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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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18 January 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"




Reframing U.S. Strategy In A Turbulent World: American Spring?
Crusading Spanish Judge Stands Trial Himself
Will Foreign Policy Be More Important Than The Economy?
Cyberwar Between Israel, Iran Underway?
Can China Make Do Without Iranian Crude?
Obama, Jordan's Abdullah Pressure Syria's Regime
Audio Of Ship Evacuation Call Released
Obama: Syrian Crackdown 'Unacceptable'
Outcry Over Austerity In Greece
Clinton In Togo
Mubarak Trial Draws Supporters, Opponents
Osborne And Azumi Agree On More IMF Funds For Crises
Floods In Peru Kill 11 People
Should U.S. Stop Following European Models To Close Economic Divide?


Politico's Roger Simon: "Blood Lust" In GOP Debate Audience
Obama Tells Jobs Council He Will "Push As Hard As Possible" But "Obviously This Year Is An Election Year"
"Special Report" Panel On Santorum/Gingrich Fight
Chris Christie To Romney: Release Your Tax Returns
Shrum: Romney Needs To Release 11 Years Of Tax Returns
O'Reilly: Romney Is "Waffling" On His Tax Returns



Kantor: Media Distorted My Book
Pelosi Distances Dems From "Occupy" Protests: Not "Much Of A Connection"
Carney Dodges Question About Obama's College Transcripts: "I Would Refer You To The Campaign"
Palin: If I Were A South Carolinian, I Would Vote For Newt
Romney Ad: "A Bright Future"
MSNBC's Wagner: Audience Booing Black Journalist A "Telling Moment"
Krauthammer: Romney "Doesn't Have The Capacity To Explain" Conservative Ideas
Gingrich On Obama: "I Don't Want To Bloody His Nose, I Want To Knock Him Out"
Chris Matthews: Way Gingrich Said "Juan" At Debate Was Racial Code
Gingrich: "Mitt's Entire Strategy Is To Avoid Talking Facts"
Ed Rollins: Gingrich "Back In The Game Again"
DNC Web Video: Romney Still Hunting For A Straight Answer
Newt Gingrich: Obama Has "Failed" Blacks
Gingrich Ad: "The Moment"
Gingrich On Standing O At Debate: "Never Seen Anything Like It"
Frank Luntz Analyzes GOP South Carolina Debate
Romney: All Ads That We Have Run "Have All Been Positive"
NRCC Ad Mocks MSNBC's Maddow In Push For Obama To Approve Pipeline
Jesse Jackson: Voter ID Laws Like Removing Troops From South After Civil War
Jarrett: "Direct Impact" Of GOP Opposition To Millionaires Tax Will Be "Layoffs"
Dan Rather: Republicans Turning Against Citizens United, Super PACs
Mark Levin: "Obama Is Low-Hanging Fruit"
Obama Asks To See Betty White's Long-Form Birth Certificate
Walsh: Attack Romney As "Mr. One-Percent"
O'Reilly: During The Great Depression, FDR Was "Living Large"
Fineman: Romney Won't Win Big In South Carolina


Barth Eide On NATO
Car Bomb Kills At Least Nine In Mosul
Al-Qaeda Conquers Yemeni Town
Cohen: Iran Backed Itself Into A Corner
Iranian Military Maneuvers And Nuclear Negotiations
Sarkozy Says Governments Should Not Be Defined By Ratings
International Cruise Ship Safety Codes Loosely Enforced
More Pain Ahead For Chinese Economy
Clinton Arrives In Ivory Coast
Mubarak Prosecution Seek Death Penalty
Canadian Accused Of Espionage
Raw Video: Explosion On Italian Cruise Ship
The Real Legacy Of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Iron Lady
Islamic And Secular Showdown In Tunisia
Perry: Turkey May Not Belong In NATO



Debbie Schlussel:Get Off Paula Deen’s Ass – She Didn’t Stuff Your Face

Debbie Schlussel:SCHMUCK: NYTimes Blogger Says Israeli Jews “Having Too Many Kids”

Debbie Schlussel:HAMAS: No More “Palestinian Idol” (Not Enough Jew-Hatred Songs?)

Debbie Schlussel:Get Ready for the Michelle Obama Campaign “Book Tour” – You’re Paying

Debbie Schlussel:HILARIOUS Video: The Muslim World’s Littlest Dictator

All the chips in, in South Carolina, Palin comes out for Newt!...

Why The State Always Fails

Why Libertarianism Can Never Succeed

Selective Abortion Worries: ‘It’s A Girl’ Could Be A Death Sentence

Limbaugh Jabs Scarborough: He Wants To Be ‘A Favorite Son Of The Left’

Rush Limbaugh on SC GOP Debate: “I Think It Was Newt’s Best Debate So Far, By Far.”

Rush Plays Epic Newt Gingrich Home Run, Grand Slam Montage From SC GOP Debate

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Scott Walker on Recall 1/17/2012

Rush: Scott Walker More Than The Cutting Edge, He Is The Bleeding Edge.

Adam Carolla to Beck: ‘I Dug Ditches’ and ‘Know What It’s Like to Grow Up Poor’

Who are The Young Turks Anyway?

Romney, Gingrich Are Black – Radical Pastor

Huntsman Gives 10 Votes to Obama

The 23rd Psalm Blessing

Obama Usurps Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. James David Manning Interviewed on InTouch Now Online Radio

The 2012 Global Power Grab at a Glance


The Manning Report – 16 January 2012

The Manning Report – 17 January 2012

Jan. 17, 2012 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN

Jan. 16, 2012 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN


Elevated testosterone levels - Today Tonight

Those Who Claim to Speak for the Future « NoFrakkingConsensus

The world according to Goldman Sachs - Telegraph

Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses his concerns over Obama’s Asia policy. - Slate Magazine

Vaccines and Brain Inflammation | International Medical Council on Vaccination

Sentenced to death on the NHS - Telegraph

Medical researchers unsure why thyroid cancer cases on the rise - USATODAY.com


The TEEB Study / Bank of Natural Capital(http://bankofnaturalcapital.com)




22 pg./The Hard Road to World Order Richard N. Gardner


The World Future Council: www.worldfuturecouncil.org/


Scientific Doomsday: Ways the World Could Actually End | Wired Science | Wired.com

Good Heavens! Oldest-Known Astrologer's Board Discovered | Greek Astrology & Zodiac Signs & Horoscopes | Croatia Cave & Adriatic Sea Archaeology | LiveScience

Leading psychics give their predictions for 2012

9 pulpy sci-fi movie posters from an alternate cinematic universe | Blastr

BBC News - Herschel telescope revisits cosmic classic

New telescope array will capture the first-ever photograph of a black hole | Mail Online

Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home Of The Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012

Newt and the '10 PM Question'

If Republicans Want to Win, They Must Stop Talking about Capitalism

Gingrich's Practical Conservatism

The Left's Victimization Gig

Conduct Unbecoming

Confirmed: Charter Schools Beat the Daylights Out of Public Schools

Israel decision on attacking Iran 'far off'?

Will the courts rein in Obama's illegal recess appointments?

