Ron Paul Delegates? - Denver Conspiracy | Examiner.com

The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance | Republic Broadcasting Network

$270 Billion In Student Loans Are At Least 30 Days Delinquent

Scrubbed The BBC Documentary That Exposed Israel's Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons

Activist Post: Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills

The Massacre of the Afghan 17 and the Obama Cover-Up | Veterans Today

14 defining characteristics of fascism: The U.S. in 2012

Venezuela Youth Orchestra - Bernstein - Mambo - YouTube

Real Health Care Advocates Should Support Repeal of the Insurance Mandate | Dissident Voice

How Music Saved Venezuela's Children - YouTube

The North American Leaders Summit and Reviving Trilateral Integration :

College Student Detained, Interrogated, Harassed at U.S. Border for Being in Islamic Studies :

New Counterorrism Guidelines Gives Authorities Vast Access to Private Info of Innocent Americans - BlackListedNews.com

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : End Obamacare!!!

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Congresswoman Wants To Know Why TSA Is Searching Semi Trucks At Roadblocks


Black Listed Radio - Monday, March, 26, 2012


Obama Relies on Debt Collectors Profiting From Student Loan Woe - Bloomberg

THE PENTAGON'S SECRET NUCLEAR AGENDA: "Privatizing Nuclear War" - BlackListedNews.com

The North American Leaders Summit and Reviving Trilateral Integration - BlackListedNews.com

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Contaminated Ocean's Food Chain, Study Finds - International Business Times

Google should be forced to censor search results, say MPs | Technology | The Guardian

10 Reasons Why The Reign Of The Dollar As The World Reserve Currency Is About To Come To An End - BlackListedNews.com

The CIA's War On Human Consciousness - BlackListedNews.com

Strange Times - Germs Gone Wild: The Horrific Secrets of Plum Island

New Black Panther leader jailed on weapons charge | ajc.com

Obama vows to pursue further nuclear cuts with Russia - International Business Times

The Military Is About To Start Using Robotic Jellyfish For 'Surveying'

Obama Takes Bush’s Secrecy Games One Step Further

What Ever Happened to "Extremism in Defense of Liberty is No Vice"?

On the Death of Shaima Alawadi Murdered by a Decade of Militarist Demagoguery

Clarke and Dawe - Quantitative Easing - YouTube

Quantitative Easing Explained

"I Am No Longer the Monster I Once Was"

iraq war: us soldier throws his medals and stars!!! and quits - YouTube


* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 26, 2012


+Podcast Show #81: ‘Real’ Reportage on Syria & Iran;Boiling Frogs Presents Pepe Escobar


AL QAEDA AND HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS: Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda.... An Incessant and Repetitive Public Discourse

FABRICATING A "SMOKING GUN" TO ATTACK IRAN? Israeli Spies Disguised as Iranian Soldiers on Mission Inside Iran

Empires Then and Now

EXPORTING "AMERICAN VALUES": Washington’s “Human Rights” Fraud

THE NORTH AMERICAN SECURITY PERIMETER: The North American Leaders Summit and Reviving Trilateral Integration

VIDEO: Responsibility to Protect (R2P): Imperial Conquest by Another Name

FUTURE OF THE EUROZONE: The Consequences of the EU Bank Rescue. A Safety Net for the Creditor Banks

Human Rights Violations: America versus China

MEDICARE IN AMERICA: Real Health Care Requires the Repeal of the Insurance Mandate

VIDEO: US/NATO Proxy War in Syria Follows Precedent Set in Bosnia

On the Death of Shaima Alawadi by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Get Ready for the Crackdowns by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com

US Suspends Some Aid to Mali, Refuses to Call it a ‘Coup’ -- News from Antiwar.com

Officials: White House Offered Pakistan Concessions on Drones -- News from Antiwar.com

Disabled Soldier Backlog Puts Army at Risk | Military.com

Unprecedented events seen on Earth in first three months of 2012 | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

8,131,012 is the most Terrifying U.S. Patent ever Issued

Obama seeks to defuse controversy on missile comments - chicagotribune.com

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: America doesn’t have a racial problem – America has an Obama problem… - The Ulsterman Report

10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet Will EVER Be Private Again

Monsanto 'Biotechnology Book for Kids' Brainwashing Children | Natural Society

Mystery of nodding disease turning children into 'zombies' in Uganda | Mail Online

