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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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30 January 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


Concert Vault Player - Albert King - Fillmore East (New York, NY) - Jun 27, 1971

Concert Vault Player - B.B. King - Bottom Line (New York, NY) - Jun 21, 1978

Concert Vault Player - B.B. King - Bottom Line (New York, NY) - Jun 21, 1978

Concert Vault Player - Freddie King - Ash Grove (Los Angeles, CA) - Aug 25, 1970

Concert Vault Player - Goodbye Newport Blues - Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI) - Jul 3, 1960


Egyptians Gather Together (But Not United) In Tahrir Square
Son Of Top U.S. Official May Face Prison Time In Egypt
Ron Paul On Iran: U.S. May Overreact
Interview With Anita McNaught On Syria
Is Syria Descending Into Civil War?
Iran's The Biggest Casualty Of Oil Export Ban
IMF Chief Presses For More Cash To Fight Crisis
Syrian Unrest Spreads To Capital
Papua New Guinea Grants Amnesty To Soldiers
Trio Guilty Of 'Honor Killings'
Iran Threatens Action Against U.S.
General Strike Paralyzes Belgium
Stephen Harper At Davos
Congress Tackles Growing Threat Of Iran


Gingrich: Romney Backers "Have A Vested Interest In Protecting The Old Order"
Romney: It's "Sad And Painfully Revealing" To Watch Gingrich Carry On
RCP's Bevan, Cannon, McPike and Tampa Bay Times' Adam Smith Discuss Florida Primary
Jindal On Brewer, Obama Incident: "Brought Back Memories"
Halperin: Occupy Oakland Has "Moral" Argument Like The Tea Party
Gingrich: Establishment "Very Comfortable Presiding Over" Country's Decay
Wasserman Schultz: Comparing Obama To Cruise Ship Captain Is "Incendiary"
CNN Reports On New Book Detailing Stimulus Failures
Gingrich Pushed For Individual Mandate In 2009


Axelrod: "I've Always Thought That Romney Was A Weak Front-Runner"
Axelrod Asked About Solyndra, Responds With Job Growth Talking Point
"Meet The Press" Roundtable On Florida, GOP National Race
Brian Williams Points Finger At Bush In 2006 Interview
McCain: "We've Got To Stop The Debates"
Gingrich: "Massachusetts Liberal" Romney Has Policy Of "Carpet Bombing"
Ron Paul To Focus On Caucus States
"This Week" Roundtable On Gingrich, Florida & Brewer
George Will: "We're At The Horrid Stage With Newt Gingrich"
Hume: GOP Can Lose If Nominee Painted Successfully As An Extremist
"FOX News Sunday" Panel On Jan Brewer And Obama
Paul Ryan: "The President Isn't Leading" On Upcoming Fiscal Train Wreck
RNC Chairman: Obama Is Like Wrecked Italian Cruise Ship Captain
Chris Matthews: Is Mitt Romney "Just Too Damn Rich?"
Boehner: House Likely To Attach Keystone Approval To Jobs Bill
Fred Thompson: "Some Old Score Settling Going On" With Newt's Rivals



Alex Jones - 2012-Jan-29, Sunday

Saturday, 1/28/12 - Batchelor 9pm

Saturday, 1/28/12 - Batchelor 10pm

Saturday, 1/28/12 - Batchelor 11pm

Saturday, 1/28/12 - Batchelor 12am

Bill Cunningham:Sunday Night Live 1/29/12 - 1

Bill Cunningham:Sunday Night Live 1/29/12 - 2

Bill Cunningham:Sunday Night Live 1/29/12 - 3


Ron Paul on CNN State of the Union 01/29/12 - YouTube

Keiser Report: State Of The Banana (E242) - YouTube

STOP ACTA NOW! ~ Sign The Petition! - The New Threat To The Net - YouTube

Obama’s Class Warfare Destroyed By IRS Numbers

Dreams Fading in America and Europe Part 1

Dreams Fading in America and Europe Part 2

The Buffett Rule and Paying a ‘Fair Share’

Mitt Romney: Chameleon in a Three-Piece Suit | American Free Press

The American Spectator : Romney Explains Why He Can't Beat Obama

The false economy of the London 2012 Olympics | | Independent Editor's choice Blogs


+ Ron Paul’s 1995 OKC Bombing Newsletter? They don’t wanna go there! Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Fox Attempts to Discredit Ron Paul with OKC Inside Job Newsletter 1/2 - YouTube

Fox Attempts to Discredit Ron Paul with OKC Inside Job Newsletter 2/2 - YouTube

» ‘Satire’ Article Quips ‘At Least 2 Billion Must Die’ to Save Earth Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» United Nations Preparing to Manage Global Mental Health Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Indy Super Bowl: National Security State Protects Sports Fans from Prostitutes Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Video: Ron Paul Blasts “Bureaucratic Monster” TSA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» British Army Exercise to Put Down Insurrection Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Missing Iraq $100 Million: Pentagon Unable to Account for Missing Iraqi Millions - CNBC

» UK riots: paratroopers are trained in riot control Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Panetta: Iran could have nuclear weapons, delivery vehicles in 2-3 years - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

» Stun gun vs Occupy DC: Cops tase protester in pyjamas Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mail - The Washington Post

» Iran, Gold and Oil – The Next Banksters War Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Iran, Gold and Oil - The Next Banksters War

Russia asserting itself against West, this time over Syria regime change - The Washington Post

New U.N. draft resolution gives Syria 15 days to comply | The Cable

International Institute for Strategic Studies IISS Voices

International Institute for Strategic Studies 19 January 2012 - NATO: Building capabilities in times of austerity

"NATO: Building Capabilities in Times of Austerity" - YouTube

» Litvinenko: Mi5, Mi6 death files ordered released Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


5-'11/The World’s Largest Street Gang by William Norman Grigg


Cop Block (www.copblock.org/)

Gangsters in Blue(http://gangstersinblue.org/)

Officer.com (http://www.officer.com/)


