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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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29 August 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

* 2012 Republican National Convention


**2012 GOP Convention(Sideshow)


RNC Day 2: John Boehner Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Reince Priebus Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Bob McDonnell Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Scott Walker Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Rick Santorum Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Ted Cruz Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Artur Davis Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Nikki Haley Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Ann Romney Addresses The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

RNC Day 2: Chris Christie Keynotes The Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida – August 28 2012

Sign Up Now to Attend President Obama’s Speech - 2012 Democratic National Convention | 2012 Democratic National Convention


*(Sept.4)2012 Democratic National Convention | 2012 Democratic National Convention;Speakers


Race-baiting MSNBC cuts away from ‘minority’ RNC speeches

Jon Voight defends Romney against Obama propaganda machine

+Full Interview: Sarah Palin on the Mark Levin Show

Juan Williams: Ann Romney looked like a ‘corporate wife’ whose ‘husband takes care of her’

RNC Speech: Rick Santorum delivers a heart felt speech

RNC Speech: Ted Cruz gives an amazing speech

RNC Speech: Artur Davis brings the house down

RNC’s best speech of the night: The next first lady Ann Romney

RNC Speech: Watch Gov. Scott Walker’s excellent speech

RNC Speech: Watch Gov. Bob McDonnell’s speech

RNC Speech: Watch Gov. John Kasich’s energetic speech

RNC Speech – Tim Scott to Obama: Hit the road jack!


Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (8-28-12) Steve Quayle & Doug Hagmann - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (8-28-12) Alfred Adask - YouTube


New Navy SEAL ad blasts Obama: Bow to Nobody » The Right Scoop -

Powerful New ad hits Obama over vote against protecting babies born alive from botched abortions » The Right Scoop -

DHS Source: "It's Going Hot"- Obama False Flag Coming!! - YouTube

**Obama Preparing for Total Takeover - YouTube

57 min./Fruits of The Nwo is an Abomination - YouTube

50 min./Alfred Adask: The U.S. is Being Destroyed Right Before Our Very Eyes! - YouTube

33 min./The Once Great Nation Called America is Gone! - YouTube

Big Sis Begins Releasing Biological Agents into Boston Subway! - YouTube

44 min./The Many Hidden Agendas Behind Chemtrails/Geo-Engineering Programs - YouTube

44 min./Joseph Farah: Obama 2nd Term Will Destroy America - YouTube

45 min./Global Government is Taking Over - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Hurricane Isaac Exploited to Acclimate Citizens to Federal Military Role in Natural Disasters

* Prison Planet.com » Hot Mic Catches Republican Praising Censorship of Ron Paul

+Republican On Hot Mic Cheers Censorship Of Ron Paul Delegates "Great Job!" - YouTube

+Prison Planet.com » RNC Disenfranchises Paul Delegates; Rigs Rules to Nominate Romney

Prison Planet.com » Lawyers To File Lawsuit Over Wrongful Arrest, Detention in Psych Ward of Marine Brandon Raub

Prison Planet.com » Marine Kidnapped Over Facebook Posts: ‘I Am Scared For My Country’

John Whitehead Interviews Brandon Raub - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Is There Going To Be A Stock Market Crash In The Fall?

Prison Planet.com » France Ready to Recognize al-Qaeda as Syria’s Legitimate Government

+'Osama Bin Laden was unarmed and ALREADY DEAD when Navy SEALs burst into bedroom' | Mail Online

**Prison Planet.com » Gates Foundation Funds ‘Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System’ and ‘On-Demand Vaccine Delivery via Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’

Congressman warns about airport scanners - New York News | New York City Breaking News

+Prison Planet.com » Electromagnetic field intolerance – An epidemic in the making

- Low-Flying 'Copter Measuring Radiation Levels - Piedmont, CA Patch

+Prison Planet.com » Fatal security flaw discovered in software that controls U.S. power plants

Prison Planet.com » Two RNC Attendees Threw Nuts At A Black CNN Employee And Said, ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’

Prison Planet.com » More GOP Thuggery

44 min./The Many Hidden Agendas Behind Chemtrails/Geo-Engineering Programs - YouTube

- Prison Planet.com » In Defense of Liberty Extremism

+Prison Planet.com » Newsflash: Bin Laden Was Not In The Bin Laden Raid

+Prison Planet.com » The Prisoner: ‘I am not a number. I am a free man!’

Gasoline Rising to Holiday High as Storm Surge Presses Obama - Bloomberg

Prison Planet.com » Into the Meat Grinder: A “Market Meltdown the Likes of Which We’ve Never Seen Is Upon Us”

Chinese dissident 'betrayed’ by Yahoo! to be freed - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Killings Continue In Chicago

Homeland Security Today: TSA Disagrees with Call to Centralize, Redistribute VIPR Teams

Prison Planet.com » Breaking Evidence in Gov’t Fraud Revealed

Breaking Evidence in Gov't Fraud Revealed - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Alice In The White House: Barack Obama And The LSD Presidency

A Stranger Wants James Holmes Released - Business Insider

Sight @ Vimeo

The Prison Industry Stealing U.S. Jobs - BlackListedNews.com

Child Porn, Coke Smuggling: Hundreds of DHS Employees Arrested Last Year | Danger Room | Wired.com

350 Million Indian Families Starve As Politicians Loot $14.5 BIllion In Food - BlackListedNews.com

Growing Opposition to the Canada-EU Trade Agreement - BlackListedNews.com

Media: the United States will give Azerbaijan the Northern area of Iran in exchange for participation in war | StratRisks

Cyborg tissue is half living cells, half electronics - tech - 28 August 2012 - New Scientist

Prison Planet.com » $16,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOOBAMA!

Prison Planet.com » Corrupt Indian Politicians Steal $14.5 Billion in Food from Starving Poor

Will the next iPhone replace your wallet? Apple takes on Google with chip that will do all your payments at the till | Mail Online


**"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD - YouTube

**What in the world are they spraying chemtails death dumps full lengh movie - YouTube


August 25, 2012 / Russia Slams Facebook Targeting Of US Marine War Hero

Crony Chronicles: I Want To Be A Crony - YouTube


**The Atomic Cafe - YouTube


Bloomberg Loses His Cool After Reporter Questions Officers’ Actions In Shooting Near Empire State Building | _

Preschooler Asked to Change the Sign for His Name in School - YouTube

Propaganda 101: Children’s coloring books and trading cards about terrorism | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World

Activist Post: Destroying Internet Freedom by Taxation

3 Out Of 4 NAZIS Support Obama But 4 Out Of 4 Prefer Vladimir Putin. | Video Rebel's Blog

Activist Post: Don’t Let Them Trade Away Our Internet Freedoms

Activist Post: Failure to disclose foreign account is worse than possession of child porn

Do as I say, not as I do: the ‘Big Society’ is a sham | Ben Mackay | Independent Notebook Blogs

It Is Not Just Your Imagination – American Families ARE Getting Poorer

Burgers, pizza and buckets of fried chicken: The ‘American-style’ fast food that has won the hearts, minds and stomachs of Iraq « THE INTERNET POST

Doctors and Farmers Find That Eliminating GMOs Prevents Disease « THE INTERNET POST

Charleston Voice: The Republican Party: Party of Great Moral Frauds

- Legitimate Rape by the Renegade Raging Grannies - YouTube

Radioactive Contamination On San Francisco’s Treasure Island: A Tale Of US Government Obfuscation & Willful Ignorance « THE INTERNET POST