Gingrich admits he can't win unless he takes SC primary

Why $100 bbl oil is probably here to stay

Taxpayers supporting 'Occupy DC' protests

College Text Indoctrinates, Pushes 'Prophetic' Van Jones

Newt is right. Obama is the food stamp president.

McCain's oppo research file on Romney hits the internet

Perry's effort to get on VA ballot falls short

Unions, liberals take aim at Governor Walker with recall

U.S. and Israel: War Games Replaced by Diplomatic Games

The Transformational Tyrant

Mitt Romney: The Last Republican President?

Romney Denialists

2012: It's Bain Capital vs. Obama Capital

Ron Paul's Successful Brand Strategy

Harry Reid: Friendly like a Rattlesnake

Has al-Qaeda Ceased to Exist?

How Obama Betrays Martin Luther's King's Dream

Michelle Obama and Stokely Carmichael on Collective White Guilt

The Left's War on Voter Fraud Reform

Seizing the Wealth of Landlords, One District at a Time

AMERITOPIA: Mark Levin Connects the Dots

Victory Vid: Teen Atheist Behind Prayer Mural Ban Instructs Fellow Students How to Do the Same

Juan Williams on Gingrich‘s ’Food Stamps President’ Comment: ‘I Don’t Think He Answered the Question at All’

About Face? TSA Pseudo-Apologizes to Elderly Women Who Say They Were Strip Searched

Glitch? Here‘s How To Beat Wikipedia’s Blackout

Court Strikes Judge’s Ruling That Schizophrenic Woman Must Have an Abortion & Be Sterilized

Watch Palin Admits Who She’d Vote for in S.C. — Newt Gingrich

Report: Palestinian Human Rights Activist Saved by Laptop During Stabbing Attack

Perry Prays for God to Light Obama’s Way & ‘Give Him Wisdom’ During SC Prayer Rally

White House Hits Romney on Tax Returns and ‘Income Disparity’

No Bainer: Obama’s New Budget Chief Worked for Bain Capital, Too

X-Ray Art? Here’s How the Stunning Photos Are Made

Gingrich’s Criteria for Muslim Presidential Candidate: Person Must ‘Reject Sharia Law’

More ‘Embarrassing’ Ron Paul Newsletters Emerge on Race, Israel, & More

Santorum Reveals Animus Toward Rivals: Paul Has Been Running for POTUS ‘Since 1938,‘ Gingrich Is ’All Over the Place’

Report Claims Taxpayers on Hook for Occupy D.C. Porta Potties

California Family of Fallen Marine Presented With Navy Cross

Watch Dogs Find Human Head Near Famed Hollywood Sign

Government-Backed Solar Company Lays Off Employees…After Promising Hundreds of New Jobs

Listen ‘An Evil Little Thing’: Atheists Slam RI State Rep’s Comments About Teen Behind Prayer Mural Ban

3-Year-Old Denied Kidney Transplant Due to Mental Retardation Receives Slew of Online Support

Jay Carney: Republicans Caused Demand for Food Stamps

Chris Matthews: Gingrich’s Pronunciation of ‘Juan’ Suggests Racist Leanings

Watch Karen Santorum’s Emotional Response to Question About the Diagnosis of Her Daughter Bella

Watch Chris Christie Talks About ‘The Jersey Comeback’ in ‘State of the State’ Address

Scientists Find Charles Darwin’s Lost Fossils — 165 Years Later

Confirmed: Meteorites Did Hit Earth From Mars…And They Cost 10x More Than Gold

Watch See the Exchange Over Race Between Gingrich and Juan Williams That Led to a Standing Ovation

Ron Paul Denies Saying He Wouldn’t Have Ordered Bin Laden Raid in Pakistan — But Here’s the Video

Mother of Gay Son Asks Santorum & His Wife How to Handle Her ‘Sense of Guilt’ Over Supporting Him

White House Lifts Lockdown After Occupiers Allegedly ‘Chucked’ Smoke Bombs Over Fence

CA Park Featuring Che Guevara and Fidel Castro Unveils Latest Federally-Funded Renovations

Graphic: Chicago Teens Brutally Beat, Rob 17-Year-Old Boy…Then Post It to YouTube

Jerry Springer Has Testy Exchange With Fox Host: ‘Every Single Day’ You ‘Bash’ Obama!

Why Was a Young Female Iranian Dissident Murdered Execution-Style in TX?

Adam Carolla to Beck: ‘I Dug Ditches’ and ‘Know What It’s Like to Grow Up Poor’

Megyn Kelly Blasts ‘Newsweek’ & Author Andrew Sullivan Over Cover: He‘s Not an ’Actual Journalist’

Seattle Gives Us the First, Viral Bad-Weather Driving Video of The Year

New space-arms control initiative draws concern - Washington Times

Critics worse than urinating Marines

Desecration of the dead is as old as war itself | Great Falls Tribune | greatfallstribune.com

Egyptian Child Preacher Muhammad Osama Recounts Antisemitic Hadith: Jews Hide Behind the Gharqad Tree When Muslims Come to Kill Them on Judgment Day

Black Box Voting - www.blackboxvoting.org/

» Romney claims effective personal tax rate of 15%

World News - Court: UK cannot send extremist preacher home to Jordan

More mush from Jimmy Carter—Editorial - NYPOST.com

Black pastors urge followers to join Occupy fold

Woman killed in fire when she and her niece 'were doing drugs in lobby of apartment building' | Mail Online

'I was doing my duty as a Muslim,' says defendant who handed out leaflets saying gay people should be hanged | Mail Online

U.S. gun industry appeals new rifle reporting rules | Reuters

Homeless make up growing number of California welfare recipients - latimes.com

South African police rescue Asian pair kidnapped in 419 scam | World news | guardian.co.uk

Sex sting: Pro golfer, teacher, students among 40 arrested

Massive opposition research file on Romney hits Internet, likely from 2008 McCain campaign

Santorum fights back against critics with barbs

Gingrich On Obama: "I Don't Want To Bloody His Nose, I Want To Knock Him Out" | RealClearPolitics

Newt Gingrich urges rivals to drop out, declares that a vote for Santorum or Perry is a vote for Romney - Mail Online - Toby Harnden's blog

US joins effort to draw up space 'code of conduct'

REPORT: State Department To Reject The Keystone Pipeline

Romney campaign unloads on 'outrageous and destructive' Newt Gingrich - Mail Online - Toby Harnden's blog

Mitt Romney Sent Millions to Mormon Church - ABC News

Student Dies In Class On 21st Birthday After Thanking God For ‘Another Year Of Life’ « CBS Charlotte

AFP: Ancient Greek sites could soon be available for rent

Arson once again suspected in historic tree's collapse | www.wftv.com

BBC News - Indian teacher's shock at his $9.8bn bank balance

Wheels Stolen From Cars At Dealership

Costa Concordia: Cruise Ship Captain Francesco Schettino Was Ordered To Return To Sinking Ship | World News | Sky News

White House dodges Obama’s college transcripts

And like that, the flame went out... | 11alive.com

City Council Approves Mandatory Condom Law For - Flash Player Installation

Expert Says Beheadings in U.S. Look Like Work of Cartels | KRGV.com | CHANNEL 5 NEWS | Breaking News Breaking Stories

NYPD Testing Gun-Scanning Technology « CBS New - Flash Player Installation

Smoke Bomb Thrown Over White House Fence During Occupy Protest

EXCLUSIVE—Mark Levin on ‘Ameritopia:’ ‘We Now Live in a Post-Constitutional Country’ | CNSnews.com

New Obama OMB director a Bain alum | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

TODAY Health - Teen girls' mystery illness now has a diagnosis: mass hysteria

Biz leader: Newt 'fulsomely praised' private equity two years ago - POLITICO.com

Socialist kleptomaniacs

Hate ‘monitor’ joins campaign against Christians?

