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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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26 February 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

The Battle of Los Angeles - 71st Anniversary (Today) | EYEWITNESS REPORT (Pt 1)
The Battle of Los Angeles - 71st Anniversary (Today) | EYEWITNESS REPORT (Pt 2)

Inside 9/11 - Hijacking the air defense - YouTube
Vets Are the Last Line of Defense Against Tyranny | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
13,753 Gov’t Requests for Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without a Warrant | CNS News
Islamic Butchery Manifests In America With Muslim Immigrants
Money value 'falls 67% in 30 years' | UK | News | Daily Express
Permaculture Topsoil Erosion
Einstein Debunked: The Theory Of Anti-Relativity « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
SkyCop: the creepy technology that could place your city under pervasive surveillance | End the Lie – Independent News
Americans Die Younger: US Ranks Low in World Health Report - Waking Times : Waking Times
Wave of 'Ag-Gag' Laws Aimed at Criminalizing Whistleblowers and Keeping Consumers in the Dark - Waking Times : Waking Times
Lobbyist: Use Drones to Kill Americans on U.S. Soil - YouTube
Roi Tov – Associated Press Self-Defense Guide against American Killer Drones
DHS-Funded Drone Spies On Private Gun Sale - YouTube
PressTV - US silenced ex-White House official on terror drone program
Medicare Can't Be Fixed Or Saved
Robert Gibbs: I was told ‘not even to acknowledge the drone program’ — MSNBC
US farmers flood fields with dangerous poison to fight Monsanto superweeds | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Conn. lawmakers ask Zuckerberg to take down Newtown Facebook pages - Washington Times
PressTV - US officials secretly visited N Korea
Blank page
John Kerry invents country of Kyrzakhstan - Telegraph
Out-of-control Police pointed loaded guns at reporters, bicyclists, pedestrians and bystanders in CA during Dorner manhunt
The 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' Is Running Dry | Common Dreams
Bradley Manning and the Appalling Silence of Gay, Inc. » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
PressTV - US officials secretly visited N Korea
Cultural Relativism and Ethical Obscurity
Oregon Claims State Ownership Over all Rainwater | Consciousness TV
Devvy Kidd -- Medicare can't be fixed or saved
Wounded Knee -
Homeschoolers Barred from H.S. Sports but Illegal Immigrant Peers Play On
Jonestown - CIA Mind Control 1 of 2 - YouTube
Dr H. J. Roberts, Father Of The Anti-Aspartame Drive, Passes
2009: White House — ‘We control news media’
Gibbs: I was told not to acknowledge existence of drone program | The Ticket - Yahoo! News
Drones - Web Press GRILLS Obama - YouTube
Gaining Momentum: Now 44 Gun Companies Have Stopped Selling to Law Enforcement In Anti-2nd Amendment States | TheBlaze.com
Obama Administration Moves Forward on Climate Change Without Congress - US News and World Report
Majority of U.S. citizens say illegal immigrants should be deported - Yahoo! News
All Wars Are Bankers' Wars - YouTube
Coup D’├ętat Within The White House? - The Lone Star Watchdog | The Lone Star Watchdog
Kim Dotcom's Mega to expand into encrypted email | Technology | guardian.co.uk
SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD - YouTube
Poisoning WA, Oscars Propaganda, TPP Secrecy, Tour de Peace - YouTube
9/11 victim's family attacks Zero Dark Thirty makers for using a recording of their son's voice in movie against their wishes | Mail Online
Media Fakes War Propaganda | Weapons of Mass Distraction - YouTube
Spielberg's Hoax - The Last Days of The Big Lie - YouTube
RFK - Bloodline Assassins (2013 Full Documentary) - YouTube
Government to make Internet Users Criminals(S.O.P.A.) - YouTube

The Strange Death of Vincent Foster « Underground Documentaries
Mass Media Conspiracy: Lies, Hoaxes & Manipulation (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Refreshing News: 11 Most Fraudulent Foods
IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family - Home - The Daily Bail
Govt Claims 401(k)s Through “Office of Older Americans?” – Senate Hearings Already Held: National Retirement Accounts |
60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child | The Liberty Beacon
WATCH: Holder Questioned Over Assassination Policy On U.S. Citizens - Home - The Daily Bail
NSA Whistleblower: 'Everyone Is Under Virtual Surveillance' - Home - The Daily Bail
Secret War Crimes - Maddow Pounds Robert Gibbs On White House Refusing To Answer Legal Question About Drone Use | XRepublic
The Shadow-Fighting POTUS: Fact-Checking the President’s Sequestration Attacks |
Activist Post: US is a Third World Hellhole ... According to Police
US Internet providers start spy program to stop file-sharing — RT USA
Video: DHS-Funded Drone Spies On Private Gun Sale :
Where Has All The Ammo Gone? |
Cardinal Levada: Cardinal Mahony Should Help Select Pope
Understanding Arctic Melt | Real Science
The U.S.'s Stealth Fighter Is Too Heavy and Slow, So the Pentagon Made Its Performance Tests Easier | Motherboard
There's A String Of Child Sex Abuse Scandals Surrounding Some Of Those Who Will Pick The Next Pope | XRepublic
IMF: ‘World Economy Could End as We Know It …’ |
US Supreme Court refuses to let Americans challenge FISA eavesdropping law — RT USA
Jack Lew Gets Big Wall Street Bonus For Replacing Geithner - Home - The Daily Bail
Ben Swann: "Today America is questioning, America is waking up, and you are a part of it. You are the reason liberty is rising." | XRepublic
US Supreme Court Refuses to Let Americans Challenge Eavesdropping Law :
The U.S.'s Stealth Fighter Is Too Heavy and Slow, So the Pentagon Made Its Performance Tests Easier | Motherboard
CDC bioterror labs cited for security flaws in audits
Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads - New York News | NYC Breaking News
US State Department-Funded BBC World Service “Jammed” in China - BlackListedNews.com
Wave of ‘Ag-Gag’ Laws Aimed at Criminalizing Whistleblowers and Keeping Consumers in the Dark - BlackListedNews.com
GMO Seed Freedom or Freedom from GMO Seeds – Which Will It Be? | Farm Wars
They Want To Tag Us Before They Bag Us | Farm Wars
Sweet Basil: Growing Your Own Medicine
Green Tea Shown to Protect against Digestive Cancer
Black Tea Consumption Linked to Decreased Diabetes Risk
Start Juicing for Complete Rejuvenation and Boosted Health
U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as hidden, unlabeled additive in milk, yogurt, eggnog and cream
Household chemicals cause cancer, birth defects, wide range of health issues, WHO study admits
Creating Art from Sand (Video) | Literary & Visual Arts | Arts & Entertainment | Epoch Times
Food Stamps Available for Pets Across US | New York City | United States | Epoch Times
Polluted America: GMO Manmade Biological Threats, Plant Diseases, Germ Warfare
Historic 911 Court Case: Through Media Disinformation, BBC Supports “The Practice of Terrorism”
US Sponsored Coup d’Etat: The Destabilization of Haiti
Ottawa’s “Secret Memo”: Canada’s Role in Haiti’s February 2004 Coup d’Etat
9/11 Horsham Court Case: “BBC’s Reporting made it Complicit in Acts of Terrorism”
Multibillion Weapons Exports: Germany Arms the Persian Gulf Monarchies
Oscar to Hollywood’s “Argo”: And the Winners are … the Pentagon and the Israel Lobby
Anti-Iran Propaganda? The Shortsighted History of Oscar Winning Film ‘Argo’
Limitless Surveillance and the Death of Privacy: Inside the FISA/Echelon Spy Grid
2013 Academy Award Nominations: “And the Winner is … The CIA”
9/11 Court Case in Horsham Today: BBC Must Answer Allegation Regarding the Covering up of Information
Hollywood History: CIA Sponsored “Zero Dark Thirty”, Oscar for “Best Propaganda Picture”
+ BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 26, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 25, 2013
Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson-“North Korea: Cold War Cash Cow or Legitimate Threat?”