Rachel Corrie verdict exposes Israeli military mindset | Chris McGreal | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Ooh, Scary! USDA Wants to Protect Us from Raw Almonds | _

+RNC Disenfranchises Paul Delegates; Rigs Rules to Nominate Romney

+Ron Paul's Maine delegates erupt after getting barred from Republican convention. - YouTube

+Yes, Ron Paul won the Iowa caucuses | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs

Anger Erupts At Convention Due To GOP Corruption - YouTube

"Whoever controlled the microphone did a great job" - YouTube

Ron Paul’s Maine delegates erupt after getting barred from Republican convention. | _

DHS Inside Source Claims Obama White House Set to Stage Major False Flag, “It’s Going Hot” :

+Paul gets six petitions but falls short of having his name added to RNC ballot | _

Ron Paul Nation Steals The Show In Tampa - YouTube

- poorrichards blog: Meaningless Words in Politics

+RNC rollcall: Ron Paul Delegate Counts Ignored, Shouting Ensues | OccupyTVstations.com

Ron Paul News: VA Delegation Bus being Redirected away from Convention to prevent them from voting against Rules Committee Power Grab - Peace | Liberty | Prosperity

Ron Paul News: Ron Paul supporters walk out of GOP convention - Peace | Liberty | Prosperity

RNC Coalition of the Willing - YouTube


+Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Season 1 Episode 3 – Global Warming « Underground Documentaries

**Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" - Global Warming (FULL) - YouTube


+Ron Paul Supporters Speak Out In Tampa - Home - The Daily Bail

Ron Paul Supporters Speak Out In Tampa - YouTube

+Reality Check: One on One With Romney, Did Romney Really Not Know About RNC & Maine’s Delegates | _

Henry Paulson Confronted on Threatening Congress With Martial Law - YouTube

Texas Redistricting: Federal Court Blocks Legislature-Drawn Maps | _

IMF Declares Iceland Did Bank Bailouts The Right Way, By Punishing Bondholders - Home - The Daily Bail

Archbishop Desmond Tutu pulls out of event with Tony Blair because of Iraq War - Telegraph

Britain’s Barbaric "Special Relationship" with Arab Dictators

Five Reasons Why Lousiana Shouldn't Have Any Confidence in the Government to Deal With A Crisis | The Lone Star Watchdog

DOJ Gives Up On Arguing That Violating Your Employer's Computer Use Policy Is Criminal Hacking | Techdirt

Texas delegates planning floor mutiny over RNC rule changes | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

The Hypocritical GOP Debt Clock Convention, SEC Probes GMAC For Mortgage Fraud, New Record For U.S. Arms Sales - Home - The Daily Bail

Saudi Arabia: The Neocons’ Once and Future Target | Veterans News Now

Isaac already causing sinkhole troubles (PHOTO)

Gun ID legislation may trigger exodus of gunmakers Remington, Colt | _

What Consitution? Courts Rule The American Gestapo Can Conduct Searches Without A Warrant


**Power of the Purse - Meet Your Rulers (full length) - YouTube


2012.08.24 - GBTV - The Glenn Beck Radio Program - Brandon Raub - YouTube

2012.08.23 - GBTV - The Glenn Beck Program - John Whitehead (Former Marine's Attorney Interviewed) - YouTube


What Now for Ron Paul Libertarians? - YouTube

Ron Paul Delegates Cause Mayhem At Republican Convention

33 min./The Once Great Nation Called America is Gone! - YouTube


+Bombshell Information For Martial Law In America By Steve Quayle And Doug Hagmann | Global Unrest

**Infowars Nightly News Complete (Commercial Free) Tuesday August 28th 2012 - Steve Quayle - YouTube


7 Foods You Should Never Eat, Seriously | Health

The Fall Of The United States Of Babylon! | Prophecy

Egypt - Secrets Found - Ancient "Space-Ports": "When Men Of Earth Traveled The Stars" | Unexplained Phenomena

KRYDER EXPLORATION Research and Recovery Team's Official Website - EGYPT - Secrets Found

Expert Predicts Martial Law In America By End Of 2012 | Conspiracy Theories

REAL PROOF of psychic energy (Amazing footage)!!! - BBC documentary TV - YouTube

Articles: Obama's Best Kept Secret

Firefighters' Analysis Of The 9/11 Attacks Refutes The Official Report - Video | 9/11 and Ground Zero

FirefightersFor911TRUTH.org - Erik Lawyer - Press Conference - YouTube

40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World | Self-Sufficiency

inFact: Cell Phones on Airplanes - YouTube

Woman who has up to 100 orgasms a DAY left in agony as even doing housework can trigger a climax | Mail Online

U.S. farm income rises despite drought | Online Journal

Mexico OKs non-hydraulic oil extraction | Online Journal

Alleged Shakira sex tape being shopped | Online Journal

Stallone’s half-sister Toni dead at 48 | Online Journal

NASA builds satellites from smartphones | Online Journal

Miller Slams Leno For Buying Into Dem 'War On Women' Meme

Judicial Watch: Obama's CIA Let Filmmakers 'Deep Dive' into Classified Material for bin Laden Film

Voight, Turner, Baldwin Toast GOP in Tampa

'The Hope And The Change' Highlights Disillusioned Democrats

Letterman: Ann Romney 'Lies’

Exclusive: SEAL Ad to Excoriate Obama for Bowing to Foreign Leaders

U.S. Military Disciplines Soldiers Who Urinated On Taliban, Burned Qurans

World View: Greek Border Guards Fail to Stop Influx of Illegal Immigrants

Name of SEAL Team Six Member Revealed: Islamists Call for His Death

World View: Venezuela Refinery Explosion Threatens Chavez's Reelection

Tonight: RNC Live Blog Covering the Media Coverage

AP Undoes Its Own 'Fact Check' on D'Souza's '2016: Obama's America'

**Shock** ABC News: Romneys ‘Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown’

John Kerry Is A 'Corporate Wife'

Chuck Todd Race-Baits GOP as NBC Institutes 'Whites Only' Speech Policy

NYTs' Jeff Zeleny Hurls McCarthyism To Shut Romney Up About Welfare

RNC Moment of Silence To Honor Andrew Breitbart and Right Wing Heroes

CNN's Blitzer: 'I Try To Do The Best I Can' To Be Objective

Outraged Herman Cain Cancels MSNBC Interview After 'Race Card' Charge

WaPo's Glenn Kessler Has Fact-Checking Tantrum Over 'You Didn't Build That'

Ann Romney: Women Not 'Dumb Enough' to Accept Obama

Santorum: 'Obama Rules Like He's Above The Law'

Gov. Scott Walker Pumps Up RNC, Gets Standing O

'Lesson Learned': Ex-Dem Davis Electrifies RNC

Ann Romney: 'Mitt Was Not Handed Success... HE BUILT IT!'

Federal Reserve Moves to Create 'Greater Transparency'

Why Paul Ryan Will Lift Downticket Races

A Gun Progressives Refuse to Ban

Rand Paul Calls to Legalize Hemp

RNC: Ann Talks Love, Christie Talks Tough Love

'Tonight I Say Enough': Christie Calls For 'Second American Century'

FACT CHECK: "Anti-colonial" Obama not plausible

PA Sen. Candidate: Pregnancies By Rape Similar To Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancies

Obama Contemplates Internet Tax

Ann Romney: Mitt Romney Will Not Fail, Will Not Let Us Down, Will Lift Up America

'The Hope and The Change' Special Most-Watched Cable News Program Last Friday

Republicans Nominate Mitt Romney for President

Judicial Watch: Obama's CIA Let Filmmakers 'Deep Dive' into Classified Material for bin Laden Film

RNC Chair Slams Biden On Constant Gaffes

That Ole' Abortion Schtick

Ron Paul, kicked up some dust, and that's all, so why?