Police Gang Units and Task Forces(http://www.gangsorus.com/police_gang_units.htm)


Battles rage near Damascus after Arab League suspends mission - Middle East - World - The Independent

» Israel ‘master of puppets’ in US-Iran onslaught Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Hercules Family Battles Sex Assault Claim Again

The Man Behind Gingrich’s Money - NYTimes.com

» Ron Paul slams Newt for fudge claim: ‘I balanced the budget’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Newt Gingrich Booed For Bragging He Balanced Budget (VIDEO)

» State Emergency Managers Usher in IMF-style Austerity and Soviet-style Governance Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» ACTA: The Corporate Usurpation of the Internet Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship - YouTube

The Corbett Report | Beyond SOPA: The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship

Concern over Twitter's country-by-country censorship ability - Americas - World - The Independent

Thailand backs Twitter censorship policy | World news | The Guardian

Secret Monitoring: FDA Staffers Sue Agency Over Surveillance Of Personal E-mail

More men choosing surgery to improve their looks - Home News - UK - The Independent

Joe Rogan and Rosie Talk 9/11 Conspiracy Theory - The Rosie Show - Oprah Winfrey Network - YouTube

Joe Rogan And Rosie O'Donnell Discuss Iraq War And 9/11 Conspiracies On 'The Rosie Show' (VIDEO)

Leading article: Crony capitalism and craven folly - Leading Articles - Opinion - The Independent


» 1917: J.P. Morgan bought US corporate media to be 1%’s lying sacks of spin? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


» A Shrinking Trust Horizon – And Hard Times In The City Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

**Full Video Interview(Les jeux sont faits - intervista a Nicole Foss - INGLESE SENZA SOTTOTITOLI - YouTube)


Tourism gold? Olympics set to lose Britain billions - Olympics - Sport - The Independent

Forget global warming - it's Cycle 25 we need to worry about (and if NASA scientists are right the Thames will be freezing over again) | Mail Online

Forget global warming - it's Cycle 25 we need to worry about (and if NASA scientists are right the Thames will be freezing over again) | Mail Online

Apple: Poor working conditions inside the Chinese factories making iPads | Mail Online

» Geopolitical stakes in Nigeria: Curious role of the IMF Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Doctor who led us to bin Laden was CIA agent, says US - Americas - World - The Independent

Close Ties to Goldman Enrich Romney’s Public and Private Lives - NYTimes.com

Lockheed Martin leads expanded lobbying by U.S. defense industry - The Washington Post

Peacemaker: Lauderdale police put trouble spots under surveillance - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

*VIDEOS: The Revolution Against Humanity Just Hit DEFCON One Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


"Hello Hooray" by Alice Cooper - Grooveshark

"I Love the Dead" by Alice Cooper - Grooveshark

"Generation Landslide" by Alice Cooper - Grooveshark

"Billion Dollar Baby" by Alice Cooper - Grooveshark


Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-01-29

Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-01-22

Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-01-15

Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-01-08

Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-01-01


Faces of Death - YouTube

Faces Of Death II (1981) - YouTube

Faces of death III (1985) - YouTube

Faces Of Death IV (1990) Uncut - YouTube


Best Gore -(www.bestgore.com/)


Rense & Tim Rifat - Rothschild's US Presidential Elections and Iran War - YouTube

Obama Tries to Bypass Congress with Deadly Global Internet Treaty ACTA

Bad Governance What Is ACTA?

ACTA - Worse Than SOPA And PIPA

Cell Phones, EMF Negatively Altering the Brain | Natural Society

Health warning over hip implants - Telegraph

Toxic relationships are linked to cancer, depression and heart disease | Mail Online

Acta the Legislation that makes SOPA and PIPA look reasonable

European Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits, And Denounces The 'Masquerade' Behind ACTA | Techdirt

Workers ordered to chop up U.S. soldiers and dump bodies in landfill - YouTube

Wellstone: They Killed Him - preview - YouTube

Stealth Zionism | Mantiq al-Tayr

How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans

Paul Drockton: Jack Abramoff and the Mormon Mafia

Mystery illness gaining national attention - YNN, Your News Now

UFO Buzzes ICBM Launch Capsule at Minot AFB:

UFO Tracked on Radar at Minot AFB: It Was Near Nuclear Missile Sites At The Time

Gingrich questions Romney's honesty - CNN.com

Newt Gingrich backer Sheldon Adelson's company under federal investigation | Mail Online

Mitt Romney's family baptized Ann Romney's atheist father into Mormon church a year AFTER his death | Mail Online

Solutions For A Creativity Crisis: A Look At Cuba’s Technological Disobedience

Washington's War On Syria

Patrick Cockburn: Sanctions can only deepen the Iran crisis - Commentators - Opinion - The Independent

Targeting Iranian Nationals

How I woke up to the untruths of Barack Obama - Telegraph

Barack Obama is trying to make the US a more socialist state - Telegraph

UN nuclear inspectors arrive in Iran | World news | guardian.co.uk

Europe's lost generation: how it feels to be young and struggling in the EU | World news | The Observer

Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich - Election 2012 - The Washington Post

L.L. Bean heiress backs Paul – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Obama hosts George H.W. and Jeb Bush at White House - POLITICO.com

Newt Gingrich admits he lost campaign momentum but says it’s everybody else’s fault - NY Daily News

Freddie Mac Betting Against Struggling Homeowners : NPR

The Hindu : News / National : India won’t scale down petroleum imports from Iran: Pranab

Activist Post: Big Brother Internet

poorrichard's blog: Children's medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum

5 Reasons Why The Global War on Terror And Waking Up To 9/11 Truth Is a Psychedelic Experience

20 Signs That Europe Is Plunging Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression

Activist Post: Inward Revolution Creates Outward Revolution

Manifesto for a World Gone off its Meds - YouTube

Activist Post: Decriminalization is a Farce, It's Time to Legalize All Drugs

Activist Post: Voluntary Taxation or No Social Contract

poorrichard's blog: Cell Phones, EMF Negatively Altering Important Regions of the Brain

Israel 'master of puppets' in US Iran onslaught - YouTube

New Drive-By Spam Infects Those Who Open Email -- No Attachment Needed - Dark Reading

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : MSNBC - Ron Paul has staying power in GOP race

What Piracy? The Entertainment Industry is BOOMING! | TorrentFreak

Michael McGown: Another Blow to Privacy -- Now It's Google!