Is there life on Mars? Well it certainly looks like it has CLOUDS | Mail Online

Activist Post: No Charges, No Trial, No Lawyer, No Jury: Straight to Execution

Hippies head for Noah’s Ark: Queue here for rescue aboard alien spaceship - Europe - World - The Independent

Ron Paul Upsets Santorum in Missouri Caucuses Buoyed By Huge Youth Turnout by Hamdan Azhar

Liver – Take Good Care of Yours! by Margaret Durst

Gender Differences: The Impact of Gender Stereotyping on School Environment | The Art of Manliness

The Hunger Games Movie: First in an Exciting Trilogy

Are We Headed for Another Great Depression? - YouTube

The Weekend Vigilante by Jeff Berwick

Democracy and Violence by Butler Shaffer

Profiling by Walter E. Williams

Douse the Flames, Mr. President! by Patrick J. Buchanan

Trayvon Martin and the Cult of Government Supremacy by William Norman Grigg

'I Could Look Like George Zimmerman' by Robert Wenzel

Geraldo's Point by Thomas Sowell

Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer? | Before It's News


What Facebook And Google Are Hiding From The World | Before It's News

What Facebook and Google are Hiding From The World - YouTube


**The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You [Slide-Audio] - YouTube


Video Camerons View of the Mariana Trench - YouTube

+Licorice Shown To Kill SARS And Other Lethal Viruses | Before It's News

-Popcorn: The Snack With Even Higher Antioxidant Levels Than Fruits And Vegetables | Before It's News

-A 24-Karat Gold Key To Unlock The Immune System | Before It's News

FBI file says Aliens are here, are human-like and are interested in settling here!! - Alien Ufo network

supermarket captures 'ghost' on security footage after owner forewarned of haunting - Alien Ufo network

Types Of Supernatural Powers And Abilities Human Can Develop | Before It's News

Giant Sahara Lava Crater Seen from Space | Astronaut Photos, Earth from Space | OurAmazingPlanet.com

You’ll Only See This Landform on Mars, Nowhere on Earth

Appeasing Islam Has Become A US Infatuation: Sharia Exempts Muslims From ObamaCare | Before It's News

Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’: Using Music Videos to Recruit New Soldiers

Raffles Van Exel Admits to Removing Evidence From Whitney Houston Death Scene

The Last Word - Zimmerman's lawyer bails on interview

Obama Says ‘Bad Actors’ Trying to Get Nuclear Material - Bloomberg

Summary Box: Oil found in Kenya for first time - The Washington Post

BBC News - Chocolate 'may help keep people slim'

Administration Admits to Court: Under Obamacare, Select Group Can Get Health Care, Not Pay for It, Not Buy Insurance, Not Pay Penalty

Obama's 'Hot Mic' Comment More Telling Than Three Years Of Speeches

Solicitor General Rues The Role Of The Supreme Court And The Constitution

Protesters Compete For Justices’ Attention as Supreme Court Takes Up Obamacare

Conservative justices question insurance mandate

Repealing Oil Company Tax Credits Would Hurt All Americans, Industry Says

Bachmann Says She Influenced GOP Hopefuls on Obamacare Repeal

GAO: IRS Not Maintaining Effective Internal Control Over its Financial Reporting

HHS Observes 'LGBT Health Awareness Week' Without Mentioning HIV/AIDS

New Faces at U.S. Int’l Religious Freedom Watchdog Include ‘Anti-Islamist’ Muslim, Leading Catholic Conservative

Not a Typo: Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan in White House 'Butler' Movie | NewsBusters.org

Maddow On 'Today': ObamaCare Decision Will Be 'Referendum' On 'Conservatively Politicized' Supreme Court | NewsBusters.org

David Letterman: Rachel Maddow 'Probably the Smartest Person' in 'All of Journalism' | NewsBusters.org

Gov't report: DC nuke blast wouldn't destroy city | CNSNews.com

New claims cast Trayvon Martin as the aggressor | CNSNews.com

Star Parker: Car Insurance Won't Cover Your Neighbor's Tune Up, So Why Should 'My Health Insurance Cover Your Sex Life?' | CNSNews.com

Obama Caught Telling Russian President: 'After My Election, I Have More Flexibility' | CNSNews.com