Robbing Ron Paul

GOP Congressman Urges Withholding Disaster Aid Without Cuts

Juan Williams: Ann Romney Looks 'Like a Corporate Wife' to Me

Ann Romney Talks About 'Real Marriage'

Andrea Mitchell Lets Rick Santorum Off Hook On Big Welfare Lie

Jennifer Granholm Reacts to John Kasich Taking Credit for Ohio's Economy

Bill-O Attacks Democratic Convention Speakers as Extremists

Neal Boortz Blames Public Schools For Obama's Election

Fox News' Megyn Kelly Spreads Propaganda That Mitt Romney Is 'Self Made'

Floor Fight! Deep Divide In GOP Opens Wide Over Rules, Delegates

Paul Ryan Didn't Work All That Hard To Help His Own Hometown

Pat Robertson: 'People Love to Work' So Raising Retirement is Awesome

Boehner Can't Explain Why Voters Should Trust GOP With Control of White House and Congress Again

Here's Latest Version of The Attack On Our Earned Benefits

Dear GOP, We're Not As Stupid As You Think

Pat Robertson's CBN Suggests God Moved Hurricane to Protect Republicans

Prominent ‘Religion News Service’ Wire Service Found to Be Taking Funding From Atheist Mogul in Exchange for Coverage of ‘Freethinkers’ — Ethical?

How Much Has the Tea Party Infiltrated the GOP Convention? More Than You Might Think

Atheist Richard Dawkins Tells Playboy: We Are ‘Apes,‘ Evidence for Jesus’ Existence ‘Is Surprisingly Shaky’ & Christ Dying for Humanity‘s Sins Is a ’Truly Disgusting Idea’

Tables Turned: Newt Gingrich Grills Chris Matthews About His ‘Racist Thinking’

Ronald Reagan Was a ‘Socialist!’…At Least According to This Magazine Cover

5 Ways Faith & Religion Will Matter at the Republican National Convention

Poll: Americans Believe Wealthy Are Intelligent, Hardworking & … Greedy?

Despite Obama Admin Rift, Cardinal Dolan Announces He’ll Now Be Giving Closing Prayer at the DNC

Report: RNC Rules Committee Passes Delegate Selection ‘Compromise’

Ever Wonder How You Become a Convention Delegate? Here’s a Primer on the Selection Process

Did You Know the GOP Convention Has a Prayer Room? It Is Very, Very Shiny

Minneapolis Residents Catch Footage of Black Hawks Conducting Urban Training Exercise

Topless Michelle Obama Portrayed as Semi-Nude ‘Slave’ on Cover of Spanish Mag

Convention Unveils New Regional Face of GOP: No Longer Dominated by South, West

Is the Government‘s Use of Administrative Subpoenas ’Out of Control’?

Animal Rights Group Calls Sport Hunting Magazines ‘Shooting Porn’ and Wants to Ban Kids from Seeing Them

Curiosity Sends ‘Interplanetary Voicemail’ and High-Res Photos of Stunning Martian Landscape

Watch What Campaign Issue Should Romney Focus on? Scott Walker, Herman Cain, and Others Reveal Their Picks

Awkward: Bush Brother Dresses Up as a Communist on China Trip

Scathing New SEAL Ad Blasts Obama for Literally ‘Bowing’ to Foreign Leaders

Watch Obama Overcome With Sneeze During Campaign Stop, Uses It to Bash Republicans

Dem Response to RNC‘s ’We Built This!’ Theme: No You Didn’t, You Destroyed it!

Ann Romney on the Boy She Met at High School Dance: ‘This Man Will Not Fail’

United Airlines Allegedly Gave Handwritten Boarding Passes to Passengers During ‘Systemwide Outage’

Watch Man Admits to Burning Church Down as ‘Revenge’ for Alleged Assault

Boehner Booed at Convention as Chaos Erupts on Convention Floor Over Ron Paul Delegates

Police Question Army Vet for Anti-Obama Message on Truck: ‘Obama FUK Off’ (He Says It’s Not a Typo)

Chris Christie Brings Down the House With RNC Keynote Speech: ‘We Are Taking Our Country Back’

Republicans Emphatically Approve 2012 ‘American Dream’ Platform — Here‘s What’s in It

Former Marine Detained for ‘Ominous’ Facebook Posts Speaks Out for the First Time: ‘It Made Me Scared for My Country’

SEAL’s Tell-All Book Raises Questions About Bin Laden’s Death, Says Raid ‘Reported Like a Bad Action Movie’

Who Gets to Sit in the Best Seats at the Convention? (And Why?)

Here Are Five Leaked Items From Apple‘s Employee ’Genius Training’ Guide

Romney’s Possible Cabinet Part 1: Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, and Veterans’ Affairs

Charles Krauthammer Grades Ann Romney’s & Chris Christie’s RNC Speeches: ‘Utterly Heartfelt’ & ‘Extremely Effective’

Convention Comedy: Delegate Caught Making Hilarious Faces With Baby on Floor

Watch Juan Williams Knocks Ann Romney: ‘Looked to Me Like a Corporate Wife’

20-Year-Old Woman Attacked by Grizzly in Alaska, Plays Dead, and Lives!

RNC Star Mia Love’s Wikipedia Reportedly Changed to ‘Dirty, Worthless Wh*re’ Who Is a ‘House Ni**er’

Abortion Survivor Appears in $150,000 TV Ad Campaign to Expose ‘Obama’s Extreme Abortion Record’

Photo Tour Shows What Makes This ‘Devastating’ 5-Inch Weapon ‘Tick’ on the Destroyer USS Barry

Why Are Some Cellphone Carriers Steering Customers Away From iPhones?

Did MSNBC Intentionally Cut Out Minority Speakers From Its RNC Coverage to Make Republicans Look Racist?

RNC Attendees Reportedly Ejected After Throwing Food at Black CNN Camerawoman: ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’

Here’s the Speech by a Utah Mayor at the RNC That Has Everyone Talking

Hot Mic? Off-Camera Conversation About ‘They’ Being Happy With ‘Black People Drowning’ Heard on ABC Live Stream

+Lew Rockwell: The Growing Threat of the US Police State The erosion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights | James J Puplava CFP | FINANCIAL SENSE

Suicide and the Soldier - Salem-News.Com

Suicide Is Now the Leading Cause of Death Amongst Active-Duty Soldiers

Breaking...TSA Invades RNC! MSM Mum. | GreeneWave

Windows 8 Is Watching You - Yahoo! News

The crumbling US infrastructure | The Economic Voice

The Big Screen Reality. | theneedleblog

Russian Troops Welcomed Into NORAD, America's Cold War HQ | Danger Room | Wired.com

What are China’s global intentions? - Conservative News

When We Wake Up November 7th... Nothing Will Have Changed by Jim Karger

A Limiting Document? by Brion McClanahan

How Dare You Question the Word of Government Authorities! by Scott Lazarowitz

Nazi Economics by Bill Bonner

CRIME, GUNS, AND VIDEOTAPE: Why Pay Big $$$ to get Frisked, Fondled and Insulted by TSA Thugs?

Gangs of Aleppo | The American Conservative

Switching to a straight razor - Boing Boing

Is Going Off the Grid Practical?