No Exit For Bilderbergers – Why War Will Not Work Anymore | Video Rebel's Blog

Ron Paul: TSA ‘totally voids’ the Fourth Amendment | The Raw Story

Activist Post: Lobby Group Formed to Remove Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Courses from Universities

D.C police TASE inoccent occupier 1/29/12 - YouTube

Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and GOP Forget Iraq Mistake in Push for Iran War - The Daily Beast


Ron Paul Is Placing Big Bets on Nevada - ABC News

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Fight the Ron Paul Media Blackout in Nashville, TN

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : OBAMA : Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record

We Need an MF Global Grand Jury | Sense on Cents

Report: Adelson under criminal investigation for alleged bribery of foreign officials - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

U.S. Refinery Workers Could Stage Walkout as Soon as Wednesday - International Business Times

Iraq Is Angered by U.S. Drones Patrolling Its Skies - NYTimes.com


Mortgage Movies(http://mortgagemovies.blogspot.com/)


Occupy Oakland: Cops bend law in brutal arrest wave - Occupy America Social Network

The Fruit that Did Not Fall | Veterans Today

Presidential Commission: Directed Energy Weapons Used On American Citizens in Tests :

The Great Awakening: Humanity’s “emperor has no clothes” breakthrough - National Nonpartisan | Examiner.com

Black Mesa/Big Mountain livestock impoundments happening now! - 12160

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Congress Woman Outraged as she is Wiretapped...but voted for the Patriot Act

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul "When They Say Nothing Is Off The Table They're Even Talking About Nuclear First Strikes"

Activist Post: 8 Key Steps to Bust the Tyranny of "Stuff and Things" -- and Turn Them into Cash

YayaCanada: New US "Super-Carriers" being built as we speak

Lone Star Watchdog: The Establishment is Walking on Thin Ice Ignoring and Cheating Ron Paul.

poorrichard's blog: Elitist Rioters Run The Global Financial System, And They Are Using America To Create Hell on Earth

poorrichard's blog: Fault Lines: Robot wars

Silver kills Anthrax,MRSA,Tuberculosis,Bubonic plague & other Pathogens,Part1 - YouTube

Audio:MEDIAROOTS – Reporting From Outside Party Lines

Activist Post: Turmeric, Curcumin Naturally Block Cancer Cells

poorrichard's blog: Nature of the Beast

Intellectual Center: New Theory of Life Claims to Unite Fields of Science

+Activist Post: 15 Ways to Conserve Household Water

Activist Post: Baltic Dry Index Signals Renewed Market Collapse

Activist Post: Voluntary Taxation or No Social Contract

Activist Post: Inward Revolution Creates Outward Revolution

State of Denial in Coming War Catastrophe | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Activist Post: Lobby Group Formed to Remove Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Courses from Universities

Activist Post: Valkyrie: Movie for Today's US Military to Arrest US War Criminals

Activist Post: OSHA and NJ Refuse Healthcare Worker Flu Shot Mandates

"The Reason War Will Go On Forever" - M.O.C. #111 - YouTube

Audio:Against the Wall with JJink – January 26th, 2012 | Dprogram.net

Grape Seed Extract Kills Head and Neck Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells Unharmed | Dprogram.net

Video: Ron Paul Blasts “Bureaucratic Monster” TSA | Dprogram.net

Copyright Industry Calls For Broad Search Engine Censorship | TorrentFreak

Financial Illiteracy of Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists | Dprogram.net

Ron Paul: In it to win it | Washington Times Communities

DAVOS: Portable DNA Sequencer Demonstrated at World Economic Forum - BlackListedNews.com

New portable DNA screener to debut this summer - Nextgov

Obama post-State of Union Google+ hangout tonight - SlashGear


Caucus/2012 Primary Schedule (www.2012presidentialelectionnews.com)

Primary & Caucus Dates @ http://race42012.com/




House Democratic (www.dems.gov/)

Senate Democrats (http://democrats.senate.gov/)

GOP.gov - Republican House

Republican Senate(http://republican.senate.gov/)


U.S. Senate(http://www.senate.gov/)

US House of Representatives(http://www.house.gov/)


OnTheIssues.org - (www.issues2000.org)

Project Vote Smart - (www.votesmart.org/)


2012 Democratic Convention - http://2012.democratic-convention.org/

2012 GOP Convention – http://gopconvention2012.com/

Gingrich Promises The Moon as the 51st State: We Already Have A 51st State … Now Let’s Move It To The Moon!

60 Minutes Highlights Free Market Conservationism - informationliberation

Conning the Poor - informationliberation

Zero Percent Uber Alles - informationliberation

Bombshell: Barack Obama Outed As CIA Creation | Before It's News


Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America - YouTube


Ancient Landscape Discovered Under Atlantic Ocean: Lost World Of Mountains & Rivers | Before It's News

Marijuana FACTS They Don't Want You To Hear!!! - YouTube

Benjamin Fulford: Out of the Box Negotiations Are Proceeding at the Highest Level (Jan. 30, 2012) | Before It's News

President’s Think Tank on Campus Ministry & 2013 National Campus Ministry Conference Plans | Before It's News

Mysterious 'Marbles' Fall From The Sky | Before It's News

Polls Suggest Romney Headed for Major Victory in Florida Primary

How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children (video)

Putting Israel First by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Iran FM: IAEA Inspectors Free to Inspect All Nuclear Sites -- News from Antiwar.com

US Meets With Taliban as Karzai Govt. Looks to Start Own Talks -- News from Antiwar.com

