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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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15 March 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

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*ARTICLES:Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?

+THE BIG LIST of eligibility 'proofers'


Sheriff Joe on Obama Investigation: 10 Times Worse Than Watergate; Biggest Media Blackout in History - YouTube

“Cause Still Deferred” in Breitbart Death | Sinclair News.Net

FEC records: Obama campaign paid $345,000 for Guggenheim film biopic

Harry Reid, top Dems back Holder, as spokesmen run to Buzzfeed to answer Daily Caller question

Rasmussen: Newt Gingrich is ‘not going to win,’ Romney ‘can still blow it’

‘Brokered’ GOP convention? Get ready, say political strategists

DOE breaks its own rules in reviewing loan guarantees

Breeding A Whole New Kind of World Citizen with Acclaimed Reporter Jon Rappoport - YouTube

Why the world needs introverts | Science | The Guardian

The genius of George Orwell – Telegraph Blogs

Cold Case Posse Unable to Rule Out Kenya Birth

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Less meat, more veg is the secret for longer life

Meet SAFFiR: the Navy’s unbelievable firefighting robot that can understand gestures and throw grenades « Zen Haven

Wind Farms Paid to Stop Producing Power

Paedophiles chemically castrated in British jail - Telegraph

Coming to a hole in the wall near you: Cash machines which make you watch adverts before you withdraw your money | Mail Online

Red meat is blamed for one in 10 early deaths - Telegraph

Astronauts' eyeballs deformed by long missions in space, study finds | Science | The Guardian

Roy Tov: Obama, Bamba and the Logo Wars

Skinny genes – how GM food may help you stave off obesity | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Scientists Warn EPA Over Monsanto's GMO Crop Failures | Natural Society

Activist Post: Scientists Warn EPA Over Monsanto’s GMO Crop Failures, Dangers

Homeless people turned into walking wi-fi hotspots at $2 per 15 minutes at SXSW | Mail Online

Flycatcher computer chip could soon connect fridges and forests to internet | Business | The Guardian

Paul Drockton. The Federal Reserve's Bogus Stress Test

The Plot to Destroy the United States | Opinion Maker

Open Channel - Classified documents contradict FBI on post-9/11 probe of Saudis, ex-senator says

Darpa director leaving the Pentagon for Google — RT

Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs Post | Home of the Irate Minority

Nothing found for Soda-consumption-tied-to-increased-coronary-heart-disease-risk #ixzz1p3RfpgvX

Global Activism is Taking Down the Toxic Food Industry | Natural Society

Save the planet by genetically engineering humans to be smaller, suggests NYU philosopher | Mail Online

Manhattan Madam's matchmaker 'accomplice' hands herself in after three weeks on the run and is charged with promoting prostitution | Mail Online

ABC Shamelessly Boosts Leftist Group's Report on 'Extremists'; Hypes Violence Threat | NewsBusters.org

Santorum Wins Alabama & Mississippi

Activist Post: 5 Principles for Money and Banking in a New World System

Chemically Induced Infertility Threatens Human Race | Natural Society

Agenda 21 on Steroids « The PPJ Gazette

The Jewish Takeover Of Canada | Real Zionist News

Activist Post: 7 Steps to Dissolve the Matrix and Stop World War Three

College Education Economics

Gorilla or Big Foot? Alabama Residents Spot Large Creature

Huge Sphere In Sun's Corona! Video

Quick Baked Fritters with Peanut Butter Miso Sauce | Alchemy Angles

Chard, Coconut Milk, Potato Soup | Alchemy Angles

Raw- Collard, Avocado, Hemp Seed Roll-ups | Alchemy Angles

Keep your eyes on your fries

Science and UFOs: Part 1—The Condon Committee Con Job


Death and the Journey Into Hell (full length) - YouTube

Abortion, Rock Music and Freemasonry Exposed (full length) - YouTube

Creation and Miracles, Past and Present (full length) - YouTube

The 9/11 Pentagon Conspiracy - Jesse Ventura - YouTube

John Paul II was the Antichrist (full length) - YouTube


The Michael Savage Show 03/14/2012

The Michael Savage Show 03/13/2012

The Michael Savage Show 03/12/2012

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-14, Wednesday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-13, Tuesday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-12, Monday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-11, Sunday


Debbie Schlussel:OUTRAGE! Obama Denies Visa to Israel Parliament Member; Israeli Legislative Trip to US Canceled

Debbie Schlussel:You Got Played: Conservative Whining Got Palin HBO Movie High Ratings

Debbie Schlussel:CREEPY to the Nth: Your Tax Dollars @ Work Appeasing the Animal Rights Crowd

Debbie Schlussel:No Tears Over Arabist, Anti-Israel Encyclopedia Brittanica

Debbie Schlussel:ICK! Enough w/ the Nude Pregnant Famous People Photos

Debbie Schlussel:Kidnapped Like a Kardashian: Former Hostages Dugard, Smart Desperately Seek Fame

Debbie Schlussel:Bingo: Ibrahim Kassim Saleh Charged w/ Shooting Black Dude in the Back Over Condoms

The damage caused by the FED

Will unqualified voters be key to Romney nomination?