Websites going black to protest anti piracy bills in Congress - latimes.com

Once hot, Tea Party goes cold - TheHill.com

9/11 prophecy book hits N.Y. Times bestseller list

Documents show feds’ ‘servile’ relationship with Muslim radicals

Politician: Take homeschool kids from parents

Nova Scotia students welcome first paperless classroom | CTV Edmonton

Does God still care what believers eat?

A case study in self-destructive GOP politics

Mitt Romney = George H.W. Bush

Ron Paul’s leftist anti-Americanism

Who should stay home Election Day

With conservatives like these …

Obama’s nonsensical economics

Ron Paul’s pro-life problem

The ‘Hitler of Africa’ still rules

As Economy Fails To Ignite, Fed Prepares Next Round Of Quantitative Easing - Investors.com

RealClearMarkets - Ben Bernanke Is Finally Right For Being Wrong

Why the Bluest Blue Chips Rule This Market - Businessweek

The myth of the $1 CEO - 1 - executive compensation - MSN Money

How to Think about Private Equity — The American Magazine

Vulture capitalism on trial - The Washington Post

Burning all of the nation's coal, gas and oil? Not cool - latimes.com

Rising Middle Class Fuels Global Energy Surge: Catherine Wolfram - Bloomberg

Will 2012 be the Year of the House? - CBS News

Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up: The Sears Collapse: Conspiracy or Cluelessness…or Worse?

How the Fed Can Prevent the Next Financial Crisis

Where Investor Money Is Going: 'Under the Mattress' - US Business News - CNBC

Niall Ferguson: A Conservative Take on America's Economic Divide - The Daily Beast

Reexamining the myth of no-fault capitalism - The Washington Post

Wind-Power: Expensive & Ineffective at Cutting Emissions

Ethanol Subsidies Expiring but the Costly Mandate Remains

How to Reduce Oil Prices - Robert Zubrin - National Review Online

Renewable Energy Standards: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It | ThinkProgress

Ethanol Subsidy Win for Taxpayers-What About Developing Countries? | Kimberly Elliott | Global Development: Views from the Center

Cold Fusion: NASA Says Nothing Useful - Forbes

Are 'green energy' policies thwarting job growth? No, 'green energy' is the best route to profitable public investment | OregonLive.com

Energy Department Invested $6.5B in Risky "Green" Ventures

Meet The Microhybrid: A New Class Of Green Cars - Forbes

The Different Ways in Which Solar Energy can Power the World

Viewpoints: Creating solar zones would spur investment - Sacramento Opinion - Sacramento Editorial | Sacramento Bee

Federal fuel economy standards will fuel race to bigger cars | NJ.com

How Bad Science Becomes Common Knowledge: Two Case Studies (solar and climate change) — MasterResource

The Risk of Over-regulating the Energy Industry - Energy Intelligence (usnews.com)

Burning all of the nation's coal, gas and oil? Not cool - latimes.com

EPA, job killer or people saver? - CNN.com

Producing More Domestic Oil Could Make Iran's Threats To Block Strait Of Hormuz Moot - Investors.com

Support 54.5 mpg auto fuel standard

Obama Heads to Church – Again | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: 'Kosher Jesus' and the Religious Websites That Want Me Crucified

God’s Ecumenical Co-Pilot: Catholic World Report

Ministry Matters™ | Articles | Sermon Series: Biblical Leadership

More Mormons are connecting spiritually through ... yoga | Following Faith | The Salt Lake Tribune

Seismic shifts reshape US Catholicism | National Catholic Reporter

Are Any Christians Running for President?

RNS Feature: "Muslims say Ron Paul is their kind of Republican"

Their dream is for a world of nonviolence - Houston Chronicle

RealClearReligion - Is the Era of Big Religion Over?

8 CES tech trends that will change your life

Hulu Plans to Raise Money as It Expands Into Original Shows - Bloomberg

The best Google security tool that you can't use now | ITworld

Koobface Gang That Spread Worm on Facebook Operates in the Open - NYTimes.com

How car dealers embrace, and erode, the web - GeekWire

Why you’ll buy a new TV in the next 5 years — Online Video News

Five High-Tech Items that Will Cost You More in 2012 | PCWorld

How the Myth of the Algorithm Fools the Market | Betabeat — News, gossip and intel from Silicon Alley 2.0.

Futuristic security schemes could kill passwords - Technology & science - Innovation - msnbc.com

Technology, costs, lack of appeal slow e-textbook adoption – USATODAY.com

The New Atlantis » The Problem with 'Friendly' Artificial Intelligence

Bitcoin online currency gets new job in web security - tech - 17 January 2012 - New Scientist

All the Tech That Makes Future TVs So Gorgeous

New technologies enter our lives and society in four stages. - Slate Magazine

Can Touch Screens Hurt You? - Technology Review

RealClearTechnology- Getting "Internet Freedom" Straight

Cyber Crime in 2025: New Threats Mingle with Old Risks | PCWorld Business Center

Even Big Companies Cannot Protect Their Data - NYTimes.com

The Digital Solution: The Brightest, Most Efficient Bulbs - WSJ.com

Experts disagree on reach of anti-piracy bills – USATODAY.com

The Risks of Dangerous Research | The Scientist

Woman loses arm, shoulder, and breast after “bath salt” injection | Take As Directed

Say Hello to the 'Oozing' Exoplanet : Discovery News

Metamaterials Can Exert a Whole New Kind of Force | Popular Science

The unsexiest thing in science › Bernie's Basics (ABC Science)

Opposites Don’t Attract (And That’s Bad News) | Wired Science | Wired.com

Kids & Cursing: 'Modern Family' Toddler Typical, Scientists Say | Swearing, Profanity & Obscenity | LiveScience

So Many Planets! - Blog

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft - The fermented cereal beverage of the Sumerians may not have been beer

'Meating' a solution: Research finds that LED lights extend meat shelf life, save retailers money

Fruit flies watch the sky to stay on course -- with video — University of Washington - washington.edu

News - University of Exeter - Research reveals power of the subconscious on human fear

