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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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10 February 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"





+ The Michael Savage Show Podcast


+CyclopsWarrior: Music For Nuclear War


Infowars Nightly News for Thursday, February 9, 2012 (Full) - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News for Wednesday, February 8, 2012 (Full) - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News for Tuesday, February 7, 2012 (Full) - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News for Monday, February 6, 2012 (Full) - YouTube

Alex Jones 2012-02-06 Monday - YouTube

Alex Jones 2012-02-07 Tuesday - YouTube

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Alex Jones Show for Thursday, February 9, 2012 - YouTube


The Way of Empires with Activist Lew Rockwell 1/3 - YouTube

The Way of Empires with Activist Lew Rockwell 2/3 - YouTube

The Way of Empires with Activist Lew Rockwell 3/3 - YouTube

It's All Now Out in The Open! 1/3

It's All Now Out in The Open! 2/3

It's All Now Out in The Open! 3/3

Source Exposes FEMA Training Camp in Missouri

Unmanned Drones to Replace F-16 Fighters & FEMA Camps

Will Iran Be Attacked? Paul Craig Roberts 1/2

Will Iran Be Attacked? Paul Craig Roberts 2/2

Mossad Works with Terror Group to Assassinate Iranian Scientist: Infowars Nightly News

+Video: David Rockefeller on His Deathbed (Satire) Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Infowars Nightly News: Paul Craig Roberts on the Economy and Iran Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Mossad Works With Terror Group to Assassinate Iranian Nuclear Scientists Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» US Implausibly Denies Role in Israeli Terror Squads Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

MSNBC Takes Another Shot at Alex Jones & Gary Franchi on 9/11 - 1/2 - YouTube

MSNBC Takes Another Shot at Alex Jones & Gary Franchi on 9/11 - 2/2 - YouTube

+ Mortgage Settlement Is Just Another Stealth Bank Bailout Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Leftist Media Resorts To ‘Conspiracy Theories’ To Sell Syria Invasion Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Will Be On The Republican Ticket Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Will Be on GOP Ticket - YouTube


Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary - part 1) - YouTube

Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 2 - YouTube

Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 3 - YouTube

60 min./C.I.A. no al-qaeda ever existed - BBC documentary the power of nightmares - YouTube

34 min./The '93 WTC attacks: Al Qaeda/CIA Operatives & The F.B.I. - YouTube


» Al Qaeda: The Six Billion Dollar Ruse in the Global War on Terror Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

* Debt Slavery: 30 Facts About Debt In America That Will Blow Your Mind Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» House overwhelmingly passes legislation banning insider trading inside Congress Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Americans Apparently Approve of Murder Based on Political Party Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


+Group Forces Congressional Hearing On Big Sis’ Twitter, Drudge Spying Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


+EPIC - EPIC v. Department of Homeland Security: Media Monitoring


285 pg./EPIC-FOIA-DHS-Media-Monitoring-12-2012


Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence | The House Committee on Homeland Security


(Date): Subcommittee Hearing: DHS Monitoring of Social Networking and Media: Enhancing Intelligence Gathering and Ensuring Privacy | The House Committee on Homeland Security


Federal Emergency Management Agency

Central Intelligence Agency

CBP.gov /U.S. Customs and Borders Protection

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Department of Homeland Security


Reficultnias's 9/11 Central - (www.reficultnias.org/)


+Just Say No to GMO by Michael Adams - NaturalNews.com

GMO Foods & The Nephilim - 02-09-12 - YouTube






DOWNLOAD:Non-GMO Shopping Guide

DOWNLOAD:Non-GMO Shopping Tips


Trustee says MF Global sustained itself on customer funds - The Washington Post

» Moscow, Tehran to Provide Military Aid to Curb US-NATO Armed Insurrection in Syria Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» SYRIA: CIA-MI6 Intel Ops and Sabotage Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Political Prisoners in the North American Homeland

Ten years later, CIA ‘rendition’ program still divides N.C. town - The Washington Post

+Aero Contractors Officers' Home Addresses

» Iran Training Thousands Of Female Ninjas Ahead Of Inevitable War Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Dr. Benjamin Rush warned about loss of medical freedom over 200 years ago Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


Rush2013 - www.rush2013.com/


Compromise on Contraceptives Expected - WSJ.com

Obama to change birth control rule

Obama shift on birth control seeks to placate Catholics | Reuters

» Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Monsanto Investor Bill Gates Says GMO Crops Needed to Fight Starvation Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Machines of War: Blackwater, Monsanto, and Bill Gates - English pravda.ru

** Bill Gates Pays Media to Portray Him As a Saint Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Bill Gates: The Mastermind Behind Global Eugenics Program: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Bill Gates: Vaccine Safety Skeptics Kill Children! - YouTube

» Bill Gates funds technology to destroy your sperm Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Bill Gates exposed for funding research, promotion of spraying geo-engineered ‘chemtrails’ across globe Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


**film:What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) - YouTube


Research into mutant flu 'must go on' - Science - News - The Independent

No way of stopping leak of deadly new flu, says terror chief - Science - News - The Independent

Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering | Environment | The Guardian

FBI on Steve Jobs: He will distort reality to achieve his goals | TechJournal South

Libya’s New Government Unable to Control Militias - NYTimes.com

» Chinese Government Demands 250 Million Internet Users Provide Real Identities Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Anonymous Hacks DHS Conference Video Feed Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Explosion at Russian power station sparks conspiracy theories in Moscow | Mail Online

Five Reasons The Robo-Car Haters Are Wrong | Autopia | Wired.com

Having an easy-to-say name 'will help you get promoted' - Telegraph

Inside the Mind of a Synaesthete | NeuroTribes

Meet the Bloop, the mysterious sound from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

BBC News - America and Eurasia 'to meet at north pole'

Obama pardons 10 states from No Child Left Behind requirements | World news | guardian.co.uk

End of the Boom: The True State of the Shale Gas Industry

End energy profiteering: The rich get richer, the poor get colder - Spend & Save - Money - The Independent

Peak Oil Scare Fades as Shale, Deepwater Wells Gush Crude - Bloomberg

» ‘Everyone’s a Suspect’: U.S. Government & The Politics Of Fear Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

New drug could help curb crime | Fox News

Heroin vaccine addiction 'is just five years away' | Mail Online

Monthly Injection Approved To Fight Drug Addiction : Shots - Health Blog : NPR


+Free Preview(www.intrepidmag.com/)


Jewelry - Ice Jewelry Online(www.ice.com)

Premier Designs(www.premierdesigns.com/)


'The oldest work of art ever': 42,000-year-old paintings of seals found in Spanish cave | Mail Online

Russians drill into Lake Vostok, begin search for life under Antartica’s surface - The Washington Post

Video: Will Iran Be Attacked? Paul Craig Roberts Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Video:MSNBC Takes Another Shot at Alex Jones & Gary Franchi on 9/11 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Congress launches 'Attack of the drones' - YouTube


The Metropolitan Museum of Art -(www.metmuseum.org)


Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History @The Metropolitan Museum of Art


+ timeanddate.com


CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist - YouTube

“It’s Going To Take ‘We The People’” – Chuck Baldwin | Dprogram.net

Virginia School System Goes Too Far in Mark Denicore's School Truancy Case 1/2 - YouTube

