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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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03 March 2012

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The Michael Savage Show 03/02/2012

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The Michael Savage Show 02/29/2012

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Unraveling the Age of the Pyramids and Sphinx on the Giza Plateau

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How The Globalists Create Heart Attacks

Other Mysterious Deaths...Lest We Forget

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‘Global finance: The Shylock model’ — RT

10 key questions: Could Vladimir Putin be in power until 2024? « Zen Haven

Scientists shocked to find antibiotics alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia « Zen Haven

Malaria cases hit ten-year high as UK travellers venture to more exotic countries | Mail Online

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Vitamin pill that can fight off skin cancer

New device heralds potential to turn sewage plants into power stations | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Witchcraft is growing threat to children in Britain, warn police - Telegraph

Hep B Vaccine Damages The Liver It Is Supposed To Protect | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

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Jesus discovery: Does 1st Century coffin lid found in Jerusalem reveal Jesus' resting place? | Mail Online

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President Obama and His Key Advisors are a Gang of War Criminals | This Can't Be Happening

Baghdad's frozen past revealed by ancient manuscripts | Mail Online

Inalienably Yours: Agenda 21: Full Spectrum Domination

Ikea 'paid for secret police files on customers who complained' | Mail Online

New 'thinking cap' technologies that control weaponry 'a step closer' - Telegraph

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Ships and Saucers: UFOs at Sea

Fatal Holes that Sink Bush's 911 Lie | Opinion Maker

PressTV - US congressional nominee: Holocaust ‘blackest lie’ in history

WTHR_The Risk inside your credit card - YouTube

The Canadian National Newspaper: Extraterrestrials: China releases Moon footage of alien bases

David Icke - When The Knock Comes On Your Door & The Madness Of War! ... - David Icke Website

Paul Drockton M.A. First Casualty of War is Liberty

Navajo Task Force investigates the paranormal

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Local News | Ron Paul campaign complains about state GOP 'shenanigans' | Seattle Times Newspaper

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul "Maybe We Shouldn't Be Entering People's Houses Without Search Warrants!"

Courthouse News Service:Chicago Police Liable for Coverup of Bar Assault


+38 min./Kevin Ryan Presentation - Nation of Islam: "9/11: What really happened and why?" - YouTube

*47 min./Lockerbie: Case closed - YouTube


Six Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Refreshing News: Cyber-threats will become top worry: FBI

The FBI Can't Find Many of Its GPS Trackers Now That They're Turned Off

Refreshing News: Police Censor Google, Facebook and 8,000 Other Sites by Accident

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Explosions Destroy Saudi Oil Pipeline, Sends Oil Prices Soaring

Unconstitutional! - IL Judge rules over audio recordings police officers case - 12160

Free Market Health Care: True Stories

Clues Left in Obama 'Birth Forgery' on Purpose?

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The Unofficial Ron Paul Voters Guide :

Manufactured Fear - 15 minutes that will change your life - 12160

Manufactured Fear - 15 minutes that will change your life - YouTube

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+Startpage :Search Engine


Dr. Kipp: Obamacare and the Catholic Church

Report Reveals Facebook Spying on Smartphone Users’ Text Messages, Other Privacy Breaches

Breitbart’s Obama Footage To Be Released Within Two Weeks «

Steve Bannon: We Are Going to Release the Obama Harvard Tapes in One Week to 10 Days - YouTube

Breitbart Movie Trailer, TAB on Racism and Responsibility «

IRS Oversteps Its Authority – Targets Tea Party «

Infographic: Is Gold A Bubble?

Survival books to keep on your bookshelf in case of the apocalypse

Wealthy British banker and his wife are killed on holiday by carbon monoxide poisoning | Mail Online

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Next Leg Of The Ponzi Revealed - Foreign Central Banks To Begin Buying US Stocks Outright Starting Today - BlackListedNews.com

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NSA Power Grab: New Legislation Would Give It Broad Powers To Spy On 'Critical' Private Networks | Techdirt

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Ex-Senators Say Saudi Arabia May Be Linked to 9/11 - ABC News

LEAKED STRATFOR EMAILS: Analysts Didn't Believe Bin Laden Was Buried At Sea

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Losing Constitutional Competition

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Stone-age Europeans 'were the first to set foot on North America' - Telegraph

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The Decline and Fall of the Roman Denarius by Chris Horlacher

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Dear Mark: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM; Iodine for Thyroid | Mark's Daily Apple

Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee Adel Al-Gazzar Mocks U.S. Soldiers | Video | TheBlaze.com

Air Force Can’t Find Root Cause of Oxygen System Problems in F-22 Raptors | TheBlaze.com

Sandra Fluke Says Religious Schools Should Cover Birth Control | Video | TheBlaze.com