Neutrinos to ring in the New Year : Starts With A Bang

‘Open Science’ Challenges Journal Tradition With Web Collaboration - NYTimes.com

Sex on the Brain Proves Costly for Men - Miller-McCune

Until 2009, the human clitoris was an absolute mystery

Maybe Assistant Comment Editors Shouldn't Write About Science

The Importance of Good Building Design - Blog

Scientists find fat is the sixth human taste - Telegraph

Genetically modified foods: Ari Laux's alarmism in the Atlantic - Slate Magazine

Red-Green & Blue-Yellow: The Stunning Colors You Can't See| On Seeing Reddish Green and Yellowish Blue | Color Opponency Theory | LifesLittleMysteries.com

NASA's Lunar Orbiter Finds the Moon's Wetter Regions - TIME

You are bitching about the wrong things when you read an article about science

Centaur 'skeleton' takes science center stage – USATODAY.com

My Nutmeg Bender - Magazine - The Atlantic

The New Atlantis » Doctors Go Digital

Singin' in the Shower: 'What a Glorious Feeling' - Blog

Superstuff: When quantum goes big - physics-math - 16 January 2012 - New Scientist

Thylacine passes extinction test › News in Science (ABC Science)

Female Beetle Can Manipulate Offspring's Sex | Gender Bias, Sex Ratio & Beetle Offspring | LiveScience

U.S. Must Be in Stronger Position With China

Robert Kagan: Against The Myth Of American Decline | The New Republic

Trust, but Verify - NYTimes.com

Mark Helprin: The Mortal Threat From Iran - WSJ.com

China's success challenges a failed economic consensus | Seumas Milne | Comment is free | The Guardian

The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : West's romancing of the Taliban

China has our forests, now we're sending our oilfields too | Full Comment | National Post

India Military Eyes Combined Threat | The Diplomat

Syria’s carnage puts Arab leaders on horns of dilemma - The Washington Post

gulfnews : Yemen insurgency a serious threat

How China Ends West’s Domination | The Diplomat

The dangerous isolationism of Ron Paul - The Globe and Mail

Behind the Marine video—Arthur Herman - NYPOST.com

Commentary: Is North Korea Headed for Chinese-Style Reform? | The National Interest

Canada: A global energy superpower | FP Comment | Financial Post

Barack Obama is Not That Hard to Understand | Mother Jones

Where to start in repealing Obamacare | The Examiner | Op Eds | Washington Examiner

Five Ways Conservatives Will Have to Sell Their Souls if Romney Wins - John Hawkins - Townhall Conservative

South Carolina debate: Gingrich beat Romney, but it might not be enough. - Slate Magazine

Keep It Simple - NYTimes.com

Articles: Mitt Romney: The Last Republican President?

Mr. President, please don’t play the race card in 2012... | Facebook

Insulting Comments at Fox News Debate Show Newt Clueless on Black Americans - The Daily Beast

Partisan Washington: Obama's broken promise - Carrie Budoff Brown and Jonathan Allen - POLITICO.com

Why are Barack Obama’s critics so smart? – Telegraph Blogs

Hunting, Dear Sir? Delighted! - NYTimes.com

This US election is all about money and class | Hadley Freeman | Comment is free | The Guardian

Newsweek's Andrew Sullivan Says President Obama's Critics Are Dumb - Investors.com

Preaching Division in South Carolina - NYTimes.com

Review & Outlook: Mitt Romney's 15% - WSJ.com

RealClearPolitics - An Ignored 'Disparity'

RealClearPolitics - China's Hand on Iranian Spigot

Why do the Republicans nominate blue bloods? - 2012 Elections - Salon.com

Alec MacGillis: Could Mitt Romney Have Handled His Tax Problems Any Worse? | The New Republic

Obama’s Racial Politics - Victor Davis Hanson - National Review Online

Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898)

FrancoPrussianwar.com Franco-Prussian war 1870-1871

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

At Versailles: The Hall of Mirrors, almost good as new - The New York Times

Story - A most-wanted attorney

At 75, Marion Barry gears up for another DC campaign, pays little mind to critics - The Washington Post

Hawaiian Historical Legends: XI. Captain Cook

Muhammad Ali's legacy still both butterfly and bee

First World War.com - Encyclopedia - The Twenty-One Demands

Book Review - Bismarck - By Jonathan Steinberg - NYTimes.com

Should J.K. Rowling Win The Nobel Prize?

So Why Read (Fiction) Any More? « Commentary Magazine

Book Review: King Larry by James D. Scurlock - Businessweek

n+1: Joe Paterno's Aeneid

Buffet World – Donato Mancini | Full Stop

Hunger Games, Hobbits & Gatsby: The 10 Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2012 « PWxyz

Illinois attorney general's office plans to sue Westwood College

Cook County judge's brother charged in deaths of sister and brother-in-law

$1 Chicago cab fuel charge now permanent

Elderly jewel thief pleads guilty to racketeering in Chicago

Skidmore design's 30-story window helps skyscraper 'breathe'

Chicago police arrest 7 in filmed beating of teen

Dishonoring the King Legacy: An Assault on the Right to Protest

Official: 4 found dead in suburban Chicago fire were murdered; suspect later found dead - chicagotribune.com

Costa Concordia: Top 4 'deceptions' by ship's captain

Raw Video: Searching Under the Costa Concordia - YouTube

Russia warns West: No military action in Syria

Iranian lawmaker says Obama proposed direct talks in letter

Five Europeans killed in attack in remote Ethiopia

Mubarak trial: Egyptian army 'responsible for deaths'

Iran says in touch with powers on new talks, EU denies it

Book Claims Kim's Eldest Fears NKorea May Collapse

Nigeria police chief suspended over terror suspect escape

Year of the Dragon Is the Time to Strike

Pakistan rejects Grossman's visit

Rick Perry vs. Turkey: A rebuttal from Turkey

Sunni-backed leader says crisis with Shiite-led government is tearing Iraq apart

Pakistani PM's lawyer: No harm in graft case

Plans for Queen's River Pageant Unveiled

Web Protests Piracy Bills, and 2 Senators Change Course

Wikipedia goes dark for 24 hours to protest web piracy bills

Boing Boing editor speaks to Al Jazeera about SOPA and PIPA - YouTube

Ron Paul: Are his voters being stolen away by Stephen Colbert?