Virginia School System Goes Too Far in Mark Denicore's School Truancy Case 2/2 - YouTube

* Prison Planet.com » 10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve

Prison Planet.com » The Collapse Of America In Raw Numbers *Video*


+Prison Planet.com » 4 Proofs The FDA Does Not Care About Your Health

Foreign DNA Found in Vaccine Can Cause Disease: Curt Linderman Sr. Reports 1/2 - YouTube

Foreign DNA Found in Vaccine Can Cause Disease: Curt Linderman Sr Reports 2/2 - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Foreign DNA Found in Vaccine Can Cause Disease: Curt Linderman Sr. Reports

Prison Planet.com » Mossad Works with Terror Group to Assassinate Iranian Scientist: Infowars Nightly News

CPAC 2012

CPAC Straw Poll Changes Hurt Ron Paul's Hat-Trick Chances

Presidential Candidates, Conservative Leaders Hit Washington

CPAC: An Inside Look at Why It Is a Fraud

Marco Rubio Bashes Obama Contraception Ruling

CPAC 2012: No Ronald Reagan In The Room

Bachmann Jokes About Epic 'John Wayne' Gaffe

Republican Bashes 'Stasi Troop' Lightbulb Regulations

Perry Makes Surprising Pitch

CPAC Speaker Goads Pro-Union, Occupy Protesters

Ken Cuccinelli Tears Up Talking About The Need To Defend Freedom

GOP Crafts Plan To Kill Obama Birth Control Rule

CPAC 2012: A Gay Rights Group's Path From Center Of Discusion To Excommunication

Conservative Comedienne Victoria Jackson At CPAC To 'Save America From Communism'

GOP Hopefuls Woo Key Group At Big Event

Mike Huckabee CPAC Speech: 'We Are All Catholics Now'

Rick Santorum Gets Rock Star Treatment At CPAC

Palin Surrogate Hints At What Speech Will Reveal

Herman Cain: 'There Really Is' A Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan

Full Speech: Rick Perry at CPAC 2012 » The Right Scoop -

Senator Marco Rubio Addresses CPAC 2012 - YouTube

Full Speech: Steve King at CPAC 2012 » The Right Scoop -

Mitch McConnell at CPAC 2012 - YouTube

Full Speech Rick Santorum at CPAC 2012 » The Right Scoop - YouTube

Full Speech: Paul Ryan at CPAC 2012 » The Right Scoop –


Mark Levin rips Obama in interview with Hannity » The Right Scoop -

Cardinal-Designate Dolan no longer trusts Obama » The Right Scoop -

ABC: Obama to ‘accomodate’ religious groups over HHS mandate » The Right Scoop -

ACLU suing for removal of Ten Commandments in New Mexico » The Right Scoop -

Foreclosures to Climb in U.S. Before Bank Deal Helps Housing Market Heal - Bloomberg

Obama Indoctrination of Elementary School Kids on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2012 - YouTube

Fox News Poll shows Santorum surging to the top! » The Right Scoop -

Obama Announces Birth Control Compromise

Chris Matthews On Mimi Alford JFK Affair: 'I Really Believe Her Story' (VIDEO)

Best Fast Food Chains: Major Survey Reveals Chick-Fil-A, Panera, Chipotle As America's Favorites

Rachel Maddow Responds To Cal Thomas Calling Her A Good Argument For Contraception (VIDEO)

Rick Santorum: Women In Combat Could Create 'Compromising Situation' Because Of 'Emotions' (VIDEO) [UPDATED]

Pelosi: Obama flipped on Super PACs to protect America from the Koch brothers » The Right Scoop -

GOP lawmakers protest removal of God from Air Force patch » The Right Scoop -

Halftime in America: Remy Chrysler ad parody » The Right Scoop -

YouTube Blocks Video Exposing TSA Crime! - YouTube

The Video TSA Does Not Want You To See! - YouTube

U.S. Marines Pose With Nazi Looking Flag! - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Infographic: Presenting A World Covered In (Hundred Dollar Bill) Debt

Infographic: Presenting A World Covered In (Hundred Dollar Bill) Debt | ZeroHedge

Prison Planet.com » Obama Phone: Gov to Spend $2.4 Billion On Millions of Free Phones In 2012

Judge Judy - This Is Who We Are Supporting With Taxes - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Greek Police Threaten IMF Arrests Due To “Austerity Demands”

Russia accuses West of arming Syrian rebels | News by Country | Reuters

The Pope will die within a year: Vatican 'assassination fears' revealed - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » The State Has Declared War On The American People

Prison Planet.com » Leftist Media Resorts To ‘Conspiracy Theories’ To Sell Syria Invasion

World News - Report: Saudi Arabia to buy nukes if Iran tests A-bomb

Prison Planet.com » Elite Media Downplays Austrian Economics by Building Up MMT

Prison Planet.com » iEconomy: This Is How Apple Distorts The Market

No female TSA agents means no flight for Denver woman - KDVR

LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting ‘War Roo - Flash Player Installation

'Anonymous' hacker group threatens 'reign of terror' against Israel - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Prison Planet.com » Toxic Artificial Sweetener ‘Neotame’ May Be Lurking in Your Organic Food

The science "hoax" hoax: what a puddle of santorum!

Santorum sweep forces a re-look at Mitt Romney

Romney Does Dislike the Working Poor

Secession is not unique to America!

All Aboard Obama’s Transformation Train

Rick Santorum Exposed!

Greek Debt Crisis Exposes Green Subsidies Scam

What Everyone is Missing About Obama’s Attack on Catholics!

The Fatah-Hamas peace process

The Tragicomedy of Ambitious Sheep

NPR Adds More Excuses for Solyndra

New Nuclear Reactors in Georgia To Create 5,800 Jobs

Coming out of the shadows: Four more years of Obama

Candidates Waging the Wrong War—Voters Sent to the Wrong Battles

Georgia Right to Life PAC Endorses Gingrich, Santorum

Debbie Schlussel: Christie: “I Admire Israel for Enemies It’s Made;” Reality Check: Appted HAMAS Judge, Helped HAMAS Terrorist

Debbie Schlussel: Arab Spring: Aussie Muslims Shoot Knees of Man Who Criticized “Pro-Democracy” Syrians

Debbie Schlussel: Purple Jihad: Gay Thought Police Win Another One – Don’t Attack Pink on Twitter!

Debbie Schlussel: “Bourne Legacy” Trailer Debuts and – YAY! – No Matt Damon

Michelle Obama Targets Military Food: ‘Don’t Worry, You‘ll Be a Vegetable Guy Soon’

Parents Murdered, Baby Orphaned: Result of ‘Defriending’ Tenn. Father’s Adult Daughter on Facebook

CNN: Pelosi May Have Broken the Law With Fundraising Comment on Capitol Hill

Real or Fake? ‘Woolly Mammoth’ Spotted Crossing Siberian River

Chris Matthews Scolds Reporter for Using White House Talking Point on Contraception

Viral Video: Angry Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop With .45 Pistol After Finding Secret Facebook Post

Here Are All the Rumors About the Apple iPad 3

At CPAC: Conservative Columnist Cal Thomas Says Rachel Maddow Is ‘Best Argument’ for Contraception

Has Former Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro ‘Rediscovered Jesus?’

