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that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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12 January 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"






King of Bain | When Mitt Romney Came to Town


When Mitt Romney Came To Town — Full, complete ...


We Watch The 'King Of Bain' Attack Documentary So You Don't Have To

Ron Paul

Military for Ron Paul ! - YouTube

Breakfast With Ron Paul, Great Talk! - YouTube

Can Ron Paul catch up to Mitt Romney? - CBS News Video

Establishment Pundit Left Speechless by Ron Paul Smackdown - YouTube

Doug Wead: Ron Paul Is in It to Win It - YouTube

GOP's Best Kept Secret: Ron Paul Is Electable and Can Beat Obama - YouTube

Ron Paul: 70% Are With Me on Foreign Policy - YouTube

Ron Paul - War Propaganda - YouTube

CIA Chief Endorses Ron Paul - Fox Business Video - Fox Business


Ron Paul Highlights in 01/07/2012 Debate - YouTube

Ron Paul Highlights in 01/08/2012 Meet The Press Debate - YouTube

NBC New Hampshire GOP Debate (FULL) 01/08/2012 - YouTube

ABC News/Yahoo/WMUR Republican Debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH (January 7th, 2012) - YouTube

Watch Ron Paul's Speech After New Hampshire Primary - YouTube

Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at the University of New Hampshire in Durham - YouTube

Ron Paul and Rand Paul Townhall in Meredith, New Hampshire - YouTube

Ron Paul Fox News Sunday Interview 01/08/12 - YouTube


Uncut: Ron Paul spars with press at Nashua Airport - YouTube

Ron Paul Campaign Rally - C-SPAN Video Library

Ron Paul Rally At Eagle Aviation In South Carolina - YouTube


Ron Paul Power Structure (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg) - Transcription in progress | dotSUB


Ron Paul on the 2012 campaign trail: 1,000 points of darkness - James Hohmann and Charles Mahtesian - POLITICO.com

Pro-Ron Paul ad features RT — RT

Paul hopes to ride momentum to GOP convention - CNN.com

RealClearPolitics - Politics - Jan 12, 2012 - Rand Paul: Primary now between Ron Paul, Romney

Prof. Sabato's Crystal Ball - Jan. 12, 2012 - Happening Now Blog - Fox News

Ron Paul’s Guerilla Visions

The Youthful Magic Of Ron Paul - OpEd

Going Viral: Ron Paul needs to step up his game if he wants to beat Romney- he should try this video... | Mail Online

Ron Paul ‘Can Get the Republican Nomination:’ GOP Strategist - International Business Times

Ron Paul Delivers Message About Reduced Government, Constitution in SC | ThirdAge

2012: Ron Paul Trying to Prevent Potential Santorum Surge with ‘Serial Hypocrite’ Ad | PhillyNow | A blog about Philadelphia news, politics and culture by Philadelphia Weekly

Ron Paul supporters, OWS protesters join forces to harass Gingrich, Santorum - Spokane Conservative | Examiner.com

Is Ron Paul right? - ComPost - The Washington Post

Ron Paul says support growing beyond an 'irate minority' - latimes.com

Sirota talks Ron Paul on Current TV - Ron Paul - Salon.com

Ron Paul’s best leadership trait - The Washington Post

Ron Paul’s campaign music: Darth Vader’s ‘Imperial March’ - The Style Blog - The Washington Post

Rise Against, No Doubt Hacked By Ron Paul Supporters | News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Derrick Darby: Whose Vision of Freedom? Ron Paul or MLK

Republican Ron Paul Is Nibbling At The Heels Of Mitt Romney As He Comes Second In New Hampshire | World News | Sky News

Newt's In-depth Interview with Piers Morgan - YouTube

Gingrich Attacks "Vulture Capitalist" Romney - YouTube


Alex Jones 2012-01-11 Wednesday - YouTube


Articles: Obama's Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Who do Israelis think is the Messiah

Paul Drockton: Salt Lake Voted Most Gay City in US


The Sexually Deviant Gay World Order - YouTube


Paul Drockton: Marx and Agenda 21

Ellen Brown - Occupy The Neighborhood

Reinventing The Middle East Lexicon

It’s Time To Take A Stand:Stop News censorship by the left & right « Larry Sinclair

A Higher Level of Freedom: Cannabis' 120+ Benefits To Health | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

Video: Romney Says Only Rich People Should Run For Office, Suffers Super PAC Amnesia: Gothamist

Obama and Holder taking on Arizona's SB1070 - YouTube

Disclosure - YouTube

Obama Administration Reportedly Plans To Create Internet ID For All Americans | Fox News

The 4th Reich


Santorum’s Communist Clan - Yahoo! News

The World is Endorsing Ron Paul For President 2012 - YouTube

PressTV - 'Mossad, MKO killed Iranian scientist'

Iran nuclear scientist's death followed Israeli warning of 'unnatural' events | World news | guardian.co.uk

Bomb kills Iran nuclear scientist as crisis mounts | Reuters

Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist is a familiar story - Telegraph

Russia's space agency hints at foreign hand in probe failure - Telegraph

Israel proposes to make it a crime to compare people to Nazis - Telegraph

PressTV - 'IAEA leaked secret info to Iran enemy'

PressTV - Russia rejects Iran oil sanctions

Mafia is Italy's biggest business - Telegraph

34 Shocking Facts About U.S. Debt That Should Set America On Fire With Anger

Western Imperialism | Opinion Maker

GlaxoSmithKline fined over trials on the babies of Argentinian poor - Telegraph

Over 40% of Indian children are malnourished, report finds | World news | guardian.co.uk

Dark matter map reveals cosmic web - Telegraph

Poll: Among GOP hopefuls, Romney fares best against Obama - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

Fort Sumter, False Flags, and The Empire’s Coming Crusade Against Iran « The PPJ Gazette

savethemales.ca - Gays Aim to Pack Obama Administration

Now Totally Drug Resistant TB?

For vision and national unity, Huntsman for GOP nominee - Boston.com

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - In the ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’

: Grand Canyon's Million-acre Uranium Mining Ban Finalized

Celente - The Good, Really Bad And Very Ugly

Bagelheads – New Body Modification Trend from Japan .

Toilet on tap: Panel recommends Americans drink more waste water to combat future shortages | Mail Online

Bankrupt Buffett: Donate $50 Billion Toward Paying Down The US Debt | ZeroHedge

Supreme Court Justices Slam EPA Over Its Treatment of Idaho Couple

Poverty in America likely to get worse, report finds | Business | guardian.co.uk

Carlyle founders scoop $402m from private equity investments - Telegraph

savethemales.ca - Illuminati Programmed Women to Self-Destruct

Global banking crisis? What global banking crisis? Thousands of quadrillions of hidden monies revealed to be held in multiple off-ledger black screen accounts. The Committee of 300's shadow government banking scam has its royal knickers ripped off. How rich is White Spiritual Boy now, Your Majesty? >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds

Exposed: Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered – Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches :

Ron Paul's Amazing Speech After Placing 2nd In New Hampshire - YouTube

Live : Minamisoma blogger is on Ustream | Fukushima Diary

Rep. Charlie Dent, Israel and HR 3166 | Mantiq al-Tayr


Katherine Albrecht interview with Campaign for Liberty Part 1 - YouTube

Katherine Albrecht interview with Campaign for Liberty Part 2 - YouTube

Katherine Albrecht interview with Campaign for Liberty Part 3 - YouTube


Welcome to Ron Paul Country - RonPaulCountry.com - Help Save The Country! - YouTube


Ron Paul Country(www.ronpaulcountry.com/)


+When Mitt Romney Came To Town — Full, complete version - YouTube


10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama

+Who Said It: Mitt Romney or Gordon Gekko? | Romney-Gekko 2012


Follow the Money | Romney-Gekko 2012


Ron Paul: People Call Me ‘Kooky’ Because They Can’t Defend Themselves Intellectually - 12160

Ron Paul On Fox & Friends Day After N.H 2nd Place Finish - YouTube


Is This What President Obama’s ‘Change’ Looks Like? | Sense on Cents

Ron Paul becomes lone GOP voice on unequal justice | Lancaster Eagle Gazette | lancastereaglegazette.com

5 Minutes To Self-Immolation Of The Israeli Empire | Video Rebel's Blog

American's Journey: A Morphing Media? ...or is Dr. Paul's medicine already working?