The Pentagon Pitches Its New Strategic Narrative by Allen Ruff -- Antiwar.com

America Is Not a Military Unit | The National Interest Blog

Obama follows the progressive president’s model of martial language - The Washington Post

** Right-Fascism vs. Left-Fascism;Lew Rockwell talks to RT

The State of the Union: Just Another Reality Show by Charles Goyette

American Exceptionalists Love Their Primitive Secular State Theocracy by Scott Lazarowitz

Regime-Based Policing: Another Progressivist Legacy by William L. Anderson

If Catholics Adhere to Their Traditions, They Will Vote for Ron Paul by Walter Block

How Government Just Made Your Next Car Less Safe by Eric Peters

Letting God Sweat the Small Stuff, Or, Why Christians Should Vote For Ron Paul by Mark Sunwall

Financial Illiteracy of Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists by Anthony Wile

FBI Would Like To Follow You on Facebook and Twitter

I Am Now Leaner and Stronger Than I Have Ever Been In My Life | Mark's Daily Apple

Zombie George Washington: How a mad scientist planned to reanimate the first president with lamb's blood after he died | Mail Online

Smartphone explosion speeds the end of cash - MSN Money

» Breaking: LAX FEMA Rendition Site Confirmed Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Pentagon wants commando “mothership” - The Washington Post

FrontPage Magazine » The Islamic Paradise of the Needle and Powder » Print

Nullify the NDAA: Virginia House Bill 1160 – Tenth Amendment Center Blog

The U.S. Constitution Vs. Law Enforcement Surveillance Technology :

Did Obama break constitutional law by signing the ACTA treaty?

Top U.S. Catholic Bishop: ‘Administration is on Wrong Side of the Constitution Again’ | CNSnews.com

Is Now The Time To Move Away From Major U.S. Cities?

‘Captain Coward’: Behold our brave new sexually emancipated world | LifeSiteNews.com

Superbugs spied off the Antarctic coast - life - 26 January 2012 - New Scientist

savethemales.ca - Resist Biometrics - Your Liberty Depends on It

Research Funded for Technique Creating Children With DNA From Three People to Avoid Genetic Disease | TheBlaze.com

Giant Footprint with Michael Tellinger & Klaus Dona - Jan 2012.avi - YouTube

Tyree Smith, Accused Axe Murderer And Cannibal, Allegedly Said Victim's Eye 'Tasted Like Oyster'

InsiderAdvantage Poll: Gingrich Surging, Race 'Tighter Than Expected'

Spectator: Romney Knows He Can’t Beat Obama

Gingrich Daughter: Dad Is 'Energizer Bunny' of Campaign

Gingrich Wins Tea Party Patriots Straw Poll in Fla.

Jews Rap Romney for Kosher Cuts

Scott Rasmussen Tells How Govt Can Save $100T

Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush Remains Neutral

Fla. Poll: Romney Leads, but 24% May Switch

Gingrich: Romney Is 'Dishonest' Tool of Wall Street

Herman Cain: Gingrich's 9 Positives Beat Romney

McCaughey: Romneycare and Obamacare Identical

Evangelicals, Tea Partyers Rally Around Gingrich

Sarah Palin Urges Newt Vote in Florida, Says Gingrich Will 'Clobber' Obama

Soros: Obama, Romney 'Not Much Difference'

Romney Would Rank Among Richest Presidents

Cain to Newsmax: Why I Stand With Newt

Rev. Wildmon: Palin Is Right, Newt Being 'Crucified'

New Data Could Renew Global Warming Debate

Newt Vows to Fight Romney to Convention

Conviction Upheld in Palin Email Hacking

Justice Dept. Turns Over Docs in Fast and Furious

Watchdog Group Decries Illinois Debt

Romneycare and Obamacare Are Identical

View Cain, Gingrich Speeches at Lincoln Event

Bob Reilly: Romney Won't Get the Catholic Vote

Pentagon Prepares for New Military Talks With Iraq

OPEC: EU Ban on Iran Oil to Boost Prices

Iodine Supplement Warnings Are Wrong: Dr. David Brownstein

Study: Pneumonia Bug Evades Vaccine

For Dieters, Calories Count But Source Doesn't Matter

US Weapons for Future Include Key Relics of Past

Researchers Find Cancer in Ancient Egyptian Mummy

Voter Fraud Is No Joke

Election Day? 34 Percent of Likely Florida GOP Primary Voters Have Already Cast Ballots

Mark Levin: ‘Lay Off Matt Drudge;’ ‘Mainstream Media Hates His Guts’

Is That All You've Got, Mr. President?

Magazine Calls Occupiers To Come To Chicago In ‘Tradition of’ 1968 Rioters

Anti-Gun Group to Launch Nationwide Boycott of Starbucks

Starbucks: Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage ‘Is Core to Who We Are and What We Value’

Obama Tuition Proposal Would Have Only Tiny Impact on College Inflation, Critic Says

Pope: Some U.S. Cultural Trends 'A Threat Not Just to Christian Faith, But Also to Humanity Itself'

UN Textbooks for Palestinian Children ‘Explosively Anti-Semitic, Anti-American and Anti-Israeli'

State Dept. Cites UN Declaration in Explaining US Concerns for Human Rights in China

Gingrich: Choosing Conservative GOP Candidate Is Only Way to Beat Obama

Romney Plan for Replacing ObamaCare Light on Details

Bozell to News Media: 'Fasten Your Seatbelts, Folks, We’re Coming After You!'