Montana Chief U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull Sends Email Joke About Obama’s Mom Havins Sex With Dog | TheBlaze.com

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Media Over Breitbart Death Coverage | TheBlaze.com

Barack Obama Attends New York Fundraisers, Says His 2008 Campaign ‘Screwed Up’ | TheBlaze.com

Appeals Court Rules Some Warrantless Searches of Cellphones Allowed | TheBlaze.com

New Scientific Study Says Most Voters Too Dumb to Vote for Good Candidates | TheBlaze.com

These Are Gallup‘s ’Most Miserable’ & ‘Happiest’ States | TheBlaze.com

Atheist’s Billboards Written in Hebrew & Arabic Will Target Muslims & Jews | TheBlaze.com

Obama Responds to Iran Heckler with War Comment | Video | TheBlaze.com

Core Groups of Disaster Volunteers Reach ‘Junkie’ Status | Video | TheBlaze.com

Islamic Circle of North America Launches Pro-Shariah Campaign | Video | TheBlaze.com

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Talks to Mike Broomhead About Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate | Video | TheBlaze.com

Some Concerned About Copyright Violations on Pinterest and Terms of Use Putting Blame on Members | Video | TheBlaze.com

FBI Director Says Cyber-Threats More Concerning Than Terrorism, Calls Upon Private Sector for Help | TheBlaze.com

Alain de Botton Highlights 5 Religious Concepts That Atheists Can Use | TheBlaze.com

Allen West to Obama: ‘Stop With the Osama Bin Laden Line’ | TheBlaze.com

Steve Bannon Says Breitbart’s Obama Colleges Tapes to Be Released | Video | TheBlaze.com

Barack Obama Compares Himself to Nelson Mandela and Gandhi In Speech to New York Donors | Video | TheBlaze.com

Ron Paul Slams Contraception Mandate as ‘Silly’ on Piers Morgan Show | Video | TheBlaze.com

Alan Dershowitz Accuses Media Matters of Anti-Semitism for Using ‘Israel Firster’ Epithet | Video | TheBlaze.com

Philadelphia Man Jams Cellphones With Illegal Device to Quiet City Bus | Video | TheBlaze.com

Mozilla Add-On Shows Third-Party Tracking of Your Internet Movements in Real-Time | Video | TheBlaze.com

‘Tax Bombshell’: If Re-Elected, Would President Obama Raise Taxes For Middle Class? | TheBlaze.com

Obama Administration Science Adviser John P. Holdren Wants to Ban ‘References to Size, Power and Sexual Potency’ in Ads | TheBlaze.com

Quadrotors Programmed to Play James Bond Theme Song | Video | TheBlaze.com

Charlie Sheen‘s Intern Josh Burstein Joins Barack Obama’s 2012 Campaign | TheBlaze.com

Sandra Fluke Appears on Ed Schultz’s Show, Responds to Rush Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Comment | Video | TheBlaze.com

Rush Limbaugh Responds to Obama’s Call to Sandra Fluke | TheBlaze.com

‘I Could Say I Rented an Apartment From the President’: College Students Surprised to Discover Their Landlord Is… | TheBlaze.com

Five American Military Personnel Could Face Disciplinary Review Over Koran Burnings | TheBlaze.com

Combating the Delphi Technique and Occupy Infiltration

3/2/2012 -- HAARP rings, Scalar Squares, and Ghost storms - IL, KY, IN, TN, VA, MS, AL, GA - YouTube

America is a Constitutional Republic . . . NOT a Democracy

Why Are People So Upset About Meat Glue?

Mitt Romney Confronted On NDAA, Full Secret Service Detail - YouTube

Why Can't Americans Have Democracy?

Toxic BPA Now Linked to Leading Killer Heart Disease

Guardian crimes get 'cover' from government agencies

Sorry Gates: GMO Crops Proven to be Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger

Free Wood Post: Almost News * Scott BeasonAlabama State Senator Proposes Legislation to Prohibit 'Women and Non-Whites' From Voting * Obama beerPosthumously Released Breitbart Video Features 9-11 Obama * AsprinexaA New Form Of Contraception Is About To Become Available, "Aspirinexa" * oldladyElderly Woman Stubs Her Toe, Blames President Obama * farmLaborGov. Jan Brewer: Migrant Workers Are Just In It For The Money * tamponNewest GOP Attack on Women: Just Say No to Tampons * facebook-iconFacebook will Require Social Security Number for Member Log In * BabyHandRepublicans Accuse Victoria’s Secret of Murdering Babies * AllenWestJupiterWest: I'm Black by Birth, Not by Choice * santorumsatanSantorum Details Peace Talks With Satan Featuring Top 10/179 of Almost News Free Wood Post on Twitter * Alabama State Senator Proposes Legislation to Prohibit ‘Women and Non-Whites’ From Voting http://t.co/2FS944yl 21 hours ago * A New Form Of Contraception Is About To Become Available, “Aspirinexa” http://t.co/TxXwpadZ 22 hours ago * Posthumously Released Breitbart Video Features 9-11 Obama http://t.co/PvCVOEtt 23 hours ago Facebook will Require Social Security Number for Member Log In

Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered? | Before It's News

Breitbarts Footage Shows Obama Palling Around With Terrorists | Before It's News

Michael Savage on the Passing of Andrew Breitbart - (Radio Commentary Aired on March 1, 2012) - YouTube

Alien Craft Attacks, Sinks U.S. Nuclear Sub | Before It's News

Orwell's Startling World Is Officially Here | Before It's News

Facebook Will Require Social Security Number For Member Log In | Before It's News

Obama And His CIA Assassins' Could Have "Hit" Andrew Breitbart. Video | Before It's News

Rev Manning Calls for Investigation on Breitbart’s Death | Fellowship of the Minds

Hackers Had Full Control Of International Space Station | Before It's News



David Icke - The Change - YouTube

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Why is the universe made of matter?: Not up to Standard | The Economist

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How to Build a Speech-Jamming Gun - Technology Review

People Aren't Smart Enough for Democracy to Flourish, Scientists Say | Why the Best Candidate Never Wins | Psychology | LifesLittleMysteries.com

Estimates Clash for How Much Natural Gas in the United States

Freeze-Dried Pets Comfort Grieving Owners | Dog & Cat Death & Preservation | LiveScience

Consciousness: Eight questions science must answer | Anil Seth | Science | guardian.co.uk

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We're on the verge of two world-changing antimatter discoveries

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Abound Solar Lays Off Workers After Stimulus Loan - Investors.com

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The Truth About the End of Cheap Oil

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‘The Power of Habit’ Nicely Dissects How and Why We Do Things - The Daily Beast

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the still small voice - bookforum.com / current issue

Lord of the Rings Inspired by an Ancient Epic

Sino-Soviet Border Clashes

CONCORDE SST : Concorde 001 Maiden Flight

Purification Through Pain: A Fresh Look at Torture in the Middle Ages - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

Library : Exposing Hitler's Pope and Its Author - Catholic Culture

Hitler's Pope

How Pius XII Protected Jews | Catholic Answers

HarpWeek | Hayes vs. Tilden: The Electoral College Controversy of 1876-1877

Review of "The Limits of Air Power"

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Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Magazine / Lord of the Gold Ring

The Hundred Days: 1 March-18 June 1815

Op-Ed: The Myth of Census Data Confidentiality

Confirmed: The U.S. Census Bureau Gave Up Names of Japanese-Americans in WW II: Scientific American

50 years later, JFK speech part of culture war | Deseret News

INTERVIEW-Brotherhood ideas questioned by founder's brother | News by Country | Reuters

Richard Dawkins, the Atheist Who Isn't, but the Episcopal Bishop Who Might Be, Christian News

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Video:Maher To Limbaugh: I Can Call Palin C**t, 'I Don't Have Sponsors I'm on HBO'

Study: 1 in 5 elderly citizens suffers from abuse

Disneyland locked down after suspicious object found near entrance

Tornadoes kill at least 33 in US Midwest, South

Iran elections: Ahmadinejad rivals set to gain control of parliament

BP begins to put spill behind it with settlement

Kentucky says death toll in state from tornadoes rises to 18

Storms demolish small towns in Ind., Ky.; 37 dead

Obama recasts birth control debate on own terms

Angry survivors attend 1st hearing on shipwreck

Fresh assault on Homs as Red Cross seeks access

US 'committed' to strong ties with Egypt

Surveys point to election blow for India's Gandhis

Even with Washington vote, focus remains on Ohio

Probe: Korans Placed in Trash by Soldiers, Inadvertently Burned by Afghan Workers

Audio: SWIFT: A New Front in Economic Sanctions on Iran

Andrew Breitbart: A Brother in Arms

In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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Obama Slashes Soldiers’ Benefits to Pay Back Healthcare Industry Donors

Obama Cedes Terror Cases to Civilian Law Enforcement

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BBC Chief Admits To Covering Muslims and Christians Differently

Republicans Fall For Manufactured Story

New Study: Law School Deans Violate Law To Skew Rankings

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Media Ignores Not One, But Two Gun-Walking Scandals

NewsBusted: Does Obama Apologize Too Much?