The EyeOpener- Argentina: In the Shadow of the IMF
Fischer: No constitutional or God-given right to ‘immoral’ gay sex
Music sales rise globally for the first time since 1999
Comet could collide with Mars in 2014
Boehner urges Senate to get ‘off their ass’ and do something on sequester
Maddow pushes Gibbs on drones: ‘How can the law be classified?’
Court to determine if Craig’s airport bathroom sexcapade was official Senate business
Tech giant Qualcomm: ‘Augmented reality’ is more than just ‘digital gimmickry’
Pope Benedict XVI accelerated conservative ideology in Latin America
Obama’s Israel Trip: Ignore the Hype, It’s Four More Years of Settlement Growth
War on Terror is the West's New Religion
Killer Robots Must Be Stopped, Say Campaigners
Corrupt Capitalism The Denial of Equality of Opportunity
World Powers Make Updated Nuclear Offer to Iran
Pope Prays, Packs Ahead of Vatican Departure
The U.S. Supreme Court: Architects of the American Police State - informationliberation
The Power to Assassinate a Compliant and Submissive People - informationliberation
The Copyright Propaganda Machine Gets a New Agent: Your ISP - informationliberation .
Employers Dropping Spousal Coverage to Avoid ObamaCare Fees
Obama Pushing Trans-Atlantic Union with EU
Putin’s KGB/FSB Converging with New IMF Banking FSB
2/25/2013 Who Funds the War Party?
Are the Government's Dietary Guidelines Making Us Obese?
How Many Buckets of Freedom Do You Have?
Who Will Save The Honey Bee? EU Mulls Pesticide Ban While US Set to Approve More
End Military Draft Registration to Cut Wasteful Spending, Say Congressmen
Human Hormones Are Being Eclipsed By Synthetic Chemicals
Solutions for Peace and Freedom During an Engineered Apocalypse
10 Scientific Dogmas That Should be Questioned to Support Our Evolution
Bill to Reschedule Marijuana for Patient Protection Introduced in Congress
Vets Are the Last Line of Defense Against Tyranny
Obama Admin Aims Keyboard Commandos at Gun Control
U.S.-EU Trade Deal is the Foundation For a New Global Economic Order
Your Virtual Life is Not Real
Picking the Next Pope
Even 90% of French Wines Contaminated with Heavy Pesticides
Dead, Lifeless Food
When They Came for the Raw Milk Drinkers… by Ron Paul
Progressives Love Guns (and Other Things They Don’t Teach in Government School) by James Ostrowski
Paul Krugman and Zombie Financial History by William L. Anderson
Two Views of Libertarianism by Laurence M. Vance
The U.S. Supreme Court: Architects of the American Police State by John W. Whitehead
Stunning Video: More Proof That Obama Is Gay | Obama
100 Million Years Old Giant Skull And Teeth Found Embedded In Coal | Beyond Science
Prepper Checklist: DIY Cleaning Supplies | Self-Sufficiency
Who Is Obama? | Alternative
Google Deletes Clear UFO Over Cape Of Good Hope On Google Earth, UFO Creates Lightning | Beyond Science
Anti Conspiracy Theorists
Proof: Man Proves He Lived Before | Beyond Science
Joe Arpaio After Obama In Earnest Investigating Fake SS# Name Harry Bounel | Obama Birthplace Controversy
Skull & Bones, Now vs. Then | Conspiracy Theories
Taking Omega-3 Supplements May Help Prevent Skin Cancer, New Study Finds | Health
Argentina: In the Shadow of the IMF
Interview 613 - Radio Liberty: The Austerity Conundrum
The FISA/Echelon Panopticon
Sen. Ron Johnson: If Boehner Caves, "He Will Lose His Speakership" | RealClearPolitics
Obama: 'You Can't Do Things By Yourself' | The Weekly Standard
Oscars: Seth MacFarlane won't host again, he says | PopWatch | EW.com
Napolitano: Sequester cuts will make US more vulnerable to terrorist attack - The Hill's Video
Sequestration Would Mean Fewer Meals On Wheels In MN « CBS Minnesota
Meet The Guy Who Is Trying To Sell Photos Of Incinerated Cop Killer Christopher Dorner In A Body Bag | The Smoking Gun
» City Wants Power to “Disarm Individuals” During Crisis Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