NATO's Pan-Arab Terrorist Blitzkrieg of Syria and Algeria

Urban Warfare Drills: Psy-Op Acclimating Americans to Military on US Streets

Obamacare Mandate: 15-Year-Old Girls Receive Free Sterilizations Without Parental Consent

Top 10 Reasons We Should NOT Fear The Singularity

40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World

DHS Amassing Arms for Secret Forces to be Used Against American Citizens?

New Study Reveals Children Are Being Poisoned by Common School Supplies

UFO NEWS | VIDEO: UFOs Gets Weatherman's Attention During Live Broadcast?

VIDCAST | UFOs - The Stanton Friedman Story

35 min./"Milton Friedman Speaks" - The Future of Our Free Society - YouTube

DNC Chair Torn To Shreds Over False Claims - YouTube

The History Of DHS Ammunition Purchases | Prepper Podcast Radio Network

Video: 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out | Watch Colorado Public Television Presents Online | Colorado Public Television / KBDI 12 Video

Monster Machines: DARPA’s Next Sub Hunter Won’t Need Us Puny Humans | Gizmodo Australia

48 min./UFOs: 50 Years of Denial - YouTube

Steven Greer : What's really going on (Part 1/4) - YouTube

Steven Greer : What's really going on (Part 2/4) - YouTube

Steven Greer : What's really going on (Part 3/4) - YouTube

Steven Greer : What's really going on (Part 4/4) - YouTube

Budget hawk Ryan to take center-stage at Republican convention | Reuters

Ron Paul supporters put dent in unity at GOP convention – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Riven by factionalism, the Republican party looks hell-bent on self-destruction | Hadley Freeman | Comment is free | The Guardian

Is The National Bloggers Club Real Or A Scam/Front? | Sinclair News.Net

The Western Onslaught Against International Law ~ Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Cannabis smoking 'permanently lowers IQ' - Telegraph

Dennis Paul Hamm: Police quiz veteran, 55, over 'Obama F*k Off' message painted in large letters on his truck | Mail Online

Restore America Now

NPN Email Alert: Racist Violence Begins with Racist Beliefs

Russians, Americans Take Part in Joint Air Force Counter-Terror Drill | CNSNews.com

Cut world population and redistribute resources, expert urges | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Are you a psychopath? Scientists say it all depends on your TWEETS | Mail Online

What's driving the decline in US meat consumption?

Military Terror Plot: Murder Case Uncovers Terror Plot By 'Militia' Within U.S. Military

New AIDS-Like Disease Currently Spreading Around the World

DNA – The Super-Data Papyrus for Biologically Induced Enlightenment - Waking Times : Waking Times

Fractals and the Nature of Truth - Waking Times : Waking Times

America Planning for a Post-Israel Middle East?

United States Offers Azerbaijan the Northern Area of Iran in Exchange for Participation in War: Report

The Emperor Has No Clothes

The Mirage of Our Lives

Video/The Program

Installing Totalitarianism America is no longer a democracy

Video/Final Evidence: The USA Has Gone Crazy

Orwell's 1984 Solution to Criminalize War: “If There was Hope, it must Lie in the Proles”

"The Art of War" and the Pentagon's Reality Show

Our Hunger Games

The Western Onslaught Against International Law

Al Qaeda and NATO's Pan-Arab Terrorist Blitzkrieg

Slow Death and Fast Profits: The Globalisation of Pesticides and Poison

How NATO and the NGO Industry Defend the Narcos

VIDEO; Firefighters' Analysis of the 9/11 Attacks Refutes the Official Report

Are Human Rights Becoming a Tool of US "Smart Power"?

September 11, 2001: Criminal Negligence and 9/11 Political Coverup

Police State Spying and the Criminalization of Justice in America

The Paramilitarized Bureaucracies :: SteynOnline

Ancient Builders Created Monumental Structures that Altered Sound and Mind, Say Researchers

The EyeOpener- Australia, the US, and the Asia-Pacific Pivot

Madonna to US fans: Appreciate your freedom

75% of Books in Library for Afghan Detainees Contained 'Extremist' Material

Lawyer: Md. school shooting suspect was bullied

Artists turn old prosthetic limbs into artworks

Gender Gap Shifts in Romney’s Favor: Expands Lead With Men

MRC Delivers Message in Tampa: 'Don't Believe the Liberal Media'

Fox News's Juan Williams Calls Ann Romney a 'Corporate Wife'

2012 GOP Platform Calls for Full Repeal of McCain-Feingold

Boehner: ‘99 Percent of My Colleagues Are Decent, Honest People’

Boehner: 'I Can Find Common Ground With the President'

Joy Behar: People Like Romney and Ryan Are 'Trying to Kill Us'

Schlafly: Boehner 'Making a Mistake if He's Criticizing the Platform'

Obama's Sneaky, Deadly, Costly Car Tax

Obama's Trillion Dollar Lies

When Tolerance Attacks: The Death Wish Double Standard

Author: Journalists 'Cover Energy And Environment Subjects As Liberal Activists,' E-Mails Show

Republicans, Torn Apart in Factions?

Religious Freedom on the Line in 2012 Election, FRC President Tony Perkins Says | CNSNews.com

Black Mormon Daughter of Immigrants Talks About 'The America I Know' | CNSNews.com

Ann Romney: 'It's the Moms ... Who Really Hold This Country Together' | CNSNews.com

Christie Fires Up Republicans: 'We Are Taking Our Country Back' | CNSNews.com

Newly Minted Republican Artur Davis Pitches Romney to Open-Minded Dems | CNSNews.com

Rep. Chris Smith: Obama ‘Wants to Force Every Taxpayer to Pay for Every Abortion in the United States’ | CNSNews.com

GOP Platform Assails China Over Currency, Persecution, ‘Barbaric’ One-Child Policy | CNSNews.com

Santorum: Obama Talks Inclusion While Advocating Destruction of Over 1 Million Children Every Year | CNSNews.com

Santorum Now Praises Romney: ‘We Stand for Love, and We Will Win’ | CNSNews.com

Marine Commandant: 2012 Will Be a ‘Tough Year’ For Military Suicides Among ‘All the Services’ | CNSNews.com

Artur Davis Schools CNN: 'Easy' 'to Do What You Guys Are Doing' | NewsBusters.org

MSNBC's O'Donnell Rips Ann Romney For Ignoring 'Struggling' Women Who Rely on Government | NewsBusters.org

NBC's Brian Williams Obnoxiously Presses Rubio About GOP's 'Rape Debate' | NewsBusters.org

The Platform From Hell by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Obama Should Extend His Compassion by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com

Tampa Lockdown: Is the RNC Really Worth It? by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com

NATO Mulls Another Afghan Surge for ‘Drawdown’ -- News from Antiwar.com

Nicolas J.S. Davies: Obama's America: Waiting for Blowback

9/11 hearings: Hear no evil - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Have Obama and Romney forgotten Afghanistan? - Inside Story: US 2012 - Al Jazeera English

Hemp Habitats – Homes of the Future? - Waking Times : Waking Times

+6 Well-Kept Secrets About America In One Graphic | MoveOn.Org

Skittles Candy Runs TV Ad Featuring Human 'Making Out' With a Walrus | CNSNews.com

+GOP Convention Gets Rowdy in Rift over Ron Paul

Video:ACU Chairman Cardenas: America Fell in Love with Ann Romney Tuesday, Wednesday It's Paul Ryan's Turn

Video:College Republicans Chair: Young Voters Will Reject Obama

Video:Fmr. Rep. Vito Fossella: Dodd-Frank Did 'Nothing to Address Too Big to Fail' Banks

