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that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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07 February 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."


Unprecedented Demand: Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds
U.S. to Surrender Military Control to UN While Disarming Americans! - YouTube
DHS Insider - Obama’s Cyber Warriors And Preparing For Collapse...
High Time for Hemp | Common Dreams
North Korea video shows US city in flames after missile attack | World news | The Guardian
North Korea threatens to take 'stronger measure' than third nuclear test — RT

The Peoples Chemist/pdf
Why Don't White-Collar Criminals Get Equal Time? | The Nation
How To Kill A Drone: Since Drones Can Kill Americans, Americans Can Kill Drones, Here’s How | _
Grossly Illegal Contradictions
Roi Tov – Obama Codex is State Terror
Pardon [UFO Hacker] Gary McKinnon and Recruit More Hackers, US Government Urged
Nearly Half Of American Families Live On The Edge Of Financial Ruin | ZenHaven
SNOPA Bill Reintroduced To Protect Your Privacy Online : Virtual Threat
Low Interest Rates Impoverish Savers
Daily Kos: Closely-Watched Court Decision Breaks Bad for Wall St. Has A Day of Reckoning Arrived?
What’s behind the punishment for fake guns in schools? « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Record number of Americans buying guns, new FBI figures show | World news | guardian.co.uk
BP hit by new $34bn Deepwater Horizon claim | Business | guardian.co.uk
Imminent Muslim Terror Threat Debunked by New Study
PressTV - The audacity of aggression: The asymmetry of the Zionist strike in Syria
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issues challenge to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei | World news | guardian.co.uk
Ahmadinejad aide arrested as Iranian political schism exposed - Telegraph
PressTV - US awards Israeli Chief of Staff Gantz with 'Legion of Merit'
PressTV - Secret US assassination drone base in Saudi Arabia exposed
Knights of Malta to open soup kitchens in Britain - Telegraph
Sex Trafficking At The Super Bowl, Does 'America's Dirtiest Secret' Tarnish The NFL's Biggest Event? [PHOTOS]
All dogs will now be microchipped, the Government says - Telegraph
UK planning broad online domestic spying regime — RT
Revealed: blue laser 'weapons' being used against police helicopters - Telegraph
We are a "captured nation" - The Pete Santilli Show « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network
Ominous stock trade suggests insider knowledge and warning « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network
Doug Hagmann on The Pete Santilli Show - Wednesday « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network
Blueprint for Destruction - lifting the veil & peering into tyranny « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network
Special: Doug Hagmann "unplugged" on The Keith Hanson Show « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network
The coming war in the Middle East « Northeast Intelligence NetworkNortheast Intelligence Network
Neurologist discovers 'dark patch' inside brains of killers and rapists | Mail Online
Obama: 'No doubt' we need more taxes — RT
Meet Rex: the $1m bionic man with working heart, set of lungs and human face - Science - News - The Independent
How to Escape From the Trunk of a Car » The Homestead Survival
Legalizing Illegality: Americans Too Stupid To Realize Their Fate
Fatal Cyber-Attacks 'are Possible and Plausible' : Virtual Threat
Shocking W.H. Statement ~ 'Wise to kill Americans' - YouTube
Reality Shifts: What Happens to Those Who Slip Between the Cracks of Time and Space? - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Unsavory Truth of Rising Food Fraud and Contamination : Waking Times
High-dose vitamin C 'doubles kidney stone risk' - Telegraph
Sandy Hook DA cites ‘potential suspects,’ fears witness safety | _
Did You See This Tweet from Donald Rumsfeld? | Defense Cuts | Fox Nation
Egypt: no short cuts in democracy | Redress Information & Analysis
Keyes: Gun Control Is Part Of A Plan To Kill Hundreds Of Thousands | XRepublic
Obama Praises Eric Holder: 'What's Your Name Again?' - Home - The Daily Bail
Reality Check: President Obama's Rules for Assassinating U.S. Citizens | XRepublic
Judge Napolitano on Obama's Drone Strike Policy 'This Is the Power Claimed by Kings and Tyrants' | XRepublic
PressTV - US silences national witness who debunked official 9/11 report
Sandy Hook Super Hoax Government Involved | _
Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters :
Obama Kill List: American Children Included — “Bush & Obama Have Set Us Back 800 Years”
JB Williams -- Is Obama Pushing for a Civil War?