Breakfast, prayers call for King's work to go on

Sarah Palin to South Carolina voters: 'I'd vote for Newt'

Rockefeller imposter in hearing for 1985 San Marino murder

Justices side with death row inmate abandoned by counsel

Polls show Americans divided over Obama, nervous about economy

Homelessness down but seen rising anew: report

Woman arrested with gun on American Airlines plane

Technical Hurdles Stall $12.3B Nuclear Cleanup

Donations, volunteers saved Joplin $17.7 million

Occupy The White House

Villaraigosa's message to Washington: Spend more

Man shot dead at Canadian hotel hosting US women's soccer team

Obama Campaign Said to Ask Ad Rates for Ads in Key States

Wall Street rises on IMF hopes, Goldman earnings

Obama administration to deny Keystone XL oil pipeline permit

Goldman Profit Falls, But Tops Reduced Estimates

Seven Charged in Insider Trading Probe

World Bank warns countries to prepare for a global slump

Sudden acceleration study finds problems at auto safety agency

Rising factory output gives economy a lift

Yang's Exit From Yahoo May Remove Barrier to Asia Asset Sale

Harvard Business School Alumni See US Losing Competitive Edge

Survey: Greater interest is helping US homebuilders feel less gloomy

Foreign holdings of Treasuries hits record high

Sarkozy Pushes Sales Tax to Cut Labor Costs in German Catch-Up

Bill Clinton Offers a Prescription for the US Economy in NRF Speech

Saudi Arabia's November Oil Output Rise to 30-Year High

Citi Fined $725000 for Alleged Research Violations

Japan Protesters Block Meeting on Restarting Nuclear Plants

Mitt Romney surrogates target Newt Gingrich

Gingrich says he paid 31 percent in taxes in 2010

Gingrich Unveils 'Romney 15 Percent Flat Tax' - YouTube

Mitt Romney’s rivals pounce on GOP prez candidate’s acknowledgement his tax rate is around 15% - NY Daily News

The Alternative To Bain Is Bankruptcies And Bailouts

Paul leaves campaign trail to vote on debt ceiling

Jesse Jackson jabs Newt Gingrich on food stamps

In Virginia ballot appeal, Perry loses again

AdWatch: Santorum ad lumps Romney, Obama together

Romney's Own Greek Tragedy: Austerity Isn't Working!

GOP candidates vie for backing of SC military vets

NH bill bars contracts with abortion providers

The Book on Mitt

Obama Will Give Acceptance Speech in 74000-Seat Bank of America Stadium

Christie says Romney should release tax returns now

Virginia Republican Party Drops “Loyalty Oath” for Voters in Presidential Primary

Romney's tax return - George Romney's

FOX Carolina 21GOP candidates campaigning in the upstate

WSJ comes out for SOPA, more lawmakers pull support

Nokia pressed to cut new phone's cost

Samsung Doesn't Want RIM. What's Next?

GPS tests were rigged, Lightsquared claims

Windows 8 Tablets Overpriced Thanks To Intel?

The secrets Apple keeps

Israeli Hackers Hit Saudi Stock Exchange

Chegg's online textbooks hope to captivate minds, market share (video)

The top 10 tech priorities of CIOs

Google Maps Getting Gamified on Google+ Next Month

Westford's Gas Prices Show Signs of Stabilization

Why one game developer is skipping E3 to start an anti-SOPA crusade

Apple to Give a Lesson About Textbooks

A Minute With: Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper

Cuba Gooding, Jr. on his Tuskegee airman role

Dog Walkers Stumble Upon Human Head In Hollywood Hills - YouTube

'American Idol's' offstage rivals

LL Cool J to host the Grammys; show gets its first host in 7 years

'Spider-Man' Producers Sue Spurned Director, Julie Taymor

New 'Survivor' twist is revealed

Personal stories taught 'Extremely Loud' child actor about 9/11 tragedy

Lionsgate to use Facebook for film launch

Severed head found near Hollywood sign, police say

Golden Globes 2012: Best of beauty

Scientists create multicellular life using gravity and pressure

Montana Students Spell Out New Names for GRAIL - YouTube

Climate Proposal Puts Practicality Ahead of Sacrifice

Russian Scientists Mock US Radar Theory on Mars Probe

'Pillars of Creation' reloaded

Rocks Found in Morocco Came From Mars

State of the Union Address

Students rename NASA moon probes Ebb and Flow

Ready, Set, Hold: SpaceX Not Ready to Fly

"Treasure Trove" of Long-Lost Darwin Fossils Discovered

Scientists gear up to take a picture of a black hole

Education Group To Defend Climate Change Science

Tiny tweezers help fat fingers do nimble tasks

UF astronomer on Kepler research team helps discover planets

Saturn's Moon Titan May be More Earth-Like Than Thought

New Storage Device Is Very Small, at 12 Atoms

No Free Launches: Can Commercial Space Bank On NASA Contracts?

Plant DNA's mark of distinction

Gossip 'helps calm you down'

Vitamin D Doesn't Help Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Implant boss says France 'criminal' in recommending removal

FDA to weigh safety of tobacco lozenges, strips

Fake malaria drugs could 'put millions at risk'

Study: Alcohol not safe at any time during pregnancy

Indian TB cases 'can't be cured'

Mom says disabled daughter denied life-saving kidney transplant

Nearly 7 million bats may have died from white-nose fungus, officials say

Fitness studios stream classes online

US Reports Progress in States on Coverage for Uninsured

Lauren Scruggs Was Warned About Propeller: Report

CDC finds "pseudo-outbreak" of whooping cough


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North Korea's leader will not last long, says Kim Jong-un's brother | World news | The Guardian

Mossad too is operating in Balochistan

Murder by Mossad of Iranian scientist - YouTube

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Tamiflu: Side effects and effectiveness of 'wonder-drug' under the microscope | Mail Online

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La Nina weather pattern could increase risk of flu pandemics by altering flight path of migratory birds | Mail Online

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Shop the Local Merchant Economy

MLK's assistant we don't know the whole truth about MLK's murder, End The Fed - YouTube

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Senate bill authorizes feds to revoke citizenship of Americans | Western Journalism.com

Enemy Expatriation Act (HR 3166) is the final link in our chain of bondage. | Revere's Ride

Nuclear Assassinations Just the Tip of the Iceberg | Intifada Palestine

Iran Signs Own Death Warrant | Veterans Today

Ron Paul says SAME as our Intelligence Agencies about 9/11 Motive - YouTube

False Flag Dirty Tricks Against Ron Paul Campaign Fully Exposed :

American Jewry IS A Global Regime | Real Zionist News

Google Joins Online SOPA Protest

Mitt Romney's Hard-Right Agenda

National Organization Asks Mitt Romney for His Full Immigration Plan

Mitt Romney avoids U.S tax by using Offshore bank accounts - YouTube

Strange sounds in Conklin, Alberta Jan. 12/2012 - YouTube

3,500-Year-Old Tree Burns Down In Central Florida Park

Big Pharma Routinely Suppresses Data from Clinical Trials — but FDA Approves These Dangerous Drugs Anyway! | Welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health - USA

Bulletproof vests, cars for Mexico's political candidates : News : ValleyCentral.com

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Jack Abramoff: 'Congress corrupt to core' - YouTube

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Pat Buchanan on Ron Paul "Ron Paul has Authenticity" -- Jan 15 2012 - YouTube

US DHS Suggests Military Action in Nigeria - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics : Chris Hedges Sues Obama Administration Over National Defense Authorization Act

Revolutionary Politics : Lawrence O'Donnell Defends Ron Paul Against Associated Press Hit Piece

Ron Paul: I'd VETO the Indefinite Detention Act (NDAA) - YouTube

Ron Paul Exposes the NEOCONS and Their Global Agenda - YouTube

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Israel creates a super PAC to attack Ron Paul - YouTube

F. Newsweek's Obama Cover - 15 Reasons To Send Obama Packing In 2012 - Home - The Daily Bail

Justin.tv - michaelrivero - Mike explains Government subversion pt. 1

Justin.tv - michaelrivero - Mike explains Government subversion pt. 2

Activist Post: Polio Vaccines Now The #1 Cause of Polio Paralysis

Mitt Romney Downplays $374,000 In Speaking Fees As 'Not Very Much'

False Flag on Ron Paul Campaign Exposed: Paul Haters Planned to Dress Up As KKK - YouTube

The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr Exposed 1/2 - YouTube

The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr Exposed 2/2 - YouTube

Romney takes us to infinity and beyond - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Lone Star Watchdog: THE NEW SMOKING GUN: Israeli Mossad Agents Posing As CIA Agents Recruiting Terrorist to Attack Iran?