Video:Sen. Lindsey Graham: Romney Needs to Challenge Obama's Israeli Policy

Ann Romney Wows With Speech To Bridge Gender Gap

NMX: Ruddy to CNBC's Kudlow: Romney Needs 'Middle Voters'

NMX: Graham Says Obama Foreign Policy Full of ‘Mistakes’

NMX: Scarborough Says Ann Romney ‘Huge Hit’

NMX: Mitchell Says Voter Fraud to Be ‘More Brazen’

NMX: Herman Cain: Romney Speech Will Win Undecided Voters

'Romneyville' or 'Obamaville' — Protesters Say No Difference

Republican Convention Is in Full-Throated Roar

Rubio: Both Parties Need to Improve With Hispanics

Rice: America's Voice 'Muted' in World Affairs

Jeb Bush: Obama 'Abandoned Chance to Lead'

Christie: Romney Will Tell Voters 'Hard Truths'

Santorum Raps Obama for 'Nightmare of Dependency'

NMX: Pat Boone: Seniors Will Decide Next President

Mia Love RNC Speech May Add Boost in House Race

Ann Romney: Mitt is the Man Who Can Fix America

Christie's Blunt Style Tested in Convention Speech

Book: SEALs Angry Obama Used bin Laden Killing, Called Biden 'Drunken Uncle'

Ann Romney Wows With Speech To Bridge Gender Gap

Abortion Back to the Forefront in Political Campaigns

Matt Romney: Dad’s Modesty Masks True Character

Documents Show White House Interest in bin Laden Film

Student-Loan Debt Up $10 Billion in Second Quarter

National Security in Spotlight on Obama's DNC Speech Night

Poll: More Voters Think Obama Will Be Re-elected

Fifth of Voters Tuning Out Presidential Election

Hollande Popularity Slips as Economy Wanes

Do Genes Determine How You Vote?

The War on Drugs: Today's Prohibition

Romney’s Best Argument to Win in 2012

Democrats’ Hypocrisy With the Rich

The End of Medicare 'As We Know It'

Robert Gibbs: ‘Angry’ night ‘full of insults’ - Kevin Cirilli - POLITICO.com

SEAL book depicts Osama bin Laden shot on sight in hallway, contradicting original account - The Washington Post

Chicago Teachers Union to file 10-day strike notice - chicagotribune.com

Michael Steele: Sarah Palin’s absence a ‘mistake’ - Kevin Cirilli - POLITICO.com

Teen pregnancy's high cost

Cameras come to federal courtrooms in Chicago - chicagotribune.com

MSNBC abandons GOP convention during every minority speech | The Daily Caller

Jeb Bush tells Republicans to ‘stop acting stupid’ on immigration policy - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com

Ted Cruz spins ‘an American love story,’ says ‘we want our country back’ | Texas on the Potomac | a Chron.com blog

Chinese media slams Romney as convention begins | The Cable

Exclusive: Clint Eastwood Headed to Tampa for RNC - Guy Benson

Marco Rubio brushes off heckling during speech to Florida RNC delegates - Tampa Bay Times

Obama ’causes more misery than natural disasters’

Not even Obama can squash ‘The American Spirit’

Jesus warned about modern ‘Christians’

The three frontrunners for Fed chairman in a Romney administration

Teacher: another teacher helped students cheat because they were | www.ajc.com


* Transcript of Ann Romney's Remarks

**Transcript of Gov. Christie's remarks - News - Boston.com


+5 Junk Foods That Are Good for You

Can AIDS Help Cure Cancer?

A sad farewell to the U.S. Constitution

Obama's mainstreaming of Marxism

The sliming of Todd Akin

Bye, bye, birdbrain

What is U.S. doing in Syria?

Romney's vow to end funding of jihadist nations

T. SOWELL: How about insurance against politicians?

The rich don't pay enough?

Russia is not the enemy

M. MASSIE: People of color: Obama's useful idiots

J. ROCKER: Will Americans be fooled, again?

P. SCHLAFLY: Immigrants do not boost economy

J. FARAH: 'America doesn't need a birther-in-chief'

War on drugs: Because Prohibition worked so well

J. FARAH: Proof! Liberal NEA members are racist

Remember Gitmo: Obama doesn't want you to

B. KINCHLOW: Do we really want more government?

E. RATNER: Time for party conventions to go virtual

C. NORRIS: Top 10 reasons not to re-elect Obama, Part 1

C. NORRIS: Top 10 reasons not to re-elect Obama, Part 2

C. NORRIS: Top 10 reasons not to re-elect Obama, Part 3


Cops Bust Armed Robber Who Wore Barack Obama Mask During McDonald's Stickup | The Smoking Gun

How Will You Answer? - YouTube

Utah’s Mia Love Gets Enthusiastic Reception in Tampa - Washington Wire - WSJ

Gay Couple Accuses Continental Airlines of Shaming Them with Sex Toy | NBC Bay Area

SEAL book raises questions about bin Laden's death - Washington Times

SEAL Book Says Bin Laden Was Unarmed, Killed Outside His Bedroom - Global - The Atlantic Wire

Reporter: Romneys 'Happy to Have a Party With Black People Drowning' | The Weekly Standard

Condoleezza Rice: America's voice 'muted' in world affairs - Washington Times

Chinese banks step up lending in the US - FT.com

For globe-trotting Hillary, Democratic convention not on itinerary - Yahoo! News Canada

Debbie Schlussel-Ann Romney’s “War on Men”: Sexist Speech Says Women Care More Than Men, “Single Moms Hold Country Together”

Debbie Schlussel-Obama’s/McCain’s/Hannity’s Libyan “Democrats” Destroy Mosque b/c Not Extremist Enough

Debbie Schlussel-Mich College Students Staple Man’s Mouth, Beat Him Because He is Jewish – Who Did It?

Debbie Schlussel-Ann Romney: “That’s Why We’re Running.” Um, Who’s “We”? Same Question to Michelle Obama

Debbie Schlussel-Obama Sending F-16s to Iran-Backed, Anti-Israel Iraq; Will Romney Reverse? Don’t Bet On It

Presidential Debate Advice for Mitt Romney

Obama's Best Kept Secret

Government Clampdown on Free Speech: Marine vs. Occupier

Red-Baiting vs. Rand-Baiting

Will Mitt Seize His Moment?

Jeb Bush on the Hope of Change

2016: Obama's America or Romney's

About that fairy tale where Osama bin Laden is killed...

A subdued Keynote address from Christie

Ann Romney a winner even if her husband loses

Obama calls for full disclosure, almost

Juan Williams Spreads Democrats' Racist Narrative

The false equivalency of the Obama campaign

A Likeability Downgrade

Barack Obama, Global Has-Been'

President Obama's Problems with Women

Who's the Extremist?

Obama versus Jesus: Black Christians Must Decide

The Party of Factions, Republican or Democrat?

Those Secretive Mormons (Who Never Shut Up about Their Church)

Does Liberalism Make You Fat?


**AUDIO: Savage riffs on House speaker Boehner's RNC speech


Democratic National Convention to Host Islamic Jumah Prayers with Jibril Hough, Siraj Wahhaj | Video | TheBlaze.com

Christie rallies GOP in convention keynote with tough-love 'truth-telling' message | Fox News

Islam versus Europe: Carl Jung: Hitler Resembles Mohammed

» ‘We’re seeing the beginning of Soviet-style repression here in the U.S.’