Jews for Ron Paul, by Walter Block - YouTube

Fox news interview...watch the guy in the background :) - YouTube

Distract-O-Tron - YouTube

Dude, That Isn’t Wax On Your Apple! « REALITY BLOG

Americas Got Talent [Insane Magic Trick] (MUST SEE) - YouTube

Extraordinary life of child Kumari, 'virgin goddess' adored by thousands during religious festival | Mail Online

Refreshing News: America is the most overworked country in the world

Christopher Bollyn:Mitt Romney's Ties to Israeli Military Intelligence

Activist Post: Creating lifelong customers: the school-to-prison pipeline and the private prison industry

A Culture of Resistance is Born in 2011: the People United in an Independent Movement | OWSnews.org

Santorum warns of "Eurabia," issues call to "evangelize and eradicate" Muslims | Al Akhbar English

US Officials 'Shocked' by Corpse Desecration Tape - Global Agenda - News - Israel National News

Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney needs Bain show & tell - MJ Lee - POLITICO.com

Activist Post: Mainstream Media To Bully Bloggers Out Of ‘Fair Use’

Romney's push against amnesty makes immigration a defining issue - Washington Times

Goldman's Latest PR Headache Has To Do With Islamic Bonds

Activist Post: "Human Zoo" Video Depicts The Most Base Exploitation

Fox apologizes to Jews for poll on who murdered Jesus – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs

Parabens: Chemical found in everyday items ¿needs more investigation¿ after scientists discover it in tumours of ALL breast cancer patients | Mail Online

Michelle Obama Says People Have Falsely Painted Her As ‘Angry Black Woman’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

The Real Reason Israel Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientists? - Robert Wright - International - The Atlantic

Activist Post: USDA Ignores Pesticide Ravaging Bee Population, Threatening Global Environment

Revolutionary Politics : Michael Hastings: "Obama has Tripled the Conflict in Afghanistan"

START Treaty is Really the United Nations Global Military Regime Treaty - 12160

Study: Placebo performs as well as antidepressant drugs in treating depression

IBD/TIPP Poll Shows Most Americans (52%) Back Military Action To Stop Iran From Building Nuclear Weapons - Investors.com

Goldman Sachs Lost 98% of Libya's $1.3B Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment - Forbes

Mitt Romney: Job Creator? - YouTube

Judge rules in favor of OWS protesters retaking Zuccotti Park - YouTube

The Zionization of American Politics and How it could be Terminated | Intifada Palestine

Former Intelligence Analysts Urging Obama to Stop Rush to Iran War | Intifada Palestine

Ron Paul On Fox & Friends Day After N.H 2nd Place Finish - YouTube

Iran: IAEA study as pretext for war - YouTube

Michael Hastings: "Obama has tripled the conflict in Afghanistan" - YouTube

The Obama Administration's 'New' Bank Fraud Deal: Still Unfair, Still Unjust, Still Unbalanced | Crooks and Liars

3 billionaires who'll drag out the race - Kenneth P. Vogel - POLITICO.com

Pardons blocked: AG argues state's constitution violated | The Clarion-Ledger | clarionledger.com

Think-Tanks Explained

Romney Free-Market ‘Trial’ Links Republicans to Obama - Businessweek

Deadly Spark: What can trigger US-Iran war? - YouTube

Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in the Republican party - The Washington Post

U.S. denies blame in killing of Iranian scientist | The Raw Story

24 Statistics To Show To Anyone Who Believes That America Has A Bright Economic Future - BlackListedNews.com

Activist Post: The Dangers of Deflation

Gordon Duff : The Tiring Bin Laden Saga, Version 27 | My Catbird Seat

US Marines defile dead Afghans on camera - YouTube

The Only Democracy In The Middle East - YouTube

KingCast and Mortgage Movies say: Recall Scott Walker for protecting fraudulent foreclosure by the banksters at Union Federal and Anchor Bank.

SOPA-Supporting News Outlets Aren’t Covering SOPA : Federal Jack

Dead People Receive Ballots in NH Primary : Federal Jack

poorrichard's blog: Almost 1 In 3 U.S. Warplanes Is a Robot

poorrichard's blog: 'IAEA leaked secret info to Iran enemy'


Rae Abileah invites you to Occupy AIPAC, Not Palestine! - YouTube


Occupy AIPAC!(www.occupyaipac.org/)


Controlled Right Wing Establishment Attacks Ron Paul on Foreign Policy and Islam, Denies Reality 1/3 - YouTube

Controlled Right Wing Establishment Attacks Ron Paul on Foreign Policy and Islam, Denies Reality 2/3 - YouTube

Controlled Right Wing Establishment Attacks Ron Paul on Foreign Policy and Islam, Denies Reality 3/3 - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics : "Mitt Romney Will Give War Profiteers More More More Money & I'm Glad For That!"

Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul "We Have To Cut The Big Things! Cut Occupations Overseas & Senseless Wars!"

Revolutionary Politics : Jim DeMint: GOP needs to embrace Ron Paul and libertarian ideas more

Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul's Public Sector Donations

Revolutionary Politics : Romney: "Ron Paul is a very serious candidate"

The PJ Tatler » The only known photos from the White House’s 2009 “Alice in Wonderland” party

9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA - US Consulate Whistleblower - YouTube

GOP primaries a dog and pony show? - YouTube

poorrichard's blog: Why 308,127,404 Americans Are Going To Get Hosed

Ron Paul on Fox and Friends - 1/11/12 - 12160

Google admits profiting from adverts for cannabis, fake passports and illegal Olympic tickets | Mail Online

Activist Post: US-Backed Terror Group Responsible For Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist

China Is Stronger - YouTube

poorrichard's blog: Why Are They Afraid of Jesse Ventura?

'Obama has no balls to shut Gitmo for good' - YouTube

A Free Thinker's Journey: Idaho plans to spend $31M from veterans cash stash

Police Admit Romney Campaign Illegally Hired them to Arrest US Citizens on Bogus Charges at Campaign Event | OccupyTVstations.com

Santorum Super PAC Likely to Shut Down : Roll Call Lobbying & Influence

Cop killing in Arizona connected to Fast and Furious? - National Conservative | Examiner.com

Lone Star Watchdog: The Last Republican Flavor of the Week. The New GOP Stunt Dummy: Gov. John Huntsman

Unaccountable: Private Military Contractor Abuses :

BREAKING: James O’Keefe Catches Dead People Voting in New Hampshire – Could Oregon Be Next? « 54°40′ Or Fight!

Wordpress Comes Out Against SOPA Internet Censorship Bill :

YayaCanada: Fuck Angelina Jolie

Ron Paul Rally At Eagle Aviation In South Carolina 01/11/12 - 12160

"Terror" Has Bankrupted Every Nation In The West, Nations Now Collectively (NATO) At War For Enormous Profits To The Same Banks That BrokeThem. | Before It's News

Ag Bill Makes Filming Animal Cruelty At Factory Farms A Felony - YouTube

Surferjoe2020's Linky Dinky's: Puppets & Dictators: 'Revolution Guru' on OWS, Egypt, Libya

Lone Star Watchdog: Will an Obama Reelection to a Second term Cause Texas to Finally Secede?