Obama Gives Himself Permission To Kill by Andrew P. Napolitano -- Antiwar.com
Activist Post: Mini Dictatorships Form as Creeping Fascism Takes Hold
FDR Pearl Harbor Conspiracy (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The Secret Drone War (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Safety Group Blows Lid on ‘Secret Virus’ Hidden in GMO Crops - 12160 Social Network
The Inconvenient Tooth – There is Poison in the Tap Water (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
MSNBC: “I Love the CFR” - 12160 Social Network
Doug Casey on Medications and Massacres
Why the Postal Service Really Wants to Skip Saturday | _
Rick Santelli: GOP Should Agree With Eisenhower, Cut Spending To Military Industrial Complex | XRepublic
Execution By Air! No Due Process! No Court! No Charges! No Trial! And Relatively Little Oversight! | XRepublic
The War On Charity? - IRS Audits Of Non-Profts Up 79% - Economic 'Downer' On Rise - Stuart Varney | XRepublic
TaxProf Blog: 97% of Chicago Tax Return Preparers Violate City Regulations
The Marijuana Conspiracy: The Reason Hemp Is Illegal by Doug Yurchey
Lawmakers propose liability insurance for U.S. gun owners | _
Why does the Federal Government have a patent for Medical Marijuana? | THC Finder
United States Patent: 6630507
Is the Department of Homeland Security Obama’s Gestapo? - The Lone Star Watchdog | The Lone Star Watchdog
PAUL HARVEY: So God Made A Banker - Home - The Daily Bail
Debate on European Jews’ origin settled? « The Ugly Truth
Butner NC - Madoff Tells of $9 Billion He Stashed Away With Friends: Prisonmate -- VosIzNeias.com
Something ‘Very Bad’ Will Happen In The Next 60 Days: A ‘Mysterious’ Trader Is Betting On It! | _
How the post-Sandy Hook gun control push spectacularly backfired in America
Refreshing News: Thousands of Mali's ancient manuscripts were saved from the fires of radical Islamists by an illiterate 72-year-old librarian who stuffed them into millet bags and smuggled them by cart
Iran Just Released Classified Footage Decoded From A Captured US Drone - Business Insider
OBAMAPHONES for jobless; Contract awarded to Provide free Androids | InvestmentWatch
Connecticut States Atty . "Other Suspects and Safety of Witnesses" reason for sealing Sandy Hook - YouTube
The Real Obama Climate Plan - Home - The Daily Bail
What Actually Are or Will Be Obama’s Foreign Policies in the Vampire-Empire? - BlackListedNews.com
Russian Flyover Prompts Japanese Fighter Jet Scramble As Abe Opens Second “Disputed Island” Front - BlackListedNews.com
College Graduates Are The New Debt Slaves - BlackListedNews.com
3D-Printed Human Embryonic Stem Cells Created for First Time - Yahoo! News
Police shoot two in Torrance in search for ex-LAPD cop - latimes.com
Russell Simmons: The Illuminati Doesn’t Exist (I’m Rich, I Would Know) - BlackListedNews.com
Supermarkets cry foul as FDA proposes new food labeling rule under ObamaCare | Fox News
The Numbers on Plastic Bottles: What do Plastic Recycling Symbols Mean? - BlackListedNews.com
Nearly Half of All US Farms Now Have Superweeds | Mother Jones
All dogs will now be microchipped, the Government says - Telegraph
Russian scientists get 12 years for selling missile secrets to China | Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).
Seoul faces tough choices to contain N.K. nuke threat-The Korea Herald
Drones Can Be Used by Terrorists and Criminals Too | TIME.com
A License to Kill - informationliberation
Imagining a Legal Basis for Obama's Overseas Assassinations - informationliberation
Obama's legal excuse to execute Americans without trial - informationliberation
The philosophy of economics with Stefan Molyneux - informationliberation
Facing the True Cause of Our Economic Problems The Future of Freedom Foundation
Student Loans Going the Way of Housing - informationliberation
Jim Rogers Joins Bill Gross Warning on Treasuries - Bloomberg
Hip Hop: A Free-Market History : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
Counties and Cities Now Nullifying Gun Control
Calif. SEIU Boss Could Be Sentenced to 180 Years in Prison
ObamaCare Food-labeling Mandate to Increase Food Costs
Iran's Ayatollah Spurns Bilateral US Talks
Is it PTSD or Guilt That Afflicts Iraq War Veterans?