GOP House Candidate Mia Love Impresses RNC Crowd With Fiery Speech | Mediaite

B.C. Liberals accuse NDP MLA of being ‘communist-infatuated’ after Cuba trip | Canada Politics - Yahoo! News Canada

Egyptian Professor of Political Science Gamal Zahran: "By Next Year, Allah Willing, Israel Will Be Annihilated"

» Is Obama playing for the opposing team?’

DUI charge for future SF archbishop - SFGate

Liberal Magazine Newsweek Finds Truth Too Late

DHS Source: “It’s going hot”

The Climate Change Racket: Finally a ‘Day in Court’?

Everything is Fake Now

What If ... ?

Cover Stories, News

Socialist Philosophy Thicker than Blood

Green plants reduce pollution on city streets up to eight times more than previously believed

UN Agenda 21 – Got Milk, Cheese, and Hot Dogs?

Was FEAR a Reichstag Fire Dry Run?

Europe’s Green Obsession Is Causing A New Coal Boom

Obama’s failed Iran policy on full display as UN Secretary General visits Tehran

Gingrich Exposes Chris Matthews’ “Racist Thinking”

Mia Love Speech at Republican National Committee

MSNBC Fears Romney has White Appeal

Who Approved that Product? Private-Sector Standards Take Lead in Global Commerce

Top 3 Small Business Struggles

U.S. Oil Imports from the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia Grow in 2012 and Administration Policies May

Black Pro-life Coalition Demands a Criminal Investigation of Planned Parenthood

Rachel Corrie responsible for own death, not Israel or Israelis

The Government Gu$her

Just How EXTREME Is Mitt Romney?

The “Social Engineer’s Manifesto” Is Still Flawed

GOP Senators Pushing UN Sovereignty Stealing Treaty

Ron Paul: “We are the Future!”

The Inverse Political Ratio Between National Prominence and Life

Many trendy “microgreens” are more nutritious than their mature counterparts

New antibacterial coating for sutures could reduce infections after surgery

AFP PODCAST: The Obama Birth Certificate Investigation, Exploded

Secessionist Movements Grow Across U.S.

Prison Industry Stealing U.S. Jobs

Average U.S. Household Has Lost 5% in Annual Income Since Economic “Recovery” Began - AllGov - News - Top Stories

The real-life 'Inception' helmet that can fool people into thinking fake scenes are real | Mail Online

More Infants Born Addicted to Prescription Drugs | LiveScience

Twitter's Legal Battle: Who Owns Your Tweets? - US Business News Blog - CNBC

America's ugliest mansions - Yahoo! Homes

'Degrade, Disrupt, Deceive': U.S. Talks Openly About Hacking Foes | Danger Room | Wired.com

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists | Global development | The Guardian

2,600-Year-Old Brain Found in England, in Remarkably Fresh Condition : US/World : Medical Daily

BBC News - English language 'originated in Turkey'

Witnesses Expected in Amish Beard-Cutting Trial - YouTube

Ann Romney: 'Mitt Romney Was Not Handed Success. He Built It.' - YouTube

Isaac in N. Orleans on Katrina's 7th Anniversary - YouTube

Obama Government Whines Too Few On The Dole

Government Hypes White Supremacist “Racial Holy War” in Effort to Demonize Veterans


**Coast To Coast AM Theories of the Universe Ufology Update August 28 2012 - YouTube




Global Consciousness Project / http://noosphere.princeton.edu/


» High-tech Police State Hardware Rolled Out in Tampa for RNC Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

12 Mexico police held over US embassy car shooting - Yahoo! News Canada

Alan Bersin Urges the Doubling of U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing Sites - Imperial Beach, CA Patch

Arizona Lawmakers Want Border Fence Construction to Start | Fox News Latino

* Vaccine Inventor Paul Offit Seeks End to Religious & Philosophical Vaccine Exemptions Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» RNC 2012: You Are On a Watch List Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Union wants Venezuela's oil minister to resign – USATODAY.com

» Military Muppet: TV character urges Israelis to prepare for strike on Iran Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Code Pink attempts citizen's arrest of Condoleezza Rice for war crimes - National Elections | Examiner.com

» Marine Kidnapped Over Facebook Posts: ‘I Am Scared For My Country’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

John Whitehead Interviews Brandon Raub - YouTube

Alfred Adask: The U.S. is Being Destroyed Right Before Our Very Eyes! - YouTube

Drone U. rides flight boom - Washington Times

Legality Of DNA Collection - Business Insider

» Apple Patent Shuts Down Your Smartphone Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Russia Orders System To Manipulate Mass Audiences Across Blogs, Social Networks Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Democratic National Convention to leave hundreds homeless Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


» Is There Going To Be A Stock Market Crash In The Fall? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

The Seven Years' War 1756-63

Katrina and the myth of superlative reporting « Media Myth Alert

10 Most Expensive Hurricanes in US History - CNBC

Biography of Atahualpa - Atahualpa Profile

First Opium War - China culture

Gilded Traces of the Lives Qaddafis Led - NYTimes.com

29 August 1966: The Beatles' final concert in Candlestick Park, San Francisco | The Beatles Bible

Review: The Vietnam War's Tragic Prologue | The National Interest

The Distance Between Us - CSMonitor.com

sp!ked review of books preview | Why the elite wants to obliterate borders

NEW SOUTH JOURNALISM: Fact-Checking Feature :: Oxford American - The Southern Magazine of Good Writing

Fuel Fix » Five things the energy sector needs to hear at the RNC

Romney’s Acceptance Speech to Fire Up Fossil Fuel Following | EnergyBiz

Romney’s Energy Plan: Not Much | Science and Space | TIME.com

Romney Needs to Make a U-Turn on Fuel Standards - Bloomberg

Going the Extra Mile: Big Upsides from the New CAFE Standards - The Demos Blog - PolicyShop

Natural Gas for Cars - T. Boone Pickens & R. James Woolsey - National Review Online

Strategic Oil Reserve Is for Emergencies, Not Elections - Bloomberg

Why U.S. Elections Are Setting Oil Prices - Forbes

Five Ways The Obama Administration Revived The Auto Industry By Reducing Oil Use | ThinkProgress

Energy and the Presidential Race: What's Real and What's Politics?

Rules to double U.S. fuel economy to 54.5 by 2024 - Aug. 28, 2012

Still No QE3(pdf )

The Secret Weapon - All of Us - NYTimes.com

Review & Outlook: A Grand Old Growth Party - WSJ.com

In euro zone, a convergence that never was - The Washington Post

The First Gold Commission Scared the Dickens Out of the Fed - Forbes

RealClearMarkets - The New York Fed's False Assertion of AIG Bailout Profits

Wall Street Gives Up on Obama and Roots for Romney

5 Reasons You Deserve To Lose Every Penny In The Market - bclundbclund

80% of President Obama's Drought Relief Bill Is For Food Stamps - Forbes

Taxes: What Would Reagan Do? - Businessweek

Trickle-down quantitative easing: James Saft | Reuters

Online Reviews: Don’t Trust Them | Moneyland | TIME.com

Don't let the UN steal the Internet | ZDNet

How CNN’s Facebook Election Tool Spreads Misinformation

iWallet: Apple Intros Virtual Equivalent of a Credit Card Swipe - Patently Apple

A New Wild West: Imagining a future with Space Elevators - GeekWire

How I cracked my neighbor’s WiFi password without breaking a sweat | Ars Technica

The need for better handcuffs – Mic Wright – The Kernel

Archaeological dig at Concentration Camp reveals what the Nazis tried to hide

Pulsar timekeepers measure up to atomic clocks - physicsworld.com

Say Something Smart – Starts With A Bang

Giant Squid vs. Mosasaur | Wired Science | Wired.com

The First Men on the Moon - Blog

Kepler Discovers Planetary System Orbiting Two Suns | NewsCenter | SDSU

Why Cell Phone Bans Don't Work - ScienceNOW

Biotech is thrusting us into new political territory - opinion - 28 August 2012 - New Scientist

Why Humans Give Birth to Helpless Babies | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network

Is skill in poker – and elsewhere – just one great big bluff? – Telegraph Blogs

The Salt Cave: Cure-all or Quackery? - Blog

RealClearScience - Only Seven Questions Needed to Diagnose Autism?