Haley Barbour pardons nearly 200 including rapists, a killer and Brett Favre's brother | Mail Online

Fraud, Waste In DHS Program To Protect High-Risk Urban Areas | Judicial Watch

Anti-Neocons • View topic - Romney is a Mormon

Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street - Financial Elite Start Turning On Each Other | Wake Up World

Cleaning the Waters of Information | The Berkey Guy's Blog

More Establishment-Media Manipulation - YouTube

Ron Paul Supporters: They're Everywhere! - YouTube

Establishment Pundit Left Speechless by Ron Paul Smackdown - YouTube

Leaked DHS internet watchlist lists msthirteen.com, skeevy German site about 13yo girls as MS-13 gang news - Boing Boing

True Colors - YouTube

New Hampshire primary: Jon Huntsman calls Mitt Romney 'unelectable' after firing people gaffe - Telegraph

Activist Post: American-backed Terrorists In Iran

The Next War on Washington’s Agenda - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Attorney general: Barbour tried to rule the state like Boss Hogg - CNN.com



**The Devil's Dictionary

**The Art of War


*On the Origin of Species

*War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

*The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon


Rocky Road for oil as Iran crisis boils — RT

Rick Perry stakes everything on South Carolina: 'I'm not here to come second' | World news | The Guardian

North American International Auto Show - in pictures | Business | guardian.co.uk

Artwork on parliamentarian Adolf Hitler sparks debate | Art & Architecture | Deutsche Welle | 12.01.2012

HubbleSite - NewsCenter - The Milky Way Contains at Least 100 Billion Planets According to Survey (01/11/2012) - Introduction

Milky Way teeming with billions of planets

Astronomers Solve 40-year Mystery Of Nearby Supernova - Space News - redOrbit

Panderer-in-Chief: Why Obama's National Security Record Is Weak and Dangerous

Refocus: It's Obama

Ron Paul and Double Standards

In Defense of Libertarians

Patrick Fitzgerald's Rezko Mole Probation Sentence Terminated Early

The Myth of Bad Republican Candidates

GOP Timidity Is a Path to Defeat

The Myth of the Rogue Paulite

Mitt Romney, Vulture Capitalist?

The Bad News on Unemployment

The attacks on Bain

Obama campaign, DNC, raise $68 million in 4th quarter

Bankrupt Solyndra handing out bonuses

Top 5 'Let them eat cake' moments of the Obamas

Off teleprompter, Obama reveals his anti-business bias

Does Barack Obama Survive Because He's Unfit?

Mystery: Angry Black Woman Angry at Her Angry Black Woman Image...

Occupiers neglect their children

'The Crass Marketing of a Sadistic Racist'

No More Victums: Working for Peace, One Child at a Time - YouTube

Fox News Thinks Little of Their Viewers with "Sheeple Christmas Cards" - YouTube

+Prison Planet.com » The Fear That Fed Money Brings

US-Backed Terror Group Responsible For Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » 24 Statistics To Show To Anyone Who Believes That America Has A Bright Economic Future

Prison Planet.com » 11 Shocking Home Invasion Horror Stories That Are Almost Too Creepy To Believe

» High Level Contacts Between State Department and Muslim Brotherhood Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Nationwide Poll: Ron Paul Surges Into Second Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Ron Paul Closes In On Top Three In South Carolina Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Newspaper Calls for Killing Israelis in Retaliation for Nuke Scientist Assassination Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Three US Warships To Patrol Waters Near Strait of Hormuz Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Ron Paul Is The Only Candidate With The Momentum to Challenge Romney Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

US resumes drone attacks along Afghan border - Asia - World - The Independent

300 Foxcon staff at Xbox 360 plant in China threaten mass suicide over pay | Mail Online

Iran Crisis: Something Fishy | Veterans Today

» Why Is Obama Selling Arms to a Theocratic Dictatorship? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

'Loan shark' firm Wonga targets students: 4,000% interest offered | Mail Online

Smart Contact Lenses Keep Eye On Your Health « - Flash Player Installation

» Lauren DiGioia Talks About Arrest and 26 Hours of Detention and Torture for NDAA Protest Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Homeland Security watches Twitter, social media - baltimoresun.com

Police use roadblock to gather serial-killer information | - News - The Orange County Register

Addicted! Scientists show how internet dependency alters the human brain - Science - News - The Independent

CES 2012: New credit card from Dynamics Inc is virtually theft-proof | Mail Online

» Cannabis Treatment Threatens Deadly Painkiller Industry Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Obama’s DOJ Cracks Down on Medical Marijuana: California vs. The Feds Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

CO Illegal Immigrant Tuition Bill Introduced Again - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver

» Romney’s Immigration Stance Will Hurt Him Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Traditional Media to Bully Bloggers with NewsRight? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Prison Planet.com » MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: “Ron Paul a Fraud…Huntsman Came in 2nd Place”

Jan. 18 Internet Blackout to Protest SOPA: Reddit Says Yes | Techland | TIME.com

Prison Planet.com » The Next War on Washington’s Agenda

Prison Planet.com » Glenn Beck Says ‘Solid’ Ron Paul Could Be Candidate, Just Needs To Escape ‘Crazy’ Supporters

Prison Planet.com » Skynet: One In Three U.S. Warplanes is a Robot; 7,494 Drones and Counting

Prison Planet.com » U.S. military moves carriers, denies Iran link

Prison Planet.com » WeAreChange confronts Newt Gingrich @nhprimary

Newt Gingrich Denies Bohemian Grove Existence: Some People Have "Fantasy Lives" - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Receives Major Evangelical Endorsement from Dr. James Linzey, President of Military Bible Association

Update on Tourette's-Like Illness in Leroy | wgrz.com

Prison Planet.com » Who Is Flying Unmanned Aircraft in the U.S.?

Prison Planet.com » Internet Addiction Can Change Your Brain Like A Cocaine Addiction

12 Infected With New Swine Flu Strain - US News and World Report

Prison Planet.com » A Stunning 40% of Americans Are Now Independent. Ron Paul Polls Highest Among Independents, and Independents Would Vote for Paul Over Obama

McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story: Director Bill Bean Speaks Out 1/2 - YouTube

McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story: Director Bill Bean Speaks Out 2/2 - YouTube

Keiser Report: Death by Thousand Revelations (E235) - YouTube

Ron Paul "We Have To Cut The Big Things! Cut Occupations Overseas & Senseless Wars!" - YouTube

PolySci Prof. David Schultz: Ron Paul is Romney's Threat - YouTube

Doug Wead on FOX News 01/11/12 - YouTube

The Importance of South Carolina

Ron Paul Has Won: Young People Engage With Liberty, Limited Government, Sound Money, Anti-War Principles

Ron Paul Closes In On Top Three In South Carolina

Religious Liberty Affirmed By Supreme Court

+Prison Planet.com » McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story: Director Bill Bean Speaks Out

FEMA lives at your house

The Whistleblower: the Clinton & Obama White House Book Trailer .mov - YouTube

Rio +20 Earth Summit will tie population into green knots

Laser-like Focus

Three Fundamental Mistakes in Dealing with Islam

What Does a Real Conservative Candidate Look Like?

Let’s Have Rush Limbaugh Moderate a GOP Debate

The dangerous new ‘Paul-iticians’ of the Tea Party

Election Year Reality and Insanity

A Reagan Conservative

Outlook for an industry that touches 96 percent of all manufactured goods

Obama and Panetta Uses Military Brass as Props

Obama’s defeatist ‘strategy’

Center for Security Policy Statement on 10th Circuit Court Ruling Regarding the OK Shariah Amendment

Who Is Flying Unmanned Aircraft in the U.S.? - BlackListedNews.com


+What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – January 10-11th, 2012


+3 Videos:Alex Jones: Nwo’s Timetable for WW3 is 2012! Be Ready, Be Prepared | Dprogram.net

10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama – Mike Adams | Dprogram.net

Audio Page:Media Roots – Iowa Caucus, Ron Paul & GOP, Election Fraud, NDAA Update | Dprogram.net

Western Imperialism and the Unspoken Tyranny of Colonization – Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja | Dprogram.net

Syria: Endgame approaches as conspiracy continues - YouTube

Santorum: Eradicate the Muslims | Dprogram.net

DNC Chair: Tea Party to Blame for Giffords Shooting | Dprogram.net

Syria: Endgame approaches as conspiracy continues - YouTube

Mysterious "Sound Of Apocalypse" Heard Throughout Costa Rica | Before It's News

New Image Of Six Dead Alien Bodies Leaked January 2012 Video.flv - YouTube

Red List: 30% Of Amphibians Species Threatened | Before It's News

Researchers: Honeybee Deaths Linked To Seed Insecticide Exposure | Before It's News

DAVID ICKE ON 9-11 - YouTube

When did they know? 36 Truth leaders on how they awakened to the 9/11 lie « Truth and Shadows

Evolution Is Written All Over Your Face, Why Faces Are Dramatically Different | Before It's News

An Inside Con Game? Why Would Cornel West Go On the Hannity Show? | Before It's News

"The Hum" In Costa Rica: 2012 Prophecy Unfolding? | Before It's News

The Hum en Costa Rica - YouTube

Survival Skills for Barter | Before It's News

Does A Mayan Pentagram Reveal WW3 Will Start Off Miami Coast? | Before It's News

Is Miami the Next Point on the Pentagram? - YouTube

+Articles:Ron Paul News 1-12-12 | Dprogram.net


**Cooking and Recipes

**Food and Farming



iConnectMUSE digital audio mixer brings the studio to your iPhone, iPad - SlashGear

Mr. Obama, How About Sanctions – No Fly Zone – Observer League for Uzbekistan?