ABC broadcast edits out Michelle Obama claim that Chicago teen was killed by an ‘automatic weapon’ | WashingtonExaminer.com
Accused Killers Confessed to Having Sex on the Bodies, Police Reports Reveal - Joliet, IL Patch
News from The Associated Press
Kanye West Goes On Mid-Concert Rant Against President Obama, Corporations « CBS DC
Gov. Christie to announce expansion of Medicaid in budget speech, sources say | NJ.com
Scientists Claim 72 Is the New 30
Seen At 11: New Yorkers Seek Relief From Common Ailments Through IV Drips « CBS New York
Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads - New York News | NYC Breaking News
NYPD: Murder Is Down Because Of Our Facebook Surveillance | Popular Science
IRS Should Bar Dark Money Groups From Funding Political Ads, Lawsuit Says - ProPublica
U.S. Drone and Surveillance Flight Bases in Africa Map and Photos | Public Intelligence
9 top threats to cloud computing security | Cloud security - InfoWorld
The Wrong Direction – Michael Rivero
Wide Awake News with Sheriff Richard Mack | Dprogram.net
Gerald Celente & The Trends Journal – “History Before It Happens” | Dprogram.net
Adam Vs The Man – Hosted by Darrell Young | Dprogram.net
Adam VS the TSA (and their one-armed man) | Dprogram.net
Ron Paul: Dollar Collapse Imminent! | Dprogram.net
The secret at the bottom of psychiatry’s rabbit hole | Dprogram.net
Govt Preps For Soviet Style Purge Of Americans - Red Alert From Alex Jones & Infowars | Alternative
Giving Makes People Happier Than Recieving | Beyond Science
Feinstein on Gun Control: 'All The Police' Support My Gun Ban
Let's Dance!: Malkin Mocks Michelle Obama's 'Mom Dancing'
How To 'Outreach' To Minorities: Treat Them Like Adults
Higher Minimum Wages
Testimony: DHS No Longer Uses Control of Border as Measure of Border Patrol | CNS News
Boehner to Senate: Get Off Your Ass and Deal With Sequester | CNS News
Bernanke: Government Must 'Eventually' Decrease Debt-to-GDP Ratio | CNS News
Real Defense Department Spending Up 54 Percent in 10 Years | CNS News
DOJ to Federal Judge: We Can Force Your Wife to Violate Her Religion | CNS News
Boehner Tells Senate to Get ‘Off Their Ass’ and Deal With Sequester | CNS News
Congresswoman to Obama: ‘Stop Scaring People’ | CNS News
Kerry to American Diplomats: 'We Are Also Citizens of the World' | CNS News
Hoyer Rejects Idea of Targeted Spending Cuts | CNS News
EPA Discovers Its 'Renewable Fuels' Program Is Vulnerable to Fraud | CNS News
Frederick Douglass Society President: ‘Direct Correlation Between Gun Control and Black People Control’ | CNS News
U.N.: 50.1 Percent of Afghans Bribed a Government Official in 2012 | CNS News
US stopping use of term 'Negro' for census surveys | CNS News
New Obamacare Regulation Invites Whistleblower Complaints | CNS News
Virginia Tech Survivor Turned Gun Control Activist Not Surprised by NRA’s Fundraising Success | CNS News
Gun Control Activist Who Was Shot at VaTech: ‘College Campuses Actually One of the Safest Places You Can Be’ | CNS News
Top General: Protecting U.S. from 'Catastrophic Attack' is Lower Priority than Protecting 'Global Economic System' | CNS News
Gov. Jan Brewer Says Obama's 2nd Term Will Be 'Real Scary Time for America' | CNS News
Obama to Governors: '...Clear Out the Press So We Can Take Some Questions' | CNS News
Strange New Conservative Respect for Bob Woodward? | NewsBusters
Walter E. Williams Column: How Hiking the Minimum Wage Hurts Teens, Blacks, and the Poor the Most | NewsBusters
Kerry Defends Karzai’s 'Legitimate Evaluations' of ISAF After Karzai Kicks Out U.S. Special Forces | CNS News
Napolitano on Sequester: Americans ‘Want to Think Their Borders Are Secure’ | CNS News
Bernanke: Government Must 'Eventually' Decrease Debt-to-GDP Ratio | CNS News
Military Leaders Say Congress Must Stop Sequester
O'Reilly: Limbaugh Wrong Left Has Won