2/06/2013 Iran’s Nuclear Politics
2/07/2013 The Jihad That Wasn’t
Iran's supreme leader shuts down possibility of direct nuclear talks with US (+video) - CSMonitor.com
Currency Wars Return, 1930s Style: Who Will Lose Out?
Dick Morris Addresses 2012 Predictions In Interview With Piers Morgan | RealClearPolitics
Woman Allegedly Lied About Baby’s Abduction To Get Cops To Find Stolen Car « CBS Chicago
U.S. Soy Supply at 48-Year Low as Brazil Ships Held: Commodities - Bloomberg
Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi | The Weekly Standard
No Word from Hillary During Benghazi Attack | The Weekly Standard
General on Benghazi: 'We Never Received a Request for Support from the State Department' | The Weekly Standard
Man Quits Job After ’666′ Stamped On W-2 « CBS Atlanta
» DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Aurora movie theater shooting victims being harassed by conspiracy theorists, prosecutors say - NY Daily News
Male Anchors Kiss on 'Today' Show | 'Today' Show | Fox Nation
LaHood: ‘America is one big pothole’ - The Hill's Transportation Report
Prison officials aim to ax required disease tests - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Black Family Claims Disneyland Character Refused To Touch Their Kids « CBS Los Angeles
Brennan Nomination Exposes Criticism on Targeted Killings and Secret Saudi Base
The U.S. Congress: From One Crisis to Another, The Politics of Debt Default
CIA Nominee Defends US Drone Policy
Ahmadinejad, Latest Leader Attacked With a Shoe
Panetta: No Specific Threats Before Benghazi Attack
UN: Afghanistan Bribes Totaled Nearly $4 Billion
Extreme Weather Fluctuations as the Climate Reacts to Geoengineering
GMOs: Not Even in Moderation
Extrajudicial Killing: Official US Policy
Obama to reportedly release legal memos on drone assassination program to intelligence committees
After America Collapses, What Comes Next?
Is the Universe a Computer Simulation?
Big Food Employs Cyber Armies to Confront Critics
Activist Post: Home Video Surveillance Without a Warrant? EFF Asks Appeals Court to Reconsider
What If Atlas Shrugged? by David Deming
The Secret Government by Jack D. Douglas
MI5 to install 'black box' spy devices to monitor UK internet traffic | Mail Online
Silent Circle's latest app democratizes encryption. Governments won't be happy. - Slate Magazine
Rise in Asset Prices All an Illusion – Fabian Calvo by Greg Hunter
Dealing With Biting and Stinging Insects by K.F. - SurvivalBlog.com
Bilderberg Group May Meet in Virginia, Again
Italian Prosecutor Implicates Bilderberg Group and CIA for Massacres in Italy During the Seventies and Eighties
Truth Behind How The Global Elite Will Achieve A New World Order and World Government
Super Bowl 2013 Recap: The Illuminati Agenda Continues
Exit From Massive Silver Base Projects Staggering 1,020% Move
blogdog: Gerald Celente - WHDT Reality Report - February 7, 2013
No new peace proposals in Obama visit to Israel – only Iran, Syria
Shhhh – What The FBI Doesn’t Want You to Know About its Racial Profiling Program
Secret Space War: America’s Former Nazi Scientists Dream of Ruling the World | Global Research
HAARP Exposed On MSM TV! HAARP Rings & Scalar Squares = Frequency Weather Modification | Conspiracy Theories
“What Scares Me Is A Government That Can Confiscate Wealth At Will, Create Wars, & Send Your Kids Off To Fight” | Bull Market Thinking
Obama Gives Foreign Cops New Police Powers in U.S. | The Liberty Beacon
Militias Could Preserve the 2nd Amendment, Not Scissors
Cyber Warfare: US & Chinese Gov Use Hackers To Attack Digital Infrastructure
Beyonce's Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time Show Ritual? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Beyonce's Superbowl Illuminati Hand Sign Inspires Debate, Sarcasm, HuffPost Disinfo | International
Anonymous Has Declared Global Cyber War I (Video) | Politics
FEMA Camps and the Threat of Martial Law Didn’t Start With Obama… | The D.C. Clothesline
Is The DHS Secretly Buying Prisons and Preparing for Martial Law? | The D.C. Clothesline
Sandy Hook A Conspiracy With Loads Of Proof! - Video | Alternative
Every Sandy Hook Cell Phone Video Here! Is This Video The 'Smoking Gun'? | Conspiracy Theories
Is Your Town on the Map? FAA Releases New Drone List Of 81 New Applicants | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Sheriff Joe Arpaio And Steven Seagal Team Up To Stop School Shootings | Alternative
