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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

Ron Paul :2012

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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07 February 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"







**Ron Paul - Minneapolis Convention Center Rally 02/06/12 - YouTube




CyclopsWarrior: Aces High! Get Ready!

Girls, 13, given contraceptive implants at school - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Senate Passes Bill Allowing Airports To Evict TSA Screeners

Prison Planet.com » FBI: Paying Cash For a Cup of Coffee a ‘Potential Indicator of Terrorist Activity’

Bill Gates Pours Millions Into Geoengineering: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Planned Parenthood Advances The Eugenics Agenda: Rev. Clenard Childress Reports - YouTube

FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists | Reuters

Prison Planet.com » Arrogant scientists say NY students’ neurological symptoms caused by mass hysteria, not chemicals

Prison Planet.com » Common Food Items Could Contain 180 Times More Fluoride Than Tap Water

Prison Planet.com » Israel Believes GOP Candidates Will Not “Dare to Oppose” Iran Attack

Prison Planet.com » 24 Signs That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To A Major War In The Middle East

Judge sets trial date in Loudoun school-tardiness case - Virginia Schools Insider - The Washington Post

Prison Planet.com » Polls: Half Of Americans Support Attacking Iran

Obama wants more diplomacy as concerns grow over Iran - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Bill Gates Pours Millions Into Geoengineering

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Warns Of Federal Reserve Power Grab

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/6/12: Trust Us; We're the Government - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Justice Ginsburg causes storm dissing the Constitution while abroad

FDA is GMO Friendly Under Monsanto's Michael Taylor: Infowars Nighlty News - YouTube

Russian Col.-Gen. Leonid Ivashov Says Russia Is Ready to Use Military Power to Defend Iran and Syria | Video | TheBlaze.com

Tehran 'ready to impose oil ban'... JPost - Iranian Threat - News

Prison Planet.com » Obama Tightens the Screws on Iran

PressTV - US-made bomb killed Iran expert: Report

Tehran Won't Block Hormuz, Says Diplomat | Fox Business

Prison Planet.com » “Iran will never be the initiator of any war”: commander

Prison Planet.com » FBI Attempts to Make ‘Libertarians’ the Poster Children for Domestic Extremism

Prison Planet.com » The DHS Defends Globalism, Not America

DHS Secretary Napolitano: protecting the global supply chain - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Independent Report Contradicts Western Portrait of Syria

Prison Planet.com » Why Conspiracy Theorists Are Being Rebranded As Domestic Terrorists

Prison Planet.com » The Financial Crisis Of 2008 Was Just A Warm Up Act For The Economic Horror Show That Is Coming

Prison Planet.com » ACTA: The Corporate Usurpation of the Internet

Prison Planet.com » Runaway Train: Stop the War Against Iran — Now

Prison Planet.com » Iran: The New Scapegoat

'Thought-controlled' weapons could become a reality in the near future, says scientist | Mail Online

Prison Planet.com » Teen girl rushed to hospital for eating nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years

Anti-foaming agent found in Chicken McNuggets

PHOTO: Pre-Chicken Nugget Meat Paste, AKA Mechanically Separated Poultry [Updated]

Lake Vostok, Antarctica's Largest Subglacial Body Of Water, Reportedly Drilled By Russians

Lake Vostok, Antarctica's Largest Subglacial Body Of Water, Soon To Be Explored

Russian Drill Penetrates 14-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Lake | Wired Science | Wired.com

lake_vostok_nsf_h.jpg (JPEG Image, 2390x1506 pixels) - Scaled (42%)

Hollywood's gentler post-SOPA strategy: A charm offensive | Privacy Inc. - CNET News

‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World - NYTimes.com

Public surveillance from private property questioned - Washington Times

Prison Planet.com » Experts Call For Nationwide BPA Ban Over Hazardous, Carcinogenic Effects

Prison Planet.com » Eastwood Super Bowl ad raises Karl Rove ire

Former Tucson DEA head: Holder either knew of gun-walking, or was willfully unaware

Prison Planet.com » Church to declare war on Obama over birth control as religious leaders threaten President

Obama Administration, Catholic Leaders Clash Over Contraception Mandate - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Veterans, active duty to support Ron Paul with march on White House

Ron Paul "I Don't See A Lot Of Difference Among Our Other Candidates Or Between The Two Parties" - YouTube


*VIDEOS:Prison Planet.com » The TSA’s “Wiener Police”: Alex Jones Sunday Edition


The Alex Jones Show 02-05-12 Hr 1

The Alex Jones Show 02-05-12 Hr 2


Prison Planet.com » Cashless Society: Bank of America Refuses Cash for Mortgage Payment

Prison Planet.com » Elite Campaign to Re-Elect Obama in Full Swing?

An orderly EMU break-up, à la Française – Telegraph Blogs

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Warns Of Federal Reserve Power Grab: Infowars Nightly News

Ron Paul Warns Of Federal Reserve Power Grab: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Will Big Banks Get Free Pass in Robo-Signing Mortgage Mess?