LIGNET: Italian Election Sparks New Euro Crisis
Sessions: Obamacare Will Boost Deficit By $6.2 Trillion
Wave of Immigrants Released Ahead of Looming Budget Cuts
Christie Apparently Snubbed By CPAC Organizers
Obama to Further Disarm U.S. Nuclear Weaponry
Benedict to Be ‘Pope Emeritus’ — a Title Dismissed by John Paul
Boehner: Obama Using Military as 'Prop' in Sequester Debate
Ros-Lehtinen, Prominent Conservatives Join Gay Marriage Court Fight
Graham Faces Trouble at Home Over Immigration Stance
Best-Selling 2010 Book Said Pope John Paul II Considered Resigning
Chicago Gangs Recruited by Farrakhan as 'Soldiers' of Nation of Islam
Needy Owners Could Feed Their Pets Using Animal Food Stamps
Chicago Votes in U.S. House Race Dominated by Gun Control Issue
Hillary PAC Adds Personnel
Iran, World Powers Begin Nuclear Talks
Google Extends Social Web Reach to Counter Facebook's Rise
Nuclear Iran Is Beyond Frightening
Why Black Voters Are Politically Irrelevant
Prosecutors: Cabbie who assaulted passenger also charged in 2nd attack
(720p HD) Seth MacFarlane Controversial Song About Boobies!! Oscars 2013 - YouTube
Barbara Walters will return to 'The View' next week
Morrissey cancels Jimmy Kimmel appearance over 'Duck Dynasty'
Hoodie Vigil for Trayvon Martin
Female classmates say they felt safe with accused 'Cannibal Cop'
Chicago unites in fury at Bloomberg intervention in special election
Surveillance law: US group can't challenge it, Supreme Court rules
Republicans urge Dems to rip PAC's racial comments about McConnell's wife
Hicks: Michelle Obama's Oscar dress digitally altered by Iranian news agency
Meg Whitman, other conservatives line up against Proposition 8 in U.S. Supreme Court - San Jose Mercury News
Egypt hot air balloon crash kills 19 tourists
Egypt balloon accident kills 19 tourists - YouTube
Dennis Rodman tests out 'basketball diplomacy' in North Korea
Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program to Move Into Second Day
Benedict to be called 'emeritus pope,' wear white
Kerry, Russian Counterpart Lavrov Talk About Syria
'In America, You Have a Right to Be Stupid,' Kerry Says in Defense of Free Speech
Pistorius to hold memorial for Steenkamp
Obama urges Egyptian leader to protect democracy
Vatican's 'own house has to be put in order' by pope, says Murphy-O'Connor
China takes aim at extravagance in military spending
NATO: No Evidence of Afghan Misconduct Claims
Russian, Ukrainian Hostages Freed In Nigeria
ICC Kenyatta trial 'may be delayed' on defence complaint
Instagram surpasses 100 million monthly users
Report: Google Has No Plans for Retail Stores
Microsoft finally ships Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7
Copyright Alert System Launches, U.S. ISPs to Get Infringement Notices This Week
Pentagon Unveils Secure Mobile Device Plan
What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2013
Microsoft to launch Surface tablet in Japan
Bernanke says Fed stimulus benefits clear, downplays risks
Wall Street ends up on Bernanke comments, housing
Billionaire launches plans for Titanic replica
Tribune Co hires bankers to sell newspapers: source
Our full moon's "little friend" Feb 2013 What is it?? - YouTube
The people of Earth have spoken: One of Pluto's moons should be named Vulcan
Scientists Spot Possible Remains Of "Rodinia," Ancient Lost Microcontinent
How Dinosaurs Grew the World's Longest Necks
Connecting the Neural Dots
5 things you may not know about olive oil
Mediterranean Diet Could Help Reduce Heart Disease - YouTube
Expert panel says vitamin D, calcium supplements may not help against fractures
Lack of sleep may make genes less active
More Men Becoming Nurses
Eating Disorders Awareness program available
New guidelines released for treating children's ear infections
Slow-growing babies 'catch-up' by teens
Why Are Teen Pregnancy Rates So Low in North Dakota? Fracking.