Citizens Advice: 43% of people worried they can't afford next fuel bill | Money | guardian.co.uk

Singing A Song To Express Yourself Could Get You 5 Years Prison.. Self Expression - YouTube

The Excavator: Hostage To False Flag Terror: The Link Between The October Surprise And The September Surprise

WSJ Economist: Ron Paul's 0% Income Tax = Massive Insourcing of Jobs into America - YouTube

In Face Of Protests, Congressmen Begin To Abandon SOPA Ship | TechCrunch

Free SLO - Google Joins SOPA Strike But House to Resume Consideration in February

Activist Post: Freedom of Speech, Internet Censorship and SOPA

SOPA Is Baaaack! | TorrentFreak

'SOPA turns anyone who runs a site into policeman' - YouTube

SOPA Blackout: 'Bill badly written & open to abuse' - YouTube

Wikiout! English Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout - YouTube

The Only Argument on the Internet in Favor of SOPA | Cracked.com

POLICE STATE: Protect IP & SOPA Acts Will Destroy The Internet & Alternative Media As We Know It : Federal Jack

SOPA's Creator Aims To Resuscitate Bill After Protest Blackout - Forbes


The Atomic Testing Museum (www.atomictestingmuseum.org)

Earthfiles.com (www.earthfiles.com/)



C2CAM - 2012.01.15 - Alternate Realities - 2012 Myths - YouTube

C2CAM - 2012.01.17 - Enigmas & Aliens - YouTube

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Interview with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Interview with Pres. Candidate Rick Santorum

Analysts on the GOP Race, Huntsman Dropping Out

15th/Guests: Gingrich, Reid, Graham and Scott

Interview with Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

Guests: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum & Jim DeMint

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Interview with Presidential Candidate Rick Perry


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Organizers file more than 1 million signatures to recall Walker

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Content Not Found | Facebook

Lone Star Watchdog: Imposters Working For the Neo Cons are Posing as Paul Supporters will be making Phone Calls To Make the Congressmen Look Bad ?

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All 158 Peace Corps volunteers in Honduras left the country on Monday. – USATODAY.com

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British and U.S. Intelligence Accused of Aiding Torture of Libyan Rebels

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Medical researchers unsure why thyroid cancer cases on the rise - USATODAY.com


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GlaxoSmithKline deliberately hid evidence of Avandia harm, says Senate report

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foodconsumer.org - Doctors want more people to be diagosed with eating disorders

Laptops lead to 'toasted skin syndrome' - Health - Health care - More health news - msnbc.com

Abbott Labs sold bug-tainted baby formula, suit says

Drug Companies Hire Troubled Doctors As Experts : NPR

Big Pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies for Pfizer, Merck (opinion)

EU Bans Chemical BPA in Baby Bottles

Surgeons report surge in 'man boob' operations | Life and style | The Guardian

How Safe Are the Drugs in Your Medicine Cabinet? - DailyFinance

Diet Sabotage: Nearly 1 In 5 Calorie Counts Wrong

Brain games may not boost mind power - USATODAY.com

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Vitamin B3 beats Big Pharma's Zetia cholesterol drug

Antibiotics Linked to Increased Risk of Birth Defects

Homepage News - University of East Anglia (UEA)

IPhone Chemical Tied to Chinese Factory Illnesses

Dupont complains that Monsanto is running a seed market monopoly

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Redding News Review 01-17-12 Hr 3

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Activists Launch Campaign to Draft Russ Feingold to Challenge Scott Walker in Recall

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Communications Workers of America Join Battle Against 'Citizens United'

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NY Schools Monitor Fat Kids…Even at Home

Trans Fats Linked to Brain Shrinkage

Brittany Murphy’s Dad: “Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance”

The Fastest Growing Bank in the West

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BFP Exclusive: NATO Member Turkey to Train Libya’s New Police Force


*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 17, 2012

*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 16, 2012


Begin Sex Ed in Kindergarten, Says New ‘National Standards’ Report

Gingrich: Reagan Began Turning Around ‘Terrible Economy’ Within 3 Hours

Perry: ‘Travesty’ That U.S. Energy Security Is ‘Tied to a Nation That Hates Us’

State Dept. Lauds Turkey After Perry’s Criticism, But Is Mum on Its Troubling Policies

State Department: U.S. Not ‘Overly Concerned’ About Iraq Detaining ‘A Handful of U.S. Contractors’

Napolitano: DHS Is Working with Mexico on ‘Special Interest Aliens’ Threat Along U.S.- Mexican Border

VA AG Fears DC Law May Relocate Rat 'Families' to Virginia

Romney: Gingrich Taking Credit for Job Creation Is Like Al Gore Taking Credit for the Internet

Gingrich Calls His Plan the ‘Mitt Romney Flat Tax’

Jesuit-Run University of Scranton Flouts Bishop, Invites Pro-Abortion Advocate to Speak

Russia: New Sanctions Against Iran Too Stifling

The Bank of (Democratic Party) America

Rush: 'There’s A Reason She Is Called Michelle Antoinette'

Mark Levin Deserves a Turn on TV

Rush: Republicans Were 'Thirsting' For Newt's Message

Gingrich Calls His Plan 'The Mitt Romney Flat Tax'

Santorum: Romney Got Elected As 'Rabid Pro Choice Governor'

International Planned Parenthood's Strategic Goal: Increase Abortion Services by 82 Percent--in Africa | CNSnews.com

850+ Orthodox Jewish Clergymen Call Romney 'A Dangerous Homosexualist' | CNSnews.com

Gingrich: Reagan Began Turning Around ‘Terrible Economy’ Within 3 Hours | CNSnews.com

Romney to Release 2011 Tax Return in April, But Not Records for 2010 | CNSnews.com

Santorum Says the Popular Election of Senators Led to Big Government | CNSnews.com

CNN's Cafferty Suggests Gingrich Is 'Clueless' About African-Americans | NewsBusters.org

Matthews: Gingrich Is Race-Baiting Calling Obama Food Stamp President - 'He Ought to be Ashamed of Himself' | NewsBusters.org