Prison Planet.com » Yes, It Is Halftime In America – So Now Is The Time To Get Your Financial Priorities In Order

Chrysler Commercial - It's Halftime in America - OFFICIAL - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Lethal Medicine: ‘Greece testing ground for EU austerity hell’

Lethal Medicine: 'Greece testing ground for EU austerity hell' - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » As Anger Over Russian Syria Veto Mounts, Putin “Briefly” Leaves Europe In The Cold

Prison Planet.com » China Bans Airlines From Paying EU Carbon Charge

Ron Paul "The More Drone Missiles WE Use To Kill People The LESS Safe WE Are!" pt.1

Ron Paul "The More Drone Missiles WE Use To Kill People The LESS Safe WE Are!" pt.2

Ron Paul: When the People Change, Romney and Gingrich Will Change - YouTube

Ron Paul Warns Of Federal Reserve Power Grab

Obama Signs Executive Order On Iran - YouTube

Ron Paul On Fox's Off The Record Talking Foreign Policy 02/06/12 - YouTube

Keiser Report: It's All Legal, Folks! (E246) - YouTube

400 Chernobyls, Solar Flares, EMP & Nuclear Armageddon with Author Matt Stein 1/3 - YouTube

400 Chernobyls, Solar Flares, EMP & Nuclear Armageddon with Author Matt Stein 2/3 - YouTube

400 Chernobyls, Solar Flares, EMP & Nuclear Armageddon with Author Matt Stein 3/3 - YouTube

» Israel Believes GOP Candidates Will Not “Dare to Oppose” Iran Attack Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Arab League Report Provides Evidence CIA, MI6, Mossad Behind Violence in Syria Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Strengthening U.S.-Canada Security Interests in North America and Around the Globe Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Common Food Items Could Contain 180 Times More Fluoride Than Tap Water Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Infowars Nightly News: Madonna’s New World Order Extravaganza at the Super Bowl Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Ron Paul On Donald Trump Endorsement: 'I Was The Only Candidate Who Didn't Kiss His Ring'


Ron Paul's Nevada Caucus Speech: Markets Are More Powerful than Governments! - YouTube


+ Newt Gingrich the Skunk Vomit NeoCon Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


33 MIN./The REAL Newt Gingrich - YouTube


Major Obama Donors Are Tied to Pepe Cardona, Mexican Fugitive - NYTimes.com

Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing U.N. Plot - NYTimes.com

Obama campaign reverses stance, urging donations to super PAC

Red-light cameras boost coffers, rile drivers

BBC defends decision to censor the word "Palestine"‎ - YouTube

» FBI Enlists Internet Cafe Owners to Spy on Customers Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Iranian commander says war games just for defensive purposes - Monsters and Critics

» WTC7 and NIST: Shear Ignorance Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Shear Ignorance - NIST and WTC7 - YouTube

Criminalizing Immigrants for Profit | Truthout

The Associated Press: Arpaio office lawyers to meet with DOJ

DEA raids 2 CVS pharmacies in drug abuse probe | Reuters

Have we cracked our battery habit? - News - Food & Drink - The Independent

Food Stamp Fraud Targeted As Election Season Brings Criticism


"No Country For Old Men?" Bernanke Plan To Exterminate Savers Is Unsustainable | ZeroHedge

» A continuum of infinitely lived agents normalized to one Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

+25 Reports That Can Put You on the Terror Watch List Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Increasing use of facial recognition software spurs privacy concerns | California Watch

Government 'may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters', scientists fear - Crime - UK - The Independent


» Arab League report leaked: slaughter in Syria is work of ‘foreign-backed subversives’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


*30 pg./Report of League of Arab States Observer Mission


Report: North Korea Using US-Made Drones

» Lebanese security officials seize ‘regime change’ cargo from US, Brazil Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» US scenario in Syria exposed: Turkish incursion, Israeli invasion Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Egypt to prosecute Americans in NGO probe - The Washington Post

» US-Funded Tunisian President Prepares to Withdraw Recognition of Syrian Gov’t Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Egypt’s plan to charge 19 Americans highlights tense relationship with activists - The Washington Post

Robert Fisk: From Washington this looks like Syria's 'Benghazi moment'. But not from here - Robert Fisk - Commentators - The Independent

» USS Enterprise Holding Drills To Attack Made Up ‘Faux Theocracy’ Shahida States And ‘Pesky Garnetians’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

BBC News - Germans jailed over UK terror offences

Officer: U.S. paints false picture of Afghan war | The Raw Story

BBC News - 'Lone wolf' terror threat warning

Obama terror drones: CIA tactics in Pakistan include targeting rescuers and funerals: TBIJ

» The Path to Peace Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Visits Egypt, Tunisia to Praise Arab Spring | Video | TheBlaze.com

The Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution – Tenth Amendment Center

» NASA Satellite Shows That Global Temperatures Continue Their Plunge Into Record Cold Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

BBC News - ExoMars co-operation between Nasa and Esa near collapse

» Is a Fukushima-level Event Inside the United States a Foregone Conclusion? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Are we in the "breakdown" faze of nuclear power? - YouTube


The Alex Jones Show 02-06-12 Hr 1

The Alex Jones Show 02-06-12 Hr 2

The Alex Jones Show 02-06-12 Hr 3

The Alex Jones Show 02-06-12 Hr 4

Alex Jones Show for Monday, February 6, 2012 (Full) - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News for Monday, February 6, 2012 (Full) - YouTube


Crimes of the TSA Agents - YouTube

BBC defends decision to censor the word "Palestine"‎ - YouTube

Social costs On Robbery of Middle Class Americans


12,000 Years Old Unexplained Structure - YouTube

Forbidden Discoveries - Ancient Atomic Blast and Aeronautical Science - YouTube

Ancient Alien 32,000 Year Old City Found The Oldest Yet - YouTube


What's Going On In Antarctica? - YouTube


Alien moon,Why NASA Never Returned To The Moon,1of3 [www.Keep-Tube.com].mp4 - YouTube

The Truth - Why Nasa Has Never Returned To The Moon Part 2 [www.Keep-Tube.com].mp4.part - YouTube

Alien Moon_ Why NASA never returned to the Moon EnigmaTV Part3_3 [www.Keep-Tube.com].mp4 - YouTube

**APOLLO 12's COVERT EVA - Proof of NASA's Off-The-Record Lunar Surface Operations - YouTube

+The Truth Behind The Moon Landings - full 48min - YouTube

Dark Mission 1 - NASA Moon Hoax - Analysis of the Lunar Photography - YouTube

Dark Mission 2 & 3 - NASA Moon Hoax - Environmental Dangers & The Trouble with Rockets - YouTube


The Quickening, 2010, and The Symbiotic Holographic Hive Mind [www.Keep-Tube.com].mp4 - YouTube




**What Do You Want To Ask CPAC 2012 Speakers? We’re Listening | Sinclair News – LS News Group


CPAC 2012:CPAC 2012 Speakers(http://cpac2012.conservative.org/)


First Read - First Thoughts: 'I deserve a second term'

Get the Data: Obama’s terror drones Chris Woods

San Onofre Nuclear Plant In Complete Shutdown | KPBS.org

Is US-China collision inevitable?