Fighter Plane Makes Amazing ‘Belly Landing’ Without Landing Gear

Watch AP Source: Obama to Change Birth Control Rule to ‘Accommodate’ Religious Employers

Watch Huckabee at CPAC: Pro-Choice Politicians Are Also the Most Fiscally ‘Reckless’

5 Reasons the Obama Admin May Be Losing the Contraceptive Mandate Battle

Egyptian Journalist Calls Out ‘Terroristic, Hypocritical’ Muslims for Defaming Islam and Muhammed

Marines Punished for Posing With Flag Resembling Nazi SS Symbol

S.E. Cupp on CPAC: Nice Mix of Far-Left Conservative Wonks, Tea Partiers, Ron Paulites & Establishment GOP

‘An Assault on Religion’: Are Social Issues Becoming Most Important 2012 Campaign Topics?

Is Santorum the Most Effective GOP Candidate at Articulating His Christian Faith?

Pastor Rick Warren: ‘I’d Go to Jail Rather Than Cave’ to Contraceptive Mandate

Fed Approves First New Nuclear Plant in a Generation

Are Biden and Daley Breaking With Obama on Contraception Mandate?

iPhone App Downloaded All Your Contacts Without Permission…Then Apologizes

NY Parents Outraged Over Daughter’s Spelling Words: ‘Gun’ and ‘Rob’

California: High School Math Teacher to Be Fired for Calling Student ‘Jew Boy’

‘Electronic Flight Bags’: Air Force Wants iPads in the Cockpit Too

Will the EU Use Drones to Spy and Enforce Regulations on Farms? Sure Looks Like It

Was the U.N. Hacked Again? Security Vulnerabilities Revealed

Rush: Have You Ever Met Anyone Who Was Tricked Into Getting A Mortgage?

Limbaugh: The Entire Welfare System Is Destroying People

Rush: “Obama Phones” Free Cell Phones and Service Doubles Under Obama

Limbaugh: “I Want To Throw Up.” Obama Takes Victory Lap After Latest Bank Shakedown.

Rush: ACORN A Bunch Of Thugs Acting As Enforcers For Obama Where Bank Loans Are Concerned

Rush Limbaugh Revisits His CPAC Speech From 2009

AWESOME: Sean Hannity Takes Alec Baldwin To The Wood Chipper

Hannity: Ameritopia’s Mark Levin: Alarming New Issues Injected Into Presidential Race

The Underlying Issue of the 2012 Campaign

Ten Things to Consider Before Launching an Attack against Iran

The Political Reality Behind the HHS Mandate

On the Church, the Military, and the Descent into Tyranny

The Great Election Undercurrent

America Desperately Needs A Hero...but Who?

Has the Constitution Lost Its Sex Appeal?

The Rube Goldberg Diet

Postal Service losing a billion dollars a month

As expected, big Santorum surge after Tuesday vote

Arm the Syrian rebels? Think twice.

WH to offer 'accommodation' on contraceptive rule

Mitt the Menace

Obama-supporting gun control priest Pfleger still a loose cannon

Obama's Transformation Train

FULL TEXT: Paul Ryan's CPAC speech | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Santorum to CPAC: “I know you and you know me”

Obama retreats on birth control policy

Rick Santorum: It's not about contraception

Will Obama's HHS compromise be enough?

Gingrich; Santorum plan secret CPAC meetings too

Morning Examiner: Newt who?

Throwback Barack: New ad stirs old memories

The Story of Us: Five Years Ago Today - YouTube

37 Senators ask CBO to rescore Obamacare

Rand Paul: You can’t inherit a movement

Campaign Roundup: Romney's secret meeting at CPAC

Bolton: Obama incapable of handling Syria crisis

Real reasons why Planned Parenthood freaked over Komen

Brooklyn man pleads guilty over 'South Park' threat - NYPOST.com

Pew Study Shows Young People Have Suffered Worse Than Anyone From Obamanomics - Investors.com

Pelosi: Republicans Want 'to Use the Excuse of Religious Freedom' to Harm 'Women's Health' | CNSnews.com

Michelle Obama: Poor nutrition 'a national security issue' - POLITICO.com

EGYPT Alexandria: forced eviction of 62 Coptic families by the Salafis - Asia News

Libya’s New Government Unable to Control Militias - NYTimes.com

Savage: Founders envisioned ‘petty dictator’ like Obama

Michael Savage: Clint Eastwood was wrong

Life Inc. - Generation Y remains upbeat, thanks to Mom and Dad

Father and son, 9, reveal how they survived two hours in freezing Pacific Ocean after their sailboat capsized | Mail Online

‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World - NYTimes.com

CPAC 2012

**CPAC 2012

CPAC 2012 Speakers

CPAC 2012/Confirmed Speakers

GOP Presidential Candidates Address CPAC Conference | C-SPAN


Why wasn't Obama in contempt of court?

What's next? A world tax!

The era of persecution has begun

Obama's trampling on God's turf now

Catholic bishops raise holy hell

Obama's conscience-rule betrayal

The Republicans' Alinskyites in Egypt

Hate crimes: Bigotry in reverse

ROBERT RINGER: Who is 'the society,' anyway?

Box-cutting the Mona Lisa

The Propaganda Age

The anti-Romney vote

J. ABRAMOFF: Was I ever a 'lobbyist'?

Catholics fire shot at Obama contraceptives

LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting ‘War Roo - Flash Player Installation

Bolton: Obama incapable of handling Syria crisis

Rick Perry rises from the ashes at CPAC

Obama to Announce Contraception Rule ‘Accommodation’ for Religious Organizations - ABC News

Pastors encircle Santorum for prayer

Kylie Bisutti quits modeling Victoria’s Secret lingerie over Christian beliefs - NY Daily News

Word and Way - Bible study uses sentence diagramming to unlock Scripture meaning

John Bolton talks ‘Mideast hot spots’ with WND

Al-Maliki carrying message from Obama to Iran?