Obama Mulls ‘Non-Lethal’ Aid to Syria, As Muslim Brotherhood Insists It Doesn’t Want to ‘Control the Country Alone’ | CNSNews.com

Bobby Womack Out of Hospital After Pneumonia Scare | CNSNews.com

Bobby Brown Arrested on Suspicion of DUI | CNSNews.com

Responsibility to Protect: Exposing the "Humanitarian" War Lie - Pepe Escobar on GRTV - YouTube


Jeff Rense Michael Collins Radiation Levels Increase Across America Fukushima Japan 02 06 12 - YouTube

+Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – March 26th, 2012

+What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – March 26th, 2012

+The Thom Hartmann Program – March 26, 2012


+95.1 FM The Bridge: The Chilean Coup of 9/11/1973, the CIA, Henry Kissinger and 9/11/01 «

+95.1 FM The Bridge: The Chilean Coup of 9/11/1973, the CIA, Henry Kissinger and 9/11/01 (Part 2) «


For The Record: Rockefeller Soft Kill Depopulation Plans Exposed | Dprogram.net


**3 Parts:Coast To Coast AM, Dr Manning Reports On The Martial Law System | Dprogram.net


Cashless Sweden + No ATM Fees = Total Loss of Freedom | Before It's News

Everything Is Spying On You | Dprogram.net

Americans Embrace Smart Gadgets Used to Spy on Them - Alex Jones (Mar 16, 2012) - YouTube

Activist Post: 14 defining characteristics of fascism: The U.S. in 2012

Gerald Celente - Gary Null - 23 March 2012 - YouTube

Empires Then and Now

Microsoft censoring Windows Live Messenger chats under guise of fighting piracy

America Ranks 1st Among Western Nations for...Executing its Citizens

What If the National Debt Were Your Debt? - YouTube

Cold Weather Bug-Out Survival Lessons


+Loose Change - The 5 Minute Version - YouTube


**Loose Change 2nd Edition (Full Length) - YouTube


Gingrich Begins Charging $50 for Photos at Events - Sarah Huisenga - NationalJournal.com

Global warming: Earth heated up in medieval times without human CO2 emissions | Mail Online

Girl Jumps On Mattress, Causing Gun To Fire And Hit Her « CBS Chicago

Home of Roswell ‘chicken man' explodes, body found | ajc.com

Madonna SLAMMED By Deadmau5 -- Stop ENCOURAGING Drug Use! | TMZ.com

Strauss-Kahn warned over alleged prostitution ring - CNN.com

Neighbors 'outraged' after man, 80, charged after shooting burglar - chicagotribune.com

Trayvon Martin case: He was suspended three times and caught with 'burglary tool' | Mail Online

Trayvon Martin shooting: New details emerge from Twitter account, witness testimony | The Cutline - Yahoo! News

Multiple suspensions paint complicated portrait of Trayvon Martin - Florida - MiamiHerald.com

President’s illegal uncle surrenders license for 45 days - BostonHerald.com

Abu Qatada's delight at being handed a more expensive taxpayer-funder home | Mail Online

Obama Relies on Debt Collectors Profiting From Student Loan Woe - Bloomberg

‘Stock Act’ sticks taxpayers with $1.7 million tab | Washington Examiner

Obama makes light of open mic gaffe – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Obama defends missile defense comments on hot mic - Washington Times

Turner to Obama: What Flexibility? | Washington Free Beacon

Al-Jazeera not to air video of French attacks - Yahoo! News

Registered Dem Killed Trayvon | Washington Free Beacon

Coincidence? Obama camp peddles 2012 'Hoodies' | Campaign 2012 - The BIG One - WTAM 1100

Multiple suspensions paint complicated portrait of Trayvon Martin

Support in U.S. for Afghan War Drops Sharply, Poll Finds

U.S. plays down Islamist role in drafting Egypt charter

Obamacae would create rich subsidies to help millions of people pay for coverage

Obama administration moving ahead with greenhouse gas rule for new power plants

Pope voices sympathy for Cubans, including prisoners

Miss Canada Universe contestant disqualified over sex change

'Rick Santorum’s nice-guy persona is turning a bit testy lately'

House conservatives to unveil budget which balances books faster

Internal memo shows ATF rank and file don't trust brass

Fort Collins teenager leads an effort to end use of the term "retard"

Denver targets illegal camping; critics call it a bid to criminalize homelessness