Vitamin D

US closes embassy in Syria | wkyc.com

Obama signs executive order freezing Iran assets in US - Israel News, Ynetnews

Incoming IAF chief: Iran is our top concern - Israel News, Ynetnews

Mitt Romney For President of the United States. Read This First!

Report: Sheldon Adelson to support Romney if he becomes Republican candidate - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

It Takes Courage to Leave the GOP Cult | Opinion Maker

Georgia Court Ignored Basic Rules of Interpretation » libertylegalfoundation.org

Who is Judge Michael #Malihi? « IS

Fmr CIA Chief: Obama Should Stick Closer to Israel - Inside Israel - News - Israel National News

China tells US to stop groundless accusations|Politics|chinadaily.com.cn

Iran vows to hit any country that stages attack - Telegraph

Madonna Super Bowl halftime show 2012: Singer suffers only a small slip up | Mail Online

Chrysler Superbowl 2012: Clint Eastwood (Siamo solo all'intervallo) - YouTube

JFK’s teen mistress in explosive new tell-all - NYPOST.com

Jeff And Jan Smith - Morgellons...See What The CDC Calls Hallucinations ! - YouTube

The Ice is Thin and the Fix is In. Reflections in a Petri Dish

Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering | Environment | The Guardian

US Iran Policy in 'Lockstep' with Israel?: President Obama Risks Becoming a Major-League War Criminal | This Can't Be Happening

Obama-appointed US trade adviser linked to illegal deal in Congolese gold | World news | The Guardian

Dubai abandons $10bn debt restructuring - Telegraph

9/11: Cancer rates triple among New York NYPD officers who responded to al Qaeda attack on World Trade Center - Telegraph

America's Racist Drug Laws

Mars' 600-Million-Year Drought -- Did It Drive Life Underground?

ESA - Space Science - ESA's Mars Express radar gives strong evidence for former Mars ocean

China publishes high-resolution full moon map|Society|chinadaily.com.cn

Taken for a Ride (Part I) - YouTube

Taken for a Ride (Part 2) - YouTube

Super Bowl Sunday and the Material, Kabala Girl. Smoking Mirrors

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on Lyme Disease

US hedge funds capitalise on Lehman collapse - Telegraph

China bans its airlines from paying EU carbon tax | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Playing in the sun ¿reduces risk of eczema and food allergies in children¿ | Mail Online

PressTV - 'West uses UN as cover to wage wars'

Wind farms can actually INCREASE climate change by raising temperatures, warn academics | Mail Online

White House Insider: Obama Complains – I Wanna Be Cool Again! - The Ulsterman Report

Newt Gingrich Denies Bohemian Grove Existence: Some People Have "Fantasy Lives" - YouTube

Who’s got guts for global warming debate?

Are Negative Thoughts Cutting Your Lifespan in Half? | Natural Society

Cambridgeshire villagers near Army barracks locked out of cars 'by mystery high-frequency radio waves' | Mail Online

McDonald’s confirms that it’s no longer using ‘pink slime’ chemical in hamburgers | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - YouTube

Is new form of pesticide to blame for catastrophic decline in honey bees? | Mail Online

Ron Paul vs. the #HONESTMISTAKE - YouTube


Eternal Disgrace: US politicians display gross ignorance - YouTube

PJ Media » Homeland Security: You’re All ‘Militia Extremists’ Now

Ron Paul Seeking First GOP Win In Minnesota « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

2011 Press Release - NSA Launches New Crypto Mobile Game Appr

Polls Show Obama the Next President

TSA Help Wanted - hilarious satire animation about TSA perverts and the Bill of Rights - YouTube

Unemployment Tricks: Jobs Claim Made by 'Shrinking' Workforce

Monbiot and The Intellectual Inferiority of Those With Right Wing Views | Libertarian View

Activist Post: FBI Attempts to Make 'Libertarians' the Poster Children for Domestic Extremism

Activist Post: The DHS Defends Globalism, Not America

Obama Imposes Freeze on Iran Property in U.S. - NYTimes.com

MSNBC Poll: Do You Support Israel Attacking Iran In The Next Few Months? - YouTube

» DHS Implementing No Work List: Citizens Must Get Government Approval to Work in Private Sector Jobs Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Activist Post: Mystery: Mass Dolphin Deaths By Beaching

Hollywood Wants To Kill Piracy? No Problem: Just Offer Something Better | Techdirt

FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists | Reuters

Activist Post: Experts Call For Nationwide BPA Ban Over Hazardous, Carcinogenic Effects

US war with Iran ploy to save capitalism PressTV - YouTube

How about an international award for hypocrisy? | My Catbird Seat

February 7, 2012 Democrats to continue Internet coup with new cyber bill

Anyone Calls You a "Taker" They've Fallen For The Propaganda "Half The People Who Work Support The Half That Don't" BS | Before It's News

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul Warns Of Federal Reserve Power Grab