Symantec uncovers an older version of Stuxnet, proving it is directly related to Flame | VentureBeat
Chris Bosh's incredible performance in computer coding PSA
Does Marissa Mayer Know Something We Don't? - Forbes
World's First Smartphone-Satellite, Google Nexus One-powered Satellite Blast into Space
Obama: ‘You Can’t Do Things By Yourself’
RUSH: Democrats Hoping For Sequester Disaster So They Will Be Validated
Limbaugh Predicted It: Why Should There Be Profit In Healthcare?
Rush On Te’o: Nothing Odd About Fake Girlfriend In Love With Guy Pretending To Be The Fake Girlfriend
RUSH: Michelle Obama Giving Award To Argo Like Colonel Sanders Giving Award For Humanitarianism To Chickens
The 10K College Degree
A Quarter Of The US Have More Debt Than Savings
The Overnight ‘Greening’ of Washington, D.C.
Obama: Marxist Revolutionary
White House Dumps a Diaper Load on Sequestration
True Life in Washington comes from the movies
Hollywood is Dead
Michelle safe from “Whoopsies!” category in the White House
It’s True – Obama Doesn’t Know His Lies from His Prevarications
John Dewey: Bosom Serpent of American Education
When it’s time for some questions, the Press has to leave
Minimum wage for the self-employed: Zero
Groan: GOP video goes all in with blame game Obama is sure to win
Mark Levin: Obama Is The Biggest Doomsday Prepper In The Land
Tom Cole (R-OK) Calls Fellow House Republicans "Dangerous," Likens Them to Suicide Gunmen
Boehner Tells Senate to 'Get Off Their Ass' This Time
Another 'Fix the Debt' Shill Gets Air Time With No Disclosure
DOJ Used Open Access Guerilla Manifesto to Justify Search of Aaron Swartz’ Home
Should Patriot Coal Be Allowed To Shift Benefit Costs to Taxpayers By Fraudulent Bankruptcy?
Texas Lawmaker Wants to Arrest Police for Enforcing Gun Control Laws
GOP Election-Stealing Plan May Be Fast-Tracked in PA
To The Vatican: Shame On You
Video: John Kerry Tutors German Students on American 'Right to Be Stupid'
Video: Anti-Semitism Crisis at US Colleges - Allen West asks Why and What Can Be Done?
Video: Unbiased? Chris Matthews Pledges to Help Hillary Win Presidency
Video: $500K Buys Back Door Access to Barack - WH Struggles to Explain
Video: Juan Williams: Liberal Media Will 'Shut You Down, Stab You, Kill You, Fire You' If You Disagree
Video: Former Secret Service Agent Explains 'Myth' of Gun Control
Video: Surprise! ObamaCare Dem's Now Changing Their Tune
Video: Black Leaders Expose Racist Roots of Gun Control
Video: Rahm's Popularity 'Sleeps with the Fishes' in Chicago
Video: DEMOCIDE: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom
Land Grab Cheats North Dakota Tribes Out of $1 Billion, Suits Allege
Fools on the Hill
The Nation Special Report: Fix the Debt's Astroturf Roots
President Obama Only Talks To Other Rich People
CNN Slams Michelle Obama Oscar Appearance With 'Jumping the Shark' Clip
Former FBI profiler: 'Video Games Do Not Cause Violence'
Bank Profits Are 'Almost Entirely' Taxpayer Money
C&L Book Chat: The Terror Factory with Trevor Aaronson
George Galloway Out of Control
Defend the Second Amendment by Restoring the Eighth
The Tyrant in Your Television
The United States is a Euro-Socialist Nation
Hollywood's Pious Hypocrisy
Secretary Kerry's Maiden Speech
Fox Guest: ‘Downton Abbey Politicians’ Out To Get People’s Guns
40% Of Us Make Less Than 1968 Min Wage -- Who Got The Rest?