Campaign targets abortions among African American families

Gasoline prices hit record: $4.67 in Chicago; $4.51 in metro area

Fight brews over DUI technology

Arlen Specter: Romneycare a Blueprint for Obamacare

Judge Napolitano: Justice Kennedy Is Key to Overturning Obamacare

Palin: Obamacare Ruling Will Define Election

Cuccinelli: Obamacare Case About Liberty, Not Healthcare

Rep. Price: Justices Don't Want to Put Off Obamacare Decision

Justices Preview Bigger Issues of Healthcare Case

Wall Street Journal: In 10 Years, No Sign of Global Warming

Geraldo Right About the Hoodie

Report: Trayvon Martin Dogged by School Suspensions

GOP: Obama's 'Flexibility' Remark Shows He's a Flip-Flopper

Sen. Kerry Dares GOP to Make Obamacare Election Issue

Romney, Obama Teams Work Hard to Woo Women Voters

Rubio Puts His Ducks in a Row for Vice Presidential Run

Government Sues Warren Buffett Firm Over Taxes

BP Oil Spill Blamed for Serious Damage to Coral

Harvard Emails Show Zuckerberg's Business Side

Embryonic Dinosaur Fossil Find Hailed as 'Amazing Discovery'

Oldest US Natural History Museum Offers Rare Peek Inside

Heads Up: Driverless Cars Could Be Around Corner

American Crossroads: "Individual Mandate: Obama v. Obama" - YouTube

Ron Paul Suspects Supreme Court Will Rule “Monstrosity” Obamacare Constitutional

When Rick Santorum gets ANGRY! - YouTube

Paul Ryan_ _We want to avoid a debt crisis on face the nation - YouTube

Top US court weighs 'Obamacare' - YouTube

Is THIS the ‘flexibility’ Obama promised Russia on nukes?

Obama to Russia: Cool it until my 2nd term

War on U.S. homeschoolers escalates

Pennsylvania representative asks if female co-sponsors of state ultrasound bill are 'men with breasts' | PennLive.com

Media blackout on Obama eligibility near-total

Now Rush Limbaugh calls someone ‘jock itch’

China’s alliance strategy aims to contain U.S.

Former top lobbyist discusses “crossing lines” | The Eagle Online

Abramoff Gives Blagojevich Prison Advice - Yahoo! News

"I believe in God and Reincarnation." - YouTube

Reins pulled on ‘Jews as prophet-killers’ text

Pregnancy ups risk of heart attack, study says | Reuters

NBC Politics - Court signals it will decide constitutionality of health care mandate

Popcorn Packed With Antioxidants

The Day - Teacher on paid administrative leave after incident with paper towels in 4th-grade class | News from southeastern Connecticut

How government is blowing your financial future

‘Streamlining government’s role in small business’

Obama: Too big to fail?

A contemptible race-monger in chief

Geraldo has a point

Douse the flames, Mr. President!

Lawbreaker featured at law school

Obama and Ayers: Practically brothers

Obamacare: Will high court vindicate itself?

Chicoms' never-ending spying and stealing

VOX DAY: Hispanic kills black, whites to blame

H. CAIN: Defeating Obama 1-2-3

J. FARAH: When racism doesn't make news

F. & M.B. BROWN: Obama's jokes about his eligibility

ELLIS WASHINGTON: 4 Horsemen and Obamacare

D. WEST: Why the silence about Obama's historic scam?

S. PARKER: Message to Supremes on Obamacare

Are the 'less fortunate' less fortunate?

Rush: Health Care Is The Greatest Opportunity The Left Has Had To Fulfill Their Generations Long Dream Of Federal Govt. Controlling Everything

Rush On Burial Insurance: Maybe The Remedy Is To Have The Govt. In Charge Of All Burials. Duh!

Rush: Media Matters and David Brock, Are Like Jock Itch, A Chaffing Little Rash.

Megyn Kelly: Limbaugh Advertiser Fights Back Against Boycott. Mark Stevens Claims His Business Is Victim Of ‘Terrorism’

Battle rages in central Virginia, echoes of the Civil War.

It's all hypothetical.

Obama's Oil Tycoon Tour

All enemies, foreign and domestic

What Is the Monster-Like Creature that Washed Up on This S. Carolina Beach?