Has Romney bought your vote yet?

Romney, Santorum, and Goldman Sachs: Their Values Are the Same

Massachusetts, Oregon Successes Bolster Obama Health Care Reform

US Marshals Investigating Rep. Peter King Raid Video

Mitt Romney: Planned Parenthood, We're Going to Get Rid of That

Proposed AZ Bill Would Allow Employers To Fire Women Using The Pill for Birth Control

How The South Can Rise Again: Immigrants

Selma to Montgomery March Highlights Civil Rights and Labor Issues

Sandra Fluke: Slurs Won't Silence Women

Women, Sexual McCarthyism, and Right-Wing Authoritarians

Michigan Working Families Push for Constitutional Amendment to Protect Their Rights

Bill Donahue Decides To Save The Catholic Church By Attacking Their Rape Victims

Fox News Host Suggests Democrats Are for Voter Fraud

Gingrich Vows to Stay in GOP Primary Race and Calls for Brokered Convention

Jon Stewart: Fox STFU with How Victimized You Are

Anonymous Documentary 'We are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists' Premieres at SXSW

Santorum: Romney Spent a Whole Lot of Money Against Me For Being 'Inevitable'

It's now official: Mainstream media no longer covering Ron Paul’s presidential campaign - 12160

US threatens India over Iran oil - YouTube

JBLM Lt Col Arrested For Trying To Hire A Hitman Also Threatened To Blow Up State Capitol Building - YouTube

The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012 |

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory - YouTube

Uganda, AFRICOM, and the Kony Boogeyman - YouTube



The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law - YouTube

Phony Kony 2012 Warning! - YouTube


+The Money Masters - Full - YouTube


World News - In 'highly unusual' move, Marines asked to disarm before Leon Panetta speech

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul: \"Personal Liberty Is Something Other Republican\'s Never Talk About\"

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Gerald Celente - An Economic 9/11 Is Coming!

GOP candidates follow Ron Paul's lead on Afghanistan - YouTube

J.P. Morgan Chase's Ugly Family Secrets Revealed | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone

Coming To An Occupy Near You - The Military's New Microwave Heat Ray Gun

Activist Post: Secret "Occult Economy" Coming Out of the Shadows?

poorrichard's blog: Agenda 21 on Steroids

Whistleblower details unreported mercury spill at Hill AFB | ksl.com

Vets angry over American flag featuring Obama | www.wftv.com

Activist Post: Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells

Who's tracking you online? Find out with Mozilla's Collusion - YouTube


*New World Order Videos / Part 1

*New World Order Videos / Part 2


Two Nuke Plants Shutdown As Japan Rocked By M6 & M7 Quakes - Tsunami Warning Issued

+WTC Firefighters Tape - Explosions and Aftermath


+ RBN WRH radio March 13, 2012 w/ Ryan Dawson - YouTube


7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened | Cracked.com

First Lady Challenged By 11-Year-Old Reporter - YouTube

Ron Paul Openly Calls GOP Election Fraud - YouTube

Are Voter ID laws racist? - YouTube

Obamacare Costs Double, Cause 4 Million to Lose Coverage «

H.R. 347 Makes You a Criminal for Protesting Around Protected Politicians

While We Were Distracted, Did We Lose Free Speech? (H.R. 347)

The Coming Triple Pronged Attack on the Nation

Gore Urges “Nerd Spring” to Push More Government and Democracy

Weaning Us Off of Food?

Energy Policy and Biking to the Grocery Store

Livestock have a surprisingly big impact on global emissions

Idea for “Pet Lovers for Obama” swiped from Barney Bush website?

Corn insecticide linked to great die-off of beneficial honeybees

Killer silk: Making silk fibers that kill anthrax and other microbes in minutes

New study of pine nuts leaves mystery of “pine mouth” unsolved

Limbaugh & Ritual Defamation: Conservative Immolation by Progressive Foes

New test could help track down and prosecute terrorists

From electronic to paper: Fraud can happen anywhere

‘Porno Palace’ Next to Convent Violates State Law

Barack Obama, Morality, the Constitution, and the Catholic Church

ObamaCare Costs Nearly Double! What To Do?

“Don’t Deny Our Religious Liberties”

What’s Up With Gas Prices?

Paying off the national debt with more energy and lower prices

Harry Reid Opts for Political Theater on Judicial Nominees

FL Dems Fly American Flag With Obama’s Face on It — Vets Outraged

Red Bull Pulls Ad With Jesus Using His Own Name in Vain & Faking Biblical Walk on Water

Caught on Camera: Free-Range Cow Rams Woman on Bike!