Party in Pants Cuts Profits, Raises Prices | firstcoastnews.com

Scientists sound alarm over threat of untreatable gonorrhea in United States

Kodak ditches digital cameras, will focus on photo printing - Feb. 9, 2012

Parents and students come forward to FBI about Brooklyn teacher's aide - NY Daily News

CPAC 2012 » Kirk Cameron: The Founding of America is “Monumental”

+What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – February 9th, 2012

2 PARTS:Max Igan – Australian Government Criminality – Sydney Workers Radio | Dprogram.net

Jeffrey Smith GMO update January, 2012 - Monsanto, Roundup, Bayer, DuPont and more - YouTube

The State Has Declared War On The American People | Dprogram.net

Revisiting 9/11 with a Bit of Accounting


**BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 9, 2012

**BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 8, 2012


2/10/2012 The 'Cairo 19' Got What They Deserve

2/08/2012 US Oblivious to Unintended Consequences of Foreign Policy


+FBI releases file on Apple's Steve Jobs

+FBI — Steven Paul Jobs


As Reports of Violence Grow in Syria, So Do Western Calls for Intervention -- News from Antiwar.com

At the Pentagon and in Israel, plans show the difficulties of an Iran strike - The Washington Post

If You Have to Ask Why, the Answer is Usually ‘Money’ by Thomas Knapp -- Antiwar.com

GOP report questions Guantanamo detainee releases - Yahoo! News

Sen. Wyden seeks opinion used in al-Awlaki killing - Yahoo! News

Ten years later, CIA ‘rendition’ program still divides N.C. town - The Washington Post

TV Network Started by Cloistered Nun Sues Sebelius

Rubio on Obama at CPAC: Good Father, Good Husband, 'Terrible President'

Boehner Says Conservative Reform Happens ‘One Step at a Time’

Sen. Johnson: America at ‘Lower-Level of European-Style Socialism'

Carney: White House Has ‘No Opinion’ on Whether the Senate Should Pass a Budget

Bipartisan Senate Resolution Says U.S. Is ‘Absolutely Determined’ to Stop a Nuclear-Armed Iran

Speaker Boehner: House Will Act to Reverse Obama Administration Attack on Religious Freedom

Pelosi: Contraception Mandate is About ‘Women’s Health,’ Religious Freedom is an ‘Excuse’

Sen. Levin: Military Chaplains Shouldn't 'Violate the Tenets of their Troops'

Obama to Require Insurance Companies, Not Catholic Institutions, to Provide Free Abortion Drugs, Sterilization, Contraception

Santorum: 'Contrast,' Not 'Cash,' The Key To Victory

Obama's Trampling on God's Turf Now

'To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit'

DeMint: Obama 'Will Back Off' On Birth Control Mandate

Plutocrat Dems Attack Romney As 'Richie Rich'

CNN Host Grills Tony Perkins Over Beating of Homosexual Man

Boehner: Rescind Contraception Mandate Entirely So Catholic Individuals—as Well as Institutions—Are Not Forced to Act Against Faith

Rubio: America An ‘Energy Rich Nation,’ Should Use What ‘God Has Blessed’ it With

Senate Dems Turn Contraception-Mandate Controversy Into Fundraising Pitch

Republican Party Chairman: Obama Contraceptive Mandate ‘Unconscionable and Offensive’

Medved to GOP: Make Campaign About Big Government, Not the Economy

Perry: ‘If it’s Halftime in America, I’m Fearful of What the Final Score is Going to Be’

Orthodox Bishops Join Opposition to ‘Unjust’ HHS Contraception Mandate

Santorum Urges His Supporters to Reject Another Ford, Dole or McCain

Herman Cain: ‘I Chose to Put Family First’

Cain: ‘We Must Outsmart the Stupid People Running America’

Virginia School District Considers a Ban on Cross-Dressing

Indian Tribe Suing Beer Companies for Alcohol Abuse Problems

Obama Administration Waiting to See How Fatah-Hamas Deal Unfolds – But Wants PM Fayyad to Stay On

India’s Reluctance to Comply With Iran Oil Sanctions Draws Fire on Capitol Hill

Obama-Erdogan Partnership Comes Amid Rising Concern Over Turkish Policies

Obama Tells Reporters Asking About Contraception Controversy 'Come On, Guys' | NewsBusters.org

Chris Matthews Excoriates: Rick Santorum Is a 'Theocrat' and Franklin Graham Is a 'Disgrace' | NewsBusters.org

Time's Mark Halperin Concedes: GOP 'Would Be Creamed' by Media for Not Passing a Budget | NewsBusters.org

Pelosi: Obama Reversed Himself on SuperPACs so ‘Koch Brothers (Won’t) Decide Who Will Be President’ | CNSnews.com

Harlem Students Rehearsing for Musical Based on 'MyPlate' Healthy-Eating Icon | CNSnews.com

NY Fashion Week: Wearable, Sellable Looks for Fall | CNSnews.com

+Debt Slavery: 30 Facts About Debt In America That Will Blow Your Mind - BlackListedNews.com


*The Wild, Wild Web: Wrestling Online Privacy


Greek police union wants to arrest EU/IMF officials

Russia Set to Build World’s Most Powerful Laser Station - BlackListedNews.com

US Implausibly Denies Role in Israeli Terror Squads - BlackListedNews.com

Foreclosures to Climb in U.S. Before Bank Deal Helps Housing Market Heal - Bloomberg

Obama Reverses Birth Control Mandate

Ga. Rep Price: Obama Compromise on Mandate Just 'Rhetorical'

Rush: Obama's Birth-Control Rule Retreat Is Inadequate

Pro-Life Group: Obama Mandate Trumps Roe V. Wade

Becket Fund: Obama Offers False Compromise

Rubio to Newsmax: No Compromise on Mandate, Obama Must 'Change His Mind'

Romney: Santorum Gained Shot to Be a 'Leading' Contender

Paul Ryan: GOP Must Not 'Play It Safe' in Taking on Obama

Santorum at CPAC: Don't Settle for Romney

Perry to Newsmax: Newt Best Conservative to Beat Obama

Romney: Santorum Gained Shot to Be a 'Leading' Contender

Santorum: Obama Trying to Allow Iran to Have Nuke

Huckabee to Rival Limbaugh on Radio

Thomas Rips Quip at Maddow

Poll: Kennedy Ahead in Race for Frank's Seat

FBI File: Steve Jobs Was Considered for US Post

Trump: Santorum Lost in Senate, How Can He Beat Obama?

Ronald Kessler: Grover Norquist Says Obama Will Be Defeated

McConnell: Obama 'Demeans' Presidency

Cuccinelli: GOP Must Make Obamacare Centerpiece in 2012

Embattled Biden Tries to Fix Birth-Control Fiasco

Some Republicans Want to Reconsider Earmark Ban

Chinese Dissident Sentenced to 7 Years Over Poem

Ahmadinejad Wants the Pope to Visit Iran

Dr. Brownstein: Some Hormone Treatments Can Cause Cancer

Daily Aspirin Doesn't Cause Stomach Bleeding — Bacteria is the Culprit

New Software Converts iPad Into Karaoke Machine

National Archives Shows Benjamin Franklin's Papers

Obama Has Truth Problem

Catholic TV Network Files Suit Over Mandate

An Obama Backlash on Religious Liberty

Holder Should Scrap DOJ's Photo ID Rule

Fed Plays Wall Street Favorites in Secret Bond Deals

Bernanke: Weak Housing Has Hurt Consumer Spending

Bankruptcy Lawyers: Student Loans May Be 'Next Debt Bomb for US'

Buffett: US Bonds Are 'Dangerous,' Should Have 'Warning Label'

Post: US Rep. Bachus Faces Insider Trading Probe

Consumer Mood Turns Darker on Income Fears

Energy Agency: Iran Sanctions Already Hitting Oil Trade

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Obama Contraception Decision | Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