MSNBC Host Outraged After George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Allegedly Walks Out of Interview

Tungsten-Filled Gold Bar Found in U.K. — Here’s Why You Should be Worried

Revealed: Trayvon Martin’s Suspension Record, George Zimmerman’s Statement to Police

Revealed: Inside Obama’s Individual Mandate Memo and Why He Changed His Mind

Barack vs. Barack: Group Uses President’s Words Against Him in Viral Obamacare Video

Two U.S. Soldiers Arrested for Offering Assassination Services to Mexican Drug Cartel

‘Men With Breasts?’: PA State Rep. Slams Female GOP Leaders Supporting Mandatory Ultrasound

Church Under Investigation After ‘Kidnapping’ Teens at Gunpoint During Fake Raid

‘I Suggest It to All Moms’: Mad Men Star Touts Health Benefits of…Placenta Eating

Military Academy Has its First Gay Pride Week Celebrating ‘Condom Olympics’ & ‘Queer Prom’

NYC Fireman Collecting $95,000 Disability Pension Caught Working Fire & Rescue at NASCAR Track

Education Madness? NYC Bans Words Like ‘Halloween’, ‘Dinosaurs, and ‘Birthdays’ From Tests

New Evidence Suggests ‘Medieval Warming Period’ Was Global: Proof of Naturally-Occurring Global Warming?

Do You Want to See the ‘Ultimate Compilation’ of Treadmill Accidents?

Bipartisan Coalition in House Loosens Financial Regulations

Miss Universe Canada Finalist Disqualified After Admitting She Was Born a Boy

GA Restaurant Sparks Outrage for Basing ‘Black and Bleu’ Sandwich on Pop Star Rihanna

Can Metal Detectors Sense and Count How Much Cash You Carry?

New EPA Rules Could Cost Three MT Plants $90M

MI5 Foils ‘Cyanide Hand Cream’ Attack Ahead of Olympic Games

Joke or Truth? Socialists.com and Communists.com Redirect to Obama Campaign Site

Limbaugh Advertiser Accuses Boycotters of ‘Terrorism’ for Targeting His Company: ‘Hissyfitters’

High-Speed Rail Project Linked to Sen. Reid on Verge of Landing $4.9B Fed Loan

Here‘s the Video of Santorum Calling ’Bullsh**’ on the NYTimes — and Then Defending It

Shocking Photos: Tibetan Exile Sets Himself on Fire in Protest

Romney's Imperative

No-Labels Movement: Another Liberal Trick

The Empathizer-in-Chief Needs to Do Some Serious Soul-Searching

Mom and the Supreme Court

Untangling the Republican Delegate Mess

George Washington, Barack Obama, and Civility

Just Don't Call The Left Uncivil

Uncle Sam's Female Crash Test Dummies

The Ignorance of Democrats

Atheist Group Threatens Ten Commandments Lawsuit

George Zimmerman 'withdrawn' from college

Obama hands Romney an election issue

Bizarre: Trayvon Martin's mother seeks to trademark catch phrases with her dead son's name

The United States Can't Buy Peace in the Middle East

Day two at SCOTUS: Is the individual mandate penalty a tax?

EPA's first salvo in their war on CO2

President Put-Down

Why John Edwards Is the Perfect Democrat

The Constitution, 'Constitutional Law,' and ObamaCare

Supreme Court to Decide if the U.S. Constitution Is a Dead Letter

Dissidents Warn Iran's Supreme Leader

Iran-Hezb'allah: 'They Already Hit the Homeland 10½ Years Ago'

Doomsday Preppers

Debbie Schlussel:HILARIOUS: When Your Firemen Are Transvestites

Debbie Schlussel:Trayvon Martin VIDEO: Natl Review’s Rich Lowry Praises Al Sharpton, Panthers; Calls for Zimmerman Prosecution

Debbie Schlussel:If Barack Obama Had a Son, Would He Be a Violent Thug Like Trayvon Martin?