Reliable Sources Panel Continues Media Whinefest Over Lack of Access to President
AFP PODCAST: Secret Trade Deal Needs Exposure | American Free Press
AFP PODCAST: Merlin Miller Talks Iran, Israel and False Flag | American Free Press
AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: The No Fly List Farce | American Free Press
Pictures Speak Volumes in Oscar-nominated Israeli Films | Dissident Voice
Hollywood’s Imperial Propaganda » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
New photos, details emerge of Newtown mass shooter Adam Lanza | The Lookout - Yahoo! News
Age of the 3-D Printed Gun Magazine - Yahoo! News
BBC News - Sesame Street's Big Bird back in US politics
Scariest Old Hag Experiences
Carnivorous Plants Glow to Attract Prey – News Watch
Retired McGill University professor convinced that aliens exist | Canada | News | National Post
7 Obscure, Remote and Super-Geeky Military Bases | Danger Room | Wired.com
Are you in danger of spontaneously combusting? The risk factors according to a 1799 physician
One Percent Perks: First Lady's $9K Oscar Dress
Michael Moore Unleashed: Bashes Buzzfeed over Palestinian Director's LAX Incident
Kanye West: 'I Don't Give a F&*% What The President's Got to Say'
Kanye West Disrespects President Obama
Breitbart News: Big Hollywood
Report: Weinstein Retained Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager to Push 'Silver Linings Playbook'
White House Frightens Californians About Sequester
Senate Democrats Scramble to Slam Through Lew Nomination
Liberal Super PAC: McConnell's 'Chinese' Wife Reason for Jobs Shipped Overseas
Obama's ICE Uses Sequestration as Excuse to Release Illegal Immigrants
RINO-Lution: Christie Caves on Obamacare, Will Take Federal Medicaid Funds
Sen. Johnson: Boehner Would Lose Speakership if He Hikes Taxes
Embattled Menendez Plays Race Card to Fight Scandal
Hagel Cloture Passes 71-27; Final Vote Tuesday Afternoon
Pro-Life Groups Launch New 'Conscience' Campaign
Senate Committee Approves Lew for US Treasury Chief
Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty to Abusing Campaign Funds
OFA Sells Access to President Obama for Anyone Who Donates $500k
Ashley Judd's Senate Plans Divide Kentucky Dems
Chicago Top Cop: People Already Barred from Owning Guns Commit Gun Crimes
'Special Report with Bret Baier' Number-One for 50 Straight Months
Howard Kurtz: 'Pointless Argument' Over Obama's Sequester Lies
Huffington Post Severely Edits Interview To Paint Guest As Sexist Bully
Black Journalists Want to Know State of Black Journalists at CNN
ABC News Memory-Holes First Lady Gun Gaffe
A Defense of Seth MacFarlane Against Nation of 'Footloose' Dads
Iran News Agency Photoshops Michelle's Cleavage
Obama Snubs Media Again: 'Clear Out the Press So We Can Take Some Questions'
Americans for Strong Defense: Senators Know Hagel Wrong for Defense Sec.
Kerry in Germany: America About 'Right To Be Stupid'
Office of the Director of National Intelligence Sued for Benghazi Documents
France Says Will Not Negotiate with Cameroon Hostage-takers
Indian Embassy Criticizes Hagel
Kerry Sees 'Diplomatic Path' on Iran Nuclear Issue
Germany 'to Approve Fracking with Conditions'
Clerics Place Demands on Presidential Visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque
Cardinal O'Brien of Scotland Steps Down; Won't Participate in Papal Conclave
The UN Against Israel
World View: China Increases Military Buildup in South China Sea
State Dept. Allows Sale of Tear Gas to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Govt.