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 1

Azerbaijan & Obama Suffer Setbacks as Ambassador Bryza’s Service is Cut Short

The EyeOpener- Police State Gadgets & the Technology of Enslavement


**BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 10, 2012

**BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 11, 2012


When the Right to Resist Becomes the "Duty to Submit" - informationliberation

IRS Used 'Bait-And-Switch' on Tax Amnesty: Watchdog - US Business News - CNBC

What War With Iran Might Look Like by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com

Don’t Count on Obama’s Defense Cuts by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com

Iran Too Weak to Defend Itself Against West’s Terrorism -- News from Antiwar.com

Gitmo Prison Camp Enters Its Second Decade -- News from Antiwar.com

Who’s a real progressive? - Salon.com

Bradley Manning gets a billboard in Washington - Checkpoint Washington - The Washington Post

New index ranks countries on nuclear security - Checkpoint Washington - The Washington Post

Taliban Ready For Afghan Peace Talks

Japan Pledges to Reduce Iran Oil Imports

Nike to Pay Indonesian Workers $1 Million

US Defense Chief Condemns Alleged US Abuse of Taliban Corpses

Bird Counts Show Species Decreasing

Global Warming Could Delay Next Ice Age

Former CIA Agent's Message to America - WATCH NOW - YouTube


Time Travelling Transhumans (T^3)


Lee Duigon -- You Don’t Believe in Adam and Eve?

As George Soros has Planned – Final Implementation of Obama Dictatorship in Progress on All Levels

Lieberman's Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net

» Meet the White Obama Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

DEA helped Colombian drug trafficker launder cash, new report reveals | The Envoy - Yahoo! News

Paul McGuire -- Environmentalism Path to Global Dictatorship

Chuck Baldwin -- First NDAA; Now Enemy Expatriation Act

Activist Post: Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents

The Great Pyramid of Garut? | Reality Sandwich

'Mossad, MKO Killed Iranian Scientist'

More Murder of Iranian Scientists: Still Terrorism?

US in No Position to Issue Credible Spying Denials

Energy Wars 2012

Boom And Doom: Revisiting Prophecies Of Collapse

Obama's 'New' Bank Fraud Deal: Still Unfair, Still Unjust, Still Unbalanced

Obama, Sarkozy and Taxing Wall Street

Are Drones Watching You?

Unplug Yourself

Surviving the Death of the Constitution (Ad) | American Free Press

PressTV - '10mn more joined US poor over 4 yrs'

Newt Gingrich reminds voters of Mitt Romney's biggest gaffes in For The Dogs ad | Mail Online

Google personalized search changes set off uproar – USATODAY.com

Accident at Second Japanese Nuclear Complex: The Nuclear Accident You Never Heard About

Venezuela: A Threat to the Security of the USA?

VIDEO: The Gaddafi Mercenaries and the Division of Africa

IRAQ: Tariq Aziz "They Killed our Country. We are all Victims of Britain and America.

Almost On Third of U.S. Warplanes Are Drones

Beyond Star Wars, America Seeks Hegemony in Cyberwarfare

NATO versus CSTO: The Clash between Competing Military Alliances

Totalitarianism: The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Latest Chapter In the Road towards "Police State USA"

ACCURATE SATIRE: Henry Kissinger: "If You Can't Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"

Human Life: Beyong Money, Ideology and Productive Forces

Western Imperialism and the Unspoken Tyranny of Colonization

The World of Mercenary Companies and Private Military Contractors

U.S. Exploits Tensions For Military Containment Of China

Who Says What on the Internet: Homeland Security Collects "Personal Identifiable Information" on Users of Social Media

Corey Feldman Will Reveal the Name of Two Hollywood Pedophiles That Abused Him

Trans Fats Linked to Brain Shrinkage

GOP Race Tightens in South Carolina

Norquist: GOP Should Let Paul Speak at Convention

Billionaires Keep Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman Going

DeMint Debates Jon Stewart on Taxes, Patriotism

Immigration Favored Over Security, Officials Tell Poll

Chamber President: Attacks on Romney 'Foolish'

Romney Blasts Critics of Record at Bain

Perry Loses Key SC Backer after Attack on Romney

Cain Decides Not to Endorse a Candidate

Buffett Challenges Republicans to Donate to Debt

McCain Rips High Court Campaign Finance Ruling

Gingrich: Romney Flip-flops on Abortion

DeMint: Romney Likely SC Winner But Won't Commit

Romney and Paul Get Jump on Fla. Absentee Voters

Palin: GOP Candidates 'Need to Vet One Another'

Former U.N. Ambassador Bolton Endorses Romney

Romney: 'I Don't Know if We Can Win' in SC

Panetta Condemns Video of Marines Urinating on Dead

'Mormon Moment' Examined in U.S. Survey

Video: Newt's New Ad Attacking Romney on Abortion

At the Sharp End of Iranian Sanctions

Are You Killing Your Pet With Kindness?

Small Planets Outside Solar System Found

Fingerprints Would Reduce Fraud in Food-Stamp Program

Obama Disguises Military Budget Increase as a Cut

South Carolina Is Make or Break for Republican Candidates

Obama’s New Defense Strategy: Hope the World Won’t Notice

Activist Post: The Secret the 99% Need to Hear

Activist Post: Setting the Record Straight: Did Monsanto Really Buy Blackwater (Xe)?

Activist Post: FBI Extracting Extremism Again in Foiled Tampa Terror Plot

Activist Post: The Dangers of Deflation

Police State Gadgets and the Technology of Enslavement - YouTube

Activist Post: Iran: a quickly evolving geopolitical imbroglio – part III

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 4: Prescription Medicine, Cash, and Things to Keep Us Warm

Slip-Sliding Into Tyranny: The New American Way by Charles Goyette

A Gentle Voice of Reason for America by Eric Margolis

The Big Pharma Corporatocracy and the Culture of Corruption

RedState: Get Ron Paul Off the Stage by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Cloud Security by Bill Rounds

It's All Been Done Before by Jeff Berwick

World’s Biggest Zombies by Bill Bonner

9 Sure fire ways to stay on track with your prepping | The Survival Mom


Top 10 Uses Of Vodka


EPA Gives Activists a New Tool to Pressure Power Plants, Oil Refineries

Obama: EPA Regulations Create Jobs; 'EPA Touches on the Lives of Every Single American Every Single Day'

Female Heads of State Discuss How 'Climate Change'--But Not Sex-Selective Abortions--Hurt Women

No Endorsement From DeMint, But He Likes What He’s Hearing from Ron Paul

Paul Beat Romney 47 to 26 Among Young NH Voters, Says Exit Poll

Obama Wants to Use Tax Code to Reward ‘In-Sourcing’ and Punish Outsourcing

DHS IG: Most Immigration Officers Surveyed in 2011 Believe Obama Policy Favors ‘Promoting Immigration’ Over ‘National Security’

Spending Bills Passed by GOP House Increased Debt $1T in 10 Months

Obama Holds Oval Office Meeting With Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

Donohue: ‘America’s Prosperity’ Depends on ‘Dreams of Immigrants’