Conservatives, Trying to Feel Better About Their Racism

Progressive Groups Ask ALEC Funders to Drop Out in Wake of Martin Death and 'Shoot First' Laws

Get The Smelling Salts! Live Mic Proves President Knows He Has To Be Cautious During An Election Campaign

Preview of Supreme Court Arguments on Affordable Care Act, Day 2

AFGE Activist Destroys Republican Claims on Budget Cutting

Santorum Blows A Gasket

Health Care is Worst Where Republicans Poll Best

New PA Law Lets Doctors Know What Chemicals Are Killing You - But They're Not Allowed To Tell You

Fox News, GOP Pretend Ryan Plan Doesn’t Add Trillions to the Debt

Herman Cain Hates Bunnies

3 More Words And Phrases Democrats Should Start Universally Using — And — A Call To Action

Supreme Court ACA Arguments, Day One

The Role ALEC Played in Trayvon Martin's Death

SEIU Campaigning for Retirement Security

Friend: Zimmerman Used 'Term of Endearment' Before Killing Trayvon Martin

It's More Than a War on Women

Working America Speaks Out Against Penn. Gov. Corbett's Education Cuts

Preview of Affordable Care Act Arguments, Day One


**UFO Abduction Investigations - 03.26.2012 - YouTube


UFO Research Center of PA- www.paufosearch.com/


2 Small Asteroids Give Earth a Close Shave | Asteroid 2012 FP35, Asteroid 2012 FS35 | Space.com

Exorcist bishop called in to purge demons from Welsh souls - Need to Read - News - WalesOnline

'I've Never Seen Anything Like That Before,' Unidentified Creature Washes Ashore | firstcoastnews.com

BBC News - Japan tsunami 'ghost ship' drifting to Canada

Is A “Breakaway Civilization” Behind The Mysterious Secret Space Program? | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Authorities solve the mystery of town's odd noises, shaking - CNN.com

Lair of the Beasts: Manufacturing Monsters - Mania.com

A Second Roswell? | TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History

Space Junk Forces Station Astronauts to Take Shelter in Lifeboats | Space Station Debris Threat | Space.com

Matters of Faith: Religious Relics and the Quest for Meaning | Mysterious Universe

Keys Battle Cat-Sized Rats' Invasion | NBC 6 Miami

Most kids don’t spend 1 hour a day outside | Online Journal

Wife takes Blagojevich home off the market | Online Journal

Benedict says he’s ‘pilgrim of charity’ | Online Journal

Santorum says he would consider V.P. | Online Journal

House opens hearings into Chicago lawmaker's bribery charge

Rahm Emanuel: 'No Handcuff Policy' For Journalists Covering NATO In Chicago

Key Decisions for the Rick Santorum Campaign - YouTube

Pro-Romney PAC Is Killing Machine With $35 Million in Ads

'Joe the Plumber' loses bid to revive suit

GOP presidential candidates have eyes on Wisconsin, 2 other primaries

Mitt Romney's fundraisers amassing millions

U.S. corporate tax rate: No. 1 in the world

Obama invites top backers to events at White House

Bachmann says McCain will help her retire $1M debt

'Harry Potter' e-books: JK Rowling series finally goes digital

'Pink Slime' Controversy Hurting Beef Demand, Tyson Says

Transplant Changes the 'Face' of Medicine

Hikers warned over danger of ticks

Cameron Dive Breaks Record

'Titanic' director explores 'desolate' ocean floor - YouTube

Mysterious geologic structure seen from space

Did the Moon Come From Earth?

Harvard emails show Zuckerberg's business side

Google+ comments system tipped to rival Facebook

LulzSec Group Claims Hack of Military Singles Website

Netflix's Facebook app would be illegal

Facebook is too friendly; new app helps users make enemies

Google Drive cloud storage tipped for April

Ex-Goldman director Gupta loses wiretap ruling

Total's Recall of Oil Risk

Does police incident report upend Trayvon Martin case?

Martin's family calls for police dept to take responsibility - YouTube

Supreme Court expresses skepticism over constitutionality of health care mandate

Vt. police believe body is that of beloved teacher

Defining the agenda of the 'National Organization for Marriage'

Suspect in San Francisco murders faced deportation to Vietnam

Mega Millions jackpot hits $363 million

Wisconsin shooting recalls Trayvon Martin death

After Cheating Scandal, SAT and ACT Will Tighten Testing Security

FEC fines Charlie Rangel $23K for apartment misuse

US President Barack Obama: I'm on record with missile remarks - YouTube

Boehner says Obama not to be criticized while abroad

Iraq Hosts Arab Summit Amid Regional, Internal Tensions

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50 min./Corzine Directly Ordered Transfer of Stolen Customer Funds: Gerald Celente Reports - YouTube


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Mexican Traffickers Use Minors to Carry Drugs into U.S. | Fox News Latino