Why the Left-Wing Hates Mormons and How to Respond

‘Tolerant’ Huffington Post Publishes Bigoted Attack on Catholics

It’s Not Just Republicans Receiving ‘Evil’ Koch Cash

Revealed: Al Gore’s Current TV Smeared O’Keefe to Target Breitbart, Protect Occupy Wall Street

» Mark Levin: Breitbart ‘Made a Difference’ - Big Government

VIDEO: Liam Fox Issues a Warning to America

Like Millions of Others, We Were Inspired by Breitbart’s Passion and Courage

From the Heart, from the Heartland, My Thoughts on Andrew Breitbart’s Passing

Andrew Breitbart: Conservative Lion

Breitbart: A True Son of Liberty

A ‘Citizen Journalist’ Remembers Andrew Breitbart

A Gut-Punch: The Loss of Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart Fought Bravely for Conservative Principles- His Burden Is Now Ours

Andrew Breitbart: Bold, Fearless, and the One Who Said ‘Yes’

Audio: Is the Economy Really Beginning to Recover?

- Think Big, America.

Hugh Hewitt: Breitbart ‘Would Never Not Fight’

Cartoon:R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart (1969 – 2012)

Clueless Socialists Protest MacIver Institute

OECD Pushes Crazy Assertion that Poverty Is Higher in the U.S. than in Greece, Hungary, Portugal, and Turkey

Anti-Bullying Teachers Unions Get Pushy for Better Pay and Benefits

Transplant Denied: How Medical Marijuana Policy Kills Patients

Advanced Biofuels: Bite the Bullet and Finish the Job

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Americans Give their Thanks to SEALs, ‘Act of Valor’

USA’s Quirky ‘Psych’ Returns Tonight to Bolster Cable TV’s Case Against Broadcast Fare

HomeVideodrome: ‘American Sleepover’ Evokes Best of Teen Movie Genre

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4 Muslim Swedes charged in terrorism plot in Denmark

Investigation shows 5 US soldiers responsible for Koran burning

News you can use from the 'Islamist Spring'

Poor organization, unfair rule, will cost Santorum in Ohio

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'After-Birth' Abortions the New Choice

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When Economists Fail, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Stimulus

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Connecting the Dots on Fast and Furious

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Socialism without Guns

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Breitbart 'Obama tapes' from Harvard will be out soon

Santorum's intellectual evolution to a strong constitutional conservative

GOP voters 'more enthusiastic' despite negative campaign - Gallup

One of the few bloggers who President Obama reads goes on an anti-Semitic tirade

*Investigators now in hunt for forger

News Conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse" - YouTube

Sheriff Joe: ‘Probable cause’ Obama certificate a fraud

Get insider’s view of Arpaio’s Obama probe in new e-book

Demoted for views, NASA specialist going to court

Feds explore possible cover-up at Penn State

TSA to start fondling drivers now, too?

On-air hosts recall Breitbart’s best moments

Did Justice Owen Roberts betray the Constitution?

Obama turns back on American workers

Bad guys and monsters

We are all in danger

The imperial ‘I’

Farewell to Bo Diaz (aka Andrew Breitbart)

Who threatens religious liberty?

PBS Clinton documentary: Just more lies

Romney Dusts Off Old Right-Wing Attack: Says Obama Claims to be 4th Best President

Limbaugh Slanders Congressional Witness Sandra Fluke, Calls Her a Prostitute

Bill O'Reilly Says Romney Can't Promote His Religion Because Mormonism Is Controversial

Romney Thanks Crazy Supporter Who Says He Needs a Gun to Defend Himself Against a 'Tyrannical Government'

New Selma to Montgomery March Fights for Justice for Working Families

GOP Lawmaker Proposes Tax Breaks for Mustaches

Romney Flip Flops Again - Comes Out in Favor of Controversial Blunt Amendment

Blunt Amendment Defeated in Senate

Frank Schaeffer: Republicans Want Theocracy Lite

Andrea Mitchell Allows Olympia Snowe to Be Painted (Inaccurately) as a Moderate

Colbert: Countdown to Loving Mitt

Obama Campaign Kicks Koch Machine

Pity the Millionaires: Wall Streeters Cry Over Baby Bonuses

Bank of America Plans Monthly Fees

Forget Michigan. Worry About Rep. Steny Hoyer (Corporate Party - MD) and Social Security

Two Former Senators Wonder if Saudi Government Involved in 9/11

A Movie for a Movement: 'Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?'

Arpaio Probe Offers Boilerplate Birtherism in Dramatic Presser

Georgia Law Would Outlaw Picketing; Make Sit-Downs A Felony

Socialized Bomb Squad Called To Limbaugh's House

Is a For-Profit College Scandal The Real Reason Olympia Snowe Decided Not To Run?