Afghan woman killed, apparently for bearing girl

Brazilian Bikinis Go Plus-Size for Plump Girls

Japan population to shrink by one-third by 2060

Willie Nelson Campaigns for Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)

Romney Calls Newt's Criticism 'Sad and Painfully Revealing'

Obama Administration Is Stretching the Family and Medical Leave Act to Cover Service Members | CNSnews.com

Michelle Obama Says Her Husband Identifies With Women Who 'Are Not Treated Well in the Workplace' | CNSnews.com

NBC Whines About Use of Brokaw Report to Attack Newt on Ethics Charges, Failed to Report Gingrich's Vindication | NewsBusters.org

Newsweek: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Won't Apologize for Blaming Tea Party for Giffords Shooting | NewsBusters.org

Multimillionaire Chris Matthews: Is Mitt Romney 'Just Too Damn Rich?' | NewsBusters.org

Laura Ingraham and George Will Face Off About GOP Race on ABC’s ‘This Week’ | NewsBusters.org

IRAN: DRUMS OF WAR BEATING LOUDER: U.S. Mounts Further Military Build-Up in Persian Gulf

VIDEO: Internet Censorship in America

Language Imperialism, Concepts and Civilization: China versus The West

VIDEO: War on Iran Would Mean World War III

Military Escalation: Will India Join NATO's War In Afghanistan?

War for Total Control

Proxy War in Syria Threatens Catastrophe for the Middle East

IRAN WAR: The EU Oil Embargo: Setting the Stage for Military Escalation?

New Military Doctrine: America is "Looking for Enemies": Threatening China

MILITARY JUSTICE: The Bradley Manning "Article 32 Hearing"

The Pentagon's "Killing Machine". US To Send More Hit Squads To Middle East

Britain's Drone War Arsenal

New U.N. Draft Resolution Gives Syria 15 Days to Comply

US Plans for Perpetual War

Is the World Really Safer Without the Soviet Union?

The Present Stands No Chance Against the Past

Video:Dying For ? Racism: Dehumanization

Will the US Back Real Democracy in Egypt?

We Can Now See the True Cost of Globalization

ACTA: “Usurps Congressional Authority”, “Threatens Numerous Public Interests”, “Backroom Special Interest Deal”, a “Masquerade"

Property Rights versus Human Rights: Challenging the Super Wealthy

How the Banks Broke the Social Compact, Promoting their Own Special Interests

Obama Hosts H.W. And Jeb Bush At White House

Limbaugh: Conceptually ‘Individual Mandates’ Sounded Good To Conservatives

Rush Limbaugh Getting Tired Of Whining About Negative Campaigning

Debbie Schlussel:Wall St. Journal, MSM Apologists for Guilty Canadian Muslim Honor Killers

Florida, make a difference, vote Gingrich

No Matter Who Wins, Americans Lose

Don't Kid Yourself -- Mitt Romney Pays MORE Than His Fair Share of Taxes

Limited Government Response to Ron Paul Detractors

Running on fear as the corporate welfare state collapses

The Individual And The State

A breakdown of ACTA


*Article Links:Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?


Proof! Voters smarter than media, Washington elite

Romney judicial record: Liberals running wild

Israel: Time to ‘stop playing games’ with Iran

Iowa Lottery Investigation Layered In Complexity | Fox News

My take: Reclaiming Jesus’ sense of humor – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs

Stacey Irvine, 17, collapses after eating only McDonald's chicken nuggets since age 2 | Mail Online

Woman who 'faked rape to get her husband to move to a better neighbourhood' escapes jail | Mail Online

The world's first mobile? How an Ohio inventor was having conversations in his car in 1920 | Mail Online

Elections alone won't get it done

Who's to blame?

Default or Deutschland uber alles

Did Obama really say that?

How fast does dictatorship grow?

The land of Israel is ours

Moon base: Ingenuity or crazy talk?

Why I support Newt Gingrich for president

Interview with the president

BILL PRESS: 3 big lies of Newton Leroy Gingrich

Occupy Oakland arrests reach 400; City Hall vandalized - latimes.com

California bill seeks to limit detention of arrestees facing deportation - latimes.com

Abramoff credits Savage for prison epiphany

Student Protests Rile Chile - NYTimes.com

My Way News - College presidents wary of Obama cost-control plan

Arizona candidate with 'survival English' fights to get on ballot - latimes.com

My Way News - Deficit focus questioned as answer to euro crisis

President Obama - Exclusive Interview: I Want Second Term 'Badly' - ABC News

Panetta: Officials in Pakistan had to know about bin Laden - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb vs. Iran - WSJ.com

California orders hike in number of super clean cars - latimes.com

Sixteen Concerned Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming - WSJ.com

What's Wrong With the Teenage Mind? - WSJ.com

NYC can’t fire this $100,049-a-year teacher pulled from the classroom 11 years ago - NYPOST.com

Deep-Sea Explorers Still Baffled by Unidentified Object on Sea Floor — Can You Name It?

Colorado Teen Dead After Jumping From Front Seat to Oncoming Traffic While Riding With Her Mother

Did Michelle Obama Really Spend $50,000 on Lingerie in ‘One Shopping Spree’?

Watch ‘We Will Not Comply’: Catholic Leaders Distribute Letter Slamming Obama Admin Contraceptive Mandate

Beck: ‘Wake Up’ & Join Catholics in Fight Against Contraceptive Mandate

Want to Read the Email Exchange Between Steve Jobs and Google about Stealing Employees?

Shock Article: Bioethicists Suggest Killing Someone With ‘No Autonomy Left’ Is Not Morally Wrong

Mummy Found With Prostate Cancer Suggests Disease Is Genetic

British Columnist Stunned: Obama‘s SOTU Outlined Ideas ’Based on the Very Model That Is Causing the EU to Implode’

‘100% False’: White House Strongly Denies Michelle Obama Lingerie Shopping Spree Story

Afghan Woman Allegedly Strangled to Death by Husband for…Giving Birth to a Girl

Is Epic Movie ‘The Grey’ Misrepresenting Wolves as Predators Against Humans?