NBA Legend Charles Barkley Mocks NCAA Co-Host for Being ‘Republican’ and Blaming ‘Everything on the President’

63-Year Old Editor of Pulitzer-Winning Paper Dies Following Sex with 23-Year Old

GM and NASA Team Up for Stress-Relieving ‘Robo-Glove’

Rev. Wright Reportedly Endorses Radical ‘March on Jerusalem’ to End the Israeli ‘Occupation’

UNC Reverses Ruling: Christian Group Can Be Considered a Religious Organization

Inconvenient Photo Taken at Exxon Gas Station Just Outside White House

Scientists Discover New Frog Species in…New York City?

Unlucky: Three Horse Deaths in HBO Drama ‘Luck’ Suspends Filming

‘Suicide Attack?’: Afghan Truck Explodes On Runway as Defense Sec. Plane Lands

American Indian Tribe Given OK to Kill Two Bald Eagles for Religious Purposes

‘Use at Your Own Risk’: Anonymous Releases Its Own Operating System

BBC Implies Cyber-Attack on Its Persian Service Came From Iran

New Chilling Video Shows Flight Attendant’s Wild Rant about Hell, 9/11, and SEAL Team 6

What‘s With David Axelrod’s Weird Tweet About Mormons? And Why Did He Delete It?

Watch How Long Has Obama Been Fighting With Catholics? Consider the History

How Is Lego Helping Grow Bones?

Female Russian Rockers Could Face 7 Years in Jail After ‘Blasphemous’ Anti-Putin Pulpit Prayer

Constellation of Small, Disposable Satellites on DARPA’s Wish List

First a ‘Cultist’ and an ‘Outsourced’ Indian IT Tech, Now Chris Matthews Likens Romney to African ‘Colonizer’

15-Year-Old Computer Whiz Sends Pakistani Gov’t a List of 780,000 Porn Sites to Censor

Is New Reality Show ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Really an Accurate Depiction of Iranian-Americans?

NASA‘s ’Evolution of the Moon’ Reveals Its Battered History in Less Than 3 Minutes

‘F**king Chickenhawk’: Anti-Romney Heckler or Imaginative Street Theater?

Emails Reveal: While 8,000 Syrians Were Slaughtered, Assad & Wife Spent Thousands…on Fondue Sets, iTunes & Designer Candlesticks

26 U.S. Economists Urge the President to Support the EU’s Emissions Scheme

U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Asked to Disarm in Panetta’s Presence After Truck Incident

GOP Senators Call on IRS to Explain Tea Party Bullying

Philly Mayor Seeks Ban on Churches & Community Groups Feeding the Poor Outdoors

Comedian Chris Rock ‘Attacks’ Camera During Encounter With Conservative Author

Former Islamic Terrorist Discusses Jihad & His Dramatic Conversion to Christianity

Romney Tells Megyn Kelly He‘s ’Not Going to Apologize’ for Being Wealthy

Constitutional? Santorum Says Puerto Rico Must Adopt English to Become U.S. State

Pakistani Christian Woman Still Facing Death Over Anti-Mohammed ‘Blasphemy’ Allegations

Man Spends More Than $350,000 Prepping for the Apocalypse: What Did He Buy?

U.N. Adopts Human Rights Report That Praises…Gadhafi?

It‘s Not About ’Stuff‘ It’s About a ‘Mindset’: Beck and Panel Discuss Emergency Preparedness

Group Blasts Liberty University as ‘Extremist, Homophobic & Intellectually Narrow’

‘Shame Them’: NAACP Asks U.N. Human Rights Council to Help Fight Voter ID Laws

New Study: Young People Aren’t As Into Environmentalism As You Might Think

Principal of IA High School Resigns Following Christian Band’s Lecture on Gays & Abortion

NY Times Refuses to Run Anti-Islam Ad… After Running Anti-Catholic Ad

‘I Love Abortion’: Radical Pro-Choice Activist Argues Against Adoption

Denver Reporter Loses It With Occupy Protesters Ruining His Live Shot: ‘Don’t Come Up and Fu** Us Up’

Watch ‘Faith Issues’: MA Elementary School Removes ‘St. Patrick‘s Day’ Name From Celebration

‘Revolution Against TV’: WSJ Profiles Success of GBTV

What Saved 95% of Denmark‘s Jews From Hitler’s Wrath?

‘Red Deer Cave’ People May Be New Human Species

Feds Trying to Silence Company Wanting to Reveal What Info the Gov’t Is Requesting About You

‘Propoganda?’: Did You Happen to See Barack Obama on ‘American Idol’ Last Night?

Pro-Union Protesters Found Guilty in Wis. — but Wait Until You Hear Their Defense

Glenn Beck Rips Chris Matthews A New One On His Bigotry On The South And Mormons

Bill O’Reilly: More Proof That The Left-Wing Media is Blatantly Dishonest

Native American Rush Caller Blasts Obama For Granting Permission To Kill Our National Bird. This Is A Disgrace.