NYC Pastors to Protest Mayor Over City Policy Kicking Churches Out of Schools

‘Egregious Behavior’: Videotape Shows U.S. Marines Urinating on Taliban Corpses

Kim Jong Il's Body to Be Permanently Displayed in Palace

Pope Meets Cuban Crocodile

Fed Court Sides With Atheist; R.I. School Ordered to Remove Prayer Mural

Miss. Judge Blocks Release of 21 Convicts Pardoned by Outgoing Republican Governor

Occupy Wall Street Dissolves Into Band of Homeless Protesters

Obama, DNC Raise $68M in Final 3 Months of 2011

Romney Chairman: Media Should Weed GOP Candidates by Limiting Access to Debates

Feds: 5% of patients account for half of health care spending

Democrats plan to introduce legislation to repeal SB 1070 (immigration law)

Beverly Hills sets rules for tearing down or altering older structures

'If I Die' app posts your farewell to Facebook friends

Mexico drug war stats: As of Oct. 1, 12,903 people had been killed

'Gayest Cities in America' list causes a stir; Salt Lake City tops

Feud erupts over DNC chairwoman’s comment on Tea Party -- and Giffords shooting

Girl dies after friend gives her peanut on playground

Muslim student sues Connecticut university, says she was harassed and falsely accused of terrorism

Rosie O'Donnell defends killing hammerhead sharks off Miami Beach

Online movement wants bald "cancer" Barbie doll

NBC's unfunny 'Chelsea' may drive viewers to drink

Tucson students confront loss of their Chicano studies class

Supreme Court: Churches have right to make employment decisions free from government interference

Business groups, Republicans launch onslaught on president over Keystone

Rift stirs fears of military coup in Pakistan; Premier fires defense chief

Man arrested after toddler found alone in Occupy D.C. tent

Former Sen. Arlen Specter: Dump Obama for Hillary

Two years after quake, signs of progress in Haiti

Md. governor proposes increase in the state sales tax

U.S. military, Karzai strongly condemn apparent Marine desecration of Taliban corpses

S.C. Tea Party favorite: Paul's anti-war views play well

Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and the gospel of ‘creative destruction’

Casey Anthony told a psychiatrist she believes her slain daughter was product of a date rape

Poll: Romney slipping in South Carolina, holds just 2 point lead

GOP frets Gingrich's attacks will damage Romney in November general election

Anchorage on track for snowiest winter on record - San Jose Mercury News

Panetta: Apparent Marine desecration of Taliban corpses is ‘utterly deplorable’ - Checkpoint Washington - The Washington Post

U.S. military moves carriers, denies Iran link | Reuters

Giuliani: "What the Hell Are You Doing, Newt?" - HUMAN EVENTS

Gingrich Denies He's Backing Off Attacks on Romney - NYTimes.com

Gingrich's 'Bain bomb' fizzles - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

Stephen Colbert ponders 2012 presidential campaign - MJ Lee - POLITICO.com

'Draft Hillary' Effort Targets S.C., Nevada - Washington Whispers (usnews.com)

La Puente Mayor Blames Prison Realignment For S - Flash Player Installation

Glenn Beck Delivers Bedridden Message on GBTV | Video | TheBlaze.com

Sally Bedell Smith's 'Elizabeth the Queen': Book review - latimes.com

Oscar show may exit Hollywood - latimes.com

Homeland Security Is Monitoring The Drudge Report, The New York Times - Technology - The Atlantic Wire

Homeland Security watches Twitter, social media - Yahoo! News

Justice memo argues Obama recess appointments were legal - TheHill.com

NLRB to Host 'Meet-and-Greet' For Illegally Appointed Officials

Congressional wildfire ‘office pool’ angers firefighters - The Federal Eye - The Washington Post

Three teenagers shot in Southeast D.C.; one near school - WTOP.com

Yuba County Sex Shop Broken Into; Cash Untouched « CBS Sacramento

George Lucas: Hollywood Wouldn't Back My Film About Tuskegee Airmen Due to All Black Cast | NewsBusters.org

Sarah Palin Says Romney Should Release Tax Returns and Bain Job Creation Records

Mitt Romney: Income Equality Concerns Are The 'Politics Of Envy'

Why I Defend Obamacare and Plan To Fight For It As Hard As I Can

Occupy Wall Street Wins Court Case: Barricades Down at Zuccotti Park

Stephen Colbert on the Right-Wing's Alice in Wonderland Cover Up

James O'Keefe Allies Try to Commit Felony Voter Fraud

John Sununu Calls Gingrich and Perry's Attacks on Mitt Romney 'Socialist'

Sean Hannity Goes After Rick Perry For Calling Mitt Romney a Vulture Capitalist

Panetta On Face The Nation: Iran Is Not Developing Nuclear Weapons

PA's Gov. Tom Corbett To Bar Food Stamp Recipients For Having Assets

Mitt Romney Admits Auto Industry Rescue Worked, Pretends It Was His Idea

Gov. Scott Walker Has Violated Campaign Finance Laws More Than 1,000 Times Since 2009

Randall Terry Forces Graphic Anti-Abortion Ad On Air For Super Bowl

Next Stop: Occupy Congress #J17

AFSCME Launches 'Political Match Game', Highlighting Anti-Worker Positions of GOP Presidential Candidates

'People of Color, Van Jones...Have Been Out to Get Pat Buchanan,' Says Buchanan

The GOP's Long Sad March to the Inevitable Nominee

Dr. Jeff Masters: We're Seeing The 'Most Extreme Configuration Of The Jet Stream Ever Recorded'

Mitt Romney's Dishonest New Hampshire Campaign Speech

Litbrit: Abusing our utilitarianism: Bait-and-switch, and beating the drums of war

Indoctrination ~ A Nomadic View

RealtyTrac: Home Seizures May Surge 25% to Over 1 Million

Buffett Challenges GOP to Pay Down US Debt

Gary Shilling: ‘Moderate Recession’ Looms for US

Businesses Lift Inventories as Demand Rises

Rudy Giuliani To Newt Gingrich: 'What The Hell Are You Doing?'

Romney Lashes Back on Bain - YouTube

Rick Perry predicts victory in Aiken campaign stop

Rick Perry and Reince Priebus on "John King, USA"

Rick Perry Zings Herman Cain

Why Rick Perry Stayed In

Rick Perry's Faux Outrage Over Private Equity

Rick Perry ‘vulture’ attack on Romney costs him influential S.C. supporter - Election 2012 - The Washington Post

Champion - YouTube

Jon Huntsman Getting Beat by Stephen Colbert in South Carolina Polling - YouTube

Mitt Romney steps up defense of Bain Capital tenure

3 Scenarios That Might Cause Ron Paul to Endorse Mitt Romney

Romney's Killer Instinct: How Mitt Is Winning and Why Obama Should Take Note

A third of Mormons say Mitt Romney's religion will count against him

Mitt Romney's $24 million haul, in context

Could Mitt Romney be America's first Hispanic president?

Candidates who fail to connect often fail to win: Will Romney follow history?

Romney's Al Gore problem

Former Va. governor Gilmore to endorse Romney for president

How Romney Can Help Himself in South Carolina and Beyond

How should Romney respond to attacks?

Obama, party allies raise $68 million for re-election

'Quiet Rooms' and Republican Class War

Colbert for President? Tune In Tonight

Conservative Del. Bob Marshall joins GOP field for 2012 US Senate nomination

James O'Keefe Says $50K Donation Funded Voter Fraud Stunt

Largest Latino Republican Group in the Nation Will Veto Mitt Romney in 2012

How Super PACs got their name

Connie Mack has $1M campaign chest for Senate race

Senate Republican Hopefuls Debate In Austin

TV remote control alert: Attack ads ramping up for GOP candidates before critical SC primary - The Washington Post

Is Newt Gingrich only hurting himself with attacks on Mitt Romney?

Will Newt Stand Down?