'I just f***ing killed someone and it was ahmazing' 15 years old girl stangled, stabbed and slits throat on 9 years old girl - 12160

Alyssa Bustamante sentence: Missouri teen's diary says killing Elizabeth Olten felt 'ahmazing' | Mail Online

Teenager who admitted killing 9-year-old had troubled family, depression - ky3.com

Companies Are the New Countries - TIME

Banana Benefit for the Nevada GOP: Help a Banana-less Republic find its Missing Banana - YouTube


Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Police State Part 1 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Police State Part 2 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Police State Part 3 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Police State Part 4 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Police State Part 5 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Police State Part 6 of 6 - YouTube


Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Great Lakes Part 1 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Great Lakes Part 2 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Great Lakes Part 3 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Great Lakes Part 4 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Great Lakes Part 5 of 6 - YouTube

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Great Lakes Part 6 of 6 - YouTube


Prisoner Citizens: The Story of Japanese Internment Camps | Top Secret Writers

Government Continues to Hype Non-Existent Threat of “Sovereign Citizens” :

Paul Could Force Fed Changes on GOP - Bloomberg

Abbas, Mashaal agree to form unity government Ma'an news

ClimateGate Scientists Buried Study that Failed to Show Desired Result | acckkii

Lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfeld: Going after Powerful People Who Think they’re Above the Law is "Frivolous"

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : What NEWT really thinks of Reagan Video from 1986

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : The lynching of Dr. Ron Paul: Walter Williams defends Dr Paul "He is not Racist"

poorrichard's blog: Henry Kissinger: "If You Can't Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"

Ron Paul: Vote Rigged Against Him In Nevada? - YouTube

The Economics of Incarceration :

One Nation, Under Guard | Techdirt

The Syrian Crucible | My Catbird Seat

Bill Would Give DHS Broader Control of Cybersecurity, Follows Corporate-Sponsored MIT Study Recommendations :

NDAA Trojan Unleashed – Massive Military Drone Deployment In U.S. Airspace

Pepe Escobar: US will continue to arm anti-government rebels in Syria after veto - YouTube

Why Conspiracy Theorists Are Being Rebranded As Domestic Terrorists

MSM: Civilian Drone Strike Causalities - YouTube

According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be Suspicious Activity - informationliberation


Bush Knew Bin Laden Murdered in 2001 : Truth is Contagious

Bush Knew Bin Laden Murdered in 2001 | Veterans Today




**02-06-12 - Banking Fraud & Synchronicities - YouTube


1776 Nation - (http://1776nation.ning.com/)


Banking giant accused of laundering billions

See big bank money-laundering evidence

PayPal, American Express implicated in bank fraud

Exclusive: Senate investigating HSBC for money laundering | Reuters


Money Laundering FAQ(www.fatf-gafi.org/)


iPolitics360 - Politics, Video....


Birther Organization To Award CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson For Attacks On Clean Energy | ThinkProgress

BBC News - Do the dead outnumber the living?

Pope Benedict 'exorcised two men in the Vatican', claims new book - Telegraph

Joy Reidenberg, Anatomist, Builds a Following on ‘Inside Nature’s Giants’ - NYTimes.com

Touring the Hospital of Tomorrow – News Watch

Matt Ridley on Early Humans Leaving Africa | Mind & Matter - WSJ.com

World's Smallest Woman Jyoti Amge Goes Big With Right Wing Party In India


**When Mitt Romney Came To Town — Full, complete version - YouTube


Boy, 15, wounded along with dad dies: 'Find out about it and do something'

Company accused of racially hostile workplace offers apology

Inmate in cut from womb case to get new hearing

The Voice: Season Off to Smashing Start—but What About Smash?

The Amazing Spider-Man New Trailer 2 Official 2012 [1080 HD] - Andrew Garfield - YouTube

Madonna sets worldwide tour dates in support of 'MDNA'

Poll: Should Madonna Go Egyptian Again as Cleopatra?

Taylor Armstrong claims estranged husband called her a 'skeleton' during sex

Paul McCartney: Best of the Solo Years

"The Amazing Spider-Man": Official trailer debuts online

Harrison Ford not in talks for 'Blade Runner'

Pitt, Streep, Clooney et al to Attend BAFTA Awards Ceremony, 2/12

Bernanke: 8.3% Unemployment Understates Job Market Weakness

Why Amazon Prime Is the Future

Nikon's latest camera is made for videographers, and it shows

Nikon D800 D800E Official Promo Video - Joy Ride ★★★★★ HD - YouTube

Extortion Plot Behind Anonymous Release Of pcAnywhere: Symantec

Wolfram Alpha unveils premium 'Pro' analysis service

Reworking Windows with Windows 8

Facebook's Zuckerberg May Face $2B Tax Hit

Deleted Facebook Photos Still Accessible Online, Years Later

Google's whack-a-mole Marketplace cleans house again

Google 'Solve for X' meetings target tech 'moonshots'

Facebook to Hand Over More User Data, European Group Says

Top 6 Facebook annoyances and how to fix them

Wait -- Atlantis Doesn't Exist After All (Again)? | GeekDad | Wired.com

Man skydives from space: Extreme basejumper Felix Baumgartner to attempt world record - YouTube

Jurassic cricket's song recreated

Daredevil to plunge from outer space, break sound barrier

Signs of ancient Mars ocean spotted by European spacecraft

A Giant Crocodile Roamed With Dinosaurs

New turtle feeding hotspots discovered

New Super-Earth Discovered Just 22 Light Years Away

Roger Boisjoly dies at 73; engineer tried to halt Challenger launch

How NASA Makes Those Incredible High-Res Images of Earth

Hubble's 'Zoom Lens' Benefits Astronomers With Close Up View of a Galaxy

What amount of global warming is human-caused?