Report: Limbaugh Likely ‘Has the Biggest Audience He’s Had in Years’

Limbaugh: MSNBC’s Karen Finney Is Launching A War On Southern Women

Rush: Obama Tries To “Present Himself As An Outsider In A Town Filled With Lunatics. He’s The Chief Lunatic!”

Limbaugh: 2014 Is When The Real Obamacare Excrement Will Hit The Fan

Rush: Same Obama Regime (Which Is Running Attack Ads Against Sarah Palin) Is Negotiating With The Taliban

Mark Levin Praises The Blaze’s Will Cain For Embarrassing Sandra Fluke On CNN

Mark Levin Challenges Obama $50,000 To Debate

The Blaze‘s Will Cain Confronts Sandra Fluke and Her ’Logic’ on CNN

The Consensus Wants You

Canada’s Astro-turfed Conspiracy in the Making

Can the Republicans become an anti-Statist Party?

How I Became a Hate Group

Oil, Gas and Lies

U.S. E-Voting System Cracked in Less Than 48 Hours - BlackListedNews.com

Unknown Tech Company Defies FBI In Mystery Surveillance Case | Threat Level | Wired.com

US Government Admits It Has Seized Hundreds Of Domains Registered Outside The US - BlackListedNews.com

11 Reasons Why America Would Be A Better Place Without Goldman Sachs - BlackListedNews.com

Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs - NYTimes.com

9/11 in the Courtroom: Heads or Tails?

Afghan Heroin & How to Add Up the Numbers

Ron Paul’s Hour of Decision by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Missouri Man Is First Private Business Owner to Sue HHS Over Contraception Mandate

A Civil Political Discourse Primer

Why the Bell-Obama Connection Matters

Why People Faint Around Obama

'Morning Joe' Pundits: GOP Has No Chance in 2012

Planned Parenthood CEO Arrested for Indecent Exposure, Will MSM Report It?

Gov. Mitch Daniels: ‘Terrifying Rate’ at Which U.S. Debt Is Accumulating ‘Will Lead to National Ruin’

‘Nonsensical’: U.N. Human Rights Council Praises the Toppled Gaddafi Regime

White House-Backed Review of Energy Department Loans Omits Solyndra

Obama, Cameron on Afghanistan: 'We Will Not Give Up on This Mission'

Karzai: Women’s Rights ‘Within the Framework’ of Islam

NAACP Urges U.N. Human Rights Council to ‘Review’ U.S. ‘Voter Suppression’ Laws

Cultivating Tobacco Harmful to Farm Kids? Labor Secretary Under Fire for ‘Overly Broad’ Regulations

Obama Vows Commitment to Afghanistan Until 2014

Romney Declares Santorum Campaign is at 'Desperate End'

Santorum On Victory: Defying the Odds 'Day in, Day Out'

Democrats Pounce on Romney's Promise to 'Get Rid Of' Planned Parenthood

'Agency Insiders' Charge DHS Is Releasing ‘False and Misleading’ Data on Border Crossers, Issa Says

Gun Battles in Mexico Force U.S. to Shut Down Two Border Crossings

Study: Young People Not So 'Green' After All

Schools will get to opt out of "pink slime" beef

White House Chef: Michelle's 1700-Sq.-Ft. 'Kitchen Garden' Was 'Inspiration' for State Dinner Menu

Afghan Leader's Demand: Get NATO Troops Out of Our Villages

At U.N., Pakistan Pressed to Free Christian Woman on Death Row for ‘Blasphemy’

Iranian Gov’t Says Christian Pastor Insulted Islam, But Denies He Faces Death Penalty

Charlize Theron adopts baby boy named Jackson

CBS: Internet 'Very Unfriendly' Due to Politics; Omits Liberals More Unfriendly | NewsBusters.org

Chris Matthews: Southern Haters Have to Choose Between 'Cultists' Romney and Santorum | NewsBusters.org

Comedian Chris Rock Attacks Camera After Being Asked About Alleged Tea Party Racism | NewsBusters.org

State Dept. Revises Grant Guidelines to Focus on ‘Vulnerable Populations’ – Including Women and LGBTs | CNSNews.com

Survey Indicates Americans Don't See Energy-Efficient Cars As Solution to Rising Gas Prices | CNSNews.com


*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 14, 2012


CNN: Barbour helped freed killers buy cars | Online Journal

Family feud ends in courthouse shooting | Online Journal

Child kidnapped as baby in 2004 found | Online Journal

Researchers Develop a Speech-Jamming Gun That Can Silence People From a Distance

The Occult Roots of Scientology: Exploring the Influence of Aleister Crowley on L. Ron Hubbard

Soldier Linked to Massacre Flown Out of Afghanistan

Report: Panetta Target of Suicide Attack?