Job Losses at Bain Capital Continue to Dog Romney - YouTube

Two Newts emerge in South Carolina to take down Mitt Romney | World news | guardian.co.uk

In SC, Huntsman defends Romney's record at Bain

Colbert edges Huntsman , teases presidential bid

What Huntsman Accomplished in New Hampshire

Huntsman Heads South With Wall Street Plan Tougher Than Obama

Jon Huntsman's best leadership trait

Huntsman Takes a (Short) Break - Washington Wire - WSJ

Jon Stewart to Jon Huntsman: 'I Know This Is Hard For You, But It's Over' (VIDEO)

Emanuel wants public's ideas on keeping pols honest

NATO calls Marine video "despicable" - YouTube

2 Marines ID'd in urination video probe

Are the assassinations of Iranian scientists an act of terrorism?

Kim Jong Il's jilted son dismisses ruler brother as a symbol, report says

Pakistan's President Travels to Dubai Amid Crisis

Putin Lays out Priorities on New Campaign Website

Kenyan Security Forces Accused of Abuses Against Somalis

What is Nigeria's Boko Haram? 5 things to know

Anwar in bid to lead 'Malaysian spring'

Duchess of York faces charges over Turkish orphan film

Recommended: One killed every half hour in Mexico drug-related violence

Mormons confident US ready to elect first LDS president, survey shows

Cyber-bullying highlighted in death of 9-year-old girl

Colorful South Dakota politician Bill Janklow dies at 72

Jerry Lewis, dean of California's GOP delegation, calls it quits

Mississippi Judge Blocks Release of 21 Inmates Pardoned by Outgoing Governor

Board approves naming Memphis street for MLK

Michelle Obama Joins Twitter (ish)

Virginia college student missing in NYC had reportedly attempted suicide in past

Axelrod: Book on Obamas lacks their perspectives

Consumer Agency Sees Problems in Student Loan Business

Justice Department report defends Obama's 'recess' appointments as legal

Governor proposes state employees pay more to their pension fund | The Republic

George W. Bush wanted brother Jeb to run in 2012

Bernanke Was Hoping For Soft Landing In '06, Didn't Get It

Twinkies Maker Preparing for Chapter 11 Filing

Grains, Soybeans Plunge as USDA Forecasts Bigger US Supplies

At CES, FCC chair warns of mobile 'spectrum crunch'--for the third time

If SOPA passes, we're as much to blame as Congress and Hollywood

Facebook Launches 'Listen With,' Lets You DJ for Friends

Google, Google+ and search: Maybe it's all an SEO play

11 Must-See Ultrabooks and Tablets From CES 2012

Applications for ".yournamehere" Domains Open Today

Films? Stars? Who Cares. Globes' spotlight on Gervais

Martin Scorsese Receives 2nd DGA Nomination

'Top Chef' recap: Time for Restaurant Wars

Lindsay Lohan tapped for $94000 in unpaid income tax

Ashton's new look includes old wedding ring

Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars among performers at next month’s Grammys - The Washington Post


Campaign to create 'Beautiful and Bald Barbie' heats up on social networking sites

Google Tool May Help Predict ED Flu Visits

Can the internet be as addictive as drugs or alcohol?

Murder knocked off list of top US killers: CDC

Walgreens won't go back to Express Scripts

Oxycodone Prescriptions Rose Sharply in New York

People Are Still Eating Bushmeat, Spreading Disease

Diabetes could affect wages, jobs for young people

NASA Data Leads To Three New Planets

Galaxy May Host 100 Billion Planets - YouTube

A numbers game: How many planets are in our galaxy?

Russian spacecraft to crash to Earth on Sunday

World's Smallest Vertebrate

Birds Flying Faster Due to Climate Change

Astronomers weigh in on Milky Way's true colours

IBM creates data storage at the atomic level

EPA releases map of top greenhouse gas emitters in U.S.

Get Photos Sent Directly From Mars to Your Phone

NASA able to observe a long time ago, in newly found galaxies far, far away

India and China Co-Invest $1 Billion in World's Largest Telescope

El Gordo: Big, hot galaxy cluster found

Funny facial features tell monkeys who's who

How Mysterious Molecules May Help Cool the Planet

Star factories snapped by infrared telescopes

NASA's ageing black hole-stalking probe switched off

How black holes fire gas jets into space


**These 50 Photos Will Blow you Away


Galaxy Hosts 100 Billion Planets, in New Estimate - WSJ.com

New pill that 'helps you to stay fit without exercise' - Telegraph


Real-Life 'Tatooine': New 'Star Wars'-Like Planets With 2 Suns Found | Fox News

New drug may keep you sober no matter how much you've had to drink | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media: When Col. Olcott Met Madame Blavatsky

The Old, Awesome Space Drawings of E.L. Trouvelot - Rebecca J. Rosen - Technology - The Atlantic

Can Science Define Life In Three Words?

What would we do without the moon? | ScienceNordic

BBC News - Exoplanets are around every star, study suggests

Disruption of biological clocks causes neurodegeneration, early death | News & Research Communications | Oregon State University

Super Symmetry - Public Affairs - The University of Oklahoma

The Pet Poisoner Next Door | Speakeasy Science

Study: Plumbing systems cause human fungal infections

Monster Galaxy Cluster 'El Gordo' Packs Mass of 2 Quadrillion Suns | Largest Galaxy Cluster Ever & El Gordo Galaxy | Space Images & 219th American Astronomical Society Meeting | Space.com

Solar Tree Idea Leaves Something to be Desired - Blog

Why physicists can't avoid a creation event - physics-math - 11 January 2012 - New Scientist

Ready Your Watch: The Leap Second Is Coming | Wired Science | Wired.com

Meat-Eating Plant Traps Victims Underground - ScienceNOW

Mystery Solved: Why The Cat Craves Mushrooms (And People Do, Too) : The Salt : NPR

The odd genius who showed that one infinity was greater than another

Shelf-Preservation: Researchers Tap Century-Old Brain Tissue for Clues to Mental Illness: Scientific American

Birth of the Bionic Eye - IEEE Spectrum

It’s time to place the web in safer hands – David Rowan – The Kernel

Raspberry Pi makes the sub-$100 PC a reality – Computer Chips & Hardware Technology | Geek.com

If SOPA's Main Target Is The Pirate Bay, It's Worth Pointing Out That ThePirateBay.org Is Immune From SOPA | Techdirt

Internet domain names: What's in a gTLD? | The Economist

Google Fires Back at Twitter: You Took Yourself Out of Search

Sh*t Nobody Says: Will This Video Stop the Viral Madness?

The magical (and sometimes ridiculous) gadgets of tomorrow | VentureBeat

First numbers: How successful are Spotify’s apps? — Tech News and Analysis

Real-Life Examples Of How Google's "Search Plus" Pushes Google+ Over Relevancy

Ten little things to secure your online presence | ZDNet

Virtual campus tours courtesy of Google - latimes.com

CES 2012: It’s Intel, not Microsoft, that offers a vision for computing - Telegraph

Is adding Google+ to search a red flag for regulators? — Tech News and Analysis

Auto Show: 3 Car Trends at Detroit Auto Show - ABC News

It's Time to Start 3D Scanning the World - IEEE Spectrum

When I Search Your Name, I’m Not Looking For Your Google+ Profile | TechCrunch

Who loses in the war between Google and Twitter? Users — Tech News and Analysis

Myspace Plans "Over The Top" Web TV Service - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD

Clothes Shopping With Bodymetrics Lets You Try It On for Virtual Size

They Did It: Google Personalizes Search & It Is Not Evil

US Citizens Should Try The Copyright Monopoly As Unconstitutional - Falkvinge on Infopolicy

Stephen Wolfram Blog : A .data Top-Level Internet Domain?


C2CAM - Demonic Aliens & UFOs (Coast To Coast AM) - YouTube

C2CAM - 01-11-12 - Creation & Destiny (Coast To Coast AM) - YouTube


Top 5 'let them eat cake' moments of the Obama White House - Washington Times

Savage: ‘Dictator’ Obama ‘coming out of his chrysalis’

Van Jones Warns of 'Turbulent' Election Year - Washington Whispers (usnews.com)

Savage: Romney can’t stop Obama

Red wine researcher accused of fraud

Actor Steven Seagal behind on debt payments again: suit - NYPOST.com

If Romney is inevitable, Obama is inevitable

PolitiFact Flip Flops on Republican Role with Department of Education

Our Irrational DUII Laws

Vulture Capitalism

Occupy Movement in Shambles

The Article V Convention: Discussing the Reality versus the Fantasy

Limbaugh: Romney Wants Ron Paul To Stay In

Rush: Mitt Romney More Noble Than Warren Buffett

Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Might Be Getting Back In Presidential Race

Good Lord! Listen To Rush’s Reaction To Seeing Hillary Clinton On TV. Hilarious.