MN Man Allegedly Tried to Join Jihad in Somalia & Threatened to ‘Chop’ His Mother & Sister ‘in Pieces’

Newly Revealed Color Photos Show Hitler’s Life of Luxury

Allen West to Obama, Reid, Pelosi: ‘Get the Hell Out of the United States of America’

Watch Rick Santelli Looks at What the Latest Debt Ceiling Increase Will Cost Each Person Living in the US

Watch OWS Inspiration Mag Calls for May Occupation of Chicago G8 in the ‘Tradition’ of 1968

Eight TSA Workers Suspended After Accusations of Stealing & Sleeping on the Job

‘Even George Wallace Did Not Put His Finger in Dr. King’s Face’: Jesse Jackson on Jan Brewer’s Tarmac Exchange With Obama

McCain: ‘Some Element of Anti-Mormonism‘ in Romney’s South Carolina Loss

Palestinian Authority TV Airs Show Praising ‘Hero’ Murderers of Fogel Family

College Student Now Charged With Felony for Pouring Boiling Water on Dog

Muslim Family Found Guilty in Canadian Honor Killings

2007 Email Exchange Between Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt Hints at Employee Anti-Poaching Deal | TheBlaze.com

Steve Jobs told Google to stop poaching workers | Reuters

Steve Jobs Emailed Eric Schmidt and Told Him to Stop Stealing Employees. And Schmidt Obliged.

Evidence Says Feds Involved in Bomb Plot | American Free Press

New OKC Bombing Video Ignites Bitter Controversy | American Free Press

FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mail - The Washington Post

Freddie Mac Betting Against Struggling Homeowners : NPR

Iran claims it has produced laser-guided shells - Israel News, Ynetnews

PressTV - Iran to unveil new unmanned aircraft

PressTV - UK Muslim pilot dismissed over religion

Mariam Al Safar from Dubai becomes first woman train driver in the Middle East | Mail Online

Keystone to be linked to U.S. highway bill: Boehner | Reuters

BBC News - Blood pressure 'should be measured in both arms'

Pat Buchanan: Reagan White House saw Newt as ‘something of a political opportunist’

Newt's New Florida Attack: Romney Vetoed Kosher Meals

Gingrich Predicts ‘Straight-Out Contest’ for Months - Washington Wire - WSJ

Newt's promise: No reporters as moderators - POLITICO.com

Romney to Gingrich: ‘Look in the mirror’ – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich trade blows in Florida - The Washington Post

Thompson: Mitt campaign has 'Drudge in their back pocket' - POLITICO.com

CMPA: TV News Bashes Romney, Boosts Horse Race

Allen West Tells Liberal Leaders To "Get The Hell Out Of The USA" | RealClearPolitics

Gingrich May Be Trying to Win One From the Gipper: Albert Hunt - Bloomberg

In Florida run-up, Chuck Norris battles for Gingrich - Washington Times

George Will: "We're At The Horrid Stage With Newt Gingrich" | RealClearPolitics

Gingrich stays on attack in Florida with one day left | Reuters

Newt goes nuclear: Gingrich slams 'pro-abortion, pro gun-control, pro tax-increase moderate' Mitt Romney - Mail Online - Toby Harnden's blog

Hugo Chavez warns he could nationalize some banks

Iran web developer sentenced to death

Europe's lost generation: how it feels to be young and struggling in the EU | World news | The Observer

Peacemaker: Lauderdale police put trouble spots under surveillance - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

High-tech Israeli drone crashes on test flight - Washington Times

AFP: Putin promises Russia 'new economy' after protests

'Assad's family attempts to escape Syria' - JPost - Middle East

My Way News - Feisty Gingrich stakes campaign on electability

Santorum says daughter recovering - The Hill's Ballot Box

Newt hints Santorum should drop out - POLITICO.com

Obama: The most polarizing president. Ever. - The Washington Post

Drip, Drip, Drip: Yet Another Green Energy Stimulus Recipient Hits the Skids (the third this week!)




Phoenix leaders try to halt Arpaio vote

New World Trade Center skyscraper becomes world's most expensive new office tower

Gingrich loses ground Sunday as Romney soars ahead, leading up to Tuesday's GOP primary in Florida

Senate Democrats to take test vote on insider trading ban

McConnell won’t say no to tax increases

Robert Gibbs back on Obama payroll

LED bulbs to be installed Monday on the Mall

Gingrich blames attack ads for slump in Florida

Swing States poll: Romney and Obama tied; Gingrich trails

Indiana secretary of state's voter fraud trial starts

Drug dealers get creative in pursuit of oxycodone

RNC chairman compares Obama to disgraced captain of cruise ship Costa Concordia

U.S. tries to steady oil-rich, but restive Nigeria

Obama's day: A virtual interview

Donald Trump looks to spend eternity in N.J. as real estate mogul seeks private cemetery

Occupy D.C. camps face noon deadline

Ford has its strongest year in a decade

New app turns smartphone into a hotel room TV remote control

Afghan accused of strangling wife who gave birth to third girl

Search for Aliens Is on Again, but Next Quest Is Finding Money

Republican lawmakers begin pushback against Obama recess appointments

Right-Wing Assault on State Employee Pensions Based on Falsehoods

Allen West Tells Obama and Democratic Leaders to 'Get the Hell Out of the United States’

Newt Gingrich's Campaign Kicks Press Off the Plane

Dana Rohrabacher Gets a Smackdown From Real Time Panel

Gov. Nikki Haley Goes Full Anti-Union in State of the State Address

Up With Chris Hayes Story of the Week: Democracy for Billionaires

Andrew Sullivan Thinks Americans Should Just Suck It Up When it Comes to Globalization and Get Used to Being Poor

Norquist Threatens Impeachment If Obama Does Not Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Paul Ryan Defends 'the Morality of the Free Enterprise System'

Newt on This Week: Mitt Can't Tell The Truth, Has A 'Character' Problem

Ron Paul: TSA 'Totally Voids' the Fourth Amendment

Gingrich: Romney Has 'Policy of Carpet Bombing' Opponents

RNC Chair Reince Preibus Says President Obama Is Our Own Captain Schettino

Boehner: House Will Attach Keystone Pipeline to Infrastructure Bill

Gingrich Blames His Poor Debate Performance On Romney

They gave us a republic...:: A Connection Between Conservatism And Stupidity?