Russia says Assad presents reform plans as forces shell Homs |

Syrian Signals: Assad 'ready for talks' after meeting Lavrov - YouTube

Why Israeli radio transmits in Farsi for listeners in Iran

Maldives President Quits Amid Protests

Lawyer: US nonprofits caught in Egypt aid dispute

On the ground in Syria: 'For God's sake, this is too much'

Aung San Suu Kyi hits the campaign trail in Myanmar

Kidnapped Chinese workers freed in Sudan oil state

Romania's nominated new PM tries to form government

Toll reaches 20 in Lahore factory collapse

Hackers leak Assad's astonishing office emails

Italian Court Orders Cruise Ship Captain To Stay Under House Arrest

Norwegian killer demands freedom

Bishops told pedophiles lie, victims must be heard

Last Briton to serve in WWI dies at 110

Abu Qatada ruling 'not the end of the road' says Downing St

Nigeria unrest: Blasts rock Kano and Maiduguri

Gay marriage: New weddings unlikely with Prop. 8 ruling

Timeline: The Powell Family's Tragic Two Years

Chrysler Super Bowl commercial: Why Detroit loves Clint Eastwood (+video)

Opinion: Chrysler Ad Pro-Obama? - YouTube

Obama campaign throws its weight behind Democrats' Super Pac

Staff of Miramonte replaced pending sex abuse inquiry

Former White House Intern Alleges Affair With President John F. Kennedy

Missouri teen killer had troubled family, depression

Obama proposes money for math, science education

Catholics want birth control coverage: New surveys

A bite, bullet and broken heart: Former LA cop stands trial for murder

Bob Kerrey Declines Nebraska Senate Fight

Black History Month overlooks reality of present

Man shot by deputy after traffic stop in San Clemente

Guest commentary: Hoekstra's embarrassing ad is heard loud and clear in China

Look out MSNBC — for Disney, Univision

Congress and earmarks: Who earmarked what, and is it OK?

Rick Santorum looks to be taking Newt Gingrich’s spot as GOP’s top not-Romney candidate: polls - NY Daily News

Gingrich Looks to Super Tuesday in Fight for Delegates - YouTube

Gingrich hits Romney, Obama, on Catholic rights

Mitt super PAC hits Ohio

Video of the Day: Gay Rights Protest at Gingrich Event Gets Physical

Newt Gingrich visits Price Hill Chili

Missouri Presidential Preference Primary: Will You Be Voting?

Minnesota Political Briefs: Caucus night begins at 7 pm

VP Biden touts college tuition program in South Florida

Gingrich Drops Court Bid to Get on Virginia Ballot

Romney to speak in Detroit while Santorum plans Novi stop ahead of primary

Pence enters Indiana governor's race

Gabrielle Giffords' Aide Reportedly Ready to Run for Her Seat

Inslee's jobs plan focuses on six 'key industry clusters'

Oregon Republican Party opens three statewide primaries to non-affiliated voters

Updated: Ron Paul turned down CPAC 2012 invite because he has ‘too much campaigning to do’ | Texas on the Potomac | a Chron.com blog

Komen Official Quits After Feud With Planned Parenthood

Fans roar as Giants' victory parade rolls into NYC

Antarctic lake success 'uncertain'


* http://howsynchronicityworks.com/blog/


Another reason Mitt's no conservative

That's one highly skilled president!

A call for blacklisting Farah

How communists co-opted black America

Nuclear scientists of crazed Iran

Catchy socialist movie titles

Why go to war with Iran?

Stop Joe Biden's 'hate men' law

Waging war on the trifecta of tyranny


*Can this gang boot Obama from office?


Sheriff Joe sets D-Day on Obama’s eligibility


Michael Savage: Clint Eastwood was wrong

States to feds: Take this law and shove it

Nullifcation Trailer CPAC 2012 Premiere - YouTube

Pope Benedict 'exorcised two men in the Vatican', claims new book - Telegraph

U.S.-trained fighters siding with Taliban?


Reaganism 2012(www.reaganism2012.com)


Romney wins state of sin!

OWS & the planned “endgame” for the U.S.

The U.S. Constitution’s Last Chance in 2012

It’s the Fourth Quarter in America

A UN Farce in Syria

Taking Hostages: Tehran in 1979 - Cairo in 2012

First Barbie; now the Mullahs are going after Bart Simpson

Big night brewing for Santorum

Obama campaign to refund $200,000 raised by family of fugitive drug dealing murderer

After railing against Citizen United decision, Obama embraces Super-Pacs

Russian FM meets Assad

You may be a suspected terrorist if you oppose 'taxes and regulations'

Egypt to end crisis over American NGO employees?

GOP lawmaker took Onion satire piece seriously

Will We Have a 'Fair' Election in 2012?

No Sex, Many Lies, One Videotape, and a Soldier's Unnecessary Death

So You Say You Want a Revolution?

Turning towards Santorum

Komen Disgraces Its Own Cause

Enough Oil?

The Real America

Americans Are Better Than Who Obama Thinks We Are

The Civil Rights Movement's Wrong Turn

Santorum the 'Good Son'? Not So Much.

Health Care: The Straw That Should Break Newtmania's Back

America after Obama

Rush Limbaugh: Clint Eastwood Got Suckered Into Super Bowl Ad


* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 6, 2012


War on Iran Propaganda: The Lord High Almighty Pooh-Bah of Threats

The Anti-Empire Report: Please tell me again … What is the war in Afghanistan about?!