Homeschooling Magazine Is Giving Away 20,000 Copies in 2012 - MarketWatch

Indian tribe suing beer companies for alcohol problems

UN chief, aides plot 'green economy' agenda at upcoming summit

Shyness, grieving soon to be classified as mental illness

Nearly 100 charged in largest drug bust in Colorado history

Latin American leaders assail U.S. drug ‘market,’ American users

Mexican army finds 15 tons of pure methamphetamine

State Department updates Mexico travel warning

Coroner probing Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua cause of death

Former Texas high school coach faces felony charges for giving student 'morning after' pill

Joe Biden on birth-control furor: 'We can work it out'

First lady fights obesity in Iowa, where overweight kids are few

White House expected to respond to 'Fix the FEC' Petition

'President Obama boxed in on birth control'

Senate Dems grow optimistic about Obama chances in 2012

Eleven inmates released by county despite immigration detainers have reoffended

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign stuck in lukewarm

Santorum says ‘other types of emotions’ could preclude women in combat

Turkey torpedos Israel Navy participation in NATO op

Fast and Furious: Gun-sting targets were FBI informers

Anti-gay Westboro church to protest at Powell boys' funeral

Chairman of House Financial Services Committee the subject of insider trading probe

Pelosi might have skirted House ethics rules on campaign solicitations

Israel successfully tests Arrow missile defense system

Huge House majority backs insider trading ban

County judge busted for possessing pot in Texas

Colorado Senate Democrats fire unpaid intern who threw glitter at Romney

Va. House passes ‘Castle Doctrine’ bill

Republicans accuse White House of Solyndra stonewall

EPA bans sewage discharge from cruise ships

Single case of tuberculosis at high school in Colorado forces widespread testing

Temple gals hook up with older, richer guys via Internet

No room for Mars exploration in NASA budget

Bishops Were Prepared for Battle Over Birth Control Coverage

Paul, Obama campaigns collect most military donations

Gingrich, vowing 'national' campaign, jabs at Santorum

Filming of Egyptian TV series halted after Islamist students complain of actresses' 'indecent' clothes

Bill would send kids who engage in 'sexting' to juvenile court

US approves first new nuclear reactors since 1978

Scotland likely to hold a vote on independence from Britain

CPAC 2012: Candidates and Other Speakers Take Aim at Obama - YouTube

CPAC : Herman Cain says he dropped out to "put family first"

Mitch McConnell Calls Conservatives 'Simply More Fun' at CPAC | ThinkProgress

Mitch McConnnell: conservatives more fun than liberals - YouTube

CPAC 2012: Donald Rumsfeld and other guys - Day-by-day images from the conference | Washington Times Communities

CPAC 2012 Moves Away From Gay Conservatives And Closer To The Politics Of Hate | Fox News

CPAC 2012: GOP Candidates Make Appeal To Conservative Voters Ahead Of 2012 Presidential Election

CPAC 2012: Conservatives Need to Talk About Sex Earlier and Other Dating Advice - International Business Times

Thieves steal $500K in jewelry after busting through wall of Lincoln Park store

Cardinal George defies President Obama on birth control

Missing schizophrenic man from Pennsylvania last seen in Chicago

Report: Illinois kids caught in 'budget crossfire'

O'Donnell continues to downsize, tweak 'The Rosie Show' on OWN

Explosions Rock Northern Syrian City

Malaysia may repatriate Saudi who faces death penalty for tweets

UN chief Ban Ki-moon weighs in on Falkland Islands dispute

Al-Shabab, al-Qaida: Linkup of groups in decline?

Putin hails Antarctic lake discovery as 'great event,' promises awards

Officials: 2 held in death of Afghan peace broker

2012 World Press Photo: Arab Spring portrait receives top prize

China officials asked to prepare for war in Tibet

Man gets life term for shooting that killed 2 US airmen in Germany

Cruise lines impose mandatory pre-departure safety drills

Germany Stalls on Internet Copyright Law Treaty

Turkey says Iran ready for nuclear talks, but scepticism

Kim Jong-Un Dead? That's The Rumor

Sandusky speaks after hearing on bail, jury

Santorum: Govt. Control of Lives Has to Stop - YouTube

'Josh Powell was really, really evil,' social worker says

Romney defends conservative credentials

George Huguely's videotaped statement played for jury

Lindora Richardson, North Carolina bus driver, saves children from burning bus

Bachus Expects 'Full Exoneration' in Insider-Trading Inquiry

A guide to No Child Left Behind

CPAC Is Haunted by the Ghosts of Candidates Past

Parsing president Obama's mixtape: POTUS on Spotify

Shocking photos of teacher accused in California molestation horror surface

One dead, one injured at horse farm

Airlines secretly cash in on unused tickets

Steve Jobs FBI file: four humanizing revelations

Obama signs Giffords' final bill into law

Indian tribe files $500 mln suit against big brewers

Santorum: Concerns about "emotions" if women on front lines

Romney in his comfort zone in technology speech

Bernanke: Weak housing to hurt consumer spending for years

Hedge-Fund Manager Charged in Insider-Trading Probe

Chinese imports dip shakes markets

Tesla Model X maker set for space-bound IPO next year

Google Readies Wireless Music Device for Your Living Room

Windows on ARM vs. iPad: the New Mac/PC War?

Building Windows 8 for the ARM Processor - WOA - YouTube

Tell us: What do you want in the next iPad?

Until Yesterday, Kickstarter Had No $1 Million Projects—Today, It Has 2

Google Wallet PIN on Android Devices Can Be Cracked

Is The Time Finally Right for Google Drive?

Apple to disrupt notebook space with radically redesigned MacBook Pros

Google to pay users to browse the web (and watch what they're doing)

Zynga Gets Touchy Feely

Madonna Slams MIA's "Negative," "Irrelevant" Super Bowl Flip-Off

Adele sings a cappella for Anderson Cooper - 60 Minutes - YouTube

Adele's '60 Minutes' Return From Surgery: Singer Serenades Anderson Cooper

Paul McCartney Q&A: 'I'm Lucky, I Love Songwriting'

'Comic Book Men': Kevin Smith's insular world of supergeeks

Ratings: Idol Ticks Up Again to Fuel Fox Win; Did It Find Bottom?

Rumors he's a vampire are batty, says Nicolas Cage

The Beach Boys begin mapping 50th anniversary reunion tour with Mohegan Sun show

"Safe House" review: Only Denzel Washington can rescue this


Alex Morgan to appear in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Hot Clicks - SI.com - Extra Mustard


* Extra Mustard - Hot Clicks - Archive - SI.com


Europe Turns to Russia as NASA Cuts Loom

Raw Video: Aurora Borealis As Seen From Space - YouTube

3-D images show earthquakes before and after activity

There's something fishy about 'woolly mammoth' video

The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows

Asia and Americas on Course for Arctic Collision

Black Hole Eats Asteroids, Burps Out X-Rays

Mystery of zebra stripes revealed

Newt Gingrich's Plan for a Moon Colony Has Become an Issue that Won't Go Away

Photo shows lander on Mars from 2004

Putin hails Antarctic lake discovery

Whales Stressed By Ship Noise, Research Suggests

Janice Voss, veteran of 5 space shuttle flights, dies at 55

Indonesia's Mount Lokon erupts again

Happy Darwin Day and Evolution Weekend

3-D visor display tested for use in space surgery

Moon, planets and stars will have close encounters this week

Marijuana users twice as likely to cause car crash

Cancer Drug Shows Hope For Alzheimer's - YouTube

Tai Chi May Help Parkinson's Patients

Memory Can Be Boosted By Stimulating Brain

The Relationship Between Bullying and Depression: It's Complicated

4.5 million Americans over 50 have artificial knees

Small business owners not expected to opt out of health care reform

Obamacare and government intrusion into the practice of medicine; why California healthcare Bill AB 369 matters | Washington Times Communities

Republican race reaches half-time – so what have we learned so far?