UPDATED - Carly Fiorina Breaks With GOP, Denounces Limbaugh's Smears

Romney in 2002: I Am Big Believer in Getting Money from Washington

Sandra Fluke Responds to Limbaugh's Over the Top Sexist Remarks

And Then There Were 8: Maryland Gov Signs Marriage Equality Bill

Colbert Takes On Unpaid Internships

Bush-Appointed Montana Judge Caught Sending Racist Obama Email

GE's 2.3 Percent Tax Rate Over 10 Years Shows Corporate Taxes Aren't Too High

Santorum: 20 Years Ago People Couldn't Conceive of a Cell Phone

The Word - Change We Can Believe In

It’s Time to Stop Rush Limbaugh

Callista Gingrich: Perfect Republican Wife

Another Line Of Perfectly Normal Monster Tornadoes Rip Midwest, South, Kill At Least 36 People

Bill O'Reilly Compares Contraception Coverage to Denmark Distributing Heroin to Prevent Crime

Wilmington DE's City Council Passes Protest Resolution: Every Sperm Is Sacred

The Free State Movement: Political Migration in Our Time - informationliberation

Iran: Scapegoat for a Bankrupt Empire by Tim Kelly

Internet Evolution - Editor's Blog - RIAA CEO Hopes SOPA Protests Were a 'One-Time Thing'

WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cables FOIA Documents | American Civil Liberties Union

Copyright Kings Are Judge, Jury and Executioner on YouTube | Epicenter | Wired.com

Inflation Is A Tax And The Federal Reserve Is Taxing The Living Daylights Out Of Us - informationliberation

NSA Power Grab: New Legislation Would Give It Broad Powers To Spy On 'Critical' Private Networks - informationliberation

Transplant Denied: How Medical Marijuana Policy Kills Patients - informationliberation

Saudi Arabia May Be Tied to 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say

America's Dangerous Game

Growing Number Of Americans Can't Afford Food, Study Finds

Lt Col Daniel Davis: 'US army does not tell truth'

President Obama and His Key Advisors are a Gang of War Criminals

History’s Biggest Heist? | American Free Press

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul: The only one who can run on his record instead of running from it | American Free Press

Obama: Tell Congress to stop $4B 'giveaway' to oil companies - The Hill's Video

War Tax at the Gas Pump » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

What can U.S. do to halt rising gas prices? Not much – USATODAY.com

Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: “I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental”

What Happened to Whitney Houston?

Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual

Mass Media Promoting Transhumanism: the “Mind-Blowing Benefits of Merging Human Brains and Computers”

How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children (video)

The Occult Roots of Scientology: Exploring the Influence of Aleister Crowley on L. Ron Hubbard

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Windows 8 Will Have a “Kill Switch”

Obama Recasts Birth Control Debate to Court Women Voters

Obama Jumps Into Rush Contraception Flap

Gingrich, Santorum Battle for Bible Belt Voters

GOP Leaders Slow to Back Presidential Hopefuls

Facebook to Sprinkle Ads Among Friends

Prehistoric Knife Rebuts Historical Timeline of Settlers

Q&A: Here's How Google's Increased Peeping Will Affect You

Corruption and the Citizen, American-Style by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com

We are fighting Islamism from ignorance, as we did the cold war | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free | The Guardian

Syria and “Conspiracy Theories”: It is a Conspiracy

VIDEO: Pentagon Admits More 9/11 Remains Dumped in Landfill

Hillary Clinton and Middle East War Crimes

Why Can’t Americans Have Democracy?

Clinton: Al Qaeda, U.S., Helping Syrian Rebels

VIDEO: 9/11 Commissioner and Co-Chair of 9/11 Inquiry Say in Sworn Declarations that Saudi Government Linked to 9/11

Obama Issues ‘Policy Directive’ Exempting American Citizens From Indefinite Detention

VIDEO: Military Hysteria: America's Neverending Get-Rich Wars

VIDEO: So Many Prisons and No Room for War Propagandists?

VIDEO: "IAEA Works With Spies"- Former IAEA Chief

Threats Against Iran are Criminal Under International Law

Ahmadinejad Rivals Lead in Parliamentary Vote

Four Republican Candidates to Face Off Super Tuesday

U.S. Troops in Afghanistan May Face 'Disciplinary Review' for Burning Qurans

Energy Secretary Says Obama Administration Inherited Plunging Oil Prices And A Bad Economy

What Do These Famous People Have In Common?

Shocking Video! Contraceptives Obtained Without Federal Mandate!