FBI Enlists Internet Café Owners to Spy on Customers

Debbie Schlussel:HILARIOUS VIDEO: “Cat-Breading”

Debbie Schlussel:Let ‘Em Rot: No Tears for Anti-Israel Hezbo Sam LaHood & 19 Lefty Americans in Egypt

Debbie Schlussel:Best Supe Ad & A Word About Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler/Detroit Fraud


+Week in photos gallery - NYPOST.com


In blaming mankind for causing snow across Europe, Greens sound eerily like 16th-century witch-hunters – Telegraph Blogs

Calls for a New York Parade Honoring Iraq Veterans - NYTimes.com

Obama Changes Tune, Urges Fundraisers To Back Super PAC | Fox News

Obama could alter stance of federal appeals courts - Yahoo! News

London 2012: 'Shoebomb' terrorist Saajid Badat to be released on opening day of Olympic Games | Mail Online

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Did the Woman Ordered to Decrypt Her Computer Really Forget Her Password?

What Was the Mysterious, Explosion-Like Light Coming From a Russian Power Plant?

Hear The Voicemail Left By the Wash. Dad Moments Before He Chopped and Burned His Sons

British Gov’t Angry After Court Again Grants Bail to Cleric With Suspected Al Qaeda Ties

Occupy Pittsburgh ‘Spokesman’ Arrested for Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

Autopsy Reveals Kids Murdered in Wash. Gas Explosion Were Chopped With a Hatchet

Yet Another Gov’t-Sponsored Clean Energy Project Results in Layoffs

Donohue: Contraception Mandate Will be Fought With ‘Lawsuits’ & ‘Maybe Even in the Streets’

Ann Coulter to Romney: ‘You’d Better Be as Right-Wing a President as I Tell People You Will Be!’

‘Death to Christians’: Vandals Attack Jerusalem Monastery & School With Hate-Fueled Graffiti

Report: North Korea’s New Target Drones Are American-Made

They’re Back! Illinois Carp Hunters Release New Epic Video…and You’ll Want to Watch

GLAAD Wants CNN’s Roland Martin Fired Over Alleged Anti-Gay Super Bowl Tweets

D.C. Neighborhood Association Installing Cameras to Police Its Own Area

‘What a Bully!’: Atheist Leader & ACLJ Head Spar Over a Jesus Statue & Moses in Epic Eye-Rolling Debate

Chrysler‘s Detroit ’Comeback’ Ad Featuring Clint Eastwood Filmed in L.A. and New Orleans Not…Detroit

Guess Who Openly Admits That Gov’t Intervention Increases Prices? Joe Biden

Is Popular Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Making a Run for Congress?

3-D Printer Gives 83-Year-Old Woman a New Jaw

Would You Let the Facebook Community Pick Your Baby’s Name?

Skydiver Seeks New Records With ‘Edge of Space’ Fall Reaching 690 MPH

No Surprise Here: China Orders its Airlines to Ignore EU Cap-and-Trade Scheme

U.S. Imposes Tougher Sanctions on Iran, But Will it Ease Israeli Fears?

Watch Man Robs Bank with Sack of McDonald’s Apple Pies He Said Was a Bomb–Wait What!?!

Tea Party Nation Chief to Gingrich: ‘Your Campaign Is Sinking Faster Than an Italian Cruise Ship’

Confused? Sharpton Uses ‘Separation of Church and State’ to Defend Contraception Mandate

As re-election donations stall, Obama embraces wealthy Americans' super PACs

Jews and Republicans: Turning over a new leaf?

Obama's war against religion: a political Waterloo

Roemer eligible to receive federal campaign funds

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Wall Street’s Secret Spy Center, Run for the 1% by NYPD » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Darpa Implants Could Track Your Stress Level 24/7 | Danger Room | Wired.com

Bill would give DHS broader control of cybersecurity, follows corporate-sponsored MIT study recommendations - BlackListedNews.com

Government Continues to Hype Non-Existent Threat of “Sovereign Citizens” - BlackListedNews.com

BitTorrent Giant BTjunkie Shuts Down For Good | TorrentFreak

Sudan Oil Dispute Raises War Rhetoric

Inherited Vulnerability to Drug Addiction Discovered

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Bird flu mutation sparks fears of deadly pandemic

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Robot blurs biological boundaries | Addison County Independent

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Infowars Issues Emergency Terror Alert | Old-Thinker News

Bernanke: ‘A Long Way to Go’ Before Full Jobs Recovery

Harry Reid Says Republicans Want to Put ‘Arsenic And Mercury in the Water’

Axelrod Defends Obamacare Contraception Rule: Wants 'Appropriate' Resolution

Cantor: $260 Billion Transportation Bill ‘Is Focused on Reform’

Senators Want to Replace Dollar Bill with $1 Coin to Attack Debt and Deficit

Britain Marks Charles Dickens' 200th Birthday

U.S. Military Aid to Egypt at Risk for First Time in Decades

China's Next Leader Prepares to Visit US; Meeting With Obama, Side Trip to Iowa

Madonna's first tour since '09 to start in Israel

State Dept. Sidesteps Opportunity to Criticize Palestinian Unity Deal: ‘An Internal Matter’

Education Secretary Got $50,000 Payday from Chicago Schools

Staples Founder: A Republican President Should Repeal Obamacare to Help Economy, Create Jobs

Pa. Bishop Does Not Recant Saying that Hitler And Mussolini 'Would Love Our (Public School) System'

Gingrich hits Romney, Obama, on Catholic rights

Santorum: 'Mr. President, We're Not That Stupid'

WH: Women ‘Deserve’ to Have Catholic Church Buy Them Sterilizations, Contraceptives and Abortifacients

Archbishop to U.S. Troops: Obamacare Reg ‘Is a Blow to a Freedom...for Which You Have Seen Your Buddies Fall in Battle’

Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous’