Hatch, GOP Warn IRS Against Abusing Tea Party

Rove: Obama Fundraising a Sign of Donor Disappointment

Blagojevich Heads to Prison for Trying to Sell Obama's Senate Seat

Groups Sue EPA Over Pollutants in Mississippi River

Santorum: Puerto Rico Must Make English Official to Gain Statehood

Romney May Not Hit Delegate Goal Before Convention

Saudi Arabia Closes Embassy in Syria

U.S., Britain Said to Agree on Emergency Oil Supply Release

Volcker: Fed Using Inflation to Spur Growth is 'Doomsday Scenario'

Deaths From Stomach Bugs Double in Hospitals, Nursing Homes

Natural Cures for Men's Bedroom Woes

Reports of Imported Food Illnesses Rise

Walking Counteracts Obesity Genes

5 Ways to Foil Google Snoops

Obama ‘fanatic’ guilty in Arpaio death threat

Donald Trump: Say it is so, Sheriff Joe

Stunner! Balanced CBS report on Arpaio probe

Obama gets dubbed ‘chief lunatic’

How Darwin took science 1 step too far

Mysterious Benefactor Leaves Cash All Over German Town | NewsFeed | TIME.com

Insight: Behind the healthcare-law case: The challengers' tale | Reuters

‘Devoid of evidence,’ Holder still pursues pro-lifer

Lynn Mayor, ACLU Defend Student Who Wore ‘Lesbian’ Shirt To School « CBS Boston

Exclusive: Obama, UK's Cameron discussed tapping oil reserves: sources | Reuters

Nike apologises for insensitive ‘Black and Tan' trainers - Telegraph

Filmmaker Releases Video Breakdown Of Illegal Traffic Stop By Cop Who Harassed Him - informationliberation

Breakfast in Collinsville (with Michael Reichert) - YouTube

Nine Things That Happen When You Film Police Encounters - informationliberation

Why They Hate Free Speech - informationliberation

Prison Nation Going Broke - informationliberation

ISPs Will Start Acting As Hollywood's Private Online Security Guards By July - informationliberation

FBI: 9/11 Truthers Should Be Treated As Possible Terrorists :

Obama’s personal role in a journalist’s imprisonment - Salon.com

Top Chinese Leader Fired

Freemasonry and the Altar of Pluralism — Logos Apologia

NASA Announces Launch of "Chemtrail" Rockets Containing Trimethylaluminum | Before It's News

Breeding Robots? Eternal Life? Conversation Series Explores Technology, Spirituality and Art | Seven Days

Research: Pineapple Enzyme Kills Cancer Without Killing You | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

Mysterious Fossils May Be New Human Species | Red Deer Cave People & Hominin Species | LiveScience

America Is Letting China Steal Our Valuable Nuclear Innovations | ZeroHedge

The Government's New Plan for Retirees Includes Pink Slime, Horse Meat, and Horse Hockey Investments

The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!

Hidden Meaning in the New $100 Bill (by Bix Weir) - YouTube


NASA planning delicious Martian microbe menu • The Register

DARPA Unveils Drone-Slaying War Laser - BlackListedNews.com

What is Missing from the New Marine Corps Advertisement

Defense.gov News Article: Northcom Prioritizes Homeland Defense, Cyber, Partners

» A Perimeter Approach to Security and the Transformation of the U.S.-Canada Border Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


+Biblical Prophecies Unsealed ,Video | Before It's News


* Biblical Prophecies Unsealed - YouTube


Earth's Death Star And The End Of America | Before It's News

Time Traps: Artifacts And Animals Caught In Time | Before It's News

A Conversation With A Man Who Went To Mars | Before It's News

List Of The World's Stargates | Before It's News

Lake Democratic Party head removes Obama flag veterans termed ‘desecration’

Medical records in Maricopa County jails to go electronic

Obamacare to cost twice as much as expected

Obama warns Tehran: Window is closing

Federal judge blocks county’s pursuit of info on 4,000 criminal aliens it turned over to ICE

Jury: Lottery winner cheated co-workers; must share winnings with them

'Pink slime' critics fight ammonia-treated meat

Senate approves $109B highway bill, raising pressure on Boehner, House

Iranian-backed Terror Groups Expanding Reach in South America, Warns General

Washington’s High-powered Terrorist Supporters

Video:Afghanistan: How Much Is Enough? Jack Cafferty CNN

The Religious-conservative Insanity of the American Right

How to Overcome Prepping Procrastination

The Obama Flag: Who Decided That It Was Okay To Replace The Stars On The American Flag With The Face Of Barack Obama?

Australia May Declare Homeopathy ‘Baseless and Unethical’

Azerbaijan arrests 22 of their own citizens for allegedly being Iranian spies

Both the Government and the Market are Irrational

Recommended Reading List From Prominent Economists

The UK Government's Latest Moneymaking Scam - 100 Year Gilts

Terminal cancer patient kicked out of UCSF hospital for medical marijuana use

Psychiatric ‘Bible’ Advisors Report Conflicts of Interest

Can the Secret Service Tell You To Shut Up? by Andrew P. Napolitano

Racial Quota Fallout by Thomas Sowell

Ron Paul’s Hour of Decision by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

The Death-Dealing 'Divinity' in the White House by William Norman Grigg

How to Experience Las Vegas Like a Gentleman | The Art of Manliness

Will Eating Red Meat Kill You

The Origin and Evil of Public Schools: A weekend seminar with John Taylor Gatto

Don’t Be Afraid… | Eric Peters Autos

Why Are Millions of Americans Preparing for Doomsday?