Howard Stern Las Vegas Freaky Feud p1

Howard Stern Las Vegas Freaky Feud p2

Howard Stern Las Vegas Freaky Feud p3


Debbie Schlussel:President Don Draper?: Romney & Bain Capital

Debbie Schlussel:SICKENING: Cop Who Arrested Obama Uncle Now Dragged Thru Mud

Debbie Schlussel:EXCLUSIVE: “All-American Muslim” Stars Caught by DHS Smuggling Pot Into US

Debbie Schlussel:OUTRAGE: Obama Hands Golden Ticket to Anchor Baby Illegal Aliens

The Upcoming Bloody Civil War


**The Manning Report – 11 January 2012


**Jan. 11, 2012 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN


Obama to ‘take on’ Netanyahu after election?

Justice memo argues Obama recess appointments were legal - TheHill.com

- Aurora Beacon News

Obama’s new czar tied to Occupy, ACORN, MoveOn

Savage to GOP candidates: Say this and you’ll win

Rush: Romney admits he’s just like Obama

Romney Admits he's Just Like Obama, says Rush Limbaugh - YouTube

Is this author blaming U.S. for 9/11?

*12 Jan.

American Minute for January 12th

This Day in History for 12th January

January 12th This Day in History

January 12 Events in History

Today in History: January 12

January 12th in History

Today in History for January 12 - YouTube


The Battle of Bain Capital - By Michael Walsh - The Corner - National Review Online

Wonkbook: Moderation is winning in the Republican primary - The Washington Post

Bill Daley departs administration—Charles Gasparino - NYPOST.com

Marc Lamont Hill: GOP hopefuls playing to usual racial divide - Philly.com

The good, the bad and the ugly poll numbers | Nealz Nuze | www.boortz.com

Political Islam Without Oil - NYTimes.com

Ron Johnson: A 2012 Republican Strategy for Congress - WSJ.com

Why won’t Romney show his money trail? - The Washington Post

Uncle Sam and ethanol - chicagotribune.com

Why the Obamas Should Embrace 'The Obamas' | The Nation

RealClearPolitics - The American Jobs and Growth Agenda

The Next Paul

Romney's Big Controversy: Where's the Tax Return? | Fox Business

RealClearPolitics - Obama Camp Locks In on Romney as Opponent

Rushdie: Still Hounded After All These Years - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

RealClearPolitics - Why Obama's Florida Numbers Should Worry Him

The Nation | The Nation

Captain Planet To The Rescue | Power Line

A Tea Party State of Confusion

RealClearWorld - A Year for Elections, Not Mideast Peace

A covert campaign is the only way to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions | Andrew Cummings | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

More murder of Iranian scientists: still terrorism? - Salon.com

Arab League's indecision is fuelling Assad's belligerence - The National

A Hezbollah Crack-up? | The Weekly Standard

Demise of the military-nation?

Will Iran Really Start a War? | Hoover Institution

Pakistan’s Besieged Government - NYTimes.com

gulfnews : Obama has failed to chart a new course

Asia Times Online :: There's more to peace than Taliban

The challenge of getting the Taliban to the table - The Washington Post

The Commentator - The rise of atheism in Pakistan

Egypt's New Political Equation: The Military, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis - TIME

EPA‘s New List Let’s You Find the Largest Greenhouse Gas Emitters Near You

Did Cops Beat a Canadian Man to Death for Hugging the Wrong Woman?

Furious Nancy Grace Cuts Off Mic of Joran Van Der Sloot’s Friend During On-Air Interview

Listen Limbaugh Loses It on Radio After Seeing Hillary Clinton on TV: ‘Good Lord!’

What Does Rick Santorum Really Think About Romney’s Days at Bain Capital? He Tells Us

Watch Gingrich Defends Romney Attacks During Frustrating Fox Interview

Check Out the 5 Coolest Concept Cars at the Consumer Electronics Show

PBS Radio Producer Explains Why Harry Belafonte’s Anti-Obama Remarks Were Cut From Show

Mormons Weigh in on Their Faith, Politics, & Media Portrayal in Landmark Study

Fed Judge Sides With Teen Atheist & Orders Public School to Remove Prayer Mural

Watch ‘What the Hell Are You Doing Newt?’: Giuliani Rips Gingrich‘s ’Alinsky’ Attacks on Romney

Should We Be Concerned About Google‘s New ’Search, Plus Your World’?

Geraldo Describes Contentious Run-In With PBS Reporter: They’re Planning a Fox News Expose

A Watch That Takes Phone Calls and Posts to Facebook? Here It Is…

EPA Penalizes Refiners For Failing to Use Fuel That ‘Does Not Exist’

Sarah Palin Challenges Romney’s History of Job Creation at Bain

Pop Act Pushes Back: Asian Girl Group Challenges Myanmar’s Ultra-Conservative Values

Zuccotti Park Reopens… But Where Are the ‘Occupiers?’

‘Outrage’: Company Cancels Fence Designed to Look Like a Holocaust-Era Crematorium Barricade

Did Romney Really Compare His Record at Bain Capital to President Obama’s Takeover of GM?

See Pro-Newt Group’s Anti-Romney Film ‘When Mitt Romney Came to Town’ in its Entirety

Watch Iranian Newspaper Calls for Retaliation Against Israel Over Assassination of Nuclear Scientist

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: Capitalism ‘Lacks Logic’ & ‘Is in Decay’

‘Planets Are Like Bunnies’: Astronomers Say Planets Likely to Outnumber Stars in Our Galaxy

Has This Primary Changed Your Opinion on the Citizens United Ruling?

Arsonists Target NJ Rabbi’s Residence with Molotov Cocktails in Attempted Murder

Supreme Court Rules Against Obama Admin: Religious Employees Can’t Sue For Job Discrimination

Czech Gov‘t Approves ’Historic’ Move to Pay Billions to Churches Persecuted Under Communist Rule

The Fed Agency That Paid Out the Most in Stimulus Funds Is…

Ron Paul Has Testy Exchange on MSNBC: You‘re ’Putting Words in My Mouth’

Bald Barbie? Group Lobbies Toy Company for Doll to Help Kids Cope With Cancer

I don't: Gays who wed in Canada 'not married'

US government on pace for smaller deficit in 2012

Judge to declare Natalee Holloway legally dead

Justice Dept says recent recess appointments legal

Romney tells SC voters he's 'pro-life' candidate

Former SD Gov., US Rep. Bill Janklow dead at 72

Netanyahu, Obama talk Mideast peace, Iranian threat

Iranian President says Cuba, Iran think alike

How a self-sufficient America could go it alone

New anti-Romney ad by Gingrich goes to the dog

Politics and the American language

Use of force tops agenda on Iran

Four men convicted of human trafficking

Mitt Romney steps up defense of Bain Capital tenure

New Election Year Comedy Central Show Reminds Us Obama is Awesome

Daily Call Sheet: Six Masterpieces Set for Blu-ray Release, ‘Avatar’ Sequels Delayed, YouTube Set To ‘Redefine TV’

‘Good Morning Vietnam’/'Dead Poets Society’ Blu-ray Review: A Hit and a Competently-Made Miss

Ben Stein Sues Kyosera Printers, Ad Agency for Political Discrimination

‘Straw Dogs’ Then and Now: Old-School Machismo Triumphs Over Navel Gazing Remake

‘Friends with Benefits’ Review: Chemistry, Cast Trump Smug Premise

Found Footage Fever: Reality TV Hits the Big Screen

Occupier Jay-Z Buys Newborn $20K Crib

Your Obama Apologist of the Day: Meryl Streep

Damon Flop Blamed on Obama Critique

Dull Card: Fey, Fallon Preview How Late Night Will Attack Mitt Romney

For Harry Belafonte and Other Progressive Blacks, the Reality of the Obama Presidency Is a Bitter Pill to Swallow

California Lawmaker: Let Boys Be Girls…And Girls Be Boys.