Poll: 52 % of Americans Say Obama Has Failed

Obama’s Super PAC Is Less Than Super

Cardenas: 2012 Will Be the 'Most Brutal Election' in History

Obama to Reject Keystone Pipeline Deal

Rasmussen: Romney, Gingrich Top GOP Poll

Krauthammer: Gingrich Could Win SC With Strong Debate

Gingrich’s Debate Effort Boosts Facebook Standing

GOP: Nelson Ducks Obama at Disney World

Gingrich Mailer in SC Rips Romney on Abortion

Santorum: Speaking Fees Show Romney Out of Touch

Christie to Romney: Release Tax Return Now

Rep. West: Gingrich Right on Black Unemployment

Bolton: Iranian Oil Embargo Not European Suicide

Gov. Walker: Wis. Recall Effort Will Be for Naught

Perry Prays for Obama at SC Christian Gathering

Guantanamo: al-Qaida Mag Found in Inmate's Cell

White House: Gingrich Food Stamp Claim 'Crazy'

Harvard Alums Say US Losing Competitive Edge

Ethane 'Cracker' Would Create W.Va. Jobs

Cardenas: GOP Hopefuls Must Reach Hispanics

Ron Paul Sues Anti-Huntsman Video Makers

Newt Wins Huge Praise for South Carolina Debate

5 Bipartisan Openings Remain Amid Election Furor

Paul Attacks Gingrich, Santorum, Romney in 1 Ad

Search Teams Suspend Operations at Stricken Ship

Why Coffee Lowers Diabetes Risk

Economic Freedom Enables Small Countries to Quickly Become Rich

Govt Planning Diminishes Freedom and Prosperity

Fox News Jumps On the Voter Fraud Train, Only Reports On Democrats. Fair and Balanced?

Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo 2012 (Ver. 3.0) - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics : Jimmy Wales Wikipedia Founder Explains Why Stop Online Piracy Act ( SOPA ) Is So Bad

Attack Iran? Nuclear Insanity: "We have the Capability to Take the World Down with Us"

Most Syrians back President Assad, but you'd never know from western media

ISRAEL: The World’s First "Bunker State"

Spiralling Debt and the Fracture of the European Monetary System

Global Systemic Economic Crisis - 2012: The Year of the World’s Great Geopolitical Swing

The Universal Human Life Necessities: The Life Ground of Economics and Human Rights Defined

America at the Crossroads: from Perpetual Animosity to Insanity

Cracking a Vietnam War Mystery

RENDITION: Thousands of "Suspects" have "Disappeared": Shedding Light on North Carolina's "Rendition" Connection

The Mainstream Media Lie about Martin Luther King

VIDEO: What Did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Say About War Costs?

U.S., Allies Discussing Military Option in Syria: Rusian Foreign Minister

Government Math - YouTube

Wikipedia to RT: SOPA sledgehammer could smash any site on web - YouTube

What Is the Point of My Libertarian Anarchism - informationliberation

Our Internet - YouTube

BBC News - US Army unveils 1.8 gigapixel camera helicopter drone

VM -- Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials be Mandated?, Jan 12 ... Virtual Mentor

SWITCH Lighting™ is Revolutionizing the World of LED Lightbulbs — allGeek

It’s a girl: The three deadliest words in the world | | Independent Editor's choice Blogs

It's a Girl! Documentary Film - Official Trailer - YouTube

Will Americans Be Required to Give DNA? | American Free Press

Police State Expands on Land, in Air | American Free Press

Romney Tied to Terrorism | American Free Press

Does First Amendment protect students' online speech off-campus? - CSMonitor.com

Pelosi: 'We don’t really have much of a connection with the Occupy [protesters]'

House Republicans huddle to weigh options if Obama kills Keystone pipeline

U.S. losing high-tech manufacturing jobs to Asia

Strong signs Iran is supplying Syria with weapons, US says

Iraq violence up sharply since U.S. troops’ exit

McCain's 2008 opposition research on Romney revealed

Gingrich sees 'real chance to win' S. Carolina's primary

Gov. Chris Christies calls for income-tax cuts across the board

CDC: 1 in 3 adults is obese

Electorate is sharply split over Obama, poll finds

Santorum, Perry aren’t heeding Gingrich’s plea to pull out of race

Wis. Gov. Scott Walker: Recall election is about ‘union money’

Michelle Obama has birthday dinner at restaurant with husband and friends

Siege mentality grips Wisconsin as organizers submit recall petitions

Support pours in for toddler denied a kidney transplant

Obama's recess appointments may not hold up in court

'Occupy' protesters suspected of throwing smoke bomb over White House fence

White-nose fungus threatens bats with extinction

House to take symbolic vote against debt hike

Two Supreme Court cases could transform Medicaid into block grant program for states

New 'tornado travel' map causes a stir in Joplin, Mo.

Reward offered in Iranian student's killing

Activist Post: The Awareness Revolution

Activist Post: MLK on ending his version of today’s unlawful wars

Activist Post: Why Congress Will be Immune from NDAA Arrest and Imprisonment -- With Exceptions

Activist Post: New Edible Microchips to Alert Doctors, Mobile Phones if Patients Do Not Takes Meds

Who are the rating agencies serving? - YouTube

» SOPA/PIPA Battle Rages: Tell Congress We Will Not Accept Censorship Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Activist Post: Dancing the Apocalypso with the Microbial Gestapo

Houston Free Thinkers with Representative David Simpson - YouTube

Ron Paul: The Strongest Man in the World? - TheStreet

Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here - YouTube

US Trade Wars with Nations Against Monsanto, GMO Crops | Natural Society

October Surprise?... Chicago Prepping for Biological Attack! | KnowTheLies.com - The Truth is Hidden in Plain View...

What Is Going On With The Moon? | Before It's News

Obama's Gay Past Being Hidden By Killing Ex-Lovers | Before It's News

Hollow Earth Theory: Greatest Cover Up Of All Time | Before It's News

1/16/2012 -- 'Strange sounds' heard WORLDWIDE -- what is it?! - YouTube

Earth Groans And Travails: Sounds Of The Last Days? | Before It's News

Strange sounds - EARTH groans and travails - Last Days sounds ! - YouTube

Brain Implants Tested In Israel, Circuits That Can Replace Motor Functions | Before It's News

List of ‘Collapse’ Medical Supplies | Before It's News

Rothschild's Choice | Before It's News


Biometric ID And The Coming Cashless Society | Before It's News

Biometric ID And The Coming Cashless Society - YouTube


**Cooking and Recipes

**Food and Farming


*Who Rules America: Power Elite Analysis and American History by Charles A. Burris

Global Warming, Air Pollution and Libertarianism by Walter Block

India Needs a Ron Paul by Bill Sardi

Lead Your People to Freedom, Not to Pharaoh: Responding to Michael Farris’s Attacks on Ron Paul by Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D.