Sharia Law In Streets Of London: Is This What's Coming To America If Barack Obama Has His Way? | Politics
Mobile Phone Antennae Removed from University Over Cancer Risk Fears | Alternative
Jay Leno's Obama/Clinton Cialis Commercial Parody- Video | Opinion - Conservative
Earth Moving In Mysterious Ribbon Of Energy | Space
The Fracked Faulkner Cover-up: House Explosions, Suicides, Miscarriages | Health
21 Foods That Will Reduce Pain, Inflammation And Boost Immunity More Effectively Than Medication | Health
13 Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil | Health
Eat to Dream: Penn Study Shows Dietary Nutrients Associated with Certain Sleep Patterns | Health
Have You Considered Scanners, CBs and Ham Radio for Your SHTF Strategy? | The D.C. Clothesline
WHO ARE The Men In Black At Sandy Hook Elementary | _
Not An Accident? The Esoteric Truth Behind The Occult Ritual Of The Super Bowl Power Outage | International
Sandy Hook – All Four Doors on the Civic were Open – New Evidence | _
Sandy Hook: Multiple Shooters Possible Revealed | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Sandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safety
Kabbalah - How Sex Became Our Religion | Strange
The Real New World Order. Bankers Taking over the World
US Violating Human Rights of Children, Says UN Committee
Chris Kyle, Navy Seal in Iraq: “American Sniper” Gets Sniped
America’s Sniper Fetish
Israel Enters The Syrian Theater: Confronting Iran via the Third Option
9/11: Does the Truth Have a Chance?
Obscuring Israel’s Occupation of Palestine: The Secrets of ‘The Gatekeepers’
Standard and Poor’s Credit Rating Agency Charged With Fraud in Sub-Prime Mortgage Ratings
Breaking the Chains of Debt Peonage
Women in Combat: Behind the Pentagon’s Decision
Military Chief Tries To Scare Sweden Into NATO With Russian Threat
The U.S. Congress: From One Crisis to Another, The Politics of Debt Default
“The War is Worth Waging”: Afghanistan’s Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas
Obamacare: A Deception
U.S. Dollar Collapse: Where is Germany’s Gold?
Police State North America: U.S.-Canada Border Security Agreement. Sharing Biographic and Biometric Data
Film, Literature and the New World Order
New World Next Week - 2013/02/07
Interview 597 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Episode 256 – Gladio Revisited
Common Purpose: Charity or Change Agent?
FISA, Facebook, and the End of Privacy
In Amerika Law No Longer Exists: The Extermination of Truth
White Paper: Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen Who Is a Senior Operational Leader of Al-Qa'ida or An Associated Force
Khamenei rules out US offer for direct talks
Japan Says Russia Violates Its Airspace, Moscow Denies It
Legality of Drone Strikes, Assassinations Under Fire in US
Panetta, Dempsey List Consequences of Sequestration
CIA Nominee Expected To Face Tough Questioning
Brennan Hearing Spotlights Drone Strikes, Secret Base
USS Truman, USS Gettysburg Deployment Delayed
Air Force Nuclear Force Anticipates Budget Constraints

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 6, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 5, 2013
The Federal Reserve Has Become the Government | Dprogram.net
Gerald Celente on USA Watchdog.com | Dprogram.net
Chris Rock: Obama is ‘Boss… Dad of the Country’ | Dprogram.net
Huge Manhunt for Ex-Officer in California Killings
Chicago Auto Show stars clean diesel, safety-alerting seats, plug-in hybrids
Madigan Schedules Hearings On Illinois Gun Legislation
Christie Would Allow Online Gambling Under 10-Year Trial
Closed hearings to continue in Chandra Levy case
Second-generation immigrants better off than parents
Pelosi calls for 'boldest possible' gun legislation
Michelle Obama to attend funeral of slain Chicago girl

National Prayer Breakfast 2013 (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
President Obama Speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast - YouTube

Tunisia political crisis deepens after assassination
Kerry: NK nuke test would raise chance of conflict
Blocking Iran With A Global Game Of Nuclear 'Keep Away'
Google Suit Against IRS Planned Over Domestic Tax Dispute
What would an American-US Airways merger mean for you?