Chris Matthews: Obama's Smile 'Worth Five to Ten Points' on Election Day | NewsBusters.org

Clint Eastwood: 'I Am Certainly Not Politically Affiliated With Mr. Obama' | NewsBusters.org

Ed Schultz: 'Will Voters Hold GOP Accountable for Trying to Kill American Auto Industry?' | NewsBusters.org

NBC Nightly News Finally Mentions Obama Mandate Imposition on Catholics; Still Waiting for ABC and CBS | NewsBusters.org

Obama Signals He May Back Down On Contraceptive Mandate

Romneycare Required Anti-Catholic Rules Like Obamacare's

Rubio, Catholics Protest Obama Birth-Control Rule

Rush: Administration's Birth-Control Rule Is 'Hideous'

Gingrich: Romney, Obama Violate Catholic Rights

Army Told Chaplains Not to Read Catholic Letter

Obama Changes His Mind, Embraces Super Pac

Congressional Republicans Press to Control Federal Pay

Romney Camp Goes After Santorum

PPP Surveys Show Santorum Strength in Mo., Minn., Colo.

One-Third of Presidential Campaign Spending From Nonprofits

Netanyahu Can't Fly Solo in Israel to Attack Iran

Diet Soda a Day Increases Heart Disease Risk 43%, Can Damage Liver

David Stockman: Bernanke Resembles ‘Arsonist Lecturing on Fire Prevention’

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The 2013 Mazda CX-5 I Won’t Be Seeing by Eric Peters

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Democrats Cave on Union Busting FAA Funding Bill

Karen Handel Resigns From Komen Foundation

Pete Hoekstra Defends Racist Political Ad

Does Scott Walker Still Think a Politician Should Be Punished for the Crimes of Staffers?

John Sununu: Low Turnout Means Voters Are Satisfied With Winning Candidate Mitt Romney

SNL Spoofs Newt Gingrich For His Moon Colony Promise

Color of Change Takes On Racism at Darden Restaurants

Santorum: Romney and Obama Both Created 'Death Panels'

Maine Governor Plans Most Extreme Medicaid Cuts Yet

AFSCME Launches 'Razing Arizona' Campaign Against Gov. Jan Brewer

George Will Lies About Contraceptive Mandate Including 'Abortion-Inducing' Drugs

Obama Approval at 50%, Higher Than George W. Bush's at Same Point in Presidency

YouTube Yanks Clint Eastwood Chrysler Ad After NFL Copyright Claim

Emails Show Handel Behind Komen's Planned Parenthood Decision: Report

Bloomberg: You'd Think A Congresswoman Getting Shot In The Head Would Change Gun Control Views

Chicago Preparing For Protests At G8 And NATO Summits

Simply Left BehindThe Non-Rapturist's Guide To The Galaxy: Bread And Circuses


**Cooking and Recipes


Video:Breakingviews: Facebook's Old Media governance

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Video: Outrage Over U.S. Senate Candidate's Super Bowl Commercial

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Video:McCain: Arab Spring Coming To China

Video:Obama's SuperPAC Super Flip-Flop

State asks for hearing of Holyland witness

Komen official quits Planned Parenthood dispute

Russian foreign minister arrives in Syria

Church of England votes to increase marriage and funeral fees

Chinese captives in Sudan are free

CDC: Bread beats out chips as biggest salt source

Disney parks, cable in focus with gains expected

US trial set for Iranian-American in death plot

Exclusive: China buys up Saudi, Russian oil to squeeze Iran

Fans roar as Giants' victory parade rolls into NYC

Obama administration to spend $50 million more immediately

Stock market turns higher, erasing early losses

"Prove critics wrong" under-fire RBS boss tells staff

Trial of pro-arms militia set to start in Detroit

Oil prices climb as Iran threatens EU supply cut

Top official quits Komen in wake of Planned Parenthood flap

Syria: A Rogues’ Gallery of Assad’s Useful Idiots

Lt-Col Challenges The Official Rosy Version Of Events In Afghanistan: ‘Absence Of Success On….Every Level’

North Korea Developing Drones…Based On US Drones Purchase In Middle East

Europe’s New Iron Curtain: Rising Dictatorships On the Continent

Proposed Explanation For Repeated Jewish Persecution Throughout History

Beijing Sets Its Sights On The ‘Next Persian Gulf’

Swarming Nano Quadrotors: The New Warfare?

Goodbye Humvee, Hello JLTV

EXCLUSIVE-Former Bush 43 Adviser: Obama Should Have Compelled U.N. to Sanction Syria

Trailer Talk: New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Spot Serves Up the Action … Too Much of the Plot?

Clint Eastwood Opposed Obama’s Auto Bailout

‘An Inconsistent Truth’ Debunks Gore’s Global Warming Hysteria

‘The Rebound’ DVD Review: Zeta-Jones’ Straight to Video Rom-Com Can’t Realize Potential

Chrysler CEO: Eastwood Ad ‘Has Zero Political Content’

Comedy Cowards: The Onion Attacks Obama’s Critics

Court: CA Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

OECD Threatens Global Economy With Push for Higher Taxes in Latin America

AUDIO:Rep. Dennis Ross Discusses Obamacare and Fast and Furious

Occupy DC Plans Chaos At CPAC

President Obama Overlooks Another Famous Scriptural Passage, ‘Thou Shall Not Steal’

Working Families Party Operatives Testify in Voter Fraud Case

Romney Campaign Now Targets Santorum

WaPo: 33 Members of Congress Earmarked $300 Million For Projects That Benefited Their Own Private Property

Fast and Furious: Josephine Terry to Holder, ‘What a Joke You Are’

Chrysler Is Back? Great. Then Why Hasn’t It Repaid Taxpayers the $1.3 Billion It Still Owes Them?