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Kim Dotcom: US Military Had 15,634 Megaupload Accounts | TorrentFreak

Prison Planet.com » Google should be forced to censor search results, say MPs

Prison Planet.com » Water wars: Shortages may destroy entire nations, warns government report

Prison Planet.com » UN Warns Against ‘Land Grabbing’

Terrorists linked to Al Qaeda 'plotting cyanide hand-cream attack' as MI5 mounts biggest operation since Second World War | Mail Online

Early humans moved between Europe and Africa long before recorded history, claims new genetic study | Mail Online

Prison Planet.com » Activism Shuts Down ‘Pink Slime’ Plants

Prison Planet.com » Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses

Prison Planet.com » Tokyo Soil Would Be Considered “Radioactive Waste” In the United States

U.S. body scanners go unused, wasting millions

Prison Planet.com » FBI explanation of missing Oklahoma City bombing tapes not credible, judge says

Administration Admits to Court: Under Obamacare, Select Group Can Get Health Care, Not Pay for It, Not Buy Insurance, Not Pay Penalty | CNSNews.com

Rejecting 'Obamacare' would be 'grave and profound' - Yahoo! News Canada

Prison Planet.com » Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During Terror Drills

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Zimmerman's Friend Defends: 'Trying To Do Right Thing'

Romney: Obama Can't Recover From Open Mic Comment

Obama Jokes Around About Open Mic Gaffe

Obama: World's Security Depends On Nuclear Summit

Drudge Remains Powerful Voice In Political Media

'All Of The Above': Obama's EPA Kills Coal Industry

Police Report: Trayvon Shooting 'Negligent Homicide'

World View: Russia Reconsiders Its Support of Assad

Romney: Russia Our 'Number One Geopolitical Rival'

Footage filmed by French gunman sent to Al Jazeera: police

Obama On Hot Mic: 'After My Election I Have More Flexibility'

Obama Grovels, the Taliban Laughs

Obama to Putin: I'll Surrender America After Re-election

General reviewing command of Bales unit

Wife defends soldier accused in Afghan rampage

Rick Santorum Goes Chris Christie On Media Bias

CNN's Blitzer Asks Romney: But What'd You Think Of 'Hunger Games'?

Al Sharpton Finds ... Sinbad To Talk Trayvon Martin Case

Chris Matthews Says He's a Centrist

The Crane Chronicles, Part I: How and Why Ed Crane Pushed the Koch Brothers Conspiracy Theory

Newt Gingrich Loses Last of His Print Reporters

Leftist Commentators Blame Media For Reporting Truth About Merah


Obamacare at the Supreme Court: Day One

Obamacare, Day 1: Supreme Court Will Declare Game On

Day 2 Argument: Can Gov't Require You to Buy Health Insurance?


Massive Colorado Wildfire Leaves One Dead

What to Expect at Supreme Court on Obamacare This Week

New Black Panthers Activity Against Zimmerman May Be Criminal

'South Park' Takes On GOP Debates

Sutherland Compares 'Hunger Games' Gov't To '1%' And Republicans

Spike Lee Puts Innocent In Danger, Tweets Wrong Address

'Battleship' Partners With Navy, USO

'Harry Potter' Books Arrive on Kindle

Reminder# 11,487: Hollywood Hates You

Little Feat Live Review: Veteran Band Stands Test of Time, Loss of Key Members

'Disparaging' No More: Obama Finally Embraces 'Obamacare' Label

White House: Russian Threats Won't Limit Missile Shield Plans

Unions Push Ballot Initiatives Against Reform in Three States

Be Breitbart: Tea Party Patriots Hold Breitbart Pics At Obamacare Rally

Occupy Wall Street Thug Identified As Suspect In Fatal Subway Fight

China's Growing Copper Stockpiles

Tens Of Thousands Cheer Pope During Cuba Visit

Hospitals Desperate To Fill Drug Shortages

Pope Calls For 'Open Society' At Cuba Mass

Gas Prices Set to Skyrocket Through Summer

Report: Wall Street Cheers Bernanke Comments

New Video Documents Union Violence, Intimidation

Obama To Iran: Time Running Out To End Nuclear Standoff

Martin Sheen Attacks GOP In Anti-Ryan Ad


*Transcripts:25th/Obama Meets Troops in South Korea

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