Science Wants to Control Your Mind! - Blog


Protocols and Theologians: Catholic World Report

Yoram Hazony: Reading the Bible as Reason Not Revelation

RealClearReligion - Barack Obama, a Muslim's Useful Idiot

How should the Godbeat be funded?

John G. Turner: Polygamy, Brigham Young and His 55 Wives

+The Jihadist Element in Syria

+Foreign Policy and U.S. Political Conventions

Morsi’s Wrong Turn - NYTimes.com

The Geography of Iranian Power by Robert D. Kaplan | Stratfor

Leading from the Front - By John McCain | Foreign Policy

Studying the international ‘Muslim Tide’ that wasn’t | Full Comment | National Post

Militarization of China’s Civilian Leaders? | China Power

Are Jews Who Fear Iran Obsessed With the Holocaust? - Bloomberg

A Refugee Disaster in the Making - NYTimes.com

The Corrie verdict - JPost - Opinion - Editorials

Corrie verdict exposes Israel's false narrative - The National

Commentary: Iraq at the Crossroads | The National Interest

On Syria, Everyone’s Waiting for Obama « Commentary Magazine

The Presidential Candidates’ Core Competencies - Hit & Run : Reason.com

Is Ron Paul Winning the Future? - NYTimes.com

Romney team “optimistic” that floor fight over rules can be avoided « Hot Air

Political Animal - GOP Coalition-Building Off the Table

The Incredible Shrinking Political Convention - Molly Ball - The Atlantic

Romney Attacks Force GOP Governors To Backtrack On Welfare Waivers | TPMDC

Morning Bell: How Obamacare Robs Medicare and Hurts Seniors

It's Reagan's party no more - The Maddow Blog

One of Many Ways the SEC Contributed to the Financial Crisis | Cato @ Liberty

What Telecoms Want, Telecoms Get From The GOP | The New Republic

Higher education: The college-cost calamity | The Economist

Why Do Taxpayers Subsidize Farmers' Insurance? : Planet Money : NPR

Obama's Cynical Energy Agenda > Publications > National Affairs

Trying to understand income inequality, the most profound change in American society in your lifetime. - Slate Magazine

It's the Ideology, Stupid - Josh Kraushaar - NationalJournal.com

'We're Not Going to Let Our Campaign Be Dictated by Fact-Checkers' - James Bennet - The Atlantic

n+1: The Foundation Statesmen

RealClearPolicy - Congress Should Create a Repeal Committee

Immigration and Skilled Workers : The New Yorker

GOP Women Blast Obama’s Policies - Washington Wire - WSJ


*27th/Transcripts:Interview with Senator Marco Rubio

Interview with Rep. McMorris Rodgers & Gov. McDonnell

Interview with Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley

Panel on Mitt Romney's Campaign Strategy

26th/Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney

Guests: McCain, Wasserman Schultz, Brewer & Bush

Guests: Hutchison, Walker, O'Malley & Priebus

Guests: Rubio, Blackburn, Priebus and Barbour

Guest: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell


Why Is Obama So Confident? -- Daily Intel

Voters Want Smaller Government | Cato @ Liberty

Christie Speech a Key to Romney’s Effort to Re-Brand GOP | Fox News

Levin: Romney spins falsehoods on welfare reform | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com

Ann Romney Profile: On Her Traditional Family Path, Fight Against MS | Swampland | TIME.com

Vote fraud & its beneficiaries—Glenn Reynolds - NYPOST.com

One More Bush Legacy Romney Has Discarded: Running As A ‘Uniter, Not A Divider’ | The New Republic

Destroying Precious Land to Drill for Gas - NYTimes.com

Focusing on the issues will help Romney win - Chicago Sun-Times

Clarity from Christie - BostonHerald.com

How the Republicans Built It - NYTimes.com

Charlie Crist’s warning - Editorials - MiamiHerald.com

Romney Secures G.O.P Nomination - Ann Romney, Chris Christie Speak at Convention - NYTimes.com

Ann Romney, Chris Christie deliver—John Podhoretz - NYPOST.com

Ann Romney's Winning R.N.C. Speech : The New Yorker

Chris Christie: The Statesman - Robert Costa - National Review Online

Ladies Night: GOP Answers Dems With Female Speakers | RealClearPolitics

HURT: With Ryan pick, the adults are now in charge - Washington Times

Leon Wieseltier: His Grief, And Ours | The New Republic

The welfare issue is back | The Daily Caller

Christie Keynote Calls for "Second American Century" | RealClearPolitics

The America I know | The Daily Caller

Rick Santorum’s dirty hands - Salon.com

Post-Racial Politics? | RealClearPolitics

Aug. 27: Michigan Isn't a Tossup - NYTimes.com

Christopher Hitchens’ Mortality: An honest book about death. - Slate Magazine

Judge: Peterson lawyers can grill Stacy Peterson's divorce lawyerS

Drew Peterson's teenaged son to testify at murder trial

Peterson defense experts insist Savio's death was an accident

Drew Peterson trial updates: Son to take stand today - chicagotribune.com

Judge: Defense allowed to mention allegation that 4th wife tried to extort Drew Peterson - The Washington Post

Chicago teachers to file 10-day strike notice

Witness: Vaughn changed story about deaths of wife, kids

BP releases list of stations that sold tainted gas

Father fights off alleged kidnapper in downtown Chicago

Cameras come to federal courtrooms in Chicago

Gambling bill veto sets stage for a Quinn vs. Rahm

Marathon study: Race worth $219 million to Chicago

Judge orders ex-Bears WR Hurd to remain in custody

Romney must play the numbers game to woo Uncle Sam

Obama campaign latest

RNC Diary: Ace Buzzkillington, Reporting

Ryan Readies His Message for Voters

Rice makes return to political spotlight complete in Tampa

Convention conversation turns to Akin

Republican Officials Remove 2 Attendees For 'Deplorable Behavior' Toward CNN Staffer - NYTimes.com

Focus on Ryan Extends to His Budget Plan

Ann Romney's Republican National Convention Speech - YouTube

Chris Christie Speech Blasted As 'Off-Key' By Chris Wallace

Fox News Audience Doubles Down on MSNBC, CNN in August

Floor Fights and Ron Paul - Election 2012

Convention organizers count on real people

Boehner rallies Va. delegation, calls Allen 'rock solid'

Democrats Tap Sen. John Kerry for Stadium Speech on Foreign Policy

Ann Romney Invited on 'Modern Family' - Once Gay Marriage Is Legal

Republicans Vow to Transform Obama's U.S. With Low Tax, Freedom

Scott Walker's Message

McDonnell vs. O'Malley

Who is Mia Love?