LinkedIn proves it's no Facebook (in a good way)
UK: Lasagna products 60 percent horsemeat
Yahoo Taps Into Google's Ad Network, Expertise
Daughter Given $200 to Quit Facebook
A scampering, hypothetical ancestor causes an evolutionary stir
Earth-like planets next door? Prospect could point to 9.6 billion more
Mental illness, smoking cigarettes linked?
Could Scalp Electrodes Switch Off Depression?
Does Mixing Diet Soda with Liquor Make You More Intoxicated?
Joel McHale talks Chevy Chase's use of the 'n'-word with Howard Stern
Grammys 2013: The Year Of The Dudes?
Marilyn Manson has the flu, collapses during Canada concert
'Star Wars' Yoda Creator Dies: Why His Work Was Cooler Than Any CGI
The Post-Sandy New York City Rat Invasion Everyone Said Wouldn't Happen Has Begun
Try It Now ROB Insight - The Globe and Mail
Studies shed light on Earth-shaking crash that doomed dinosaurs, led to rise of mammals, us | Fox News
Digital Music News - Source: Warner Music Group "Will Be Scrutinized" by European Regulators...
Sign of a financial Armageddon?
DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse
Oppose Obama…Prepare to Die!

TV AD: Imperial President - YouTube

Explosive on a Plane not Transit Police Officer’s Only Blunder
Palestine - Bring On The Elections
The joint Obama-Rove betrayal destined to unite conservatives
Confronting Enemy Force Buildup
Does the U.S. need a National Energy Board?
Making of a Totalitarian State
Islam on the Rise in America
Stop Apologizing for America and Start Promoting Liberty
Obama Goes All the Way Live with His Gay Agenda
Bill O'Reilly Blames Epidemic of Disrespect on Public Schools
Shocker! Public Trust For Fox News Sinks To Record Low
Obama Tells Dem Caucus He's Still Chasing The Grand Bargain
Code Pink Interrupts Brennan CIA Nomination Hearing
Virginia Is For Wackos! Now They Want To Create Their Own Currency
Baby Boomers Take Huge Hit On 401k Plans. Now What?
Five Questions For John Brennan
Billionaire Tax Avoider Penny Pritzker For Commerce Slot?
Kristol: Republicans Should Stop Talking About Rebranding and Stick to Obstructing Obama
Soledad O'Brien Shames Perkins for Defending Gay Scout Ban With Homosexuality-Pedophilia Link
Joe Walsh To Form Tea Party Super PAC to Compete With Rove
Pathway To Citizenship Becomes GOP Roadblock On Immigration Reform
To Drone or Not To Drone? Justifying Extra-Judicial Killings
Petraeus Pal Jill Kelley Also Targeted Steinbrenner Sons
Wingnuts On Parade: Strike Up The Band For Senate GOP Hopefuls
Alabama Lawmaker Pushing 'Personhood' Because 'Aborted Babies' Might Go to Hell
Karl Rove Pokes Tea Party Hornets' Nest
Not Funny: 'Community' Star Says Chevy Chase Combative on Set
Bradley Cooper to Meet with VP Biden on Mental Illness Matters
Sheriff Arpaio, Steven Seagal Team Up to Train School Volunteers in Gun Use
Kim Kardashian Tweets Pic of Diamond Encrusted Handgun
Intellectually Indifferent Jon Stewart Calls GOP 'Stupid'
Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Plea Deal to Include 'Significant Jail Time'
Levin Will Force Hagel Vote
HHS Official: Melgen Thought He 'Was Untouchable' Because of Menendez
Rove Aide Mocks Conservatives
House Bill Would Create 'National Nurse'
Suspected Mass-Murderer's Manifesto Endorses Hillary, Obama, Gun Control, Elite Media
ICE Rep: Agents Prevented from Enforcing Law by Special Interest Influences
Rubio to Continue GOP Outreach with Bilingual SOTU Response
Hagel Disqualifies Himself from Defense Job
Dem Congressman Warns U.S. 'Mob Scene' Imminent Without 'Equity'
House Passes Bill Requiring Obama Submit PLAN to Balance Budget
Colleges Falsifying Incoming Students Test Scores
Bank of America: You Shouldn't Be Selling Guns on the Internet
Founder of Ground Zero Mosque Accused of Taking $3 Million from Mosque Fund
GOP: Menendez Spending 87% of Wealth to Pay for Flights Raises Questions
Conflict of Interest? Obama Transit Board Chair Investigating Husband's Company's Competitor
Inhofe Will Actively Work to Defeat Hagel Nomination
Exclusive--Senate Letter: No Vote Until Hagel Hands Over Info on Foreign Cash
Rubio to Deliver Bilingual State of Union GOP Response
Geithner Shops Tell-All Book to Blast Critics
NBC Stars Admired By Alleged L.A. Killer Falsely Linked Palin to Tucson Killings
US Magazine Circulation Flat Despite Digital Gains
CNN Stars Admired by L.A. Murder Suspect Falsely Linked Palin to Tucson Killings
Piers Morgan: L.A. Murder Spree Has 'Nothing To Do With Politics'
Rogue Cop Praised Piers Morgan; CNN Host Blames 'Deranged Criminality'
Media Bistro Readers on Menendez: 'He Probably Did It'
Koch Industries Responds to 'Misleading' UK Articles
Should CNN's Obese Employees Be Publicly Shamed Into Losing Weight?
CNN Enters Day Three of Partisan 'Christie Is Fat' Narrative
Candy Crowley Out at CNN?
Saad Hariri: 'Friend' of Hamas, Supporter of Hagel
Sen. Levin Wants Vote on Hagel 'As Soon as We're Ready'
Panetta: Obama AWOL on Night of Benghazi Attack
Secret Hagel Donor?: White House Spox Ducks Question on 'Friends of Hamas'
Ayatollah Responds to US Overtures: Thanks But No Thanks
Brennan Nomination to CIA Offers Rare Chance for Bipartisan Unity--in Opposition
Pentagon to Propose Smaller Pay Raise for US Troops
Iran Supreme Leader Rejects US Offer of Talks
Iran's Ahmadinejad Attempts Reconciliation with Egypt
Sequester Cuts: Navy to Ground Blue Angels
Sunni Muslims Throw Shoe at Iranian President
World View: Riots in Tunisia After Assassination
Report: Brennan Negotiated to Establish Secret Drone Base in Saudi Arabia
Michele Flournoy Presents Bipartisan Option for Secretary of Defense
Budget Cuts Make US Scale Back to One Carrier in Gulf: Officials
Iranians Can ‘Wipe Out’ Israel if Attacked: Ahmadinejad
Assassination Power & Outlawry
Hoist upon their own Climate of Hate petard
Why Do Republicans Insist on Airing Their Dirty Laundry In Public?