US House Republican rejects Obama's revised health rule

Carville And Coulter Square Off At MockCon

Ron Paul's secret ninja strategy for Maine caucuses

Missouri presidential primary sets low turnout record

Rubio, Nelson both oppose contraception rule

Romney Meets Privately With Conservative Leaders At CPAC

Santorum Raised $2.2 Million This Week

Romney 'glitter bomber' fired from internship

Ohio Senate Republicans plan to repeal controversial elections law

Obama on Super PACs: Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?

Marion Co.: Presidential candidate Santorum, gubernatorial hopeful Wallace short signatures to run | The Indianapolis Star | indystar.com

Romney aides to speak at super PAC events, blurring line between campaign and outside groups - The Washington Post


Coulter and Carville go toe to toe at Washington and Lee Mock Con | Richmond Times-Dispatch


The Great Monetary Debate - informationliberation

+Are Government Unions Out Of Control? An Infographic - informationliberation

Marc Faber - Bloomberg TV - 02 Feb 2012 - YouTube

Video shows officers beating motorist in diabetic shock - News - ReviewJournal.com.mp4 - YouTube


Crony Socialism: Obama's re-fi scam is a smokescreen for another bankster bailout, says David Stockman - informationliberation

DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America - informationliberation

Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress - Washington Times

Ancient Antarctic lake thought to harbor prehistoric life, Hitler clones - CSMonitor.com

Goshen College mourns the death of Professor James S. Miller

How many divisions does moral rectitude have? « Slouching Towards Columbia

The Federal Reserve's Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33% - Forbes

Why Our Currency Will Fail - Blogs at Chris Martenson

Lee Duigon -- The Gospel According to St. Amabo

I was in agony as ‘cannibal’ chewed off nose and ear | The Sun |News

Anger Erupts in Athens as Bailout Demands Spark Outrage

Obama, Chinese Vice President to Meet at White House

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Meet Conservatives in Washington

Obama Applauds Italian Leader’s Economic Reforms

Arab World Faces Serious Poverty, Food Security Challenges

Possible Guantanamo Detainee Transfer Questioned

Scientists Recreate Ancient Mating Call from Dinosaur Age

Did Early Man Contribute to Central Africa Climate Change?

New Research, Funds Raise Hopes for Alzheimer's Cure

Mars Orbiter Photographs Old NASA Lander

Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry

Forget M.I.A’s Bird-Flip, Worry About Pop’s Sexual Moral Decline

Mass Media Promoting Transhumanism: the “Mind-Blowing Benefits of Merging Human Brains and Computers”

How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children (video)

How the Arab League Has Become a Tool of Western Imperialism

World War and the Russia-China Veto: Towards a Break Point at the UN Security Council?

SYRIA: CIA-MI6 Intel Ops and Sabotage

Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies

SYRIA: PREVENTING WAR: NATO’s Objective is to turn Syria into Another Iraq, a Quagmire of Ethnic and Sectarian Violence

Threatening Russia: NATO Fighter Jets Can Patrol "Anything They Want"

UNSTABLE GEOPOLITICAL CHESSBOARD: India Joins NATO, Gulf Cooperation Council Against Syria

Preventing the UN Security Council from becoming Washington's "Rubber Stamp"

Government Uses Anti-Terror Laws to Crush Dissent and Help the Too Big to Fail Businesses

VIDEO: The Pentagon is the Biggest Polluter on the Planet

Israel's Mossad Teams up with Terror Group to Kill Iran's Nuclear Scientists

Vladimir Putin and Russia's "White Revolution"

Syria Assassination Plot: 1957 Intel. Documents Reveal How Eisenhower and Macmillan Conspired against Syria

YEMEN: World Bank "Economic Medicine" and the Impoverishment of Yemen

NATO’s, Pentagon’s New Strategic Battleground: The Arctic

Buffett’s Bank of America | Washington Free Beacon

Romney Plays Up Outsider Status in Washington Speech | The Weekly Standard

‘Hip has nearly wrecked the country. Let’s try square for a while.’ - By Jim Geraghty - The Campaign Spot - National Review Online

The Pope will die within a year: Vatican 'assassination fears' revealed - Telegraph

Actor Bill Murray to CNBC: 'I think we ought to be personally responsible' - The Hill's Floor Action

» Group Forces Congressional Hearing On Big Sis’ Twitter, Drudge Spying Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


evidence for giants nephilim rephaim anunnaki part 1 - YouTube.flv - YouTube

evidence for giants nephilim rephaim anunnaki part 2 - YouTube.flv - YouTube


Tibetan Secrets For Reversing Physical Aging | Before It's News

Scientists Confirm Extraterrestrial Genes In Human DNA | Before It's News

Synagogue Of Satan - by Texe Marrs | Before It's News

World's Pyramids Beaming Energy To Mysterious Space Cloud | Before It's News

Where Do Robots Come From?

New Flick Revises History a Bit Too Much | American Free Press

Former SEAL Team Six Commander: Israel Responsible for Global Terror | American Free Press

Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks | American Free Press

U.S., Israel Jockey Over Iran | American Free Press

More People to Be Banned from Flying | American Free Press

The Grand Ayatollah of Nuclear Menace.

The Federal Reserve's Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33%

Banks Avoid Liability

*Video:American Drug War: The Last White Hope

As US and Israel dicker over Iran strike, American airlifts strength to the Gulf

7/7: Institutional Denial - YouTube

Hollie Demands Justice - YouTube

Ted Turner, Willard 'Mittens' Romney & The Mormon Mafia

Agenda 21 attack on property rights: California ONE BAY AREA « The PPJ Gazette

To Rely Upon the Ineffable. Visible Origami

Income Taxes: 30 Million May Be Hit by AMT This Year - Yahoo!

Agent Orange Maker Monsanto Seeks Return to Vietnam for GMOs | Natural Society

Natural Detoxification to Rid Your Body of Unwanted Viruses | Natural Society

Telegraph | Error 404 | Sorry, the page you have requested is not available

We don¿t know what causes deadly hospital superbug to spread, admit scientists | Mail Online

Bone putty could heal fractures in days rather than months, claim scientists | Mail Online

Bible morality or depravity?