Convention Is Big Oil's Big Party for Romney

“We Built It”

Mayor Buckhorn: Downtown Business Owners Could Sink or Swim During RNC

Obama for America bus tour plans stop in SE Iowa today

Sen. Marco Rubio Responds to Villaraigosa Comments, Talks Hispanic Vote and Immigration : Politics : Latinospost

UN chief urges host Iran to address 'serious' rights concerns

Jordan warns Syrian refugees against rioting

Jailed former leader Tymoshenko loses appeal in top Ukraine court

UN nuclear watchdog team to examine Iran programme

Former Gujarat minister faces death for role in massacre

Court Rules Israel Is Not at Fault in Death of American Activist

Raw Video: 550-lb. WWII Bomb Detonated

'Hitler' clothing store in India causes uproar

Economy in U.S. Grew More in Second Quarter Than First Estimated

Banks have given $10.6 billion in relief in national settlement

Illinois Debt Cut by S&P After Lack of Action on Pension Funding

Yelp Shares Surge Despite 'Lockup' Expiration with 'Short Squeeze'

Google Plus Goes To the Office

Obama Fuel-Economy Rule Gives Sweeteners to Honda, Tesla

FBI Arrests Suspected LulzSec Hacker For Sony Pictures Attack

Google Gives Nexus 7 Prime Ad Spot

TiVo Stream Lets You Watch on Your iPad

IBM Preps Watson for Business-Based Smartphone Assistance

Privacy warriors win right to fight Google's itty-bitty FTC payout

Lockdown Facebook Photo Albums: Hands-on with McAfee Social Protection App

Astronomers find life's sweet building blocks around young star

Astronomers spot pair of 'Tatooine' planets orbiting twin suns

Last blue moon until 2015 appears Friday

Pigeons are vanishing in 'Birdmuda Triangle'

Police in Argentina Shoot Seagulls to Save Whales

Bill Nye the Science Guy asks parents not to raise creationist kids

The Melting North: Arctic Ice and Climate Change

Why does 'scientists finding preserved arthropods in amber' sound familiar?

Prominent Meteorological Group Links Extreme Weather With Climate Change

Scientists have solved the 200-year-old mystery of this “monstrous” creature

Lunar Space Elevator

Hidden treasures of Hubble uncovered by the public [Photos]

The Pair of Space Probes That Will Finally Demystify the Radiation Surrounding Earth (We Hope)

Hantavirus: What Are The Symptoms Of The Virus That Killed 2 At Yosemite Camp?

West Nile Virus cases spike in Ontario and US

Restricting calories may not prolong your life

CDC strengthens brain-eating ameba, neti pot link

'Spare tyre' triples the risk of heart attack

Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ, report claims

Key to long-term weight loss for post-menopausal women may be eating more fruits and vegetables - HealthPop - CBS News

Lady Gaga Teases Lindsay Lohan -- Did You Jack My Earrings?

Bill Cosby, Rihanna, Eddie Murphy: Not dead

2012 Republican Convention: 'Obama's America' Filmmaker Lashes Out at Media

Lindsay Lohan's tweets bemoan 'lies' regarding Hollywood thefts

Madonna brings MDNA tour to the US

Michael Jackson's Birthday Memories: HuffPost Readers Remember The King Of Pop

Pippa Middleton's book promo begins with curtsy to 'People'


Ann Romney RNC Full Speech 2012, Talks About Women, The Economy, and Husband Mitt - YouTube

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie - Republican National Convention 2012 Full Keynote Speech - YouTube

*29 Aug.

American Minute for August 29th

Today in History: August 29

August 29th in History

Today in History: August 29

August 29 Events in History

This Day in History for 29th August | HistoryOrb.com

August 29th This Day in History

Today in History for August 29th - YouTube


Alex Jones - 2012-Aug-28, Tuesday

Alex Jones - 2012-Aug-27, Monday

Alex Jones - 2012-Aug-26, Sunday

The Katherine Albrecht Show Tuesday August 28 2012 Hour 1

The Katherine Albrecht Show Tuesday August 28 2012 Hour 2




The Michael Savage Show 08/28/2012

The Manning Report – 28 August 2012

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 Red Eye Radio 1

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 Red Eye Radio 2

08/28 The Mark Levin Show

Aug. 28, 2012 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN



Reporter: Romneys "Happy To Have A Party With Black People Drowning"

Samsung vs. Apple: Why the Verdict Matters
Violence in Syria Aggravates Sectarian Tensions in Lebanon
Will ECB 'Save the Euro' Plan Be Enough?
France Opens Arafat Murder Investigation
Rice: 'The United States' Voice Has Been Muted'
Isaac's Threat Nearly Halts Gulf Oil Production
Archaeologists on Pirate Trail in Panama
Raw Video: Tango Salon World Championships
Water Cannons and Tear Gas on the Streets of Chile
Typhoon Makes Landfall in North Korea
Have Obama and Romney Forgotten Afghanistan?



Scott Walker: "On June 5, The Hardworking Taxpayers Won"
Christie: "Mitt Romney Will Tell Us The Hard Truths We Need To Hear"
Christie: "Real Leaders Don't Follow Polls, Real Leaders Change Polls"
Ann Romney: "This Man Will Lift Up America"
Hume On Ann Romney: "Single Most Effective Political Speech I've Ever Heard Given By A Political Wife"
Former Dem Artur Davis Addresses GOP Convention: "Let's Take This Country Back"
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin's Remarks At The RNC
Kasich: "We Need A New Partner In Washington - This Relationship Is Just Not Working"
Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's RNC Remarks
Mia Love To Obama: "We're Not Buying What You're Selling"
Ayotte At The RNC: Obamacare Is A "Success Tax"
Chris Matthews Ties Reagan To George Wallace And David Duke
Krauthammer: Romney Should Bring Out Seamus, Say Roof Ride Was "Ride Of His Life"
Gov. Scott Walker Addresses The GOP Convention
Rush: Hurricane Isaac Hitting New Orleans "Democrats' Wet Dream"
Priebus: "Barack Obama Has A Problem With The American Dream"
Gibbs: If You Think Unemployment Is Bad For Grads, Look At Unemployment Rate For Non-College Grads
Ohio Gov. Kasich: "President Is Doing Nothing" About National Debt
LA Mayor Villaraigosa: GOP "Can't Just Trot Out A Brown Face"
Speaker John Boehner Addresses 2012 GOP Convention
Dennis Miller Slams Joe Biden On "Tonight Show"
Todd: GOP Putting Minorities In Front At Convention To Appear Diverse
Gov. Jan Brewer: Obama Is Race-Baiting
Dennis Miller Discusses The RNC And Same Sex Marriage On "The Tonight Show"
Republicans Formally Nominate Romney For President
Dennis Miller Discusses Todd Akin On "The Tonight Show"
O'Reilly: The Democratic Convention Is Full Of Zealots
Priorities USA Action: "Olive"
Move On Ad: Stepping On The Middle Class
Gregory: RNC Is Focused On Big 4: Romneys, Ryan & Christie
Schultz: "Republican Medicare Lies Could Be Working"
Krauthammer: Romney Can Be "Earnest And Sincere"

Egyptian President Arrives in China
Diplomacy Destined to Fail Between Israel, Iran
All Eyes on Chinese Activist Ai Weiwei
Winner and Losers from the Samsung Apple Clash
Bin Laden Book Raises New Questions About Intel Leak
Relief as Typhoon Tembin Skirts Taiwan
Colombia Seeks End to FARC Conflict
Life is a Robot Cabaret in Tokyo Club
Syrian Rebels Receive Arms
Cindy Corrie Speaks to Al Jazeera