Sex-Crazed Co-Eds Going Broke Buying Birth Control, Student Tells Pelosi Hearing Touting Freebie Mandate

Boehner: 'I Think The President Would Prefer To See Lower Gas Prices, At Least For Election Day'

Sebelius: Morning After Pill - 'Not an Abortifacient'

Obama Adviser: ‘References to Size, Power or Sexual Potency…Could be Banned From Automobile Advertising’

NOW President: Bishops Want 'Police Power of State to Prevent Women from Taking Birth Control'

Americans Spent Nearly $51 Billion on Their Pets in 2011

Federal Appeals Court 'Ignores Rule of Law,' Defers to White House on Deportation Cases

Senator: Obama's Acting Like U.S. Is USSR

18-term Democrat Rep. Norm Dicks of Wash. Retiring

Seven American Pro-Democracy Workers Fly Out of Egypt

Cardinal Speaks Out Against UN Call For Legalizing Homosexual Act In Africa

77 Percent of Illegals Caught on Mexican Border Were Not Prosecuted

Sebelius Claims ‘No Abortifacient Drug’ Covered by Contraception Mandate


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Podcast Show #78- US Government Mandatory Vaccination Laws & Giving Up Our Parental Rights;The Boiling Frogs Presents Barbara Loe Fisher

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NDAA Blows Up In Obamas Face! - YouTube

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New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen (TRAILER) - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Toxic BPA Now Linked to Leading Killer Heart Disease

Super-human brain technology sparks ethics debate | Reuters

Prison Planet.com » Parents protest freedom-crushing food police who search lunch bags of schoolchildren

Prison Planet.com » BMJ admits antipsychotic drugs kill far more people than terrorism

Prison Planet.com » Why the Way You Think is the Cornerstone of Reaching Your Health Goals

Prison Planet.com » How FDA and Big Pharma mislead millions into taking dangerous anti-depressants

Google once considered issuing currency | ITworld

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Is Obama Targeting Key Patriots on Enemies List? Wayne Madsen Reports 3/3 - YouTube


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» KuwAm and Stratesec: Directors and investors that link 9/11 to a private intelligence network Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» New NIST FOIA WTC Schematic Drawings Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Transgender hormone treatments, abortion access for detained illegals irks congressman

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Mitt Romney Confronted On NDAA, Full Secret Service Detail - YouTube

Andrew Breitbart was 'preparing a new project hours before he died'... but now the future of his empire is unclear | Mail Online

In Washington state, Ron Paul has a shot at first win - latimes.com

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Wealthy British banker and his wife are killed on holiday by carbon monoxide poisoning | Mail Online

Explosions Destroy Saudi Oil Pipeline, Sends Oil Prices Soaring

Society's Five Stages of Economic Collapse

Internet Outage at Pentagon

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Wild animals to be banned from circuses, says Government - Home News - UK - The Independent

Super-human brain technology sparks ethics debate | Reuters

» Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide found to destroy testosterone, male fertility Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Scientists shocked to find antibiotics alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia - Science - News - The Independent

Eating fatty fish helps keep brain young - UPI.com

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Greens call for details on secret Assange charges - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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The Daily Bell - Central Banks Now Operating as One Global Monopoly?

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The prohibition of drugs has been an abject failure with a devastating human cost | | Independent Editor's choice Blogs

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Japan invents speech-jamming gun that silences people

Whitney destroyed herself

Davy Jones Funeral Plans Announced

Watch: Bruce Springsteen and 'Neil Young' cover LMFAO on Jimmy Fallon

Santorum Woos Ohio as Super Tuesday Approaches

Obama, GOP trade barbs about rising gas prices

Obama: Conservation boosts the economy

Ted Nugent endorses Mitt Romney for president

Obama Seeks Wall Street Campaign Money

Ann Romney brushes back Bill Clinton

Rush Limbaugh loses another sponsor over 'slut' remark

Girl Scouts mark 100 years of closing gender gaps

Judge gives wanna-be jihadist 27 years

Latest in mysterious car bombings in Syria kills three

Italy shipwreck captain "was not wearing glasses"

Cuba Releases First Photos of Post-Surgery Hugo Chavez

Pope's visit to Cuba shines light on religious freedoms

Obama: Fuel-Efficiency an Answer to High Gas Prices

Kodak to shed online photo business

'Password1' is the No. 1 Password Employed by Business Users

Dark matter blob confounds experts

Mars makes historic approach to Earth: NASA

New Site Lets you Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Sleep quality 'improves with age'


**NEWS VIDEO:Flashback: Romney Brags About Bringing Washington Money Back To Massachusetts

Maher To Limbaugh: I Can Call Palin C**t, ‘I Don’t Have Sponsors – I’m on HBO’

‘Undocumented And Unafraid’ ICE Won’t Deport Illegal Aliens Who Shouted Down NC Democracy

Breitbart’s Final CNN Appearance

Hugh Hewitt’s Poetic Tribute To Breitbart

Remembering Breitbart: Larry O’Connor Show With John Nolte

Defender Against Left-Wing Smears; Breitbart’s Voicemail Chewing-Out Gawker Writer