This Food Blasts Your Body With Up to 180 Times the Fluoride in Drinking Water by Joseph Mercola

Can The Primal Blueprint Diet Feed the World? | Mark's Daily Apple

Can We Feed the World on the Primal Blueprint Diet? – Part 2 | Mark's Daily Apple

Can the World Go Primal? | Mark's Daily Apple

The Primal Bblueprint for Busy People/ Sleep-Stress

Primal Blueprint/Busy People…..

Best Diet


Predators and Robots at War by Christian Caryl | The New York Review of Books

Gerald Celente - Lew Rockwell - 13 March 2012 - YouTube

The Cult of the Flag | Dprogram.net

Announcing the Creation of FEMA Corps : Federal Jack

The Thom Hartmann Program – March 12, 2012 | Dprogram.net

Big Brother Spy Cameras To Prevent Uninsured Drivers From Getting Gas

9/11/01: FDNY Fire Boat Marine 6 Reports Second Plane to Hit The WTC Was a Military Plane - YouTube

VIDEO: US Launches PR Campaign for Ugandan Oil Intervention

OCCUPY: Infiltration of Political Movements is the Norm, Not the Exception in the United States.

Redefining the U.S.-Canada Border: The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation?

"Trusted Messengers" and "Humanitarian Groups" Target Russia and China, Endorse the US-NATO Mandate

The Political and Social Crisis in Mexico

Challenging the Ruling Global Corporate Conglomerates. Regaining the Real Economy

African Ping Pong: US Plays both Sides in Uganda. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is a US-backed Guerilla Force

Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony is Phony. The Hidden Agenda is to Invade Africa

VIDEO: KONY 2012 Hides US Support for Repressive Ugandan Regime

KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation. An Orchestrated Campaign to Justify US Military Intervention in Africa

Vanishing Pensions: All Over America Old Age Pensions Are Being Slashed or Eliminated

KONY 2012: Merchandising and Branding Support for US Military Intervention in Central Africa

Afghanistan's Karzai calls for NATO to leave all villages - Yahoo! News

Blocking WikiLeaks emails trips up Bradley Manning prosecution - POLITICO.com

Yuba County Video Camera Thieves Captured In Th - Flash Player Installation

‘No Knock’ List Would Keep Away Solicitors « CBS Detroit

Mysterious Fossils May Be New Human Species | Red Deer Cave People & Hominin Species | LiveScience

Obama: "Do Not Tell Me That We're Not Drilling. We're Drilling All Over This Country" | RealClearPolitics

Beijing on the Potomac | Washington Free Beacon

The White House state dinner: Sweet nothings across the pond - The Washington Post

Obama’s Top Campaign Bundlers Among State Dinner Guests - ABC News

Out of 'hobby' class, drones lifting off for personal, commercial use - Washington Times

Exclusive: secret Assad emails lift lid on life of leader's inner circle | World news | The Guardian


Ring Back Advertising May Be In The Future With Google Patent GOOG MSFT OK UL KFT ERIC - Investors.com

American Idol Pays Tribute to...Barack Obama? | NewsBusters.org

Leading Russian dissident: We want human rights sanctions against Putin’s people | The Cable

Why Romney can't win

Impeach Holder over voter ID!

Will WaPo author un-tell Obama's 'story'?

Why Obama's radicalism matters

How you'll pay for Obama's campaign

The fallacy of political compromise

Can the Secret Service tell you to shut up?

Disagree with Obama? Your'e a hater!

J. ABRAMOFF: The gas gauge rules politics

Sharpton lectures us on civility ?

Sandra Fluke's fake heroism

J. STOSSEL: Complex societies need simple laws


Rod Blagojevich Prison: Blago Reports to Jail After Spirited Speech, Says He's Innocent of Charges - YouTube

Corrupt Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Leaves For Jail - YouTube

Rod Blagojevich Press Conference March 14, 2012 - YouTube

Blagojevich arrives in Colorado, heads toward federal prison - Chicago Sun-Times

Blagojevich On Going To Prison: ‘Hardest Thing - Flash Player Installation

flashback:Blagojevich reacts to 14-year prison sentence - YouTube

Blagojevich's Last Day of Freedom | NBC Chicago

Raw Video: Blagojevich Leaves Home for Prison - YouTube

Prison job, tedium await former governor Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich thanks everyone for their support

Original Rod Blagojevich Whistle-Blower Feels Sense of Vindication

VIDEO: Rod Blagojevich's 10 craziest quotes

Rod had his chance, but just couldn't go quietly

Betty Loren-Maltese: If Rod Blagojevich Doesn’t Change His Attitude in Prison, Other Inmates Will

Blagojevich arrives in Colorado, heads toward federal prison


Mitt Romney's plans for Planned Parenthood

Why Newt Gingrich isn't quitting the GOP race

With Romney, Santorum Ahead, Gingrich Eyes Brokered Convention - YouTube

Biden speech leads campaign fight for Obama

Why is Ron Paul still in the GOP race - and what does he want?