Next al-Qaeda Target: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Fernando Chiocca

Here’s What We’re Missing … by Eric Peters

Mass Inflation Ahead – Save Your Nickels! by James Wesley, Rawles

BBC - History - Ancient History in depth: The Fall of the Minoan Civilisation

5,000 protest racism against Ethiopians at Knesset

Netanyahu backs away from 5-year Tal Law extension

Woman raped and murdered two weeks before baby due

'Previously hidden mass graves found at Treblinka'

Costa Concordia shipwreck's hero and villain lay bare two souls of Italy

IDF holds first brigade-level parachute jump in 15 years

Italian cruise ship tally: 11 dead, 21 missing

White House makes case for rejecting oil pipeline

White House says more info may be coming on Keystone

Obama set to reject Keystone oil pipeline: sources

States once again worried about budget fights

Rumors fuel long lines, gas shortages in Egypt

Morgan Stanley drops GM as top pick in U.S. autos

State Department: No decision yet on oil pipeline

Death row inmate wins new hearing over mail mix-up

Italy releases names of those missing from ship

LA detectives search park where human head found

Woman removed from plane after bringing gun aboard

Romney pounds Gingrich in Republican White House contest

State Dept says no Keystone decision yet

Oil prices waver on concerns about global demand

TSA admits errors in NY searches of elderly women

Obama Celeb Wish-List: Jonas Brothers Targeted to Indoctrinate your Kids

Left and Right Unite Against Hollywood’s Failed SOPA Overreach

Last Night on ‘Glee’: Anti-Troop Hate Hits Primetime!

‘Warrior’ Blu-ray Review: Intensely Moving, Beautifully Acted Sports Drama

Pentagon, CIA Sued Over Alleged Meetings With Bin Laden Filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow

BH Interview: Adam Carolla – ‘We Didn’t Hate Rich People Growing Up. We Respected Them’

Showtime’s Golden Globe-Winning ‘Homeland’ Isn’t Another Anti-American Show – Yet

Van Halen’s ‘Tattoo’ a Bad Ink Job

Director Haynes to Use GOP-Bashing ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas?’ as Template for Conservative Film

Petulant George Lucas Blames End of ‘Star Wars’ Film Franchise on Fans

GLAAD’s Latest Scalp: ABC Drops ‘Work It’

Secret’s Out: Why Letterman Show Didn’t Book Many Female Comics

Sophia Bush: Latest Celeb Vowing to Leave Country if GOP Wins the White House

Daily Call Sheet: Armond White Sets Record Straight, Michelle Williams ‘Sexy and Toned,’ and When I Liked Janeane Garofalo

Why Hollywood Is Losing the Public Relations War on Piracy (Analysis) - Hollywood Reporter

Should Mercedes-Benz Have Apologized for Che Guevara Ad Flap?

McCain Oppo Dump: Bain Did Business in Iran

Sources Claim Iran Killing Its Own Scientists, Not CIA or Mossad

Citizens Petitioning Congress on MEDEVAC Issue Getting the Runaround

Audio:Were Foreign Enemies Behind the 2008 Economic Collapse?

General Keane’s Assessment of Afghanistan Missing Crucial Insight

Wednesday Crib Sheet: Will Media Notice Romney Oppo Book?

Politico’s Fake South Carolina Poll Slams Tea Party

Stop SOPA, Stop Censorship

Sound Bite For The Day: Chris Matthews: ‘Juan Williams Name Is Racist’

NPR Cheerleads Wisconsin Recall Effort; AP Raises False Suggestion of AIG Bailout Money Helping Walker

Media Can’t Handle The Truth About Ruth

NewsBusted: What’s a Good Obama Campaign Theme Song?

CNN, ABC News Bury the Lede: On Getting Economy Moving, Voters Trust Romney Over Obama 53% to 40%

The Media Sharpens The Humane Society’s Claws

Fact Checking Eric Holder’s South Carolina Speech

Sarah Palin: ‘If I Were a South Carolinian, I Would Vote for Newt’

NYC Union Chief Proves Gov. Walker Right: Tougher Teacher Evaluations Must Be Negotiated Into Contract

Audio:Common Grace in Science & Art

Report: Obama Set to Reject Keystone Pipeline

Documents Show Half a Million Dollars (and One ‘Ethics Waiver’) Went into Obama’s Failed Olympics Bid

Is Mark Zuckerberg Teaming Up with Politico to Give Obama an Edge?

Solyndra Auction Fails to Attract any Bidders

Michigan Teacher Finds It’s Not So Easy, or Cheap, to Become a Former Member of a Teachers Union

Big Labor Partisanship at Teacher Expense

Kyrsten Sinema: Communist Connected Arizona State Senator to Run For Congress

Cartoon:In Order To Spend Less…

Mitt Romney Changes Position on Releasing Tax Returns, DNC Attacks With WhatMittPays.com Website

Catholics Shifting to Romney?

1 Million to Recall Walker, What It Means

Breaking-> Big Labor Says It Has 1 Million Signatures to Trigger Recall of Wis. Gov. Scott Walker

Dead Movement Walking: Pelosi Tries to Distance Herself, Dems from #Occupy Movement

EXCLUSIVE–Former Bush Counternarcotics Advisor: We’re Losing the Drug War Because of Government Bureaucracy

Newt Gingrich to Juan Williams: Capitalism Is Not Racist

What Could Go Wrong? Washington State Democrats Want to Create State-Owned Bank

More Ridiculous Leftist Propaganda: The Chevy Volt Song… and Dance

Virginia Lawmaker Pushes Tax Break to Send Ashes into Outer Space

Obama Administration Supports Rogue IRS Regulation in Order to Please Europeans

Audio:Romney the Main Target in South Carolina Debate


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Krauthammer: Romney Unable To Effectively Communicate Conservative Message

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Groups File Petitions To Recall Wis. Gov. Walker

Rosie O’Donnell: ‘We’re A Backwards Nation In Many Ways’

RomneyCare Architect: Romney Was ‘Hero’ Of Mass Health Care Law

Walker On Recall: This Is About National Unions Wanting Automatic Dues Payments

Christie Pounds MSNBC Analyst As ‘Ignoramus’ Over Fat Comments

NYC Union Chief Proves Gov. Walker Right: Tougher Teacher Evaluations Must Be Negotiated Into Contract

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Gingrich SuperPAC Ad Imagines Romney/Obama Debate Debacle

Christie Aims For 10% Income Tax Cut

17th/Smoke Bomb Thrown Over White House Fence During Occupy DC Protest

Palin: If I Had To Vote In SC, I’d Vote For Gingrich

Politico’s Simon: ‘Blood Lust’ in SC Debate Crowd’s Boos

NBC’s Matthews: Gingrich Racist For Saying ‘Juan’

Occupy Baltimore Clashes With Police, Six Arrested

Gingrich On Obama: ‘I Don’t Want To Bloody His Nose, I Want To Knock Him Out’

Pelosi Distances Dems From Occupy ‘We Don’t Really Have Much Of A Connection’

Carney Dodges Question On Why Obama Won’t Release College Transcripts

Howard Stern, Jane’s Addiction Guitarist Defend ‘UrineGate’ Marines

Romney Reveals Personal Tax Rate Is 15%

Would Paul Have Killed Osama Or Not?

Newt: Votes For Santorum, Perry Help Romney

Plus Size Model Controversy

Obama Makes Birth Certificate Joke On Betty White Birthday Special

Voter Fraud Trial Begins Today In New York

‘Lean Backwards’ GOP Ad Mocks Maddow

SC Dem Slams GOP For MLK Day Debate; Dems Held Same Event In 2008

Robbery, Beating Behind Elementary School Put On YouTube