Another Missing Hagel Speech: Keynote Address to the U.S. Middle East Project Jan. 2008
'New' Hagel Speech, 2011: India Has Sponsored Terror Attacks Against Pakistan
U.S. Gov’t Refuses to Help Churches Damaged and Destroyed in Natural Disasters — But Should It?
‘Deplorable’: Vatican Lashes Out at Media for Spreading ‘Completely False’ Stories About Pope’s Resignation
Fox News Lands First Post-Election Interview With Mitt Romney
Robert Gibbs Reveals: ‘One of the First Things’ White House Told Me Was Not to Acknowledge Drone Program Exists
Pope Benedict Officially Changes Conclave Rules to Allow for Earlier Start
‘Yawnfest’: You’ll Be Surprised by How Many People Disliked the Oscars This Year
Donald Trump Blasts the Oscars (and the Year’s Biggest Films): ‘The Most Racist Movie I Have Ever Seen’
Juan Williams on Lib Media: They Will ‘Shut You Down, Stab You & Kill You, Fire You’ if You Speak Out
Update: The Latest Complete List Of Gun Makers & Sellers Saying ‘No!’ To Law Enforcement In Anti-2nd Amendment States
First Gaffe: John Kerry References the Non-Existent Nation of ‘Kyrzakhstan’ During Speech
Farrakhan Urges Black Americans to Collectively Purchase Land…and Wants to Recruit Gang Members to Protect It
How Cigarettes Are Lit, an Escape Story, and Butter Used as Lotion: ‘Craziest’ Alleged Stories From Inside Prison
The Content of Character
Prominent Author: Boehner Complained to Me That Obama Has ‘Balls Made Out of Marshmallows’
Guns, Faith, and That Bandana: We Asked Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson the Questions You’ve Always Wanted To
‘Who Cares Whose Stupid Idea This Was?’: Megyn Kelly Panel Clashes Over Woodward Vs. White House Sequester Controversy
Hackers Could Have Accessed Anyone’s Facebook Profile Thanks to Flaw
Have You Seen the Latest Details About Pope Benedict’s Post-Retirement Plans?
From Anarchy to Totalitarianism: Do You Know the Real Political Spectrum?
Fact Checking the Obama Admin’s Grim Sequester Predictions: Overblown or Truly a ‘Devastating List of Horribles’?
Federal Court Finds No Constitutional Right to Carry a Concealed Weapon — We Explain The Decision
Is Conservatism the New Counterculture?
What’s the White House Doing Now That Has an NBC News Journalist Shocked?: ‘This Just Looks Bad’
Hannity Clashes With Dem. Congressman During Contentious Sequestration Debate: ‘You Got to Grow Up’
Atheist Group Petitions U.N. to Reject Islamic Calls for Global Blasphemy Laws
GOP Congressman: Dick Cheney’s Probably Going to Hell for the Iraq War
Gov’t Office Warns Sequester Will Hurt Agency…That Doesn’t Exist Anymore
Dismembered NYC Woman’s Son Allegedly Arrested, Electric Saw Reportedly Found in Family Apartment
Taking a Clue From the Weather Channel Could Help Warn of the Damage From Increasing Taxes
Liberal Commentator Lambastes Obama’s Oscars ‘Intrusion’ During Piers Morgan Interview: It Had a ‘Monarch Quality’ and an ‘Elitist Flavor to It’
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Proposed City Ordinance Would Let Cops Disarm Citizens During Crises if They Become ‘Unruly’
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Waking Dreams End Unpleasantly
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CDC bioterror labs cited for security flaws in audits
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Finding E.T. May Be Easier Around White Dwarf Stars
Virus May Treat Prostate Cancer
Extreme Weather Provoked by Trapping of Giant Waves
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26 February

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