Va.'s new voter ID law expected to face less opposition from DOJ than others

Ariz. officials revisit Obama's birth certificate

Why Rick Santorum might not benefit from a Newt Gingrich exit

Mom to be reunited with son who vanished in 2004

Ga. murder suspect's wife doubts husband's claims

Army: Soldier indirectly aided al-Qaida by leaking documents to anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks - The Washington Post

Afghanistan's Taliban suspend peace talks with US

Obama, Cameron Hail "special Relationship" - YouTube

Afghan Driver Dies After Panetta Incident

Who's who in China's leadership scandal?

Is International Criminal Court verdict a wake-up call for war criminals?

Wall Street's Latest Campus Recruiting Crisis

New iPad: 3 Retina Display Opticians Test - YouTube

Google semantic search planned to improve results

18 Firms Sued Over App Privacy, Including Apple, Twitter, Facebook

All Wired Up - Now your tabby can be a techie

Laser 'unprinter' wipes photocopied ink from paper

Google Adds Google Docs Integration to Google+ Hangouts

New human species discovered? How China fossils could redefine 'human'

The remains of unknown human species have been identified in southern China - YouTube

'Red Deer Cave people' may be new species of human

Three Minutes of Violent Lunar Evolution

Giant squid eyes are sperm whale defence

DARPA, Pentagon Want Disposable On-Demand Satellites

Controversial psychic ability claim doesn't hold up in new experiments

Message Beamed Through Rock With Exotic Particles

'Seas will rise, flood millions of homes' warns Eric Schmidt ecologist

Mammals' Rise Began Before Dinosaurs' Fall, Study Finds

Radio glitch postpones NASA's rocket launch to edge of space

Galaxies Turn into Cannibals During Teenage Years

NASA Remaps The Sky: WISE Gives Us a Brand New Universe

A gift from Robonaut: Robo-Gloves give hands superhuman grip

Long space missions 'may damage eyesight'

Unlock Secret Angry Birds Level When You Stand Up to Cyber-Bullying

CDC Launches a Graphic New Antismoking Campaign

USDA's 'pink slime' choice: Kids can have additive or more fat

Sperm Quality Linked to Dietary Fat

Identifying genetic mutations can give insight about risks

Meat Under Fire for Causing Cancer, Death

Sleep skimpers eat a Big Mac more a day

Health Matters: Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Gallagher Hospitalized After Suffering a Heart Attack

WATCH: Obama makes appearance on 'American Idol'


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Leslie Kean: UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

Flash of light in Phoenix identified? | Openminds.tv

Lizzie Borden Murder Case Gets New Look With Discovery of Her Lawyer's Journals - ABC News

Emails from dead man’s account helping family and friends find closure | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

New Comet Takes 'Swan' Dive Into Sun | Sungrazing Comets | Space.com

Russia to finally send man to the Moon - Telegraph

The Body Odd - World's tallest man finally stops growing at 8 feet 3 inches

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» TSA Says It Will Stop Groping Grannies Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Big Pharma Pushes Drug to ‘Cure Racism’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Grime Wave: Tide Detergent Thefts Sky Rocket; Masses Turn to Black Market For Essential Goods Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

NOT FULLSCREEN - South Park - Season 16 Episode 01 - Cartman makes fun of TSA - YouTube

Skynet Rising: The AI Threat to Humanity's Existence with Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy - YouTube

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» Angelina Jolie Shills for Globalist Plan in Africa at ICC Trial Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

DARPA Unveils Drone-Slaying War Laser | Fast Company

MTHEL THEL Mobile / Tactical High Energy Laser - YouTube

Lawsuit: Mobile apps accessing users' address books

Gates Foundation gives $220 mln for TB research - Yahoo! News

» Dr. Russell Blaylock reveals secrets of MSG toxicity (excitotoxins) Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» ‘Pink Slime’ (beef paste with ammonia) good for kids, says Beef Products, Inc Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

How the FBI Monitored Crusty Punks, 'Anarchist Hangouts,' and an Organic Farmers' Market Under the Guise of Combating Terrorism

Kony 2012 is about now – right now. Get with the programme! | Charlie Skelton | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

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Doomsday Survey: 51% of Americans Believe a Financial Collapse Is Imminent; 85% Say Country Is Overwhelmingly Under-Prepared

Pro-Assad rally in Damascus decries ‘one-year conspiracy’ (VIDEO) — RT

Syria Today Breaking News - Rally all over Syria Supporting President Assad 15-3-2012. - YouTube