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Ron Paul Kills the Conservative Vote’

AUDIO: The Hidden Perils of Obamacare’s Rules and Regulations

Charter School Competition Prods Pittsburgh School District to Become Leaner, More Effective

Poster Boy for DNC/MSNBC Attacks on Romney Worked with Ted Kennedy to Provoke Strike, Destroy Company

How Government Regulation Creates Wealth Inequality

It’s Not Over Until All ‘57 States’ Vote

Gingrich Says Insider Trading Scandal a ‘Bipartisan Mess’ and Calls for Blind Trusts

Thoughts from a Former Leftist Revolutionary: A Day at the National Holocaust Museum and Memorial

CARTOON: All-of-Us In Wonderland

BREAKING: Palin Urges Romney to Release Tax Returns, Provide Proof of 100,000 Jobs Created at Bain Capital

Ohio Workers Keep Losing Thanks to Big Labor’s Win

Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Were Right to Utilitize So-Called Tax Havens

AEI’s Arthur Brooks: Make the Moral Case for Freedom

Fact Checking David Axelrod: Jeremiah Wright’s Long Career of Hateful Statements Wasn’t Just ‘Selective’ Editing

Breaking – Huge Error Rate In Same Day Election Registrations Found

Baby Abandoned by Protester at #OccupyDC Camp

Occupy Wall Street Rapes: How Many More Victims?

Romney Says His Work at Bain Is Like Obama’s Auto Industry Bailout

Obama’s Daley Blunder

Super PACs Are Better for America Than the Mainstream Media

The Truth Behind The Possible Twinkies Bankruptcy

Current Blames Satellite Provider, Fox, When Customers Reject Channel

Thursday Crib Sheet: DHS Is Monitoring New Media, Editor During Phone Hacking Scandal Calls Breitbart “Evil”

Context-Challenged Media Doesn’t Tell Full Story About Obama’s Fourth-Quarter Fundraising

Contradicting Reports Cast Doubt On Whether Michelle Obama Felt ‘Alone, Frightened and Unsure’ Before DC Move

NewsBusted: Happy 2012!

After Politifact Hits Dems With ‘Lie of the Year’, NPR Suddenly Questions Legitimacy of MSM Fact-Checkers

Snapshot of PolitFact’s Front-Page Priorities: 18 Republicans Fact-Checked, 1 Democrat

The MSM’s “Romney Strategy”

Berkeley Prof Assigns Students To Dig Up FOX News Dirt

Credit Where It’s Due: Washington Post, Los Angeles Times Both Slam Obama’s Foreign Policy Record

Republicans: DebatesRUs

Iranian Filmmaker: 'Michael Moore Is the Most Famous Director in Iran' | NewsBusters.org

Velvet Underground: No banana for Apple! - Entertainment - Music - TODAY.com

Bean Tackles Transsexual Role For New TV Drama

Baldwin Returned To Twitter After Learning Of Online Imposters

Oscars: Five Great Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated

Obama pledges 'Change will come'

ABC's Stephanopoulos Defends Contraception Question, Ties in 'Bet' With Diane Sawyer | NewsBusters.org

Obama Administration Propaganda Lies About Domestic Energy Production

Uncle Sam Plays Three-Card-Mohammed and Guess Who Wins?

Marine Video: Why Doesn’t The Media Blame It On Obama?

Patton Urinated on the Enemy: Ridiculous Hype About Marines Video

Video Of Marines Allegedly Urinating On Dead Going Viral

Covert War In Iran: But Who Is Waging It?

AUDIO: Is Obama Creating a Second-Class Military Force?

An Explosive Year in Iran’s Nuclear Program

BREAKING: Bolton Endorses Romney

Sen. Susan Collins to Navy: Build More Big Warships

Obama’s Defense Strategy Reveals Dangerous Naivete About China’s Military Power and Spending

Discussion of MEDEVAC Regulations Heats Up

The Failure of the Century’s Central Planning Experiments

Why Are Some GOP Presidential Candidates Ignoring Key Questions About Our Military?

Supposedly Bankrupt Greek Government to Reward Pedophiles with Disability Payments


12-Jan-12 World View

11-Jan-12 World View

10-Jan-12 World View


**NEWS VIDEOS: Gingrich Talks Over Fox News Host’s Criticism Of Campaign Strategy

Obama: ‘I’m Not A Perfect Man, Not A Perfect President’

Obama: I Issued Less Regulations Than Bush

Rep Clyburn Compares Romney To Maddoff

Barkley On Tebow Win: ‘National Nightmare Continues’

Giuliani To Newt: ‘What The Hell Are You Doing?’

Al Gore: Global Warming Not Being Campaign Issue Puts ‘Civilization At Risk’

‘What Does FDR Stand For?’ Americans Bungle Basic Presidential History In Hysterical Watters’ World

Stephanopoulos Yuks It Up With Colbert Over Contraception Debate Question

US Investigates Video Of Marines Allegedy Urinating On Taliban Corpses

Hannity Takes On Cornel West Over Herman Cain ‘Crack Pipe’ Remarks

Scarborough: Perry Sounds Like ‘Stoned NYU Grad Student In Zucotti Park’

Deadly ‘Roid Rage’ Rampage Caught On Video

11th/Bolton Endorses Romney

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Palin To Romney: Show Us Your Tax Returns, Prove You Created 100K Jobs

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Romney Defends Bain Days; ‘I’m Happy To Show My Record Of Job Creation’

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People Ride Subway Pantless For No Apparent Reason


*Transcripts/11th/Obama's Speech on Insourcing Jobs

Guests: Rick Perry and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Reporters Discuss Romney's Time at Bain Capital



Romney Super PAC Ad Hits Newt For "Disgusting" Attacks
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Giuliani To Gingrich: "What The Hell Are You Doing, Newt?"
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The Dictator's Handbook
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Murders Signal War On Iran's Nuclear Program
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Japan To Reduce Iran Oil Imports, Supporting U.S.
Protest Over Indonesia Alcohol Law
UN Security Council Reform: Is It Time?
Amb. Bolton: Romney's My Choice


Sarah Palin To Mitt Romney: Prove You Created 100,000 Jobs
Mitt Romney In 2003: Denounces Classical Republican View On Corporations
Brit Hume: Romney "Hard To Stop" Because Of Liberal Support
Krauthammer: Ron Paul "The Man Who Brought Libertarianism Out Of The Wilderness"
Gingrich Super PAC: Gov't Bailed Out Pensions After Bain Raided Them
John Bolton Endorses Mitt Romney
Romney: "I Feel Sorry For Debbie Wasserman Schultz"
Gingrich On Bain Capital: It's A Question Of Character, Not Capitalism
Al Gore: "Civilization At Risk" If Global Warming Is Not A Campaign Issue
Wasserman Schultz: Tax Code Shouldn't Help Those Doing Well Do Better
Sen. DeMint: GOP Should Embrace A Lot Of Libertarian Ideas
Allen West: GOP Must Battle Obama on Recess Picks
Gingrich Ad Slams Romney On Abortion
Ron Paul Adviser: GOP Primary "Basically Now A Two-Man Race"
Perry: Venture Capitalism Is Good, Vulture Capitalism Is Bad
Romney: "It's Going To Be All Guns Blazing In My Direction"
Romney Releases Spanish Language Ad: "Nosotros"
Clyburn: "Income Inequality" Is Not About Envy, But Fairness
"Special Report" Panel On Daley's Resignation
Alter: In S.C., We Will Find Out If There Is Anti-Mormon Bias In The GOP
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Gingrich Web Ad: "Imagine What Obama Would Do With" Romney
Dead People Receive Ballots In NH Primary
Michelle Obama: People Try To Make Me Look Like An "Angry Black Woman"
Wasserman Schultz Mentions AZ Shooting, Says Tea Party's Rise Has Led To "Lack Of Civility"


Progress Toward Security And Stability In Afghanistan
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