Steven Crowder Remembers Breitbart

2nd/CNN’s Piers Morgan: ‘I Began To Really Like’ Breitbart

Brown University Professor: Contraception Mandate Opponents ‘Arsonists’

Breitbart Tribute: Local Candidate Boasts About NOT Being Endorsed By Mainstream Media

Alfonzo Rachel Remembers Breitbart

State Senator Protests Anti-Abortion Bill: ‘If I Wanted The Government In My Womb, I’d F*ck A Senator’

Classy Bertha Lewis Escapes From Obscurity To Trash Breitbart On Day Of Death

MSNBC’s O’Donnell, Guests Reflect Fondly On Breitbart

Four Minutes Of Hate: Bill Press Attacks Breitbart As Liar And Propagandist

Actor, Friend Adam Baldwin Remembers ‘Merry Prankster’ Breitbart

Obama Likens Self To Mandela, Gandhi At Fundraiser

Dershowitz: Media Matters Uses Hitler-Like Tactics

Palin Torches Obama: ‘Naive Apology To Savages’

Home Video: Tornado Powers Through Alabama

Dennis Miller Dedicates Thursday Show To ‘Fearless’ Breitbart

CNN’s Malveaux Slimes Breitbart Hours After Passing

CNN’s Kurtz Spews Sherrod Misinformation On Day Of Breitbart’s Death

CNN.com Selectively Edits Ignorant Attack On Breitbart From Interview

Erickson Remembers Breitbart, CNN Interviewer Repeatedly Mentions Sherrod Between Comments

Breitbart.TV’s O’Connor: The Right Never Had Anyone Like Andrew To Fight For Us

Bannon: Breitbart’s Obama Videos Will Premiere On ‘Hannity’

Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch Reflects On Breitbart’s Passing

1st/In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

International News Reacts

Bill Clinton: ‘Embrace’ Keystone Pipeline

Extreme Weather Responsible For At Least Three Deaths In Tennessee

More Taxpayer-Funded ‘Green Jobs’ Layoffs

Lady Gaga Launches ‘Born This Way’ Foundation

Priest To Planned Parenthood: ‘Here Comes The Catholic Church’

29th/Obama: Koran Apology ‘Calmed Things Down’

Planned Parenthood Releases Pro-Contraception Mandate Campaign

Occupy Portland Thugs Shatter Bank Windows

Holder Upset With Resignation Calls, Issa Responds

One Percent To The Rescue: Corporate Money Moves To Fund Occupy Wall Street

Sarandon: #OccupyWallStreet ‘Ridiculed,’ ‘Demonized,’ ‘Distorted’ By Media

Maher: Jesus ‘Palestinian’ Magician

28th/Puerto Rico To Be 51st State?

#OccupyLondon Evicted

Fire Leaves Italian Cruise Ship Adrift

Former DNC Communications Director: GOP Supports ‘Letting Women Die’

WikiLeaks Publishes ‘Millions’ Of US Intel Firm Emails

Obama To UAW: Don’t Let Them Call You ‘Special Interest’

AOL/HuffPo, CNN Fooled By ‘One Percent Tip’ Hoax

27th/Democrat Rep Admits: ‘Not Looking To Constitution’ On ObamaCare Contraception Mandate

Welding Job Applicant Shows Up Naked, Fights With Police

Teenager Opens Fire At Ohio School, One Dead

Popular Social Network Tool Under Fire For Alleged Copyright Violations

Romney To Racing Fans: My Friends Own NASCAR Teams

Jesse Jackson: Obama Is ‘Food Stamp President’


Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-02, Friday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-01, Thursday

Alex Jones - 2012-Feb-29, Wednesday


Maher: Liberals Have To Get Out Of "Bubble" That Obama Will Win
Heilemann Trashes Breitbart On "Real Time" Panel Discussion Of His Death


Obama: The "One Thing" That Michelle Allows Me To Do Is Watch ESPN
Coulter On Breitbart: "Even In Death, He Shows Liberals In Their True Colors"
Heilemann: GOP Becoming A Whiter, Less-Educated, More Religious Party
Mark Levin On Breitbart: We Lost One Of Our Generals Today
Santorum: People Look At Mitt Romney And Say "Who Is He?"
Buchanan: Obama So Low In Polls Even Kenyans Say He Was Born In America
Obama: "Maybe Change Isn't Possible ... Maybe We Were Naive"
Carney: Limbaugh's "Crude Attacks" On Georgetown Student Were "Reprehensible"
Matthews To Fluke: "Are You Getting The Anita Hill Treatment?"
O'Reilly: Congress Must Return Spending To 2008 Levels
MSNBC On Rush's Contraception Remarks: "Is The OxyContin Kicking Back In?"
Maddow: Republicans Are "Hysterical" Over Obama's Plan For Biofuels
Sebelius: Reduction In Pregnancies Compensates For Cost Of Contraception
"Special Report" Panel On Faith In Politics
Sandra Fluke: President Obama Called Me About Limbaugh
O'Donnell: Romney Has Set His Hair On Fire To Earn GOP Support
Obama Likens Himself To Gandhi And Nelson Mandela