We are respectable negroes: Not All Slave Owners Were Rapine Beasts: Ron Paul's Musings on States' Rights and the "Tragedy" of the Civil War

Whiskey Fire: Where Are the Dorks of Yesteryear?

Most Metra riders will pay 30% more starting Wednesday

As Kirk recovers, Illinois GOP launches plan he helped fine-tune

Alinsky and Gingrich—separated at mirth? Alinsky's son speaks

The Live Profile: Who The Hell Is Saul Alinsky ?

Saul Alinsky : Who is he and why is Newt Gingrich talking about him?

Exposing the Alinsky Party

Romney and Gingrich attacks get personal ahead of Florida vote

Underdog Gingrich Feisty on Fla. Primary Eve - YouTube

Does Newt Gingrich have a women voter problem?

In ad attacking Newt, Mitt does not heed lesson of Carnahan-Fox News legal spat

Cain unlikely to provide much of a lift for Gingrich

Obama uses tax proposals for his political message

Donald Trump To Run For President If Mitt Romney Falters?

Biden to promote insourcing at visit American Seating in Grand Rapids

Willie Nelson plays for Dennis Kucinich in Lorain

Las Vegas billionaire turns around Gingrich campaign

Romney's Tax Plan Really Does Favor The Rich

Historian-in-Chief Gingrich Can't Shake His Past: Noah Feldman

Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush Remains Neutral in Race

Talking Points: Bachmann, Not A Shoe-In For 6th District

Governor Scott predicts who may win Fla. GOP

Social Security Q&A: How to Maximize Benefits | Fox Business

Where is Syria crisis heading?

China puts space-age seal on African role

Putin's answer to polling fraud: lots of webcams

Afghan couple killed three teenage daughters in honour killing

Afghan officials, Taliban may hold talks in Saudi Arabia

Bash America? The Castros play to their base in Cuba

Bin Laden Raid: Will CIA's Secret Doctor Face Treason Trial?

Two found guilty of 'terrorist plot' in Prophet cartoon case

Afghan woman strangled to death by husband 'because she gave birth to daughter'

North Korea's Kim Jong Un plays the hands-on leader

Ex-Pakistani envoy to US wins court victory

US citizens seek refuge at Cairo embassy

Tibetan Exiles to Beijing: Violence 'Unsustainable'

Occupy Oakland diverted police from calls, officials say

Newt Gingrich trailing in polls as Romney attack ads take effect

Connecticut police chief resigns amid civil rights scandal

Catholics hear anti-Obama letter in church

Plan would help military families take leave

Pa. Man Admits $423K Fraud on Fake Holy Land Trips

Police: No evidence to support Maine tot abduction

Police: 3 arrested in deaths of 5 shot in Alabama

Wyo. Issues Citations for Oil Blast That Killed 3

Santorum's Daughter Improves

Recommended: You can watch Obama's Google+ 'Hangout' Monday

Sheldon Whitehouse tries for vote on 'Buffett Rule'

US Republicans Plan New Tactics To Secure Keystone XL Pipeline

The GOP's Plan To Corner Obama On The Keystone Pipeline

Obama put politics over country when he killed the Keystone XL pipeline

Indiana right-to-work law advances toward approval

First Look: Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Spot Revealed!

SAG Awards: Mary Tyler Moore, you made it after all

Madonna's new single due out Friday

Alec Baldwin sheds weight after pre-diabetic diagnosis

Horror movie sickens two at Sundance

'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Debuts in Japan to Limited Censoring

Betty White Wins Second Consecutive Screen Actors Guild Award For Her Role In “Hot In Cleveland” - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

USA Network Announces Six-Hour Drama Event Series “Political Animals” To Launch Summer 2012 - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

NOAA: Strongest solar storm slams Earth today

Teens send Lego man into near space

Shipwreck hunters stumble across mysterious find

Kepler telescope team finds 11 new solar systems

US Astronaut Hall of Fame welcomes trio

NASA aims for early 2014 test of Lockheed Martin Orion spacecraft

Mars-Bound NASA Rover Detects Radiation from Huge Solar Storm

Don't Let Your Yard Become a Wildlife Sanctuary

Big Blue Marble: Mother Earth in High Def

Arctic climate change 'to spark domino effect'

Graphene creator in new discovery

Why I have Facebook fatigue

Facebook's Timeline has some vocal dissenters

Teens migrating to Twitter — sometimes for privacy

Google announces privacy changes across products; users can't opt out

Facebook IPO: How Cramer's Playing It

Sale of Pep Boys auto parts chain takes Manny, Moe & Jack private

Carpool parents often don't put kids in booster seats

Oestrogen study: Drinking two cups of coffee a day 'alters sex hormone levels ...

Testicular zap 'may stop sperm'

Baby weighing nearly 14 pounds born in Iowa

Big women arrive on Brazil beaches

McDonald's Scraps “Pink Slime” Beef Process

Peru Southern Coast Shaken by Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake; at Least 119 Hurt - Bloomberg

White House expresses concerns on Egypt situation

Fla. highway open after chain crashes kill 10

WTO: China unfairly limits export of raw materials

Clinton heading to UN to condemn Assad regime

EU leaders seek growth as Greece crisis looms

US approves new drug for common skin cancer

U.S. Embassy shelters Americans amid Egypt NGO crackdown

Madonna feels kinship with vilified Wallis Simpson

Julian Assange's extradition battle enters final round

Civilian shot dead attempting to stop armed robber

Scottish prison service tried to gag me, says Tommy Sheridan

Hamas leader Haniyeh sets out for Iran, Gulf states

Pressure grows on EU leaders to relax strict austerity

Occupy London: evicted protesters criticise bailiffs' 'heavy-handed' tactics

Paul McCartney - Kisses on the Bottom: exclusive album stream

Ed Miliband accuses Alex Salmond of divisive nationalism

Syria army digs in after retaking Damascus suburbs

France FM heads to UN to push League Syria plan

Video: Gingrich Gets Florida Boost From Reagan's Son

Video: IRS Award Program for 'Whistleblowers'

Video: Lose Belly Fat and Rip those Abs w/Galen

Video: Social Networking for Jobs

Video: Flash mob fever hits Dunedin High

Video: Rep. Ted Poe on Keystone XL Pipeline

Canadian Court Sentences Muslim Family to Life for ‘Completely Twisted’ Honor Killing

Has Europe Become a Dirty Word in the GOP Primary?