Activist Post: Merging Man and Machine: Singularity vs. Humanity

Gadhafi regime missiles missing – USATODAY.com

Allegations of racism and incompetence at Federal Air Marshal Service | Mail Online

Microchips for all dogs to hold owners to account - Telegraph

France Defeats Monsanto


The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows | Environment | The Guardian

Is 'fire ice' wonder fuel buried under the Scottish coast? | Mail Online

Mars Strange Structures

'We raised 40 liters of water': Details of Lake Vostok drill success — RT

10 states freed from some 'No Child Left Behind' requirements - CNN.com

Mossad hit-squads behind Iran scientists' murders - US official — RT

Google Maps is watching you | Fellowship of the Minds

US Government & The politics of fear « The PPJ Gazette

Google maps vs. Yahoo! maps. Side by side comparison tool by Sergey Chernyshev

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks - YouTube

How to Remove EXIF Data from Photographs - YouTube

House Passes Bill Banning Insider Trading by Members of Congress - NYTimes.com

Ron Paul and the Election of 2012 by Walter Block

You Didn’t Think It Would End With Seat Belts. . . Right? by Eric Peters

What Will Jesus Do? by Becky Akers

NDAA Is Now Law, and Libertarians Are Now Anti-Government Extremists! by Gary D. Barnett

How To Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents by Richard Sanders

Band creates the 'most relaxing tune ever' - Telegraph

How to Back Up a Trailer…Like a Man! | The Art of Manliness

24 Signs That We Are Getting Dangerously Close to a Major War in the Middle East

J Edgar Hoover: New book exposes secret world of FBI Director | Mail Online

Dr. David Brownstein - Holistic Family Medicine: Danger of Antacid Medications


**Cooking and Recipes


U.S. Marine Vs. Freddie Mac - YouTube

Iraq war veteran: 'US Government doesn't care about poor working people' - YouTube

Good Guns, Bad Guns? US arms in reach of Syria rebels - YouTube

Halton Arp : victim of RATIONAL Scientific society. - YouTube

9/11 Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying - YouTube

Robocopyright ACTA - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul "The Other Candidates Don't Question Anything In Foreign Policy Or Monetary Policy"

What If "They" Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul? - YouTube

Activist Post: Why H.R.3380 the Only Way to Stop the FDA’s Vitamin Grab

9/11 Blueprint for Truth (2008 Edition) / 1:59:06

poorrichard's blog: David Icke on Terrorism, 'Totalitarian Tiptoe' and the Coming Post-Industrial Technocracy


What Really Happened with Mike Rivero 8th Feb 2012 - YouTube

What Really Happened with Mike Rivero 7th Feb 2012


US presidential candidates owned by corporations? - YouTube

Open Channel - Super PAC supporting Ron Paul is operated by a 9/11 'truther'

Lone Star Watchdog: This is Communism in reality! Red terror! The Chekist)

We're All State Capitalists Now - By Niall Ferguson | Foreign Policy

THE DAILY STAR :: Opinion :: Columnist :: Russia conspires to salvage Assad rule

Annals of History: Invaders : The New Yorker

The seven most famous words in American journalism « Media Myth Alert

Richard Kostelanetz | Examples | Critical Reflections on the Mike Tyson Farce

In defense of fact checking - Salon.com

The Wilson Quarterly: Book Reviews: Pointed Questions by James Reston Jr.

Mark Schmitt Reviews Geoffrey Kabaservice's "Rule And Ruin" | The New Republic

Nothing Left in Romney’s Bag of Tricks « Commentary Magazine

The Politics of Conscience - By Ramesh Ponnuru - The Corner - National Review Online

More evidence the Buffett rule is a sham « The Enterprise Blog

Walter Shapiro: Why Santorum’s Not Going Away Anytime Soon | The New Republic

The American Spectator : The Delousing of a Movement

The political transformation of Barack Obama - POLITICO.com Print View

RealClearPolitics - Obama Has Picked the Wrong Fight

The PJ Tatler » Perry to CPAC: ‘You Don’t Have to Settle’

Obama overreaches, again - BostonHerald.com

JFK, Monster | The New Republic

How you know Obama is winning - Salon.com

The Gospel According to Obama - Charles Krauthammer - National Review Online

Rachel Maddow Responds to Cal Thomas' Ugly Remarks at CPAC

Santorum Trifecta Angers Romney's GOP Supporters

Father Jonathan Morris of Legion Of Christ, Created By Sex Criminal, Lectures Americans on Birth Control

McConnell at CPAC: Obama Stop Picking on Fox News

Santorum Steps In It: Women Shouldn't be in Combat Because of 'Other Types of Emotions'

Dispatch From CPAC: Day 1, Mitt Romney Called a Mexican

Stuart Varney Thinks Pro-Obama Ad Directors Tricked Clint Eastwood Into Chrysler Ad

Foreclosure Fraud: Scoring the Deal, Continuing the Fight

Lawrence O'Donnell: The Single-Payer Solution

Breitbart: 'Crooks and Liars is a Radical Leftist Website'

House Passes, Waters Down STOCK Act

#StopColbert: Pelosi Says Stephen Doesn't Even Like Kittens

Rick Santorum's Bizarre Revisionist View of the French Revolution

BeggarsCanBeChoosers.com: How Ronald Reagan Unwittingly Laid the Groundwork for the Death of Capitalism

Obama to forecast $1.33 trillion budget deficit

U.S. OKs trade probes on some imports from South Korea, China

Mrs. Obama's trips help husband's re-election try

LA police capture escapee who stalked Madonna

Romney appeals to U.S. business with harsh China talk

Four jailed for alcohol-smuggling VAT and tax fraud

Russia accuses West of arming Syrian rebels

Popular English word game isn't lost in Hebrew translation

US trade deficit reaches six-month high

Hypocritical Madonna Slams M.I.A. for ‘Teenager’ Stunt

Michael Moore Goes On Anti-Catholic Twitter Rant, Distorts Contraception Debate

Daily Call Sheet: George Lucas Thinks You’re Stupid, Cable On the Decline, and Happy Friday

‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D’ Review: Surprisingly Hilarious Family-Friendly Film

‘In Darkness’ Review: The Holocaust as You’ve Never Seen It on Film

‘The Vow’ Review: A Sweet Attempt at an Unusual Story

NBC’s ‘Grimm’ Recycles Vile Antisemitic Stereotypes

Eastwood on Chrysler Ad: Actor ‘Surprised’ People Interpreting It for Partisan Purposes

‘Transformers Dark of the Moon’ Blu-ray Review: Michael Bay Redeems His Trilogy

Pelosi, Colbert Join Forces to Stifle Political Speech, Obama Gets a Super Pac Pass

‘Safe House’ Review: ‘Bourne’ Lite – Great Taste, Less Filling

‘Growing Pains’ at CPAC: Cameron Decries a Nation ‘Off Track’

Out of Touch Again: How Hollywood Elites Did Their Part to See Prop 8 Overturned

Washington’s Waterboarding Scene Sucker Punch Free

Sir Paul McCartney gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Finally! | The Music Mix | EW.com

Spencer Bachus: It’s Time for You to Go

CPAC: Santorum’s Missed Opportunity

BREAKING: Unions, Occupy Start Clashes Outside CPAC

Audio:Will Average Americans Benefit from the Foreclosure Settlement?