Mansions in Heaven? | Prophecy
No Deal! Bishops to Administration: You Can't Force Lay Catholics to Act Against Faith | CNS News
Obama:‘I Often Search Scripture to Figure Out How I Can Be a Better Man as Well as Better President' | CNS News
Clinton and Panetta Never Talked During Benghazi Terror Attacks | CNS News
Obama: Prayer Breakfast ‘Forgotten on the Same Day as the Prayer Breakfast’ | CNS News
White House: GOP Cuts Harm ‘Seniors, Middle Class, Disabled Kids’ to Benefit Oil Companies | CNS News
Utah Governor: 'I Do Agree' That Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate Violates Religious Liberty | CNS News
Former Special Forces Commander: DOD Could Have Flown Rescue Team From Tripoli to Benghazi; DOD: State Dept. Decided Whether and What to Fly | CNS News
Pew: 53% of Americans Now Say Government Threatens Their Rights and Freedoms | CNS News
Chinese State Media Say North Korea Must ‘Pay a Heavy Price’ for a Nuclear Test | CNS News
Breasts, Buttocks Banned by CBS from Grammys | CNS News
Rare baseball card brings $92K in Maine auction | CNS News
Amanda Peet Defends Gun Control, But ‘I Have a Lot of Friends Who Own Guns’ | CNS News
EU Reacts Cautiously to Finding That Hezbollah Was Behind Bulgaria Bombing | CNS News
Rep. McDermott: Thanks to Medicare, 'My Brothers and Sisters and I Did Nothing for' Our Parents | CNS News
Interior Secretary Nominee ‘Not Proud’ of ‘Commuting Footprint’ of REI Employees | CNS News
Sen. Rand Paul: Reagan’s Foreign Policy Was Robust, But Also Restrained | CNS News
Panetta: ‘This Is No Way to Govern the United States of America’ | CNS News
Major Networks Ignore News of Increased Costs of ObamaCare | NewsBusters
Coulter Column: The Republicans' Primary Problem | NewsBusters
Karl Rove Is Not a Conservative | CNS News
Lefty New Media Lampooned In Mock White House Press Conference Video | CNS News
Panetta Tells Ayotte: He Talked to Obama Only Once on Night of Benghazi Attack | CNS News
Brennan Avoids Calling Waterboarding Torture
Panetta Defends Military Response in Libya Attack
Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Libya Attack
CIA Nominee Urged against Bin Laden Attack in 1998
Dick Morris to CNN: Divorce From Fox 'Not Final, But I'm Seeing Other People'
Second-Generation Immigrants Overtaking U.S. Population Success
GOP's Mulvaney: Only Thing Worse Than Sequestration Cuts ‘Would Be No Cuts At All’
Rove’s Conservative Victory Project to Take Anonymous Donations
James Rickards: Collapse of the Global Monetary System Ahead
Foods That Stop Pain
Genetic Cause Found for Clogged Arteries
Federal Reserve among Government's 'Prophets' and Losses
A Rand Paul Presidency: Sizing Up Islam, Israel
Closest Earth-like Planet 'Stroll across Park'
Assassin in Chief?
A Sleepy Compliance with Tyranny
'Skeeterism' and Obama's Columbia Years
Why Liberals Hate Inequality
Armed Citizens are Responsible Citizens
If the Constitution Doesn't Matter...
Another Anti-Muhammad filmmaker could be deported to Pakistan to face an imminent death
Bill introduced in Idaho that makes reading 'Atlas Shrugged' a requirement for graduation
Iranian financial aid offered to Egypt
Is there ever a good reason to allow the killing of American citizens without due process?
On Hatred: Good Riddance Josef Mengele
Plea deal in Jesse Jackson, Jr. case includes 'significant' jail time
Apparently Tony Bennett also left his brain in San Francisco
Just 6 in 10 young people employed; half part-time
Diana West Interviewed about Failed Hedegaard Assassination Attempt
Yes Rush, There Is Resistance to Obama!


Video: ObamaCare Broken Promises: Michelle Malkin Debates Juan Williams
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Video: Ann Coulter to Obama: 'Screw You! You Don't Think We Care About The Children?'
Video: Muslim Patrol in London: 'The Police can go to Hell!'
Real Clear World - Video - EU's Double Parliament Cost Tax Payers Millions
The Big Question: What's Holding Back the US Economy? | RealClearPolicy
Real Clear Markets - Video - Is Washington Taking Its Toll on Markets?
Real Clear Markets - Video - Cashin: 'Two-Headed Monster' for Stocks
Real Clear Markets - Video - $5 a Gallon Gas Hits California
Real Clear Markets - Video - Is There a Case Against Standard & Poor's?