America’s Long History of Mistakes with Iran Unlikely to Reverse

Unreasonable Risk and Ill-Conceived Combat Missions Define Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy

Palestinian TV Praises Murderers of Israeli Family

Muppets Go Partisan: Kermit and Miss Piggy Trash Fox News

New Hidden Camera Series Favors Political Agenda Over Entertainment

Monday Morning Crib Sheet: Surprise! Soros-Financed Mag Calls For Occupy Violence

Twitter Filters Content to Accommodate Censorious Countries

Media Endorsed OWS Movement: “F*** The Police”

Brokaw, NBC Threaten Legal Action Against Romney Camp For Using Clip In Ad

Reuters Sheds All Professional Integrity in Marco Rubio Hit Piece

New York Times Fails to Mention Gingrich Was Cleared Of Ethics Charges

New Academic Study Confirms that Lower Tax Rates Are the Best Way to Reduce Tax Evasion

SEIU Confirms Democrat-Socialist Marxist Connection

Audio:Twitter’s Uneasy Relationship with Free Speech and North Dakota’s Oil Boom

Troops Welcomed Home in St. Louis but Not at Bank of America

Science Continues to Cast Doubt on Global Warming

Racist Occupy Wall Street: Movement ‘Clearly’ Has Race Problems, Says Occupy Newark Leader

Book: Staples CEO and Founder Gave Romney Idea for RomneyCare

Rasmussen: Romney Opens Up 16 Point Lead in Florida

PolitiFact Knocks Conservative Group, Ignores Identical Claim by Liberal ACLU

Senate to Vote on STOCK Act This Week

Occupy Slams National Prayer Breakfast for ‘1 Percent’; Will Lead ‘People’s Prayer Breakfast’ in Protest

Hubris Defined: Obama Calls For End to ‘Bundlers’ Influence in Congress

EXCLUSIVE–Inside Occupy DC: ‘Obama Is Not Why the US Park Police Are Letting Us Stay’

Romney Cut Only 603 Govt. Jobs in MA, While His Predecessor Cut 7,700

Obama Administration Offers $75,000 Grants to Sign Up More Food Stamp Recipients

Friday Night Document Dump Show Eric Holder Was Informed of Border Agent’s Death Immediately

Congress Tries to Police Itself on Insider Trading

What Ever Happened to All Those Gas ‘Price-Gouging’ Investigations by Democrats?

Daily Call Sheet: SAG Snubs Clooney & Streep, ‘Ferris’ Returns, and The Death Of Cable TV?

Muppets Go Partisan: Kermit and Miss Piggy Trash Fox News

Good News: Hollywood Wants to Screw Up ‘Death Wish’

‘Hunger Games’ Book Trilogy Celebrates Freedom, Smaller Government

What Shoulda Won? 2000 Best Picture Academy Award

Spike Lee Blasts Media for Glorifying Gangsters, Tells Blacks to Embrace Education

‘One For the Money’ Review: Heigl’s Grating Jersey Girl No Feminist Role Model

‘Man on a Ledge’ Review: Thriller Falls Flat on Its Face

Real Bullets, Real SEALs: Why ‘Act of Valor’ Isn’t Like Any Other Action Film

‘Luck’ Review: HBO’s Humdrum Horse Racing Saga Wastes Nolte, Can’t-Miss Premise

Critics of capitalism call global protest in June

Cartoon:Executive Order. - Big Government

Cartoon:UI: News? - Big Journalism


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*29th/Transcripts:Guests: Speaker of the House John Boehner, Newt Gingrich

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Interview with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

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Cabal struggles desperately to create fascist world government as multiple criminal investigations zero in on them | | Occupy OaklandOccupy Oakland

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**NEWS VIDEOS: #OccupyNewark Leader: Movement ‘Clearly’ Has Race Problems

NY Mag Editor Admits Never Reporting Kerry’s Tax Rate In 2004

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Newt Denied Advocating Individual Mandate During Thursday’s Debate, 2009 Audio Proves He Did

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‘Probing Groin Areas And Breast Areas’; Ron Paul Decries TSA

Obama Calls For End To Campaign Bundlers’ Influence Over Congress; Ignores Solyndra-Style Influence Over White House

Brown To Obama: Insider Trading Bill Sitting On Reid’s Desk Right Now

Demi Moore 911 Call: ‘She Smoked Something And Now She Is Convulsing’

Toronto Teens Send Lego Man Into Space

Mitt: Newt Acts ‘Like Goldilocks’

Obama Uses Weekly Address To Lambaste Utah Senator

Lawyers Move To Restrict Campaign From Using NBC Content In Ads

Rubio Goes Prime Time; Delivers GOP Address Targeting Obama’s ‘Failure’ To Lead

28th/Police Clash With #OccupyOakland, Three Officers Injured

Cain Endorses Gingrich

Obama: Brewer Confrontation ‘Really Not A Big Deal’

Activists And Bloggers Fear Twitter Censorship

Concert Vault Player - Bob Dylan & The Band - Boston Garden (Boston, MA) - Jan 14, 1974

Concert Vault Player - Bruce Hornsby and the Range - Atlanta Civic Center (Atlanta, GA)

Concert Vault Player - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Roosevelt Raceway (Long Island, NY) - Sep 8, 1974

Concert Vault Player - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Roosevelt Raceway (Long Island, NY) - Sep 8, 1974