EXCLUSIVE: Occupy CPAC to Start at High Noon Today-May Have Union Support

Obama’s #Occupy Movement Will Win the Election…for the GOP

WH Caves: Obama to Announce ‘Compromise’ on Birth Control, Abortion-Pill Mandate

‘Anonymous’ Threatens Crusade Against Israel: ‘The People of This World Will Rise Against You’

California’s New Frisbee Law Just Latest Attempt to Raise Cash

BREAKING: Obama to Announce Compromise (With Himself) Over Contraceptive Rule at Religious Institutions

Mitt Romney’s Ohio Problem

New World Bank Report Shows Large Public Sectors Reduce Economic Growth

Too Many Charter Schools Forced to Gain Local School Board Approval to Open

Obama Admin May Have Leaked Classified bin Laden Info to Hollywood Director

Agenda 21 Is Repackaged Socialism, Unsustainable Development

Book: Obama Tells Radical Community Organizer (and Former Boss) ‘I’m Still Organizing’

Sens. Ayotte and Shaheen: A Contrast in Honesty and Leadership on Religious Liberty

Media Matters Makes It Up Over CBS And AIM Award

Where Is Media Matters’ Condemnation Of Urine-Throwing Occupiers?

No MSM, Santorum Is Not A Racist

MMfA Mocks Natural Family Planning as Though It Doesn’t Exist

Washington Post Skews Poll for ‘The One’

Occupy Oakland Targets Israel, Votes 135-1 to Support Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

Audio:The Perils of Defense Cuts

Obama’s Rhetorical Storm

Greece Committing Suicide, America May Follow

Iran: More Jew-Annihilationist Jihad Rhetoric (and Jihad Taqiyya)

Greek Pitch for Second Bailout Bombs

Audio:‘A Devil’s Triangle’ Author: Obama Contradicted on Iran by His Intelligence Directors

Foreign Minister: Israel ‘Will Not Accept a Palestinian Government that Includes Hamas’


10-Feb-12 World View

9-Feb-12 World View

*10 Feb.

American Minute for February 10th

February 10 Events in History

This Day in History for 10th February | HistoryOrb.com

February 10th This Day in History

Today in History: February 10

Today in History: February 10

Today in History for Thursday, February 10th - YouTube


**News Video:Union Goons Attempt To Occupy Conservative Conference

Under Pressure Obama Tweaks Birth Control Mandate

Obama Gives No Child Left Behind Waivers To 10 States

Santorum Rips Romney & Obama Gets CPAC Standing Ovation

Father Shoots Daughter’s Computer For Disrespectful Facebook Post

Dem Jackson Lee: Republicans ‘Take Away Essence Of All Religious Faith’

Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon Turn White House Into Personal Playground

Pelosi: ‘Sad’ People Are Using Religious Freedom ‘Excuse’

Cardinal To Obama: Back Off, Stop ‘Intruding’ Into Church Business

‘Come On Guys’; Obama Begs Reporters For Relief From Contraception Controversy

9th/CNN’s Lemon Implies Religious Conservatives Complicit In Street Gang Gay-Bashing Attack

MSNBC Anchors Attack Mormons, Evangelicals

Study: Distrust Of Government A Mental Disorder

#OccupyPortland Terrorizes Citizens, Screams Obscenities At Police

Congresswoman On Contraception Mandate: Being ‘Exposed’ To Pregnancy ‘Danger To Women’s Health’

Rubio Crushes Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate

Ryan Open To VP; Doesn’t Rule Out Convention Draft

Santorum: Obama Putting America On ‘Path’ Of Executing Religious People

Exclusive Jim DeMint: ‘The Time Is Now’

CNN To Gingrich Campaign: ‘How Much Money Do You Have?’

Santorum: Romney Was ‘Trumped In A Fair Fight’

Newt: ‘I Liked The Clint Eastwood Halftime Ad’

Carney: ‘No Opinion’ Whether Senate Should Pass A Budget

8th/Romney: Gingrich, Santorum ‘Acted Like Democrats’

Trump Rips Santorum After Big Wins

War Drums: U. S. Military Reviewing Syria Options


Negotiating Humanitarian Access
McFarland: Don't Get Distracted, Deal With Iran
Inside Israel's Terrorist Connection
Zakaria: Iran Loses In Syrian Civil War
Is Iran Threatening U.S. Interests Worldwide?
Officials Prepare To Respond To Syrian Uprising
Syrian Uprising Divides Minority Communities
Obama: U.S. Will Do What It Can To Help Eurozone
British Man Wanted In '93 Heist Nabbed In Missouri
Etna Spews Lava Into Air
Japan Snow Death Toll Rises
Gorbachev: Putin Is Not Capable Of Change
15 Bodies Unearth In Mexico
Eurozone Weighs Greek Deal

Obama To Reporters Asking About Contraception Issue: "Come On, Guys"
O'Donnell: Santorum & Gingrich Have Written Romney Attack Ads For Obama
Krauthammer: Foreclosure Settlement Is A "Big Win" For Obama
Page: "The Administration Will Have To Backtrack" On Contraception Rule
O'Reilly: Gas Prices Are Up 90% On Obama's Watch


Romney: "I Have A Record Of Being A Strong Conservative"
Tim Pawlenty Stumps For Romney: "There Is No Perfect Conservative"
Rand Paul To Obama: "Do You Hate Rich People Or Just Rich People Who Don't Contribute To Your Campaign?"
Mark Levin: Santorum Is The Most Conservative Candidate Left
Rubio On Contraception: "Isn't A Social Issue, This Is A Constitutional Issue"
Cal Thomas: Maddow "Is The Best Argument" For Using Contraceptives
Clint Eastwood: Super Bowl Ad Was Not Political
Dem Super PAC Web Video: Sh*t Mitt Says
Paul Ryan: Contraception Issue A "Teachable Moment" In Progressive Philosophy
Christie On Teachers Union Boss: "I Cannot Express How Disgusted I Am"
Rick Perry Says He'll Run Again For President
Sen. Jim DeMint: A Brokered Convention Could Very Well Happen
Dem Congressman: Bush Is The Real Food Stamp President
Wasserman Schultz Defends Obama Super PAC: "Rules As They Exist Now Are The Rules We Will Play By"
O'Reilly: "Democrats Must Be Very Pleased" By Santorum's Wins
Watch Live: 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference
Obama Talks About White Alderman Joining Black Caucus In 2001 Video
Heilemann: Social Issues Make GOP Look Outside The Mainstream
Reich: Obama Should Appoint Justices Who Will Overturn Citizens United
"Special Report" Panel On The Contraception Fight

The Future Of Global Trade
Iran Boasting Its Missiles Can Reach U.S., Israeli Targets
What Should U.S. Do If Israel Bombs Iran?
The Removal Of Chongqing's Police Chief
Russia Calls For Talks As Battles In Syria Rage
Face To Face: Deputy National Security Adviser Rhodes
Bosnian Man Living In A Cave
Russia Drills Into Ancient Subglacial Lake Vostok
Homs Bombardment Continues, Global Outcry Grows
Police Arrest Maldivian President
Prince Harry Is Now An Apache Helicopter Pilot
Interview With Mario Monti
Palestinian Unity Deal In A Changing Middle East
Syria Hears From Assad's Wife