EAG Exclusive: Teachers Union Staffers Set Sail on Seven-Day Caribbean Cruise

LA Forces Condoms onto Porn Actors! (Nanny of the Month, Jan 2012)

Romney: On to Maine, Minnesota, and Colorado

Conservative Group to Share Freedom Plaza with Occupy DC

WND’s ‘Birther’ Case Against Rubio Relies on Repealed Slavery Law

The Limits of Partisanship: Would You Support a Political Ally If They Were Doing Something Illegal?

Big Labor Bosses Demonstrate Why Right-to-Work Is Necessary

Think Progress Blames Republicans for Pelosi Aide’s Komen Strategy

Tuesday Morning Crib Sheet: Progressive Victimhood Chic , Free Republic Bans Romney Supporters

The Hidden Agenda Behind the Media War On Komen

Beck Site Attacks Sarah Palin Over Trig Article, Writer Calls Palin-Supporter ‘Whore’

MSM Looks For Any Reason To Declare Tea Party Dead

Politico’s Dylan Byers Joins GLAAD’s Blacklisting Crusade

Media Matters Digs In Its Heels As Criticism Over Antisemitism Increases

More ‘Cracker’ Journalism at Politico: Washing the Mainstream Media’s Race-Baiting Hands

How Planned Parenthood Used Social Media to Crush Komen | NewsBusters.org

Pat Boone endorses Rick Santorum - POLITICO.com

The “1 Percent” Exodus | FrontPage Magazine


7-Feb-12 World View

6-Feb-12 World View

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Polls: Santorum poised for 'big day' in GOP contests

Moms Stage ‘Nurse-Ins’ At Facebook Offices Over Breastfeeding Photo Policy « CBS Houston

Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger says she's not sure how she'll vote - Patrick Gavin - POLITICO.com

‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World - NYTimes.com

Robert George and Carter Snead: Planned Parenthood's Hostages - WSJ.com

Shippensburg University To Offer Plan B Contrac - Flash Player Installation

Schools chief announces entire Miramonte staff to be replaced - latimes.com

Ancient seagrass: 'Oldest living thing on earth' discovered in Mediterranean Sea - Telegraph

Dem Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper: I Wouldn't Have Voted for Obamacare If I'd Known About HHS Regulation | The Weekly Standard

Truth, lies and Afghanistan - February 2012 - Armed Forces Journal - Military Strategy, Global Defense Strategy

US paints false picture of Afghan war: officer

Earthquake Rumbles Just Moments After Okla. 'Shake Out' - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City

Maryland Mall Evacuated & Locked Down After Sne - Flash Player Installation

Designer Gear for Obama Raising a Ruckus - WSJ.com


**News Videos:Federal Court Rules Prop 8 Unconstitutional

Boxer: Republicans Are McCarthyites, Planned Parenthood Like YMCA

Obama’s SuperPAC Super Flip-Flop

Bishop: Hitler And Mussolini ‘Would Love’ Our School System

Eric Bolling Tests Chevy Volt, Runs Out Of Juice In Lincoln Tunnel

McCain: Arab Spring Coming To China

Romney: We Will Be ‘Massively Outspent’ If Primaries Go Until Convention

Schultz Accuses GOP Of ‘Trying To Kill Auto Industry’

‘Where Are Romney’s Blacks?’ Sharpton Calls Romney Staff, Supports ‘Lily White’

CBS: ‘Hidden’ Fees Paying For Obama’s ‘Tax Cut’

Flashback 2004: Senator-Elect Barack Obama

Matthews Swoons Over Obama’s Smile

6th/Romney: Defund Planned Parenthood

White House: Millions Leaving Workforce Due To Old Age

Union Boss With $550,000 Salary To Poor: ‘Life’s Not Always Fair’

Kid Rock’s ‘Made In Detroit’ Shirts Not Actually Made In Detroit

Biden: Government Subsidies Have Increased College Tuition

‘I Deserve A Second Term’

Obama: I’m Getting Better At This

Atlanta Street Gang Videotaped Brutal Hate Crime

Exclusive: ‘Fast & Furious’ Expert Destroys Bashir’s Charge Investigations Are ‘Witch Hunt’

Angry Parents Protest LA Elementary School Over Horrific Abuse Scandal

Syria Burns As US Closes Embassy

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Dem Congressman: I Make Sure Peter King ‘Doesn’t Single Out Muslims’

Will, Loesch Smack Down Huffington On ABC’s ‘This Week’

5th/Newt Hammers NBC News’ Gregory For Parroting Obama Talking Points

Maddow’s Contraception Fear-Mongering Featured On NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’

CNN Calls Romney ‘Governor Mormon’

Flipping America The Bird

Super Bowl Ad: Broderick Stars In Honda’s Homage To ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

Super Bowl Ad: ‘Star Wars’ Theme Performed By Canine Choir

Super Bowl Ad: Acura Brings Out Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi

Super Bowl Ad: It’s Halftime In America

Super Bowl Ad: Coca-Cola Polar Bears Play FootCoke On Ice

3rd/Supreme Court Justice To Egypt: South Africa’s Constitution Better Model Than U. S.

2nd/Pelosi: Girl Scouts’ Partnership With Planned Parenthood ‘Very Valuable’

+29 Jan./ Newt/Obamacare

Breitbart.tv » Newt In 2009: Praise For Obama’s Individual Mandate, ObamaCare Legislative Process

Breitbart.tv » Newt Denied Advocating Individual Mandate During Thursday’s Debate, 2009 Audio Proves He Did

Breitbart.tv » Newt May 2011: I Fought ObamaCare Mandate For Two-And-A-Half Years


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