Overcoming Religious Tensions In Europe
UN Says Quran Burners Should Be Punished
Cardinal Rule Of International Relations Broken?
Obama Seeking Diplomacy In Israel-Iran Conflict
Implications In Iran
China And U.S. Need Cybersecurity Ground Rules
Russians' Declining Faith In Putin's Motives
Steve LeVine On Putin's Longevity
Is Syria Like Libya
EU Leaders Joke Amid Tough Talk
Freed Homs Journalists Safe
Jobless Greeks In Shooting Drama
Iranians Head To Polls
LiveLeak: Africans Jailed, Forced to Eat Old Libyan Flag


The Eurozone: Rebound Or Requiem?
Will Recent Quran Burning In Afghanistan Effect U.S. Plans?
'Ghosts Of Gaddafi Are Haunting' Putin
China's Science Initiative
Iran Israel's Top Concern
Cybersecurity Complicates U.S.-China Relationship
The UN Human Rights Council: Five Things To Know
Clinton: U.S. Moving On Iran Sanctions
Voters In Russian North Divided In Presidential Election
Violent Clashes In Italy Over High Speed Rail Link
Kofi Annan To Visit Syria
Flour Power In Greece
U-2 Spy Planes Keeping A Watch On North Korea
North Korea's Nuclear Suspension

Palin To GOP Candidates: Stay Focused, Stop The "Pettiness"
Toure On Breitbart: What He Added To The Discourse Was Dangerous
Breitbart Confidant: Tapes Of Obama Will Be Released Soon
Georgetown Co-Ed Responds To Limbaugh Calling Her A "Slut"
Gingrich: Appoint Oilmen To Head Depts. Of Energy, Interior
Limbaugh: Breitbart Was A Bulldog For The Cause
Krauthammer: Breitbart Is "Irreplaceable"
O'Reilly Prods Santorum To Opine On Obama's Religion
Chu: Despite DOE Loan Failures: I Would Give Myself An A-Minus
Santelli: Progressive Energy Policies Means "Third-World" Status
Obama: "Since I Took Office, America's Dependence On Foreign Oil Has Gone Down Every Single Year"
Andrew Breitbart, 1969 - 2012
Breitbart Memorial: "Man Against The Mob"
SarahPAC Video Slams HBO's "Game Change" Film
Biden On Contraception Flap: We "Screwed Up"
Paul Ryan: Romney Is "Well On His Way To The Nomination"
Shrum: The Economy Is Being "Fixed On Its Own"
Dionne: Kerrey Wouldn't Shrink From Fights With NRA, Obama
Joan Walsh: GOP Is "The Party Of Old White Men"
Krauthammer: Deal With North Korea Is "A Fool's Deal"


Mitt Romney: Republican Party Will Be "United" After Primary
Coulter: "It's Not Rich Vs. Poor," It's "Those Who Take From The Taxpayers"
Obama: Apology To Afghans Has "Calmed Things Down"
Ron Paul To Bernanke: You've Destroyed "The Value Of Real Money"
Chris Matthews: Obama Can Cause A "Thrill" In The American People
Wasserman Schultz: More Drilling Done Under Obama Than In Last 8 Years
Olympia Snowe Retires: "Political Paralysis" Has Taken Over Washington
Bernanke: "The Job Market Remains Far From Normal"
Gov. Brewer: It's Time To Coalesce Around Romney
Romney Ad: "Liberal Democrats For Santorum"
Ron Paul Ad In Washington Slams Romney
"Special Report" Panel On If Israel Would Warn U.S. Of Attack On Iran
O'Reilly: "Occupy" Movement Is A "Fabrictated Protest"
Robinson: On Romney, "There Is No Magic In His Words"

U.S.-Pakistan Relations: The Year Past, The Year Ahead
Robert Blackwill On The War In Afghanistan
'Twitter Saved My Life'
The Impact Of Books On Washington Policy
Maybe It's Time To Get Out Of Afghanistan
Chinese Leadership To Dramatically Refocus Economic Growth
Protests Over Quran Burning May Spread Beyond Afghanistan
Slaughter: Social Media Weakens Tyrants' Grip On Power
Colombia Arrests Suspected Drug Traffickers Sought By U.S.
Apparent Mass Execution Uncovered In Syria
DRC's Disabled Athletes Face Olympic Hurdles
Raw Video: Deadly Helicopter Crash In Guatemala
Return To Fukushima