Scorched Earth: The UN Genocide Campaign Into Africa Begins!! - YouTube

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Prison Planet.com » What Closing The Straits Of Hormuz Will Mean In 3 Simple Charts

Prison Planet.com » Grime Wave: Tide Detergent Thefts Sky Rocket; Masses Turn to Black Market For Essential Goods

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In China, what you eat tells who you are - Los Angeles Times

Prison Planet.com » The Military’s New Microwave Heat Ray Gun: “We Can Shoot First and Ask Questions Later” *Video*

Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS) - YouTube

Pentagon Unveils New Ray Gun - YouTube

CCTV at petrol stations will automatically stop uninsured cars being filled with fuel - Mirror Online

Prison Planet.com » Doomsday Survey: 51% of Americans Believe a Financial Collapse Is Imminent; 85% Say Country Is Overwhelmingly Under-Prepared

Prison Planet.com » The Top Pharmaceutical Drugs Causing Cognitive-Related Damage

Prison Planet.com » American Academy of Pediatrics backs mandatory HPV vaccine for boys

Breeding A Whole New Kind of World Citizen with Acclaimed Reporter Jon Rappoport - YouTube

Biden: GOP President 'Will Bankrupt The Middle Class'

J.Lo's Body Double A Dude

Three-Year-Old Boy Kills Self With Gun In Car

Child Kidnapped In 2004 Found Alive In Texas

Exclusive: Chris Rock Attacks Conservative Author Over Tea Party Question


Did Louis 'C*nt' C.K. Visit White House?

Comedy Central: Tea Parties Racist, Violent

Michael Ian Black Defends Maher, Then Sends Vile Tweet About Santorum

Politically Vocal Star of 'GCB' Says Politicians Shouldn't Talk Entertainment

'Hunger Games' Star: Heroine's Struggle Mirrors Occupy Movement

Houston's 'Bodyguard' Breakthrough Returns to Theaters This Month

The Vetting: Cassandra Butts - Bell Devotee, Obama Advisor, Judicial Scout

Obama Admin Cuts Off Texas Funding Over Planned Parenthood Spat

Democrat Party on RoboGate: 'We Have No Idea'

GOP Fight Turns to Puerto Rico

Study: Youth Not Buying Enviro-Scare Rhetoric

Big Labor's 2012 Landscape: Big money, Dirtier Politics

Louisiana Teachers Unions Abandon Students to Fight Education Reform

Liberals: Do As We Say, Not As We Do on Donor Disclosure

Occupy New Haven in State of Denial Over Rape

RoboGate:Bush DOJ Prosecuted GOP Official for Illegal Robocalls, Will Holder?

Obama Invites Trig Palin Birther Andrew Sullivan For Dinner

Santorum wins don't slow Romney's delegate march

The Vetting: Obama Teaches Constitutional Law -- Part I

Planned Parenthood Solicits Just-Turned-18-Year-Old for Funding

Whistleblower Lawsuit: Planned Parenthood in Texas Filed Millions in Fraudulent Medicaid Claims

RoboGate: Democrats May Be Behind Illegal 'Rush' Robocalls

How Saul Alinsky Taught Barack Obama Everything He Knows About Civic Upheaval

MSNBC Host: Rev Wright Post-9/11 Sermon 'Exactly Right'

Bill O'Reilly Calls Out Media Matters

Michelle Malkin: What’s the Matter With Soledad?

MSNBC’s Schultz Has Long Record of Nastiness

Why The Bell-Obama Connection Matters

Credit Where It's Due: Chronicle of Higher Ed Backs Breitbart Bell Story

Pollak: Breitbart More Courageous than Conservative Critics

Wikipedia Freezes Critical Race Theory Entry After Soledad Implosion

Disarmed Marines: A New Low in Obama's Afghan Appeasement

Karzai: NATO Must Go

Iran cut off from global financial system

Syria to push on with 'war of attrition'

Syria 'Freedom Convoy' blocked at Turkish border

Twitter Shut Down Accounts to Appease Syrian Regime

Accused US soldier flown out of Afghanistan

Secretary of Defense Asks US Soldiers In Afghanistan To Disarm

Russia Gives Thumbs Up To Selling Arms To Syria

Congress Forced to Legislate Nuclear Upkeep as Obama Fails to Uphold START

The Vetting: Cassandra Butts - Bell Devotee, Obama Advisor, Judicial Scout

'Game Change': Palin Breakdown Meme Crushed by Facts

Democrats’ Obama Flag Offends Veterans

Ayers: 'Revolution' Needed To Stop 'White Supremacy'

RoboGate:Bush DOJ Prosecuted GOP Official for Illegal Robocalls, Will Holder?

Pop Culture Propaganda: American Idol Pays Tribute To Obama

Maher: My Free Speech More Equal Than Limbaugh's

Is Sandra Fluke Helping Rush Get Listeners?

Warrant Issued For Russell Brand's Arrest


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