Majority Says the Federal Government Threatens Their Personal Rights | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Blimps to bolster Washington's air shield in test | Reuters
Bizarre New Arab Conspiracy Theory Ties Muslim Brotherhood to Jews – Forward.com
America in Strategic Retreat from the Mideast
State of the Global Jihad Online
Obamacare’s Fiscal Nightmare | Hoover Institution
Reform Government Pay with Step Decreases — The American Magazine
How Not to Fix Immigration | The American Conservative
Debunking Nature’s arguments for Keystone | Grist
The Warrior King - By Micah Zenko | Foreign Policy
Obama's Post-Election Pivot on Syria - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
The National Security Challenges that the U.S. Drone Campaign Can't Solve - David Rohde - The Atlantic
Mali and Fighting al Qaeda in the Post-bin Laden Era - World Report (usnews.com)
Lawmakers expected income tax to fail — a bad deduction - latimes.com
Trading the market’s ‘great rotation’ - MarketWatch
It's politicians vs. the rally - 1 - - MSN Money
How a Nation Got Snookered by a Phony Narrative - Bloomberg
On The Economy, Central Planners' Best Guesses Aren't Very Good At All - Investors.com
Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up: How To Talk To Wall Street: Like 2 Year-Olds
The Case Against Banking’s Case for Less Capital - Bloomberg
The Brilliance of the Dog Mind: Scientific American
Epiphenom: Atheists lack empathy and understanding
The Stubborn American Who Brought Ice to the World - Reid Mitenbuler - The Atlantic
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BBC News - Poaching boom sees thousands of elephants killed in Gabon
No Lions And Witches---The Pantry Leads To Chemistry
35 Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Sudan Necropolis | LiveScience
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» Citizen Presents Eloquent Defense of 2nd Amendment Before Bureaucrats: Video Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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7 February

William J Federer's American Minute for February 7th
February 7 Events in History
What Happened on February 7th This Day in History
This Day in History for 7th February | HistoryOrb.com
Today in History: February 6
Today in History: February 7
Today in History for February 7th - YouTube


February 7

Jon Stewart: Obama Only Transparent About The Last Guy's Secrets
McConnell: Take Advantage Of Divided Government To Solve Our Economic Challenges
"Special Report" Panel On ObamaCare's Effects In 2013
Lt. Col. Bill Cowan: Slippery Slope Could Allow Drone Killings Of Americans Inside U.S.
Kornacki: Gun Control Will Be An Issue In 2014 Elections
O'Reilly: "There Is An Epidemic Of Disrespect In America"
Corn: U.S. Has Right To Kill Traitors With Drones

February 6

Rand Paul At The Heritage Foundation: Restoring The Founders' Vision Of Foreign Policy
Krauthammer: If You Take Up Arms Against The United States You Have Forfeited Your Rights
Dick Morris Addresses 2012 Predictions In Interview With Piers Morgan
Carney: Drone Strikes Have "Significantly Limited Civilian Casualties"
Michelle Malkin vs. Juan Williams On Obama's List Of Broken Promises
Santorum On 2016: "Definitely Not A No"
Tony Bennett: Without Gun Control, U.S. May Turn Into Nazi Germany
Scarborough: Colin Powell "Absolutely Necessary" For Republican Party
Ed Henry Confronts Carney For "Dancing Around Question" On Drones
Kirsten Powers: Obama Might Be "Worse" Than Bush With Drone Policies
House Dem: Republicans "Taking Food Out Of The Mouths Of Babies"
Mark Levin: Rove, Establishment Need "A Hard, Swift Kick In The Ass Off The Public Stage"
Chris Christie To Fmr. WH Doctor Worried About His Weight: "Shut Up"
NY Republican On Gun Control: Hitler Would Be Proud Of Gov. Cuomo
Napolitano On Obama Drone Program: "This Is The Power Claimed By Kings And Tyrants"
Dem Congressman Warns Of "Mob Scenes" Without "Equity In Society"
BuzzFeed Brews With Marco Rubio
Jon Stewart Mocks Republicans For Rebranding Attempt
Scarborough Rips "American King" Obama's "Chilling" Drone Program
Chris Rock: President Obama Is "Our Boss" And A "Dad"
Rachel Maddow Questions Obama Drone Program: "Who Is A Bad Guy?"
O'Reilly: GOP Should "Aggressively Counter-Attack Liberal Politics"
"Special Report" Panel On Rebranding The Republican Party
Schultz: Drone Rules Don't Meet "Moral Or Constitutional Standard"
Matthews: Eric Cantor Wants Gov't "To Be A Helicopter Mom" On College Courses
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